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					       MN Guard Member Education Benefits

Presented by:
Minnesota National Guard Education Office
Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs
     Higher Education Veterans Programs
      Regional Coordinator – (name and
             Contact Information)
      MN Guard Member Education Benefits

State Tuition Reimbursement (STR)
Extended State Tuition Reimbursement
Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA)
Free Application Federal Student Aid
Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB)
   Chapter 1606
   Chapter 1607
   Chapter 30
   Chapter 33 (New Post 9-11 GI Bill)
MN GI Bill
          MN Guard Member Education Benefits

Use your Chain of Command FIRST!
Your Unit Full Time Staff have the ability to make
inquiries on your behalf about your education
               MN Guard Member Education Benefits

State Tuition Reimbursement (STR)
 STR pays up to 100% of tuition but NOT Fees upon successful completion
 Maximum reimbursement is 100% of the undergraduate rate of the
   University of Minnesota – Twin Cities Campus undergraduate tuition rate
 CY 08-09 rate $326.92 per credit/maximum of $4250.00 per term
 The lifetime maximum STR benefit is 144 Semester credits
 Service Members reserve STR funding through full-time unit
 Upon successful course completion, Service Member must submit paid fee
  statement and course grades to Unit Admin
        Undergraduate courses -no less than “C” grade
        Graduate courses -no less than “B” grade
 Payments will be direct deposited into Service Member’s bank account.
 Service Member MUST submit payment request within 60 days of course
             MN Guard Member Education Benefits

        Extended State Tuition Reimbursement (STR)
STR has been extended to Service Members who have
satisfactorily completed their service contract(s) in the MN
National Guard who served honorably in federal active
service or federally funded state active service since
September 11, 2001 and have not exhausted their STR
benefits.Eligibility is extended for a period of two years, plus
amount of time equal to the duration of active service.

STR has been extended to Service Members who have
been separated or discharged from that organization due to
a service-connected injury, disease, or disability and have
not exhausted their STR benefits. Eligibility period is
extended for eight years beyond the date of separation.
            MN Guard Member Education Benefits

SPOUSE State Tuition Reimbursement Option
 Service Member’s may opt to have their Spouse use a portion of
their remaining balance of STR
Spouse can use up to 12 semester credits per year
The Service Member must have accumulated 8 years of
qualifying service in the MNANG.
Payments will be direct deposited into the Service Member’s
bank account
Obligation and Payment requests will work the same as for a
Service Member’s
               MN Guard Member Education Benefits

Non deployed Enlisted and Deployed officer and Warrant Officer

  FTA will fund up to 100% of tuition plus most fees.
  Pays up to $250.00 per semester credit or $167.00 per quarter
   credit, with a maximum benefit per Soldier of $4500.00 per fiscal
  FTA makes payment directly to the school.
  FY 2009 runs from 20081001 – 20090930.
  Funding based on FY and how much NGB allots MN.
  FTA IS NOT a guaranteed benefit.
  To apply go to
              MN Guard Member Education Benefits

Non deployed Enlisted and Deployed officer and Warrant Officer
                            (FTA), continued
 Approval time to disbursement to school, at a minimum, can take 90
 Apply BEFORE course begins - can apply 90 days prior to start of
 Soldier must be a member of the MNARNG in a ‘drilling’ status.
 Soldier must not acquire 9 or more AWOLS or become an UNSAT
  participant to be eligible.
 Officers may use FTA, but will accrue a 4 yr obligation from the last
  time used. If elect to separate sooner, is required to pay back a
  prorated amount.
 Soldier must maintain a GPA of 2.0 or greater
 Soldier must submit degree plan to the MN ARNG Education Office
  to receive this benefit.
             MN Guard Member Education Benefits

 Army Continuing Education System (ACES)
       AGR Soldiers and Deployed Enlisted Soldiers
 ACES will fund up to 100% of tuition plus most fees.
 Pays up to $250.00 per semester credit or $167.00 per quarter
  credit, with a maximum of $4500.00 per fiscal year.
 To apply for ACES TA go to
 The MN National Guard Education office does not administer the
  TA program.
 MNARNG AGR & Deployed Enlisted Soldier’s Education Office is
  located in Illinois.
 Contact the Rock Island Education Center in IL for questions at
  Phone: (309) 782-1849 or email them at
           MN Guard Member Education Benefits

