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					Packing Instructions for kit number                    PK-ETALL SERIES
                                                               ** Indicates year of production
IMPORTANT WARNING! This packing instruction details correct assembly of this packaging design. Deviation may result in
non-compliance and voiding the certification. ICC The Compliance Center Inc is not responsible for any packagings using substitute
components or assembled incorrectly. If further information is required, please contact ICC The Compliance Center Inc at 1-800-767-
7231. For shipping under D.O.T Special Permit refer also to “D.O.T-SP 10962 (13th revision)”. This packaging design is suitable
for shipping tih/pih and pyrophoric materials under this exemption.

SHIPPERS RESPONSIBILITY includes ensuring that inner containers and absorbent materials are compatible with the
contents, and for AIR SHIPMENT, that inner containers for liquids are capable of meeting a minimum internal pressure differential
of 95kPa without leakage. Some volatile liquids may require a higher test pressure. See ICAO Technical Instruction 4;1.1.6 or IATA
                                                                                                     Figure 1.
     Item number            Description                        Quantity
1.   BX-54E                 Outer box                           One
2.   BX-54EINSER            Corrugated Insert                   One
3.   MT-PCTL                Tall Steel Paint Can with Lid       One
                            (Tested to 100kPa with RL-CJ6 Ringlok)
4.  RL-CJ6                  Gallon Ringlok                      One
5.  BI-BSS11                7” x 24” 4mil Barrier Bag           One per inner
  **GL-HW32                 32oz w/m Glass Bottle               One
  **CP-70MM                 Phenolic Cap with Teflon Seal       One
6. AB-AP4                   7” X 7” Vermiculite Pillow          Two
7. AB-AP3                   10” X 18” Vermiculite Pillow        One
8. EK-letter                DOT-SP 10962 Rev.13 letter          One
Other Acceptable Absorbent Materials:
     Item Number            Description                          Quantity
1.   AB-AP1                 10" x 18" Polypropylene Pillow.       One AND
2.   AB-AP2                 7" x 7" Polypropylene Pillow.         Two OR
3.   AB-Vermicul            Loose Vermiculite                     Fill all void space
**Any glass, metal or plastic inner container(s) may be used if assembled in accordance with this instruction.
Do not exceed a maximum gross weight of 4.4 kilograms (9.7 pounds) as marked on box. The combined gross
weight of the inner containers must not exceed 2.75 kilograms (6.05pounds). Maximum liquid capacity one(1)

1.  Fold in bottom flaps of box, ensuring that flap-ends point in center of box. Fold the other two flaps and secure center seam with
    one(1) strip of 48mm wide, 3M #305 clear packing tape or 1 strip of Central Brand reinforced Kraft Tape or equivalent extending
    beyond each edge by at least 2"(inches) (see figure 3).
2. Assemble insert by pushing in appropriate bottom tabs, and place insert in box (in the form of a diamond) with box flap-ends
    pointing up in center of insert. (See Figure 2 thru 4).
3. Do not completely fill inner container(s) with liquid. Leave sufficient space in container(s) for expansion. (See 49 CFR 173.24(h)
    or IATA Tightly secure the cap of each inner container to prevent leaking.
4. Place each inner container in a 4mil Barrier Bag and gooseneck and tightly knot bag closed. (See Figure 5).
5. Wrap the large pillow around container/bag assembly and secure by positive means. (If using loose absorbent/cushioning, see
    step 7.) (See Figure 6).
6. Place one small pillow (or at least 3/8” (inch) of loose absorbent/cushioning) in bottom of can. (See Figure 7).
7. Place container/pillow assembly in can. (If using loose absorbent/cushioning, make sure at least ¾” (inch) of
    absorbent/cushioning surrounds each inner container.) (See Figure 8).
8. Place one small pillow (or at least 3/8” (inch) of loose cushioning/absorbent material) in can over inner container(s). If using
    loose cushioning/absorbent, make sure all void spaces are filled. (See Figure 9).
9. Secure lid on can, then secure Ringlok on can/lid assembly. Make sure Ringlok snaps completely and evenly in place.
    (See Figure 10).
10. Place can assembly into corrugated insert and push in appropriate insert-tabs to secure can. (See Figure 11).

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EK-5.5L Series – Continued.
11.   Close top flaps of box and seal center seam as described above in step 1. Ensure that box flap-ends point down in center of
      insert. (See Figure 12).
12.   Mark and label each package in accordance with the appropriate regulations. At least one (1) set of UN markings and two (2)
      orientation arrows must be shown on each package.
            Figure 2                                                                                                  Figure 4

                                                 figure 3: cut away view for display purpose only – the side of the box was cut away and the
                                                 insert does not have this notch cut out

            Figure 5                              Figure 6.                      Figure 7.                             Figure 8

Figure 9.                           Figure 10.                                Figure 11.                              Figure12.

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