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                                    Student Organization and Leader Awards
 This award is presented to the overall top social Fraternity Man & Sorority Woman student leaders who have made the most
      significant overall contribution to the Fraternity & Sorority community and to the University during the year and their
                                                      Fraternity/Sorority career.

                                                   Selection Criteria
     Must have attained senior status
     Must be in good standing with their organization’s chapter/nationals
     Must have been a member of and active in their Fraternity/Sorority at minimum the equivalent of one academic
     Must be active in community service
     Has made a significant contribution to the Fraternity and Sorority community
     Should hold other leadership role(s) on campus with non-Fraternity/Sorority organizations or committees, etc.
     Must hold a leadership role in representing organization
     Must possess a high academic record
     Must have no formal record of discipline with the University
     Promotes unity within and outside the Fraternity & Sorority community

              **Resume of nominee must be attached

Name of Award: Fraternity Man and Sorority Woman Nominee’s Name: __________________________________________
Nominee’s Phone:                            E-mail:                            Major/GPA: __________________
Nominator’s Name: ______________________________ Phone:                    E-mail: __________________________

Please answer the following. If printing this form, please attach an additional sheet with the responses.
 1. Nominee should attach explanation describing how their APSU Fraternity/Sorority involvement/experience has inspired
     them to further develop their personal goals and ambitions, and how their Fraternity/Sorority experience has enhanced
     their student experience.

2.   How has this nominee served as a great role model within the Fraternity & Sorority community?

3.   How does this nominee promote unity within and outside the Fraternity & Sorority community?

4.   How has this nominee significantly impacted Fraternity & Sorority life on campus at APSU? Nominee should include
     contributions to his/her chapter, governing council (PC, IFC or NPHC) and the Fraternity and Sorority community as a
 5.   Why should he or she be honored as the Fraternity Man or Sorority Woman of the Year above all others?

 6.   How did the nominee adjust to their first leadership position(s)?

 7.   How has becoming a member of a Fraternity/Sorority contributed to your overall experience at APSU?

To nominate online, complete the form and hit the “Submit” button at the top of this page. Printed completed
nomination forms must be submitted to Student Affairs, Morgan University Center Room 206.
If you have any questions please call 221-7341.