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									            VERMONT CFA SOCIETY
     Newsletter—Summer 2006
THE YEAR AHEAD - Premila Peters, CFA, President (peters@kdpyield.com)
We start the new fiscal year at the Vermont CFA Society with 105 members. As we look ahead,
there are several exciting events and challenges facing us.
•   Our focus this year will be on continuing the tradition of attracting superior speakers/topics that
    are of interest to our members and improved communication with the members. The survey
    that was attached to the June ballots and this newsletter are the first steps towards meeting these
•   With an eye towards increasing convenience and participation, we are currently exploring op-
    tions that will allow our members to pay for the dinner programs by check or online by credit
    card (currently, as you know, we only take checks).
•   We are always in need of volunteers for our various committees. Please email the committee
    chair (see list below) if you are interested in a particular committee AND help us make 2006-
    2007 another successful year for the society.

CHANGING OF THE GUARD……...                                                      SAVE THE DATE
The Vermont CFA Society begins its new fiscal year this month and           August     30th: Lunch with
with that comes a changing of the guard. John Conlon, CFA leaves the        Speaker Frances Rathke, CFO,
board and we are indebted to him for his years of service as President      Green Mountain Coffee Roasters at
                                                                            The Dwight Asset Management
and Programming Chair. Premila Peters, CFA steps in as the new Presi-
                                                                            Conference Room.
dent and Steve Dempsey takes on the role of Vice President. Kevin
Kuzio, CFA steps down as Programming Chair after multiple years of          September 21st: Annual Meet-
                                                                            ing and Dinner at The Burlington
great work and is being replaced by Annmarie Deitrich, CFA. Kevin           Country Club.
will continue on the board. We welcome Todd Wulfson, CFA from
                                                                            Summer Hike: Stay Tuned
Rock Point Advisors who joins the Board this year.

We welcome ideas on speaker candidates (perhaps a famous economist with a second home in your neighborhood? Or
someone who recently published a book?) please contact Annmarie, Programming Chair at adeitrich@chittenden.com

                                                                  Survey Results Are In!!!!
                                                   * 100% of those who responded seemed satisfied with the
                                                   quality of speakers.
                                                   * Even split between lunch and dinner preferences
                                                   * Some of the topics of interest: foreign currency, equity
                                                   evaluation, alternate investments, portfolio planning, emerging
                                                   markets, energy/power, VT economy….
                                                     Thanks for the responses!!!! We will keep these factors in
                                                                  mind as we plan the year ahead…..

********DEADLINE********                           Vermont CFA Society Committees (2006 - 2007)
                                                   Programming Committee, Chair: Annmarie Deitrich, CFA
All Applicants Interested In A                     (adeitrich@chittenden.com)
Scholarship For The December 2006
Exam Need To Submit Their Appli-                   Education Committee, Chair: Steve Dempsey
cations Prior To August 1st. There
Are A Number of Scholarships                       Public Awareness Committee, Chair: Ed McDonough, CFA
Available. Each Scholarship is $150.               (ed_mcdonough@bcgroup.com)

                                                   Membership Committee, Chair: Ron Bidermann, CFA
For More Details:                                  (ron.biedermann@morganstanley.com)
Please Contact    Michael Tomas At
                                                   Finance Committee, Chair: Matt Wilcox
mtomas@bsad.uvm.edu                                (Wilcox@kdpyield.com)


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