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									 in recent years, ** the county in fiscal spending on family planning in
an important position, effective family planning to increase the input of
funds, family planning work for the county to provide a reliable depth
funding guarantees. Now the county family planning funding in recent
years the summary report on the following financial investment:
 1, to improve thinking and understanding of the scientific development
concept to guide the work of
 family planning is China's basic national policy of family planning,
population is always constraints in a comprehensive, coordinated and
sustainable development, major issues that affect key economic and social
development. China's family planning policy, effectively easing the
population resources, environment pressure, effectively promoted economic
development and social progress in building socialism with Chinese
characteristics, to achieve national prosperity and national rejuvenation
had a tremendous impact. In recent years, ** the county finance
department to fully understand the importance of family planning work,
from the favorable development of the overall situation **, effectively
increasing the financial input, urged the county family planning to
achieve four objectives: the quality of births significantly higher sex
ratio at birth tend to be normal, child-bearing age have access to basic
health services, life and death, marriage and fertility shape new ideas
and birth culture, so as to achieve the benefit of people of the county,
promoting social stability and promote sustainable development for the
target county .
 2, the effective increase investment, provide funds for the cause of
protection of family planning
 to increase family planning and ensure that operating expenses per
capita family planning input to the required standard, is an important
duty of the financial sector, but also the implementation of the county
family planning an important part of the overall deployment.
 county family planning in the preparation of the budget funds into the
guiding ideology is: Deng Xiaoping Theory, "Three Represents" and the
scientific concept of development, readjustment of building a socialist
harmonious society and realize the whole County, "during" population
control objectives, and seriously implement the "** Province Population
and Family Planning Ordinance" for the "Eleventh Five-Year" during the
county's population and family planning, and career development to
provide reliable funding guarantees.
 specific budget for the establishment, follow the following four basic
principles: First, establish a sound financial investment protection of
family planning funding mechanism to ensure funding for family planning
into the growth rate is not lower than the regular financial revenue
growth; s Second, adhere to the "financial benefit" principle, less
money, more work to do things well, to improve efficiency in the use of
funds; Third, in accordance with the requirements of the establishment
saving society, efforts to improve the structure of family planning
expenditures to ensure that key compression generally; fourth, classified
management of family planning appropriations were measured, the state
factual determination of the items measured.
 for the real cause of the family planning funds to provide security, we
also introduced the following security measures:
, Budgets give priority to family planning, family planning, priority
allocation of expenditure to ensure that family planning funding
arrangements in place, will be appropriated Total health expenditures to
ensure the cause of the level of growth is faster than the county average
level of expenditure to ensure that family planning efforts to achieve
higher financial input required standards.
, The county family planning funds into sub-normal part of career
development and national projects identified in two parts. More than the
actual allocation of funds for family planning as the base number, not
less than 10% annualized growth rate was measured; of the country for the
project: rural family planning technical services free of charge, rural
part of the funding for rewarding and supporting family planning,
village-level IPPF Director Poor wage subsidies and rural family
planning, family relief, the work requires factual determination and
, According to county, the county government at the request of family
planning and timely allocation of funds on a monthly basis, the county
Finance Bureau, the county Jisheng Ju monthly operating expenses will be
allocated to the rural family planning family planning office, to ensure
that family planning work normally.
, Improve and refine the input of funds target responsibility evaluation
methods. Financial, family planning department under the city's family
planning funds to develop assessment methods, revising and improving the
county's assessment methods to ensure that the scientific assessment,
fairness, authenticity. Ensure that population and family planning,
career development requirements are implemented.
, Family planning authorities under the relevant provisions of national
and provincial, establish and improve the financial management system to
further standardize the cause of total health expenditure management to
ensure that family planning funding is used for its business.
 through the above measures, the county's family planning funds into the
cause of the rapid growth so far this year, the county into the cause of
family planning funding has reached **** million, more than last year
also increased by **%, compared **** 2005 **** million yuan increase, an
increase of **%. Birth control cause a three-year increase financial
input are, respectively, the **%,**%,**%, faster than the year overall
expenditure growth. Financial investment per capita by the 2005 ** **
yuan to dollars, the per capita increase of ** dollars.
 3, to strengthen family planning funds management business, improve fund
use efficiency
 rural family planning funds to ensure timely, we adopted the following
measures: First, funding for rural family planning, population and the
standard for approval by the county financial Bureau directly
appropriated to the county family planning bureau, the county family
planning bureau and then allocated to the rural family planning office
directly to ensure that family planning funding in place to prevent
family planning funds to be diverted and used for other purposes. Second,
do a good job in conjunction with the audit departments of family
planning funds by the township financial audit, supervision and
implementation of family planning policy, once identified problems be
corrected in a timely manner, and to audit funding for family planning as
an important part of the end of assessment, to ensure the implementation
of this work.
 the same time we actively do all kinds of family planning policy of
benefiting the implementation of both the cause of promoting the smooth
development of family planning, but also effectively to benefit the
people, increase public welfare and reduce the burden on the masses.
There are two:
 (a) serious implementation of family planning, "four kinds of surgery,"
Free System
 in accordance with the provisions of a higher level, from October 1,
2001 since the county and township levels, "four kinds of operation" free
of charge the cost of the financial burden. For the "four kinds of
operation" free policy, financial sector take the following measures:
First, the situation of rural pregnant, environmental conditions, birth
control and technical practices of the medical examination provided for
all family planning service station by the township under the family
planning work requirements, according to provides a free service, the
cost of the cost of county fiscal transfer payments to rural finance, are
appropriated by the township grants to family planning office. Second,
abortion is required in rural areas, induced labor and technical
practices of the medical examination and other requirements, the county
family planning service station uniform free service, the cost of county
finance. Third, to ensure the smooth progress of family planning work,
county-level financial management fees within the Finance Division under
the normal progress of the county Family Planning Commission, reported
that funds are disbursed.
 (b) the difficulties of the good family planning townships and villages
and households for Helping
 focus on the economic situation worse, the family planning policy to
implement good townships and villages, and farmers, we give priority to
poverty alleviation funds active research projects help the poor to help
them become rich as soon as possible, the whole society in a positive
atmosphere for the implementation of good family planning policy. We
played with ** ** Village, township, village form ** Helping pairs, has a
poverty relief funds sent to them, poverty alleviation projects, not only
stimulate the local economy, and further promote the smooth development
of the family planning work .
 In addition, actively implement the one-child parents incentives, single
female households incentives, village-level family planning cadres,
bonus, full-time policy, Family planning policy in rural areas, the
implementation of the "Spring Bud Girls" program, established the
beneficiaries for the elderly support system, both to get people from the
real benefits of family planning, but also to remove their old age to
worry about the future, reduce the difficulties for the smooth conduct of
family planning.
 present, the county is still relatively weak economic base, revenue and
expenditure contradiction, capital allocation is very tight, very severe
financial situation, the difficulties encountered. Nevertheless, we still
do everything possible to dispatch money and actually perform the
financial sector's role in family planning work to ensure the normal work
of family planning, efficient operation. In the future, we will continue
to invest in accordance with the county family planning programs, and
further increase support for family planning and investment, give full
play to the functions of the role of the financial sector, and constantly
improve our work for the county family planning work to a new level and
make new greater contribution.
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