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7:30 am      Morning Prayer       A ConversAtion with JAne
9:00 am      Friday Morning       [Ed’s note: In mid-April 2008, the Rev. Dr. Jane Maynard came to St. Thomas as Priest-
             Prayer (Chapel)      in-Charge (Interim). On August 30, 2009, “We Celebrate Jane” to honor her ministry at
          (no Saturday service)   St. Thomas and thank her for her loving spiritual leadership during our transition. On
                                  a sunny June afternoon, we talked about ancestors, education, children, passions, and
                                  animals as well as St. Thomas.]
                                  Jane’s journey to St. Thomas began in            the Episcopal Church, and in 1984 she
                                  Massachusetts where her family had moved         talked to the bishop about ordination.
Music Rehearsals                  from Canada. Her ancestors were some of          Five years later, she entered seminary
                                  the earliest French settlers in Quebec, and      at the Church Divinity School of the
Summer Schedule                   they settled in a town called Guardian Angel.    Pacific (CDSP) in Berkeley while rais-
                                  One grandfather came to the United States        ing a young family. She was ordained in
                                  and started a dairy farm in Charlton, Massa-     1992. She later returned to teach there
                                  chusetts. “He was a remarkable man,” Jane        for eight and one-half years while work-
                                  says, “and he eventually owned a number of       ing on a Ph. D.
                                  dairy farms. He was well liked and a leader –
       Calendar                   an elected official and member of numerous       “I love teaching, but I also carried other
                                  French Canadian Societies. I remember him        demanding responsibilities while at
Congregations for the Homeless    as very joyful.”                                 CDSP, including chairing the curriculum
                                                                                   revision committee and working on
July 20-24                        Jane grew up in the Roman church and             accreditation,” she notes.
Vacation Bible Camp               attended Catholic schools. Her univer-
                                  sity studies took her to Philadelphia and to     Even more dramatic changes came
July 26                                                                            when she and Jim reconnected after 20
Kid’s Sunday                      graduate school in Illinois (where she and
                                  now-husband Jim Treyens first met). With         years. They had been friends during
Celebrate “Second Pentecost”
                                  her first husband, she moved to Boise, Idaho     graduate school in Illinois where they
July 26-31                        and worked for Planned Parenthood and as a       studied psychology. But they lost track
Skagit Valley Pilgrims            hospital chaplain.                               of each other; they married, had chil-
                                                                                   dren, and pursued careers. They both
August 22-23                      When her children, Dan and Beckie, were          divorced in spring 1999. In the fall, Jim
Fellowship Weekend
                                  young, she began looking for a different         found Jane via the Internet and they dis-
August 30                         church as she had begun to question some         covered that they both lived in the Bay
“We Celebrate Jane”               Roman beliefs. After visiting several, she       Area. Renewing their friendship, they
Single Service & Potluck          found an Episcopal church in Meridian            eventually married, and when Jim, who
Medina Park                       where “it felt like home.” In 1981, she joined   is in software sales, was invited to

                                                                                                      continued on page 2 . . .
Profile continued from page 1 . . .

