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					 Virtue Construction
 work plan for the "Three Represents" as guidance, conscientiously
implement the Party's Sixteenth Central Committee, carry out "Exhibition
, creating the tree "theme educational activities for example education
and belief in education as the main form, through various activities,
then the tree the image of teachers, schools and education, the image of
the image. Continuously improve the professional ethics of teachers
strive to my school Education into the satisfaction of the people's
 to strengthen faith, establish a correct concept of career, professional
attitude and professional ideal, and further conscientiously fulfill
their "primary and secondary school teachers, professional ethics," the
moral construction and strengthening the unity of Teachers a relentless
effort to continuously improve teacher quality and professional level of
professional ethics.
 major tasks and measures:
 1, to enhance learning, raise awareness.
, In-depth study and implementation of sixth Third and Fourth Plenary
Session of the spirit and the "Three Represents" important thought of
scientific content, clear objectives, and enhance the sense of
responsibility and mission teachers.
, With the guidance of scientific concept of development, conscientiously
carry out educational activities to maintain the advanced nature of Party
members to strengthen the "Three Represents" and the consciousness and
, In-depth study and implementation of the "Teacher Code of Ethics", to
further improve the quality of professional ethics of teachers,
establishing the correct values of education, quality education and
personnel training, improve resistance to idealism, money worship,
individualism, feudal superstition and various pseudo-scientific
, Enhance teaching and educating people to the social sense of themselves
to education and respect for students, care to students, sense of
responsibility to protect students and guide teachers, students and
parents strive to be the smashing of qualified teachers.
, Education laws and regulations to strengthen the study, the level of
teachers to teach according to law, to enhance the learning events and
policies to enhance the party's line, principles and policies of
consciousness and building confidence in socialism with Chinese
, With honesty as a priority, fully implement the "Implementation Outline
for civic virtue," to eliminate corporal punishment, corporal punishment
in disguised form, perfect Virtue evaluation mechanism so Biao project
into institutionalized, standardized and scientific tracks.
 2, good image, Educational Ideology.
, Fully implement the state's education policy, earnestly implement the
education and teaching programs, improve their working skills, an active
part in job training, everyone is striving for "ethics model."
, All the professional ethics of teachers sing the theme - love and
practice their own actions patriotic, loving, love and devotion, love
school, such as home, love life, such as children, on a regular basis to
discuss the image of ethics standards, establish a school Teacher
glittering image.
, Continue to "develop ethics style, creating an excellent group, tree
education, fresh air" activities of people with advanced ideas of
education, advanced deeds inspire people, inspire them to the power of
, Strengthen party building, strengthening the party's ideological
construction, we carefully maintain the advanced nature of a good
education, faculty members play an exemplary vanguard role and take the
lead role in building a comprehensive promotion of morality, strong
career aspirations.
, To remember every teacher to teach according to law to moral person,
firm belief in coaching.
 third, strengthening mechanism. Original
, Establish a sound moral construction led to principal leadership
, Establish ethics rules and regulations for the division is not virtue,
as the division bad, bad influence who, in time to deal with, not
, Establish ethics evaluation and management system of morality
һƱ·ñ¾öÖÆ, enhance the work of all sense of responsibility and
dedication of teachers, enhance the strong sense of teaching and

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