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					                                                                              TEMPO Magazine
                                                                               Index of Issues
March      1998   E
                  7     Eulogy for Anne Hannah
March      1998   12    Maintenance Tips for Students
March      1998   17    Let‟s Teach All the Students: Incorporating “Special Needs Students” Into The Music Program
March      1998   21    Rhythm Mastery: A Long Term Solution
March      1998   24    To See Ourselves As Other Do
March      1998   31    Scales for Band
March      1998   40    No Substitute for Live Music
March      1998   43    Importance of Aesthetics and Emotional Involvement in Music
March      1998   44    The Power of Music: The Honor and Service of Tri-M
March      1998   47    Choral Performance Evaluation: Adjudication & Competition
March      1998   49    For The First-Year Teacher: Planning Your Rehearsals
May        1998   13    A NEW JERSEY FORTE: Childrens‟ Community Choruses
May        1998   19    Photocopying and Copyright: It‟s All About Respect
May        1998   20    Jeffrey Haas Selected for American Teacher Award: One of Thirty-Six Selected in the USA!
May        1998   26    Forgotten Gems
May        1998   30    Stephen Hatfield: Live and Unplugged
May        1998   36    Resource Materials for the Integrated Music Classroom
May        1998   39    The Ridgewood Band: Still on Task After Fifteen Years
November   1998   12    Teaching Phrasing to Beginning Instrumentalists
November   1998   14    Teaching Elementary Students to Critique Their Own Performances
November   1998   16    Getting Your CMENC Chapter on the Road to Success, part 1
November   1998   23    1999 Elementary
November   1998   28    NJMEA Salutes Jeffrey Haas
November   1998   30    New Jersey Retired Music Educators
November   1998   31    Students Succeed at Solo and Ensemble Fest.
November   1998   32    Negation: Try It. You‟ll Like It!
November   1998   33    SJCDA Celebrates It‟s 40th Anniversary
November   1998   42    Programming With A Purpose
November   1998   43    Involving and Educating Parents in Elementary Music Programs
November   1998   48    Creative Behavior in Integration

                                                                               TEMPO Magazine
                                                                                Index of Issues
November   1998   58   A Band Conductor‟s Resource Guide
November   1998   63   Jazz in New Jersey
November   1998   74   Master Music Teacher Award‟s 20th Anniversary
January    1999   2    Technology Institute for Music Educators
January    1999   10   Student Choral Composition Contest
January    1999   12   Teaching Phrasing To Advanded Instrumentalists
January    1999   16   The Band Beat: Who Wins Anyway?
January    1999   21   SJCDA President…Music Delegate to Russia
January    1999   24   Band: It‟s Time to Re-Visit McBeth
January    1999   26   In The Middle
January    1999   30   Relevant Research
January    1999   45   Creatively Developing Timing and Rhythmic Feel
January    1999   47   Tri-M Music Honor Society
January    1999   48   School Concerts, Cable TV and Music Licenses
January    1999   50   SGM: Society for General Music
January    1999   56   The Multicultural Classroom
January    1999   58   The Double Bass In The String Class
January    1999   62   Imagine This…The Use of Imagery In Vocal Production
January    1999   64   ASTA & NSOA String Symposium
January    1999   68   The Camcorder In The Classroom
March      1999   10   A New Voice for Changing Voices: David Jorlett
March      1999   12   Robert Russell Bennett
March      1999   24   Reviving The Fourth „R‟: In Today‟s Schools, You‟ve Gotta Have Arts
March      1999   42   Eight Survival Tips for Music Educators: Effective Steps to Resolve Conflict with Colleagues and Administrators
March      1999   44   Band Tone: More On The Subject
March      1999   48   A New Voice for Changing Voices: David Jorlett
March      1999   50   What Have We Done For Our Alumni Lately?
March      1999   52   Technology In The Music Classroom: The Computer as an Assessment Tool in the Band Room
March      1999   54   How to Buy a Violin: Reprinted With Permission from School Band & Orchestra
May        1999   10   Recording Your H.S. Band or Choir
May        1999   14   Keep The Wind Blowing

