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                            Important notice
   Do not try self-diagnosis of or attempt self-treatment for serious or long-term
 problems without consulting a medical professional or qualified practitioner. Do
not undertake any self-treatment while you are undergoing a prescribed course of
medical treatment without first seeking professional advice. Always seek medical
  advice if symptoms persist. Do not exceed any dosages recommended without
     professional guidance. Before taking any remedy or supplement, refer to
     Consulting a practitioner, page 176, and Choosing a remedy, page 216.

       Homeopathic remedy names are usually used in abbreviated form.
       Commonly accepted abbreviations are used throughout the book.
          Remedies are listed in the materia medica by Latin name.

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                          Introduction 6
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                Theory & practice
    History of homeopathy 12 • Key principles & theories 18
 Building a materia medica 22 • Development of homeopathy 24

                   Materia medica
     How remedies are made 28 • Major plant remedies 30
    Major mineral remedies 66 • Major animal remedies 102
                       Minor remedies 116

                  Serious ailments
      Consulting a practitioner 176 • Nervous system 178
  Respiratory system 180 • Circulatory system 184 • Digestive
  system 188 • Skin & bones 192 • Reproductive systems 198
          Immune system 204 • Mind & emotions 210

             Homeopathic self-help
 Choosing a remedy 216 • Nervous system 218 • The eyes 220
 The ears 222 • Respiratory system 224 • Circulatory system 230
     The mouth 232 • Digestive system 234 • The skin 240
        Emotional problems 244 • Children’s health 246
        Health in adolescence 254 • Women’s health 256
    Men’s health 264 • Health in later life 266 • First aid 270

A–Z Quick–reference guide to remedies by homeopathic name 276
       How to find a practitioner & useful addresses 312
                        Bibliography 314
                            Index 316
                     Acknowledgments 336
Homeopathy is a holistic form of complementary medicine, aiming to treat the whole person
rather than just the physical symptoms. It works on the principle that the mind and body
are so strongly linked that physical conditions cannot be successfully treated without an
understanding of the person’s constitution and character.
     Whereas in conventional medicine, people diagnosed with the same condition will
generally be given the same medicine, in homeopathy the remedy given to a patient may
depend on a whole host of other factors, such as temperament, state of mind, and lifestyle.
The key to the practice of homeopathy is the ability to understand and interpret the patient’s
symptoms—the outward signs of internal disorder—both before and after a remedy is given.
This continuing relationship helps to make homeopaths particularly effective at discovering
the underlying causes of frequently recurring ailments.
     Homeopathy’s safe, gentle approach complies with one of the most important rules of
medical intervention—namely, that it should do no harm. Many common, everyday ailments
may be treated safely and effectively at home using homeopathic remedies; should the
common ailment develop into something worse, however—a cold into a chest infection, for
instance—then a conventional doctor must be consulted. In general, a conventional doctor
should be consulted for any ailment that can be quickly and effectively treated by
conventional medicine, or for any condition that requires conventional investigation.
Certain serious ailments may also be alleviated using homeopathic remedies, but in the
treatment of these conditions, the experience of a qualified homeopathic practitioner is
essential from the outset.
     My aim in this book has been to give a wide-ranging and comprehensive account of
homeopathy that is easy for the layperson to understand and use. With several hundred
homeopathic remedies available, choosing the right ones is obviously a complex matter.
I have included more than 320 remedies and a great many ailments. Those in the serious
ailments section should under no circumstances be considered for self-treatment but always
referred to a homeopathic practitioner. With their accompanying case histories, the inclusion
of these serious conditions is intended to give the reader a greater insight into the way a
homeopathic practitioner might approach particular problems and how consultations can
help unlock a case and provide an understanding of how the illness has developed.
     For this book, a great deal of research has been carried out into the scientific
classifications of the substances from which remedies are made, in order to correct the
various errors and confusions that have crept in over the past 200 years. Thus, this book is
currently the most scientifically accurate and up-to-date publication available on homeopathy.
I have used current biological, zoological, and mineralogical classifications where possible,
which has meant that some Latin names in this book differ from those to be found in
earlier homeopathic textbooks. The remedies are listed in alphabetical order according
to these Latin names in the materia medica.
     It is a truism that no one system of medicine can cure every illness every time in
every patient. However, an integrated approach to medicine can provide a flexible and
pragmatic approach to healthcare, and homeopathy has an important role to play in this
process. In many countries, conventionally trained doctors are already turning
increasingly to complementary therapies such as homeopathy to widen the range of
treatments available to them.
     To some extent, this is a response by the medical profession to the wishes of a
growing number of patients, who would like to take more responsibility for their own
health. More and more people want to understand what they can do themselves to
prevent illness and, if they do become ill, to understand the causes of their illness and
determine how they can help themselves recover. Homeopathy offers a simple, effective,
relatively inexpensive, and extremely safe way of accomplishing this, provided it is
practiced with common sense.

Introduction to updated edition
Homeopathy is far more than just a different set of “pills” for everyday ills. It provides a
language for diagnosis and a range of approaches to health. This book provides the
information necessary to use homeopathy to treat many every day illnesses by focusing
on the cause and the presenting symptoms. Central to this is an understanding of the
homeopathic remedies themselves. The clear descriptions and illustrations in this book
make the exploration of homeopathy and its medicines a delight and bring accurate use
of homeopathy for minor ailments into the home. In addition, more serious conditions
are described, and the way homeopathy can play a part in the holistic management of
these conditions is explored. In this book, Andrew Lockie has provided an excellent and
straightforward introduction and overview of this broad subject. We, like Dr. Lockie,
believe that many more people can access both the benefits of homeopathy and the
wonders of the remedies through this book.

This encyclopedia is organized into distinct sections. The first                                                                 medica, while the final sections deal respectively with serious
section puts the therapy in its historical and contemporary                                                                      ailments and those for which a degree of self-help may be
context, and outlines the key theories and principles on which                                                                   appropriate. Guidelines for using these sections are outlined
it is based. The second section contains an extensive materia                                                                    here. An appendix gives information on finding a practitioner.

MATERIA MEDICA                                                                                       2                                                                                                               1 2                                                                  5                                           7
More than 320 remedies are outlined here.          62 •    MAJOR PLANT REMEDIES                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      MINOR REMEDIES             • 171

The most important ones are organized         1     Solanum dulcamara                                                                                                                                                Valeriana officinalis                                  pneumonia. Symptoms appear rapidly,                    Symptoms better For rising from sitting; for

                                                    DULCAMARA                                                                                                                                                        VALERIANA                                              including a strong or slow pulse, high fever,          taking a deep breath.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            anxiety, and vomiting. There may be a red              Symptoms worse For drafts; for changes in

in three sections according to their plant,                                                                                                                                                                          COMMON NAME Common valerian.                           streak in the center of the tongue.                    temperature; for touch; for talking or reading

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ORIGIN Native to Europe and northern Asia,                Another rapid-onset condition for which             aloud; for biting hard.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     and cultivated in central Europe.                      Veratrum vir. is given is intense fever with           See also Neuralgia, page 268
                                                    KEY SYMPTOMS conditions that are affected by weather changes from
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     BACKGROUND Once known as “all-heal,”                   twitching, especially during sleep, spasms,

mineral, or animal origin, while the fourth         hot to cold • domineering nature • sensitivity to cold and damp
                                                    • asthma • urticaria in humid conditions
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     valerian has been used since the time
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     of ancient Rome for anxiety, insomnia,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     and high blood pressure. In World
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     War I the tincture was widely used
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            delirium, chorea (involuntary, random, jerky
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            movements), or even manic behavior or
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            puerperal fever (infection in the genital tract
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            after miscarriage, an abortion, or childbirth).
                                                    Since the time of ancient Rome, nightshade has been

section comprises an overview of minor              used to treat a wide range of ailments. One such                                                                          Leaves and twigs are
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     for shell shock.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     PREPARATION The fresh root is unearthed and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Violent, rapidly appearing headaches
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            may occur, with a bursting,

                                                    ailment, abscesses called “felons” on the fingertips,                                                                     used herbally to treat                 macerated in alcohol.                                  congested sensation in the head,
                                                                                                                                                                              skin problems
                                                    inspired one of the plant’s common names, felonwort. The                                                                                                                                                                as if it contains too much blood.

remedies. The remedies are listed by their          18th-century Swedish naturalist Carolus Linnaeus prescribed the
                                                    plant to treat fever and inflammatory infections. The homeopathic
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Remedy profile
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Those with a nervous, irritable, restless,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     and mentally or emotionally unstable state
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     of mind respond best to Valeriana. It is
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Symptoms better For rubbing the affected
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            area; for lying with the head held low; for hot,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            strong coffee.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Symptoms worse For cold; for the heat of
                                                    remedy, proved in 1811 by Hahnemann, is traditionally associated

Latin names. For easy reference, in the             with people who are highly susceptible to damp and chills.

                                                    REMEDY PROFILE
                                                                                                                                                                                      Leaves and unripe
                                                                                                                                                                                      berries are most
                                                                                                                                                                                      toxic parts of plant
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     used for an extreme nervous state possibly
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     characterized by hysteria, raving, swearing,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     and madness, accompanied by a sensation
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            the sun; for rising; for movement; for lying
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            on the back; after childbirth; for suppressed
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            menstruation, possibly caused by jet lag.

                                                                                                     allergens may aggravate the severity                                                                            of dreaming or floating. Fluctuating mood                                                                                                    VESPA CRABRO

main index on page 278 the common                   Dulcamara is typically given to people who are   of symptoms.                                                                                                    swings that alternate between extreme joy              Verbascum thapsiforme                                                               (European hornet)
                                                    sensitive to cold and damp, with symptoms
                                                    caused by rapid temperature changes or cold,
                                                                                                     Symptoms better For warmth; for dry,
                                                                                                     settled weather; for movement.
                                                                                                                                                     NIGHTSHADE A stimulant, diuretic, and
                                                                                                                                                     antirheumatic plant, nightshade is highly toxic and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     and deepest grief are typically linked
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     to this remedy.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            VERBASCUM                                              Vespa crabro
                                                    wet weather.                                     Symptoms worse For cold, damp weather;          therefore generally used only by trained herbalists.               Physically, Valeriana is associated with            COMMON NAMES    Great mullein, Aaron’s rod.
remedy names appear in bold type.                      In the symptom picture for Dulcamara,
                                                    these physical factors outweigh psychological
                                                                                                     at night.

                                                                                                     Head & facial pain                               S O U R C E D E TA I L S
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     neuralgic pains, a rapid pulse, and blood
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     congestion in the head. Pains tend to be
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ORIGIN Native to central and southern Europe
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            and western Asia.                                      COMMON NAME     European hornet.
                                                    traits, but some confusion, irritability,                                                                                                                        darting and tearing, alternating between               BACKGROUND Greek mythology relates that                ORIGIN Native to Europe.
                                                    impatience, and restlessness may be evident,     SYMPTOMS Pain in a specific part of the head,    ORIGIN                                                         the upper and lower limbs. The limbs feel              Odysseus used great mullein to protect                 BACKGROUND The female hornet has a severe
                                                    possibly with a domineering attitude, notably    or with a sensation of heaviness, nausea, or     Native to north Africa, Europe, and northern                   painful, heavy, and difficult to move, and             himself from Circe, and in the Middle Ages             sting, but it is rarely fatal.
                                                    toward family members.                           confusion. Neuralgic face pain, perhaps          Asia, and naturalized in North America.                        may jerk on resting. Headaches tend to                 it was thought to be magical. Today it is              PREPARATION The whole, live insect is steeped
                                                       Susceptibility to respiratory infections      caused by Bell’s palsy, may be treated, or       Grows in moist, shady soil.                                    develop slowly, in spurts, or suddenly,                generally used in herbalism for coughs.                in alcohol, diluted, and succussed.
                                                    causing thick, yellow mucus is typical. Hay      pain due to sinusitis (see left).                                                                               as if caused by a blow to the head.                    PREPARATION The fresh aerial parts in flower,

1 LATIN NAME Botanical, mineralogical,                                                                                                                                                                       9
                                                    fever and other allergic reactions are also      Symptoms better For dry, fine weather;           BACKGROUND                                                     Symptoms better For changing position;                 excluding the woody parts, are finely                  Remedy profile
                                                    common, as are head and joint pain, eczema,      for keeping still; for expelling catarrh.        Has a long history of use as an anti-                          for walking around; for sleep; for sweating.           chopped and steeped in alcohol.                        People for whom Vespa is best suited
                                                    and diarrhea.                                    Symptoms worse For cold, damp weather;           inflammatory and a liver tonic. Stem extracts                   Symptoms worse In the early afternoon;                                                                        are prone to insomnia, often due to
                                                                                                     in winter.                                       have been used for warts and eczema.                           in the late evening; at rest; for standing             Remedy profile                                         anxiety. Their nerves and muscles

or zoological name of the plant, mineral,     6     Colds & coughs                                   Skin conditions
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     or sitting still; for excitement; for fasting.         Verbascum is of most benefit to those who              are often sensitive.

                                                                                                                                                      P R E PA R AT I O N                                                                                                   are apathetic, lazy, and easily distracted by             Red, swollen skin complaints and
                                                    SYMPTOMS Sore throat, with a thick, yellow       SYMPTOMS Thickened, crusty, itchy skin,          Fresh green stems and leaves are picked                        Veratrum viride                                        the varied thoughts that crowd upon them.              disorders of the female reproductive organs
                                                    discharge from the nose and the eyes. Thick      notably on the scalp, which bleeds when          just before the plant flowers, then finely
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     VERATRUM VIR.                                          The symptoms treated by Verbascum are                  are usually treated with Vespa. Typical skin

or animal from which the remedy is made.            mucus may be due to sinusitis, as may
                                                    painful pressure and congestion in the head.
                                                    A stiff neck is common, perhaps with back
                                                                                                     scratched. Dulcamara is also used to treat
                                                                                                     urticaria (hives) brought on by sweating in
                                                                                                     humid conditions; large, flat, smooth warts,
                                                                                                                                                      chopped and macerated in alcohol.

                                                                                                                                                      COMMON NAMES
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     COMMON NAME
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    American white hellebore.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Found throughout northwestern
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            often associated with painful neuralgic
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            conditions, particularly of the facial area.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Typical symptoms include neuralgic pains in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   symptoms include sore, stinging boils,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   raised, itchy bumps and weals, and itchy,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   lentil-shaped spots. Stinging, burning

                                                    and limb pain. There may also be                 especially on the palms of the hands;            Nightshade, woody nightshade, bitter                           North America.                                         the face and teeth, especially on the left side,       pains, as if the body is being pierced by

2 REMEDY NAME Commonly used name
                                                    conjunctivitis, a rattling cough, bronchitis,    and ringworm, often found on the scalps          nightshade, felonwort.                                         BACKGROUND   Although once used as a herbal            with severe pain in the cheekbones.                    something sharp, are another symptom

                                                    or even pneumonia.                               of children.                                                                                                    remedy by the Iroquois and Cherokee                    Irritation and inflammation of the bladder,            associated with this remedy.
                                                    Symptoms better For warmth; for dry, settled     Symptoms better For warmth; for dry weather.                                                                    Indians, this highly toxic plant is now little         ears, or respiratory tract may also be eased              Vespa is also used for mucous
                                                    weather; for movement.                           Symptoms worse For cold, damp weather;          Symptoms better For warmth; for movement.                       used in herbal medicine.                               by the remedy.                                         membrane problems and complaints

for the homeopathic remedy.                         Symptoms worse For cold, damp weather;
                                                    at night.

                                                    Hay fever & asthma
                                                                                                     before menstruation.

                                                                                                     SYMPTOMS   Slimy, yellow or green stools,
                                                                                                                                                     Symptoms worse For cold; for damp; for rest.

                                                                                                                                                     Joint pain
                                                                                                                                                     SYMPTOMS Stiffness and pain in joints,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     PREPARATION The fresh root is gathered in fall
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     and macerated in alcohol.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Remedy profile
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               In addition, Verbascum is given for painful
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            colds with profuse discharge, watery eyes,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            and a sensation of the ears having been
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            blocked up. The chest may be congested
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   associated with menstruation, such
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   as premenstrual depression, pain,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   and constipation.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Symptoms better For washing the hands in

3 KEY SYMPTOMS Primary symptoms
                                                    SYMPTOMS Nasal congestion, with profuse,         maybe with traces of blood. There may be        aggravated by damp.                                             People who respond best to this remedy                 with catarrh, and the voice may be deep and            cold water; for bathing the affected area
                                                    watery discharge from the eyes and               nausea, and pain before passing stools.         Symptoms better For warmth; for movement.                       are often restless, quarrelsome, and prone             hoarse. Coughs tend to sound hollow, deep,             with vinegar.
                                                    constricted breathing. Exposure to animal        In children, symptoms may be triggered          Symptoms worse For cold; for damp; for                          to complaining.                                        and hoarse, and occur mainly at night. An              Symptoms worse For closed, stuffy
                                                    fur, grass pollen, dust mites, and other         during teething.                                extremes of temperature; for inactivity.                          Veratrum vir. has a strong affinity with lung        intake of breath may cause the coughing to             surroundings; for being by a source of

associated with the remedy.                         See also Severe eczema, page 194; Sore throat, page 226
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     conditions such as asthma, pleurisy, and               die down.                                              direct heat.

4 INTRODUCTION General information
and history of the remedy source.                         w                                                                                                                                                       8                      90
5 REMEDY PROFILE Outline of the principal
physical, psychological, and emotional        8 ORIGIN Habitat or source of the                                                                                                                                  q COMMON NAMES Commonly
symptoms associated with the remedy and       remedy substance.                                                                                                                                                  used name or names of the remedy
the conditions treated.                       9 BACKGROUND Historical, medicinal,                                                                                                                                source.
6 AILMENTS Key symptoms treated.              or general context of the substance.                                                                                                                               w SEE ALSO Cross-references to examples
7 SYMPTOMS BETTER/WORSE Factors that          0 PREPARATION How the remedy is                                                                                                                                    of the remedy’s usage in the serious
improve or exacerbate symptoms.               made from its primary source.                                                                                                                                      ailments and self-help sections.

SERIOUS AILMENTS                              3 SYMPTOMS Key symptoms associated                                                                                                                                               186 •      SERIOUS AILMENTS

This section features certain common,         with the condition.
chronic conditions that may benefit from      4 CAUSES Principal reasons for the                                                                                                                                 1                 PALPITATIONS                                                                                                   CASE HISTORY
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Clare, a credit controller, age 37, had
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  a two-month histor y of palpitations. She
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  “Palpitations” is the term used to describe a general awareness that the heart is                               described thuds in her chest—three a

professional homeopathic consultation         development of the condition.                                                                                                                                      2
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   beating, or the sensation that it is beating irregularly, or faster, or with more force
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   than it should, given the level of exertion. Not all palpitations indicate a serious
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   condition, but they should be investigated. The heart normally beats at a rate of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  minute or one ever y two minutes—at any
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  time of day. She had cut out caffeine and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  increased the amount of oats in her diet,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  but neither helped. She felt worse for

and treatment. They are not suitable for      5 CONVENTIONAL CARE Diagnosis and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   about 70 beats a minute.                                                                                       stress. An ECG was normal. She had been
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  referred to a cardiologist, and prescribed
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          have an affinity with the heart. Agaricus is            a beta blocker, which helped a good deal.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   • Heart feels as though it is beating harder or        associated with heart irregularities induced by         She was taking an oral contraceptive and

self-help. The conditions are primarily       typical treatment using conventional                                                                                                                                                 faster than usual.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   • Fluttering or thumping in the chest, with
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   an alarming sensation as though the heart has
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          stimulants. Apis is indicated for organic heart
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          disease accompanied by fluid retention. China is
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          associated with nervous exhaustion. Conium is
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  was a nonsmoker.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  P E R S O N A L D E TA I L S
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   stopped beating.                                       effective for an incompetent mitral valve, and          Clare was a ner vous person, concerned

physical ailments, although some mental       medicine.                                                                                                                                                                            • Possible faintness and breathlessness.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Kali. carb. is indicated if there are associated
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          respiratory problems such as asthma. Other
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  about what others were thinking and,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  in her view, not tough enough. She

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          remedies include Argentum nit., Aurum met.,             was easily offended, but bottled up
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Heartbeat is controlled by the autonomic               Calc. carb., Lachesis, Nat. mur., Nux vomica,           her feelings. She resented what she

and emotional problems are included. They     6 HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE Typical
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   nervous system. If nerve impulses are disrupted,       Phosphorus, Sepia, and Sulphur.                         considered to be bad treatment by her
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   the heart will continue beating, but at its own,          Acute attacks are also treated according to          mother-in-law.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   usually slower rate. The most common form of           specific symptoms. Remedies include Aconite,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   palpitation—usually experienced at rest—is             if onset is sudden, especially after shock,             FOOD PREFERENCES

are organized into subsections according to   homeopathic approach to treatment.                                                                                                                                                   caused by ectopic heartbeats, when a premature
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   beat is followed by an unusually long pause.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   This feels like a thumping or fluttering in the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          with a fear of dying; and Nux vomica, if
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          palpitations result from overindulgence, or
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          if there is physical and mental exhaustion
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Clare liked sweet foods, vinegar, and spices,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  and especially chocolate and carbonated
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  drinks. She disliked herbal teas.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   chest, and is not usually indicative of heart          with overarousal from doing too much,

the body system affected by each particular   7 LIFESTYLE Recommendations concerning
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   disease. It is caused by stimulants—for example        chilliness, and irritability. Digitalis is given for    G E N E R A L D E TA I L S
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   large amounts of caffeine or heavy smoking.            palpitations preceding a feeling as though the          Clare was better for sun and heat. She slept
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Palpitations with an irregular heartbeat may be        heart has stopped, with a fear that the least           six hours a night and awoke unrefreshed.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   symptomatic of heart disease. They may also be         movement might make it stop again; and                  She complained of a poor memory, a lack

group of ailments. At the beginning of each   diet, exercise, and general lifestyle that may                                                                                                                                       caused by an overactive thyroid gland, high
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   fever, food allergy, and certain recreational drugs,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   such as amphetamines or cocaine. Palpitations
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Lachesis is prescribed for menopausal women
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          who feel faint and anxious, and complain of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          a constricted feeling in the chest.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  of energy since puberty, split ends, brittle
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  nails, cold extremities, and loose bowel
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  movements when she was anxious.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   may be a side-effect of some prescribed drugs,

subsection there is a clear, illustrated      affect the condition and its treatment.                                                                                                                                              particularly those that regulate blood pressure,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   or they may be triggered by anxiety.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Smoking is inadvisable, and those who consume
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          large amounts of caffeine should reduce their
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  PRESCRIPTION & FOLLOW-UP
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  On her first visit Clare was given Staphisagria,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  and it was suggested that she write a letter
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Conventional care
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          intake. The diet should be low in fat and refined       to her mother-in-law airing her grievances,

explanation of how the relevant body          8 CAUTION Developments in the condition
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Treatment depends on the underlying                    carbohydrates, and high in oily fish and                but that she did not mail it. She was also
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   cause. Investigations may include 24-hour              vegetarian proteins. A nutritionist can advise          advised not to take the contraceptive pill.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   electrocardiograms (ECGs) to explore the level         about possible food allergy, but it is worth            By her next visit, four weeks later, the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   of electrical activity in the heart, and thyroid-      eliminating suspected triggers from the diet.           cardiologist had confirmed that there was

system works.                                 to watch out for, and general cautionary                                                                                                                                             function tests to identify gland disorders.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Appropriate drug therapy will follow. In extreme
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   cases, a normal heart rhythm may have to be re-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Plenty of rest, sleep, and relaxation techniques
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          or meditation are advisable. Time-management
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          techniques can help to reduce stress levels.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  no heart disease. The palpitations were less
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  frequent and less severe, and Clare’s energy
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  levels were higher. She was put on mineral
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   established using cardioversion (electric shocks).                                                             supplements and seen a month later. She

                                              measures.                                                                                                                                                                            Homeopathic medicine                                    CAUTION
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  had not had any palpitations, felt much less

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  stressed, and was sleeping better, although
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   In addition to an individual’s medical history, a       • If palpitations are accompanied by                   she was restless, and had become insecure
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   homeopath will consider emotional state, any            chest pain, breathing difficulties,                     and fastidious. She had also developed a

1   AILMENT TITLE   Common name of            9 CASE HISTORY Details of an actual patient’s
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   local aggravating factors, such as the effects of       dizziness, sweating, or fainting, see                  craving for fats. After being prescribed Arsen.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   cold air or physical exhaustion, and food               a doctor immediately.                                  alb., Clare had no further problems. She now
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   preferences. Prescription of constitutional             • If palpitations last for several hours, or           takes no medication other than the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   remedies will be largely determined by specific         recur over several days, consult a doctor.             contraceptive pill.

the condition.                                experience of the condition, an outline of                                                                                                                                           symptoms (see page 18), but some remedies

2 INTRODUCTION General description of         the homeopathic treatment prescribed, and
the ailment and those affected by it.         update on subsequent progress.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     7 8                                             9
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        HOW TO USE THIS BOOK                                                                                             • 9

HOMEOPATHIC SELF-HELP                                      224 •    HOMEOPATHIC SELF-HELP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          RESPIRATORY SYSTEM            • 225

Arranged in chart form, this section covers                  RESPIRATORY SYSTEM
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               easily when the immune system is weak, making the body                      body’s defenses are weakened by overwork, exhaustion,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               vulnerable. Variations in the efficiency of the immune system               anxiety, and stress. A weak system also increases the

a wide range of minor and acute physical,                    With every breath we take, spores, viruses, bacteria,
                                                             and microscopic particles of dust, smoke, and chemical
                                                                                                                                             (see page 180). The respiratory system is therefore highly
                                                                                                                                             susceptible to the effects of atmospheric irritants. If the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               explain why only some of the people exposed to a cold
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               actually catch it. The immune system may be impaired by
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           possibility of allergic reactions to atmospheric particles.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Homeopathy addresses imbalances in the immune system

                                                   2         pollutants enter the body. The nose moistens, warms, and                        immune system is strong, it is able to ward off all but the                       poor diet, overindulgence, exposure to cold or windy                        rather than fighting infection. Allergies may require

mental, and emotional ailments that may                      filters air before it is drawn into the airway and lungs

                                                                                                                                             most virulent infections. Colds, coughs, and influenza strike

                                                                                                                                          SPECIFIC AILMENT            PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               weather, or being chilled or overheated. In addition, the

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               PSYCHOLOGICAL SYMPTOMS                 SYMPTOMS BETTER
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           constitutional homeopathic treatment (see page 176).

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          SYMPTOMS WORSE                          REMEDY & DOSAGE

respond well to self-help measures. General        3           HAY FEVER & ALLERGIC RHINITIS                                              Hay fever with
                                                               Seasonal airborne irritants such as grass, tree, and flower pollen cause burning catarrh
                                                                                                                                                                      • Streaming, burning catarrh that may start in
                                                                                                                                                                        the left nostril and move to the right, and that
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               • None apart from irritability due
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 to discomfort of symptoms
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      • In cool rooms
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      • In fresh air
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          • In warm rooms
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          • In cold or damp weather
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Allium cepa
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  (see page 34)

                                                               the allergic reaction that is called hay fever. Mucous membranes lining                                  makes the nostrils and upper lip sore                                                         • For bathing                       • For warm foods and drinks             6c as required

conditions are organized by body system.
                                                               the nose and eyes are mainly affected, but the ears, throat, and lungs                                 • Pain in the forehead                                                                          • For movement                                                              up to 10 doses
                                                               may also become irritated. Symptoms include repeated sneezing, a                                       • Larynx feels as if it has hooks sticking in it
                                                               runny nose, watering eyes, and itching of the eyes, nose, palate, and                                  • Eyes stream with a bland discharge
                                                               throat. Allergic rhinitis, or perennial rhinitis, is the name given to

Sections on specific ailments that are
                                                               similar symptoms that occur year-round and are caused by other          Hay fever with constant        • Thick, honey-colored catarrh follows 3 or              • Restlessness                         • In the open air                   • For sneezing                          Arsen. iod.
                                                               irritants, including dust mites and animal dander.                      desire to sneeze                 4 days of continuous, violent sneezing                 • Anxiety and worry                    • For eating                        • For warmth                            (see page 126)
                                                               SELF-HELP Avoid all known irritants. If symptoms are severe, try using                                 • Nostrils are sore, red, and painful                    • Possible hyperactivity in children   • For rest                          • In dry weather                        6c as required
                                                               air filters or ionizers in the home. Wear sunglasses and a hat when                                     • Burning throat and irritating cough                                                                                                                                       up to 10 doses

prevalent at particular stages of life follow,
                                                               outdoors to shade your face. Eat lots of fresh, raw fruits and
                                                               vegetables. Blow the nose gently; hard blowing may burst pollen            Hay fever in which mainly   • Eyes are swollen and sensitive to bright light         • None apart from irritability due     • When lying down in a              • For warmth                            Euphrasia
                                                               grains in the nose and increase irritation. Rub a small dab of             the eyes are affected       • Thick, burning discharge from the eyes that              to discomfort of symptoms              darkened room                     • In warm, windy weather                (see page 142)
                                                               petroleum jelly inside each nostril a few times a day to prevent                                         irritates the skin on the cheeks beneath                                                      • For coffee                        • For bright light                      6c as required

along with a first-aid section.
                                                               the nose from becoming dry and sore. Take combination H tissue                                         • Bland catarrh from the nose                                                                                                       • Indoors                               up to 10 doses
                                                               salts (see page 216).                                                                                  • Catarrh drips down the back of the throat                                                                                         • In the evening

                                                               COLDS                                                                      Cold that comes             • Mouth feels hot                                        • Fear of losing touch with friends    • For applying cold compresses to   • For jarring and touch                 Ferrum phos.
                                                               Colds are caused by viral infections of the respiratory tract. Early       on slowly                   • Throat is inflamed                                      • Talkativeness                          the forehead                      • When lying on the right side          (see page 82)
                                                               symptoms include a sore throat, watery catarrh, and sneezing. As                                       • Mild fever                                             • Excitability                         • For gentle exercise               • In fresh air and sun                  6c every 2 hours
                                                               a cold runs its course, the catarrh thickens and may become yellow                                     • Nose may bleed                                                                                • For lying down                    • Between 4 a.m. and 6 a.m.             up to 4 doses
                                                               in color. Colds are usually self-limiting, but a neglected cold may                                                                                                                                                                        • When overheated but

1 SECTION TITLE Body system or life stage
                                                               develop into a chest infection such as bronchitis (see page 228), or                                                                                                                                                                         not perspiring
                                                               infection may spread to the ears (see page 222), sinuses (see page
                                                               226), throat (see page 226), or larynx (see page 228). Vulnerability       Cold with irritability      • Chilliness                                             • Irritability                         • For warmth                        • In dry, cold wind                     Nux vomica
                                                               to infection is increased by overwork and exhaustion, emotional                                        • Runny nose by day, blocked nose by night               • Overcriticism of others              • For sleep                         • In public places                      (see page 63)

to which ailments typically belong.
                                                               stress—especially after a shock or a fright—and anxiety.                                               • Watering eyes and sneezing                                                                    • For applying firm pressure and     • Between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m.             6c every 2 hours
                                                               SELF-HELP Rest and drink plenty of fluids, especially hot water mixed                                   • Headache                                                                                        warm compresses to the nose       • For emotional stress                  up to 4 doses
                                                               with fresh lemon juice and a little honey. Eat plenty of fresh fruits                                  • Sore throat                                                                                   • In the evening                    • For spicy foods or stimulants
                                                               and vegetables, and get some fresh air. Take combination Q tissue

2 INTRODUCTION Body-system or life-stage
                                                               salts (see page 216).                                                      Early stages of a cold      • Violent sneezing and thin catarrh resembling           • Desire to be left alone              • In fresh air                      • At around 10 a.m.                     Nat. mur.
                                                               CAUTION If there is pain in the throat, larynx, chest, sinuses, or ears,   with sneezing                 the white of a raw egg                                 • Aversion to sympathy                 • For fasting                       • In cold, thundery weather             (see page 92)
                                                               consult a doctor.                                                                                      • Possible blocked nose                                                                         • For applying cold compresses to   • For physical or mental exertion       6c every 2 hours
                                                                                                                                                                      • Possible cold sores                                                                             the sinuses                       • In drafts, sea air, or hot sun        up to 4 doses

context for the ailments in the section, and the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          • For noise, talking, or music

                                                               INFLUENZA                                                                  Influenza with weakness      • Chills running up and down the spine                   • Apprehension and worry about         • In fresh air • For urinating      • In the sun • In humid conditions      Gelsemium
                                                               There are many different strains of the influenza virus, and the                                        • Shakiness and trembling, mainly in the legs              forthcoming events                   • For applying hot compresses to    • For emotional stress                  (see page 144)

potential of homeopathy for treating them.
                                                               symptoms include fever, muscular aches and pains, headache, sore                                       • Bursting headache that is better for urinating         • Brain feels dull and drowsy            the back of the head and top of   • In the early morning and late         6c every 2 hours
                                                               throat, and cough. Children, the elderly, smokers, and people with                                     • Fever with lack of thirst and fatigue • Sore throat                                             the neck                            at night                              up to 10 doses
                                                               chronic diseases are the most likely to be seriously affected by it.
                                                               SELF-HELP Rest and drink frequently, especially hot water mixed with       Influenza with high fever    • High fever that comes on suddenly                      • Confusion and delirium               • When standing or sitting up       • For jarring and movement • At night   Belladonna

3 DISORDER Symptoms of the ailment,
                                                               fresh lemon juice and a little honey. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and                                   • Flushed face                                           • Horrible visions                     • In warm rooms                     • For noise and light • In hot sun      (see page 39)
                                                               vegetables, and take combination Q tissue salts (see page 216).                                        • Bright red, sore throat                                • Violent outbursts                                                        • When lying on the right side          30c every 2 hours up to 10 doses
                                                               CAUTION If fever persists for four days, see a doctor.                                                 • Wide, staring eyes

along with causes, contributing factors,
and possible wider implications for health.
                                                                                                                                      4                                       5                                                     6                                           7
Additional self-help measures are also listed,
as well as cautionary advice.                      associated with the specific ailment.                                                                                                                                      particular combination of symptoms
4 SPECIFIC AILMENT Brief description of            6 PSYCHOLOGICAL SYMPTOMS Details of                                                                                                                                        to improve or deteriorate.
a particular key symptom that may be               the particular psychological symptoms                                                                                                                                      8 REMEDY & DOSAGE The appropriate
associated with the disorder.                      associated with the specific ailment.                                                                                                                                      remedy for the set of symptoms, along
5 PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS Details of the                 7 SYMPTOMS BETTER/WORSE External                                                                                                                                           with the recommended dosage and the
particular profile of physical symptoms            or internal factors that may cause the                                                                                                                                     duration of treatment.

SAFETY ISSUES                                      of complementary treatment if you have                                                                                                                                     • Do not use any herbal or aromatherapy
In addition to the specific cautions listed in     any existing, chronic medical conditions                                                                                                                                   products during the first three months of
the ailments sections, you should check the        or symptoms of illness.                                                                                                                                                    pregnancy or if breast-feeding unless
general cautions below and the red-light           • Do not embark on any program of                                                                                                                                          supervised by an herbal practitioner.
symptoms (see right) before attempting to          vigorous exercise without first consulting                                                                                                                                 • If in any doubt about administering
treat yourself homeopathically. Unless             a conventional doctor if you have any                                                                                                                                      homeopathic treatments to children under
otherwise stated, treatments recommended           serious medical condition, such as high                                                                                                                                    12 who have a chronic medical condition,
are for homeopathic remedies only; they do         blood pressure or a heart condition, or                                                                                                                                    or who are taking conventional drugs,
not advocate ingestion or application of the       if you are pregnant.                                                                                                                                                       consult a doctor or a medically qualified
actual plants, minerals, or animals from           • Do not begin a course of homeopathic                                                                                                                                     homeopathic practitioner.
which the remedy is made.                          treatment without first consulting a                                                                                                                                       • Do not exceed the recommended dosage
                                                   conventional doctor if you are trying                                                                                                                                      of any nutritional supplements without
General cautions                                   to conceive or are already pregnant.                                                                                                                                       professional supervision.
• Consult a conventional doctor immediately
if you have any of the red-light symptoms
(see right).
• See a conventional doctor if there is no          Consult a conventional doctor immediately for:                                                                                                                            • Vaginal bleeding between menstrual
improvement within two to three weeks               • Chest pain or breathing difficulties; if there                                                                                                                           periods, after sexual intercourse, or after the
(48 hours in children under five) or if             is acute pain in the chest, arms, jaw, or                                                                                                                                 menopause, or unusual vaginal discharge.
symptoms get worse.                                 throat, call 911.                                                                                                                                                         • Thickening of a breast, formation of a lump
• Do not stop taking any prescribed                 • Unexplained dizziness.                                                                                                                                                  in a breast, or change in the shape or size of
conventional medication without first               • Persistent hoarseness, cough, or sore throat.                                                                                                                           a breast; discharge or bleeding from a nipple.
consulting a conventional doctor.                   • Difficulty in swallowing.                                                                                                                                                • A lump in a testicle, or change in size or
• Tell your homeopath about any prescribed          • Persistent abdominal pain or indigestion.                                                                                                                               shape of a testicle; persistent failure to get
conventional medication you are taking,             • Coughing up of blood.                                                                                                                                                   an erection.
and any other complementary treatments              • Persistent, unexplained weight loss or fatigue.                                                                                                                         • Severe headaches; persistent one-sided
you are receiving.                                  • A mole that changes shape, size, or color,                                                                                                                              headaches; visual disturbances.
• Tell a conventional doctor about any              or itches or bleeds.                                                                                                                                                      • A sore or swelling that does not heal.
homeopathic remedies you are taking.                • Change in bowel or bladder habits.                                                                                                                                      • Frequent and persistent back pain.
• Always check with a conventional                  • Passing of blood in the stools.                                                                                                                                         • Unexplained leg pain and swelling.
doctor before embarking on any course
& practice

                                                   HISTORY OF
                                 The theories and principles of homeopathy have their origins
                                    in medicinal traditions established thousands of years ago
                                                                    in ancient Greece and Rome.

                                                                      In the 5th century    BCE   the Greek physician Hippocrates
                                                                      (?460–?377   BCE)   clearly established the idea that disease
                                                                      was the result of natural forces rather than divine
                                                                      intervention, and that patients’ own powers of healing
                                                                      should be encouraged (see page 19). Contemporary medical
                                                                      theories were based upon the Law of Contraries, which
                                                                      advocated treating an illness by prescribing a substance
                                                                      that produced opposite or contrary symptoms. Diarrhea,
                                                                      for example, could be treated by a substance that caused
                                                                      constipation, such as aluminum hydroxide.
 CLASSICAL ORIGINS OF HOMEOPATHY This Greek votive                         In contrast, Hippocrates developed the use of the
 relief, dating to the early 4th century   BCE,   illustrates the
                                                                      Law of Similars, based on the principle that “like cures
 medicinal traditions of ancient Greece, on which both
 homeopathy and conventional Western medicine are based.              like” (see page 18). This theory proposed that substances
                           capable of causing symptoms of illness in healthy people could also be used to treat
                           similar symptoms during illness. For example, Veratrum album (white hellebore), which
                           was considered effective against cholera, caused violent purging that led to severe
                           dehydration if administered in large doses—symptoms exactly like those of cholera
                           itself. Between the 1st and 5th centuries               CE   the Romans made further developments in
                           medicine. They introduced more herbs into the pharmacopeias, improved public
                           hygiene, and observed the structure and function of the human body, although this was
                           limited by social taboo, which prevented the dissection of bodies. Existing medical
                           knowledge was codified and rationalized by Galen (?130–?200 CE), a Roman physician,
                           anatomist, and physiologist. He adopted many ancient Greek principles, including the
                           Aristotelian theory of the “four humors,” which claimed that the human body was made
                           up of four humors—blood, choler (yellow bile), melancholy (black bile), and phlegm—
                           that must be kept in balance to ensure vitality and health.
                                  After the decline of the Roman empire, little progress was made for centuries
                           in the field of European medicine. A combination of herbal folklore, religious
                           influences, and Galenic theory provided the basis for understanding and treating
                                                                             HISTORY OF HOMEOPATHY                   • 13

illness right through to the 17th century. Only when the Swiss physician and
alchemist Paracelsus (1493–1541) began to develop his theories did the study of
medicine start to evolve again. Paracelsus revived the ancient Greek theory of the
Doctrine of Signatures, which was based on the premise that the external appearance
of a plant—God’s “signature”—indicated the nature of its healing properties. For
example, Chelidonium majus (greater celandine) was used to treat conditions affecting
the liver and gallbladder because the yellow juice of the plant resembled bile.
     Paracelsus argued that disease was linked to external factors such as
contaminated food and water rather than to mystical forces, and he
challenged his contemporaries to recognize the body’s natural ability to
heal itself, claiming that the practice of medicine should be based on
detailed observation and “profound knowledge of nature and her
works.” According to his theories, all plants and metals contained
active ingredients that could be prescribed to match specific
illnesses. Concentrating on practical experiments rather than
on alchemy, he laid the foundations for the early stages of
chemistry and subsequent development of pharmaceutical
medicine, introducing new medicines, such as opium,
sulfur, iron, and arsenic, into the contemporary
repertory. His exploration of the chemical and
medicinal properties of many substances, and his
advocacy of the Hippocratic concept of “like cures
like,” also made Paracelsus a key figure in the development
of homeopathy. According to the British homeopath James            PHILIPPUS AUREOLUS PARACELSUS One of the
                                                                   greatest scientists of the 16th century, Paracelsus
Compton Burnett (1840–1901), the author of several
                                                                   was considered responsible for the transition from
important works on homeopathy that are still in use today,         alchemy to modern chemistry. Known as the “father
                                                                   of chemistry,” he believed in exact dosage, and
“Paracelsus planted the acorn from which the mighty oak of
                                                                   stated that “it depends only on the dose whether a
homeopathy has grown.”                                             poison is a poison or not.”

