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BrightSide Blitz


									Vol 25 No, I                                                                                                                                               FREE
                                                                                                 Th e olden neighborhood newspaper In St , Louis

BrightSide Blitz
Set For April 30
   On Saturday, April 30, Skink.".
Oc6alivicre residents can show their
ncighbofflood spirit ..... pnde by
helping splUCC up the ncighbomood.                                                                         •
Arw. bloclr. Cllptains are recruiting
~_~rni.              _ _ .ill                                                                                        \
be laking flower orders (marigolds
and dianthus) and 1001 TOquesls from
residents , as well as distribut ing
!rash b;!8S for clean-up.                                                                                                           •
    This y~ar. wood chips will be
available the week bl:fon: Blitz Day
at lrory Perf)' Park (Belt and
Cabannc). Trash pidt-up "ill begin                                                          _
at 10 a .m. Plaoc all small ilcms in
tr.uh dumpster, and be careful 1>0( 10
(R.uloild. Large items, such as
appliances and furniture. should 001
bI: plaocd nexl 10 the dumpster.
 Rather, place large items directly
behind your homc if )'(111 have a
through alley.
 . ~or mon: j nformation 011 Blitz
 O;Y. cJit.lCt your block captain ' or
 SOCC at 862 _~ 122 , With everyone's
 help, wc can help make this spring in   The Y .O .U .R.S . (Youth Organiud for U nity and ResJ)«1 of Self) B asketball Program. See rdated story on
 Skinkcr Oo:Balivicn: thc - brishtest    page 5.                       - -
Crossroads School Will Host Benefit
April 23 With Black Repertory Company
                                                                                                               Selects President
    Crossroads School will host a special benefit performan<:e of "The Color<rl Museum,' fcaturina the
cast of the 51. Louis Black Repcnory Company al 8 p.m. 00 Saturday, April 23, al the Grandel Square
Theater, Grand at Delmar. Funds raised al the performance will benefit more than 30 percent of                    On March 14, the Skinker DcBalivic:n:
Crossroads $lUdcnts rw:iving tuition assistance from the sc;hooI.                                              Conunwtity Council Board eleetcd Beth Bender
                                                                                                               pre5ide:ol. She re:sidcs 00 thc 6000 block of
    "Thc Colored Museum.' a com·
                                                                                                               W~r and teaches al Soldan Hiah Scbool.
cdy and satire, ft:aturcs "Eleven ex-

hibits e:<posing whal " 'hites and                                                                             The: other SOCC officers are Aaton .IohrI5OII of
                                                                                                               59XX DeGi,"CfVille, Vice Praidcnl; Ruth
bbdcs have btaI mistakenly assum-
                                                                                                               Johnson, 57XX Westminster, Secrewy; aDd Joe
ing about themscI\ICS and each 0Iber
for far 100 long. •                                                                                            Miller, 60XX McPbeTscn, Treasurer.
     Crossroads School is SL Louis's
only private seoondaf)' sd>ooI easl of
 [-170. Founded in 1974 by Arthur
 and Carol Lieber, Crossroads now
 markil its 20th anniversary "ith this                                                                         Delmar Revnalization
 special performance .       An excep-
 tionally diverse stu<knt population                                                                           Has Setback
 ensures that Crossroads students ap-
 p=iatc differcncc:s among them-                                                                                     On Friday, Mardi 18, a file destroyed the
 selves and diffclCIII cultures they                                                                           Waba$h Triangle Can: in the 6100 blo<:k of
 JlUdy and de-.-elop tlw:ir ability 10 C0"-                                                                    Delmar. The cafe bad been operatin&; for $t\"CraJ
 operate "ith many different people.                                                                           years and "-as attractins II youthful 10
     Crossroads' approach 10 educat-                                                                           its poetry and musical evminp. The Cafc had
 ing middle and upper sd>ooI students                                                                          btaI a frequent site for mc:etin&s of the Delnw
  result in a high degn:e of student ~                                                                         Business      Association and thc Oelrmt
 sponsibility for ~ and in ad-                                                                                 ComrnerciaI CorruniIlCC. The clemo: black smoke
  mission to the lop 2~ colleges and                                                                           from !be: fire ,,-as seen by IIWl)' nei!hbors.
  universilies for lhe top lhird . of the                                                                            Delmar Committee chair JoAnn V.1clIa wall
 senior dan.                                                                                                   very saddened by the fire bUI hoped thaI ...,...
     Margie Wolwtt May is lhe l ion·                                                                           would continue to revitalize the $l.l'cet. She an-
 orary Ch.air for the Ulack Rep                                                                                IIOIII>CCd thaI the Delmar Rodevelopmenl Plan is
  Benef,t for Crossroads School. Mi-                                                                           nearing completioo and thaI .. public bearing
 chael C. Williams and Anno Spencer                                                                            would he held in May befure it is c:onsidcrcd by
 art co-<;h;iirs for the event.                                                                                the Board of AIdcrmen. '""" plan will be
                                                                                                               introduced to the board by Akkrmato Irvin& Clay,
      For licket infonnation, please: call Michltl WiUil ms, Co-Chl ir, aud Mlrgi( Wolcott M.y,
  CoIlcc:n at 161-808S,                     Hono rary C hi it, of Ih( Crossroads Scbool Eknefll I I th (       0-26, and Dan McGIairc, 0-28. ~ Ti_~ will
                                                                                                               IIII'IOWICC the dak and time of thc hcariD& in irs
                                            Blu k RtptrCory. WiUiam s is Associate Edito r or tltt St.
                                          Louis Sentiud.
                                                                                 Th TIMES ofSkiakcr-DtBlli.iut                                                                April 1994

   Editor's Notebook
   by Lana Sitin
         l1v.:rc are SOf1Ie things in life that you juSi don' undcrsW>d, no maner
                                                                                                              Neighborhood Events
  how man~ limes)'Oll hear or read about them . I jusl don' compn:ilcod the                                   4/S       Beau1ification Commillee,6:J0 p.m,. 600g Kingsbury
  National Rifle Association I ccrtai nl~ know how powerful lhey arc.                                         4/6       6000 Block Kingsbury,7 p.m., 6008 Kingsbury
  Thc~ defeated Sen, T~'dinS$ in Maryland in 1 96~ . l1v.:~ have a tremen-
  dous :unount of nlOlloC~ and they bavc a huge membership that they acti-                                    4/11      SOCC Board of Dircctors. 7:30 p.m, . 6008 Kingsbury
  vate into Icucr writing and lobbying at the d.Op of a hat. I know                                     4118       Apart11lcnt Owners Associalion. 7 p.m" 6008 Kingsbury
  they have m:IIIy members who al"<' hunte.s. Elut. I don~ understand why
  they It)'ll'ic every dfon to stOp the bloodlcuing in our nation's """traJ Cii-                             4119       6000/6100 Blocks Waterman &, Pershing. 7 p.m.• 6008
  les-.... hen: very fo;...- of \heir membership live.                                                                  Kingsbury
         When our nation ""3$ founded, people had WCilpooI as ~rt of the mili-
                                                                                                             4119       We$!. End Art s Council.7:30 p.m.• 6008 Kingsbury
  tia. lbosc ,,'110 lived on the frontier. a....ay from neighbors. had guns 10
  protoeI tho:m$dves from maraudc' lL And. mlIny hayc been hunten. gi...,.,                                  4110       Neighborhood-Wide Blitz Day
  the plentiful .... ildlife acroa the U.S., filS( for food and !hen for sport.
         Theft has atwa)'!; boen crime in central cities. It is posiiiYCIy associ-                           4/30       PershingfWatennan Block Party, I p.m.• al corner of Pershing
  aled wilh the number of males aged IS-25 who are Ul"lCfltploycd, l1v.:n:                                              and Des Peres
  ....el"<' alwa)1 crimes with guns BUI. they wercn~ semiautomatic assault
  rifles which belong, I su pposc. with armics-not with teenagers. lbey al"<'                                Other Nearby Events of Interest:
  100 pOw<:rful to U in hunting; they destroy the prey. They destroy bu-                                     now·
  -""  My students ask me if gun control could really affcct the incidence of
   homicide and crimes in SI. louis, My ans is only gradually OWl'
                                                                                                             5/3        Faith Ringgold Exhibition at St, Louis Art Museum. Quilts
                                                                                                                        and soft sculptures. Free.
   time. The goal is 10 Slcm the flow of weapons in and to gel rid of some al-
   ready there. It is not a panacea that will dtanSC the SWislies over night.
   But, e¥Cntually il " 'iLl haYC an impact                                                                  5130       Textiles o rthe World al SI. Louis Art Museum Special Exhi-
       People in centfll cities understand the need for gun COfIIroI. They hear                                         bitiOfl Galleries. The exhibition covers 2.500 years,
  $hots every evening and know at least one person woo has bcm fdled.
   Mayor Bosley, Ma)"Of CIca_ of Kans.u City, and Governor Carnahan                                          4/6-25     "Rai ning Clts & Dogs on the Reigning Cat &: Dog." contep--
  alllllOO8l'liz:e that our urban arca$:art not the frontier. They require spe-                                         tuallf1 in the window of Blueberry Hill, 6504 Delmar,
  cial measures 10 limit weaponry that is takina children's liYCI. YoI, in a                                 4/10       "Come Build A City: Gilded-Age St, Louis" "Bric ks' At the
  recent tally at Forest Paa ConlRlunity Collegc, supponcrs of the National
                                                                                                                        History Museum, 2 p,m. Workshop for adult·chi ld Icams.
   Rifle Association scrcarnod al the speakers advocating aun control and
  tried 10 prevent them from being heard. If )'011 limit ownership of one kind
  of weapon In)Wherc. even an Uzi, il is a threat to their ownership of                                      4/21       SI. Louis Urban Fonrm, "Living on the Edge: Shaping SI.
  weapont , This all or nothina reasoning is no! helpina us in SI. Louis. Wc                                            Louis's New Suburbs." How edge cities are revolutioniung
  don~ eare if people !Lave hunting rifles in Moberly or Potosi. Wc do ea",                                             the stnrelUre of urban areas. AI the HiSiorical Society Library
  about the firca.nns everywhere around us in St Louis. As a speaJ<er at the                                            Ind Collections Center on S Skinker at 7 p.m. Free..
  nolly said, go home 10 your conununities. We need 10 <:hangc thinp hen:.
       Going up against the National Rifle Assoc:iation has usually bcm fool-                                4127·
  hardy. Thei. power has sccrncd undaunled Look how long it took 10 JCl                                      5130      ·SI. louis Walk of F.ame Exhibit' At Blueberry Hill. Pictures
  the Brady Billllld all it calls for is a wailins period before handgun pur-                                          and bios ofthia yeu's inductees plus photos of the previous
  chuc. There are many legislators in Jefferson Ciry and Washingtoll, D.C.                                              50 great SI. Louisans inducted.
  who are afraid 10 de/'y the NRA C\al though they rccognir.e that the time
  has COIl1e 10 take some action about guns.                                                                 4/30      Lost St. Louis. Public opening ofa new exhibil at the History
                                                            corl1i nued on page 6                                      Museum in Forest Park that will examine the part oftlle city's
                                                                                                                       architectural heritage that has been lost to urban change and
                                                                                                                       developmenl. Free.
  The TIMES ot. ...                                                                                                                 Thank you to all
  ~n~IlliEIRI                                MID&n.nIl#lJIEIRI[E                                                                 our recent contributors!
                                  l.aoIa   Ste,"
                                 loA .... Yateha
                                 v.,,; .. Lake                                                               Enltst W. Sli:r. Jr.                      Killg alld Dee Schoenfeld
- M M q..:
T,...-...,                        Maoj     w.o,                                                              IUd alld JoaJ, &Irder                     ;oA,m wrd ~rillt Va/ella

