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					VOLUME XLV, NUMBER 12                       Your Local News Source Since 1963                                            SERVING LIVERMORE • PLEASANTON • SUNOL                                                     THURSDAY, MARCH 20, 2008

                                        Residents Have Positive View of Livermore
                                           Livermore residents continue                rate of return provides a 95%                  overall appearance of the city         theorized that people equate           growth as a problem; in 2008, 18
                                        to be positive about the city and              rate of confidence in the results              with 76 percent saying it is good      graffiti with drugs and gang ac-       percent were concerned.
                                        the direction it is heading.                   with a plus/minus 3 percent mar-               to excellent. That is a 14 percent     tivity. The two don’t necessarily         In the area of safety, Piper de-
                                           The city council heard a report             gin for error.                                 increase. Piper credited the           equate, she said.                      clared the numbers are very good.
                                        on the 2008 survey results during                 Of those responding, 87 per-                change to the increase in code             Police Chief Steve Sweeney         “People feel safe in Livermore.”
                                        a priority setting session on Tues-            cent said that the quality of life             enforcement efforts.                   offered the view that people see       Ninety-five percent felt very or
                                        day.                                           in Livermore is excellent or                      Another area showing a big          the police involved in drug en-        somewhat safe during the day and
                                           Jim Piper, assistant city man-              good. That is a 5 percent increase             jump was the opportunity to at-        forcement. The activity isn’t nec-     79 percent had the same view at
Brandon Fischer, a senior at            ager, declared, “The results con-              over the last survey conducted                 tend cultural activities, which        essarily in Livermore. For ex-         night. In the downtown, the
Granada High School, made               tinue to be very positive.”                    in 2006. Ninety-two percent be-                showed a 21 percent increase to        ample, the local department            numbers were 96 percent during
his Olympic Trials cut in the              Livermore stacked up well                   lieve the city is a good place to              81 percent.                            stopped a truck traveling from         the day and 78 percent at night.
200-meter breaststroke. For             against similar cities, rating in the          live, up 6 percent. “Those are                    The three potential problem         Los Angeles to Sacramento. It             The fire department rated the
more on the story, see page             84 percentile when it comes to the             impressive numbers,” declared                  areas continued to be the same:        contained all kinds of drugs and       highest in terms of quality of ser-
5.                                      overall satisfaction with the di-              Piper.                                         traffic, drugs and too much            money.                                 vice, with 94 percent of those re-
                                        rection of the city.                              One area that showed im-                    growth. Piper said that people are         Concern about too much             sponding having a favorable
                                           Of the 3000 surveys sent out,               provement in the survey was                    clearly concerned about drugs.         growth dropped. In 2006, 21 per-       view. The police received an 80
Pleasanton                              788 were returned. Piper stated the            how residents perceived the                       City manager Linda Barton           cent of those responding saw                   (See LIVERMORE, page 3)

Spellers Head to
State Competition                                                                                                                                                             Livermore Activists’ Son
    Pleasanton spellers did well
in competition at the Alameda                                                                                                                                                Looks At National Solutions
County Spelling Bee Champi-
    The Alameda County Office
                                                                                                                                                                                 On Civic Problems
of Education hosted the Cham-                                                                                                                                                By Ron McNicoll                        nine-year-old daughter. Hoenig
pionships for elementary and                                                                                                                                                     People talk about advancing        is president and CEO of State of
junior high school students. The                                                                                                                                             the quality of life, including so-     the USA (SUSA). The non-profit,
top four finishers in each group                                                                                                                                             cial, economic and environmen-         founded last year, is located in
received trophies. The first- and                                                                                                                                            tal progress in the United States.     Washington, D.C.
second-place winners will rep-                                                                                                                                               However, they often don’t have             SUSA is still in its early de-
resent Alameda County at the                                                                                                                                                 any way of measuring whether           velopment stage. After the No-
California Spelling Champion-                                                                                                                                                progress is being made.                vember elections, it will have a
ships in May.                                                                                                                                                                    “How do we know when the           public launch of its web page.
    In the Junior High division,                                                                                                                                             needle (on the metaphorical in-        The page is aimed at providing
which had 31 participants,                                                                                                                                                   dicator) is being advanced?,”          as much factual information as
Neethi Bangalore, a 7th grader                                                                                                                                               said Chris Hoenig, who grew up         possible that can be used by busi-
at Hart Middle School (Pleasan-                                                                                                                                              in Livermore as the son of com-        ness people, government offi-
ton) earned the first place trophy.                                                                                                                                          munity activist parents Clarence       cials, and just plain citizens as
He correctly spelled “annihilate”                                                                                                                                            and Pat Hoenig.                        common reference points to as-
to break a tie and “effervescence”                                                                                                                                               Chris Hoenig, 49, lives in the     sess problems and their solutions.
for the win. Last year, Neethi                                                                                                                                               Washington D.C. area. He is mar-           The mission statement in
placed first in elementary divi-                                                                                                                                             ried to Susan Riker. They have a                (See SOLUTIONS, page 4)
sion and went on to place sec-
           (See SPELLING, page 2)
                                        Professional musician Don Lewis teams up with six student performers from Pleasanton to
                                        present a show incorporating instrumental music, voice and dance.
                                                                                                                                                                             Infrastructure Focus of
                                                                                                                                                                             Council for Next Two Years
                                                 Pleasanton Youth Take the Stage                                                                                                Rehabilitation of infrastruc-
                                                                                                                                                                             ture is the highest priority for the
                                                                                                                                                                             Livermore City Council over the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        One possibility mentioned at
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Tuesday’s session was a bond
                                           Don Lewis & Young Expres-                   mental music, voice and dance.                                                                                                measure. The measure could in-
                                                                                                                                      as well as several different en-       next two years.                         clude a combination of projects
                                        sions will perform in Amazing                  Student performers include Ben                 sembles of students,” says Don
                                        Voyage, a showcase of musical                                                                                                           The council met to establish         that appeal to most people in the
                                                                                       Donlon (drums and percussion),                 Lewis, who will accompany the
                                        talent, on Saturday, March 29, at              Sam Lee (violin), Max Loh (pi-                                                        priorities Tuesday.                     city, similar to the bond that fi-
                                                                                                                                      students and provide the “thread”         The city has an estimated
                                        8 p.m.                                         ano/vocals), John Palowitch                    that ties the show’s various acts                                              nanced the library and commu-
                                           The performance will be at the              (alto saxophone/flute), Kelly                  together.                              backlog of $166 million in de-          nity center.
                                        Amador Theater, 1155 Santa Rita                Sabiel (dance) and Ariel Thexton                   “There will be dance and vo-       ferred maintenance. Potential              The council felt that many of
                                        Road, Pleasanton. The show is                  (vocals).                                      cal solos and several mixes of         options would be to establish a         the priorities could be put under
                                        hosted by City of Pleasanton                      “The show’s Amazing Voyage                  artists in collaborative pieces that   blue ribbon panel to serve as a         the umbrella of infrastructure in-
                                        Civic Arts Presents.                           overture takes the audience on                 blend their talents. For instance,     study group to spearhead com-           cluding open space acquisition,
                                           Professional musician Don                   a journey of transformation,                   Max will sing ‘Wait for Me’ his        munity education on the issue.          northeast Livermore facilities, a
Schroeder and Sally are                 Lewis will team up with six stu-               connecting the past to the                     own vocal composition, accom-          Once the education process is           new council chambers, and the
played by Austin Andrade                dent performers from Pleasanton                present and setting the tone for               panied by student instrumental-        completed, staff would come             infrastructure rehabilitation.
and Jennifer Meredith in                to present an energetic, interac-              the show. The production will                  ists. Everyone will perform in         back with financing options and            The second highest priority
'You're a Good Man Charlie              tive show incorporating instru-                feature individual performances                             (See YOUTH, page 8)       strategies.                             (See INFRASTRUCTURE, page 3)
Brown." For the story, see
page 8.
                                        Board Hears More Pleas On
Students’                               Reading Specialist Jobs
Experiences                                 Pleasanton school trustees
                                        heard comments again from read-
                                                                                       election would be in November.
                                                                                       The revenue wouldn’t start un-
Illustrate Virtues                      ing specialists, teachers, and par-            til the 2009-10 school year, so
    Essays showing the power of         ents about potential elimination               that still leaves a problem for the
respect, compassion and self-dis-       of one-half of the nine full-time              coming school year.
cipline were among the top win-         reading specialist equivalents in                  The planned reductions in
ners of the fourth annual Laws of       the elementary schools.                        reading specialists and other
Life contest at Foothill High               The comments were made at                  budget elements are part of $2.7
School in Pleasanton.                   the board meeting March 11.                    million in cuts planned after the
    The top five winners among              However, the board members                 board voted on a list of them at
each of the school’s four classes       reaffirmed their reluctant stand               its meeting Feb. 26. The cuts
were honored at a luncheon              that they are committed to the                 were kept away from the heart
March 7 at the school. They were        cuts, if necessary, as well as about           of the classroom. Teachers, par-
given prize money, as much as           an 8 percent reduction in school               ents and reading specialists
$100 for the top prize-winners.         counselors and elimination of                  pointed out both on Feb. 26 and
    The students chose one of the       coaches’ stipends from district                March 11 how much progress the
six character traits the school tries   funds. The cuts would take effect,
to promote. The virtues are com-                                                       specialists help students make,
                                        if still seen as necessary, after the          both in reading skills and acquir-
passion, respect, integrity, self-
discipline, responsibility, and         state budget is passed this sum-               ing maturity and self-confi-
honesty.                                mer. However, there is such gloom              dence.
    Meghan Jain, the first-place        about the future state revenue that                There was a full house at the
finisher in the freshman class,         not many people think the situa-               board meeting March 11 to
talked about how she                    tion can be saved at the state level.          make the pleas. Hearst Elemen-
misperceived a classmate, which             Trustees have talked about a               tary School teacher Theresa                                                                                                              Photo - Doug Jorgensen
illustrated her thoughts about the      tax at $150 per parcel to fill the             Moore said of the reading spe-                 One family came dressed for the occasion to watch Dublin's annual St. Patrick's Day Parade.
importance of respect. A teacher        deficit gap. That possibility is               cialists, “I can’t imagine doing
assigned Meghan to work with            being researched by staff. The                               (See SCHOOL, page 2)
another student on a project
where students had to pair off.
She wasn’t looking forward to it,
because she thought the student
wasn’t very responsible in com-
                                        Sandia's BioWatch Center Detects Biological Materials
pleting her work.                          Since August of last year, a                biological materials at various                lease and recommendations as to        presence and geographic extent         provide scientific modeling sup-
                                        small group of Sandia/California               public facilities across the                   where sampling efforts should be       of a biological agent release. This    port to decisionmakers respond-
    However, when Meghan                researchers have been operating                United States.                                 focused. The BIRC can also of-         allows federal, state, and local
started working with her, she                                                                                                                                                                                       ing to a public release of a bio-
found that the stereotype totally       BioWatch Indoor Reachback                         BIRC is prepared to deliver                 fer insight into whether the re-       officials to more quickly deter-       hazard agent. “Our goal is have a
                                        Center (BIRC). It’s part of the                information to decision makers                 lease is merely environmental in       mine emergency response, medi-         positive impact on the first re-
obscured the girl’s talent with art.    Department of Homeland                         within two hours of notification               nature, or intentional, for ex-        cal care and consequence man-
As a result of the girl’s art work,                                                                                                                                                                                 sponse to such an attack,” says
they received a good grade. Fur-        Security’s BioWatch program, an                of a biohazard release. The in-                ample a terrorist attack.              agement needs.                         Nate Gleason, Sandia researcher.
                                        early warning system designed to               formation includes issues such                    BioWatch assists public                BIRC’s role, says principal            A key component of BIRC is
ther, being able to talk with the       rapidly detect trace amounts of                the size and location of the re-               health experts to determine the        investigator Nate Gleason, is to
girl, Meghan found out some of                                                                                                                                                                                                   (See SANDIA, page 4)
the things going on in the girl’s
life that may have put some strain
on some of her school work.
    “She turned out to be some-
one I’m glad to be friends with.
                                                                         Inside                                                                                              PET OF THE WEEK
                                                                                                                                                                             Xena is a 5 year old Siamese mix spayed female with sublime
                                                                                                                                                                             “snowshoe” markings. She has lived with dogs before, but
Had I not been teamed up with            Anne Homan .......................            Roundup..................................3                                            does not like other cats very much. She is a true lap cat and
her by chance, I never would
have gone that extra mile to un-         Art & Entertainment............               Short Notes.............................                                              will form a very strong bond with her “person.” Her beautiful
derstand her. That would have                                                                                                                                                blue eyes will captivate you- she is a stunner! To visit with
                                         Bulletin Board......................          Sports......................................
been my loss,” Meghan wrote.                                                                                                                                                 Xena or any adoptable cats, visit Valley Humane Society at
    First place sophomore Connor         Classifieds...........................        Obituaries................................                                            3670 Nevada Street in Pleasanton, Wed-Sun from 11AM to 5PM.
Wrenn wrote about compassion.            Editorial.................................4   Open Homes..........................                                                  For more details, visit the web site (
He defined it as “the kindness that                                                                                                                                          or call 426-8656.
           (See STUDENTS, page 4)        Mailbox...................................4
PAGE 2 - The Independent, MARCH 20, 2008

(continued from page one)
my job without them.” She added                        The board’s strategy in trying                 tion in framing the potential $2.7               from $2.63 per square foot to                    Neal elementary school on Vine-        the district will work with
that special education would feel                  to meet a projected $4.9 million                   million in cuts and the potential                $2.97 per square foot for single                 yard Avenue. However, the school       PENCON on two buildings and
the impact, if the specialists were                shortfall for next year was to plan                diversion of the $1 million from                 family homes, and from 42 cents                  has not been built, because the        a fitness and wrestling facility at
cut.                                               for the $2.7 million in cuts. The                  fund reserve and $1 million from                 to 47 cents for new commercial                   agreement has been tied up in          Foothill High School for $5.7
    John Mannion, who teaches                      district would expect to plan on                   the Sycamore Road site fund                      property. However, practically                   court for two years. There is a dis-   million. It will also work with
history and coaches at Foothill                    spending $1 million from its 5                     made it possible to provide a                    speaking, the increase won’t                     pute over the legal status of the      Sausal Corp. to expand the
High School, commented on                          percent general fund reserve, and                  black-ink report to the county.                  have any impact on the district.                 contract, and which party agreed       Amador Valley High School gym
dropping coaches’ stipends,                        another $1 million or so from a                        On another budget-related                    The state-capped developer fee                   to pay for any cost overruns.          and a lobby and fitness room at a
which could result in parents                      fund of more than $6 million that                  item, the board voted unani-                     is only a part of the special gift                  In the contract method ap-          cost of $9.2 million.
having to dip into their own                       it acquired from selling its Sy-                   mously to sign an agreement with                 fee agreement that the district                  proved by the board March 11,
pockets. He said, “There is a                      camore Road high school site,                      the classified employees union                   negotiated with developers a few
strong need to fund coaches.                       which was acquired in the 1960s.                   to give those employees the same                 years ago. The total fee the de-
Whenever we go to an athletic
contest, it’s on all of us. It’s not
                                                   Interest from the principle has
                                                   been funding some technology
                                                                                                      cost of living adjustment in the
                                                                                                      next contract that the teachers
                                                                                                                                                       velopers pay will remain at $8.45.
                                                                                                                                                          The new wrinkle in hiring
                                                                                                                                                                                                        (continued from page one)
just the parents. (The stipends)                   acquisitions by the district.                      will receive. Because of the state               contractors will eliminate having                ond in state elementary spelling       went on to place fifth in the state
should be paid by the group they                       The district is required by                    budget uncertainty, no percent-                  to hire the apparent low bidder                  bee. Going to the state champi-        spelling bee.
represent.”                                        state law to keep only 3 percent,                  age has been set for a raise.                    on a construction job at a school.               onship along with Neethi is sec-          Also advancing to the state
    Linda Stanford, a teacher from                 which is about $3 million, in its                      In a silver lining on the dark               Instead, the district would work                 ond-place winner Tiffany Kwan,         spelling bee is second-place win-
Mohr Elementary School, read a                     general fund reserve. However,                     financial clouds, the board voted                out a leaseback agreement with                   a 7th grader from Canyon Middle        ner Sahit Menon, a 5th grader at
letter from the staff at the school.               spending the reserve down that                     to keep to its plan for expendi-                 a contractor, with which it will                 School (Castro Valley). Mridula        Fairlands Elementary (Pleasan-
It talked about how the district                   low in the first year of a state fi-               ture of $220,000 of state art and                have an ongoing relationship on                  Dilip, an 8th grader from Harvest      ton). Eric Chen, 5th grader at
prides itself on the slogan “Kids                  nancial crisis was considered                      music grants. The money is pro-                  a project. The contractor would                  Park Middle School (Pleasanton)        Jensen Ranch Elementary (Cas-
Come First,” and drew the con-                     imprudent by staff and board,                      vided through an independent                     work closely with the district’s                 came in third, while Randy             tro Valley) placed third and
clusion that the reading special-                  since the state revenue picture                    state education arts grant, a pro-               architectural office concerning                  Yamanaka, a 7th grader from            Phoebe Lu, a 6th grader at Pleas-
ists should be retained because                    looks bleak for the next three                     gram begun in 2006. The money                    building specifications.                         Pleasanton Middle School (Pleas-       anton Middle School (Pleasan-
they help provide a key element                    years, at least.                                                                                       In the long run, it is expected               anton) came in fourth.                 ton), placed fourth.
                                                                                                      will fund one period of choral                                                                       In a field of 41 students in El-
in learning, namely, comprehen-                        The board didn’t have the                      music at Village High School,                    that buildings will be finished                                                            The state championships for
                                                                                                                                                                                                        ementary division, Akshay Aitha,       elementary school students will
sion. If reading skills were not                   luxury of waiting until summer                     one period of arts classes at the                sooner, perhaps as much as six                   6th grader at Fallon Middle
improved with the help of read-                    to make a decision about what                                                                       months earlier. That can result in                                                      be May 17 at Sonoma State Uni-
                                                                                                      middle school, two full-time vi-                                                                  School (Dublin) earned the first       versity in Rohnert Park.
ing specialists, “intervention                     would be dropped. Any teachers                     sual arts specialists for grades 1               lower cost, because the expense                  place trophy. She correctly               The state championships for
would be necessary,” said the                      affected by budget reductions                      to 5, and $4,000 of discretionary                of building materials rises so                   spelled “iridescent” to break a tie    junior high school students will
teacher. She asked the board to                    must receive layoff notices by                     money each to Foothill and                       quickly. Under the usual govern-                 and “chagrin” for the win. Last        be May 10 at Miller Creek
rescind its decision, and received                 March 15, or they would be con-                    Amador Valley high schools.                      ment system of selecting the low-                year, Akshay came in second in         School, 2255 Las Gallinas Ave.
strong applause from the audi-                     tinued in employment in the                           STATE-MANDATED IM-                            est bidder on a contract, contrac-               the County spelling bee and            in San Rafael.
ence.                                              next school year.                                          PACT FEE RISES                           tors sometimes bid low to get the
    All of the speakers com-                           Later in the meeting, the board                    The board also raised its de-                job, then jack up the price with
mented under remarks from the                      approved assistant superinten-                     velopment impact fees for new                    change orders after they have the
audience. Under the Brown Act                      dent Sandra Lepley’s request to                    school construction, and em-                     contract, said Lepley.
regulations, the board was not                     certify the positive status of the                 barked on a relatively new way                      The district already has taken
allowed to take action.                            district’s budget for the county-                  of hiring contractors to build ad-               a similar approach with Signa-
      CUTS ARE PART OF                             required second interim report.                    ditions to schools.                              ture Properties in an agreement
   BLACK-INK STRATEGY                              Lepley said that the board’s ac-                       The fee on developers will go                concerning the construction of

     Organizations wishing to run notices in       ning to go on a ride is asked to call the leader   6084 or            but wishing to make a donation, please send
Bulletin Board, send information to PO Box         for details on where to meet and what to bring.         Livermore-Amador Genealogical So-           to Helen Wirtenson, 4071 Moselle Ct.,
1198, Livermore, CA 94551, in care of                   Livermore Library Board, meets                ciety, general meeting Tues., April 8, 7:30      Pleasanton, CA 94566.
Bulletin Board. Include name of organiza-          Thurs., March 27, 7 p.m. at the Rincon             p.m. at Congregation Beth Emek, 3400                 St. Michael’s Parish - annual dinner,
tion, meeting date, time, place and theme or       Branch Library, 725 Rincon Ave. An agenda          Nevada Ct., Pleasanton. Ron Willis, guest        dance and auction, “Under the Tuscan
subject. Phone number and contact person           will be posted at the Civic Center Library 72      speaker, "Detecting Date of Historical Pho-      Sky”, April 5th, 5:30-11:00pm, Robert
should also be included.                           hours prior to the meeting.                        tographs." Visitors welcome. No charge.          Livermore Community Center. Tickets $45.
     Senior outing, April 4, the evening                Swimstrong for Team KC, swim-a-                                        Proceeds benefit St. Michael K-8 grade
begins with dessert at the Pleasanton Senior       thon benefiting the Team CK Trust, Sun.,                Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, Saturday,           school, Youth Ministry, Hispanic Ministry,
Center, followed by seeing “The Music              April 20, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Robert           April 19th, 12:00 to 4:00 pm, Assistance         English and Spanish Faith Formation Pro-
Man,” at the Bankhead Theater in Livermore.        Livermore Community Center Pool, 4444              League of Amador Valley hosts their 13th         grams and Adult Education. For tickets and
6:30pm-11:00pm. Cost $41.00 residents or           East Ave., Livermore. Collect pledges for          annual afternoon tea. Members and guests         donations, contact St. Michael’s Church
$47.00 nonresidents. Please contact the Pleas-     laps will swim in 30 minutes, bring a towel        enjoy an afternoon of tea, music, opportunity    rectory at 925-447-1585.
anton Senior Center for more info. 931-5365.       and personal swim gear. Deadline to register       prizes, an interesting speaker and musical           Free Egg Hunt for ages 0-5th grade.
     Fiesta: Spring Fling, East Avenue             is April 11. Information about swimstrong          entertainment. This year’s featured guest        Sat., March 22, 10 a.m. to noon. Free
Middle School event to be held Fri., May 2         fund-raiser                                   at   speaker is Juliette Goodrich, A KPIX News        entertainment, prizes, and candy. Available
at the Robert Livermore Community Center, Regis-            Anchor and Emmy Award winner, on “Find-          for purchase will be cotton candy, donuts,
4444 East Ave., Livermore. 6 to 11 p.m.            tration may be left at the community center        ing Balance.” Guest vocalist is Eric Ribiero,    specialty coffee and beverages. Celebration
events include dinner, live and silent auc-        pool,        or     send       request        to   a Bay Area performer since 1988. This annual     Christian Center, 1135 Bluebell Drive, Liv-
tions and dancing. $30 per person. This is an                     fundraiser supports many projects including      ermore. Information 925-455-4250.
adult event. Information, Carmela Stepp,                Rummage Sale, Fairlands School, 3151          Operation School Bell, in which hundreds of          Tri-Valley Singles Convention, Fri-
640-7346 or                  W. Las Positas Blvd., Pleasanton, in the           school children are clothed each year. Reser-    day, March 21, 7:30 pm, at the Radisson
     Bird Walk, Sat., March 22, John Muir          multipurpose room. April 12, 8 a.m. to 2           vations are now open and tickets are available   Hotel’s Grand Salon, 6680 Regional St.,
National Historic Site, 8:30 a.m. Meet at          p.m. Cash sales only. All proceeds benefit         at $45 per person. For ticket information,       Dublin. Lisa Altalida is the keynote speaker.
CalTrans Park and Ride, corner of Alhambra         Fairlands PTA fund. Bake sale by the PTA.          please call Annette at 925-462-5275 or Rickie    Altalida will provide “in your face” advice
Ave. and Franklin Canyon Rd., Martinez.            Donations are accepted through the sale of the     at 925-846-3922.                                 on a variety of dating issues. Altalida is the
No admission charge. Bring water and bin-          night, contact              Swingin’ Bingo, Sat., March 29, 7 p.m.      author of Dating Boot Camp and also The
oculars. Wear good walking shoes. Trail is              American Association of University            St. Michael’s Parish Hall, 372 Maple St.,        Pocket Idiot’s Guide to Getting Girls. The
steep. If heavy ran, walk canceled. Informa-       Women, Livermore, Pleasanton Dublin                Livermore. $10 per person (includes 1 bingo      Convention is sponsored by The Society of
tion, 228-8860.                                    Branch, program Wed., April 12, noon,              packet for 10 games). Music for dancing or       Single Professionals. Adults of all ages are
     Dream Interpretation, free seminar            Livermore Library, 1188 So. Livermore Ave.         listening DJ - JB Smooth Sounds. Fund-           welcome. The cost is $20 at the door for the
Thurs., March 27, 7 p.m. Pleasanton Li-            Libby Mihalka, founder of Altamont Capital         raiser for Children’s Hospital Oakland,          entire Convention, including Lisa Altalida’s
brary, 400 Old Bernal Ave. Steve Klitzing          Management, and Nancy Ubaldi, vice presi-          Cooley’s Anemia Research and ICF Schol-          Keynote at 7:30pm and a Dance Party, 9pm-
has been studying dreams and dream interpre-       dent for investments of UBS, will be the           arship Branch 285 Tri-Valley Scholarship         Midnight. Anyone wishing information
tation for over 25 years. His new book is titled   guest speakers on how to survive in the            Program. Representatives from Children’s         about this and many more parties for singles
Lighthouse of the Gods: A Journey Into the         current economic times. Free. Bring ques-          Hospital will be present. Reservation dead-      may visit or call
Hidden Realms of Dreams and Inner Con-             tions and a bag lunch. Beverages and dessert       line, March 27. Call Helen W. at 462-3798        415/507-9962.
sciousness. The program is free and open to        provided. Questions: Marge Johnson at 846-         or Mary G. at 447-8471. If unable to attend,
all. No registration required. For more infor-
mation, call Penny Johnson, 931-3405.
     Livermore Peripheral Neuropathy
Support Group, meets Tues., March 25, 10
a.m. at Heritage Estates Retirement Commu-
nity, second floor conference room, 900 E.
Stanley Blvd., Livermore. Information:
Lorene Stack, 447-6158 or Ann Laye 443-
     Valley Spokesmen Bicycle Touring
Club, Sat., March 22, 47 miles Shannon
Center to Castro Valley, Redwood, Pinehurst
and Moraga Commons return via Lafayette
and Danville, meet 10 a.m. Mike Smith,
628-4333. Sun., March 23, 62 miles Ameri-
can River to Folsom Lake, meet 10 a.m. in
Old Town Sacramento at Discovery Park,
Mike Smith, 628-4333. Wed., March 26, 19
miles Grizzly Peak, Wildcat Canyon and
Inspiration Point, meet 10 a.m. corner of
Spruce and Grizzly Peak Blvd., Berkeley,
Bob Bacskai, 510-526-2031. Anyone plan-
                                                                                                                                                                                   The Independent, MARCH 20, 2008 - PAGE 3