Medical practices by the 19th century
The period between the 16th and 19th centuries saw continued advancement in medical
knowledge. The development of the printing press, and the publication of herbals in
languages other than Latin, brought herbal knowledge into homes on a wide scale and
decreased the monopoly of doctors and apothecaries on the treatment of illness. Hugely
influential English-language herbals, such as the Herball of John Gerard (1545–1612), and
The English Physitian by Nicholas Culpeper (1616–54), were published during this period.
     Despite medical advances and greater dispersal of herbal lore, however, the general
health of the population remained poor in many Western countries. Industrialization was
accompanied by population transition from rural areas to polluted, overcrowded cities

                  ALLEGORY OF DEATH Between the Middle Ages and the Enlightenment there was
                  little faith in medical practice: in this 15th-century French book illumination,
                  doctors examine a patient’s pulse and urine, while death waits in the wings.

                  with working conditions that were often unsafe. Standards of public hygiene and medical
                  care were often low, and the mentally ill were treated in asylums. Violent medical practices,
                  including blood-letting, leeching, and purging, became increasingly widespread and were
                  often detrimental to people’s health. Toxic substances such as lead, mercury, and arsenic
                  were in common usage medicinally, and the cure often proved to be more harmful to
                  patients than the illness, with some patients dying and many more suffering serious long-
                  term side-effects as a result of the drastic or extreme treatments they had received.

                  The origins of homeopathy
                  This was the cultural and scientific milieu in which the German doctor Samuel Christian
                  Hahnemann (1755–1843) began practicing in 1780. He continued in practice for nine years,
                  during which time he became increasingly disillusioned with the harsh medical methods of
                  the day. In articles written to supplement his income, Hahnemann attacked the extreme
                  medical practices of the day, advocating instead good public hygiene, improved housing
                  conditions, better nutrition, fresh air, and exercise. Eventually his convictions led him to
                  cease work as a doctor. He wrote later that it had been agony to work “always in darkness,”
                  with no secure principles in place regarding health and disease.
                         At this time a period of great social and political change evolved in Europe. The
                  Industrial Revolution and the Enlightenment were accompanied by great technological
                  and scientific advances, and increasing freedom of thought and expression. This
                                                                            HISTORY OF HOMEOPATHY                   • 15

intellectual climate encouraged important developments in the study of medicine,
including the isolation of active ingredients from herbs, such as the extraction of
morphine from the opium poppy in 1803. It was in 1790, while translating A Treatise on
Materia Medica by a Scottish teacher, physician, and chemist, Dr. William Cullen, that
Hahnemann began an investigation which was to prove paramount to the subsequent
development of homeopathy. In his treatise Cullen argued that quinine, when isolated
from Cinchona officinalis (see page 49), was a good treatment for malaria because it was
an astringent. Hahnemann knew that other, more powerful, astringents had no such
effect on malaria. He dosed himself with quinine, recording the results and effectively
beginning the first “proving” (see page 22). Although he did not have malaria, he found
that he began to develop symptoms of the disease one after the other. With each dose
of quinine, the symptoms recurred and lasted for several hours, but if he
stopped taking quinine his symptoms began to disappear. Hahnemann
went on to test quinine on other people, noting their reactions in
great detail. The test subjects were not allowed to eat or drink
strong foods such as spices, alcohol, or coffee, which he felt
might distort the results. He repeated the proving process on
other substances that were in use as medicines, such as
arsenic and belladonna, and used the results to build up
a “symptom picture” of each remedy’s effects (see page 23).
     After conducting provings for six years, Hahnemann
extended his research to the sick. Prior to prescription, he gave
his patients a thorough physical examination and noted any
existing symptoms. He questioned them closely regarding their
                                                                        SAMUEL CHRISTIAN HAHNEMANN Born in
lifestyles, general health, outlook on life, and other factors that     1755 in Meissen, Germany, Hahnemann
                                                                        studied at the universities of Leipzig,
made them feel better or worse. Following the principle of like
                                                                        Erlangen, and Vienna before qualifying in
cures like, Hahnemann then matched individual symptoms as               medicine and chemistry in 1779. Abhorrence
                                                                        of the medical practices of the time led him
closely as possible to the symptom picture of a remedy, and
                                                                        to devise a new system of medicine, which
prescribed accordingly.                                                 he called homeopathy.

Development & definition
Hahnemann’s work gradually brought about the establishment of new type of medicine.
In 1796 he published his first book on the subject, entitled A New Principle for
Ascertaining the Curative Powers of Drugs and Some Examinations of Previous Principles. He
called his new system “homeopathy,” from the Greek homeo meaning “similar” and
pathos meaning “suffering.” In 1810 he set out its principles in The Organon of Rationale
Medicine, and two years later he began teaching homeopathy at the University of Leipzig.
During the course of his lifetime, Hahnemann proved about 100 remedies, and also
continued to develop and refine the theory and practice of the system (see page 18).

                          The medical establishment remained generally very sceptical of Hahnemann’s theories,
                          and he in turn continued to be intensely critical of conventional medical practice. He
                          became known as the “raging hurricane” due to his furious tirades and sarcastic
                          critiques during lectures at Leipzig. He also antagonized contemporary pharmacists by
                          giving only one medicine at a time, which was contrary to their (highly lucrative)
                                                                 practice of generally prescribing expensive mixtures of
                                                                 several remedies. During the 19th century, homeopathy
                                                                 spread rapidly across Europe to Asia and the Americas.
                                                                 In the US, Dr. Constantine Hering (1800–80) and Dr.
                                                                 James Tyler Kent (1849–1916) were responsible for
                                                                 popularizing the therapy and introducing new ideas and
                                                                 practices (see page 19). By the time of Hahnemann’s
                                                                 death in 1843, homeopathy was firmly established in
                                                                 many parts of the world, although there remained
                                                                 antagonism and distrust between the advocates of
                                                                 conventional medicine and those of homeopathy.
                                                                 Between 1860 and 1890 homeopathy flourished, as
                                                                 many homeopathic hospitals and schools were opened,
                                                                 and many new remedies were proved, considerably
                                                                 enlarging the materia medica. Hahnemann’s followers
                                                                 were often doctors who defected from conventional
 DUBIOUS MEDICAL PRACTICES Hahnemann believed                    medicine after personally experiencing treatment,
 passionately that many contemporary medical practices
 were harmful, exploiting the infirm or gullible, and he was     including an English doctor, Frederick Quin (1799–
 not alone in his criticism. Medicine was often the subject of   1878), who was cured of cholera by the Camphora
 satire for its “quackish” treatments, as shown in this 19th-
 century cartoon illustrating the “Sweat Cure,” with the         remedy. Quin first visited Hahnemann in Germany in
 servant inquiring, “Is Your Lordship Still Not Sweating?”.      1826, and went on to introduce homeopathy in the UK,
                          founding the first homeopathic hospital in London in 1849. During a cholera outbreak
                          in 1854, the mortality rate at his hospital was less than half that of conventional
                          hospitals. This information was suppressed by the national Board of Health on the
                          grounds that “the figures would give sanction to a practice opposed to the maintenance
                          of truth and the progress of science,” illustrating the close stranglehold the medical
                          establishment had achieved within social institutions.

                          Decline & resurrection
                          The predominance of conventional medicine was echoed in the US. By the late 19th
                          century, homeopathy had become a significant part of US medical practice, with about
                          15 percent of doctors being practicing homeopaths. During the early 20th century,
                          however, homeopathy became largely overshadowed by conventional medicine,
                          principally due to the rise of the American Medical Association.
                                                                                   HISTORY OF HOMEOPATHY                  • 17

The British Medical Association played a similar role
in the UK, and divisions within homeopathy began to
weaken the force of its message still further. Strict
followers of Hahnemann and Kent’s original theories
followed “classical” or “Kentian” constitutional
prescribing, believing that a person’s emotional
characteristics and physical symptoms should be
taken into account and favoring high potencies (see
page 19). Led by the British homeopath Dr. Richard        LONDON HOMEOPATHIC HOSPITAL The astoundingly low mortality
Hughes (1836–1902), one strand of practitioners had,      rate at this hospital during the 1854 cholera outbreak in London
                                                          prompted a government inspector to note, “if it should please the
however, begun to prescribe on pathological symptoms      Lord to visit me with cholera I would wish to fall into the hands of
alone, favoring low doses. This unfortunate division in   a homeopathic physician.”

homeopathic practice enabled the conventional medical establishment to gain the upper
hand, and by the 1920s homeopathy had been largely suppressed in the UK.
     During the late 20th century there has been a resurgence in the popularity of
homeopathy, possibly due to disenchantment with aspects of conventional medicine. In
many countries, particularly in central Europe, its popularity never waned to the same extent
as in the UK and US, although differences in practice have evolved. Single-remedy classical
prescribing is prevalent worldwide, although in Germany and France complex homeopathy
or polypharmacy (the use of combination remedies or several remedies) is also popular (see
page 21). In Australia there is a strong link with naturopathy, with homeopathic remedies
often incorporated into naturopathic practice. In India, homeopaths have long worked
successfully alongside traditional Ayurvedic medicine and conventional medicine. In the
1990s, courses in Eastern Europe pioneered by British teachers revitalized interest in
homeopathy, and in Russia it continues to be implemented and developed. In South America,
homeopathy is widely taught in medical schools, while in the US it is undergoing a major
resurgence of popularity. According to a 1998 survey of Americans and their health, over
6 million Americans had used homeopathy in the preceding 12 months. Noting that it had
been integrated into the national healthcare systems of numerous countries, including
Germany, the United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Mexico, the World Health
                                                              Organization is publishing a
                                                              position paper in 2006.

                                                                   FABIOLA HOSPITAL Situated in
                                                                   northern California, the Fabiola
                                                                   homeopathic hospital was one
                                                                   of more than 100 homeopathic
                                                                   hospitals operating in the US at
                                                                   the turn of the 20th century.
                                                                   There were also 22 homeopathic
                                                                   medical schools and more than
                                                                   1,000 homeopathic pharmacies.

                                    KEY PRINCIPLES
                                     & THEORIES
                           Homeopaths believe that good health derives from an equilibrium
                        between the mind and body, which is maintained by a “vital force” that
                                              regulates the body’s self-healing capabilities.

                         The vitalistic concept of science had existed for many years by                 LIKE CURES LIKE
                         the time Hahnemann was developing his theories. It claims that
                                                                                                         According to the concept of like cures
                         all living things possess a subtle energy beyond their physical                 like, also known as the Law of Similars,
                                                                                                         substances that are capable of provoking
                         and chemical states, and that even inanimate matter may contain
                                                                                                         certain symptoms in an otherwise healthy
                         vitality. Hahnemann applied this view to both the human body                    body can also act curatively on similar
                                                                                                         symptoms in a sick person. For instance,
                         and to seemingly inert substances from all the kingdoms of
                                                                                                         belladonna would be used to treat scarlet
                         matter. Thus the vital force of any plant, mineral, or animal                   fever, since the symptoms of belladonna
                                                                                                         poisoning closely resemble those of
                         could be harnessed to produce a powerful medicine when
                                                                                                         scarlet fever.
                         “potentized” (see right). Hahnemann viewed ill-health as the
                         result of an internal imbalance affecting the body’s vital force and disrupting its
                         equilibrium. If this vital force is put under strain or weakened by this imbalance, illness
                                       may develop. In stimulating the body’s self-healing abilities to fight any
                                              imbalance, the vital force produces symptoms. These may manifest
                                               externally, producing such symptoms as fever or a skin rash, or may
                                                   emerge as emotional or psychological states, such as weepiness or
                                                   great irritability. An effective medicine must help the vital force to
                                                   redress the internal imbalance, enabling the symptoms produced by
                                                   that imbalance to disappear, and this is what homeopaths seek to
                                                   achieve. Hahnemann adopted the principle of similia similibus curentur,
                                                   or “like cures like” (see box), first established in the 5th century BCE by
                                                Hippocrates. His “provings” of remedies (see page 22) aimed to
                                                establish the particular set of symptoms, or “symptom picture”,
                                                      produced by taking a substance. When the symptom picture
                                                         matched the particular set of symptoms produced by an illness
 HIPPOCRATES This Greek physician became known            or imbalance in a patient, that remedy was indicated as
 as the “father of medicine” for his work in moving
 healing away from mysticism and religion. He laid
                                                          the most effective at stimulating the vital force to treat the
 the foundations for the science of medicine as it        disorder. The key was – and in classical homeopathy still is – to
 is known today, and established key principles,
 among them the theory of “like cures like”
                                                          establish which remedy most exactly matches a patient’s
 (see box, opposite).                                     symptom picture.
                                                                                  HISTORY OF HOMEOPATHY                • 19

Many of the substances from which remedies are made are highly
potent or possibly even poisonous. Hahnemann used only small
doses of substances in his medicines, but to his consternation his
patients still tended to suffer side-effects, or “aggravations”, as he
called them. He developed a technique called “potentization” (see
page 28), which involved diluting and shaking the medicine
vigorously or banging it on a hard surface during preparation.
This turbulent motion, which Hahnemann called “succussion”,
apparently released more potency into the medicine, even at
lower dilutions. To Hahnemann’s surprise, his research showed
that microdilutions prepared with the additional turbulent
energy provided by potentization seemed to have a much
                                                                         DR. CONSTANTINE HERING This 19th-centur y US
stronger effect than standard dilutions, providing a rapid and
                                                                         homeopath formulated three “Laws of Cure” that
gentle effect that was long lasting. Homeopaths therefore need to        provide a useful guide for interpreting a
                                                                         patient’s development.
give only this minimum, completely safe dosage. Hahnemann’s
original theories were expanded further by the US homeopaths,
Dr. Constantine Hering and Dr. James Tyler Kent (see page 16).            L AW S O F C U R E
Dr. Hering developed three basic Laws of Cure to explain how
                                                                          As a patient progresses towards cure,
illness is cured in homeopathy (see box), while Dr. Kent                  symptoms move from the inner organs of
                                                                          the body (those most vital to life) to the
established a clear framework by which a course of treatment
                                                                          outer, less vital tissues and organs.
could be understood. Possible scenarios included: the patient
                                                                          Cure usually takes place from the top of the
gets better; the patient gets worse; the patient’s condition remains
                                                                          body to the bottom; so, for example, head
unchanged; the patient initially gets worse but then gets better.         symptoms clear first, gradually followed by
                                                                          any symptoms on the extremities.
Dr. Kent laid down 12 different possible outcome scenarios,
including the above, which enabled homeopaths to determine                Old symptoms often resurface during
                                                                          the curative process, usually in the reverse
how treatment should be continued and assess whether a
                                                                          order to that in which they had first
particular remedy had been successful or not. Since the 1970s             appeared. Immunologists claim that the
                                                                          body has the capacity to “remember”
the Greek homeopath George Vithoulkas has done a great deal of
                                                                          every “assault” on the system that it has
research to update the scenarios and refine the theory and                ever reacted to, and this process confirms
                                                                          that capacity.
practice of homeopathy.

Constitution & susceptibility
In homeopathic terms, a person’s “constitution” describes their state of health, including
their temperament and any inherited and acquired characteristics. Homeopaths believe
that healthy people resist developing sickness, despite being constantly exposed to an
enormous variety of potentially harmful viruses and bacteria, since their vital force is
strong and their susceptibility is therefore low. Their degree of susceptibility to ill-health
may change, however, from hour to hour and day to day. It depends on a particular

                                                   stress or emotional distress, overworking, exposure to pollutants, or
                                                   intake of drugs (see page 177). Underlying “miasmatic” factors may
                                                   also affect the ability of the vital force to withstand any onslaught
                                                   (see below). Some homeopaths place great importance on the
                                                   patient’s “constitutional type” when they are prescribing treatment,
                                                   choosing remedies whose “symptom picture” (see page 23) exactly
                                                   match the individual’s psychological and physical makeup when
                                                   healthy. These remedies are taken when healthy to strengthen the
                                                   patient’s vital force and build up resistance to developing symptoms
                                                   that may occur in the future. Health problems generally fall into two
                                                   categories: acute or short-term illness, arising rapidly and potentially
                                                   clearing up quickly (such as a cold or minor digestive problem); and
 DR. JAMES TYLER KENT This hugely influential
 US homeopath was responsible for establishing     chronic, long-term ill health (such as rheumatoid arthritis or
 a clear framework on which to judge the
                                                   diabetes), which has a tendency to be recurrent, deep-seated, or
 efficacy of prescribed treatment (see page 19),
 and also carried out a great deal of research     progressively degenerative. Homeopathic remedies work to support
 into new substances to enlarge the materia
                                                   the self-healing powers of the vital force in its response to illness: to
 medica of homeopathic medicines.
                                                   speed recovery from acute illness and make the duration of the
                         illness less debilitating; or to aid recovery from recurrent illness or prevent it from
                         recurring altogether. Remedies must be carefully chosen, however, if they are to work at
                         optimum efficiency, and chronic conditions are best treated by qualified homeopaths
                         rather than left to self-diagnosis.

                         Miasms & predisposition
                         After many years developing his ideas, Hahnemann noticed that some patients still did
                         not seem to respond to the remedies prescribed for them, or that they relapsed after a
                         short time. He studied these cases all together as a group, and concluded that general,
                         inherent, higher-level themes of ill health were to blame. These he called “miasms.”
                         They can be described as the chronic effect of an underlying disease or disease
                         susceptibility, present in an individual or in previous generations of that person’s family
                         history. Three particular miasms were identified by Hahnemann—Psora (which relates
                         to scabies), Sycosis (which is linked with gonorrhea), and Syphilis
                         (which is based on syphilis). Cancer and tuberculosis are
                                                                                                       Hahnemann developed nosode remedies
                         regarded by some as further potential miasms. He developed                    to counteract the miasms he believed to
                                                                                                       be responsible for sometimes “blocking”
                         remedies called “nosodes,” made from the diseases themselves,
                                                                                                       treatment. They were made from infected
                         to combat these miasms. Since all infected material is sterilized             tissue or bacteria, but were per fectly
                                                                                                       safe, since the substances were sterilized
                         before the potentizing process of dilution and succussion, it is
                                                                                                       and potentized. Psorinum, for instance,
                         completely safe to use.                                                        is made from scabies-infected tissue,
                                                                                                       while Carcinosin is derived from
                                The concept of a miasm proposes a model of people’s
                                                                                                       cancerous tissue.
                         health that has layers of predisposition or imbalance. In some
                                                                              HISTORY OF HOMEOPATHY   • 21

cases more layers need to be peeled away than others to reach lasting good health. At a
certain stage in the treatment process, an underlying miasm may become clearly active.
Treatment can then be tailored to overcome it. However, it should be emphasized that
this does not mean that a person actually has the diseases that are implied by the names
of the miasms. Rather, the names describe the inheritance of a predisposition to a
specific pattern of possible symptoms or a tendency to fall ill in a particular way—the
person’s susceptibility. For instance, Psora relates to slow development and poor
nutrition; whereas Sycosis is associated with a frantic pace of life and overactivity of both
mental and physical processes; and Syphilis describes a pattern of breakdown, decay,
deterioration, and eating away.

Types of homeopathic practice
Various prescribing habits have developed in different countries or at different
times. A clear conceptual division has emerged between two main schools of
practice, classical and complex. Classical homeopaths generally treat with a single
remedy that exactly matches the patient’s inherent constitutional type and symptom
picture. There are occasions, however, particularly in the case of acute illness or
injury, where the physical symptoms far outweigh the emotional and other
symptoms. In cases such as these a more pragmatic approach may be taken, using
combinations of remedies in low potencies. Thus, for instance, five or six remedies
known to be helpful for influenza might be combined in a single tablet. This is the
complex approach, based on the theories of the British homeopath Dr. Richard
Hughes (see page 17), and also known sometimes as combination homeopathy or
polypharmacy. In some situations, generally of an acute nature, it may be adopted
by classical homeopaths, but in certain countries it is actually the standard method
of prescribing. In 1948 it was officially sanctioned by the American Institute of
Homeopathy, and in many European countries, such as France and Germany,
polypharmacy is more common than classical homeopathy.
     Further variations on the homeopathic principle include isopathy, in which a
potentized microdilution of the substance causing the disorder is actually used to treat
the symptoms: for example, Apis (which is made from the sting of bee) might be given
to someone to treat a bee sting. A classical homeopath will generally only expect a 20 to
30 percent success rate using this method, since it does not take into account the unique
constitution of each patient. A refinement of this concept is tautopathy, in which the
exact substance triggering the symptoms is used to make a remedy for treating those
symptoms. In theory this means that the remedy for a bee sting would be prepared from
the actual bee that had inflicted the sting. In practice the concept is most commonly used
for allergic reactions, such as treating a child with a remedy made from a vaccination to
which the child has reacted.

                         BUILDING A
                       MATERIA MEDICA
                More than 4,000 substances from the plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms
                 have been tested since Hahnemann first developed his theories, resulting
                            in a materia medica that contains over 2,000 remedies.

               The reasons why particular substances were selected as homeopathic remedies are complex and
               varied. Many were familiar from traditional Western folklore or herbal lore. Some, such as mercury,
               were used in contemporary conventional medicine. Others included minerals or elements that
               had been used as nutritional supplements, such as zinc. Out of curiosity, or because they had a
               long herbal tradition or were known to have a strong, even toxic, effect, different substances were
               tried and the information cataloged. The greatest influence came initially from herbalists in Europe
               but, as knowledge grew of the medicinal traditions of other cultures, more substances were tested
               for their homeopathic potential. European explorers and settlers filtered back information amassed
               on their travels. Dr. Constantine Hering (see page 16), for instance, visited South America and
               discovered the healing properties of the bushmaster snake (see page 109).
                    Hahnemann set down strict guidelines for testing, or “proving,” potential remedies. This
               term developed from Prüfung, the German word for a trial. A set of volunteers, or “provers,”
               take a trial substance in different strengths, or potencies (see page 19), and make a detailed,

                                                                                                        THE WORLD OF THE APOTHECARY
                                                                                                        The eclectic assortment of
                                                                                                        plants and minerals mixed and
                                                                                                        dispensed in a standard 18th-
                                                                                                        century apothecary are illustrated
                                                                                                        in this painting of the period by
                                                                                                        an anonymous artist. Many of
                                                                                                        these medicines were tested
                                                                                                        by Hahnemann and others for
                                                                                                        their curative potential as
                                                                                                        homeopathic remedies.
                                                                                HISTORY OF HOMEOPATHY                • 23

daily record of their moods, sensations, and any symptoms that develop. Symptoms are
categorized as general, relating to a temperamental picture, or specific, affecting a particular
part of the body. Surrounding or provoking circumstances, and triggers that make symptoms
better or worse, are all noted. Certain general, physical, and psychological affinities appear
more evident than others, and some symptoms will be very common among the provers; for
example, a headache first thing in the morning that gets better after eating, or indifference to
loved ones. These are “first-line” symptoms. Other symptoms may be experienced by only a
few, or even one, prover. These are known respectively as “second-line” and “third-line”
symptoms. Any symptom that can be shown to be unlike the person’s usual state of health
will be recorded. This information is then compiled to produce a “symptom picture” that
takes into account the potential variations produced by different
provers’ constitutional types. Often this will then be compared with
information about the substance and its characteristics, possibly
from its prior use within herbal or folk medicine, or from knowledge
of its toxicology, to deepen understanding of the remedy. As
understanding of each remedy’s “symptom picture” grows, an
archetypal “character” emerges. Essential or “keynote” characteristics,
both mental and physical, can be established to give a thumbnail
summary, enabling homeopaths to recognize cases where a particular
remedy is appropriate. Dr. James Tyler Kent (see page 19) carried out
a great deal of research to enlarge knowledge of the remedies in the
materia medica, and his work has been built on and augmented by
many other practitioners.
     Beyond the individual remedies, it is possible to make
connections between remedies and to establish group relationships.        ENLARGING THE MATERIA MEDICA Explorers to
                                                                          new worlds, such as the Victorian naturalist
Studying the group of remedies based on potassium or calcium              depicted in this engraving, published in 1868,
compounds, for example, reveals themes, such as physical weakness         collected samples and information on a wide
                                                                          range of plants and animals, some of which
with all Kalium remedies, or sensitivity and shyness with all Calcium     were then added to the materia medica of
remedies. This thematic analysis is most obvious in clear categories      homeopathic remedies.

like families of the periodic table, which have recently been researched by the British
homeopath Jeremy Sherr. Relationships between plants within the same botanical family, or
between animals with common links, can also be found. For example, all snake-based
remedies tend to affect the blood and nervous system, and are for highly oversensitive
individuals. The Indian homeopath Rajan Sankaran is working on an approach to case-taking
that emphasizes the underlying sensations a patient feels, and linking this to a framework
running through the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms and families that form the basis of
remedies. The breadth of information available from some of the old provings is not complete,
whereas other provings are very well documented. New provings tend to be carefully managed
and usually give a full picture.

                          DEVELOPMENT OF
                      Hahnemann’s first experiments on himself arguably constituted some
                       of the earliest medical trials. Medical research has become far more
                        sophisticated since then, yet strict clinical trials into the efficacy of
                                     homeopathy were rare until as late as the 1980s.
                      While funding existed for major drug research due to investment by drug companies, such
                      funding has been harder to find for homeopathic trials. Nor do homeopathic trials have the
                      same kind of access to the research facilities of universities, hospitals, and researchers. Trials
                      into homeopathy are further disadvantaged by the fact that so much depends on the skill
                      and judgment of the practitioner in assessing the appropriate remedy for the patient. One of
                      the most important issues to be addressed in trials is the influence of the placebo effect (see
                      box). Clinical trials conducted by Dr. D. Taylor-Reilly in 1986 in Glasgow, Scotland,
                      demonstrated a clear, statistically significant improvement in patients treated homeopathically
                      that could not be attributed purely to a placebo response. He concluded that either
                      homeopathy does work or clinical trials do not. There have also been meta-analyses, in
                      which a large group of similar trials are analyzed as if they were one huge study, often
                      yielding more significant results than small-scale trials might do individually. Three of the

  PLACEBO RESPONSE                              most important meta-analyses to date are that led by Prof. J. Kleijnen,
                                                published in the British Medical Journal in 1991; that led by Dr. J. P.
  In clinical drug trials, some of the test
  subjects are given a genuine, active          Boissel, which was carried out for the European Commission and
  medication, while others are given a
                                                published in Brussels in 1996; and that by Dr. K. Linde and others,
  placebo—an inactive medication, often
  a sugar pill, which is given in place of      published in The Lancet in 1997. All three meta-analyses were done
  genuine treatment. Test subjects do not
                                                by skeptical, independent researchers, none of whom were practicing
  know whether they are receiving the active
  drug or the placebo. Research into the        homeopaths, and all three concluded that, despite their best efforts
  immune system has revealed that the
                                                to show otherwise, homeopathy has an action above and beyond
  expectations of patients can actually
  influence their healing processes. Thus,       that of merely a placebo. Valuable trials of homeopathy in veterinary
  since they expect their medication to work,
                                                medicine, undertaken by the British homeopathic veterinarian Mr.
  the placebo may have a therapeutic effect.
  Clinical trials test active drugs against     C. Day in 1984, suggest that homeopathy’s action cannot be
  a control group receiving a placebo to
                                                attributed purely to a placebo effect if it works on animals, since
  ensure that any positive effects take into
  account this placebo response. The            animals are not susceptible to such influences. Various individual
  experimental group must per form
                                                trials have demonstrated a degree of success for homeopathic
  significantly better than those taking
  the placebo for the test drug to be           treatment of specific ailments, such as a 1980 study by Dr. R. G.
  deemed effective.
                                                Gibson in Glasgow of homeopathic treatment for rheumatoid
                                                                         DEVELOPMENT OF HOMEOPATHY   • 25

arthritis, and a 1994 trial of homeopathy for diarrhea in Nicaragua by a US pediatrician, Dr.
J. Jacobs. There have also been positive trials on the efficacy of homeopathy on toothaches
and teething, including a 1985 French study in Lyon by Dr. P Berthier, and a German study,
published in 1994 by Dr. A. Vestweber in Erfahrungsheilkunde.
     On the theoretical side, there is ongoing research into finding a scientific
explanation for how a homeopathic remedy can be effective when it has been diluted so
much that not a single molecule of the remedy’s base ingredient is left in the water.
However, research suggests that water “remembers” a substance, or leaves a “molecular
fingerprint.” More work is now being conducted to determine the properties of
homeopathic remedies on an energetic or “quantum” level.

An effective alternative
Alongside clinical trials there have been a number of outcome studies that, while not being
double-blind and controlled, ask patients about the outcome of their treatment. Outcome
studies at the Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital in Scotland, on patients who had already had
unsuccessful conventional treatment for a range of illnesses, including depression, multiple
sclerosis, and cancer, reported a significant decrease in their use of conventional medicine.
While these studies are not directly clinically controlled, they have great implications, not
just for patients’ health but also for the financing of medical services. Possible consequences
include the use of cheaper medication, a decrease in hospital admissions, and the reduced
costs of treating the side-effects of conventional medication. A 1998 report by the Faculty of
Homoeopathy in the UK argues that clinical trials consistently demonstrate the benefits of
homeopathy in terms of patient care and cost-effectiveness.
     In many Western countries there is a public trend away from some aspects of
conventional, drug-based medicine, and sympathy with the idea of a more “holistic” way
of treating the “whole person.” There is growing interest from the medical establishment
in exploring the possibility of integrating some complementary therapies, including
homeopathy, into their treatment approaches. This is in part due to rising healthcare
costs, the alarming side-effects of some medical treatments, and the lack of success in
conventionally treating some conditions, such as cancer. If integration is to become a
reality, however, high standards of education, practice, and research within homeopathy
are needed. Ultimately, the aim is to ensure that homeopathy is being delivered to the
public by suitably qualified and regulated practitioners operating according to a strong
code of ethics to protect the patient. While there are still clearly key questions as to how
homeopathy works, research and experience suggest that it is, as Hahnemann first
proposed, safe, gentle, and effective. The active ingredients are given in highly diluted
form and homeopathic remedies are virtually 100 percent safe and can be given to
babies, pregnant women, and the elderly. Homeopathy integrates well with conventional
medicine and can be used in a truly complementary fashion.

 Remedies are made by the process of dilution and succussion.                                                                                                                                                            the patient’s symptoms (see page 177), it can then be
 Strictly speaking, remedies are not in themselves homeopathic;                                                                                                                                                          considered to be acting homeopathically. The experience,
 they become homeopathic only when they are prescribed                                                                                                                                                                   judgment, and skill of the practitioner are responsible for
 according to the principle of “like cures like” (see page 18).                                                                                                                                                          selecting the appropriate remedy. Remedies are prepared
 When the remedy is given accurately and effectively “mirrors”                                                                                                                                                           to exact guidelines, but may vary in strength.

 Remedy potencies
 Hahnemann laid down precise guidelines                                                                                                  unlikely that even a single molecule of the                                                                                          In the decimal scale, the dilution factor
 for the preparation of a homeopathic remedy                                                                                             original substance remains. This means that,                                                                                         is 1:10, and in the centesimal scale it is
 (see opposite). Measurements and methods                                                                                                although remedies may be based on highly                                                                                             1:100. Remedies usually have a number,
 were all strictly and scientifically controlled.                                                                                        poisonous substances, they are completely                                                                                            such as 6c or 12x, after the name. This
 He also developed a unique process called                                                                                               safe to use, even on children. However, this                                                                                         number indicates how many times it has
 “potentization,” which allowed the full                                                                                                 is also the main reason why homeopathy is                                                                                            been diluted and succussed, and on which
 strength, or potency, of the substance to be                                                                                            still viewed with such skepticism by many                                                                                            scale; for example, the remedy Allium cepa 6c
 released into the remedy mixture (see page 19).                                                                                         orthodox doctors and scientists (see page 24).                                                                                       has been diluted and succussed six times on
                                                                                                                                            The potency prescribed is gauged by the                                                                                           the centesimal scale.
 The theory of dilution                                                                                                                  homeopath according to the condition to be                                                                                              More rarely, however, scales such as
 Many remedies are based on highly active                                                                                                treated, the strength of the patient, and the                                                                                        millesimal (m) and quinquagintamillesimal
 or even poisonous substances. Hahnemann                                                                                                 circumstances. Not only must the remedy                                                                                              (lm) are prepared. According to these scales,
 established that remedies needed to be diluted                                                                                          given be suitable, but the potency chosen                                                                                            remedies are diluted by factors of 1:1,000
 to a very great degree to avoid side-effects. To                                                                                        must also be appropriate for the individual.                                                                                         and 1:50,000 respectively. The former is used
 his surprise he discovered that, paradoxically,                                                                                                                                                                                                                              mainly when a single, high-potency dose of
 the more diluted the remedy, the longer its                                                                                             Scales of dilution                                                                                                                   a remedy is considered appropriate by the
 action, the deeper its effect, and the fewer                                                                                            Homeopathic remedies are generally prepared                                                                                          practitioner, while the latter is given when
 doses needed. Because the remedies are                                                                                                  according to one of two scales: the decimal                                                                                          regular gentle dosing is needed in stubborn,
 diluted to such a great degree, it is highly                                                                                            (x) and the centesimal (c).                                                                                                          chronic cases.

   DILUTING & SUCCUSSING                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        REMEDY STRENGTHS

 PREPARING A POTENCY The mother tincture                                                                                                 tincture is added to 99 drops of an alcohol-                                                                                          According to Hahnemann’s theories, the
 (see opposite) is usually diluted in a mixture                                                                                          and-water mixture and succussed. To produce                                                                                           more diluted a remedy, the stronger it is
 of pure alcohol and distilled water according                                                                                           a 2c potency, one drop of the 1c mixture is                                                                                           and the higher the number, or “potency.”
 to one of several scales (see above, right). The                                                                                        added to 99 drops of an alcohol-and-water                                                                                             A less diluted remedy is not as strong and
 ratio of alcohol to water varies depending on                                                                                           mixture and succussed. To manufacture the                                                                                             has a lower number, or potency.
 the base substance of the mother tincture. To                                                                                           6c potency illustrated below, this process is
 produce a 1c potency, one drop of the mother                                                                                            repeated a further four times.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Drop of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        REMEDY GETS STRONGER AND MORE DILUTED

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      REMEDY GETS WEAKER AND LESS DILUTED

 Drop of tincture                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               succussed
 is added to                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     remedy is
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  added to                                                      3c
                      99 drops of alcohol/water solution

                                                             99 drops of alcohol/water solution

                                                                                                    99 drops of alcohol/water solution

                                                                                                                                             99 drops of alcohol/water solution

                                                                                                                                                                                    99 drops of alcohol/water solution

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           99 drops of alcohol/water solution



 Dilution factor      1st                                    2nd                                    3rd                                     4th                                     5th                                    6th                                  Lactose
                    dilution                               dilution                               dilution                                dilution                                dilution                               dilution                               tablets
                       1c                                     2c                                     3c                                      4c                                      5c                                     6c
                                                                                                           HOW REMEDIES ARE MADE                • 29

Preparation of homeopathic remedies
Homeopathic remedies are made from substances derived from plant, mineral, and animal sources.
Depending on their natural state, they may be prepared in a variety of different ways. Plant and
animal material may be used whole or chopped, depending on its size and density. Metals that are      This information is not intended as a
insoluble in their natural states are combined with lactose sugar crystals and ground repeatedly to   guide to making remedies. Homeopathic
form a powder fine enough to be soluble in water: this process is called trituration. Crystalline     remedies should always be obtained from
substances, seeds, and beans may also be ground up if they are hard, large, or insoluble in water.    a reputable supplier.

1 Plant material such as leaves, roots, and        4 After being macerated for the required
flowerheads (above), and some animal               period of time, the mixture is poured through
material, such as starfish, is chopped finely,     a filter to strain it or expressed through a
while other substances are dissolved in water      press to extract the liquid. This resulting
or ground to prepare them for use.                 liquid becomes the “mother tincture” for the
                                                   remedy, and is stored in a dark glass jar.

                                                   5 One drop of the mother tincture is
                                                   diluted in a mixture of pure alcohol and
                                                   distilled water according to one of several
                                                   scales (see opposite), although the two most
                                                   commonly used scales are the decimal and
                                                   the centesimal.

                                                   6 This mixture is shaken vigorously
                                                   (see right) or banged down firmly on a hard
2 The substance is put in a large glass jar,       surface, a process devised by Hahnemann.
into which is poured a solution of alcohol         He called it “succussion” and believed that
and distilled water (often 90 percent alcohol      the action enabled the liquid to be
to 10 percent water, but this ratio varies         “potentized” (see page 19).
depending on the substance).
                                                   7 After the mixture has been succussed,
                                                   steps 5 and 6 are repeated over and
                                                   over again, as many times as necessary.
                                                   Each time, the resulting mixture is diluted
                                                   afresh in a mixture of pure alcohol and
                                                   distilled water until, finally, the required
                                                   level of dilution, and therefore the required
                                                   potency for the homeopathic remedy, is
                                                   obtained (see left).

                                                   8 Once the mixture has reached
3 The mixture is left to stand for a               the required strength and potency,
varying amount of time; mixtures that are          a few drops of it are added to
macerated for longer periods may be shaken         lactose tablets, pilules, granules,
at intervals. Plant material may be steeped for    or powder (see page 216), to
several days or weeks, while mineral-based         impregnate them with the
mixtures may be processed on to the next           remedy. These are then stored
stage almost immediately.                          in dark glass bottles.
major plant
   plants have been used for medicinal

purposes for thousands of years, and the

plant kingdom also provides the source

for the majority of homeopathic remedies.

    in this section, some of the most

   important plant-based remedies are

           looked at in detail.

 Aconitum napellus

 KEY SYMPTOMS complaints triggered by shock or exposure to cold winds                                   ACONITE This plant is known

 • panic attacks and fear of death • acute infections of sudden onset                                   for its poisonous alkaloids,
                                                                                                        which are found at their
                                                                                                        highest concentrations
 Historically, the deadly juices derived from this plant were used as an arrow                          in the root.
 poison, hence the name aconite, from the Greek acon, or “dart.” Until the
                                                                                                            Hooded, blue-violet
 homeopathic remedy was proved by Hahnemann in 1805, aconite was used only                                   flowers appear in
 externally in medicine. Aconite became a popular alternative to the contemporary                                  midsummer

 practice of blood-letting for the treatment of acute fevers and inflammations.
                                                                                                                       Root can cause
 REMEDY PROFILE                                         for lying on the affected area;                                poisoning when
 Homeopaths consider using Aconite for people           for walking; at night; for music.
 who are excitable, generally healthy, and
 strong but develop illness rapidly and exhibit         Eye & ear infections
 a marked sinking of strength. Physical and             SYMPTOMS   Inflamed eyes
 mental symptoms are like a great storm,                with aching, burning pain,
 arising suddenly but also subsiding quickly.           typically due to injury or
 Patterns of behavior are characterized by              conjunctivitis. The eyes may
 intense fear, anxiety, and restlessness, with          be oversensitive to light. Ear
 susceptibility to extreme phobias, panic               infections develop rapidly,
 attacks, and a fear of death.                          causing intense pain,
    Physical symptoms often develop as                  bright red ears, and
 a result of shock, fear, or exposure to cold,          hypersensitivity to noise.
 dry winds or, occasionally, intensely hot              Symptoms may be accompanied by                       ROOT              FLOWERING STEM
 weather. Acute infections, such as colds               a high fever and restless, fearful agitation.
 and coughs, can be treated with the remedy,            Symptoms better For quiet.
                                                                                                         S O U R C E D E TA I L S
 particularly at their onset. Aconite may also          Symptoms worse For light; for noise.
 be prescribed for anxiety states, and for                                                               ORIGIN
 mothers and infants during or immediately              Fear, shock & anxiety                            Grows in damp, shady, mountainous regions
 after childbirth.                                      SYMPTOMS    Acute fear and anxiety               of Europe and Central Asia. Also cultivated
                                                        accompanied by great restlessness and            as a garden plant.
                                                        shocked, staring eyes with dilated pupils.
 Acute respiratory infections                           Symptoms may be due to shock after               BACKGROUND
 SYMPTOMS    Cold or influenza symptoms that set        witnessing a violent or frightening event,       Used externally, except on broken skin, to
 in fiercely and rapidly, especially after exposure     or may be triggered by phobias, such as          ease bruising and joint pain, but rarely used
 to cold, dry winds. There may be catarrh or            a fear of flying, of heights, or of enclosed     internally due to its toxic nature.
 phlegm and a sore throat, possibly a fever that        spaces. The fear or anxiety may trigger
 makes the skin hot and dry. Croup and other            recurrent panic attacks, with palpitations,      P R E PA R AT I O N
 acute chest infections may give rise to                numbness, and tingling in the body. They         Whole plant, including the root, is unearthed
 breathlessness, burning heat in the chest, and a       may accompanied by a fear of death and           during the flowering season, chopped, and
 hoarse, dry, barking cough. Sleep is frequently        a fear of people, with a strong desire to        macerated in alcohol.
 restless and agitated; at such times, the face may     avoid company.
 be hot, flushed, and swollen, although upon            Symptoms better For open air; for rest.          COMMON NAMES
 rising it may become very pale. Severe                 Symptoms worse For stuffy rooms; for crowds;     Aconite, monk’s-hood, wolf’s-bane, blue
 headaches may develop, accompanied by raging           at night.                                        rocket, friar’s-cap.
 thirst, often for cold drinks. The mouth may
 taste bitter, so that everything except water tastes   Problems in labor
 bad. The skin is hypersensitive, causing a             SYMPTOMS   Strong fear of impending death       especially if the mother experienced fear
 marked aversion to being touched.                      experienced by a mother during labor. There     during labor.
 Symptoms better For warmth; for lying down;            may be urine retention in either the mother     Symptoms better For open air; for rest.
 for fresh air.                                         or baby, or in both the mother and baby,        Symptoms worse For feeling overheated;
 Symptoms worse For heat; for stuffy rooms;             immediately after the birth of the child,       for feeling chilled; for violent emotions.

