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					     Bottled Water:
Flavoured & Unflavoured

     Innova Market Insights
           June 2009

   This review focuses on ‘Bottled Water flavoured & unflavoured’
    global product launches from the Innova Database.

   The review contains information regarding new ‘Bottled Water
    flavoured & unflavoured’ product launches from January 2008 to
    December 2008.

   Market Analysis
   Company Analysis
   Positioning Analysis
   Flavour Analysis
   Packaging Analysis
   Bottled Water Flavoured & Unflavoured Product Trends
   Conclusion
Market Category Breakdown
  Bottled Water Vs Countries

United States is
the king of
flavoured &
bottled water

Germany (18%)
takes second
place in
bottled water
launches, and
Japan (25%)
takes second
place in bottled
water launches.
Future Market Predictions
•The largest single market is the US market, with a value in 2006 of $15.3bn,
projected to rise by $4.0bn by 2010. In monetary terms, this represents the
greatest value growth, driven by the size of the market and a high projected
CAGR rate of 6.0%. The still unflavored water category is the largest of all the
bottled water categories.

•In 2006 the combined markets of Europe, the US and Japan was estimated to
be worth $32.4bn. Still unflavored water is also by far the largest bottled
water category in terms of volume sales. In 2006, volume sales for this
category were estimated at 56.3bn liters. This is projected to rise by 12.1bn
liters to a new level of 68.4bn liters in 2010.

•Between 2006 and 2010 the value of the combined US, European and
Japanese bottled water market is projected to see a compound annual growth
rate (CAGR) of 5.0%. Volume growth will be healthy at a projected CAGR of
4.7% for the total market. In value terms, Europe is the largest regional
market for bottled water and this will remain constant over the period.

•Of all markets, the UK is projected to see the highest rate of value growth at
8.7%, from $2.4 billion in 2006 to $3.3bn in 2010.

Positioning Analysis
Bottled Water: Flavored
Market Analysis
Bottled Water - Flavored
   Market Analysis: Bottled Water - Flavored -Top 15 Countries

The beauty water market was initially
launched in mid 2007, gaining sales of
GB £200,000 in its first year, which
has since risen to £500,000, with
distribution deals for a number of the
major multiple retailers and an
introduction into the French market.

A more detailed review of product
activity indicates that recent launches
in Europe and the US have focused
particularly on the bottled water
market, where the additional benefit
of skin hydration can be exploited to
the full alongside the benefits of the
added ingredients.

Drinks with functional ingredients
intended to help with specific health
issues are common to the Japanese
market and are growing in popularity
in the US and Europe.
Company Analysis: Bottled Water Flavored - Top 15

  COCA COLA                             19%
                                                 •Coca Cola is the biggest bottler
  DANONE                                12%      and marketer of bottled water in
                                                 the world.
  NESTLE                                 8%
  GEROLSTEINER BRUNNEN GMBH & CO KG      8%      •Nestlé launched Pure Life
                                                 Natural Fruit Flavored Water
  PEPSICO                                7%      Beverages which are all 100%
                                                 caffeine-free, made with natural
  TARGET                                 7%      fruit essence, SPLENDA® Brand
  AG BARR                                6%      Sweetener, or Sucralose, is a no-
                                                 calorie sweetener that is made
  USN (PTY) LTD                          5%      from sugar so it tastes like sugar.
  COTT BEVERAGES INC                     5%
  SOBE                                   4%
  WOOLWORTHS                             4%
  OWATER                                 4%
  BIG EARTH BRANDS LTD                   4%
  SNAPPLE                                4%
  AGUAS SANTA LUCIA LTDA                 3%
Positioning Analysis
  Bottled Water - Flavored
Positioning Analysis
Positioning Analysis – Positioning Category