                                                                          TEMPO Magazine
                                                                           Index of Issues
May       1999   15   Where Does The Rehearsal Time Go?
May       1999   18   Who‟s Afraid Of Contemporary Music?
May       1999   24   Using The Computer To Implement The NJ Core Curriculum Standards
May       1999   26   Choosing Software For The Classroom Music Teacher
May       1999   36   NJ Elementary & Jr. High Honors Choir Repertoire Complete Lists
May       1999   38   Do More Than Sing The Messiah & Community Chorus Lists
May       1999   46   Do Your Students Understand Your Conducting Gestures
May       1999   50   Source Materials For The General Music Classroom Teacher
May       1999   56   A Directory of Community Bands In New Jersey
October   1999   13   Community Bands
October   1999   14   Ive Got Rhythm! I've Got Music! I've Got Movement!: Who Could Ask For Anything More?
October   1999   18   A Case For Firing Poor Teachers
October   1999   20   The Importance Of Child Development In Music Education
October   1999   30   Child Abuse Through Music Education
October   1999   44   The 1999 Summer Conference For String Education and Chamber Music
October   1999   46   Internet Resources for Band Conductors
October   1999   58   A Music Educator‟s Guide To The Internet
October   1999   68   Alliance For The Arts/NJ: The “A-Ha!” Project
October   1999   71   Meet Our New Executive Secretary
January   2000   8    The Importance Of Mentorship In Music Education
January   2000   9    A Message From Miss Iowa 1999
January   2000   14   Your Link To Arts-In-Education
January   2000   17   NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards: A Challenge For NJ Music Educators
January   2000   22   A Message From Our Eastern Division President
January   2000   28   Music And The Martial Arts
January   2000   30   Greater South Jersey‟s Children‟s Chorus
January   2000   45   Ideas On Preparing For Concert Band Festival
January   2000   47   Selling Your Music Program To The Community
January   2000   55   A Defensive Driving Course For Music Education Majors
January   2000   58   Using The Internet To Assess The NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards In Music
January   2000   68   West Chester University‟s Distinguished Alumnus

                                                                            TEMPO Magazine
                                                                             Index of Issues
January   2000   18-   Elementary & Junior High Honors Choirs Info Revised
March     2000   21
                 8     Resources For Technology-Minded Music Educators
March     2000   10    When The Teacher Is Ready, The Students Will Appear
March     2000   12    Proving The Value of Arts Education: Recent Studies That Support Your Case
March     2000   20    Standards: A Basis For An Educational Reformation
March     2000   22    The New Jersey State Teen Arts Young Composers Program
March     2000   26    Incorporating John Dewey‟s “Art As Experience” Into The Music Curriculum
March     2000   31    Wanted: Community Orchestra Information
March     2000   36    Are They Prepared For Life (Musical Life) After The Pomp And Circumstance?
March     2000   55    Two N.J. Music Students Win Composition Competition
May       2000   9     Concert Band Festivals In NJ: A Progress Report
May       2000   12    Auditioning For All-State Percussion 2001
May       2000   15    Attention Band Directors! New For 2001 Percussion Auditions: Snare Drum Rudiments, Traps Percussion Audition
May       2000   20    Where Can You Find 3,000 Singers? In The Percussion Requirements
                       Studies. Timpani Audition Study, Keyboard 62 Community Choruses of NJ!
May       2000   24    Burned Out In Only Three Years?
May       2000   27    Special Focus:The Journey Toward New Jersey‟s Arts Assessment
May       2000   28    Just The Facts: What We Know
May       2000   30    A Call To Accountability
May       2000   34    Standards And Assessment: A Personal Perspective
May       2000   37    Arts Education Assessment: The Journey And The Destination
May       2000   42    Oklahoma‟s Arts Assessment: What Did We Learn?
May       2000   44    New Jersey‟s Arts Standards: Where We‟ve Been And Where We‟re Going
May       2000   47    The New Jersey Visual And Performing Arts Framework: Why & How It Was Designed
May       2000   51    The Journey Of A Test Question
May       2000   53    Assessment, The Arts, And The Administrator
May       2000   55    Music: From A Performance Art To A Paper Test
May       2000   58    Advocacy And Assessment In The Arts: From Making The Case To Making It Happen
May       2000   61    The Changing Role Of The PTA And Arts Education
May       2000   63    The New Jersey State Council On The Arts: Advancing Music Education
May       2000   66    Remarks by U.S. Secretary of Education Richard W. Riley
May       2000   72    Getting Started With Technology In The Music Classroom

                                                                             TEMPO Magazine
                                                                              Index of Issues
May       2000   76    Resource Materials For The Music Classroom
May       2000   77    East Brunswick High School Orchestra To Play Chicago!
May       2000   78    Long Tones Revisited
October   2000   10    The Passing of an Era: Reflections On The Wind Ensemble
October   2000   12    Emerging Technologies For The Music Classroom
October   2000   20    The New jersey Symphony Orchestra Master Teacher Collaborative
October   2000   22    Chamber Winds for Change and Challenge
October   2000   28    Learning To Play In Tune
October   2000   38    All-State Chorus & Orchestra Program
October   2000   39    All-State Jazz Ensemble Program
October   2000   50    New For Music Educators
October   2000   52    Music And Literacy: A Partnership
October   2000   54    MENC Eastern Divsion Conference Update
October   2000   56    A Place For Jenny
October   2000   59    A Matter Of Philosophy In Music Education: Reimer‟s Aesthetic Experience Compared To Elliott‟s Optimal Experience
October   2000   62    NJMEA All-State Opera Festival
October   2000   33-   NJEA/NJMEA Atlantic City Convention Music Offerings
January   2001   39
                 14    Software For The Elementary School Music Classroom
January   2001   16    Rationale For Interdisciplinary Curriculums: Integration Of The Arts
January   2001   22    Why Tri-M?
January   2001   23    Music Classrooms Across The State Win Minigrants
January   2001   24    Eastern Conservatory Reopens After 44 Years
January   2001   32    A Disruptive Force In A Choral Ensemble
January   2001   48    High School And Interdisciplinary Education: What Was The State Board Of Education Thinking?
January   2001   62    New For Music Educators Selmer; Wm. Lewis & Son; Glaesel
January   2001   33-   NJMEA State Conference
March     2001   44
                 8     Meet The Candidates For NJMEA President-Elect
March     2001   10    A Close Look At Siebelius
March     2001   12    Walter Chestnut And The Chesterhorn: Bringing Trumpet Fingers Back To Life
March     2001   14    Dorothy Delay: A Profile In “Teaching Genius”
March     2001   16    Practice Man, Practice