1M   Ji_.f/S/IbJI4.      DdJ<,I_,' ..... _
rc.-.,....r.,............,;,y ",pnizaIi_
                                                       by .... W<ll EM ""Wi ...... 1:<>.. ......
                                           M ......... of .... _    of 0. .....,.., . ..:
                                                                                                             Tom alld Kadull Hoerr
                                                                                                             Sa"dy alld Sue ROIMchiid
                                                                                                                                                       Vtlum wrd Rich /.aje
                                                                                                                                                      /AJ1(l Slt;1f
                                                                                                             Frallk alld Mary Hlllwig                 Marj alld Brad Wei'
     Roy Brwn             K.,ic K"",-              s .. Ro.iud lild       loA "" Vol<lto                     l'oIly O'Hrlell alld                     Jim alld HOSt! FIYIlIl.
     To", 1100"           Veni .. Lake             Kina St'-nf<ld         M'~OIi.                           Hart"etf Toou                             Meg mrd Doilitl
     M.",i. K .....       RoohdtoNwod'l'.          ",.. Sloi.                                                !lobill alld Dornll Stoeckfill           M rs. Norbu,y Wayman
                                                                                                             Michael alii} c·llell l.owellsleill      Amy alld Amrit Gill
                      "'"od. P-ri.ti",                                                                       Vi,la alllJ T.ois Schoeml hl             Olivia BOlllltr
Advert"ln , RI16                                                                                             Wilma Calltwell                          Relllli alld /:,"/i Shiller
       Di",toy ... d-mim.t!:                                                                                 Belty alld Joe &iz                       [(Jic Salldwtiss
             CoI_.     wid .... 2 II. '. Mini"""........ :r. 1 .... ~ S24f ni ....
             (tOK d _ _ j II> I .......       _1fKI,
                                                     lS% ~I<OU" 9 i ..... .-.xL)
                                                                                                             T,icia Rolalld                           /Jaw" Bloballm Qnd Jim Bani
                                                                                                             Rnyalld JoaJI Brtlt"                     Fmkrick Qlrd Judith Giraud
             F............. fi. of ............... wril<
                    Tloo T _. 6001~. 6JI t2 . or ... tl t6J.1SSI.
                                                                                                             1Wb O/rd T,/sJoa Marlill                 Hrioll Cltrillpr arrd
                                                                                                             EwTy" Ntlfervillt                            Mary AIIII RHdlol/
Guid~in ts        for Submiuill C Copy                                                                       Glme alld Delor"es Hoefe'                Htr~" GIrd Rulh JoNISQt.
       n.. T_ _ '-.unooIici.....rtidosonll ......., s..- oI'ho-'l .... "'" vol.                              /JaIr Shea alld                          AI OIrd Shidty l'oJk
. . . - OItw. oI,ho ~i., ' lIff. tbo quality and """ of n.. T."" .... _WIly' de-                                 KalhTu lI Wifllams                   Willie atld I~ogt,.,,"e Kiuth
ponded in t.... PO" on .. bmiooion. f""" ..,.,· ... tf 0 "'oi4< ....
                                                                                                             Kell Cohell                              Jim IIlId SIIe {k,mblt
        ... 11 ... "';01 • o"ict ... t.lI<u. noIic... <1 ... ,r,<oI 001 .· ""'" "" 'ypowrin,... opoqu< po.
po', do""l~opo<od . and .(and .      $,,,,,,.",,    on ..,.f<. pond<n« 10 ,he 001;"" ... ~ "" omi',          I'ele, Lllwiewicz IIlId                  Kale IIlId Ken A,wer.WI'
ted by ' «l ...t. Cot •• d.. ti. ri ... hc pho .. 0' mailed to «XlS KI"llbury. !)<.d·                     Shidey Bissel'
Ii.. rOf .1 1<Of')" ;" he t j, ~ of ll,. "","'h.
        I . . . . _ orticl.;t ;, , _",,01 tho, tbo ""'IO, ..... 'ho moor imi>Olt . .. ;01'""",.1000 in
,Ito f.,Ol"",,,ph.        TIro ""'IO' .. "'ponsibl< foo-l ho oc ..... ~ ofllro do ... ;""t<»li ",
                                                                                                                                         Joe Lance
lim.. , dol....... '1000 ..... particularly ,ho sootl .... of .......
        A"'I ,..,.... or ,' ....'' .. I0000 _          >houId be block "", wlrilO,                                   Ca bin et mak er, Cl rpenler, G en era l Co nt rac lOr
         Tho "';"" .. Ill .. IIwo tith,lO""" or .h.....,. ...... hol .
         $<"" oIl _ .. opoo.cI<..u 10 6001 Kinpbury. ~ 11 2. Dead~ne; l $IIt of .... _do or .. U
Aprill99<4                                                                                                                                                             Pace l

Thank You, Skinker DeBaliviere!