transfer to Seattle in 2003, they         I experienced this sense of the other’s
decided to move. “I was ready for a       presence also when I visited Catherine      A heArtfelt thAnks
change,” Jane says.                       of Siena’s tomb in Rome. I could feel
                                          her joyful spirit in that place.”
Jim’s son, Marc, works at the Seattle
                                                                                      Dear Members of the Wednesday
Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.          Jane praises St. Thomas as “a tremen-
Jane’s son, a fisheries biologist, and    dous blessing for me. I value my re-        Morning Bible Study:
her daughter, an environmental scien-     lationships with the people here, their
tist, remain in California.               warmth and their hospitality. I see the     Thank you very much for the lovely book
                                          people here as genuinely seeking God.       of Christmas music and for the special
For about six months in 2004, Jane        It is a privilege to be here.”              refreshments and flowers you provided
and Jim were members of St. Thomas
and sang in the choir together. Then,     St. Thomas also embraced another
                                                                                      for me during our recent celebration. It
Jane accepted the interim position at     love in her life – Benito, a charm-         has been a great pleasure for me to study
Good Samaritan and an interim stint at    ing Havanese who is now one and             the Scriptures with you each week. I
Epiphany Parish in Seattle followed;      one-half years old. “He spent a lot of      have benefitted from your calm wisdom
immediately after this assignment, she    his formative time here with me. St.
                                                                                      and thoughtful reflection. I will carry
came to St. Thomas as interim.            Thomas is the most animal-friendly
                                          place I’ve ever been, and I so much         thoughts of you with me wherever I go in
Without hesitation, Jane talks about      appreciated being able to bring him         my next assignment. My time with this
her other passions. “Writing is my        to the office.” Benito’s “siblings” are     group has been one of the highlights of
greatest interest. The history of         two cats, Omega and Maddy. “This
women’s ministry is a particular focus,                                               my year at St. Thomas. May God con-
                                          is the first time I’ve had cats,” she
especially exploring how women’s                                                      tinue to bless your fellowship and study in
                                          says. “Omega is sleek, black, and an
lives and theology can be a resource      extrovert. Jim and I say, ‘If he were a     the coming year. I will miss you.
for current-day pastoral care.” She       person, he’d be a salesman.’” Maddy
wrote her dissertation on Julian of       (short for Madeline) is a tortoise shell,                         Faithfully,
Norwich, and that study generated her     “a tortie with tortitude,” in Jane’s
first book, Transfiguring Loss: Julian    words. “She is feisty, shy, and a gym-
of Norwich as a Guide for Survivors       nast.”
of Traumatic Grief. She understands
Julian as a resource for pastoral care    Jane’s next destination? Right now,
during bereavement.                       she is uncertain but she’s consider-
                                          ing several options. She feels called
Two other great spiritual leaders,        to pastoral work as she prefers to be
Evelyn Underhill and Catherine of         involved at the grass roots level. “I
Siena, may be subjects of her next        feel energy in a parish; it offers great
books. “I love to travel and often        variety.”                                   No Collect in August
combine it with my writing projects.                                                  The Collect will be on vacation –
For example, I’d like to spend some       Wherever your call takes you, Jane,         no August issue will be published.
time in the retreat house near London     we will miss you and Jim (and Beni-         Publication will resume in Sep-
where Underhill stayed and worked. I      to). We know that “for everything,          tember; articles for September are
visited the Julian of Norwich Centre      there is a season,” and we thank God        due to the editor on August 10.
when writing my book, and the sense       for your season with us.
of her spirit is so strong there.