VALLEY ROUNDUP                                                                                                 INFRASTRUCTURE
                                                                                                               (continued from page one)
                                                                                                               was the preservation of open            area will not be safe from sprawl      Arts Center are working to come
Pleasanton State of the City                            ermore last week.                                      space and a greenbelt; tied for         until enough value is added to
                                                           A pedestrian was struck by a vehicle last Fri-                                                                                     to common terms on financing.
   Pleasanton Mayor Jennifer Hosterman will                                                                    third were continued revitaliza-        the land as ag open space. The
                                                        day at about 7:45 p.m.                                                                                                                “Every time we get close, there
deliver her annual State of the City talk at a Pleas-                                                          tion of the downtown and                way to add the value is with wa-
                                                           A car driven by Cora Healy hit Brian Velasco                                                                                       is a change in the economy,”
anton Chamber of Commerce luncheon on Fri.,                                                                    completion of a plan for facili-        ter. The present concern over cli-
                                                        as he was crossing from south to north. Velasco                                                                                       stated Barton.
March 21.                                                                                                      ties in northeast Livermore.            mate change may present oppor-
                                                        ended up through the front windshield halfway                                                                                             Goals completed and re-
   The luncheon will be held at the Hilton Pleas-                                                                  Preservation of open space          tunities that didn't exist before,"
                                                        into the interior of the Toyota. He was airlifted                                                                                     moved from the priority list were
anton at the Club, 7050 Johnson Dr., 11:30 a.m.                                                                would take significant dollars to       he stated."
                                                        to John Muir Hospital in Walnut Creek. He sus-                                                                                        completion of the El Charro spe-
to 1:30 p.m.                                                                                                   purchase large parcels. The goal            In the downtown, work con-
                                                        tained a broken leg and multiple lacerations.                                                                                         cific plan and the Public Art Mas-
   Tickets are $30 members, $35 nonmenbers at                                                                  is to have a plan in place that         tinues on providing parking. In
                                                           East Avenue was closed for several hours as                                                                                        ter Plan. Added to the list were
the Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce, 777 Pe-                                                                    would allow the acquisition of          addition, development on the
                                                        the traffic unit from the Livermore Police De-                                                                                        succession planning as the city
ters Avenue Pleasanton, California.                                                                            adjacent parcels.                       Livermore Village site and old
                                                        partment investigated the collisison. Anyone who                                                                                      loses key staffers to retirement;
                                                                                                                   Councilmember             John      Groth Bros. is moving ahead, but       access to affordable housing; fu-
Top Facility                                            witnessed this collision is encouraged to con-         Marchand suggested the focus            not as rapidly as the city had         ture use of the current council
    The California Water Environment                    tact Officer Glen Robbins at 925-371-4850.             should be on the southwestern
                                                           On Thurday, Livermore Police responded to                                                   hoped. The final piece in down-        chambers site; and provision of
Association’s Pretreatment, Pollution Prevention                                                               boundary, Doolan Canyon.                town is the regional theater.          job opportunities as part of a
and Stormwater (P3S) committee presented its            a major injury collision on First St. at the east-         Councilmember Jeff Williams
                                                        bound I-580 ramp. Julieta Pagdilao of Tracy                                                    Barton said that the city and the      housing/jobs balance/match.
“Facility of the Year” award to Lawrence Liver-                                                                commented that a memorandum             Livermore Valley Performing
more National Laboratory’s (LLNL) Sewer Moni-           was driving her 2005 Honda CRV S/B First St.           of understanding with Dublin
toring Team in the LLNL Environmental Protec-           and collided with a car driven by Donald Lam-          does not build confidence the
                                                        bert of Livermore who was exiting the freeway.
tion Department. The team operates the
Laboratory’s sewer monitoring complex, which               Lambert was transported to Eden Hospital
                                                        where he was treated for fractured ribs, a punc-
                                                                                                               area would be preserved.
                                                                                                                   Las Positas College recently        LIVERMORE
                                                                                                                                                       (continued from page one)
monitors and controls sewage effluent from both                                                                purchased 400 acres north of the
LLNL and Sandia National Laboratories, Liver-           tured lung, and a possibly fractured neck.             college as mitigation for devel-        percent positive rating; library       “The sense I get is that we’re
more.                                                   Pagdilao was transported to ValleyCare Medi-           opment        on       its    site.     services 92 percent; land use          headed in the right direction.”
    The Lab team was nominated for the award            cal Center with complaints of back and neck            Councilmember Doug Horner               planning was up 10 percent and            An area that showed a drop
by the city of Livermore’s Water Resources Di-          pain.                                                  wondered if there were other            code enforcement up 12 percent.        was the perception of city em-
vision. The award recognizes facilities or pro-            The First Street overpass at I-580 was closed       agencies that could be ap-                  The survey provides the op-        ployees. The rating of knowl-
cesses that exemplify excellence throughout the         for several hours while the LPD Traffic Unit in-       proached as potential partners in       portunity to ask a question spe-       edge shown by city employees
state.                                                  vestigated the collision. Anyone who witnessed         purchasing open space.                  cific to the city. Livermore asked     dropped from 86 percent to 78
    “The city’s Water Resources Division nomi-          this collision is encouraged to contact Officer            Marc Roberts, Community             about noise. Most people, 38           percent; responsiveness from 80
nated the Laboratory team for the CWEA Facil-           Wes Morgan at 925-371-4850.                            Development Director, said that         percent, found traffic to create the   percent to 70 percent; and cour-
ity of the Year Award in appreciation of its dedi-                                                             Caltrans falls in that category. It’s   most noise; garbage trucks were        tesy went from 88 percent to 79
cation to sewer monitoring and the maintenance          Good Friday Protest                                    planned improvements along I-           second at 31 percent, trains at 22     percent.
of its extensive monitoring network facilities,”           The annual Good Friday Action will be held          580 would need a variety of miti-       percent and the airport 18 per-           Piper felt that the drop may
said Lynna Grijalva, source control coordinator         March 21 at the Lawrence Livermore National            gation.                                 cent. There was a drop of 4 per-       have to do with the economy or
for the City of Livermore. “The team plays a            Laboratory.                                                City Manager Linda Barton           cent in those concerned about          other factors that the city is not
vital role in protecting the Livermore Water Rec-          Theme of the event is “Embracing the Be-            pointed out that an application         noise form the airport.                aware of. “It is something we will
lamation Plant and the community.”                      loved Community . . . Rejecting the Violence of        has been submitted to designate             Councilmember             John     be looking into.”
    The award was presented Feb. 25 at the an-          Empire.”                                               both North and South Livermore          Marchand noted that 96 percent
nual P3S Conference in Long Beach. LLNL sewer              Participants will meet at 6:45 a.m. at the cor-     as priority conservation areas          of the city’s residents recycle, 50
monitoring team members include Allen                   ner of Vasco Rd. and Patterson Pass Rd. in Liver-      under ABAG’s focus program.             percent watch council meetings
Grayson, Henry Jones, Bob Williams, Karl                more. Father Louie Vitale will deliver the key-        The program goals support a fu-         on television, and 50 percent
Brunckhorst, Crystal Foster, Jennifer Montgom-          note address. Marylia Kelley of Tri-Valley             ture development pattern in the         volunteer. “That shows people
ery, Duane Rueppel and Priya Basu.                      CAREs will offer an update on the Lab.                 Bay Area that is compact and            are engaged. They are willing to
    The Laboratory’s sewer monitoring complex              Participants will march to the gates of the Lab.    connected. The conservation area        give time to make the quality of
incorporates online, real-time, automated moni-            A community gathering with light breakfast          designations identify areas of re-      life better in the community.”
toring of sewage outflow from the LLNL and              foods will follow at around 10 a.m.                    gional significance for open                Councilmember Jeff Williams
Sandia national laboratories. It monitors for ra-                                                              space conservation for either           sounded a cautious note. He
dionuclides, metals, flow and pH levels, with           New Home Sales Sluggish                                habitat or agriculture.                 pointed out that the respondents
the ability to divert flow to holding tanks if con-         The pace of home sales at California in new-           As part of an effort to estab-      were a self-selected group inter-
stituents of concern in the effluent rise above         home communities began 2008 with a sluggish            lish agriculture north of I-580,        ested enough in city activities to
pre-set levels. Were something to get past the          pace, the California Building Industry Associa-        the city is looking at obtaining        return the survey. “The results do
monitoring system and into the city’s sewage            tion reported Monday.                                  water to make agriculture a vi-         not guarantee similar beliefs are
system before it could be diverted to Lab hold-             The monthly CBIA/Hanley Wood Market In-            able option for landowners.             held in the city at large.”
ing tanks, the Lab would alert the city so it could     telligence (HWMI) New Home Sales and Pricing               Bob Baltzer spoke at the be-            Barton said the point is a good
divert the flow when it reaches the city’s Water        Report showed that new home sales in January           ginning of the meeting. He urged        one. However, she added that the
Reclamation Plant.                                      were over 62 percent below January 2007. The           the council to keep ag water on         results of the survey are similar
                                                        drop is slightly less severe than the year-over-       the table. "The North Livermore         to what she hears people say.
Two Murdered in Pleasanton                              year decline of nearly 67 percent in December.
   Pleasanton residents Ernest Scherer Jr., 60, and         Compared with the same period last year, the
Charlene Abendroth, 57, were found savagely             median base price of homes sold dropped by 13
beaten inside their Castlewood Country Club             percent.
home last Friday. The family has posted a                    Non-seasonally adjusted total new-home
$25,000 reward for information about the mur-           sales were 29 percent higher than levels seen in
ders.                                                   December, although it is not unusual for January
   The couple was found after their grown daugh-        to show a much faster pace of sales activity than
ter could not reach them and summoned offi-             December. Median base sales prices statewide
cials from the Castlewood Country Club asso-            were 0.2 percent lower than in December.
ciation to the home. Officials believe the couple            Robert Rivinius, CBIA’s President and CEO,
had been dead for at least a week. Scherer and          said the Legislature should pass three bills de-
Abendroth were last seen together at 8 p.m.             signed to help homebuilders survive the sharp
March 7 having dinner at the country club. The          downturn in the housing market. SB 1185 would
couple, both of whom were wearing pajamas,              give builders an additional two years to build
was found in the front part of the 4,000-square-        on home sites approved by local officials. AB
foot home, police said.                                 2604 would allow builders to pay local impact
   No arrests have been made. It appeared that          fees when a home is sold instead of when the
the couple had been targeted as some portions           building permit is obtained. And, AJR 45 is a
of the house had been ransacked.                        joint resolution that calls on Congress and the
   Scherer was a former San Ramon Valley school         President to permanently increase the federal
board member and real estate investor. He was           conforming loan limits and allow mortgages of
also a reliable Republican volunteer.                   up to $729,000 to be purchased by Freddie Mac
                                                        and Fannie Mae, the federally backed lending
Major Injury Accidents                                  giants created to ensure a reliable source of credit
   Two major injury accidents occurred in Liv-          for homebuyers.
PAGE 4 - The Independent, MARCH 20, 2008

                                                                                                        Campaign 2008
 EDITORIALS                                                                                                Father, Daughter Among 8 Zone 7 Candidates
                                                                                                           A Livermore father and               ever, The former Dublin San Ra-        publican filed in the heavily         announced his endorsement of
   A Significant Asset                                                                                  daughter are in a field of eight        mon Services District board            Democratic district.                  Republican Scott Kamena for the
                                                                                                        candidates who filed for the three      member will serve as finance of-                                             15th Assembly District.
     Consultant David Early’s report on North Livermore                                                 seats that will be up for election      ficer for Myers’ campaign.             NEW CAMPAIGN MANAGER                     Cook declared, “Kamena is a
  facilities sees the Springtown Golf Course as a “signifi-                                             at Zone 7 Water Agency on June              Myers told the Independent             Republican Judy Lloyd added       steadfast conservative with deep
  cant asset” in the context of its sale potential.                                                     3.                                      that he approached Kohnen for          new leadership to her campaign        roots in the District.”
                                                                                                           Kent McKinney, Director of           the position, after learning that      for the June 3rd Republican pri-         Cook is a former Marine who
     The report — discussed by the council last week —                                                  Information Systems at Cal State        Kohnen would not run again.            mary election by announcing the       has earned top ratings from con-
  points out that the course is steadily losing money and                                               University East Bay, and his            Myers also has named former            addition of several new leader-       servative watchdog groups such
                                                                                                        daughter Brooke McKinney,               Zone 7 employee and current            ship positions in her campaign        as the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer
  is rated poorly by those who golf there. The consultant                                               both of Livermore, have filed.          consultant John Mahoney as his         for State Assembly.                   Association and numerous law
  says the city could make up to $1 million an acre if it                                               Others who filed by the deadline        campaign manager.                          Robert A. Hardy of Walnut         enforcement groups.
  chose to sell, say, 10 to 20 acres of the 90-acre site. The                                           March 12 were incumbent Dick                Jim Concannon, prominent           Creek will assume the role of
                                                                                                        Quigley, former board members           Valley vintner and a Zone 7            Campaign Chairman.                       TAUSCHER BEST
  money could be used to expand the Springtown branch                                                   Chris Moore and Sandy Figuers,          board member for 24 years, is re-           Marissa Pugmire has been            The Children’s Defense Fund
  library, among other uses, he says.                                                                   former Zone 7 general manager           tiring from the board.                 hired as the day-to-day campaign      Action Council (CDFAC) has re-
                                                                                                        Dale Myers, air traffic controller          Filings closed March 7 for the     manager. Marissa was most re-         leased its 2007 Nonpartisan Con-
     Audience members were vehemently opposed to any                                                    Russell West, and high-tech com-        15th Assembly District and the         cently a Northern State Field Di-     gressional Scorecard. For the
  such sale. They argued the site should be treated as a                                                pany executive Steve Mattos.            9th Senate District. Democrats         rector for the Mitt Romney for        third year in a row Rep. Ellen
  park. “It is ecologically very rich. ... Sycamore Grove                                                  Quigley and Moore live in            Joan Buchanan and Ted Ford             President Campaign, where she         Tauscher has been named one of
                                                                                                        Pleasanton. The others live in          qualified for the ballot in the 15th   secured a definitive win for Gov-     the “Best Representatives for
  Park and Ravenswood don’t make money. No one talks                                                    Livermore.                              AD, as did Republicans Scott           ernor Romney in Nevada. She           Children” in Congress scoring a
  about selling them off,” said citizen John Stein.                                                        West said that with his 24           Kamena, Robert Rao, Abram Wil-         has served in several capacities      100% ranking.
                                                                                                        years’ experience as an air traffic     son and Judy Lloyd. Republican         for the Republican Party at the          The Children’s Defense Fund
     While it may be financially impracticable to keep the                                              controller on the federal level, he     incumbent Guy Houston is               state and national level.             Action Council educates the na-
  golf course open, the site itself should be maintained.                                               wants to contribute something to        termed out.                                Jane Clark of the JLC Group       tion about the needs of children
  The golf course has evolved into a community nature                                                   the local level. He has lived in            Assemblywoman              Loni    has joined the campaign to as-        and encourages preventative in-
                                                                                                        Livermore since 1993.                   Hancock and former Assembly-           sist with the district fundraising    vestment before they get sick or
  park. It’s indeed a significant asset.                                                                   The McKinneys did not return         woman Wilma Chan are the               efforts. For more information         into trouble, drop out of school,
                                                                                                        a call before the Independent’s         Democratic candidates in the 9th       about the Judy Lloyd for Assem-       or suffer family breakdown. The
                                                                                                        deadline.                               Senate District, where incumbent       bly campaign, please visit            CDF Action Council began in
                                                                                                           Other candidates were dis-           Democratic Sen. Don Perata is                 1969 and is a private, non-profit
                                                                                                        cussed in previous stories about        termed out. Marsha Feinland will                                             organization that has never taken
                                                                                                        candidate filings. One-term in-
(continued from page one)
                                                                                                        cumbent Jim Kohnen of Dublin
                                                                                                        did not file for re-election. How-
                                                                                                                                                be unopposed in the Peace and
                                                                                                                                                Freedom party primary. No Re-
                                                                                                                                                                                          KAMENA ENDORSED
                                                                                                                                                                                          Assemblyman Paul Cook has
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             government funds.

SUSA’s early version of its web                           Hoenig also helped form and
page says the organization will                       lead the Global Project on Mea-
use “quality information and ad-
vanced technology to educate
                                                      suring Societal Progress, which
                                                      approached on an international
                                                      basis what SUSA will attempt to
                                                                                                                      Steelhead Trout Come Back to Alameda Creek
the American people on the sta-                                                                            A pair of radio tagged steel-        were initially observed in the         steelhead and salmon spawning
                                                      do for the United States.                         head trout that were given a help-                                                                                   bottom of Stonybrook Creek
tus and progress of the United                                                                                                                  lower Alameda Creek flood con-         in their backyard creeks within a     with a free span bridge. In 2005
States.”                                               CLEANING UP CAMPSITES                            ing hand past a barrier in lower        trol channel in Fremont on Feb-        few years. Our goal is to gain ac-
                                                      INSTILLS PUBLIC SERVICE                                                                                                                                                Alameda County completed con-
    It will provide information on                                                                      Alameda Creek swam up                   ruary 25th, attempting to jump         cess for these fish all the way up
                                                          Recalling his early years in                  Stonybrook Creek in Niles Can-                                                                                       ceptual designs for modifying or
such topics as balancing energy                                                                                                                 the BART weir, an impassable           Alameda Creek into and above          removing two county culverts for
needs with environmental protec-                      Livermore, Hoenig gives major                     yon where they were observed            fish barrier. They were netted by      Sunol Regional Wilderness and
                                                      credit for his social service inter-                                                                                                                                   fish passage in lower Stonybrook
tions, obtaining the best health                                                                        traveling together and exhibit-         Alameda Creek Alliance volun-          to ensure there is adequate stream
                                                      est to his parents and their camp-                ing spawning behavior last                                                                                           Creek. Stonybrook Creek and
care for children and the elderly,                                                                                                              teers, East Bay Regional Park          flow for them to thrive.”             Alameda Creek in Niles Canyon
and achieving the best position                       ing trips in state parks. As soon                 weekend. This marks the first           District biologists, and Alameda           In March of 1999 a female
                                                      as the Hoenig family arrived at a                                                                                                                                      are off-limits to fishing.
of the national economy to cre-                                                                         time that adult steelhead have at-      County staff operating under           steelhead dubbed “Stella” was
                                                      campsite, they would go around                    tempted to spawn in suitable                                                                                            This is the 11th consecutive
ate the best jobs and wealth op-                                                                                                                state and federal permits on Feb-      rescued at the BART weir and          winter the Alameda Creek Alli-
portunities. “Having a common                         and pick up litter. “We wanted to                 trout habitat in the Alameda            ruary 26th, fitted with radio tags     later swam into Stonybrook
                                                      leave it better than before. The                                                                                                                                       ance has documented ocean-run
set of facts as a shared founda-                                                                        Creek watershed since the early         and moved upstream into Niles          Creek, where it is believed she
                                                      values they were trying to teach                  to mid 1960s, a significant mile-                                                                                    steelhead in lower Alameda
tion can reinforce accountabil-                                                                                                                 Canyon.                                spawned with resident rainbow         Creek.
ity for allocating scarce resources                   me was to leave the world better                  stone in the decades-long effort           “This is a nice hint of what is     trout. Stonybrook Creek has al-
                                                      than I found it. It was the idea of                                                                                                                                       Steelhead were listed as a fed-
to the most crucial problems and                                                                        to restore steelhead and salmon         to come with the restoration of        most two miles of suitable habi-
                                                      service, of giving something                      to Alameda Creek.                                                                                                    erally threatened species in 1997.
the highest impact solutions,”                                                                                                                  Alameda Creek fish runs,” said         tat for spawning and rearing of          The Alameda Creek watershed
says the mission statement.                           back,” said Hoenig.                                  Bonnie (a female steelhead           Jeff Miller, Director of the           trout and steelhead, but several
                                                          Hoenig’s parents attended                                                                                                                                          covers an area of 633 square
    There will be no political bias                                                                     measuring 27 inches long and            Alameda Creek Alliance. “Resi-         road crossing culverts are in the
                                                      Livermore school board and                        weighing 8.5 pounds) and Clyde                                                                                       miles and once supported popu-
in the approach, said Hoenig.                                                                                                                   dents along Stonybrook and             lower creek. CalTrans has com-        lations of steelhead trout and
Support has been forthcoming                          planning commission meetings.                     (a male 28 inches and 8 pounds)         Sinbad Creeks could literally see      mitted to replace a culvert at the
                                                      That showed Chris that people                                                                                                                                          salmon.
from public officials in both po-
litical parties. However, their                       can make a difference in causes.
good wishes remain behind the                         “They were trying to take respon-
scenes, so that SUSA is not asso-                     sibility. That influenced me
ciated publicly with any politi-                      deeply,” he said.
cal figures during this election                          Pat Hoenig, a retired teacher,                   (Opinions voiced in letters          recovering. But this last time, 40 or call toll free    a public speaker, but I am going
season, said Hoenig.                                  said that her son was fifth in his                published in Mailbox are those          years later, there was a new           at 1-866-224-3301.                    to stand and let my voice be
    A major launch of SUSA’s web                                                                        of the author and do not neces-         wrinkle. My family found the                                                 heard. I urge my fellow
                                                      class of 500 at Granada. He was                   sarily reflect the opinion of The       GBS Foundation headquartered
site will occur sometime after the                    an outstanding swimmer and                                                                                                       Livermore Parcel Tax                  homeowners to welcome the Vice
election. SUSA will rely heavily                                                                        Independent. Letter Policy: The         in Pennsylvania and found a            Ted Schaefer                          Mayor’s challenge if you value
                                                      water polo player at Granada and                  Independent will not publish            great deal of support and infor-
for scientific process and exper-                     Yale. Ivy League schools don’t                                                                                                   Livermore                             your beloved Springtown golf
tise on the National Academy of                                                                         anonymous letters, nor will it          mation from that source.                  The November renewal of this       course and the open space it pro-
                                                      give athletic scholarships, so the                publish letters without names.              Four years ago I became the
Sciences (NAS). SUSA is funded                        only stipend he had was from his                                                                                                 tax should not proceed unless         vides. Attend the town hall meet-
by several well-known founda-                                                                           Frequent letter writers may have        chapter liaison to the Foundation      every living unit in the District     ings! This is our chance- don’t
                                                      academic achievements. How-                       publication of their letters de-        for the East and South Bay areas
tions, including names that                           ever, his swimming accomplish-                                                                                                   is counted individually, such as      let it slip by. Protect what you
people see on the news shows on                                                                         layed.)                                 of California. One of my “jobs”
                                                      ments won him the Gerald R. Ford                                                          is to respond to newly diagnosed       each individual apartment,            hold so dear.
PBS. Among them are the Will-                                                                                                                                                          condo, or other rental property.          And yes. Mr. Vice Mayor, I am
iam and Flora Hewitt Founda-                          award, which is named after the                   GBS Month                               patients in hospitals within this
                                                      U.S. president, who graduated                     Beverley Copeland                       area, hopefully providing en-          Families with school age children     the target audience in more than
tion, the Rockefeller Founda-                                                                                                                                                          are often the occupants of these      one way when it comes to the
tion, the John D. and Catherine                       from Yale.                                        Livermore                               couragement, as well as informa-
                                                          “As a young child, Chris was                     May is GBS (Guillain-Barre           tion and support to them and their     dwellings.                            Northeast facilities. I was a golfer
T. MacArthur Foundation, and                                                                                                                                                                                                 before having a child (yes, I even
the Carnegie Corporation of New                       rarin’ to go. We just gave him en-                Syndrome) Month. Beverly                families. I am told by my patients
York.                                                 couragement,” said Pat Hoenig.                    Copeland of Livermore says that         and their families that there is no    Speak Out                             took lessons from Stan with Tri-
                                                          Her husband, Clarence, said                   her first encounter with a rela-        substitute for talking to someone      Kathleen Laing Schoening              Valley Golf Center for years). I
    Funding the nonprofit with                                                                                                                                                                                               am a long-term homeowner
foundation money is important                         that Chris told him one time that                 tively unknown illness, Guillain-       who has “been there, done that”.       Springtown, Livermore
so so that revenues from private                      he saw his parents “as grass-root-                Barre Syndrome (GBS), occurred          And, when I am there with them,            In the March 11, 2008 of the      (though to some I am still a new-
interests, which may have an axe                      ers. He said to me that if you get                in 1962 at the age of 26. The           I absolutely “know” I am in the        Contra Costa Time in an article       comer) and finally I am a stay at
to grind, can be avoided, said                        out on the local level, and work                  chilling part is that I experienced     right place. My other job is to        by Eric Kurhi on the background       home mom of a child who will
Hoenig.                                                                                                 the very same trauma again in           hold group support meetings fea-       report for the Northeast facilities   be of pre schoolage shortly. My
                                                      for candidates, you sometimes                     2002 at the age of 66. There is no      turing speakers and/or educa-
    Asked about the objectivity                       have an influence on their think-                                                                                                it was stated by Vice Mayor John      family and I are users of the li-
of the information, Hoenig re-                                                                          known cause and very little treat-      tional material. I have now also       Marchand “Springtown folks,           brary and LARPD programs. But
                                                      ing.” That’s been his (Clarence)                  ment for GBS. And while it is very      begun providing “free” inservice
plied that in conducting research                     own experience, especially when                                                                                                  stay involved. This is your op-       what keeps us in Springtown is
on indicator systems, he found                                                                          rare to have this illness once, it is   training for nurses, doctors and                                             the simple life.
                                                      it comes to affecting land-use                    even rarer to experience it twice.      therapists in an effort to broaden     portunity to make yourselves
that the best are subjective, not                     planning, said Clarence.                                                                                                         heard.” I heard your challenge,           Change is inevitable but pre-
objective. “What is progress for                                                                        Each individual’s experience is         knowledge of GBS and treat-                                                  serving open space is a must.
                                                          Clarence Hoenig said that he                  different relative to onset and         ment of its victims.                   Mr. Vice Mayor. Yes, I am will-
one person is not progress for                        and his wife encouraged Chris                                                                                                    ing to be accounted for. I am not
another. Progress is different in                                                                       severity. For me, within 36 hours           May is GBS Awareness
                                                      and his sisters, Liz and Gretchen,                it meant complete paralysis,            month; I encourage people to
Australia than in Colombia than
in Russia than in the U.S.,” said                     to “think on their own, and even                  breathing through a tracheotomy,        learn more about this illness and
    The process is subjective be-
                                                      challenge us on decisions we
                                                      might try to lay on them. We’d
                                                                                                        unable to speak or swallow and
                                                                                                        being fed through a feeding tube.
                                                                                                        Both times I spent many weeks
                                                                                                                                                support the search for a cause and
                                                                                                                                                cure. Many times GBS is diffi-
                                                                                                                                                cult to diagnose and patients do
                                                                                                                                                                                       (continued from page one)
cause it involves a dialogue be-                      be open to argumentation, some-
                                                      times to our frustration, but we                  in the ICU and many hours be-           not receive the help that is avail-    a database that contains hun-         taminated, and which ones aren’t.
tween people. However, we can                                                                                                                                                          dreds of thousands of possible        BIRC is able to provide this kind
agree on some things: strong jobs                     encouraged this kind of behav-                    ing rehabilitated. This is a har-       able in a timely manner. If you
                                                      ior. In retrospect, that approach                 rowing time in one’s life and you       know of someone who is experi-         attack scenarios. When the re-        of information.”
and good schools, for example.                                                                                                                                                         port of a bioharzard release              In addition, Gleason says,
We can get to 80 percent solu-                        to authority has worked well for                  are left to wonder more than            encing GBS, please do not hesi-
                                                                                                        once, “Why me??”                        tate to contact me at 925-449-         comes into Sandia, researchers        BIRC makes it easier for facility
tions quickly if we sit down with                     all three of them. It’s not that they                                                                                            immediately tap into the              managers to determine whether
that in mind,” Hoenig said. “At                       are mavericks. However, they are                     The first time I was very busy       1105 or my toll free number at 1-
                                                                                                        with 3 small children, with 2           866-672-2672. And for more             software’s library to help deter-     released organisms are infectious
the same time, in regard to the                       willing to be more independent                                                                                                   mine the most likely scenarios.       or not. Though BIRC does not
evidence on whether we’ve made                                                                          more to arrive later, so it was         detailed information visit the
                                                      and objective about what’s go-                    pretty much life as usual upon          Foundation’s website at                As additional information from        provide public health advice or
progress, we need scientific tech-                    ing on in life.”                                                                                                                 the event becomes available —         information on specific organ-
nique. For example, why is this a                                                                                                                                                      from sampling, for example —          isms, it can specify where in the
better way to measure it than                                                                                                                                                          predictions can be refined after      facility samples of the organism
that?” said Hoenig.
    SUSA will also be reaching out
                                                      (continued from page one)
                                                                                                                                                                                       taking the new data into account.
                                                                                                                                                                                       Gleason wrote the code that
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             can be located for testing
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 A recently added component
into cities and regions eventu-                       a person shows to himself and                     took it to keep him happy. “With        of the woman who oversaw the           serves as the software’s frame-       of BIRC is Sandia’s own Build-
ally with discussion groups fo-                       other people.” His illustration                   a grin as big as his face, the boy      dispensing of food: “Don’t             work, while Sandia computer           ing Restoration Operations Op-
cused on various problems.                            talked about his work at Open                     left, skipping merrily along at his     judge.” Regardless of how much         scientist Ann Yoshimura devel-        timization Model (BROOM)
    After graduating from                                                                               mother’s side,” said Connor. “He        money they made, or what kind          oped the visualization software.      technology. BROOM is a
Granada High School and Yale                          Heart Kitchen, where he was serv-
                                                      ing food.                                         was the true epitome of what            of life they lived, they were hun-         The Sandia researchers in-        handheld, software-based resto-
University, Hoenig earned gradu-                                                                        compassion was,” he added.              gry and wanted food. “We ac-           volved in BIRC have access to         ration and decontamination tool
ate degrees in International Poli-                        He gave an extra cookie to a
                                                      young boy who was eyeing it.                          Compassion and self-disci-          cepted them as they were. We           detailed models, plans and sche-      that contains building maps and
tics, Law and Economics from                                                                                                                    showed them the consideration          matics for a handful of major         other information to simplify
Cambridge University and the                          Later he was surprised when the                   pline were the themes for first
                                                      boy came back with the same                       place winner David Gruen, in the        that they deserved, regardless of      transportation          facilities    tracking and sample collection
Fletcher School of Law and Di-                                                                                                                                                         (BioWatch involves some 30 fa-        in a contaminated area. Surface
plomacy. He worked in the pri-                        cookie and gave it to him. “When                  junior class. He wrote about his        what they looked like,” said
                                                                                                        autistic brother, who strives daily     Valerie.                               cilities from across the country).    sampling results transmitted to
vate and public sectors with an                       I asked him why he hadn’t eaten                                                                                                  These materials, combined with        BIRC can be input into BROOM,
emphasis on problem analysis                          it, he told me that he had saved it               to get better. “Everybody around            Respect shouldn’t have to be
                                                                                                        him can see this perseverance,          earned. “It is an enduring value.      decades of research and collabo-      an approach that leads to more
and solutions. Hoenig was a                           because he wanted me to have it;                                                                                                 rative efforts with such venues       accurate contamination maps
managing director at the federal                      he thought that I would be hun-                   and as a result, each person who        One that we should all try to in-
                                                                                                                                                corporate into our lives,” she         as San Francisco International        and more certain predictions.
Government Accountability Of-                         gry after working my station, and                 gets to know him gains insight                                                 Airport, the Washington Metro-            BIRC’s resources are also
fice (GAO), and a vice-president                      that he wanted to make sure I got                 into the true workings of self-dis-     wrote.                                 politan Area Transportation Au-       available to regional BioWatch
of strategy at IBM. From his ex-                      fed, too,” wrote Connor.                          cipline,” said Gruen.                       Some 792 Foothill students         thority, and other high-profile       jurisdictions to support planning
periences, he wrote the book                              Connor resisted accepting the                     Senior class winner Valerie         submitted essays this year, up by      transportation hubs, help Sandia      and exercise activities.
“The Problem Solving Journey,”                        cookie, because the boy prob-                     Rycerski wrote about the value          about 100 from last year. About        researchers make accurate pre-            Among BIRC’s future goals is
which has been translated into                        ably was homeless, and rarely                     of not judging people as a way          70 or 80 community residents           dictions.                             to develop an electronic
Korean and Chinese.                                   had enough to eat. However, he                    of showing them respect. She            took part in the judging. Lori             “When a biohazard event oc-       “playbook” of sorts following a
                                                                                                        drew on her experience in dis-          Vella, the Foothill vice principal     curs and a detector alarms, the       biohazard event that gives par-
                                                                                                        tributing bag lunches to home-          who helped start the contest,          response by facility managers is      ticipating facilities even more
                                                                                                        less people at Glide Memorial           said, “I’m always honored to be        dependent upon a number of            useful information, such as step-
                                                          Publisher: Joan Kinney Seppala
                                                        Associate Publisher: David T. Lowell            Church in San Francisco. Valerie        able to highlight student writing      factors and key pieces of infor-      by-step advice and recommenda-
    (INLAND VALLEY PUBLISHING CO.)                            Editor: Janet Armantrout                  was surprised that some of the          about our six expected behaviors       mation,” says Gleason. “They          tions on how facilities might re-
                                                          Sales Manager: Jessica Scherer                men in line wore business suits         in our character program. It’s my      need to know the source and in-       spond appropriately or integrate
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                           (Mailing address: PO Box 1198, Livermore, CA 94551)                          and some of the women were              favorite day of the year, at the       tensity of the contamination.         BIRC information with their own
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                                                                                                            Valerie remembered the words        it with them.”                         of the facilities are likely con-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The Independent, MARCH 20, 2008 - PAGE 5

