Brotherhood Retreat

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					Brotherhood Retreat
 „Cuz pledging was a LONG time ago…

      Friday, September 26
              6-8 pm
          Student Union
Ice Breaker with Brittany
         Why are we here??
• To REFRESH ourselves on all the pledging
  info…we can‟t look bad in front of pledges now,
  can we??
• To REACH A CONSENSUS on conduct/policies
  during pledging
• To UNDERSTAND new policies in place this
  year for pledging
• To REMIND ourselves that we‟re a
  BROTHERHOOD and that presenting a UNITED
  front is KEY
• Weekly chatrooms start next Wednesday from 8-9 pm (IM: whad up
  dug OR graceless03)
• White mark/black mark scale policy
• Professional conduct AT ALL TIMES
• Big/Little Lottery
• Stairs Rule
• Pledge Events attendance policy
• Two-on-one meetings with pledgemasters
• Progress reports
• Pledge assignments
    WEEK 1:
Long Road to Ruin
• Pledge Training #1 will be in PH 201 at 6 pm on
  Wednesday, October 1.
   – What do we need?
      • your attendance and participation
      • please submit your “questions” (limited to ONE question,
        please!!) to If not submitted,
        we will make up a generic question for you.

• Step Out to Fight Diabetes on Saturday, October 4 @
  6 am (M&T Stadium)
        Do you KNOW me?
• They should start putting names to faces,
  they should know your year in school, and
  start figuring out nicknames and any KY
  positions you hold/held.
• Be kind and merciful.
              Big/Little Lottery
• You must be in good-standing as of this Wednesday‟s
  GBM. Please update the summer contact Gooogledoc
  with whether you want a little or not.
• You will receive your lottery spot by the end of Pledge
  Training #1 via e-mail.
• Your top 5 choices must be sent via e-mail to
  KYPledgemasters by Friday, Oct. 3 at 6 pm for
• Please remember that the final decision is at the
  discretion of the pledgemasters.
•   Colors: scarlet red and cadet grey
•   Flower: red carnation
•   Province: III
•   Chapter: SIGMA
•   Chapter Installed: 1909
•   Collegiate Chapters: 73
•   Graduate Chapters: 52
 One for all and all for one

Excuses Motto:
 Excuses are tools of the incompetent.
 They build bridges to nowhere. Those who
 use them are monuments to nothingness.
• Founder: F. Harvey Smith
  – Russell Military Academy, New Haven, CT;
    May 30, 1879
• Became a National Fraternity in 1896
• Incorporated in 1903
• Split from Medical in 1924 - Medical
  Fraternity became Theta Kappa Psi
              Facts (cont.)
• Alpha Chapter: First 3 chapters
• 1st Chapter: Russell Military Academy, New
  Haven, CT; May 30, 1879
• 2nd Chapter: Cheshire Military Academy,
  Cheshire, CT; November 30, 1879
• 3rd Chapter: Hillhouse Academy, New Haven,
  CT; October 7, 1894
               Facts Continued
• Beta Chapter: Yale dropped out, given to UMB, but
  petition made by University College of Medicine in
  Virginia. The apparent misordering of the Greek alphabet
  for the early chapters according to their date of
  installation is explained as follows: The first letter of the
  Greek alphabet, Alpha, was assigned to the alumni of
  the prep school chapters, Russell, Cheshire, and
  Hillhouse. The second letter of the Greek alphabet, Beta,
  was originally designated for the chapter at Yale
  University which never materialized because Preston W.
  Eldridge went to the business world. It was later
  reassigned to the chapter at the University College of
  Medicine in Richmond.
F – Fellowship
I – Industry
S – Sobriety
H – High Ideals
     WEEK 2:
Livin‟ On A Prayer
• Scavenger Hunt on Tuesday, October 7 @ 5 pm (Student Union
   – Again, if you have a little, please attend. This is a participation-
     intensive event and we need all the help we can get.