Fundraiser a Huge Success!
    1'ht Timfll Board is very graleful     sisted by runners Joe Schoemehl.
10 ~ll lhose who made conlribulion~        Courtcncy MacKucn, and Michelle
Ibis yea. and 10 lhose who joined us       Sadon. Scorers were Lois Schue-
on february 26 .11 ou. mosl success-       melt l and Lana Stcin.
ful fundrai $C' ever. If currenl con-            Firsl.let's thank New City School
ditions hold, our fundrai sing will be-    and Tom Iioorr for the wonderful
come an ~nnual event. 11Ianks 10           facilities. Twice """". they've given
Marj Weir and Veni!:!. Uke. we arc         uS a location so that the game coukl
now doing our Iypcscning and byoul         take place. Wc are very gratcfullhal
OlIr5elvcs. This saves some morlC)'        RossillO's restaurant donatod awe-
and melns fewer apPeals 10 you for         tizcn. 1bcy " -ere delicious. Chili
~id. Hopefully. we can conlilWC 10         cooks included Rose SIOfey, Dc:o.:
supply )'001 an interesting newspaper      Schoenfeld, Marj Weir. Lois ScI>oc-
91imc:s a ~"Car. Wc"e al",,)"S willing      mchl. JoAm Vatcha. and Lana                   BicycleWorks Food Pantry Col lection Crew: from left , Erica Webb,
10 rax:ive S  IOfics for the paper and     Sle;n. Venita Lalc.e suppliod soup.            Kanisha, Sandra, Rose Flynn, Brandy Fox., Daniel Flynn, Heather,
 we continue to look fo. volunteer re-     Sue Rothschi ld. Kathlocn William ••
                                                                                          Randall, Justin, Antoine. Megan,Wesley Falker. Beth Bender. Kalher-
 portcrs and people who would like 10       Arline Webb. and Lana Stein baked
                                                                                          inc Madalena". Alicia Webb, Arline Webb. and SDCC Director. Kim
do la)wt. If )'QU're interested. call       delecliblc treall. Jim Schocmchl
                                            performed yooman serviee as bar-
                                                                                          Koenig. We regret that not all last names were avai lable for printing.
 Lana al 72 1·7532.
     Bul now 1 "oil whal a lime we
                0                           tender. including making a couple
 had!" AI leasl 110 people: joined uS      extra beer runsl
a1 New Cily Sehool on Feb. 2610 cat
chili and play trivial pursu it. Sc-.-
                                                 0... of the main prizes consisled
                                            of the brand-new Times of Skinker
                                                                                          Papa John's Pizza
leen tables ended up c;(lmfJCting. The
 wim ing tablc-by jusl I point-was
                                             DeBalivicn: _ shin. It has our logo
                                            in " hire on I f~1d of beautiful blue.
                                                                                          Coming to Neighborhood
oomposcd or Catheri... FOflIlund.            We have lhese: toc-shirt. available
 Roy Roncal. Uarvey and Ava Small.          for sale. They are X-IafllC. If you               On April 9. papa John's Piua           n::adi"8 Beth Bender'1 piece on the
 Mary David$on, N""ton McCoy.               """Id like one, plca$C call Marj at           will open al the DeBali viere Shop-        new BicyclcWorks PI"OS!1Un in !be
 James . McEiv<>:n, and Becky                863-7558. Thcy.rt:SI2. Thankslo              ping Center. Pap;> John's has exist-       Mardi issuc, he has dceidod to do-
 Iktebcnncr. Socond place was a Ii<:         KathlDCll William, who arranged              ing stores in the cou nty and Ihis rep_    nale pi uas to c\'ery BieyelcWorks
 bctw<.lCll Table 3: Ann Flllwlcy. Bob       their manu facture. Other prizes " -ere      resents their fll'!1 venture inside city   session. So far, he has brought in
 Mahon. Sue lewis. Bob lewis.                donated by Blueberry Hill , The New          li mits.                                   food from his county operation but
 Karen Kcavcny. and Janet McG ill,           Theatre, and Delmar Cleancf$lhanh            I llIc owoor has al ready become           will continue with piuas prepared in
 and Table I I: Cal and 0... Stuart,         10 Sue Roth3child.                           involved with our community. After         our ooighborhood.
                                                  It seems like everyone had a good
 Neville and JoAM VatclQ. and Brnd
 and Marj Weir.                              I~ and 1M 11_, is very grateful
                                                                                                                                                              ,-".,   .11.' ,d,_   I
     The c:ontc:st was ha,-d.fougbt          for the supPOf1 of its n::adcrs and
 throughout. The biggest complaint           friends everywhere.       Pc:rbaps the
 ""Ill lhal murdo.:r mysteries ·were in-     specialncss of lhe neighborhood is
 cluded in the literature ClIC8Of)I .         n:fIcctcd in those wloo work and            1
 Now. we didn~ say 8!B! literature.           p;>rIy togcIhcr 10 benefit our institu-
  Our alderman, Dan McGuire. fC-              tions. We are thinking of doing it
  prised as cmeee and did a wonderful         again nc~t February so $tart boning
 job. even hununing B<::c:thovcn as                                      0
                                              up. II's neve' too early 1 learn the
  part of a qucstion. He was ably as-         really inconsequential.
                                                llli\NK YOU; nIi\NK YOU, llli\NK
                                             YOU, llli\NK YOU!

 Winners of 1"h.t Times Trivia Conlest, February 26: Ava and Harvey
 Small. Becky Bdebenner. James McElveen, Mary Davidson, Newton
 McCoy, Emcee Dan McGuire. Catll<'rine Forslund , Roy Roncal , and
 Times Editor Lanl Stein.

                  IPb~tos by Kin!: xh~nfcld

                                                                                          Trivia Contest Runners and Scorers: Coortency MacKucn, Michelle
                                               O '~ . l1t_
                                               ftu .ln .. no                              Sadon. flanked by lhe hardworking Lois Sehocmehl and her sons Tim
                                                                                          and Joe. Chanay. Vatcha Jacobslool<s on.

                                                RENNI SHUTER, GRI                                                 West End Wines
                                                  l"E "~" IIf.A..u",,, !)OllAR ClUB                              Ih9 ~. beeI>. spirits '" chH_
                                                       ~lOCA t "'" SPlic",,-i$T
                                                                                                                     Exl*"lence DlvefSlty
                                                                                                       Your Self To The Winto lor
                                               QAflII! L • . FllNlfftO RI .... L lSTAlE
                                                                                           309 _ at P...roIlg                              l\»o .• n..n .. SCI!   110m · Jpm
                                               , .. N. SKINKlft ILVO.
                                               ST. LOUIS.MISOUtII U t 'O                   O..... ,.,.I'Ioc.                                                f~    I lom ·apm
                                                                       Th TIMES   QfSkinktr-J)., vJt~                                                          April 199.(