Donlon Fields Ready for Play
   Donlon Elementary School is       state-of- the-art irrigation control   Olympic Trials                                                                                           Cordova, March 15-17.
                                                                                                                                                                                          RESULTS (by event):
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           It was Granada 6, Dublin 4. Scoring were
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Granada: Hanna 1, Farner 1, Cordes 1,
sporting a new look, thanks to a     system were installed. The exist-           Brandon Fischer, a senior at Granada             Pleasanton Seahawks                                     LEVEL 7: Age Group: Older VAULT -            McDaimird 1, Ferriera 1, McCallister 1;
                                     ing storm drain system was modi-       High School, made his Olympic Trials cut in
$1.1 million renovation of the                                              the 200-meter breaststroke at the 2008 Speedo
                                                                                                                                      Twenty-seven Pleasanton Seahawks age           Megan Ouyang, 2nd place (9.5); Erin Gray,         Dublin: Hayes 3, Perry 1; Assists Granada:
                                     fied and upgraded to provide                                                                 group swimmers participated in the Alameda         3rd place (9.475); Briana Gray, 8th place         Strauch 2, Clark 1, Cordes 1; Dublin: Weir
sports fields funded through an                                             Gold Swim Sectionals in Mission Viejo on              Island Aquatics swim meet of 2008 at Mills         (8.875); Emma Rigl (8.55) BARS - Ouyang,          1, Krumbach 1; Saves/Goalies: G Hopkins 7,
equal partnership between the        drainage for the newly contoured       March 5th-9th.                                        College.                                           T1st place (9.425); Rigl, 5th place (9.375);      D Czapala 13.
                                                                                 Fischer, who has been a National swim-                                                                                                                    The Granada JV edged San Ramon 4 to
Pleasanton Unified School Dis-       field. Finally, the entire field was   mer for the past three years, swam his best
                                                                                                                                      Six swimmers reached 100% best per-            E. Gray, 8th place (9.175); B. Gray (8.425)
                                                                                                                                  sonal results in the two day race. They are:       BEAM - E. Gray, 2nd place (9.4); Rigl, 6th        3. Scoring were Granada: Baker, Y. 3, Guan
trict (PUSD) and the City of         hydro-mulched, a technique that        times in all six events. For him, last week's         Conor Ryan (12) who competed in three              place (9.275); Ouyang (8.55); B. Gray (7.7)       1; San Raphael: Juan 1, Balbin 1, Taylor 1;
                                     helps to establish grass more uni-     finish was a dream come true. "Ever since I
Pleasanton. The 9-acre site will                                            started swimming at age 11 1/2 years old, I
                                                                                                                                  events and dropped his 100 breast by eight         FLOOR - E. Gray, 5th place (9.25); Rigl,          Assists Granada: Neely 1, Alonzo 1; San
                                     formly and protects against seed                                                             seconds. Ryan Vicencio (11) swam five              10th place (9.125); Ouyang (8.925); B. Gray       Raphael: none; Saves/Goalies: G Clark 7, SR
accommodate sports activities                                               knew I wanted to become an Olympic swim-              events and obtained personal best in all,          (8.6) ALL AROUND - E. Gray, 3rd place             Kuchurian.
(including three soccer fields).     movement.                              mer. I just kept working hard, always going           reduce his time about 4% on average. Alex          (37.3); Ouyang, 6th place (36.4); Rigl, 7th
                                                                            to practices, and making swimming a priority
The fields will be used by PUSD          Work on the Donlon fields          in my life. I also love the sport and being in
                                                                                                                                  Wang (12) competed in three events and             place (36.325); B. Gray (33.6).
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Youth Lacrosse
                                                                                                                                  dropped time significantly and reached new              LEVEL 8: Age Group: Middle VAULT
students and many community          began in July 2006. A cold win-        the water - my hard work is paying off                time standard in all. Laura Taylor (13)            - Jordan Garza, 9th place (8.6) BARS - Garza,           The Pleasanton Lacrosse Junior B
                                     ter in 2006-2007 delayed the           finally," Fischer said.
youth sports groups.                                                             Fischer medaled in four events, receiving
                                                                                                                                  improved all her three events by more than         T2nd place (9.375) BEAM - Garza, T3rd             Storm team recorded two victories over the
                                     germination of the hydro-                                                                    10%. Kevin Vicencio (15) swam six events           place (9.25) FLOOR - Garza, 4th place             weekend. The first one was a 6 to 3 victory
   In the renovation process,                                               1st, 3rd, 5th, and 6th place awards for his           and improved his time in all. Alok Virkar (15)     (9.125) ALL AROUND - Garza, 2nd place             over Palo Alto Tomahawks B team. Excel-
5,500 tons of sand, 2,500 cubic      mulched seed and extended the          efforts. At Sectionals, Fischer swam the 200-         competed in three events and improved on           (36.35).                                          lent passing and catching was demonstrated
                                                                            meter breaststroke in a 2:19.46 in trials, and
yards of organic matter, fertiliz-   growing process throughout             came in 1st place in the finals with a 2:20.04.
                                                                                                                                  average about 7%.                                                                                    by Jackie Gilbert, Emily Barrett and Rachel
                                                                                                                                      Twelve top-notch Seahawk swimmers                                                                Kunzer. The second game against the San
ers, and other amendments were       2007. The project was brought          The Olympic Trials cut for the 200-meter              made it to the California-Nevada Sectional         Diablo Gymnastic                                  Jose Extreme B was a 5 to 2 win. Excellent
                                     to completion in March 2008.           breaststroke is a 2:20.79. He swam the 100-
brought in to prepare the exist-                                            meter free in a 55.34, the 200-meter free in a
                                                                                                                                  meet. They are: Josh Meints, Brandon Fischer,           Diablo Gymnastic team members com-           goal tending by Jennifer Gubner, superb
                                     The contractor for the project was                                                           Karen Wang, Neda Nguyen, Kayleigh Foley,           peted in the Golden State Classic hosted by       defense with Sabrina Ehlert and awesome
ing heavy clay soil for the new                                             1.59.93, the 200-meter IM in a 2:10.74, and           Andrew Seitz, Bobby Barrett, Katrina Ander-        Technique Gymnastics in Rancho Cordova.           catching for Hannah McGillivray contributed
turf. The entire site was laser      Jensen Corporation, Landscape          the 400 IM in a 4:37.63. Fischer just missed          son, Tory Houston, Lisa Narum, Catherine           Among the competitors was Vinnesa Narvaez         to the win.
                                                                            the cut for the 100-meter breaststroke. He
graded to a uniform slope of 1%.     Contractors from San Jose, Cali-       clocked in at 1:05.13, four tenths of a second
                                                                                                                                  Breed, and Chris Guido.                            of Livermore. She competed in Level 8,                 The Livermore Phantom Junior B
                                                                                                                                                                                     finishing in 6th place. Results: vault 9.2 (2),   team fell short over the weekend losing to the
   A completely new irrigation       fornia. The landscape architect        short of the 1:04.69 Olympic cut-off.
                                                                                                                                                                                     bars 9.125 (7), beam 9.375 (5), floor 9.0 (11),   Diablo Scorpion Stingers 5-4. Early in the
                                     for the project was RRM Design              Fischer plans to compete in his second
system, booster pumps, and a                                                                                                                                                         and all around 36.7.                              game, Joshua Allen started things off by
                                     Group of Oakdale, California.
                                                                            Olympic Trials cut this spring at the Interna-
                                                                            tional Senior swim meet in Santa Clara. "I'm
                                                                                                                                  Livermore Aqua Cowboys                                                                               scoring the first goal. It wasn’t until the 4th
                                                                                                                                       Five swimmers from the Livermore Aqua                                                           quarter when things really heated up for the
                                                                            excited to have some solid swims before
                                                                            going off to college in the fall. I'll be attending
                                                                                                                                  Cowboys participated in the Pacific Swim-          GHS Lacrosse                                      Phantom with Neal Steward, Collin Rigby
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       and Joshua Allen each scoring one goal.
                                                                                                                                  ming Junior Olympics March 14-16.                      Granada High School varsity lacrosse
                                                                            the University of Wyoming on a swimming                    The Aqua Cowboys improved their times                                                           Defenders, Hunter Olson, Erik Wurster and
                                                                            scholarship, majoring in Art, and am honored                                                             team came away with two wins last week.
                                                                                                                                  in thirteen of fifteen races. Kylie Clark              They defeated San Raphael 10 to 9.            Michael Fischer played outstanding, so did
                                                                            to have the opportunity to work with Olym-            dropped seven seconds in the 200 breast-                                                             Goalie, Taylor Class, who had 13 saves.
                                                                            pic coach Tom Johnson," he says.                                                                         Scoring were Granada: Buenrorostro 1, Mora
                                                                                                                                  stroke to earn a new PRT (Pacific Recogni-         4, Cordes 1, Strauch 3, Farner 1; San Rafael:     Middies, Max Byrne, Cameron Locke, Josh
                                                                                 The Granada High School swim season              tion Time). Clark went on to earn a new Far                                                          Snyder and Chad Smylie played an impec-
                                                                            is underway. Fischer is co-captain of the                                                                Loretz 1, Smiley 5, Watson 1, O’Hehir 1,
                                                                                                                                  Western qualifying time in the 50 breast-          Johnson 1; Assists Granada: Nuno 1, Strauch       cable game.
                                                                            team. "I'm looking forward to working with            stroke. Evan Carlo dropped three seconds in                                                               Pleasanton 7A Tornados began the
                                                                            Coach Wolfe again this year and Coach                                                                    1, Cordes 2; San Rafael: Smiley 1; Saves/
                                                                                                                                  the 200 backstroke to earn a new Far Western       Goalies: G Hopkins 6, SR Levy 10.                 season with an impressive 10-4 win over
                                                                            Avilla, who is with us for the first season. I've     qualifying time. Carlo braved the rain and
                                                                            had many coaches inspire and believe in me            hail on Saturday evening to take 6th place in
                                                                            through my last seven years of swimming.              the 200 backstroke finals. In the 100 back-
                                                                            My first coach, Dianne Masluk, saw me swim            stroke, Evan earned a new Far Western and
                                                                            and said I could probably ribbon at my first
           Valley Western Wear:                                             meet in the backstroke and breaststroke, and
                                                                            she was right. My present coach, Steve
                                                                                                                                  won 9th place in the finals. Alex Gonzalez
                                                                                                                                  dropped five seconds and won his heat in the
                                                                                                                                  100 backstroke to achieve a new Far Western
        Baughman’s and Christesen’s                                         Morsilli, has helped me the last four years
                                                                            with my technique and strength in the water.
                                                                                                                                  qualifying time. Nina Hayes achieved four
                                                                                                                                  new best times and was the heat winner in 3
    Charles S. Victor was the local manager and partner in Victor and       I dedicate my swimming now to another one             of her races. Moriah Simonds dropped 1.3
                                                                            of my coaches, the late Stuart Smith. He
Harris, a Livermore clothing firm he opened with his brother-in-law,        inspired me, believed in me, and taught me
                                                                                                                                  seconds in the 100 breaststroke.
Isaac Harris, on October 10, 1881. Their first sale that day was a pair                                                                The Aqua Cowboys will be sending four
                                                                            about the mental game of swimming."                   swimmers to the Far Western Champion-
of shoes to Miss Ida Madison. Charles Victor’s son, Morris Victor,                                                                ships on April 3 - 6: Alex Gonzalez 100
joined the firm in 1915. Like store owners in many rural communi-           Force in Finals                                       backstroke; Kylie Clark 50 breaststroke, 200
ties, Victor and Harris accepted trade goods—for example fire-                                                                    breaststroke; Nina Hayes 50 butterfly; Evan
                                                                                 Livermore Elite Force Under 16 advance           Carlo 100 backstroke, 200 backstroke.
wood—as well as cash for their wares. Charles Victor served as a            to the finals in High Comp Youth Soccer                     Junior Olympic Results: Boys: 9-10:
Livermore trustee from 1899 to 1904. John M. “Jack” Baughman                Association Cup play. In the sweet sixteen            Alex Gonzalez — 100 backstroke, 13th,
                                                                            round, the Force won on penalty kicks. In an          1:17.97, FRW, 50 backstroke, 11th, 37.52;
began clerking for the business in 1915. By 1922 he had become              exciting and well matched game, the Force             15-16: Evan Carlo — 200 backstroke (trials),
half-owner, and the firm’s name was changed to Victor and Baughman.         got the win over the Elk Grove Wolfpack,              7th, 2:08.41, FRW, 200 backstroke (finals),
If you enter Proctor’s on First Street and look above the doorway,          playing to a scoreless tie through two overtimes      6th, 2:07.75, FRW, 100 backstroke (trials),
                                                                            and finally prevailing in penalty kicks. Keeper       11th, 1:00.07, 100 backstroke (finals), 9th,
you will see the old stained glass sign for “Victor & Baughman.” In         Kyle Kline was awesome in the net, while his          59.37, FRW. Girls: 9-10: Moriah Simonds
the opinion of the Herald, “With the advent of Mr. Baughman as a            team sank 4 of 5 penalty kicks to come out            — 100 breaststroke, 1:32.02; 11-12: Kylie
member of the firm to work with M. Victor the store is now in the           on top.                                               Clark — 100 breaststroke, 1:18.23, 50 breast-
                                                                                 In the round of 8, Livermore Force               stroke, 15th, 35.88, FRW, 200 breaststroke,
hands of two young men who thoroughly understand the needs of               defeated Yuba Sutter Azzurri Panthers 1 to 0.         11th, 2:41.07, PRT; Nina Hayes - 50 freestyle,
the community in the clothing line and will keep the high standard          Challenged by high winds and an aggressive            19th, 27.33, 100 backstroke, 1:12.18, 50
which the store has maintained for the past 40 years.” At this time         opponent, the Force played well but were              butterfly, 17th, 30.17, FRW, 100 freestyle,
                                                                            scoreless until late in the second half of the        59.72, 50 backstroke, 32.75, 100 butterfly,
Baughman also bought the house originally built by Nathaniel                game. In a scramble of players, Silvano Lopez         1:09.33.
Holmes at 325 South L Street, where the Baughman family had been            picked out the ball and tapped it into the net,
living for a number of years. On September 6, 1932, because of the          giving Livermore the only goal they'd need
serious illness of Morris Victor, the Victor family sold their company      to win. Keeper Peter Morrow fronted by the            NorCal Championships
                                                                            Force's solid defensive wall, kept the Pan-                St. Michael's/St. Charles (SM/SC} 5th
shares to Baughman.                                                         thers from scoring.                                   Grade Girls American League Team advanced
    Under Baughman’s leadership, the store inventory turned toward               The Livermore Elite Force is a High              to the NorCal CYO basketball finals on
                                                                            Comp Under 16 youth soccer team made up               Saturday with a convincing 31-12 win over
western style clothing and boots, and he added an order catalog.            of boys who all live and attend school in             a solid St. Domenico’s squad. True to form,
The business was operated from various locations on the north side          Livermore. For the most part, these young             they fell behind early, but rallied on solid
of First Street until 1976 when it was moved to its current location.       men have all grown up playing together in the         defense and a torrid fast break. Grace Naylor
                                                                            Livermore Youth Soccer League (LYSL), for             put down 12 points, many of them off steals
For more than 40 years the store has advertised its western specialty       the past several years in the High Comp               and putbacks off offensive rebounds, to go
with the life-size brown painted horse on the sidewalk outside its          division, Livermore Elite Soccer. This year           with great defense. Shannon Rosemark was
front door. Perhaps Hazel Peterson Baughman, a native of Liver-             led by Head Coach Paul Kline and Assistant            a force underneath at both ends, and scored 7
                                                                            Coaches Bill Silver and Mike Lutz, the Elite          points, many off assists from Rachel
more, influenced her husband’s change in the store inventory be-            Force captured an Al Caffodio League Cham-            Hernandez, who had one of her best complete
cause of her love for horses. In the 1950s, she rode and showed her         pionship in high comp league play. They               games of the season on offense, defense, and
beautiful five-gaited American saddle-bred horses at local horse            were Tournament Champions at the Benicia              in transition.
                                                                            Old Capitol Classic and received second                    On Sunday, SM/SC faced St. Anthony’s
events. She died in a traffic accident in San Luis Obispo in 1963;          place awards for the Pacifica Coast Cup and           in a final that turned out to be one of the most
Baughman died 10 years later. Anna Siig, who bought Baughman’s              Rocklin Quarry Classic tournaments. In the            entertaining games of the season. This time,
house, remembered stories of his generosity in extending credit to          initial rounds of CYSA Association Cup the            they got out to an early advantage, leading 10-
                                                                            Force has won all of their games and not              5 at the half. St. Anthony’s came out firing
cowhands and rodeo participants through the years. Several owners           allowed a single goal against them during             in the second half, and soon tied the game.
succeeded Baughman until Stan Janes bought the store in the late            regular game play. As they play on in the final       After that it was a seesaw game that hinged
’70s. Janes retired in 1983, and Baughman’s Western Outfitters is           round, they are ranked among the top four             on terrific defense by both squads. Rachel
                                                                            teams in Northern California. This is a team          Braun played her most aggressive game both
currently run by his son Rory. Besides western wear, including rack         of young men that Livermore can be proud to           defensively and driving the lane, getting to
after rack of boots, the store also stocks harnesses.                       support. They are, Zach Addington, Brandon            the line often and helping get St. Anthony’s
    Two years after Peter Christesen’s death in 1972 at age 70, Stan        Bauer, Chad Berghoff, Peter Cabeceiras,               in foul trouble in the process. Samantha Trask
                                                                            Nick Crusco, Jeff Felker, Alex Gaspar, Alex           ran the offense and ran the floor, finishing the
Janes bought what is now Christesen’s Western and English Sad-              Gonzalez, Kyle Kline, Silvano Lopez, Cody             game at point without a turnover, and Anna
dlery in Pleasanton. Christesen came to Pleasanton in 1924 from             Lutz, Peter Morrow, Jared Silver, Eric Smyth,         Neitzel played stiff defense underneath against
Denmark and worked briefly at the Hansen and Orloff Dairy before            Scott Trummer and Joseph Van Fossen.                  the best center the girls have seen all season.
going into retail merchandising. In 1929, with partner and fellow                                                                 At the end of a nail-biter that could have gone
                                                                                                                                  either way until the very end, St. Anthony’s
Dane, Andrew Greve, he expanded into a new terra cotta brick store          Livermore Mystics                                     got one more shot to fall with 5 seconds
built expressly for their business at 633 Main Street, where they sold           The Livermore Mystics basketball club            remaining, taking a 19-17 lead, and SM/SC’s
shoes such as Buster Brown and Keds, Arrow shirts, Paramount pants,         got off to a great start this past weekend            last-second prayer was just wide of the mark.
                                                                            playing in the Paye’s Place March Madness
Holeproof hosiery and various work clothes. They advertised Levi            tournament. Three teams for the Mystics
Strauss’s “Two Horse Jeans” at $1.75. At times Christesen did car-          competed in the tournament.                           California Gymnastics
penter work and also served as Pleasanton’s first building inspector             The Mystics High school team won three               California Gymnastics Academy com-
                                                                            games on route to winning the champion-               peted in the Golden State Classic Meet hosted
for 21 years. Soon after 1930, he married Daphne Peters, a Pleasan-         ship. They had to work hard for it with the           by Technique Gymnastics in Rancho
ton native and descendant of Agostin Bernal. He cast the adobe              home club Paye’s Place Allstar’s jumping
bricks himself for their home on Happy Valley Road.                         out to an eleven point half-time lead. The
                                                                            Livermore team regrouped and went on a
    At first the clothing store was between a furniture store at 629        scoring bonanza beating the Allstar team by
Main and the Lincoln Theater. Later, Christesen bought the furni-           11 when the final horn sounded. It was a team
ture store and expanded his business into both buildings. Perhaps           effort with all the Mystics contributing to the
by this time he had bought out Greve since the business was now                  The 8th grade team playing in their first
called Christesen’s Men’s and Boys’ Wear. He filled in the carriage-        ever AAU tournament battled some very
way between the two shops to create the Tack Room, “a wonderful             tough teams from Stockton, Watsonville and
                                                                            Paye’s Place. The 8th grade team had every
storehouse of saddles and soaps and leather smells.” The column             team member score during the tournament.
“Round the Town” in the Pleasanton Times described Christesen:              The nervousness settled on the second day of
“He knew his horseflesh. But he was more interested in how to keep          the tournament and the competitive nature of
                                                                            the ladies was evident.
them healthy, or the riders properly attired, than he was in win, place          The 7th grade team, also playing in its
or show.” The columnist quoted a close friend—“Pete is the only             first ever tournament, came away with some
smart horseman I ever knew. He put his money on the rider.” Donna           great experiences. The ladies came out from
                                                                            the first jump ball fired up and ready to play.
Bettencourt, who currently works at the store, pointed out to me that
the place where the jeans are displayed used to be the spot for the
saddlery. She remembered that a truck left the store every day for the
race track with supplies during fair time. The store’s exterior sign
display still includes “Turf Supplies” and “Saddlery.” Bettencourt
recalled that banks used to close at 3:30, and Christesen would help
out local ranch workers and horsemen who got off from work later in
the day by cashing their paychecks without any charge for the ser-
vice. The “Round the Town” columnist noted, “He was always the
‘first touch’ for the high school paper’s ad, or tickets to the soccer
game.” Owner Rory Janes continues to sell western wear and tack at
his stores in Pleasanton and Livermore.
    Readers can reach me at
PAGE 6 - The Independent, MARCH 20, 2008