 See also Emotional problems, page 210; Headaches, page 218; Respiration, pages 226, 228; Children’s health, page 246
                                                                                                                     MAJOR PLANT REMEDIES              • 33

Agaricus muscarius syn. Amanita muscaria

KEY SYMPTOMS twitching and spasms • chilblains • depression or overexcitement
• fear of cancer • complaints that are worse after sexual intercourse

                                                                                                            Bright-red cap
This toxic toadstool’s common name, fly agaric, is derived from its traditional                                 with white
use as a fly poison. Fly agaric contains hallucinogens that were used by Siberian                        flecking fades to
                                                                                                             orange when
shamans to induce visionary states, and it may have formed the basis of the                                fungus is dried
ancient Hindu soma drink and the Zoroastrian haoma drink, due to its ability
to increase strength and stamina. The fungus has sedative properties in small
doses but is highly toxic: a severe overdose can be fatal, while a mild overdose can
cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, breathing problems, and confusion, although                            FLY AGARIC This
                                                                                                         fungus was once
recovery usually takes place within 24 hours. The homeopathic remedy was                                 crumbled into milk
proved in 1828 by Dr. Stapf, and it remains the only medicinal use of fly agaric.                        to make fly poison.
                                                                                                         It has also been
                                                                                                         used as the toxic
REMEDY PROFILE                                       awkwardness, and a staggering gait. Further         component in
Those in need of Agaricus may be anxious,            symptoms may include facial tics or Bell’s          flypaper.
insecure, or fearful, and have morbid thoughts       palsy, fainting, chorea, neuralgia, and sciatica.
about death. Anxiety about health may lead           Symptoms better For slow movement;
                                                                                                           S O U R C E D E TA I L S
to an obsessive fear of having conditions such       for sleep; at evening.
as cancer. Symptoms typically include great          Symptoms worse For cold air; before                   ORIGIN
lethargy and an aversion to conversation, or         thunderstorms; after sexual intercourse;              Grows in dry pastures and woods during
delirium and loquacity to the point of ecstasy,      for touch.                                            summer in Scotland, Scandinavia, and
elation, or hypomania, and disturbed sense                                                                 other parts of Europe, as well as in Asia
of perspective.                                      Chorea                                                and the US.
    People for whom Agaricus is most suitable        SYMPTOMS   Twitching, erratic, unpredictable
are particularly sensitive to the cold when          limb movements and a sensation that the               BACKGROUND
ill. Some symptoms are worse prior to                limbs are detached from the body.                     Has been used throughout history as a
thunderstorms and after sexual intercourse.          Symptoms better For slow movement;                    hallucinogen, as a method of contacting the
    Agaricus is taken as a remedy for disorders      for sleep; at evening.                                spirit world, and as a means of increasing
of the nervous system that cause trembling,          Symptoms worse For cold air; before                   human strength and endurance.
itching, and twitching and jerking of the limbs.     thunderstorms; after sexual intercourse.
Such conditions include epilepsy, chorea, and                                                              P R E PA R AT I O N
multiple sclerosis. Agaricus can be prescribed for   Parkinson’s disease                                   The whole, fresh fungus or the dried cap is
the treatment of the delirium tremens associated     SYMPTOMS   General weakness with trembling            washed thoroughly and ground into a mash.
with alcoholism, and for the effects of senile       and twitching limbs that exhibit the typical          It is then steeped in alcohol before being
dementia. It is also used to treat chilblains.       nervous symptoms (see left). The spine may            strained, diluted, and succussed.
                                                     be particularly sensitive to touch. Further
                                                     symptoms may include a mental decline into            COMMON NAMES
Nervous-system disorders                             great anxiety, despair, fear, and hypochondria.       Fly agaric, bug agaric.
SYMPTOMS   Twitching and spasms in almost            Symptoms better For slow movement;
any muscle group in the body, caused by              for sleep.
degenerative neurological disorders such             Symptoms worse Before thunderstorms; after          Alcoholism
as senile dementia or multiple sclerosis.            sexual intercourse.                                 SYMPTOMS   Delirium tremens with marked
Symptoms tend to manifest themselves                                                                     giddiness and an impulse to fall backward.
diagonally from one side of the body to the          Chilblains                                          The face is puffy and red, but not hot. There
other, and may be accompanied by pain that           SYMPTOMS  Chilblains with burning and itching.      may be a marked increase in appetite.
is out of proportion to the clinical condition.      The skin shows signs of redness and swelling.       Symptoms better For slow movement.
There may also be sharp, shooting pains, with        Symptoms better For heat.                           Symptoms worse For cold air; before
possible convulsions and spasms. Movements           Symptoms worse For cold air; for                    thunderstorms; after sexual intercourse;
may be very shaky, with clumsiness,                  cold compresses.                                    after eating.

See also Multiple sclerosis, page 179; Palpitations, page 186; Twitching eyelids, page 220; Chilblains, page 230

 Allium cepa

 KEY SYMPTOMS burning catarrh • bland discharge from the eyes • splitting sensation                          ONION
 in the throat • phantom pains • person feels worse in warm rooms

 In ancient Greece, the onion was esteemed and eaten in vast quantities. One of the
 oldest cultivated plants, its decongestant, diuretic, and other medicinal properties
 have been utilized by many cultures over the centuries. In the Middle Ages its
 strong smell was thought to prevent infection, and it was hung outside houses
 to ward off the plague. Onion causes the eyes and nose to water, and is used
 homeopathically to treat conditions that cause the same reaction in the body,
 such as colds and influenza. The remedy Allium cepa was proved in 1847
 by Dr. Constantine Hering.
                                                                                         Layers of paper y skin
                                                                                        enclose volatile oil that
 REMEDY PROFILE                                                                               stimulates tears

 Melancholy, anxiety, fear of pain, and dullness
 of mind are not uncommon in individuals
 who respond well to Allium cepa, but there
 are no marked emotional symptoms indicative
 of the remedy.
    Allium cepa is used primarily for the
 treatment of coughs and colds characterized
 by profuse, watery catarrh that leaves the skin
 irritated and sore. Symptoms usually develop         CROSS-
 following exposure to cold weather and damp          SECTION
 winds. They may be associated with hay fever,                                                               ONION The antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, and
 especially if accompanied by sensitivity to the      Symptoms better For being in the open air.             expectorant properties of this plant are used
 scent of flowers. Allium cepa is also used to        Symptoms worse For warm rooms; in the                  worldwide to treat colds, coughs, and influenza.
 treat burning neuralgic pain that alternates         evening; for rubbing the eyes; for coughing.
 from one side of the body to the other.
                                                                                                               S O U R C E D E TA I L S
                                                      Throat & chest infections
                                                      SYMPTOMS    Laryngitis with hoarseness and               ORIGIN
 Catarrh                                              a raw, sore throat, or a cough characterized             Native to the Northern Hemisphere, and
 SYMPTOMS   Profuse, watery catarrh that              by a splitting, tearing sensation in the throat.         cultivated for centuries in the Middle East.
 burns the skin of the nose and upper lip,            There may be an urge to repress the cough,               Now grown worldwide as a vegetable.
 causing it to become raw, red, and painful. The      as it constantly irritates the throat. Pain may
 nose may literally “drip like a faucet.” Constant,   extend to the ear. Symptoms may develop                  BACKGROUND
 violent sneezing is common, as is congestion         rapidly on exposure to cold air, or after a cold         Widely used in traditional medicine: as
 that alternates between nostrils or affects only     accompanied by labored, wheezy breathing.                a poultice for chilblains, infections, and
 one nostril. Allium cepa is used for these           Symptoms better For being in the open air.               arthritis; internally for gastric and bronchial
 symptoms in influenza, colds, and hay fever, but     Symptoms worse For warm rooms; in                        infections; and to thin and purify the blood.
 further remedies are needed to treat any actual      the evening.
 susceptibility to hay fever itself.                                                                           P R E PA R AT I O N
 Symptoms better For being in the open air.           Neuralgic pains                                          The whole, mature bulb is gathered
 Symptoms worse For warm rooms; in                    SYMPTOMS   Sharp, burning pain on alternating            in summer and chopped finely. It is
 the evening.                                         sides of the body, mainly in the face, head,             steeped in alcohol for ten days and shaken
                                                      neck, and chest. It may be due to an earache,            repeatedly, before being filtered, diluted,
 Eye irritation                                       headaches behind the brow, or a toothache in             and succussed.
 SYMPTOMS   An irritating discharge that causes       the molars. Allium cepa is also used for
 an urge to rub the eyes. The eyes are red,           phantom limb pains after amputation.                     COMMON NAME
 swollen, and itchy, and possibly extremely           Symptoms better For being in the open air.               Onion.
 sensitive to light.                                  Symptoms worse For being in a warm room.

 See also Allergies, page 206; Hay fever & allergic rhinitis, page 224
                                                                                                                 MAJOR PLANT REMEDIES                  • 35

Aloe ferox ‘Miller’

KEY SYMPTOMS involuntary stools • diarrhea with sudden urging, especially at                                                   Lance-shaped leaves contain
                                                                                                                               a thick, clear gel
5 a.m. • insecure feeling in the rectum • headaches that are better for cold compresses

The medicinal properties of the various species of aloe have
been exploited for centuries. The ancient Greeks and Romans
considered aloe to be a valuable tonic and purgative. The purgative
quality of dried aloe gel is still valued today in herbal medicine,
but the plant is probably more familiar now as the source of a
soothing and effective skin lotion. The Aloe remedy was proved by
Buchner in 1821 and by the homeopath Dr. Helbig in 1833, and is
used today mainly for digestive complaints, particularly diarrhea.

REMEDY PROFILE                                    Symptoms worse First thing in the
Homeopaths consider Aloe when the                 morning; for walking; immediately
psychological traits exhibited include            after eating; for oysters; for beer.
weariness, a reluctance to work, and                                                                                        Spiny leaves form in
great irritability, especially in cloudy          Hemorrhoids                                                               rosette shape
weather. Dissatisfaction and anger are            SYMPTOMS   Hemorrhoids that resemble small
commonly directed internally, possibly            bunches of grapes and protrude from the                          ALOE The gel of this plant has
producing constipation. Moreover, the             anus. They are typically accompanied by                         a long history of medicinal use
person may dream about stools or                  soreness and tenderness. There may be a                         as a skin lotion.
involuntary soiling. Beer is a typical craving,   painful, burning sensation in the rectum and
despite the fact that it usually exacerbates      anus, and flatulent diarrhea.
                                                                                                        S O U R C E D E TA I L S
any physical symptoms.                            Symptoms better For bathing in cold water.
   Aloe is most frequently prescribed for         Symptoms worse For heat; for jarring                  ORIGIN
disorders of the large intestine. It may be       movement; upon sitting down; after eating             Native to southern Africa, particularly the
taken for congestion in the pelvic organs         or drinking.                                          northern, eastern, and western Capes, but
and the head, and is also thought to counter                                                            now cultivated throughout the world. Found
fatigue, hemorrhoids, and the possible            Hepatitis                                             in fertile, well-drained areas with sandy soil
consequences of a sedentary lifestyle,            SYMPTOMS    A sensation of congestion and heat in     and direct sunlight.
particularly in the elderly.                      the liver. There may be rumbling and distention
                                                  in the abdomen, causing it to feel full, heavy,       BACKGROUND
                                                  bloated, and hot. An accumulation of gas may          Traditionally, aloe gel has been used as a
Diarrhea                                          accompany this feeling of distention, as well as      laxative and purgative. Various research trials
SYMPTOMS   A sudden urge to pass stools,          strain and tension that is felt in the area between   conducted between 1979 and 1995 found
which is at its strongest particularly early in   the pubic bone and the coccyx.                        that extracts from the plant boost immune-
the morning, possibly forcing an early rise       Symptoms better For cold; for open air.               system functioning, and may even help to
from bed at around 5 a.m. Accompanied by          Symptoms worse For heat; after eating                 treat cancer and irritable bowel syndrome.
hot, explosive gas, the stools may contain        or drinking.
mucus or jellylike lumps. They may be                                                                   P R E PA R AT I O N
passed involuntarily, giving rise to a feeling    Headaches                                             The juice is extracted from the plant and
of insecurity in the rectum (this may also be     SYMPTOMS    Severe, painful headaches that seem       dried to make a hard resin, which is then
an indication of colitis). Diarrhea may           to trigger a sensation of congestion in the face      powdered and steeped in alcohol. The
alternate with constipation. It is marked by      and in the head. These headaches frequently           mixture is left to macerate for at least five
incomplete, unsatisfactory stools and heavy       appear to alternate with the occurrence of            days, after which it is filtered, and then
pressure in the lower abdominal area.             hemorrhoids or diarrhea, or may be associated         repeatedly diluted and succussed.
Symptoms generally tend to be worse prior         with pain in the lower back.
to menstruation, or may primarily affect the      Symptoms better For open air; for cold                COMMON NAMES
elderly or those with sedentary habits.           compresses on the head.                               Aloe, Cape aloe.
Symptoms better For passing gas; for cool.        Symptoms worse For heat.

See also Diarrhea, page 238

 Anacardium orientale syn. Semecarpus anacardium

 KEY SYMPTOMS lack of self-confidence • conflict of wills • sensation as if there is
 a plug in the anus, gut, or chest • poor memory • itching, burning skin eruptions

 The Latin name of this shrub derives from the ancient Greek kardia, or
“heart,” inspired by the plant’s heart-shaped, shiny, black nut. The nut yields
 a milky juice that turns black after it is exposed to air. In southeast Asia this
 juice is combined with chalk to make an ink for marking patterns on fabric,
 hence the plant’s common name, the marking-nut tree. The homeopathic
 remedy Anacardium or. was proved by Hahnemann in 1835. It is prescribed
 for both psychological and physical disorders.

 REMEDY PROFILE                                     Symptoms better For lying in the sun; for
 Anacardium or. is traditionally used for           hot baths; in the late morning; for eating.
 memory disturbance and a disturbed                 Symptoms worse For mental exertion; for
 psychological state. It is considered especially   anger; for fright; for stress; for studying.                    MARKING NUTS In India the juice of the
 apt for those who feel they are experiencing                                                                       marking nut was traditionally used as a
 a conflict of will or are trapped between          Low self-esteem                                                           remedy for burning off warts.
 extremes of good and evil, sometimes               SYMPTOMS    Great feelings of unworthiness,
 described as “a demon sitting on one               irresolution, and low self-confidence, possibly
                                                                                                          S O U R C E D E TA I L S
 shoulder, an angel on the other.” These            with an inferiority complex, due to an inner
 individuals are typically prone to low self-       conflict of will. Depending on the severity of        ORIGIN
 esteem, or may exhibit hard, angry, cruel          the mental state, there may even be infrequent        Native to Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Indian
 behavior. They may suspect that they are           or ongoing self-abuse. Behavior patterns may          subcontinent, and found growing in dry,
 being pursued, or experience dreamlike             be associated with prior subjection to abuse,         mountainous forest areas.
 states. Typical physical symptoms include          violence, humiliation, or oppression.
 a feeling of constricted pain, as if bands are     Symptoms better For lying in the sun; for hot         BACKGROUND
 wrapped tightly around the body, or as if the      baths; in the late morning; for eating.               Arabian physicians traditionally used the juice
 gut or anus is plugged. In this connection, the    Symptoms worse For mental exertion; for fright;       of the marking nut to treat mental illness,
 remedy is used for certain conditions of the       for stress; for humiliation.                          memory loss, paralysis, and spasms.
 digestive tract. It is also used for skin
 irritations marked by severe itching and           Digestive disorders                                   P R E PA R AT I O N
 burning, and for minor chest pain.                 SYMPTOMS    Hemorrhoids, indigestion, and             The ripe, dried fruit is macerated in
                                                    constipation with a painful constricted feeling,      alcohol for at least five days, before
                                                    as if the gut or anus were plugged and the            being filtered and then repeatedly diluted
 Psychological problems                             body wrapped by tight bands. The pain                 and succussed.
 SYMPTOMS   A state of inner conflict expressed     may stop after eating but resumes a few
 in contrary and changeable behavior. This          hours later.                                          COMMON NAME
 conflict may provoke behavior that is cold-        Symptoms better Immediately after eating.             Marking-nut tree.
 hearted, violent, and cruel, with a compulsive     Symptoms worse For a hot bath or compress;
 urge to curse. Exaggerated affection toward        at midnight; a few hours after eating.
 a person or pet may be followed by cruelty                                                              Chest pain
 or violence. An inferiority complex may be         Skin conditions                                      SYMPTOMS     Sharp or pricking pain in the heart,
 evident (see above, right). There may be an        SYMPTOMS   Eczema and possibly patches of            possibly with a sense of pressure in the chest,
 extremely poor memory, a lack of                   blistered skin, often on the forearms, causing       as if it is bound by tight bands or weighed
 concentration, and general absent-                 intense itching and burning. The skin is highly      down by a small plug. An uneasy sensation
 mindedness, especially at times of stress—         sensitive. Warts are also treated with the remedy.   may develop in the chest, possibly
 for example, when studying for exams. In           Symptoms better For the application of very hot      involving palpitations.
 extreme cases, symptoms may be linked              water.                                               Symptoms better For inhaling fresh
 to a mental illness, such as depression, manic     Symptoms worse For stress, for scratching            air outdoors.
 depression, or schizophrenia.                      the affected skin.                                   Symptoms worse A few hours after eating.

 See also Indigestion, page 234; Hemorrhoids, page 238; Constipation, page 238; Eczema, page 240
                                                                                                                 MAJOR PLANT REMEDIES              • 37

Arnica montana

KEY SYMPTOMS trauma • bruising • postoperative care • tendency to deny illness                               Flower causes
• bruised, sore feeling • bed seems too hard                                                          sneezing when freshly
                                                                                                       crushed and inhaled

The healing properties of this aromatic perennial have been recognized
                                                                                                      ARNICA Climbers
for over 400 years. Arnica is anti-inflammatory and promotes tissue repair.                           used to chew arnica
It has been used extensively in European folk medicine as an external remedy                          leaves to relieve aching
for muscle pain, and was once also prescribed as an internal treatment for                            muscles, or drink
                                                                                                      an infusion following injury.
dysentery and gout. Potentially toxic, its internal use is now largely limited
to homeopathy. Proved by Hahnemann and published in his Materia Medica
Pura (1821–34), Arnica is used to promote healing and help control bleeding.
It is used mostly for shock, injury, and pain.

REMEDY PROFILE                                   Tooth & gum pain
People who respond best to this remedy           SYMPTOMS  Pain in the teeth or sore, bruised,
may actually deny that they are ill, ignoring    and bleeding gums following injury or dental
the severity of their condition. They            work may be treated with Arnica.
generally prefer to be left alone and tend       Symptoms better For lying down.
to be agitated, restless, and morose. Poor       Symptoms worse For the slightest
concentration and forgetfulness are typical,     touch; for movement.
as are nightmares and a morbid imagination.                                                                                                  Leaves are
   Arnica is usually given as a first-aid        Joint & muscle pain                                                                             soft and
                                                                                                                                              covered in
remedy following an accident, surgery,           SYMPTOMS    Arthritic pain, sprains,
                                                                                                                                               fine down
bereavement, childbirth, or dental               or strains to the joints, which feel bruised,
treatment. It is also used for joint pain,       sore, and sensitive. Arnica is also taken
fever, and some skin problems.                   to ease swelling, bruising, and pain after                                                  FLOWERING
                                                 a ligament tear or bone injury. Alternatively, it                  ROOT                     STEM
                                                 is used for aches in the muscles due to cramps,
Shock, injury & postoperative                    unaccustomed exercise, or overexertion.
                                                                                                       S O U R C E D E TA I L S
care                                             Symptoms better For lying down.
SYMPTOMS   Acute and chronic consequences        Symptoms worse For the slightest touch;               ORIGIN
of shock, injury, or surgery, particularly       for movement.                                         Grows in alpine pastures and woodlands
bleeding, bruising, swelling, and aching                                                               of the Pyrenees, Siberia, and central
pains. The body may feel battered and            Fever                                                 Europe, especially Switzerland
highly sensitive to discomfort, to the point     SYMPTOMS   A hot head, cold body, and                 and Germany.
where even a bed seems too hard. Arnica          exhaustion. Stools, flatulence, and perspiration
may also be prescribed to treat injuries such    tend to have a characteristic odor of rotten eggs,    BACKGROUND
as a black eye or a foreign object in an eye,    and there may be incontinence of stools and           Traditionally used externally as an ointment
concussion, and nosebleeds.                      urine. Arnica is also prescribed for recurring        to improve local blood supply and speed
Symptoms better For lying down; for lying with   fevers such as typhoid or malarial fever.             healing in the treatment of bruises, sprains,
the head lower than the feet.                    Symptoms better For lying down; for lying             and muscle pain.
Symptoms worse For cold; for damp; for touch;    with the head lower than the feet.
for rest; for movement; for wine.                Symptoms worse For cold surroundings;                 P R E PA R AT I O N
                                                 for damp; for the slightest touch.                    The whole flowering plant, including the
Post-childbirth pain                                                                                   root, is steeped in alcohol, filtered,
SYMPTOMS  Bruised, aching pain in the vagina     Skin conditions                                       diluted, and succussed.
that may be especially distressing at night.     SYMPTOMS    Hard, dry, swollen skin due to insect
Symptoms better For lying down with the head     bites, bed sores, small, painful boils, red,          COMMON NAMES
lower than the feet.                             blistering skin eruptions, or varicose ulcers.        Arnica, leopard’s bane, sneezewort,
Symptoms worse For cold; for touch;              Symptoms better For lying down.                       mountain tobacco, mountain daisy.
for movement.                                    Symptoms worse For cold; for damp; for touch.

See also Circulation, pages 184, 230; Breast problems, page 201; Grief, page 213; Men’s health, page 264; Dizziness, page 266

 Artemisia cina syn. A. maritima ‘Linn’

 KEY SYMPTOMS teeth-grinding • irritability and touchiness • temper tantrums • ravenous
 appetite • desire to lie on the hands and knees • itchy nose that is constantly rubbed

 Purportedly named after Artemisia, the queen of Persia in the 4th century BCE
 who was renowned for her botanical skills, this family of plants has been valued
 by many medicinal traditions, from ancient Roman to Chinese. Artemisia cina was                              Flowers form
                                                                                                              in round, tiny
 identified as a remedy for intestinal worms by the ancient Greeks, and its active                            tufts
 constituent, santonin, is still used in worm medicines. In 1829 Cina was proved
 by Hahnemann, who felt that the plant’s “valuable curative properties”
 went well beyond its traditional role in herbalism.

 REMEDY PROFILE                                        Temper tantrums
 Cina is typically perceived as a children’s remedy,   SYMPTOMS   Extreme irritability in children,
 and is given for intestinal worms or muscle           especially chubby ones with variable appetites.
 twitches, associated with great irritability when     Tantrums may be due to being scolded or to                                                         LEVANT
 scolded or in discomfort. Those affected cannot       worms (see left). Typical Cina symptoms such                                             WORMSEED The
 bear to be touched, held, or even observed—           as teeth-grinding may be present.                                                    bluish gray leaves of
 they often consider themselves ugly. Restlessness,    Symptoms better For lying on the abdomen;                                             this aromatic plant
 a frantic state of mind, picking the nose, and        for being carried.                                                                 give off a strong scent
 grinding the teeth are typical symptoms in those      Symptoms worse For touch; for being stared at.                                  when crushed, but have
 for whom Cina is appropriate. Sleep is often                                                                                                 a very bitter taste.
 fitful and plagued by night terrors. All symptoms     Coughs & colds
 may be worse at night.                                SYMPTOMS    Whooping cough or severe, gagging
                                                                                                               S O U R C E D E TA I L S
     These people may have an “anxiety of              cough, with limb spasms before a coughing fit.
 conscience,” a groundless feeling of having           The chest feels constricted, making breathing           ORIGIN
 done something wrong, which manifests itself          difficult. Speaking or sudden movement may              Native to a wide area ranging from the
 as touchiness and obstinacy. They may be              trigger coughing. In children the body tends            eastern Mediterranean to Siberia. Prefers
 survivors of childhood abuse.                         to stiffen prior to a coughing fit. Violent sneezing    semi-arid growing conditions.
     In addition to its primary use for worms,         may cause pressure build-up in the head, and
 Cina has also been given to treat convulsions         the nose may be alternately blocked and runny.          BACKGROUND
 and seizures in children. Today it is still given     There may be an urge to pick the nose, and              Dried, unopened flower heads have been
 as a treatment for worms, as well as for              nosebleeds often result. Intense ill-humor              used since ancient times in preparations for
 temper tantrums, violent coughing, muscle             and irritability are often evident.                     expelling intestinal worms. The bitter plant
 twitches, and sleep problems in children.             Symptoms better For being still; in the daytime.        has also been used as a digestive stimulant.
                                                       Symptoms worse For getting up; for walking out
                                                       of doors; during sleep; at night.                       P R E PA R AT I O N
 Intestinal worms                                                                                              Unopened flower heads (called “seeds”)
 SYMPTOMS    Worms evident in whitish-colored          Twitching muscles                                       are harvested in fall, coarsely powdered,
 stools. Cutting, pinching pain is felt in the         SYMPTOMS    Jerking muscles and spasms,                 macerated in alcohol, diluted,
 belly, which may be bloated. There is an urge         especially in the hands and feet, associated            and succussed.
 to grind the teeth at night, and to pick the          with irritability. Cina is often used if twitching
 nose and scratch the rectum, which are both           or convulsions are triggered by touch or by             COMMON NAMES
 itchy. The appetite may be nonexistent,               being scolded.                                          Levant wormseed, European wormseed,
 enormous, or changeable, with potential               Symptoms better For bending down.                       Tartarian southernwood.
 cravings for sweet foods. There is often              Symptoms worse For touch; at night; for heat
 intense irritability and great restlessness.          in summer.
 Symptoms better For movement; for                                                                            Symptoms better For being rocked violently;
 bending down.                                         Sleep problems                                         for lying on the hands and knees.
 Symptoms worse For heat in summer; at night;          SYMPTOMS    Difficulty in falling asleep, or           Symptoms worse For night terrors; for being
 for touch.                                            restless sleep with twitching, jerking limbs.          turned over.

 See also Temper tantrums, page 246
                                                                                                               MAJOR PLANT REMEDIES                    • 39

Atropa belladonna

KEY SYMPTOMS hot, flushed, red face • high fever                                                                                       Purple, bell-shaped
                                                                                                                                       flowers give way to
• delirium • desire for sour things • sensitivity to light,                                                                            black berries in fall
noise, and movement

This deadly genus is named after the Greek Fate Atropos,
who held the power of life and death over mortals. In the
16th century, Italian ladies used deadly nightshade to make
their eyes sparkle, hence bella donna, which is Italian
for “beautiful woman.” Belladonna was one of the first
homeopathic remedies, developed in 1799 by Hahnemann
for scarlet fever, after he observed that symptoms of deadly
nightshade poisoning closely matched those of scarlet fever.

REMEDY PROFILE                                                     Leaves have weaker effect than             DEADLY NIGHTSHADE Despite
Belladonna is a major remedy for acute                                root, and for this reason are           this plant’s poisonous nature,
                                                                    preferred for herbal medicines
illnesses of sudden, violent onset. It is usually                                                             it has been used as an
given to people who are generally fit and                                                                     antispasmodic, relaxant, and
energetic, but restless and agitated when ill.      sensitive to light; a tearing, pounding pain              sedative in herbalism, and for
They are prone to sudden, explosive anger,          deep in the ear; and a pulsating headache                 acute inflammation, pain, and
marked by the desire to strike out or even          (see below).                                              fever in homeopathy.
to bite.                                            Symptoms better For warm rooms; for sitting
   Typical symptoms linked with Belladonna          or standing erect; for rest.
                                                                                                       S O U R C E D E TA I L S
include high fever, dilated pupils, flushed,        Symptoms worse For noise; for touch; for
dry skin, and throbbing pain, particularly          movement; for lying down; for drafts.              ORIGIN
in the head, due to rapid blood circulation.                                                           Native to Europe, western Asia, north Africa,
There is often hypersensitivity to light,           Sore throat & dry cough                            and North America, but now cultivated
noise, and touch, and also to rapid                 SYMPTOMS    Constricted, dry, burning throat,      worldwide. Thrives in chalky soil, woods,
temperature changes.                                a tender neck, and red, swollen tonsils,           and wasteland.
   Belladonna is typically given for acute pain,    notably on the right side. There may be
inflammation, or infection, chiefly of the          a painful, racking cough and fever (see left).     BACKGROUND
upper respiratory tract. It may also be used        Symptoms better For warm rooms; for rest.          Used traditionally for swelling and
to treat menstrual pain, sunstroke, febrile         Symptoms worse For cold drafts; around             inflammations, colic, and ulcers. It
convulsions, cystitis, nephritis (inflamed          3 p.m.; for swallowing foods or drinks.            formed part of a sleeping potion in Chaucer’s
kidneys), teething pain, and mastitis during                                                           time and, six centuries later, provides an
breast-feeding.                                     Headache & migraine                                anesthetic still used in
                                                    SYMPTOMS   Violent, throbbing pain. During         conventional medicine.
                                                    a migraine, pain starts in the back of the head,
Acute fever & pain                                  radiates to the right brow area, and settles       P R E PA R AT I O N
SYMPTOMS    Sudden onset of high fever and          behind the eye.                                    As it comes into flower, the whole fresh
hypersensitivity in all the senses. The face        Symptoms better For pressure on the head;          plant, including the root, is dug up. It is
may be hot, flushed, and dry, with bright           for lying in the dark; for cold compresses.        chopped and pounded to a pulp, then the
eyes and dilated pupils. Although the lips          Symptoms worse For light; for noise; for           juice is expressed. This juice is steeped
and mouth remain pale, the tongue is often          movement; for wet hair; for menstruating.          in alcohol before being filtered, diluted,
bright red. Any inflammation is red, radiates                                                          and succussed.
heat, and throbs painfully. Fever is                Menstrual pain
commonly followed by perspiration, and              SYMPTOMS   Menstrual flow is extremely heavy       COMMON NAMES
may develop into delirium. There is little          and painful. The blood is hot and may be           Deadly nightshade, belladonna, dwale,
thirst, or just a craving for sour drinks.          bright red or clotted.                             devil’s cherries, sorcerer’s cherry,
   Other symptoms include throbbing pain            Symptoms better For standing or sitting erect.     witches’ berry.
in the eyes, which are swollen, red, and            Symptoms worse For the slightest movement.

See also Rosacea, page 193; Influenza, page 224; Children’s health, page 246; Breast-feeding problems, page 262

 Baptisia tinctoria

 KEY SYMPTOMS severe infection • confusion and stupor • sensation that the body
                                                                                                                                               New root
 is scattered in pieces • aversion to open air • offensive-smelling discharges                                                              shoots form
                                                                                                                                             with purple
 The famous indigo dye obtained from this plant is reflected in its
 name, tinctoria, from the Latin tingere, “to dye.” Wild indigo was used
 medicinally by American Indians and by New World settlers, primarily
                                                                                                                                                Root can
 as an antiseptic wash for wounds. Modern herbalists use it internally
                                                                                                                                           cause nausea
 and externally as an antiseptic and immune-system stimulant. The                                                                           and vomiting
                                                                                                                                              if taken in
 homeopathic remedy was proved in a small-scale trial in the 1850s                                                                                excess
 by Drs. Douglas, Hadley, Burt, and others, and introduced into
 the repertory by Dr. Thompson in 1857.

 REMEDY PROFILE                                    Symptoms worse For being in the open air;         WILD INDIGO This root has
 Baptisia is prescribed almost exclusively for     for cold, wind, fog, and humid heat; upon         traditionally been harvested
 acute feverish illness with a characteristic      waking; for walking.                              as a source of indigo blue dye,
 set of symptoms. These include confusion                                                            although it is considered inferior
 or even stupor, as though drunk. The              Intestinal infections                             to the dye produced by the tropical
 lethargy or exhaustion brought on by illness      SYMPTOMS    Exhausting attacks of diarrhea,       species of indigo plant.
 is so profound that the person even falls         with acute fever (see below, left) and possibly
 asleep during conversations. Nightmares           even delirium. The tongue may have a
                                                                                                      S O U R C E D E TA I L S
 and delirium are common, notably                  yellowish coating and there may be a bitter
 a sensation that the body is scattered in         taste in the mouth. Stools are particularly        ORIGIN
 pieces. This feeling can lead to difficulty       foul-smelling and cause painful irritation         Native to eastern North America, growing
 in falling asleep, as can sensations of           around the anus. There may also be blood           from Canada down to North Carolina.
 suffocation or breathlessness.                    in the stools and a pink rash on the abdomen,      Generally found in woods and clearings,
    Typical physical symptoms include foul         possibly indicating typhoid fever.                 and prefers dry, hilly terrain.
 breath, a yellowy-brown tongue, and               Symptoms better For being indoors; for rest.
 a bitter-tasting mouth. The face may be           Symptoms worse For walking in the open air.        BACKGROUND
 swollen and flushed dark red, with                                                                   Traditionally used in North America as a
 drooping eyelids.                                 Throat infections                                  decoction for fever and infection, a wash for
    First developed for typhoid fever, Baptisia    SYMPTOMS    Stupor, flushing, and fever (see       wounds, a poultice for snake bites, and a
 is now used mostly for acute fever, severe        left). The throat is sore, and the tonsils may     gargle to soothe sore throats.
 influenza, and gastrointestinal infections, as    be dark red and swollen. The gums and
 well as for sore throats and septic infections.   throat may be affected by ulcers, which are        P R E PA R AT I O N
                                                   not necessarily painful. The lips may be blue,     Fresh root, including the bark, is pulped and
                                                   cracked, or bleeding. Swallowing solid food        left to steep in alcohol for eight days. The
 Acute fever                                       without gagging may be impossible, but             resulting tincture is then repeatedly diluted
 SYMPTOMS   A high fever or influenza, often       drinking small amounts of liquid is bearable.      and succussed.
 of sudden onset, alternating with severe          A marked thirst and copious drinking may
 chills. The face may be darkly flushed;           be followed by the scant passage of urine. A       COMMON NAMES
 the tongue tends to be deep red or even           related ear infection may be quick to set in,      Wild indigo, indigo weed, horsefly weed,
 brown in color, and is possibly coated            especially in the right ear.                       rattleweed.
 and dry down the center. Great lethargy           Symptoms better For being indoors; for rest.
 may accompany these symptoms, with the            Symptoms worse For walking in the open air.
 body feeling tender and bruised and the                                                             rapidly, with stupor and fatigue, and may
 muscles sore, stiff, and heavy. The bed           Septic conditions                                 be due to an incomplete miscarriage, or
 may feel too hard, resulting in bouts             SYMPTOMS   Foul-smelling ulcers in the mouth      to septicemia or other septic states marked
 of restlessness and curling up tightly            and throat, with a foul-smelling discharge.       by acute fever.
 in order to try to ease discomfort.               The breath, sweat, and urine may have an          Symptoms better For being indoors; for rest.
 Symptoms better For being indoors.                offensive odor. The symptoms set in               Symptoms worse For walking in the open air.

 See also Influenza, page 224; Sore throats, page 226; Mouth ulcers, page 232; Diarrhea, page 238
                                                                                                                   MAJOR PLANT REMEDIES              • 41

Berberis vulgaris

KEY SYMPTOMS colicky kidney pains • radiating pains • lethargy and listlessness
• colicky pains in the region of the gallbladder

This strongly astringent and healing plant was used by ancient Greek
and Arabian physicians to cool the blood during fevers and to treat jaundice
and gastrointestinal disorders, while American Indians used it for peptic                               All parts
                                                                                                        of barberr y
ulcers. Western herbalists give barberry for liver problems caused by drug                              plant are harmful
or alcohol abuse, and Ayurvedic doctors advocate it as a detoxicant and liver                           if eaten, except
                                                                                                        red berries
tonic. In traditional Chinese medicine it is taken for diarrhea. Barberry
contains alkaloids that are thought to inhibit cancer. It exhibits a broad                              Berries are extremely
                                                                                                        sour and were used
spectrum of antimicrobial activity. The homeopathic remedy was proved by
                                                                                                        in the past to make
Dr. Hesse in 1835, and is taken largely for urinary and digestive disorders                             preser ves and
with sharp or colicky pain.

REMEDY PROFILE                                      Cystitis
People who respond well to Berberis are             SYMPTOMS Burning   or sharp, cutting pains from     BARBERRY The astringent
prone to lethargy, inertia, and listlessness.       the bladder to the urethra, with green or dark      and antiseptic properties of this
They can find it difficult to sustain any           yellow urine that contains a reddish, branlike      bitter herb make it an effective
mental effort or to think straight. They            sediment. Pain from the spermatic cord to the       digestive tonic for gastrointestinal
can be especially anxious at twilight, when         testes may make sexual intercourse painful.         infections and peptic ulcers.
objects may appear larger than life and             Symptoms better After urinating.
distorted so that they may be mistaken              Symptoms worse On urinating; for standing.
                                                                                                         S O U R C E D E TA I L S
for monsters.
   Typical physical symptoms for those who          Gallbladder problems                                 ORIGIN
need Berberis include pallor, hollow eyes and       SYMPTOMS   Sharp, radiating, tearing pain in the     Native to Europe and naturalized in North
cheeks, and dry mucous membranes. Berberis          area of the gallbladder, extending toward the        America. Grows wild in woods and hedges,
is given for a particular type of pain, typically   stomach. Colic may cause a stabbing, stitchlike      and on bushy chalk hills, and is commonly
described as deep, sharp, neuralgic or colicky      pain that radiates from the liver area. There may    cultivated as a garden plant or herb.
pain radiating outward, and often shifting          be an inflamed gallbladder or gallstones with
from one part of the body to another. This          associated biliary colic (pain in the upper          BACKGROUND
type of sudden pain is often linked with            abdomen), which may sometimes develop into           Traditionally used in many cultures to treat
kidney infection, arthritis, or gout. Berberis      jaundice with pale stools.                           digestive and gallbladder complaints, and
has a strong affinity with the urinary and          Symptoms better For rest.                            also thought to lower fever, control bleeding,
digestive systems, and is used mainly in the        Symptoms worse For pressure on the upper             and reduce inflammation.
treatment of kidney disorders.                      abdomen; for standing; for movement.
                                                                                                         P R E PA R AT I O N
                                                    Lower-back pain                                      The bark of the small or medium-sized root
Kidney disorders                                    SYMPTOMS    Pain in the lower back that radiates     branches is dried and chopped, then steeped
SYMPTOMS   Kidney infection with tenderness and     outward or down the thigh, accompanied by            in alcohol, filtered, diluted, and succussed.
pain in the kidney area, as if water is trying to   stiffness and possibly by a stitch in the
bubble through the skin. Urine is dark yellow       abdomen or the side of the body.                     COMMON NAMES
or green with a reddish, branlike sediment.         Symptoms better For rest.                            Barberry, pipperidge bush.
Berberis may help kidney stones with severe,        Symptoms worse For lying; for sitting; for
sharp, neuralgic or colicky pain radiating from     standing; for movement; for treading heavily
the kidneys to the bladder and down the legs.       while going down stairs.                            outward and down the limbs. Gout and arthritic
Symptoms better For rest; for lying on the                                                              pain may also respond to Berberis.
painful side.                                       Joint pain                                          Symptoms better In the afternoon.
Symptoms worse For standing; for movement;          SYMPTOMS  General joint and muscle aches            Symptoms worse For movement; for treading
for sudden jarring or jolts.                        in the arms and legs, with sharp pains radiating    heavily while going down stairs.

See also Gastroenteritis, page 236; Cystitis, page 260

 Bryonia alba

 KEY SYMPTOMS pain upon the slightest movement • dry mucous membranes
 • great thirst • anxiety about financial security • irritability

 Dioscorides, the famous Greek physician of the 1st century CE,
                                                                                                                                             WHOLE ROOT
 advocated bryony for gangrenous wounds, and the ancient Greeks and
 Romans also used it for epilepsy, vertigo, paralysis, gout, and coughs.
 In 17th-century England the herbalist Culpeper found bryony useful
 for phlegm, coughs, and shortness of breath. In 1834 Hahnemann
 proved the homeopathic remedy, which is used mostly for slow-                                                                    BRYONY The root of this

 starting ailments accompanied by pain on the slightest movement.                                                                plant, which is a member
                                                                                                                                of the gourd family, has
                                                                                                                             a bitter taste and unpleasant
 REMEDY PROFILE                                     Fresh root can cause
                                                     severe skin irritation
                                                                                                                          smell. In excessive amounts, it
 Bryonia is mainly used for people who are                                                                         can cause death within hours, usually
 highly irritable when ill. Often clean-living,                                                                  from inflammation of the digestive tract.
 meticulous individuals, they can be contrary
 and capricious if ill, wanting things that,       and the mouth is dry, with a white-coated
 when given, are promptly rejected. They           tongue. Sharp, shooting ear pains may               S O U R C E D E TA I L S
 may feel tired, taciturn, languid, and angry      develop, as may sore eyes with sensitivity          ORIGIN
 if disturbed. Anxiety is common, especially       to movement and heavy eyelids. There may            Grows mainly in hedges and woodlands
 about financial security.                         be an intense, aching headache (see below),         of southern England, and in central
    The chief physical symptom treated by          raging thirst, and copious perspiration.            and southern Europe.
 Bryonia is pain felt on the slightest movement.   Symptoms better For rest.
 It is often accompanied by infrequent spells      Symptoms worse For bending forward;                 BACKGROUND
 of great thirst, and dry lips, mouth, and eyes.   for movement.                                       Used traditionally for shortness of breath,
 Illness sets in slowly, typically after                                                               coughing, and the clearing of phlegm from
 overexposure to heat or cold. Bryonia is          Headaches                                           the chest.
 useful for chest inflammation, pneumonia,         SYMPTOMS   Bursting, splitting headache over
 bad headaches, and rheumatic pains. It may        the forehead or left eye, so that even moving       P R E PA R AT I O N
 also be taken for some forms of constipation      the eyeball hurts. Pain extends to the back of      The fresh root is unear thed before
 and breast pain.                                  the head, then the whole head, often lasting        the plant flowers, chopped, pulped,
                                                   all day. The mouth may be dry, and there may        macerated in alcohol for ten days,
                                                   be great thirst.                                    diluted, and succussed.
 Dry coughs                                        Symptoms better For cold compresses; for
 SYMPTOMS    Great dryness in the mouth, throat,   pressure on the head; for closing the eyes.         COMMON NAMES
 chest, and mucous membranes, with a tickly        Symptoms worse For eye or body movement;            Bryony, white bryony, wild hops.
 cough and sharp chest pains. Pressing the         for drinking while hot; for overeating.
 chest during a coughing fit may alleviate pain
 in the head, chest, or rib cage, as may lying     Joint pain                                         with burning pain after passing a stool. Rumbly,
 still and breathing gently. Coughs may be         SYMPTOMS    Joints and muscles are hot, swollen,   colicky pains in the abdomen are common.
 linked to colds, pleurisy, or bronchitis.         stiff, and prone to stabbing pain, usually         Symptoms better For rest.
 Symptoms better For rest; for lying still;        due to gout, tenosynovitis, or arthritis, or       Symptoms worse For hot weather; in the
 for pressure on the chest.                        after an injury.                                   morning; for movement; for cold drinks.
 Symptoms worse For warm rooms; in the             Symptoms better For heat; for pressure on the
 morning; for deep breathing; for movement;        affected area.                                     Breast problems
 for eating and drinking.                          Symptoms worse For cold compresses; for the        SYMPTOMS   Breasts are pale, hard, and hot, with
                                                   slightest movement; for jarring.                   sharp pains, particularly in women who are
 Colds & influenza                                                                                    pregnant or breast-feeding. Milk supply may
 SYMPTOMS   Red, sore, swollen nose, a hoarse,     Constipation                                       be excessive.
 constricted throat, and a dry cough (see          SYMPTOMS  Large, hard stools that look black       Symptoms better For heat; for rest.
 above). The lips are often cracked and itchy,     or burned. The rectum may be particularly dry,     Symptoms worse For movement.