   Positioning Category         Products Launched
   Low Calorie                        21%
   Natural                            11%
   No Additives/Preservatives                       •Today's consumer is not only
                                                    driven to buy bottled water for
   Vitamin/Mineral Fortified          10%           freshness and hygiene reasons,
                                                    but also for the added benefits
   Sugar Free                          9%           such as vitamin and mineral
   Antioxidant                         7%           fortification, infused antioxidants,
                                                    and other functional ingredients.
   Ethical                             4%
   Sports & Recovery                   4%
   Energy/Alertness                    4%
   Kosher                              4%
   Weight Management                   4%
   Wellness                            3%
   Low Sodium                          3%
   Allergy                             3%
   Children (5-12)                     3%
   Sugar Free Reduces Calorie Consumption
       One of the preferred choices in Bottled water Flavored products sector
        among modern health conscious consumers

Colombia: Dasani   Taiwan: Carrefour
Blackberry         Sparkling Water with
Flavored Water     Orange Flavor          Czech Republic: Lychee United States: Fruit     Finland: H2Oh Lemon
                                          and Ginger Flavored    Motions Peach-Grapefruit & Lime Lightly
                                          Sparkling Water        Flavored Water Beverage Sparkling Water
   Increasing Daily Fiber Intake
   •Drinking for fiber instead of eating is one of the latest trends driving NPD for this category.

United States: Vitamin+Fiber Water
Pomehydrate Flavor. Rich
pomegranates would grace our
water with their flavor. With more
fiber than pomegranate juice, now                                                       Source:
you can put good taste to work.
   In Search Of Dieters
  •Consumers are turning more to liquid solutions to aid with weight loss.

                                                                      Germany: Japonica Cassis Leict & Still
                      United Kingdom: Bio-Synergy                     - Diet Non-Carbonated Water Beverage
                      Fitness Water                                   Flavored with Black Currant

Latvia: Aqua Plus
Nearwater Raspberry                                                                                 Russia: Slim+ Non-
                                             South Africa: USN Leanfast
                                             Lean-R Strawberry Kiwi                                 alcoholic Aerated Drink -
                                             Flavored Water                                         Mandarin Flavor
Dairy Peptides for “lowering blood pressure”

             UK: A bottle of natural pomegranate
              flavored spring water with dairy peptides
              to help lower blood pressure and
              maintain a healthy heart.
             Claims: Suitable for diabetics. Gluten
              free. Suitable for vegetarians. Lactose
              free. Water with dairy peptides to help
              lower blood pressure and maintain a
              healthy heart. With sweetener. This
              product contains special dairy peptides
              which naturally occur in dairy foods.
              Scientific studies show that they actively
              help control blood pressure as part of a
              healthy diet. Only 7.5 calories per 500ml
              serving. Works With Water 120/80 is
              designed for people who want to follow
              a blood pressure controlling diet.

Kids Need Hydration Too
   •The number of kids flavored bottled water products is on the increase, following adult product trends.

                                                                           United Kingdom: Calypso Disney High
                                                                           School Musical 3 Senior Year
                                                                           Strawberry & Blueberry Flavour Natural
                                                                           Mineral Water Drinks

 United States: Capri Sun Roarin' Waters -
 Grape Flavored Water Beverage.              United States: Eating Right Kids
                                             Uniting Strawberry Kiwi Flavored
                                             Water Beverage for Kids

Canada: Simply Kids 100% Petit Vitamin
Enriched Water - Watermelon
New Generation Amino Acid Citrulline Water

      Japan: Asahi Soft Drinks developed a product containing citrulline and shared this with Shiseido
      Pharmaceuticals and confectionery company Lotte to allow more than one company to develop
      products using it. Citrulline is a multifunctional amino acid ingredient derived from watermelon
      (Citrullus vulgaris), working as an antioxidant, reducing the build-up of ammonia in the
      bloodstream and dilating blood vessels, preventing muscle fatigue and boosting metabolism. As a
      result it may find applications as a functional ingredient in the prevention of vascular diseases and
      also in sports nutrition to improve endurance and improve recovery rates.
Sports Waters Come Into Play
                                                                                         United States: Sport
                           Australia: Play   United States: Owater
                                                                                         Wave Vitamin Infused
                           Sports Water -    Infused Strawberry
                                                                                         Water in Cherry Slam
                           Blackcurrant      with Caffeine and
                                             Electrolytes Water