  by Stephen A. Brammeier, D.V.M.                                                          Hamilton Community
        Last month'. «>Iumn detailed in·
                                                                                           School Presents __ .
   formation about rodenticide, lead
   and antifreeze poisoning.        Choke
   chain collars, garbage, flies, over·
                                                                                           Avis D. May, Community
   thcxountcr medications, thread, yam
   and SIring are also potentially haz-                                                    School Coordinator
   ardous 10 petS .
       Choke chain «>lIars are only                                                         by   Mary Schmit
   meant 10 be ..ilcn I dog is on a
   Ic:a$b and accompanied by a human.                                                         Avis D. May has been serving as
   They are designed 10 gel the: dog's                                                     the ooon:IinalOf of Hamitton Com-
   anention and gi..:: the: person a c0n-                                                  mUllity School since 1991. She is
   trol advantage: they areoRm used as                                                     )S. She cspccially enjoys working
   a traini"ll tool. A choke collar k it                                                   " 'ilh children of all ages and the 0p-
   on an uJUucno:Ied pel is potentially a                                                    portunity to SCfVC ncighborbood
   way for the pelto strangulate. Sev-                                                       residents ,
  eral years ago • neighborhood pel                                                              May 8radualed cu m laude from
  s trang led because too 10000C cod of                                      Ro meo         Tarkio College in southeast Mi s-
  her choke chain slipped through the         Meal bone, afl: quickly chewed inlO           sou ri . She has a B.S. in Manage-
  Sp.1CC bet"wn the: boards on the           small p~, pass quickly throogh a               ment Informa.ion Systems a nd in
  porch dox:k. St ruggling 10 frcc her-      dog', inTestin.:t1 tra~1 and creaTC            Bu siness Managemen t,
  self, .she fcU offlhc edge ofthc deck      stools lhat are extremely Jl3inful.                May ...ants 10 encou rage Sl inkcr
  and was hung by her chokc collar.          soructimcs impossible, to pass.                DcB.:lliviefC to lake advan1agc of ils
  Occasionally, an o...ner ...iII place: a    PIa.!li" alumillum foil, and clolh can        commun;.y school and the many collar on a young puppy:             bcoome stuck in a pets' intO$(inal             courses it offers. She: is quilc en-
  soructimcs the collar is 1101 visible      tract. T OlCins from spoiled food              thusiastic aboul lhe _ a t course
  under the: dog's fur.       If the dog     scraps causoc: food poisoning with the        offering, StCp Aerobics. It is laugh!
 gro-..'s too large for the: collar. the     c.~pcclcd results on an owner's car-          by F  ..mcstinc Kelly. a local resident.                                  Avis May
 oollar " 'ill slowly cut inco the skin.      p<U.                                         It begins TuCS<by, Ma r. 29 and coo-
  bury ing iUClf dcqler the larger the           During July and Angust, n ics wi ll       tinues unt il May 26.
 dog bocomcs. Although any col lar           damage a q's ca rs by constant ly                  Neighbors are invi.ed '0 stop by
 has the potential for causing this          biting the p~n o f the car highest on         lhe conlmunit y school any Monday          ideas. or to enroll in cias.scs al 361.
 problem , chain colla rs are more dan-      the dog', hcad : ny m ike. The car            through TIiursday eVCfl ing up unlil       6996 . She look s forward to meeTing
 gerous . A dog shou ld wcar a leather       bloods. the doll scratches trau matiz-        9:00 p.m, and !Ie(: the newly rono-        )w .
 or nylon colla r loose enough to allow      ing the arca funher and a large scab          vated faci lilics. Th..:rc is a beautiful     EVClI ... ith a very active job. Ma~
 two fingers to be slippod bcI"wn it         dc,-.:Iops , Evenlually. a porTion of        new &m alld more! Sc:c whaT y""r            purwcs acEi ..:: hobbies. She roller
 and the dog'l ncdr.. but tight enough       the car flap is CIIlen 3","Y. I-Iouse-       tax doI la J'$ h>.ve accomplished. The     SUICS and !ravcls a gr&:ll deal. She
 oot to slip OVQ" the dog's head. A          doss do not usually ha..:: this prob-        11am;I.on facu lty is an asset of ...hidl  bas been 10 Rio de h neiro, Riyadh.
choke chain shou ld only be "om in           lem: they are not ouldoors long              the ... hotc Skinl«:, DcB.1 livicre tom-   Saudi Arabia, and Europe SC\'Cral
special situations, it .should fit           o:nough . "" ointment is a"ailabic 10        munity can be: proud. May encour-          times. During spring Ihis )-car, .he
 loosely, and it should nen:r be: left on    rqlCl   the: flies.                          ages C\-.:ryonc to call ... ilb questions. and her rami I)' ,,'ill visil Gr-.:ecc.
an uJUtlcndod pet.                               Atdomen.:tpbin (fylcnol) poisons
     Garbage ingestion can ,"",,0 a          cats . Nc~r Sive a cat t)'lrnoI and
dog, "as sick as a dog". Pancreatitis,       ask )'OIIr v.:terinarian before C\-.:r
a life thrcatening in nammation of the
pancl'caS, may be triggered by a dog
                                             giving a ca. aspirin , It too can be
                                             toxic a. the wrong dosage. Dogs              Christopher Gaskin
cating high fat COIIlent food scraps.        may take bot h drugs, but shou!d do
                                             so at the direetion ofa ve.ennanan .
                                                 Cal'S love to play wiTh strings.                                                          Chris is a pcmt.lnCnt. part-time
                                             yam and other linear objccu; em                                                           Hamilton Conlmunity School Aide.
                                             also like to cal these objects. 'The                                                      lie began "'ort ing at Hamilton in
                                             Slri,. will Iodgc in the intestinal tr.u;l                                                January of this year. His dulies in_
                                                                                                                                       dud!: supervision and tutoring of !he
                                             causing the cal 10 vomit repealedly.
                                             Su.gcry is u~lIy required 10 n:-                                                         children in the AftCl-SchooI Prosram
             6t100w.0.u:                                                                                                              and assisti,. coaches in baskclball
                                             move the string and any damaged
         Sf. ~M06Jl t 2                                                                                                                practice lICSSions. You " ill probably
                                             !iCd:ions of inccstincs. All such
            862-6868                         Ilri,.. likc objects should be kept se-                                                   moct: Chris ... hen you "isil Hamillon.
                                                                                                                                      since he also nlonilOn the front door
                                             curely hidden from a cat unless the
                                             owner is present.     a                                                                  during the adult cvcning programs
                                                                                                                                      and as.ists the coordinator ... ith of-
                                                                                                                                      flCC tasks, s uch as stlldent registra-
                                                                                                                                          C hris, 11, is currently a junior at

   COLONIAL                                    NUVO CLEANERS                                                                         C hrist ian Brothers' College High
                                                                                                                                     School, ... here be is an honor stu·
                                               Complete Dry Cleaning
 RUG COMPANY                                     & Laundry Servi ce
                                                                                                                                     deolI;. Chris' immediate plans include
                                                                                                                                     <::on(inu i,. his education "iTh the: in-
         6191 Delmar
 Complete Floor Service
                                                 leather & Fur Cleaning
                                                           Alterll ions
                                                                                                        C hristopher G askin
                                                                                                                                     tcntion of goi,. 10 Mordlousc Col .
Remnants Alwaya In Stock
                                                  WeAcccPl All Com petiTor
            81" Schiller                                Coupons                             WE CATER
          726-3281                                   32 1 N. OeBalivie re                  TO COWARDS
                                                           367- 11 72                     THE FORSYTHE DENTAL GROUP
                                                                                              HA.IM!v W, s-u., IUUI.
                                Chris Lange
                                                                                          VAUJaE PAAIS O'fMNNoN, D-'I.o.
                              Sales ASSociate
 Rei: 3'.-3IIt-el6,                                                                          n.e Dorcheste r                          #1 BURGER
 D.<Me.. B. Fuo8£110 R_ EsT~TE CQ.                                                           665 S , Skinker
 3eO No s.. ••O(u                                                                          St. Lou"'. MO 63105                               n Best Deeor
 ST . louts, "''O''''t' !3,30                                                                                                                n Jukebox
                                                                                                 725-0988                                    n Reataurant Bar
April 1"4                                              TbC' TIME S ofS kinker-DcBllivien                                                                        Plg~S

                           _ ..:P ' b K ':::"::: :::,,--::;:1 Hom e
                              1":": : :;'"" "=",
                                : '                                                                    1m pro v e men t
                                                                             EXPANDING LIVING SPACE - PART II
                                                                             FINISHING A BASEMENT
                                                                             by Arnot G ill
                                                                                  In the last anick I discussed the        _      fOOl ..alinss make it a caY(: _
                                                                             factors that influcna: the ClOSt and          not an addilion.
                                                                             case of converting an existing attic             2. S YSTEMS:          Are      the
                                                                             into useful livable spiltC'. Expandins        syStems (heal. hot ..ater. electric
                                                                             inlo 3 basement can be an equally            panel) spread hoJphazardly 0\1:l me
                                                                             cost effective alternalivc. Once              bascm;nl or are they arTarigW in
                                                                             again, a short inspection tour can           some semblance of order? 00 you
                                                                              help )'ou analyzo:: the poIerui:d pit·       have a maze of Iow-hanging
                                                                             fall s that can mise the cost and di ffi -   electrical or "''''Ier lines? [f so these
                                                                             culty level of converting )'OIIr base·       may h.1ve to be moved in order to
                                                                              menl into living space.                     build the additioo. I. lhe basement
Hamilton Community School strives to teach our youngsters teamwork                First)'Oll have 10 be able to walk      dry durins heavy rains'! If not. that
and motivat ion. From what 1'/w lIme.\' saw II a recent basketball prae-     around the basement·so sprins                problem need. to be solved before
tive, Hamilton see ms to be doinij a pretty good job. Coordinator Avis       deaning is in order. It's hard to know       lhe basement can be refinished. Are
May says the Co mmunity School want s young men and women to learn           how much space you have if )'011 tan         Ihe n:: supporting pillars in lhe center
that they can set ijoals and ach ievc them. Through the Y.O.U.R.S.           onl y see the f' rsl row ofbo xC5. Aftcr     of the basement? You know the
(Youth Orga nized for Unity and Respect of Self) Baskctbldl Program,         you have cleaned have a garase salel         things )'OIIr kids ride lheir bikes
not only are their goals realized. but our children have a great learning    You will be losi ng storage space in         around. If so. }"OU need to design
environment and an ahernative to being on the stred , Thanks to              the bascmenl SO >'ou can't keep eve-         around these pillars. You may also
                                                                             T)1 hing )'OIl ha,'I' had $lashed away       need to ehock the capacit)l of rour
Teamwork. Inc. (Ci ty of SI. Louis) and Hamilton Comntunity School.
                                                                            oo"n there. You will be amazed 1.1            systems to Lake 00 a whole ocher
our youlh can look forward to a betl er and brighter future.
                                                                             how much more spKe there is                  1lOO<.
                                                                            (besides all ~"OUr neighbors wanl to             3. ALL .·RAMINC AN D
                                                                             know what )"OU ha\'C: been keo:ping           INSULATION: What kind o f ",ails
                                                                            oo"nlbcrc).                                    exist? To maintain a oomrOt1abIe
                                                                                 Quite obviously, lhen: are major          temperature, )'OIl .... i11 noc:d to frame
                                                                            diffcrcnc:c:s betwecn 3fI allic COtI\U-        and insulate the exterior ",,,115 of
                                                                            sion and refinishing a ~ .                     )'OUr basc:mcm. In addilion. fram ing
                                                                            Among others. a major diffcrcna: is            the exlerior "",II. allo....s the new            •
                                                                            that in an attic the QDOtCm was 1I0I0.         cloetrie to be run easily. I like 10 usc
                                                                            10 tic inlO the cxisl ing systems, in D        sttel studs. set a couple o f inches
                                                                            basement the major problem is 10               frotn the "aU. This allO'....s "'" to
                                                                            fogure out how to dc$ign and build             make $Ure the walls an: stmight all
                                                                            around them.                                   over, as ......,11 as allo....;ng me: to insu-
                                                                                 J, STRUCTU RE :            Is   lhe       late the ....all s 10 R- I\I (rcmmober the
                                                                            height of the basement ceiling seven           vapOr barrier). Sirw;c none of the
                                                                            fret or more1 1s lhe floor concrete or         ....a ll s are Ioad4>caring, code allow.
                                                                            earth'! If the ceiling height is less          ~'ou to use 2x3's, set a couple of
                                                                            than se,-cn fOCI bUllhc floor is canh,         'ndocs from the wall ,
                                                                            then addil ional clcararICI.: could                   If lhe bascment is goillJ! 10 be
Eydie Caine and hC'T son Gabriel (left) gct the atlen tion of another       pos.ibly be arranged at a reasonable           used for a sleepi ng area (for which II
youngsler who hu come ou t to watch basketball practice at the Hamil_       cos!. If your noor is CQn(;rele )'011          socond exit is required under the fire
ton Community School. ' I wish more parents would come out and              can still make lhe addition bu t lhe          code). o r as a home off,ce. I prefcr 10
                                                                            cost becomes prohibitive , Less than           insul31C the ocili ng and use 5/S" fire
support their children's teams: $Bid Mrs, Caine.
                                                                                                                          code drywall on the ceiling as well,
                                                                                                                          Thi. reduces noise between the
                                                                                                                           basement and lhe first floor and
                                                                                                                          makes livi ng on both lhese floors