Taste and See
PAris is worth A MAss
by Sally Hayman, parishioner

From the window of our comfort-             powers that had deposed and executed       thorns, Val de Grace, the gift of Marie
able room at the Hotel du Pantheon          the Louis XVI, decided to turn the         of Austria in thanksgiving for the birth
in Paris, I could look out and see the      church into a national Pantheon. The       of Louis XIV. Val de Grace, in fact, is
French national Pantheon. It was May        sculptures and dedication to St. Gen-      still a church but feels the need to dis-
6, two days before the national holiday     evieve were ripped off and replaced        play a sign, “This is not a museum.”
celebrating the liberation of France af-    with the inscription “Aux Grands
ter World War II. Workmen were busy         Hommes. La Patrie Reconnaissante.”         France, like most European nations,
festooning the great columns with           Neo-classical sculptures replaced          considers itself a post-Christian na-
French flags, the fluid tricolors making    Christian ones. Windows were bricked       tion, but churches are still open and
a nice contrast with the sober biscuit-     up to give a somber sepulchral look,       people still pray in them. On Sunday
colored buildings and the blue roofs.       and huge statues of heroic revolution-     we took ourselves for a return visit to
                                            ary statesmen were installed. Mira-        the Church of St. Gervais and
The next day, the usual crowds of tour-     beau and Marat were interred here,         Proteus, right behind the Hotel de
ists lounging on the steps and wander-      but later their ashes were removed in a    Ville. When we arrived, the members
ing around the square were replaced         political correction. Voltaire and Rous-   of the Community of Jerusalem where
by a more purposeful crowd of people        seau, sworn enemies, still face each       already kneeling in silent prayer in
who formed a ragged circle walking          other in the crypt. Of course, after the   the choir, nuns on one side, monks on
slowly around the triangular forecourt.     excesses of the revolution and the ter-    the other. The white-scarved heads of
As the crowd began to grow, now and         ror, monarchy was restored during the      the nuns were absolutely motionless.
then someone would raise a red banner       19th century on several occasions, and     Occasionally a nun or monk would
in the center of the group. I asked the     Christian worship again took place in      join the group, bringing a little stool
concierge, Hisham, what the protest         the church. But with the funeral of        around which to fold in a kneeling
was. He gave a Gallic shrug, and            Victor Hugo in 1885, it became totally     position. Meanwhile, the congregation
said that he didn’t know, but it didn’t     secular again.                             filed in, quietly taking little stools that
concern us. France was in the midst                                                    were lined up in the nave. When all
of one of its perpetual strikes. This       Imagine being an ordinary, non-            the stools were occupied, people came
time it was the faculty of some of the      revolutionary person during the years      and sat cross-legged on the matted
universities. Usually it is the students.   after 1793. Your church had now been       floor.
Blocks away at the Jardin du Lux-           turned into a “temple of reason” or
embourg, a street was lined by police       “temple of filial piety.” Your clergy      When a great blast peeled out from
vans, filled with riot-equipped police      had been deprived of their property or     the magnificent organ that had been
ready, if needed, to quiet the mob.         killed. If you even mentioned that you     played by the whole Couperin fam-
                                            might like the comfort of a sacrament,     ily, we looked around and found the
The following day, shops and public         your sans-culotte neighbor might           church filled with people – old, young,
services were closed because of the         turn you in. Those familiar words          middle-aged, well-dressed people.
public holiday. Flags flew everywhere,      “monsieur” and “madame” could not          Two nuns in front us in “reformed”
and military jets flew formations in the    be uttered. “Les Miserables” indeed!       short blue skirts and vests, looked,
sky. The strikers didn’t bother to come     The hypocrisy of “liberty, equality and    we imagined, with some envy at the
out as they were on holiday anyway.         fraternity” was complete when Napo-        flowing white cloaks of the Jerusalem
                                            leon, finding the church useful, invited   order. The nuns in the choir with their
The strikers had chosen their spot with                                                high clear voices led the singing and
some eye to historical symbolism. The       the pope to watch him crown himself
                                            emperor.                                   the congregation followed along with
Pantheon was originally dedicated                                                      the printed leaflet.
to St. Genevieve by Louis XV, who           Any tourist to France is familiar
offered the building in thanksgiving        with those churches scrubbed of all        Although I understood the “words” of
for his recovery from a serious illness.    holiness . . . the magnificent abbey       the sermon in French, I really couldn’t
Admittedly, the offering was part of        of Mont Saint Michel, the Sainte-          figure out what the preacher was
the royal agenda, but it was completed      Chapelle built to hold the crown of
at a bad time . . . 1790. In 1793 the                                                                     continued on page 7 . . .

Save the Dates
fellowshiP weekend, August 22-23
Many parishioners have asked for more St. Thomas               St. Thomas Summer Picnic, Sunday, August 23
fellowship events. So, we have planned a family fellowship     What better time to hold the all-parish fellowship picnic
weekend in August.                                             than on a warm Sunday in August? It has been a few years
A Day at the Links, Saturday, August 22                        since St. Thomas has held an all-parish event, and a picnic
                                                               gives us a wonderful reason for a casual get-together. It
A golf outing kicks off fellowship weekend. Foursomes          will be great fun for the whole family.
can include couples, men, women, families with teens,
even grandparents. You don’t have to be an expert golfer –     We will start with a Eucharist at 10:15 am, but we are mak-
this is for fun. Larry Loranger is leading this great summer   ing it special by holding the service in Medina Park across
activity and will be happy to set up foursomes.                from the church. After the service, we’ll have a picnic
                                                               lunch and fellowship, including softball and other games
The event starts at 12:00 noon at the Snoqualmie Falls Golf    and fun activities for the entire family.
Course in Fall City. The tournament will be a four-person
scramble format with a few wrinkles thrown in for fun.         If you would like to help organize the event or to lend a
You’ll pay your own entry fee, plus a small contribution to    hand on that day, please contact Catherine Kunkel (425-
a prize fund. Sign up with Larry at       868-075, or Anne Rogers (425-641-
or call him if you have questions at 206-363-1197. And if      1350, Let’s make this a fun, suc-
you have time, don’t forget to offer your help.                cessful St. Thomas fellowship event.