Philippines: Vitwater Nutrient
Enhanced Flavored Water -
Endure/Fruit Punch with Ribose

                                                                     Israel: Mey Eden
                                                                     Active - Flavored
                                                                     Water with Lemon
                                                                     and Spearmint
 Antioxidant Waters For More Health
   •Creating flavor and health appeal simultaneously by using fruits with antioxidant qualities.

United States: Snapple                                     Canada: Aquafina Plus+ Vitamin
Antioxidant Water - Grape                                  Enhanced Water – Passion Fruit
Pomegranate Flavour                                        Citrus Flavour

                                 United States: Archer Farms                               United States: Snapple
                                 Beauty Fortified Water                                    Antioxidant Water -
                                 Beverage - Pear Lychee                                    Dragonfruit Flavour
   Adding Flavor Without Too Many Calories

      Calorie free or reduced calorie flavored water options are plentiful.

                      Austria: Low      United States:
Carbonated Natural                                       Germany: Volvic
                      Calorie Drink     Archer Farms                        Netherlands:   Netherlands: Spa &
Mineral Water Drink                                      Landfrucht
                      With Pear Elder   Touch of                            Eazy Active    Fruit Carbonated
with Orange and                                          Zitrone - Lemon
                      Flavor            Spearmint All                       Water with     Mineral Water in Fresh
Ginger Flavor                                            Flavored Mineral
                                        Natural Water                       Lemon & Lime   Orange Flavor
                                        Beverage         Water
 Flavour Analysis
Bottled Water - Flavored
Flavour Analysis: Flavour Group
Flavour Analysis: Flavour Sub-Category

                                         Citrus and Berries &
                                         Summer Fruits still
                                         dominate as far as flavour
                                         selection is concerned.
                                         However, consumers
                                         seem to be more willing to
                                         try new and unusual

                                         Tea, Elderflower, Melon
                                         and Mint flavours are up
                                         and coming flavours
                                         which offer the consumer
                                         something a bit unique
                                         to experience.
Sparkling Water with Fruit Extracts
Flavour Analysis: Top 10 Flavours

                                    Kiwi has
                                    as a hot
 Kiwi Fruit Receives New Found Fame

•Nestlé Pure Life Natural Fruit Flavored Water Beverages are all 100% caffeine-free, made with
natural fruit essence, SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener, or Sucralose, is a no-calorie sweetener that is
made from sugar so it tastes like sugar (Source:
Flavour Analysis: Primary Flavour
    Adding Tea For Flavour and Function
   There is an increasing number of products containing natural extracts such as Tea. Tea is
    renowned for its antioxidant qualities.
   Green coffee extract is finding more applications as it can raise the resting metabolic rate and
    thus increases energy expenditure, which is ideal for dieters.
                        United States: Emerge
                        Nutrient Zero Calorie
                        Relax Green Tea with                        Germany: Volvic Tee Creation
Russia: Aqua Minerale
                        Berry Infused Water                         Fernostlicher Tee/Zitrone-Limette
Active Water - Green
                                                                    - Mineral Water with Far Eastern
Tea and Peppermint
                                                                    Tea and Lemon-Lime Flavour

                                                                                                 Germany: Gerolsteiner
                                                                                                 Moment Rooibostee &
                                                Guatemala: Water                                 Pfirsich - Water with Rooibos
                                                Flavored with Green Tea                          Tea and Peach Flavour
Coco-Cola Sparkling Water with New Flavours
   Vegetable Extracts For Natural Appeal
       Demand for natural ingredients like vegetable extracts is entering the mainstream soft
        drinks sector which can replace the artificial flavours and colors.
                                   Spain: Pascual Nature Descanso Herb Flavored
                                   Mineral Water with Lime Blossom, Melissa and
                                   Chamomile. Contains vegetable extracts

