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Summer Camp Parent Handbook - YM


   Summer Camp
Answers to all your Summer Camp
      Southside Virginia Family YMCA
             580 Commerce Rd
           Farmville, VA 23901
            Phone 434-392-3456
             Fax: 434-392-6852
                   Welcome to
                YMCA Summer Camp

Dear Parents,

         Thank you for enrolling your child in the YMCA Summer Camp Program. At the YMCA your child
will learn to build lasting relationships, engage in stimulating learning activities, and have safe fun! Most
importantly, it is a place where they will learn about the YMCA character values, trustworthiness, respect,
responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship.

        The Summer Camp Program will be a place in which each child will be admired and respected for
being an individual, as well as part of our Summer Camp family.

       This handbook has been provided for you as a guide to our policies, procedures, and general program
information. Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions and/or concerns you may have.


Jennifer Pillow
Senior Program Director
                 Southside Virginia Family YMCA Mission Statement:
  To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build a healthy spirit, mind, and
                                             body for all.

                                     Statement of Purpose:
                  To Build Strong Kids, Strong Families and Strong Communities

                                         Goal Statement:
The Goal of the YMCA Summer Camp Program, as in all YMCA programs is to help people grow
spiritually, mentally, and physically. To accomplish this goal all YMCA programs address seven
specific objectives, which are listed below:
                                           Grow personally
                                            Clarify Values
                              Improve personal and family relationships
                                         Appreciate Diversity
                                 Become better leaders and supporters
                                        Develop specific skills
                                              Have Fun!

  We are committed to the YMCA core values of Caring, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, as the
                        basis of our program effort in supporting families.

                   Structure of the Southside Virginia Family YMCA
The structure of the YMCA includes a volunteer Board of Directors that is responsible for the
financial stability of the organization and all policy making. The policies that the board creates are
carried out by a group of paid professional staff. The organization chart for the paid staff is as
                                           Executive Director
                               Coaches/Instructors/Counselors/Site Staff
                                           Admission Policy
The Southside Virginia Family YMCA Summer Camp Program is designed for children 5-12 years
old. We accept children of any race, color, religion, and national and ethnic origin. We do not
discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national or ethnic origin in administration
of its personnel or admission policies. Licensing Standards for child care mandate the program sees
and record the state ID number of your child’s original birth certificate or passport. In addition we
will also need parental agreements, health history, immunization records, physical examinations,
admissions applications with emergency contact/pickup information, swimming waiver and
authorization and other documents as needed. Please be prepared to provide all of the needed
documents prior to your child’s first day.
                                          Hours of Operation
Summer Camp will operate Monday-Friday from 8AM to 4PM and After Camp Care will operate
CARE AT LEAST ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE. We do understand that late arrivals due occur
on occasion. In the event you are late a fee of $10 will be charged if you arrive 5 minutes late.
After the 5 minutes you will also pay an additional $5 per minute late. Late arrival payments must
be made at pickup! If we have not heard from you five minutes after pickup time (4:00PM for
summer camp & 6:00PM for after camp care) and we can not reach you by phone, your emergency
numbers will be called and one of the people will be asked to come and get your child. If neither
you nor your emergency numbers can be reached after 30 minutes Child Protective Services will be

                                      Inclement Weather Policy
We will be open for full day programs during inclement weather provided we have power and water
and are able to open the facilities and the conditions of the roads are safe for our employees to travel
on. If weather conditions become severe you or your emergency contacts will be required to pick
your child up within 30 minutes of the phone call.

                               2010 Summer Camp Calendar:
SUMMER CAMP WEEKLY SESSIONS                           Payment Due Date
Monday, May 24th- Friday, May 28th                         May 10th
Tuesday, June 1-Friday, June 4                             May 18
Monday, June 7-Friday, June 11                             May 8
Monday, June 14-Friday, June 18                            June 1
Monday, June 21-Friday, June 25                            June 7
Monday, June 28-Friday, July 2                             June 14
Monday, July 5-Friday, July 9                              June 21
Monday, July 12-Friday, July 16                            June 28
Monday, July 19-Friday, July 23                            July 5
Monday, July 26-Friday, July 30                            July 12
Monday, August 2-Friday, August 6                          July 19
Monday, August 9-Friday, August 13                         July 26
                               Payment and Program Refund Policy
   Payment/Balance is due two weeks prior to the weekly summer camp session your child will
   attend (See the above calendar for due dates by week). Failure to pay BY due date will result in
   a late fee:
   1st Offense: $25 Late Fee        3rd Offense: $75 Late Fee
   2nd Offense: $50 Late Fee        4th Offense: Removal from program/Deposit forfeited

   Failure to pay within 7 days from the due date will result in the loss of your deposit and space in
   the program.