Lamorinda. The Tornado offense pounded             Wood, Nino Carmignani, Ben Jacobson. The           Jackson, Jessica Blau, Kayley Clark (BA).           Royce 25-16, 25-20; Amador v. Lowell 25-                                                             (BUSC) coaches through creative small-
shot after shot at the Lamorinda goal. Jerome      Mariners continued their hard hitting with a       Les Schwab Tires Golden Stars vs. William           22, 25-10; Amador v. Lincoln 25-15, 22-25,                                                           sided games and training sessions. The final
Rigor scored 3 unassisted goals and 1 goal         4 run 4th inning, a 5 run 5th inning, and an       D. Thompson Attorney at Law Daisy Girls.            15-12; Amador v. Foothill 25-18, 28-30, 19-        Colt .45s Baseball                                session of the camp allows players to practice
assisted by Jake Ackman. Steven Patrick had        8 run 7th inning. Joe Wood hit triples in the      Coaches’ selections - Stephanie Boschee,            17; Amador v. College Park 25-23, 23-25,               Colt .45s Baseball Club now forming           their skills in World Cup-style competition.
2 great goals with feeds from Rigor. New           4th and 5th innings, resulting in 4 RBIs.          Ellie Deuell, Grace Roberts (GS); Hagan             15-12; Monte Vista 25-17, 25-21 Record             18U and 16U competitive travel teams. All         The camp is offered for one day a week for 1.5
team members Michael Barbier, Joe Kluj             Nino Carmignani provided clutch hitting and        Jenna, Madison Stewart, Elmashni Laila              Overall 16-2; EBAL: 3-0                            high school players welcome for evaluation.       hours of training. At this point players may
,Zach Wilhite and TJ Friedl all scored their       RBIs in the 5th and 7th innings. Ben               (DG). Around the Bay Pest Control Black                  Point Leaders: Collin Harper with 176         No conflicts with your school team schedule.      continue in the program by registering for the
first goals for the team. The defense led by       Jacobson singled in the 3rd, 5th and 7th           Widows vs. Brian J. Emrich, DDS Lil’                assists, 16 kills, 7 blocks, and 4 aces; Tyler     Please contact Coach Max Valencia at (925)        training component.
Bryan Cooper in goal allowed only 4 goals,         innings.                                           Yanks. Coaches’ selections - Angelina Burkett,      Von Pein with 36 kills, 14 blocks, and 10          639-9034                or            email            The cost is $150 for 9 Camp Days. Camp
great defensive plays by Brandon Becker,                                                              Mallory Jones, Emily Person (BW); Alexah            aces; ; Jake Buchenauer with 44 kills, 1 block Team website,           is 1.5 hours on Tuesday for the month of April
George Curtis and Colin del Porto made sure                                                           Nava, Juliana Santos, Taylor Sullivan (LY).         and 2 aces; Mike Corbin with 35 kills, 2                            and in May 4:30 – 6: 00 pm. To register, visit
that the Lamorinda team had minimal shots          Livermore Girls Softball                           Brian J. Emrich, DDS Lil Yanks vs. Classic          blocks, and 5 aces; John Buchenauer with 47                                                          "player camps" page at
on goal.                                                Livermore Girls Softball Association          Images Hair Design Blue Angels. Coaches’            kills, 2 blocks and 3 aces; John Rodriguez
     Tornados vs. Diablo Scorpions 12-2.           results from last week:                            selections - Amber Thomas, Virginia                 with. 10 kills, 5 blocks, and 1 ace; MikeGenn      Baseball Camps
Steven Patrick scored 5 goals and had 2                 Middle school Black division: Meredith        Verduzco, Erica Bowers (LY). Les Schwab             with 5 kills, 1 block and 5 aces.                      Matador Baseball Summer Camps, ages           Softball Tournament
assists and our four leaf clover Jeff Snyder       Real Estate Brokers TNT 9, Burger King             Tires Golden Stars vs. William D. Thomp-                                                               5-14. Weekly skills-based camps at Granada             Livermore High and Victory Uniforms is
scored 4 goals to lead the Tornados win over       Vipers 4. The TNT was led by Leah Taulton          son Attorney at Law Daisy Girls. Coaches’                                                              High School Varsity field run by Varsity          sponsoring the 14th Annual Girl’s Varsity
the Scorpions. Finishing off the scores were       with three doubles in three at-bats, and had       selections - Stephanie Boschee, Ellie Deuell,       Perfect Score                                      coaches and players. Camp dates: June 16-19       Softball Tournament March 27th-March 29th
Wilhite, Barbier and Rigor with assists from       great pitching from Linsey Lucivero and            Grace Roberts (GS). Les Schwab Tires Golden              John Graf started the evening out perfect     (incoming 7, 8, and 9 grades only), June 23-      at Robertson Park. The tournament consists
George Curtis and Colin Del Porto. Defense         Adriana Correa. Despite outstanding pitch-         Stars vs. State Farm Insurance Purple Pas-          when he rolled twelve strikes in a row for a       26, and June 30-July 3 from 9-12 each day.        of sixteen high schools from the Bay Area as
led by goalie Bryan Cooper only allowed 2          ing by Marissa Cordisco, a great catch by          sion. Coaches’ selections - Tiaja Andrews,          perfect 300 score in the ReMax Executive           Cost is $140 per camp (if registered by June      well as Sheldon High School in Sacramento.
goals, defense plays by Ryan Almeida, John         Sheryn Beard and clutch hitting by Alyssa          Kiara Arias, Sydney Duncan (GS).                    Cheyenne League at the Granada Bowl in             1, $150 after June 1). For more information            Thursday and Friday are pool play where
Henry Ganser and Middies, Elijah Caluya            Cunningham, the Vipers could not overcome               Austin Precision Bubble Gum Girls vs.          Livermore. John added a 232 and a 221 for          and        registration,         go       to      each team plays 3 games. Saturday is bracket
and Conner Francesca kept the Scorpions            the early lead and tough defense of the TNT        State Farm Insurance Purple Passion. Coaches’       a 753 series to take top honors for the week.                          play with the Championship game at 7:15pm.
from making any more shots.                        team.                                              selections - Jenny Stoner, Peyton Fields,                Greg Kwasniak rolled a pair of high                                                             Come out and see some very talented high
                                                        Jazzercise Golden Gloves 4, Burger King       Isabella Cusimano (BBG). Austin Precision           series; first in the 4 Seasons City Strollers he                                                     school teams. Games start on Thursday and
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Golf Tournament
Livermore American LL                              Vipers 2. Despite great pitching by Courtnie
                                                   Fields, and excellent defense by both Nicole
                                                                                                      Bubble Gum Girls vs. Intero Real Estate
                                                                                                      Services The Cheetah Girls. Coaches’ selec-
                                                                                                                                                          rolled 256, 237 and a 232 for a 725 and then
                                                                                                                                                          returned the next day in the Kings and Queens          The first annual Safe and Sober Golf
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Friday at 9:00am and run until 7:30pm each
      Livermore American Little League scores      Lutz and Erica Serrano, the Vipers could not       tions - Emma Valentine, Angelina Medeiros,          where he rolled a 258, 258 and a 213 for a 729     Tournament will be held April 18 at the
from last week:                                    catch the tough Gold Gloves team.                  Grace Masingale (BBG); Tiara Birdsong,              set. Mal Cowen had a 267 and a 255 for a 712       Poppy Ridge Golf Course in Livermore.
      T-Ball: Nationals vs. Twins Top Na-
tionals: Cole Arnold, Michael Bryson and
                                                        Middle School Red division: Lithia            Emily Montalvo (CG). Intero Real Estate             series while Gene Bruihl used a 260 and a 236          This is a fund-raiser for both Livermore      YMCA Golf Tournament
                                                   Motors Maroon Monsters 13, San Ramon               Services The Cheetah Girls vs. Rich Cortez          to help him to 713 set. Also topping the 700       and Granada high schools grad nights.                 The Tri-Valley YMCA 2008 Golf Tour-
Trystan Lemas Top Twins: Bryan Peeso,              Auto Repair Lady Yanks 11. It was a back-          and Sons Heating & Air Wildcats. Coaches’           plateau were Ricky Chin; 267, 225 for a 702,           A $175 per person fee for the tournament      nament will be held at Poppy Ridge Golf
Kyle Johnson, Jayden Hurskin Highlights:           and-forth game until the bottom of the third       selections - Emme Poe, Hayley Thompson              David Snow’s 266, 246 led him to a 707             includes golf, cart, range balls, lunch and a     Course in Livermore on Mon., April 28.
The Nationals were on fire during their 1st T-     inning when Sydney Hartman had on a bases-         (CG). William D. Thompson Attorney at               Series and Carl Rogers had a 272 and a 247         BBQ dinner. This is a 4-player scramble               The $195 per person fee includes lunch,
Ball Game of the season vs. the Twins. The         loaded single scoring two runs, and also two       Law Daisy Girls vs. Swaim Biological, Inc.          for a 713 Series. Valley’s Family and Friends      format tournament. There will be a raffle and     dinner and refreshments, a round of scramble
Nationals demonstrated great fielding and          singles and two stolen bases. Shalena Ander-       Kool Katz. Coaches’ selections - Clare Collity,     loop saw Scott Copper complete a 721 with          live and silent auctions during dinner.           golf, raffle, and live and silent auctions. The
hitting techniques. Pirates vs. Rockies: Top       son pitched an inning, giving up one run, hit      Tessa Nafzinger, Mattie Tompkins (DG).              games of 269, 238 and 214 while Modified               For more information, call 980-9832,          tournament will benefit the Tri-Valley YMCA.
Rockies: Ryan Barney, Dalton Johnson,              a single and scored a run, and Rebecca Pilz             T-Ball:J.R. Pierce Plumbing Pink La-           Guys and Dolls’ Mike Stephenson rolled a           email or visit Granada               For more information, call the YMCA at
Matthew Polaski. Dodgers vs. Giants Top            had a great game in the field and also had two     dies vs. Integrated Archive Systems Blue            277, 234 and a 217 for a 728 series.               or Livermore school websites to download          475-6108 or email
Dodgers: Kylie Peters, Alex Frazier, Nathan        RBIs.                                              Angels. Coaches’ selections - Megan                      Youth Bowler Billy McClain just missed        registration forms. Sponsorships are avail-       Register before March 1 for a discount. There
Frazier Top Giants: Cameron Winter, Reece               Brent Bowen Photography Grapes of             Mossinger, Sara Morris (BA). Bloomingcamp           the 700 mark with games of 237, 235 and 224        able.                                             are opportunities for group and corporate
Bittner, Peyton McKenzie Highlights: Over-         Wrath 14, Total Sports Hornets 5. The Grapes       Optometry Rockin’ Rabbits vs. Integrated            for a 696 series. Mike Adema of the Sunday                                                           involvement in this event.
all, it was an action-packed first game for what
appears to be an exciting season. Strong bats
                                                   of Wrath played their best all-around game to      Archive Systems Blue Angels. Coaches’
                                                                                                      selections - Emily Rogers, Annabelle Stine,
                                                                                                                                                          Rollers improved his average with a 697 Set        Swim Clinic
                                                   date against the Hornets, Katelyn Serpa                                                                which included a 278 Game. In the Friday                Livermore area athletes will have a unique
and swift running of the bases by Kylie Peters
and Alex and Nathan Frazier of the Dodgers.
                                                   reached base all three times for the Grapes of     Jordan Goodwin (RR); Emily Montes, Ashley           Family Affair Shawn Donahue (220, 237 for          chance to enhance their competitive swim-         Track and Field
                                                   Wrath, Taylor Enloe reached base twice and         Yamamoto, Kendall Yamamoto (BA). Quail              a 638 Series) topped his Dad Gabe who rolled       ming skills by working with two of the                 Athenian Athletics Track Club invites
Superb defense in the infield by Giants            scored both times, and Austyn Najera’s first-      Electronics, Inc. Little Stingers vs.               a 628 series. Alex Stuber remained on fire
Cameron Winter and Reece Bittner. Giants                                                                                                                                                                     country’s greatest swimmers, Josh Davis and       youth athletes ages 7-18 to participate in track
                                                   inning walk pushed a run across. The Hornets       Bloomingcamp Optometry Rockin’ Rab-                 with a 242, 224 and a 208 for a 674.               Kim Vandenberg. The Livermore                     and field practice sessions to prepare for the
Peyton McKenzie showed his strength on             had some strong hitting and fielding even in       bits. Coaches’ selections - Lexi Borgna,
offense. Pirates vs. Rockies Top Pirates:                                                                                                                                                                    Aquacowboys Swim Team will host a Mu-             2008 track and field season. The club is
                                                   the loss. Anastasia Goold and Vivian               Shelby Straume, Skylar Vinson (LS); Melanie                                                                                                              preparing for USATF Meets and AAU meets.
Samual Bosh, Alex Siegal, Tyler Morano
Top Rockies: Matthew Hagen, Dalton
                                                   Connolly each had singles and Greta                Branda, Eliana Eme, Sierra Street (RR).             Middle School Wrestling                            tual of Omaha Breakout! Swim Clinic on
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Sunday, April 26th at the Livermore Valley        Practices will be held on a voluntary/drop-in
                                                   Kohlmoos hit a strong double to left field.        Pertica Insurance Services Hot Tamales vs.               Harvest Park Middle School in Pleas-          Tennis Club, 2000 Arroyo Road in Liver-           basis Monday through Friday. For club
Johnston, Jackson Stuart Highlights: In their           Rebecca Pilz had a great game in the field    Kapowee Diamond Diggers. Coaches’ selec-            anton had an impressive day Saturday at the
second face-off of the week, both teams                                                                                                                                                                      more.                                             membership, practice times and locations,
                                                   and also had two RBIs.                             tions - Olivia Claypool, Alexis Diaz, Alicia        San Leandro Bancroft Wrestling Tourna-                  The Mutual of Omaha Breakout! Swim           please or
played great and showed excellent sports-               Bill Howard Floor Hot Tamales 12,             Diaz (HT). Pertica Insurance Services Hot           ment. Out of the 11 wrestlers Harvest Park
manship on this chilly Saturday morning.                                                                                                                                                                     Clinic was developed by Olympic gold              call Coach Rik Richardson at 925-518-9356.
                                                   Total Sports Hornets 8. In a good game by          Tamales vs. J.R. Pierce Plumbing Pink               who competed, 9 placed. The final tally was        medalist Josh Davis and Mutual of Omaha to
      A Division: Nationals (8) vs. Mets (15)      both teams Kasey Stewart drew two walks            Ladies. Coaches’ selections - Lindsay Harnish,      5 gold, 1 silver, and 3 bronze. Individual         inspire and motivate a new generation of
Top Nationals: Luke Foscalina, Nicholas
DeLisle, Brandon Williams Top Mets: An-
                                                   and scored twice along with Alex Martinez          Haylee Kramar, Mia Mendoza (HT). Kapowee            Results were as follows: Tommy Yozzo, 1st,         swim stars. Davis, who earned three gold          Youth Soccer League
                                                   with two base hits. Anna Murphy also had a         Diamond Diggers VS. Quail Electronics,              76 lbs, 3 pins; Tommy Barrera, 1st, 85 lbs.,       medals in the 1996 Olympics and two silver             The Livermore Area Recreation and Park
drew Lignell, Riley Parkerson, Connor              solid day with one hit and two runs scored.        Inc. Little Stingers. Coaches’ selections -         1 pin; Connor Veit, 1st, 106 lbs, 2 pins; Nick
Livingston Highlights: Nationals Luke                                                                                                                                                                        medals in the 2000 Olympic Games, is a            District (LARPD) is offering a youth soccer
                                                        Vintage Management Group Triple Threat        Kaleigh Castillo, Kaitlin Krakowski,                Gaither, 1st, 110 lbs, 1 pin; Austin Hamilton,     master clinician and motivational speaker.        program designed for all ability levels, taught
Foscalina has a double in the 1st inning,          20, Tenet Healthcare Foundation Team Fury          Samantha Thomas (LS).                               1st, 115 lbs, 2 pins; Tim Young, 3rd, 122 lbs,
Nicholas DeLisle tripled in the 2nd inning,                                                                                                                                                                        The event is a four hour in-water stroke    by Make Me a Pro Soccer (MMAPS) staff.
                                                   7. For Triple Threat, Corrina Dias reached                                                             1 pin; Desmond Buccola, 2nd, 140 lbs, 1 pin;       technique clinic from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. for       Parent volunteers are important to the pro-
and Brandon Williams homered in the 3rd            base four times and scored four runs from her                                                          Grant Bonham, 3rd, 150 lbs, 2 pins; Travis                                                           grams success. Parents are encouraged to take
inning. Mets Andrew Lignell tripled in the         leadoff position, Danielle Paulazzo had a          Livermore National LL                               Chubb, 1st, 165 lbs, 3 pins.
                                                                                                                                                                                                             ages, 8 to 18 year olds. The cost is $85 per
                                                                                                                                                                                                             swimmer (lunch included). The swimmers            part as Coaches and/or Officials and will be
1st inning, Riley Parkerson doubled in the         solid double, walked twice and scored three             Livermore National Little League results
1st inning, Connor Livingston doubled in                                                                                                                                                                     will hear a talk from Olympian Josh Davis         trained by certified MMAPS instructors.
                                                   runs, and Marissa Perez walked twice had 2         from last week:                                          Junction Avenue Middle School wres-           and US National Team member Kim                        Program meets twice weekly for 8 weeks.
the 5th inning.                                    RBIs and scored a run. Team Fury tried their            Majors: Astros 4, Dodgers 18; Dodges
      Devil Rays (14) vs. Yankees (5) Top                                                                                                                 tlers took 31 wrestlers and brought home 20        Vandenberg. Immediately following, they           Each session consists of a 45-minute practice
                                                   best but couldn’t get the hits they needed to      7, A's 1; Dodgers 14, Mountain House 4: Top         medals from the Bancroft Middle School             will hit the water with Davis and Vandenberg      during the week, with games scheduled to
Devil Rays: Andrew Arruda, Gerardo Cabassa,        battle the Triple Threat. Adrianna Rocha and       Players: Astros: Mitchell Licata, Zach Rosas,
Nick Bouillerce Top Yankees: Drew Braudrick,                                                                                                              Bronco Tournament in San Leandr. Results:          for in-water demonstration and instruction on     play on Saturdays. Go to the LARPD website
                                                   Rachel Wolf had loud base hits, and Stacie         Nima Jafarkhani; Dodgers: Sierra Levenson,          6th grade: 189 lbs, Artemio Fennoy, 1st; 115       swim strokes and techniques. Some partici-        at:, or Make Me a Pro
Bryce Barsnick, Mason Arnold Highlights:           Hutton had two great defensive plays.              Dalton Miller, David Gomez; Dodgers:
Devil Rays Cabassa’s 4th inning save on first                                                                                                             lbs., Chad Craft, 1st; 7th grade girls: 88 lb.,    pants may even have a chance to test their        Sports website at: for more
                                                        Vintage Management Group Triple Threat        Joshua Johnson, Fotis Dimitropoulos, Devin          Brianna Hevle, 3rd; 7th grade boys: 70 lb.,        strokes in a race against the Olympic cham-       info.
base Yankees Braudrick outed 2 on 3rd base         9, Brent Bowen Photography Grapes of               Bernacil; A’s: Anirudh Bokka, Thomas
and 1 on home plate.                                                                                                                                      Curtis Agness, 2nd; 77 lb. Brandon Olson,          pions. Concluding the event, the swimming              As this is a non-competitive recreational
                                                   Wrath 2. For Triple Threat, Jennifer Lackey        Navarro, Todd Littlefield; Dodgers: Dalton          4th; 84 lb. Alex Cairel, 2nd; 91 lb. Loban         champions will be available for autographs        league, players will be randomly placed on
      Red Sox (8) vs. Phillies (7) Top Phillies:   hit a towering homerun, a double that scored       Miller, David Gomez, Bobby Griffin; Moun-
Bailey Kemp, Jay Robinson, Jake Engeman                                                                                                                   Mitchell, 3rd; 97 lb. Jason Shanley 3rd; 101       and photos.                                       teams. There are no tryouts. Players receive
                                                   two runs and had an unassisted double play,        tain House: Josh Searle, Bubba Searle, James        lb. Brendan Brewer 4th; 120 lb. Kory                     Registration for the Mutual of Omaha        a team jersey, and will be notified or given
Top Red Sox: Jonah Wagner, Adam Lebish,            Carina Novell pitched two innings with five        Akins; Other players for Dodgers: Jordan
Miles Larson. A tough, evenly matched game                                                                                                                Kivaharju 1st; 166 lb. River Sandoval 1st;         Breakout! Swim Clinic is currently open. To       a practice & league schedule prior to the 4/5
                                                   strike outs and turned a double play, and          Dowd, Bobby Griffin, and Fotis                      189 lb. Keanu Anderson 1st. 8th grade: 103         register, contact Dave Clark at                   start date for league play. No play 5/24. The
that went into extra innings, with the final       Jenna Jenkins played solid defense and hit the     Dimitropoulos
score of 8 to 7, in favor of the Red Sox                                                                                                                  lb. J.D. Talamayan 4th; 119 lb. Johnathan or call 925-443-             fee is $152 for the sessions that run April 5
                                                   ball hard with a RBI. The Grapes of Wrath               AAA Division: Astros 8, Diamond-               Enriquez 3rd; 122 lb. Jacob Baxter 4th; 139        7700 and ask for Emily Horst LVTC Aquat-          to March 31. The league is divided into three
      Nationals (17) vs. Blue Jays (15) Top        scored the first two runs, but Triple Threat       backs 8: Astros: Ian Barnes, Kyle Lee, Brett
Nationals: Ryan Bond, Nicolas DeLisle,                                                                                                                    lb. Andrew Cable 3rd; 147 lb. Jacob Vital 1st;     ics Director.                                     age groups, 4 to 5, 6 to 7, and 8 to 10.
                                                   tied the game and gradually pulled away. For       Allen; Diamondbacks: Tristan White, Justin          152 lb. Troy Gomez 1st; 155 lb. Frank                                                                      For more information, call LARPD at
Jared Adams Top Blue Jays: Tyler Revay,            the Grapes of Wrath, Erica Smith reached base      Mitchell, Trevor Dye;                                                                                                                                    (925) 373-5707.
Joshua Peeso, Gabriel Pinon. The Nationals
came on strong against the Blue Jays, taking
                                                   both at-bats, including a double to drive in             AA Division: Padres took on the A's.
                                                                                                                                                          Robles 3rd; 224 lb. Craig Lewis 1st.               Run Like the Wind
                                                   the game’s first run, Ariana Taylor reached        For the Padres, Anthony Ostrander had a                                                                     The City of San Ramon will host the 2nd
an early lead. The Blue Jays came alive in the     base on a dropped third strike, and Taylor         solild day at the plate; Michael Moore was              Mendenhall Middle School in Liver-
bottom of the 3rd, scoring 6 runs and taking                                                                                                                                                                 annual Run Like the Wind ½ Marathon & 5K
                                                   Dahl pitched a fine second inning, allowing        outstanding behind the mound and Tyler              more competed in the Bronco Classic Middle         Run/Walk on Sunday, March 30, at the San
the lead. The Nationals fought back hard in        one run and striking out two batters.              Doyle pitched well. For the A's, Brody              School wrestling tournament over the week-
the 5th inning, with Nicolas DeLisle hitting                                                                                                                                                                 Ramon Dougherty Station Community Cen-
                                                        Earth Safety Dynamics Attack 16, Tenet        Purcell did a good pitching and had a nice          end in San Leandro. Of the 20 wrestlers that       ter.
a triple and Luke Foscalina hitting a double,      Healthcare Foundation Team Fury 15. Team           catch of a pop fly. Hunter Spears slammed a         competed for Mendenhall, thirteen came
and taking a 17 - 10 lead in the 5th. The Blue                                                                                                            away with medals. In the 8th grade division,            In its inaugural year, 2007, this event
                                                   Fury played another strongly-contested game        triple; Ryan Martin recorded two base hits                                                             posted a field of more than 1,000 participants.
Jays battled back, with Shane Clifton hitting      only to settle for a loss in the final inning.     and did a nice job pitching.                        John Zawada and Ryan Bashaw each took
a double in the 5th inning, and the Jays           Team Fury was paced by outstanding hitting               A Division: Giants vs. Padres; For            home gold medals, while Cody Martinez and          “Run like the Wind” will benefit local middle
scoring 5 runs in the 6th inning. Final score      by Rebecca Bernstein with a leadoff triple,        LNLL’s Opening Day, the Padres took on the          K.C. McDaniel received the silver. Greg            and high school athletic programs that pro-
17 - 15 for the Nationals.                         another powerful triple, double and three RBI      Giants in what turned out to be an amazing          White and Jaxon Kovacs each recieved the           vide race-day volunteers. Along with giving
      AA Division: Indians (3) vs. Cubs (4)        by Kyleigh Anderson, and two base hits by          first game of the season. The Giants, with          bronze for taking 3rd in thier respective          a financial hand to the schools, “Run Like the
Top Indians: Bobby Canteline, Ryan                 Bernadette Allen.                                  players such as Antonio LaManna, Casey              divisions.Kyle Campiotti was the lone 7th          Wind” is also dedicated to encourage all to
Grewohl. Cole Fairhurst Top Cubs: Eric                  10-under: Interstate Concrete Pumping         Wilcox, and Colby Smith, had an awesome             grader to take home a gold medal. Bryan            embrace a more healthy and active way of life!
Mork, Gerardo Roque, Ben Kerling. Gerardo          Mavericks 12, Livermore Valley Cellars             day at the plate. Not to be outdone, the Padres,    Brinkley took silver, and Clayton Bueno                 Trophies will go to the top male, female,
Roque tied the game at 3 on a double by Erick      Wild Things 1. For the Wild Things, Bella          led by Blake Freeland, Nicholas Benefield,          took bronze. The top honors for the 6th grade      and team finishers of each race. In addition,
Mork sending the game into the 7th inning.         Pearson and Taylor Cole played a tough game        and Ian Humes played a strong game. With            went to Casey Soltis and Nick Campiotti,           medals will be awarded to all ½ marathon
Bobby Canteline’s pitching held the Cubs to        against the Mavericks. Pearson had a great hit     talent like this, this should be an exciting        who each won gold for Mendenhall. Round-
3 runs until the bottom of the 7th inning when                                                                                                                                                               finishers. Medals are also given three deep in
                                                   to get things rolling in the game, and Taylor      season!                                             ing out the medals for Mendenhall 6th graders      designated age groups for both male and
Jaime Osorio hit a ground rule double send-        Cole had a hit for an RBI.                              Top Players: Giants: Antonio LaManna,          were Jeffrey Brinkley with silver, and Bryan
ing Sam to third base. Ben Kerling batted in                                                                                                                                                                 female participants (check application for
                                                        Faltings Racing Team Livermore Crew           Casey Wilcox, Colby Smith; Padres: Blake            White with bronze. As a total for the day,         age-groups).
the winning run with a double to centerfield.      9, Jason Wilkins Memorial Hot Chili Pep-           Freeland, Nicholas Benefield, Ian Humes;            Mendenhall wrestlers came away with 5
      Tigers (1) vs. Reds (5) Top Tigers: Ethan                                                                                                           Championships, 4 second place, and 4 third              Entry fees: Pre-Registration: Half Mara-
                                                   pers 5. For the Crew, Jessie Johnston hit a        Cardinals: Nolan Kitsuse, Kyle McKenzie,                                                               thon Single: $40; 5K Single: $25; 5K Family
Shang, Tyler Gonzales, Conner Park Top 3           double with 3RBI, while Victoria Gweonvjan         Spencer Lujan; Giants: Justin Goldstein,            place finishers.
Reds: Tyler Stanley, Shawn Cox, and Tyler          and Makenzie Farro both played great de-           Marcus Robles, Joey Stangl; A’s: Jared                                                                 Rate: $20 per person (3 or more people, must
McMann. The Reds got ahead early, and held         fense. In the bottom of the third inning for the   Persson, Jacob Dougherty, Jeremy Theobald;                                                             register at the same time). Entries received
their lead the entire game due to consistent                                                                                                                   East Avenue Middle School wrestlers           after March 14: Half Marathon Single: $45;
                                                   Hot Chili Peppers, Chloe Rodriguez led off         Cardinals: Michael Friesen, Colton Berlinn,         Tyler Rardon (95-pounds), Gage Loge (100)
fielding and hitting. Reds Tyler Stanley did       with a single and Tea Stephenson followed          Madelynn Valone; Giants: Darren O’Neill,                                                               5K Single: $30.
a great job at pitcher; Shawn Cox got a                                                                                                                   and Mac Morgan (125) pinned their oppo-
                                                   with a double. Taylor Lange later hit a three-     Dylan Silva, Eric Valdez; Cardinals: Jaren          nents in the finals to win their weight class           Check-in and race day registration opens
double, and Tyler McMann had 2 hits. Tigers        run homerun to cap a five-run inning in a hard-    Dietsch, Nolan Kitsuse, Spencer Lujan;                                                                 at 6:00 a.m., at the San Ramon Dougherty
Ethan Shang made a great fly ball catch at 2nd;                                                                                                           at the 15th Annual Bancroft Wrestling Clas-
                                                   fought loss to the Crew.                                T-Ball: A’s vs. Cardinals; On this warm        sic last weekend. Rardon, Loge and Morgan          Station Community Center 17011 Bollinger
Tyler Gonzales made an awesome fly ball                 Faltings Racing Team Crew 11, A.P.            spring afternoon the bats came alive for both                                                          Canyon Road, in San Ramon. The Half
catch at pitcher; and Conner Park struck out                                                                                                              went undefeated and the East Avenue wres-
                                                   Concrete Black Widows 3. Great game by the         the A’s and Cards. The Athletic’s Joey              tling team brought home 14 medals. The             Marathon Race will start at 7:30 a.m., with
several players when pitching.                     Crew. Jesslyn Faltings pitched two innings,        Mifsud, Jeremy Thomas and Cole Detert all
      AAA Division: Diamondbacks (8) vs.                                                                                                                  team advanced eight wrestlers to the finals        the 5K Run / Walk beginning at 7:45 a.m.
                                                   and Riley Heffron and Taylor Hanson played         had infield singles that scored runners from        claiming 5 gold medals. Seventh-grader                  For more Run Like the Wind in San
Athletics (13) Top Diamondbacks: Jordan            great defense.                                     third as the bases loaded up. The Card’s Bret
Davidson, Matt Shezifi, Kyle Tucker Top                                                                                                                   Thomas Lovett (97) and eighth-grader Cayden        Ramon information and/or an application,
                                                        New United Motors, Inc. Lil Yanks 10,         Oelrich and Mateo Moneada showed their              Carlucci (122) also won gold medals in their       contact the San Ramon Parks & Community
Athletics: Bailey Wirth, Taylor Wirth,             Pacific Dental Care Teal Explosion                 fielding skills to put away runners at first with
Jonathan Davis                                                                                                                                            weight class. Lovett outscored his opponent        Services        at     925-973-3268         or
                                                        3. For the Lil’ Yanks, Jamie Wittmer          accurate throws and catches. Emily Rakestraw        14-1 in the finals and Carlucci won a close Timing and re-
      Diamondbacks Jordan Davidson had a           pitched a great inning, and Megan Halliwell        light up the Card’s offense with impressive
double with good pitching and defense; Matt                                                                                                               match 4-0 in the finals. Nick Lange ( 82),         sults of this event will be provided by On
                                                   and Jenny Connolly both had two important          hits.                                               Vince Volpatti (110) and Ben Munzar (112)          Your Mark Events.
Shezifi played great defense; and Kyle Tucker      hits.                                                   Top Players: A’s: Joey Mifsud, Jeremy
went 2 for 2 including a ground rule double.                                                                                                              took second place. Aaron Cortez (65), Bryce
                                                        Interstate Concrete Pumping Mavericks         Thomas, Cole Detert; Cardinals: Emily               Stovall (86) and Joe Crispen (Hwt) took third                                                                        Photo - Doug Jorgensen
Athletics Bailey Wirth had a triple and three
RBI’s; Taylor Wirth had a single, a double
                                                   12, Livermore Valley Cellars Wild Things 1.        Rakeshaw, Bret Oelrich, Mateo Moneada;              place and Max Kreger (115), Brandon Disbrow        Ballistic Registration                            Teams from Northern
                                                   Arianna McGlynn assisted on a double play          Cardinals: Brett Oelrich, Emily Rakestraw,          (102) and John Wilker (142) brought home                Ballistic United Soccer Club registration
and three RBIs; and Jonathan Davis had a           and made a catch in the outfield to lead the       Mateo Moncada; A’s: Cole Detert, Jeremy                                                                                                                  California      community
single and 2 RBIs.                                                                                                                                        fourth-place medals. Joe Crispen had the           is underway. On-line registration is open for
                                                   Mavericks on defense as they defeated the          Thomas, Joey Mifsud; Diamonbacks: Bobbly                                                               the 2008-2009 season is now open. Please
      Mariners (14) vs. Athletics (15) Top         Wild Things. Offensively the Mavericks             Farner, Sebastian Lee, Logan Vinson;
                                                                                                                                                          fastest pin for the team in 15 seconds.
                                                                                                                                                                                                             visit our for fees and in-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               colleges competed in the
Mariners: Jax Mamoag, Ryan Holmes, Ryan
Meagher Top Athlletics: Ben Parker, Isaac
                                                   were led by McGlynn, Sydney Zambonin and           Rockies: Timothy Studebaker, Isaiah Ontai,               Hart Middle School sixth graders,             structions on how to register.                    March Madness Softball
                                                   Victoria Little with two hits each.                Ethan Henderer; A’s: Gavin Powers, Jessica          Perry Cheney, Graham Miller and Tayler
Lignell, Seth Higby                                     New United Motors, Inc. Lil Yanks 13,         Vasquez, Jack Bosso; Diamonbacks: Mason                                                                                                                  Tournament      over    the
      Mariners Jax Mamoag got two doubles          Livermore Valley Cellars Wild Things 9.            Delisser, Andrew Tantzen, Brandon
                                                                                                                                                          Zellerhoff, along with eigth grader Cal Dutrow
                                                                                                                                                          were at the head of a parade of nine wrestlers
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Soccer Camp Registration                          weekend in Pleasanton.
and a single; Ryan Holmes got a single and         Olivia Garcia had an unassisted out on third       Sandoval; Giants: To be, completed by                                                                      The Development soccer cycle begins in
a double; and Ryan Meagher had a double.                                                                                                                  taking home medals at the Bronco Classic                                                             Winding up for a pitch is a
                                                   base, Shastina Wilson had two great hits, one      Giants, Manager; Diamonbacks: Brandon               held in San Leandro last weekend.                  April with a two month Keep 'em Playing
Athletics Ben Parker had two singles; Isaac                                                                                                                                                                  Camp. The camp exposes players to a number
Lignell had a sacrifice bunt and was safe on
                                                   in the second inning to tie the game and one
                                                   in the fourth to give the Lil’ Yanks the lead,
                                                                                                      Sandoval, Andrew Tantzen and Josh Fiedor.
                                                                                                                                                                                                             of Pleasanton Ballistic United Soccer Club
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               player from Lassen.
the throw; and Seth Higby had the game             and Jenny Connolly pitched two hitless                                                                 Veterans Sports Clinic
tying, 2-out single.
      Major Division: White Sox (9) vs.
                                                   innings. Tiffany Tascon and Maya Barnum            Amador Boys’ Volleyball                                  Seventy-one California veterans have
                                                   both had great games for the Wild Things               The Amador Valley High School boys’             registered to ski the Rocky Mountains at the
Indians (0) Top White Sox: Jacob Payne,            with a hit each, and Taylor Lewis drove in two     varsity soccer team followed last week’s first      22nd National Disabled Veterans Winter
Collin Stafford. Kevin Amaral Top Indians:         runs with the bat, and struck out two batters      place finish at the Deer Valley Invitational        Sports Clinic in Snowmass Village at Aspen,
Nick Merrill. Great homerun and pitching by        as a pitcher.                                      Tournament with an equally impressive first         Colo., March 30 – April 4, 2008. Among
White Sox Jacob Payne; big catch in right               Interstate Concrete Pumping Mavericks         place win at the Washington High School             them is Marc Bonilla, age 24 of Livermore.
field by Collin Stafford; and awesome catch-       8, Sherman Roofing Shermanatorz 5. Led by          Invitation Tournament.                                   More than 450 other veterans with dis-
ing by Kevin Amaral for entire game. Great         the timely hits of Nicole Paulazzo and Mia             Amador Valley won the tournament                abilities from across the country will partici-
defense by the White Sox team. Two for two         Niklewicz the Mavericks won a hard fought          without losing a match, including hard              pate, including nearly 120 who were recently
and good defense by Indians Nick Merrill.          game against the Shermanatorz. The defense         fought victories against Lincoln, College           injured during Operation Enduring Freedom
      Junior 80 Division: LNLL Nationals           was led by the solid catching performance of       Park and arch rival Foothill. In the final          and Operation Iraqi Freedom.
(9) vs. LALL Mariners (1) Top Mariners:            Shaylee Hubbs.                                     match, the Dons overcame EBAL competitor                 The Clinic is open to all U.S. military
Josh McCall, Joe Halliwell, Sara Marquez.               A.P. Concrete Black Widows Black              Monte Vista 2 games to none to win the              veterans with traumatic brain injuries, spinal
In a tough loss to the Nationals, the Mariners     Widows 20, P. Michael Epps-Associates              tournament. Five EBAL schools including             cord injuries, orthopedic amputations, visual
nonetheless showed defense potential. Josh         Warriors 9. The Warriors kept the game close       Foothill, Ganada, San Ramon, and Monte              impairments, certain neurological conditions,
McCall made a great running catch in center        in the first two innings with great hitting from   Vista finished in the top 7 out the 20 teams        or other disabilities who receive care from the
in the 5th inning and Joe Halliwell played a       Madison McCoy, Taylor Robles, and Alyssa           entered in the tournament.                          Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) or
solid game at catcher, throwing out a runer in     Martinez, but the Black Widow bats won the             Throughout the tournament Amador was            military treatment facilities.
the 3rd inning. Sara Marquez slowed the            day.                                               led by their starters including setter Colin             At the event, participants will have the
National bats, pitching in fourth and fifth             Pacific Dental Care Teal Explosion 12,        Harper, middles Tyler Von Pein and John             opportunity to learn adaptive Alpine and
inning.                                            A.P. Concrete Black Widows 7. Strong               Rodriguez, outside hitters Jake and John            Nordic skiing and be introduced to a variety
      LALL Mariners (10) vs. GLL Cardinals         hitting by Katie Walls, Bella Fernandez, and       Buchenauer, oppo Mike Corbin and libero             of other adaptive activities and sports, such
(9) Top Mariners: Michael Brown, Brian             Allison Dahling wasn’t enough to get by the        Tim Gaiser and had impressive off the bench         as rock climbing, scuba diving, snowmobiling
Garcia, Chris DiPeso. The Mariners bats            strong Explosion defense.                          support from Mike Genn who added 5 aces             and sled hockey. The U.S. Secret Service will
came to life in a 9 run 5th inning to edge the          Teal Explosion 10, Warriors 6. The Teal       against Head-Royce Academy.                         also teach a course on self-defense designed
Cardinals. Brian Garcia hit an RBI double in       Explosion had their gloves and bats ready for          Tournament results: Amador v. Mission           for people with disabilities.
the 2nd inning to buoy the Mariners until the      the Warriors, with awesome pitching from           San Jose 25-21, 25-22; Amador v. Head-
5th inning. Then the Mariners bats went to         Lauren Bueno and Miranda Lima. Lima
work, chalking up several run-scoring hits         played good defense and ended with a single,
including a 2 RBI double to right-center by        RBI, stolen base and scored a run, and
Chris DiPeso. On the mound, Michael Brown          Morgan Peterson had an RBI single, had two
held the Cardinals scoreless in the bottom of      runs, and a stolen base.
the 5th, 6th, and 7th innings and hurling 7             8-Under: Classic Images Hair Design
strikeouts.                                        Blue Angels vs. Swaim Biological, Inc.
      LALL Mariners (17) vs. San Ramon             KoolKatz. Coaches’ selections - Madison
Valley Yankees (12) Top Mariners: Joe
                                                                                                                                                                                                             The Independent, MARCH 20, 2008 - PAGE 7

