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 Apr / May 2007

                                Ray Lewis
A Tribute to Mothers
Kellye Lynn, Mechelle Shields     Our Beloved #52
& LaDawn Black
Face Time
Attorney Warren Brown
Stay at Home Mothers
Meet the Mocha Moms
                                Mom, Sunseria “Buffy” Smith
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                                     CELEBRATING MAMA                                        lorna k. hanley
                                     Channel spent some time getting to know some very
                                     public mama’s in a private way, at home with their      executive editor
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                                     MAN-2-MAN                                               editorial assistant
                                     A new feature on real life issues that men face and     shawn wright
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                                     Wedding Series. The Wedding Diva, Linyette              samantha spink-mellerson
                                     Richardson Hall talks about the sweetness of love ...   mike tucker jr.
                                     The Wedding Cake.                                       yeve g. montgomery
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JAN | MAR | MAY | JULY | SEP | NOV    You know the man, you know the
                                      determination and character but
                                      do you know where it started?
                                                                                                      Channel Readers respond to
                                                                                                      the topics that interest them the
                                                                                                      most. Here are some responses
                                                                                                      that we received in our letter
                                                                                                      bank from you.

I picked up Channel at MECU on Reisterstown Road., I love the Wedding
Diva!!! My mother and I were tickled pink to learn more about Linyette. We’re
huge fans of “Whose Wedding is it Anyway?” We had no idea she grew up
in Edmondson Village. Where can I get this magazine? Can you send me
subscription information?
-Tasha                                     I’m excited about the upcoming election.
                                        Baltimore is ready for Mayor Dixon; she is
                                        competent, dedicated and passionate about
                                        turning this city around! No hidden agendas,
                                        but a homegrown hero that is serious about
                                             Lorna, “Table for One,” was enlightening and
                                             funny. Thanks for thinking about the singles, we
                                             need love too! I especially liked the ending … it’s
                                             about being free.
                                              OK, yes she’s our first female mayor, but has Sheila Dixon proven herself as a “Leading Lady?” Her
                                              responses seemed to be the usual orchestrated political prattle used to get votes. This city is in a state
                                              of emergency! We need a mayor that is ready to produce more than just lip service. You also thought
                                              it noteworthy to point out the “Takeover” in city hall with black women in major city seats. All of these
                                              women have done nothing but sat pretty during their tenure. I am not impressed!
                                                          Hey Lorna,
                                                          Love it! Love it! I just read the magazine. The photos are all great.I was impressed
                                                          with the first issue and this is even better. And I loved the Couples section, too.
                                                          Please keep up the great work.
                                                          - Marva
                                              I must say, I was very pleased with this second issue. I mean the articles were powerful and
                                              addictive. I enjoyed the comments page for the past issue. That allowed me to see what the
                                              readers enjoyed and disliked. Also the Couples of Baltimore page was excellent. I am sure that
                                              the readers were delighted to see such successful couples featured in a local magazine. A single
                                              myself, I was struck by surprise to see an article for singles. The article on gangs and our children
                                              was enlightening and provided great instruction for parents and leaders over children. In addition
                                              I enjoyed the black history salutes, especially the one on my girl Billie.

                                              The graphics were exceptional, causing me to read the article although not interested in the topic.
                                              Also having it on the site to be viewed was good as well. This issue tops last issue completely and
                                              makes me hungry for the next. The interviews were outstanding and first class.
                                              - Sara
                                                       I love Vino100! I live in New Town and have never heard of it. I’m hooked!! Thanks
                                               Who does the stellar layout and design of the publication? I checked your website and was unable to
                                               find out about subscription information. In addition to a beautiful design, I have read both issues cover
                                               to cover. Your stories are interesting and right on time. How can I get Channel on a regular?
                                                                                                         email us:
C ontributors

                                                                                                                                        image: Kevin Johnson/DIGITALbyKJ
Candance L. Greene                          Tiffany L. Hughes                               Samantha Mellerson                                                             Mike Tucker Jr.
Candance L. Greene is a freelance editor    Our Social Change Editor, Tiffany L.            Native Canadian, Samantha Spink-                                               A serious music collector, and proud
and writer, wife, and mother of two. She    Hughes has been an active community             Mellerson spent most of her childhood                                          alum of Morgan State University, Mike
has an MFA in Creative Nonfiction Writing   activist for the last 8 years. Tiffany earned   traveling and studying in various                                              Tucker enjoys driving a different car
from Goucher College. Candance has          her BA in Social Work from Morgan               countries. After graduating from the                                           every week as a freelance automotive
been published in several anthologies       State University, and is in the process         University of Toronto, she packed her                                          journalist and has been featured in XXL
including Bittersweet: An Anthology of      of opening a residential treatment              bags and moved to the USA, where                                               and African Americans On Wheels. After
Contemporary Black Women’s Poetry           center called KEYS (K)nowledge to               she is currently a citizen residing in                                         a stint at the Associated Press, Tucker
and Southern Breezes: An Anthology          (E)ncourage our (Y)outh’s (S)uccess.            Baltimore, Maryland. Encouraged by                                             founded and directed his own magazine
of Southern Poets, and magazines                                                            her father to give back to her community,                                      targeted at HBCU’s in 2002. YARDstyle
including Brevity Magazine, Orientation     Ms. Hughes is also completing her first         Sam keeps busy as a Baltimore City                                             Magazine is now distributed on over 76
Christian Magazine, PAPYRUS Literary        book titled, Empty Spaces: The Road to          Youth Advocate for troubled teens.                                             campuses. Mike currently resides in his
Magazine, and the Urbanite.                 Feeling the Fullness which is scheduled         Recently married, Samantha and                                                 hometown of Washington, DC where he
                                            for release in the Fall of 2007. Tiffany        husband Rodney, are embracing their                                            is also a successful promoter.
                                            resides in Baltimore with her 9 year old        new direction, and looking forward to a
                                            son, Saeed.                                     life of new possibilities.

Derrick Chase                                Yeve G. Montgomery                             Dr. Reneé Harding                                                              Ryan C. Greene
Musical Editor, D. Chase currently           Yeve G. Montgomery, writer of various          Dr. Reneé Harding is a clinical                                                Ryan C Greene is an Author and Host
works with several soul artist including     genres, editor, and educator received          psychology consultant and Director of                                          of the weekly radio talk show “The Ryan
Raheem DeVaughn, Eric Roberson,              her BA in Professional Writing and             Harding Consulting – a consulting firm                                         C Greene Show.” His first book, entitled
Dwele, Jaguar Wright, Algebra Blessett,      Publications from the University of            dedicated to helping individuals and                                           Success Is In Your Hand, was released
Jazzy Jeff, and many others. His music       Baltimore and earned her M.A.T. degree         organizations achieve higher levels of                                         in June 2006. Ryan travels the country
company, UPIC handles booking,               in Secondary Education at Towson               success. Dr. Harding has earned a Psy.                                         as a Motivational Speaker and Seminar
sound, graphic and production. You can       University. She is a 1999 and 2000 fellow      D. in Clinical Psychology, an M.B.A. with                                      Leader with the purpose of Educating,
read more articles written by Derrick        of the Hurston Wright Writer’s Week, an        a specialization in Entrepreneurship, an                                       Empowering and Equipping Today’s
by checking him out @           excerpt of her screenplay, Crossroads,         M.S. in Quantitative Psychology, a B.S.                                        Leaders. Ryan graduated from Hampton
dchaseworld. See all of these artist Live    appears in their anthology, The Hoot and       in Accounting, and a B.A. in Theater.                                          University with a BS in Marketing and
@ Eden ’s Lounge . Every Thursday            the Holler of the Owl. Yeve, is a proud        You can visit her website at www.                                              is married with two children. www.
Night Live “The Soul Kitchen Music           English educator with the Baltimore City                                                     
Series” Presented by D. Chase.               Public School System and currently
                                             resides in Baltimore, Maryland.
The Editor’s Desk
                                                                           Does it line up?
  “Ms. Hanley, your car needs an alignment job,” says the mechanic under the hood of my car. “Alignment, are
  you sure it’s not just off balanced?” I inquired. “ No, ma’am. Your car needs a wheel alignment.” In its most
  basic form, a wheel alignment consists of adjusting the angles of the wheels so they are perpendicular to the
  ground and parallel to each other. The purpose of these adjustments is to maximize the life of the tires. As the
  mechanic further explains what an alignment is, I can’t help but make the comparison to my sometimes hectic
  schedule. His crash course in wheel alignment reverberates with me as I begin to think about how I can “adjust
  the angles” in my life so they are perpendicular to my life’s purpose.

  “Was that meeting meaningful?” or “Did that conference call really count?” How much time do we waste
  doing work that is not aligned with our overall objective?

  My life’s mechanic is my mother. Joy Hanley, a spit-fire, no-nonsense, goal-oriented Jamaican who came to
  Washington, DC about 40 years ago with a plan. She remained in alignment with her purpose and demanded
  her children not only mimic, but exceed her endeavors. A successful and steady career with the federal
  government, homeownership and the establishment of both spiritual and financial wealth are just a few of
  the fruits of her labor. Most of us are in debt to our mothers, who are responsible for keeping us on track by
  checking our engine, changing our oil and balancing our wheels, all in order for us to reach our maximum

  The Channel Magazine staff dedicates this third issue to the Mothers of Baltimore. Mothers like Comedian
  Mechelle Foreman Sheilds who can bring down a house with laughter. HealthWatch Reporter Kellye Lynn who,
  like many mothers, will sacrifice anything to maintain the sacredness of her family. Finally, Sunseria “Buffy”
  Smith, mother of Baltimore Ravens’ linebacker Ray Lewis, who promotes patience and the power of prayer
  when raising a giant.

  If you did not have a healthly relationship with your mother, free yourself by forgiving her for what she was
  not able to give, and open your heart to embrace love. If your mother has passed, honor her spirit by living
  a fulfilled life. If you are blessed enough to still have your Mother here with you, please pick up the phone
  and thank her for the gift of life she birthed, the priceless lessons she taught, and the overwhelming love she
  showed you.

  Moving Forward,
  Lorna K. Hanley

                                                       Spring ahead ...
                                                       Spring Ahead! Go on, but if I go ahead does that mean I have less time? No. In fact you have
                                                       more time. That’s right it’s spring again time to dig down deep within yourself and feel refreshed
                                                       and ready to take on the world. You’ve got everything you need;longer days, nicer weather
                                                       and a little sound advice from Channel Magazine.

                                                       I’m delighted to share my Spring with you … the conversations, feedback, applause and pause
                                                       has been valuable in helping to shape Channel Magazine as we strive to serve the community
                                                       with unparalled substance, sophistication and style. I was equally delighted to have Ray Lewis
                                                       and Mrs. Buffy on the cover for our tribute to mothers.