• Big/Little/Lineage Dinner on Fri., Oct. 10 @ 6 pm (Student Union)
   – possibly sponsored by Safeway??
   – If you have a little, it is understood that you will attend this event.
• Greek Games on Saturday, October 11 (TBA)
   – Mark your calendars. It‟s a our chance to enjoy beautiful, crisp
     fall weather together and reminisce about the good „ol days of
     elementary school with food and games of kickball and
     dodgeball in friendly competition.
• They should know your name, your
  nickname, and your BIG and their
1. To conduct a fraternal organization for the mutual benefit of
   its members.
2. To develop industry, sobriety, and fellowship; and to foster
   high ideals, scholarship, and pharmaceutical research.
3. To support all projects which will advance the profession of
   pharmacy and to actively participate in them.
4. To inspire in its members a deep and lasting pride in their
   fraternity and in the profession of pharmacy.
5. To render such other services to its members and its
   profession as may seem feasible and as may be in
   accordance with the Constitution and By laws of the
         Province III Chapters
•   Theta: Medical College of VA
•   Iota: Medical University of SC
•   Sigma: UM-Baltimore
•   Beta Xi: UNC-Chapel Hill
•   Delta Xi: Shenandoah
•   Gamma Xi: Univ. of SC
•   Delta Kappa: Howard
•   Delta Lambda: Campbell
• Coat of Arms
• Badge
• Monogram Lapel Letter Button
• Recognition button
• Sweetheart pin - sweethearts within Kappa Psi
• Pledge Button
• Pennant - colors of Kappa Psi
• Scholarship Key - to member with highest standing in
  graduating class
• Asklepios Key - special award to be presented by
  chapter to its members (recommended for scholarship)
•   The Ritual: contains the official procedure to be followed in all fraternity
•   The Constitution, By-Laws and Uniform By Laws: promulgated by the
    Grand Council for its own government and for that of its component
    Chapters so that there may be one final rule by which all may be governed
•   The Handbook and Pledge Manual: instruction and guidance of the
    pledges and members of Kappa Psi
•   The Rush Booklets
•   The Agora: directory of all new members sent out in the July issue of the
•   The Policy Manual
•   The Mask: since 1904; quarterly journal that goes to all members with
    articles of professional interest and articles which enhance the progress of
    the fraternity
•   Instruction for Chapter Officers
                   Chapter Officers
•   Regent: Brian Ellsworth            •   Social Chairs: Sheila Song
    (Playboy)                              (Starfire) & Cathy Chang
•   Vice Regent: Connie Yoon               (Calliope)
    (North Star)                       •   Community Service Chairs:
•   National Secretary: Julie Nguyen       Lydia Tran (Mulan) & Caitlin
    (Dragonfly)                            Corker (Tarka)
•   Local Secretary: Ines Chen         •   Shady Grove Liason: Greg Kim
    (Andromeda)                            (H.O.T)
•   Treasurer: Michelle Jay            •   Ravens Coordinator: Chai Wang
    (Shirataki)                            (Optimus Prime)
•   Chaplain: Brandon Shannon          •   Alumni Liason: Callie Same
    (Helios)                               (Harmony) & Cindy Kim (Linka)
•   Sergeant-at-arms: Allen Tran       •   Grand Council Deputies: Dr.
