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									                                    Moses Ideas

I recently taught a series on the Ten Commandments to my Preschool Sunday
School class. I spent about a month on the life of Moses first (Moses'
birth and early life, Moses and the burning bush, Moses and
Pharoah/Plagues of Egypt, and Moses receives the Commandments). I used
simpler language to make the Commandments a little easier for
the children to understand (Worship only God, Don't make idols, etc.). I
taught 1 Commandment per week to the class. I asked the children to learn
the Commandment word for word, and I also taught the Commandment in sign
language. In order to reinforce the lessons and to motivate them, we made
a "Commandment Train" and "Train Ties."

This part may sound confusing, but it was very effective and looked great
on the wall. I made an Engine, 8 cars, and a caboose per child (out of
construction paper) with one Commandment printed on each one. I also
attached 2 pieces of black rope-like material (I don't know what it was
called, but it looked like twisted raffia ribbon) along the wall for each
child to look like train tracks. Each child painted 10 clothes pins
black, to make "train ties." On the following Sunday if the children were
able to tell me the Commandment, then they earned their "Commandment
Car." If they show me the Commandment using sign language, then they
earned their train tie. They were then allowed to put their Commandment
car on the wall (little piece of tape on the back worked just fine) and
they clipped their train tie to the black rope beneath the corresponding
Commandment car. After a few weeks it really started to take shape and
look like a train track with a train on it. The children loved it. Each
week I gave the children a paper to take home with them that had the
Commandment printed on it and pictures on it to help their parents
practice the Commandment in sign language.

I am sorry this is long and may be confusing. If you want to email me,
feel free to do so at

Tina in Tennessee

The Story of Baby Moses
Children's Version – DLTK-Bible

Does everyone remember the story of Joseph and his coat of many colors? This
story takes place many, many years after Joseph - actually it happened about
200 years later!
The people who were from the family of Joseph were called Israelites or
Hebrews. As it happens there were more and more Israelites than ever before.
The Israelites had children, and their children had children and soon there was
too many to count.

Most of the Israelites lived in Egypt where there were also a lot of people called
Egyptians. Too bad they couldn't all just see each other as the same. But as
you'll soon find out the Israelites and the Egyptians were treated very differently.

Anyway, a new king who was called Pharaoh came into power in Egypt. He
didn't like it that their were so many Israelites and he thought they would one day
take over the land. So he decided to make all the Israelites into slaves.

He made them work from early in the morning till late at night doing very hard
work. Even if they were tired the Egyptians wouldn't give them a break, they
would just make them work harder. It was very bad.

Pharaoh did all this and he still wasn't happy. The Israelites were still growing in
number so he decided to make a law. If any boys were born to the Israelites he
would have them killed.

At this time there was an Israelite couple who were expecting to have a baby.
When they had a baby boy (whose name would later be Moses) they decided to
hide him because they wouldn't let anyone kill this beautiful, precious baby of

They hid Moses for three months, but as he got older he didn't sleep as much
and he cried louder than before. So his parents did the only thing they could do,
they made a strong basket (sort of like a mini baby boat) and put blankets around
the baby and placed the basket in some tall grass in the Nile river.

Baby Moses had a sister named Miriam, and she watched from a distance to see
what would happen to her baby brother. While she was watching she saw
somebody coming, she realized it was Pharaoh's daughter and her servants.
They were dressed like they were famous, and she had seen her before and
remembered what she looked like.

Pharaoh's daughter had come for a swim. While she was swimming she noticed
a basket floating a little ways away in the tall grass. So she asked one of her
servants to go see what it was.

The girl brought the basket over to her, and when Pharaoh's daughter opened it,
the light startled Moses so he woke up and started to cry. "What a sweet,
beautiful little baby. It must be one of the Israelite's," Pharaoh's daughter said to
her servants.
Miriam had seen what had happened, and she hurried over and asked, "Would
you like me to go find an Israelite woman to feed the baby for you?"

"Yes, go and find someone who can nurse the baby." she answered. Miriam ran
as fast as she could and told her mother that Pharaoh's daughter had found him
and wanted someone to come nurse him.

They went and found Moses with Pharaoh's daughter, and she asked them,
"Please help me and nurse this baby, and I will pay you for helping me." (She
didn't realize that this was actually Moses' mother).

Later he became the son to Pharaoh's daughter, and that's when she named him
Moses, which means she got him out of the water.

