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        MAIL                                  Email checker and anti-virus software                                                                        PC only

                                              Mail Essentials
                                              You could reduce the administration overhead on your
                                              Exchange server overnight with this set of mail server add-ons

                                              EXCHANGE 2000 is a great mail
      I REC HARDWARE                          server if you simply want to have mail
      P500, 256Mb RAM                         sent and received to your domain.
      OS: Windows 2000/XP/NT4                 That may seem an obvious thing to
                                              say, as sending and receiving mail is
      I PRICE                                 what mail servers do! But the gaps
      From £249 inc VAT for a 10-             begin to appear in Exchange when
      user licence. Visit the GFI site        you need to do something a little
      for more                                more complex than the basic send
      I CONTACT                               and receive jobs.
      GFI                                        You may have noticed, for
      Tel: 020 8546 0640                      example, that many businesses
                                              choose to add a confidentiality and                             individuality notice to the end of every
                                              email – you know the sort of thing,
        I Internetworks                       ‘This email, and any attachments, are
                                              confidential. Opinions expressed are
        VERDICT                               those of the individual, and may not       Set up user groups to exclude certain people from mail scanning
                                              represent the opinions...’.
              Well written,
                                                 Mail Essentials will enable you to      detects, depending on how it is set        with an established command line
              excellent features
                                              create a global disclaimer for a mail      up. If the mail is quarantined, then it    scanner.
                                              domain, though you can’t apply             is silently put aside in a safe area of        Filtering isn’t all that Mail
              Some elements need              custom disclaimers to different user       the server until an administrator          Essentials does – another nifty
              more work – for example         groups, so it’s all or nothing with this   checks it through.                         feature is compression. The software
        the compression tool                  approach. You can either enter the             If you choose to have the server       will take any really large attachments
                                              text of the disclaimer in to the           delete any messages containing             on mails and attempt to compress

       90%                         Interne
                                                     application direct, or import it
                                                      from any plain text file.

                                                       I SHALL SAY ZEES
                                                                                         ‘Bart’ then it can also be set to mail
                                                                                         the sender and/or the recipient
                                                                                         notifying them of what has
                                                                                         happened. If you have configured
                                                                                                                                    them in to a zip file, or self-extracting
                                                                                                                                    executable. You can define the
                                                                                                                                    threshold at which the compression
                                                                                                                                    engine kicks in, and you can also set

                                                       ONLY WANCE...                     Mail Essentials to check all internal      it to ignore certain file types so that,
                                   GAWARD               Every company has its
                                                      secrets, and it’s getting harder
                                                                                         mail as well as that being passed to
                                                                                         the outside world, this could prevent
                                                                                                                                    for example, the software doesn’t
                                                                                                                                    attempt to zip a zip file.
                                                      and harder to prevent              genuine discussion within your                 We were surprised to see that we
                                                   information being leaked before       organisation. This can usually be          couldn’t add ‘tar.gz’ as a file type to
                                              launch, especially if you’re not           resolved by setting up users or            be ignored – that’s a common form
                                              monitoring email.                          groups who are excluded from the           of double compression on UNIX
                                                  You can set Mail Essentials up to      filter – usually project managers,         systems that’s similar to zip files. As
                                              scan all outgoing mail for specific        directors, etc.                            the software doesn’t allow any sort of
                                              keywords in the body and subject, so                                                  double barrelled extension, we had
                                              if you have a project codenamed            SAY GOODBYE TO SPAM                        to insert ‘gz’ only, and hope for the
                                              ‘Bart’, the software could be              A separate form of filtering applies to    best. This did indeed pick up the
                                              programmed to respond in one of a          spam mail – messages containing            ‘tar.gz’ files and let them through
                                              number of ways.                            popular spam phrases can also be           without an attempt at compression –
                                                  Mail Essentials will quarantine,       discarded. A relatively large library of   still, we would’ve liked to have been
                                              delete, or move any message it             common phrases is installed with the       able to put in the extension we were
                                                                                         software, and if you are being flooded     trying to filter, and not have to guess
                                                                                         with a particularly violent piece of       at what will and won’t work.
                                                                                         spam then you can add that to the              With PGP (Pretty Good Privacy),
                                                                                         filter and keep it from clogging up        Mail Essentials can encrypt all mails,
                                                                                         your network.                              and can be set to disallow any
                                                                                             That virus mail could also have        outgoing mails encrypted with PGP,
                                                                                         been intercepted by Mail Essentials’       or that contain scripts. Overall, it’s a
                                                                                         virus link-up to a third-party scanner.    well-presented and flexible tool that
                                                                                         Although the software does include         we recommend to any Exchange
                                                                                         some basic virus scanning itself, and      administrator who wants to cut
                                              Mail Essentials is controlled by a         doesn’t recommend that you use an          down on their network admin. I
                                              well structured and clean Microsoft        external scanner, we believe that the
                                              Management Console snap-in                 safest way to detect viruses in mail is                           Rob Fenwick

      Internetworks                                                                                                              July 2001