Portugal: Frize Tangerine Flavored Mineral
Water. Naturally sparkling carbonated
mineral water with tangerine flavor and
vegetable extracts.                                               Portugal: Frize Lemon Flavored Mineral Water.
                                                                  Lemon flavored naturally sparkling carbonated
                                                                  mineral water with vegetable extracts.
Flavour Analysis: Secondary Flavour
Guarana Moves From Energy Drinks to Water
   Guarana herb is one of the popular ingredients used in herbal weight loss products.
    Guarana has a long list of reputed health benefits; it is a natural stimulant and has fat
    burning or weight loss properties.
                                                                           Serbia: Fresh Water with
        Hungary: Grapefruit-Lemon             Hungary: Natur Aqua          Lime and Guarana Flavors
        Balm Flavored Carbonated              Emotion Citrus-
        Water with Guarana                    Guarana Flavoured
                                              Still Water

               Brazil: Antartica
               Guarana Flavored

                                               Australia: Spring
                                             Valley Smart Water
Honey Is The New Inclusion of Choice

                            United States:                                 United States:
Japan: JT Echinacea Water   Honeydrop Bee Calm   China: OKF Nude Natural   Honeydrop Bee Good
with Honey and Vitamin C    Chamomile Tea and    Fruit Drink - Grape       Apple and Honey
                            Honey Drink          Raisin. Contains honey    Drink
Packaging Analysis
Bottled Water - Flavored
Packaging Analysis – Flavoured Water
Bottled Water: Unflavored
 Market Analysis
Bottled Water - Unflavored
Market Analysis: Bottled Water Unflavored -Top 15 Countries
Company Analysis: Bottled Water Unflavored - Top 15
          Company                  Products Launched

           KINKI PARTNERS LTD             23%
           PROJECT 7 INC                  13%
           NESTLE                         13%
           DANONE                         10%
           PURBLU BEVERAGES INC           7%
           SAN PELLEGRINO                 6%
           APOLLINARIS BRUNNEN D          4%
           COCA COLA                      4%
           PERRIER                        4%
           TRADER JOES                    3%
           USN (PTY) LTD                  3%
           PEPSICO                        3%
           WHOLE FOODS                    3%
           MEDAQUA KFT                    3%
           ARVI KALAKUTAI                 3%
Positioning Analysis
 Bottled Water - Unflavored
Positioning Analysis
Positioning Analysis: By Category

      Positioning Category         Products Launched in (%)
      Natural                                                 41
      Ethical                                                 17
      Ready-to-drink                                          16
      Low Sodium                                               6
      Children (5-12)                                          4
      Indulgent and Premium                                    3
      Seasonal/In-Out Products                                 2
      Halal                                                    2
      No Additives/Preservatives                               2
      Sports & Recovery                                        1
      Vitamin/Mineral Fortified                                1
      Allergy                                                  1
      Low Calorie                                              1
      Gluten Free                                              1
      Kosher                                                   1
      Total                                                   99
Promoting Natural
Micronutrient Water- A World First

Antioxidants: Prevent cellular damage, and help your body
recover faster from exercise. Antioxidants also slow the
aging process by protecting cells and tissues from oxidation.

Electrolytes: Necessary for a healthy metabolism and cellular
activity, electrolytes are mineral salts that carry energy
throughout your body.

Zinc: Found in almost every cell in your body, zinc is an
essential mineral that supports a healthy immune system.
Zinc stimulates the activity of enzymes and helps fight colds,
aides in the healing process, and improves cellular function
   Evian Leads With Special Edition Launches

United States: Evian Jean Paul Gaultier
Pret-A-Porter Water. A giant crystals
revealing a shimmering gown, over sized
letters generously enveloping the bottle
and a play on transparency and optical
illusions. This special edition Evian bottle
offers an extravagant celebration of the
simplicity of pure beauty of porter water.
Magnified by a unique color so very much
his own, the majestic blue that offers a
subtle reminder of a famous mariniere, the
Evian Pret-a-porter version by Jean Paul
Gaultier is already widely coveted and will
soon be gracing every table.
    Paying For Premium
    •Consumers are ready pay a for premium products. There are plenty of products claiming to be of superior quality
    and/or from a superior water source.

