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									                                                                           NOVO X/XSK 220/330


              Quality from Germany

Be on the safe side! A high-quality, tried and tested product has been further improved. The NOVO X series represents
technically mature treatment chairs suited to many areas of medicine because of their outstanding technical features.
All Likamed products are made in germany and received certification marks like “TÜV“ for top quality.

Certification according to ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485 is the appreciation we deserve for innovative and useful
developments and for an outstanding product quality.

An elegant design, combined with maximum comfort for patients and the operator create the ideal conditions for
relaxed sitting and lying even in cases where longer treatment is required.
And – last but not least – the excellent cost-benefit ratio makes a decision for NOVO X chairs even easier.

                         LIKAMED GmbH • Binsbachweg 3 • 75031 Eppingen • Germany
         Phone: +49 (0) 72 62. 9189 - 0 • Fax: +49 (0) 72 62 . 20 40 67 • •
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• Individual swivel and height adjustment armrest (5 cm thick) made of soft integral foam with generous elbow recess to
  ensure non-tiring arm positioning for the patient during treatment.
• Appropriately large resting surfaces for comfortable sitting and lying with long foot section for easy leg support even
  for taller patients.
• “Shock“ position and „Bed“ positions can be reached with a colour-marked “Shock button”.
• TUEV checked construction - with 400 kg of test load.
• Both models are supplied with flame-retardant synthetic leather upholstery which can be disinfected and
  has been toxin tested.
• Easy and comfortable getting on and off the chair thanks to fold-up and lockable armrests.
• High-load bearing, non-collapsing armrests.
• Non-tipping sturdy construction so safe for reanimation.
• Resistant to tipping even with foot section in horizontal position.
• Illuminated network switch for rapid shutdown in the event of an emergency, blocking all
  electrical functions.

   *                                                                               *

NOVO X 220
Electric drives for separate step-free adjustment of back and foot sections.

NOVO X 330
With step-free electric drive height adjustment of the complete lying surface guarantees non-tiring treatment
of patients by operators in any position (22 cm vertical stroke) and an extremely low access height (53cm).

NOVO XSK 220/330
The alternative for anywhere where there is a shortage of space. Also suitable for home patients and children.
Resting surface 188 cm long instead of 213 cm and 55 cm wide instead of 60 cm. Armrest width 12 cm instead
of 15 cm. Otherwise, specification and movements identical to NOVO X, though without streching fold on the headboard.

                 * Picture shows NOVO X chair with neck roll. All new NOVO X will be dellivered with relax-pillow (shown on picture page 1).

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                                                                                   NOVO X/XSK 220/330

    Armrest, vertically adjustable.     Armrests made of soft integral foam,      Armrest, horizontally adjustable.      Strong hook for power-line, manual
                                        no dirt collecting corners. Lockable.                                            control box cable, nursecall etc.

                                                                                       53 cm

    Easy to operate manual control      Large (Ø 100 mm), step-safety rolls.     Access height 53 cm NOVO X/XSK 330.   Sandwich foam for maximum
    “Blind buttons” NOVO X/XSK 330.                                                                                    sitting comfort. Visco foam as option.

    A variety of interesting and useful accessories is available for the NOVO X armchairs.

                                                                                  1. Central locking with locking lever.
                                                                                  2. Bracket for infusion apparatus stand, adjustable, right or left.
                                                                                  3. Infusion apparatus stand.
                                                                                  4. Lumbar support.
                                                                                  5. Paper roll holder.
3                    6
                                      7/8                                         6. Neck roll.
                                                                                  7. Reading lamp with direct mains connection.
                                                                                  8. Reading lamp with transformer connection
                                                                                     (special transformer).
                                                                                  9. Fold-down armrests with additional tilt adjustment.
             5                                                                   10. Infinitely adjustable foot rest (standard for dialysis).
                                                                                 11. Terry covers for mattress and armrests in many colours available
                                                                                     (please request colour-catalogue).
                                                                                 12. Plastic covers (transparent) for foot rest & foot part.
                                                                                 13. Equipotential bonding lead
                                                                                     (cable connecting to power supply strip).
            2                                                               10
                                                                                 14. Tempur upholstery - Visco-elastic foam, used successfully
                                                                                     for the prevention of decubitis.
                                                                                 15. Version in Type B or CF ex warehouse.
                                                                                 16. Armrest in wedge-form with dish (no full foam).
                                                                                 17. Battery pack for off-mains operation
        *                              1                                             (special transformer and seat part).
                                                                                 18. Special colours for upholstery and relax-pillow
                                                                                     (for further colours, please ask for our option brochure).