                                                       Enjoy this issue of Channel Magazine and in your spare time remember to visit us online at
                                              to share your thoughts, issues and concerns.

                                                       Antoine Friend, Publisher

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                                                CHANNEL MAGAZINE   8|9
“To be or not to be?”
                                                          That is the question
many mothers grapple with when torn between a beautiful family and
a successful career. Shortly after giving birth to her second child, WJZ
Healthwatch Reporter Kellye Lynn found what she describes as the
“perfect balance of work and family.” “It was the most important and challenging
                                                                                   The Howard University graduate says she will always love journalism,
                                                                                   her WJZ Family and was overwhelmed by the amount of support from
                                                                                   viewers that missed her at noon, but she also “wanted to slow our lives
                                                                                   down, and put God and family first.”

                                                                                   Kellye came to WJZ in 1994 from News Channel 8 in Springfield, VA.
decision I ever had to make,” says Lynn about drastically cutting her hours        She served as the noon anchor until last year when she stepped down
in half at WJZ-TV.                                                                 from the anchor desk to “keep my finger on the pulse of my family.”
                                                                                   The decision was a sacrifice both financially and professionally, however
“My heart was calling me home.”                                                    Kellye and her husband, Michael surmised, “Where you decrease, God will
The Silver Spring native says she not only wanted to be home for her
children, 4-year-old Austin and 2-year-old daughter Chloe, but she also            You can still find Kellye on WJZ’s Healthwatch where she keeps
desired to “open up more time to be a better wife to my husband.”                  Baltimoreans informed on the latest health and wellness issues.

                                                                         Baltimore’s Healthiest Mom

                                                                                       Baltimore’s Funniest Mom

 T     o say Baltimore’s own Meshelle Forman Shields is multi-talented is
       an understatement. She is an accomplished actress, singer, writer,
       and you do not have to see her stand-up routines to know she is
                                                                                 and performing her one-woman show, “Nervosis.”

                                                                                 Before her career in comedy took flight, the comedienne married
                                                                                 LaMarr Darnell Shields, a youth advocate and CEO of the Urban
                                                                                 Leadership Institute. Together, the vegan couple produced three
       Performance always came easy to Forman Shields. As a child, she           children, daughters Makela-Hadiya, age five, Sameera-Adamma,
       and her sister loved watching “The Carol Burnett Show” so much            age three, and one-month-old son. It is her family, and network
       that they decided to create their own sketch comedy show for the          of friends, that sustain and keep her humble. “I cannot do this as
       family. Using the front porch as their stage, the skits, which included   an anomaly…and I don’t play games like I’m a superhero.” With
       rehearsed commercial breaks, were a hit. Comedy, however, was             their support, she is able not only to be an artist, but also “the
       her respite, not the profession she intended to pursue. Instead,          mother who goes on field trips [with her kids] and makes them
       she honed her acting and singing skills playing lead roles in college     vegan lunches.”
       productions of “Dreamgirls,” “The Wiz,” and, after receiving a B.S.
       in Psychology and being accepted into the Doctoral program in             There is no doubt that Meshelle Foreman Shields will soon be a
       School Psychology at Temple University, landed the lead role in           household name. In fact, America will have the opportunity to get
       the stage production of Bishop T.D. Jakes’ groundbreaking play            a glimpse into how funny this mom is in April with she competes
       “Woman Thou Art Loosed.”                                                  on Nick-at-Night’s reality show “Funniest Mom in America.”
                                                                                 Through her comedy, she will continue to fulfill her calling, of
       It wasn’t until coworkers dared Foreman Shields to perform at             “healing people through laughter.”
       an open-mic night at Mo’nique’s comedy club that she began to
       embrace her comedic gift. Since then, she’s performed at comedy           For more information about Meshelle Foreman Shields, visit
       clubs across the country, appeared on several television programs,        her website at Also, tune in to Nickelodeon
       been asked to be the warm-up comedienne at countless award                beginning April 3rd to watch her compete for the title of “Funniest
       shows, spoken at various women’s empowerment conferences, and             Mom in America.”
       combined her comedic, dramatic, and playwriting skills by penning


 The Mayor’s Minute
                          In response to concerns about crime and violence in Baltimore’s
                          neighborhoods, I hosted four emergency meetings with educators,
                          neighborhood and community leaders, faith community leaders, and
                          youth and student leaders. I asked them join me in an open and frank
                          discussion about possible solutions to rid our neighborhoods of crime
                          and violence.

                          I am grateful to everyone who came to the meetings. Police
                          Commissioner Leonard Hamm and I appreciated the opportunity to
                          hear people speaking frankly and honestly about these issues. While
                          there were many solutions suggested, it was clear that people are
                          interested in more targeted distribution of government resources, as
                          well as improving the relationship between the Police Department and

                          It is clear to me that most people in our communities care deeply
                          about this problem, and are very hopeful that by partnering with our
                          new community police initiative, crime in our neighborhoods can be

                          The Baltimore City Police Department is committed to working with
                          our communities. Community policing is about developing partnerships
                          that radically improve our ability to solve our crime problems. By
                          building and fostering these relationships, citizens and community
                          leaders can help each other prevent and control crime.

                          I am convinced that through regular contact at community meetings
                          and forums, police and community members will discuss concerns
                          and find ways to address them in ways specific to that community.
                          Officers working long-term assignments on the same shift and beat
                          will become familiar figures to community members and will become
                          aware of the day-to-day workings of the community. The increased
                          and visible police presence will help establish trust and help create
                          neighborhood security.

                          In areas where this has been implemented, we know it is working. But
                          there is more that needs to be done. With the help of committed and
                          active citizens, I am positive that we will be able to move Baltimore
                          towards a safer tomorrow.

                          As always, I am interested in what you think about our plan to make
                          our city a more attractive place to LIVE, EARN, PLAY and LEARN.
                          Please email comments or suggestions to
                       Not Your Average
                        Coffee Clutch
                                                                                                                               by Candance Greene

                                                                                     those meetings, the moms engage in a variety social activities including
                                                                                     book clubs, potluck dinners, mom’s and couples’ night out events, and they
                                                                                     provide meals for mothers who have either given birth or lost loved ones.
           did not know what to expect as I walked into my first Mocha
    Moms meeting, but I was eager to find a group of women, who looked               The Western Baltimore County Mochas are also committed to serving
    like me, and could relate to some of the issues I was dealing with as an         the community. Since their inception, these moms have facilitated
    African American stay-at-home mom. One-by-one, they arrived with their           pamper drives for domestic violence centers, adopted families from the
    children and filled the room with excited energy. They greeted each other,       Department of Social Services for the holiday season, participated in the
    and me, with heartfelt hugs, and shared stories about their children’s latest    Heart Walk and Race for the Cure, donated business attire to My Sister’s
    escapades. For once, I was not the only Black mother in the room.                Place for women in transition, and held clothing drives for the House of
    Mocha Moms, Incorporated was founded in 1997 in Prince Georges                   Mocha Moms, Incorporated welcomes people of all religions, races,
    County, MD by four African American mothers to support the needs of              educational backgrounds, and income levels. For more information about
    women of color who had chosen to be stay-at-home moms. The founders,             the national organization, visit their website at For
    Karla Chutz, Joby Dupree, Cheli English-Figaro, and Jolene Ivey, felt it vital   more information about the Western Baltimore County Chapter, visit their
    that these mothers have an outlet to alleviate the sense of isolation that       website at
    often engulfs the stay-at-home mom in general, and the African American
    mom specifically. The organization, which first began as a newsletter, now
    boasts more than 120 chapters nationwide, and includes members who
    work part-time, have home-based businesses, consult or freelance from
    home, or have chosen to go back to work fulltime.

    The meeting I attended was hosted by the Western Baltimore County
    Chapter, one of nine that currently exist in Maryland. Chartered in
    September 2001 by Renee Richards and Allison Simmons, the chapter was
    established for mothers in Baltimore City, as well as Baltimore, Harford
    and Howard Counties. Approximately 60 moms are financial members.

    The women meet every Thursday morning in various locations to share
    resources, provide how-to advice on nursing and potty training, and to
    encourage each other to make time for self-pampering. In addition to
Mother-Son Bond or Mother-Son Bind?                         -By Tiffany Hughes

Mother’s can identify with knowing
the agape love that a son brings to ones
life. That divine, unconditional and self-
sacrificing love. It is all encompassing;
particularly for mothers. We were born to
be the bridge between the spiritual world
and the physical world. From conception
through pregnancy to delivery the
miracle of life is awe evoking. This
new person on the planet loves you
unconditionally. Our man children are
so dependant on us to thrive. They need
us to feed them, change them and show
them unyielding love. It is difficult for
some mothers to go from having so
much initial control to gradually loosing
it. There is nothing that can prepare us
for the overwhelming, initial demand
of parenting. As our bundle becomes a
toddler, his independence increases and
his need for mothering slightly decreases.
We welcome the freedoms that come
with their development and resent them
all at the same time.

As your mothering need decreases for
your son are you ready let go?

A mother’s intense love for her son
can lead to boundary issues in their
relationship. Many factors lead to
creating boundary issues. For instance,
if the father is absent from the home
or physically present and emotionally
unavailable, a mother may attempt to
over compensate for that absence. She
may feel justified in giving her son extra
attention because his father is not there
to show him love. But often times, the
roles become entangled and the son
moves from being the son to the little
man of the house. Or a lonely mother

                                             A Profound take on
may, unknowingly makes her son her
emotional partner.

                                             Mother-Son Relationships
                                                                     CHANNEL MAGAZINE
                                                                     CHANNEL MAGAZINE   14 | 15
The term codependency refers to a relationship where one or
both parties enable the other to act in certain maladaptive ways.
                                                                           To Sons
                                                                           First of all it is not your fault. You should not feel guilty about your
Codependent relationships can be found in any relationship. When           love for your mother. But you may have relationship issues with your
mother’s have codependency issues with her son, she may make               mother, which are affecting all your relationships and your life. It is
excuses for him. A mother may get fulfillment from being needed by         worth examining. If you feel like you are a mother bonded man, you
her son. The son may consciously or subconsciously sabotage situations     can try going to individual or relationship therapy with your mother.
so that his mother can come to the rescue. For instance, if a son has      Also Michael Gurians’ book, Mothers, Sons and Lovers: How a Man’s
issues with money management and his mother always bails him out,          Relationship with his Mother Affects the Rest of his Life, is a great place
he becomes codependent. The mother likes to be the rescuer and the         to start. According Mr. Gurian, men are more open to working on
son wants to be rescued. Though the mother may become resentful of         their issues around their father’s than even acknowledging that they
her son, she loves the feeling of still being needed by her adult son.     have any issues with their mother So challenge yourself. If you feel
The son becomes very entitled because his mother has continued to          more comfortable disclosing to a man, consult a male therapist or
overly assist him and he may feel that the world should respond to         psychologist. If a female mental health specialist makes you feel more
him the way his mother does. This includes his significant other. Men      comfortable, consult a female. Take the first step by acknowledging
with codependency issues almost always have issues with their love         that you may have some work to do.