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Safe in a Basket Boat
(From Exodus 2:1-10)
Moses was a baby boy born a long time ago. A mean king ruled the land, and he wanted
to kill all the baby boys. Moses' mother loved him very much and wanted to hide him
from the mean king. She needed to find a safe hiding place. Where could you hide a
baby? What would you do if the baby cried?
Moses' mother made a nice big basket. Then she covered the outside of the basket with
sticky, icky tar. Let's put our hands in the tar. Now let's put our hands together. See how
they stick? Yick!
Moses' mother set the tar-covered basket out to dry. What do you think she was making?
It was a boat! A tiny boat for baby Moses.
When the basket was dry, Moses' mother tucked him safely inside. The she carried the
basket to the river and set it afloat in the tall grass by the river's edge. Moses floated on
the river in his own little basket boat. The water rocked him gently, side to side. Let's
rock in the water with baby Moses.
Moses' big sister, Miriam, hid nearby and watched the basket boat to make sure baby
Moses was safe. Let's peek through the tall grass with Miriam. Someone else was
watching Moses, too. Do you know who it was? God was watching Moses.
Some women came down to the river to wash. One of them was the king's daughter-a
princess! Let's pretend we're washing in the water. I'll rub on some soap. Now it's your
turn. Look! Is that a boat?
The princess sent a servant to find out what was moving in the tall grass that grew at the
edge of the river. The servant brought the basket to the princess. What do you think the
princess's face looked like when she opened the basket and found a baby boy inside? She
must have been very surprised!
Miriam saw the princess holding baby Moses and ran over to her. Miriam asked, "Would
you like me to find someone to take care of this baby for you?"
"Yes," answered the princess.
Who do you think Miriam found to take care of Moses? She brought back Moses' own
mother! The princess told Moses' mother, "Take this baby and nurse him for me, and I
will pay you." How do you think Moses' mother felt knowing that Moses would be safe?
Moses' mother was so happy to see her baby boy!
God had a special plan for Moses to keep him safe. God can keep you safe, too.

Arlington -

Preschool Lesson
Moses is born
Bring a little baby doll and a basket to help with the story.
A long time ago, there was a very mean king. He was cruel to the people
who helped him. One of his helpers was a family that loved God. God took
care of them. One day the wife had a baby boy. She hid him from the king’s
men. The baby grew and grew until he was three months old. (Bring a
blanket and bottle to pretend to feed the baby) When the mother could hide
the baby no longer, she made a boat basket out of grass. She covered the
basket bottom with black tar so that it would float in the water. She put the
baby in the basket and put it in the water. She had his sister watch as the
boat floated down the river. Before long, the king’s daughter came to the
river to take a bath. She saw the basket floating and sent her maid to get it.
When the princess opened the basket, she saw the baby!