                                                                        United Kingdom: Calypso Natural
                                                                        Mineral Water Ice Cubes. A bag of
                                                                          premium quality, individually
                               Australia: Macro                           frozen ice cubes made from
                               Wholefoods Market -                            natural mineral water.
                               Australian Natural
                               Still Water. Natural                                United States: Delicious
    South Korea: Lotte         premium water.                                      Genuine Glacial Water.
Bluemarine Water. Premium
                                                                                  Delicious Genuine Glacial
deep sea drinking water in a
                                              Australia: Mountain H2O Premium      Water rests on top of a
        PET bottle.
                                              Natural Spring Water. BFA registered volcanic port and melts
                                              product. Natural product.              from the bottom up.
Filtration For Purity

 Canada: Nestle Pure Life Purified Water. Every drop of
 water in every bottle of Nestle Pure Life purified water goes
 through a multi-step process of filtration that involves
 reverse osmosis and/or distillation. The water is enhanced
 with a unique blend of minerals for great taste.
Packaging Analysis
Bottled Water Unflavored
Packaging Analysis – Unflavoured Water
Thumb’Up Sport Closure Gets Thumbs Up
Bubbles For Improved Grip
                                                      Designer: ristina Menegozzo,
                                                      Design Concept: The
                                                      concept of the water bubble
                                                      was the inspiration for the
                                                      bottle’s design. The
                                                      uniqueness of its shape is
                                                      combined with the
                                                      necessities of practical use.
                                                      The bubble allows the hand
                                                      to grasp the bottle easily,
                                                      without letting it slip when
                                                      the water is poured. The little
                                                      bubbles repeated in the
                                                      lower part have a partly
                                                      aesthetic function, but they
                                                      also give an extra non-slip
                                                      handhold, as well as serving
                                                      as ribbing to stiffen the
                                                      bottle and compensate for
                                                      the very small weight of the
                                                      PET (Polyethylene
                                                      terephthalate) of which the
                                                      bottles are made, and
                            Source:   preventing the bottle from
                                                      losing its shape when
Eco-Friendly Packaging

AquaFlexCan Is Flexible But Can Stand Up
   Packaging Analysis
                                   Spain: Evian Christian
                                   Lacroix - Refreshing natural    United Kingdom:
                                   mineral water in an elegant     Sparkling Blue Keld
                                   Christian Lacroix designed      Artesian Carbonated
                                   glass bottle.                   Natural Mineral Water
                                                                   in glass bottle.

                        Poland: Toma Frutado
                        Apple Mint. Apple and                     Japan: Sence Water
                          mint flavored water.                      with Rose Aroma.
                                                                        Imported rose
Malaysia: Glinter Air Mineral                                     flavored water from
Semulajadi - Natural Mineral                                       Bulgaria. Beautiful
Water. A innovative bottle of                                       colored water and
natural mineral water.                                                   pretty bottle.
 Packaging Analysis

                       Indonesia: Cap Panda
                       Orange Flavored Water.
                       Orange flavored water in a
                       plastic glass.

                                                    Finland: Plup 0.4l Lahdevesi -
                                                    Spring Water. Spring water from
Hong Kong: Radical Grabber                          Anttila well (Finland), contained in
Hydrogen Water. Hydrogen                            a specially designed plastic bottle.
water in an aluminum bottle.