 See also Breast problems, page 201; Bronchitis, page 228; Coughs, page 228; Constipation, page 238; Breast pain, page 258
                                                                                                                 MAJOR PLANT REMEDIES                  • 43

Cannabis sativa ‘Indica’

KEY SYMPTOMS moods swing between overexcitement and paranoia • out-of-body
experiences • burning pain in the urethra • “opening and shutting” sensations in the head

First mentioned in a Chinese herbal dating to 2700 BCE, marijuana has
long been an important medicine in the herbal repertories of many
cultures. By the 19th century, marijuana had become a standard
painkiller in Europe. More recently, it has
been prescribed as a conventional medicine
in some countries to relieve nausea caused by
chemotherapy and spasms due to multiple sclerosis. The
plant is also an illegal recreational drug, and its prohibition extends
to medicinal uses in many countries. The homeopathic remedy Cannabis
ind. was proved by the American Provers’ Union in 1839 and introduced
                                                                                                         Leaves are long
by Dr. Trinks in 1841.                                                                                       and deeply

REMEDY PROFILE                                     relocation may cause distress. Hallucinations
The behavior of those who benefit most from        that distort time, space, and distance are not      CANNABIS The active ingredient in this plant,
Cannabis ind. alternates between sweet and         uncommon.                                           tetrahydrocannabinol, causes mild euphoric
gentle, and desperate or even paranoid.            Symptoms better For open air; for rest;             effects when ingested or smoked.
Typical physical symptoms include a marked         for walking.
increase in appetite and thirst, especially for    Symptoms worse For the dark; for tobacco;
                                                                                                         S O U R C E D E TA I L S
sweet foods and cold drinks.                       for coffee.
  Cannabis ind. is prescribed primarily to treat                                                         ORIGIN
abnormal psychological states, such as             Headaches                                             Native to China and central western Asia,
confusion, disorientation, loss of memory,         SYMPTOMS   An opening and closing sensation           but now grown worldwide, although usually
overexcitement, unwarranted fears, or              at the top of the head, as if shock waves are         subject to legal restrictions.
paranoia. The remedy is also given for             passing through the brain. The head may
physical conditions such as headaches,             shake involuntarily and feel as if it is separate     BACKGROUND
urinary-tract infections, and pain in the legs.    from the body. A stooping posture may be              Important in cultures such as ancient Egypt,
                                                   adopted due to a sensation of heavy pressure          China, and India, as a strong analgesic,
                                                   on the brain or to a migraine.                        sedative, and anti-inflammatory.
Disordered mental states                           Symptoms better For rest; for deep breathing.
SYMPTOMS    Marked swings in thought and           Symptoms worse For exertion; for tobacco;             P R E PA R AT I O N
mood between a gentle state and paranoia.          for alcohol; for coffee.                              The flowering tops and seeds are finely
The gentle state is marked by mild euphoria,                                                             chopped, macerated in alcohol for ten days,
an overactive brain, and headstrong views,         Urinary-tract infections                              then filtered, diluted, and succussed.
particularly about esoteric subjects such as       SYMPTOMS   A dull, burning, aching, or stitch-
astrology and UFOs. Wonderful and                  like pain in the right kidney. Urine may be           COMMON NAMES
enlightening ideas occur in rapid succession,      profuse and colorless, with erratic flow due to       Marijuana, hashish, cannabis, Indian hemp,
but they are equally quickly forgotten. The        obstructed urination. There may be urethritis         bhang bhanga.
slightest thing may trigger hysterical giggling.   (inflammation of the urethra) with mucus
Prophetic dreams, out-of-body experiences,         discharge and burning, stinging pain.
or an apparent ability to predict the future       Symptoms better For rest; for deep breathing.       very short walk. Alternatively, there may be
may also be experienced. In the paranoid           Symptoms worse In the morning; for tobacco;         a sensation of paralysis in the lower limbs.
state, there is generally fear and anxiety,        for alcohol; for coffee.                            These symptoms are frequently accompanied
particularly a fear of losing control and                                                              by a backache.
becoming insane. There may be disorientation,      Pain or paralysis in the legs                       Symptoms better For rest; for deep breathing.
memory loss, and confusion, even when              SYMPTOMS Shooting pains that rise up the legs       Symptoms worse For walking; during
in well-known environments. Travel or              when walking. Exhaustion may follow even a          menstruation.

See also Confusion, page 266

 Carbo vegetabilis

 KEY SYMPTOMS listless behavior • confusion • coldness • collapse • person feels                           Charcoal is ver y
                                                                                                            hard and does
 better from fanned air • flatulence • desire for sweets, coffee, salt, and alcohol                             not rot like
                                                                                                             ordinar y wood

Charcoal’s hardness and durability have in the past made it a popular material
for staking out land boundaries. Its ability to absorb gases and toxins in the
body gained charcoal a reputation as a “purifier,” and in the 18th and 19th
centuries it was used in dressings for skin ulcers and in mouthwashes.
Hahnemann proved and published the homeopathic remedy in his Chronic
Diseases (1821–34). It became known as the “corpse reviver” for its ability
to restore severe collapse.

 REMEDY PROFILE                                        Chronic fatigue syndrome                                                CHARCOAL Wood is burned
 People who need Carbo veg. may be in a state          Aching, burning pains all over the body,                                in a sealed environment
 of physical and mental collapse. It is used for       and swollen, tender glands. Confusion,                                  from which air is excluded to
 debilitated states ranging from a simple faint        difficulty in concentrating, and anxiety                                make charcoal.
 or fatigue to exhaustion or more serious              may be evident, along with other
 collapse. Those affected may never have fully         symptoms of fatigue (see below, left).
                                                                                                             S O U R C E D E TA I L S
 recovered from a previous illness. Symptoms           Symptoms better In the afternoon; for
 include extreme weariness on making the least         lying down.                                           ORIGIN
 effort, indifference, and anxiety at night, along     Symptoms worse For cold, damp weather;                Made from silver birch, beech, or poplar
 with a fear of the supernatural.                      at night; for exertion; for talking.                  trees, which grow on moors, heaths,
    Typical physical symptoms include a cold,                                                                woodlands, and mountains throughout the
 clammy body, a sallow face, weakness, and             Indigestion & flatulence                              Northern Hemisphere.
 numbness or burning pain in the limbs.                SYMPTOMS   Indigestion and flatulence that occur
 A tendency to suffer from trapped gas                 regardless of diet. Regurgitation of food may be      BACKGROUND
 is common.                                            accompanied by sour burps, smelly gas,                Used in traditional and conventional
    Despite usually feeling cold, people               diarrhea, and bloating so that the skin of the        medicine for ulceration, septic diseases,
 who respond to Carbo veg. like fresh air,             stomach is stretched taut. Overeating may             flatulence, and indigestion. Also known for
 especially if it is fanned over their faces. They     trigger nausea, dizziness, fainting, and morning      its deodorant and disinfectant properties.
 may crave junk foods, coffee, sweets, and salt,       headaches where the head feels heavy and hot.
 and long for alcohol although it makes them           Symptoms better For cold, fresh air; for              P R E PA R AT I O N
 feel unwell. In common with herbalists,               passing gas; for burping.                             Fist-sized bits of wood are cut, heated
 homeopaths often give the remedy for                  Symptoms worse In the morning; for lying down;        until red hot, and sealed in an airtight
 flatulence and weak digestive functioning.            for rich, fatty foods; for milk, coffee, or wine.     earthenware jar. The resulting ash is then
 Carbo veg. may also be taken for respiratory                                                                triturated, diluted, and succussed.
 problems, or for a poor, sluggish constitution,       Breathing problems
 particularly in the elderly.                          SYMPTOMS    Spasmodic cough, whooping                 COMMON NAMES
                                                       cough, asthma, and bronchitis in the elderly.         Charcoal, wood charcoal.
                                                       There may be cold perspiration and weakness,
 Fatigue                                               choking, gagging, and vomiting of mucus.
 SYMPTOMS    Weakness, severe exhaustion,              A desire for fresh air is common, as is             of oxygen around the body. The skin on the
 or low vitality. The skin is cold and pale,           a feeling of suffocation.                           face, hands, and feet may be cold and blue.
 but the body feels hot inside, and there is           Symptoms better For fresh air; for being            Hoarseness and a cold tongue and breath are
 a bitter taste in the mouth. Carbo veg. can           fanned; for sitting up.                             common, and there may also be cold, puffy
 be used for loss of vitality, fatigue, or shock       Symptoms worse In warm, wet weather;                legs with a tendency for bleeding varicose
 during convalescence.                                 for overheating; at night; for rich foods.          veins to form.
 Symptoms better For burping; for being fanned.                                                            Symptoms better For cold, fresh air;
 Symptoms worse For warm, wet weather; in the          Poor circulation                                    for burping.
 evening; for lying down; for rich, fatty foods; for   SYMPTOMS  Reduced energy and lack                   Symptoms worse For lying down; in the
 wine; for coffee.                                     of coordination due to poor circulation             evening; for milk, coffee, or fatty foods.

 See also Chronic fatigue syndrome, page 205; Indigestion, page 234; Bloating & flatulence, page 236
                                                                                                              MAJOR PLANT REMEDIES                     • 45

Cephaelis ipecacuanha

KEY SYMPTOMS persistent nausea and vomiting • clean, unfurred tongue
• bright red bleeding • excessive mucus production and a cough • irritability

A Portuguese friar living in Brazil in the early 17th century first recorded
the medicinal properties of ipecacuanha, a traditional remedy used by
Brazilian Indians. Its name is from the Portuguese for “sick-making plant,”
since in large doses it causes nausea, vomiting, and even cardiac failure.
In conventional medicine, drugs derived from the root are used to loosen
phlegm in the respiratory tract and to induce vomiting. Ipecac. was proved
by Hahnemann in 1805 and is used especially to relieve persistent nausea.

                                                                                                    Root is strongly emetic,
REMEDY PROFILE                                     itchy, with sweat forming on the brow, then
                                                                                                    and used to induce vomiting
Irritability is common in those who respond        the symptom picture may indicate gallbladder
best to Ipecac., and children suited to the        problems. The nausea is very enervating,         IPECACUANHA This efficient expectorant is used
remedy may scream and howl. When unwell,           and may be accompanied by a weak pulse           in over-the-counter cough medicines and in
these people can be capricious and hard to         and fainting.                                    homeopathic treatment for spasmodic coughs.
please, asking for things and then changing        Symptoms better For fresh air.
their minds. Illness can prompt them to            Symptoms worse For warmth; for lying down;
                                                                                                     S O U R C E D E TA I L S
become morose, depressed, impatient, and           for movement; for opiate drugs or tobacco;
contemptuous of those around them.                 for eating.                                       ORIGIN
   Physical symptoms generally linked with                                                           Native to Central and South America and
Ipecac. are persistent nausea, with or without     Coughs & wheezing                                 cultivated particularly in Brazil; this plant’s
vomiting, and a tendency to hemorrhage.            SYMPTOMS   An irritating, dry, rattling, loose    preferred habitat is tropical rainforest.
Despite any vomiting, the tongue is clean and      cough, usually triggered by warm, humid
unfurred. There is often oversensitivity to        weather. Breathing may be wheezy and              BACKGROUND
movement and a constant feeling of being hot       asthmatic, and the chest may feel constricted.    A traditional Brazilian cure for dysentery
on the inside and cold on the outside. These       Although little phlegm may be produced,           that was brought to Europe in 1672,
symptoms appear rapidly, are generally             coughing may be violent and accompanied           it is still used today by herbalists for
intermittent, and may also include coughing        by nosebleeds, retching, gagging, nausea,         amoebic dysentery.
fits and breathing difficulties. Ipecac. is also   vomiting, or coughing up of blood. These
used for headaches, migraines, and                 symptoms may be indicative of conditions          P R E PA R AT I O N
gynecological problems linked to the general       such as bronchitis, whooping cough, and           The root is dug up and the firmest dark
tendency to bleed very easily.                     childhood asthma.                                 rootlets dried, powdered, and macerated
                                                   Symptoms better For fresh air; for sitting up.    in alcohol. They are then filtered, diluted,
                                                   Symptoms worse For heat and warmth; in the        and succussed.
Nausea & vomiting                                  winter; for lying down; for movement.
SYMPTOMS    Persistent nausea that is not                                                            COMMON NAME
necessarily relieved by vomiting is a key          Migraine                                          Ipecacuanha.
symptom associated with Ipecac. There is           SYMPTOMS   Migraine pain in the whole head,
a bloated, swollen feeling in the abdomen, and     with severe nausea and vomiting. The
cramping, colicky pain that may be most severe     pain extends to the face, teeth, and tongue.     menstrual periods there may be irregular
around the navel, while the stomach may seem       The face is pallid, or blue around the           spotting or a sudden, gushing flow from the
to “flop” inside the abdomen. Vomit consists       lips and eyes.                                   uterus of bright red blood that proves slow to
mostly of undigested food or bile. Belching and    Symptoms better For fresh air.                   clot. Ipecac. may also be prescribed for morning
excess saliva production are common, the           Symptoms worse For warmth; for lying down;       sickness, for hemorrhaging in connection with
mouth remains moist, and there is little thirst.   for movement; for stress; for embarrassment.     a displaced placenta, and for bleeding and
The tongue tends to be clean and unfurred.                                                          nausea in the aftermath of a miscarriage.
   If gastroenteritis is the cause, there may be   Gynecological problems                           Symptoms better For fresh air.
copious, watery, greenish-colored diarrhea         SYMPTOMS  Extremely heavy menstrual flow,        Symptoms worse During and after labor;
that contains undigested food. If the skin is      possibly with nausea and fainting. Between       for movement.

See also Asthma, page 181; Nausea & vomiting, page 236; Morning sickness, page 262

 Chamomilla recutita syn. Matricaria chamomilla

 KEY SYMPTOMS irritability • hypersensitivity to pain • children want
 to be carried • teething problems • one cheek red and the
 other pale • greenish diarrhea

 The name of this plant derives from the Greek chamaimelon, or “earth apple,”
 so called because of the applelike scent of its blossoms. Culpeper, the
 17th-century English herbalist, advocated chamomile for strengthening
 the uterus, especially after an arduous labor. Herbalists recommend it for
 external use as a poultice or cream for treating skin complaints such as                                                            Flower heads
 eczema or burns. Chamomilla, proved by Hahnemann and published in his                                                               can be infused
                                                                                                                                     to make a
 Materia Medica Pura (1821–34), is used for ailments with extreme sensitivity                                                        calming drink
 to pain, especially in children.
 REMEDY PROFILE                                    pain, and the ears, nose, and throat                                    contain oil that
                                                                                                                           is used to treat
 Chamomilla works best for those exhibiting an     may feel blocked and numb. Babies
                                                                                                                           hay fever and
 extremely low pain threshold, as well as anger,   teething may scream angrily, insist                                     asthma
 marked irritability, and hostility. Often         on being carried, and have
 hypersensitive, they are bad-tempered, easily     greenish diarrhea.
 offended, and impossible to please. They flush    Symptoms better For cold; for
 easily when angry, and hate being touched.        being carried.
 Bad temper, anger, or stress exacerbate           Symptoms worse For heat; for warm
 physical symptoms.                                foods and drinks.
    Chamomilla is often given to children who                                                                 GERMAN CHAMOMILE The plant is
 are snappy, wail when ill, and are pacified       Fever                                                      used as an herbal remedy to relieve
 only if being carried and cuddled by someone      SYMPTOMS  A hot, flushed state, often                      indigestion, menstrual pain,
 walking around.                                   with one cheek red and the other pale.                     migraines, gout, and rheumatic pains.
    Typical Chamomilla symptoms are great          There may be irritability, shivering, and
 irritability and pain that seems unbearable.      a tendency to sweat easily.
                                                                                                    S O U R C E D E TA I L S
 The remedy is given for teething pain, fever,     Symptoms better For cold.
 stomach pain with diarrhea, menstrual or          Symptoms worse For heat; for warm foods          ORIGIN
 labor pains, and sore, inflamed nipples during    and drinks.                                      Grows wild in much of temperate Europe
 breast-feeding.                                                                                    and north Africa, and is naturalized in
                                                   Colic & diarrhea                                 the US.
                                                   SYMPTOMS   Colicky pain in the abdomen,
 Irritability                                      possibly with pale green diarrhea that smells    BACKGROUND
 SYMPTOMS    Hypersensitivity to pain, and         of rotten eggs. Colic in children may cause      Used to treat disorders of the digestion
 hostility and anger that triggers physical        restlessness and arching of the back.            since the 1st century CE. Chamomile tea
 problems. Things may be demanded then             Symptoms better For warm compresses on the       is well known as a calming drink that
 promptly thrown away.                             abdomen; for fasting.                            aids sleep.
 Symptoms better For being carried;                Symptoms worse For heat; for fresh air;
 for perspiring.                                   for anger.                                       P R E PA R AT I O N
 Symptoms worse For being touched; for being                                                        The whole fresh plant is harvested when
 put down.                                         Menstrual & labor pain                           in flower. It is finely chopped and macerated
                                                   SYMPTOMS   Menstrual cramps or labor pains,      in alcohol, before being filtered, diluted,
 Toothaches, teething &                            possibly severe enough to cause sweats,          and succussed.
 earaches                                          anger, or fainting. Anger may trigger non-
 SYMPTOMS   Excruciating pain in the teeth or      menstrual bleeding.                              COMMON NAMES
 ears, with fever (see right). Toothache flares    Symptoms better For being driven in a car.       German chamomile, corn feverfew,
 up after a hot drink or if a tooth is pressed.    Symptoms worse For heat; for drafts; for wind;   wild chamomile.
 Swollen glands may cause face and neck            for damp; for anger; for touch.

 See also Toothaches, page 232; Teething, page 246; Temper tantrums, page 246; Sleeplessness, page 248; Breast-feeding problems, page 262
                                                                                                              MAJOR PLANT REMEDIES                 • 47

Chelidonium majus

KEY SYMPTOMS right-sided complaints • practical,                                                      Yellow flowers resemble
                                                                                                      poppies, which belong to same
dominant nature • pain in the right shoulder blade                                                    plant family
• liver and gallbladder problems • person
feels better for hot drinks and eating

Because this plant flowers as the swallows
are migrating, Dioscorides, the famous
Greek physician of the 1st century CE, named it after
the Greek khelidon, or “swallow.” In traditional medicine its
juice was used for skin, liver, and gallbladder disorders. The
homeopathic remedy was proved by Hahnemann and published in his
Materia Medica Pura (1821–34).

REMEDY PROFILE                                    by fatty foods, and may extend to the
An aggressive, domineering personality is         back and right shoulder blade (see below).
typically linked with Chelidonium. Those          There may be nausea and vomiting, and
who respond well to the remedy tend also          inflammation of the bile duct that may
                                                                                                   GREATER CELANDINE The freshly crushed plant
to be practical rather than intellectual people   lead to jaundice or inflammation of
                                                                                                   exudes a sticky, orange sap, which herbalists use
who do not like to “waste time” analyzing         the gallbladder.
                                                                                                   to treat warts and corns.
their emotions.                                   Symptoms better For a hot bath; for passing
   Typical physical symptoms include              stools; for pressure on the affected area; for
                                                                                                     S O U R C E D E TA I L S
cravings for hot drinks and cheese. There         hot foods and drinks, such as hot milk.
is a feeling of heaviness, with symptoms          Symptoms worse For lying on the right side;        ORIGIN
tending to be right-sided.                        around 4 a.m. and 4 p.m.; for fatty foods.         Native to Europe, north Africa, and western
   Chelidonium is used mainly for liver                                                              Asia, and now naturalized in North America.
conditions, or spleen, kidney, gallbladder,       Headaches                                          Grows on banks and in hedgerows.
intestine, and lung complaints. It may also       SYMPTOMS    A sensation of heaviness on
be given prior to surgery linked to hepatitis     the right side of the head. There may also         BACKGROUND
or gallstones.                                    be facial numbness and neuralgia (especially       Used in Western and Chinese herbalism as
                                                  above the eye), and a yellow-coated tongue         a muscle relaxant and antispasmodic, and
                                                  that retains teethmarks. These symptoms            to clear cataracts.
Hepatitis                                         may be linked to an existing liver disorder
SYMPTOMS   An enlarged liver, with pain           (see left).                                        P R E PA R AT I O N
extending to the back and right shoulder          Symptoms better For a hot bath; for bending        The whole flowering plant, or the root, is
blade, and jaundiced, yellow skin. The            backward; for pressure on the affected area;       chopped, pulped, and macerated in alcohol
abdomen feels distended and tight, as if          for hot foods and drinks.                          for at least ten days.
bound. There may be a strong craving for,         Symptoms worse For lying on the right side;
or aversion to, cheese.                           for movement; around 4 a.m. and 4 p.m.             COMMON NAMES
Symptoms better For a hot bath; for passing                                                          Greater celandine, wartweed, swallow wort.
stools; for pressure on the affected area; for    Shoulder pain
hot foods and drinks, such as hot milk.           SYMPTOMS   Shoulder pain with icy coldness
Symptoms worse For lying on the right side;       in the fingertips and muscles that feel sore     Pneumonia
around 4 a.m. or 4 p.m.                           to the touch. There may be associated            SYMPTOMS  Breathlessness and pain on
                                                  nausea and perspiration.                         coughing or breathing deeply, with
Gallstones                                        Symptoms better For having a hot bath;           pneumonia that chiefly affects the right
SYMPTOMS    A sharp, constant pain on the         for pressure on the affected area; for           lung and, possibly, liver problems.
upper right side of the abdomen, behind the       bending backward.                                Symptoms better For hot foods and drinks.
ribs, possibly due to a gallstone trapped in      Symptoms worse For lying on the right side;      Symptoms worse For warmth; for lying on the
a bile duct. The pain may resemble that of        for movement; for coughing; around 4 a.m.        right side; for movement; for coughing; around
hepatitis (see above). It is often exacerbated    and 4 p.m.                                       4 a.m. and 4 p.m.

See also Cancer, page 208

 Cimicifuga racemosa

 KEY SYMPTOMS depression • neck and back pain • fear
 of death • overexcitability • menstrual irregularities

 This North American plant’s genus name is derived
 from the Latin words cimex, “bug,” and fugere, “to
 flee,” a reference to its properties as an insect
 repellent. Native Americans used the root to treat
 gynecological problems, and its beneficial effect
 on conditions arising during menopause was
 confirmed in German studies published in 1995.
                                                                                                                 Unpleasant-smelling root
 Cimicifuga was proved in 1852 by Drs. Hempel, Wells,                                                            can be toxic in high doses
 Paine, and Mears, a team of US homeopaths.
                                                                                                         BLACK COHOSH Contemporary German research
 REMEDY PROFILE                                     Symptoms better For open air; for bending            has shown that herbal preparations containing
 Primarily a women’s remedy, Cimicifuga is          double; for gentle movement.                         black cohosh ease hot flashes, affirming the
 particularly suited to those whose emotions        Symptoms worse For cold; for sitting;                plant’s traditional herbal use.
 swing between overexcitement and depression.       for stress.
 They tend to have very intense emotional lives,
                                                                                                          S O U R C E D E TA I L S
 possibly marked by fears of death and insanity.    Pregnancy
 Emotional symptoms often alternate with            SYMPTOMS   Vomiting, nausea, and lack of sleep.       ORIGIN
 physical ones, such as chilliness and sharp        Lower back pain and a bruised feeling all over        Indigenous to Canada and eastern parts
 pains, especially on the left side of the body.    the body are common, with abdominal pains             of the US, but now also grown in Europe.
 Symptoms may intensify during menstruation.        shooting from side to side. There may be              Prefers moist, shady conditions, such as
   Cimicifuga acts upon the nerves and              depression and irrational fears (see below).          those to be found in woods and hedgerows.
 uterine muscles. It is prescribed mostly           Cimicifuga may also be prescribed for
 for gynecological problems; for head, neck,        protracted labor and recovery from an                 BACKGROUND
 and back pain; and for emotional symptoms.         early miscarriage.                                    Traditionally used by native Americans for
                                                    Symptoms better For open air; for bending             health problems in women. Used in
                                                    double; for gentle movement.                          contemporary herbal medicine as a sedative
 Menopause                                          Symptoms worse For cold; for sitting; for             and antidepressant.
 SYMPTOMS   Severe hot flashes, fainting spells,    emotional stress.
 and other typical menopausal symptoms, but                                                               P R E PA R AT I O N
 in an extreme form. Depression and irrational      Head & neck pain                                      Fresh root and rhizome are harvested in fall.
 fears are common (see below, right).               SYMPTOMS    Headaches in the top or side of           They are pounded to a pulp, then mixed with
 Symptoms better For open air; for bending          the head, which may dull thought, or pain             alcohol and left to stand before being
 double; for gentle movement.                       or stiffness in the neck or nape of the neck,         strained, filtered, and succussed.
 Symptoms worse For cold; for sitting; for          which may radiate to the upper back
 emotional stress.                                  or shoulders.                                         COMMON NAMES
                                                    Symptoms better For open air; for wrapping up;        Black cohosh, black snakeroot, rattleroot,
 Menstrual problems                                 for lying flat; for pressure on the neck and head.    cohosh bugbane, squawroot.
 SYMPTOMS     Heavy menstrual flow, with dark-      Symptoms worse For cold, wind, drafts, and
 red, clotted blood, shooting, cramping pains       damp; for weather changes; for physical strain;
 radiating across the pelvis into the thighs, and   for menstruating; for menopause; at night.           also be given for postpartum depression,
 bearing-down pains in the lower back.                                                                   especially when accompanied by feelings
 Menstruation is often too frequent, too early,     Depression                                           of imprisonment.
 or absent. Before menstruation there may be        SYMPTOMS   Black moods and heavy sighing,            Symptoms better For open air; for
 burning breast pain and congestion in the          alternating with euphoria, loquaciousness,           gentle movement.
 head. Premenstrual syndrome, depression            and a tendency to jump from topic to topic.          Symptoms worse For menstruating;
 (see right), and irrational fears are commonly     Possible fears of insanity and death worsen          for pregnancy; after giving birth; for
 associated with the remedy.                        with the onset of menopause. Cimicifuga may          menopause.

 See also Depression, page 212; Headaches, page 218; Painful periods, page 256; Heavy periods, page 258
                                                                                                                       MAJOR PLANT REMEDIES                 • 49

Cinchona officinalis

KEY SYMPTOMS exhaustion after fluid loss • great imagination
• desire for alcohol and for sweet or spicy foods • oversensitivity

The source of this remedy is Peruvian bark, which was taken from
South America to Europe by Jesuits in the 17th century. This bark
is of particular historical significance for homeopaths, since quinine                                                                     DRIED BARK

extracted from it became the subject of Hahnemann’s first
                                                                                                                                  PERUVIAN BARK The bark
homeopathic proving. In 1790 he tested quinine on himself, and                                                                    of this tropical tree yields
noticed that it caused symptoms similar to the malaria for which                                                                  quinine, which causes
it was prescribed as a cure (see page 15). He developed the remedy                                                                symptoms similar to those
                                                                                                       FRESH                      of malaria if taken in
China, which has become a key treatment for malarial symptoms
                                                                                                        BARK                      large doses.
and exhaustion due to fluid loss or long-term illness.
                                                                                                               S O U R C E D E TA I L S
REMEDY PROFILE                                        Fever
China is thought to work best for idealistic,         SYMPTOMS   Intermittent high temperature                 ORIGIN
artistic people. Despite problems articulating        with shivering chills and profuse sweats.                Native to the tropical forests of South
their feelings, they prefer meaningful talk           Thirst may be absent during sweats, but                  America, but now grown in southeast Asia,
to trivial chat, but their own intensity often        is marked with the chills. The skin may                  India, Sri Lanka, and East Africa.
tires them, causing irritability, laziness,           be sallow or flushed, and sensitive to the
depression, violence, or intolerance. Easily          slightest touch.                                         BACKGROUND
offended, they may feel paranoid and                  Symptoms better For warmth; for sleep; for               In the 17th century, Jesuits used quinine,
mistreated, or that they have been born               firm pressure on the affected area.                      extracted from Peruvian bark, as a cure for
unfortunate, as if the world is hostile to            Symptoms worse For cold; for drafts; at night;           malaria. It was widely adopted in Europe as
them. A highly active imagination can lead            in fall.                                                 a treatment for fevers.
to a preoccupation with future plans and
to egocentric, heroic fantasies that later            Insomnia                                                 P R E PA R AT I O N
cause embarrassment.                                  SYMPTOMS   Sleeplessness due to excited                  The bark is macerated in alcohol for at least
   Physical symptoms may be linked to                 thoughts and heroic fantasies. Even the                  five days, before being filtered, diluted, and
weaknesses in the liver and digestive system          slightest noise disrupts sleep. The mind tends           then succussed.
and generally include a dislike of butter and         to be very clear in the evening and at night.
other fatty foods, and cravings for alcohol and       Symptoms better For warmth.                              COMMON NAMES
foods that are sweet or spicy.                        Symptoms worse For cold; for drafts.                     Peruvian bark, cinchona bark, Jesuit’s bark,
   The remedy is used for exhaustion                                                                           china bark, calisaya bark, loxa bark, red
following illness or extreme fluid loss. It is        Digestive disorders                                      bark, yellow cinchona.
also given for fever, insomnia, gastric upsets,       SYMPTOMS    Indigestion accompanied by
and headaches.                                        ineffectual burping and a sensation that food
                                                      is stuck behind the breastbone. The abdomen          Symptoms better For warmth; with rest; for
                                                      may feel bloated. Gas that is difficult to expel     firm pressure on the affected area.
Exhaustion                                            may cause pain or, alternatively, pain may           Symptoms worse At night; after eating; for sour
SYMPTOMS   Extreme lethargy, with weak, jumpy         remain even after expulsion of gas. There may        foods; for drinking, especially excess tea.
muscles, and oversensitivity to noises, smells,       be attacks of profuse, watery, painless
and touch. Fatigue can be due to extensive fluid      diarrhea. The appetite may be disturbed,             Headaches
loss caused by diarrhea, severe vomiting, or          causing either great hunger at night or a            SYMPTOMS   Throbbing pain in the head,
possibly breast-feeding. It can also be a result      complete loss of appetite which, however,            possibly linked to facial neuralgia, nosebleeds,
of anemia, possibly linked to blood loss or heavy     returns after the first mouthful of a meal.          tinnitus, or liver disorders.
menstrual flow, or to debilitating illness, such as   A bitter taste in the mouth may arise from an        Symptoms better For warmth; for firm pressure
chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).                       unsettled stomach. In addition, China may be         on the painful area; for sleep.
Symptoms better For lying down.                       prescribed to treat digestive symptoms arising       Symptoms worse For cold; for drafts; at night;
Symptoms worse For touch; for noise;                  as a result of gastroenteritis and disorders of      in the fall; for light touch, such as combing
for walking.                                          the gallbladder.                                     the hair.

See also Chronic fatigue syndrome, page 205

 Coffea cruda syn. C. arabica

 KEY SYMPTOMS overstimulation leading to sleep problems
 • oversensitivity to pain • restlessness and nervousness
                                                                                                                                         Raw berries were
                                                                                                                                         originally chewed as
 Native to Ethiopia, coffee was reportedly first drunk                                                                                   a stimulant
 in the Middle East, introduced in Europe in the                                                                               BRANCH
 17th century, then taken by Europeans to the East
 and to South America. It has been incorporated into
 Ayurvedic medicine, which uses unripe beans
 to treat headaches and ripe, roasted beans for
 diarrhea. Coffee’s main active constituent, caffeine, has
 been used medicinally as an analgesic, a diuretic,
 a digestive tonic, and a stimulant to the nervous system.
 Modern medicine combines caffeine with conventional analgesics such as aspirin                                                               Each berr y
                                                                                                                                              contains two
 to make over-the-counter painkillers. However, coffee has long had a reputation                                                              seeds (beans)
 for being simultaneously helpful and harmful: excessive consumption upsets the
 digestion, drains the body of calcium, and can cause nervousness. Dr. Stapf
 proved the homeopathic remedy in 1823.
                                                                                                                              COFFEE Coffee’s stimulating
 REMEDY PROFILE                                      nerves are stretched taut.                                               effect is weakened if it is
 Drinking too much coffee produces symptoms          Symptoms may often be                                                    drunk repeatedly.
 that are very similar to those treated by Coffea.   due to pressure or stress
 Homeopaths often prescribe it for those with        involving work deadlines
 overactive minds and thoughts that race             or exam revision.
 uncontrollably. This is generally accompanied       Symptoms better For warmth;                                          COFFEE BEANS
 by restlessness and nervousness.                    for rest.
    Coffea is also useful for those who              Symptoms worse For cold, windy
                                                                                                          S O U R C E D E TA I L S
 experience overly excited or ecstatic states,       weather; for noise, odors, and touch.
 perhaps precipitated by narcotics, a series of                                                           ORIGIN
 events, or a sudden shock, such as very good        Headaches                                            Native to Ethiopia, but now grown in tropical
 or very bad news. Such states can frequently        SYMPTOMS    One-sided pain in the head,              areas worldwide. South America and African
 trigger excessive exhilaration or despair, with     which feels as if a nail is being driven into it.    countries such as Kenya and Tanzania
 an inability to calm down and insomnia or           Pain sets in upon waking, and can seem               supply the bulk of the world’s crop.
 headaches. The nerves are taut, and the senses      unbearable. It can extend to the ears and
 may be so acute that fresh air, noises, smells,     teeth (see below), with possible facial neuralgia.   BACKGROUND
 and tastes seem unbearable. Hypersensitivity        Common triggers are tension, stress, or an           Originally an African stimulant and drink that
 to pain, to the point where pain causes intense     overactive mind.                                     spread to Arabia and was used by Muslims
 despair, is not unusual. Coffea may also help       Symptoms better For cold compresses;                 to stay awake in all-night prayer. In England,
 insomnia, palpitations, overexcitement, and         for lying or sitting still in darkness.              the Church linked it with the devil.
 flushing during the menopause.                      Symptoms worse For fresh air; for noise;
                                                     for tea or coffee.                                   P R E PA R AT I O N
                                                                                                          Ripe, unroasted coffee beans are
 Insomnia                                            Toothaches                                           macerated in alcohol for at least five days
 SYMPTOMS   Excess mental activity, making the       SYMPTOMS   Pain that shoots downward from            before being filtered. The resulting liquid is
 mind race with thoughts and ideas. Sleep may        the teeth to the tips of the fingers.                then repeatedly diluted and succussed.
 be impossible for long periods, despite             Symptoms better For ice or cold water on the
 tiredness, due to a frustrating inability to        affected area.                                       COMMON NAMES
 switch off the mind. Any sleep obtained is          Symptoms worse For heat; for menstruation;           Coffee, Arabian coffee.
 interrupted by the slightest noise, since the       for hot foods.

 See also Toothaches, page 232; Insomnia, page 244
                                                                                                           MAJOR PLANT REMEDIES                • 51

Conium maculatum

KEY SYMPTOMS materialistic nature with fixed ideas
• complaints that are triggered by suppression of
sexual feelings • tendency to develop tumors

Generations of storytellers have woven the poison
hemlock into their tales. The Greek physician Dioscorides
and the Roman natural historian Pliny used it in the
1st century CE to calm sexual urges, as a painkiller, and
                                                                                                                                  Stem covered with
for skin complaints, nervous disorders, and breast tumors.                                                                        purple spots is
Hahnemann proved and published the homeopathic remedy                                                                             characteristic of
in his Chronic Diseases (1821–34).

REMEDY PROFILE                                  Symptoms better For pressure on
Conium is prescribed for people whose           the breasts; for letting the arms
minds are dulled by illness, so that they       hang down; for fasting; for
seem mentally paralyzed, tired, and             expressing emotion.
depressed, with “fixed” ideas and an            Symptoms worse For cold;
aversion to company. These people tend          for lying down; for turning
to be very materialistic when young, but        over in bed; for movement.
ultimately lose interest in possessions.
   The remedy is prescribed for cysts           Enlarged prostate
or tumors in the reproductive organs.           SYMPTOMS   A sensation of heaviness in the              HEMLOCK The toxins in this plant
It is used if physical symptoms, such as        prostate and frequent interruption of urine             cause paralysis, primarily of the
gradual stiffening of the legs, “mirror”        flow, possibly with a discharge from the                respiratory nerves, which leads
the mental paralysis. Conium may help           penis and impotency.                                    to death by suffocation if taken
if illness is due to mental strain, grief,      Symptoms better For firm local pressure;                in excess.
or old age. In the elderly, it is thought       for walking.
to restore vitality and counter premature       Symptoms worse For injury; for exertion;
aging. It is also used for giddiness,           for lying down; for tight clothing.
                                                                                                   S O U R C E D E TA I L S
as well as for emotional and physical
problems due to sexual excess or                Nervous disorders                                  ORIGIN
suppression of the sex drive.                   SYMPTOMS   Cold, trembly, weak legs, with          Common in hedges, damp meadows,
                                                giddiness and sensitivity to light. Weakness       along river banks, and on waste ground
                                                may eventually extend to the entire body.          throughout much of Europe, Asia, and
Cysts, tumors & cancer                          These symptoms are common in advancing age.        North America.
SYMPTOMS    Hard lumps in the prostate,         Symptoms better For warmth; for movement;
testicles, breasts, ovaries, or uterus, with    for letting the limbs hang down.                   BACKGROUND
sharp local pain and a possible feeling         Symptoms worse For injury; at night; for           Used in ancient Rome for epilepsy, mania,
of internal itchiness. Breast tumors may        exertion; for jarring; for eating.                 chorea, swellings, and tumors. In 19th-
be accompanied by secondary lumps in                                                               century Europe, hemlock was given as
the armpits.                                    Sexual problems                                    a painkiller.
Symptoms better For local pressure;             SYMPTOMS  Extreme sexual excitement with
for movement.                                   premature ejaculation or impotence in men,         P R E PA R AT I O N
Symptoms worse For injury; for exertion;        and vaginal discharge and irregular menstruation   The fresh flowering plant, including the root,
at night; for the pressure of tight clothing.   in women. Suppression of sexual activity may       is macerated in alcohol and then diluted
                                                cause anxiety, depression, and forgetfulness.      and succussed.
Swollen breasts                                 Symptoms better For pressure on the genitals;
SYMPTOMS    Enlarged, tender, hard breasts      for walking.                                       COMMON NAMES
prior to menstrual periods, with heaviness      Symptoms worse For sexual excess or celibacy;      Hemlock, spotted hemlock.
in the legs and a reduced sex drive.            for alcohol.