She wanted to keep the child. The baby’s sister saw what happened. She told
the princess that she would find someone to help care for the baby. She
hurried home and brought the baby’s mother to care for him. The king’s
daughter named the baby “Moses” because she got him out of the water.
Moses was a special boy who grew up to help God’s people. God took care
of Moses and He will take care of us too.
Preschool Lesson
The Burning Bush
Last week we learned about a baby boy. Does anyone remember his name?
(Moses) This week we are fastforwarding through his life. Now he is a
grown-up. Moses got into trouble and went to another country. He thought
that he would be safe there. It was really hard for Moses. He had to learn
how to be a shepherd. A shepherd takes care of sheep. (Make “baa” noise)
Moses lived in the palace when he was growing up. He never had to do
anything. As you can see, Moses had to learn how to work, and how to
work hard. He didn’t have anyone helping him or giving him delicious food
anymore. One day Moses was out in the fields with the sheep. (Make “baa”
noise) As he was leading the sheep, (Make “baa” noise) they came to the
mountain of God. All of a sudden Moses saw a strange thing. (Place your
hand on your forehead like you are looking far away) Moses saw fire
coming out of a tree—but the tree was still green. Nothing was burning
up or turning brown! Moses walked closer to get a better view.
God saw that Moses was coming closer, so He called to Moses, “Moses,
Moses!” Moses said, “I’m right here.”
Then God said, “Stay where you are. Take off your sandals because this is
holy ground. (Take off your shoes)
God told Moses that He had seen how the Hebrew people were being treated
so badly. He had heard their cries for help. He told Moses that He had a
plan. And Moses was part of that plan to get the people out of their slavery.
God told Moses to go and get His people. Moses just stood there. He was
afraid. He didn’t know what the king would say. He knew that there was a
new king now and he was mean! So, he told God that he wasn’t a
good leader. It should be someone else.
Then God asked Moses to throw down his stick. It became a snake! (Make a
“hiss” sound) Then he asked Moses to pick it up by the tail. It turned back
into a stick. God explained that the people would see even more miracles
and they would believe that Moses had been sent by God.
Moses was STILL afraid. He told God that he stuttered. That was no
problem for God. God told him that He would help. He also told Moses
that his brother Aaron could also help. So, Moses and Aaron and their
families traveled back to Egypt. Next week we’ll see what amazing miracles
God does to help his people.
Hands-On Activities
The Burning Bush
Make a snake out of an old neck tie. Stuff a neck tie with
newspaper or soft pillow
filler. Pretend it is the stick/snake that Moses had.
Make paper sandals like Moses had. Write the verse on the
Preschool Lesson
Moses and the plagues
Teachers: Be careful as you tell the story. Some kids may be scared of
blood, bugs etc.
Help them know that God took care of His people and they did not
experience the plagues.
Make pictures of the plagues to help the kids see what is happening.
If it seems like the kids will not be focused, tell the kids that 10 bad things
happened to the
king and his people. However, God’s people were fine and did not
experience any problems.
Concentrate on how GOD loved His people and cared for them.
Last week we learned that God told Moses to go back and help His people get out of the city. Let’s look in
our Bibles and
see what is happening this week. It takes 10 different plagues for the king to finally let God’s people go.
Moses and Aaron (Moses’ brother) went to the king pharaoh to ask him to let God’s people go. The king
was very stubborn.
Moses had a stick that became a snake when he threw it down. The king’s magicians did the same thing
with their tricks.
God told Moses to meet the king at the river in the morning. He talked to the king again, but the king would
not let God’s
people go. So, God told Moses to dip his stick into the river. When he did, the water turned to blood.
However, the king would
not listen to Moses.
Next, Moses met the king and asked him to let God’s people go. This time the land was flooded with frogs.
There were frogs
Next, God sent gnats because the king would not listen. They flew around everywhere. Still, the king still
would not let the
people go.
The fourth plague was flies. They swarmed over all the Egyptian people, but were nowhere around God’s
people. The king
told Moses that they could go and worship God, if God would take the flies away. The flies left, but the
king changed his mind
and would not let the people go.
Then, Moses told the king that there would be a disease on the farm animals if he did not let them go. Sure
enough, the disease
killed all the animals but the king was still stubborn.
God told Moses and Aaron to scoop up ashes from a furnace. He told them to throw them into the air in
front of the king.
When they did this, the Egyptian people broke out in sores called boils.
Next, Moses told the king that a thunderous hail storm would come. It came and ruined the crops in the
fields. The king
told Moses that the people could go. But when the hail stopped, the king changed his mind again.
Moses and Aaron went to the king again. They asked to worship God or swarms of locusts would come.
Locusts are like
grasshoppers. At first, the king agreed until he realized that even the children were going. Then, he told
Moses, “No.” The locusts
came. In fact, there were so many that the sky was black with them. They ate all the plants and made life
miserable. When
the king asked for mercy, the plague stopped, but then he told Moses, “No!”
For the next plague, God caused darkness in the Egyptian city for 3 days. However, where God’s people
lived, it was both
night and day as usual. The king still would not change his mind. He would not let God’s people go.
Finally for the tenth plague, Moses told the king that the last plague would change his heart. An angel was
assigned to kill
all the first born boys of all the families.
God had His people prepare for the last plague. All God’s people marked their doorposts with blood from a
lamb. This was
a sign for the angel that passed over that he would not kill the first son in that family.
All night long crying could be heard in Egypt. People were realizing that their first born sons were killed.
Even the king’s
son died. This caused the king to finally let God’s people go. He told them to take whatever they needed for
their journey. Many
Egyptians gave them things for their journey.
God took care of His people. He helped them when the king was mean and hard on them. God promises to
help us too. He will
take care of us and be with us all the time.
Pray and thank God for how He loves us and cares for us.

Hands-On Activities
For Moses and the plagues

Cut an empty egg carton so that there are 10 cups (instead of 12).
Now, find little items to represent the 10 plagues and place in each
of the 10 cups. For example, a red piece of paper for blood, plastic
frog, fly, cow, Styrofoam ball for hail, etc. The kids may want to
draw pictures to help them remember the plagues.

As you are telling the story, open an umbrella to hide under to
show the kids that God protected His people. They did not receive
the plagues like the Egyptians did.