    (Rocky Racoon)                         John Watts, Dr. Kelly Summers,
•   Historian: Tina Son (Crush)            Dr. Lisa Charneski
•   Pledgemasters: Sheel Shah
    (Darcy) & Grace Pak (Chromia)
           Province Officers
• Satrap: Josh Crawford (Old Dominion)
• Vice Satrap: Kathryn Kropp (Shenandoah)
• Secretary-Treasurer: Adam Overberg (UNC)
• Chaplain: Chris Charles (UMB)
• Historian: William Shealy (South Carolina)
• Newsletter Editor: David DeLong (Richmond, VA)
• Province Supervisor: Br. Mr. Michael Cournoyer
  (Mass. COP)
• Asst. Province Supervisor: Br. Mr. Marvin Smith
    Executive Committee of the
         Grand Counsel
• Grand Regent: Br. Dr. Lawrence Brown (University of Pacific)
• Vice Regent: Br. Dr. E. Ben Welch (USC)
• Grand Counselor: Br. Dr. Andrew Frasco
• Grand Historian: Br. Dr. Kali Weaver (Samford)
• Grand Ritualist: Br. Dr. Melissa O‟Neill (St. Louis)
• Collegiate Member-At-Large: Brother Mr. Brian MacDonald
  (University of Rhode Island)
• Graduate Member-At-Large: Br. Dr. Peter Brody (SUNY
• Immediate Past Grand Regent: Br. Mr. David Maszkiewicz
  (University of Pitt)
• Executive Director: Br. Mr. Johnny Porter (Texas)
          Central Office
          The Central Office
 Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity
2060 North Collins Boulevard, Suite 128
      Richardson, TX 75080-2657
• When was the last time UMB hosted
• GCC 2009 (54th): Clearwater Beach, FL
• GCC 2007 (53rd): Boston, MA
• GCC 2005 (52nd): Pittsburgh, PA
• Province III Fall 2008: Campbell Univ
• Province III Spring 2007: Howard Univ.
• Province III Fall 2007: Univ. of SC
     WEEK 3:
Don‟t Stop Believin‟
• Pledge Training #2 on Friday, October 17
  @ 5 pm (PH 101)
  – Darren Freeman (usual set-up)
  – Jeopardy (similar to last year’s set-up)
  – We’ll be giving away prizes this year, too.
             Family Feud
• Lets take it a step further…they should be
  able to start putting together lineages.
  – Royal Lineage
  – Power Lineage
  – Etc.
• Start asking about THEM. At this point,
  we should all of know them, too. What are
  THEIR motivation for joining KY?
           Faculty Brothers
• Dr. Robert Beardsley   •   Dr. Stephen Hoag
• Dr. Lisa Charneski     •   Dr. Lynn McPherson
• Dr. Richard Dalby      •   Dr. James Polli
• Dr. Darren Freeman     •   Dr. Meghan Sullivan
• Dr. Mona Gold-         •   Dr. Kelly Summers
  Tsoukleris             •   Dr. James Trovato
• Dr. Stuart Haines      •   Dr. John Watts
     Last Year‟s Officers (2007-
• Regent: Lakshmi Potti (Soni    • Pledgemasters: Janet
  Kudi)                            Mahoney (Leona) & Erin
• Vice Regent: Sarah Olszewki      Elwood (Smurfette)
  (Jubilee)                      • Historian: Denise Fu (Yeti)
• National Secretary: Sophia     • Sergeant-at-arms: Dan
  Park (Jem)                       Carmichael (Shere Kahn)
• Local Secretary: Connie        • Social Chairs: Erica
  Yoon (North Star)                Swanson (Lady Emerald),
• Treasurer: Brian Ellsworth       Xuan Tang (Buttercup), &
  (Playboy)                        Shekhar Mehta (The Man)
• Chaplain: Tze-Yu Lo (Josquin   • Alumni Liasons: Linda Sun
  de Pres)                         (Snowy Owl) & Callie Same
            2006-2007 Officers
• Regent: Tina Kasliwal        • Social Chairs: Lisa Derby
  (Trinity)                      (River), Lisa Wohl
• Vice Regent: Karen Umali       (Esmerelda), Ganesh
  (Princesa Ng Rosa)             Kumarachandran (Ringo)
• National Secretary: Erin     • Chaplain: Mark Heisey
  Elwood (Smurfette)             (Riffmaster)
• Local Secretary: Sarah       • Sergeant-at-arms: Selma
  Olszewski (Jubilee)            Du (Pandabearwho)
