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					 Kenmore Middle School
2010 PTA Silent Auction &
    Night of the Arts

         Friday, April 9, 2010
            6:30 – 9:00 pm

        Kenmore Middle School
     200 South Carlin Springs Road
       Arlington, Virginia 22204
            (703) 228-6800
                       Welcome to the Kenmore PTA
                    Silent Auction and Night of the Arts!

Thank you for participating in the Kenmore PTA’s Silent Auction and Night of the Arts.
Please enjoy a variety of foods in the cafeteria and performances by Kenmore students as
you peruse the wide assortment of items donated for tonight’s event. All proceeds will
support Kenmore staff, programs, and students.

Every family who wants to bid on a silent auction item must register as a bidder at the front
entrance registration table. Each registered bidder will be assigned a bidder number.

Registration and silent auction bidding begins for all categories at 6:30 pm. To bid on an
item, write your bidder number next to the price on the bid sheet. For items that are
undervalued, please consider that item not only for yourself, but perhaps as a kind gesture
for a friend or neighbor who can use it. Please read the description on each bid sheet
carefully for specifications, limitations and expiration dates, since all sales are final.

Be aware that there are duplicate bid sheets for some items. For example, there may be
two separate $25 gift certificates to the same restaurant. If you write your bid number next
to both bid sheets, remember that you are bidding on two separate gift certificates to the
same restaurant.

Once a silent auction category is closed, please put your pencil down. When bid sheets are
picked up by volunteers, the winning bidder will be noted on the table card. This is for
information only and is not needed for check-out. Please leave the winning bid number
and winning bid amount on the table.

Check-out will begin at 9:00 pm in the Black Box Theater. Please pay for all of your
winning purchases before leaving this evening. We can accept cash or personal checks
made payable to Kenmore PTA. Any items remaining after Friday evening, April 9, will
be sold to the next highest bidder.

We will try to be as efficient as possible during check-out procedures. Thanks for your
patience and understanding while we tally amounts carefully in order to prevent
mathematical errors.

Thank you for attending and supporting Kenmore’s Silent Auction and Night of the Arts.

                           Entertainment, 101-117
                                    Bidding closes at 8:15 pm

101 Tickets to American Century Theater's                105 American Film Institute Passes.
production, "The Amazing Sophie.”                        Four courtesy passes, each of which is redeemable
A certificate for two free admissions to American        at the box office for one ticket to a regular film
Century Theater's production of "The Amazing             screening at the American Film Institute (AFI)
Sophie (Treadwell)" running from May 27 to June          Silver Theatre and Cultural Center. Not valid for
19, 2010.                                                "no pass" engagements. No expiration date. Not
Courtesy of: The American Century Theater                valid for special engagements and subject to
                                        Value: $64       available seating. Passes are not refundable and
                                                         not redeemable for cash.
102 American Shakespeare Center tickets.                 Courtesy of: AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural
Two tickets to the American Shakespeare Center's         Center                                    Value: $40
Black Friar's Playhouse in historic Staunton,
Virginia. Offer not valid for Black Friars               106 a & b Nintendo Wii.
concerts, special events or performances of “A           Take home a Nintendo Wii tonight, which also
Christmas Carol” and cannot be used in                   includes a $10 Target gift card.
conjunction with any other offer or discount.            Courtesy of: Kenmore PTA           Value: $200
Expires on 1/11/2011
Courtesy of: American Shakespeare Center                 107 Four tickets to a Synetic Theater Family
                                        Value: $80       Show.
                                                         A gift certificate for four tickets to a Synetic
103 Tickets to Arena Stage's "R. Buckminster             Theater’s Family Show production of “The Fool
Fuller: The History (and Mystery) of the                 at the Circus.” Valid for a performance through
Universe.”                                               May 16, 2010. Advance reservations are required
Certificate for two tickets to Arena Stage's             for certificate redemption.
production, "R. Buckminster Fuller: The History          Courtesy of: Synetic Theater               Value: $60
(and Mystery) of the Universe." Valid from May
28 through June 11, 2010, Sunday-Wednesday               108 "Sixty Miles to Silver Lake" at The Studio
evenings; not on opening night. Tickets subject to       Theatre.
availability; reserve early.                             Two space-available passes to The Studio 2nd
Courtesy of: Arena Stage                Value: $60       Stage production of "Sixty Miles to Silver Lake,"
                                                         by Dan LeFranc, April 14-May 9, 2010. Variety
104 Clay Café Studio Very Important Painter              magazine says the playwright, "has a golden ear...
(VIP) Card for $30.                                      In this painfully honest two-hander." Passes may
Clay Café Studio’s five free studio sessions             be used on Wednesday or Thursday at 8:30
valid at the Falls Church, VA location. You pay          pm, or Sunday at 7:30 pm based on
for the pottery.                                         availability.
Courtesy of: Clay Café Studios          Value: $30       Courtesy of: The Studio Theatre        Value: $100

Kenmore Silent Auction Catalog                       2                                         April 9, 2010
109 Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company                         113 Four Tickets to "The Velveteen Rabbit"
Performance.                                               by The Children's Theatre.
Two tickets to any single Woolly Mammoth                   Four tickets to the Children's Theatre production
Theatre Company main stage performance during              of the childhood classic, "The Velveteen Rabbit."
the 2010-2011 season, excluding Saturdays and              The show runs from May 14-23, 2010, at the
special events. Season runs from August 2010               Thomas Jefferson Community Theatre on Old
through mid-June 2011. (Some performances may              Glebe Road in Arlington. Certificate is valid for
contain strong verbal language and mature                  any Friday or Saturday performance.
content.)                                                  Courtesy of: The Children's Theatre Value: $40
Courtesy of: Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company
                                    Value: $120            114 a & b Three Free Passes to the National
                                                           Aquarium in Washington, D.C.
110 Two Tickets to Great Performances at the               Three complimentary admission tickets to the
George Mason University Center for the Arts.               National Aquarium, located in the Commerce
Two tickets to one of three performances at the            Department Building in downtown D.C. Not valid
Center for the Arts: Garth Fagan Dance (April              at Baltimore location.
10), Cherryholmes with Ralph Stanley and Clinch            Courtesy of: National Aquarium, Washington DC
Mountain Boys (April 24), or "Keyboard                                                          Value: $27
Conversations with Jeffrey Siegel--Chopin and
the Future" (May 9).                                       115 Two Tickets to the Signature Theatre.
Courtesy of: Center for the Arts at George Mason           Two "Tier 2" tickets to any weeknight
University                             Value: $92          performance during Signature's 2010-2011
                                                           season. Signature Theatre is Arlington's nationally
111 Tickets to Shakespeare's "Hamlet" at the               recognized Tony Award winner for regional
Folger Theatre.                                            theater. "Signature is nationally recognized as an
“Hamlet” is Folger Theatre's final production of           incubator of innovative new plays and musicals."
the 2009-2010 season, directed by Joseph Haj.              The Washington Post. Tickets expire 8/1/2011.
This certificate is good for a Tuesday through             Courtesy of: Signature Theatre         Value: $150
Thursday performance at 7:30 pm or Sunday at 7
pm from April 20 through June 6, 2010. Excludes            116 Tour of Longwood Gardens.
opening night; subject to availability. The Folger         Two complimentary admission passes to
Shakespeare Library is home to the world’s                 Longwood Gardens. Rediscover nature at the
largest Shakespeare collection and a world-class           world's premier horticultural showplace. A jewel
center for learning, culture, and the arts.                situated in the historic Brandywine Valley is a
Courtesy of: Folger Shakespeare Library                    place of unparalleled beauty. These passes do not
                                          Value: $94       cover special lectures, courses, fireworks displays
                                                           or any other performances requiring separate
112 Two Tickets to a Performance at                        tickets. Expires 3/31/2011.
MetroStage in Alexandria.                                  Courtesy of: Longwood Gardens           Value: $32
Two tickets to a performance at MetroStage in
Old Town Alexandria. MetroStage presents                   117 YMCA Birthday Party.
musicals, musicals, and more musicals! Featuring           YMCA Arlington gift certificate for a birthday
favorite shows and artists. Expires December 31,           party for up to 16 individuals at 13th Street
2010.                                                      location. Not redeemable for cash. Redemption
Courtesy of: MetroStage               Value: $100          value not to exceed $190. Participant will be
                                                           responsible for remainder of any additional costs.
                                                           Expires 12/31/2010.
                                                           Courtesy of: Wanda Baez                Value: $190

Kenmore Silent Auction Catalog                         3                                        April 9, 2010
                Home, Garden & Gallery, 201-229
                                       bidding closes at 8:15 pm

201 a, b & c Park B Smith curtains                           208 Home Depot Gift Card.
Park B Smith curtains, 100% cotton, 29" x 84"                The winner will receive a $50 gift card to Home
Courtesy of: Carolyn Carlson         Value: $30              Depot.
                                                             Courtesy of: Susan Hurd and Shondra Stoner
202 Global New Beginnings Backpack.                                                                 Value: $50
Global New Beginnings Backpack in green, black
and white.                                                   209 Merrifield Garden Center Gift Certficate.
Courtesy of: Carolyn Carlson       Value: $28                The winner will receive a $25 gift certificate to
                                                             Merrifield Garden Center, the area's most
203 a & b Microsoft Office 2007, Home and                    comprehensive nursery, located in Vienna, VA.
Student Edition.                                             Courtesy of: Merrifield Garden Center
Microsoft Office 2007, Home and Student                                                              Value: $25
Edition. This is a great value; starting price is less
than what you’d pay at major retailer.                       210 Meadows Farms Gift Card.
Courtesy of: Kenmore PTA                Value: $150          This winner will receive a $20 gift card to
                                                             Meadows Farms Garden Center, with over a
204 Handmade Blue Neck Pillow.                               dozen locations in the metro area.
This hand woven neck pillow makes a lovely                   Courtesy of: Meadow Farms Inc.          Value: $20
decorating accent and the ultimate in comfort
while reading.                                               211 Women's Fun Blue-Hued Hand Beaded
Courtesy of: Charlene Kiefer           Value: $20            Necklace.
                                                             This is a handmade 15 1/2 inch single strand bead
205 Handmade Yellow Neck Pillow.                             necklace incorporating lapis, pearls, mother of
This hand woven neck pillow makes a lovely                   pearl, crystal and glass beads into an asymmetrical
decorating accent and the ultimate in comfort                blue/lavender toned fun pattern, finished with a
while reading.                                               silver plated clasp.
Courtesy of: Charlene Kiefer           Value: $20            Courtesy of: Heather Gary                Value: $44

