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									              Virginia Tech Mechanical Engineering Alumni

                                          Ron Pillow
              Named AREVA Engineer-of-the-Year for 2010
 “This year’s Engineers of the Year exemplify operational excellence through safety,
quality, delivery and performance,” said Mike Rencheck, AREVA Inc. Chief Operating

 “Through their contributions to the company and the community in which they live
                and work, these individuals are making a difference.”

  Here are highlights of their accomplishments. Congratulations to our Engineers of
            the Year for 2010 who were nominated by their business unit.

                            “Ron is an expert in his CRDM niche. He has no problem stepping up to the place
                            with his knowledge and expertise in a crisis and is respected by his customers and
                            his peers.”

                            “Ron Pillow is an Advisory Engineer in Component Replacement and Repair (CR&R)
                            and Engineering and Projects (E&P) whose innovative solutions were instrumental
                            in investigating and quickly responding to several critical customer situations
                            during 2009.”

                            “Ron’s knowledge and skills were essential to the successful Control Rod Drive
                            Mechanism (CRDM) replacement at Turkey Point in the spring of 2009, where he
                            supported the evaluation of a bent lead screw and ultimate replacement of the
                            CRDM that delayed startup.”

 “This past fall, Ron quickly deployed with a team to Oconee to troubleshoot a CRDM that would not latch to its
control component following refueling. Ron was able to use his knowledge and creativity to respond to our
customer’s needs by eliminating the CRDM as the cause of the problem and helping identify a crushed fuel
assembly as the root cause.”

“Ron also was recognized for supporting South Texas Project when their vendor was unable to remove a stuck
coil stack during a reactor vessel closure head replacement outage, advising regarding design requirements and
our past experiences.”

“He led the AREVA emergent response to a cracked CRDM at Crystal River 3, and worked with the Nuclear
Parts Center to develop a test plan to characterize the stresses, ultimately responding to customer needs.”

“Based on his past success in supporting the Arkansas Nuclear One (ANO) ratchet trip evaluations over the 2008
December holiday, ANO requested Ron, by name, to participate in their site evaluation team in 2009.”

An AREVA employee for 36 years, Ron has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech
and a Master’s degree in Industrial Management from George Washington University.  

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