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					 title of the article: in 2007 on the strengthening of the population and
family planning decisions

 on strengthening the 2007 population and family planning decisions
 007 years , is a street party work, street office determined to improve
on Population and Family Planning. To do a good job street population and
family planning work, ensure the overall work level as well. 2007 East
Road, the street population and family planning work should be to
strengthen the basic work center, improve the comprehensive management of
the population level as the goal, around the "two-record", and through
the implementation of the system, rectifying strengthen associations,
innovation and working mechanism, strengthen the service awareness,
strengthen comprehensive management of population, improve the
professional quality of staff work areas, and strive to East street
population and family planning to a whole level. Basic information to
complete, accurate and all statements, management is not dead,
comprehensive services in place, the Association organized, play a
significant role in population control mechanism for integrated
scientific, efficient, administration and management of comprehensive,
coordinated, community family planning cadres and fine style of work is
consideration, good service, people are satisfied with the rate rising
target, has decided to do the following ten aspects of population and
family planning.
 1, conscientiously strengthen leadership over the work of population and
family planning
, Adhere to party and government leaders take personal charge of taking
overall responsibility for the leadership and direction, clear the
communities secretary is primarily responsible for family planning, the
communities secretary , Director, be familiar with the community to carry
out population and family planning work situation, problems of family
planning to convene a special meeting a month, in time to solve work
problems, and promote the health of the community population and family
planning and coordinated development. Street Party Working Committee
meets once every quarter special meeting of the party work, solve the
problem, the deployment of new work, the streets Party Work Committee,
Office of the Director of the monthly check from time to time community-
home situation, the community secretary, director of households per month
not less than 100 households.
, Straighten out the working mechanism, installed for the community with
strong family planning cadres, so that thinking seriously positive
action, to carry out family planning work for the street to create a
relaxed working environment.
 2, to strengthen basic information work
 communities use three months a comprehensive household survey, the
thorough investigation of their own community WIS know the truth, do not
drain the Home households, households do not leak people do not Louxiang.
Strictly in accordance with the Office of the printed information card
entry requirements, comprehensive and accurate specification of the
ledger in their communities and improve the population information.
Office of the family planning office to strengthen community-based
information collection, input, changes in various aspects of monitoring,
inspection approval based on information and data, ensure that all data
is accurate and complete in time, households in the community survey, a
range of checks to be carried out supervision, the problems to solve.
This work before the end of February 2007 all over, then Office will
deploy staff on various community input cards of women of childbearing
age information to conduct a comprehensive inspection.
 3, to strengthen the management of contraceptives, enhance service
awareness, improve service levels
, New population and family planning services is the work of the Centre,
women of childbearing age in the overall healthy community based on the
information card, birth control measures in accordance with the different
types of women of childbearing age follow-up card to establish and
conduct regular follow-up services, particularly among drug must be 1
January visit, home care, long-term birth control measures on the
population of childbearing age to do a visit to the preceding quarter.
, Office of the strict inspection system, family planning office staff
time to time to various community service in-home inspection and found
the problem and promptly and effectively to serve fully in place.
, Vigorously promoting a long-acting contraceptive birth control based
informed choice, so that contraceptives management practices, the
community service network in the sound based on the distribution points
set up a mobile population of contraceptives, the number and scope of
strict payment promptly Free contraceptives sent to the hands of women of
childbearing age.
 4, continue to increase family planning policy, propaganda
, All communities in the development of "5.29", "7.11", "12.1"
significant anniversary campaign, while making full use of existing
community advocacy resources to carry out a feature loved by residents of
promotional activities.
, 2007 Äê Office of Population and Family Planning in the m east of the
promotional activities carried out based on the printing part of the
family planning propaganda, do old women have a copy of family planning.
, All communities within their own communities to promote the
establishment of family planning wall blackboard newspaper, no less than
eight in every community, every month to replace a publicity drive.
, All communities in densely populated areas, the establishment of a
family planning publicity boards, promotional policies and regulations in
a timely manner according to law at the same time, fertility index
distribution, the residents of autonomy, incentives and other assistance
to the residents present, and consciously accept the supervision of the
 V. Association of consolidation to strengthen and improve the family
planning network
 for the community population and the workload issue, rectify the use of
winter and next spring to strengthen associations of time, the spirit of
living close to the principles and activities to facilitate Old East
Chapter of the street to absorb part of the retired veteran cadres and
public-spirited career to join the association. Improve the family
planning branch of the community. While the original community residents
by 20 to 30 standard established association group. Served as team leader
by the members of the Association, responsible for women of childbearing
age in this group of normal birth, production, life and other routine
management and services, and to assist community secondary stem IPPF
Family planning policies and regulations do publicity, contraceptive aid
distribution. Community family planning professionals and the groups
responsible for a long dry contact, coordination and long-time management
team to reflect the problems, and promote family planning throughout the
community healthy and orderly development, to both associations play
their role to also make community projects sound growth management
network, which will help facilitate the residents but also conducive to
 6, perfect mechanism for comprehensive management of the population,
gradually make concerted efforts, the whole society to participate in the
work situation
 family planning difficult for the urban population characteristics of
rural areas, improve the comprehensive management of the new mechanism of
population. Relevant departments to strengthen the links with the area,
coordination, good laws and regulations, policy coordination, and
supervision of part-time members of the family planning departments and
units of supportive policies to implement the award. Improve family
planning joint system, expansion of joint range, and all the local
business units and labor are to set up family planning offices, there is
one full-time or part-time work make the family planning unit. The
property companies have jurisdiction by the district staff for family
planning to help communities do a good job of planning work cell.