206 a, b & c Siamese Fighting Fish.                          212 Women's Double Stranded Fun Hand
Siamese fighting fish living in an environment of            Beaded Necklace Featuring a Butterfly
harmony with a peace lilly. Low maintenance and              Pendant.
ideal for home or office. Food and care                      This is a handmade 20 1/2 inch double strand
instructions are included.                                   bead necklace featuring a handmade iridescent
Courtesy of: Susan Berkeley             Value: $40           glass pendant (butterfly image) surrounded by a
                                                             lively mix of assorted beads (pearls, horn,
207 Pixie 17" Color Monitor.                                 turquoise, and glass) creating a melody of spring
Pixie 17" color monitor. This is a great value for           blues and greens with black and cream accents.
someone who is getting their first computer                  Courtesy of: Heather Gary               Value: $75
Courtesy of: Kenmore PTA                Value: $20           213 Decorative Magenta & Gold
                                                             Couch Pillow.
                                                             Poly-Fil soft touch brand pillow by Fairfield.
                                                             Courtesy of: Dellynn Periandri         Value: $20

Kenmore Silent Auction Catalog                           4                                       April 9, 2010
214 Decorative Green and Gold Couch Pillow.              222 a–d Hand-Painted Tile.
Poly-Fil soft touch brand brand pillow by                Beautiful hand-painted decorative tile. Can be
Fairfield; color green and gold.                         mounted or framed.
Courtesy of: Dellynn Periandri        Value: $20         Courtesy of: Dan Laredo                Value: $15

215 Haitian Oil Painting—Black Madonna                   223 Hand-Knitted Silver Scarf.
and Child.                                               This hand-knitted silver scarf is lightweight,
This is an original oil painting by Paul Roosevelt       decorative, and goes with everything! Add some
(ca. 1990), framed in a wooden frame,                    shimmer and sparkle to your days and nights!
approximately 18" x 22”.                                 Courtesy of: Deborah Hartman            Value: $25
Courtesy of: Michele Cato              Value: $100
                                                         224 Door Knob Basket.
216 "The Wounded Foot"—Framed Art Print.                 This handy door knob basket holds keys and
Framed art print of "The Wounded Foot," a 1909           handy items before leaving the room.
painting by Joaquin Sorolla (Spanish 1863-1923).         Courtesy of: Deborah Hartman         Value: $10
The original hangs in the J. Paul Getty Museum in
California. Size is 13" x 16".                           225 Maya & Miguel Bilingual Word Scramble.
Courtesy of: Michele Cato               Value: $20       Here's how the Maya & Miguel Bilingual Word
                                                         Scramble works: Use English and Spanish to spell
217 Spinning Photo Collage.                              as many words as possible.
This is a round black wood photo holder. Holds 6         Courtesy of: Zephren Collinson      Value: $10
3"x3" photos.
Courtesy of: Stephanie Ruiz          Value: $15          226 Hand-cut Kiln-fired Glass "Soul of Blue"
218 Motorola Talkabout Two-way Radio.                    Hand-cut kiln-fired glass "Soul of Blue" pendant
One set of Motorola Talkabout radios. These two-         on sterling silver chain by Arlington artist Worth
way radios are cheaper than a cellphone!                 Cooley-Prost. The website is
Courtesy of: Carolyn Carlson          Value: $79
                                                         Courtesy of: Worth Cooley-Prost         Value: $85
219 Tiffany Charm Bracelet.
Round tag Tiffany charm bracelet in sterling             227 Hand-Knitted Green and Blue Scarf.
silver, 7.5 inches long.                                 This lightweight and decorative green and blue
Courtesy of: Ann Wilson              Value: $210         scarf is perfect for Springtime. Wash by hand in
                                                         cold water.
220 One Free Hour of Carpentry Work                      Courtesy of: Deborah Hartman           Value: $25
(Minimum Two-Hour Job)
Kenmore parent Jorge Morales will donate one             228 The Container Store $25 Gift Card.
hour of free carpentry work to the winning bidder.       This $25 gift card to the Container Store can be
Minimum two-hour job.                                    used at any location including Clarendon or
Courtesy of: Jorgé Morales             Value: $40        Tyson's Corner location. Expires on 9/7/2011.
                                                         Courtesy of: The Container Store        Value: $25
221 Landscape Design Consultation.
Main Street Landscape will provide you with four         229 $25 CVS Gift Card.
hours of landscape design consultation and               $25 gift card from CVS. This can be used to
drawing time. This offer valid for Northern              purchase pharmacy and CVS store items. No
Virginia residents only. Expires 1/1/2011.               expiration date.
Courtesy of: Main Street Landscape Value: $360           Courtesy of: CVS                      Value: $25

Kenmore Silent Auction Catalog                       5                                       April 9, 2010
                            Sporting Life, 301-336
                                    bidding closes at 8:15 pm

301 Two Dewar's Club Tickets to the                      304 Bryce Resort's Mountain Golf.
Washington Capitals Last Home Game,                      Four weekday tickets for 18 holes of golf.
April 11, 2010.                                          Enjoy the challenges and stunning vistas of Bryce
The winning bidder receives two Dewar's                  Resort's mountain course. Tee time reservation
Club tickets to the Caps' last home game                 and cart fee required. Expires 10/31/2010.
before the playoffs. The game is against the             Courtesy of: Bryce Resort             Value: $156
Boston Bruins, on Sunday April 11 at 3 p.m.
                                                         305 JW Tumbles (Preschool Gym) Gift
Ticket package includes pregame admission                Certificate.
to the Dewar's 12 Club with unlimited food               Use this gift certificate of $50 toward any regular
and beverage buffet starting one hour prior to           children's class (infant to 5 years old) offered by
the game. Package also includes Caps New                 JW Tumbles in their Arlington or Alexandria
Era Hat and Capitals' Rally Towel. Fan                   location. Expires 4/9/2011.
appreciation day: Early arriving fans will               Courtesy of: J.W. Tumbles Gym             Value: $50
receive an umbrella, courtesy of Verizon.
Tentative game time is 3 pm; however slight              306 Ultrazone Laser Tag Party for 10.
chance game time might be moved to 12:30                 Win a Laser Tag Party for 10 players. Includes
pm, so check for                 one game of laser tag, two slices of pizza, and
                                                         unlimited soda for each player. Party must be held
confirmed game time.                                     Monday through Friday during normal business
Courtesy of: Kenmore PTA             Value: $300
                                                         hours. Certificate expires December 29, 2010.
                                                         Courtesy of: The Laser Tag Group Value: $130
302 Washington Capitals Hockey Puck
Autographed by Coach Boudreau.
                                                         307 Golf at Meadows Farms Golf Course.
Capital's fan collector's item: hockey puck
                                                         Certificate good for two rounds of golf and use of
autographed by Washington Capitals Coach Bruce
                                                         two golf carts at Meadows Farms Golf Course in
Boudreau. Boudreau is the 2007-08 Jack Adams
                                                         Locust Grove, Virginia.
Award winner as NHL's coach of the year. The
                                                         Courtesy of: Meadow Farms Golf Course Value:
winning bidder receives the puck and the
Certificate of Authenticity.
Courtesy of: Washington Capitals        Value: $50
                                                         308 Group Golf Lessons for Any Skill Level.
                                                         Take a group golf lesson at the Capital City Golf
303 Let's Go Bird Watching! Spotting Scope
                                                         School at West Potomac Park Golf Course in
and Tripod.
                                                         Washington, DC. Professional instructors teach all
Gift certificate good for one week free rental of
                                                         aspects of the game--from short game to course
either a Bushnell 15-45x60 Spacemaster spotting
                                                         management. Valid for one adult to participate
scope or a Bushnell Legend 8x42 binocular.
Explore nature and enjoy the peace! No                   in group class at Hains Point--beginner,
expiration.                                              intermediate, or advanced. Beginner class meets 6
Courtesy of: One Good Tern              Value: $36       weeks; other levels meet for 4 weeks.
                                                         Courtesy of: Capital City Golf School, West
                                                         Potomac Park Golf Course, Washington, DC.
                                                                                                 Value: $99

Kenmore Silent Auction Catalog                       6                                        April 9, 2010
309 Two One-Hour Personal Training                         314 Kids' Nite for Two at Sportrock.
Sessions.                                                  Enjoy one of the most successful programs at
Get fit with two hour-long personal training               Sportrock. Kid’s Night was created for children
sessions with Nicole Hurren. Time and location is          between the ages of 6-14. This program offers
flexible. Fitness equipment will be supplied and a         children the opportunity to experience the vertical
health assessment is included. Expires 4/9/2011.           world in a safe, comfortable environment. With
Courtesy of: Nicole Hurren             Value: $50          guidance from their experienced instructors,
                                                           participants climb through the facility. Maximum
310 Four Potomac Nationals Grandstand                      registration is 16 kids, and available from 6:30-8
Tickets.                                                   pm on Friday evenings. All participants must have
Voucher good for four grandstand seats to any              a waiver signed by their parent or guardian.
Potomac Nationals home game. Valid through                 Certificate can be used at Sportrock Alexandria or
9/6/2010; not valid for July 4 or during playoffs.         Sterling location.
Courtesy of: Potomac Baseball - Potomac                    Courtesy of: Sportrock Climbing Centers
Nationals                               Value: $32                                                   Value: $40

