DWDM network design and ODF

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					DWDM and ODF

     1. Cisco
      The Cisco ONS 15454 MSTP [Presentation ]used DWDM technique for optical communication and
also using GMPLS for network management and routing.
              Supporting up to thirty-two 2.5- or 10-Gigabit wavelengths
              Support 600 km network.
              It offer Multiservice transport platform through which SDH/SONET, Ethernet and E1
                 clients are connect through DWDM network
              I offer channel ADM (1-4 adjacent channels with same band) and also provide band
                 OADM (1 or 4 band of adjacent channels at C-band). Reconfigurable ADM also offer by
                 this product.
              Transponder for single client / Mux ponder for supporting multiple clients. It also support
                 lower-rate client (e.g. DS1/E1) over 2.5 Gbps and 10 Gbps.
              I offer 32 / 4 channel MUX & DEMUX.
              Need separate OXC.
Other documents:
              Cisco offer IP over DWDM solution by using carrier routers (CRS-1 4-Slot Single-Shelf
                 and Cisco XR 12404 Router ) with Cisco ONS 15454 MSTP (DWDM switch).
              Cisco also proposed S-GMPLS model which base on CRS-1 4-Slot Single-Shelf and
                 Cisco ONS 15454 MSTP (DWDM switch).

    2.   Lambda Optical system
           LambdaNode 5000
             It has following features.
             Provide optical services for access, metro, and regional applications and with GMPLS
                 control plane.
             ROADMs (reconfigurable add/drop multiplexers).
             scalability to 40 Gbps.
             support any protocol: Ethernet, ATM, SDH/SONET.
             No information about transponder and OXC

              LambdaNode 200 .
              It has following features.
              intelligent optical switching system incorporates an all optical fabric with dynamic
                  GMPLS control plane for metro, access and campus locations.
              Add dynamic fiber and wavelength support to static WDM transport networks
              support any protocol: Ethernet, ATM, IP, Fibre Channel, FICON, Video.
              Optical ports are scalable to any speed from 50Mbs to 40Gbs and handles multiples
              No ADM
              No information about OXC and transponder.
              For future extension.

    3.   Infinera
           Infinera DTN
               It supports 800Gb/s of DWDM capacity (80 channels, 10Gb/s each) in a full rack, or
                  400Gb/s (40 channels, 10Gb/s each) in a half-rack.
               The Infinera DTN employs pluggable 100Gb/s line cards, called Digital Line Modules
                  (DLMs), facilitating rapid automated turn-up of DWDM capacity, 100Gb/s at a time.
               Support full reconfigurable ROADM.
               No information about OXC and transponder.
    4.   Siemens

         TransXpress WaveLine

                  Used for city and regional networks, permits transmission links of up to 120 kilometers to
                   be made
                  Support 1 to 32 channel over single fiber.
                  Support client such as ATM switches, IP routers, SDH multiplexers, L3 switches or
                   digital video signals ( with BW of 50 Mbps to 2.5).
                  No information about GMPLS control path.
                  No information about OXC.

         TransXpress Infinity WL

                  Optical transmission of up to 140 km without repeaters and up to 1200 km using optical
                  Transmission capacities of 160 Gbit/s.
                  Most compact DWDM system available on the market.

    5.   Transmode ™
              TM-3000 chassis is the high capacity enclosure with up to 17 full-sized and up to 10 half-
                sized slots and half sized slots use for ADM or MUX/DEMUX modules.
              Support up to 40λ single-fibre, 80λ fibre-pair.
              Support up to ~600km with amplifier.
              Support SDH/ SONET, ATM, Ethernet clients.
              TM-301 chassis is the medium capacity enclosure with up to 3 full-sized and up to 4 half-
                sized slots.
              The TM-101 chassis is a 1U-sized chassis in an active and a passive version. The active
                chassis has one full-sized for e.g. Transponders) and one half-sized slot (for passive
                MDU or AD-filter units). The passive chassis has three half-sized slots for passive

Indoor ODF equipment:

Wall mounts:
       Huawei Optical Fiber Wall-mounted BOX.
              Grounding protection devices for optical cable
              Convenient and reliable splicing and termination, storage of redundant fibers, connection
               and patching of optical cable.
              Standard 12-fiber splicing tray and flexible for capacity increasing just by adding splicing
                 Model                H× W×D (mm)                         The maximum capacity (fiber)
               a                       404×350×85                                         12
               y                       404×350×85                                         24
              GPX147-B3                526×460×145                                        48
               GPX147-B4
                 A                        606×520×145                                72
                  apters including FC and SC type.
                 Insertion loss (including adapter and patch cord ) ≤0.3dB

Pacificinterco Wall Mount Fiber Splice & Termination Box

                 Capacity up to 48 ports.
                 Combine splice and termination in the same box

Rack mount:

Pacificinterco Rack Mount Fiber Patch & Splice Box

                 Capacity up to 48 ports
                 Standard 19" rack installation
                 Combine splice and termination in the same box
                 Replaceable 6-fiber front adapter panels
                 Front access

Pacificinterco Rack Mount Splice & Distribution Enclosure

                 Modular designed for 19" standard frame
                 Capacity of 12 to 72 ports
                 Modules can be drawn out from the unit


Pacificinterco Fiber Distribution and Management Enclosures

                 Standard 19" rack
                 Complete cable routing design; fiber bend radius guaranteed more than 40mm
                 Scientific arrangement for patch cords with fiber storage units