                                                                            TEMPO Magazine
                                                                             Index of Issues
March     2001   22    Learning To Play In Tune, Part 2
March     2001   27    Applause Award Presented To Polly Murray
March     2001   32    Effective Band Rehearsals Through The Use Of Lesson Plans
March     2001   39    C. Christian Wilhjelm: New Goldman Band Director
March     2001   40    What Makes An Effective Middle School Teacher?
May       2001   7     You Mean We CAN Use Sacred Text?
May       2001   8     The New NJMEA State Board
May       2001   12    Unintentional Teaching
May       2001   14    Will The Circle Be Unbroken
May       2001   18    Arts Education And The Practical Arts: Is It Really “Us” versus “Them?”
May       2001   22    Educating The Future: Audience Etiquette
May       2001   42    Resource Materials For The Music Classroom: Focus On The Special Learner
May       2001   43    Reflections On Music Education
May       2001   44    Choosing Music For The School Band
May       2001   50    New Jersey Governor‟s Awards In Arts Education
May       2001   51    Student Teaching: The First Mission
May       2001   52    So, You Want To Be A Music Adminstrator!
May       2001   62    Teaching Music Theory With Technology
May       2001   64    Life Long Learning: Community Chorus Network
May       2001   65    James Kain, Master Music Teacher: Acceptance Speech
May       2001   25-   The NJMEA 2001-2002 Calendar and PlannerYour Guide To NJMEA, National, Region, and Affiliate Events
October   2001   40
                 20    Distinguished Music For The Developing Band: Grade 1
October   2001   24    The Use of Writing As A Tool To Teach Music: The Benefits Of An Interdisciplinary Curriculum
October   2001   26    Understanding Digital Audio
October   2001   32    Teaching Ethnic Music: A Key To Integration
October   2001   34    Expertise In Music Teaching
October   2001   50    Music Educators Journal‟s Issue On “Interdisciplinary Education”: A Response
October   2001   52    The Community Choruses Of New Jersey Offer Opportunities For Your Students
October   2001   53    Governor‟s Awards In Art Education Ceremony A Success
October   2001   56    The New NJMEA State Board Revisited
October   2001   41-   NJEA-NJMEA Atlantic City Convention Information

                                                                           TEMPO Magazine
                                                                            Index of Issues
January   2002   8     Are You “Virtually” Available To Your Students 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week?
January   2002   10    Distinguished Music For The Developing Band: Grade 2
January   2002   12    World Music On The World Wide Web: Web Authoring As An Alternative To Term Papers
January   2002   20    Learning To Teach: How Can We Help?
January   2002   24    Music: Promoting And Nurturing Positive Student Self-Esteem
January   2002   28    Community Orchestras In New Jersey
January   2002   30    “Pardon Me, Say That Again?”, Noise Induced Hearing Loss From Teaching Music
January   2002   52    Curriculum Connections: Your Link To Arts-in-Education
January   2002   54    How Are Students Motivated?
January   2002   58    Using Ska Music To Teach Musical Concepts
January   2002   71    Virginia Moravek Named Master Music Teacher
January   2002   35-   NJMEA February State Conference Schedule
March     2002   46
                 10    Listening To, Analyzing, And Describing Music…
March     2002   15    2002 School Administrator Award Winners
March     2002   20    Band Accountability: A Two-Way Street
March     2002   24    Music For The Exceptional Child/The Special Learner
March     2002   28    Do You Really Want To Be An Instrumental Music Teacher?
March     2002   30    Orchestra News
March     2002   35    The Internet As A Means Of Assissing The NJ Core Content Standards In Music: What Happened?
March     2002   38    Digital Audio For Music Educators: Part II
March     2002   40    Composers‟ Perspectives On The Use Of External Medium During Composing
March     2002   43    Teaching Music With Powerpoint
March     2002   45    Digital Technologies In The Music Classroom
March     2002   50    The Land Of The Treble Clef: A Musical Fable
March     2002   52    Attentiveness Of Preschool Children During Structured Music Activities
March     2002   54    The Jazz Language: Can You Dig It?
March     2002   57    MENC Legislative Update
March     2002   58    Using Discipline Based Education In Teaching Elementary Chorus
March     2002   60    Community Orchestras In New Jersey
March     2002   62    A Percussion Perspective
May       2002   9     Robert C. Marince, Conductor and Teacher Extraordinaire