   If payment has been received for the program, below lists the refund policy:

           o If the program is cancelled by the YMCA, then a full refund will be given.
           o If the participant has to withdraw due to extended sickness/injury and has a medical
             excuse, then a full refund will be given.
           o If the participant withdraws from the summer camp program for other reasons the
             following policy is in place:

*14 days or longer before the weekly session                -100% refund
*7 – 13 days before the start of the weekly session         -75% YMCA credit (minus deposit)
*1 – 6 days before the start of the weekly session          -50% YMCA credit (minus deposit)
*Start of class or later                                    -NO Refund

The following forms of payment are acceptable: Account drafts, major credit cards, checks, or
money orders. Payments can be mailed, or dropped by, but must be received two weeks prior to the
weekly start date. Payments are due in advance of service. If your account is drafted for services
and you wish to cancel the draft you must notify the Program Director by the 15th of the month.

Financial Assistance Policy: The Southside Virginia Family YMCA is committed to being open to
all. Through our Building Strong Families Campaign, money is raised to provide the necessary
resources to insure that no one is turned away due to their inability to pay.

Return Check Policy: If you write a check that is returned for any reason a $35 return check fee
will be assessed.

The Southside Virginia Family YMCA does not transport children to or from any programs.

                                          Discipline Policy
The YMCA believes that punishment is unnecessary but DISCIPLINE is needed to help children
gain self-control. We further believe that children are entitled to a pleasant and harmonious
environment at any YMCA program. Respect for your child will be demonstrated at all times and
the same respect will be expected from your child to his/her peers and the YMCA staff at all times.
Efforts will be made to redirect the child’s behavior. When disciplinary action is necessary, age
appropriate methods will be implemented. We adhere to all policies and procedures established by
the Commonwealth of Virginia State Licensing Standards. We will not serve children who display
chronically disruptive behavior.

Chronically disruptive behavior: verbal or physical activity which may include but is not limited to
such behavior that: requires constant attention from staff, inflicts physical or emotional harm on
other children, abuses the staff, ignores or disobeys the rules which guide behavior while
participating in the program. If a child cannot adjust to the program setting and behave
appropriately, the child may be dismissed from the Summer Camp Program and no refund will be

Our goal this summer is to REWARD good behavior. However if deemed necessary time outs will
occur and parents will be notified at pickup.

                               Summer Camp Reward System
At the beginning of every week, Summer Camp Students will be GIVEN 3 “Y Dollars”.
Students will be allowed to earn additional Y dollars by participating in scheduled activities as well
as for being “caught” exhibiting a YMCA Core Value. For anyone that does not participate or
behave Y Dollars will be taken away.

Friday, will be considered “Fun Friday”. Entry to “Fun Friday” requires 3 “Y Dollars”.
Participants that earn enough Y Dollars will be grouped together to participate in a number of fun
activities. An example of activities include: Bingo, DS Day, Water Fight Day, Movie Day, Pizza
Party, Ice Cream/Sundae Party, Summer Camp vs Camp Counselor basketball/kickball game, etc.
Fun Friday will run from 9AM-Noon, after which the normal “summer camp schedule” for Friday’s
will resume.

Any dollars “over” 3 dollars may be used to “purchase” items at the Y Store or to buy other fun
rewards (such as pie a camp counselor in the face, silly string a camp counselor, camp counselor
down the slide/or belly flop, etc). For all Summer Camp Students that do not earn 3 Y Dollars,
they will participate in the normal summer camp schedule for Friday’s.

Tracking of Y Dollars: Students will be given their Y Dollars. It is THEIR responsibility to keep
up with their Y Dollars (this teaches them responsibility). Counselors will manually chart Y dollars
each day as a “back up”, however students will not be aware that this is being done! Y Dollars will
not transfer to another week.

