; Hire PHP Programmer – PHP Programming Solutions at 60% Cutting Rates
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Hire PHP Programmer – PHP Programming Solutions at 60% Cutting Rates


Hire php programmers from Outsourcing Programming Services at 60% cutting rate. Hire php programmers and get one stop solution for php programming. Hire our professional php programmer for your php programming projects.

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Hire PHP Programmer – PHP Programming Solutions at 60% Cutting Rates
By: Outsourcing Programming Services

Date: 13-05-10

Outsourcing Programming Services is an offshore web development company in India. We are
specialized in providing hire php programmers, php programming services for all kind of businesses at
affordable rates in US, UK, CANADA and across the world. After successful 12 years competition in php
programming business we serve the world class technology to our clients. Save up to 40% to 60% of cost
on your php programming projects.

Outsourcing Programming Services (OPS) is a one of the leading PHP programming company based in
India. Hire our php programmer that gives you complete solutions for your php programming projects.
We have affordable PHP programmer to develop any PHP application using PHP programming
technology. Our PHP programming company offers its patrons to hire PHP web programmers to work as
dedicated PHP programmer to get complete PHP solutions as per client requirements. Hire php
programmers have the scalability, robustness, integration, and support for web standards making it the
perfect fit to create and deploy modern.

Advantages of PHP Programming Solution:

      Low development and maintenance cost
      High performance and reliability
      Ability to embed itself into the HTML code
      Compatible with servers like Apache and IIS
      Runs on various platforms such as Windows, Linux and Unix
      Supports a wide variety of databases such as MySQL, Informix, Oracle, Sybase, Solid,
       PostgreSQL and Generic ODBC

Hire our php programmer has great expertise and all resources to php programming that best suit your
needs, budget and schedule. Hire our php programmers are capable to handle php programming and
give you the best php web programming solution before the dead-line.

You can save 40% to 60% on your cost by outsourcing your php programming solutions requirement to us
by dropping an email on info@outsourcingprogrammingservices.com.

Hire PHP programmers and hire dedicated PHP web programmers for your PHP programming or PHP
web programming projects, please visit us at:

About Outsourcing Programming Services

Outsourcing Programming Services provides custom web programming services in PHP programming,
ASP Programming, .NET Programming, Cold Fusion Programming with lowest possible rate so you can
save 40 to 60 % on your projects.

For more information, Contact:

URL: http://www.outsourcingprogrammingservices.com

E-mail: info@outsourcingprogrammingservices.com

Voice: +91-794-000-3000


Fax:   +91-794-000-3202

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