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									                           Phi Delta Chi
                           Professional Pharmaceutical Fraternity
                           Midwestern Region Newsletter
                          March 2nd, 2008

          Midwestern Regional Conference — Madison, WI                                                                       LOOK WHATS INSIDE!
                         April 4-6, 2008                                                                                     Page 2
The Delta chapter at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Pharmacy would like to invite all of Phi Delta Chi to     Region Snap Shot
Madison, Wisconsin for the Midwestern Regional Conference on April 4-6, 2008. Join us for fraternal education, brother-
hood, and good times at The Edgewater Hotel on the shore of Lake Mendota in the heart of Madison.. A block of rooms has
been reserved for either $120.00 per night for a single room or $139.00 per night for a double room. Please call the hotel
before March 4, 2008, to reserve your room as they will be going fast. If you are flying to Dane County Regional Airport
                                                                                                                             Page 3
(code:MSN) contact the Delta chapter in advance for directions or for a friendly pick up! Each chapter has been assigned a   Leader Development Seminar
Delta Brother to act as a liaison to help all brothers have an amazing time.                 For more hotel info, visit      2008 — Austin, Texas

Contacts                                                                                                                     Pages 4
                                                                                                                             Gamma Gamma Chartering
Lynna Knurowski
Cell: (414) 507-3784
                                                                                                                             Pages 5-7
                                                                                                                             Upcoming Chapter Events &
Melissa Natzke
Cell: (715) 881-0181                                                                                                         Page 8
Email:                                                                                                     Final Words & Recognitions

         It is with genuine pleasure and enthusiasm that I write to you to share news of Phi Delta Chi’s Regional Conferences in
2008! Brothers will have an opportunity to recommend and review proposed changes in regional or national policies or the Con-
stitution and Bylaws of Phi Delta Chi. Moreover, the next Regional Correspondents will be elected during each Regional Con-
ference. Are you up to the challenge to serve the Fraternity in this capacity? If so, I encourage you to obtain an application from
Stephen Esker, Grand Vice President for Student Affairs.
         At least one Brother from each Chapter must attend their Regional Conference. A major purpose of each Regional Con-
ference “is to foster and promote a fraternal spirit among its members.” Attendance at a Regional Conference promotes the ex-
change of ideas between Chapters. To earn maximum credit in the Achievement Award program send at least three Brothers
from your Chapter. Send at least four Brothers from your Chapter to optimize learning from the four officer training workshops.
         Before arriving, each Chapter should prepare a chapter report summarizing activities within the following categories: pro-
fessional and service projects, scholarship and leadership, membership and Brotherhood news, honors and awards, alumni news,
and sports and social events. This report highlights unique chapter events and news the Chapter would like to share with the re-
gion. A copy of this report should be provided to the Grand Vice President for Communications, Christine Corsberg, for publica-
tion in The Communicator. Chapters should also complete the Chapter Self Evaluation before traveling to their Regional Confer-
         I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to partake in the sharing of fraternal hopes, goals, challenges, Brother-
hood, and fraternal spirit!
                                                       Fraternally, Brandon Sucher GVPCA

         MIDWESTERN REGION NEWSLETTER                                                                                                              Page 2

                   Spring 2008

                                     MIDWESTERN REGION SNAPSHOT
                                                                           Collegiate Chapters
                                                                               Alpha           University of Michigan
                                                                               Delta           University of Wisconsin
                                     Θ                              ΑΑ∗∗       Theta           University of Minnesota
                                                         ΑΞ                    Tau             Purdue University
                                                ∆                              Phi             Creighton University
                                                          Α                    Psi             Drake University
                                                                               Alpha Xi        Ferris State University
                                           Ν∗   ΑΣ                             Alpha Sigma     University of Illinois at Chicago
                            Φ        Ψ               Τ                         Alpha Upsilon   Ohio Northern University
                                                                               Alpha Phi       Butler University
                                                     ΑΦ                        Beta Delta      St. Louis College of Pharmacy
                                                                               Beta Xi         Midwestern University Chicago College of Pharmacy
                                     ΒΕ∗                                       Beta Psi        University of Minnesota - Duluth
                                Υ∗         Β∆
                                                                           Inactive Chapters*
                                                                               Beta            Northwestern University **
                                                                               Nu              University of Iowa
                                                                               Xi              Ohio State University
                                                                               Pi              University of Nebraska Medical Center
                    Π∗                                        Β∗∗              Upsilon         University of Kansas
                                                     ΒΞ                        Alpha Alpha     Case Western Reserve University **
                                                                    Ξ∗         Alpha Eta       Wayne State University
                                                                               Beta Epsilon    University of Missouri at Kansas City