At the end of each week Camp Counselors will vote on “Camper of the Week”. Each child that is
awarded “Camper of the Week” will be earn their entry into an End of Summer Camp Pool Party &
will be permitted to invite up to 2 of his/her friends. If a child is rewarded Camper of the Week
more than once, this will increase the # of friends that he/she can invite to the pool party (2 x’s
Camper of the Week=4 Friends, 3 x’s Camper of the Week=6 Friends, etc)!
In the event that “Time Out” is deemed necessary for continuous misbehavior the following process
will take place:
        1. The misbehaving child will be given 3 warnings. After the 3rd warning the child will
             receive a timeout based on age (5 years old=5 minute time out, 6 year old=6 minute time
             out etc). During the timeout the child has the opportunity draw or describe the action
             he/she did and what he/she should have done on the character counts worksheet. After
             the timeout the child will turn the character counts sheet in to staff and explain what
             he/she thought about.
        2. If a second time out is issued the child follows the same procedures as above. However,
             the staff member will also fill out a Behavior Modification Report and attach the 2
             Character Counts sheets. At pickup the Program Director will have a conference with
             the parent about the child’s behavior for the day. Behavior Modification forms must be
             filled out for any of the following behaviors at occurrence: fighting, profanity or
             derogatory comments, racial/sexual slurs, stealing, destructing policy, and bullying.
        3. If a child receives 3 Behavior Modification Reports in a one week time frame the child
             will be suspended for 2 Summer Camp Days (weekend/holiday days do not count) with
             out a refund.
        4. If the child receives a 4th behavior related incident report in a two week period, the
             Program Director may suspend the child immediately and further action including
             discharge without the right of reinstatement may apply.
                                          Sign In/Sign Out Policy
Parents are expected to sign their child(ren) in upon arrival (during Day Programs) and sign them
out before leaving in the evening. All persons signing child(ren) in/out must be at least 18 years of
age. We can not release minors to minors.
                                          Authorization for Pickup
No child will be released to a person who is not authorized by the custodial parent. We must have
written authorization for changes in this respect. The staff will be expected to check authorization
and identification for someone the staff does not know before releasing a child. A staff cannot
legally refuse to release a child to a verified natural parent unless there is a court order in the
child’s file stating that the parent does not have visitation rights. Writing on our form that you do
not want a husband/wife to pick up your child does not give us the legal right to refuse pick-up.
Only the courts can give us that right.
During Full Day Program’s participants will need to arrive at 8:00AM each day. Care will not be
provided prior to 8:00AM Camp Start. If your child will be arriving late please notify the Program
Director ahead of time. Participants will not be accepted after 10:00AM. Parents are required to
sign their children out at the Summer Camp Pickup location.

During all transition times a head count and roll call will be taken. Every 10 minutes or as
necessary a head count will be taken.
                                      Health and Safety Policy
The health & safety of your child is very important to us. In order to protect our participants,
members, and staff we have strict rules about sick children. These rules are in compliance with all
Commonwealth of Virginia Licensing regulations.

If a child has any of the following conditions, the parent will be notified immediately to pick up the
child: contagious disease, fever over 100, vomiting or diarrhea, or any accident requiring medical

In case of accident or illness, parents of the child will be called immediately accordingly.
        Fever-If a child has a fever over 100 the parent will be given a courtesy call, if the child’s
fever reaches over 101 or higher the parents are required to pick up the child. If a child is sent
home with a fever, they must remain out of the Summer Camp programs for 48 hours
        Contagious Disease-If a child exhibits signs of a contagious disease, the parent will be called
and required to pick up the child immediately.
        Vomitting or Diarrhea-If a child vomits or has diarrhea, the parents are required to pick up
the child from the Y.

If a child has been required to be picked up because one of the above conditions they can not return
to the Summer Camp Program for 24 hours from the time of pick up.

When staff attempt to contact the parent, if they can not be reached, they will contact an emergency
contact person. If the emergency contact person can not be reached, the parent will receive a
written request to provide the center with adequate contacts. If contacts can not be provided,
Summer Camp care will be suspended.

If a parent refuses to pick up their child because of an above condition, program services will be
suspended (without a refund) and the Department of Social Services Child Protective Services will
be contacted.
                                           Injured Child Policy
If your child has an injury that may require more than our first aid skills allow or your child has
been bumped on the head in any way; we will make an immediate attempt to contact you. If we are
unable to reach you or emergency contacts we will call the ambulance. Please make every effort to
keep the YMCA up to date on phone numbers, emergency numbers, and other pertinent
                                            Medication Policy
The YMCA staff will not administer or house any medication. In the event of an emergency
situation requiring medication, the parent or 911 (based on severity) will be contacted.
                                             Sunscreen Policy
The YMCA staff will not be responsible for applying sunscreen to children 9 years or older.
Children under 9 years of age will be required to bring spray sunscreen to be applied by YMCA
staff. During sunscreen application children will be supervised. Please put sunscreen on your
child(ren) prior to the day if applicable. Reapplication of sunscreen will take place at mid-morning
and again prior to entering the sun in the afternoon. The parent is responsible for notifying the staff
in writing of any known adverse reactions to the sunscreen. The YMCA will not supply sunscreen.
                                             Dress Policy
Children should wear comfortable and appropriate clothing for indoor and outdoor activities. We
strongly recommend that you send your child in clothes that can be used for play as well as practical
for arts and crafts. Closed toed shoes are recommended.
Participants attending the YMCA location will need to bring bathing suits & towels everyday. For
participants not wishing to swim he/she will be required to stay on the pool deck during swim time.
                                        Personal Items Policy
Full Day: Children should bring a change of clothes, bathing suit, lunch, snacks (if desired, the
YMCA will provide a mid-morning and afternoon snack) and a water bottle.