Buenas Vidas 27th Annual Easter                                                     Donations Sought for Annual Auction
Egg Hunt at Amador High                                                                The Livermore Heritage Guild
                                                                                    will host its 29th Annual Auction
                                                                                                                                    Center starting May 1 at $20.00
                                                                                                                                    per person (tax deductible). Bid-
                                                                                                                                                                                    Easter Sunrise Services
   The Buenas Vidas Youth Ranch is sponsoring its 27th annual
Easter Egg Hunt on Sat., March 22 at the Amador Valley High School
                                                                                    and Spaghetti Dinner on Sat.,
                                                                                    May 24.
                                                                                                                                    ders need not attend the dinner
                                                                                                                                    in order to attend the auction.
                                                                                                                                                                                    Planned at Shadow Cliffs
athletic field, 1155 Santa Rita Road, Pleasanton.                                      The event will be held at the                    Dinner tickets are limited so                  The community is invited to       a flashlight to move around be-
   The hunt begins at 10 a.m. sharp. There is no admission charge.                  Duarte Garage Museum, a land-                   order early. Will Call available                attend the traditional Easter Sun-   fore the sun comes up. A limited
   The festivities include a toddler hunt, main hunt, $100 hay hunt                 mark along the Old Lincoln High-                and we accept Cash or Checks                    rise Service at Shadow Cliffs Re-
                                                                                    way. The garage is located at the                                                                                                    number of folding chairs will be
for 6th to 8th grades, 6000 eggs on the field, $100 golden egg, free                                                                only.                                           gional Park, Sunday, March 23.
                                                                                    corner of L Street and Portola Av-                  The Heritage Guild is accept-                                                    available at the park.
baskets, prizes and a special visit from the Easter Bunny.                                                                                                                             Gates to the park, located on         The Rev. Mike Barris will de-
   For more information, call Lee at 784-6808.                                      enue in Livermore.                              ing donations for the auction.                  Stanley Boulevard between
                                                                                       The garage is open for an auc-               Anyone with an item to donate                                                        liver the message. The service is
                                                                                    tion preview starting at 5 p.m. A                                                               Pleasanton and Livermore, will       sponsored by Pleasanton Presby-
                                                                                                                                    is invited to call Joe Adams at
                                                                                    spaghetti dinner will be served                 699-1560, Bill Junk at 519-6013                 open at 5:30 a.m. Easter morn-       terian Church.
                                                                                    at 6 p.m. The auction begins at 7               or Anna Siig at 447-5475 to ar-                 ing. There is no parking fee for         After the service, coffee and
                                                                                    p.m.                                            range for pick-up, or for the loca-             people attending the sunrise ser-    donuts will be served.
                                                                                       Dinner Tickets will be avail-                tion to drop-off items at the col-              vice.                                    In case of rain, the service will
Frances Rita Stockman                     tuary.
                                                                                                                                                                                       The service, open to all, will
    Frances Rita Stockman passed                                                    able for purchase at the History                lection center.                                                                      be moved to Harvest Valley
                                                                                                                                                                                    run from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. Because    Church, 3200 Hopyard Road,
away on Friday, March 7, 2008 in Los      Kay Easley Wilson                                                                                                                         daylight savings time started just
Angeles, CA at the age of 66.. She was        Kay Wilson passed away March                                                                                                                                               Pleasanton. Maps to Harvest Val-
born in Taunton, Mass on October 22,
                                          15th, 2008 after a courageous battle      RELIGION NOTES                                                                                  two weeks before, people are ad-
                                                                                                                                                                                    vised to dress warmly and bring
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ley will be available at Shadow
                                          with cancer. Her family was at her             Holy Cross Lutheran Church Sunday          ering ultimate purpose, seeing what areas of                                         Cliffs in case of rain.
    She recently retired to Manteca       side. She was 75.                         Services are 8:30 and 11:00 a.m. with           life have not been in alignment with purpose,                                            For further information, please
after living in Livermore for 35 years.       She was born July 9, 1932, and        Sunday School at 9:45 a.m. Wednesday            and then rewriting story. Richard Southern
She was a member of Livermore Cel-                                                                                                  of the Tri-Valley Unity Church, meeting at      Churches Come                        call Howard Neely at 846-3346.
                                          raised in Clinton Iowa. Kay was well      Lenten Service at 7 p.m. 1020 Mocho St.,
ebration Christian Center, and taught                                               Livermore. Information, 447-8840.               the Radisson Hotel, 6680 Regional St.,
Sunday school with her husband
                                          loved and voted Homecoming Queen
                                          of Clinton High Class of 1950. Kay
                                                                                         Our Savior Lutheran Ministries, 1385       Dublin. Classes are March 30 and April 13,
                                                                                                                                    11:30 a.m. to 12:45.
                                                                                                                                                                                    Together for Good
                                                                                    S. Livermore Avenue, Livermore. Sunday
Chester at the center for 18 years. She
worked at Safeway for 28 years.
                                          and her family moved to California in     worship at 9 a.m.; Sunday School and Adult      or 829-2733.                                    Friday Services
                                          1959, and eventually settled in Pleas-    Bible Study at 10:30 a.m.; Sequel (Contem-           Grief support, Thurs., March 27, 7:30
    She is survived by her husband of                                               porary worship) at 10:30 a.m. For informa-      p.m. St. Elizabeth Seton Church, Pleasan-           Six Churches in Livermore are
                                          anton. She retired in 1997 after work-
47 years, Chester, her children, Glenn    ing many years at Dublin Round Table.     tion, call 925-447-1246.                        ton. Open to all regardless of religious        combining for an Ecumenical
                                                                                         Community Second Seder, The Tri-           orientation. Please call Joan at 828-6864 for
Stockman of Carlsbad, CA, David               Kay touched many lives with her                                                       information.                                    Good Friday Service at First Pres-
(Heather) Stockman of Citrus Heights,                                               Valley Cultural Jews’ Passover seder cel-
                                          sense of humor, generosity caring         ebrates the heroism and courage of the human         Asbury United Methodist Church,            byterian Church, 2020 Fifth
CA and Janine Bitz of Antioch, her        ways and love for life.                   participants in the original freedom struggle   4743 East Avenue, Livermore. 9 a.m. Sun-        Street, Livermore, (the corner of
mother Miriam Rogers, her brother,            She enjoyed spending time with        of the Jewish people and in all struggles for   day worship. Thurs., March 20, 7:30 p.m.
Alfred Guillemette of Oregon, her                                                   freedom throughout the world. TVCJ, an          Maundy Thursday. Good Friday Service,           5th and L Streets). This is the
                                          her family and friends, reading, gar-     affiliate of the Congress of Secular Jewish     March 21, 7:30 p.m. featuring special music.    Third Annual Ecumenical Ser-
sister, Janet Tramontin of Arizona and    dening and movies. Her love and                                                           Easter Sunday sunrise service at 7 a.m.
her grandchildren, Melissa and Brianna                                              Organizations, will hold its annual commu-                                                      vice. It will be held on Friday,
                                          companionship will truly be missed        nity seder on Sunday, April 20, at 5 pm at      includes Holy Communion; Easter celebra-
Bitz and William and Elijah Stockman.     by her 3 children, Bill Wilson, Kathi     the Bothwell Center, 2466 Eighth St. in         tion at 9 a.m. with combined choirs, special    March 21, from noon to 1 p.m.
Frances will be dearly missed by all      Finley and Trish Wilson, and their        Livermore. The seder is a potluck and reser-    music, and readings. Information 447-1950.          Participating Congregations
who knew her.                                                                       vations are required. A donation of $10/adult        Community Good Friday Service,
                                          spouses, Dawn Wilson, Steve Finley        (over 13) is requested. For reservations and    March 21, noon at First Presbyterian Church,    are First Presbyterian, Asbury
    A funeral service was held on         and Terry Joy, her grandchildren, Will,
Friday, March 14 in Livermore.                                                      food assignment, call (925) 485-1049.           4th and L streets, Livermore. Special ecu-      United       Methodist,        St.
                                          Chelsea, Ryan, Katy and Colin, her             Tri-Valley Unity Church, “The Power        menical service featuring a combined choir,
                                                                                                                                                                                    Bartholomew’s Episcopal, St.
Burialfollowed at Memory Gardens          sisters, Mary Buikema and Joanne          Story” — March message theme by speaker         pastors from six congregations and a service
Cemetery, Livermore.                      Geary of Clinton Iowa, and Linda          Richard Southern. Mar. 23: “Resurrection        of remembrance. All are welcome.                Charles Borromeo Catholic, Holy
    Donations are suggested to CCC                                                  and Renewal,” the story of Easter. Radisson          St. Augustine Catholic Church, 3999        Cross Lutheran, and United
                                          Bederson of LeHigh Acres Florida,         Hotel, 6680 Regional St., Dublin, 10:00         Bernal Ave., Pleasanton. Good Friday sta-
Children’s Ministry Fund, 1135 Blue-      special friends and family.                                                               tions of the cross noon; cross walk 4:30 p.m.   Christian Church of Livermore.
bell Dr., Livermore, CA 94551.                                                      a.m. Sunday service. (925) 829-2733.
                                              A celebration of Kay’s life will be All are welcome.         Easter Sunday Masses at 8 and 10 a.m., 10:05        All are welcome to this com-
    Arrangements by Callaghan Mor-        held on Saturday, March 29, 2008 in            Three Steps to Rewriting Your Story        a.m. grotto, noon. 846-4489.
tuary.                                                                                                                                                                              munity event.
                                          Pismo Beach California. All who           - A two-session class that includes discov-
                                          loved her are welcome to attend. Please
Marie Rumberger                           contact the family for further details.
    Marie Adeline Knodt Rumberger,            In lieu of flowers, the family re-
a native of Denver, Colorado, and a       quests donations be made in Kay’s
longtime resident and businesswoman       name to the charity of your choice.
in Livermore, died March 11, 2008 at          Arrangements by Graham-Hitch
Rosewood Gardens Residential Care         Mortuary.
Facility. She was 82.
    Marie’s family moved to the           Mary Louise McLaughlin
Clearlake, Kelseyville and Lakeport           Mary Louise McLaughlin passed
area in the late 1920s where she would    away peacefully on March 14, 2008 in
graduate from Lakeport High School        Pleasanton. Her family members were
class of 1942 and to finish her term as   at her bedside.
Worthy Advisor of Rainbow Girls in            She was born Mary Louise
1943. During these years flowers and      Thiemeyer on Sept. 5, 1927 in Balti-
greenhouses were a huge part of           more, MD to Henry and Hilda
Marie’s father’s and family life. Marie   Thiemeyer. Aside form a brief period
took a job as a waitress and would meet   in Pittsburgh, PA in the early 1930s,
the love of her life, Robert Rumberger,   she grew up in Baltimore, graduation
while he was on leave and went fishing    from Seton High School in 1945.
in Lakeport. They married April 16,           She and David McLaughlin were
1944. The Rumberger’s moved to            married April 23, 1949 at St. Edwards
New London, Connecticut so Bob            Catholic Church in Baltimore. They
could finish his submarine training       were together nearly 59 years.
school. Their son Robert was born             After many years in Baltimore rais-
there. In 1946, the Rumberger family      ing their two sons, Gary and Tim, the
moved to Livermore to establish their     family moved to Phoenix, AZ in 1967
flower shop, “Knodts Flowers,” and        and then to Atlanta, GA in 1972.
operate it as a family for 59 years.      David and Mary Louise relocated to
    Marie was a member of Bay Area        California in 2000 to be near their
Master Florist, past president of Vet-    family.
erans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary #7265         She is survived by her husband
of Livermore, past president and life     David of Pleasanton, sons Gary
member of Soroptimist International       (Margie) McLaughlin of Pleasanton
of Livermore, past member of              and Tim (Priscilla) McLaughlin of
ValleyCare Hospital Auxiliary, mem-       Redmond, WA, a brother Richard
ber of Livermore Pleasanton Histori-      Thiemeyer (Til) of Catonsville, MD,
cal Society, and a 50-year member of      and grandchildren Evan McLaughlin
the Flower Association F.T.D.             of San Diego, Molly McLaughlin of
    Marie is survived by her son and      Pleasanton, Kelly McLaughlin of
daughter-in-law Robert and Cheryl         Chico, and Matthew McLaughlin of
Rumberger of Discovery Bay; grand-        Redmond, WA.
daughters Tarin (Danny) Thomas of             Memorial services were held March
Livermore, Tiffanie (Scott) of Blaylock   16 at the Parkview Assisted Living
of Lincoln; great granddaughters,         Community in Pleasanton. The family
Kayla, Kelsey and Bailey; sisters-in-     appreciates all the care and support
law Doris Knodt of Manteca and Jean       provided by physicians, nursing and
Wittmann of Lancaster, PA, and nu-        assisted living staffs during her ill-
merous nieces and nephews.                ness. She will be greatly missed by her
    Funeral services were held March      family.
17 in Livermore. Burial followed at           Arrangements by Graham-Hitch
Memory Gardens Cemetery in Liver-         Mortuary.
    Flowers would be appreciated as
well as contributions to the Livermore    Vera J. Sharples
Pleasanton Historical Society or to the       Vera J. Sharples died March 17,
ValleyCare Auxiliary or to Hope Hos-      2008 in Pleasanton. She was 95.
pice.                                         Vera was born June 22, 1912 in
    Arrangements by Callaghan Mor-        Boston, MA. Her hobbies included
tuary.                                    gardening, playing bridge, and enjoy-
                                          ing her family and friends.
                                              She is survived by sons James D.
Adela H. Bonner                           Sharples and wife Mary of Michigan
    Livermore resident Adela H.           and Thomas E. Sharples and wife
Bonner died March 10, 2008. She was       Anita of California; a daughter Janet
86.                                       Sauerbrey and husband Dennis of
    She was born February 4, 1922 in      Michigan, ten grandchildren and 28
Ripon, CA. Adela enjoyed traveling,       great grandchildren.
bird watching, flower watching and            A memorial service will be held at
was a nature enthusiast. She especially   a future date. Please call the Funeral
loved Yosemite. She met with a stitch-    Home for information and times, Gra-
ery group consisting of her closest       ham-Hitch Mortuary, 846-5624.
friends for 40 years. She was a volun-    Burial will be private.
teer dorm mother at Parks Job Core
Center and was George Foreman’s
dorm mother. She was one of the           Valli Elaine Barham
original members of the League of             Livermore resident Valli Elaine
Women Voters in Livermore.                Barham passed away on Saturday,
    Adela was known as a very intel-      March 15th, 2008 at the age of 76.
ligent woman, having graduated from           She was born on August 1, 1931
UC Berkeley in 1942 with a B.A. She       in Bonham, Texas. She lived in
earned an MA from Goddard Univer-         Modesto from 1948 to 1957 and re-
sity and MS from Cal State Hayward.       sided in Livermore since 1959. She
She was a member of Phi Beta Kappa        worked for Pacific Bell as a Customer
while attending Berkeley and worked       Service Representative in Modesto
as a marriage counselor for five years.   and Berkeley for many years. Valli
She was fluent in three foreign lan-      loved her home, her family and her
guages.                                   friends. She enjoyed cooking, reading
    Adela is survived by her husband      and sewing.
of 62 years, Norman Bonner; daugh-            She is survived by her husband,
ter and son-in-law Elenor and Richard     James of 54 years this June, her two
Andersen of Santa Cruz, and adopted       children, Mitchell Barham of San
daughter Rachel Fatoohi of Cupertino.     Mateo, and Gail Barham of Liver-
    A memorial service was held at the    more, and a sister, Thalia Wilkinson
family residence on March 16.             of Benicia.
    Contributions are suggested to the        In honoring Valli’s wishes, a pri-
Nature Conservancy or Hope Hos-           vate Memorial Service will be held.
pice.                                         Arrangements by Callaghan Mor-
    Arrangements by Callaghan Mor-        tuary.
PAGE 8 - The Independent, MARCH 20, 2008