Christian Formation
signs of the sPirit
by Josh Hosler, Associate for Christian Formation

This month’s theme hymn, #513, is about the Holy Spirit.       Thomas in the past few months alone. I feel privileged to be
“Like the murmur of the dove’s song” is especially close to    present while God is doing it. The Holy Spirit doesn’t take
my heart because I sang it as a solo in church when I was      a summer vacation.
about 11 years old. At the time, it was a brand new hymn in
the soon-to-be-released 1982 Hymnal.                           Our theme for Vacation Bible Camp this year is “Seasons of
                                                               Faith: A Year with Jesus.” As of this writing a month and a
I feel like I’ve been writing, preaching, and talking about    half before camp, 61 children have already registered, and
nothing but the Holy Spirit lately. That’s appropriate.        half of them are not St. Thomas members. During camp in
The energy at St. Thomas has been palpable, from the           the week of July 20-24, the children will experience a dif-
introduction of our next rector, Lex Breckinridge … to         ferent church season each day: Advent, Christmas, Epipha-
an incredible Pentecost service featuring bagpipes, danc-      ny, Lent, and Easter.
ers, ice cream, and eleven baptisms … to the blessing and
send-off of nine graduating seniors … to the anticipation of   That leaves us an extra church season, Pentecost, which
our month of Congregations for the Homeless and Vaca-          we intend to celebrate with our campers on July 26. Again,
tion Bible Camp … to the upcoming Skagit Valley Youth          we have baptisms scheduled. Again, we have great music
Pilgrimage. Everywhere I turn, St. Thomas parishioners         planned. And again, we’ll have a party afterward: a barbe-
are pitching in because they know God is at work here, and     cue intended to welcome our friends from other churches
they want to join the movement.                                whose children have joined us for the week. I hope you’ll
                                                               join us too.
Hymn 513 lists a few signs of the Holy Spirit at work:
the healing of division, the ceaseless voice of prayer, the    Let 2009 be known as the year that the Holy Spirit
power to love and witness, and peace beyond compare. I         ran so rampant at St. Thomas, we had to celebrate
could give examples of all of these things happening at St.    Pentecost twice.

fellowshiP And fundrAising event, oCtober 24
St. Thomas has had a long tradition of fundraising to benefit the church and to reach out to the community. For years, we
presented the Secret Gardens Tour, and more recently, the Consignment Fair and Garage Sale. In the last two years or so,
we haven’t really done much. We think the idea should be given new life, and we want fellowship and fun to be as much
of the formula as fundraising. Here’s a fresh attempt to try something new, and we hope our whole church community
will support it.

Las Vegas Night and Silent Auction, Saturday, October 24
Las Vegas Night                                               Silent Auction
Venue: The Great Hall                                         Where: Also in the Great Hall, but along the perimeter and
Time: 8:00 to 11:30 pm                                        on the stage
Who: Parishioners over 21; 120-150 people maximum             What: We hope to offer 30 items or so in a silent auction;
Dress Code: It’s the week before Halloween, so why not        the items are to be contributed by parishioners, including
costumes? Or, if you prefer, wear what you’d wear in Las      practical items, vacation homes, personal services – any
Vegas                                                         items that might appeal in a fundraiser of this type.

What Makes It “Las Vegas”?                                    How: Sign-up sheets with description of items (some items
Poker, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette Tables                      displayed) will be available at the tables throughout the
                                                              night. A booklet listing all items will be provided. Upon
Who Benefits? St. Thomas because this is a fundraiser. No     closing, winning bidders can claim their items in the con-
personal winnings, but prizes will be awarded                 ference room.
Food: Light supper will be included in admission cost         Your Contribution Will Be Appreciated: Help us by offering
Refreshments: Bar will be available (one free drink; re-      items for the auction or taking part in the planning or in the
mainder for purchase)                                         set-up of the silent auction.

Raffle: We plan to raffle off a weekend in Las Vegas          How Much Fun Will It Be? Ask anyone who attended last
                                                              year’s Bishop Bash. The Silent Auction was fun and a great
Cost: To be determined.                                       success. Remember, this is not just a fundraiser – it will be
                                                              an enjoyable fellowship event as well.
How to Help: Offer to be a dealer for one hour during the
evening (we’ll probably need 18 dealers over the course of    Who to Contact
the night). Help with organization, with set-up, and during   Las Vegas
the event.                                                    Peter Pitarys - 425-635-1191;
                                                              Silent Auction
How Much Fun Will It Be? Ask Father Steve Best, Russ          Linda LaBrue – 425-427-8195;
Borgmann (who has been a dealer at a similar event), or       or Lurton Ahroon, 425-861-4241;
Alice Reid.

