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Work Plan - Office of the Eleventh Five-Year Development Plan


Work Plan - Office of the Eleventh Five-Year Development Plan

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									title of the article: Office of the Eleventh Five-Year Development Plan

 ** Office is located in Dengfeng West District, 7 administrative
villages under its jurisdiction, two neighborhood committees, 14 709
people. An area of 15,026 mu of cultivated land. A total of 15 party
branches, 247 members, my office is located in the city, area, location
advantage and convenient transportation, sale groups, Xu little less Luo
highway, State Road 207, Henan province, 03 lines from my Department
through. Unique tourism resources, is a famous martial arts heritage town
and township. A world-famous Shaolin Temple, the ancestral home of Zen;
have the first Nuns at the monastery - Yong Qin Temple; have far-reaching
quiet, scenic Three Wise Kings Village, to be sen ditch, Prince Edward
ditch, ditch the Jade Emperor and many of the natural landscape and
cultural landscape , each more than 100 million annual tourists. As the
leading tourism service industry, the industrialization of the third high
level. Rich in mineral resources, can have medical stone mineral mining
200 million tons, 1.5 million m2 of granite, limestone 64 million cubic
meters and so on. Better basic conditions for agriculture, there is
Shaolin, Mazhuangshan other two small reservoirs. Geng Zhuang,
Wangzhuang, Mazhuangshan thick along the soil, fertilizer, water
conditions are good, the development of efficient agricultural potential.
 1, "15" during the main Review
 "15" period, ** Party Committee, and offices in the municipal government
under the leadership of Deng Xiaoping Theory and "Three Represents "as
the guide, firmly establish the scientific development concept, unite and
lead the masses of Party members and cadres all office, adhere to speed
up development as top priority, in order to maintain stability as the
first responsibility of emancipating the mind, pioneering spirit,
pragmatic and down- work well done "15" goals during the mission to
promote the economic and social undertakings comprehensive, sustained,
rapid and healthy development.
 (1) "15" during the completion of the main socio-economic objectives
 is estimated by the end of 2005, completed 202.36 million yuan of gross
domestic product, the actual average annual growth of 10, accounting for
12.3 of the plan period; major industries increase the value of completed
10.32 million yuan, the actual average annual growth rate of 10.2,
representing plan period 11; financial revenue 2.3 million yuan, the
actual average annual growth of 9, total planning period of 9.7; rural
per capita net income reached 3,343 yuan, the actual average annual
growth 9, representing 9.4 planning period.
 (b) of the main tasks
, Go all out, with the municipal government has basically completed its
renovation and demolition of Shaolin Scenic placement centers. First, the
first phase of demolition in 2002, the complete arch in 80 households in
the demolition work, construction, residential area Prince ditch. Second,
in the second phase of demolition in 2003, a total demolition of more
than 40 military schools, households of more than 380 households, urban
construction in the West ** Shanghai section, by the end of 2003 was
almost completely moved into their new homes relocatees. Fourth, in 2004
the completion of the Shaolin monastery scenic port construction, parking
and storage battery car Road land greening. Meanwhile, with the municipal
government to complete demolition of tower ditch Wu Xiaonan hospital.
Fifth, actively cooperate with the arch in 2005 to demolition in business
management work, and places of worship I welcome commercial room opened.
, Actively promote the construction of the Western District of
urbanization. First tower completed in 2002 of 800 acres of ditch
military school new premises in the Western District of land acquisition.
Tower ditch the old school Martial Arts School and gradually move to
gradually build a new school. Second, in 2003 to build invincible with
the relevant Road, Shaolin Road, Beihuan other three roads and hardening
green; Third, in 2004 established the Western District Management Office,
responsible for district residents, water, electricity, sanitation, etc.;
4 is expanding employment, an active market, with the city of the
functional departments in the district set up a Saturday, Sunday 2-
commerce market, to the west and residential communities in urban
economic development and create favorable conditions for production and
, Concentrate and do a good job with the board the less relevant road
widening and road reconstruction work on both sides of environmental
remediation. First, from 01 to 02 years, registered with the relevant
departments to complete land acquisition and demolition of a small road
widening conversion work. Second, 2003 demolition of building at the
Shaolin Scenic Highway on board a small impact on both sides of the
landscape within 200 meters of houses, plant for a unified regulation.