                                                                             TEMPO Magazine
                                                                              Index of Issues
May       2002   10   The New Jersey Young Composers Project: Music In Cyberspace
May       2002   14   Community Choruses Of NJ Present Festivals And Premieres
May       2002   16   MENC Announces Collegiate Growth Awards
May       2002   20   Band Music New And Old
May       2002   22   Scenes From Nashville
May       2002   24   Great Resource Materials For The General Music Classroom
May       2002   28   Above All, Make Music: Using Culturally Diverse Music In School Ensembles
May       2002   52   Resources for Teaching Reading In The Music Classroom
May       2002   60   Jean Piaget‟s Theory Of Intellectual Development: Applications For Music Education
May       2002   62   Experiences Of A First Year String Teacher
May       2002   68   Your Guide To Professional Development: The 100 Hours Requirement
May       2002   72   The State Marching Band Festival Expansion Project
May       2002   33–4 The NJMEA 2002-2003 Calendar And Planner (Center Section Pullout)
October   2002   8
                 20   Committed To The Preparation Of Future Music Educators
October   2002   22   What Do The Courts Say About The Place Of Sacred Music In Public Schools?
October   2002   26   A Unique Opportunity For Three New Jersey Music Teachers
October   2002   28   Integrated Intedisciplinary Teaching In Middle School
October   2002   34   Practicing Music Theory
October   2002   50   Percussion Timbre Quick Fix-its
October   2002   56   Core Content: Breathing To Sing
October   2002   58   Articulation In Middle School Bands
October   2002   60   Music Listening Experiences For Young Children
October   2002   66   Revisiting A Controversy: Vertical Curriculum In Band
October   2002   41–4 NJEA Convention Sessions & Concerts
January   2003   7
                 22   Observe The Speed Limit
January   2003   24   The Transparent Use Of Technology In The Music Classroom
January   2003   30   A Vision For Music Education
January   2003   34   Evaluation: A Vital Process In Teaching Music
January   2003   37   Congratulations To Our TEMPO Authors
January   2003   38   Inclusion In The Music Classrooms Of The Twenty-First Century
January   2003   54   Ebersole Named 2003 Master Music Teacher of the Year

                                                                           TEMPO Magazine
                                                                            Index of Issues
January   2003   56    Congratulations To Our NJ/All-Eastern Band, Chorus & Orchesra Members
January   2003   58    A Broader View: The ISME Connection
January   2003   66    Success In Urban Music Education: Strategies From Experienced Teachers
January   2003   76    Opportunities For Students
January   2003   78    Telling The Truth…They Must Practice!
January   2003   86    The 50th Annual NJMEA Junior High/Middle School Choral Festival
January   2003   43-   NJMEA State Conference February 20–22, 2003
March     2003   53
                 20    Journal For Teaching Guitar Workshop
March     2003   22    Learning by Rote
March     2003   24    MENC Announces NSBA Electronic Music Composition Talent Search Awards
March     2003   26    A Machine Age?
March     2003   28    Comprehensive Musicianship In The Music Classroom: Pursuing The Goal
March     2003   32    Music: A Skill For Life
March     2003   36    Are You Being Served? Utilizing Your School‟s Server
March     2003   38    Things They Don‟t Tell You About Block Schedules
March     2003   40    Scenes From The NJMEA 2003 Conference, pictorial
March     2003   41    Graduation Song
March     2003   47    Marlboro High School Band Performs With The Dallas Brass
March     2003   48    Facing The Music
March     2003   54    Stop Cryin‟ In Your Coffee!
March     2003   55    Public Relations For Teachers…From The Inside Out
March     2003   56    Take Care Of Yourselves!
March     2003   60    Preparing Music Teachers For An Urban Setting
March     2003   10-   Presenting Our Candidates For NJMEA President Elect
May       2003   11
                 12    Tedious Or Tasteless Halftime Shows
May       2003   14    To Burn, Or Not To Burn? It‟s More Than Just An Ethical Question
May       2003   18    Resource Materials For The General Music Classroom
May       2003   20    Check List For Evaluating Music Programs Via Concerts
May       2003   21    Newly Retired Or Thinking Of Retiring?
May       2003   22    Rhythm Syllables: What‟s The Difference?
May       2003   46    A „Smart‟ Way To Get More Out Of Brass Student Practice Time