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                                                                                                 NOVO X/XSK 220/330

Standard colours:
• Upholstery medium grey with contrasting dark grey armrests and footrest.
• Upholstery pastel blue with contrasting dark blue armrests and footrest.

Other upholstery colours:
red, yellow, azur-blue, mint combined with grey or blue armrests and footrest.
Frame and plastic panelling in modern friendly light grey RAL 7047.

Technical details and Guarantee       NOVO XSK*          /NOVO X
 Armrests width                               12 cm*             15 cm         ON duration                                             approx 10%
 Armrest length                               52 cm*             57 cm         EMV (electrical safety)           DIN EN 60601/1, 60601/1-2
 Laying surface width                         55 cm*             60 cm         NOVO X/XSK 330             3 x 24 volt drive with limit circuit breaker
 Total length                                188 cm*            213 cm         NOVO X/XSK 220             2 x 24 volt drive with limit circuit breaker
 Total length incl. footrest                205 cm*            220 cm          Maximum load                                                    175 kg
 Width between armrests                       55 cm*             60 cm         Relative air humidity                                    to 30 - 75 %
 Sitting- laying height NOVO X/XSK 330                      53-78 cm           Ambient temperature                                           3 - 40°C
 Sitting- laying height NOVO X/XSK 220                           58 cm         Mains cable rolled                                                  2m
 Weight                                                approx. 80 kg           Mains cable stretched                                             3,5 m
 Padding and neck support upholstery: imitation leather flame retardant        Back section tilting angle                                   up to 70°
 *1 color: Footpart and armrest: standard darkblue or darkgrey                 Foot section tilting angle                                   up to 30°
 Colour upholstery:                     medium grey and pastel blue            Protection class                                                      II
 Frame colour                                    lightgrey, RAL 7047           Protection category                              IP X4 (splash proof)
 4 castors with locking brake, 1xanti-static               Ø = 10 cm           Guarantee                                                       2 Years
 Transformer protection class                                II, Typ BF        equipotential bonding
 Transformer rated output primary 230 / 50 Hz, 110 / 50 Hz                     Protection class type CF                                        Option
                              Secondary                            25 V
                              fuses                                 1AT

                                                               DT 1/ ST 1 Sidetable
                                                               Extreme useful side table with tilting table (only DT 1):

                                                               • Strong metal frame construction
                                                               • Single-handed height adjustment with spring support
                                                               • Large, smooth running castors
                                                               • Removable table top with finger-hollow
                                                               • Plastic storage container and bracket for bags
                                                               • Plastic-coated subframe

                                                               ST 1 Side table offering most of the features of the DT 1, but without tilting table top.
                                                                                                                                                           Art-Nr.: 13-00-05 / Index H 10/07

 Height adjustable                                        84 - 98 cm           Table top:
 Area required                                            42 x 66 cm                                  Large, removable                    40 x 53 cm
 Castors                                                     Ø 5 cm                                   Small, trapezoidal             40/30 x 18 cm
 Plastik storage container                                                                            Color troy             lightgrey like RAL 7047
                             Container capacity                  6l            Colour of frame                                   lightgrey, RAL 7047
                             dimensions:           17 x 27 x 15 cm             Höchstbelastung                                                  25 kg
                             Color          lightgrey like RAL 7047            Weight                                                  approx. 17 kg

CE marking according to guideline 93/42 EEC (MDD) DIN EN 60601 - 1: 03.96. Subject to technical alterations and improvements.
For printing reasons, it is possible, that there might be slight differences in colour between the brochure and the actual product

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