Third, in 2003 on board the small road 50 meters on both sides of the
greening. Fourth, the time required to complete 04 Landscape Road, Tai
Wan King Health concentration and control, with excellent results to meet
the First World Traditional Wushu Festival welcoming ceremony held in the
city of victory.
, Non-public economy has developed rapidly. "15" period, give full play
to our office location, resources and comparative advantages of the two
economic development, first with the focus on tourism, better service.
The second is to guide the masses to emancipate your minds, vigorously
investment activities. Third, use of mineral resources, comparative
advantages, the development of gravel, medical stone processing and other
non-public ownership economy, setting up a mining operation Shaolin
Products Association. To expand employment and increase their income,
economic development has played a role.
, Party building and other various social undertakings. First, in 2002
two groups carried out throughout the office seriously, "Three
Represents" study and education activities. 2004 conscientiously carry
out activities to learn the advanced deeds of Comrade Ren Changxia. 2004
10 to 12 months, using nearly three months throughout the Department to
carry out the work style of cadres cadres focused on building activities.
Conscientiously carry out the rural Party "**** achievements "of party
branches were rectified, sent a work team to rectify the grass-roots
party organizations enhance cohesion, appeal and fighting; second in 2003
in the" SARS "prevention and control work, Office of the mobilization of
all, go all out to do a good job, "SARS" prevention and control, to
ensure that the whole office of people's lives and property. Third,
conscientiously implement the family planning policy, and strengthen
family planning work, the successful completion of population programs; 4
is a high degree of emphasis on "three rural" work for 04 years,
Department-wide exemption from agricultural tax, agricultural tax and do
a good job, "one down and one compensation" to complete the Songshan
Mountains of Water Conservation Forest Engineering; 4 is the
implementation of labor and social security social employment and
reemployment policies, and actively open up employment opportunities,
increase their income. 5 is active in helping the poor and good warmth-
giving activities in rural, urban subsistence allowances work; 6 is a
positive response to the municipal government called for, from August
2004 to carry out shifting wind shift funeral customs reform, the
implementation of death in the whole office staff cremation. Seventh, 02,
05 in the first half, finished fourth, fifth village general election.
Eighth, efforts to increase investment in education, construction,
residential Shaolin primary schools, kindergartens, primary schools
Mazhuangshan hope.
 (3), Problems
, Shaolin legacy of more scenic building demolition, and some people
there is resistance, there is a rebound phenomenon of relocation, to a
certain extent affected the Shaolin scenic construction work carried out
, As urban construction, land acquisition, part of the peasant land, land
sub-section involves the vital interests of the greater pressure to
maintain stability.
, Location and resources of the two is not the greatest comparative
advantage into economic advantage.
 second, "Year Plan"
 (a) of the guiding ideology
 Deng Xiaoping Theory and "Three Represents" as guidance, thoroughly
implement the Party's Sixteenth National Congress and the sixth Third and
Fourth Plenary Session of the spirit, closely around the Party Congress
put forward the use of six-second two to three years into National
hundred counties (cities) of the grand goal, taking economic construction
as the center, give full play to the urban areas, scenic advantages,
prominent characteristics of the economy. At the same time, do a good job
of spiritual civilization and democracy and legal system, safeguarding
social stability, promoting economic and social progress.
 (2) "11 5" target
 is expected to end in 2010, GDP is expected to complete the 325.9
million yuan, average annual increase of 10.
 major industrial added value is expected to complete the 13.18 million
yuan, average annual increase of 5. Revenue
 3.71 million yuan is expected to complete an annual increase of 10.
 per capita income of farmers reached 4,270 yuan, average annual increase
of 5.
 natural population growth rate to 7 ¡ë.