                    Chapter Name                         Year of Chartering                                Chapter Publications
                          ALPHA                                     1883                                          Alpha Tattler
                          DELTA                                     1900                                           Delta Times
                          THETA                                     1904                                           Theta Letter
                           TAU                                      1916                                          Tau-ttle Tale
                            PHI                                     1920                                              Phi Crier
                            PSI                                     1921                                          The Synergist
                         ALPHA XI                                   1950                                          Alpha Xi Men
                    ALPHA SIGMA                                     1952                                             The Script
                   ALPHA UPSILON                                    1955                                             Alley Oop
                         ALPHA PHI                                  1955                                          The Activator
                     BETA DELTA                                     1960                                    Beta Delta Newsletter
                          BETA XI                                   1994                                             Beta Xioid
                         BETA PSI                                   2004                                                   ???

                                  ATTENTION WESTERN REGION BROTHERS!
We know how much of a struggle it is to find the time and money to travel distances in your region! Still, please
consider visiting other chapters so that you can share the passion and Brotherhood with one another!

           12th Annual Leader Development                                                                       Page 3

                            August 6th — August 10th, 2008
                                             Austin, TX

Attention Brothers of Phi Delta Chi!
          It is with great pleasure that I write you today to announce to you the details of the 12th annual presentation of the Phi Delta
Chi Leader Development Seminar to be held in Austin, Texas from August 6th – August 10th 2008.
          The Phi Delta Chi Fraternity first offered the Seminar in 1989 as part of the 57th Grand Council in Monterey, California. Since
that time, hundreds of collegiate brothers have participated in an ever-evolving curriculum designed to meet the needs of leaders for
contemporary pharmacy practice. The seminar permits participants to explore topics for individual development and building teams.
          Working in cooperation with the Pharmacy Leadership & Education Institute, Phi Delta Chi is the only professional pharmacy
fraternity to offer a week dedicated to develop and strengthen the leadership skills of its Brothers. Rotated around the country, typically
on college campuses, the LDS is stand-alone program held in the summer of even-numbered years. All future leaders in Phi Delta Chi
are encouraged to attend.
          Returning LDS participants can look forward to an integrated track designed to continue skill development. Advanced Partici-
pant attendees can gain hands-on experience, feedback on leadership from facilitators, and develop relationships with prospective men-
tors. Moreover, there will be opportunities to reunite with Brothers, discuss chapter happenings, meet with regional and national offi-
cers and meet Brothers currently unknown to you. Phi Delta Chi will also host its annual award program to name the 2008 Thurston
Cup winner along with the other award recipients.
          While August may seem very far from now, the time is NOW to begin to identify those Brothers from your chapter interested
in attending to advance their skills as a leader in our profession! Please take a moment and consider this opportunity very seriously.
Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in Texas!
Alterum Alterius Auxilio Eget,
Stephen Esker

Grand Vice President for Student Affairs
Alpha Theta, #759


                                                              Article by Lexie Turner SERC

On November 11, 2007 Phi Delta Chi Chartered its 75th chapter at the University of Appala-
chia in Grundy, Virginia. The Founding Brothers of Gamma Gamma Chapter are pictured
above: (from left to right) Kim N. Ho WAL, Lara A. May WC, Aaron Steven Burnette, Adam
Stitt WP, Steven Finkenbinder, Shannon Haynes WKF, Michael Logdson WMA, and Dr.
Charlese Breese Chapter Advisor, Chi Alumnus Bottom Row: Abdolali Moradimehr WIG,
Zankhana Patel, Mohamad Salem WVC, David L. Steinberg WCC, Kynsi L. Kline, & Anita
Koshy WKRS.

Delta alumnus Tony Chaffee, who is also the Executive Director for PDC, did a wonderful
job preparing the candidates and teaching them how to operate a chapter. The Pledge
Brothers and their advisor Brother Breese worked very hard all year long and were even in
attendance at Grand Council & the Southeastern Founder’s Day! Their dedication and effort
certainly paid off as they are all now BROTHERS OF PHI DELTA CHI!