               IF YOU'RE COLLEGE BOUND,                                                                                   much more comfortable. and allows
                                                                                                                          private convenalioos Ie remain pri-

                    YOU'RE BOUND TO                                                                                              One thing thai I ,",ould 'tty
                                                                                                                          stl'OO8[y urge is that )'011 get help
                                                                                                                          with the design of )'OIlr new hing
                                   NEED A LOAN.                                                                           space. We know a o;:ouple who de-
                                                                                                                          signed their ml ire twcmcnt to be
                                                                                                                          lived in and fOf8Ot 10 leave $tongc
         Whether you're 18, 38, or 58, if you're going to college,                                                        spKC as we ll, They doo't gd 10 parle
         you'll probably need a loan. At Central West End Bank,                                                           in lheir praw: ...yrr~. Dl:5igned
         we specialize in stude nt loans. We've got all the facts about                                                   " 'I'll, the new . ddition can pnwidc
                                                                                                                          years of vcrs:uile service:. Ocsigned
         Stafford lOans for de pendent child ren, loans for
                                                                                                                          poorly. lhe new addition can be a
         parems, and Supple memal Loans for adults who are back tn                                                        poIent;"1 while elephant that is
         college. Our experienced staff is always ready to give                                                           poorly utilized. Sa: }OU at lhe garage
         you helpful and courteous service. Whatever your age,                                                            said!
          check with us about student ,.."ms.

                    C\\'                               415 OeBaliviere

                                                                                         Member F.OJ .C,
                                                                                                                              Your n~ighborhood deaner
                                                                                                                               wilh complele deaning &:
                                                                                                                                    l.undry serviee,

                Everything you need to know about student loans.                                                                   61 42 Delmar Blvd .
                                                                                                                                       Co li 12706600
                                                                        Tile TIMES of Skink er-De Ba liviue                                                                          Ap ril 1994

    Skinker DeBaliviere Community Council
                                                  Board of Directors
                                                   March 14, 1994                                                                                Trash Reminders
                                                             Minutes                                                                               Kim Koenig, ExocutiV(: Direclor
     Attending the m<:I:ling were: Di-                 HOlls;", Co rpoution - K                 Hayes agfQCd. 10 serve on Ihi~                 of lhe Skinker Dc8lllivicrc Com-
 rector, R , Johnson , A. Smith Carr,             Koen ig Ihanked T . Roland for her                                                           munily COUrl(:i1. passel along lhe
 G, Freeman, K. Keaveny. T                        cffol1$ in IryinlllO gel the Nali<.rnal           MI..K CO n1["(monlion - J.                 following remi nders as spring and
 Roland, J. Wriaht. S. polk. L                    G~ ard to do.:molish ~ 19 Des Peres.           Wrighl extended hi s gmtilude 10 all          wamrer wcalher fasl approach:
 S tei n.G. HayCll. A, Joimsoo, B,                     Ho;m.cver. tire Housi ng Corp.           oornmint(: members           and   G,              •     Cardboa rd bo:< cs should be
 Bender. M . HaM -Mahon, A. Wchb.                 has docidod . ..ilh a IQ;ln from a            Frcanan for lheir participatioo in             nancned first to savc space.
 J.Miller, D. Bordes. M . Merritt.                private eitilCfl. to rncur lhe                this )'C3r's a:<cnrony.                            •     Food garbage should be
 and S. Johnson; ConScrv omo.::r J.              demolition oosu lhemselves. K.                     Di"'''' ''on of Scral(Pr PI. n -           baggal and wrapped fif$(.
 Wait,; and SDCC Executive                        Koenig also reported lhat A. G ill            J. Wails Mlod for commenls on the                  •    Cal lilter ""'Y be bagged.
 Dirc:aor K. Kocwg.                              has purcllucd 601 I Kingsbury fur              draft Slrntqic Plan which Ihey re-             but pel wa$1C should be disp<.lScd of
     Guesls ..ere: K. McAlccnan and              market-nle apartflJCnt$. The f,,-c-                                                           th.ough the loilet.
                                                                                                ceived in the mail lasl ... cd. Sina:
 E. I..ic:bson.                                  unit buik!,ntI will inelude a parking                                                             •     Do 001 overlood y.... r
                                                                                                lhe.e .....:.c a few Board members
     "The mectil18 was called \0 order           pad. He is askins ror a letter o f                                                            dumpster. If)"OII can't elOISe the lid.
                                                                                                lhat did not rccci\..: the document.
 al 7: 3~ p.m.                                   support from lhe COIIncil fur Ihis                                                            lhe dumpster is ovcrkxKlod, Take
                                                                                                J. Wa its requC$ted Ihat all
     I . Ikvicw of Minlltes                      projecl. Afler much discussion, D.             comment, be given 10 her or K                  your Irash 10 aOOlhl;r dumpster
                                                 Bordclr moved                                  Koenig b~ March 18. J. Wrighl                  where lhere is room.
     A, Wcbb moved "T1'at Ihe min_                    "That the Council suppof1 A.                                                                 •    Remember to place all tmsh
                                                                                                moved 'That the S trategic Plan be
 utC$ of the January Boord meet ing              Gill's projocl at 60 11 King.o;bury";                                                         in lire dumpsler. Trash piled on the
                                                                                                adopted        pending   any     sug-
 be accepled as read"; socondcd by               seconded by A , Carr and appro-."Cd ,                                                         ground. c~ccpl for bulky and
                                                                                                geslions/changes that should rome
 G , FrOCfnan;mel approved.                      K. Koenig wi ll ask A. Gill f<.lr a                                                           B.O.A.T . itCllIS. will not be: picked
                                                                                                in by March 18"; &eCOndcd by G .
   II. TrUSOIn:,'1 Report                        copy of lhe plans 10 keo;p al the              Frocmall and approved with I"",
                                                SOCC o ffice if an)"OnC is inlerosted           abstenlions.                                       • Do not m()V(: dumpslers. If
     J. Miller p.cscnu:d lhe 1994               in so:ing lhem.                                                                                doc dum psteT is blocking something.
 budge( ~pared by the FinallCC
 Commi\1Cle. The budget includes an shorIfa ll (or lhe """r.
                                                rep<.rrtod lhat eic\"CleWorb has
                                                <.Iffrc Qlly     SI~f1QI
                                                                          B. Bmdc.