311 River Riders White Water Rafting.                      315 Mid-week Recreation at Wintergreen
Two seats on a Shenandoah River white water                Resort.
rafting trip with River Riders Inc., a Harpers Ferry       Four mid-week recreation coupons.Valid
outfitter. Enjoy the excitement of Class I, II and         Monday-Thursday and non-holiday. Can be used
III rapids plus the scenery and tranquility of flat        for golf greens fees, one hour of outdoor tennis,
water through the beautiful Harpers Ferry                  ski lift ticket, snow tubing, admission to Lake
National Park in the Shenandoah Valley.                    Monocan, Lake Monocan bike or boat rental, or
Certificate valid 5/15/10–9/15/10 except                   admission to Wintergarden Aquatics & Fitness
weekends or holidays. Must be 6 years of age               Center. No expiration date.
and weigh at least 50 lbs.                                 Courtesy of: Wintergreen Resort        Value: $200
Courtesy of: River Riders, Inc.       Value: $120
                                                           316 a & b Admission to Upton Hills Pool.
312 Reston Ice Skating.                                    Two admissions to Upton Hills Pool. Expires end
Four complimentary passes for admission to any             of summer 2010.
of SkateQuest's public skating sessions at this            Courtesy of: Northern VA Regional Park
Reston ice skating arena. Includes skate rental.           Authority                            Value: $16
Passes expire on 3/1/2011.
Courtesy of: SkateQuest                Value: $40          317 Washington Wizards Tickets.
                                                           Two tickets to the Wizards' last home game on
313 $40 Gift Certificate to Soccer Kicks,                  Wednesday, April 14, 2010, section 432. Game
soccer specialty store.                                    starts at 7 pm. This donation also includes an
$40 gift certficate to Soccer Kicks, Arlington's           autographed photo of #32, Andray Blatche. Start
premier soccer specialty store located on Wilson           bid is $10 for two NBA tickets, an affordable
Boulevard in Arlington.                                    price.
Courtesy of: Soccer Kicks               Value: $40         Courtesy of: Washington Wizards         Value: $96

                                                           318 AEROBIX Exercise Classes.
                                                           One 8- to 12-week session of fitness classes.
                                                           Certificate is good at any location where Aerobix
                                                           teaches. For a list of classes, see our website at
                                                  Must be used within one
                                                           year of receipt.
                                                           Courtesy of: Aerobix, Inc.               Value: $160

Kenmore Silent Auction Catalog                         7                                        April 9, 2010
319 a & b Arlington County Fitness                        324 Gymnastics Party for up to 16 Guests.
Membership.                                               Certificate is good for up to 16 individuals, ages 3
Fulfill that New Year's Resolution! Win this              and up. They have a refrigerator to keep your
annual fitness membership good at any Arlington           birthday cake and beverages cold until serving
County Fitness facility including Thomas                  time. Their YMCA Woodmont location manager
Jefferson Community Center and Barcroft Sport             is a Kenmore graduate many years ago. Expires
and Fitness Center. Must show proof of Arlington          on 4/9/2011.
residency, or Arlington business ownership or             Courtesy of: YMCA Woodmont Center
employee of Arlington County (excluding public                                                   Value: $230
safety) or be an active military personnel.
Expires 12/31/2010.                                       325 One-Hour Private Lesson with Tennis Pro
Courtesy of: Arlington Dept. of Parks, Recreation         Neil Bennett.
& Cultural Resources                  Value: $175         This gift certificate entitles the winner to a one-
                                                          hour private lesson with Tennis Pro Neil Bennett
320 Bike and Roll Guided Tour or Rental.                  at the Army Navy County Club. Expires 7/10/11.
Enjoy a guided tour for two or a full day of bike         Courtesy of: Donna and Robert Budway
rental. Re-acquaint yourself with fabulous                                                          Value: $55
Washington, DC. Subject to availability. Please
call to schedule bike rental or guided tour in            326 One Week of Outdoor Tennis Camp.
Alexandria or Washington, D.C. Expires 1/12/11.           The winning bidder can attend one week of
Courtesy of: Bike and Roll               Value: $80       outdoor tennis camp: either the week of June 28-
                                                          July 2 or the week of August 2-6. Hours from 9
321 Four VIP Tickets to a 2010 Washington                 a.m. to 3 p.m. and extended hours run 7:30 a.m.–
Mystics Home Game.                                        9 a.m. and 3 p.m.–5 p.m.
Four VIP tickets to a 2010 Washington Mystics             Courtesy of: Tennis on the Move      Value: $365
home game taking place between May and August
2010 at the Verizon Center.                               327 Jhoon Rhee Tae Kwon Do.
Courtesy of: Washington Mystics     Value: $300           Certificate for a four week Tae Kwon Do
                                                          membership, two classes per week and includes
322 Souvenir Baseball Autographed by Jason                student uniform. Offer good for a new student
Bergmann.                                                 who has not participated in past 12 months. Valid
This is an official Major League Baseball                 for ages 4 and older. Expires 12/10/10.
souvenir autographed by Washington Nationals              Courtesy of: Jhoon Rhee Tae Kwon Do
pitcher Jason Bergmann.                                                                        Value: $149
Courtesy of: Washington Nationals Value: $85
                                                          328 $25 Gift Certificate to Sport Fair.
323 Group Ice Skate for 10.                               Get outfitted for the swim season with a $25 Sport
Certificate good for 10 individuals to public skate       Fair gift certificate. Good for merchandise only;
and ten skate rentals at Kettler Capitals Iceplex.        expires 6-30-10. Cannot be used on gift card
May not be available on weekends. Expires                 purchases, custom embroidery, or invoice
10/31/10.                                                 payments.
Courtesy of: Kettler Capitals Iceplex Value: $80          Courtesy of: Sport Fair, Inc.           Value: $25

                                                          329 Two Tickets to a Bowie Baysox Home
                                                          Two general admission tickets to a Sunday
                                                          through Thursday Bowie Baysox home game in
                                                          May or June 2010.
                                                          Courtesy of: Bowie Baysox Baseball Club
                                                                                                Value: $18

Kenmore Silent Auction Catalog                        8                                        April 9, 2010
330 Two Premium Level Seats to a Regular                  332 18 Holes of Golf for Four People.
Season D.C. United Home Game.                             One 18-hole round of golf for 4 people including
Use this voucher for two seats to attend a 2010           carts at the Gauntlet Golf Course, a very
regular season D.C. United home game. Not valid           challenging golf course located in Fredericksburg,
for L.A. Galaxy game, international matches,              Virginia. Valid on Monday through Thursday,
playoffs, or other special competitions. Schedule         except holidays. Certificate may not be
may be obtained at                       transferred. Four 18-hole rounds must be
Courtesy of: D.C. United—America's Most                   redeemed at one time. Reservations required.
Successful Soccert Team                Value: $128        Expires 4/9/2011.
                                                          Courtesy of: Golf Course Specialists, Inc.
331 New Orleans SAINTSational Collector’s                                                        Value: $180
To all NFL Sports memorabilia collectors, and if          333 Pentagon Row Ice Skating Passes.
you are a New Orleans Saints fan, well this item is       Four admission passes and skate rental to
for you! Direct from New Orleans, home of the             Pentagon Row’s outdoor ice skating rink. Expires
New Orleans Saints, XLIV Super Bowl                       12/28/2010.
Champions, this auction package includes two              Courtesy of: Pentagon Row Outdoor Ice Skating.
editions of the New Orleans Times Picayune                                                      Value: $44
newspaper, celebrating the Saints victory as “NFC
Champions” and as “Super Bowl Champions,”                 334 Washington Redskins Autographed color
two t-shirts (each matching the front pages of the        photograph.
Times Picayune); a Believe fleur-de-lis towel; and        A framed color photograph of the Washington
Saints trinkets from this year’s 2010 Mardi Gras          Redskin's new Head Coach, Mike Shanahan.
parade. This donation is by a long-ago Kenmore            Mike Shanahan has won two NFL Super Bowls in
student now living in New Orleans. Don’t miss             14 seasons with the Denver Broncos.
your chance to own this one-of-a-kind collection          Courtesy of: Washington Redskins.   Value: $25
designed especially for a sports fan!
Courtesy of: Paula Singleton Lucas and Theresa            335 a & b First Class Beginner Learn to Ski or
Schweser                                Value: $50        Snowboarding package at Whitetail Resort.
                                                          Your package includes a lift ticket valid on
                                                          Northern Lights, Velvet, Almost Home and
                                                          Launching Pad trails, use of ski rental or
                                                          snowboarding equipment, and a group lesson.
                                                          This package is available for ages 8 and up.
                                                          Package is not upgradeable nor exchangeable and
                                                          may not be used with any other offer. Package
                                                          excludes holiday periods: Christmas through New
                                                          Year's Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend, and
                                                          President's Day weekend. Expires 4/1/2011.
                                                          Courtesy of: Whitetail Resort.          Value: $83

                                                          336 Take Me Out To the Ball Game.
                                                          Get two tickets to Washington Nationals game
                                                          versus Los Angeles Dodgers at Nationals Park on
                                                          Sunday, April 25 at 1:35 pm. It's Kids Cap Day,
                                                          so take a Kenmore student and be one of the first
                                                          10,000 children under 12 to wear a National's
                                                          baseball cap and root for the home team.
                                                          Courtesy of: Washington Nationals. Value: $20

Kenmore Silent Auction Catalog                        9                                       April 9, 2010
                         At Your Service, 401-419
                                      bidding closes at 8:30 pm