                                                                                     Christensen Presents “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown”
                                                                              By Patricia Koning                            Students at Altamont Creek             Austin Andrade, who plays                 ermore High is assigned.
                                                                                 This April, Christensen                 and Croce Elementary Schools              Schroeder, led the cast in                    Tickets can be purchased in
                                                                              Middle School (CMS) is bring-              got a sneak peak at the show              “Beethoven Day.”                          advance         by        visiting
                                                                              ing to the stage the classic tale of       when cast members visited their               Meredith, Andrade, and the   and
                                                                              the Peanuts gang, “You’re a Good           schools to practice a few num-            other cast members are enjoying           completing a ticket order form.
                                                                              Man, Charlie Brown.” This is               bers this week. Jennifer Meredith,        their characters’ quirky person-          Ticket forms are also available
                                                                              CMS’ 10th annual musical pro-              who plays Sally Brown, belted             alities. “Lucy is very bossy and          in the school offices at Altamont
                                                                              duction.                                   out “My New Philosophy” and               controlling,” says seventh grader         Creek, Christensen, and Croce.
                                                                                                                                                                   Shelby White, who plays the role          Depending on availability, tick-
                                                                                                                                                                   of Lucy. “I get to do stuff I don’t       ets may also be purchased at the
                                                                                Go Behind the Scenes at the Bankhead                                               normally get to do. In real life,         door 30 minutes prior to the show.
                                                                                  The “behind the scenes” pub-           about going backstage to see how          I’d get in trouble for acting like            Cast list: Charlie Brown –
                                                                              lic tours of the Livermore Valley          the theater functions. We’re              this.”                                    Nathan Weinstein; Lucy – Shelby
                                                                              Performing Arts Center’s new               happy to provide these opportu-               Zoe Tranter describes her             White; Sally – Jennifer
                                                                              Bankhead Theater will be offered           nities.”                                  character, Snoopy, as a drama             Meredith; Linus – Gabriel
                                                                                                                            Since the theater opened in
      Pleasanton to Stage First                                               on the fourth Tuesday of each
                                                                              month at 5:30 p.m.. The free tour,
                                                                              which lasts approximately 30
                                                                                                                         October, more than 22,000
                                                                                                                         people have attended the wide
                                                                                                                                                                   queen who makes a big deal out
                                                                                                                                                                   of everything. Andrade says he
                                                                                                                                                                   enjoys acting “all dignified”
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Pasillas; Schroeder – Austin
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Andrade; Snoopy – Zoe Tranter;
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Woodstock (2) – Jessica and
       All District Arts Festival                                             minutes, begins in the lobby of
                                                                              the theater. No advance reserva-
                                                                                                                         variety of performances spon-
                                                                                                                         sored by LVPAC, the Bankhead’s
                                                                                                                                                                   while playing the piano as
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Makena Cristiano; Peppermint
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Patty – Leah Becker; Marcie –
                                                                              tions are required.                        resident companies and visiting               “We chose ‘Charlie Brown’
    Pleasanton Unified School District presents Art Lets Kids March                                                      performing groups. Peak atten-                                                      Delaney Corbitt; Violet – Jessica
                                                                                  LVPAC established public                                                         for our musical production this
to Their Own Beat, the first all-District festival of visual and per-         tours of the Bankhead Theater              dance was achieved during the                                                       Pestana; Frieda – Jessica Hallum;
forming arts for students in elementary through high school.                                                                                                       year because it is charming, with         Rerun – Daniel Taylor; Pigpen –
                                                                              during the early phases of con-            month of December, reaching
    This inaugural event will take place at the Veteran’s Memorial                                                       82% of capacity, for the many             recognizable characters,” says            Sean McGrory; Shermy – Devin
                                                                              struction. Tours continued until
Building, 301 Main Street in downtown Pleasanton from 5 to 9 pm               just prior to the opening of the           holiday offerings. More than 180          Director Danielle Corbitt. “It’s          Berghoff; Little Red Headed girl
on Tuesday, April 1 and Wednesday, April 2. Admission is free.                building on a monthly basis.               public events have been sched-            very appropriate for this age             – Katie Pehrson.
    All artwork will be available to guests for purchase. Reproduc-           More than 1200 people took the             uled in the Bankhead’s inaugu-            group.”                                       Woodstock          Dancers:
tions can also be ordered.                                                    early tours, some returning each           ral season, which runs through                “You’re a Good Man, Charlie           Mikaela Bailey, Marissa
    Performing each evening for guests will be a changing schedule            month to watch the progress of             August.                                   Brown” gives the audience a               Cordiano, Debbie Hallett,
of musical ensembles from all schools. Proceeds for this event will           construction.                                 The Bankhead Theater is lo-            glimpse into an average day in            Samantha Kober, Courtney
be used to fund ongoing arts programs throughout the school dis-                  “We’re delighted to revive our         cated at 2400 First Street in             the life of the famous child hero,        Lemmon, Brittany Machado,
trict.                                                                        public tours of the building,” said        Downtown Livermore. To pur-               Charlie Brown. From Valentine’s           Kennedy McKercher, Stella Mes-
    All Pleasanton schools are eligible to participate. Each school           Len Alexander, LVPAC’s Execu-              chase tickets call 925-373-6800,          Day to baseball season, from              senger, Michaela Molina, Eva
will choose a committee to select pieces of artwork for display –             tive Director. “A number of resi-          or visit the LVPAC website at             wild optimism to utter despair,           Sevilla, Samantha Smith, and
approximately 500 pieces will be chosen for guests to view. Art-              dents and visitors have asked us           the lives of Charlie Brown and            Rachel Sowa.
work will include drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture and some                                                                                                  his friends (both human and non-              Charlie Brown Chorus:
unusual combinations of media.                                                                                                                                     human) are strung together from           Stacy Amador, Rachel Anderson,
                                                                                                                                                                   a bright uncertain morning to a
    This event is sponsored by the PUSD Visual and Performing Arts
Committee, and the Pleasanton Art League. The exhibition space is
                                                                                 Celebration Includes Art, Wine & More                                             hopeful starlit evening.
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Casey Elbert, Alyson Hansen,
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Haley Holmes, Jack Meredith,
provided by the Department of Recreation and Community Ser-                       Deer Ridge Vineyards and Art-          barrels. Artwork is available for             Lucy is infatuated with               Kelly Morana, Nicole Spangler,
vices, Pleasanton.                                                            ful Solutions will host La                 purchase.                                 Schroeder and takes great plea-           Mary Taxera, Madison Theobald,
                                                                              Primavera, “A Celebration of                   On Sat., March 29, the silent         sure in tormenting Charlie                and Debbie Watson.
                                                                              Spring,” on Sat., March 29.                auction will conclude with an
(continued from page one)
                                                                                  The event will include an art-
                                                                              ists’ reception, wine tasting and
                                                                                                                         artists’ reception and wine tast-
                                                                                                                         ing event from 6 to 8 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                   Brown… Linus loves his blanket…
                                                                                                                                                                   Snoopy lives in his rich imagi-
                                                                                                                                                                   nation… and, of course, Charlie
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Charlie Brown Crew: Prop-
                                                                                                                                                                                                             erty – Kalie Adams, Ariana Barr,
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Makenzie Kleeberg, and Zak
the finale, of course. Brad Kinney    plied without hesitation, “the          silent auction.                                All of the proceeds raised from       Brown is in love with a mysteri-          Kopps; Stage - Rose Cracraft,
Productions will add a multime-       applause.” Kelly has studied                The newest art exhibit at Deer         the silent auction will go to             ous little redheaded girl. The
                                                                              Ridge features the work of 20              ValleyCare Health System’s                                                          Carolyn Fletcher, Katie Heller-
dia dimension with the projec-        nearly all forms of dance and per-                                                                                           show comes to a rousing conclu-
tion of images and theatrical                                                 local artists and a collection of          charitable patient program sup-                                                     Evans, Justin Perry, Niharika
                                      forms in shows and competi-                                                                                                  sion with each character singing          Singh, Tracy Superville, and
lighting,” added Lewis.               tively, earning many gold and           whimsical wine barrel planters             porting birthing mothers who are
                                                                              created by the artists for this fund-      without medical insurance.                of the things that equal happi-           Chloe Williams; Sound - Bran-
    Lewis is a professional per-      platinum awards. A senior at
former, synthesizer pioneer and                                               raising event. The barrels and art-            Deer Ridge Vineyards is lo-           ness for each of them.                    don D’Anjou, Kory Harvey, and
                                      Foothill High School, she played                                                                                                 The cast and crew of “You’re
educator. As a student at             lead dancer in the Amador/Foot-         work are on display at the win-            cated at 1828 Wetmore Rd., Liv-                                                     Kyle Schloming; Lighting - An-
Tuskegee Institute, he accompa-                                               ery gallery and tasting room Fri-          ermore. For information, call             a Good Man, Charlie Brown”                drew Hallett and Sam
                                      hill musical production of
nied and sang with the Tuskegee       Cinderella and earned Honors            day through Sunday 11 a.m. to 5            743-9427          or     go       to      consists of 40 CMS students,              Richardson; Set Painting -
Chorus and played for Dr. Mar-        Special Mention in Outstanding          p.m. Bids may be placed on the                  grades sixth through eighth. The          Niharika       Singh,       Tracy
tin Luther King, Jr.’s Freedom        Dance Group from the American                                                                                                cast has been practicing since            Superville, and Chloe Williams.
Rallies. Lewis has had a distin-      Musical Theater of San Jose.                                                                                                 December to prepare for the big               Production staff: Producer –
guished career in recording and                                                                                                                                    day in April.                             Julie Meredith; Co-Producer -
live performance and has worked
                                          Ariel Thexton is a senior at
                                      Amador Valley High School who                        Author at Livermore Library                                                 The production is fully spon-         Mary Stolz; Director - Danielle
with such greats as Quincy Jones,     has sung in school and church               Author Ellen Sussman will                 This free event will be pre-           sored by the Christensen Middle           Corbitr; Assistant Director -
toured solo and with the Beach        choirs for many years. She has          present a program at the Liver-            sented at 2pm on Sunday, March            School PTA and almost entirely            Madison Corbitt; Musical Direc-
Boys, and has composed for ma-        also participated in the Tri-val-       more Library on March 30.                  30 at the Livermore Public Li-            staffed by volunteers and stu-            tor - Chet Hall; Choreographer -
jor symphony orchestras.              ley “Teen Idol 07'” and often               Sussman is the author of the           brary Civic Center, 1188 S. Liv-          dents.                                    Teresa Hallum; Stage Manager-
    Ben Donlon is a sophomore         performs the national anthem for        novel On a Night Like This pub-            ermore Avenue. The Friends of                 All shows will be held at the         Corinne Agurkis; Assistant Stage
at Amador Valley High School          school games and events. The            lished in 2004 and most recently           the Livermore Library have un-            Livermore High School Perform-            Manager - Nicole Madera; Sce-
who began his musical educa-          daughter of deaf parents, Ariel’s       Bad Girls: 26 Writers Misbe-               derwritten this program as part           ing Arts Theatre. Tickets are now         nic Designer, Set Designer, &
tion at the age of four with piano    first language was American Sign        have, an anthology of lively es-           of the Friends Authors and Arts           on sale for evening performances          Graphic Designer - Glendon Lee;
lessons. He began playing drums       Language and she did not fully          says from women writers who                Series. For additional events,            on Friday, April 4 and Saturday,
in fifth grade and soon began                                                                                                                                                                                Costume Designer - Shelly
                                      master vocal language until the         provide their intriguing personal          check the library’s website at            April 5 at 7 pm and for the Sun-          Chappell; Prop Master - Pam
studying with local drummer           age of 12. Ariel is currently study-    confessions. She will speak about                   day matinee on April 6 at 2 pm.
Kelly Fasman. He joined the                                                   her experiences as a writer and                                                                                                Molina; Set Construction & Sce-
                                      ing voice and aspires to be a suc-                                                    For further information about          Tickets are $7 orchestra level and
Amador Valley High School             cessful professional vocalist.          the choices she makes in explor-           programs, please contact Joyce                                                      nic Artist - Roger Hauk.
Marching Band as a freshman                                                                                                                                        $6 balcony level. Seating at Liv-
                                          “In creating this show, we ac-      ing ideas as both novels or per-           Nevins at (925) 373-5500 exten-
playing timpani, and now leads        knowledge that even while liv-          sonal essays.                              sion 5577.
the band as a Drum Major. In          ing in a positive, caring commu-
addition, Ben plays traps in Jazz     nity like Pleasanton, many of us
A and is the principal percussion-    have challenges,” adds Don
ist of Wind Ensemble I.               Lewis. “Family members fight-
    Sam Lee is a junior at Foot-      ing in Iraq, physical handicaps,
hill High School. He has studied      racial and ethnic prejudice and
violin for seven years and is cur-                                            Urinetown, Pleasanton Playhouse, runs
                                      teen suicide are realities of life.       weekends through March 22. Cur-
                                                                                                                           are $25 with discounts for seniors,      Band, spring concert, April 6, 2 p.m.     Arts (BFA) exhibition April 1-24 in
rently a preparatory student in       Our vision for this show is to show                                                  teachers and others. For more infor-     Amador Theater, 1155 Santa Rita           the University Art Gallery, Art and
                                                                                tain 8 p.m. Fri. and Sat., 2 p.m. Sun.     mation about this show please visit      Road, Pleasanton. Free. 925-846-
the San Francisco Conservatory        how music can address the chal-           at the Studio Theatre, 1048 Serpen-                                                                                           Education Building, 25800 Carlos
                                                                                                                               5897 or           Bee Blvd., Hayward. Admission will
of Music. He has won many com-        lenges while, at the same time,           tine Lane, Suite 309, Pleasanton.        Cirque D’Amour featuring the Zunyi        Artist in show, James Raymond              be free. The opening reception on
petitions including the Liver-                                                  925-462-2121 or go online
                                      healing, lifting us up and inspir- No
                                                                                                                           Acrobats of China, March 29, 8 p.m.      Allison, originally from Livermore,       April 1 will run from 5-7 p.m. Regu-
more-Amador Symphony Com-             ing us to grow.                                                                      Dougherty Valley Performing Arts         will show a 16- X 16-inch oil on panel    lar exhibition hours are 12:30-3:30
                                                                                performance on Easter.                     Center, 10550 Albion Rd., San Ra-        in the California State University,
petition for Young Musicians,             “Amazing Voyage is a com-           Artists Flea Market, Sat., April 25 at                                                                                          p.m. Monday-Thursday.
                                                                                                                           mon. Recounts ancient Chinese tales      East Bay (CSUEB) Bachelor of Fine
the Korea Times Competition,          munity effort in the finest sense,”       DeLucchi Park, First Street at Neal,       through songs, dance and mind-blow-
Music Teachers Association                                                      Pleasanton, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Used art
                                      concludes Lewis. “It is truly a           supplies, equipment, frames, bar-
                                                                                                                           ing acrobatics. Tickets are $40. 973-
Competition, and Pleasanton           gift by the community for the                                                        ARTS                               or
                                                                                gain art. 10x10 booth space $25. 
Cultural Arts Council Young Art-      community and the students and            Sponsored by Pleasanton Art League.      Livermore Amador Symphony, Ro-
ists Competition. Sam plays at        I all are thrilled to be part of it.”     To reserve booth space, send check         mance, Rhyme and Remembrance,
the Pleasanton Nursing Home as                                                  to PAL, c/o Gail Ruvalcaba, 3738
                                          Following the performance,            Vineyard Ave., Pleasanton, CA
                                                                                                                           Saturday, March 29, 8 pm Dr. Arthur
a volunteer and teaches violin to     the audience is invited to attend                                                    P. Barnes, Music Director; Dawn
                                                                                94566. Information at 846-8960;            Harms, guest conductor; Lawrence
children.                             a reception hosted by the Pleas-          entry form at             Granger, cello. Program: Thomas:
    Max Loh, a former Amador          anton Cultural Arts Council in          East Bay Traditional Jazz Society,           Mignon: Overture; Ravel: Mother
Valley High School student now                                                  Touch of Spring jazz concert Sat.,
                                      the Amador Valley High School             March 29, Pizza Depot, 43450 Grim-
                                                                                                                           Goose Suite; Elgar: Cello Concerto,
at U.C. Berkeley, began study-        library to meet the artists and                                                      Lawrence Granger, cello; Beethoven:
                                                                                mer Blvd., Fremont. Three local Tri-       Symphony No. 4, Dawn Harms, guest
ing piano study at age five. He       view student visual arts.                 City/Tri-Valley bands: noon Diablo         conductor. Bankhead Theater, 2400
took first place in the East Bay          Tickets to Amazing Voyage are         Dixie Devils Jazz Band; 2 p.m.             First St., Livermore. Ticket office
Music Festival Competition in                                                   Zinfandel Stompers; 4 p.m. La Salle
                                      $10, $14 & $18 for adults and             Street Band. Free. No cover. Hat to be
                                                                                                                           open Monday through Saturday from
1999, 2001, and 2005 and won          $6, $10 and $14 for children and                                                     12:00 noon to 6:00 p.m. 925-373-
                                                                                passed for each band. Information,         6800,         or         go        to
the PANEL Honors award by the         students. They may be pur-                contact John Soulis at 510-657-0243
Music Teachers’ Association of        chased            online           at     or                    Las Positas College, spring musical,
California. Also a composer, Max                                               Proof by David Auburn previews on
                             up               Thursday March 27, opens March 28
                                                                                                                           Iron Curtain, April 4-20. Musical
won the Award of Merit (second        to three hours prior to the perfor-                                                  comedy takes place in the 1950s and
                                                                                and runs through April 13 at the           is about a pair of New York song
place in California) for his first    mance, by phone at (925) 931-             Bothwell Arts Center, Livermore,           writers who are kidnapped and taken
song, “No Exit,” in the PTA Re-       3444, or in person at the Amador          playing Fridays and Saturdays at 8         to Moscow to help the Soviets create
flections program. Max’s aspires                                                p.m. and Sundays at 2 p.m. Tickets
                                      Theater Box Office.                                                                  a propagandist musical. Performance
to compose music for the movie                                                                                             on campus, 3000 Campus Hill Dr.,
industry one day.                                                                                                          Livermore. Information, 424-1166.
                                                                                                                         The Music Man, Pleasanton Playhouse
    John Palowitch is a senior at
Amador Valley High School
                                                  Taiko Drumming Highlights                                                musical production, April 4-20, 8
                                                                                                                           p.m. Fri. and Sat., 2 p.m. Sun.
where he is lead alto saxophon-
ist in the Jazz Band, and plays
                                                    Japanese Style Dinner                                                  Bankhead Theater, 2400 First St.,
                                                                                                                           Livermore. Bankhead Theater ticket
                                                                                                                           office open Monday through Satur-
clarinet in the Wind Ensemble.           Japanese drumming will be            ming was used to inspire the                 day noon to 6:00 p.m. 373-6800,
He has been selected for regional,    the highlight of the annual Japa-       army, frighten the enemy, cel-     
statewide, and national honor         nese dinner and concert hosted          ebrate victory, and to lift the spir-      Livermore Art Association spring
jazz bands and has played with                                                                                             show, April 5 and 6 at The Barn,
                                      by the Livermore-Yotsukaido             its.                                         Pacific Ave., Livermore. 10 a.m. to
the Monterey Jazz Festival Next       Sister City Organization.                   The donation is $35 for adults           4 p.m. both days, free admission.
Generation Jazz Orchestra, the           The event will be held Fri.,         and $15 for children age 12 and              Reception and awards event Sat.,
IAJE/CBDA’s California High           April 4 at the Robert Livermore         under. Tickets are available at              April 5, 7 p.m.
School All-State Jazz Band, and                                                                                           When Tom Smith Caused the 1906
                                      Community Center, 4444 East             Valley Music Source, 2156 First              Earthquake by Word for Word of
the SFJazz High School All-Stars.     Avenue. Festivities begin at 6:30       St., Livermore, and Towne Cen-               San Francisco, Sunday, April 6, 1:00
John also plays flute, clarinet,      p.m.                                    ter Books, 555 Main St., Pleas-              PM. Free admission for all ages.
and piano and likes to compose           The evening will include a           anton, or call 447-0856 or 447-              Pleasanton Senior Center, 5353 Sunol
music, mostly for small jazz en-                                                                                           Blvd., Pleasanton.
                                      dinner of Japanese Yaki Soba            8666.                                      Pleasanton Community Concert
sembles.                              followed by the concert pre-
    When asked at the age of four     sented by San Francisco Taiko
what she liked best about her first   Dojo, as seen in the moving,
dance recital, Kelly Sabiel re-       “Rising Sun.” Japanese drum-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          The Independent, MARCH 20, 2008 - PAGE 9

                                 Early Music from the Baroque Era                                                                                                                                                                                       California Independent Film
By Nancy O’Connell                                between the legs, rather than with                 moved to Spain, he was able to                         and many hours were spent in
    An exciting treat awaited
those who wound their way up
                                                  a long end pin resting on the
                                                                                                     experiment. He heard, for the first
                                                                                                     time, many different kinds of
                                                                                                                                                            deciphering earlier, crumbling
                                                                                                                                                            manuscripts written by hand.                                                                   Festival – Broke Sky
the hill to the Las Positas Col-                      The harpsichord, a beautiful                   music and became freer in his                             The appreciative audience
lege Library on March 15th. Per-                  instrument created by Kevin                        composition. These two sonatas                         clapped enthusiastically after                                                                                 ing at a good pace.
                                                                                                                                                            each work. It was good to see                         By Leonard Pirkle
haps each speed bump on the                       Fryer, had two keyboards. The                      are closer to guitar music, per-                                                                                 The California Independent                               The story of two County road
curving road leading to the top                   harpsichord has plectra which                      haps from sounds he heard on the                       several Las Positas students
                                                                                                                                                            there, and the audience is easily                     Film Festival will hold its annual                       kill removal specialists who find
took us back in time 50 years.                    pluck the strings, rather than the                 street. Tanaka played with great                                                                             event in Livermore; this year is                         themselves figuratively and lit-
The audience found itself at a                    tiny hammers found in a piano.                     feeling and had delicate nuances                       double the number seen at last
                                                                                                                                                            year’s concerts. The word is                          the Festival’s 10th anniversary                          erally slipping into a slimy pit of
concert where the entire program                  Fryer explained during intermis-                   in her interpretation. In a later                      spreading of this very fine early                                                                              decaying carcasses is not quite
was composed long before there                    sion that the upper keyboard has                   movement her fingers flew over                                                                               and the 7th event in Livermore.
                                                                                                                                                            music series led by Instructors                       This year an exciting line up of                         as visually gross as you would
were planes or cars, back in the                  a different timbre, a reedier qual-                the keys, and the sound was like                       Marilyn Marquis and Cindy
days of horse and buggies. An                     ity, than the lower. The wood                      the chirping of birds.                                                                                       films is planned. The Indepen-                           imagine. Humor and sensitivity
                                                                                                                                                            Browne Rosefield. On Thursday,                        dent is running reviews of some                          are played at just the precise
elegant carriage might have                       used was partially spruce, which                       After the intermission, the                        April 17, they will lecture on the
transported one to a ducal pal-                   he brought back from the Alps,                     Trio Sonata in G, attributed to                                                                              of the films that will be screened                       moment when the viewer feels
                                                                                                                                                            concert which will follow on Sat-
ace or a big estate. All of the                   the same area where spruce was                     J.S. Bach was performed. Schol-                        urday, April 19th.                                    at this year’s festival.                                 the increasing need to turn away.
music performed was written in                    grown for the making of                            ars are certain the bass line is                          The music of the Baroque had                           Broke Sky is a comedy, drama,                        Timing in this film is critical to
the 1700’s, yet the musicians                     Stradivarius violins.                              Bach’s, but it’s possible that the                     a far-reaching influence. Each                        mystery and thriller all rolled                          its success. The relationship be-
made the music sound fresh and                        The recorder, played by                        two higher parts were written by                       performer was able to improvise,                      into one unique vision from                              tween the Bucky (Will Wallace)
challenging.                                      Louise Carslake, was a copy of a                   one of his grown sons. David                           to embellish his music. He                            writer- director Thomas L.                               and Earl (Joe Unger) is interest-
    The freshness and spontane-                   1732 recorder. The Baroque flute                   Morris put aside his ‘cello and                        wasn’t merely interpreting the                        Callaway. This film has more                             ing in its simplicity, “Bucky does
ity might have come from the im-                  existed alongside of the Baroque                   played on his viola da gamba for                       notes on the page before him, but                     twists and turns than an old dirt                        the driving and Earl does the
provisations that each musician                   recorder. The two developed dif-                   this part of the program. He held                      was actually creating new and                         road through back country. Hav-                          riding.” However, as the story un-
added to his or her musical score.                ferently, however, and the flute                   his bow very differently, so that                      different passages each time he                       ing spent some time in West                              folds, the complexity is much
The Baroque period of music is                    was made to be much louder and                     he could press the hairs and ad-                       performed the work, a technique                                                                                deeper than anyone could imag-
                                                                                                     just the tension. His gamba had                        which was found in the 20th cen-                      Texas over the years, this film is
known as the era of the “figured                  to carry in a large concert hall.                                                                                                                               dead on with its depiction of                            ine.
bass.” The harpsichord part                           Before they began their con-                   frets and a much shorter finger                        tury jazz of the 1930’s. The riff
                                                                                                     board. The recorder player and                         technique, where one player had                       hard life and even harder living.                            The acting is very good, the
might have only a low note for                    cert, David Wilson explained that                                                                                                                               I enjoyed this film; especially                          cast seems like real people pulled
each chord actually written out,                  in chamber music there is no                       violinist stood throughout the                         an ostinato bass figure while oth-
                                                                                                     concert and she had on a long                          ers rhapsodized (or improvised)                       the sound track that provided a                          from the townsfolk who hap-
but each player could improvise                   “leader of the pack.” No authori-                  flowing black skirt. Difficult run-                    freely owes much to the freedom                                                                                pened to be standing around
around that chord. It might give                  tarian hierarchy. The four have                                                                                                                                 slow country twang or strong
                                                                                                     ning notes had Morris scurrying                        that the musicians enjoyed in the                     back beat to keep the story mov-                         when the film crew showed up.
a low C and a tiny 7 above, so                    discussions, but make their deci-                  over all seven strings of his                          Baroque Period.
the artist knows he can play                      sions together.                                                                                                                                                                                                          This is not true of course; the ac-
                                                                                                     gamba.                                                                                                                                                                tors all have substantial credits
around and include the notes: C,                      The first work on the program                      Telemann composed his Suite
E G, and B flat, which is the 7th
above C.
                                                  was the Trio Sonata #5 in D, com-
                                                  posed in 1747 by William Boyce,
                                                                                                     in E-Minor, from the “Parisian
                                                                                                     Quartets” in 1733 in Hamburg,
                                                                                                                                                                       Tri-Valley Haven Benefits                                                                           to their names, although most
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           seem to be originally from Texas.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Barbara Chisholm as Bucky’s
    In the introduction the musi-
cians spoke about their instru-
ments. David Wilson, the violin-
                                                  a British organist and composer.
                                                  As they began to play, one could
                                                  see that both the violinist and the
                                                                                                     Germany. At the time, this was
                                                                                                     considered a “free” city where
                                                                                                     former serfs lived. If they could
                                                                                                                                                                           From Performance                                                                                wife Becky, a small town wife
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           who wants to win the annual tal-
                                                                                                     prove they had lived in Hamburg                            Eve Ensler’s award-winning play “The Vagina Monologues” re-                                                ent competition and is focused
ist, actually played on a violin                  ‘cellist held their bows up be-
completed in December, 2007, a                    yond the frog, creating a differ-                  for at least one year, they were                        turns to Livermore on Friday, March 28 at 8 p.m. and Saturday,                                                on getting pregnant, is very be-
Baroque reproduction created es-                  ent sound. Nor did they have                       considered free. It became a won-                       March 29 at 2 p.m. at the Bankhead Theater.                                                                   lievable. Her moments in the
pecially for him. The shape is                    metal tuners on their instruments                  derful cosmopolitan city as a re-                          The Friday evening performance is sold out. However, there are                                             spotlight during the competition
slightly different from the mod-                  as is found on today’s strings.                    sult. Telemann had beautiful re-                        tickets still available for the Saturday show.                                                                were some of the best of the film.
ern one. There is no shoulder                         The Violin Sonata #1, Opus 5                   corder melodies in this work, and                          Ensler’s landmark piece about women’s sexuality was performed                                                  This film is not for children
pad, three of the strings are gut,                in D by Corelli was composed                       the gamba playing was impres-                           for the first time in Livermore last April as a fund-raiser for Tri-
                                                                                                     sive when David Morris had fast                                                                                                                                       and includes scenes of violence,
not aluminum wound. The                           around 1700. Corelli was the                                                                               Valley Haven’s domestic violence and sexual assault programs.                                                 nudity and adult situations.
strings go out of tune easily, but                foremost violinist of his time, and                16th note passages and was con-                            “The response was fantastic,” said Christine Dillman, the Haven’s
                                                                                                     stantly changing strings.                                                                                                                                             Don’t miss the screening of Broke
have a warmer, more intimate                      Wilson, on his violin, began im-                       There was solid musicianship                        Rape Crisis Center Coordinator. “We filled the Veteran’s Hall. Im-                                            Sky on Friday, April 19 at
sound.                                            provising. The passages sounded                    from all four performers, each a                        mediately after the show, members of the audience began asking us                                             5:30PM, at the Vine Cinema. This
    David Wilson showed his                       difficult with the ‘cellist rapidly                gifted soloist. The interpretation                      to do it again, and to have more than one performance. We are                                                 year’s Festival will be held April
viola da gamba, which had 7                       crossing all four strings. While                   of this early music was exciting.                       thrilled to be in the brand-new Bankhead Theater this year.”                                                  16th through the 20th in charm-
strings instead of the usual 6 and                the harpsichordist, Yuko Tanaka,                   When one realizes that at one                              In response to these requests, Dillman and her colleagues began
they were tuned in 4ths, rather                   and the ‘cellist held long sus-                                                                                                                                                                                          ing downtown Livermore with
                                                                                                     time, there were no recordings to                       making preparations for this year’s production several months ago.                                            screenings at the Vine Cinema
than the 5ths a ‘cello is tuned in.               tained notes, the violinist danced                 guide musicians in their interpre-                         Local theater veteran Eleisa Cambra, who directed last year’s
He was playing on a replica of a                  all over his instrument. There                     tations of early music composed                                                                                                                                       and the Livermore Cinemas, both
                                                                                                                                                             production, agreed to direct the show again. Auditions held after                                             on First Street. Check out our
French viola da gamba. This                       was a good blending of the three                   over 200 years ago. They had to                         Thanksgiving yielded a cast of eleven actresses who are Haven staff
country was the only one to have                  instruments, all of which were                     rely solely on the musical score                                                                                                                                      schedule of events at
                                                                                                                                                             members and supporters. “These ladies are awesome,” enthused                                         and
the 7 strings. He also showed us                  meant to carry in a large drawing                  and perhaps research historical
                                                                                                     sources found in ancient, dusty                         Cambra. “They are on the same level as Equity actresses. This is                                              keep reading The Independent
his ‘cello, which was a late 18th                 room or an elegant salon - not in                                                                          going to be an amazing show.”
century English instrument.                       the vast modern concert hall.                      libraries. They had to ferret out                                                                                                                                     for more California Independent
With both instruments he held                         Two sonatas by Domenico                        what earlier scholars had written                          Ticket prices range from $26 to $41. Tickets are available at the                                          Film Festival news and informa-
them in the Baroque tradition,                    Scarlatti followed. After Scarlatti                about the original performances,                        Bankhead Theater and at                                                      tion.