Codependence is addiction to looking elsewhere. Codependence               To Mothers
can lead to romantic and sexual addictions in men because so much          It is not your fault. Applaud yourself for the things you have done
of his life has been fulfilled by his mother. He becomes needy and         well as a mother. As the mother of a son, I pray daily that I am doing
has trouble being alone with himself. He may feel incomplete and           a good job. Being seen as the smartest, most beautiful woman in
seek out women to make him complete. James Hollis, author of “How          the world feels good, he loves you unconditionally and you can do
Mother’s Influence a Man’s Personality,” addresses how codependency        no wrong. What an ego Booster! In his little eyes, you are Perfect!
affected his relationships with women. “I’ve lied to them, cheated         Then he grows and begins to recognize your short-comings, he might
on them, manipulated them, intellectually, physically and sexually         begin to point out your faults or criticize your ways. Yes mama, you
dominated them and generally made their lives miserable. Historically      have fallen from grace and are no longer perfect. The truth is there
I’ve picked partners who are psychologically and intellectually strong     is no such thing as a perfect mother. We should first be honest with
and I strove to break them, exerting dominance over them in the form       ourselves about areas in our lives that need improvement. We should
of teasing them about their weight, intelligence, my attraction to other   teach our sons that everyone has room to grow, even moms. We should
women, anything I could do to keep their security and spirits low and      encourage our sons to work on their self development. We should
dependence upon my love, high. They’ve all had or developed a              examine all relationships. We owe it to our children and ourselves
variety of eating disorders and complexes. I was totally inconsistent,     to be painfully honest with ourselves. If you have a very strained
loving them, then pulling away and/or using them. Every woman              relationship with your son maybe you should consider individual
I know, not just the ones I’ve dated, has told me I need to get my         therapy or relationship therapy with your son. Yes, I said relationship
head shrunk.” Men with codependency issues are also, often times,          therapy. Relationship therapy is not just for romantic relationships. The
perpetrators of physical, emotional and sexual abuse because some          mother-son relationship is one of the most sacred and it is never too
men are looking to regain the power that their mothers may have            late to heal the relationship.
taken from them.

  [ Mothers do you ...                              [ Sons do you ...                               [ Does your man ...
  need to be needed by son ]                         become child like or needy in mothers’            obsess about his mother ]
  manipulate or control your relationship            presence ]                                        believe that women should serve him ]
  with your son ]                                    appear overly protective of mother ]              have difficulty maintaining
  make excuses for sons’ inappropriate               feel you must protect her at all cost ]           relationships ]
  behavior ]                                         never quit feel you have done enough for          act like a child or tyrant or both, brags,
  get too involved in sons’ romantic                 her ]                                             lies, boast, as he tries to be special ]
  relationships ]                                    tend to side with your mother over your           demand your attention or leaves ]
  smother or become overbearing to your              wife/partner ]                                    chase women-quantity not happiness is
  son ]                                              avoids confronting mother with issues             important ]
  find it hard to your see your son as an            because you don’t want to cause her               avoid any form of counseling or coaching
  independent adult ]                                anymore stress ]                                  on these issues ]
  consciously or unconsciously compete for           see her primarily as a mother and not as          expect you to do the primary emotional
  your sons’ affection ]                             a woman ]                                         work in the relationship ]
  create roadblocks to prevent your son              fear intimacy with a strong women and
  from becoming independent ]                        prefer a passive woman ]
                               • • • • •
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  • No application fees!
  • No out of pocket closing costs!
  • Flexible terms from 10 to 50 years!
  • Interest only payments available!
  • All credit scores accepted!                                                                                                                Purchase, refinance and
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              c o n t a c t us
              410-850-4040 ph
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              410-850-8336 fax                                                                                    terms and conditions may apply. Loan qualification and rate is dependent on borrower’s
                                                                                         credit score and financial history. Loan programs are not available in all states.

When buying or selling a home, you need more           out exactly as you wish. As a veteran CENTURY        stays on top of the counties ever- changing real
than initial enthusiasm. You need the keys to          21 professional with over 10 years of experience,    estate trends.
lock-in to ultimate success. Keys that will help       Wayne can handle every aspect of your
make sure your biggest decisions are your best.        transaction quickly, easily, and accurately.         When you’re ready to sell the last thing you
That’s why it’s important to choose a realtor who                                                           should have to worry about is quality service.
offers you keys that work- and who’s qualified to      Whether it’s negotiating to help you get the
open all the right doors step by step.                 right terms and price for your property or finding   Wayne S. Davis, Associate Broker, ABR,
                                                       insurance coverage for your new home, your           Centurion Agent
Wayne S. Davis offers expertise and the service        needs always come first. And because Wayne
to make sure your real estate goals are carried        knows the Maryland area first hand, he always
                        L E
         S A
 O R

but who wants this house?                                                                                      by Denise Fisher

    A            short time ago there would have been a line of buyers eager to make an offer. How times have changed!
    Hundreds of homeowners are feeling the pain of not being able to sell their homes as fast as they once could. Real estate
    market conditions have changed and there is a growing surplus of existing homes for sale. Just like with any product,
    presentation and marketing are the most important factors in making that sale. There are numerous ways to market
    an existing home. We have all seen the popular television shows where in 30 minutes, hard work and a small sum can
    transform a home and make it one that someone wants to buy. Well this can actually happen with the latest buzz in the
    real estate industry “Home Staging”. Home staging consists of a professional coming into a home and placing furniture
    and accessories in the most appealing arrangement in order to highlight the property’s best features. Staging may also
    consist of removing excess furniture, replacing fixtures, hanging artwork, improving curb appeal, and in some extreme
    cases, renovation. Additional tricks of the trade include using rented or borrowed furniture to evoke a mood, removing
    interior doors to give the appearance of more space and opening windows to introduce natural light. In a competitive
    market the goal is to make your home stand out above all the rest so that it appeals to the largest market. This will ensure

home staging tips:
    that its generates interest while its on the way to the completion of a sale. After all you are selling your biggest asset ....
    your Home.

    Try looking at your house through the buyer’s eyes as though you’ve never seen it or been there before.
    >        Clear all unnecessary objects from furniture throughout the house (especially kitchen counter tops).
    >        In the bathroom, remove any unnecessary items from counter tops, tubs, shower stalls and commode tops.
    >        Rearrange or remove some of the furniture if necessary.
    >        Review the inside of the house room by room and paint any room needing paint. Neutralize colors!!!
    >        Keep lawn freshly cut and remove and dead plants or shrubs. Weed and then mulch all planting areas.
                                                                                   Ask Dr. Harding
                                                         o Ow
                                                mo ved t ave my
        r. H                            ies, I         o le
D ear D                       por tunit as hard t t 34 it was
                        r op           tw             da            y,
                 caree st year. I ut I figure ortunatel
       u se of           l a             b            n f            as
 Beca n May of klyn, NY, t zone. U ltimore h
          i                o             or             a             th
   Mills own of Bro my comf here in B ly ill. Bo
   hom   et
                   p ou  t of      nme  nt        hysi cal         to be
            to ste rk enviro ade me p job seem l. The
    time w wo                                       y             a
             e                has m          on m           arriv        k
     my n oxic and the men cs and my don’t drin
               t                              i            I             ty
      been men and work eth existent. opportuni r
                 o              y             n                            i
       the w ened by m ork is no ot had an ide of the
        thre t of team so I hav
                                w            en        so  uts          w ork
                                                 orker           toxic       ll
         c oncep or party, new co-w handle a o I am? A
                   ol             y                I            h             is
           alcoh d with m . How do omising w en for th
                    n               s             r            b e
            to bo ork norm out comp ng have
             aft  er w ent with d traini                  n.
                      onm              an           optio
              envir education is not an
                of m n- leaving
                 posit                            D
                                          ills, M
                                 in gs M
                            - Ow
                                                       Have a question for Dr. Harding? Send it to

        Dear Tony,                                                         As a result, psychologically, you can begin to experience a
                                                                           sense of hopelessness, anxiety, helplessness, and depression.
        I wonder if there is something you might be doing that is Physically, you can experience stress, a compromised
        contributing to your toxic experience. You mentioned immune system, and sickness – symptoms you acknowledge
        that “all” of your education and training were for “this” already experiencing.
        position. While it is possible to be in a position that only
        one person could have (e.g., president of a major recording I wonder, too, if your intense view of this position is
        label, head coach for a football team), it is unlikely that one influencing how you interact with coworkers. For both men
        person is meant to have only one position throughout life. and women to respond to you in the same manner, it is likely
        Some experiences are to prepare you for future experiences, in reaction to something you are consistently doing. Do you
        future positions. I am confident that the skills and talents lose patience easily? Are you self-focused only? Are your
        you have can be used if not in another position, at least demands of others unrealistic?
        with another employer, or for your own business. Even if
        your training consisted only of firing M16s, the skills and So, in answer to your question, “How do I handle a toxic
        personality needed to successful complete that training could work environment without compromising who I am?” I,
        be transferred to other positions or careers.                      first, encourage you to ask, “Who am I?” It sounds as if
                                                                           you are defining your self and life based on this position.
        By attaching such an intense meaning to your current Then ask if, by your thoughts and actions, “Am I limiting
        position, you are making everything about it intense. You who I could be?” Lastly, consider possible ways you could
        will view and react to each assignment, interaction, outcome, be contributing to the toxicity at work. Remember, your
        and comment as if your success, happiness, and life depended body will tell you what is going on in your mind, heart, and
        on it. This, in itself, is toxic. You also stated, “leaving is not spirit. If you are sick because of your job, either the position
        an option.” Therefore, not only is your experience negative or your approach to the position is unhealthy.
        and distressing, but you are committing yourself to never
        leaving it.

         Dr. Reneé Harding is a clinical psychology consultant and Director of Harding Consulting – a consulting
         firm dedicated to helping individuals and organizations achieve higher levels of success. You can visit her
         website at
                                                                                                                                                     by Samantha Spink-Mellerson

          In a day and age when the conventional family has evolved into a mixture of “steps”
          “halves”, “baby mamas and daddy’s”, blended families are by far, the most common
          type of family to belong to. But regardless of how we were raised, as we grow
                                                                                                   3.         Primary Parent/Blend: As it is important for the parents to become a
                                                                                                   united front and maintain a strong partnership for the kids, it is also important that
          and mature, and talk to our friends, it is a day of enlightenment when we finally        the primary parent initially lead the way, and help ease the step parent into this new
          realize that all families have elements of dysfunction and moments of heightened         role.
          drama. So in an already complex equation, adding the element of a step parent
          –child relationship, new marriage or new baby, can easily intensify the situation.       4.         Chores: I know all parents love this one! Chores not only help maintain
          And although no one is implying that it is easy to adapt, there are definitely ways      house order, and develop self discipline, but they actually help determine individual
          to make it work.                                                                         roles and develop a sense of contribution.