401 $200 Carpet Cleaning Gift Certificate.                  408 Home Cleaning Service.
Receive $200 off your carpet cleaning bill from             Leave the housework to someone else. Here's a
Absolute Carpet Care, the professional carpet               gift certificate good for one hour of house
cleaning service. As an added bonus, you'll                 cleaning services from Molly Maid of Alexandria/
receive specialized formula (803) professional              Arlington. Services can be scheduled Monday-
strength spot remover.                                      Friday, 8:30 a.m.- 5 p.m. Expires 3/2011.
Courtesy of: Absolute Carpet Care Value: $200               Courtesy of: Molly Maid of Alexandria / Arlington

402 a–d Clear Glossing and Blow Dry at                      409 a–d Buy a pedicure and get a free manicure
London Bob Hair Design.                                     You buy the pedicure and Hollywood Nails will
Winning bidder receives a Clear Gloss, which                provide a complimentary manicure. Coupon
provides tremendous conditioning to any hair type           entitles the winner to a free manicure with the
without altering existing color. Winner also                purchase of a pedicure. Hollywood Nails includes
receives blowdry and styling from one of our                a soothing paraffin wax treatment with every
talented stylists. Monday-Friday, 8 am-8 pm.                manicure and pedicure. It's located on Wilson
Expires 7/9/2010.                                           Blvd. next to the McDonald's.
Courtesy of: London Bob Hair Design Value: $87              Courtesy of: Hollywood Nails            Value: $12

403 Dog Day Care or Cat Boarding.                           410 Therapeutic Bodywork at The Teal
One gift certificate entitles the winner to three           Center.
one-half days of dog care or three one-half days            Here's a $90 gift certificate for The Teal Center
of condo cat boarding. Expires 7/9/2010.                    for Therapeutic Bodywork, Ltd. Enjoy sixty
Courtesy of: Always There Pet Care Value: $75               minutes of massage and massage therapy
                                                            (Swedish, sports, and deep tissue massage) or
404 Dental Check-up/Services.                               acupuncture. Great for stress reduction and pain
Dental Check-up: one prophylaxis, fluoride,                 relief! Valid through 10/9/2010.
exam, and x-ray if needed. Expires April 9, 2011.           Courtesy of: The Teal Center for Therapeutic
Courtesy of: Dr. Edward Nelson       Value: $216            Bodywork, Inc.                           Value: $90

405 a & b Digital Photo Prints.                             411 Portrait Package by Jeff Lubin.
Gift certificate for 25 4x6" digital prints from            This donation includes a pre-portrait consultation
Dominion Camera in Falls Church                             with Jeff Lubin to discuss the portrait session (i.e.,
Courtesy of: Dominion Camera               Value: $7        clothing and backgrounds). It also includes the
                                                            creation fee for an in-studio portrait session, and
406 Dry Cleaning.                                           one finished 8x10 Marquis portrait. Expires
One gift certificate for $25 worth of dry cleaning          10/9/2010.
at Alexandria's Presto Valet.                               Courtesy of: Jeff Lubin Portrait Photography
Courtesy of: Presto Valet of Virginia Value: $25            Studio                                  Value: $910

407 Haircut at Westover Barber Shop.
Gift certificate for one free haircut from either
Annie or Tran at Westover Barbershop.
Courtesy of: Westover Barber Shop Value: $15

Kenmore Silent Auction Catalog                         10                                         April 9, 2010
412 Clix Portrait Studio Gift Certificate.                    417 a & b Brooks Glogau Photography Studio
Gift certificate good for a 30-minute portrait                Portrait Session.
session and 1 pose package (3 sheets). Expires                Studio portrait session in color or black & white,
4/9/2011. No cash value; no substitutions.                    which includes one finished 8x10" image. Perfect
Courtesy of: Clix Portrait Studio      Value: $113            for a senior class graduation photo. Expires
                                                              January 2011.
413 a Shampoo and Cut (for a Man).                            Courtesy of: Brooks Glogau Photography Studio
This gift certificate is good for a man’s                                                             Value: $370
shampoo, cut and style from Crystal Coiffure                  418 Handyman For A Day.
and Spa; a great Father’s Day gift. Alternatively,            Eight hours of handyman service, including
this gift certificate can be used for a woman’s               carpentry (minus 30 minute lunch), no major
shampoo and set, no cut. This is a good Mother’s              electrical, plumbing or HVAC. Customer must
Day gift. Located next to Outback Steak House.                purchase their own materials and work is limited
Courtesy of: Crystal Coiffure & Spa Value: $25                to basic jobs in drywall repair, paint, electric,
                                                              plumbing and carpentry. Any travel time and
413 b Shampoo and Cut (Lady’s).                               shopping to purchase additional materials not
This gift certificate is good for a lady’s shampoo,           provided by homeowner will count toward
haircut and style from Crystal Coiffure and Spa.              the 8 hours of purchased time. Valid until April
This is a great Mother’s Day gift. Located next to            14, 2011.
Outback Steak House.                                          Courtesy of: Moss Building and Design
Courtesy of: Crystal Coiffure & Spa Value: $50                                                        Value: $750

414 Specialty Dry Cleaning.                                   419 Woofs! Dog Training Center gift
Use this $100 gift certificate for drapery, rug, or           certificate.
wedding gown cleaning services from Bergmann's                One 7-week Puppy or Adult Dog Basic Class in
Cleaning. No expiration date.                                 Arlington. The dogs enrolled in a class cannot be
Courtesy of: Bergmann's Cleaning Value: $100                  aggressive or overly disruptive. All minors must
                                                              be accompanied by an adult. Certificate is non-
415 Gift Card to Verbena Paper & Gifts.                       transferable to a third party, non-refundable and
This $25 gift card is good at Verbena Paper &                 cannot be redeemed for cash. Expires 4/1/11.
Gifts, a new stationary store, located in                     Courtesy of: Woofs! Dog Training Center Value:
Shirlington, across from Caribou Coffee. From                 $205
letterpress notes to leather journals, this store is a
great retreat for those with a love for paper. No
expiration date.
Courtesy of: Verbena Paper & Gifts Value: $25

416 Acupuncture Treatment.
This appointment includes a review of any
pertinent medical history and discussion of your
health and wellness goals, followed by a Chinese
pulse and tongue diagnosis and acupuncture
treatment. Acupuncture works naturally for well
being, pain relief, support during transitions,
smoking cessation, and other ailments as
recognized by the World Health Organization.
Courtesy of: Nancy Ann Miller, Licensed
Acupuncturist                          Value: $110

Kenmore Silent Auction Catalog                           11                                        April 9, 2010
                         VIP Encounters, 501-513
                                    bidding closes at 8:30 pm

501 Lunch with County Board Member                        505 Assistant Principal for a Day.
Barbara Favola.                                           The winning bidder will assume Mr. McBride's
You and a guest can enjoy stimulating                     responsibilities as Assistant Principal of Kenmore
conversation over lunch with County Board                 Middle School for one day.
member Barbara Favola. Lunch will be arranged             Courtesy of: David McBride         Value: Priceless
at an Arlington restaurant at a mutually agreeable
time. Expires April, 2011.
Courtesy of: Barbara Favola             Value: $50        506 Assistant Principal for a Day.
                                                          The winning bidder will assume Dr. Spencer-
502 Lunch with County Board Member Mary                   Chapman's responsibilities as Assistant Principal
Hynes.                                                    of Kenmore Middle School for one day.
Up to three individuals can enjoy a stimulating           Courtesy of: Dr. Betty Spencer-Chapman
conversation over lunch with County Board                                                  Value: Priceless
member Mary Hynes. Lunch for four will be
arranged at a Clarendon restaurant at a mutually
agreeable time. Must be used by April, 2011.              507 Principal for a Day.
Courtesy of: Mary Hynes                 Value: $60        The winning bidder will assume Dr. Word's
                                                          responsibilities as Principal of Kenmore Middle
503 Lunch with School Board Member Libby                  School for one day. Greet students via closed-
Garvey.                                                   circuit TV; observe classes; discipline students;
Have lunch with School Board Member Libby                 perform lunch duty; and teach character
Garvey at a local restaurant at a mutually                education.
convenient time.                                          Courtesy of: Dr. John Word, Kenmore Middle
Courtesy of: Libby Garvey               Value: $25        School                             Value: Priceless

504 Autographed copy of Virginia Senator Jim              508 a & b A Graduation VIP Package.
Webb's autobiography, "Born Fighting.”                    The winning bidder will have one reserved front
Elected in 2006, U.S. Senator Jim Webb wrote              parking space plus four reserved seats of your
Born Fighting: How the Scots-Irish Shaped                 choosing in the auditorium for Kenmore’s class of
America in 2004. This novel helps explain why             2010 graduation ceremonies.
George W. Bush won re-election by a margin                Courtesy of: Kenmore Middle School
much greater than the conventional wisdom                                                   Value: Priceless
predicted and why both political parties should
analyze his success in order to continue to remain        509 Lunch with Assistant Principal McBride.
relevant in American politics. This book is               The winning bidder will have lunch with David
personally autographed by Senator Webb.                   McBride, Assistant Principal at Kenmore. Date
Courtesy of: Senator Jim Webb           Value: $16        and time will be mutually agreed upon. Offer
                                                          expires on 4-9-2011.
                                                          Courtesy of: David McBride            Value: $40

Kenmore Silent Auction Catalog                       12                                        April 9, 2010
510 Lunch with Dr. Spencer-Chapman.
Lunch for two to the winning bidder at Carlyle
Grand Cafe with Dr. Betty Spencer-Chapman,
Assistant Principal. Date and time will be
mutually agreed upon. Offer expires on 4-9-2011.
Courtesy of: Dr. Spencer-Chapman Value: $40