                                                                              TEMPO Magazine
                                                                               Index of Issues
May       2003   48    The Arts: Critical Links To Student Success
May       2003   56    Throw Away Your Tuners And Listen!
May       2003   57    “The Bachelor”…(for band directors)
May       2003   58    Comprehensive Considerations In Teaching Music In Small Schools
May       2003   29-   2003-2004 NJMEA & Regions Pull-out Calendar
October   2003   44
                 16    New Technologies For The Music Classroom
October   2003   18    NJMEA Teacher Recruitment And Retention Initiative: Year One In Review
October   2003   19    Congratulations to Jackson Memorial High School
October   2003   20    It‟s Not Too Early To Think About The Concert Band Festival
October   2003   23    Call For Posters: Visions Of Research In Music Education
October   2003   24    All The Right Moves
October   2003   32    A Message From Our Eastern Division MENC President
October   2003   38    Singing Works
October   2003   42    You, Mozart And The Young Child
October   2003   56    Global Commonalities: A Personal Perspective Of Music Education In Ghana, China, And Hungary
October   2003   64    Do Your Students Understand Your Conducting Gestures?
October   2003   74    Special Congratulations to James & Mark Frankel
October   2003   45-   NJEA Convention Sessions & Concerts
January   2004   51
                 9     MENC Responds To NCAA Discrimination Towards The Arts
January   2004   24    Staying Connected: Online Networks For Music Educators
January   2004   26    Exciting Opportunities For Music Students
January   2004   34    The Role Of Music In The Urban School Setting
January   2004   38    A Journey Through Middle Eastern Music: The Modes Of Expression
January   2004   56    Turturiello Named 2004 Master Music Teacher Of The Year
January   2004   58    Bugging The Adjudicator
January   2004   60    Student Teachers: Burdens Or Joys?
January   2004   64    Value(s) Of Musical Independence
January   2004   66    Influences On School Policy And Advocacy
January   2004   70    Band: “In The Beginning…”
January   2004   74    Teaching Music To Students With Physical Disabilities: A Personal Reflection On Changing Attitudes
January   2004   75    Teaching Our Students To Practice Effectively

                                                                             TEMPO Magazine
                                                                              Index of Issues
January   2004   76     Music Education: A Model For Cultural Diversity
January   2004   79     Advocacy: Centering On Music
January   2004   82     Mountain Music On Denali
January   2004   84     What‟s In A Name? A Brief Lesson In Semantics
January   2004   43-    NJMEA State Conference Information & Registration Form
March     2004   54
                 9      The Role Of Music In The Urban School Setting: A Response
March     2004   20     All-State Band Procedures Meeting Report
March     2004   21     North Jersey Area Band Celebrates 40th Anniversary
March     2004   26     The Virtual Classroom: Distance Learning For Music Educators
March     2004   28     Advocacy, MENC And You
March     2004   36     Band Festival Judges
March     2004   38     The Kaleidoscope Of Professional Development For Music Educators
March     2004   44     School Administrators Of The Year
March     2004   46     If I Only Had A Brain
March     2004   50     Pictures On The Podium: Nonverbal Communication
March     2004   52     Change That Attitude! Research Findings Suggest Ways To Influence Middle School Students‟ Attitudes About Music
March     2004   58     Source Materials For The General Music Classroom
March     2004   61     School Orchestras CAN Play In Tune
March     2004   66     Repertoire Selection From A Public Relations Viewpoint
May       2004   10     A Review Of The NJMEA Strategic Plan: 1997–2004
May       2004   22     Building Bridges To Assessment: Acknowledging Academically Relevant Processes Beyond The Classroom
May       2004   24     Technology Applications For The High School Music Program
May       2004   27     Collegiate MENC: Past, Present, And Future
May       2004   27     MENC Collegiate Chapter Growth Winners 2004
May       2004   34     Teaching Standards: Why Do We Need Them?
May       2004   53     Congratulations To MENC National Conference Attendees
May       2004   56     A Lesson Plan For Integrating Composition With The Chorus Class
May       2004   58     Music In Urban Schools Initiative: The Ship Is Launched!
May       2004   60     Conducting Improvement: Vocabulary And More
May       2004   70     State Board Of Education Adopts Revised Academic Standards In Six Content Areas
May       2004   37–5   NJMEA 2004-2005 Calendar and Planner

                                                                         TEMPO Magazine
                                                                          Index of Issues
May       2004   84-  Scenes From Minneapolis: Happenings At The 2004 MENC National Conference photos
October   2004   85
                 16   The NJMEA Strategic Plan: Committee Meets To Establish A New Plan
October   2004   22   Considering H. Owen Reed
October   2004   26   The 58th Annual Midwest Clinic
October   2004   30   Survey On Special Education Training For Music Educators
October   2004   36   Easy And Fun Rhythm Instrument Activities To Develop Music Awareness
October   2004   39   Opera For Everyone
October   2004   40   Literature, The True Curriculum
October   2004   41   The NJMEA Teacher Recruitment And Retention Initiative Overview
October   2004   42    Danger Ahead.
October   2004   52   Incorporating “GarageBand” Into The Music Curriculum
October   2004   58   Recent Changes In The NJ Graduation Requirements
October   2004   62   Reality Shows Have Nothing On Me
October   2004   64   Choral Tone
October   2004   88   David Circle, New President of MENC
October   2004   45–5 NJEA Convention Music Insert
January   2005   1
                 8    Playing The National Anthem: Bands Must Do It Right
January   2005   17   What Is An Opera Festival?
January   2005   18   NJMEA Strategic Plan 2005-2009
January   2005   21   The 52nd Annual NJMEA Junior High-Middle School Choral Festival
January   2005   24   Sliding Your Way To Success On The Trombone
January   2005   26   NJMEA Marching Band Festival Photos
January   2005   27   Guerere To Retire From NJEA Convention Planning
January   2005   30   The Middle School Choral Library: Choosing The Music
January   2005   36   Making Music With Midi Files
January   2005   38   Do‟s And Don‟ts For Student Teachers
January   2005   40   NJMEA In Europe
January   2005   55   John C. Kupp III Named 2005 Master Music Teacher
January   2005   60   Don‟t Forget Your Percussionists
January   2005   63   A Quarter Century Of Masterful Teaching
January   2005   64   A Philosophy Of Vowel Production