Strictly **** civilized units reported the entry of non-implementation of
community measures and incentives to assist family planning policy, can
not take the initiative to improve family planning work units not
 7, to enhance mobility of the population management services, explore
new mobile population management and service of new models
 to enhance the management of floating population on the area, in good
certification, verification work, on the East Road area to investigate
all of the rental housing, filing, and management of floating population
and the landlord signed a contract, from the source to implement the
management of the floating population during the year and strive to
obtain the support of meters east and Family Planning Commission, a
relatively mobile population in East street a concentration of population
in the establishment of two mobile service stations to carry out the
floating population family planning policy advocacy, birth, production
and daily life and so on.
 step up efforts to verify, through the following six months, the
floating population living in the great households, increased
verification efforts, strive to verify the rate of 90 years, actively
make use of existing information exchange platform floating population
access to information, true to the East Road area to live together
outside personnel management, good service. To do with the resident
population of the same management, with the service, with the publicity,
put an end to illegal foreign workers issue of fertility occurred in the
 8, Speeding, strive to improve the quality of family planning workers to
the people
 satisfaction as the ultimate goal, and actively carry out democratic
appraisal Sector Moral activities on outstanding issues raised by
community residents to develop practical and timely rectification
measures to be addressed. For community planning cadres problem of low
level of operations, increase training, and to please come out of the way
to go, solve Youren Director-General will also issue reported each year
to the community secretary, once director of family planning and
population policies and regulations situation training, and conduct
examinations twice a year qualified in the assessment of community
officers, will be deemed incompetent, by the end of one month's wage
withholding. Monthly family planning professionals to conduct a business
of dry training and conduct of examinations, tests failed for three
consecutive months of community secondary stem IPPF be dismissed. Strive
to learn through various forms of training, building a good thought,
professional, style is, about dedication, hardworking, good services,
family planning cadres, to East street level population and family
planning work, laying the foundation.
 9, further improving the assessment mechanism
 formulation of East Street office details of population and family
planning evaluation, strict evaluation standards, and strive to refine,
quantify, effective evaluation mechanism so that the community can
promote family planning work, from 2007 the implementation of family
planning work started last one eliminated, Office of the assessment rules
based on combined evaluation six months, the annual assessment and
inspection of normal, comprehensive assessment, Ping Chu ranking, ranking
last on the community secretary, director of the withholding of a months
of wages, planning cadres dismissed. Business sector in the higher
assessment to the office in the cause of "one vote veto" of the community
secretary, officers and secondary stem IPPF be dismissed, on the street a
significant impact on the collective honor of the community withholding
secretary, director of the months of wages, namely, health professionals
Stem shall be dismissed.
 10, standard community family planning files and improving efficiency
 multi-file to change the community family planning, information and more
trivial, the complexity of the situation, according to community needs,
quantify the community archives. The future work of the community
population and family planning information will only be two three-volume
account of a two card file archives, three volumes experience in issuing
the registration of floating population that volume, the daily routine of
work volume, volume of activities. Two card information card that women
of childbearing age and women of childbearing age follow-up card. Two
accounts that contraceptives account, account statistics. A file for the
community women's reproductive health files, other files are the Office
of family planning office collected information on archiving, community
secondary stem IPPF good 3 Volume II card in the second account of a file
at the same time concentrate on the work-home services, effective energy
transfer to-home services will come for the community to provide solid
services of women of childbearing age, by-home services to discover and
solve problems.
 007 East Street in population and family planning difficult and arduous
years to achieve the goal of improving, East Street Party Working
Committee, the Office asked the community to attach great importance to
population and family planning work, to overcome the difficulties,
positive progress, with new ideas, new move, new methods of solid and
effective work to start from the most basic work, step by step manner, so
the good work, and strive to make the streets of the population and the
East family planning work in 2007, a new improvement to a new level.
 street office
 006 on 10 November
 "on strengthening the 2007 population and family planning decisions,"
Welcome to strengthen Population and family planning work in 2007 the

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