  Army Continuing Education System (ACES)
    AGR Soldiers and Deployed Enlisted Soldiers
                      (ACES), Cont.
 LOI and Non-LOI Schools:
    LOI pays up front to school
    Non LOI – member pays, once grades are submitted, member
     will be reimbursed by the Active Army Component
 Soldier must maintain a GPA of 2.0. Soldier cannot fail
  a class or recoupment will occur.
             MN Guard Member Education Benefits

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Since payment from FTA and STR cannot exceed 100% of
tuition costs, apply for Federally funded grants, state grants
and student loans by completing a FAFSA.
Complete application Online at :
If FAFSA reports income is too high for Grants eligibility,
request a “Special Circumstance evaluation” from your
Campus Financial Aid Office.
             MN Guard Member Education Benefits

 Montgomery GI Bill, Chapter 1606 Selected Reserve
 Eligible Service Members receive a maximum of 36 months of
  MGIB Benefits for full time study (currently $329.00 per
 A 14 year window to use this benefit (date of graduation
  from AIT/OBC).
 Three Main Eligibility Criteria:
    6Yr Contract
    High School Diploma or Equivalent
    IADT (AIT/OBC) Graduation
             MN Guard Member Education Benefits

Chapter 1607 - Reserve Education Assistance Program
REAP benefit is payable based on a percentage of Active Duty
GI Bill.
Amount paid is based on number of days deployed.
No time window , if you stay in an active drilling status with
Maximum benefit is 36 months.
Monthly full-time rates (August 1, 2009):
         - Service of 90 days but less than one year: $528.40
         - Service of 1 year +: $792.60
         - Service of 2 years +: $1056.80
         MN Guard Member Education Benefits

MGIBill Chapter 1606, 1607 and 30 Can Be Used For:
 Technical or Vocational Courses
 Correspondence Courses
 Apprenticeship/Job Training
 Flight Training
 High-tech Training
 Licensing & Certification Tests
 Entrepreneurship Training
 Certain Entrance Examinations

 The NEW Chapter 33 can ONLY be used for programs
 of study at Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL).
           MN Guard Member Education Benefits

Chapter 30
Generally earned by serving 36 months active duty
Guard/Reservists who have served at least 20 months of 24-
month Title 10 orders MAY be eligible for Chapter 30
36 months of payment while attending an approved program
AGRs can earn Chapter 30 benefits
$1200 buy-in
            MN Guard Member Education Benefits

NEW Chapter 33 (Post 9/11 GI Bill)
At least 90 days Active Duty Service on or after 9-11-01
AGR Soldiers not eligible based solely on AGR service (Mob time DOES
Funding based on percentage of time served on Active Duty (MOB Time)
     Actual Tuition and Fees (Up to Highest Cost In-State Public Institution
     Monthly Housing Allowance (E5 BAH with Dependents same zip code
     as school) (must attend at least one class “in Residence”)
     Up to $1,000 Yearly Books and Supplies
     One time $500 allowance for certain individuals relocating from
     highly rural areas
     Transfer Option for Dependents, determined by DOD
               MN Guard Member Education Benefits

Chap 33 Funding Based on Percentage of Time Served
Individuals serving an aggregate
period of active duty after
  September 10, 2001, of:                   % of Maximum Benefit
   At least 36 months                                    100
   At least 30 continuous days and
        discharged due to service connected disability   100
   At least 30 months < 36 months                         90
   At least 24 months < 30 months                         80
   At least 18 months < 24 months                         70
   At least 12 months < 18 months                         60
   At least 6 months < 12 months                          50
   At least 90 days < 6 months                            40
             MN Guard Member Education Benefits