We have lots of toys and equipment and activities to keep the child busy. Please do not allow any
toys, games, cell phones, or radios to accompany your child. This eliminates fights, theft, and/or
lost items that we cannot be responsible for and will not reimburse you for.
                                             Food Policy
Snacks will always include a minimum of two food groups. We will not have refrigeration or
microwaves available for participant use, please keep this in mind when packing lunches.
Participants are required to have their name labeled on their lunch bag each day. The YMCA also
advises that ice packs be packed with lunches.

Many of the children in our care have food allergies, if your child has a food allergy please inform
all of the staff so that these allergies can be posted for your child’s safety.

                         Pool Rules for the YMCA Summer Camp Program:
Children will use the pool and it is of most importance that you know and understand our Pool
Safety Rules. Pool Safety Rules will be gone over with your child at the beginning of the
swimming program. Please review these rules with your child daily. Parents will be required to
sign a waiver acknowledging that their child is able to participate in the swimming component of
our program. In addition the parent must state the child’s swimming skills before the child can get
into the water above the child’s shoulder height. YMCA certified lifeguards will swim test every
participant but prior knowledge of your child’s swimming ability is of up most importance.
                                     YMCA POOL RULES
1.   Swim suits must be worn at all times while in the water and children who are not potty
     trained must wear swim diapers. If you have been in any open water with your suit or you
     have exercised prior to entering the pool, you must shower prior to entering the pool.
2.   Our lifeguards’ first and foremost responsibility is to insure the safety of each swimmer.
     Parents and guardians must be in the pool facility to supervise their children 12 & under at
     all times. In addition, children 12 and under must be supervised in the locker rooms at all
     times. We have family locker rooms for those families who have children under twelve of
     both genders or are the opposite gender of the parent and would like to change in the privacy
     of their own room.
3.   Non swimmers who are 17 or younger and under 5 feet 7 inches tall must wear a Coast
     Guard approved life jacket or YMCA approved personal floatation device at all times in all
     areas of the pool and have an adult within arm’s reach of them at all times when in the water
     even with a life jacket unless they have passed the swim test.
4.   The following may use the entire pool:
             *       Swimmers who are 18 years & older.
             *       Swimmers of any age who are 5 feet 7 inches or taller.
             *       Swimmers who are 17 years & younger and under 5 feet 7 inches tall, have
                     passed the swim test, and are wearing their green neck band. (Swimmers
                     who are in a swim lesson, swim team practice, or water aerobics class may
                     swim without the green neck band.)

5.   Swimming instruction for someone other than your own child may only be provided by
     YMCA staff members.
                                YMCA Staff Code of Conduct
     1. Reference checks will be conducted, documented and filed on all employees working
        with children. A criminal history record check is required and will be done by the State
     2. In order to protect YMCA staff and program participants the children and staff must be
        within sight and sound of each other at all times.
     3. The YMCA will not condone or sanction any relationship between staff and program
        participants outside of the YMCA mandated service hours.
     4. YMCA staff may not date program participants or staff under the age of 18. YMCA
        staff may not date program parents.
     5. Restroom/Locker Supervision: Staff will wait outside of the restrooms for participants.
        Only one child may occupy a stall at a time. Staff are not allowed to assist children with
        changing clothes or swimsuits. A staff member of the same sex will accompany children
        to the Locker Rooms during swim time. The staff member will remain in the locker
        room until all participants are dressed. Children are not permitted in the locker rooms
        alone. In the event of short staffing or only one child needing to be changed the Family
        Locker Room will be used. Staff will wait outside of the restroom door for the
        participant to change.
     6. Staff shall not abuse children including: physical abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse,
        mental abuse, or neglect.
     7. YMCA staff will under no circumstances release children to anyone other than the
        authorize parent, guardian, or individual authorized by parents either verbally or in
        writing. Children will not be released to any person under 18 years of age.
       8. Staff will be alert to the signs of child abuse or neglect and an occurrence report will be
           made immediately on any sign of physical injury.
       9. Staff will strive to follow the mission, vision, and values of the Southside Virginia
           Family YMCA through programs promoting Character Development.
       10. Staff responds to children and parents with respect and consideration and treats everyone