See also Breast problems, page 201; Prostate problems, page 202; Cancer, page 208; Breast pain, page 258

 Cucumis colocynthis syn. Citrullus colocynthis

 KEY SYMPTOMS conditions that are triggered by pent-up anger • colicky pains that
 are relieved by pressure • indignation • neuralgic pains that are better for warmth

 In the Old Testament, it is related that the prophet Elisha turned
 this bitter, toxic gourd into an edible fruit during famine, but
 colocynth was generally used as a drastic purgative, and
 also to induce abortion. Ingesting the pulp causes
 inflammation of the bowels and severe cramps.
 The homeopathic remedy, which was proved by
 Hahnemann in 1821, is used to treat these same
 symptoms, as well as colicky pains, neuralgia,
 and cramps in the pelvis.
                                                                                         Seeds are     COLOCYNTH This gourd          Dried fruit resembles
 REMEDY PROFILE                                                                         considered     contains a substance          small pumpkin the
                                                                                      nutritious but                                 size of an orange
 Colocynthis works best on those whose                                                                 called colocynthin, which
                                                                                      are not used
 symptoms are brought on by suppressed                                              in homeopathy
                                                                                                       causes severe cramps
 anger. These people tend to be generally                                                              and gastrointestinal
 restless, anxious, and reserved, but easily        Symptoms better For warmth; for bending            inflammation if ingested.
 irritated or angered. They have a strong           double; for passing gas or stools; for coffee.
 sense of right and wrong, and can feel             Symptoms worse For anger; before diarrhea or
 humiliated if their opinion is contradicted;       passing stools; for drinking; for eating,
                                                                                                        S O U R C E D E TA I L S
 the humiliation then gives way to                  particularly fruits.
 indignation. Colocynthis is prescribed if                                                              ORIGIN
 the physical complaint, such as neuralgia          Facial neuralgia                                    Native to Turkey, but can now be found
 or a digestive disorder, is brought on by,         SYMPTOMS   Searing pain on the right side of        growing in many hot, dry, sandy regions
 or exacerbated by, pent-up anger.                  the face, maybe extending to the ear. The           throughout the world.
    The remedy is used chiefly for acute pain,      burning, lacerating pain often comes in acute
 specifically colicky abdominal pain;               waves. There may also be a headache with            BACKGROUND
 cramping in the hips, kidneys, and ovaries;        right-sided facial neuralgia.                       Used in ancient Greece as a strong
 headaches; or shooting nerve pain in the           Symptoms better For firm pressure on the            purgative and for complaints ranging from
 face, neck, and limbs. It may also be              affected area; for sleep; for coffee.               mania to lethargy, edema, and dropsy.
 prescribed for gout and rheumatic pain             Symptoms worse For anger; for touch;
 in the neck.                                       for movement.                                       P R E PA R AT I O N
                                                                                                        The dried, deseeded fruit is powdered and
                                                    Menstrual problems                                  macerated in alcohol, before being diluted
 Colic & diarrhea                                   SYMPTOMS  Cramping pain in the uterus or            and succussed.
 SYMPTOMS    Griping, twisting, spasmodic pains     ovaries during menstruation. Alternatively,
 just below the navel. Often of sudden onset,       menstrual periods may cease entirely                COMMON NAMES
 the pain is generally linked to repressed anger,   following bouts of extreme anger.                   Colocynth, bitter apple, bitter cucumber.
 but may also have a physical cause, such as        Symptoms better For heat; for the application
 gallstones. Other symptoms include nausea,         of firm pressure to the affected area.
 vomiting, and diarrhea with copious, thin,         Symptoms worse For cold; for anger; for            and sharp, cramping pain in the kidneys, hips,
 green or yellowish stools. The abdomen may         emotional stress.                                  or pelvis may also be helped by this remedy.
 feel bloated, and pressing on the site or                                                             Symptoms better For warmth; for bending
 passing gas may bring relief.                      Neuralgic pains                                    double; for lying on the painful side; for firm
    Colocynthis may be prescribed for infantile     SYMPTOMS   Sharp pains down the outer side         pressure on the affected area.
 colic if a baby screams, gets red in the face,     (usually the right side) of the thigh, leg, and    Symptoms worse For cold; for drafts;
 and draws the legs up to the abdomen. The          foot. These severe, tearing pains are often        for anger; for the slightest movement,
 pain is usually most intense in the evening,       accompanied by a backache, followed by             even breathing deeply; for lying on the
 lasting from a few minutes to several hours.       numbness and weakness in the limbs. Sciatica       non-painful side.

 See also Irritable bowel syndrome, page 189; Ulcerative colitis, page 190; Sciatica, page 218; Gastroenteritis, page 236; Colic, page 246
                                                                                                                   MAJOR PLANT REMEDIES                     • 53

Datura stramonium

KEY SYMPTOMS anger accompanied by fear
                                                                                                                                            Funnel-shaped white
• fear of the dark • fear of water                                                                                                          or violet flowers
                                                                                                                                            appear in summer
• stammering • trembling and convulsions

A strong hallucinogen, thorn apple was used in the                                                                            STEM
salves of medieval folk healers and in American Indian
shamanistic rites. It relaxes the muscles of the bronchial
tubes and digestive and urinary tracts, and reduces mucus
secretions. Stramonium, proved by Hahnemann and
                                                                            Leaves can be
published in his Materia Medica Pura (1821–34), is used                                                                        Seeds are
                                                                       burned and inhaled
                                                                                                                       contained in spiny
for violent brain activity, often due to nervous disorders.              to relieve asthma
                                                                                                                           fruit capsules

                                                                                                             THORN APPLE The
REMEDY PROFILE                                       Violence & mania                                        alkaloids in thorn apple
People who respond best to Stramonium                SYMPTOMS   Excitability with disorientation,            are poisonous and even
may experience rage and violence,                    confusion, a tendency to violence, and fear             deadly if taken in
particularly sudden outbursts accompanied            of the dark. Writhing, bouts of garrulousness,          sufficient dosage.                     SEEDS
by strong fears. The anger may be rooted in          and incoherent muttering are common, and
profound fear, following abuse or an                 there may be hallucinations, visions, and
                                                                                                          S O U R C E D E TA I L S
accident. The fear may take the form of              imaginary voices. Symptoms may be triggered
terror of the dark or of water. Those affected       by the trauma of childbirth, by alcoholism or        ORIGIN
may also manifest hyperactive or overt               drug addiction, or by more serious conditions        Thought to be native to both South America
sexuality. They are prone to stammering,             such as schizophrenia.                               and western Asia, but now found growing in
and may have religious delusions, praying            Symptoms better For warmth; for light;               many temperate areas, often on wasteland.
and proselytizing incessantly. Sleep may             for company.
exacerbate symptoms.                                 Symptoms worse For touch; for darkness; for          BACKGROUND
   Stramonium is prescribed for fevers and           looking at shiny, reflective objects; for looking    Introduced to Europe in the 16th century,
chest complaints accompanied by the typical          at dark water.                                       and traditionally used as a narcotic,
rages and terrors. It is also used, if the                                                                a painkiller, an anti-inflammatory, and
characteristic traits are evident, for delirium,     Chorea                                               to treat convulsions.
tics, convulsions, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy,    SYMPTOMS   Involuntary, jerky, twitches
and other nervous-system disorders.                  of the face, limbs, or trunk, often with             P R E PA R AT I O N
   The remedy is sometimes prescribed to treat       stuttering. Symptoms may be caused by                The fresh leaves and flowers, or the
chorea and for some serious psychological            extreme fright, a head injury, a bad reaction        seeds, are chopped and macerated in
problems, such as mania, manic depression,           to vaccination, or meningitis. In extreme            alcohol, before being filtered, diluted,
and schizophrenia, particularly if they are          cases there may be facial grimacing,                 and succussed.
accompanied by hallucinations or violence.           convulsions, or epilepsy.
                                                     Symptoms better For warmth; for light;               COMMON NAMES
                                                     for company.                                         Thorn apple, devil’s apple, stinkweed, false
Fever                                                Symptoms worse For windy weather; for touch;         castor oil.
SYMPTOMS   High fever with a burning thirst.         for looking at shiny, reflective objects; for
There may be night terrors, fear of the dark,        looking at dark water.
hallucinations, delirium, or febrile                                                                     Bronchitis
convulsions. The limbs may twitch                    Asthma                                              SYMPTOMS   Wheezing that is associated with
involuntarily, and the heart and pulse may           SYMPTOMS   Breathlessness, tightness in the         shortness of breath, or a cough that generates
be “in turmoil.”                                     chest, or a dry, wheezy cough. Attacks occur        yellow or green phlegm. Strong fear or anger
Symptoms better For warmth; for light;               with, or after, fits of intense rage or fear.       may trigger or exacerbate the symptoms.
for company.                                         Symptoms better For warmth; for light;              Symptoms better For warmth; for light;
Symptoms worse For cloudy weather; for sleep;        for company.                                        for company.
for darkness; for being left alone; for looking at   Symptoms worse For darkness; in the morning;        Symptoms worse For darkness; in the morning;
shiny, reflective surfaces; for swallowing.          in the evening; for looking at dark water.          in the evening; for looking at dark water.

See also Irritable bowel syndrome, page 189; Phobias, page 211

 Delphinium staphisagria

 KEY SYMPTOMS conditions generated as side-effects of surgery, particularly urogenital
                                                                                                                                          Delicate, pale-blue
 surgery • suppressed emotions • increased sex drive and masturbation                                                                     or purple flowers
                                                                                                                                          appear in summer

 As long ago as the 5th century BCE, ancient Greek physicians were using this
 plant to purge the bowels and to induce vomiting. Applied externally, it was
 given as an antidote to stings and bites. Its common name, stavesacre,
 comes from the ancient Greek staphis, “raisin,” and agria, “wild.” The
 plant’s seeds are a powerful poison. The homeopathic remedy, proved
 by Hahnemann in 1819, is typically used to treat people who tend to
 suppress their emotions, especially anger.
 REMEDY PROFILE                                       there may be neuralgia. Joints may have
 Staphysagria is most appropriate for people who      bony nodules.                                                                              SEEDS
 bottle up their emotions, especially rage. They      Symptoms better For warmth.
 tend to be extremely sensitive, particularly to      Symptoms worse For touch; for movement.
 criticism or rudeness. Irritation and anger can
 bubble away inside them, although they appear        Skin conditions                                               FLOWERING
 mild-natured and yielding on the surface,            SYMPTOMS   Easily infected, unhealthy-looking                 STEM
 avoiding confrontation. When their emotions          skin that is slow to heal if cut. Stinging
 finally erupt, they often overreact and tremble      pains persist in slow-healing wounds or               STAVESACRE This plant has been used
 with anger. There may be a history of abuse.         scars. The remedy may help speed wound-               herbally for centuries as an emetic and a
    Common physical symptoms include                  healing after surgery, particularly if the            treatment for head lice, warts, and itching.
 perspiration, gas, and stools that smell of rotten   temperament matches the remedy profile.
 eggs. Cravings for alcohol and sweet foods are       There may be skin eruptions such as eczema
                                                                                                             S O U R C E D E TA I L S
 typical. Suppressing emotions may cause              and psoriasis with dry, thick crusts and
 headaches, depression, or an increased sex drive.    itching, or weepy, scaly skin that burns               ORIGIN
 Despite shyness, the libido is often high and        before and after being scratched. After being          Native to Europe and now grown in Asia and
 there is a tendency to masturbate.                   scratched, an itch may occur elsewhere on              southern Europe. Prefers chalky, loamy soil
    Staphysagria is generally most commonly           the body.                                              in areas of waste ground and cornfields.
 prescribed for cystitis and other urogenital         Symptoms better For warmth.
 disorders, and for joint pains and neuralgia,        Symptoms worse For touch; for suppressing              BACKGROUND
 skin conditions, insomnia, and toothaches.           emotions.                                              In Western herbal medicine the seeds of the
                                                                                                             plant can be used to make an ointment for
                                                      Headaches                                              treating head lice and other parasites.
 Urogenital problems                                  SYMPTOMS   Compressing pain as though a
 SYMPTOMS    Cystitis in either sex after sexual      weight is boring through the forehead, or a            P R E PA R AT I O N
 intercourse, especially on the first occasion, or    numb sensation in the head, with dizzy spells          The seeds of the plant are gathered once it
 on the first occasion with a new partner. In men     that intensify on sitting or lying down.               has finished flowering. They are then dried,
 there may be urine retention, linked to an           Symptoms better For warmth; for yawning.               triturated, and succussed.
 enlarged prostate, and the testicles may wither      Symptoms worse For mental exertion; in the
 or develop lumps. There may also be other            early morning; for anger.                              COMMON NAMES
 urinary problems, such as urethritis, bed-                                                                  Stavesacre, palmated larkspur, housewort.
 wetting, and symptoms that develop following         Insomnia
 urogenital surgery and catheterization.              SYMPTOMS   Exhaustion and frequent yawning.
 Symptoms better For warmth; after meals.             Despite the fatigue, there is difficulty in falling   Toothaches
 Symptoms worse For the slightest touch or            into a deep sleep, and even after sleeping            SYMPTOMS   Decay associated with black, loose
 pressure; for suppressing emotions.                  there may be bad temper, irritability, and            teeth, causing pain in the affected area that is
                                                      continued exhaustion.                                 worse for being touched.
 Joint pain                                           Symptoms better For warmth.                           Symptoms better For warmth; for rest.
 SYMPTOMS  Bruised, sore, weak, or immobile           Symptoms worse For an afternoon nap; for              Symptoms worse For biting and chewing; for
 limbs. The right shoulder may be painful, and        emotional stress; for sexual excess.                  touching the affected area; for menstruation.

 See also Palpitations, page 186; Psoriasis, page 195; Infertility, page 203; Grief, page 213; Styes, page 220; Cystitis, page 260
                                                                                                                MAJOR PLANT REMEDIES                   • 55

Helleborus niger

KEY SYMPTOMS mental dullness and sluggishness • chilliness • tendency to
drop things • person feels worse between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.

As early as 1400 BCE, the Roman natural historian Pliny wrote of using black
hellebore for mental conditions. Ancient Greek and Roman philosophers would
drink an infusion of the plant to increase their concentration before prolonged
debates. The herb is extremely toxic and is now used only in homeopathy, since
herbalists believe that it is too strong to be used safely. Helleborus was proved by
Hahnemann and published in his Materia Medica Pura (1821–34).
                                                                                                                                   BLACK HELLEBORE
REMEDY PROFILE                                     Brain inflammation                                                              This plant is poisonous
The people who benefit most from taking            SYMPTOMS    Swelling of the brain tissue,                                       if ingested in all but
this remedy are characteristically dull and        possibly caused by encephalitis or meningitis.                                  the smallest doses. It
sluggish. It is best suited to those who feel      Symptoms typically include convulsions, and                                     was used in medieval
stupefied and have slow mental processes.          the head tends to feel very hot while the body                                  medicine to expel an
They commonly experience anguish,                  feels very cold. There is a feeling of stupor                                   excess of “black bile,”
irritability, apathy, and depression. These        and sluggishness.                                                               a bodily “humor” (see
people frequently feel as though their brains      Symptoms better For warmth; for being                                           page 12) linked with
are in turmoil, and do not understand what is      wrapped up; for lying quietly at rest and                                       insanity.
going on around them. Although they may            undisturbed.
beg for help, they are generally inconsolable.     Symptoms worse For cold air; for being
   Physical symptoms generally worsen              uncovered; for exertion; during the night;
between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m., and improve in          between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.
                                                                                                        S O U R C E D E TA I L S
warmth and when lying covered up.
   Helleborus is prescribed for mental states      Headaches                                            ORIGIN
that feature sluggishness and stupefaction.        SYMPTOMS   A headache or migraine with               Grows naturally on rocky or mountainous
Acute inflammatory nervous conditions may          mental dullness, possibly after injury or            sites in southern Europe. Flowers from
be helped, as may headaches, digestive             surgery. The headache often begins in the            winter to spring and is widely cultivated as
problems, and depression. Symptoms may             back of the head or in the neck, and there           a popular garden plant.
follow as a result of concussion, surgery to the   may be a need to pull the head down toward
brain, or a bout of meningitis or encephalitis.    the body. Dizziness and vertigo causing              BACKGROUND
                                                   vomiting may accompany the pain.                     Used in the past by herbalists as a treatment
                                                   Symptoms better For warmth; for rest.                for lice, and as a local anesthetic, purgative,
Nervous-system disorders                           Symptoms worse For being uncovered; for              heart tonic, and means of inducing an
SYMPTOMS   Stupefaction and dullness, possibly     exertion; for stooping; between 4 p.m. and           abortion. The leaves were used as a heart
even giving an impression of stupidity or          8 p.m.                                               stimulant for the elderly.
mental disorder. Questions are answered
slowly and with great effort. The body feels       Digestive disorders                                  P R E PA R AT I O N
numb and the brain loses control over the          SYMPTOMS    Painful bowel urges with watery          The tincture is prepared from the fresh
muscles, so that objects drop easily from the      diarrhea and mucus. Bowel movements are so           root of the plant. This is dug up in the
hands. Forgetfulness and poor concentration,       disoriented and sluggish that constipation may       winter, chopped, and macerated, then
with the memory becoming totally blank, are        also occur. There is often a lack of thirst and a    filtered and succussed.
common. In extreme cases symptoms may be           dry mouth.
associated with Alzheimer’s disease, including     Symptoms better For warmth and warm                  COMMON NAMES
memory loss, anxiety, and disorientation.          coverings; for rest.                                 Black hellebore, Christmas rose.
Symptoms better For warmth; for being              Symptoms worse For cold; for being uncovered;
wrapped up; for lying quietly at rest and          at night; between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.
undisturbed.                                                                                           4 p.m. and 8 p.m. The lips and clothes
Symptoms worse For cold air; for being             Depression                                          may be picked at.
uncovered; for exertion; during the night;         SYMPTOMS Blank stares, involuntary sighs,           Symptoms better For being wrapped up warmly.
between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.                          and dark moods, especially between                  Symptoms worse During the night; for exertion.

See also Depression, page 212; Headache & migraine, page 218; Digestion, page 234; Irritability, page 244

 Hyoscyamus niger

 KEY SYMPTOMS behavioral problems with erotic tendencies • delirium
 and paranoia • spasmodic cough • laughter at inappropriate times

 Henbane was advocated by the Greek physician Dioscorides in the 1st century
 CE as a painkiller and soporific. The Latin name comes from the Greek hys,                                                                  Leaves are high
 “pig,” and kyamos, “bean”—perhaps because pigs are not poisoned by eating it,                                                               in the sedative
                                                                                                                                             alkaloid hyoscine,
 while humans are. It was the method by which Shakespeare had Hamlet’s                                                                       used to make a
 father murdered, and the famous Dr. Crippen used henbane to                                                                                 preoperative
 murder his wife. Hyoscyamus, proved by Hahnemann in 1805,                                                                                   anesthetic

 is used for emotional disorders and coughs.

 Hyoscyamus is the best remedy for those with
 paranoid traits and behavioral problems. The        Leaves may cause
 typical Hyoscyamus pattern is incoherent,             skin irritation on
 excited behavior, muttering, and obscene
 sexual exhibitionism. Laughter at
 inappropriate times is common, as is a sense
 of being ostracized in a private world.            HENBANE The antispasmodic properties of this plant
    In addition, Hyoscyamus is used for physical    are used by herbalists to relieve tremors and rigidity
 conditions associated with involuntary             during the early stages of Parkinson’s disease.
 twitching, such as delirium, and for fits of dry
 coughing. Homeopaths may prescribe it for
 certain types of convulsions, such as petit mal,   triggered by fever, addiction, brain injury,
 epilepsy, and, in children, febrile convulsions    or the trauma of childbirth. Despite a
 with a rapid rise in temperature. In some          meager flow, there may be a frequent
                                                                                                             S O U R C E D E TA I L S
 cases, the remedy may be given for                 desire to urinate. Constant fumbling with
 schizophrenia and Parkinson’s disease, if          the hands or clothing is common. There                   ORIGIN
 accompanied by marked withdrawal,                  may be convulsions, possibly with                        Native to southern Europe and western Asia,
 obscenity, and inappropriate laughter.             involuntary urination.                                   and now found throughout much of Europe
                                                    Symptoms better For sitting up; for walking              and America.
                                                    around; for movement.
 Behavioral problems                                Symptoms worse For touch; for lying down; for            BACKGROUND
 SYMPTOMS   Violent outbursts and a desire to       emotional stress or trauma.                              Used in herbalism as a painkiller and
 shock, with behavior ranging from simple                                                                    sedative for urinary tract pain and nervous
 foolishness to shameless sexual                    Paranoia                                                 spasms. Herbalists also massage in
 exhibitionism. Characteristic impulses are         SYMPTOMS   Severe paranoia and jealousy, with            the oil externally for nerve pain and
 to appear naked, masturbate, and handle            intense suspicion of being watched, deceived,            rheumatoid arthritis.
 the genitals. Lewdness, promiscuity, or an         or even poisoned.
 erotic obsession may develop. Jealousy is          Symptoms better For warmth.                              P R E PA R AT I O N
 common, and in children is often due to a          Symptoms worse Around the time of                        The whole fresh plant in flower, including
 new baby in the family.                            menstruation; for emotional stress or trauma.             the root, is chopped finely and steeped in
 Symptoms better For warmth.                                                                                 alcohol for ten days. It is then diluted and
 Symptoms worse For fright; for emotional           Cough                                                    succussed.
 stress or trauma.                                  SYMPTOMS   Dry, spasmodic, tickly cough.
                                                    Suffocating fits of coughing trigger spasms              COMMON NAMES
 Delirium                                           severe enough to cause doubling over and                 Henbane, common henbane, black henbane,
 SYMPTOMS  Twitching, starts, and facial            coughing up of blood.                                    hairy henbane, stinking nightshade, stinking
 grimaces, with the typical Hyoscyamus              Symptoms better For sitting up.                          Roger, hog’s bean, cassilata.
 mental state (see above). Mania is possible,       Symptoms worse For lying down.

 See also Stroke, page 187
                                                                                                                  MAJOR PLANT REMEDIES                  • 57

Ignatia amara syn. Strychnos ignatia

KEY SYMPTOMS ailments triggered by grief • tendency to bottle up
emotions • fear of birds • sensation as if there is a lump in the throat

St. Ignatius’s bean seeds were traditionally worn by natives of
the Philippine Islands as amulets to prevent and cure all
manner of diseases. The Spanish Jesuits introduced the seeds
into Europe from East Asia in the 17th century. They contain
strychnine, a powerful poison that acts on the nervous system
when ingested. The homeopathic remedy Ignatia was proved and
published by Hahnemann in his Materia Medica Pura (1821–34).

REMEDY PROFILE                                      Headaches
Ignatia is best suited to people, especially        SYMPTOMS   Sharp, spasmodic pain, as if a nail
women, who are experiencing strong                  is sticking into the side of the head, with a                 Pebblelike, heavy seed pods are
emotional problems, such as a broken                hot, heavy sensation in the head and possible                 embedded in bitter pulp of fruit
relationship or acute grief after a death.          dizziness, especially after emotional stress.       ST. IGNATIUS’S BEAN The seeds are very bitter,
They are frequently emotionally fragile,            Symptoms better For lying on the affected           due to the poisonous strychnine they contain.
artistic, and hypersensitive. Prone to mood         side; for resting the head on a surface.
swings and feelings of self-pity, they may          Symptoms worse For loud talking; for stooping;
                                                                                                         S O U R C E D E TA I L S
have a rather brittle air, often laughing and       for being in a smoky room.
crying at the same time. Suppressing their                                                               ORIGIN
emotions can lead to hysteria. High                 Nervous disorders                                    Native to the East Indies, China, and the
expectations of those close to them are             SYMPTOMS    Twitches, nervous tics, or numbness      Philippine Islands. This large tree bears a bitter
typical, and they find it hard to break the         in the face or limbs, possibly escalating to         fruit that contains the seeds within its pulp.
bond with their partner if disillusioned            hysterical paralysis, convulsions, or chorea
in love.                                            (random, jerky twitches of the face or limbs).       BACKGROUND
   Contradictory physical symptoms are              Ignatia is used if symptoms are triggered by         In the late 17th century, the Dutch used
typically treated with Ignatia, such as             shock, grief (see left), or other strong             the seeds of St. Ignatius’s bean to treat
indigestion that is relieved by eating, or a        emotions.                                            conditions such as gout, cholera, asthma,
sore throat that is better for swallowing           Symptoms better For warmth; for changing             and epilepsy.
solid food. There is often great sensitivity to     position; for firm pressure on the affected area;
pain, with a tendency to yawn and sigh              after eating.                                        P R E PA R AT I O N
frequently. There is also a dislike of crowds,      Symptoms worse For cold air; for touch; for          The dried seeds are powdered before being
and a fear of birds, especially chickens.           emotional stress; for strong smells.                 steeped in alcohol at least five days.
   Ignatia is used to treat illness that develops                                                        This is followed by filtration, dilution,
from emotional stress. Such conditions              Digestive disorders                                  and succussion.
include headaches, nervous tics and twitches,       SYMPTOMS    Nausea and vomiting that is
digestive disorders such as nausea and              alleviated by eating, typically with burping,        COMMON NAME
vomiting, and a sore throat.                        hiccuping, and profuse, bitter-tasting saliva in     St. Ignatius’s bean.
                                                    the mouth. There may be hunger unsated by
                                                    eating. A prolapsed rectum with sharp,
Grief & distress                                    upward-shooting pain may be helped by               Sore throat
SYMPTOMS   Fainting, crying and laughing            Ignatia, as may diarrhea, constipation, or          SYMPTOMS     A constantly sore, tickly throat that
simultaneously, or hysterical behavior due to       hemorrhoids that have been triggered by             feels as if there is a lump in it, yet seems
an inability to express emotions. There may         emotional stress.                                   better for eating solids. There may also be a
also be insomnia.                                   Symptoms better For lying or pressing on the        racking cough.
Symptoms better For breathing deeply;               affected area; for changing position; for           Symptoms better For warmth; for changing
for eating.                                         urinating; for eating.                              position; for eating.
Symptoms worse For anxiety; for emotional           Symptoms worse For cold air; for touch; for         Symptoms worse For touch; for cold air; for
stress; for coffee; for tobacco.                    strong smells; for coffee; for tobacco.             emotional stress; for coffee; for tobacco.

See also Grief, page 213; Hiccups, page 234; Insomnia, page 244; Absent periods, page 256

 Lilium lancifolium syn. L. tigrinum

 KEY SYMPTOMS hurry and impatience • intense sexual urges • preference
 for cool, fresh air • sensation as though the heart is being gripped

 The Lilium genus comprises around 100 species of bulbous
 plant, including the tiger lily. This was introduced to the
 West from China, Korea, and Japan, where it was cultivated
 as a food plant for centuries. The tiger lily has not generally
 been adopted into the Western herbal repertory, but forms
 the basis of an important homeopathic remedy for
 uterine pain and emotional problems. Lilium was
 proved in 1867 by Dr. E. W. Payne of Maine.

 REMEDY PROFILE                                          Bright petals curl up to
                                                         reveal distinctive spots
 Lilium is traditionally linked with people who
 are hurried and impatient, and generally              TIGER LILY The bright-orange flowers of this
 trying to do too many things at once. They            lily appear in late summer and early fall.
 often feel wild and out of control, and may
 even fear that they are going insane. They like
 to be the center of attention and can be quick        Depression
 to anger if they are not. Alternatively, they         SYMPTOMS   A sense of despair and need for
 may be filled with feelings of remorse,               religious salvation is characteristic in people who
                                                                                                              S O U R C E D E TA I L S
 especially of a religious nature, and torment         need Lilium. They are easily offended and feel
 themselves endlessly about their behavior.            that people are deliberately annoying them.            ORIGIN
    A conflict between very high moral standards       They may have a fear of developing an incurable        Native to China and Japan, but now grown
 and intense sexual urges is characteristic in these   disease and look for a reason to grieve.               worldwide, almost always for ornamental
 people. The suppression of their sexual desire        Symptoms better For being occupied;                    purposes. Prefers moist, acidic soil in full
 generally aggravates frustration and anger. They      for company.                                           sun, but with its base in shade.
 are often sensitive to criticism, easily offended,    Symptoms worse For sympathy; after a
 irritated, even by kindness, and hurried beyond       miscarriage or menstruation.                           BACKGROUND
 reason. People who respond well to this remedy                                                               Introduced to Europe and the Western world
 typically have a burning sensation in their           Urinary disorders                                      from China and Japan, and has since
 hands, and prefer cool weather.                       SYMPTOMS    Cystitis with burning, stinging pain       become a popular ornamental flower for
    Lilium is prescribed chiefly for female            during and after urination. There is often             cultivation in gardens.
 reproductive-system disorders. It is also             a constant urge to pass urine, although
 given for states of despair and depression,           only a small amount is passed at a time.               P R E PA R AT I O N
 and for urinary complaints, angina,                   Irritation in the genital area is experienced          The stalk, leaves, and flowers of the fresh
 and poor circulation.                                 during both day and night. The symptoms                plant are finely chopped and soaked in
                                                       usually affect women.                                  alcohol for at least ten days. The mixture
                                                       Symptoms better For cool, fresh air; for lying         is then filtered, diluted, and succussed.
 Women’s health                                        on the left side.
 SYMPTOMS   Disorders of the female reproductive       Symptoms worse For warmth; at night; for               COMMON NAME
 organs, such as uterine prolapse, vulval              jarring; after a miscarriage.                          Tiger lily.
 itching, and a bearing-down pain in the
 pelvis. In addition, the ovaries may be swollen       Heart disorders
 and menstruation is often painful. Fibroids           SYMPTOMS    Angina with numbness in the right         common. Palpitations may occur, especially
 may also be treated with the remedy.                  arm and pain in the heart, as if it is being          during pregnancy.
 Symptoms better For cool, fresh air; for lying        gripped. The heart may feel as if it is going to      Symptoms better For cool, fresh air; for lying
 on the left side.                                     burst, as though it is hanging by a thread, or        on the left side; for rubbing or pressing the
 Symptoms worse For warmth; at night; for              as though it is being alternately grasped and         area around the heart.
 jarring; after a miscarriage.                         released. A rapid or irregular pulse is               Symptoms worse For lying down at night.

 See also Angina, page 185
                                                                                                                    MAJOR PLANT REMEDIES                • 59

Lycopodium clavatum

KEY SYMPTOMS anticipatory anxiety • lack of self-esteem • flatulence and constipation                             Scaly spikes shoot up in
                                                                                                                      summer, developing
• desire for sweet foods • person feels worse between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.                                                      tips of yellow
                                                                                                                              spore cases

This plant’s root was said to bear a resemblance to a wolf’s foot, hence
its folk name “wolf’s claw,” and Latin name, from the Greek lykos,
or “wolf” and podos, or “foot.” The plant has been used medicinally
since the Middle Ages. Since the 17th century, the spores alone
were given for gout and urine retention. Modern herbalists use
the spores externally for wounds and eczema. Proved
by Hahnemann in 1828, the remedy is used for                                                                                           SPRIG
digestive disorders and anxiety.                                                                         CLUB MOSS This plant
                                                                                                         has water-repellent spores
REMEDY PROFILE                                       Straggly stem is                                    that are used to stop pills
                                                          covered with
Lycopodium is prescribed when anticipatory                                                               from sticking together.
                                                   shiny, scaly leaves
anxiety features strongly in the psychological
symptoms. Lack of confidence is often hidden                             SPORES
                                                                                                           S O U R C E D E TA I L S
by a veneer of arrogance or sarcasm. There is
a dislike of close company, but also of being      Symptoms worse For extreme heat or cold; for            ORIGIN
left alone.                                        stuffy rooms; for being inactive; between               Native to temperate areas throughout the
   Physical symptoms usually focus on              4 p.m. and 8 p.m.                                       Northern Hemisphere, and commonly found
digestive problems, with excessive bloating                                                                growing on moorland and in mountainous
and gas. Complaints are often right-sided,         Digestive disorders                                     areas and forests.
or move from the right to the left of the body.    SYMPTOMS   Indigestion caused by anticipatory
Another typical physical trait, poor physical      anxiety (see left), eating late at night, or eating     BACKGROUND
stamina, is often worse in the afternoons.         foods that can cause gas, such as onions,               Traditionally used for antibacterial and
Desire for sweet foods is common. Lycopodium       cabbage, and beans. There may be a rumbling,            sedative action, it has also been given by
is also used for kidney and prostate problems,     bloated abdomen due to acrid, sour gas,                 herbalists as a digestive, a diuretic, to treat
headaches, and chest infections.                   insatiable hunger with discomfort after eating          kidney stones, and to lower fever.
                                                   even small amounts of food, nausea, vomiting,
                                                   constipation, and bleeding hemorrhoids.                 P R E PA R AT I O N
Anxiety                                            Symptoms better For cool air; at night; for             The spikes are cut in summer and their
SYMPTOMS   Fear of inferiority and of failing,     loose clothes; for movement; for warm foods             spores are collected. These are then
despite an air of quiet self-possession. Such      and drinks.                                             steeped in alcohol for at least five
fears may lead to exaggeration of the truth        Symptoms worse For tight clothes; between               days, before being filtered, diluted,
to bolster self-esteem. Insomnia, talking and      4 a.m. and 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.; for            and succussed.
laughing while asleep, and night fears are         overeating; for cold foods and drinks.
typical, as is apprehension on waking.                                                                     COMMON NAMES
Anticipatory anxiety, such as fear of public       Urogenital problems                                     Club moss, wolf’s claw, stag’s-horn moss,
speaking, exams, or stage fright, often            SYMPTOMS   Urine with a sandy sediment due to           running pine, lamb’s tail, fox tail, witch
leads to digestive disorders (see right). Low      kidney stones, or genital herpes. An enlarged           meal, vegetable sulfur.
self-esteem may result from poor memory            prostate in men may be helped by the remedy.
or dyslexia. An aversion to change is often        Symptoms better At night; for cool, fresh air;
due to the challenges it brings. The               for being active; for warm foods and drinks.          throat is swollen and sore, notably on the
demands of emotional commitment may be             Symptoms worse For heat; between 4 p.m.               right side. Thick, yellow catarrh may cause
avoided, possibly resulting in sexual              and 8 p.m.                                            severe congestion.
problems such as promiscuity, frigidity,                                                                 Symptoms better For loose clothes; for cool
or erectile dysfunction.                           Chest infections                                      air; at night; for warm foods and drinks.
Symptoms better For warmth; for being active;      SYMPTOMS   Dry, sore, tickling cough, burning         Symptoms worse For stuffy rooms; for tight
for gentle exercise in fresh air; for warm foods   chest pain, and fast, labored breathing, which        clothes; between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.; for fasting
and drinks.                                        may be worse when lying on the back. The              or overeating; for cold drinks.

See also Prostate problems, page 202; Bloating & flatulence, page 236; Erectile dysfunction, page 264

 Papaver somniferum

 KEY SYMPTOMS stupor • apathy • dulled sensitivity to pain                                                                       Flowers appear in late
                                                                                                                                 summer and early fall
 • hyperactivity with difficulty in sleeping

                                                                                                                                         Seed pods contain
 A plant of extremes, this poppy is the source of both morphine, one of the                                                              latex used to
 strongest painkillers, and heroin, one of the most addictive substances known.                                                          make opium

 It has played a dramatic role in history, prompting wars and huge social problems.
 Opium and heroin, derived illicitly, have produced devastating drug problems,
 while morphine and codeine are produced legally to play a vital role in conventional                                                 FLOWERING
 medicine. The homeopathic remedy was proved in 1805 by Hahnemann.                                                                    STEM

 Opium is given to people who exhibit either or                                                                                 OPIUM POPPY This plant
                                                                                          SEED PODS
 both of two opposite states. One is stupor,                                                                                    produces seed pods that,
 apathy, and dulled sensitivity to pain. The                                                                                    when unripe, contain a white
 other is hyperactivity and intense sensitivity,                                                                                latex. Harvesting opium
 often with insomnia.                                                                                                           involves cutting open the
    If symptoms occur with one or both of these                                                                                 seed pods in summer,
 states, Opium is given for insomnia, sleeping                                                                                  collecting the latex that
 disorders, respiratory problems, constipation,                                                                                 they exude, and drying it.
 and shock. It can also be used to help treat
 recovery from stroke paralysis, brain injuries,       Symptoms better For activity.
                                                                                                           S O U R C E D E TA I L S
 delirium tremens, and alcohol withdrawal.             Symptoms worse For warmth; for sleep;
                                                       for shock.                                          ORIGIN
                                                                                                           Native to western Asia, and introduced to
 Insomnia & narcolepsy                                 Shock & injury                                      southeast Europe 3,000 years ago. Now
 SYMPTOMS    Insomnia, inability to sleep despite      SYMPTOMS   Either emotional and sensory             grown mostly in India, Iran, China,
 fatigue, or brief bouts of irresistible drowsiness.   shutdown, or overexcitement and                     and Australia.
 Sleep is either light, restless, and easily           hypersensitivity. Sluggishness and indifference
 disturbed, with hearing so acute that it seems        may be evident, with dulled sensitivity to pain.    BACKGROUND
 to detect even the faint sounds of insects’           Conversely, the person can be overwrought,          Dedicated by the ancient Greeks and
 movements, or very heavy, with difficulty in          possibly with insomnia (see left) or even           Romans to the gods of night, dreams, and
 waking. Sleep may be so deep that breathing           convulsions. Either or both of these states may     death. Opium has been used since antiquity
 becomes irregular or even stops momentarily.          occur in response to shock, grief, or injury.       as a sedative and analgesic, and has also
 There may be talking during sleep.                    Symptoms better For a cool environment;             been used illicitly for many centuries as a
 Symptoms better For a cool environment;               for movement.                                       recreational drug.
 for movement.                                         Symptoms worse For warmth; during and
 Symptoms worse For warmth; for sleep;                 after sleep.                                        P R E PA R AT I O N
 for shock.                                                                                                Sticky latex (sap) from the unripe, green
                                                       Post-stroke paralysis                               seed pods is dried, dissolved in alcohol,
 Constipation                                          SYMPTOMS   Paralysis of the limbs with dullness     and succussed.
 SYMPTOMS    Constipation with no urge to pass         and stupor resembling that experienced after
 stools for an extended length of time, which          shock (see above). There may be blackouts,          COMMON NAMES
 may result in fecal impaction. The digestion is       a blue-tinged face, and labored breathing.          Opium poppy, big smoke.
 sluggish and weak, and there is no appetite.          Symptoms better For a cool environment;
 Stools tend to retreat into the rectum, and are       for movement.
 dark, small, and very hard, like black balls.         Symptoms worse For warmth; during and              frightening visions, and possibly blackouts
 During the day there may be drowsiness.               after sleep.                                       after alcohol binges.
 Diarrhea may alternate with constipation,                                                                Symptoms better For a cool environment;
 notably after shock (see right). Newborn babies       Delirium tremens                                   for movement.
 may be given Opium for constipation after the         SYMPTOMS  Extreme apathy or hypersensitivity,      Symptoms worse For warmth; for sleep;
 shock of childbirth.                                  tremors, or even convulsions. There can be         for alcohol.

 See also Stroke, page 187; Grief, page 213
                                                                                                                MAJOR PLANT REMEDIES              • 61

Pulsatilla pratensis subsp. nigricans

KEY SYMPTOMS weepiness • conditions that improve for sympathy • desire
for open air • thick, yellowy-green catarrh • changeable mood

Small pasque flower has been used medicinally since the age of classical
Greece. The name derives from the archaic term for Easter, Pasch, since the                         HEAD                    WHOLE PLANT
plant flowers around the time that the festival occurs. Roman legend says that
this plant sprang from the tears of the goddess Venus, and was thus used to
treat weepiness. Pulsatilla was proved by Hahnemann in 1805, and is used for
a variety of disorders, ranging from colds and coughs to digestive and                              SMALL PASQUE FLOWER

gynecological conditions.                                                                           The smaller, darker
                                                                                                    flowers of this plant
                                                                                                    distinguish it from
REMEDY PROFILE                                    Colds & coughs                                    Pulsatilla vulgaris,
People who respond best to Pulsatilla are         SYMPTOMS    An alternately runny or blocked       which is more
sweet-natured, gentle, and compliant. They        nose, with smelly, thick, yellowy-green           commonly used
will avoid confrontation, but their moods         catarrh, and a reduced sense of taste and         in herbal medicine.
change frequently and rapidly, and they can       smell. There may be wet, spasmodic
be stubborn in their demands for attention        coughing, with yellowy-green mucus and
                                                                                                      S O U R C E D E TA I L S
and sympathy. Their physical symptoms can         shortness of breath, which is worse for lying
be equally changeable. Easily moved to            on the left side. Violent coughing fits tend to     ORIGIN
laughter or tears, they are highly prone to       occur in the evening and at night; they may         Native to Scandinavia, Denmark, Germany,
weepiness when ill, but are soon consoled by      be triggered by lying down, and frequently          and Russia, and now found across northern
hugs. Other common traits are a dislike of        cause sleep to be disturbed. Pulsatilla may be      and central Europe.
stuffy rooms or fatty foods, a lack of thirst,    prescribed for influenza when there is fever
and a preference for fresh air.                   with alternate hot and cold flashes, a lack of      BACKGROUND
   Pulsatilla is given for labor, menstruation,   thirst, and possibly an earache.                    Prescribed by the Greek physician
menopause, and pregnancy problems. It is          Symptoms better For fresh air; for gentle           Dioscorides in the 1st century CE for eye
used for respiratory illness marked by            exercise; for crying; for sympathy.                 problems, and in 18th-century Europe for
yellowy-green catarrh, eye complaints, and        Symptoms worse For stuffy environments;             cataracts, ulcers, and tooth decay.
indigestion with variable symptoms.               for lying down.
                                                                                                      P R E PA R AT I O N
                                                  Sinusitis                                           The fresh, flowering plant, including the root,
Women’s health                                    SYMPTOMS   Yellowy catarrh, weepiness, and          is chopped and macerated in alcohol, before
SYMPTOMS   Short, variable, late, or absent       headaches. The sinuses are tender to the            being diluted and succussed.
menstrual flow with severe pain. There may        touch. Sharp pains may begin on the right
be delayed onset of menstruation in puberty.      side of the face, but tend to move around.          COMMON NAMES
Severe premenstrual syndrome may respond          Symptoms better For fresh air; for gentle           Small pasque flower, meadow anemone,
to the remedy, particularly if it is              exercise.                                           wind flower.
accompanied by indigestion, weepiness, and        Symptoms worse For stuffy environments;
mood swings. In pregnancy, if the general         for cold; in the evening.
symptom picture fits, Pulsatilla is given for                                                       Digestive disorders
stress incontinence, fatigue, indigestion, and    Eye infections                                    SYMPTOMS   Variable, including indigestion,
morning sickness (especially if this is           SYMPTOMS     Profuse, yellowy-green, foul-        nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and painful,
brought on by fatty foods). It may also act       smelling discharge from the eye, with             itchy hemorrhoids. No two stools are alike.
on the uterine muscles to help turn a             sensitivity to light and possible indigestion     The mouth is dry but there is no thirst and
malpresented or breech baby in the uterus         (see right). Pulsatilla may help conjunctivitis   a craving for, or aversion to, rich foods that
during labor.                                     and itchy styes.                                  exacerbate the symptoms.
Symptoms better For fresh air; for gentle         Symptoms better For fresh air; for bathing        Symptoms better For fresh air; for
exercise; for crying; for sympathy.               the eyes in cold water.                           gentle exercise.
Symptoms worse For heat; for lying on the left    Symptoms worse For warm rooms; in                 Symptoms worse For heat; for lying on the left
side; in the evening; for rich, fatty foods.      the evening.                                      side; in the evening; for rich, fatty foods.