          From growing up as a step child (and yes, I sure was treated like one), to marrying a    5.         Time: As each member of the family is adjusting in their own way and in
          man with children, it should come as no surprise that I have taken the career choice     their own time, it is important for each parent to make the effort to spend time with
          of a family therapist. Where in helping others, and sharing with co-workers, I have      each child individually. (Even if it’s just for 15 minutes out of your hectic schedule).
          undoubtedly learned to help myself.                                                      Individual time not only maintains your relationship with your own child, but it will
                                                                                                   also help develop and build your relationship with your new child.
          So, in working with a very talented team of Functional Family Therapists, we have
          come up with some very helpful tips to help you maintain your sanity, and smooth         6.         Don’t get too technical: If you have 2 children and your husband/wife
          out some of the kinks while raising your blended families.                               has 2 children, just say you have 4 kids! Don’t let the kids hear you go into a deep
                                                                                                   explanation of whose kids are whose. This is YOUR family now….own it.
          1.          Fun Activities: Make an effort to regularly schedule (try for once a week)
                                                                                                   You may feel a little overwhelmed as you try to put all these helpful hints into practice,
          an activity that the entire family can participate in. This can be anything from board
          games to bowling. You will be amazed to learn how simple and fun activities can          but be patient and persistent. As we continue to work late, attend conferences and
          bring a family together and help each person to identify their role in the family.       get that good over time in, why shouldn’t we put the same effort into our families?
                                                                                                   Even though our jobs pay our bills, our families are the true determination of our
          2.         Family Meetings: As ready made families blend together, there is a shift      wealth. So be rich and prosper, one day at a time.
          in family roles and authoritative positioning. Family meetings are a great way to
          help kids adjust to their new role, and also help parents learn to share their role as   All suggestions and helpful hints are the shared by the resilient Functional Family
          the family authority.                                                                    Therapists, at BCTT Inc. Margaret Donegan, Marcus McClain and Anthony Allen.
                                                                                                   For more info see
                                                                                                                        MONEY WATCH///

      “                  a business owner’s
                          deadliest mistake                                                                                         by Uzo Chima

  Everyone wants to tell you how to start your own business. Seminars, books, classes and workshops can be
  found anywhere and anytime to offer tips. But no one wants to tell you how to keep it. Did you know, according
  to USA Today, 85% of new businesses fail within the first year of operation?

  I’ll tell you why. Lack of funding and poor planning.

  Like most things in the world, starting a business requires money. In those first months, you’re working up
  momentum, drawing clients, buying supplies—everything from paper clips to computer systems—not to mention
  the actual work!

  It can be overwhelming, and without good, solid cash flow
  management, impossible. Fortunately, there are ways you can
  increase your chances of survival even before you start.
                                                                                                       3. Get Help
  Now, I realize they seem to be                                                                       I know you want to do it on your own. That’s
  common sense, but a look                                                                             the point of starting your own business,
  at that 85% up there indicates                      2. It pays to plan ahead                         right? Take a minute, however, to think about
                                                                                                       how much you’re already doing. You’re the
                                                                                                       president. Not to mention the CEO. As well
                                                                                                       as the administrative staff, receptionist, sales
   1. Everything has a place.                                                                          team, marketing director...why be the Chief
                                                                                                       Financial Officer, as well? There are people
                                                     Thomas Edison wasn’t kidding when he              out there dedicated to helping you with the
                                                     said “Good fortune is what happens when           planning and funding, as well as the cash
     If you’re starting up a company, someone        opportunity meets with planning.” Without         flow management problem that causes other
     has surely told you to find your niche. It’s    a sound business plan, you’re going to find       companies to go under.
     something you’ve already done, right?           yourself two months out with no idea where
     Wrong. Many new entrepreneurs enter the         you started or where you’re going next. In the    In today’s corporate world, with mega
     business world intending to take over the       business world, that leads to inactivity, which   companies like Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Viacom
     business pyramid from the bottom up. The        leads to zero production, which leads to no       and numerous others, small companies can
     problem is, you can’t start there! The entire   money coming in. I’m sure you can see what        rise through the cracks. Don’t become part of
     thing will crumble. Figure out exactly who      happens next. If you can’t, one of the compa-     that 85% failure statistic. Who knows?
     your ideal client is—down to the smallest       nies in that 85% up there will be happy to let    Maybe in ten years, I’ll be naming you
     details—and then you’ll have it, the top of     you know!
     your pyramid!                                                                                     at the end of this article.

                                                                                  Uzo Chima is the president of Lumen Financial, Inc.
           C L E A R LY
           GOALS AND

WILL PLACE YOU ON A COURSE                                 At First Trust Realty we work closely with our clients,
T O H O M E O W N E R S H I P.                             no matter what their credit issues may be. We hold
                                                           their hand through the home buying experience. Our
I was introduced to the business in 2003. The housing      first step with all of our clients is to ensure that they
industry was booming. It was known in the industry as      are educated on the home buying process from start
a sellers market. Once a house was listed, it wasn’t       to finish.
unusual for a house to have a contract on it within
hours. The housing market was moving at a rapid            What sets us apart from other companies is that all
pace. No one was taking the time to really work with       of our agents are also credit restoration specialists.
the uneducated buyers or clients with credit issues.       If your lender advises you that you have credit
                                                           challenges that prohibit you from purchasing a home,
It’s now a buyers market. Homes are on the market a        our agents can customize a program that will help
lot longer. This is actually great for buyers because it   remove the derogatory information from your credit
gives you more negotiating power. Sellers are offering     report. Once your credit scores show an improvement
closing cost assistance. In new construction, builders     we will refer you back to your lender so that you can
are offering Plasma TV’s, Vacations, and even Cars.        obtain financing, then the process begins.

This is the perfect time to buy.                           You will never be turned down again. If you follow
                                                           the path you will achieve your ultimate goal of home
First Trust Realty is also well known in the industry      ownership. What makes me feel good about First Trust
with builders. We have established excellent rapport       Realty is the name says it all. “Your trust is our first
with all of the major builders in the area, and have a     priority.” This system is guaranteed to work, it makes
close working relationship where we are contacted by       me feel good to be able to help so many people.
the builders directly with immediate delivery homes in
all communities. Our agents are all trained to know all    Bryan Harlee
aspects of the business, not just what it takes to get     Broker-Owner
you in the door. We are Real Estate Professionals.
  1700 Reisterstown Rd. 125-126, Pikesville, MD 21208               410-486-3911 P           410-486-8554 F
                                                                                                                                 MAN MAN///

                  As a man, undoubtedly you have a dream you would like to fulfill, a goal you would like to achieve or a purpose for which you live.
                  One of the biggest problems I see men wrestle with as they pursue their dreams is procrastination. We waste far too much time
                  with insignificant activities when that time could be used fulfilling our purpose and having a greater impact on the world. Time is
                  our most precious and valuable commodity and up to this point, no scientist or scholar has figured out how to get it back once it’s
                  gone, so it’s important to use every minute you have wisely. A successful man’s goal should be to “Always be better today than
                  you were yesterday.”

                   What do Bill Gates, Bob Johnson, Donald Trump, Sam Walton and You all have in common? The answer: You all have 24 hours
                  in a day. No one gets a single nanosecond more yet four out of the five listed are Billionaires. The first four made a decision
                  to make the most out of everyday and to milk everything they couldout of every minute while they were building their success.
                  How many bowling nights and “guys nights out” do you think Bill Gates and Donald Trump had when they were growing their
                  businesses? How much TV watching or sleeping do you think was going on while Bob Johnson and Sam Walton were amassing
                  their fortunes? Now what about you? What are you willing to give up in order to be the next success story?

                  When are you going to start taking control of your life and stop wasting the time you
                  were blessed with and use it to do what you were put here to do? Successful
                  people are willing to do now what others don’t so later on they can have what
                  others won’t.

                  Statistics show that the average human lifespan is 79.5 years. That
                  means if you are 30 years old, you have about 600 months left to live.
                  A 40 year old has about 480 months and a 50 year old has about 320
                  months. When compared to the 30-40 billion years of Earth’s
                  existence, even 700 months seems like but a minute.

                  Unfortunately, we were not given the luxury of deciding how much
                  time we have, nor can we put life in reverse and take advantage
                  of the time we let pass us by, but each day we can make a
                  decision as to how we will spend those 24 hours. It is that daily
                  decision that when life is all said and done will leave you saying
                  either, “I sure am glad I used my time wisely“ or “I wish I would
                  have used my time more wisely”. Everyone’s life is busy.
                  Life is never going to stop and say “Here’s the free time
                  you asked for, sir,” so it is up to you to make the time to
                  grow and take the time you need to become successful.

                  Your destiny is waiting on you. It’s waiting on you to
                  make a decision to stop dreaming about your purpose
                  and start walking in it. Turn off the TV, cancel guy’s
                  night out, skip bowling this month and do something
                  productive with all that time you “don’t” have.
                  Future generations are depending on you making
                  the most out of today so they may have a better
                  tomorrow. The average person only has 300-700 months
                  to make their impact on the world, don’t let yours waste away.

                  by Ryan C. Greene
                                                                                                                                                Over comer
                                                                                                                                                 Sex Symbol

A Mother’s Love
The accolades we liken to our Beloved # 52 are incessant, but to
                                                                                                                                                  by Lorna K Hanley