                                                                             in     the
                                                                                                 I V. J & W Liq.o.-,6104                       please call lhe Cil~'s Service Bu-
                                                                                                                                               reau;u 622-4Il00.
                                                                                                                                                   If you ha,..: a spo.::ifie requcsI or
      After much discussion. it was                                                                K. Kocrug fCJIOf1od thaI the
                                                neighborhood. FOIl. yOUth leader.               pr~       is nlOYing forw;"d !<.I              cornpIairn about the dumpsters. .011-
 decided             lhat          lhe
                                                and adults are in the process <.rf             rClltrict J &: W', liquor license 10            oul carts or collection service. please
 Financ::dFundrlli,ing     Corrunillee
                                                being lrained. B. &:ndcr c~plaincd             prohibit sales of 40 ounce beer and             call tloc C ili~ns Service Bur~u at
 wi ll nlOCl and report possible
                                                thaI while lWO gt1nts are pending              half-pinlS of liquor. The Excise                1\22-4800.
 fundraising options 10 lhe Board in
                                                for funding, presenlly Ih<.:re is not          Com missionel has )'Cl IO establish a               If ~ou would like more infonna-
 April. T . Roland and S Polk
                                               money available to pay for inilial              bearing dale for II", mallcr.                   lion aboul Ihe Cilys rcc~e1i ng and
 agreed 10 join Ihis C()mmi llcc ,
                                               oonsuhing cost! of S700. After                                                                  lf3l;h coIleclion programs. please call
   III . Commilltti'AS5O(:iation                                                                  V. Di5cuSsOon or Uoud
                                               much di$CUssion. T . Roland moved                                                               the Refu se Div ision al l51-8~71.
                                                                                                     M tclint Times
,.: •. Rot'pOrU                                "ThaI lhe: BicydeWOfb pl1J8rnm
                                                                                                  K. Koenig asltod if Boord mem-

        Comllltrrial PI-a.&               L.
                                               be appmvc:d for funding through
   S tcin fq)(lr\od tl~'t ""'p.$ 1<.1 be
                                               lhe: Communlly Fund in the l mount
                                               o f $700": $IXOi1ded by S. Polk and
                                                                                               bers \-ere ,,011 comfortable with ttoe
                                                                                               7:30 p .m. lloe>.:I ing lime. l10c
                                                                                                                                               Notice to Residents
   incorporatod         .. wilh          lhe
                                                                                               majority indiQtod lhat this "'<IS a
   Rak:vd0PIllCnt Plan ha..: 001 ~'"                                                                                                             Recently. lhere haV(: bccro SC\o\:'ral
   been compI..."Ied by C DA . The plan            Soria! Sctvi(n • B. 8cndcr re-              convenient linrc. so lloe 7:30 p.m.
                                                 pof1cd tllat lhe fi rst Annual Ccom-          mo.1ings will suno;l, Uoweve •. the            rcpons of panhandlers in the neigh-
   is slill gointllo be intn.rdue<.:d 10 lhe                                                                                                  borhood. "These indi viduals' """"",U
   Boord of AldcmJCn in April, K,                munity-Wide Food Drive will be                mo.::!inp ...·i ll Iry 10 be li miled t<.l I
                                                 hl;ld on Saturday, March 19.                  In hooB.                                       vary from monc~ to Koot · Aid 1<.1 us-
   Ko.::nig a lso reported Ihal Papa                                                                                                          ing the phone, If someone should
                                                      Rcsidcnts who haye ilerns 10 d0-
   JolIn's Pizza and lhe DcBa1iviere                                                             VI. Adoplion or       8y-L~ws
                                                 nate arc asked to haV(: lhem on Iheir                                                        approach )'011' fCsi\kncc, pleasc eall
   Deli will soon be k.x:;ited in lhe                                                                Rni , ion.                               91t imnrcdialc1~ ,
                                                 front porch by \1:30 a,rn, Any<>ne
   DcBalivicrc S trip Ccnter.
                                                 inleresled in volu nlo.::ring. please             A, JoI,"soo asked Ih31 cV(:ryonc
        5900 DtGivc .... jlle - A. Joimsoo
                                                 meel al SDCC offocc al !U5 am .               re~icw lhe rev is ion : "allowing lhe
   rcpof1ed Ihal thl;ir block unil is                                                                                                         EDI TO R'S NOTEBOOK
                                                 Procoods will be donaled I,. oor              chair 1<.1 ooly VOle in IhI; case <.If a
   planning a night on thl; Allon Belle                                                                                                       conlinued page 2
                                                 foor nclghbod >OOd dlu rel>Cll.               tic" R. Johnson mo,-.:.:I -n,;u lhe

  on May 12. 1994 .
                                                     Community f ...d - J. Miller     .e~ision be ac:ccplcd as
       5700 DcGiw .... ille - N<.r <qXlft.                                                                                                          The recenl ¥(ltC in Missouri
        Kin.shu.,.. SqUln: . No ' q><.>rI.
                                                distributed «Ipics Or the Structure            rca,d"; seconded by     a.Ikndcr and
                                                                                                                                               which denied SI. LouiS a nd Kansas
                                                ( B}'-I..a"'l) and G uiclclincs fur dis-
       N;1lI .... ce - L. Sicin reponed                                                                                                        City thl; po;mo.:r 10 so;( more rillld gun
                                                cl1<.lion. L. Stein ........-.:.:1 lhe   VII . t:ltt:lion of Presidenl
   that resioknts are !till waiting f....                                                                                                      control ! u nd.,rds with rn their
                                               Structure be adopted il$ rcad"; sec-
  conslruction        to      begin    with                                                         B. Bender and G . ~bycs w~re               borders is an NRA victory aoo a Ios$
                                                onded by e, Bender and appro-.uJ
   unfinisbo:.l       building.! .     The                                                     nomInees for IhI; offICI.: of                   for oor cily:mel ilS residenls
                                                J. Mi ller revicwed eh3lljjcs 10 lhe
  condominium ~lsoc:i3lion i. wi)!jug                                                          Presidenl. and a vot.:: WI$ l'lken for              llrc NRA's slogan used 1<.1 be
                                               Guiclclincl. and B, &:r.dcr moved
  10 listen to altcrnate proposals for                                                         Ih is ofTrcc , Belh Bender will serve          "Gun s don't kill people. people kill
                                                '"ThaI lhe guideli rw:s be accepled as
  thi . deve loplllcnt.                                                                        as president for Ihe 11>94 Icrm.                people· But. if 110 gu n w35 present.
                                                read"; seconded b~ G, FfIlCman and
       P.rkvie...            K, K~veny                                                                                                        how m~ny killings would in fact take
                                               unanimou sl~ approved, T . Roland
,I'epof1ed lhal residents are working                                                             The m,~ ing was adjourned al                plao.::? Pcrhaps SI. Louisans have!<.I
                                               volunlo.::red to wrile an article fOf
  00 improving hgll1il'lll and trimming                                                        9,02 p.m.                                      bocomc more organized lobbyists:
' If'DOII on Limits Walkway                .   1M 1"imt:J to infoon residenls <.If
                                                                                                                                              Write your legislator and wrile nran)'
                                               the u..mtlWlit y Fund.
       RoSC<b1e - J. Mil!cr rep<.rrtod                                                                                                        ocher legislators . The time has COIIIC
                                                     BHUliliulion • K. Koenia: an-
  thai most of Rosedale's energy ;5 '                                                                                                         1<.1 md doc killing frclds here at horne.
                                               nooneed that Blit, Day is April lO .
 .stilt foc:uxd on birl8O. Rosedale
                                               SIlo:: asked for a volunteer \0 <;hair
 w;11         hold         its      annual
                                               lhis committee. K, Kcavmy and G .                                                              01" .721-&_
 ma:tingleleo;l ion in Apr']JMay.

                                                                                                  5513 Pershing Avenue
                                                              MBlu eberry HiU
                           "An odd nostali1a                    Is • treat _                                                                   KARLEEN O. HOERR
                                                                                                           We Deliver                            lFE " EOMJER .... lION OOlLAR ClUff
                                 to hllllg o .. er It           vi, ual. lural                                                                  ..... eE~ .. lJ\.fI ..... UOfo< OOlU.R ClUB
                               a Slwdust chic. "             and    lU.t.tory.~
                                                                                                  Mondly -Tkurriday . 11 to t o
                           . """dtst St.:lnley J;:lkJn            . Joe Pohck.                     Fridly-S.lurday. 11 to 11
      6S()4   Delma.                                                                                                                          O.t.NJEl • . H_IIO f1E .... l n.. TEco.
                                                                  IWH)'JflQ/dt                          Sunday. 3 ' 0 9                                   _ I~vo.
                                                                                                                                              ...... " .'..., _ U ' N
                                                               T1IIf: TIMES or Skillktr_De Baliviue                                                                            PaCt:'