511 Lunch with Dr. Word.
The winning bidder will have lunch with Dr. John
Word, Principal at Kenmore. Date and time will
be mutually agreed upon. Offer expires on 4-9-
Courtesy of: Dr. John Word, Kenmore Middle
School                                Value: $40

512 Vice Principal Parking Space at Kenmore.
Dr. Betty Spencer-Chapman, is graciously
providing the winning bidder the privilege of
parking in her prime location parking space from
September 2010 through June 2011.
Courtesy of: Dr. Spencer-Chapman
                                 Value: Priceless

513 Teacher of the Year Parking Space.
Jill Lyttle, Kenmore's Teacher of the Year, is
graciously providing the winning bidder the
privilege of parking in the prime "Teacher of the
Year" parking space from September 2010
through June 2011.
Courtesy of: Jill Lyttle          Value: Priceless

Kenmore Silent Auction Catalog                       13   April 9, 2010
                 Yearning For Learning, 601-631
                                     bidding closes at 8:30 pm

601 Children's or Youth Ballet Class at                    606 Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens.
BalletNova.                                                Self-guided tour for four of the Hillwood Estate,
One free semester of one children's or youth               Museum & Gardens. Reservations are required by
division ballet class. Good for the fall, summer or        calling the Office of Tourism and Visitor
winter/spring semester. Redeem before                      Relations. Children under 6 are not permitted in
12/30/2010.                                                the mansion; tours are scheduled Tuesday-
Courtesy of: BalletNova Center for Dance                   Saturday 10 a.m.-5 p.m. The museum is closed on
                                        Value: $160        holidays and the month of January, and the pass
                                                           excludes festivals or programs. Expires 4/2011
602 Belle Grove Plantation.                                Courtesy of: Hillwood Museum and Gardens
Two complimentary one-hour tour tickets of the                                                    Value: $48
Belle Grove Plantation in Middleton, Virginia.
Expires 12/20/2010.                                        607 a & b A tour of the Kreeger Museum for
Courtesy of: Belle Grove Plantation Value: $16             three people.
                                                           Three complimentary admission tickets to the
603 Tickets for Four to the Frontier Culture               Kreeger Museum. Enjoy this private art museum,
Museum of Virginia.                                        designed by renowned architect Philip Johnson,
Four complimentary tickets and one museum                  that showcases the Kreeger family's private
guidebook to the Frontier Culture Museum of                collection of 19th and 20th century paintings and
Virginia in Staunton, Virginia. Expires 4/30/2011.         sculptures.
Courtesy of: Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia           Courtesy of: The Kreeger Museum        Value: $30
                                       Value: $50
                                                           608 Kavernputt.
604 a & b Gadsby's Tavern Museum.                          Four complimentary admissions to play miniature
Admission for four to Historic Gadsby's Tavern             golf inside a cavern at Laurel Cavern's Kavernputt
Museum in Old Town Alexandria                              near Farmington, PA.
Courtesy of: Gadsby's Tavern Museum                        Courtesy of: Laurel Caverns Geological Park
                                      Value: $40                                                   Value: $24

605 Friends of Gunston Hall.                               609 Luray Caverns.
Winning bidder receives a one-year family                  Two complimentary admissions to Luray Caverns,
membership in the Friends of Gunston Hall.                 the "largest and most popular caverns in Eastern
Gunston Hall is the 18th century home of George            America." A natural wonder with cathedral-sized
Mason, author of the Virginia Declaration of               rooms, crystal clear pools, and singing rocks.
Rights, the document that was later used as the            Expires 10/31/2010.
basis for our nation's Bill of Rights. Membership          Courtesy of: Luray Caverns              Value: $42
includes free admission, 10% discount in the
museum shop, and discounts on special events and
seminars. Valid 4/10/10 to 4/9/11.
Courtesy of: Gunston Hall                Value: $45

Kenmore Silent Auction Catalog                        14                                       April 9, 2010
610 Mount Vernon Estate and Garden.                         616 a & b Admission to Stabler-Leadbeater
Use this certificate for your group of four to visit        Apothecary Museum - A Prescription for An
George Washington's Mt. Vernon, America's most              Amazing Experience.
popular historic estate and also the nation's oldest        Enjoy admission for four to the Stabler-
historic preservation. Enjoy the new state of the           Leadbeater Apothecary Museum in Old Town
art visitor's center! Expires 12/31/2010.                   Alexandria. The Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary
Courtesy of: George Washington's Mount Vernon               Museum, one of the oldest pharmacies in the
Estate and Gardens                       Value: $60         nation, exists today to promote a greater
                                                            understanding of historic public health issues,
611 Our Amazing Earthquakes.                                inspire people with the values of Quaker founder,
Learn about earthquakes and their causes. For               Edward Stabler, and engage the visitor in an
ages 8 and up.                                              appreciation of our local and national history by
Courtesy of: Kinderhaus Toys          Value: $21            sharing the story of this business and family’s
                                                            profound effect on the community in such diverse
612 Professional Piano Lesson.                              areas as education and the abolition of slavery.
Enjoy a half hour piano lesson. Beginner or                 Courtesy of: Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary
advanced student, any age. Great if you are                 Museum                                   Value: $40
thinking about beginning, looking for a teacher or
just need to brush up. Expires 6/30/2010.                   617 a & b Sully Historic Site House and Farm
Courtesy of: Anne Beamer               Value: $30           Tour.
                                                            Complimentary pass for up to four individuals
613 Frank Lloyd Wright's Pope-Leighy House.                 toward a tour or non-reservation program at Sully
Enjoy four complimentary passes to Frank Lloyd              Historic Site in Chantilly, VA. Not vsalid on
Wright's Pope-Leighy House in Mt. Vernon. Not               merchandise, Car Show, Quilt Show, candlelight
valid for special events. No expiration date.               tours or limited seating events. Expires 12/31/10.
Courtesy of: Pope-Leighey House         Value: $34          Courtesy of: Sully Historic Site       Value: $24

614 Shenandoah Valley Discovery Museum                      618 a & b Two tickets to Teatro de la Luna's
Family Pass.                                                "Nuestro Fin de Semana/Our Weekend."
Place the winning bid on this one-day family pass,          Two tickets to Teatro de la Luna's "Nuestro Fin de
and up to five family members can discover the              Semana/Our Weekend." The tickets are valid from
fun at the Shenandoah Valley Discovery Museum               May 6 through May 15, 2010.
in Winchester, Virginia. Hands-on learning is               Courtesy of: Teatro de la Luna        Value: $60
what they do best!
Courtesy of: Shenandoah Valley Discovery                    619 a & b Poplar Forest, Jefferson's Retreat.
Museum                                 Value: $30           Two admission passes to tour Poplar Forest,
                                                            Thomas Jefferson's retreat home in Forest, VA.
615 Two tickets to Skyline Caverns in Front                 Open for tours April through November. Closed
Royal, Virginia.                                            Tuesdays and Thanksgiving Day.
Two tickets to Skyline Caverns in Front Royal,              Courtesy of: Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest
Virginia. The caverns feature the Enchanted                                                       Value: $28
Dragon Mirror Maze. Just one mile from the
northern entrance to Skyline Drive.                         620 TIC Summer Camp $400 gift certificate.
Courtesy of: Skyline Caverns          Value: $32            TIC Summer Camp $400 gift certificate off the
                                                            cost of a summer session at one of our three
                                                            locations -- including Bethesda, Northwest DC,
                                                            or McLean. TIC Summer Camp is a perfect
                                                            balance of technology and sports for kids ages 7 -
                                                            16. Please visit us at
                                                            Courtesy of: TIC Summer Camp          Value: $400

Kenmore Silent Auction Catalog                         15                                        April 9, 2010
621 Winterthur Museum and Country Estate.                   627 a–c Learn to Jitterbug, Tango, and More.
Admission for two to the gardens and galleries of           Gift certificate for one 30-minute private dance
the Winterthur Museum and Country Estate                    lesson. Learn to Jitterbug-Swing, Waltz, Tango,
located outside of Wilmington, DE. A delightful             ChaCha and more. Expires in six months.
day for grown-ups and kids. Open Tuesday-                   Courtesy of: The Dance Factory          Value: $69
Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Closed Mondays
(except holidays), Thanksgiving, and Christmas              628 10 Classes at Sun & Moon Yoga Studio.
day. Expires 4/9/2011.                                      Relax! Attend 10 yoga classes at Arlington's Sun
Courtesy of: Winterthur Museum and Country                  & Moon Yoga Studio on Lee Highway. Expires
Estate                                Value: $36            1/28/2011.
                                                            Courtesy of: Sun & Moon Yoga Studio         s
622 Dance Lessons at Arthur Murray.                                                              Value: $150
Gift certificate for six dance lessons (two private,
two group, and two practice parties) at the Arthur          629 "The Underneath," a National Book
Murray Dance Center on Little River Turnpike in             Award finalist by Kathi Appelt.
Alexandria. Expires 10/9/10.                                Book: "The Underneath," by Kathi Appelt, is a
Courtesy of: Arthur Murray Dance Center Value:              National Book Award finalist about a calico cat, a
$246                                                        hound, and the unlikely family they form.
                                                            Courtesy of: Aladdin's Lamp Children's Books
623 Trhyme - A Game of Time, Intellect and                                                         Value: $18
Trhyme - A Game of Time, Intellect and Rhyme                629 "Hate That Cat," by Newberry Medal-
Courtesy of: Kinderhaus Toys         Value: $32             winning author Sharon Creech.
                                                            "'Hate that Cat' is a fabulous story . . . fun and
624 "Ripley's Believe It or Not! Planet                     easy read, and it's a great way to begin to learn
Eccentric.”                                                 about poetry. . . Sharon Creech has created
"Ripley's Believe It or Not! Planet Eccentric"              another winner that would be perfect for reading
book. Publisher's Weekly says about this                    alone, as a family, or as a class." —Sarah Gomez
interesting book, "In the first of two titles for           Courtesy of: Aladdin's Lamp Children's Books
slightly older readers, Ripley's Believe It or Not!                                                     Value: $16
Planet Eccentric! delivers out-of-this-world,
shocking and funny facts about some of history's            630 Silver Knights Chess Set and Summer
most colorful feats." Creepy, gross, and                    Camp T-shirt.
fascinating—it's the complete Ripley's package.             Portable chess set and youth large T-shirt from
Courtesy of: Barston's Child's Play Value: $28              Silver Knights Chess Company which works with
                                                            public and private elementary schools to provide
625 Book: The Passion.                                      after school chess classes for children. Their
This book is a photographic journey through Mel             students have gone on to success in tournaments,
Gibson's movie, "The Passion of Christ."                    including the 2008 national 1st and 2nd grade
Foreword by Mel Gibson.                                     champions and the 2009 national kindergarten
Courtesy of: Stephanie M. Ruiz        Value: $25            champion.
                                                            Courtesy of: Silver Knight Chess Camp
626 Perfect Pointe Dance Studio.                                                                     Value: $45
Gift certificate good for six adult classes or free
registration and one free month of children's class.        631 a–c A four week group Ballroom dance
Subject to space availability. Expires 12/31/2010.          series.
Courtesy of: Perfect Pointe Dance Studio                    Learn how to Jitterbug, Swing, Waltz, Tango or
                                        Value: $150         Cha Cha. It's fun and good exercise too. New
                                                            students only. Expires 9/1/2010.
                                                            Courtesy of: Dance Factory            Value: $69