In attendance at the Gamma Gamma Chartering were: Grand Past President Thomas Elling-
ton (Alpha Rho), GVPCA Brandon Sucher (Beta Rho), SERDCA Michael Nelson (Theta),
SERDAA Tony Mitchum (Alpha Gamma), SERC Lexie Turner, Frank Lee, & Holly Harp
(Alpha Iota), Leslie Taylor-Hausser (Chi), Jeffrey Tingen & Ross Jones (Beta Kappa), Sun
Kim, Erica Harms, Jessica Schmidt , Lisa DePetris, Jared Street, & Rali Amin (Beta Omega), &
PDC Executive Director Tony Chaffee (Delta).
                     MIDWESTERN REGION NEWSLETTER                                                                        Page 5
                               Spring 2008

                          Let’s see what our chapters are up to...
                                Alpha                                                                     Theta
           Our brothers at the University of Michigan have an                        Our brothers in the actic tundra of Minneapolis at the
exciting and eventful spring planned! In March, they will be par-         University of Minnesota– Twin Cities have also been keeping a
ticipating in Habitat for Humanity to help build homes in under-          busy schedule! If they aren't traveling between classes by tunnels
privileged areas of Michigan.                                             to avoid the cold, they are spending their time with service pro-
           In April, Alpha brothers will be participating the Relay       jects.
for Life, which is a charity event to support the American Can-                      The main event for the Theta Chapter this spring is the
cer Society. They have set a loft goal of raising $5000 as a team         Relay for Life, being held April 18th, 2008. Our brothers have
and will have brothers walking at all hours of the night for the          been the top fundraising student organization for the past 2 years
event.                                                                    and putting their efforts forward to continue the tradition. Ac-
                                                                          tivities for fundraising are Flower sales for Valentine’s Day, Bake
           Our Alpha brothers also hosting a variety of social
events including a night out at Dave and Busters, fraternity paint-       Sales, and mass mailings.
ball, and an end of the year baseball tournament.                                    The Theta Chapter has a variety of professional events
                                                                          such as poison talks at metropolitan elementary schools, Brown
Founders Day is returning back to its roots next fall! We’ll be
                                                                          Bag events at local pharmacies, and assembling medical supplies
celebrating our 125th year as an organization and the Alpha
Chapter will be hosting the event. Look for more information              for international organizations in Bolivia.
from our Alpha brothers and from the National Office over the             Its not all hard work and no play. Brothers will be traveling to
next few months for information.                                          visit the Beta Psi chapter in Duluth for their annual Pub Crawl
                                                                          and hosting a social event spanning the Twin Cities in April.
                                                                          Lastly, their annual trip to Craguns Resort in Brainerd, Minnesota
                                                                          in May is the pinnacle of the semester. It is a weekend of bond-
                                                                          ing and recreation in lakeside cabins followed by evening festivi-
                                                                          ties singing karaoke.

                                                                                    The brothers of the Tau Chapter at Purdue University
                                                                          will be sponsoring teams that participate in both the Relay for
                                                                          Life and the Arthritis Walk. They also host Mock Interviews to
                                                                          help 2nd year, pre-professional school students prepare for phar-
                                                                          macy school interviews.
                                                                                    They host several social events over the course of the
                                                                          spring. Themed bowling will be a highlight and brothers will be
                                                                          dressing as nerds and renting out an entire bowling alley. An-
                                                                          other activity is the famed Bar Crawl. Brothers of legal drinking
                                                                          age hit the town and build the bonds of brotherhood!

                             Delta                                                                       Phi
         The Delta Chapter at the University of Wisconsin-                         When you think of service projects, the first thing that
Madison has been eagerly anticipating the massive influx of               should come to mind is the Phi Chapter at Creighton University.
brothers from our region for the Midwestern Regional Confer-              This chapter dedicates themselves throughout the semester to
ence in April. They have spent countless hours planning and               volunteering at Ronald McDonald House, the Sienna Francis
organizing the conference and disseminating information to all of         House, the Relay for Life in March, Habitat for Humanity on April
our brothers. Each chapter in the Region has been assigned a              19th, and the many more.
brother from the Delta Chapter to act as a liaison and tour                        Our brothers host a “Lunch and Learn” every semester
guide. Thank you to all of your hard work brothers!!                      for other pharmacy students and students in other health science
                                                                          professions. The event introduces recently approved medica-
                                                                          tions and covers importance medication profile information.