                                                                                            Ray grew up in a sea of estrogen, and was the eldest of twins LaQuesha
Ms. Sunseria “Buffy” Smith, he is simply known as Son. Football                             and LaKeisha, sister Kadaja, and baby boy Keon. In 1996, Ray moved his
fan or not, we all love him. Perhaps we fell in love with him back                          family to Baltimore after he signed with the Ravens. Relocating the close-
in 2001 when he was voted MVP of Super Bowl XXXV. Or                                        knit group was not only an effort to keep them together, but was also
did he catch our eye a couple years ago when he modeled true                                designed to create an infrastructure of internal wealth. “I wanted to pour
sportsmanship and class during the Terrell Owens fiasco? Maybe                              back into my family.”
it’s his unapologetic passion for his faith that keeps us donning
purple and black, and drinking Vitamin Water.                                               It’s all in the family for Ray and the gang. He strategically placed them in
                                                                                            key positions in his businesses in order to “teach my sisters and brother the
Whatever it is, Ray Lewis, like many of us, attributes most of his                          difference between being rich and being wealthy.” Twins LaQuesha and LaKeisha
accomplishments to his mother, who at an early age taught him how                           are mainstays at Ray’s Full Moon Bar BQ Restaurant, where they are busy
to be a man who leads with integrity and loves God with fervor. In                          managing the Canton favorite. Mother Buffy serves as Vice-President of
celebration of Mother’s Day, we sat down with Ray and his mother                            The Ray Lewis Foundation. Kadaja is employed as the Executive Director
in his regal Reisterstown residence to discuss how paramount a                              of the non-profit and serves as her big brother’s personal assistant. The
Mother’s Love is when raising a Giant of a Man.                                             youngest of the clan, Keon follows his brother’s footsteps at The University
                                                                                            of Maryland College Park, where he is running back for the Terps. Lewis
MOTHER’S LOVE                                                                                                                 “It all started with
                                                                                            credits his mother for his entrepreneurial spirit.
Thirty-two years ago, at the tender age of 15, Ms. Sunseria “Buffy” Jenkins                 my mother. She is at the top of all of this.”
gave birth to Ray Anthony Jenkins in the small town of Bartow, Florida.
Ray’s father, Ray Jackson, soon changed the baby’s name to Ray Jackson,                     Like most mothers, Ms. Buffy was simply determined to be the best mom
Jr. Unfortunately, Ray Sr. abandoned his family, and Ray eventually took                    she could be. “Ray would tell us, ‘I am going to play in the NFL, I am going to
the name of the man his mother starting dating at the time and became                       make it!’ I made up in my mind, I was going to be successful in whatever I did, if my
Ray Lewis. Ms. Buffy remembers how quickly Ray was ushered into the                         son played ball or not!” While Ms. Buffy is her son’s biggest fan, she says her
role of adulthood when he was ordained the man of the house. “By me                         proudest moment as his mother is knowing that her son has dedicated his
working two to three jobs at the time, Ray became the man of the house. He cooked           life to Christ. “I will never forget when Ray preached his sermon ‘Enough is Enough.’
food, braided hair and got his sisters and brother ready for the next school day before I   I can rest in peace knowing that my son is a man of God.”
got home from work,” says the mother of five. Ray recalls how his leadership

                                                                                               raising a gia                                                       nt
role quickly prepared him for the future. “My role taught me discipline. My
mother would tell me, ‘I need you to be a man right now!’ I became a true provider and
protector at 9-years old.”
    A MAN OF GOD                                                                     each of the next two seasons and, as a junior with 160 tackles
    On any given Sunday, you can find Ray on the edge of his seat                    under his belt, was runner-up for the Butkus Award given to the
    at The Empowerment Temple A.M.E. Church in the Upper Park                        nation’s top linebacker. Ray finished his college career with 388
    Heights Community. Mother Buffy attests that Ray is no stranger                  tackles, fifth on Miami’s all time list.
    to the sanctuary. “My children went to bed in church at night, and woke up
    in church in the morning,” says the former member of Greater Faith               In pursuit of an NFL career, Lewis left The University of Miami
    Missionary Baptist Church in Florida. Ray’s passion for Christ is                before graduating. In 1996, he was selected in the first round by the
    contagious. One can’t help but notice how he swells with sincere                 Baltimore Ravens, making him the 26th overall pick. In fulfillment
    emotion as the conversation moves from football to spirituality.                 of an early promise he made to his mother, Ray eventually earned
    “My spiritual Papa is Bishop Eddie Long in Atlanta, and my relationship          his degree in 2005 from the University of Maryland, College Park.
    with Pastor Jamal Bryant is more about talking about men stuff and getting       “I cried [and] that was such a surprise to me. It brought so much joy to my
    down to our core issues.” Ray continues, “Men, we need help! There are true      heart when he graduated.”
    attacks on us, true generational curses and we have to deal with it.”
                                                                                     A leader on and off the field, Ray is highly regarded by both
    The road from playing on the field to preaching in the pulpit is                 his teammates and his coaches. His cell phone is a makeshift
    not a new phenomenon. Several athletes have used their fames                     therapist’s couch, as he is constantly accepting several calls from
    to promote their faith by making public declarations for Christ.                 fellow teammates, friends and family seeking wise council and a
    Deion Sanders, the late Reggie White and Coach Tony Dungy are                    word of encouragement. “I don’t want to keep anything for myself. If I
    just a few who join Lewis in the Army for the Lord. “Football is just            find gold I am giving it to someone else to be a blessing. I am always looking
    a vehicle God used to get the Glory.”                                            to bring out the best in others.” He continues, “It’s hard for men to receive
                                                                                     love. I call them just to tell them I love them. NBA, NFL I don’t care, I let
    So, will the acclaimed athlete add evangelist to his life’s resume?              them know!”
    “I believe what God has for me, a church building may be too small,” says
    the highly sought after motivational speaker. “God wanted to use                 His advice to aspiring athletes is to chase greatness and discipline.
    me for a true testimony. Being great is not what you do, it is what              His commitment to excellence is the reason why hundreds of men
    you go through. There is nothing that will ever make me question                 pay thousands of dollars to participate in his “Workout with Ray”
    God.”                                                                            Conference, an intense self- development course which requires
                                                                                     participants to push themselves both physically and mentally to an
    A LEADER ON AND OFF THE FIELD                                                    excruciating and often untouched limit. “Discipline requires you to do
    “I have never been the fastest, I have never been the strongest, I have never    your very best, even when no one is looking.”
    been the smartest, but you will never find another athlete who can outwork me.
    Never!” says the seven-time Pro-Bowler, two-time NFL Defensive
    Player of the Year and Super Bowl XXXV MVP. Ray is considered
    by several sports enthusiast to be the greatest linebacker and one
    of the best players in NFL history. Athletically, he proved himself
    early on, in Lakeland, Florida as a stellar athlete in high school.
    His positions of linebacker and running back helped Kathleen
    High win city and district titles. As a 189 pound senior, he won the
    Class 4A State Wrestling Championship, a first for the school. In
    1993, Ray became the first freshman in five years to start for the
    University of Miami. He led the Big East Conference in tackles

We’re familiar with his ferocity on the field and his
uncompromising beliefs in God. But did you know that Lewis
has a knack for decorating and interior design? That’s right;
Ray has just completed major renovation to his gorgeous
Baltimore county ranch. The layout resembles a posh luxury
hotel, overflowing in a sea of opulent golds and creams with
pops of color. The fit for a king bachelor pad is complete with
every conceivable amenity including a sacred room set aside
strictly for prayer and meditation. And the grand piano, located
in the family room is not just for ambiance; Ray has sought
private piano lessons and is mastering the keys. So what else

10 Questions
did you want to know about our Beloved #52?

1. Favorite Movie
-The Five Heartbeats and Coming to America

2. Favorite Book
-The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

3. Favorite Rap Artist
-2Pac is the Greatest

4. Favorite Slow Jam
-Special kind of Fool by Basic Black

5. Who is your alter ego?
-My Mother

6. If you were not playing for the NFL, what would be your
career choice?
-The President

7. Other than you, who is the greatest professional football
player ever?
-Walter Payton

8. What is your most embarrassing date ever?
-I took a girl out and forgot my money. We both had to run out of dinner
because we could not pay. It was hilarious, I went to the bathroom and kept
walking out the door. I told her “she better come on before they make us
wash dishes.

 9. If you were an animal, what animal would you be and
-An Eagle for its’ wisdom or a Lion for its’ heart

10. List the four main ingredients that make up Ray Lewis?
-Love, Courage, Faith and Strength

                                                                              CHANNEL MAGAZINE   26 | 27
[“Being Great is not what you do, it’s
what you go through.”
-Ray Lewis ]
Uniting his gracious heart with his business savvy head, Ray has        where rooftop space will be used for additional playing fields. Ray
linked up with Mayor Sheila Dixon to turn an 11-acre site in the        plans for The “Ray of Hope” Center to be an educational and
city’s Carroll Camden section of southwest Baltimore into a $200        mentoring center for the city’s at-risk youth. Ray will continue to
million redevelopment site with offices, a recreational sports          grow his foundation by hosting his annual “Ray’s Summer Days,”
complex and retail space. The plans call for a 600,000-square-foot      a weekend long fundraiser consisting of several activities in and
office building, a 35,000-square-foot Greyhound and Inter-modal         around Baltimore city, including a celebrity paintball tournament, a
transportation terminal, 100,000 square feet of retail and restaurant   youth fitness clinic, a golf tournament and much more. The series
space and a 100,000 square foot sports and recreation center.           kicks off, June 6-9, for more information or for ticket purchases
Lewis is most excited about the inception of The “Ray of Hope           log onto
Center” which will be housed in the sports and recreation center

                                                                                                                               CHANNEL MAGAZINE   28 | 29
 The Driving Channel                                                    Little Brother
 by Mike Tucker Jr.
                                                    2007 Altima 3.5 SL
                                                                   Price $28K – $32K
                                                   Gas Mileage: 22 City / 28 Highway

                                                                     For the purpose of this article let’s say the Nissan Altima is
                                                                     Maxima’s younger brother and with that said Altima benefits
                                                                     from brotherly tutelage and a more experienced parent … oops,
                                                                     automaker. With hand-me down options like rear camera,
                                                                     navigation, Bluetooth hands-free phone and 9 speaker Bose
                                                                     stereo system, the new Altima only acts its age when Nissan
                                                                     demands it. The interior seems to be child-like on purpose, with
                                                                     its drab wall paper wood grain and rough leather seats to give
                                                                     buyers a reason to choose the well appointed elder brother. But
                                                                     behind the wheel the younger brother has plenty of fun with a
                                                                     270 horsepower V6 that accelerates in one continuous motion
                                                                     and sound without hesitating at one gear as traditional automatic
                                                                     transmissions and a push button start to get you going. Its
                                                                     outward appearance hasn’t changed much other than slight
                                                                     modifications to the grille. As a side bar, Nissan is catching up
                                                                     with the Jones’ rolling out its first ever gas-electric vehicle with
                                                                     the Altima Hybrid.

                                       Grand Hustle

                                       2007 Grand Cherokee SRT 8
                                       Gas Mileage: 12 City / 15 Highway
                                       Price $40K – $45K

I am seldom blown away by a vehicle these days because I test
so many, but after pressing the accelerator in this SUV my jaw
would have dropped if not for the sheer force of gravity keeping
it shut. Instead I was pinned to the leather and suede deep
bucket seat and in one millisecond halfway down my block.
This Jeep rollercoaster goes from 0-60 in under 5 seconds so
before your need for SUV speeds costs you $55-$94K for a
BMW X5 or Porche Cayenne know that the SRT8 is faster. Its
imposing looks include an aggressive low-sitting stance with 20
inch chrome wheels and mean mug mesh grille. The interior is
sporty refinement with leather and aluminum accents abound.
Where it wins most is on the road, gaining street respect for its
look and high performance output. Never a dull moment in this
one, although the constant trips to the gas station can become
tedious the ride there is invigorating.
         is the new
           With a body that will put most 20 year olds to shame,
           70 year old Ernestine Shepherd is using her muscle
           to motivate others to bust a move!