See also Respiration, pages 180, 224; Digestion, pages 189, 234; Styes, page 220; Women’s health, page 256

 Solanum dulcamara

 KEY SYMPTOMS conditions that are affected by weather changes from
 hot to cold • domineering nature • sensitivity to cold and damp
 • asthma • urticaria in humid conditions

 Since the time of ancient Rome, nightshade has been
 used to treat a wide range of ailments. One such                                                                            Leaves and twigs are
 ailment, abscesses called “felons” on the fingertips,                                                                       used herbally to treat
                                                                                                                             skin problems
 inspired one of the plant’s common names, felonwort. The
 18th-century Swedish naturalist Carolus Linnaeus prescribed the
 plant to treat fever and inflammatory infections. The homeopathic
 remedy, proved in 1811 by Hahnemann, is traditionally associated
 with people who are highly susceptible to damp and chills.                                                                          Leaves and unripe
                                                                                                                                     berries are most
                                                                                                                                     toxic parts of plant
 REMEDY PROFILE                                   allergens may aggravate the severity
 Dulcamara is typically given to people who are   of symptoms.
 sensitive to cold and damp, with symptoms        Symptoms better For warmth; for dry,              NIGHTSHADE A stimulant, diuretic, and
 caused by rapid temperature changes or cold,     settled weather; for movement.                    antirheumatic plant, nightshade is highly toxic and
 wet weather.                                     Symptoms worse For cold, damp weather;            therefore generally used only by trained herbalists.
    In the symptom picture for Dulcamara,         at night.
 these physical factors outweigh psychological
                                                                                                     S O U R C E D E TA I L S
 traits, but some confusion, irritability,        Head & facial pain
 impatience, and restlessness may be evident,     SYMPTOMS   Pain in a specific part of the head,    ORIGIN
 possibly with a domineering attitude, notably    or with a sensation of heaviness, nausea, or       Native to north Africa, Europe, and northern
 toward family members.                           confusion. Neuralgic face pain, perhaps            Asia, and naturalized in North America.
    Susceptibility to respiratory infections      caused by Bell’s palsy, may be treated, or         Grows in moist, shady soil.
 causing thick, yellow mucus is typical. Hay      pain due to sinusitis (see left).
 fever and other allergic reactions are also      Symptoms better For dry, fine weather;             BACKGROUND
 common, as are head and joint pain, eczema,      for keeping still; for expelling catarrh.          Has a long history of use as an anti-
 and diarrhea.                                    Symptoms worse For cold, damp weather;             inflammatory and a liver tonic. Stem extracts
                                                  in winter.                                         have been used for warts and eczema.

 Colds & coughs                                   Skin conditions                                    P R E PA R AT I O N
 SYMPTOMS   Sore throat, with a thick, yellow     SYMPTOMS   Thickened, crusty, itchy skin,          Fresh green stems and leaves are picked
 discharge from the nose and the eyes. Thick      notably on the scalp, which bleeds when            just before the plant flowers, then finely
 mucus may be due to sinusitis, as may            scratched. Dulcamara is also used to treat         chopped and macerated in alcohol.
 painful pressure and congestion in the head.     urticaria (hives) brought on by sweating in
 A stiff neck is common, perhaps with back        humid conditions; large, flat, smooth warts,       COMMON NAMES
 and limb pain. There may also be                 especially on the palms of the hands;              Nightshade, woody nightshade, bitter
 conjunctivitis, a rattling cough, bronchitis,    and ringworm, often found on the scalps            nightshade, felonwort.
 or even pneumonia.                               of children.
 Symptoms better For warmth; for dry, settled     Symptoms better For warmth; for dry weather.
 weather; for movement.                           Symptoms worse For cold, damp weather;            Symptoms better For warmth; for movement.
 Symptoms worse For cold, damp weather;           before menstruation.                              Symptoms worse For cold; for damp; for rest.
 at night.
                                                  Diarrhea                                          Joint pain
 Hay fever & asthma                               SYMPTOMS   Slimy, yellow or green stools,         SYMPTOMS  Stiffness and pain in joints,
 SYMPTOMS    Nasal congestion, with profuse,      maybe with traces of blood. There may be          aggravated by damp.
 watery discharge from the eyes and               nausea, and pain before passing stools.           Symptoms better For warmth; for movement.
 constricted breathing. Exposure to animal        In children, symptoms may be triggered            Symptoms worse For cold; for damp; for
 fur, grass pollen, dust mites, and other         during teething.                                  extremes of temperature; for inactivity.

 See also Severe eczema, page 194; Sore throat, page 226
                                                                                                               MAJOR PLANT REMEDIES                    • 63

Strychnos nux-vomica

KEY SYMPTOMS irritability • overly critical nature • tendency to be
highly driven and ambitious • chilliness • desire for rich foods and
stimulants • indigestion and constipation • sleeplessness

The poison-nut tree was brought to Europe from southeast Asia in the                                                                            TWIG

15th century. Strychnine, the toxic alkaloid from its seeds, was famous
as a poison before 17th-century physicians discovered its stimulating
effect on the digestive and nervous systems. Small doses can be diuretic,                                  SEEDS                          Leaves, seeds,
                                                                                                                                      and bark all contain
stimulate the appetite, and aid digestion, but excessive amounts can be                                                             the poison str ychnine
fatal. Nux vomica was proved by Hahnemann in 1805.
                                                                                                                         Buttonlike seeds are
REMEDY PROFILE                                    Digestive disorders                                                    obtained from fruit of tree
Nux vomica is chiefly linked to workaholic        SYMPTOMS   Indigestion, and vomiting with
personalities who drive themselves to stress      painful retching. Diarrhea is accompanied by       POISON-NUT TREE In large doses, the strychnine
and excess. Ambitious and pushy, they             abdominal cramps, and nausea by colicky pain.      present in this plant induces intense spasms of
thrive on challenges, and often work in           Constipation may make it difficult to empty the    the diaphragm, causing respiration to cease,
entrepreneurial or managerial jobs. The           bowel fully. Hemorrhoids and constipation may      leading to death by suffocation.
typical pattern is of someone who is              be due to rectal spasms. The abdomen is often
oversensitive and intolerant of criticism,        bloated and flatulent. There may be cravings for
                                                                                                       S O U R C E D E TA I L S
yet perfectionist and often very critical of      stimulants or spicy, fatty, or rich foods, even
others. Such highly driven people tend to         though these only aggravate symptoms.                ORIGIN
overload their bodies at play as well as at       Symptoms better For warmth; for resting;             Native to southeast Asia, the tree grows in
work. They tend to have high sex drives,          for sleep; for firm pressure on the abdomen;         sandy soil in dry forests of India, Burma,
consume too much rich food, coffee, and           in the evening.                                      Thailand, China, and Australia.
alcohol, and abuse drugs. This indulgence         Symptoms worse For cold; for touch; for noise;
can create tension and sleeplessness, and         for mental overexertion; for repressing              BACKGROUND
often leads to digestive disorders (most          emotions; between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m.;                 A rat poison in medieval Europe, and also
seriously, peptic ulcers, irritable bowel         for stimulants; for eating; for spicy foods.         used to treat the plague. Indian herbalists
syndrome, or liver problems when the body                                                              use the bark to treat cholera, and in Nepal
can no longer keep up with the lifestyle).        Colds & influenza                                    it is prescribed for menstrual problems,
  If the profile matches, Nux vomica is given     SYMPTOMS   Runny catarrh by day, especially          rabies, and paralysis.
for irritability, insomnia, digestive             in warm rooms, but a blocked nose at night.
symptoms, colds and influenza, asthma,            There may be sneezing, a sore throat and dry,        P R E PA R AT I O N
cystitis, and menstrual or pregnancy              tickly cough, headaches, and watery, sensitive       The dried, ripe seeds are steeped in alcohol
problems. Typically symptoms are worse            eyes, or influenza with aching muscles and           for at least five days, before being filtered,
for cold, noise, light, and odors.                a shivery fever.                                     diluted, and succussed.
                                                  Symptoms better For warmth; for sleep;
                                                  for being left alone; in the evening.                COMMON NAMES
Irritability & insomnia                           Symptoms worse For cold, dry weather;                Poison-nut tree, Quaker buttons (seeds),
SYMPTOMS     Hangover-like symptoms, with         for touch; for noise; for overexertion; between      nux vomica, vomit weed.
disrupted sleep and great irascibility, due to    3 a.m. and 4 a.m.
an excessive lifestyle with too much alcohol,
coffee, or other stimulants. A headache that      Women’s health                                     urination, numbness in the arms, leg cramps,
feels as if a nail has been driven into the       SYMPTOMS    Cystitis with spasmodic pain in the    constipation, and morning sickness.
forehead is typical, as is waking at around       bladder, and a frequent but ineffectual urge to    Symptoms better For warmth; for sleep;
4 a.m. feeling very irritable and unable to       urinate. Early, irregular, or heavy menstruation   in the evening; for firm pressure on the
sleep again until morning.                        with cramping pains is treated with the            affected area; for being left alone; for
Symptoms better For warmth; for rest;             remedy, as is menstruation preceded by             washing; for warm compresses.
for hot drinks.                                   faintness, and premenstrual syndrome with a        Symptoms worse For mental overexertion;
Symptoms worse For cold; for open air;            violent temper. In pregnancy Nux vomica may        for touch; for noise; for stimulants; for eating;
for noise; for light; for strong odors.           be used to help ease fatigue, frequent             for spicy foods.

See also Headaches, page 218; Indigestion, page 234; Irritability, page 244; Cystitis, page 260; Morning sickness, page 262

 Thuja occidentalis

 KEY SYMPTOMS warts and polyps • feeling of being
 unlovable • complaints that develop after vaccination or
 gonorrhea • delusions • nail problems • catarrh

 Arbor vitae was used by American Indians as a source
 of hard-wearing wood and of herbal medicine for fever,
 coughs, menstrual problems, headaches, and muscle
 and joint pain. European settlers later incorporated it into
 their herbal lore, and it has also become a popular ornamental tree
 in European gardens. The remedy Thuja was proved by Hahnemann,
 and published in his Materia Medica Pura (1821–34).

 REMEDY PROFILE                                    trickling incontinence. In men,
 Serious, sensitive people who are easily          urethral infection is common,                                                    Twigs are highly
 upset and feel that they are unlovable            usually with a discharge and possibly                         Leaves are toxic   fragrant when
 respond best to Thuja. They may try to            affecting the prostate gland. In women,                       if ingested        bruised or cut
 present a pleasing image to the world but,        there may be vaginal infection, often with
 if reactions are negative, they neglect their     profuse discharge. Inflammation may spread       ARBOR VITAE American Indians burned arbor
 appearance, becoming secretive and                through the pelvic area. Genital warts and       vitae for its smoky scent, which was deemed
 depressed. Delusions about the body may           herpes may develop, as may ulcers and            to ward off evil spirits.
 be evident, as may fanatical ideas or             uterine polyps. Thuja may also be given
 paranoia, with a feeling that others are          to treat suppressed gonorrhea.
                                                                                                     S O U R C E D E TA I L S
 trying to manipulate them. They tend to           Symptoms better For warm air; for drawing
 sleep badly.                                      up the limbs.                                     ORIGIN
    Thuja is used for skin and urogenital          Symptoms worse For cold and damp; for             Native to Canada and the eastern US, but
 disorders, headaches, and respiratory or          movement; for urinating; for gonorrhea.           now also widely cultivated as an ornamental
 menstrual problems. Typically there is                                                              tree. Prefers swamps and other wetlands.
 localized pain, exhaustion, and rapid weight      Headaches
 loss. Symptoms may be due to health changes       SYMPTOMS    Piercing neuralgic pain due to        BACKGROUND
 following a vaccination, or date back to a bout   stress, exhaustion, or overexcitement, or         Featured in the US Pharmacopoeia
 of gonorrhea.                                     related to inflamed gums, tooth decay, or         until 1894. Used in modern herbalism
                                                   infected sinuses.                                 to treat warts, cancer, catarrh, and
                                                   Symptoms better For tilting the                   other conditions.
 Skin conditions                                   head backward.
 SYMPTOMS   Large, “cauliflower” warts, and        Symptoms worse For sexual excess; for tea.        P R E PA R AT I O N
 warts that weep, sting, or are on stalks.                                                           The fresh leaves and twigs of the one-
 There may be scaly patches on covered             Catarrh & sinusitis                               year-old plant are chopped finely and
 body areas, itchy skin complaints, brown          SYMPTOMS   Chronic sinus or respiratory           macerated in alcohol, then filtered, diluted,
 “age spots,” and ridged, weak, or deformed        problems, usually with foul-smelling, green or    and succussed.
 nails. Thuja is widely used as an ointment        yellow-green catarrh. Asthma may respond to
 for warts and verrucas.                           Thuja, as may nasal polyps with thick, green,     COMMON NAMES
 Symptoms better For free flow of discharges       bloody mucus containing pus.                      Arbor vitae, tree of life, white cedar.
 and catarrh.                                      Symptoms better For warm air; for expelling
 Symptoms worse For cold and damp; after           catarrh.
 gonorrhea; after a vaccination.                   Symptoms worse For cold and damp; during         over the left ovary. Ovarian cysts may also
                                                   menstruation; for tobacco.                       respond to Thuja.
 Urogenital problems                                                                                Symptoms better For drawing up the limbs;
 SYMPTOMS   Swollen, inflamed urethra, with        Menstrual problems                               for lying on the affected side or on the back.
 urine stream split and weak, and frequent         SYMPTOMS Early or scant menstrual periods.       Symptoms worse On the left side; during
 strong urges to urinate, perhaps with             There may be menstrual pain that is localized    menstruation; after gonorrhea.

 See also Prostate problems, page 202; Depression, page 212; Warts, page 242
                                                                                                              MAJOR PLANT REMEDIES                    • 65

Veratrum album

KEY SYMPTOMS profuse diarrhea • vomiting with exhaustion • cold perspiration
• blue-tinged skin • fainting • hyperactivity or melancholy

Extremely toxic in all its parts, white hellebore was reputedly used in
ancient Rome on the tips of weapons. Its toxicity has limited white
hellebore’s role in herbal medicine, although the plant has been used in                                       Leaves are smooth
                                                                                                               on top, hair y
insecticides and veterinary medicine. The remedy was proved by                                                 underneath
Hahnemann between 1826 and 1830. Along with Camphor, it was
successfully used to treat victims of the 19th-century cholera epidemic in                                LEAVES
Europe, helping to make Hahnemann’s reputation.                                                           & STEM                  RHIZOME

REMEDY PROFILE                                    Collapse
Veratrum alb. is thought to work best on          SYMPTOMS    Weakness with a clammy, sweaty
those who appear restless, self-righteous,        forehead, blue-tinged skin, dehydration, and
overly critical, haughty, melancholy, and         possible fainting. This may be due to cramps,
solitary, or who loathe being alone. A            violent vomiting, and diarrhea (see left),
hyperactive or manic state, possibly with         especially in pregnancy. Other potential
repetitive behavior, may be evident in            causes include acute fright, menstrual pain,
people who are best suited to this remedy.        or heatstroke.
  Typical physical symptoms include a poor        Symptoms better For being covered;                Alkaloids in the
immune system; extremely cold skin and            for lying down.                                  root are thought
                                                                                                     to lower blood
perspiration, with chilliness possibly            Symptoms worse For touch; at night;
extending to the breath and tongue; a blue        for bowel movements; for cold drinks.
pallor; a rapid pulse; weakness; anemia;
extreme thirst; or cravings for fruit or ice      Emotional problems                               WHITE HELLEBORE It is said that fatality rarely
cream. Symptoms tend to become worse for          SYMPTOMS   Behavioral disorders such as          results from accidentally eating this toxic plant,
damp cold, at night, following a bowel            hyperactivity in some children or emotional      for upon ingestion it instantly causes vomiting.
movement, and after eating fruit.                 disturbances due to the trauma of
  The remedy is usually given for debilitating    childbirth. Behavior may be sullen and
                                                                                                     S O U R C E D E TA I L S
gastrointestinal problems with severe vomiting    indifferent. There may be adult insecurity
and diarrhea. It is also used to treat collapse   about social position or a lack of one,            ORIGIN
and some psychological problems.                  alternating with ruthless ambition and             Grows in mountainous areas, damp
                                                  delusions of grandeur or of becoming the           meadows, and open woodlands in central
                                                  victim of some tragedy.                            and southern Europe, northern Asia, and
Diarrhea                                          Symptoms better For warmth; for lying down;        north Africa.
SYMPTOMS   Severe diarrhea, possibly with         in children who are carried quickly.
vomiting (see right), due to cholera,             Symptoms worse At night; for exertion; for         BACKGROUND
dysentery, gastroenteritis, or other digestive    fright; before and during menstruation; for        Reputedly used by the ancient Greek
disorders. Stools are watery, green, or           injured pride.                                     physician Hippocrates to cure a young
colorless. Painful cramps may accompany                                                              Athenian who had contracted cholera.
attacks, and exhaustion may follow                Vomiting & nausea
(see above, right), caused by dehydration and     SYMPTOMS    Violent vomiting with nausea, a        P R E PA R AT I O N
exhaustion. There may be a great thirst for       cold feeling in the abdomen, clammy sweat,         The fresh root is dug up before flowering,
cold water and a ravenous appetite, as well       salty saliva, and possibly also diarrhea and       chopped, macerated in alcohol,
as cravings for sour foods, ice, and salt.        collapse (see left and above).                     and succussed.
Symptoms better For lying down; for hot drinks,   Symptoms better For lying down; for being
warm foods, and milk.                             covered; for hot drinks, warm foods, and milk.     COMMON NAMES
Symptoms worse For touch; for movement; for       Symptoms worse For touch; for the slightest        White hellebore, false hellebore.
cold drinks.                                      movement; at night; for cold drinks.

See also Nausea & vomiting, page 236; Diarrhea, page 238
major mineral
 although not in such common usage for

   healing purposes as plants, naturally

  occurring minerals and manufactured

 mineral and chemical compounds do have

 a long medicinal tradition. this section

     outlines the major mineral-based

          homeopathic remedies.

 Acidum arsenicosum syn. Arsenicum album

 KEY SYMPTOMS anxiety about health • restlessness and exhaustion • chilliness
 • thirst for small sips of water • burning pains that are better for warmth

 Arsenic is well known as a deadly poison. In the past it was used
 to make flypaper and wallpaper, sometimes leading to accidental
 poisonings: Napoleon’s death has recently been attributed to arsenic
 used to color his wallpaper, which may have formed a deadly gas
 in damp, moldy conditions. Arsen. alb., proved by Hahnemann and
 published in his Materia Medica Pura (1821–34), is given chiefly to
 treat the mucous membranes of the digestive and respiratory tracts.

 REMEDY PROFILE                                       burning pain in the rectum. There may be
 Those most suited to Arsen. alb. are affectionate,   vomiting or diarrhea followed by exhaustion and                                               Cr ystals are
 sensitive, and stable in good health, but may be     dehydration. Excessive consumption of alcohol,                                                a natural
                                                                                                                           Arsenopyrite forms       source of
 prone to restlessness, stress, and anxiety about     ripe fruit and vegetables, and iced foods may
                                                                                                                           as prismatic cr ystals   arsenic
 their health, with a deep need for reassurance.      cause gastroenteritis. If there is any fever, the
 Illness brings rapid physical and mental             body feels hot to the touch while chilled inside,    ARSENIC In the past doctors used arsenic to
 exhaustion and chaos, which heightens their          or cold to the touch but burning inside.             treat eczema, but it is now considered too toxic.
 fears and vulnerability, and can cause severe        Symptoms better For warmth; for movement; for
 anxiety or pessimism. Perfectionists by nature,      lying with the head propped up; for sips of water.
                                                                                                            S O U R C E D E TA I L S
 they are intolerant of disorder, and when under      Symptoms worse For exposure to the cold;
 stress or ill may develop phobias or                 between midnight and 2 a.m.; for stress; for          ORIGIN
 obsessions—for example, about cleanliness.           cold foods and drinks.                                Extracted from the mineral arsenopyrite,
 They like alcohol, warm drinks, and warm,                                                                  which is found in Norway, Sweden, Germany,
 sour, sweet, and fatty foods.                        Food poisoning                                        England, and Canada.
    Arsen. alb. is a key remedy for asthma and        SYMPTOMS   Burning, stinging vomiting, with
 breathlessness. It is also prescribed for violent    exhaustion and dehydration, and nausea on             BACKGROUND
 digestive upsets with diarrhea and vomiting,         the sight or smell of food.                           Has long been used in Europe and the
 headaches, burning eye inflammation, and             Symptoms better For warmth; for movement;             US as a preservative for tanning animal
 itchy, weepy skin complaints.                        for sips of water.                                    hides, and is also traditionally used to
                                                      Symptoms worse For cold; between midnight             make rat poison.
                                                      and 2 a.m.
 Respiratory illness                                                                                        P R E PA R AT I O N
 SYMPTOMS    Asthma or severe breathlessness,         Headaches                                             Arsenic is triturated by being ground
 possibly brought on by stress or anxiety. There      SYMPTOMS   Pain beginning at the bridge               repeatedly with lactose sugar until it is
 is typically susceptibility to colds, violent        of the nose and extending over the entire             soluble in water. It is then further diluted
 sneezing, and hay fever. Burning, watery             head, with dizziness, vomiting, and nausea.           and succussed.
 catarrh causes the nostrils and lips to become       Excitement, stress, and anxiety may
 dry, cracked, and sensitive. Weakness and            aggravate the pain.                                   COMMON NAMES
 extreme fatigue are common.                          Symptoms better For cold air; for cold                Arsenic, arsenic trioxide, arsenic oxide,
 Symptoms better For warmth; for movement;            compresses.                                           arsenious acid.
 for sitting upright; for warm drinks.                Symptoms worse For stress or excitement;
 Symptoms worse For cold, dry, windy weather;         for overheating; for tobacco smoke; for the
 between midnight and 2 a.m.; for stress; on the      smell of food.                                       Eczema
 right side of the body; for cold foods and drinks.                                                        SYMPTOMS  Itching, burning, cracked skin.
                                                      Eye inflammation                                     Scratching causes weeping, bleeding, raw skin.
 Digestive disorders                                  SYMPTOMS  Inflamed, stinging eyes with               Symptoms better For warm compresses;
 SYMPTOMS   Indigestion and colitis, aggravated by    burning pains and sensitivity to bright light.       for movement.
 stress and anxiety. Watery, offensive-smelling       Symptoms better For warm compresses.                 Symptoms worse For anxiety; between midnight
 stools cause soreness around the anus and            Symptoms worse For cold air; for tobacco smoke.      and 2 a.m.

 See also Respiration, page 180; Digestion, pages 188, 234; Skin, pages 192, 240; Depression, page 212; Anxiety, page 244
                                                                                                             MAJOR MINERAL REMEDIES                         • 69

Acidum hydrofluoricum

KEY SYMPTOMS materialistic and unspiritual nature • indifference to loved ones
• preoccupation with sexual intercourse • weakness in the bones, nails, and hair

Fluorine, a component of hydrofluoric acid, is found chiefly in the mineral fluorite
(fluorspar). It is essential for healthy teeth and gums, and a compound of it, fluoride,
is often added to toothpastes and the water supplies of some countries to help
prevent tooth decay. Some homeopaths believe that fluorine intake from these
sources can be excessive and can, in certain people, cause health problems that may
be treated with this remedy. Fluoric ac. was proved by Dr. Constantine Hering, and
published in his Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica (1879–91).
                                                                                                     YELLOW FLUORITE This is one of the several
REMEDY PROFILE                                    Tooth decay                                        different colored forms of the mineral fluorite
Fluoric ac. suits people who are energetic,       SYMPTOMS Teeth decay easily, perhaps               (fluorspar). This mineral is distilled with sulfuric
lively, and bustling in the early stages of       becoming discolored, mottled, and brittle.         acid to produce fluoric acid.
illness, but rapidly become exhausted and         Symptoms better None known.
forgetful as it progresses.                       Symptoms worse None known.
                                                                                                       S O U R C E D E TA I L S
   Spiritually and emotionally these people
have a tendency to be extremely limited,          Nail conditions                                      ORIGIN
and they are highly materialistic. As a result,   SYMPTOMS   Weak, distorted, and crumbling nails      Prepared by distilling fluorite (fluorspar) with
they generally neglect their relationships,       that tend to grow too quickly, becoming too          sulfuric acid to create hydrogen fluoride gas,
showing indifference to family and loved          thick in some places or corrugated in others.        which is then dissolved in water to produce
ones. Often, they cut themselves off from         Symptoms better None known.                          hydrofluoric acid.
others. Their shallow relationships indicate      Symptoms worse For alcohol.
an inability to connect deeply with others.                                                            BACKGROUND
Prone to self-satisfaction and egotism, they      Varicose veins                                       Prescribed in traditional Chinese medicine
dislike any responsibility or commitment          SYMPTOMS   Prominent, painful, enlarged veins        for the treatment of anxiety, insomnia, and
in their relationships. They tend to be           in the backs of the calves and insides of the        coughs. Used industrially in the manufacture
dominant in relationships, and may become         legs. The affected area may ache, and the pain       of enamel, glass, and jewelry.
obsessed with sexual intercourse. An              may be aggravated by standing for prolonged
excessive sexual drive may lead to behavior       periods of time.                                     P R E PA R AT I O N
that is amoral and promiscuous.                   Symptoms better For fresh air; for cold              Hydrofluoric acid is first dissolved in alcohol,
   Fluoric ac. is used to treat fibrous tissue    compresses.                                          before being repeatedly diluted further in
disorders, usually affecting the bones, teeth,    Symptoms worse For heat; at night; for alcohol.      alcohol and succussed between each dilution.
nails, hair, and veins. It is prescribed for
certain sexual problems, varicose veins,          Alopecia                                             COMMON NAME
hair loss and baldness related to prolonged       SYMPTOMS    Patchy baldness in both sexes,           Hydrofluoric acid.
illness, and ear and nasal discharges. It may     perhaps after prolonged illness. Hair tends
also help osteomyelitis (bone infection).         to fall out easily, and new growth is
                                                  typically dry and brittle.                         Symptoms better For being in open air; for
                                                  Symptoms better For fresh air; for cold            a cool room; following a short sleep.
Sexual problems                                   compresses.                                        Symptoms worse For heat; at night; for alcohol.
SYMPTOMS   In men, especially in old age,         Symptoms worse For heat; for alcohol.
increased sexual desire and erections at                                                             Bone conditions
night, perhaps preventing sleep. The              Discharges from the ears &                         SYMPTOMS   Painful, inflamed, tender bones
scrotum may swell, and varicoceles                nose                                               following injury or a bone infection such
(testicular varicose veins) may develop.          SYMPTOMS    Ear infection with profuse discharge   as osteomyelitis, with swelling around the
There may be nymphomania.                         after a period of stress, prolonged illness, or    infected bone.
Symptoms better For a cold shower; following      depression. Copious, runny catarrh may “drip       Symptoms better For a cool room; for bathing
a short sleep.                                    like a faucet” from the nose, and may be           in cold water; following a short sleep.
Symptoms worse For heat; at night; for alcohol.   associated with hay fever.                         Symptoms worse For heat; at night; for alcohol.

See also Cancer, page 208

 Acidum nitricum

 KEY SYMPTOMS anxiety about health • splinterlike pains • cracks                                                         Stoppered jar prevents the escape
                                                                                                                         of toxic fumes given off by acid
 in mucous membranes at orifices • offensive-smelling discharges
 • irritability • oversensitivity • chilliness • dissatisfaction
                                                                                                                         NITRIC ACID Produced
                                                                                                                         commercially from ammonia, this
 Nitric acid was first developed by Arabian chemists in the 11th century.
                                                                                                                         acid is highly corrosive and gives
 By the 18th century it was in use medicinally for burning off warts, and                                                off fumes that are extremely
 for treating skin complaints, syphilis, chest infections, and fevers. It has many                                       irritant and toxic if inhaled.
 modern commercial applications, being used in the manufacture of fertilizers,
 varnishes, nylon, lacquers, chemicals, and explosives. Nitric ac. was proved by                        S O U R C E D E TA I L S
 Hahnemann and published in his Chronic Diseases (1821–34). He used it                                  ORIGIN
 chiefly for painful skin conditions, and for miasms such as Sycosis (see page 20).                     Chemically prepared from sodium nitrate
                                                                                                        (a white, soluble mineral) and sulfuric acid
                                                                                                        (a corrosive liquid produced from sulfur).
 REMEDY PROFILE                                      develop, as may boils, facial blackheads,
 An underlying discontent is evident in those        pimples, and skin ulcers. The skin is prone to     BACKGROUND
 who respond best to Nitric ac. This may be          profuse, foul-smelling sweat. Skin complaints      Used in 18th-century Europe to burn off warts
 due to the extreme discomfort of their              are accompanied by splinterlike, cutting pains     and as a treatment for chest and bladder
 physical symptoms. Their behavior is often          that appear and disappear suddenly.                complaints, kidney stones, and fever.
 bitter and unforgiving, and they tend to dwell      Symptoms better For warmth; for warm
 in the past. They are typically selfish, bad-       compresses; for steady, even pressure on the       P R E PA R AT I O N
 tempered, explosively angry, and critical.          affected area.                                     Made by diluting one part nitric acid in nine
 Hypersensitivity may cause these people to          Symptoms worse For cold; for touch.                parts pure alcohol. This mixture is then
 worry that they are offending others, to be                                                            diluted and succussed.
 easily offended themselves, or to feel that         Warts
 others are trying to deceive them.                  SYMPTOMS  Big, jagged, moist warts on the          COMMON NAMES
    Prolonged emotional and mental suffering         hands, with sharp pain and possible bleeding.      Nitric acid, aqua fortis.
 often leads to ill-health in these individuals.     There may be anal warts with splinterlike
 They fear death and worry incessantly about         pain, notably after passing stools (see below).
 their health, often believing that their own        Stools and urine often smell foul.                passing stools may lead to constipation.
 suffering is much worse than others’ and must       Symptoms better For warm coverings.               Symptoms better For warm coverings; for hot
 therefore be treated immediately. Discharges        Symptoms worse For touch; for washing.            compresses.
 such as urine and perspiration are typically                                                          Symptoms worse For touch; for jarring movement.
 offensive-smelling. A tendency to feel the cold     Hemorrhoids
 is common, as are cravings for fat and salt.        SYMPTOMS     Extremely painful hemorrhoids,       Mouth ulcers
 Any jarring motion, such as that of a moving        possibly with bleeding and splinterlike pain, a   SYMPTOMS  Sharp, splinterlike pain with ulcers
 car or train, usually makes them feel worse, as     burning sensation, and rectal ulcers. Passing     on the tongue, or in the mouth or throat.
 does drinking milk.                                 stools may involve great strain and effort but    There may be halitosis with bleeding gums.
    Nitric ac. is used mainly for painful skin       little result. Agonizing pain may follow          The gums may feel soft and spongy and the
 ailments, especially where the mucous               straining or passing a stool, possibly lasting    teeth may be loose.
 membranes meet the skin of the mouth, nose,         for hours. Hemorrhoids may be accompanied         Symptoms better For hot compresses.
 or anus. The conditions treated by this             by nausea, vomiting, constipation, and foul-      Symptoms worse For touch; for swallowing;
 remedy often manifest in the skin before going      smelling anal discharges.                         after eating.
 on to affect the internal organs. It is also used   Symptoms better For warmth; for warm
 for warts, hemorrhoids, anal fissures, mouth        compresses; for pressure on the hemorrhoids.      Catarrh
 ulcers, and catarrh.                                Symptoms worse For touch; for the slightest       SYMPTOMS   Profuse, yellow burning catarrh,
                                                     jarring; for milk.                                raw nostrils with splinterlike pain, and green
                                                                                                       crusts on the nostrils on waking. Nosebleeds
 Skin conditions                                     Anal fissures                                     may occur.
 SYMPTOMS   Cracked, broken skin, and fissures       SYMPTOMS    A cracked, sore rectum with           Symptoms better For mild weather.
 that bleed slightly but easily. The nipples may     splinterlike pains and bleeding, due to tearing   Symptoms worse For winter; for cold, damp air;
 be sore and cracked. Severe acne may                on passing a stool. Agonizing pain when           at night; for fatty foods; for milk.

 See also Candidiasis, page 200; Cancer, page 208
                                                                                                                    MAJOR MINERAL REMEDIES                     • 71

Acidum phosphoricum

KEY SYMPTOMS ailments that are triggered by grief • fatigue
• apathy • chilliness • cravings for fruits and juicy foods

Phosphoric acid is widely used in the drinks industry to give soft drinks a
fruity, acidic flavor. It is also used industrially to rustproof metals, and in the
manufacture of sugar, fertilizers, detergents, waxes, polishes, and pharmaceutical
products. Phosphoric ac., proved by Hahnemann and published in his Materia                                       Prismatic green apatite
                                                                                                                 cr ystals form in igneous rock
Medica Pura (1821–34), is prescribed primarily for profound exhaustion, and is
also a useful addition to the traveler’s first-aid kit for treating mild diarrhea.                           PHOSPHORIC ACID This acid is made from
                                                                                                             phosphorus, which occurs naturally as apatite.
REMEDY PROFILE                                       Symptoms better For sleep; for short naps.
Phosphoric ac. is especially suited to mild, calm,   Symptoms worse For physical exertion; for
                                                                                                               S O U R C E D E TA I L S
gentle people who tend to be sensitive and           emotional stress; upon waking; for talking.
emotionally dependent on others. When in                                                                       ORIGIN
good health, they are usually strong, but their      Diarrhea                                                  Produced by grinding a phosphate rock such
constitutions are easily undermined by               SYMPTOMS   Profuse, watery, thin stools,                  as apatite into a powder and then mixing it
debilitating illness, emotional trauma,              especially during hot weather. Stools are often           with sulfuric acid.
homesickness, or repeated drug abuse,                passed involuntarily, and are accompanied by
leading to severe exhaustion.                        flatulence and a distended, bloated feeling in            BACKGROUND
   Profuse perspiration and chilliness are           the abdomen, possibly with cramping pain.                 Once used by doctors in Europe and the
typical symptoms, as are loss of appetite and a      The diarrhea does not in itself cause fatigue,            US to stimulate the digestion; now taken
craving for refreshing drinks and juicy fruits.      although exhaustion follows after eating or               to lower high blood-calcium levels.
The remedy is used for acute grief or stress,        due to loss of fluids (see below, left).
severe exhaustion, diarrhea, and headaches. It       Symptoms better For warmth; for short naps;               P R E PA R AT I O N
is also given for childhood growing pains and        for passing stools.                                       Phosphoric acid is dissolved in alcohol in
insomnia or exam nerves.                             Symptoms worse For cold; for drafts;                      a ratio of 1:9. It is then repeatedly diluted
                                                     for emotional stress; for standing;                       and succussed.
                                                     for eating dry foods.
Grief or shock                                                                                                 COMMON NAMES
SYMPTOMS   Apathy, lethargy, and total               Headaches                                                 Phosphoric acid, glacial phosphoric acid,
indifference, brought on by emotional trauma,        SYMPTOMS   Pain that is like a crushing weight on         orthophosphoric acid.
such as shock or acute grief, possibly due to a      the temples or the top of the head, possibly with
broken love affair or the death of a loved one.      dizziness and eye strain. These headaches
The memory may become poor, and there may            particularly affect schoolchildren, especially girls,   that may ultimately cause emotional strain
be premature graying of the hair or hair loss.       who are overstudying for exams (see right), and         and exhaustion (see left).
Symptoms better For warmth.                          those stressed at work. They may also be caused         Symptoms better For warmth; for short naps;
Symptoms worse For noise; for emotional stress.      by exhaustion, grief (see left), or prolonged           for pressure on the affected area.
                                                     periods of standing or walking.                         Symptoms worse For fatigue; for emotional
Exhaustion                                           Symptoms better For warmth; for movement;               stress.
SYMPTOMS    Extreme physical fatigue and             for short naps; for pressure on the affected
mental sluggishness, leading to listlessness         area; for excitement.                                   Exam nerves
and apathy. Possible causes include mental or        Symptoms worse For cold; for emotional                  SYMPTOMS   Headaches (see left), with possible
emotional strain such as overwork, exam              stress; for overstudying; for loss of fluids;           eye strain due to overstudying. Dizziness and
nerves (see right), grief, or shock (see above).     for noise; for music; for talking; in the evening.      even complete exhaustion (see left) may
Drug abuse or severe loss of fluids may also                                                                 accompany the headaches. Girls are especially
trigger this form of exhaustion. Hair loss or        Growing pains                                           prone to this type of stress.
premature graying of the hair may be                 SYMPTOMS   Rapid growth and development of              Symptoms better For warmth; for movement;
associated symptoms if acute shock, grief, or        a gangly frame, causing growing pains in the            for short naps.
stress is the cause. Headaches (see right), lack     limbs in children. An overactive libido may             Symptoms worse For cold; for emotional
of concentration, poor memory, and insomnia          develop, characterized by frequent                      stress; for overstudying; for noise; for music;
may also occur.                                      masturbation accompanied by feelings of guilt           for talking; in the evening.

See also Diabetes, page 191; Chronic fatigue syndrome, page 205; Grief, page 213

 Aluminum oxydatum

 KEY SYMPTOMS sense of feeling hurried and flustered • fatigue and sluggishness
 • failing memory • dryness of the skin and mucous membranes

 Significant amounts of aluminum absorbed into the body are thought by
 some to cause the mental processes to slow down. Some evidence suggests
 that it may aid the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Sources of ingested
 aluminum in humans may include drinking water, baking powder, food
 additives, and indigestion remedies. Alumina, proved by Hahnemann and
 published in his Materia Medica Pura (1821–34), is given chiefly
 for sluggish states and dementia.                                         Rock is
                                                                                        ver y dense
                                                                                          and hard

 REMEDY PROFILE                                      and the eye muscles may be                                                        BAUXITE
 Alumina is best suited to those who are generally   affected, causing drooping
 sluggish. They may be in a state of deep despair,   eyelids and squinting.                                         ALUMINUM The mineral bauxite is the main
 and fear that something awful is about to           Symptoms better For fresh air;                                 source of aluminum, since it is composed
 happen. Fear of insanity is not uncommon,           in the evening.                                                of hydrated aluminum oxides.
 especially on sighting sharp objects and knives,    Symptoms worse For cold air; in the
 which may even trigger suicidal thoughts.           morning; for salty and starchy foods.                      POWDERED ALUMINUM
 Reactions to external stimuli and questions are
 slow, yet despite this, these people often feel a   Dementia                                             S O U R C E D E TA I L S
 sense of haste, hurry, and confusion.               SYMPTOMS   Deterioration of mental processes
    Typical physical symptoms include dry, gray      leading to sluggish and absent-minded                ORIGIN
 skin and dry, sore mucous membranes. In             behavior. Those affected may forget who              Obtained from bauxite, a dense mineral that
 addition, there may be a lack of coordination,      they are and feel as if they are talking,            is predominantly found in Ghana, Jamaica,
 weakness, and fatigue, possibly associated          hearing, or smelling through someone else’s          the US, France, Italy, Hungary, Indonesia,
 with chronic illness.                               senses. There is often a sense of being adrift       and Russia.
    Alumina is typically used for elderly            from the body. Elderly people are most
 people who are senile and confused, with a          commonly affected. The remedy may be                 BACKGROUND
 poor memory. It is also suited to delicate          given to treat Alzheimer’s disease.                  Used as an antacid in indigestion remedies,
 babies. The remedy is given to treat fatigue,       Symptoms better For damp weather; in the             and in cooking utensils. Controversially
 nervous complaints, constipation, and               evening; for moderate exertion.                      thought by some to be a factor in triggering
 unusual food cravings.                              Symptoms worse For warm rooms; upon waking.          the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

                                                     Constipation                                         P R E PA R AT I O N
 Fatigue                                             SYMPTOMS   Sluggish bowels or severe                 Aluminum oxide crystals are extracted from
 SYMPTOMS   Great weakness, sluggishness,            constipation. The rectum characteristically feels    bauxite using an industrial process. They are
 and exhaustion. The skin is pallid, and             paralyzed, and great effort is required to expel     then triturated with lactose sugar, filtered,
 the legs are heavy and tired, even when             even small, soft stools. Pregnant women,             diluted, and succussed.
 sitting. This weakness may be the result            newborn babies, and children are most
 of chronic illness.                                 commonly affected. Alumina may                       COMMON NAMES
 Symptoms better For damp weather; for               also help elderly or sedentary people who have       Aluminum oxide, pure clay.
 moderate exertion; while eating.                    severe constipation and no urge to pass stools.
 Symptoms worse For warm rooms; upon                 Symptoms better For fresh air; in the evening;
 waking; for lying or sitting down.                  for warm foods and drinks.                          such as pencils, chalk, clay, tea leaves, and
                                                     Symptoms worse For cold air; for heat; in the       coffee grounds. The cravings appear to be for
 Nervous disorders                                   morning; for salty and starchy foods.               substances that actually contain aluminum.
 SYMPTOMS   Numbness, “pins and needles,” a                                                              Symptoms better For fresh air; in the evening;
 sensation of muscle paralysis and fatigue, and      Appetite disorders                                  for warm foods and drinks.
 slow, weak movements. The extremities may           SYMPTOMS   A dry mouth and throat, with             Symptoms worse For starchy, salty, or highly
 become uncoordinated (locomotor ataxia),            cravings for dry foods or inedible substances       processed foods.

 See also Constipation, page 238
                                                                                                               MAJOR MINERAL REMEDIES                     • 73

Ammonium carbonicum

KEY SYMPTOMS mental sluggishness • fatigue • fainting and weakness • breathlessness
• sense of compression in the chest • person feels worse for cold and damp

For many centuries, ammonium carbonate was used in the West to treat “blood
poisoning” arising from scarlet fever infection. From the 19th century, however,
its main medicinal use was in smelling salts (also called sal volatile or salts of
ammonia), which were used to revive and stimulate those who had fainted.
Hahnemann proved and published the remedy in his Materia Medica Pura
(1821–34). It is considered particularly useful for states of collapse.