   LEGAL NOTICES/CLASSIFIEDS                                                                                                                                  
                                 This business is conducted by:    Bridal, 1748 N. Vasco Rd., Liv-   2306. Publish March 20, 27,          tate, you may file with the court
LEGAL NOTICES                    a Corporation                     ermore Ca 94551 is hereby         April 3, 10, 2008.                   a Request for Special Notice        DONATE YOUR CAR:                       MARKETING MANAGER                   DRIVER - $5K SIGN-ON Bonus          78)MISC. EMPLOYMENT
                                 Registrant has not yet begun      registered by the following                                            (form DE-154) of the filing of      Children’s Cancer Fund! Help          Pleasanton, Ca. Respon-              for Experienced Teams: Dry
    FOR INFORMATION                                                                                     NOTICE OF PETITIONTO                                                  Save A Child’s Life Through           sible for product or tech-           Van & Temp Control available.        We are looking for loyal
 PLACING LEGAL NOTICES           to transact business under the    owner (s):                                                             an inventory and appraisal of                                                                                                                       and reliable people for this
                                 fictitious business name or       Diem Nguyen, 691 Alden               ADMINISTER ESTATE OF:             estate assets or of any petition    Research & Support! Free Va-          nology strategy, promo-              O’O’s & CDL-A Grads welcome.
  CONTACT BARBARA @                                                                                      ELSIE RAMOS BAILEY                                                   cation Package. Fast, Easy &          tion, pricing and/or posi-           Call Covenant 1-866-684-             position. This free schedule
      925 243-8000               names listed.                     Lane, Livermore Ca 94550                                               or account as provided in Pro-                                                                                                                      position. Requirements: No
                                 Signature of Registrant:          This business is conducted by:        CASE NO. VP08367299              bate Code Section 1250. A           Tax Deductible. Call 1-800-           tioning for various prod-            2519 EOE. (CAL*SCAN)
                                                                                                     To all heirs, beneficiaries,                                             252-0615. (CAL*SCAN)                  ucts/projects. Identifies,                                                special experience is re-
    FICTITIOUS BUSINESS          /s/: Loretta L. Buck              an Individual                                                          Request for Special Notice                                                                                     SPONSORED CDLTRAINING.               quired for this position!
       NAME STATEMENT            This statement was filed with     Registrant has not yet begun      creditors, contingent creditors,     form is available from the court                                          develops and evaluates
                                                                                                     and persons who may other-                                               9) USED AUTOS                         marketing strategy, based            No Experience Needed! Earn           Microsoft Excell or Works;
        FILE NO. 406550          the County Clerk of Alameda       to transact business under the                                         clerk.                                                                                                         $40k-$75k in your new career!        Home Computer with e-
The following person (s) do-     County on February 25, 2008.      fictitious business name or       wise be interested in the WILL       Attorney for Petitioner             SELLYOUR USED CAR HERE.               on knowledge or estab-
                                                                                                     or estate, or both of ELSIE                                                                                    lished objectives, market            Stevens Transport will sponsor       mail account and ability to
ing business as: AAA Pool Ser-   Expires February 25, 2013.        names listed.                                                          JON M. ISHIBASHI                    Call Barbara at 925-243-                                                   the total cost of your CDL train-    check your e-mail box at
vice And Repair, Inc., 1062      The Independent Legal No.         Signature of Registrant:          RAMOS BAILEY.                        TALI A. BUCHMAN                     8000                                  characteristics and cost
                                                                                                     A PETITION FOR PROBATE                                                                                         and markup factors. Re-              ing! Excellent Benefits & 401K!      least twice a day; 4-6 hours
Harvest Circle, Pleasanton CA    2299. Publish March 6, 13, 20,    /s/: Diem Nguyen                                                       GREENAN PEFFER                                   0R                                                            No Money Down! No Credit             free during the week
94566 is hereby registered by    27, 2008.                         This statement was filed with     has been filed by DEBRA A.           SALLANDER & LALLY LLP                    quires a BS or an MS in
                                                                                                     PLATO, JOHN MICHAEL                                                                                            marketing or foreign                 Checks! EOE. Call Now! 1-800-        (mainly in the evening /
the following owner (s):                                           the County Clerk of Alameda                                            6111 BOLLINGER CANYON               Pay by Credit Card for any                                                 3 5 8 - 8 5 9 5 ,                    non-business hours) for
AAA Pool Service And Repair;         FICTITIOUS BUSINESS           County on February 28, 2008.      BAILEY AND CAROLE ANNE               RD #500                              Classified or Display ads.           equivalent or related, and
                                        NAME STATEMENT                                               BAILEY in the Superior Court                                                                                   experience depending on                    communication and 3-5
Inc., 1062 Harvest Circle,                                         Expires February 28, 2013.                                             P O BOX 10                                                                                                     (CAL*SCAN)                           hours a week more for
Pleasanton CA 94566                      FILE NO. 407544                                             of California, County of                                                 12)WANTED RV 4RENT                    assignment. To apply,
                                                                   The Independent Legal No.                                              SAN RAMON CA 94583                                                                                                                                  package processing. Send
This business is conducted by:   The following person (s) do-      2303. Publish March 20, 27,       ALAMEDA.                             CNS-1291181#                             LOOKING TO RENT                  please e-mail resume to                 CLASSIFIEDS
                                 ing business as: Trained Eyes                                       THE PETITION FOR PROBATE                                                                                       Agilent-LG              at                                                your          CV         to:
a Corporation                                                      April 3, 10, 2008.                                                     The Independent Legal No.                      AN RV                                                                                      ,
 Registrant has not yet begun    Educational Evaluations, 930                                        requests that DEBRA A.               2297. Publish March 6, 13, 20,             June 21 - July 3     
to transact business under the   Mocho Street, Livermore Ca            FICTITIOUS BUSINESS           PLATO, JOHN MICHAEL                                                           C Class, Fairly New              Must reference job code                   **************                  FAX: 888-612-0916
                                                                                                                                          2008                                                                                                              Reaches over
fictitious business name or      94550 is hereby registered by            NAME STATEMENT             BAILEY AND CAROLE ANNE                                                     4 in Party Non-Smokers              MMBSP if have a BS or                                                    79)RECEPTIONIST/
names listed.                    the following owner (s):                  FILE NO. 407994           BAILEY be appointed as per-          ANIMALS/PETS                                925 960-1380                  MMMSP if have an MS.                    45,893 Homes                     VETERINARY
Signature of Registrant:         Barbara Louise Steiger, 930       The following person (s) do-      sonal representative to admin-
                                                                                                                                          1) CATS/DOGS                                                            ELECTRICIAN APPREN-
/s/:Robert J. Hufford            Mocho Street, Livermore Ca        ing business as: HNZ Consult-     ister the estate of the decedent.                                        EMPLOYMENT                                                                      over 3,225                         Pleasanton Pet Hotel
                                 94550                             ing, 487 Montori Court, Pleas-    THE PETITION requests the                                                                                    TICES. Get plugged in to your                                                      is looking for a
This statement was filed with                                                                                                             ADOPT A DOG OR CAT, for             56) ADULT CARE                      career. Get hands-on experi-            Local Businesses                          receptionist with
the County Clerk of Alameda      This business is conducted by:    anton CA 94566 is hereby          decedent’s WILL and codicils,        adoption information contact                                                                                           mailed
                                 an Individual                     registered by the following       if any, be admitted to probate.                                                                              ence as an electrician work-                                                     experience in the
County on February 4, 2008.                                                                                                               Valley Humane Society at 925              CAREGIVERS
Expires February 4, 2013.        Registrant has not yet begun      owner (s):                        The WILL and any codicils are        426-8656.                             NEEDED for elder care.            ing in appliances, power gen-             Home Delivery                        veterinary/health care
The Independent Legal No.        to transact business under the    Edward Sieh, 487 Montori          available for examination in                                                Light housekeeping
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  eration and lighting systems.                     in                        field. Ability to multi-task is
                                 fictitious business name or       Court, Pleasanton CA 94566        the file kept by the court.          Adopt a new best friend:                                                No experience required Must                 Livermore                           essential. Located in
2294. Publish February 28,                                                                                                                                                      errands transportation
                                 names listed.                     This business is conducted by:    THE PETITION requests au-            TVAR, the Tri-Valley Animal          meal prep personal care.           be 17-34 with a H.S. diploma.          Pleasanton & Sunol                     downtown Pleasanton.
March 6, 13, 20, 2008.                                                                                                                                                                                            Call 1-800-345-6289 today.
                                 Signature of Registrant:          an Individual                     thority to administer the estate     Rescue, offers animals for              Please fax resume                                                          Call Barbara                          Salary DOE. Send
    FICTITIOUS BUSINESS          /s/: Barbara Steiger              Registrant has not yet begun      under the Independent Admin-         adoption every Saturday and                                             (CAL*SCAN)                                                                           resume's to
       NAME STATEMENT                                                                                                                     Sunday, excluding most holi-
                                                                                                                                                                                    925 371-8118                                                             925 243-8000           
                                 This statement was filed with     to transact business under the    istration of Estates Act . (This                                                                             72) HELP WANTED/DRIVERS
        FILE NO. 407168          the County Clerk of Alameda       fictitious business name or       authority will allow the per-        days. On Saturdays from 9:30        60) BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY                                                   74)INFORMATIONTECHNOL-
The following person (s) do-                                                                                                              am to 1:00 pm, both dogs and                                            DRIVER - CDL Training $0                                                   90)SCHOOLS & INSTRUCTION
                                 County on March 3, 2008. Ex-      names listed.                     sonal representative to take                                             AMERICA’S FAVORITE COF-                                                    OGY
ing business as: Pick Me Up      pires March 3, 2013.              Signature of Registrant:          many actions without obtain-         cats are available at the Pleas-                                        down, financing by Central Re-                                              Highly experienced tutor
Cafe & BBQ, 385 S. Livermore                                                                                                              anton Farmers Market at W. An-      FEE Dist. Guaranteed Ac-            frigerated. Drive for Central,            WEB PROGRAMMER -
                                 The Independent Legal No.         /s/: Edward Sieh                  ing court approval. Before tak-                                          counts. Multi Billion $ Industry.                                                                                 seeking students. All
Ave., Livermore CA 94550 is                                                                                                               gela and First Streets. Two lo-                                         earn up to $40K+ 1st year! 1-            P/T. IT Analyst. BA/BS + 1 yr
                                 2300. Publish March 13, 20,       This statement was filed with     ing certain very important ac-                                                                                                                                                              subjects. All ages.
hereby registered by the fol-                                                                                                             cations will showcase cats          Unlimited profit potential. Free    800-587-0029          x4779.            exp. Dublin San Ramon
                                 27, April 3, 2008.                the County Clerk of Alameda       tions, however, the personal                                                                                                                                                               References available.
lowing owner (s):                                                                                                                         only: Petsmart in Dublin from       information 24/7. 1-800-729-              Services District. For more
                                                                   County on March 13, 2008. Ex-     representative will be re-                                                                                                                                                     
George P. Milla, 38826 Bonnie        FICTITIOUS BUSINESS                                                                                  12:00 to 4:00 and the Pet Food      4212 (CAL*SCAN)                     (CAL*SCAN)                              info       visit      http://
                                                                   pires March 13, 2013.             quired to give notice to inter-                                                                                                                                                               (925) 980-1213
Way, Fremont Ca 94536                  NAME STATEMENT                                                                                     Express in Livermore from                                                                             
                                                                   The Independent Legal No.         ested persons unless they                                                ALL CASH CANDY ROUTE. 30            DRIVERS - Regional Runs!                dsrsd                              MERCHANDISE
Maureen E. Milla, 38826                 FILE NO. 407661            2304. Publish March 20, 27,       have waived notice or con-           1:00 to 4:00. On Sundays, cats
                                 The following person (s) do-                                                                                                                 Machines and Candy. All for         Van & Flatbed. Ask about quali-
Bonnie Way, Fremont Ca                                             April 3, 10, 2008.                sented to the proposed ac-           are available at Petsmart in                                                                                   75)HELP WANTED SALES                110)EQUIPMENT FOR SALE
94536                            ing business as: REM Solu-                                                                               Dublin from 1:00 to 4:00, and       $9,995. Be your own Boss.           fying for 5 raises in a year! No
                                                                                                     tion.) The independent admin-                                            MultiVend LLC, 880 Grand            exp! CDL Training Available.
This business is conducted by:   tions, LLC., 1220 Bluebell            FICTITIOUS BUSINESS           istration authority will be          PetCo in San Ramon from                                                                                        COLONIAL LIFE seeking li-           SAWMILLS FROM ONLY
Husband and wife                 Drive, Livermore CA 94551 is            NAME STATEMENT                                                   11:00 to 3:00. For more infor-      Blvd., Deer Park, NY. 1-888-        Tuition reimbursement. 877-            censed Life & Health agents.        $2,990 - Convert your Logs To
                                                                                                     granted unless an interested                                             625-2405. (CAL*SCAN)                2 3 2 - 2 3 8 6
 Registrant has not yet begun    hereby registered by the fol-       FILE NO. 407719-407721          person files an objection to the     mation, call TVAR at (925)                                                                                     Market voluntary employee           Valuable Lumber with your
to transact business under the   lowing owner (s):                 The following person (s) do-                                           803-7043 or visit our website                                               benefit programs to employ-         own Norwood portable band
                                                                                                     petition and shows good                                                  BE WARY of out of area com-         (CAL*SCAN)
fictitious business name or      REM Solutions, 1220 Bluebell      ing business as: 1)J. Travis      cause why the court should not       at                                                                                               ers. Register for Informational     sawmill. Log skidders also
                                 Drive, Livermore CA 94551         Photography, 2)Jim Travis                                                                                  panies. Check with the local                                               Event. Wednesday, 3/26/08,
names listed.                                                                                        grant the authority.                                                                                         DRIVERS: ASAP! Sign-On Bo-                                                 a v a i l a b l e .
                                 This business is conducted by:    Photography, 3)J. Travis Pack-                                            FOUND AN ANIMAL?                 Better Business Bureau before                                              12:00 to 1:00pm. 9355 E. Stock-
Signature of Registrant:                                                                             A HEARING on the petition will                                                                               nus. 35-42 cpm. Earn over
                                 a Limited liability company       aging, 564 Stoneridge Dr.,                                              Free Section. Call Barbara         you send any money or fees.                                                ton Blvd, Suite 170, Elk Grove,     300N - FREE Information: 1-
/s/:George P. Milla                                                                                  be held on 03/24/08 at                                                                                       $1000 weekly. Excellent Ben-
This statement was filed with    The registrant began to trans-    Pleasanton CA 94588 is                                                 925 243-8000 to let 49,118          Read and understand any                                                    CA 95624. Call Ellen Parker,        800-578-1363 - x300N.
                                                                                                     1:30PM in Dept. 707 located              households know!                contracts before you sign.          efits. Need CDL-A and 3
the County Clerk of Alameda      act business under the ficti-     hereby registered by the fol-     at:                                                                                                          months recent OTR required.            916-478-4065. (CAL*SCAN)            (CAL*SCAN)
County on February 22, 2008.     tious business names (s) listed   lowing owner (s):                                                      8) LOST/MISSING                     Shop around for rates.              1-800-635-8669. (CAL*SCAN)
                                                                                                       5672 STONERIDGE DR.,                                                                                                                              77)HELP WANTED SENIORS              118) FREE/GIVEAWAY
Expires February 22, 2013.       above on January 1, 2008.         James V. Travis, 551 Trebbiano    PLEASANTON, CA 94588                                                     68)HAIR SERVICES
The Independent Legal No.        Signature of Registrant:          Place, Pleasanton Ca 94566                                              MISSING CAT Answers to                                                 LOOKING FOR CDL - Drivers                  ATTN: SENIORS!!                       GOT OLD JUNK
                                                                                                     IF YOU OBJECT to the grant-
2295. Publish February 28,       /s/:Clyde Massengale              This business is conducted by:                                           Midnight. Male 1 1/2yrs             Stylists & Salon Manage-          with 5+ years of Experience.              On Call Work, $15hr.                       FREE/
                                                                                                     ing of the petition, you should       White Underlay All Black w/                                            Your weekly pay is based on a
March 6, 13, 20, 2008.           This statement was filed with     an Individual                     appear at the hearing and                                                  ment. Great wage, bo-                                                       Reliable Transportation              GIVEAWAY SECTION
                                 the County Clerk of Alameda       The registrant began to trans-                                          Yellow Eyes. Missing from            nuses, benefits. Lowe’s           rising scale of .36 - .41 per mile.             Necessary                  Call 925 243-8000 Barbara
    FICTITIOUS BUSINESS                                                                              state your objections or file
                                 County on March 6, 2008. Ex-      act business under the ficti-                                                  Mines Road.                   Livermore Great Clips. Call       McKELVEY 1-800-410-6255.                    (916) 966-4000.
       NAME STATEMENT                                                                                written objections with the              Call 510 415-1110                                                   (CAL*SCAN)
                                 pires March 6, 2013.              tious business name (s) listed    court before the hearing. Your                                             Carleigh (877) 631-4995
        FILE NO. 407406          The Independent Legal No.         above on 2005.
The following person (s) do-                                                                         appearance may be in person          LOST A FAMILY PET? Free
                                 2301. Publish March 13, 20,       Signature of Registrant:                                                                                   71) HELP WANTED
ing business as: Vision Con-                                                                         or by your attorney.                    Section. Call Barbara
                                 27, April 3, 2008.                /s/: James V. Travis              IFYOU ARE A CREDITOR or a            925 243-8000 to let 49,118
struction & Design, 1341 Anza                                      This statement was filed with                                                                                      AUTO SALES
Way, Livermore CA 94550 is           FICTITIOUS BUSINESS                                             contingent creditor of the de-           households know!                  No Experience Needed
                                                                   the County Clerk of Alameda       ceased, you must file your
hereby registered by the fol-           NAME STATEMENT             County on March 7, 2008. Ex-                                           AUTOS/MOTOR CYCLES/RV/                        Will Train
lowing owner (s):                        FILE NO. 407450                                             claim with the court and mail a                                              Flexible Schedule.
Robert Powell Snyder, 1341       The following person (s) do-
                                                                   pires March 7, 2013.              copy to the personal repre-          SUV’S/TRUCKS
                                                                   The Independent Legal No.                                                                                     Full Benefits + 401K
Anza Way, Livermore CA,          ing business as: Aligning Body,                                     sentative appointed by the           7)AUTOS WANTED                        Up to 40% Commission
                                                                   2305. Publish March 20, 27,       court within four months from
94550                            Soul & Spirit For Women, 276      April 3, 10, 2008.                                                                                             Contact: Bill Sharp
This business is conducted by:   Wildrose Common, Unit #2,                                           the date of first issuance of let-   DONATE VEHICLE, running or
                                                                                                     ters as provided in Probate          not ACCEPTED! Free Towing.                 925 456-1221
an Individual                    Livermore CA 94551 is hereby          FICTITIOUS BUSINESS                                                                                      Livermore Auto Group
Registrant has not yet begun     registered by the following             NAME STATEMENT              Code section 9100. The time          Tax Deductible. Noahs Arc -
                                 owner (s):                               FILE NO. 407986            for filing claims will not expire    Support No Kill Shelters, Ani-
to transact business under the                                                                                                                                                  Ford / Lincoln / Mercury
fictitious business name or      Teresa Roycroft, 276 Wildrose     The following person (s) do-      before four months from the          mal Rights, Research to Ad-
                                 Common, Unit #2, Livermore        ing business as: Developmen-      hearing date noticed above.          vance Veterinary Treatment/                Chrysler / Jeep
names listed.
Signature of Registrant:         CA 94551                          tal Spectrums, 4463               YOU MAY EXAMINE the file             Cures.1-866-912-GIVE.
/s/:Robert Snyder                This business is conducted by:    Stoneridge Drive Ste A, Pleas-    kept by the court. If you are a      (CAL*SCAN)
This statement was filed with    an Individual                     anton CA 94588 is hereby          person interested in the es-
the County Clerk of Alameda      Registrant has not yet begun      registered by the following
County on February 28, 2008.     to transact business under the    owner (s):
Expires February 28, 2013.       fictitious business name or       Dr. Lynne R. Mielke Medical
The Independent Legal No.        names listed.                     Corporation, 4463 Stoneridge
2298. Publish March 6, 13, 20,   Signature of Registrant:          Drive Ste. A, Pleasanton Ca
27, 2008.                        /s/: Teresa Roycroft              94588
                                 This statement was filed with     This business is conducted by:
   FICTITIOUS BUSINESS           the County Clerk of Alameda       a Corporation
     NAME STATEMENT              County on February 29, 2008.      The registrant began to trans-
      FILE NO. 407238            Expires February 29, 2013.        act business under the ficti-
The following person (s) do-     The Independent Legal No.         tious business name (s) listed
ing business as: Umigo Indoor    2302. Publish March 13, 20,       above on February 26, 2003.
Kart Racing, 6538 Patterson      27, April 3, 2008.                Signature of Registrant:
Pass Road, Livermore CA,                                           /s/: Lynne R. Mielke
94550 is hereby registered by       FICTITIOUS BUSINESS            This statement was filed with
the following owner (s):              NAME STATEMENT               the County Clerk of Alameda
Umigo Racing Inc., 91                  FILE NO. 407413             County on March 13, 2008. Ex-
Macalvey Dr., Martinez CA        The following person (s) do-      pires March 13, 2013.
94553                            ing business as: Michelle’s       The Independent Legal No.
PAGE 10 - The Independent, MARCH 20, 2008

