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									 deepening the adjustment time improve the quality of economic operation
vigorously fighting for the implementation of key projects under the
warehouse ------ town make a big second quarter to ensure the realization
of two-time task more than half of the town under the warehouse party,
closely around the overall work of county government thinking, Anzhao
achieve the "five a breakthrough," Yao Qiu, holding special economic work
conference, of a Jidu economic situation, Yanjiubushu the second quarter
of Zhongdian mission, offered to "Tuchukeji, focus on efficiency, improve
Xiediao comprehensively improve the quality of economic operation "as the
theme, push forward the current economic work, considered a good time
off, playing tough fight to ensure the realization time of mandate"
double half. " Main measures: First, grasp the leading drive, with
excellent agricultural structure monotone set. Leading Enterprise in
Agricultural Industrialization in the leading position, the outer with
the market, even the farmers in the chain. To speed up the
industrialization process of the town, as the key to deepening the
structural adjustment of agriculture, market-oriented, orders for the
carrier, education, cited the lead, expanding base, constantly optimize
the kind of farming structure. First, three million yuan investment, the
new processing capacity of 1,000 tons of South Ruby village preserved
plant, the town preserved the total processing capacity of enterprises
2,800 tons. Led the Western Pacific River, the villages of East Malaysia
business development investment 60 million yuan to 2,000 mu cluster red
pepper, the town of the "three small" crop development to 4200 acres. The
second is led by the town, the establishment of adult education schools
AgroSciences plant in Tianjin Ji County Association, and the China
Agricultural University China and the DPRK to co-develop green pollution-
free distribution of 150 tons of vegetables, farmers will receive a net
profit of 600,000 yuan. New development in Yang Yugong Road along the 200
acres to a total of 1,000 acres. Third, do a good job of Tianjin
International Exhibition Investment Co., Ltd. invested 5 million yuan,
covers an area of 20 acres of large yanggezhuang pig breeding base
construction, stocking capacity of 3000; the completion of the East
pasture, John Doe former pig breeding base construction projects. Full
use of discount and the area of preferential policies, the new
development of 70 large breeding. Meanwhile, after the Tun, the next
positions, such as village Zhaogezhuang flower seedlings for replacement,
the development of 1,000 acres of fine gardens. Second, focus on
investment, growth of town and village enterprises, by external forces.
To grow, towns and villages as industrial investment, promote employment
entry point, the main town leaders, led efforts to increase coordination
of services to the style of honesty and trustworthiness, preferential
policies and efficient services to attract capital, technology and
talent. One of the garment processing, food processing, machining,
plastics processing, glove manufacturing and construction materials,
equipment and other lines of traditional industries, a new round of
technological transformation. Jianhua Shale Brick Co., Ltd. scheduled
eight million yuan investment, and then on a production line; Huaxin
Fisheries Products Co., Ltd. invested 2.6 million yuan, the formation of
spinning, weaving one-stop production; prosperity Oils Industry Co., Ltd.
invested 4.5 million yuan, the new Mega Factories fine. Strive for the
second quarter of the town industrial investment reached 15 million yuan,
fixed assets investment reached 25 million yuan year on year increase of
16 and 13, respectively. Second, policy advocacy and guidance to increase
efforts to encourage private capital investment. Invest 2 million yuan of
carbon molecular sieve plant 2 million yuan investment in the mechanism
of cement pipe factory, invested 650,000 yuan to 500,000 yuan investment
in food processing and garment factory building of four new projects.
Third, enterprise integration idle land, plant, equipment, take lease,
the grafting and other forms, variable exchange rate. Focus on
strengthening ties with Beijing Import and Export Corporation, the
introduction of two million yuan of funds, on the Changling Metal
Products Limited, to transform, re-acquisition of advanced polishing
equipment, restoration of production. Third, focus on small towns, driven
by the environment of individual and private economic development. The
level of rural small towns an important indicator of economic
development, development of private economy is a good platform. The town
in accordance with the "highlights a key development of the two roads,
and improving three quarters, and prosperity of nine farmers market"
work, invest 50 million to do a good job positions Wing Road western
section of 2,500 meters in the township road repair works; actively
improve propaganda and mobilization and coordination of services, on the
North stone village cottage to transform section 22, through the Golden
Triangle to nine business Wangzhuang Bridge House development to urban
areas have a more rational; well control planning, investment 1.6 million
yuan, the new 11 Business houses, construction area of 2600 square
meters, perfect to expand town Main Street, Yangyu Gong Road, East meadow
section and a large section of the three business quarters yangjiazhuang;
with business and other agencies, on the scale of Jinwei highway 58
hotels, hostels, Retail stores face to face business improvement, to
improve reception quality, and create the next stores catering brand. Lu
Zhuang gold wood processing, Zhaogezhuang small articles of daily use,
WANG Liang Zhuang Chunqiu chair, sofa, etc. Wing Zhuang village, further
expand the professional development of village-scale industrial and
commercial households, the new food and beverage, repair, commercial,
processing, transportation and other individual business 40 households,
the town's personnel engaged in the tertiary industry reached 8860

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