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					                            Cleaning the
             Diffuser Block and Screens

Tools Needed:      Short (flat head) screw driver or
                   7 or 8 mm wrench.
                   Designated wire cleaning brush.

“Premature espresso machine breakdown syndrome”
is often diagnosed with machines that are not properly
maintained. With a consistent cleaning schedule, your
espresso machine can be a long lasting investment,
As well as make great coffee!

1.    Locate the group head, this is the area on
      the front of the machine where your handle fits

2.    Underneath, remove screw or nut from the
      middle of the screen with proper tool.
      (remember righty tighty, lefty loosey.) This will
      release the diffuser block and the screen.

3.    Now begin cleaning! under the faucet, scrub
      away baked on grinds and coffee oils. When
      screens are too caked, soak overnight in
      espresso machine cleaner and hot water.

4.    Before placing the block and screen back in the
      head, run a cleaning brush around the inside to
      brush out any leftover grounds.
                Cleaning the
 Diffuser Block and Screens

      Important tips to remember!

Practice screen cleaning as a closing duty every
2-3 days after use, to ensure clean, non-restricted

It is not necessary to overtighten the screw.
When the screw heats up in the block it can
expand and become too tight to unscrew!

If screw becomes to hard to unscrew, turning off
the machine will cool down and screw may
become easier to remove.

When removing the block/screen/screw, remember
the order in which they came out, so it can be re
placed correctly.

   Diffuser Block