                                                                             TEMPO Magazine
                                                                              Index of Issues
January   2005   66     Beat Competency Through Movement
January   2005   74     Working With Our Youngest Students: Teacher Interaction Styles Can Make A Difference!
January   2005   41–5   NJMEA February Conference Session Offerings
March     2005   4
                 14     Music In Our Schools Month
March     2005   15     MENC Receives Award Of Distinction
March     2005   16     The Music Must Go On
March     2005   20     Some Thought On Diversity In Music Education: It Is More Than Multiculturalism
March     2005   24     Composing Across The Curriculum With Technology
March     2005   30     Resource Materials For The Music Classroom
March     2005   36     Peer Tutoring And Peer Evaluation For Middle School String Players
March     2005   39     New From Our Advertisers
March     2005   40     On Classroom Memories
March     2005   42     “Annual” Orchestra Music Review
March     2005   44     The Future Of Music In Our Schools
March     2005   48     Women In The Band World?
March     2005   52     Tubas, Tubas, Tubas!
March     2005   18-    Presenting Our Candidates For NJMEA President-Elect
May       2005   19
                 5      NJMEA All-State Opera Festival
May       2005   15     The New Jersey Visual And Performing Arts Survey And You!
May       2005   16     Since It‟s So Cold, Why Don‟t We Warm Up?
May       2005   17     25 Proven Methods For Ruining Your Child‟s Music Education
May       2005   18     Warm Up And Daily Routine For Brass Players
May       2005   20     Politics And Your Job
May       2005   24     Amy Burns, TI:ME Teacher Of The Year
May       2005   30     Success In The Urban School
May       2005   34     Taming Unruly Audiences
May       2005   35     Fable Of The Animal School
May       2005   36     A Nickel Can Be Worth More Than You Think!
May       2005   62     Rehearsal Techniques: Tuning The Ensemble
May       2005   68     Playing The Flute Can Be A Pain In The Neck!
May       2005   72     Defining Performance Standards

                                                                             TEMPO Magazine
                                                                              Index of Issues
May       2005   74     Partners Working Toward A Vision!
May       2005   80     A Subject At Risk: Middle School General Music
May       2005   90     NJMEA Conference & Goldman Band Photos
May       2005   95     2005 Opera Festival Photo Gallery
May       2005   41–5   NJMEA 2005-2006 Calendar Of Activities
October   2005   6
                 16     A Look At Ney Rosauro‟s Educational Series for Percussion
October   2005   22     A Journey Of A “Musical Dream”
October   2005   24     Elementary Music Review
October   2005   25     Modeling Music Education
October   2005   26     It Wasn‟t That Good
October   2005   30     The Music Educators Guide To The iPod
October   2005   40     Organizing A Music Classroom
October   2005   44     Tips For Mastering Beautiful Low Brass Tone Quality
October   2005   50     To Warm Up Or Not To Warm Up? That Is The Question
October   2005   60     NJMEA Strategic Plan Redux
October   2005   63     The 59th Mid-West Band & Orchestra Clinic
October   2005   64     Inclusion In The General Music Classroom
October   2005   66     Don‟t Forget Your Percussionists!
October   2005   72     Campaign To Re-Teach America “The Star Spangled Banner”
October   2005   74     The Importance Of Melodic Playing In Jazz
October   2005   75     Rising To New Heights
October   2005   78     Applying Algebraic Functions To Everyday Situations
October   2005   82     Music Teacher Leadership In Urban Schools
October   2005   86     All-State Opera Festival Director‟s Survey
October   2005   53–5   NJMEA Convention in Atlantic City
January   2006   9
                 16     Upgrading Software: Is It Worth The Expense
January   2006   22     The Job Interview…Landing The Job You Want
January   2006   24     Chamber Music Institute
January   2006   32     Programming A Concert Audiences Will Remember
January   2006   33     Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy
January   2006   55     Anna Braun & Hillary Colton Named 2006 Music Teachers of the Year