 (c) of new key projects
, Actively cooperate with the completion of pending cents ditch "Zen Wu
Shaolin's ceremony," Construction of large-scale melodrama.
, Invest 8 million yuan, rebuilt and reinforced Mazhuangshan reservoir
for the city to build the new tourist attractions.
, Accelerate the pace of building the West District. And actively assist
the planning and design departments, the Western District as soon as
possible to make detailed regulations, step by step.
, Invest 6 million yuan, basically completed before the end of 2005 the
relocation of offices and business organizations, taxation, public
security, electrical construction and other relevant functional
, Attract social funds, investment 60,000,000 yuan, 300 acres of land in
the West Ten Mile, the construction of a modern five-star hotel.
, Vigorously carry out investment activities, increase communication Jade
Emperor, Prince Edward ditch efforts to develop tourist attractions, and
built a number of new tourist attractions.
, Complete high-speed north along the Luo and Teng little less road,
travel along the highway, Shaolin task Scenic Forest, an ecological
 (d) of the tasks and measures
, Continue to do a good job with the demolition of Shaolin scenic
construction and renovation business placement as the most important task
the whole Department. One patient and meticulous work of the people and
business ideas, rationalize their feelings, carefully checking to resolve
remaining issues, the overall plan to ensure the smooth implementation of
scenic and strive to build a world-class scenic spot early realization of
the magnificent goal. Second, actively cooperate with the well scenic
roads, public green space greening and beautification works; 3 is a
positive force to assist in the completion of school north tower ditch
the whole hospital demolition work. Fourth, increase the health
remediation efforts Landscape Road, on the villages along the road to
take signed objectives, division of responsibilities, clear tasks and
other measures, created in the consolidation of the original basis of the
results, and further a high standard, good quality health regulation
Landscape Road, remediation work to maintain a regular, institutionalized
and standardized.
, Promote the construction of the West District of the facilities. The
first is to assist the relevant departments, make West city western part
of the detailed planning and Zhongyue Avenue, North Circle Road west
section, and other programs of land acquisition coordination. Second, in
accordance with the proposed construction of the West City District's
master plan, drawing large cities frame, vigorously introduce social
capital, help to improve the West City Martial Arts School, Martial Arts
Trade City, shopping malls, hospitals and other construction work. Third,
speed up the new office building of Shaolin, and strive to put into use
as soon as possible to facilitate the entire office people. Fourth, urban
greening and beautifying the West, strengthening the management of soft
services, integrated environmental management, good service.
, Give full play to advantages of tourism and adjacent urban areas, to
promote tourism as the leading tertiary industry developed rapidly.
Further emancipate the mind, raise awareness, uphold the tourism economy
appropriate development, to maximize the tourism resources advantages
into economic advantages to the tourism industry in the "during" a big
leap. First, the formulation of preferential policies, vigorously
introduce social capital, to carry out investment activities, to increase
efforts to develop tourist attractions; second is to cultivate
professional talents tourism, soft tourism services to increase efforts
to develop the formation of a fully reflect the unique scenic and
cultural The profound meaning and rich heritage of professional travel
services team to enhance the quality and enhance the scenic scenic
attraction; third is the introduction of advanced technology and
technical personnel, research and development of tourism products,
souvenirs, to enhance the taste, build a number of phase matching with
the first-class scenic area leading industries of tourism, promote the
rapid development of tertiary industry; Fourth, improve tourism services,
good scenic restaurants, and other support services operations in the
development of new tourism, Xicheng District, excitement, so that "food,
lodging, transportation, travel, shopping, entertainment "six elements of
complete set, easy to achieve by the Tourism extensive to intensive
growth pattern. Specific measures: ¢Ù to intensify propaganda and
strengthen the tourism industry, to speed up tourism development, take
full advantage of the municipal government developed rapidly developing
preferential policies to promote tourism, increase investment intensity,
absorption of the investment, win the "Shaolin" "Songshan" two cards. ¢Ú
The "Shaolin Martial Arts Best" of reputation management in the martial
arts, performance, race, education, clothing, equipment, work hard and
rely on China Zhengzhou International Shaolin Wushu Festival, to
packaging, developed a series of tourism products.