St. Thomas Episcopal Church                    Vestry Views
          Vestry                               thoughts on the holy sPirit
Bonnie Palevich, Senior Warden                 by Bob Webb, Junior Warden
Bob Webb, Junior Warden
Fred Barkman, Treasurer                        I don’t recall ever hearing this hymn before, despite so many of them be-
Jim Blundell, Chancellor                       ing familiar from years of singing in church services for over a half century.
Nicholas Sooy, Clerk
                                               However, with our recent Pentecost celebration commemorating the arrival of
Jeff Belfiglio                                 the Holy Spirit promised by Jesus and long before in old scripture, this poem
Margaret Chorlton, Warden for Personnel        and the thoughts in it are really meaningful to me on quiet reflection.
Joanne DelBene, Co-chair for Transition
Andy Hoskins                                   Then, a         Come, Gracious Spirit, heavenly Dove, with light and comfort from above;
Jim Hughes                                     week later,     Be thou our guardian, thou our guide o’er every thought and step preside.
Michelle Jewell, Warden for Development
                                               comes Trin- The light of truth to us display, and make us know and choose they way;
Jean Johnson, Warden for Transition
Steve Pedersen                                 ity Sunday, Plant holy fear in every heart, that we from thee may ne’er depart.
Nancy Pitarys                                  a much later Lead us to Christ, the living way, nor let us from his precepts stray;
                                               event in        Lead us to holiness, the road that we must take to dwell with God.
                                               our Chris-      Lead us to heaven, that we may share fullness of joy for ever there;
                  Staff                        tian church Lead us to God, our final rest, to be with him forever blest.
                                               history. It                                                                  — Hymn 512
The Reverend Doctor Jane Maynard,              fills the gap
    Priest-in-Charge (Interim)
                                               of how can
The Reverend Kathryn Ballinger, Deacon
    Associate for Spiritual Direction
                                               there be three separate Gods. And, how can we manage to understand our
    & Parish Visitor                           ongoing godly directives without some continuing close presence of God/
The Reverend Stephen W. Best,                  Christ? And the church seemed fractured on this important controversy. It
    Associate for Couples & Family Life        seems the joint decision at the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. defining a triune
Charles Rus, Interim Associate for             God with the Spirit being all around us even now brought the church closer
    Liturgical Arts                            together and was a spirit-filled and correct decision. Again, the “Dove” was
Josh Hosler, Associate for Christian           all around them in the earliest days.
Aileen Loranger, Associate for Pastoral Care   Meaningful to us, now? How? Maybe the feeling of peace, reassurance, and
    & Health Ministries                        security that comes from the light, almost buoyant, message of truth in the
Judy Crunkilton, Parish Administrator          verses on how to live our lives.
Gerry Gallaher, Business Manager
                                               The initial sentence suggests we welcome the loving guidance in our daily
                                               lives from this Spirit that was sent to care for us and help us. The Spirit fills
                                               us on how to function in this hubbub of turmoil that makes up most of our
         the ColleCt                           daily activity. Then this dove-like spirit becomes a little more directive say-
Shirley E. Deffenbaugh, Editor                 ing that to keep this loving feeling we are obliged to conduct ourselves the
Elizabeth Ward, Assistant Editor               best we are able.
Kay Kessel-Hanna, Layout Editor
Judy Crunkilton, Production                    What else might we gain from these four short stanzas? In the third, we ask,
                                               “Lead us to Christ, the living way. . . .” To me this suggests that living in this
                                               world with all its imperfections and problems can be done reverently, hon-
Deadline: No August issue. The due date        estly, and with a forthright enthusiasm. If we keep our eyes on the goal and
for September is August 10.
                                               strive for this life we all yearn for, we can still live life “on the high road” as
Please submit copy to Shirley                  circuitous as it often seems to be.
Deffenbaugh, editor, via email at or leave             And, in the end, by doing our best to live the way we know is right we are as-
in the drawer marked “Collect” at the          sured by this wonderful, comforting spirit brought by the gentle dove that we
Church. All articles will be edited. If you    will be blest forever.
have questions, please call Shirley at