                                                                             TEMPO Magazine
                                                                              Index of Issues
January   2006   60    The Arts: “Q Of L”
January   2006   66    Patriot, Educator, Entrepreneur, Artist: John Philip Sousa
January   2006   71    A Ghanian Singing Game
January   2006   72    First State-Wide Measure Of Music And Arts Education Set To Launch
January   2006   74    Significant Learning: The Issue Of Race In Urban Music Education
January   2006   41-   The 2006 NJMEA State Conference
March     2006   54
                 3     CJMEA Student Concerto Competition
March     2006   12    Facilitating Differentiated Instruction With Technology
March     2006   18    Multicultural Music: The ConnectionTo Music Learning And Performance
March     2006   20    Five Golden Rules For Music Advocacy
March     2006   22    Do You Sing Every Day
March     2006   26    Is It Education, Entertainment, Or Edutainment
March     2006   34    Finding Success In A Choral World
March     2006   38    Four Things Students Must Do In Order To Have A Chance To Be In Tune
March     2006   40    Avoiding Dreary Theory
March     2006   44    Orchestra: Forget The Scotch Tape And Baling Wire: Build Solid, Lasting Skills In Class And Good Performances Are
March     2006   46    Inevitable
                       Band Festivals And Repertoire
March     2006   50    Create Some Space For Jazz
March     2006   54    Parental Power: Manage The Energy
March     2006   56    SJBODA Past Presidents Honored
May       2006   14    Podcasting In The Music Classroom
May       2006   16    NYSSMA To Host Technology Conference
May       2006   18    The Scholarship Of Teaching: It‟s Our Natural Business
May       2006   20    Happenings At The NJMEA Conference: A Photo Gallery
May       2006   22    Finding A Bucket To Carry The Tune: Ways To Shift The Paradigm For Non-Singing Classroom Teachers
May       2006   26    Special Education: Your Obligations And Your Rights
May       2006   50    Left Handed Music Making
May       2006   60    NJMEA Conference Keynote Address
May       2006   64    Those Dotted Notes!
May       2006   66    Building Stronger Wind Ensembles And Concert Bands
May       2006   68    SJBODA Concert Band Festival

                                                                           TEMPO Magazine
                                                                            Index of Issues
May       2006   70    New Jersey All-State Band Audition Changes
May       2006   33-   NJMEA 2006-2007 Calendar of Activities
October   2006   48
                 20    Teaching Percussion
October   2006   26    Inclusion: What Does That Mean In Your Music Classroom
October   2006   28    National Anthem Project Quick List Of Suggested Activities
October   2006   34    How To Improve Recruiting For Your High School Or University Band
October   2006   37    Re-energize Your Band Program: Ways To Think Creatively In Band
October   2006   42    Cumberland County College Hosts Community Band Festival
October   2006   43    Lessons I Have Learned Through Teaching
October   2006   48    Clarinet Fundamentals: The Key To The Improvement Of The Clarinet Section
October   2006   51    Nostalgia: Traveling Marching Mustangs
October   2006   64    Changing And Tuning A Concert Snare Drum Head
October   2006   66    Perfection vs. Imperfection
October   2006   72    The Role Of Supervising A Student Teacher
October   2006   74    It‟s TI:ME For New Jersey!
October   2006   76    Reality Check 101: Eight Essential Skills For Music Teachers
October   2006   78    Play In Tune! We Can And Must!r
October   2006   80    Teenage Dress Styles And Proper Concert Attire
October   2006   18    Collegiate News
October   2006   57-   NJEA/NJMEA Convention In Atlantic City: Session Overview
January   2007   63
                 18    Collegiate News
January   2007   22    Curriculum Integration And Creativity
January   2007   24    New Jersey Choral Conductor Selection: Why Haven‟t You Applied
January   2007   26    Practical Applications Of Research For Music Educators
January   2007   30    School Of Rock: Teaching Rock Performance In Public Schools
January   2007   32    Graduate School: An Inside Look
January   2007   36    Rehearsing In Style
January   2007   56    Susan Iatesta, John Lindner & Gordon Tedeschi Named 2007 Music Teachers of the Year
January   2007   58    Musician vs. Teacher vs. Therapist: Who Are We Really?
January   2007   64    The Survey Says: Part 1, State Level Findings
January   2007   66    How About A Trip To The Opera

                                                                            TEMPO Magazine
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January   2007   68    The New Jersey Arts Education Partnership: A New Voice For All Of Us
January   2007   74    Music Education Blogs: More Than Just Diaries
January   2007   76    The Ivory Tower In The Band Room
January   2007   78    Music Making In The Block: A Case Study Of Trial And Error
January   2007   81    Scenes From The NJEA Convention
January   2007   15
                      Developing Your Own Sound
January   2007   41-   NJMEA Music Conference Outline
March     2007   55
                 14    Meet Your Candidate For NJMEA President: William McDevitt
March     2007   18    New From The NJ Collegiate MENC
March     2007   19    Everyday Advocacy
March     2007   22    Performance At The White House: NJ Chamber Children‟s Choir
March     2007   24    Choral: Anticipation
March     2007   26    The Community Band Experience
March     2007   30    School Of Rock: Materials And Resources Part 1
March     2007   32    Rhythm Syllable Systems: Making An Appropriate Choice
March     2007   34    It Works For Me: Ostinatos
March     2007   35    Motivating Musicians In The Winter Doldrums: Part I
March     2007   38    All Tied Up!
March     2007   48    Keep The Music Playing
March     2007   52    Suggested Strategies To Help Attract And Retain Middle School Music Students
March     2007   56    Mouthpieces For Tuba Players: Beginner Through High School
March     2007   58    Wikispaces: Connecting The Music Classroom With the MySpace Generation
March     2007   62    Reluctant Singers
March     2007   66    Mysteries Of The Rhythm Section
March     2007   68    All In One Chorus Music Preparation
March     2007   70    They‟re Never Too Young And You‟re Never Too Old To Swing With Strings!
May       2007   14    NJMEA Presents Awards For Distinguished Service and Outstanding School Administrators
May       2007   16    Labels For Band Re-Assessed
May       2007   20    News From The New Jersey Collegiate MENC
May       2007   24    Jazz: Let‟em Play
May       2007   25    Motivating Musicians In The Winter Doldrums, Part II

