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									                                                    Mrs. Valdez’s Lesson Plans
                                                    Date: November 2-6, 2009

Lesson Plans            MONDAY                   TUESDAY                 WEDNESDAY             THURSDAY                FRIDAY
Term 2 Week 4
Morning Work            DLR- week 12             DLR- week 12            DLR-week 12           DLR-week 12             Study for spelling
7:00-7:35                                                                                                              test-
                                                                                                                       Free read
Math                    Intro:                   Intro:                  Intro:                Intro:                  Intro:
7:35-8:55               Math 4 Today- day 1      Make sure everyone      Check over            Check over              Check over
Learning Goals:         and 2- then go over      has scanned their am    homework make sure    homework make sure      homework
     Decimals          in class                 math and give out       everyone has          everyone has            Skills:
     Measurement       Activity:                new practices/tests     scanned and has new   scanned and new         Review over mixed
       - Customary      Introduce customary      Math 4 Today-day 3      practice/test/ or     practices/test/ or      skills test
       length and       weight using pp.         and 4 have students     exercise              exercise                Graphitis if help is
       capacity,        362-363.                 complete - then go                            Activity:               needed
       weight,          Flipchart on ordering    over with class                               Skills practice 2-4     Will continue on
       temperature      decimals                 The students will       Activity:             (this will include      converting
Relevance:              Review over              take the math 4 today   Temperature pp.364- previously taught         measurements
Students will gain      conversion on length     assessment after we     365 this will be a    skills plus customary    Eval:
number sense and        and capacity.            have finished going     short mini lesson     units of measure)       The mp test for week
be able to solve real   Coach Hinds will         over it.                Intro units of time/  Eval:                   4
world problems.         pull students to table                           elapsed time pp. 366- Clear up any            Prime game
                        to work with             Activity:               367                   confusion on these
                        conversion.              Continue with           Independent practice skills
                        HW: accelerated          weight measurement.     on p.367 and we will HW: accelerated
                        math                     Using book page         check together as a   math
                                                 362 and 363.            class

                                               Eval:                     Check in class
                                               Check together in         HW: accelerated
                                               class clear up any        math
                                               mistakes work on
                                               some conversions
                                               before end of class
                                               HW: accelerated
English                Intro: check DLR        Intro:                    Intro:                  Intro:                Intro:
Ms. Stokes’s class     Lesson:                 Review over DLR.          Review over DLR.        Review over DLR.      Check over editing
9:00-9:45              Rule 18-21 on           Editing paragraph         Check over editing      Check over editing    paragraph
Learning Goals:        Promethean using 5      Lesson:                   paragraph               paragraph             Lesson:
     Homonyms         grade grammar book Writer’s Workshop-             Lesson:                 Lesson:               Review EMP 2-2
     Adjectives       We will do all          conferencing on the       Writer’s Workshop-      The students will     Continue on writer’s
     Predicate        activities together as story that they will       conferencing with       take the EMP 2-4.     workshop.
       adjectives      a class                 be creating- making       students on their       If time allows they   Eval:
     Writing                                  sure everyone has         story. Making sure      will continue on
       process         Make sure everyone gotten started.                they are using their    writer’s workshop
     Adverbs          knows about the                                   rubric as a guide to    Eval:
     commas           story we will be        Eval:                     writing.                HW: editing
Relevance: The         working on until        HW: editing               Eval:                   paragraph for
students will be       Christmas Break.        paragraph                 HW: editing             Thursday
better equipped to                             Circle or highlight all   paragraph
communicate in         HW: editing             adjectives pronouns       highlighting all
writing.               paragraph circle or                               predicate adjectives/
                       highlight adjectives,                             adjectives pronouns
                       adverbs, and
English 9:45-10:30                                                       The objectives will be the same as above.
This will be my class for English.
Recess 10:30-10:45       RECESS                  RECESS                  RECESS                 RECESS                 RECESS

10:45- 10:55                                     Read aloud/             Read aloud/            Read aloud/            Read aloud/
                                                 Reading skill/          Reading skill/         Reading skill/         Reading skill
                                                 Signing of planner      Signing of planner     Signing of planner
Lunch 11:00-11:20
Specials 11:35-          PE                      PE/ Spanish 12:20       Library                Music                  Art
Reading/LA                                       Quest will be out in    All groups will go     Quest will be out in   All center work will
12:20-2:00               Introduce               the morning.            through rotations.     the afternoon.         need to be finished.
    Story               vocabulary words                                The teacher center
       elements          unit 5                  Groups 1, 2, 3, and 4   will be:               Groups 1, 3, and 4     The students will
    Word                                        will go through         Check over             will go through        take spelling test in
       features          The students will be    rotations.              vocabulary unit 5.     rotations.             spelling groups.
    Vocabulary          taking their reading                            Figurative Language-   The teacher center     They will switch to
    Parts of a          mp 2-2 test.                                    similes, metaphors,    will be:               their teacher who is
       book                                      The teacher center      and personification    Each group will        responsible for their
    Figurative                                  will be:                use new lit book       continue with          list.
       language-         We will continue on     At the table we will    See if we find         figurative language
       similes and       figurative language.-   introduce our new       examples of            Discuss drawing
       metaphors         hyperbole, idioms.      book to each group.     figurative language    conclusions using A-   The students will
    Author’s                                    Continue on             in new lit book        Z reading book         take Vocabulary test
       purpose           Homework: reading       figurative language                                                   on unit 6
      Personification   packet- Monday          Check over              Homework: reading      Homework: reading
      Hyperboles,                               vocabulary              packet- Wednesday      packet- Thursday       Continue on writer’s
      Drawing
                         reading celebrations    homework                                                              workshop
       conclusions                                                       reading celebrations
                                                 reading celebrations                           reading celebrations   Introduce spelling
                                                                                                                       words to my group
                                                 Homework: reading                                                     after I have given
                                                packet-Tuesday                                                    them the spelling
                                                                                                                  test and sentence
Centers               Computer Center:          Word Work               Independent:           Reading Choices:   Spelling info:
Tues./Wed./Thurs.     Brain Pop- biomes         (spelling)              Tues: Spectrum-        -Cam Jansen-       Group 1(3)- short i,
*Centers are          Learning:                 Tues: 3 speed sorts/    Backpacking in         Mystery of the     long i
designed to           Explorers Chart-          Sort and glue/          Yosemite               Dinosaur Bones     Group 2(14)-open
review/practice and   Social Studies- this is   written sort            Wed: Weekly            -Hoot              and closed syllables
differentiate         due Friday                Wed: 3 speed sorts/     Reader ( read twice)   -Kensuke’s Kingdom in VCV and VCCV
instruction           Reading:                  word hunt               Thurs: Explorers       -Whipping Boy      patterns
                      Locate an idiom           Thurs: 3 speed sorts/   worksheets- Life of                       Group 3(7)- adding
                      from computer or          blind sort              an explorer and                           suffix /vowel
                      book and draw a                                   Marco Polo                                alternation
                      picture of its literal
DEAR                  DROP                      EVERYTHING              AND                    READ                 On Mondays and
2:00-2:20                                                                                                           Thursdays 4 of my
                                                                                                                    students will go to
                                                                                                                    Ms. Barrett’s K class
                                                                                                                    and read with her

Quest leaves on Tuesday morning and on Thursday afternoon for my class and Ms. Stokes’s class.

Target Time will be Tuesday 12:15- 12:50. This will be used to revisit any skills needing to be remediated such as
cause and effect, main idea, possessives, verbs, sequencing, or the writing process.

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