Preschool Lesson
Through the Red Sea
Bring Blue construction paper for each child. They will use it to illustrate the “walls of
the Red Sea.”
When God led the people out of Egypt, He didn’t lead them on the easiest road. He took
through the hot desert to a big sea called the Red Sea.
God led them with a big cloud by day and He led them with a pillar of fire by night. The
helped shade the people from the heat of the desert during the day. The fire helped warm
the people from
the cold at night. God took care for His people.
When the king saw what had happened, he had his best men and chariots chase after the
people. He
was sure that he would force the people to come back, BUT he was wrong.
When the people looked up and saw the chariots, they were scared. Moses talked to them
and told
them that God would help them and care of them.
All of a sudden they reached a dead end. The Red Sea was right before them. The people
began to
panic because there was no way of escape from the king’s army.
(Pass out blue construction paper.)
Suddenly, God told Moses to lift his stick. A great wind began to blow. It separated the
water into
2 walls. In the middle was a dry walkway. All of God’s people walked through the water
on dry land!
(Have the kids shake the paper then split into two rows with a walkway in between
The angel of God moved behind the people and protected them from the king’s army. In
fact, while
it was night on the king’s side, God made it light as the people were traveling through the
When all the people got to the other side, God told Moses to stretch out his hand over the
Suddenly the waters closed.
God took care of His people! They were so excited that they began singing songs to God
to thank
Him for saving them from the evil king.
Sing songs to thank God for how good He is to us!
Pray and thank God for caring for us.
Teachers: The Red Sea did not have red water. However, small children may not be able
to understand that
it was called the Red Sea and there was not red water in it.
Preschool Lesson
The Ten Commandments
Teachers: Some of the commandments will be hard for the small kids to
understand. Help
them to understand the basics of loving God and loving others.
We have been learning many things about God’s people. Moses was God’s
He helped the people follow God.
One day while they were in the hot desert, God told Moses to climb up a
mountain. Moses climbed and climbed the mountain. (Make climbing
When he got to the top, He saw lots of smoke. God spoke to Moses through
smoke clouds.
God told Moses 10 important rules that the people should follow. Let’s
count to 10.
Now, let’s see what the 10 important rules were.
The first 4 rules told the people to love God more than anything else. They
also told
the people not to use God’s name in a bad way. It also helped the people see
how important
it was to go to church and worship God.
The next 6 rules were things to help people love others. God told us to
respect our parents,
tell the truth, be honest and not steal and not wish for things that other
people had.
All these rules are important because they help us love God and love others.
Let’s take time to thank God for loving us and ask Him to help us love
Sing “One little, two little, three little commandments etc.” to the tune of
“One little, two
little, three little Indians.”
      Children’s Sunday School:
                                            Itty Bitty Moses
                                                 by Len
(Sang to the tune of Itsy Bitsy Spider)
                               Itty bitty Moses was crying in his room,
                             Then came his mommy and sang a little tune.
                             "Hush little baby, the Lord will be your guide,
                                    And no one will ever harm you,
                                        for God is by your side."

                               Into a tiny basket, the baby Moses went,
                              Placed into the Nile, and to the palace sent.
                             "Hush little baby, the Lord will be your guide,
                                   And no one will ever harm you,
                                        for God is by your side."

                           Lovely Pharaoh's daughter saw Moses in the Nile,
                         Picked him up and loved him, raised him as her child.

                             "Hush little baby, the Lord will be your guide,
                                   And no one will ever harm you,
                                        for God is by your side."
The Plaque Song
                                                  by Craig
A catchy little song that's sung to the tune of "This Old Man"

                                                                              Target Age:
Plagues, Hardened Heart,
                                                                              Grades 2 3 4 5 6

   Then God sent,                                    Then God sent,
   Plague number one,                                Plague number six,
   Turned the Nile into blood.                       Boils and sores to make you sick
   All the people in Egypt were feeling pretty low   All the people in Egypt were feeling pretty low.
   They told Pharaoh "Let them Go!"                  They told Pharaoh "Let them Go!"

   Then God sent,                                    Then God sent,
   Plague number two,                                Plague number seven,
   Jumping frogs all over you.                       Hail and lighting down from heaven.
   All the people in Egypt were feeling pretty low   All the people in Egypt were feeling pretty low
   They told Pharaoh "Let them Go!"                  They told Pharaoh "Let them Go!"

   Then God sent,                                    Then God sent,
   Plague number three,                              Plague number eight,
   Swarms of gnats from head to knee.                Locust came and they sure ate.
   All the people in Egypt were feeling pretty low   All the people in Egypt were feeling pretty low
   They told Pharaoh "Let them Go!"                  They told Pharaoh "Let them Go!"

   Then God sent,                                    Then God sent,
   Plague number four,                               Plague number nine,
   Filthy flies need we say more?                    Total darkness all the time.
   All the people in Egypt were feeling pretty low   All the people in Egypt were feeling pretty low
   They told Pharaoh "Let them Go!"                  They told Pharaoh "Let them Go!"

   Then God sent,                                    Then God sent,
   Plague number five,                               Plague number ten,
   All the livestock up and died.                    Pharaoh's son died so he gave in.
   All the people in Egypt were feeling pretty low   All the people in Egypt were feeling pretty low
   They told Pharaoh "Let them Go!"                  Finally Pharaoh let them go.

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