Kenmore Silent Auction Catalog                         16                                          April 9, 2010
           Great Escapes & Adventures, 701-724
                                     bidding closes at 8:45 pm

701 Shenandoah River Outfitters Canoe                      704 Gift Certificate for a Stay at the Georgian
Rental.                                                    Bed and Breakfast in Annapolis.
Rental of one canoe for a day trip from                    Gift Certificate for $50 toward a stay at the
Shenandoah River Outfitters, Inc. Experience               Georgian Bed and Breakfast in historic downtown
beautiful scenery as you canoe the Shenandoah              Annapolis. Built in 1747, Georgian Bed and
River. Please call ahead to make reservations as           Breakfast has a beautiful colonial elegance and is
this pass is valid for any Sunday-Friday subject to        located in the Historic District of Annapolis. Valid
availability in the 2010 season through 8/31/10.           through 6/30/2010.
For info, go to:               Courtesy of: Georgian House Bed and Breakfast
Courtesy of: Shenandoah River Outfitters, Inc.                                                     Value: $50
                                        Value: $55
                                                           705 Two-Night Stay at Hampton Inn & Suites.
702 $100 Toward a Dinner Cruise on "Nina's                 Enjoy a two night stay at Hampton Inn and Suites,
Dandy."                                                    Reagan National Airport. Located on 20th Street
Enjoy the opportunity to board a dinner cruise for         in Crystal City, the Hampton Inn is a two block
gourmet dining, dancing and an unparalleled view           convenient walk to Crystal City Metro, and
of our nation’s majestic monuments. Gift                   accessible to Jefferson Davis Highway. This gift
certificate is valid for $100 on a dinner cruise           certificate is based on space availability and
through April 2011. Cannot be used on holidays             advance reservations are required. No cash value;
or with any other offer or discount. May not be            expires on April 9, 2011.
redeemed for cash and does not include                     Courtesy of: Hampton Inn & Suites Value: $450
beverages, taxes or gratuity.
Courtesy of: Potomac Party Cruises Value: $100             706 One-Night Stay at the Inn at Henderson's
                                                           Wharf in Baltimore.
703 One Weekend Night Stay for Two at the                  Enjoy a one-night stay for two people any Sunday
Doubletree Hotel.                                          through Thursday at the Inn and Marina at
Get a gift certificate for one weekend night stay          Henderson's Wharf in historic Fells Point. This
for two individuals, either Friday or Saturday             package includes deluxe continental breakfast,
night, at the Doubletree Hotel Crystal City on             free secured parking, and complimentary bottle of
Army Navy Drive which provides free shuttle to             wine upon arrival. Valid through April 2011.
Pentagon, Pentagon City Mall, Reagan National              Courtesy of: The Inn at Henderson's Wharf
Airport and the metro. This is a perfect location                                               Value: $250
for a friend or relative in town who wants to go
shopping. Offer subject to availability and                707 VIP Vineyard Tour and Wine Tasting.
advance reservation.                                       A private tour of Ingleside Vineyards in Oak
Courtesy of: Doubletree Hotel, Crystal City                Grove, Virginia, for up to six individuals,
                                       Value: $200         followed by wine and cheese reception. Taste all
                                                           of our wines both premium and reserves. Souvenir
                                                           wine glass included.
                                                           Courtesy of: Ingleside Vineyards       Value: $150

Kenmore Silent Auction Catalog                        17                                        April 9, 2010
708 Admission for four people to Virginia's                 713 Camp Horizons Summer Camp.
Natural Bridge.                                             A one-week session of summer camp for a new
Admission for four people to one of the seven               camper. Choose session 1 (June 20-26) or session
natural wonders of the world and national historic          5 (Aug. 8–14) for ages 6-16 or Adventure Camp
landmark – all within driving distance and makes            (ages 14-17) which runs each Sunday to Saturday,
a great scenic day trip. You’ll have the                    June 20-August 14. Certificate covers tuition but
opportunity to see Monacan Indian Village, the              excludes camp store, transportation and optional
Dreams of Creation, the caverns, and the Wax                activities.
Museum. Visitors are subject to rules and                   Courtesy of: Camp Horizons            Value: $875
regulations on-site.
Courtesy of: Natural Bridge of Virginia                     714 Weekend Stay at Hilton Arlington.
                                      Value: $104           One weekend overnight stay for two at Hilton
                                                            Arlington, located conveniently at Ballston Metro.
709 a & b Ski Roundtop Package.                             This certificate includes dinner and breakfast for
Gift certificate for Learn-to-Ski or Learn-to-              two. Expires 4/8/2011.
Snowboard package (13 years and up) or Snow                 Courtesy of: Hilton Arlington          Value: $250
Ranger's beginner package (age 4-12). Includes
lift ticket, class lesson and rental equipment. Good        715 One-Night Stay at Red Fox Inn.
through 3/15/2011.                                          Overnight stay for two people with buffet
Courtesy of: Ski Roundtop                 Value: $60        continental breakfast at the Red Fox Inn in
                                                            Middleburg, VA. Sunday through Thursday
710 "Washington by Water" Monument                          nights only. No holidays or holiday weekends.
Cruise.                                                     Expires 4/8/2011.
Boarding passes for two for a Potomac Riverboat             Courtesy of: Red Fox Inn              Value: $200
Company "Washington by Water" monument
cruise. See Washington by this unique vantage               716 Deluxe Winery Package for Four.
point. Cruises depart from Alexandria City                  A private tour for four people of Chrysalis
Marina and Washington Harbour (31st and K                   Vineyards in Middleburg, Virginia. Taste
Streets, NW) in Georgetown. Expires 10/31/2010.             Chrysalis' reserve lineup of award winning wines.
Courtesy of: Potomac Riverboat Company                      Each guest will also receive a professional wine
                                      Value: $52            tasting glass. Expires 4/9/2011.
                                                            Courtesy of: Chrysalis Vineyards      Value: $100
711 Willowcroft Farm Vineyards Tour and
Wine Tasting for Ten.                                       717 Admission to Historic Ships of Baltimore.
Gift certificate for free taste and winery tour for         Four admission passes to Historic Ships in
up to 10 people at Willowcroft Farm Vineyards in            Baltimore. Each pass is valid for one visit to the
Leesburg, VA. Reservations required; please call            following sites: USS Constellation, flagship of the
for blackout dates. Expires 12/2010.                        U.S. African Squadron, 1859-1861; USS Torsk
Courtesy of: Willowcraft Farm Vineyards Value:              (submarine) which has conducted over 10,000
$75                                                         dives; USCGC Taney, the last surviving warship
                                                            of Pearl Harbor; Lighthouse Chesapeake, a
712 a, b & c Two Passes to Walt Disney World.               beacon of safe haven for ships returning from sea;
Two one-day Park Hopper passes to Walt Disney               Seven Foot Knolls Lighthouse, oldest surviving
World in Orlando, Florida. Valid at the Magic               lighthouse on the Chesapeake.
Kingdom, Disney-MGM Studios, EPCOT Center,                  Courtesy of: Historic Ships in Baltimore
or Disney's Animal Kingdom. Includes DVD                                                           Value: $72
vacation planning kit. Expires February 4, 2011.
Courtesy of: Walt Disney World        Value: $262

