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Common Recruiting Terms _ Abbreviations

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					    Common Recruiting Terms & Abbreviations
Bold Terms are commonly used.
Italic terms are not currently used.

ABE                Adult Basic Education
ACDU               Active Duty
ACDUTRA            Active Duty for Training
ACE                Academic Capacity Enhancement
ACE                American Council on Education
ACOE               Army Corps of Engineers
ACS                Address Change Service
ADCO               Advertising Coordinator
ADCP               Associate Degree Completion Program
ADDOCS             Advance Documents
ADPLAN             Advertising Plan
AECF               Advanced Electronics Computer Field
AEF                Advanced Electronics Field
AEPI               Allege Enlistment Processing Irregularity
AFQT               Armed Forces Qualification Test
AFRS               Air Force Recruiting Service
AFUN               Aviation Fundamentals
AIDS               Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AIRR               All Rescue Swimmer volunteers
ALAS               Auxiliary Loan Assistance for Students
ALF                Advance Language Field
AOC                Aviation Officer Candidate
APF                Appropriate Funds
APG                Advanced Paygrade
AR                 Arithmetic Reasoning
ARC                AIDS Related Complex
ASAD               All Service Accession Data
ASPQ               Annual Spending Plan by Quarter
ASTB               Aviation Selection Test Battery
ASVAB              Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery
AT                 Annual Training
ATCO               Assistant Test Control Officer
ATRRPT             Attrite Report
ATF                Advanced Technical Field
ATTN          Attained
BA            Basic Allowance
BA            Budget Assistant
BBDO          Former Advetising Firm for CNRC
BDCP          Baccalaureate Degree Completion Program
BE&E          Basic Electricity and Electronics
BEERs         Basic Enlistment Eligibility Requirements
BF            Body Fat
BJHARP        Blue Jacket Hometown Area Recruiting
BLS           Bureau of Labor Statistics
Blue & Gold   Reserve Officer who assists recruiting for the Naval Academy
BOOST         Broadened Opportunity for Officer Selection and Training
BOY           Beginning Of Year
BPOR          Basic Principals of Officer Recruiting
BTCU          Black Test Category Upper
BTW           Behind The Wheel
BUD/S         Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL
CA            Chief Administrator
CADD          Current Active Duty Date
CAP           Civil Air Patrol
CARP          Civilian Awards Review Board
CASU          Cooperative Administration Support Unit
CCAF          Community College of the Air Force
CCMS          Case Control Management System
CEC           Civil Engineering Corps
CHBUMED       Chief of Bureau of Medicine
CHNAVRES      Chief of Naval Reserve
CHRI          Criminal History Record Information
CHSPE         California High School Proficiency Examination
CIAL          Career Information and Counseling School
CIVPERS       Civilian Personnel
CLASP         Classification Within Pride
CLEP          College Level Examination Program
CLO           Campus Liaison Officer
CM            Collateral Material
CMO           Chief Medical Officer
CNET          Chief Naval Education and Training
CNP           Chief of Naval Personnel
CNRC          Commander, Navy Recruiting Command
COI         Center of Influence
COMM DOCS   Commissioning Documents
CPT         California Proficiency Test
CR          Chief Recruiter
CREO        Career Reenlistment Objective
CRF         Career Recruiting Force
CSA         Communication Service Authorizations
CSM         Compensatory Screening Model
CSO         Chief Staff Officer
CTI         Cryptologic Technician Interpretive
CV          Curriculum Vitae
CWS         Compressed Work Schedule
DAT         Drug and Alcohol Test
DAR         DEP Action Request
DBM         Dominant Buying Motive
DDD         Direct Deposit DEPper
DDS         Defense Security Service
DEERS       Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System
DEF         Delayed Entry Full Kit Waiver
DEM         Delayed Entry Medical
DEN         Delayed Entry Nuclear
DEP         Delayed Entry Program
DEP PQS     DEP Personal Qualification Standard
DER         Delayed Enlistment Reserve
DET         Delayed Entry into Training
DIERC       Date of Initial Entry into a Reserve Component
DIEUS       Date of Initial Entry in Uniformed Services
DIR         Direct Ship
DIR         Director, Navy Recruiting Processing Station