                                    Child Abuse Prevention Policy
For over 150 years, the YMCA has had as their principle concern the growth and development of
men, women, boys, girls, and families. Through programs of health and fitness, aquatics, sports,
camping, parent-child, family programs, and child care, the YMCA is responding to the needs of the
children and families in the new millennium. Many changes have occurred in the lives of children
and families today. Some of these changes are positive, however the alarming increase in child
abuse is of particular concern to the YMCA. Throughout its history the YMCA has been a strong
advocate for the child and children’s rights. It is most appropriate that mistreatment or neglect of
children and the resulting sever effects would be of primary concern to the YMCA.

The YMCA advocates a positive guidance and discipline policy with an emphasis on positive
reinforcement, redirection, prevention and the development of self-discipline. At no time will the
following disciplinary techniques be tolerated: physical punishment, yelling, striking, biting,
kicking, squeezing, shaming, withholding food or restroom privileges, confining children in small
locked rooms or verbal or emotional abuse.

Affectionate touch and warm feelings it brings is important factor in helping a child grow into a
loving and peaceful adult. However, YMCA staff and volunteers need to be sensitive to each
persons need for personal space. The YMCA encourages appropriate touch; however at the same
time it prohibits inappropriate touch or other means of sexually exploiting children.

Based upon its concern for the children, parents, and YMCA staff, the following standards related
to reporting procedures, staffing, standards, code of conduct and resources for parents and children
have been developed.

The YMCA like many other public institutions is mandated by law, to report any suspected child
       Child Abuse and Neglect: Section 63.2-100 of the Code of Virginia defines an abused or
neglected child as any child under 18 years of age whose parent, guardian, or other person
responsible for the child’s care:
               1. Causes or threatens to cause a non-accidental physical or mental injury.
               2. Causes or threatens to cause a non-accidental physical or mental injury during
                   the manufacture or sale of certain drugs.
               3. Neglects or refuses to provide adequate food, clothing, shelter, emotional
                   nurturing, or health care.
               4. Abandons the child.
               5. Fails to provide adequate supervision in relation to the child’s age and level of
               6. Commits or allows to be committed any illegal sexual act upon a child including
                  incest, rape, fondling, indecent exposure, prostitution, or allows a child to be
                  used in any sexually explicit visual material.
               7. Knowingly leaves a child alone in the same dwelling with a person who is not
                  related tot eh child by blood or marriage and who is required to register as a
                  violent sexual offender.

Procedures for Suspected Child Abuse:
               1. At the first report or suspicion of child abuse, the staff or volunteer or who it has
                  been reported, will immediately inform the supervisor.
               2. The YMCA will make a report to the appropriate law enforcement body and
                  request that the situation be investigated.
               3. In the event the reported incident or suspicion involves an employed staff person
                  or volunteer, the responsible executive will, suspend the person from all
                  responsibilities and if appropriate, without pay until the investigation is
               4. All staff members and volunteers must be sensitive to the need of confidentiality
                  in the handling of information in this area and are therefore instructed only to
                  discuss matters pertaining to abuse or suspected abuse with their supervisor.
               5. YMCA staff and volunteers may not make contact with children or parents
                  involved in child abuse incident without permission of the Executive Director.
               6. Whether the incident or alleged offense takes place on or off YMCA premises, it
                  will be considered job related (because of the youth involved nature of the
               7. All incidents or alleged offenses will be documented the day of the occurrence

Reports can be made by calling the local social services department or the Child Abuse and Neglect
Hotline at:
1-800-552-7096 in State
1-804-786-8536 out of State
1-800-828-1120 hearing impaired

Persons reporting in good faith are immune from civil and criminal liability pursuant to Section
63.2-1512 of the Code of Virginia.
I have read and understand the Summer Camp 2010 Parent Handbook and
I agree to abide by the policies set forth.

__________________       ________________________________________________
Date                     Name of Parent

                         Name of Child/Children

                         Signature of Parent/Guardian

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