REMEDY PROFILE                                      for raising the feet.                               AMMONIUM CARBONATE This white
This remedy is best suited to people who            Symptoms worse In cloudy weather;                   chemical is now most commonly found in
polarize between a fast, excitable, idealistic      for continuous movement.                            baking powder.
state and one that is absent-minded, confused,
and chaotic. Their initial idealism may lead        Respiratory illness                                   S O U R C E D E TA I L S
them to misjudge their own abilities, resulting     SYMPTOMS   A sensation of oppression in the
in disappointment, resentment, or a feeling         chest, with a recurrent, dry, tickling, rattling      ORIGIN
that they will never succeed.                       cough. The cough may be persistent enough             Chemically prepared from the crystalline
   These people typically search for values and     to cause retching, especially at night, and           compounds sodium carbonate (see page 91)
beliefs as a means of establishing a structure      severe enough to cause palpitations. The              and ammonium chloride (see page 123).
and overview for their lives. If these structures   remedy is commonly used for bronchitis and
begin to drop away, perhaps due to stress or        other chest problems.                                 BACKGROUND
illness, for example, they typically try to         Symptoms better For warm, dry surroundings;           Traditionally mixed with alcohol and lavender
“battle on,” exhausted and muddled. They are        for pressure on the chest; for raising the feet.      to make smelling salts, a pungent
sensitive to other people and to any distress       Symptoms worse In cloudy weather;                     concoction for reviving someone who
they may be experiencing, but are also              for continuous movement.                              has fainted.
inclined to be challenging and disobedient.
They have a tendency to be forgetful, gloomy,       Poor circulation                                      P R E PA R AT I O N
weepy, and bad-tempered, especially during          SYMPTOMS   Breathlessness, wheezing,                  The crystalline solid is diluted in distilled
cloudy weather.                                     palpitations, and fatigue, particularly               water. The resulting solution is repeatedly
   Physical symptoms typically treated with         following exertion. Symptoms are often                diluted and succussed to potentize it.
Ammonium carb. include severe fatigue, skin         accompanied by a flushed, puffy face, and are
eruptions, chesty respiratory conditions such       typically due to inefficient circulation of blood     COMMON NAMES
as bronchitis, and problems generated by a          by the heart.                                         Ammonium carbonate, sal volatile.
sluggish circulation. It may also be used for       Symptoms better For warm, dry surroundings;
scarlet fever.                                      for raising the feet.
                                                    Symptoms worse In cloudy weather;                   to a weak circulation (see left).
                                                    for continuous movement.                            Symptoms better For warm, dry surroundings;
Fatigue                                                                                                 for pressure on the skin; for raising the feet.
SYMPTOMS    Extreme fatigue, possibly with great    Skin conditions                                     Symptoms worse In cloudy weather;
weakness, fainting, irritability, and depression.   SYMPTOMS    Skin eruptions such as boils,           for continuous movement.
The temperament typically changes from              pimples, and red blotches that are often slow
idealistic and positive to gloomy, chaotic,         to clear. Ammonium carb. is used for rashes,        Scarlet fever
confused, absent-minded, and hysterical. An         urticaria (hives), and erysipelas with violent      SYMPTOMS  A rash of tiny, red spots spreading
overwhelming sensation that “things cannot          itching. The skin is generally prone to allergic    rapidly over the body from the neck and the
go on like this” may be felt, with initial zest     reactions and sensitive, especially to water,       upper trunk, accompanied by a sore throat,
and sparkle giving way to a scattered,              and there is often a dislike of bathing or          headache, and fever.
exhausted feeling. Ultimately, these symptoms       washing. The skin eruptions are commonly            Symptoms better For pressure on the affected
may lead to feelings of depression and              considered an indication of more serious            area; for lying on abdomen or the right side.
nervous exhaustion.                                 internal problems, and are usually                  Symptoms worse For cold; for damp; between
Symptoms better For warm, dry surroundings;         accompanied by a flushed and puffy face due         3 a.m. and 4 a.m.

See also Depression, page 212

 Argentum nitricum

 KEY SYMPTOMS anxiety • impulsiveness • phobias • craving for sweet foods, which                                               SILVER NITRATE CRYSTALS

 aggravate symptoms • digestive problems with flatulence • tendency to feel hot

 Medieval alchemists called this compound lunar caustic. They used its
 antibacterial and caustic properties for cauterizing wounds. If ingested in large
 amounts, silver nitrate is highly poisonous and may turn the body blue. It is now
 used in the manufacture of photographic film and plates, and as a backing for
 mirrors. Argentum nit. was originally proved by Hahnemann, but then given a                               Mineral has
 more thorough proving by Dr. J. O. Müller of Vienna in 1845.                                             metallic luster

 REMEDY PROFILE                                     Digestive disorders                                   ACANTHITE
 Argentum nit. is best suited to people who are     SYMPTOMS    Diarrhea, loud, explosive belching,
 extroverted, cheerful, and impressionable.         a distended abdomen, and flatulence. The
 Suggestible and impulsive, they may have           stools are smelly, watery, and green. There
 difficulty in controlling their far-ranging        may be vomiting exacerbated by nervousness
 minds and emotions, and readily laugh, cry,        or anticipatory anxiety (see below, left). If
 lose their tempers, or become anxious. They        symptoms persist, colitis or irritable bowel
 may be nervous, phobic, and superstitious.         syndrome (see below) may develop. The
 Motivated people who think, talk, and act          digestion is “sensitive,” with possible cravings
 rapidly, they are always in a hurry, and are       for salty or sweet foods, although the latter
 frequently to be found in careers that require     may trigger headaches or diarrhea.
 quick thinking and a good memory, or where         Symptoms better For fresh air; in cool
 the emphasis is on performance.                    surroundings; for pressure on the abdomen.            SILVER NITRATE This compound forms as light-
    Typical physical symptoms include a             Symptoms worse For warmth; in hot weather;            sensitive crystals in the mineral acanthite.
 “sensitive” digestion, a lack of physical          for lying on the left side; for emotional stress;
 control, with awkwardness and tremors, and a       for cold or sweet foods.
                                                                                                           S O U R C E D E TA I L S
 tendency to feel the heat. Argentum nit. is used
 for certain nervous, mental, and digestive         Irritable bowel syndrome                               ORIGIN
 problems where these key physical and mental       SYMPTOMS    Constipation that alternates with          Found in acanthite, which usually occurs as
 symptoms are evident.                              flatulence and diarrhea. There is a fluttery, tense    crystals in hydrothermal veins in Norway,
                                                    feeling in the stomach and pain in the upper left      the US, and South America.
                                                    abdomen; stools are usually coated with mucus.
 Anxiety & phobias                                  Symptoms better For fresh air; in cool                 BACKGROUND
 SYMPTOMS    Anxiety, possibly accompanied by       surroundings; for pressure on the abdomen.             Used in 19th-century North America for eye
 palpitations, tremors, awkwardness, sweats,        Symptoms worse For warmth; in hot weather;             infections and warts, and still included in
 insomnia, and even vomiting (see right). There     for lying on the left side; for emotional stress;      some modern wart medicines.
 is typically a feeling of being out of control,    for cold or sweet foods.
 and the imagination may become overactive,                                                                P R E PA R AT I O N
 spiraling off to exacerbate fears and heighten     Nervous disorders                                      Pure crystals of silver nitrate are dissolved
 anxieties or phobias. Common triggers              SYMPTOMS   The limbs feel weak, bruised, and           in alcohol before being repeatedly diluted
 include stage fright, anticipatory anxiety, and    trembling. There is often giddiness and a              and succussed.
 phobias such as claustrophobia, vertigo, or        tendency to stagger in the dark. The remedy is
 fear of water or the dentist. People who           also used for twitching with numbness, which           COMMON NAMES
 respond to this remedy usually feel very           may follow a stroke or brain injury, or which          Silver nitrate, hellstone, devil’s stone,
 anxious about their health.                        may be linked to epilepsy, especially if attacks       lunar caustic.
 Symptoms better For fresh air; in cool             occur after a fright or during menstruation.
 surroundings; for pressure on the head, such       The weakness and heaviness of the limbs may
 as a tight bandage around it.                      eventually lead to a feeling of paralysis.            Symptoms better For fresh air; in
 Symptoms worse For warmth; in hot weather; at         Argentum nit. may also be prescribed for           cool surroundings.
 night; for movement; for lying on the left side;   multiple sclerosis, if the mental and physical        Symptoms worse For warmth; at night;
 for emotional stress; for overwork; for talking.   symptoms fit the profile.                             during menstruation.

 See also Multiple sclerosis, page 179; Digestion, pages 188, 234; Emotional problems, page 210; Exam nerves, page 254
                                                                                                               MAJOR MINERAL REMEDIES                   • 75

Aurum metallicum

KEY SYMPTOMS workaholic nature • despair at any perceived failures • bouts of
anger and violence • angina • pains in the bones • person feels worse at night

The ancient Egyptians were one of the earliest civilizations to master the
art of mining and working gold. In many cultures it was ascribed great
value on the basis of its rarity and splendor. As early as the 7th century BCE,
gold was fashioned into coins and used as a means of exchange,
paving the way for today’s world economy. Gold also plays a role in
conventional medicine, being used in the treatment of rheumatoid
arthritis. Hahnemann proved the homeopathic remedy in 1818.
                                                                                                        GOLD NUGGET                            GOLD FLAKES

REMEDY PROFILE                                       Symptoms worse For mental                          GOLD This heavy, inert metal is used mostly for
Those who are most suited to Aurum met.              concentration or exertion; for emotional           aesthetic or economic purposes, but is also used
often feel as if they do not accomplish as           stress, particularly at night.                     in medicine and in dentistry, where its resistance
much as they should. They tend to be                                                                    to chemical reaction makes it ideal for tooth
workaholics, always striving to attain the           Angina                                             fillings and caps.
tough standards that they set for themselves.        SYMPTOMS   Palpitations, high blood pressure,
If they consider that they have failed in this,      breathlessness, and chest pains behind the
                                                                                                          S O U R C E D E TA I L S
a feeling of emptiness and despair may follow.       breastbone that extend along the arm to the
   There is a marked tendency toward                 fingertips. There may also be the sensation          ORIGIN
hypersensitivity in these people, both               that the heart is about to stop, and that the        Found in hydrothermal veins, and
emotionally and physically, with smell, taste,       blood vessels are hot. The heart may not feel        sometimes as nuggets or grains lying in
hearing, and touch all being highly acute. As        properly lodged in the chest, and may seem to        stream beds or sand in Australia, South
a result of being emotionally overcharged,           shake with every movement.                           Africa, and North America.
they tend to overreact to criticism or               Symptoms better For warmth; for rest; for
contradiction, exploding into fierce anger           fresh air.                                           BACKGROUND
with trembling and flushing.                         Symptoms worse At night; for mental or               Given by 12th-century Arabian physicians
   Aurum met. is prescribed for depression and       physical exertion; for emotional stress.             for heart problems, gold was also used in
grief. It is also given to treat circulatory                                                              blood tests and for tuberculosis in the early
problems such as palpitations and angina,            Reproductive-system problems                         20th century.
and for headaches, disorders of the                  SYMPTOMS     Inflammation of the testes and
reproductive system, and bone pains.                 undescended testicles in boys. In women,             P R E PA R AT I O N
                                                     Aurum met. is used for painful menstruation,         Gold is purified from a nugget or extracted
                                                     fibroids, a prolapsed uterus, causing a              from an ore. It is then triturated with
Depression                                           dragging feeling in the pelvis, and a sensation      lactose sugar, filtered, diluted,
SYMPTOMS     Anxiety and a sense of worthlessness,   that the uterus is enlarged. There may be            and succussed.
disenchantment with life, and despair. There         sterility, leading to depression.
is commonly an empty feeling, as though              Symptoms better For rest; for walking; for fresh     COMMON NAME
everything is just for show but lacks substance:     air; for washing in cold water.                      Gold.
it glitters but is not gold. In extreme cases this   Symptoms worse For cold; at night; for
may lead to severe clinical depression and           emotional stress.
suicide. There may be a longing for death,                                                              Symptoms worse At night; for exertion;
possibly provoking suicidal thoughts, although       Bone pain                                          for emotional stress.
a fear of death may coexist simultaneously.          SYMPTOMS   Deep, gnawing, debilitating bone
   Other symptoms include irritability, feelings     pains, often on the right side of the jaw bone     Headaches
of guilt or of being forsaken, perhaps               and in the bones of the nose. There may be         SYMPTOMS   Severe, pounding, unbearable pain,
associated with a shock, such as the death           wandering, debilitating rheumatic pains in         with veins pulsing in the temples.
of a loved one, or a failed romance.                 the muscles.                                       Symptoms better For rest; for fresh air.
Symptoms better For rest; for walking; for           Symptoms better For warmth; for rest;              Symptoms worse At night; for exertion;
fresh air.                                           for fresh air.                                     for emotional stress.

See also Palpitations, page 186; Arthritis, page 197; Infertility, page 203; Cancer, page 208; Emotional problems, page 210

 Barium carbonicum syn. Baryta carbonica

 KEY SYMPTOMS physical, mental, and emotional immaturity • lack of confidence                          BARIUM CARBONATE A powerful poison, this
                                                                                                       compound causes nausea and vomiting if
 • swollen tonsils • offensive-smelling perspiration on the feet
                                                                                                       consumed. It is used to make rat poison.

 Alchemists in the 17th century gave barium the name lapis solaris, due to its
 luminous qualities when heated. Its compounds are used in radiology, although as
 a pure element barium is very poisonous. Commercially barium carbonate is used
 as a pottery glaze, and to make porcelain, glassware, and optical glass. Baryta
 carb., proved by Hahnemann and published in his Chronic Diseases (1821–34),
 is prescribed mainly for problems in childhood and old age.

 REMEDY PROFILE                                    Symptoms better For not thinking
 Physical, emotional, or mental development is     about symptoms.
 usually slow in those who respond best to         Symptoms worse For emotional stress;
 Baryta carb. They tend to be shy and              for company.
 introverted, often because they are insecure
 and feel that they are worthless. They may        Swollen tonsils
 require excessive reassurance, and are prone      SYMPTOMS   A raw throat with inflamed
 to fears and anxieties. Emotional immaturity      tonsils and a burning pain on swallowing.
 can cause them to feel inadequate in              There may be retching that is aggravated by
 relationships and social situations.              swallowing solid foods. The neck glands may
    Typical physical traits linked with Baryta     swell and harden, and there may be excess
 carb. include nail-biting when anxious and a      production of saliva. Symptoms may be               White cr ystals
 tendency to have sweaty, smelly feet. The         indicative of mumps, especially in children.        are odorless and toxic
 remedy is used for slow development in            Symptoms better For warmth; for fresh air;
 children and for those with Down syndrome,        for movement.
                                                                                                        S O U R C E D E TA I L S
 and is also given for senile dementia in the      Symptoms worse For extreme heat; for cold; for
 elderly. In addition, Baryta carb. is used to     having damp feet; for thinking about symptoms.       ORIGIN
 treat recurrent colds and coughs, sore throats,                                                        Barium chloride is precipitated with
 swollen tonsils, anxiety and phobias,             Anxiety & phobias                                    a weak solution of ammonia to form
 and impotence.                                    SYMPTOMS   Intense, often irrational, fears and      white, odorless crystals of
                                                   anxieties, possibly triggered by negative            barium carbonate.
                                                   recollections of school days, or by memories
 Growth disorders in children                      of physical or sexual abuse. There is often a        BACKGROUND
 SYMPTOMS   Delayed physical development in        tendency to bite the nails.                          Prescribed medicinally in Europe in the
 children, such as late development of speech      Symptoms better For walking alone in the open        late 19th and early 20th centuries as
 and walking, possibly caused by Down              air; for not thinking about symptoms.                a treatment for tuberculosis and
 syndrome. The genitals and other parts of the     Symptoms worse For emotional stress;                 glandular swelling.
 body may not develop properly, typically          for company.
 resulting in a large head and short stature.                                                           P R E PA R AT I O N
 Symptoms better None known.                       Respiratory illness                                  Once the crystals of barium carbonate have
 Symptoms worse For emotional stress.              SYMPTOMS   Recurrent colds, coughs, and              been chemically prepared, they are mixed
                                                   bronchitis. The nostrils may feel dry and raw.       with lactose sugar and triturated.
 Problems of the elderly                           Symptoms better For warmth; for fresh air;
 SYMPTOMS  Senile dementia with childish,          for movement.                                        COMMON NAME
 confused, and embarrassing behavior. The          Symptoms worse For extreme heat; for cold; for       Barium carbonate.
 short-term memory may be impaired, and            having damp feet; for thinking about symptoms.
 paranoia or depression may develop. There
 may be hair loss. A frequent desire to urinate    Impotence                                           Symptoms better For not thinking
 may progress eventually to incontinence.          SYMPTOMS     Bouts of erectile dysfunction or low   about symptoms.
 These symptoms may be associated with             libido in men, possibly so pronounced that they     Symptoms worse For cold, for having damp
 a stroke.                                         actually fall asleep during sexual intercourse.     feet; for emotional stress.

 See also Stroke, page 187; Prostate problems, page 202; Confusion, page 266; Senile dementia, page 266
                                                                                                              MAJOR MINERAL REMEDIES                   • 77

Calcium carbonicum Hahnemanni

KEY SYMPTOMS fears and anxieties • delayed development • sour-smelling discharges                      Mother-of-
                                                                                                       pearl forms
• sensitivity to the cold • aversion to dairy products • cravings for sweets and eggs                  as lining
                                                                                                       of shell

Oyster shells are the natural source of calcium carbonate used in this remedy, but the
compound also occurs naturally in marble, chalk, pearls, limestone, and coral. It is
one of several calcium salts used in homeopathy. The human body needs calcium to
function efficiently, since various essential compounds are produced when it combines
                                                                                                       OYSTER SHELL The homeopathic remedy calcium
with protein in the body. Hahnemann proved the remedy, and published it in his                         carbonate is made from oyster shells. The
Chronic Diseases (1821–34).                                                                            calcified remains of many crustaceans also
                                                                                                       contain calcium carbonate.
REMEDY PROFILE                                      Bone & joint pain
Calc. carb. is best suited to shy, placid,          SYMPTOMS   Backaches, bone growths, bunions,
                                                                                                         S O U R C E D E TA I L S
sensitive, contemplative people who may             or joint pain, perhaps caused by an arthritic
also have an agitated, excitable side,              condition, an inflammatory joint problem             ORIGIN
notably in the face of cruelty. Cautious            such as tennis elbow, or a slow-mending              Secreted by oysters between the inner and
and fearful worriers, they are calmed by            sprain. Broken bones tend to be slow to heal.        outer layers of their shells. In this form it is
reassurance. They are forgetful, lacking in         Symptoms better For lying on the affected            commonly called mother-of-pearl.
energy, and inherently clumsy, often                side; in the late morning; for dry weather.
spraining ankles and wrists. Work and               Symptoms worse For cold; for damp; for sweating;     BACKGROUND
security are important.                             for physical exertion; before menstruating.          Previously given as an antacid, and now
   As children, these individuals develop                                                                used in dentistry, in making furniture
slowly, teething and walking later than the         Dental problems                                      and jewelry, and in the building and
average age. Both adults and children may           SYMPTOMS    Painful teething in children, with       chemical industries.
sweat heavily, mostly on the scalp, and have        sore gums, fever, and a sweaty scalp. The
a sluggish circulation. There may be an             child is irritable and makes a chewing motion        P R E PA R AT I O N
aversion to meat, dairy foods, and coffee,          with the jaws. Calc. carb. is also used for slow     The shells are cleaned and dried, and the
and cravings for sweets, eggs, or indigestible      tooth development, weak, crumbly teeth, and          mother-of-pearl is removed from the outer
things such as chalk or soap. They are              dental decay in children and adults.                 shell. It is then triturated with lactose sugar.
prone to constipation and sour-smelling             Symptoms better For warm weather; for
sweat, and may be sensitive to the cold.            rubbing or lying on the affected area.               COMMON NAMES
They are inclined to be overweight.                 Symptoms worse For heat or cold in the mouth;        Calcium carbonate, oyster shell, mother-of-
   Calc. carb. is prescribed for anxiety-related    for a direct current of air on the tooth.            pearl, carbonate of lime.
conditions, and for bone, joint, and dental
problems, digestive disorders, headaches, and       Digestive disorders
certain ailments affecting women’s health.          SYMPTOMS   Indigestion with flatulence,            Symptoms better In the late morning;
                                                    bloating, and sour belching, or constipation       for dry weather.
                                                    with sour-smelling, hard, pale stools.             Symptoms worse For cold; for damp; before
Anxiety & phobias                                   Symptoms may improve when accompanied              menstruating; in spring.
SYMPTOMS    Worry and fears that may escalate       by constipation. They are often triggered by
into obsessive behavior, mainly focusing            anxiety and agitation (see left).                  Women’s health
around fears that other people will “see            Symptoms better In the late morning;               SYMPTOMS    Burning vaginal itching, with a
through them” and consider them unable              after breakfast.                                   thick, yellow or white discharge, due to
to cope or fakes. Anxiety may be due to             Symptoms worse For cold; for damp; on              thrush. There may be heavy menstrual flow or
irrational fears, typically of darkness, poverty,   waking; for sweating; for physical exertion;       premenstrual syndrome (PMS), possibly with
illness, death, or failure. Worry and anxiety       before menstruating; for milk.                     low energy levels, enlarged, painful breasts,
dreams may result in sleep being disrupted                                                             and dizziness. Menopausal symptoms may
or prevented, leading to insomnia.                  Headaches                                          include breast pain and heavy bleeding.
Symptoms better For dry weather; in the late        SYMPTOMS   Sharp head pain, often right-sided,     Symptoms better For warmth; for rest;
morning; after breakfast.                           and possibly with dizziness, congestion, or        for dry weather.
Symptoms worse For cold weather; toward             catarrh. Migraines with nausea and bursting        Symptoms worse For cold; for exertion; for
evening; for mental exertion; after eating.         pain may develop.                                  emotional stress.

See also Respiration, page 180; Palpitations, page 186; Skin, pages 192, 194; Reproduction, page 198; Immune system, page 204

 Calcium phosphoricum

 KEY SYMPTOMS discontentment • desire to travel • delayed or accelerated growth                                                 CALCIUM PHOSPHATE Although
                                                                                                                                   calcium phosphate exists in
 • craving for smoked meats • susceptibility to bone and tooth problems
                                                                                                                                           a natural state, it is
                                                                                                                                            manufactured in a
 In nature, the mineral salt calcium phosphate exists as apatite, found                                                                      laboratory for use
 predominantly in north Africa. Calcium phosphate is the main constituent of                                                                    in homeopathy.

 bones and teeth, accounting for about 60 percent of the average human skeleton.
 Dr. Wilhelm Schüssler chose it in 1873 as one of the 12 mineral or tissue salts
 that he considered vital for a healthy body (see page 90). The remedy, proved by
 Dr. Constantine Hering in 1837, is given primarily for bone and tooth problems.
                                                                                                                                           Calcium phosphate
                                                                                                                                           forms as white
 REMEDY PROFILE                                        Symptoms better In summer; for warm,                                                precipitate when
 Usually sociable and sensitive, people who            dry weather.                                                                        the two solutions
 respond best to Calc. phos. are prone to feelings     Symptoms worse For cold, damp weather.                                              are mixed
 of great insecurity with regard to their health and
 friends. They may get depressed, worn down,           Fatigue                                               S O U R C E D E TA I L S
 and weary, feeling poorly nourished on both a         SYMPTOMS   General feeling of being
 physical and an emotional level. This feeling often   undernourished and unwell. Weakness,                  ORIGIN
 leads them to be restless and uncertain of what       exhaustion, and anemia may follow illness             Manufactured from dilutions of phosphoric
 they want. Constantly seeking new stimulation         or emotional stress. There may also be                acid and calcium hydroxide (also called
 and contacts, they like to travel and meet people,    susceptibility to the cold and to drafts.             limewater). The two solutions react to
 but tend to feel dissatisfied, bored, and irritable   Symptoms better In summer; after a very               form calcium phosphate as a cloudy,
 without knowing why. As children, they exhibit        hot bath.                                             white precipitate.
 similar discontent with no real cause.                Symptoms worse For cold, damp weather;
    Calc. phos. is used to treat bone conditions       for worry or grief; for overexertion; for lifting     BACKGROUND
 such as joint disorders, fractures that are slow to   heavy objects; for sexual excess.                     Used in the manufacture of glass, in
 heal, and slow growth in children. Teething                                                                 fertilizers, as a stabilizer in plastics, and
 problems and weak teeth are also treated with         Growth disorders                                      as a leavening agent in baking. Additionally
 the remedy, as are fatigue, anemia (possibly          SYMPTOMS   Slow growth in children and                used by dentists as a polishing powder
 after illness), migraines, and disorders of the       adolescents, or rapid growth during                   for teeth.
 digestive system.                                     puberty, typically accompanied by
                                                       numbness and a crawling sensation in                  P R E PA R AT I O N
                                                       the hands and feet. The fontanelle may                The white calcium phosphate precipitate
 Bone & joint conditions                               be slow to close in babies.                           is filtered, dried, and triturated with
 SYMPTOMS     Pain and stiffness in the neck and       Symptoms better For warm, dry weather.                lactose sugar.
 back. Joints may be painful, possibly due to          Symptoms worse For cold, damp weather;
 arthritis, inflamed tendons, slow healing of          for puberty; during teeth development.                COMMON NAMES
 fractures, or ligament sprains. There may be                                                                Calcium phosphate, phosphate of lime.
 abnormality of the bones in a joint, causing          Head pain
 them to fuse and become immobile, or leading          SYMPTOMS   Severe headaches with pain
 to curvature of the spine.                            along the cranial sutures (the joints linking the    be nourished by food, possibly due to cramps,
 Symptoms better In summer; for warm,                  bones of the cranium). These may intensify           nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. There may
 dry weather.                                          into migraines.                                      be cravings for sweets, and for salty foods such
 Symptoms worse For cold, damp weather;                Symptoms better In summer; for warm,                 as smoked meats. Children may have chronic
 for worry or grief; for overexertion; for lifting     dry weather.                                         abdominal pain. Babies have great difficulties
 heavy objects.                                        Symptoms worse For cold, damp weather;               feeding, persistently vomiting even breast
                                                       for worry or grief; for overexertion; for lifting    milk, and suffering from cramps and colic
 Teething                                              heavy objects.                                       after feeding.
 SYMPTOMS   Slow or difficult teething, typically                                                           Symptoms better In summer; for warm,
 with colds, coughs, and diarrhea. Once teeth          Digestive disorders                                  dry weather.
 have formed, they tend to be weak and                 SYMPTOMS  Indigestion, pain after eating, and        Symptoms worse For cold, damp weather;
 decay easily.                                         heartburn. Adults may find it difficult to eat and   for dwelling on symptoms; for drinking milk.

 See also Rosacea, page 193; Rheumatoid arthritis, page 197; Breast problems, page 201; Phobias, page 211
                                                                                                                 MAJOR MINERAL REMEDIES                  • 79

Causticum Hahnemanni

KEY SYMPTOMS oversensitivity • intolerance of injustice • gradual paralysis                                                             POTASSIUM HYDRATE
                                                                                                                                        This compound is not
• raw, burning pain • person feels worse for cold, dry, windy weather
                                                                                                                                            used in any form

Unique to homeopathy, this compound of potassium was specially devised                                                                            of medicine
                                                                                                                                                   other than
and proved by Hahnemann, who published it in his Chronic Diseases                                                                               homeopathy.
(1821–34). Hahnemann noted that the compound caused an astringent
sensation and a burning taste on the tongue. Interestingly, Causticum is a
major homeopathic first-aid remedy for severe burns, and a remedy for
pain with a burning sensation. Other ailments for which it is taken
include local paralysis, incontinence, sore throats, and coughs.

REMEDY PROFILE                                        Urinary disorders
Those for whom Causticum may be most helpful          SYMPTOMS    Bed-wetting that may be long-
tend to be serious and introspective. They feel       term in children, and urine incontinence in the
the effect of grief for prolonged periods and may     elderly. A need to urinate frequently may be
become mentally weakened, absent-minded,              experienced, or the reverse, where urine is
                                                                                                            S O U R C E D E TA I L S
hopeless, anxious, and prey to fears or fanciful      retained due to temporary paralysis. There may
ideas. Forgetfulness and a need to check on their     be stress incontinence on jarring the body—for        ORIGIN
fears and fancies can lead to a compulsive need       example, when running, or when coughing,              Hahnemann used equal parts of slaked lime
to check and recheck everything they do.              sneezing, or laughing. This is particularly           (calcium hydroxide) and sulfate of potash
Acutely sympathetic to the sufferings of others,      prevalent in women during pregnancy and after         (potassium bisulfate) to make this remedy.
they tend to react strongly to others’ distress or    giving birth. Cystitis, with a strong urge to
to any perceived injustices; at best sympathetic      urinate accompanied by an inability to actually       BACKGROUND
and idealistic, they are often politically active.    do so, may also be treated by Causticum. Both         Created by Hahnemann, who wanted to
   These people frequently have a tendency to         men and women who respond to this remedy              produce a particularly caustic mixture,
feel chilly and to be affected by changes in the      may experience a loss of sexual pleasure or an        this compound was new to the medical
weather, by cold, dry weather, and by getting         aversion to sexual intercourse.                       repertory of the time.
wet. Causticum is most often prescribed for           Symptoms better For warmth; for washing; for
weakness, which may progress to paralysis, of         cold drinks.                                          P R E PA R AT I O N
the nerves and muscles, especially of the             Symptoms worse For dry, cold winds; in the            Slaked lime and sulfate of potash are
bladder, larynx, vocal cords, upper eyelids, and      evening; for coffee.                                  combined and dissolved in purified water.
the right side of the face. Muscle weakness may                                                             This solution is then further diluted
show both as twitching and as stiffness that          Skin conditions                                       and succussed.
causes mobility problems.                             SYMPTOMS    Large warts that may bleed easily on
                                                      the hands, face, and fingertips, especially near      COMMON NAME
                                                      the nails; scars that do not heal well; and           Potassium hydrate.
Tremors & paralysis                                   slow-healing burns that blister. Boils, blisters,
SYMPTOMS    Muscle weakness with tremors and          eczema, herpes, and acne may also be helped
drooping of the upper eyelids. There may be a         by the remedy.                                      for cold drinks.
stutter, particularly at times of anger or            Symptoms better For warmth; for washing.            Symptoms worse For dry, cold winds; in the
excitement, and dizziness accompanied by a lack       Symptoms worse For dry, cold winds; in the          evening; for overusing the voice.
of coordination. Facial neuralgia or paralysis        evening; for exertion.
(Bell’s palsy) is possible, especially on the right                                                       Cough
side, or there may be a form of slow-developing       Sore throat                                         SYMPTOMS    A dry, deep cough that racks the
paralysis. Minor or severe seizures may occur,        SYMPTOMS   A dry, raw, and burning throat with a    chest, with a persistent tickle in the throat and
from petit mal fits to serious convulsions, with a    constant need to swallow or to clear mucus from     difficulty coughing hard enough to bring
susceptibility to jerking and twitching in            the throat, possibly with a choking sensation.      up mucus.
extreme cases.                                        The larynx and vocal cords may be inflamed and      Symptoms better For warm, moist weather;
Symptoms better For warmth; for washing.              hoarse. Tightness and a tearing pain in the chest   for warmth in bed; for cold drinks.
Symptoms worse For dry, cold winds; in the            may be related to asthma.                           Symptoms worse For dry, cold winds; in the
evening; for exertion.                                Symptoms better For warmth; for washing;            evening; for exertion.

See also Multiple sclerosis, page 179; Skin, pages 192, 242; Emotions, page 210; Laryngitis, page 228; Bed-wetting, page 248

 Cuprum metallicum

 KEY SYMPTOMS spasms and cramps • suppression of emotions • ailments that are                              COPPER

 triggered by suppression of rashes and discharges • person feels better for cold drinks

 Copper’s name is derived from the Greek Kupris, or Cyprus, after the island on which
 the ancient Greeks found the metal. Although used as late as the 1880s by doctors in
 ointments for healing wounds, coppersmiths have long known of copper’s toxic
 nature. Chronic copper poisoning produces symptoms such as coughs, colic, diarrhea,
                                                                                                           Thin, branchlike
 and difficulty in assimilating food. Acute copper poisoning can cause convulsions,                        sheets may form
 paralysis, and even death. These factors suggested to Hahnemann, who proved                               between plates of rock

 Cuprum met. in 1834, the remedy’s strong affinity with similar symptoms.

 REMEDY PROFILE                                       starting in the fingers and toes and spreading
 Emotions tend to be both rigidly suppressed and      to the center of the body. There may be rashes
 intensely felt in those for whom Cuprum met. is      and perspiration on the feet that is worse if
 best suited. Adolescents may suppress their          suppressed—for example, by chilling the feet.
 sexual urges as being too strong to cope with, so    Symptoms better For perspiring; for cold drinks.
 that any later release of tension may appear         Symptoms worse For hot weather; at night; for                                          POWDERED
 extreme. Psychological contrasts can also be         touch; for suppressing emotions; for suppressing                                       COPPER

 extreme, ranging from yielding to headstrong, or     sweats and rashes.
 from closed-down mental dullness to destructive                                                           COPPER Deposits of this reddish-brown mineral
 anger or even violent insanity.                      Coughs & asthma                                      are found as massive or thin sheets of copper.
    Typical physical symptoms include a pale,         SYMPTOMS    Long, spasmodic, violent coughing
 drawn face, with blue lips and cold hands and        fits, possibly associated with whooping cough.
                                                                                                            S O U R C E D E TA I L S
 feet. Symptoms may be violent, becoming worse        Breathing is labored, rapid, and may seem to
 if menstruation is late, or if any eruptions and     stop during coughing fits. The face may be pale,      ORIGIN
 bodily discharges are suppressed by medication,      with blue lips and a metallic taste in the mouth.     Deposited worldwide in rocks, and mined in
 being chilled, or getting wet.                       Symptoms better For perspiring; for cold drinks.      many countries, such as Chile. Copper has
    The remedy is associated primarily with           Symptoms worse For hot weather; for cold air; for     many uses and can be alloyed to form
 problems of the nervous, respiratory, and            touch; for vomiting; for suppressing emotions.        harder metals such as bronze.
 digestive systems. Cramping, which may be
 extreme, may affect the fingers, toes, legs, and     Abdominal cramps                                      BACKGROUND
 stomach. A common feature is exhaustion,             SYMPTOMS   Spasmodic, often violent, colicky pain,    The first metal to be utilized for tools, and
 perhaps following illness, lack of sleep, or         possibly with nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. The      also an essential trace element in many
 exhausting mental strain.                            abdomen is hot, tender, and sore, and there is a      foods, vital for maintaining a healthy body
                                                      blue line at the margin of the gums, and a            and for good bone growth.
                                                      metallic taste in the mouth. A gurgling sound
 Cramps, convulsions & epilepsy                       on drinking may be due to a spasm of the              P R E PA R AT I O N
 SYMPTOMS    The muscles feel knotted up,             esophagus. Exhaustion may follow (see below),         The metal is triturated with lactose sugar,
 particularly in the legs, feet, and calves. Cramps   with loss of appetite. Cuprum met. is also used       then ground repeatedly until it forms a
 and muscle spasms appear in the limbs,               for nausea associated with cholera.                   powder fine enough to be soluble in water.
 especially at night. They start with twitching and   Symptoms better For perspiring; for cold drinks.      It is then filtered, diluted, and succussed.
 jerking in the toes, and then spread farther up      Symptoms worse For hot weather; for touch; for
 the feet, ankles, and calves. Other symptoms are     vomiting; for suppressing emotions.                   COMMON NAME
 cold extremities, blue lips, and facial grimacing.                                                         Copper.
    Muscle spasms may be marked in pregnancy          Exhaustion
 and after childbirth. Extreme cramps or              SYMPTOMS    Fatigue following hard work, lack of
 convulsions may occasionally be triggered.           sleep, or restless sleep. There may be cramps        Symptoms better For perspiring.
 Young children may exhibit great anger or            and headaches between the eyes. Exhaustion           Symptoms worse For hot weather; for
 teething problems. Muscle spasms and                 may also be the result of abdominal cramps and       emotional stress; for suppressing sweats
 convulsions linked to epilepsy may be violent,       vomiting (see left).                                 and rashes; during pregnancy.

 See also Cramps, page 230
                                                                                                                   MAJOR MINERAL REMEDIES                    • 81

Ferrum metallicum

KEY SYMPTOMS chilliness • intolerance of noise and contradiction • intolerance of eggs                                                            Hematite often
                                                                                                                                                 forms as kidney
and fatty foods • tendency to flush easily • person feels better for gentle movement                                                               ore, so called
                                                                                                                                                      because of
                                                                                                                                                        its shape
Iron is essential in the body for the formation of hemoglobin, the
oxygen-carrying substance in red blood cells. A diet deficient in iron or
an inability to absorb iron into the body can lead to anemia, fatigue,
and breathlessness. Ferrum met. was probably proved and published by
Hahnemann between 1821 and 1834. It is prescribed to help the body cope
with anemia caused by blood loss, and is thought by some to help the body
absorb iron more efficiently.

REMEDY PROFILE                                         Symptoms worse At night; for violent exertion; for
Emotional traits that indicate a need for              emotional stress; for loss of bodily fluids.         HAEMATITE This opaque mineral is the most
Ferrum met. include moodiness, nervous                                                                      important source of iron ore, containing up to
irritability, sensitivity, and an intolerance of       Circulatory problems                                 70 percent iron.
contradiction. A compulsion to do certain              SYMPTOMS   Painful varicose veins, particularly in
tasks may lead to feelings of failure,                 pregnancy. There may be hemorrhages such as
                                                                                                              S O U R C E D E TA I L S
restlessness, and neglected duty. This sense of        nosebleeds, especially in children. Throbbing
compulsion easily turns into its opposite:             blood vessels with headaches are also possible,        ORIGIN
extreme fatigue, weakness, and depression.             as are neuralgic pains (see right), hot flashes,       From iron ores such as hematite, found in
   Typical physical symptoms include pale lips         fever, or palpitations, aggravated by heat.            Canada, the US, and Venezuela. Iron is the
and face, a tendency to flush easily, and a rosy       Symptoms better For gentle movement.                   second most common metal on Earth.
look that suggests good health but is actually         Symptoms worse For heat; at night; for lying
caused by poor circulation. Perspiration may           down; for loss of bodily fluids.                       BACKGROUND
be cold, clammy, and profuse. Bouts of                                                                        So prominent in history that it gave its
dizziness may occur, as well as sensitivity to         Digestive disorders                                    name to the Iron Age, and also a highly
cold and to noise. Mental and physical activity        SYMPTOMS   Nausea brought on by eating, which          important trace element for the working
are subject to weakness and severe fatigue.            causes a reluctance to eat. There may be sudden        of the human body.
Circulatory and digestive problems frequently          vomiting, either while eating or hours later, at
occur, possibly with marked appetite loss.             around midnight. Typical symptoms include              P R E PA R AT I O N
Movement may be painful and difficult due to           constipation or cramping pains in the stomach          Powdered iron is ground with lactose sugar
back, joint, and head pain.                            or abdomen. The digestion is weak, with an             to triturate it. It is then dissolved in water,
                                                       intolerance of eggs and fatty foods. Teething          and repeatedly diluted and succussed.
                                                       children may develop diarrhea while eating.
Anemia                                                 Ferrum met. can also be used to treat post-            COMMON NAME
SYMPTOMS   Pale face that flushes easily, and pale     operative nausea.                                      Iron.
lips, with great fatigue (see below). Ferrum           Symptoms better For gentle movement.
met. is given for anemia from blood loss,              Symptoms worse At night; for eating; for eggs;
often due to heavy periods or problems                 for fatty foods.                                     Symptoms worse At night; for beginning
in pregnancy.                                                                                               to move.
Symptoms better In summer; for gentle                  Back & joint pain
movement.                                              SYMPTOMS  Stiffness of the lower back                Headaches
Symptoms worse For violent exertion; during            and neck, sciatica, arthritis, especially            SYMPTOMS    Throbbing pains in the forehead,
menstruation.                                          in the shoulders, and painful daytime                often lasting for several days, with possible
                                                       cramps and coldness in the feet. Despite             dizziness and scalp pain.
Severe fatigue                                         fatigue and an aversion to brisk movement,           Symptoms better For lying down; for firm
SYMPTOMS    Extreme physical and mental fatigue,       pain or restlessness causes a compulsion             pressure on the affected part of the head.
the latter causing great sensitivity to noise. There   to keep moving.                                      Symptoms worse For going down steps;
is no desire to work, but a need to lie down.          Symptoms better For gentle movement; for             for writing; prior to menstruation;
Symptoms better For walking slowly in fresh air.       walking slowly.                                      for stooping.

See also Chronic fatigue syndrome, page 204; Headaches, page 218; Varicose veins, page 230; Nausea & vomiting, page 236

 Ferrum phosphoricum

 KEY SYMPTOMS colds accompanied by temporary deafness • conditions that                                      IRON PHOSPHATE This compound is commonly

 appear gradually • hot flashes • pale face that flushes easily                                              found in fossilized bones, and also in human
                                                                                                             muscle tissue.

 Made from iron phosphate, Ferrum phos. is one of Dr. Wilhelm Schüssler’s “biochemic
 tissue salts,” thought to counter deficiencies in the body (see page 90). This German
 homeopath believed that the remedy strengthened the blood vessel walls, restoring
 normal blood flow in cases of acute inflammation, hemorrhaging, or congestion.
 Dr. J. C. Morgan proved the remedy in 1876. It is given for the initial stages
 of infections and for inflammatory conditions.