                                                                                                               and she so HOT still!
                                                                               “The first thing many of my clients ask me is, how will they
                                                                               look- I tell them, it’s not about how you will look; it’s more
                                                                               about how you will feel!” Ms. Shepherd says she wants
                                                                               to inform senior citizens that they can combat many
           It all started 14 years ago, when Ms. Shepherd and                  of the ailments that are running rampant in our
           her sister, were purchasing swimsuits for their annual              community by changing their lifestyle. “Blood pressure,
           church cook-out, a disappointing trip to the fitting                diabetes and poor heart health are all related to our weight
           room turned out to be the catalyst to get the ladies                and unfavorable lifestyle choices,” says the mother of one
           crunching those abs, “we looked at each other, and shook            49 year old son. “I promote my 3D’s, Determination,
           our heads and agreed, we have to do something about our             Dedication and Discipline when consulting with anyone
           bodies.” Ms. Ernestine, as she is affectionately known,             striving to improve their health and wellness.”
           quickly linked up with long time fitness trainer and
           friend, Raymond Day who introduced her to the art                   Ms. Ernestine Shepherd has been celebrated both
           of weight training. Now faithfully, Ms. Shepherd                    locally and nationally including in ESSENCE
           walks two hours each morning before work -yes,                      Magazine, where she was featured in their annual
           she still works for Baltimore City Public Schools as                Ageless Beauty Feature. When Ms. Ernestine is

                                                                                                                                                by Lorna K. Hanley
           a school secretary at City Springs Elementary. The                  not showcasing her flawless frame in body building
           Ashburton resident religiously tones and tightens                   competitions, you can find her actively tithing her
           her temple three times a week at the Energy Gym                     time at Union Memorial United Methodist Church
           in Randallstown, Maryland where she is a fitness                    in the Edmondson Heights Community.
           trainer with a laser focus on senior citizens, “I want
           them [senior citizens] to know it’s never too late to get fit for
           life,” says the Nova fashion model and avid marathon
                                                                 Charles “Chizel It” Harris
                                                                          betting his future on fitness

                        I    t’s that time of the year again! Arms are out, skirts are shorter and the swimming suits
                        are out of storage. This is the season when Mother Nature demands a little skin. But fret not,
                        Baltimore’s favorite fitness guru Charles “Chizel It” Harris is just an aerobic step away to
                        help us reach all of our fitness goals. In 1996 the Northeast Baltimore native began his career
                        in personal training in response to an inner calling “to help others be their best selves.” For
                        Charles, the desire to change lives is a ministry. “We have to take care and maintain
                        the bodies that God has given us.”

                        Charles’ classes are packed to capacity with women of all shapes and sizes who want to
                        Chizel It! Many of his students attribute his popularity to his ability to connect with them on
                        a personal level. “He is about motivation and not intimidation,” says 32-year-old Lisa. She is
                        one of 75 ladies and gentlemen filling the Best Western Hotel twice a week.

                        Charles has trained several area notables including Comptroller Joan Pratt, MASA and
                        Meteorologist Tim Williams. When looking for a trainer, Harris advises fitness seekers look
                        for a trainer who is qualified with the proper certifications, has a vast knowledge of safety and
                        will help you remove all excuses.

                        Take one look and you will quickly note that Charles has outgrown the hotel, which is why he
                        is heading to Security Square Mall. The new location will be the home of the “Chizel It World
                        Class Fitness Center.” The group fitness center will open on May 1. For more information on
                        Charles and his services click on

text: Lorna K. Hanley                                                                                    CHANNEL MAGAZINE   32 | 33
                                                                                                             FASHION & LIFESTYLE///

  CROWN                                                                             GLORY

                                                                                                              JFY Collection $175.00

  In addition to the preaching and praising, our      hatters, but also for those seeking to find novelty
  churches have traditionally been known to be        suits, shoes and accessories. Nestled in the heart
  places where ladies flaunt their flamboyance with   of Pikesville , Leigh Boutique overflows with hats
  a head ornament fit for a queen. The Channel        from several couture hat designers including
  Style Team paired up with Leigh Boutique to get a   African American Milliners, Meril and Shellie
  glimpse at the latest in couture crowns.            McDowell. McDowell is a well-known celebrity
                                                      favorite and has custom designed hats for several
  Owner and hat enthusiast, Betty Gach says her       A-List celebrities including Ms. Winfrey herself!
  love for hats was inherited from her mother and     Mrs. Gach can have a hat tailor-made to your
  grandmother, who always stressed the importance     specifications if, by the unlikely chance, you don’t
  of donning your “Sunday Best” before stepping       see one that catches your fancy. Don’t forget to
  into the Sanctuary. For the past 11 years, Leigh    stop by Leigh’s to pick out the perfect Preakness
  Boutique has been a popular pick not only for mad   head topper!

Leigh Limited Boutique
224 Reisterstown Rd.
Pikesville , Maryland
                                                                                                                          Meril $770.00
Frank Olive $475.00

                      Shellie McDowell $980.00

                                    CHANNEL MAGAZINE   34 | 35
Owner, Betty Gach shows Channel Model,
Monica Moore how to sport a couture hat with
the right balance of confidence, class and a
little cockiness!

                                                               Meril $770.00

                                               Shellie McDowell $400.00
                                        he etness of
                                       T we
                                        S ife
                                         L        by
                                                     Linn -The
                                                                   hard g
                                                              e Ric Weddin

                      Sitting in a place of honor, on display for all to see...and taste.
                      The wedding cake - long heralded as a sweet testament to the
                      time honored ritual we know as the nuptial celebration, has come
                      a long way from its original roots as loaves of bread, haphazardly
                      stacked, to the amazing artistic confections of today.

                      The history of the wedding cake is simple and symbolic - well
                      wishers of the happy couple piled stacks of bread high, then
                      broke the crumbs over the bride and groom’s heads - which
                      represented a fruitful, plentiful (read fertile!) marriage with many
                      children. While today’s representations may not exactly carry the
                      same connotation, the good thoughts are present nonetheless!!

                      Today’s couples have a multitude of choices when it comes to
                      having a delicious, sweet cake for their “I Do’s”. From regally
                      stacked tiers, to slices filled with luscious fruits and mousses,
                      edible flowers that resemble fine art and everything in between
                      - deciding on what to have has become a delightful quandary
                      that most brides and definitely grooms look forward to tackling
                      - with culinary gusto!

                      For more information on Linnyette Richardson-Hall, Charm
                      City couples can click on or call 410-


  When deciding on your wedding cake - here are
  a few “tips” to help you make this choice even
  sweeter!                                                              2007
                                                                  part 2 of 4
  1) Wedding cakes are priced by the slice, with
  the average cost in Baltimore coming in at an
  average of $4.00 a serving. Want to trim costs?
  Consider having your wedding cake as the only
  dessert, with a nice offering of gourmet coffees,
  teas or other drinks for your guest’s sipping

  2) Guest list under 140? Count on about 3 tiers
  for your cake. Above 140 - you’re looking at 4
  tiers - or more! In cases where the guest count
  is large, consider doing a smaller cake for the
  ceremonial cutting and having sheet cakes in
  the back - made of the same flavors, for your
  guests to enjoy. Since the cake is whisked away
  to be cut - no one will be the wiser!!!

  3) Frosting choices have come a long way from
  the lard-based coverings on yesterday. Today’s
  couples can choose between buttercream, aptly
  named because of the high butter content needed
  to create it’s smooth, sweet consistency to rolled
  fondant, a thin sheet of sugar paste that is cut
  and molded to the shape of the cake.

  4) The groom’s cake, while typically a Southern
  tradition, is a great way to incorporate your
  beloved’s hobbies or interest into the framework
  of your wedding. Luscious chocolate is the
  standard, but let your imagination work overtime
  by selecting flavors that will make him a happy
  man. Strawberry shortcake, anyone????

  5) Looking for a different way to top your cake?
  Think about having a custom monogram or logo
  designed, resplendent with Swarovski crystals,
  pearls or other sparkling stones to give your
  cake some immediate BLING!
                                      SugarBakers Cakes
                                      752 Frederick Road
                                      Catonsville, MD. 21228
                                      (410) 788-9478
                             The Wedding Cake
Gown by Davinci $190.00

   Na’Klectic Natural Hair Gallery                            by Candance Greene
                                 For many of us, great style begins with a
                                 healthy head of hair. In fact, when it comes
                                 to our beauty regime, over 60% of us invest
                                 more time and money maintaining our
                                   Natural we in here to manicures/
                                 manes, thanhairdois cosmetics, stay, but
                                   maintaining spa locs and twists hair
                                 pedicures and those services. “Healthyare
                                   mainstays for which NaTasha says long
                                 moves and has a natural luster,” Jackson
                                 time master stylist, Tene’ Wilder owner
                                   and Wilder at Na’Klectic in Charles
                                 of Theher staffExperience Salon Natural
                                   Hair “I always stress the importance
                                 Village .Gallery are becoming known. of
                                 health when consulting with my clients,” says
                                   Jackson, who became a natural hairstylist
                                 the Chi colorist. Tene’ advises that utilizing
                                   while finishing her M.A. care health
                                 the proper products for hair in Business is
                                   from Bowie State products and Biolage,”
                                 essential, “I prefer ChiUniversity , opened
                                 says Wilder. In addition to sustaining regular
                                   Na’Klectic in 2004 to offer professional
                                 appointments with a professional stylist,
                                   help advises wearing condition regularly,
                                 Tene’ to those ladies to naturals maintain
                                   their hair properly. process our people
                                 “we are known to over She suggests hair with
                                 color, relaxers and overexposure to heat,
                                   with natural hair with the right products
                                 deep conditioning shampoo using Aveda’s
                                   damage-remedy line, with essential oils.”
                                 can replenish the hairand deep condition
                                   with olive sesame oils, or dullness and
                                 To preventorhair breakage, her very own
                                 coarseness, Tene’ warns against sleeping
                                   line of pillowcases and using and
                                 on cottonfused olive, essential oils, cotton
                                   shea butter or scarves. “Brittle which
                                 sleeping caps called Herbalistics, hair and
                                 breakage may be a byproduct of the damage
                                   she created to restore moisture to natural
                                 we do as we sleep,” says Tene’ who strongly
                                 encourages the use of a natural material like
                                 a silk or satin pillow case or scarf during our
                                  Natasha strongly recommends to those
        The Wilder Experience     thinking of switching from relaxed to
                                 Model: Shawnta’ Francis of singing group A’ryah

        2112 N. Charles Street    natural hair allow four to seven months
        Baltimore, MD             for a smooth transition. The Washington,
        410-385-0306              D.C native also advises avoiding
                                  individual braiding with synthetic hair
                                  because it causes severe breakage. Instead,
                                  she recommends styles like double-strand
                                  and flat-twists, or plexirods to help the
                                  hair remain healthy as it grows.