Kenmore Silent Auction Catalog                         18                                       April 9, 2010
718 One two-week, half-day Fairfax Collegiate             722 a & b One Round Trip Airline Ticket on
Summer Program Class.                                     AirTran Airways.
Certificate good for any class at any location for        One roundtrip ticket to anywhere AirTran
the 2010 Summer Program. Convenient Falls                 Airways flies in the U.S. Use this certificate to
Church summer camp location includes courses              redeem a confirmed coach class ticket on Airtran.
on video filmmaking, stop-motion animation,               Travel is subject to AirTran Airways contract of
script writing, video production, acting and video        carriage, rules and regulations. Roundtrip travel
editing. Their summer sessions are good for               must be booked between the same city pair.
grades 4-6 and grades 7-9. Fairfax Collegiate's           Certificate is non-refundable, non-transferable,
Falls Church location is around the corner from           and travel must be completed by 9/30/2011.
Kenmore at St. Katherine's Greek Orthodox                 Reservations subject to availability and capacity
Church. Visit for               control restrictions. Holiday blackout restrictions
summer program details.                                   apply. A $75 change fee applies to any changes to
Courtesy of: Fairfax Collegiate Summer Program            your itinerary, Certificate will not be replaced for
                                       Value: $430        any reason including loss or theft. Valid for
                                                          domestic U.S. travel only. See
719 Free Tuition to One Session of Episcopal              for a list of departing and arrival cities.
High School's Summer Program.                             Courtesy of: AirTran Airways             Value: $500
Fee waiver for one of four summer programs at
Episcopal High School (boarding or day student,           723 One Weekend Night's Stay at the Hilton
entering grades 7-9). Choose from Young Writers           Garden Inn at BWI Airport.
Workshop, EHS Leadership Institute, Field                 Enjoy the opportunity to stay at BWI Airport for a
Experiences in Environmental Science, or                  Friday and Saturday night stay based on space
Broadway Bound Musical Theater Camp.                      availability. This is a great opportunity for
Courtesy of: Episcopal High School Summer                 someone to use if they have an early morning
Programs                            Value: $800           flight out of BWI Airport. Voucher must be used
                                                          by 4/9/2011.
720 Berkeley Plantation.                                  Courtesy of: Hilton Garden Inn          Value: $200
Four complimentary tickets to historic Berkeley
Plantation in Charles City, VA including 10 acres         724 Ride to Lunch at Red, Hot and Blue
of formal gardens, home to President Benjamin             Barbecue in a 1931 Model "A" Ford Roadster.
Harrison. Learn more about the Berkeley                   Here is a great opportunity for two to ride in the
Plantation in 'The Great Plantation' by Clifford          rumble seat of a 1931 Model “A” Roadster on
Dowdey.                                                   your way to a delicious lunch for two at Red, Hot
Courtesy of: Berkeley Plantation        Value: $44        and Blue Barbecue in Falls Church, driven by
                                                          Jack Melnick. Lunch is being donated by Jack
721 Virginia Living Museum.                               Melnick, a member of the Arlington Kiwanis
Two complimentary passes to the Virginia Living           Club. Attorney John Melnick is responsible and
Museum located in Newport News. Enjoy the                 wrote the Victims Compensation Law in the
museum's hands-on discovery centers,                      Commonwealth of Virginia.
observatory, planetarium theater, and 3/4 mile            Courtesy of: Jack Melnick               Value: $70
elevated boardwalk with animals in natural
habitats. Not valid for classes, safaris, special
shows, or with other discounts.
Courtesy of: Virginia Living Museum Value: $30

Kenmore Silent Auction Catalog                       19                                        April 9, 2010
                         Dining In & Out, 801-843
                                     bidding closes at 8:45 pm

801 Dinner for two at Dan & Brad's                         806 Clyde's Willow Creek Farm.
Restaurant.                                                Use this gift letter for $50 towards your food and
Dan & Brad’s Restaurant is where comfort food              beverage bill at Willow Creek Farm in
meets contemporary cuisine. Whether in a suit or           Broadlands, Virginia (located off the Dulles Toll
jeans, guests feel at home in our comfortable,             Road near Ashburn). Does not include tax or
upscale atmosphere. Good any day of the week.              gratuity. Expires 4/8/2011.
Excludes alcohol, tip and tax. Expires 4/8/11.             Courtesy of: Clyde's Willow Creek Farm
Courtesy of: Hilton Arlington          Value: $75                                                  Value: $50

802 a–e $10 Gift Certificate to Union Halal                807 a & b Free Entrée and Drink at Cosi.
Butcher and Bakery.                                        Gift card good for entrée (sandwich, salad, melt or
Celebrate the grand opening of a new Lebanese              soup) and one tall coffee beverage at any Cosi
store, Union Halal Butcher and Bakery. Features            location.
hummus, lamb kabob, chicken and beef shawarma              Courtesy of: Cosi, Inc.                Value: $13
(gyros), baklava, and more. Close to Safeway on
Wilson Blvd.                                               808 a & b $25 Gift Certificate to Dogfish Head
Courtesy of: Union Halal Butcher and Bakery                Alehouse.
                                       Value: $10          At Dogfish Head Alehouse in Seven Corners, you
                                                           will find comfortable, casual surroundings and
803 a & b Brick's Pizza.                                   service, tasty and unique wood grilled food and,
Enjoy a gift certificate for one large 14” pizza           of course, the craft brewed Dogfish ales.
with one topping, 8 slices, from Brick's Pizza,            Excludes gratuity; no cash value. Expires
located near Outback Steak House. Serves 2-3               9/9/2010.
people.                                                    Courtesy of: Dogfish Head Alehouse Value: $25
Courtesy of: Brick's Pizza               Value: $14
                                                           809 $25 Gift Certificate to Elevation Burger.
804 a–e $5 Fiesta Bucks from Chevy's.                      Elevation Burger—where "Ingredients Matter!"
Two $5 Fiesta Bucks – Each coupon provides $5              Hamburgers made with organic free-range beef;
off a purchase of $20 or more. Each coupon and             two kinds of veggie burgers; and more yummy
two separate discounted meals are valid at                 good stuff. Expires 4/9/2011.
Pentagon Row location only.                                Courtesy of: Elevation Burger         Value: $25
Courtesy of: Chevy's Fresh Mex        Value: $10
                                                           810 a & b Gift Card for Lunch at Ghin Na Ree
805 $50 Gift Certificate to Clarendon Grill.               Thai Restaurant.
Clarendon Grill, located in Clarendon, has a great         Gift card good for lunch from 11:30 am to 2:30
brunch menu and many delicious entreés. May                pm, Monday through Saturday, at Ghin Na Ree
not be used for tip, alcohol or taxes. No cash             Thai Restaurant. Authentic Thai cuisine in the Lee
value. Expires April 2011.                                 Harrison Shopping Center, next to Baskin
Courtesy of: Clarendon Grill            Value: $50         Robbins. Gift card not replaceable if lost. Valid
                                                           through 4/2011.
                                                           Courtesy of: Ghin Na Ree Restaurant Value: $14

Kenmore Silent Auction Catalog                        20                                       April 9, 2010
811 Great American Restaurants.                            816 Moroccan Feast at Marrakesh Restaurant.
Here's a $25 gift card to be used at any of the            Bring ten people to Marrakesh Restaurant and
following Great American Restaurants: Artie's              enjoy a seven course dinner (eaten with your
(classic American - Fairfax Circle); Carlyle Grand         fingers!) while watching a belly dancing show.
(award winning bistro - Shirlington) or Best Buns,         Valid Sunday-Thursday evenings. Beverages, tax,
Coastal Flats (seafood - Tysons Corner); Mike's            and gratuity not included.
American (steaks - Springfield); Silverado                 Courtesy of: Marrakesh Restaurant Value: $310
(cowboy-themed bar and grill - Annandale);
Sweet Water Tavern (American food in a                     817 Dinner for Two at Metro 29.
brewpub - multiple locations). Not valid for               Certificate for dinner for two up to $50 at Metro
alcoholic beverages or gratuity. Valid through             29 Diner on Lee Highway in Arlington. They’ve
4/2011.                                                    got an outstanding menu and dessert selection. It’s
Courtesy of: Great American Restaurants                    a classic! Not valid on holidays. Gratuity not
                                        Value: $25         included. Expires on 4/30/11.
                                                           Courtesy of: Metro 29 Diner             Value: $50
812 a & b Hard Times Café.
$25 gift certificate to any Hard Times Café                818 a & b P.F. Chang's China Bistro.
location. Known for their chili, they've got               Treat yourself to $25 off the price of your dinner
spaghetti, hamburgers, salads and other delicious          at P.F. Chang's China Bistro with this gift card.
menu selections. Located across from Clarendon             Card valid for food and drink only on one visit;
metro. Good at any Hard Times location towards             does not include gratuity.
food, beverage or merchandise. No cash value. No           Courtesy of: P.F. Changs                Value: $25
change if purchase is less than face value.
Courtesy of: Hard Times Café            Value: $25         819 Fresh Barbeque from Rocklands.
                                                           Use this $25 gift certificate for delicious real
813 Burgers at Johnny Rockets.                             barbeque at Rocklands. For more info see
Four people will enjoy dinner to include burgers  Good at any location.
(or sandwich or salad of your choice), french fries        Gratuity and alcohol not included. Expires
or onion rings and drinks at the Shirlington               4/9/2011.
location. No expiration date.                              Courtesy of: Rocklands Barbeque and Grilling
Courtesy of: Johnny Rockets             Value: $65         Company                                   Value: $25

814 Dinner for Two at Lebanese Taverna in                  820 $50 Gift Certificate to Sette Bello
Pentagon Row.                                              Restaurant.
Good for a dinner valued at up to $60. Not good            Sette Bello Restaurant, the fine Italian restaurant
for tips or taxes; valid Sunday through Thursday;          in Clarendon, features a wide selection of pizza,
expires 4/30/2011.                                         pasta and dinner specials. Expires 1/16/2011.
Courtesy of: Lebanese Taverna           Value: $60         Courtesy of: Sette Bello Restaurant Value: $50

815 $50 Gift Certificate to Mai Thai                       821 $25 Gift Certificate to Taqueria el
Restaurant.                                                Poblano.
$50 gift certificate to Mai Thai Restaurant in             This $25 gift certificate allows you to enjoy
Alexandria. Cannot be used toward tip and cannot           Taqueria el Pablano's popular Mexican food.
be redeemed for cash.                                      Located in Lee Harrison Shopping Center, they
Courtesy of: Mai Thai Restaurant        Value: $50         offer a variety of fresh made Southwestern-style
                                                           entrees, reminiscent of the Yucatan.
                                                           Courtesy of: Taqueria el Poblano         Value: $25