Grace and Peace Mourns
Long-Time Pastor and Friend
by Phylli s H . Wheeler
   We ga\hl:n:d fro.n   ~r    and fa r --                                                                                            ....,.... an ddc. of G race and Peace.
St. lou is. New Yorl<, TCJW. Cali-                                                                                                    " ,"tdocd the church from the side-
fornia, Iowa , Indiana. and, yes, Af-                                                                                                 lines for many )'C3fS. "It's been a "i-
.ica. AI lhe: fu neral M: spo/r;c of our                                                                                              tal part of the neighborllood. adding
Io\t: for him and how he: had bc:lped                                                                                               d iversily," he said ,       His children
uS in times of oocd. You may ha ve                                                                                                   pan~ipalcd in lhe chu rch programs
nOli=l \hi: lraffic jam as the funeral                                                                                               fo r child ren . Bul he wasn'l part of
proceu ion headed for Bellefontaine                                                                                                  Ihc church lhe:n . ' I cou ldn'l under-
Ccmelery on the aftemoon of                                                                                                    sland!hose peoplc I'd lee c""ry S un-
 I I. AI lhe: graveside service, lOot:                                                                                              day carrying casse. oles." Now thaI
UI1& song afte . song and, lea"                                                                                                      he is in it, he: has found it 10 be a
/loI'oi ng, heaped dirt illlo his grave.                                                                                             c.aring church. he said. In addition,
We lingcrod for neatly IwOl hours,                                                                                                   he has been challenged by Egon, be
not bea ring 10 lea,.:; him.                                                                                                         sa id.
     GrtCC and Peace fellowship                                                                                                            Grace and Peace used I Store-
buried ils longtime pastor, Egan A ,                                                                                                 fronl bui lding at Kingsbury and Des
Micklchnann. who died suddenly                                                                                                       Peres as its hOlme belween 19 70 and
Ma rch II . He was Bearly 52. • Ie had                                                                                                19 3 5 . when il mo val 10 ils prCSCllI
served Grace and Puce, a wngrc-                                                                                                      larger building on Delmar I t C lara.
gal ion of the Prc:sb)1erian Church in                                                                                               Many church member. conlinue 10
America, for 24 years after helping                                                                                                  litot: '" the Skinkcr· DcBalivicre
10 found II in 1969.                                                                                                                 neighborhood, as d id Egon. Ourc/l
      We loved him because of his                                                                                                    programs miniSler 10 this neighbor-
!CaCh ing, which was "profound -                                                                                                     hood and to ochers as ",'Cll. Comer-
imbued wilh grace: and lruth," ac-                                                                                                   Slone: Corporalion, an non-profit
cording 10 Me member of lhe con-                                                                                                     housi ng corporation set up by Grace:
IIrcgatian. Steve Wheeler. A fOlrmc r                                                                                               and Peace. owns seve ral buildi ngs in
member, lhe Rev. Ron Luljcns .... ho                                                                                                S kinkc:r·IkBalivicrc and secks. 10
..,.,.. has his own chu rch, said hit                                                                                                rent apartments .at bclow-marlu:I
family had moved 10 St. louis IG be                                                                                                  rates. Tho church has a food pantry,
a pan of this OriS!ian communil),.                                                                                                  and it also operates a winter shelter
• A slirring rcndilioo of the gospel                                                                                                 for homclcss women in the basemenl.
"':IS II lhe: heart Olf this fIourishil\3                                                                                                  Egon was born in GctTnany
cOllvnunily ofbc:liat:rs," he Aid.                                                                                                   March 16, 1942, H~ came to St.
      We loval him bc:<:.ausc he had                                                                                                 Louis in 1%310 siudy al Covenanl
helped us in limes Olf oocd , ·You                                                                                         Seminary in ~I SI.
could a lways depend on Egon," said                                      Egon Middelmann                                             Louis County, where he obtained a
Mc Kinley Johnson. "He a heart                                                                                                 n .... ter of divinity cIc:gJw, In addi-
for everybody," said Ruth 8ceklolf.         OUr being. "Jesus OriS! used Egoo          0tlIcr sides 10 his pc:nonality              tion 10 his pastoral duties, in rca:nl
      We loved him bee",... he: COWl-       10 bring me OUI of\hl: land ofsla>"aY    wen: visible ill 1t1Cl1." ics of Bob           years he counseled AIOS palK:nu.
seled us. "In c:vcry pi¥()l.ll docision     and gi"" me a prOlfound Wle of free-     Lowcs'. "I remember him al a                         He studied poIitieal seicnt:e and
in my life in lhe pasl 15 )'CV1I. Egan      dom and glOf)'," said Ma.c Abbon.       square danoc we had one time. lic               hislOf)' .at Heidelberg Uni""""ily and
participated," said Sarah ~1.                  Thore wcrc amus inll mcrnorics       SIX:I'I'OCd 10 be the most CltUbcnnl            Frciburg Uni \'Cl'Sil)' in Ocnna.ny,
Allroc h.ti Aid, "He showed me the:         100. Egon. a bat llclor, is survival    dancer, $0 high-spiriled, so ener-              Survivi ng him arc hi s moIhe:r, two
acecpUlbilily of every person , lie         by his dog Micah. ·wlt.o was lbe only   lIC1ic." Lo~ also remembers lhal                brothers, and a si ster, Memorial
Ihowcd me how 10 SCrve both lI«iet),        crealure in th is world who Egon felt   Egon wenl with one of hi, neighbors             contributions may be made 10 Gra«:
and God." He touched lhe core of            was wilhoul sin." said William Hud_     10 hear loui s Famtkban speak . " Iic           and Peace fellowship, 5574 Delmar
                                            ~.                                      ..OIl because louis farrnkhan "''all            Boulevard, St. lou it. MO 63 112, or
                                                                                    imporutnl 10 his friend. He: ",-an«:d           to St_ louis Effon for Aids, ~22
                                                                                    10 know about it too, cYa\ though he            Delmar BouIC\llfd. 63 Ill .
by Marj Weir _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
                                                                                    mighl not qrte. He teftainl), cmpa-
                                                                                    thi;r.od with J'COIlIe -..i>o he:1d differenl
                                                                                       I was graleful for lhe prcm.arilal
    Jim &. S ue Gamble: arc moving          President and Joe SIOUI. 22, has be-    counseling he gave my husband and
inlo Barret! Toan & Polly O'Br~n's          come block eaptain for 6100             me. He had us s lllge a mock argu -                        KINGSBURY
house on Kingsbury, The Gamble'.            M~Phc:rson. He', in sehooL and inter-   ment, wbich lurned intOl a real argu -            ANIMAL H OSPITAL
)'O\I"IC" daughler. Gcnc:vicM:, aoes        ested in a public leCtor caroer. ac-

                                                                                    ment. and coached us on how 10 re-                    .10 N,   ~          I at .:....."1)
10 New City School; the older               cording 1 0\1' illfonnant, Congratu-
                                                     0                              solve il. I ha"" al",")", wondered                      ' ........... _ . ... OVM
dau&hler, Cortna, atlcrtds Cross-           Ialioos 10 SutIe Repo eseuwiV'C         how a bachc:Ior could know so much                         c-n .. H_IIoOVM
                                            Nancy farmer who will NIl for reo-      aboul marriI,gc.                                    fd    ~ C_-'Ay"labI.
   !Carleen Hom- is going 10 Mexico         election UllOJIposcd in both the pri-         Egon was al the hean of Grace                       Houn By ...".,..,. ... ' .. '"
                                                                                                                                     ''':lOMon, .. n-.... ,, ,·. :lO h U 1(10.1 SolI.
with her siSler Jan &. brother';n-law       mary and general clociionJ .            and Peace, which has servod lhe
Gary Bi~'1""" Over sprina break ,               We wish a .pocd), convalescence     Skinkc:r-DeBalivicre epborhood                                721·6251
Our informant reports she's on a            10 both Vince Schocmdtl. Sr. and his    s illCC il was founded. Jack W righl.
JlIoc.lJuying mission.                      daughler, Lu Green. They've both        former president Olf the Skinker-Dc-
    The second gcncralioo it lak ing        been into lhe operaling room very
0\If:f. Bc!h Bender it lhe: new SDCC        .-,                                     Balivierc Community Council and

             GpaGe ppe-SGbooI                                                       Boulevard Cleaners
                        6199 Walennan Blvd • • 863-1992
                        Hall Day or Extended Day i'lO!jram                                     """
                                                                                         Shirt Laundry
               Individu a l G u idance · Creative Learning
                                                                                        f .."duot ... Qatlty t:.., Ck_"'II
                           Ages 21 /2·6 Years                                                         SiDe< 1971
                      Applications II. ~w being aceopted.                                                                               Bluf:berry IUU I, more
                         Plnu QIIO/ .tClp by br a lOUt.                                         863--6575                              than. b ar, mOTe than a
                                                                                      OO0li)..3.I lklmar, 5(, LouIs, ~tO                     Tcstaurant...
                             Bi-Ungual OiredorlToacher                                                                                      U ·, ......y of Ufe."
                        33 YOIN'S 01 SO<vlng Ihe   Comm",,~y                              A T_ " , - , , < c -
     Pille 8                                                          Tb e TIMES ofSkinker- De Oa livicre                                                                Apr il 1994