Parish Life                              Taste and See continued from page 3 ...
We Celebrate Jane
                                         saying. His text was “I am the vine          Since 1975, they have established
The parish is invited to honor Jane      and you are the branches.” He made           communities in other European cities
Maynard at a farewell service and        some reference to the fact that the          including Florence and Cologne, and
party on Sunday, August 30, Jane’s       community had just made a pilgrimage         in Montreal, Canada.
last Sunday with St. Thomas. This        to Jerusalem. It rolled on in elegant
will be a one-service Sunday fol-        French phrases like a menu – entrée,         At the peace, the whole community
lowed by a parish potluck luncheon.      plat, and dessert. But everything            came out to the congregation, meet-
                                         always sounds more profound to me in         ing everyone with warm smiles and
Flower Guild Contributions                                                            two-handed greetings. I reflected on
On so many occasions, we like to                                                      the differences between the two groups
honor our loved ones with flowers,       I had time to reflect on what drew so        of demonstrators: the strikers in front
whether it is a birthday, graduation,    many obviously middle-class people           of the Pantheon whose grievances
wedding, anniversary, or a memorial      to worship at St. Gervais and Proteus.       will always renew themselves, and
to family and friends. You are invited   The church is inhabited by the monas-        the monks and nuns of the Order of
to choose a date throughout the year     tic Community of Jerusalem, men and          Jerusalem demonstrating their joy and
to provide a beautiful arrangement       women who take Benedictine vows of           commitment to Christ. The forces of
for the church. To schedule a time       poverty, chastity, obedience, and joy.       French revolution did their best to dig
or to make a much needed donation        Given a charter or constitution by the       out the roots of the Christian church.
to the Flower Guild, you may call        Holy See in 1975, they agree to sing         They even scattered the bones of the
Dorothy Bishop at 425-454-2367.          prayers and psalms three times daily         French kings buried in St. Denis to
Susan Huenefeld orders the flowers       in the church where they are assigned.       prevent any association of monarchy
and the design and arrangements are      All the monks and nuns work for              and Christianity. But the roots were
completed by Susan, Vicki Neumann,       wages and live in rented accommoda-          deeper and stronger than they could
Gretchen Dawson, Lee Belfiglio,          tions. They live in and find spiritual       imagine and even today put forth new
Cheryl Kiefer, and Rachel Best. If       inspiration in the life of the city. They    branches like the Order of Jerusalem.
you would like to participate in this    go about in their habits, and carry the
service, you are welcome to take         cloister in their hearts. They seek to
the training and arrange flowers on      attract worshippers through the beauty
Friday or Saturday about once every      of their liturgy which refers back pre-
six weeks.                               Vatican II to the early Christians in
Summer Sundays @ Seven
Save the dates for two special con-
certs on two Sundays at 7:00 pm.
Sunday, July 19 – Treasury of Song:
                                             finAnCiAl rePort
Robert & Clara Schumann, “Their
Music, Their Love, Their Lives” with         MAY 2009                                  BUDGET                    ACTUAL
Alyce Rogers, contralto, and Charles                               INCOME              $ 69,542                  $ 65,331
Enlow, piano, featuring                                            EXPENSE             $ 72,585                  $ 78,282
Liederkreis, op. 39 by Robert                YEAR TO DATE
Schumann; piano works of Robert &                                  INCOME              $419,208                  $411,417
Clara Schumann; and songs of Clara                                 EXPENSE             $420,719                  $424,986
                                             A detailed financial report is available from Gerry Gallaher, Business Manager,
Sunday, August 9 – Organ & Piano
                                             in the Parish Office.
Recital featuring Ruth Rus, piano,
and Charles Rus, organ.

                                     A note froM Zonnie breCkinridge

                                                                                           May 31, 2009

                                     Dear Bonnie,
                                             Please pass along to the whole St. Thomas community our deep
                                     gratitude for the warm and generous welcome extended to Lex and me
                                     last week. We felt embraced by all and we are still basking in the glow of
                                     your hospitality.
                                            We can hardly wait to settle into the community and begin
                                     sharing our lives will all of you.
                                            Lex joins me in wishing all of you a glorious summer.
                                            I look forward to the next time we are together.

                         Practicing the Hospitality of God
                 Profiles, p.1   Taste and See, p. 3            Christian Formation, p. 4
in this issue:
                  Save the Dates, p. 4-5         Vestry Views, p. 6               Parish Life, p. 7

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