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					                           Memo on Credit Counseling
a. Credit Counseling       The 2005 Bankruptcy Reform Act Amendments require
Agencies. Before you       you to enroll in a "Credit Counseling Briefing" class, from
file for Bankruptcy, you   a US Trustee certified credit counseling agency, before
must receive a briefing    filing bankruptcy. This required class costs around $65.
from a Credit Counseling   The agency will explain financial management and how to
Agency.                    do a budget analysis, and will also discuss alternatives to
                           filing bankruptcy.

1. US Trustee certified    All About Bankruptcy & Credit
credit counseling          6295 Lehman Drive
agency.                    Suite B-101
                           Colorado Springs, CO 80918

2. US Trustee certified    Cornerstone Credit Counselors, Inc.
credit counseling          6860 S. Yosemite Ct. Suite 2103
agency.                    Centennial, CO 80918

3. US Trustee certified    Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Colorado Springs
credit counseling          1233 Lake Plaza Drive, Suite A
agency.                    Colorado Springs , CO 80906

2. PreDischarge            After you file for bankruptcy and before getting your
Counseling.                bankruptcy discharge, you must complete an approved
                           Debtor Education Course: a personal financial
                           management course required by the Bankruptcy Abuse
                           Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005. These
                           courses, which may be completed on line, cost around $45.
                           These courses concern living within a budget and not
                           getting yourself overextended with credit again.