DLAB        Defense Language Aptitude Battery
DLPT        Defense Language Proficiency Test
DM          Direct Mail
DMDC        Defense Manpower Data Center
DN/C        Daily New Contract
DOB         Date of Birth
DODMERB     DOD Medical Examination Review Board
DONCAF      Department of the Navy Central Adjudication Facility
DOR         Dropping-on-Request
DPEP        Direct Procurement Enlistment Program
DPR         Daily Production Review
DPSR     Data Processing Service Request
DRTV     Direct TV
DST      DEP Slope Target
DT       District Trainer
DUI      Driving Under the Influence
DWAI     Driving While Alcohol Impaired
DWI      Driving While Intoxicated
EB       Enlistment Bonus
ECM      Enlisted Community Manager
EDSPEC   Educational Specialist
EEO      Equal Employment Opportunity
ELS      Entry Level Separation
ENTNAC   Entrance National Agency Check
ENRO     Enlisted Navy Recruiting Orientation
EOD      Explosive Ordnance Disposal
EOV      Educator Orientation Visit
EPA      Enlisted Processing Assistant
EPDS     Enlisted Processing Division Supervisor
EPO      Enlisted Programs Officer
EPSQ     Electronic Personnel Security Questionnaire
EPTS     Existed Prior To Service
ERPMS    Enlisted Recruiting Production Management System
ESL      English as a Second Language
ESS      Education Service Specialist
EST      Enlistment Screening Test
FALANT   Farnsworth Lantern Test
FAP      Financial Assistance Program
FAST     Fundamental Applied Skills Training
FEMT A   Female Total New Contract Attained
FIPC     Federal Investigations Personnel Center
FLAS     Fair Labor Standards Act
FMAM     February March April May
FMDP     Family Member Dental Plan
FMS      Financial Management System
FOIA     Freedom of Information Act
FSM      Federated States of Micronesia
FTCU A   Female Test Category Upper Attained
FTG      Fail To Graduate
FTO      Full Time Office
FTOST    Full-time Out-service Training
FTS       Full Time Support
FWS       Federal Wage System
FYTD      Fiscal YearTo Date
GAO       Government Accounting Office
GPCP      Government Purchase Card Program
GED       General Education Development
GENDETs   General Details
GLH       Government Leased Housing
GME       Graduate Medical Exam
GMT       General Military Training
GOF       General Officer
GOV       Government Owned Vehicle
GPA       Grade Point Average
GPM       Goal Planning Matrix
GS        General Schedule
GSA       General Services Administration
GTEP      General Detail Targeted Enlisted Program
HARP      Hometown Area Recruiting Program
HBA       Health Benefits Advisor
HPSP      Health Professional Scholarship Program
HP3       High Performance Predictor Profile
HRO       Human Resource Office
HRSC-SE   Human Resource Service Center – South East
HSCP      Health Services Collegiate Program
HSDG      High School Diploma Graduate
HSG       High School Graduate
HTCU A    HispanicTest Category Upper Attained
HYT       High Year Tenure
IADT      Initial Active Duty for Training
IGLPO     Inspector General Liaison Petty Officer
IMS       Interpersonal Management Skill
IMP       Information Management Plan
INA       Immigration and Nationality Act
INS       Immigration and Naturalization Service
INTERN    Person engaged in the 1st year of medical education after medical school
IRC       Interservice Recruitment Committee
IRE       Interservice Reenlistment Eligibility
IRR       Individual Ready Reserve
ISC       Interservice Separation Code
ISS       International School Services
ISSA         Inter-Service Support Agreements
IT           Instructor Training
JAG          Judge Advocate General
JAG          Joint Accession Group
JHT          Jardon and Howard Technologies, Inc
JOBS         Job Oriented Basic Skills
JON          Job Order Number
JRCC         Joint Recruitment Commanders Committee
JROTC        Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps
JTR          Joint Travel Regulation
LEADS        Local Effective Accession Delivery System
LOI          Letter Of Instruction
LPTS         LEADS Production Team Supervisor
LQS          LEADS Qualification Standards
LRP          Loan Repayment Program
LSO          Logistics Support Officer
LSAT         Law School Admission Test
LTCS         LEADS Tracking Center Supervisor
MALE A       Male Attained
MANMED       U. S. Navy Manual of the Medical Department
MAOP         Marketing Operations Plan
MASS         Military Applicant Security System
MCAT         Medical College Admission Test
MEA          Military Excellence Award
MEDVIP       Medical Very Important Person Visit
MEPS         Military Entrance Processing Station
MEPCOM       Military Entrance Processing Command
MET SITE     Mobile Examining Team Site
M/F I-IIIA   Male / Female Test Category Upper (50-99 AFQT)