, To develop non-public economy. First, increase the integration of
mineral resources, mineral resources are wasted fundamental change and
wasteful mining phenomenon, the formation of scale. The second is to
increase agricultural structural adjustment. Guide the people, emancipate
the mind, the full transition to agricultural-based thinking, foster the
concept of local conditions, the market economy concept, service
awareness, engage in service around the city, using water, transportation
and adjacent to urban edge, the development of high-efficiency
agriculture, agricultural products, etc. city travel services to meet the
needs of the agricultural products.
, Around the proposed construction of city forest ecological city and
Shaolin targets, the implementation of "returning farmland to forest,
closing hillsides to facilitate afforestation, grain relief, the
individual contract" policy, strong advocacy to mobilize the masses, high
standards, high quality high speed north of Los less farmland to forest,
conservation forest project, 2000 acres of scenic green Shaolin,
registered to consolidate both sides of highways have been planting less
conservation forest and green tourism Highway 2 results. And to improve
urban forest cover, clean air, improve the climate, to play the
ecological and social benefits of forestry to scenic environment in the
blue water, green hills and blue sky of the new landscape, new look.
, Good fiscal and taxation work, to ensure balance
 Shaolin Scenic Area in the demolition, the case of a serious shortage of
sources, improve agriculture by supporting reforms, strengthen tax
collection and management, continue to do the work Xieshuihushui and
cracking down on tax evasion behavior. Continue to strengthen financial
resources, to strengthen management of extrabudgetary funds to implement
the revenue and expenditure system, standardize government procurement
practices, to improve the effectiveness of using fiscal funds. Authority
staff and ensure the payment of wages and other undertakings, expenditure
, Strengthen the building of spiritual civilization, the development of
various social undertakings
 to strengthen patriotism, socialism, collectivism and education on
various forms of mass spiritual civilization and establish a good social
 seriously implement the three basic state policy of sustainable
development. Family planning work should continue to implement the
"three-place", improve family planning service network, active in village
activities create eligibility, do a good job managing the floating
population family planning, ensuring the achievement of population
control objectives. Thoroughly implement the "Land Management Law",
strengthen land law enforcement supervision, adhere to stop the
indiscriminate use of farmland, protect basic farmland well planned,
increase land rehabilitation efforts, to maintain dynamic equilibrium of
total arable land. Importance on environmental protection, not on the
pollution the project.
 high degree of emphasis on education, increasing investment in education
to further promote educational reform and development and cultivate a
high quality education needs to adapt to modern teachers. Raise the level
of education and teaching, attaching importance to a social practice.
, Pay close attention to social stability and safety. As the Shaolin
legacy of scenic construction and demolition remediation land, Xicheng
District, subsection involves the vital interests of the people I work
pressure stabilized at large. "Eleventh Five-Year" period, the Shaolin
Street Party Working Committee, the Office will be a high degree of
attention to letters and stability, the implementation of responsibility
system for letters and visits, leadership package case system, leadership
and authority personnel package village, the village cadres package
group, and among the masses, seriously investigation to resolve the
various contradictions and disputes. For the investigation out of
disorder and help coordinate the processing and reporting. In the safety
area, contact the village and business practice, signed letters of
responsibility, at every level. To take an intensive investigation,
periodic inspection, supervision and other measures, strengthen
production safety management to prevent the occurrence of major
, Strengthen party building, for the full completion of the "Eleventh
Five-Year" to provide organizational guarantee. Carefully to maintain the
advanced nature education activities carried out to establish long-term
mechanism, and further efforts to improve innovation, attention to
competition in incentives to promote the work style of cadres with the
changes and pragmatic people, combined with a mechanism to promote,
further stimulate broad masses of cadres General entrepreneurial
enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, improve efficiency, ensure the
"Eleventh Five" target completed successfully.

 "Office of the Eleventh Five-Year Development Plan" Welcome to the
Office of the Eleventh Five-Year Development Plan.

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