                                  To learn more about NaTasha Jackson
                                  and her staff at Na’Klectic Natural
                                  Hair Gallery, and the products they
                                  use, please visit their website at www.
                         To schedule
                                  a free consultation or to make an
                                  appointment, call 410.889.0287.

                                                                     CHANNEL MAGAZINE
                                                                     CHANNEL MAGAZINE
                                                                      CHANNEL MAGAZINE   42 | 43
                                                                                         30 | 31
   p u r e beauty

They say the proof is in the pudding. Well               Beat your Face like a Pro! Consider it an in-              Transform you smile to Wow! Thanks to
there you have it this little wonder will not only       vestment in yourself. Check out MACCosmet-                 modern cosmetic dentistry, we can all flash a
improve your health but will actually enhance   for the Best in Brushes                            beautiful set of pearly whites. Teeth whitening
your mood. Fish Oil is an ancient secret to                                                                         products flood our supermarket shelves and
improve your blood pressure and cholesterol.                                                                        doctors promote their power bleaching pro-
But not all are the same ... Nordic Naturals is a                                                                   cesses any time you’re in one of their chairs.
proven winner ... Get yours and GNC.                                                                                Try

                                                                                                                    Eye am Beautiful Treatment Package
                                                                                        Couture Eyebrow Wax with Therapeutic Eye Treatment and Massage

        Kim Stokes
              Licensed Esthetician and NovaLash Extension Specialist
                                                                                                                                       Upgrade Services
                                                                                                                 Eyelash Application and/or Extensions
                                                                                                                Semi-permanent Individual Lash Bonding
              tele: 443.604.5025                                                                                                       Eyebrow Tinting

                                                                                                                                Transitions Salon and Spa
                                                                                                                                     6305 Harford Road
       Skin Care.Make-Up Application.Spa Parties.Waxing                                                                            Baltimore, MD 21214
///TASTE     F       ULLY DONE

                                                  Eclectic Dining                            by Antoine Friend

                         L et’s go for a ride!!!…the Bicycle Bistro.

                           Located in historic Federal Hill the Bicycle Bistro and Chef Nicholas Batey serve up world-class
                           flavor with international appeal, right here in Baltimore’s own backyard. The Bicycle offers a
                           selection of beef, lamb, seafood and vegan dishes prepared with authentic spices and distinctive
                           sauces. A fully stocked bar, an elegant wine selection, luscious looking deserts and knowledgeable
                           wait staffs make the ride a smooth and enjoyable one.

                           I started my journey with the seared diver scallop dish. Featured among its more pronounced
                           flavors were the porcini mushroom, the braised Napa cabbage and the apple bacon.The second
                           leg of my journey consisted of a marinated rib-eye fillet served on a bed of golden mashed
                           potatoes (a personal favorite) accompanied by brocolini. The meal in its entirety in this writer’s
 food: CCCC                opinion was nothing short of excellent. The dessert was a chocolate something-or-other, see i’m
                           no fan of desserts but if its chocolate, she’s gotta have it. I took that home to my wife and that
 atmosphere: CC            scored me some points!!!
 service: CCC
                           But as the saying goes “There’s no such thing as a free ride.” Three things. The Bicycle is always
 cost: $$$
                           busy, so reservations are strongly recommended. Parking may be a bit of a challenge and the
 The Bicyle Bistro         floor plan is….well let’s just say…..cozy.
 1444 Light St
 Baltimore, MD 21230       Last bite….take a ride …it will be well worth it.
                                                                                                              CHANNEL MAGAZINE   44 | 45
     Here are 10 things you need to 
     know about Eric Roberson! 

     1.      Honest Music
     2.      Great Production
     3.      Incredible Writer
     4.      4 Albums (Left, Esoteric, The 
     Vault 1.5 and The Appetizer)
     5.      1 DVD
     6.      Awesome Live Show
     7.      Real Human Being
     8.      Howard University Grad
     9.      New Jersey Native
     10. 200 pounds and 6 feet Tall 

     Thank’s E for bringing height back 
     to the game.

music lover 
What ever happened to the six-foot soul singer?
                                                                      by Derrick Chase

I think the music industry has a hidden standard
that states that all major soul singers, thespians,
and/or artist must be able to deliver their message
within a 5ft. 3in. to 5ft. 7in. body frame. Anthony
Hamilton, Raheem DeVaughn, Music Soul Child,
need I say more? Okay, I will. Omarion, Donni and
how about Bobbi Valentino? I am not hating on men
of small stature, I am just making an honest observation
about the music industry.

The first time I was introduced to Eric Roberson was in 2002. I was at Jazzy Jeff’s studio in
Philadelphia . We were listening to some recent recordings and flipping through some photographs,
and Jeff was like, “D, you need to know this cat? He’s crazy with it!” I said to myself, “Yo, this guy can’t be
a soul singer? He is too tall. He better try rapping.” Little did I know that not only was he a genuine soul
singer, but he could be the future of music.

You know him but you may not realize it. Do you remember, Vivian Green’s, “Emotional Roller Coaster?” How
about Bad Boy Recording Artist Carl Thomas’ song “Rebound?” Maybe, you heard Jill Scott’s duet from her
Collaboration album called “One Time?” All of these songs were penned by future Grammy Recording Artist Eric
Roberson. You heard it from me first. Through Eric’s publishing deal with EMI Music, he has not only written for
those greats but also for Dwele, Will Downing and many others that I won’t name. Do the research.

Eric is not only a great writer, but also a captivating performer. Performing more than 11 times a month, he grabs the
audience’s attention from the door. His performance schedule is crazy! He may be in London today, Tokyo tomorrow,
Cali yesterday and yes, next week, Baltimore . As an independent artist signed to his own Label, Blue Erro Soul,
Eric gets it in. He operates his own studio, manages his own staff, and, after every performance, will stay and sign
every CD and shake every hand.
Channel Magazine caught up with successful and controversial Attorney Warren
Brown to get Face Time. The hot topic of course was the feedback to his letter
asking African American mayoral candidates to come to a consensus and designate
one African American candidate, in effort not to split the African American vote
in Baltimore City. by Derrick D. Greene

Channel: You wrote a letter about a month ago                             to the back of their mind? It’s interesting because I doubt that white
                                                                          people would have felt the same way if the tables were turned. But
targeting the African American mayoral candidates.                        their outrage, I think, just exemplified deep seeded antipathy for black
What response did you receive?                                            people, especially when it comes to black people trying to get some
                                                                          power or money or something of some importance. I found myself
WB: Generally, the response fell into three categories: one was anger,    being in the unique position of being independent of the system and
the second was, “I was thinking that very thing,” and the third was       having the ability to garner media attention. Therefore, I felt that I
appreciation. Now, the first came mostly from whites that thought the     would be remiss if I didn’t do what a lot of Black folk actually thought
letter was racist. The second came from whites, interestingly enough,     about doing and that is to step up, step forward and put it out there
who looked at the letter and said the same thing. The third group         and say, “Hey, can you just come together and coalesce around one
was almost 100% black folk [that appreciated the letter, because it       candidate so that you all don’t open the door to someone outside the
was something that’s obvious to us. And that’s what caused me some        African American community?” I knew that if I did it, the press would
consternation because it should be obvious to the candidates as well. I   pick it up. I knew that it would be proliferated and put in the public’s
wonder when they will stop and say, “This doesn’t make a lot of sense.    eye. So, rather than us just talking about it around the coffee table or
We’re going to be opening the door to a white candidate.” Or, are they    dinner table, it was out there in the public domain.
so selfish and so concerned about themselves that they could kick that
   Channel: Who do you think that white candidate                                       elected officials send their children to. When you are losing 50% of your
                                                                                        9th graders, where are they going? We say that and people stop right there
   might be?                                                                            and that’s it. Nobody says, “Well we’re losing them but where are they
                                                                                        going? They have to go somewhere.” I asked Sheila Dixon, I asked Keiffer
   WB: I’ve heard Mary Pat Clarke and Jim Kraft. Sarbanes’ son [Michael], I’ve          Mitchell where have you been? How do the politicians allow that to occur
   heard his name mentioned. And what I’ve been made to understand actually             all of these years? If you care about this city then you’re going to resolve
   is that he’s talked openly about pursuing the seat of City Council President,        this deplorable situation. If you give these kids a decent education, then
   but I’ve heard his name mentioned as well. Kraft is one that I keep my eye           you are producing a quality product for the future and everything else is
   on because he has the right name, he’s real crafty. He has no hopes of rising        going to take care of itself. All of my other issues are part of that issue. For
   in that system he’s in except under these types of circumstances and I know          example, the criminal justice system and the disconnect between the police
   he aspires to be much more than what he is right now. He’s been very vocal           force and the community. In no way can you successfully fight crime unless
   and he made himself very visible initially by criticizing Pat Jessamy. So,           you have an alliance with the community. When 30% of your arrests, even
   he has not been reticent at all about jumping out in the public domain on            though you say they are legitimate arrests, are for disorderly conduct, failure
   certain issues. But let me tell you this, I firmly believe that the majority—        to obey the police and loitering, that’s 30% of your workforce devoted to
   the white community, the powers that be, their business people—are doing             petty crime. No wonder you have such a crime problem. You are only
   what we talk about and that is conjecturing whose interested and they are            devoting 60-70% to the hard-core crime. I would want a mayor that’s
   going to reach out and talk to them. “What’s your interest Kraft? What’s             going to promise to make sure the police department is sensitive to the
   your interest Mary Pat? What’s your interest Sarbanes? Because if you                community. Finally, I would suggest they make sure [black people] get a
   all are interested, we don’t want all of you running at the same time.” So,          piece of the economic pie. We make up the majority of the population, but
   they will make sure that the situation that black folk are in right now won’t        we are a significant minority when it comes to reaping some of the benefits
   happen in their community. They will tell Kraft, “This isn’t for you right           of the city’s expenditures. They spend billions of dollars, but we don’t seem
   now, we’re going to go with Mary Pat. Sarbanes, we’re going to go with               to benefit from that too much.
   Mary Pat on this one. You can run for President of the City Council, or we
   will get you next time around.” Much the same way the Kennedys came at
   O’Malley when he was about to run against Townsend. “Listen, this isn’t
   your time. If you hold back and let her go ahead and have this, we will get
                                                                                        Channel: You touched on the fact that both the city and
   you next time.” That’s how they do it. We’re the only ones where all of [the         the electorate are changing. What strategy can the city
   candidates] are jumping in thinking they’re the one..
                                                                                        employ to retain the African American professionals?
   Channel: There are currently two black candidates in                                 WB: I don’t think that it’s going to be that difficult to attract or retain black
                                                                                        folks with some means. The way the city is progressing, it’s becoming at-
   the City Council President’s race. What is your take                                 tractive to everybody, especially people who have some money. The prob-
   on that situation?                                                                   lem is that it’s at the expense of poorer folk, black and white. How do we
                                                                                        allow them to share in the goodies, also? I think it’s more long term than
                                                                                        short term, but part of it is to give them a quality education. Even if for
   WB: Well, you know what, it may be like the old Maginot Line in WWII.
                                                                                        the moment they are going home to a dilapidated house, at least give them
   The French thought the Germans were coming from the east, [the French]
                                                                                        a quality education so that they don’t have to stay in that situation. As time
   built the Maginot Line and [the Germans] came down from the north. It
                                                                                        goes on, because of the quality education, they have greater self-esteem,
   may be that we are so focused on this not happening in the mayoral election
                                                                                        they have more money from a job, and then they can participate in the
   that we are not keeping our eye out on the President of the City Council
                                                                                        change in the city as well. Folks who have don’t want to be around folks
   race because, obviously, it could happen there. You already have Rawlings-
                                                                                        who make them feel bad about having. That’s why beggars are only toler-
   Blake and Ken Harris running and so you bring in a white candidate like
                                                                                        ated to a certain extent before a councilman passes legislation saying you
   Sarbanes or like Mary Pat and they’re going to get in there. If that happens,
                                                                                        can’t beg on these corners because it makes us feel bad. So, whenever you
   understand that the “powers that be,” white folk, are going to coalesce
                                                                                        have a city progressing economically, especially like Baltimore is, you are go-
   behind Keiffer Mitchell. When I talk to these white folks, they all say he
                                                                                        ing to face that situation where [people] just want to move [the poor] out of
   seems like a nice guy. He went to Boys’ Latin, hasn’t made any noise, and
                                                                                        the way. Any action directed towards poor folk will not be in the interests
   hasn’t espoused any beliefs that are unique to black folk or that are helpful
                                                                                        of poor folks. It’s just going to be out of sight out of mind. So, you have
   to black folk. He’s safe to them and that’s who they will coalesce behind.
                                                                                        to allow them to be a part of this whole thing. I think it comes down to
   They’ll bring in whomever they want on the President of City Council race
                                                                                        jobs and education.
   and in four years, they can go ahead and do their thing. You see, in four
   years, this is going to be a majority white city, especially in the electorate and
   that’s what makes this race so important.