MGIB         Montgomery GI Bill
M&IE         Meals & Incidental Expenses
MILPERSMAN   Military Personnel Manual
MIP          Minor in Possession
MIRC         Midlevel Interservice Recruitment Committee
MIRS         MEPCOM Integrated Resources System
MITMC        Military Traffic Management Command
MK           Mathematics Knowledge
MLPO         MEPS Liaison Petty Officer
MOP          Marketing Operations Plan
MOSs         Military Occupational Specialities
MOS OBLE SER   Obligated service/month
MOT            Moment of Truth
MOV            Medical Orientation Visit
MPM            Mix Planning Matrix
MRA&L          Manpower, Reserve Affairs and Logistics
MSO            Military Service Obligation
MT             Missile Technician
MTCU A         Male Test Category Upper New Contract Attained
MTF            Military Treatment Facility
MTT            Mobile Training Team
NAC            Naval Aircrew
NAC            National Agency Check
NACCS          Naval Aircrew Candidate School
NACLC          National Agency Check, Local Agency Check, Credit Check
NAEPE          Naval Aviation Entrance Physical Examination
NAES           Navy Advertising Effectiveness Study
NACIC          Navy Absentee Collection and Information Center
NALTS          National LEAD Tracking System
NAPS           Naval Academy Preparatory School
NAPT           Navy Advanced Programs Test
NAVET          Navy Veteran
NAVY-CASH      Navy College Assistance/Student HEADSTART
NBQ            Not Best Qualified
NDSTC          Navy Diving and Salvage Training Center
NEC            Navy Enlisted Classifications
NEE            Not Enlistment Eligible
NETC           Navy Education and Training Center
NETCON         New Enlistment Contract Report
NC             Navy Counselor
N/C            New Contract
NCF            Navy College Fund
NCO            New Contract Objective
NC OBJ         New Contract Objective
NC TRGT        New Contract Target
NCP            Normal Color Perception
NCP            Navy College Program
NH             Normal Hearing
NHSDG          Non-High School Diploma Graduate
NHSG           Non-High School Graduate
NF             Nuclear Field
NFEW      Nuclear Field Eligibility Waivers
NFOC      Naval Flight Officer Candidate
NFQT      Nuclear Field Qualification Test
NFQ       Nuclear Field Male
NFW       Nuclear Field Female
NGYCP     National Guard Youth Challenge Program
NIDT      Non Instrumented Drug Test
NLT       Navy Liaison Team
NMF       Naval Medical Facility
NMN       No Middle Name
NMP       Navy Manning Plan “Fairshare”
NMPC      Naval Military Personnel Command
NNPTC     Naval Nuclear Power Training Command
NOIC      Navy Opportunity Information Center
NORU      Navy Orientation Recruiting Unit
NPRDC     Naval Personnel and Research and Development Center
NPS       Non Prior Service
NPSF      Non Prior Service Female
NPSM      Non Prior Service Male
NPQ       Not Physically Qualified
NR        Naval Reactors
NRA       Navy Recruiting Area
NRAMS     Navy Recruiting and Accession Management System
NRC       Navy Recruiting Command
NRD       Navy Recruiting University
NRLA      Navy Recruiting Leadership Academy
NROTC     Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps
NRPS      Navy Recruiting Processing Station
NRR       Navy Recruiting Region
NRS       Navy Recruiting Station
NSI       No Speech Impediment
NSO       Navy Staff Office
NSW       Naval Special Warfare
NTC       Naval Training Center
NTO       Nuclear Trained Officer
NTT       National Training Team
NUCVIPS   Nuclear Very Important Person
NUPOC     Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate
OAR       Officer Aptitude Rating
OBJ       Objective
OC       Officer Candidate
OCPM     Office of Civilian Personnel Management
OCS      Officer Candidate School
OIR      Outstanding Invoice Report
OIS      Officer Indoctrination School
OJT      On The Job Training
OMB      Office of Management Budget
O&M,N    Operation and Maintenance Navy
OPA      Officer Processing Assistant
OPE      Out of Pocket Expense
OPDS     Officer Processing Division Supervisor
OPM      Office of Personnel Management
OPGA     Officer Program Goal Attainment
OPO      Officer Programs Officer
OPQC     Officer Programs Quality Control
OR       Officer Recruiter
ORPMS    Officer Recruiting Production Management System
OASD     Office of Assistant Secretary of Defense
OSVET    Other Service Veteran
OTOOLS   Officer Recruiting Tools
OTQ      Quebec – Non Prior Service Males & NFQ (Nuke Field Males)
OTW      Whiskey – Non Prior Service Females & NFW (Nuke Field Females)
OVR      Outstanding Validation Report
PAO      Public Affairs Officer
PARS     Performance Appraisal Review System