   LEGAL NOTICES/CLASSIFIEDS                                                                                                                                      
                                   800-321-CSLB (2752). Unli-           & year rounds roads. Excellent                                           $12.86 per newspaper). Call                                                                          1-913-319-2603.                    Medalist) at 408-506-4611.
LOOKING FOR A DONATION             censed persons taking jobs           financing. Priced for quick sale.     NEWLY RELEASED ACRE-               (916)            288-6019        183)MISC. SERVICES                192)SCHOOLS/INSTRUC-    
      Donate a Laptop                                                                                         AGE (Utah Ranch Dispersal)                                                                            TIONS                             (CAL*SCAN)                         195)TIMESHARES/RESORTS
                                   less than $500 must state in         Call NML&R, Inc. 1-888-204-                                                   INJURED while CROSSING
 You Could Help Someone            their advertisements that they       9760. (CAL*SCAN)                      40 AC only $29,900. Dramatic       www. C a l - S C A N . c o m                                                                                                              TIMESHARES!TIRED of
                                                                                                                                                                                  the STREET? You may be able       PREPARE FOR future RAIL-          193)SCHOOLTUTORS
 Going Through a Difficult         are not licensed by the Con-                                               views of Uinta Mountains,          (CAL*SCAN)                                                         ROAD employment. NARS, in                                                      FEES? Call
  Time With Your Donation                                               SOUTHERN COLORADO                     Great recreational area. Close                                      to recover even if you were
                                   tractors State License Board.”                                                                                                                 cited or the other party had no   Overland Park, Kansas, will       MATH. EXPERIENCED, popu-  to
    For More Information                                                RANCH Sale 35 Acres -                 to conveniences. Offered by        NEWS OR PRESS RELEASE                                              teach you the skills in 4-8       lar private/middle school tutor    sell, rent or buy a timeshare.
 NEW # Call 925 292-1729           REAL ESTATE                          $29,900. Spectacular Rocky            motivated seller. Limited avail-   SERVICE? The California          insurance. Call 800-901-0281      weeks. Average salaries           in Pls offers excellent Math        Get free info today and get
                                                                        Mtn. Views Year round access,         able. EZ Terms. Call UTLR 1-       Press Release Service is the     for Free Recorded message.        $63K. Tuition assistance avail-   coaching.High School Math          cash at closing. Call Now 1-
121)GARAGE/FLEA MAR-               160)BOAT/RV and RETAIL               elec/tele included. Excellent         888-693-5263                       only service with 500 current    (CAL*SCAN)
KET/YARD SALES                                                                                                                                                                                                      able. Conductor - Mechan-         subjects also offered. Call Navi   877-868-1931 (CAL*SCAN)
                                     LOOKING FOR RETAIL                 Financing available w/low                                                daily, weekly and college                                          ical - Welder - Signal.           Virk BE (Hons), M.B.A.(Gold
Rain or Shine! Call Barbara                                             down payment. Call Red                ARIZONA LAND BARGAIN 36            newspaper contacts in Califor-   190)REAL ESTATE SERVICES
925-243-8000 or go to                          OR                                                             Acres - $29,900. Beautiful               STORAGE SPACE?                    Creek Land Co. Today! 1-866-                                             nia.     Questions       call    PAYMENTS GONE UP? In
                                                                        696-5263 x3469 (CAL*SCAN)             mountain property in                     (916)       288-6010.
before 8am Tuesdays to get         Great Location Off Hwy 580                                                 Arizona’s Wine Country. Price                                       Foreclosure? Mortgage Up-
your ad in for the next edition.      On Kitty Hawk Road                                                                                         www.CaliforniaPressReleaseS      side Down? Problems Refi-
                                                                        PRICED FOR QUICK SALE -               reduced in buyers market. (CAL*SCAN)
                                       For Details Email:               Nevada 5 acres - $24,900.             Won’t last! Good access &                                           nancing? Know Your Foreclo-
125)HOUSEHOLD/YARD                                                                                                                                  sure Options! Free Consulta-
ITEMS                                                                   Beautiful building site with          views. Eureka Springs Ranch        179)CAREGIVER SERVICES
                                   162) HOUSE/ROOMS/RENT-               electric & county maintained          offered by AZLR. ADWR report               CAREGIVER                tion. 24 Hour Recorded Mes-
Place your household items         ALSTO SHARE                          roads. 360 degree views.              & financing available. 1-877-           16Yr. Experience            sage. 1-866-495-3863.
     here for sale. Call                                                Great recreational opportuni-         301-5263.                              Caring For Elderly 
925 243-8000 or go on-line         RENT YOUR EMPTY LIVING               ties. Financing available. Call                                                    In Home                Se       Habla     Espanol.
             at                    SPACE By Advertising with The        now!       1-877-349-0822.            174)OFFICE SPACE
                                                                                                                                                       CNA Lic. 705105            (CAL*SCAN)            Independent reaching over            (CAL*SCAN)                                   PROFESSIONAL                  Call Salo 925 497-9150
 Also you can pay by Credit        49,119 homes and busi-                                                            OFFICE SPACE
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     Card for Classified           nesses with your ad place-           the future 20 AC with BLM                Private or Semi-Private
      and Display Ads.             ment. Call Barbara 925 243-          Hunting Land - $39,900 34 AC            Kitchen, Conference room
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                                   163) HOMES/TOWNHOUSE                 $99,900 40 AC with BLM                      Call 925 447-2323
           LOST                    FOR SALE                             Horse Trails - $49,900 Year
  Wedding & Engagement                                                  round road and new utilities.         SERVICES
           Rings                    “FOR SALE WITH OWNER”               Surveyed, approved and in-            178)BUSINESS SERVICES
 At Springtown Golf Course                       HOMES                  sured. Beautiful views, sun-
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                                   addresses, prices, owners’                                                 papers statewide. $550 for a
                                   phone numbers etc.                   seller terms until April 15th.        25-word classified ad. Call
            LOST                    Call 888-361-3006 or visit            (916)              288-6019
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 Buena Vista “L” & Railroad                                             (CAL*SCAN)                            w w w. C a l - S C A N . c o m
         Livermore.                168)LAND FOR SALE/OUT                                                      (CAL*SCAN)
                                   OF STATE                             NEW ARIZONA LAND Rush!
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    STORE FIXTURES 4                                                    (CAL*SCAN)
   Glass Cubes, Display
  Slat Walls & Attachments
      Tables & MORE!
  Store Closing March 22,
                                                                     Open Houses
       608 Main Street
       Pleasanton, Ca                 DANVILLE
        925 426-9229                  PRICE                      SIZE          DAY(S)                         ADDRESS
130)TRAVEL/VACATIONS                  $659,950                   3BD/2.5BA      SAT 1-4PM                     31 Mountain Valley
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NOTICES/ANNOUNCEMENTS                 Owner                                       Chris Hollis                    650-504-6590
153) MISCELLANEOUS                    $495,000                       3BD/2BA       SAT 1-4PM                      422 Robert Way
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Axis Health Center 4361               Stocking Realty                             Jack Beite                      925-642-2112
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Serves Valley residents with          Team 44FROST                                 Jay Frost                      925-443-7678
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status at or          Prudential California Realty               Tracey Esling                925-249-6831
                                                                                                                                                                                  The Independent, MARCH 20, 2008 - PAGE 11

                   LVO Choices: 2 Charismatic Carmens
By Susan Steinberg                                                                                                 of my personal favorites, was de-
    A convincing Carmen. With-                                                                                     livered with high-spirited verve
out one you don’t have an opera.                                                                                   and impossibly clear rapid dic-
With one you have the essential                                                                                    tion, to the great delight of lis-
core of a powerful performance.                                                                                    teners at every performance.
Could Livermore Valley Opera                                                                                       Having essayed the woman’s
possibly find such a charismatic                                                                                   parts, I can testify to the enor-
singer/actress to headline its lo-                                                                                 mous commitment of personal
cal production? Unbelievably                                                                                       practice and group rehearsal time
the company is presenting not                                                                                      required to bring such a complex
one, but two singularly sensa-                                                                                     tongue-twisting ensemble to per-
tional Carmens. Each is a siz-                                                                                     formance perfection - bravi tutti!
zling seductress, but with a                                                                                           Finally, an LVO newcomer,
unique personal style that in-                                                                                     Branislav Radakovic, brought a        Cast of movie characters takes the stage.
forms two very different interpre-                                                                                 rich voice and assured stage pres-
tations.                                                                                                           ence to the unfortunately limited
    Sultry and intense, Audrey
Babcock is the universal solvent,
                                                                                                                   role of Morales. Impressed listen-
                                                                                                                   ers hope to have him return in a
                                                                                                                                                         Sunset Fourth Graders Celebrate
able to dissolve a good man’s
will and moral values like hydro-
                                                                                                                   larger part in future LVO operas;
                                                                                                                   he is definitely a performer to        the Golden Age of Silent Film
chloric acid. Her seductive move-                                                                                  watch. Designer Jean-François         By Patricia Koning                    Livermore School Superinten-
ments are as calculated and                                                                                        Revon’s sets made effective use          Silence is golden, and so is       dent Brenda Miller. “I see some
slinky as Eve’s serpent, and just                                                                                  of dramatic background ele-           Marilyn Holcomb’s fourth-grade        budding thespians on the stage.”
as destructive to the soul of Don                                                                                  ments, especially in the craggy       class at Sunset Elementary                The students began working
Jose, the simple soldier she se-                                                                                   caves of the smugglers’ mountain      School. Last week, the students       on the production in January. All
duces, ruins, and then abandons                                                         Photo - Doug Jorgensen
                                                                                                                   hideout and the massive exterior      presented the musical, “When          of the rehearsals were held in
for a more glamorous lover. Fate-                                                                                  walls and gate of the Seville         ‘Silents’ was Golden,” to their       class. Students did have home-
                                      A scene from the Livermore Valley Opera production of                        bullring. Also enhancing the ac-
obsessed and driven, she seems                                                                                                                           parents, peers, and community         work to memorize their lines and
an irresistibly evil Force of Na-     'Carmen.'                                                                    tion with dramatic mood light-        members.                              practice the songs.
ture, dangerous but fascinating.                                                                                   ing was veteran designer Robert          The musical kicked off with a          Holcomb’s classes present a
    Raeeka Shebabi-Yaghmai is         hours, changing him into her           trayal of a terrified innocent sus-   Anderson. His suddenly blood-         video montage of classic silent       performance every year. “This
an equally bewitching Carmen.         adoring and abject slave. The          tained only by her strong reli-       red sky behind a silhouetted          film scenes, featuring Charlie        experience helps kids grow in so
Gregarious, even playful at times,    aria itself, building from calm        gious faith. As she implores God      Carmen at the end of Act III was a    Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Douglas       many ways. Their personal con-
she is overtly sexy and alluring,     realistic narrative to unbridled       for courage, her voice soars pas-     superbly- conceived theatrical        Fairbanks, Mary Pickford,             fidence becomes stronger, they
but with a high-spirited reckless-    passion and loss of control, aptly     sionately in prayer, evoking          moment.                               Rudolph Valentino, Theda Bara,        learn to project their voices when
ness that masks her amoral indif-     represents the trajectory of Don       “bravas” of audience approval.            Costumer Cathie McClellan         Gloria Swanson, and others. The       speaking in front of a group, they
ference, she flirts, seduces, and     Jose’s life, ending in the tragic          Carmen’s newer, more dashing      deserves an Achievement Award         reaction of the student audience      learn to memorize, they learn to
abandons men with no sense of         murder of his unfaithful beloved.      lover is David Serero playing         for outfitting an entire stage full   proves that while these films are     work together and problem solve
remorse. A more extroverted           The desperate madness of               Escamillo, the famous bull-           of singers on a “lower-than-mod-      from their great grandparents’ era,   without adult help, and they
gypsy, she flaunts her fiery en-      Campbell’s final scene gains its       fighter. Making a triumphant en-      est” budget. Director James Mar-      their appeal is timeless and uni-     have fun too,” she explained.
ergy, tempting men with the free-     intensity from the contrast with       trance in Act II, he launches into    vel worked closely with the leads     versal.                                   Many parents of current and
dom from moral constraints that       his initial benign characteriza-       the famous “Toreador Song”. The       on the fine details of their moti-       The musical tells the story of     past Sunset students contributed
she embodies.                         tion.                                  dramatic narration of a bullfight     vation and movement, while            Mrs. McGuire, played by Katy          to the success of “When ‘Silents’
    Both Carmens can emote,               Ben Bongers as Don Jose is a       builds from the easy early passes     Conductor Alexander Katsman           Johnson, and her warehouse,           Was Golden. Jean Journey,
wiggle, dance, and wear skin-         completely different person.           to the bull’s awakening anger, the    achieved an admirable effect          which was used as a set for silent    whose children graduated Sun-
tight figure-highlighting cos-        Strong-bodied and strong-voiced        goring of a picador and his horse,    from the orchestra, given their       movies. Mrs. McGuire needs to         set years ago, directed the chore-
tumes on their enviably slim          from the outset, he seems primed       and finally the deadly one-on-        incredibly brief pit rehearsal        sell or rent the warehouse for fi-    ography and music. Sunset’s
bodies. Yet both svelte ladies can    for passion, despite his initial ef-   one confrontation of man and          schedule.                             nancial reasons, but doesn’t want     choir director Becky Knuth pro-
produce powerful voices that ca-      forts to ignore its appeal. There      beast. A bravura performance of           Performers from the Valley        to see the history and memories       vided the piano accompaniment.
jole with husky sensuality or belt    is a real sense of potential vio-      this piece is always riveting for     Dance Theater and children from       of the building destroyed. Nei-       Parent Peter Hetherington cre-
out stunning bursts of passion or     lence in his manner that gives an      stage characters and audience         the Pacific Boys Choir added          ther do the ghostly inhabitants       ated the introductory video.
defiance. Even in the macho           atmosphere of added tension to         listeners alike, and Serero deliv-    energy and momentum to several        of the building—the silent film           Sunset fifth graders Lainey
gypsy society, they are both able     the entire performance. When           ers with passion and panache,         scenes, and received enthusias-       stars.                                Hibbard and Brianna Payne ran
to hold their own, and in the more    roused, he obviously becomes a         from eye-catching capework to         tic applause for their participa-        As the real estate agent Ms.       the spotlight during the perfor-
conventional civil world, no man      powerful force of nature, as in-       his commanding posture atop a         tion. Audiences were also im-         Buckley, played by Elise Will-        mances. Rebecca Kohlmoos cre-
can resist their overwhelming at-     tense and uncontrollable as            tavern table and his leap, still      pressed by the complex level of       iams, brings prospective clients      ated the advertising posters,
traction.                             Carmen herself.                        singing, to the floor.                stage business enacted by the         through the warehouse, the silent     Melodie Van Erden and Linda
    Two equally differentiated            Like many others in the audi-          It’s an incredibly demanding      chorus, as well as their solid vo-    film stars concoct a plan to haunt    Ryan designed the set and back-
tenors share the role of Don Jose,    ence, this viewer actually wor-        show-stopper, requiring continu-      cal performance after a minimal       the building and prevent its sale.    drops, and Sharon Watson and
Carmen’s hapless victim. Chris        ried about the realism of his final    ous convincing action while pro-      rehearsal schedule with Associ-       The potential buyers include nail     classroom parents created the
Campbell opens Act I as the typi-     fury, and feared for the possible      jecting a powerful musical mes-       ate Conductor Robert Ashens.          salon owners, a bowling alley         period costumes.
cal country boy, newcomer to the      physical injury to his Carmen.         sage. It is hard to believe that      These dedicated choristers            owner, gangsters, and frozen yo-
                                      (As he later explained to me, he       Serero took on the role only in
Army and the big-city life of
Seville. Still nostalgic about his    always gives his heroine a dis-        the last weeks of rehearsal. Origi-
                                                                                                                   should certainly have been allot-
                                                                                                                   ted a separate well-deserved bow,
                                                                                                                                                         gurt store owners.
                                                                                                                                                            After each prospective buyer
                                                                                                                                                                                                Master Storyteller
small village, he is eager to
please his mother by marrying
                                      creetly comforting wink to reas-
                                      sure her that he is in complete
                                                                             nally “imported form Paris” for
                                                                             the smaller role of Army Officer
                                                                                                                   rather than being upstaged and
                                                                                                                   blocked off by the dancers and
                                                                                                                                                         is spooked, the silent film stars
                                                                                                                                                         launch into familiar scenes—the
                                                                                                                                                                                                 at Pleasanton
Michaela, the sweet “girl next        control, despite the convincing
                                      ferocity of his stage behavior.)
                                                                             Zuniga, Serero had actually sung
                                                                             Escamillo several years earlier
                                                                                                                   boychoir singers. Surely that as-
                                                                                                                   pect of the curtain-call protocol
                                                                                                                                                         Western, the Sheik, the Phantom,            Library
door.” He shows no interest in the                                                                                                                       the Damsel in Distress, and Along        Master storyteller Olive
flirtatious cigarette-factory work-   Much in demand for Bay Area            (coincidentally with Carmen           can be re-programmed before the       Comes Zorro. Maggie Kilday,
                                      performances, Bongers is a con-        Raeeka) but, of course, had no                                                                                    Hackett-Shaughnessy opens the
ers avidly ogled by his fellow                                                                                     final weekend, to give a hard-        who played Mary Pickford, said        new Tell Us A Tale series at the
soldiers, dismissing them as          summate professional, his pow-         familiarity with the complex          working volunteer group its due.      her favorite scene was the Dam-
                                      erhouse tenor filling the house        staging of the LVO production.                                                                                    Pleasanton Public Library on
“girls of easy virtue”. Instead, he                                                                                    Only three more opportunities     sel in Distress. In the scene
                                      and his intense portrayal making       Learning on the job, the adept        remain to experience the excite-                                            Saturday, March 29 at 11:00 a.m.
warmly welcomes Michaela, who                                                                                                                            Buster Keaton, played by Marcus          A featured teller at this year’s
shyly delivers a letter and a         for a memorable Don Jose.              young Parisian proved the hero        ment of LVO’s hot-blooded             Pipitone, tries to rescue Mary,
chaste kiss from his mother that          Two different sopranos also        of the day, as he matched both        “Carmen”, on Friday, March 21,        who is tied up on a railroad track,   Bay Area Storytelling Festival,
obviously moves him with affec-       sing the role of Michaela, Don         Carmens in bold magnetism and         at 8PM, and both Saturday and         but winds up getting tangled in       Olive draws on over 20 years of
tionate tenderness.                   Jose’s village sweetheart. Dark-       self-assured insouciance, earning     Sunday, March 22 and 23 at 2          the rope and has to be rescued in     storytelling experience to take
    Piqued by Don Jose’s indif-       haired Rebecca Garcia, a popu-         ovations both on and off stage.       PM. Plan to arrive an hour before     turn by Mary.                         her listeners on a delightful jour-
ference to her seductive song, the    lar local performer, wowed LVO             Smaller roles were filled no      each performance for the pre-cur-        The final potential buyer is a     ney from “once upon a time”
gypsy Carmen makes an obvious         audiences earlier in the season        less capably by Elizabeth Russ        tain lecture given by Philip          film historian and his wife, who      through “they lived happily ever
play for this stolid soldier, even    as Mimi, the doomed heroine of         and Amy Bouchard as Carmen’s          Manwell, Dean of Academic Ser-        plan to turn the warehouse into a     after” via folktales from around
brazenly tossing a flower, still      “La Boheme.” Her virtuous shy-         sexy gypsy friends Frasquita and      vices at Las Positas College.         museum. Rather than spooking          the world. Tell Us A Tale is a new
warm from her bodice, at him. He      ness, evident in Act I, ensures        Mercedes, and Michael Beetham             Tickets are available at the      the couple, the silent film stars     quarterly series celebrating the
is strangely affected by her out-     Don Jose’s affection and the           and Laurent Martin as smugglers       Bankhead Theater box office,          remind them of the memories and       timeless art of the professional
rageous behavior, musing “that        audience’s sympathy, but her           Dancairo and Remendado. Their         2400 First Street, Livermore, 925-    history of the building.              storyteller.
flower struck me like a bullet”,      simple appeal is no match for          Act II quintet with Carmen, one       373-6800, or on-line at                  “When ‘Silents’ was Golden”           These free programs, about 45
and declaring that if witches ex-     Carmen’s aggressive sexuality. In                                        was an impressive production,         minutes long, are intended for
isted, she would surely be one.       Act III a beautiful and moving                                                                                     especially because once the show      the entire family. For more in-
Fate or chance then assigns him       prayer invokes the devout faith                                                                                    began, the students were on stage
                                      that strengthens her resolve to                                                                                                                          formation please contact the
to guard Carmen, arrested after a
fight with other women. Left          confront the infamous Carmen                       New Exhibit Opens at Wente                                      by themselves. They pulled off
                                                                                                                                                         the show with hardly a hitch and
                                                                                                                                                                                               Children’s Desk at (925) 931-
                                                                                                                                                                                               3400 ext. 8, or visit the library’s
alone with him, she works her         and bring Jose back to his dying                                                                                   outperformed many high school
                                      mother. A touchingly heartfelt            Wente Vineyards is featur-                                                                                     website                          at
wiles by singing the famously                                                ing paintings by artist Larry                                               age casts.                  
sexy “Habanera,” until he is des-     sincerity and a lovely floating                                                                                       “This is darling. It’s wonder-
                                      pianissimo roused audiences to         Gipson in the tasting room on                                                                                     vices/library. The Pleasanton
perate with desire, and allows her                                           Tesla Road, from April 1-30.                                                ful that kids are doing theatrical
to escape with the promise of a       enthusiastically appreciative ap-                                                                                  performances this early,” said        Public Library is located at 400
                                      plause.                                Gipson paints in his own style,                                                                                   Old Bernal Avenue, Pleasanton.
later rendezvous.                                                            which he calls “selective real-
    Campbell builds on his char-          Kaileen Miller, a winsome
acter with a growing recklessness     blonde beauty, is equally capti-       ism.” He works with watercolors
in Act 2, at the tavern where he      vating as Michaela, shyly avoid-       and acrylics to paint local scenes
rejoins Carmen, but still feels       ing the soldiers’ gallant advances     such as vineyards and equestrian
obliged to honor his military         in Act I, properly abashed at de-      landscapes.                           “Concannon Vista” by Larry Gipson
duty by returning to the barracks     livering a kiss to Don Jose, and          There will be a reception with
for evening roll-call. When she       singing so sweetly about going         the artist from 1 to 3 p.m. on Sun-      The winery is located at 5565
taunts him for obeying the rules,     to church with his mother, that        day, April 6.                         Tesla Road in Livermore.
he sings the familiar “Flower         she has the audience rooting for
Song”, describing how the po-         her to retain his affection. Her                                             .
tent scent of that blossom had        fearful approach to the smug-
bewitched him during his prison       glers’ lair is also a winning por-
PAGE 12 - The Independent, MARCH 20, 2008

Three Historic Wineries                     26.
                                                Buki inspires belly laughs in chil-
                                                                                        Hot Rod and Custom Car industry ever
                                                                                        since. His technique and designs have
                                                                                                                                     4/3, Intermediate Knitting 4/3, Begin-
                                                                                                                                     ning Crocheting 4/15, Surface Design
                                                                                                                                                                               (925)            855-1950
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     or       Tri-Valley YMCA Healthy Kids
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Day is part of YMCA Activate America,
    The Livermore Area Recreation           dren ages 3 and up. In Buki’s Silly         been the model example in numerous           5/3, Overcoming Obstacles 4/16, Guar- The site in-        a national long-term initiative focused
and Park District owns three prominent      Magic Show, it is the children who          trade magazines, both in the United          anteed Parenting Tools for Positive       cludes links to other organizations that   on developing and implementing com-
valley wineries. The Dos Mesas, Olivina     perform the magic. The show begins at       States and abroad. Herb’s exclusive          Behavior Change 4/2, Memoir Writing       support our troops. Hats Off America       munity-based solutions to help all
and Ravenswood wineries are all owned       10:30 a.m.                                  pinstripe designs have been featured         5/6, Creative Writing 4/1, Birdwatching   is a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3)       Americans improve their health and
by the district; however, it has been           The Civic Center Library is located     on a multitude of classic automobiles        4/10, CPR 4/8, First Aid 4/15, Belly      organization.                              wellness.
many years (in some cases over a            at 1188 S. Livermore Ave. All ages are      that have been featured in every major       Dance 4/3, Estate Planning: Trust vs.          Hats Off America fund-raising              For information, please call the
hundred) since they produced any wine.      welcome to these free library pro-          automotive publication, not only in the      Wills 4/28, Designing Your Life in        events are held each year and include      Tri-Valley YMCA at (925)475-6107.
    Visit the remains of these original     grams. Contact Youth Services at (925)      United States, but also in Europe, Japan     Retirement 5/13, Long Term Care 4/2,      Casino Night on April 19; the Muscle
buildings on Sat., March 22. Learn the      373-5504 for more information.              and Australia. He has been contracted        Notary Public 5/17, Advanced Begin-       Car, Hot Rod, and Art Fair on May
history of their origins and owners                                                     by movie studios for his artistry and        ning Conversational Italian 4/1, SAT      16,17,18; the Red T-Shirt 10K runs/5K
along with their influence on the val-
ley. Meet Ranger Darren Segur at 10         Wine Club Release                           most recently by Pixar, where his paint-
                                                                                        ing talents contributed to the distinctive
                                                                                                                                     Prep Class 4/2.
                                                                                                                                         Register                    online
                                                                                                                                                                               walks on June 7, September 13 and
                                                                                                                                                                               November 8, and the Danville 4th of
a.m. at Veterans Park.                          Crooked Vine Winery is releasing        look of the pinstripe design adorning or stop by       July Parade.
    Please call (925) 960-2400 to re-       two wines, its 2004 Double Gold Medal       the back of “Sally” for the animated         1401 Almond Ave. M-Th 8:30-7pm or
serve a space in the van.                   winning Cabernet Sauvignon and a            movie Cars.                                  phone 606-4722 for more informa-
    There is a $3 per vehicle parking       2004 Petite Sirah, to its Club Vine Wine        This free event will be presented on     tion.                                     Healthy Kids Day
fee. A $2 donation is requested to help     Club members on March 29. Wines             Wednesday, March 26, at 7 p.m. at the                                                      On April 12, The Tri-Valley YMCA
support the programs. Participants may      will be available to wine club members      Livermore Public Library Civic Cen-                                                    will host Healthy Kids Day, a nationally
call (925) 960-2400 for more informa-       for tasting and pickup beginning at         ter, 1188 S. Livermore Avenue. The           Casino Night                              celebrated YMCA event. It will be an
tion.                                       11:30 a.m. Crooked Vine Club Vine           Friends of the Livermore Library have            The 4th Annual Hats Off America       activity-filled festival that celebrates
                                            members receive 20% discounts on            underwritten this program as part of the     Casino Night will be held on Saturday,    the day’s key call to action, “Put Play
Spring Break Camp                           wine club releases. Membership is free.
                                            For more information contact Crooked
                                                                                        Friends Authors and Arts Series. For         April 19 from 8 p.m. to midnight at the   in Your Day.” Parents can get con-
    The Livermore Area Recreation                                                       additional events, check the library’s       Sycamore Clubhouse, 635 Old Or-           nected, too, by participating in activi-
                                            Vine at 925-371-8156 or visit its website   website at           chard Drive, Danville.                    ties with their kids and receiving free
and Park District is offering the follow-   at
ing activities for youth during spring                                                      For further information about pro-           The evening will include hors         YMCA brochures with tips on raising
break. Participants may register online                                                 grams, please contact Joyce Nevins at        d’oeuvres, a silent auction, a drawing,   healthy kids.
at or by phone at       Towne Center Books                          (925) 373-5500 extension 5577.               poker, pai gow, dancing to the music of
                                                                                                                                     D J Steve Fox , and a no-host bar. Must
                                                                                                                                                                                   Healthy Kids Day highlights the
                                                                                                                                                                               Tri-Valley YMCA’s delivery of mis-
(925) 373-5707.                                 • Read and Be Happy Hour, April 3
      Spring Break Climbing Camp:                                                       Adult Education                              be 21 years old. Tickets are $40 per      sion-based programming for kids. This
                                            from 5-6 with Comedian Robert                                                            person. Dress is business casual. Pro-    event is free to all attendants and will
Learn climbing from the ground up at        Schimmel who will be at Tommy T’s               Spring registration has started for
an indoor rock climbing gym. Staff                                                                                                   ceeds benefit Hats Off America, a         feature many activities for kids includ-
                                            the first week in April. Robert is a        Livermore Adult Education classes.           501(c)(3) nonprofit organization to       ing: a jump house, health screenings,
will provide formal group instruction       survivor of stage III non-Hodgkin’s             They include: QuickBooks Pro 2006
focusing on movement, technique, be-                                                                                                 raise awareness and money for families    stage performances, arts and crafts,
                                            Lymphoma. His book Cancer on $5.00          starts 4/1, Microsoft Word 2003 4/9,         of military killed in Afghanistan and     healthy snacks and many other fun
laying, equipment and knots. Equip-         a Day (Chemo Not Included) tells of his     Microsoft Publisher 2003           4/7,
ment rental and a day pass for the gym                                                                                               Iraq. Call Sparky George at 925-855-      activities.
                                            journey in, of course the humorous          Microsoft Excel 2003 4/1, Phlebotomy         1950.
are included. Ages 7-14 years. Camp         edgy style one would expect from            5/10, Pastels 4/1, Drawing and Mixed
meets from 2:00-5:00 p.m., March 24-                                                                                                     Proceeds from Hats Off America, a
                                            Robert. Admission is $5.00 or free with     Media 4/1, Digital Photography 4/2,          501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, ben-
28. Fee: $135.                              book purchase. Please call 925-846-         Watercolors 4/3, Watercolor: Beyond
    We’re For Horses Spring Camp: At                                                                                                 efit the families of the brave American
                                            8826 for reservations.                      the Basics 4/3, Masa Paper and Sumi          soldiers who made the ultimate sacri-
this weeklong day camp participants             • Livermore author Sarah Jane will      Ink and Watercolor 4/4, Good Man-
learn about horses, play games and                                                                                                   fice for freedom in Iraq and Afghani-
                                            celebrate spring and her new children’s     ners/Basic Dog Obedience 4/26, Basic         stan.
make new friends. While they are do-        book at the store on Sat., April 19 at      Dog Care and Grooming 5/3, Interme-
ing something they dream of, young                                                                                                         For information or to register or
                                            11:00. The morning will include plant-      diate Sewing 3/31, Beginning Knitting        volunteer, contact Sparky George at
riders also learn responsibility, gain      ing seeds.
self-esteem and build self-confidence.          Towne Center is located at 555
Experienced instructors and pleasant,       Main Street in downtown Pleasanton.
well-mannered horses will help stu-
dents gain basic and intermediate horse-
manship skills. Classes are held in a       Pinstripe Artist/Author
covered arena for riding during all             Herb Martinez, pinstripe artist and
weather conditions. Ages 8-17. Camp         author of Guide to Pinstriping and
meets from 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m., March       Pinstripe Planet, discusses the amazing
24-28. Fee: $425.                           art of automobile pinstriping during a
                                            program to be presented March 26 at
Buki the Clown                              the Livermore Library.
   Buki the Clown will be at the Liv-           Herb first began pinstriping at the
ermore Civic Center Library on March        age of 12 and has lent his talents to the