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Private Sightseeing Tours to St Petersburg


									Private Sightseeing Tours to St Petersburg

Starting from May 2010 ARENT Company offers a new service to its customers – arrangement of private
museum tours and sightseeing tours of St Petersburg’s suburbs. Now the tourists are exempted from the
necessity to bother about planning cultural events for the holiday.

"We offer to our customers the services of professional guides having good references and speaking different
languages", – says Natalya, Company’s Manager. – "We will take care of buying tickets to museums
ourselves (the tourists who have already been lucky enough to visit St Petersburg, know it very well how it is
sometimes difficult to get to this or that palace during the peak season). Besides it is not that much necessary
for our clients to know working hours of the museums or the bridge raising times because they will be able to
get this information at our office any time."

In order to support private tours ARENT Company offers its customers a new service – rental cars (with
drivers) of different types of comfort and capacity. "At good arrangement of excursions nothing will prevent
our guests from enjoying the sights of St Petersburg", – adds Natalya.

ARENT Company has been working in real estate leasing market since 2000 and offers a full range of travel
services: rental apartments in St Petersburg and Moscow, airport transfer, car rentals, VISA SUPPORT and
private sightseeing TOURS in St Petersburg.

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