Chapter 33 PROPOSED Benefit Transfer Options
     (Not yet in Policy – Subject to Change)
Member must be eligible for Post 9-11 G I Bill.
To transfer to Spouse - Have served 6 years and agree to serve an additional
4 years (AD or SELRES) on date of election. Eligibility End Date: 15 yrs from
SM’s Release from last Active Duty period
To transfer to Children - Have served 10 years (AD or SELES) on date of
election*. Eligibility End Date: NLT child’s 26th Birthday.
DOD is considering options for members who cannot commit to an
additional 4 years because of Retention Control or Mandatory Retirement.
Transferred Benefits may be used for the same educational programs and
the same rate as would be paid to the member.
Visit: www.GIBILL.VA.GOV
              MN Guard Member Education Benefits

  Kicker (Enlistment Contract Incentive)
 Kickers are an incentive you are eligible for if it is stated in
  your enlistment/re-enlistment contract .
 If you are eligible, a Kicker can be used in conjunction
  with MGIB Chapter 1606, 1607, 30, or 33.
 Maximum benefit is 36 months
                MN Guard Member Education Benefits

    36 months maximum benefit if you qualify for any 1 program
        Chapter 1606
        Chapter 1607
        Chapter 30
        Chapter 33
    48 months total benefit of you qualify for 2 or more MGIB programs.
Soldier uses 30 months of Chapter 1606 MGIB, then qualifies for Chapter 1607
due to MOB; soldier is eligible for 18 months of Chapter 1607 benefits –
total 48 month between Chapter 1606 & CH 1607.
Soldier uses 36 months of CH 1606 MGIB, then qualifies for CH 30 due to AGR tour;
soldier is eligible for 12 months of CH 30 benefits – total of 48 months between
Chapter 1606 & Chapter 30.
            MN Guard Member Education Benefits

Minnesota GI Bill, M.S. 197.791
Active duty since Sept. 11, 2001 or 5 consecutive years
MN resident; MN college/university
Maximum benefit:
   $1K/semester (full-time)
   $3K/fiscal year
   $10K lifetime
Apply on-line or through the College Financial Aid Office
“Last Dollar In:” Cost of attendance minus Aid and Benefits
For information:
         Higher Education Veterans Programs

Created by MN Department of Veterans Affairs in
2006 to:
ASSIST MN Public Colleges and Universities to
Create on campus Veterans Resource Centers
Develop “veterans friendly” policies/procedures
   Implement Deferred Tuition/Fee Payment
   Residency status
   Military transfer credits
Coordinate on/off campus information and services
Private Colleges Encouraged to Participate
         Higher Education Veterans Progra ms

FIRST program of its kind
Coordinated Services available to ALL Minnesota
Colleges and Universities
MN Colleges and Universities develop programs
using their own funds
Serves All Military branches and their families
See to contact a
Regional Coordinator for assistance
         Higher Education Veterans Programs

Twelve Regional Coordinators
57 Campus Veterans Resource Centers
5,200 + Individuals Served
Provide College and Community Training
Member MN National Guard Reintegration Team
Where can you get Help?

Higher Education Veterans Program
      Regional Coordinators
              Other Places to Seek Help or Information

Dislocated Worker Program
Offers additional funds to help pay for your education if:
        You have been permanently laid off because –
        Your employer went out of business
        Was bought by another company,
        Merged with another company,
        Closed your department,
        Eliminated your position,
        Recently returned from Active Military Duty.
AND You are eligible to receive re-employment (unemployment) benefits
AND It is unlikely that another employer will hire you to do the same
work you were doing when you were laid off.
Contact your local Workforce Center Veterans Rep
          Other Places to Seek Help or Information

County Veterans Service Officers (CVSO)
Located in all MN Counties
Assist with claims and provide information about:
             Life insurance
             Medical benefits
             Home loans
             Minnesota veterans state benefits
             Discharge upgrades
             Burial benefits
See for contact information
              Other Places to Seek Help or Information

Federal VA Vocational Rehabilitation
Veteran with at least VA 20% disability rating, may qualify for
vocational rehabilitation services – possibly including retraining.
Apply thru County Veterans Service Officer
If eligible for retraining, you may receive:
                   Monthly subsistence allowance
                   If needed, special services
See for contact information
Thank You for your Service
   For more information
       or to locate a
   Regional Coordinator

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