PCM      Primary Care Manager
PD       Position Description
PDC      Personally Developed Contacts
PDQ      Permanently Disqualified
PDS      Permanent Duty Station
PE       Projected Expenditures
PEBD     Pay Entry Base Date
PEI      Preenlistment Interview
PFB      Pseudofolliculitis Barbae
PIP      Pseudoisochromatic Plate
PLUS     Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students
PMA      Positive Mental Attitude
POC      Privately Owned Conveyance
POPO     Prospective Officer Programs Officer
PORTS      Personalized Officer Recruiting and Tracking System
PQPN       Pre-Qualified Pro-Navy
PPR        Personal Production Rate
PRC        Police Record Check
PRE        Planned Recruiting Evaluations
PRIDE      Personalized Recruiting for Immediate and Delayed Enlistment
PRP        Personal Reliability Program
PRT        Physical Readiness Standards
PS         Prior Service - NAVET/OSVET
PSA        Public Service Announcement
PSC        Professional Sales Coaching
PSS        Professional Selling Skills
PSEE       Prior Service Enlistment Eligibility
PSLO       Professional School Liaison Officer
PSR        Personnel Status Report
PTCU G/A   Asian Pacific Islander Test Category Upper New Contract
PTO        Part Time Office
QC         Quality Control
QIS        Quality Incentive System
QMA        Qualified Male Applicant
QNE        Qualified Not Enlisted
RAF        Recruiter Assignment Factor
RAP        Recruiter Assistance Program
RDAC       Recruiting District Assistance Council
RDB        Recruiter Development Board
RDC        Recruit Division Commander
REB        Recruiter Evaluation Board
RRT        Recruiter Refresher Training
REIP       Recruiter Excellence Incentive Program
RE-CODE    Reenlistment Eligibility Code
RFMIS      Recruiting Facilities Management Information System
RIF        Reduction In Force
RINC       Recruiter in Charge
RMI        Republic of the Marshall Islands
RMRC       Rocky Mountain Regional CASU
R/O        Roll Out
ROMO       Recruiting Officer Management Orientation
ROP        Republic of Palau
ROY        Recruiter Of the Year
RQAT       Recruit Quality Assurance Team
RQS        Recruiter Qualification Standards
RRRP       Recruiting Referral Recognition Program
RSS        Rescue Swimmer School
RST        Recruiter Selection Team
RT         Reinforcement Tool (PSS/PSC)
RTC        Recruit Training Command
RTO        Refuse To Obligate
RTOOLS     Recruiting Tools
R/Z        Prior Service Navy
SAM        Sea and Air Mariner
SAP        Simplified Acquisition Procurement
S/B@       Should Be At
SCC        South Carolina CASU
SCC        Seaborne Conservation Corps
SCE        Must be eligible for Security Clearance
SDA Pay    Special Duty Assignment Pay
SEA        Senior Enlisted Academy
SECF       Submarine Electronic/Computer Field
SEMINAR    Senior Minority Assistance to Recruiting
SGP        School Guarantee Program
SLACADA    Standard Labor Data Collection and Distribution Application
SMART      Station Market Analysis Review Techniques
SPR        Spending Plan Revisions
SPTK       Sales Performance Tool Kit (PSS/PSC)
SOA        Statement of Account
SOAR       School of Area Responsibility
SOCM       Special Operations Combat Medic
SOI        Sphere of Influence
SOPMAN     SOP Manual
SOT        Special Operations Technician
SRB        Selective Reenlistment Bonus
SSBI       Single Scope Background Investigation
STEAM      Standardized Territory Evaluation and Analysis for Management
SUB QUAL   Submarine Qualified
SYSAD      Systems Administrator
TA         Test Administrator
TAFMS      Total Active Federal Military Service
TAR        Training and Administration Reserves
TASP II    Targeted “A” School Program II
TCO        Test Control Officer
TDRL       Temporary Disability Retired List
TEB        TAR Enlistment Bonus
TEP        TAR Enlistment Programs
TFTIS      Total Force Teamwork Incentive System
THC        Marijuana
TIR        Time In Rate
TNET       Total Net
TPR        Tricare Prime Remote
TPU        Transient Personnel Unit
TSC        Traffic Safety Coordinator
TSC        Test Score Category
TTCU G/A   Total Test Category Upper New Contract Goal/Attained
UDA        Ultimate Duty Assignment
USACE      United States Army Corps of Engineers
USAREC     United States Army Recruiting Command
US CIT     U.S. Citizenship
ULTDUSTA   Ultimate Duty Station
VA         Veterans Administration
VE         Verbal Skill
WC         Waiver Coordinator
WFA        Work Force Attained
WFG        Work Force Goal
WIGI       Within Grade Increases
WPM        Words Per Minute
YATS       Youth Attitude Tracking Study
YPC        Youth Programs Coordinator
YO         Year Obligation
ZCMA       Zip Code Market Analysis
ZS         Zone Supervisor