        MIDWESTERN REGION NEWSLETTER                                                                                     Page 6

                  Spring 2008

           The Phi brothers have worked extremely hard this year             return to the chapter to discuss careers in pharmacy and 4th
in establishing financial stability for the upcoming years and seeking       year Professional students return to discuss rotation and resi-
new forms of funding to send brothers to Regional and National               dency options. Brothers participate in Hustle Up the Hancock
events.                                                                      to raise money for the Respiratory Health Association of Met-
                                                                             ropolitan Chicago. Oh, and the Hancock building is 94 stories
           Lastly, the brothers at Phi worked extremely hard pre-
                                                                             tall!! Brothers also host a CV writing workshop and teach
paring for a visit from Regional Officers Kristi Adams and Paul
Ruder as well as the Grand President, Song You. They have set                CPR to fellow students.
the standard for how to organize and prepare for chapter visits!                                    Alpha Upsilon
The hospitality, organization, and flexibility was greatly appreci-
                                                                             Report to be seen in the next Communicator.
ated. Good work brothers!
                                                                                                       Alpha Phi
                                                                             Report to be seen in the next Communicator.
Report to be seen in the next Communicator.
                                                                                                      Beta Delta
                                                                             Report to be seen in the next Communicator.
                                                                                                        Beta Psi
                                                                             Our brothers in the far north at the University of Minnesota-
                                                                             Duluth have a busy spring semester as well. They have already
                                                                             done a Brown Bag event at an assisted living facility to help
                                                                             residents organize their medications and understand the use of
                                                                             each one. They will be volunteering at a soup kitchen in April
                                                                             and presenting their window display at local elementary
                                                                              The Beta Psi chapter is hosting its annual Pub Crawl in the
                                                                             neighboring city of Superior, WI. It is highly attended by mem-
                                                                             ber of the College of Pharmacy in Duluth and the Twin Cities.
                                                                             Also, they have an upcoming trip to Cragun’s Resort in
                                                                             Brainerd, MN with the Theta brothers. Look for our newest
                           Alpha Sigma                                       chapter in the Midwest at Regionals and the LDS in August!
The brothers at the University of Illinois at Chicago have managed
to dig themselves out of the snow as well this spring. Despite
tragic events that have taken place at the College of Pharmacy,
brothers have continued to demonstrate what Phi Delta Chi is all
The Chapter hosts several “Roundtable” events where Alumni

                                                                                                  Page 7
                            Spring 2008

                               A Message from Alpha Sigma
Saturday morning, January 19th, a research lab in the 4th floor of the UIC College of Pharmacy caught fire due
to an unknown cause. All 20 people in the building at the time escaped unharmed. Over 130 firefighters
rushed to the scene and it was extinguished within 15 minutes. Despite this, extensive water damage oc-
curred and frozen pipes that burst later that night added to the severity of it. Much faculty and student re-
search was destroyed, but many documents have been salvaged due to freeze-drying techniques and quick
action on the part of the remediation team. The student locker room in the basement was completely
flooded. The damage rendered the building unusable to everyone except the Drug Information Center in a
remote corner of the basement. It is now mid-February, and our classes are still held at various locations in
makeshift classrooms (and auditoriums when we’re lucky) on East and West campus. This coming week of
February 11th, we will be returning to the College of Pharmacy for use of 2 basement classrooms and a sec-
tion of the 2nd floor for only a few classes. Some still speculate we will not fully return to regular class sched-
ules in the building until the fall semester of 2008.

As one can imagine, researchers, faculty, and students have been greatly affected by this disaster. For students
and faculty, much has changed with our schedule of classes and events, along with our student organizations.
Our Worthy Master at Arms quickly booked a room that accommodates all of us for a couple hours each
month, so that we can still try to hold regular meetings. Another Brother was able to salvage our suitcase
(which holds our regalia) from the basement of the college. Thankfully, the contents of it were unharmed and
we can still hold formal meetings. We are trying to continue with our normal functions as a chapter, but it is
still difficult to meet when many of us are coming from different sides of campus and may have other obliga-
tions now. This is a situation in which “Alterum Alterius Auxilio Eget” holds significant truth and mean-
ing to us. We are fully embracing it, and in doing so, growing stronger as a chapter. We are thankful we have
a wonderful Dean, faculty, and staff, as they have kept the students’ interests in mind and worked very hard
to remediate this situation and alleviate our concerns. Thank you also to our Phi Delta Chi national and re-
gional officers, along with Brothers from other chapters for your concern and offers of help. It is truly appre-
ciated, and we are fortunate and proud to be part of an organization that embraces helping each other, espe-
cially in times like these.

                       Spring 2008

                                WEEKEND OF FUN AT ALPHA PHI (Butler)
      Stephen Esker

   Cell Phone: 518.986.5617
 School email:
        Home Address:
        1 Harlau Drive
       Scotia, NY 12302

  On behalf of the other                        Achievement Award
  National and Regional
                                                DATES TO WATCH!
         Officers                                    February 29th, 2008
                                                     Communicator Report due
   THANK YOU!                                  *Remember to take a copy to Regionals

   Phi Delta Chi is only as                            March 31st, 2008
strong as each and every one                            Window Display due
of its Brothers. Keep up the
         hard work!                                    April 30th, 2008
                                                      Brotherhood Report due

                                                        May 31st, 2008
  Stephen ~ GVPSA                             Professional & Service Projects Report due


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