Kenmore Silent Auction Catalog                        21                                        April 9, 2010
822 $25 Gift Certificate to the Tyson's Corner               828 a Two certificates for Chipotle Burritos
Capital Grille.                                              for Two.
Enjoy a meal at Tyson's Corner Capital Grille,               Don't cook! Go to Chipotle for lunch or dinner.
the quintessential steak house with this $25 gift            This "Burritos for Two" includes burritos, chips
certificate, offering their specialty dry, aged              with guacamole, and soda. Winner receives two
steaks. Also known for serving their fresh                   "Burritos for Two." Good at any location.
seafood. Not valid for tip or gratuity.                      Courtesy of: Chipotle                  Value: $12
Courtesy of: Tyson's Corner Capital Grille
                                           Value: $25        828 b Three certficates for Chipotle Burritos
                                                             for Two.
823 $50 Gift Certificate to the Tyson's Corner               This "Burritos for Two" certificate includes
Capital Grille.                                              burritos, chips with guacamole, and sodas. Winner
Enjoy a meal at the Tyson's Corner Capital Grill             receives three "Burritos for Two." Good at any
with this $50 gift certificate, known for their              location.
steaks and fresh seafood. Not valid for tip or               Courtesy of: Chipotle                   Value: $18
Courtesy of: Tyson's Corner Capital Grille                   829 a & b Chipotle "Burrito Party for Ten.”
                                         Value: $50          Enjoy gourmet burritos (or tacos, salads or burrito
                                                             bowls) plus chips and guacamole, and fountain
824 a, b & c $25 Gift Certificate to Wildfire                soda for ten people. A great treat to use after a
Restaurant in Tyson's Corner.                                child's sports team event. Expires July 2010.
Wildfire Restaurant in Tyson's Galleria features             Courtesy of: Chipotle                   Value: $125
delicious salads, steak, chicken and barbecue. A
great lunch on your next trip to Tysons.                     830 $100 Gift Certificate to Edible
Courtesy of: Wildfire Restaurant        Value: $25           Arrangements.
                                                             Enjoy a fresh edible fruit centerpiece! $100 gift
825 $20 Safeway Gift Card.                                   certificate to be used at the Arlington Store at 911
$20 Safeway gift card, for use at any Safeway                North Quincy Street. Expires 4/1/2011.
location.                                                    Courtesy of: Edible Arrangements of Arlington
Courtesy of: Safeway                   Value: $20                                                    Value: $100

826 $25 Shoppers Food Warehouse Gift Card.                   831 $10 Gift Certicate to The Pancake House.
$25 Shoppers Food Warehouse gift card for use at             Have breakfast on us. $10 gift certificate good at
any store location.                                          either of The Pancake House’s three locations:
Courtesy of: Shoppers Food          Value: $25               Falls Church, Bethesda and Rockville.
                                                             Courtesy of: Pancake House              Value: $10
827 a & b Carvel Ice Cream Cake.
Small Round Ice Cream Cake, 60 fl. oz., serves               832 $25 Safeway Gift Card.
10-15 people, perfect size for a birthday party to           $25 Safeway gift card, for use at any Safeway
please all! Can be redeemed only at 3322 Wilson              location.
Blvd. location.                                              Courtesy of: Safeway                   Value: $25
Courtesy of: Carvel Ice Cream Bakery Arlington
                                        Value: $20           833 Brunch at Hank's Oyster Bar.
                                                             A $100 gift certificate for brunch for four people
827 c & d Carvel Ice Cream Cake.                             at Hank's Oyster Bar in Old Town Alexandria.
Lil’ Love Ice Cream Cake, 26 fl. oz. serves 4-6              Not refundable for cash. Expires 4/9/2011.
people. One traditional cake of vanilla and                  Courtesy of: Hank's Oyster Bar Old Town
chocolate ice cream with chocolate crunch. Can                                                      Value: $100
be redeemed only at 3322 Wilson Blvd. location.
                                      Value: $12

Kenmore Silent Auction Catalog                          22                                        April 9, 2010
834 Cake From Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe.                       840 Peking Duck at Peking Gourmet Inn.
Use this gift certificate to treat yourself and others        Gift certificate for one of their famous and
to an 8" cake from Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe in                delicious Peking Duck, carved tableside, from
Arlington. No cash value; no expiration date.                 Peking Gourmet Inn, located on Leesburg Pike.
Courtesy of: Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe                         Serves 2-4 people. Our U.S. Presidents have
                                           Value: $35         eaten here, and now you can too.
835 Homemade Pies for Each Season.                            Courtesy of: Peking Gourmet Inn          Value: $37
Here's an easy way to treat your family and guests
to delicious homemade pies - one for each season              841 Sunday Champagne Brunch for Four at
of the year. Kenmore parent, Theresa Schweser, a              the Ritz-Carlton's Fyve Restaurant Lounge.
ribbon-winner at the Arlington County Fair, has               Enjoy a Sunday champagne brunch for four at
agreed to bake a luscious lemon-meringue to                   Fyve Restaurant Lounge at the Ritz-Carlton in
welcome Spring, a fresh blueberry-peach to                    Pentagon City. Non-refundable, non-transferable
celebrate Summer's bounty, a savory pumpkin for               and not replaced if certificate is lost. Valid until
the Fall, and a lattice-topped cherry to warm the             4/2011. Not valid during blackout periods and
Winter days. One-week advance notice is                       holidays.
requested. "If you win this auction item, your                Courtesy of: The Ritz-Carlton at Pentagon City
family and your taste buds will thank you!" —                                                          Value: $250
Lilo Stephens, 2009 winner. Expires 3/1/2011.
Courtesy of: The Schweser Family           Value: $60         842 Ireland's Four Courts Restaurant.
                                                              Located conveniently in Courthouse, enjoy a $50
836 a & b Charcoal Chicken Lunch or Dinner.                   gift certificate to Ireland’s Four Courts Restaurant
Four lunch/dinner certificates for a quarter                  and enjoy Irish hospitality. They pride themselves
chicken, side dishes and a drink from Super Pollo             on providing quality service, food, drinks and live
"Charcoal Chicken." Located on Wilson                         entertainment. This is the perfect venue to meet
Boulevard, near George Mason Drive.                           friends, watch sports, enjoy a happy hour or host a
Courtesy of: Super Pollo                Value: $28            private event. Come join the luck of the Irish!
                                                              Expires on 2/28/2011.
837 a & b Panera Bread for a Year                             Courtesy of: Ireland's Four Courts       Value: $50
This Panera Bread for a Year certificate is good
for one free loaf of fresh baked bread for a total            843 Cassatt's Kiwi Café.
of twelve consecutive months. Expires June 2011.              Enjoy a $25 meal from Cassatt's, a cozy, bistro-
Courtesy of: Panera Bread               Value: $38            style restaurant featuring a New Zealand flair. Be
                                                              sure to enjoy a “flat white” coffee, nightly
838 $50 Dinner at Ruth's Chris Steak House.                   specials, and homemade desserts; live music is
A gift certificate worth $50 toward your dinner at            performed every Saturday night. It’s a popular
Ruth's Chris Steak House at its Arlington location            spot for breakfast and lunch too! Located in the
toward food and non-alcoholic beverages only.                 Lee Heights shops on Lee Highway in Arlington.
No cash value. Expires 10/30/2010.                            Courtesy of: Cassatt's Kiwi Café         Value: $25
Courtesy of: Ruth's Chris Steak House
                                       Value: $50

839 a & b El Rancho Mexican Restaurant.
El Rancho provides some of tonight's silent
auction menu including their delicious chicken,
beef and pork tamales. Take advantage of another
opportunity to taste their delicious food, salsa and
tortilla chips with this $40 gift certificate. Located
on Wilson Blvd. near Ballston.
Courtesy of: El Rancho Mexican Restaurant
                                           Value: $40

Kenmore Silent Auction Catalog                           23                                        April 9, 2010
                              Basketville, 901-905
                                     bidding closes at 8:45 pm

901 Walt Disney Night at the Movies Basket.
This basket guarantees a night of entertainment:                   Team Baskets
"Bolt," "Hannah Montana, the Movie," "Beverly              Kenmore’s Teams have created delicious and
Hills Chihuahua," plus microwave popcorn and                     delightful theme baskets for your
candy bars.
                                                            consideration in Basketville. Please review
Courtesy of: Walt Disney Company Value: $60
                                                              each display for complete itemization of
902 Walt Disney Night at the Movies Basket.                  contents. Some of this year’s themes are:
This Disney movie basket contains Walt Disney's
"Tinkerbell," "The Tigger Movie," "The Jungle                            Arts andCrafts
Book," along with popcorn and candy.                                       Relaxation
Courtesy of: Walt Disney Company Value: $60                                Chocolate
                                                                      Entertainment Night
903 Trader Joe's Bag of Goodies.                                          Family Night
This reusable Trader Joe's bag is filled with                      Me and You and a Barbecue
delicious items and treats. We've selected our                      Me and My Pet Basket
customer and T.J employee favorites that are sure                       Reading Basket
to wow your tastebuds. Be green and use our
reusable bag to shop.
Courtesy of: Trader Joe's                Value: $60                     Tea Break Time
                                                                   Basket of Household Goods
904 Schakolad Chocolate Basket.
A delicious chocolate shoe with handmade                                     Enjoy!
truffles. Schakolad is conveniently located on
Jefferson Davis Highway, owned and operated by
a Kenmore parent, HK Carmody.
Courtesy of: Schakolad Chocolate Factory
                                        Value: $30

905 Schakolad Chocolate Basket.
A delicious chocolate shoe with handmade
truffles. Schakolad is conveniently located on
Jefferson Davis Highway, owned and operated by
a Kenmore parent, HK Carmody.
Courtesy of: Schakolad Chocolate Factory
                                       Value: $25

Kenmore Silent Auction Catalog                        24                                  April 9, 2010

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