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 Why is Cafina the best choice for your bottom line?  

 Whether you are looking to save on operation costs or striving for precision adjustments to optimize the flavor of your roast, consider a
 fully automated and self-monitoring Cafina c5.  User-friendly technology and push-button engineering make this superautomatic espresso
 machine a smart investment for high volume applications that demand consistent quality of each beverage. 

 Superior Technology

 The Swiss-engineered Cafina c5 programming is fully customizable.  An automated coffee quality system—aka your electronic barista—
 monitors every facet of the machine and corrects any deviations from your pre-set specifications.  This system ensures consistent quality
 and forgives different users and environmental changes.  We won’t go as far as saying this machine has a mind of its own, but the self-
 supervision features are impressive and work to protect your investment.   

 Dedicated Service & Support
 Each machine that we import is bench-tested, programmed, and prepped for easy installation by a Michaelo technician. Every Cafina is
 programmed to bring out the best flavor of our customers' choice espresso roast. 

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Cafina c5 – Cafina coffee design

The Cafina development engineers have put all their know-how into equipping the Cafina c5 with all the features
that caterers will be looking for tomorrow: pleasing design and pushbutton convenience for exquisite coffee
beverages. The benefits for the user are lower costs, ease of operation, attractive ergonomical design, technology
that really helps and all with consistently high-quality coffee. Such concentrated high quality is what we call
“Cafina coffee design”.

The advantages at a glance:

    Ultimate coffee pleasure

    Flexibility in application

    Convenient in use

    Environmentally friendly


Simplicity itself and itʼs fast

Cafina has mastered all these functions so that it is only necessary to press a button to obtain every beverage
with exactly the same quality every time. Whether a bar, restaurant, self-service canteen or haute cuisine, the
machine has to be simple and practical to use and be able to cope with peak periods.

Technology the answer for a successful coffee future

The technology of the Cafina c5 is the most modern in the world. A choice of milk systems with cold storage, the
patented variable pressure system (VPS), a processor-controlled piston, a powerful high-precision grinder, pre-
infusion and bypass techniques, chip-card operating convenience and maintenance support and electronic
quality and functional checks by the automatic coffee quality system (ACS) set the high-tech standard for
consistently high-quality coffee. Different chip cards and the latest pushbutton technology provide for optimum
convenience for operating personnel, manager and service technician. Simple installation, individual
programming, operating convenience, information display and functional analysis are the essential features of a
modern coffee machine. The Cafina brand stands for mature fully automatic coffee machine solutions that
combine high coffee quality, reliable operation and maintenance friendliness with maximum utilization of the coffee
and environmental protection.

Superior operating convenience

Top priority was given to an operator-friendly layout of the controls. Large pushbuttons with a distinct operating
point, an illuminated easily legible display and the possibility of programming up to 20 different coffee beverages
from espresso to a jug of coffee make the day’s work easier and save precious time. The Cafina c5 is fully
automatic and self-monitoring.
MICHAELO ESPRESSO 3801 Stone Way North Seattle, WA 98103

Cafina economy

Cafina combats the ongoing demand for better cost-effectiveness with innovative developments and more efficient
production techniques. In spite of the greater reliance on high-technology, the result is a low-cost coffee machine
which guarantees consistently high quality coffee and convenience as well.

The design

While taste and price are important, the Cafina c5 is also pleasing to the eye. Form, color and ergonomic
convenience are important aspects of Cafina products. That quality and technology go hand in hand with
advanced design and operator-friendliness is self-evident and therefore every Cafina product should enhance the
interior and working atmosphere of every catering establishment.

Cafina c5 – customized coffee making

The Cafina c5 stands for innovative, well conceived solutions for making coffee fully automatically: perfection in
coffee making. The new high-quality infusion mechanism in conjunction with the patented variable pressure
system (VPS) enabled Cafina to achieve its goals. The compression during infusion is continuously variable and
can be set individually for each beverage from a really strong ristretto to the popular coffee cream or a refreshing
jug of coffee.
Automatic coffee quality system

The heart of the new machine is the patented automatic coffee quality system (ACS) that continuously supervises
all parameters of consequence such as grinding fineness, coffee powder quantity, infusion time and water
temperature. The ACS automatically corrects any deviations from the set values and thus guarantees maximum
coffee pleasure. The Cafina c5 has numerous safety and self-supervision features. The ACS monitors every
conceivable factor to protect the machine, maintain hygiene and ensure the long-term quality of the coffee — truly
a coffee machine with the highest standard of safety and quality control.

MICHAELO ESPRESSO 3801 Stone Way North Seattle, WA 98103
          Cafina c5
Superautomatic Espresso Machine

         Also available with
         built-in integrated
         milk system to
         produce true
         cappuccino and café
         latte at the touch of a

The Cafina c5 is the only superautomatic espresso machine with self-checking electronic
feedback systems. It evaluates five key areas of performance and adjusts itself to
maintain the same drink quality as can be produced by a highly trained barista. Available
with a steam wand or with a 1-step integrated milk system.

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                                      Cafina c5
                                                  Spec Sheet


                       Model                     Weight         Height           Depth         Length
                                                  (lbs)        (inches)         (inches)       (inches)

                       C5-12C                      128           26.8             23.6           17.7

                      C5-1C-EF                     198           26.8             23.7           27.6
           (external refrigerator attached)
                     C5-1C-FC                      117           26.8             23.7           17.7
              (includes milk functions)

           Technical Data
 Model          Power             Steam          Steam        Brew              Brew             Hopper
             Requirements         Boiler         Boiler       Boiler            Boiler          Capacity
                                   size          power         size             power        (x2 hoppers per

 C5-12C         220 volts           4L        3.3 kilowatts   2.2 L         2.45 kilowatts        3 lbs.
                30 amps

C5-1C-EF        220 volts           1L        2.6 kilowatts   2.2 L         2.45 kilowatts        3 lbs.
                30 amps

C5-1C-EF        220 volts           1L        2.6 kilowatts   2.2 L         2.45 kilowatts        3 lbs.
                30 amps

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                                                                                  3801 Stone Way N.
                                                                                   Seattle, WA 98103