      In Your Ear
      by Hawkeye Q. Hoerr
           You never know what will show         was great! You'd simply put in you r            featured a leprechaun and thc April               I remember Jennifer and Slater
      up at your door, thanks to UPS It          order for 100 or 200 Napoloon~,                one had a field of flowers My fa-             well. They were boots, the kind that
      was a cou ple of years ago, the exact      Chureh ills, or Presidenls (Ihe names           vorite, lhough, was the May plate            you'd wear to a motorcycle rally or
      date is a bi t fuzzy, and I was sitting    of lhe cigars wcre Ihci r besl fea-            depicting the a ll the race cars, en-         Ross Perot spc>:Ch. Others followed,
      at home, quietly conversing wilh           tures), decide whether you wanted              gi nes revving and exhaust fumes             one pair cach month. Although I'm
      Hcnry, my laptop computer, when            g recn or brown leaf, and bingo,               billowi ng, at the start ing line of the      not surc of the order, our household
      the doorbell rang. It was the United       theld be shipped a utomatically from            Indianapolis 5()() .                         was joined by Craig and Patsy. Es-
       Parcel Service delivery person            a warehouse in Tampa . l1Ic Cigar_                  l1Ic wife belonged to the Plate-         merelda and Jose, Ralph and Trixie.
      Somewhat preoccupied, I signed for         of-the-Month brochure said that                of-lhe- Monlh C lub for fou r or five        and Sam and Rebecca (Ibese arrived
      the package, paying linle anention to      while it was true Ihe cigars weren't           years. Since ou r stove has been dis-        around the time of the "Cheers' fi_
      its contenTS. T rue, r should have         really from C uba, these part icular           connecled, we don't cook, we have             nale) to name a fcw. We became
      been more careful, maybe, just             seeds had been smuggled out just be-           mo re dishes than we could ever hope          best fricnds""ith our UPS deliverers,
      maybe, I could ha>"C headed thi ngs        fore Castro c.1me to power, and lhey           to usc . After a ll, you cat Dom ino's        Eddie a nd Karen.
      off al lhe pass. Bul I was disT racted     were now grown in C{)mparable land             and Lean Cuis ines right from lhe                  Now gett ing a pai r of shoes de-
      because r was in the middle of writ-       wilh a sim ila r climate. Honest! But          holl. so who uccds a plate'! Fortu-           li vered a utomali cally. each mornh,
      ing a letter to Uncle l ake. He had a      those were the only of-the-month               nately, even s he grew tired of lhe          didn't mean that the wife would cui
      probation hearing the next mOlllh          clubs that I joilled. I don't know,            drawings on the plales and resigned.          back on her regular shoe purchases.
      and I was offering him some sage           maybe I'm a loner or maybe [ just              It was clear that they had ru n OUI of        I fool ishly raised that Issue once and
      advice. Me, you sec, had gone to           have somcthing agai nst clubs . After         good :;cencs: r mean, who really              she said something that even if we
      his last hearing wearing a T-shirt         all. despile their letters congratulat-        wants to eat from a plate with a             had a pizza delivered once c.1eh
      that said, "Cops arc pigs l Up you rs,     ing me on my fine eredil rating I              picture of John Wayne in his                  monlh. we'd slill bave to cat other
      societyt" For some reason, his pa_         tumod down joi ning Ihe Columbia               "Honoo" outfi t? St ill , we wound np        meals. The logic of this escaped me.
      role request was dcIlicd. I was writ-      Rccord-of-the-Month and lhe Real              with fuur or five dozen plates, in-           but I've learned not to ask or a rgue .
      ing to convince him not to wear his        Rock CD-of-tbe-Montb Clubs . And              cluding the entire John Travolta se-          Si nce we never throw away anything
      favorite sh irt, Ihe one wi th ' the big   1 didn~ join eilher the Jelly-of-the-          nes.                                          in our house. the col leclion of shoes
     drawing of Charles Manson and J             Month Club or Ihe Bread-of-Ihc-                     But the Shoc-of-the-Month Cl ub'!       grew larger and larger and larger. If
      Edgar Hoover, standing ann-in-anll.        Month Club. And I p.1l;sed on the              It's designed for women with the              [ didn't know bett~ r, I'd think thai
     offering peace s igns.                      Pear-of-the-Mollth C lub (which               centipede mentality: they can                 they "~re multiplying behind closed
          The package sat on the piano,          guarantees you. aceording" to the ad          N EVER have enough shoes! Each                doors! Imelda Ma rcos would look
     outside of my consciousness unlil the       in the New York nme~. "Ia.5ty. suc-           month the wife gets a pai r of sIlocs,        upon my wifc's shoe anny with envy.
     first wifc eame home. "Wonderful, "         culent pears year- round, regardless          68 for summe r a nd 6C for winter                   Abou t a year ago "Ca liforn ia
     she shrieked. pick ing it up IIt\d rub-     of lhe climate where you [i ve"). [           with socks, deli vered by UPS. The            Closets" came to our house to give a
     bi ng the box agai nst her check,           continue to gct solicitations from the        shoes, she says, are quite s lylish a nd      bid on turning our spare third floor
     "they've fi nally come." Her face was       Vidco-of-the-Month Club, but s ince           nOI aU Ihat c.~pens i vc. (Between you        bedroom inlO a shoe closet You
     afire with joy.                             I don'l have time to rcad the books I         and mc, I don't complain too much             shou ld have secn the look on the
          "What's finally come, dear?' I         get Ihrough the Quality-Paperback -           because I figure thai I'm ahead .             salesperson's face when she left after
     asked , look.~g ~p from Henry's             Book-of-the-Month C lub. I Sure               Since she's noI going into the stores         givi ng us a bid for the work. She
     scr<X'JI, holdi ng a cigar in one hand      don't want to order vidooii Ihal I'll         to buy shoes. she can't save me               was no doubt thinking oflhe around -
     and a ehocolatc-chi p cookie in the         never get a rou nd 10 walchi ng.              mooey by purehasing a ll of the other         the-world cruise that she could pur-
     other. (A man is nothi ng wilhout               But the w ife is a different story .      bargains that she sees a long the way .       chase with the conunission on this
     oou rishmcnt.) Karlccn wailed, ' My         She's a joiner. When we were first            I can on ly afford to save so much            closct. alone! Ka rleen d idn't want
     fi rst shipment from the SHOE·Of -          ma rried, she belonged 10 the                 lnoney.)                                      lhe shoes to feci claustrophobic, a
     THE-MONT H C LUB!" She was                  Sweatcr-of_lhc-Month C lub.          It            The first pair she received wa s         healthy shoc is a happy shoe. so we
     absolutely giddy wilh happiness             origi nated in Scotland: if you gave          brown lealbc r wilh a red how 00 the          wenl ahead with the renovation.
          The SHOE-Of-THE-MONTI I                them you r s ize and SC3SOn (Ka rlccn        toes. Because snc's "a winter,' she            n.crc were three workmen here for
     CLUB! Can you believe it? I was             is a "winter"), the sweaters showed          exchanged them for black ones wilh             most of t\\'0 days, creating $helves.
     aghast. My wife nocds more shoes            up as if by magic on your doorstep           a red how. (I don't understand Ihis            using tiny nails to tack nameplates
     like the Menendez family nceded             each month. Magic and Mastercard .           at a ll, but I've leamod not to argue.)       on the sbcl.'CS for the shoes, and
     more ch ildren .                            anyway                                       0 """ the black ones arrived, she an-          putti ng in rack upon rack upon rack
          Now mind you, ['ve nolhing                 Short ly after joining the Sweater-      nounced tha! s he liked tncm enough           for the shoes themselves . Oops. I
     against "of-the-month" clubs.          In   of-the-Month Club she joined the             to noIj u"1 kcep them, but name them          mean for Bruce and Denise. Paul
     fact. in the past I used to belong to       Spoodc: China Platc-of-Ihe-Monlh             as ,,"CU. She fccls that her shoes are        and Paula, and so on.
     the Book-of-thc-Monlh C lu b, and I         club. I couldn't compla in beeause I         more personal if Ihey have    ..ames,  so           So aU's well that cnds well . "The
     am now a proud member of the                had just purchased a j ukeoo:< . The         Over the years aU two or three hun-           Shoe-of-the-- Month company is cer-
     Quality-Paperback         -Book-of-tbe-     Plate-of-the-Month Club was inter-           dred pairs of her shoes wCre given            tainly happy United Parcel is de-
      Month Club. Once upon a time I             esting, I'U say tbat much for it. The        names.                                        lighted.      The California Closets
     even belonged 10 the T ic-of-Ihc-           design on the di nner platcs varied                So Larry and Lucy, black with           salesperson is 0/1 a j unket some-
      Month Club. That membership didn't         with thc season. So naturally, '"            red bows, are Ilow flmlly ensconced           where, smiling at her good fortune.
      last long, because the ties weren't        December she received a Christmas            in her closet. Mike and Ma ria were          And Kar!oen beams every tim" she
     lhal great "Funeral tics." Cousin           plate, featuring an evergreen trIX           the sceond pair. r remember them             goes to the shoe room to tal k to her
     Gino used to call 'em, "the kind of tic     surrounded by little teddy bears and         dcarly because they were a pair of           friends. I j ust hope that leke doesn't
      you wear 10 a funeral, whether             wrapped presents. In February the            }"Cllow, leathcr tClUl is shoes. I told      come here look ing fur a place to stay
      you're coming or going'                    plate had a pieture of Li ncoln and          her that they looked like margari ne         if he ever gou his pa role. I don't
          I also used to belong 10 the Cigar-    Washi ngton standing in front of the         to me. All she did was roll her eyes;        know how he'd react to hear that he
      of-the-the-Monlh Club. Now thai            United States flag. The Mareh plate          she kept weari ng the shoes.                 has to share a room with three or

                                                                                                                                           four hundred of the wife's dcarcsl
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