              Brazil: Antarctica
                Tonica - Tonic
             Carbonated Drink.                       United States: World Classics
            Carbonated quinine                       Trading Company National
            tonic water in 350ml                     Forest Protected Spring Water.
               aluminium can.                        National forest protected
                                                     spring water in a plastic jug.
Bottled Water Trends
Bottled Beauty Claims
   Some bottled water containing antioxidant fruits claim to enhance ‘beauty’. Berries
    are the top antioxidant rich fruits and the addition of these fruits to bottled water
    increases the nutritional quality.

                                         United Kingdom: Bio-
                                         Synergy Beauty From
                                         Within Water With A Hint
                                         Of White Grape

                                               United Kingdom:
                                               Boots Water Vit
                                               Beauty Strawberry &
                                               Cherry Spring Water
Pure Beauty Award Winner 2008

  Case Study: Clear Skin Beauty Water
       Manufacturers are aligning themselves with the beauty industry and developing
        products to aid weight control, skin health, and wellbeing. A close link between
        hydration and beauty is being promoted.


                                                       United Kingdom: Works with Water Beauty Natural
                                                       Flavor Spring Water - Raspberry and Rose
Water for Clear Skin Launching in June

Limited Edition For Special Occasions

France: Evian's Spring            France: Evian's Spring
Collection – Water. Evian is   Collection Haute Couture –
yet another brand that jumps   Water. Evian is yet another
on the fashion endorsed          brand that jumps on the
limited edition range.          fashion endorsed limited
                                      edition range.
 Adding Oxygen Adds Value
•Oxygenated water is water that is infused with oxygen. People who consume oxygenated water acquire more
oxygen into their bloodstream. This has a variety of health benefits for a variety of people. Not only is drinking
oxygenated water a good idea for active people, it’s actually a good idea for everyone (Source:

•Studies shows that oxygenated water is a consumable product that also has topical application benefits. A
laboratory report from Baylor Research Foundation states that aerobic oxygen has successfully killed many forms
of anaerobic bacteria such as Staph (Staphylococcus), Strep (Streptococcus), Giardia, Salmonella, and E. coli, to
name but a few. Oxygenated water appears to enhance absorption and utilization of vitamins, minerals, amino
acids, and herbs so effectively that supplementation volume can be reduced, while experiencing enhanced effects
and increased energy, more stamina, improved concentration, more rapid healing, improved circulation, reduction
of varicose veins, smoother skin, and more rapid recovery from exercise. Oxygenated water actually stimulated
metabolic activity (Source:

                         Indonesia: OxyFine
                         Oxygenated Drinking Water.                   Hong Kong: Oxigizer -
                         Oxygenated drinking water in                 Oxygenated Water.
                         a PET bottle.                                Oxygenated water in a
                                                                      500ml glass bottle.

                                                                             Indonesia: Air Ox
                                                                             Oxygenated Water.
                                                                             Oxygenated water in a
                                                                             plastic bottle. Contains
                                                                             80 ppm of oxygen.
   United States is the king in bottled water flavoured & unflavoured launches. Germany (18%)
    takes second place in bottled flavoured water launches, and Japan (25%) takes second
    place in bottled unflavoured water launches.

   Consumer concerns over rising obesity levels combined with an increase in public knowledge
    of health issues, has had a positive effect on the bottled water market. UK is the dominating
    leader in beauty water product launches. Drinks with functional ingredients intended to help
    with specific health issues are more common in the Japanese market, but are increasing in
    popularity in the US and Europe.

   'Good-for-you' water products such as vitamin and mineral enhanced water are enjoying
    strong growth. In the flavour arena, citrus is the dominating flavour in bottled flavoured
    water, however there has been an abundance of enticing new flavours like tea, elderberry,
    melon and mint emerge in recent times. More superfruits will find their way into the bottled
    water category.

   The emerging trend of bottled waters is reliant not only on the sourcing of the ‘purest’
    water, but also very much on packaging, designed to appeal to consumers seeking a super
    premium product.

   New packaging solutions will form a major part of brand extension activity as manufacturers
    reach new markets with more convenient packaging formats. High end premium products
    will become more prevalent in future years and packaging design will becoming increasingly
    important as a product differentiator.

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