   Channel: Regardless of who is running, to what
   agenda would you like to see every candidate commit?
   WB: The very first would be a massive effort to bring our educational
   system up to par with Boy’s Latin, Gillman, and the same schools that these




call us today ...
410-336-9076                                   Resurrecting Your Best Aspects

                    Whether it is Easter, Malid un Nabi (Birth of the Prophet Muhammed)
                    or Passover, the spring season is often a time for spiritual reflection. We
                    often attend places of worship out of tradition and usually come away with
                    nothing that translates into our daily lives. Christians believe that Jesus
                    was resurrected from the dead after the third day of his death. We too must
                    resurrect from our lifeless states to experience a rebirth— in mind, body
                    and spirit.

                                               by Yeve G. Montgomery
 Mind:                                                 enhancing the mind, it is also important that we
                                                       organize our homes. Someone once said that the
                                                                                                              MD. Her sensitivity to health issues inspires
                                                                                                              clients to incorporate some basic principles such
 In the hustle and bustle of life, we sometimes        cleanliness of one’s house reflects one’s state of     as daily exercise (at least 30 minutes) and taking
 abandon our pursuits of education, career goals       mind. While the home should be a sanctuary,            a multivitamin into our well regimen. Having a
 and dreams and aspirations that challenge the         many dread turning the key to a messy home at          healthy body does not always entail weight loss.
 mind. Responsibility calls and the time and effort    the end of a stressful day. When one’s home is
 it takes to pursue a degree or read a challenging     organized, it makes room for new opportunities
 book seems to be anything but appealing. Most
 people want a promotion for financial reasons
                                                       and possibilities.                                     Spirit:
                                                                                                              Peace. Happiness. Contentment. These are
 or affirmation of one’s abilities, but cower at the
                                                                                                              constant pursuits, but they have to become a daily
 thought of added responsibilities or the demand
 for leadership. Sometimes fear is a façade for
                                                       Body:                                                  practice and an ultimate quest. Journaling is often
                                                       Spring is also a time to purge and clean our temples   therapeutic. By journaling we process and work
 laziness. Do we fear failure or a good challenge?
                                                       (bodies). The physical man is just as important as     through events that have affected us positively and
 Make expanding your mind an enjoyable
                                                       the other components of our being that aren’t seen.    negatively. We may say we don’t care. However,

 experience. For example, join Toastmasters
                                                       Our outward man is a reflection-- a manifestation      when we journal we stumble upon issues that
 International. Associated Black Charities offers
                                                       of what we’re experiencing internally. Make an         impacted us. When journaling don’t try to edit
 sessions 1st and 3rd Thursdays (1114 Cathedral
                                                       appointment to see a physician. Reflexology also       or correct what’s written. Your purest sentiments
 Street, Baltimore, MD 21201). Not only is it great
                                                       supports wellness. Done properly, it can be a life     and beliefs are conveyed in what is written initially.
 for developing communication skills, but it also
                                                       changing experience. Visit certified reflexologist,    It most reflects our subconscious.
 provides opportunities for networking. When
                                                       Cecelia Whites’ Happy Footworks in Reisterstown,

 Periodically, go back and read what you’ve written. You’d be surprised at how    period. While clipping and organizing these expressions in your album is
 much you’ve grown. Not only does journaling demonstrate growth, it also          a creative way of reflecting, it is also safer to share with others because it is
 shows issues that continue to reoccur in our lives. If negative things keep      open to interpretation.
 happening with different people over the course of one’s life, it’s time for
 some soul searching. Daily journaling may be too much of a commitment,           When resurrecting the best aspects of who you are, you have to shed and
 but there should be some type of reflection. Organizing photo albums             bury the dead man. What is the dead man? It is those aspects of our
 speaks volumes about one’s life. It tells who has remained a constant in your    being that do not add or enhance who we are. It is the things that hold us
 life, where you have been and when you were the happiest. Several years ago      back from fulfilling our purpose. It is only when we do this that we can
 I began reserving the last two pages of my photo albums for words, phrases       experience a perpetual, personal resurrection.
 or sentences from magazines that conveyed what I experienced during that
Society Channel
Do you smell that? Is someone
cooking? It must be the 15th
Annual Gourmet Chefs of
Distinction “Men Who Cook”
fundraiser, hosted by the
Baltimore Metropolitan Chapter
of the National Coalition of
100 Black Women. Channel
Magazine was front and center
at the well attended tasting event
held at Martin’s West. Proceeds
from the event supported the
Coalition’s advocacy in the areas
of health, education, economic
and leadership development.
Over 70 “Men of Distinction”
were on hand with their tasty
specialties including Channel
Magazine’s very own publisher,
Antoine Friend who turned out to
be a crowd favorite, as he served
up his Asian BBQ Shrimp. Hats
off to Michelle M. Emery, Dr.
Thelma T. Daley and all of the
dedicated Coalition members
for a scrumptious and delectable
                                     Celebrating the good life in Baltimore
The sky was the limit at
the “Sweet 16 Birthday
Extravaganza” for Alexis
Davis. Dad, Wayne Davis of
Platinum Realty and Mom,
Felicia Jackson of Regali
Boutique     held    nothing
back in celebration of their
daughter’s special day. The
Mt. Washington Conference
Center was transformed
into the 16/16 Club and
offered Alexis and her 250
guest a night to remember.
The beautiful birthday girl
would like to thank her
family, Rhonda McClary
from Pamper Me with Jazz
Events and all of her friends
from Roland Park Country
for a making her 16th oh So

                                                                   CHANNEL MAGAZINE   52 | 53
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     Associated Black Charities
is offering a chance on winning a

      2007 Mercedes Benz
  from Herb Gordon Mercedes

     To purchase raffle tickets and/or
      to order tickets for the event,
          go to

    You don’t have to be present to win.
       A minimum of 500 raffle tickets must be sold or the raffle will not take place, and a refund will be made
                      of tickets purchased. Maximum number of tickets to be sold is 1000.
                                                 paralled with
                                                 STYLE matched
                                                 with undeniable


a means of communication or expression: as (1) : a path along which
information passes (2): a way, course, or direction of thought or action
<new channels of exploration>


            LaDawn is the host of 92Q’s
            LoveZone nightly program
            that airs Sunday thru Thursday
            evenings from 10pm until 2am.
            Tune in to hear LaDawn give
            advice and talk with listeners
            about love, relationships and
                                                                            to finish it!
                   My alter ego is....... is a crazy mix of Betty Boop   In 5 years from now, LaDawn Black will be.......
                   and Wonder Woman .. Betty Boop because I              the last word on sex, love and relationships in the
                   think she is the ultimate representation of sexy      African American community.
                   fun and Wonder Woman because like most
                   women I try to do it all.                            If you asked Alec, what is the best thing about
                                                                        his mommy, he would say....... my mommy is my
                   LaDawn Black is synonymous with....... sex in ultimate fan ... some young woman is going to
                   Baltimore. My husband will probably die after have a real hard time dealing with him in about
                   reading that, but its true. I don’t mind if it gets 20 years.
                   you to tune into the radio show or pick up a book
                   -- I plan on “talking dirty” for a real long time.   Motherhood is sexy because....... you finally know
                                                                        what real love, passion and fulfillment is. When
                   The inspiration for Stripped Bare was....... MY LOVE my son was born I was hungry again for new
                   DRAMA ... look name a situation I have been experiences and I knew that I had to pursue my
                   through it: crazy men, baby mamas, mama’s dreams in order to really tell him that he could
                   boys, commitment phobia, down low and oh so be anything that he wants to be. Added plus -
                   much more and I made it out to the other side. more curves in the right places!
                   Stripped Bare is about taking control of your love
                   life and making better love decisions and you
                   get to laugh at my mistakes along the way.           My listeners would be surprised to learn that I
                                                                        am...... not just some old lady talking dirty on the
                   Motherhood is....... my saving grace ... I was radio. I cannot count how many times people
                   meant to be my son’s mom -- through him I have say that I don’t look anything like they thought I
                   balance.                                             would. I guess people really buy into that whole
                                                                        if you talk about sex too much its because you
                   The best thing about my career is....... working aren’t getting any. Trust, I am intimately attached
                   with talented people who are passionate about to my subject!
                   what they do and they do it for the love! The
                   two worlds that I am in (radio and publishing)
                   is just filled with people that simply inspire and
                   motivate me. My work challenges my view of
                   the world.

                      Dr. Jamal Bryant

                   Lady Gizelle Bryant
                                 First Lady

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