                                                                            TEMPO Magazine
                                                                             Index of Issues
May       2007   26     Special Learners: Confucius Said…
May       2007   28     Music Majors, Choose Education
May       2007   32     School Of Rock: Materials And Resources, Part II
May       2007   34     The Best Of 2007: Great New Gear For The Technology-Minded Music Educator
May       2007   58     Authority, Leadership And The School Music Teacher
May       2007   64     Instrumental Diction
May       2007   66     SJBODA Concert Band Festival
May       2007   67     The Dark Side
May       2007   68     Preparing Students To Audition
May       2007   72     Tuba Stands: “Tu” Use Or Not?
May       2007   74     Advocacy: A Tripartite Approach To Music Education
May       2007   78     A Director‟s Best Friend: The Choral Accompanist
May       2007   41–5   NJMEA 2007-2008 Calendar and Planner
October   2007   6
                 15     Community Band Festivals
October   2007   16     Weeder Not A Feeder
October   2007   22     School Music Ensembles Join The Digital Music Revolution With TuneCore
October   2007   25     News From The New Jersey Collegiate MENC
October   2007   30     Thoughts On The New School Year: Taking Care Of Yourself
October   2007   32     Planning A Class Like A Performance: Early Childhood (Part I)
October   2007   38     Jazz: Public School‟s Neglected Stepchild
October   2007   40     If A Violinist Performs In A Metro Station And No One Hears…
October   2007   54     Sometimes: A Story About Choosing Music
October   2007   58     Practicing Reflection With A Student Teacher
October   2007   60     Fundamental Values And Objectives Of Vocal/Choral Teaching
October   2007   62     Improving Trumpet Sound Production
October   2007   66     CJMEA Intermediate Percussion Ensemble Will Debut This March
October   2007   68     Empowering And Encouraging Spontaneous Performance
October   2007   71     Are Bands Becoming Too Performance Oriented
October   2007   72     NJMEA Profit & Loss Statement
October   2007   86     Greater Shore Concert Band Celebrates 40 Years
October   2007   45-    NJEA/NJMEA Convention In Atlantic City: Session Overview

                                                                           TEMPO Magazine
                                                                            Index of Issues
January   2008   17    Collegiate News
January   2008   18    “California Dreaming”: The Band Music Of Roger Nixon
January   2008   22    Making Connections With Music And Technology
January   2008   28    Getting Interdisciplinary In The Music Room
January   2008   30    Planning A Class Like A Performance: Early Childhood (Part 2)
January   2008   36    NJ Arts Education Census Project
January   2008   40    Converting Your Mallet Players To Total Percussion
January   2008   41    Teaching Improvisation
January   2008   56    Barbara Retzko & Mindy Scheierman Named 2008 Master Music Teachers
January   2008   58    When Words Fail, Music Speaks
January   2008   60    Remediation For Uncertain Singers: A Study
January   2008   63    The NJ Arts Education Partnership Is Launched
January   2008   64    Hosting A Middle School Band Recuritment Invitational
January   2008   68    Ingredients Of A Productive Choral Rehearsal
January   2008   70    FileMaker Pro: Easier Databasing For Your Classroom
January   2008   74    A Cappella Workshops Festival of Harmony
January   2008   84    ChidrenSong Lifts Their Voices To Aid Peers In Oregon
January   2008   43-   NJMEA February State Conference Preview
January   2008   55
                 86-   Seen At The NJEA Convention
March     2008   87
                 17    Collegiate News
March     2008   18    A “New” American Overture For Band AND Much More
March     2008   20    Considering Technology In Your Teaching
March     2008   26    Thinking Outside The Box In Band
March     2008   28    Raising The Level Of The Concert Band One Section At A Time
March     2008   34    Your Guide To Professional Development: The 100 Hours Requirement Revisited
March     2008   40    Simple Strategies For More Productive Rehearsals
March     2008   42    The Festival Is Over, What‟s Next?
March     2008   44    Music Changes Lives! How Do We Make It A Positive Change?
March     2008   46    Helping Guitar Players Get The Most Out Of Choir Rehearsal
March     2008   48    Towards A Philosophy Of Music Education
March     2008   50    Those Who Can, Do…And Teach!

                                                                         TEMPO Magazine
                                                                          Index of Issues
March   2008   52   What Are Urban Learners?
March   2008   54   Get The Gear On Stage: A Call For Alternative Performance Ensembles In Schools
March   2008   57   Hosting A Middle School Band Recruitment Invitational, Part Two
March   2008   60   Performing Beyond The Score: Considering The Teaching Of Expressive Playing

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