• Treasurer: Dan               • Pledgemasters: Kim
  Carmichael (Shere Kahn)        Fetch (Corinna) & Jae Ryu
• Historian: Meera Embran        (Diva)
  (Bollywood Dive & Princess
       Past Pledge Masters
• 2007-2008: Erin Elwood (Smurfette) &
  Janet Mahoney (Leona)
• 2006-2007: Jae Ryu (Diva) & Kim Fetsch-
  Sgambati (Corinna)
• 2005-2006: Tina Kasliwal (Trinity) &
  Larisa Rollins (Diamond)
• 2004-2005: Jeffrey Keng & Nicole
  Zvosecz (Queen of the Diamond)
             Past Regents
•   2007-2008:   Lakshmi Potti (Soni Kudi)
•   2006-2007:   Tina Kasliwal (Trinity)
•   2005-2006:   Dean Howell (Rockstar)
•   2004-2005:   Frank Shen (Atlas)
  Last Year‟s Province Officers
• Satrap: Harry Marcelin (UNC)
• Vice Satrap: Darren Stevens (Campbell)
• Secretary-Treasurer: Louise Wang
• Historian: Adam Overburg (UNC)
• Chaplain: Lauren Hooker (Campbell)
      Brothers with Recognition
•   Louise Wang (Flash)
•   Dean Howell (Rockstar)
•   Paul Ku (King Midas)
•   Karen Umali (Princesa Ng Rosa)
        Brothers‟ Requirements
• Attendance at ALL general body meetings in proper attire
  (only one unexcused absence per semester, does not carry
• Sitting on a committee and being active (this means attending
  committee meetings as well)
• Paying dues ON TIME - any financial difficulties should be
  discussed with the treasurer and regent. If you have not paid
  your dues you cannot vote on neophytes.
• 2 Raven's fundraising events – if you sign up for a game and
  cannot make it, you must let the Raven‟s coordinator know at
  least 1 week in advance. Missing any games that you‟ve
  signed up for is automatic BAD STANDING STATUS!
 Brothers‟ Requirements (cont.)
• 2 service events/yr
• Mandatory pledge/rush events:
   – 2 rush and 2 pledge events (must be met in order to
      vote on neophytes so hell night does not count) +
      Signing Day + Initiation
• In order to receive credit for attendance you must be
  present for the ENTIRE event
• All absences must be approved by the local secretary at
  least 24 hrs in advance of the event. Studying is not an
  excused absence!
         Good vs. Bad Standing
• The Member in bad standing must present his or her case to
  the executive board at an executive meeting. The board will
  then determine the necessary steps the Brother must take in
  order to absolve their ill status. These steps are dependent
  on what circumstances the Brother was initially placed in bad
  standing. All decisions concerning this matter will be
  determined by the executive board.
• Waiting for GBM to finish this one
  BYE, BYE, BYE Week
(1st years are on rotations)
     WEEK 4:
Love and Memories
• They should know everything they can
  possibly know at this point.
• Please look out for your little/lineage as
  they prepare for FINAL EVENT.
• Ask why they‟re joining KY and what they
  think it means to be a brother.
• Hope Lodge Dinner on Wednesday,
  October 29 @ 6 pm (Hope Lodge)
• VOTING GBM on Thursday, October 30
  @ 6 pm (PH 101)
  – Must be in good standing AND present to vote
• “Final Event” on Saturday, November 1
  @ 6 pm (TBA)
  – Anyone know any locations we can use?
            One More Thing
• Initiation on Friday, November 14 @ 5
  pm (MSTF atrium)
  – The week prior to initiation, we will try to get
    pledges TEAM-trained so that they can be
    ready to work Ravens‟ games ASAP.
  – We should practice/do a dry run of the ritual
    during a GBM or at least outline the event in
    e-mail to minimize any issues during the
• Advice from 3rd years to 2nd years on
  pledging period as a brother
• Any suggestions/comments?
• Our goals and expectations for the