 REMEDY PROFILE                                         Symptoms better For cold; for pressure on
 Ferrum phos. is most suited to alert, sociable,        the ear.
 open-natured people who are sensitive and              Symptoms worse At night;
 sympathetic, but who like to take action               for physical exertion.
 if something has upset them, particularly
 where protecting their family is concerned.            Digestive disorders
 Often overexcited and talkative, they may              SYMPTOMS    Indigestion, sour burps, and             Slate-blue
 have difficulty concentrating. While their             vomiting of food that seems not to have              powder is
 temperament is generally imaginative, cheerful         been digested. Typically there is poor               soluble in water
 and lively, it may alternate rapidly with an           appetite and an intense thirst. There may
 indifferent, depressed state.                          be diarrhea that has a tendency to recur
                                                                                                              S O U R C E D E TA I L S
     Ferrum phos. may be given for the early            during the summer, or that may be linked
 stages of infection, respiratory problems,             to irritable bowel syndrome. Another                  ORIGIN
 earaches, fevers, and digestive, circulatory,          possible symptom for which Ferrum phos.               Chemically prepared for the manufacture of
 and urogenital disorders.                              may be given is constipation, particularly            homeopathic remedies, although vivianite is
                                                        if accompanied by hemorrhoids. Blood                  a natural source of iron phosphate.
                                                        in the stools may indicate the initial
 Fever                                                  stages of dysentery.                                  BACKGROUND
 SYMPTOMS   Slow-developing fever with hot              Symptoms better For taking gentle exercise.           Used by Dr. Wilhelm Schüssler to make a
 flashes, excessive perspiration, intense thirst, and   Symptoms worse For heat; for sun; for                 “biochemic tissue salt” for treating the early
 areas of acute inflammation.                           jarring; for movement; at night; for cold             stages of inflammatory conditions.
 Symptoms better For cold; for pressure on the          drinks; for sour foods.
 inflamed area; for being left alone.                                                                         P R E PA R AT I O N
 Symptoms worse At night; before starting to            Poor circulation                                      Prepared chemically from iron sulfate,
 perspire; for physical exertion.                       SYMPTOMS   Varicose veins, hemorrhages, and           sodium phosphate, and sodium acetate.
                                                        nosebleeds with bright red blood, and a weak,         The powdered mineral is then triturated.
 Respiratory illness                                    rapid pulse. The face tends to flush easily. There
 SYMPTOMS   A slow-developing cold, possibly with       may be weakness and pallor, possibly                  COMMON NAME
 a nosebleed and dry, hacking cough, often with         indicating anemia.                                    Iron phosphate.
 chest pain. There may be hoarseness and a sore         Symptoms better For cold compresses.
 throat, typical of laryngitis. Other symptoms          Symptoms worse For heat; for jarring;
 may include short, panting breaths, possibly           for movement.                                        Symptoms worse For cold air; for jarring
 due to pneumonia or pleurisy.                                                                               the fingers.
 Symptoms better For gentle exercise;                   Raynaud’s disease
 for cold compresses.                                   SYMPTOMS   Fingers and toes are white, cold,         Urogenital problems
 Symptoms worse At night; from 4 a.m. to 6 a.m.;        numb, tingling, and burning, due to restricted       SYMPTOMS   A short menstrual cycle, or possibly
 before starting to perspire; for physical exertion.    blood flow when blood vessels contract in the        a dry vagina, dragging uterine pain, and
                                                        cold. As the blood flow is restored, the fingers     nocturnal stress incontinence in women, or
 Earache                                                turn blue, then red.                                 a marked loss of libido in men.
 SYMPTOMS  Pain and itching in the ear, possibly        Symptoms better For pressure on the fingers; for     Symptoms better For gentle exercise.
 with hearing loss. Pain may be one-sided.              walking at a slow pace.                              Symptoms worse During the night; for touch.

 See also Colds, page 224
                                                                                                          MAJOR MINERAL REMEDIES                   • 83


KEY SYMPTOMS poor concentration • indecisiveness • conditions that mainly affect the left                                           GRAPHITE
side • weeping on hearing music • chilliness • cracked skin with a honeylike discharge

Graphite is a carbon mineral that contains traces of iron. The name derives from
                                                                                                                                       GRAPHITE ROCK
the Greek graphein, meaning “to write.” The main constituent of pencil lead,
graphite is also used in the production of lubricants, polishes, batteries, and
electric motors. The remedy, proved by Hahnemann and published in his Chronic                      Graphite is
                                                                                                   a soft rock
Diseases (1821–34), is often given for skin complaints and for anxiety with lack
of confidence.

REMEDY PROFILE                                   develop into dementia. Fastidiousness
Those who respond best to Graphites tend         and perfectionism are further common
to be more physically than intellectually        Graphites traits.
oriented. These practical types prefer action    Symptoms better For walking in fresh air; for
to discussion, and are seen as “the ones who     the dark; for being in a moving vehicle.
are going to cope.” They can, however, be        Symptoms worse On waking; for music;
lethargic, notably on waking. Seemingly          during menstruation.
moody, pessimistic, and agitated, under the
surface they are deeply emotional, often sad,    Eye, ear & nose conditions                        GRAPHITE This mineral is not generally used
and easily moved to tears by music.              SYMPTOMS  Swollen, red, dry eyelids due           medicinally, except in its homeopathic form.
   These people are especially susceptible to    to blepharitis, and styes with a yellow
certain physical symptoms affecting the skin,    discharge. There may be an ear discharge
                                                                                                     S O U R C E D E TA I L S
nails, mucous membranes, and the left side of    with an itchy infection of the outer ear. A
the body. Symptoms are often linked to           cracking sound, especially while eating, may        ORIGIN
glandular problems. Sensitivity to the cold      occur, as may deafness related to                   Forms within other rocks, such as granite,
and headaches after skipping meals               otosclerosis (a middle-ear disorder). Hot           slate, schist, and marble. Commonly found
are typical.                                     sweats (often due to a hormonal imbalance)          in Sri Lanka, Mexico, and North America.
                                                 may be followed by nosebleeds.
                                                 Symptoms better For warmth; for fresh air.          BACKGROUND
Skin & nail conditions                           Symptoms worse For cold; on the left side;          Dr. S. Weinhold, a German contemporary of
SYMPTOMS   Irritated, cracked, dry skin behind   before and during menstruation.                     Hahnemann, noted that workmen in a mirror
the ears, and on the nostrils, knees, nipples,                                                       factory cured cold sores with graphite.
and fingertips. Eczema or psoriasis may          Digestive disorders
ooze a honey-colored discharge. Cracked          SYMPTOMS   Constipation, bloating, and              P R E PA R AT I O N
skin may bleed and easily become infected.       flatulence, maybe with cramps. There may            Graphite powder is triturated with lactose
There may be old scars that ulcerate and         be rectal itching, hemorrhoids, anal fissures,      sugar to make it soluble. After being
burn, cold sores around the mouth, and           and stomach pains with hunger or vomiting.          dissolved in water it is repeatedly diluted
herpes blisters around the genitals.             Bland foods are preferred to meat and salty         and succussed.
Symptoms better For warmth with fresh air; in    or sweet foods.
the dark; for sleep; for eating.                 Symptoms better For warmth with fresh air;          COMMON NAMES
Symptoms worse For cold; during menstruation;    for hot foods.                                      Graphite, blacklead, plumbago.
for sweet foods; for seafood.                    Symptoms worse For cold; during menstruation;
                                                 for sweet foods; for seafood.
Anxiety & shyness                                                                                  Erectile problems
SYMPTOMS   Self-doubt, lack of self-             Menstrual problems                                SYMPTOMS   Impotence in men with a high
confidence, shyness, and indecision.             SYMPTOMS   Irregular, scanty, menstruation, and   libido at an early age. Priapism (persistent,
There is a tendency to anticipate the worst,     swollen, hard, painful breasts before and         sore erection) may affect men who dislike
to be full of anxiety, and to become upset       during menstruation. There may be itchy           sexual intercourse.
over the slightest thing, which frequently       genitals and constipation (see above).            Symptoms better For walking in fresh air.
causes depression or overexcitement.             Symptoms better For wrapping up warmly.           Symptoms worse For sexual excess;
Concentration may be poor, and may even          Symptoms worse At night; for scratching.          for masturbation.

See also Eczema, pages 194, 240; Reproduction, page 198; Emotional problems, page 210; Catarrh, page 226

 Hepar sulphuris calcareum

 KEY SYMPTOMS violent outbursts • oversensitivity • chilliness • offensive-smelling                                                               OYSTER
 discharges • splinterlike pains • craving for sour foods and drinks

 Doctors in the 18th century used calcium sulfide externally for ailments such as
 acne, boils, and gout. It is still used in veterinary medicine, and industrially in paint
 manufacture. The homeopathic remedy was first used by Hahnemann in 1794, as an                       CALCIUM SULFIDE Hahnemann developed his own
                                                                                                      form of calcium sulfide using flowers of sulfur and
 antidote to the side-effects of mercury, a common medicine at the time (see page 85).
                                                                                                      powdered oyster shell instead of ordinary lime.
 Hepar sulph. is now given primarily for respiratory problems such as croup and
 coughs, and for skin infections.

 REMEDY PROFILE                                       a piercing earache with a foul-smelling         POWDERED                               FLOWERS
 People who respond best to Hepar sulph. are          ear discharge.                                  OYSTER SHELL                           OF SULFUR
 touchy, both mentally and physically. They are       Symptoms better For warmth; for warm, wet
 patient and methodical workers, but this             weather; for covering the head; for eating.
                                                                                                       S O U R C E D E TA I L S
 tolerance does not extend to others, and they        Symptoms worse For cold and cold drafts; for
 are often critical, irritable, and hard to please.   touch; for undressing.                           ORIGIN
 They are also oversensitive and quick to take                                                         A form of calcium sulfide using powdered
 offense. Illness heightens their irritability and    Sore throat                                      oyster shell (see page 77) and flowers of
 impetuosity, and anger, pain, or anguish may         SYMPTOMS   A hoarse voice, sore throat, and      sulfur (see page 99).
 drive them to violent outbursts. They may            swollen tonsils, often due to a cough (see
 have low self-esteem and feel as though they         below) or quinsy (abscesses around the           BACKGROUND
 are rejected by others.                              tonsils). There may be weeping abscesses on      Used by 18th-century doctors for goiter,
    Often hypersensitive, these people tend to        the gums or glands, with sharp, splinterlike     gout, rheumatic pain, and tuberculosis.
 have a low pain threshold and to complain            pain, especially on swallowing, that may
 out of proportion to their illness. They lack        spread to the ear.                               P R E PA R AT I O N
 internal warmth, and will feel the cold keenly,      Symptoms better For warm, wet weather;           Flowers of sulfur and powdered oyster shell
 especially dry cold. Symptoms are usually            for wrapping the throat; for warm compresses.    are heated, dissolved in acid, and triturated
 worse at night, and aggravated by the least          Symptoms worse For cold; for touching the        with lactose sugar.
 touch on the affected area. Common cravings          throat; for swallowing; for cold drinks.
 are for fatty foods and for sour tastes such                                                          COMMON NAMES
 as vinegar.                                          Coughs & croup                                   Calcium sulfide, crude calcium sulfide,
    Hepar sulph. is generally used where there is     SYMPTOMS   A dry, hacking, crowing cough,        sulfuret of lime.
 an infection, particularly in the respiratory        often causing a sore throat (see above). If
 system or skin. It is especially appropriate for     the cough is loose, a coughing fit may be
 ailments that are accompanied by swollen             triggered by touching the throat, and may       infection, perhaps leaving scars. Infections
 glands, particularly in the neck or groin, or if     cause a choking feeling. Thick phlegm may       such as styes, boils, and cold sores may be
 there is a high fever alternating with chills.       be lodged in the chest. Coughs tend to be dry   accompanied by the typical yellow discharge.
                                                      in the evening and loose in the morning.        Abscesses and ulcers bleed easily.
                                                      The symptoms of croup are similar, but          Symptoms better For warmth; for warm
 Colds & catarrh                                      with a barking cough and difficulty             compresses on the affected areas; for eating.
 SYMPTOMS    Cold or influenza with fever,            coughing up phlegm.                             Symptoms worse For cold; for undressing;
 sneezing, sweating, and need for warmth.             Symptoms better For warm, wet weather;          for touch.
 Profuse catarrh may be watery at first, then         for wrapping up warmly.
 blood-stained, thick, and yellowish in color,        Symptoms worse For cold; in the morning and     Digestive disorders
 with a smell of old cheese. Contact with cold        evening; for touching the throat.               SYMPTOMS   Nausea, vomiting, or chronic
 air triggers sneezing. The nostrils may feel                                                         diarrhea, usually accompanied by a
 sore and raw. Colds may begin with a tickly          Skin conditions                                 grumbling abdomen. Stools are typically pale,
 throat (see right). There may be sinusitis, with     SYMPTOMS   The skin chaps or roughens easily,   soft, and have a sour odor, as does urine.
 pain in the facial bones and the bridge of the       and eruptions such as acne are inflamed and     Symptoms better For warm, wet weather;
 nose. Pain is often right-sided and extends to       sore, with foul-smelling, yellow pus.           for warmth; for eating.
 the ear, notably on swallowing. There may be         Eruptions are slow to heal and prone to         Symptoms worse For cold; for undressing.

 See also Eczema, pages 194, 240; Earaches, page 222; Sinusitis, page 226; Mild acne, page 240; Tonsillitis, page 250; Croup, page 250
                                                                                                                  MAJOR MINERAL REMEDIES                    • 85

Hydrargyrum metallicum syn. Mercurius solubilis Hahnemanni

KEY SYMPTOMS foul-smelling discharges • reserved, suspicious state of mind • insecurity                    MERCURY This mineral
                                                                                                           often forms as a liquid
• copious perspiration that does not relieve conditions • person feels worse at night                                                          MERCURY DEPOSIT
                                                                                                           in volcanic rocks
                                                                                                                                                 IN CLOSE-UP
                                                                                                           such as cinnabar.
Egyptian papyri dating from 1600 BCE record the early medicinal use of mercury,
which later spread to the Greeks, Romans, and Arabs. Its use persisted through to
1900 in the West as an aggressive treatment for syphilis and other diseases, until
its toxic effects were deemed too dangerous. Merc. sol. was proved by Hahnemann
and published in his Materia Medica Pura (1821–34). It is given primarily for
ulcers, glandular problems, and offensive-smelling discharges.

REMEDY PROFILE                                        treated by Merc. sol. include a bitter taste in
People who benefit most from Merc. sol. are           the mouth, halitosis, swollen glands, fever
anxious and restless. A need for stability and        (see below), and a yellow-coated tongue that
order gives them a conservative facade. In trying     may bear tooth marks.                                CINNABAR
to restrain an inner sense of urgency, they           Symptoms better For rest; for moderate
become insecure, introverted, and suspicious,         temperatures; for applying warm compresses.
                                                                                                             S O U R C E D E TA I L S
appearing detached and even arrogant in their         Symptoms worse For extreme heat or cold;
dealings with people. They bottle up feelings of      for sweating; for hot or cold foods and drinks.        ORIGIN
conflict until they explode in a blind rage. If                                                              Deposits are extracted from cinnabar, found
unwell, they slow down in mind and body, but          Catarrh & colds                                        near volcanic vents and hot springs in
never lose their inner sense of restlessness.         SYMPTOMS     Watery, yellow or greenish catarrh        Spain, Italy, the US, Peru, and China.
Illness may bring on confusion, a weak memory,        that has a foul, strong odor, with constant
hesitant speech, and weepiness. Constant              sneezing, and a raw, burning sensation in the          BACKGROUND
hunger is typical, with cravings for bread, butter,   nose. Chills, aches, fever (see below), and            Advocated by Paracelsus, 16th-century
and cold drinks such as milk or beer, but             influenza are accompanied by a bitter-tasting          scientist, and used medicinally for centuries:
aversions to other alcoholic drinks, coffee, meat,    mouth, a headache, and a sore throat (see below,       Charles II and George Washington were both
and sweet foods.                                      left). Pain in the sinuses may extend to the teeth     prescribed it.
   Typical physical symptoms include abscesses,       (see below, left) and ears (see below).
ulcers, fever, swollen glands, and copious            Symptoms better For rest; for                          P R E PA R AT I O N
sweating. Bodily discharges, such as sweat,           moderate temperatures.                                 Mercury is dissolved in nitric acid, forming a
saliva, urine, and stools, are often foul-smelling.   Symptoms worse For extreme heat or cold;               gray powder precipitate. This is then filtered,
Symptoms are worse at night, and are                  for lying on the right side; for sweating.             dried, and triturated until soluble.
aggravated by extremes of heat or cold
(moderate temperatures are necessary for              Eye & ear infections                                   COMMON NAMES
recovery). Excessive salivation is common,            SYMPTOMS   Light-sensitive, swollen, watery, or        Mercury, quicksilver, black oxide of mercury,
as is constant swallowing and dribbling on            inflamed eyes that exude a nasty yellow,               ammonio-nitrate of mercury. Many different
the pillow at night.                                  greenish, or blood-flecked discharge, which may        mercury preparations are available.
                                                      be due to conjunctivitis. Merc. sol. is also used
                                                      for ear pains with a thick, yellowy green,
Mouth & throat conditions                             bloody, and foul-smelling discharge.                 moderate temperatures.
SYMPTOMS    Mouth ulcers on the tongue, walls of      Symptoms better For rest; for                        Symptoms worse For changes in temperature;
the mouth, and gums. Sore, raised, cream-             moderate temperatures.                               for intense heat; for sweating; at night; for lying
colored patches may form in the mouth, usually        Symptoms worse For extreme heat or cold; at          on the right side.
indicating oral thrush. A sore throat may             night; for stooping; for touch.
become ulcerated, and tonsillitis may set in.                                                              Thrush
Abscesses may form in the roots of the teeth,         Fever                                                SYMPTOMS Itchy, burning vaginal discharge in
causing painful swelling. Gums may become             SYMPTOMS   High temperature with profuse,            women, and itchy, red spots on the penis in
painfully inflamed and prone to bleeding              offensive-smelling perspiration that chills the      men, with a discharge.
(gingivitis). The teeth may also ache and loosen.     skin. The fever often occurs with swollen glands,    Symptoms better For bathing in cool water;
Pain brought on by a toothache or a sore throat       neuralgic pain, and a viselike headache.             for rest.
may extend to the ears. Other typical symptoms        Symptoms better For rest; for                        Symptoms worse For touch; for humidity.

See also Pneumonia, page 183; Osteoarthritis, page 196; Mouth, page 232; Children’s health, page 246


 KEY SYMPTOMS loss of weight with increased appetite • heat intolerance • lack
 of thirst • enlarged glands that then waste away • anxiety and restlessness

 Iodine is essential for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland.
 A deficiency of iodine produces symptoms such as weak muscles,
 weight loss, mental sluggishness, and fatigue. The condition is rare in
 the West because potassium iodide, a salt of iodine, is added to table
 salt. The homeopathic remedy, proved in 1837 by Hahnemann (in
 association with Drs. Trinks, Gross, Gerdorff, and Hartlaub) is used
 mainly to treat the many symptoms associated with an overactive
 thyroid gland and the accelerated metabolism it produces.

 REMEDY PROFILE                                    overheating (see below, right). Symptoms                                            Granules are
 Those for whom Iodum is most suitable are         may be linked to hyperthyroidism.                                                   heavy and slightly
                                                                                                                                       soluble in water
 talkative, with a marked mental restlessness      Symptoms better For fresh air; for movement;
 and irritability due to anxiety, and sudden       for eating.                                       IODINE This bluish-black element is commonly
 urges to engage in exhausting activities. Their   Symptoms worse For warm surroundings.             used in medicine, in photography, and in dyes.
 behavior is obsessive, with a compulsion to
 keep frantically busy, yet in a disorganized,     Eating disorders                                   S O U R C E D E TA I L S
 forgetful way. Despite causing physical and       SYMPTOMS   Rapid, noticeable weight loss and
 mental fatigue, this frenzy is preferable to      emaciation despite an insatiable appetite.         ORIGIN
 inactivity, when frightening thoughts             Excessive thirst is typical. The liver may         Once extracted from slowly burned seaweed,
 heighten anxiety.                                 become enlarged, with possible signs of            but now generally prepared chemically by
    Iodum is given for symptoms caused by an       jaundice, and the pancreas may be painful.         industrial processes.
 overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism)        Chronic diarrhea linked to nervousness or
 and the accelerated metabolism it causes.         to particular foods may be present, as may         BACKGROUND
 Psychological symptoms may include eating         constipation with pale stools.                     Chinese herbalists used burned seaweed to
 disorders and anxiety that may manifest as        Symptoms better For fresh air; for movement;       treat thyroid problems 2,000 years ago. It is
 violent rages if meals are not ready as soon as   for eating.                                        also a well-known antiseptic.
 hunger is felt.                                   Symptoms worse For warm surroundings;
    Physical symptoms include protruding eyes      for anxiety.                                       P R E PA R AT I O N
 and eye pain linked with hyperthyroidism;                                                            The remedy is made by dissolving iodate
 nausea with a clean tongue and excess             Cough                                              salts in alcohol, then repeatedly diluting and
 salivation, great thirst, respiratory problems,   SYMPTOMS   Dry, spasmodic, choking cough,          succussing the mixture.
 enlarged glands, and excessive sweating.          possibly with gagging, retching, or
 These people tend to feel the heat and            vomiting. There may be copious mucus               COMMON NAME
 constantly try to keep cool, preferring cool      and a rattling sound in the chest, but no          Iodine.
 clothing and finding warm surroundings            expectoration if symptoms are due to
 uncomfortable.                                    asthma or pneumonia. Children with this
                                                   cough may become stiff, pale, or blue.            Symptoms better For fresh air; for movement;
                                                   Symptoms better For fresh air.                    for eating.
 Overactive metabolism                             Symptoms worse For warm surroundings;             Symptoms worse For warm surroundings.
 SYMPTOMS    Staring eyes (exophthalmos) and       for overeating; for cold nights after hot days.
 a distressed expression on the face, which                                                          Heat intolerance
 may be swollen. The skin and hair are             Respiratory illness                               SYMPTOMS   Physical distress and feverishness in
 usually dry. There may be vertigo, with hot       SYMPTOMS   Profuse, watery, excoriating           warm surroundings. The slightest physical
 flashes, fainting, and throbbing head pain        catarrh in the nose, possibly with hay fever,     activity may cause marked sweating.
 with a rush of blood to the head. Other           or a dry, obstructed nose with enlargement        Symptoms better For fresh air; for cool
 symptoms include an increased appetite yet        of the adenoids. Asthma with hay fever may        surroundings; for cool clothing.
 a noticeable weight loss (see right) and          also be helped by Iodum.                          Symptoms worse For warm surroundings.

 See also Rheumatoid arthritis, page 197; Prostate problems, page 202; Blockage of the eustachian tube, page 222
                                                                                                             MAJOR MINERAL REMEDIES                        • 87

Kalium bichromicum

KEY SYMPTOMS great attention to detail • regular habits • localized pain • tough,
stringy, yellow-green catarrh • person feels worse between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m.

Potassium dichromate, the compound used to make this remedy, is also used
industrially for a variety of purposes, such as the manufacture of chrome pigments.
The homeopathic remedy was proved by Dr. Drysdale and published in 1864. Like
other Kali. remedies, it has a strong affinity with the mucous membranes; it is often                                         Compound forms as
used for conditions that produce profuse catarrh, and for certain skin problems.                                              brightly colored cr ystals

Unlike other Kali. remedies, it may help stomach complaints.                                          POTASSIUM DICHROMATE This powerful oxidizing
                                                                                                      agent is a highly caustic and corrosive poison.
REMEDY PROFILE                                       cough. Stringy mucus lines the larynx and is
People who benefit most from Kali. bich. tend        hard to expel. Chest pains may spread to the
                                                                                                        S O U R C E D E TA I L S
to have regular habits and like to go into great     back and shoulders. There may be a dry mouth,
detail about even minor issues. They often           painful mouth ulcers, and a yellow tongue,         ORIGIN
have quite a black-and-white view of the             possibly with digestive problems (see below).      Does not occur in nature, so generally made
world, and a strong sense of morality.               Symptoms better For warmth; for balmy days;        chemically by combining neutral yellow
   The symptoms may include pain in                  for lying in a warm bed; for movement; for         potassium chromate with hydrochloric acid.
localized areas, and joint pain alternating          expelling mucus; at night.
with diarrhea in summer. There is generally          Symptoms worse For cold and damp; in               BACKGROUND
a desire for beer and possibly a sensation as        the morning; in the spring and fall;               Used for industrial purposes such as the
if there is a hair on the tongue.                    for breathing deeply.                              dyeing of fabric and wood-staining. Also
   Kali. bich. is considered to have a beneficial                                                       used in photography, and as a component
effect on the mucous membranes, and is               Indigestion                                        of electric batteries.
prescribed for respiratory-tract ailments            SYMPTOMS   Sharp, knifelike pains that radiate
marked by excessive catarrh. It is also given        to the loins, and a sore spot in the stomach       P R E PA R AT I O N
for indigestion, headaches, and joint pain, and      as if an ulcer has developed there. There may      Potassium dichromate crystals are finely
for skin conditions with discharges, such as         be an impression that the digestive processes      ground (triturated) with lactose sugar until
ulcers and acne with burning pains.                  have stopped, with a heavy feeling in the          soluble in water. They are then filtered,
                                                     abdomen immediately after eating. An               diluted, and succussed.
                                                     aversion to meat is a common symptom, as
Catarrh & sinusitis                                  is a craving for beer, but drinking beer often     COMMON NAMES
SYMPTOMS    Constant yellow-green catarrh that is    causes vomiting and diarrhea.                      Potassium dichromate, potassium
stringy or slimy and proves difficult to expel. At   Symptoms better For passing gas; for belching.     bichromate, bichromate of potash.
night, catarrh may accumulate in the nose or         Symptoms worse For cold; in the spring and
run down the back of the throat. The catarrh         fall; for rich, heavy foods; for beer.
may sometimes become dry and hard. The                                                                There may be itchy, blisterlike rashes, with
sinuses are inflamed, and there is sharp pain at     Headaches                                        burning pains, skin ulcers with raised edges,
the bridge of the nose. Glue ear may develop,        SYMPTOMS     Pain at the same time each day.     and blisters on the soles of the feet. Round,
marked by earache and a thick, yellow discharge      Localized pain may extend slowly across          depressed scars develop on the area after the
from the affected ear. Catarrh that becomes          the whole head, possibly due to sinusitis        eruptions or ulcers have healed.
blocked in the nose may cause a headache (see        (see left). The onset of a migraine is marked    Symptoms better For cool weather.
right), possibly with vomiting.                      by dim and blurred vision. There may be          Symptoms worse For hot weather; for touch.
Symptoms better For warmth; for lying in a           nausea, and stringy mucus may be present
warm bed; for firm pressure on the bridge of         in the throat.                                   Joint pain
the nose; for movement.                              Symptoms better For warmth; for firm pressure    SYMPTOMS  Pain in the joints that appears and
Symptoms worse For cold; for stooping; in the        on the bridge of the nose.                       disappears suddenly. Sharp pains may move
morning; in the spring and fall.                     Symptoms worse For cold; for bending over.       around the joint area.
                                                                                                      Symptoms better For warmth; for lying in
Sore throat, coughs & croup                          Skin conditions                                  a warm bed.
SYMPTOMS    The throat and tonsils are swollen.      SYMPTOMS Facial acne that causes small, solid,   Symptoms worse For cold; for sudden or
A tickle in the throat develops into a dry, hoarse   red bumps producing a yellow discharge.          extreme heat; in the summer.

See also Rheumatoid arthritis, page 197; Sinusitis, page 226; Glue ear, page 250

 Kalium carbonicum

 KEY SYMPTOMS sensitivity to the cold • sharp, shooting pains • anxiety that is felt in                                                         POTASSIUM
 the stomach • strong sense of duty • person feels worse between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m.                          Wood ash is a
                                                                                                            common source of
                                                                                                            potassium carbonate                 WOOD ASH
 Potassium carbonate is a compound of the alkali metal potassium. Used by the ancient
 Egyptians to make glass, the compound is still widely used in the manufacture of
 glass, soap, and other products. In the body, potassium is present in every cell in a
 delicate balance with sodium. Any disturbance of this balance causes many problems,
 including muscle weakness and cardiac arrhythmia. Hahnemann proved the remedy                              POTASSIUM CARBONATE This white, odorless
 and published it in his Chronic Diseases (1821–34).                                                        compound of potassium is a powerful alkali,
                                                                                                            used in industry and in the making of other
 REMEDY PROFILE                                      Asthma                                                 potassium compounds.
 People for whom Kali. carb. is suitable tend to     SYMPTOMS   Particularly bad asthma that makes
 be irritable, touchy, and possessive, feeling at    it impossible to lie down comfortably, perhaps
                                                                                                             S O U R C E D E TA I L S
 odds with everyone, hating to be touched, yet       with a dry cough that may disrupt sleep
 wanting company. Conservative and “proper,”         between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m.                               ORIGIN
 they have a strong sense of duty and                Symptoms better For being propped up; for               Originally prepared by percolating wood ash
 responsibility. Emotional upsets are felt as a      sitting up straight; for bending forward with the       and evaporating the resulting solution in
 strong sense of fear or anxiety, hitting them       head on the knees.                                      iron pots: hence the name “potash.” Now
 like a blow to the stomach. These people fear       Symptoms worse For cold air and drafts; for             made chemically.
 many things: the future, loss of self-control,      lying down; for exertion.
 death, and even the supernatural.                                                                           BACKGROUND
    Among the typical physical symptoms              Joint pain                                              Rarely prescribed internally for medicinal
 associated with the remedy are great                SYMPTOMS    Sharp pain in the shoulders, arms,          purposes, since it is highly caustic, but
 sensitivity to drafts and the cold. It is           hips, and legs that is worse on the left side.          traditionally used in external treatments
 prescribed for recurrent fever, coughs, colds,      The arms may feel weak and the legs are often           such as skin lotions.
 and other respiratory problems, including           restless. Arthritis in the joints may be severe
 asthma. There may be sharp, shooting pains          enough to cause the deformities characteristic          P R E PA R AT I O N
 in parts of the body, and swelling above the        of rheumatoid arthritis. Sciatica pains may             Potassium carbonate is triturated by being
 eyes. Underlying anemia may cause fatigue           prompt a need to sit up or turn over in bed.            ground repeatedly with lactose sugar until it
 and weakness.                                       Symptoms better For warmth; for movement.               is soluble in water. This solution is then
    Symptoms typically tend to be worse in the       Symptoms worse For cold air and drafts;                 diluted and succussed.
 early hours of the morning, and insomnia is         between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m.; for lying on the
 another feature of the Kali. carb. profile. Those   affected area.                                          COMMON NAMES
 for whom the remedy is appropriate tend to                                                                  Potassium carbonate, potash, salt of tartar,
 be middle-aged or older, stout or obese, and        Back pain                                               pearl ash.
 have a desire for sweet foods.                      SYMPTOMS    Pain that begins in the small of the
                                                     back, often severe enough to make it
                                                     uncomfortable to stay in bed. The pain is worse        The eyelids may be puffy.
 Coughs & colds                                      on the left side, extending to the genitals, thighs,   Symptoms better For warmth; for movement.
 SYMPTOMS    Dry, hacking cough with                 and lower limbs. It may be particularly severe         Symptoms worse For cold air and drafts;
 expectoration in the morning of foul-tasting,       during pregnancy and labor and after injury,           between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m.
 yellowy-green mucus. The cough may be               childbirth, or pregnancy termination.
 whooping or wheezy, with vomiting and a             Symptoms better For warmth; for open air.              Insomnia
 chilly feeling in the chest. Kali. carb. is also    Symptoms worse For cold air; for drafts;               SYMPTOMS     Insomnia, with difficulty getting to
 used for recurrent colds that settle in the         between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m.; for long periods of         sleep, or falling asleep but waking between
 throat, with hoarseness or voice loss due to        sitting; before menstruating.                          2 a.m. and 4 a.m. Getting back to sleep seems
 becoming very chilly after profuse sweating.                                                               impossible. There may be talking during sleep.
 Symptoms better For warmth; for sitting up and      Kidney disorders                                       Symptoms better For warmth; for open air.
 leaning forward.                                    SYMPTOMS   Kidney stones or other diseases of          Symptoms worse For cold air and drafts;
 Symptoms worse For cold air and drafts;             the kidney, with shooting pains in the small of        for lying on the left side of the body;
 between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m.                           the back. Pains may be worse on the left side.         before menstruating.

 See also Asthma, page 181; Palpitations page 186; Osteoarthritis, page 196; Whooping cough, page 250; Incontinence, page 268
                                                                                                                 MAJOR MINERAL REMEDIES                    • 89

Kalium phosphoricum

KEY SYMPTOMS mental and physical exhaustion • yellowy-orange discharges
• chilliness • person feels better for gentle movement

Potassium helps to store energy in the body’s cells, maintain the rhythm of
the heartbeat, and ensure the transmission of nerve impulses. A deficiency
of potassium in the body is rare, since it is found in most foods. Kali. phos.
is one of the 12 Schüssler “tissue salts,” which were designed to counter any
                                                                                                                                                      White or
deficiency in the body (see page 90). Proved by Dr. H. C. Allen of Chicago in                                                                         colorless
1892, the remedy is prescribed mainly for nervous collapse and exhaustion.                                                                            cr ystals
                                                                                                          POTASSIUM PHOSPHATE According to
                                                                                                          Dr. Schüssler, a deficiency of potassium
REMEDY PROFILE                                           Abnormal discharges                              phosphate led to despondency and anxiety.
Extreme mental and physical exhaustion,                  SYMPTOMS   Purulent yellowy-orange discharge
particularly after a period of overwork or               from the vagina, bladder, or lungs, or present
                                                                                                            S O U R C E D E TA I L S
stress, is typically treated with Kali. phos.            in the stools.
For this reason it may be given to students              Symptoms better For heat; for sleep; for rest.     ORIGIN
experiencing nervous collapse. Often down-               Symptoms worse For physical and mental             A solution of potassium carbonate (see
to-earth individuals with a strong sense of              exertion; for drinking milk.                       opposite) is combined with dilute phosphoric
morality, those who respond to Kali. phos.                                                                  acid to form potassium phosphate as a
tend to be conservative and dogmatic in                  Hunger pains                                       precipitate.
their opinions. Distressing news events,                 SYMPTOMS   Empty, nervous feeling in
such as famine or violence, can easily upset             the stomach, related to stress and                 BACKGROUND
them. Extroverted behavior is typical of                 possibly with a headache (see below).              Used in conventional medicine as one of the
them, yet when fatigued they become                      Gnawing hunger pains cause waking                  various compounds administered in solution
nervous, introverted, and oversensitive.                 at about 5 a.m., but food brings only              to patients who are fed intravenously.
Illness makes them uncommunicative,                      temporary relief. Frequent eating between
withdrawn, and averse to company, even                   meals is typical. Sweet foods such as              P R E PA R AT I O N
that of family members.                                  chocolates are often craved, and there             The precipitated crystalline compound of
   Typical physical symptoms include an                  may be a strong aversion to bread.                 potassium phosphate is dried, then triturated
inability to keep the feet still, drooping of the left   Symptoms better For heat; for gentle               with lactose sugar until soluble in water.
eyelid, yellowish bodily discharges, a tendency          movement; for eating.
to sweat excessively yet to be sensitive to the          Symptoms worse For mental exertion; for            COMMON NAMES
cold, and spinal pain. In addition to fatigue,           worry; for cold drinks; for drinking milk.         Potassium phosphate, phosphate of potash,
Kali. phos. is given for gnawing hunger pains,                                                              potassium dihydrogen orthophosphate.
headaches, and insomnia.                                 Excess perspiration
                                                         SYMPTOMS   Excessive sweating that occurs
                                                         only during bouts of illness, notably with       Insomnia
Chronic fatigue syndrome                                 severe fatigue (see left). Perspiration tends    SYMPTOMS  Sleeplessness accompanied by an
SYMPTOMS    Physical and mental exhaustion               to have a characteristic smell of onions. It     empty, nervous sensation in the pit of the
following an acute illness or overwork.                  may appear on the head and face, especially      stomach and possible hunger pains (see left).
Extreme tenderness and weakness in the                   after the slightest excitement or exertion, or   Symptoms better For heat; for gentle
muscles may be accompanied by a slight                   after meals.                                     movement; for eating.
fever. There is general lethargy, depression,            Symptoms better For sleep.                       Symptoms worse For cold, dry air; for mental
frustration, anger, and irritability. Heightened         Symptoms worse For physical and mental           exertion; for worry.
sensitivity causes susceptibility to the cold            exertion; for eating.
and flinching at the slightest noise or bright                                                            Back pain
light. The tongue is coated yellow.                      Headaches                                        SYMPTOMS  Sore, bruising pain down the spine.
Symptoms better For heat; for gentle                     SYMPTOMS   Head pain, generally only on one      The limbs feel heavy and cold.
movement; for sleep; for eating.                         side of the head, with a nervous, empty          Symptoms better For heat; for gentle
Symptoms worse For cold; for the slightest               sensation in the stomach (see above).            movement; for sleep.
excitement; for physical exertion; for worry;            Symptoms better For fresh air; for eating.       Symptoms worse For mental exertion;
for noise.                                               Symptoms worse For cold.                         for touch; for going up steps or stairs.

See also Chronic fatigue symptom, page 205; Headaches, page 218; Insomnia, page 244

 Magnesium phosphoricum

 KEY SYMPTOMS cramping pain • sensitive, artistic, intellectual temperament • complaints
                                                                                                                            MAGNESIUM PHOSPHATE This
 that tend to affect the right side of the body • person feels better for warmth                                       compound does not exist in nature,
                                                                                                          SODIUM           but is prepared chemically from
                                                                                                         PHOSPHATE       sodium phosphate and epsomite.
 Of all the minerals present in the human body, magnesium is exceeded in quantity
 only by potassium. Magnesium regulates mineral balance and a deficiency can                                                              Mineral has
 cause neuralgic pains. Mag. phos. is known as the “homeopathic aspirin” because it                                                       fibrous strands

 is commonly taken for minor aches and pains. Proved by Drs. W. P. Wessehoeft
 and J. A. Gann, it was published in Dr. H. C. Allen’s Medical Advances (1889), and
 is most often prescribed for cramping pain or neuralgia.

 REMEDY PROFILE                                      Symptoms better For heat; for hot baths;
 Mag. phos. is considered most suitable for          for firm pressure on the affected area.
 outgoing people who are prone to impulsive          Symptoms worse For cold air; at night.
 and restless behavior. Often sensitive, artistic,
 intellectual individuals, they also have a          Menstrual cramps
 tendency to be forgetful and unable to              SYMPTOMS  Sudden cramping, shooting pains
 concentrate. In addition, they may be prone to      in the lower abdomen during menstruation.
 irritability, nervousness, and exhaustion.          Symptoms better For heat; for doubling over;
 These people fear the dark, thunderstorms,          for hot drinks.
 and confrontation with others.                      Symptoms worse On the right side;
    A hypochondriac streak is a common trait         before menstruation.
 in these people, marked by sensitivity to the                                                                EPSOMITE (MAGNESIUM SULFATE)
 cold and regular complaints of muscle               Headaches
 cramps. Symptoms are generally worse on the         SYMPTOMS    Spasmodic, shooting pains on the
                                                                                                          S O U R C E D E TA I L S
 right side. There may be craving for sugar and      right side or the back of the neck, spreading
 an aversion to coffee.                              over the head and settling around the right eye.     ORIGIN
    Mag. phos. is usually taken for menstrual or     Characteristically the face is red and throbbing.    Sodium carbonate and phosphoric acid are
 neuralgic pains, headaches, sharp abdominal         Such headaches are common in teenage girls.          used to make sodium phosphate.
 pain, toothaches, and earaches.                     Symptoms better For heat; for pressure on            Magnesium sulfate forms in caves and on
                                                     the head.                                            rock faces as epsomite.
                                                     Symptoms worse For cold.
 Abdominal cramps                                                                                         BACKGROUND
 SYMPTOMS   Sharp, colicky cramps such               Toothaches                                           The human body needs magnesium to break
 as those associated with irritable bowel            SYMPTOMS   Dull, throbbing pain, or sharp            down nutrients, and this magnesium
 syndrome. The pain is often right-sided and         twinges of pain, common in teething infants.         compound was chosen as a “tissue salt”
 appears and disappears rapidly. Its intensity       Symptoms better For heat; for warm compresses;       by Dr. Schüssler.
 may cause restlessness and cries of pain.           for firm pressure on the gums or tooth.
 The abdomen is bloated and there is great           Symptoms worse For cold drafts; for touch.           P R E PA R AT I O N
 flatulence that is not eased by belching.                                                                Magnesium sulfate and sodium phosphate
 Severe cases may cause doubling over.               Cramps                                               are mixed in water and left to crystallize.
 Symptoms better For heat; for pressure              SYMPTOMS   Sudden onset of stabbing cramps in        The resulting crystals are then triturated
 on the abdomen.                                     the arms, fingers, wrists, and hands, which are      with lactose sugar.
 Symptoms worse For cold.                            especially common in musicians and writers.
                                                     Symptoms better For heat; for firm pressure          COMMON NAMES
 Neuralgia                                           on the affected area.                                Magnesium phosphate, phosphate
 SYMPTOMS    Sharp, radiating, cramping              Symptoms worse For cold.                             of magnesia.
 pains that appear and disappear rapidly
 anywhere in the body, prompting cries               Earaches
 of pain and restlessness. Muscles are               SYMPTOMS  Pains in the ear that are spasmodic       Symptoms better For heat; for firm pressure
 stiff, numb, and awkward, especially                and shooting, especially following exposure         on the ear.
 after exertion.                                     to cold wind.                                       Symptoms worse For cold; for turning the head.

 See also Colic, page 246; Painful periods, page 256
                                                                                                                 MAJOR MINERAL REMEDIES                 • 91

Natrum carbonicum

KEY SYMPTOMS devoted to loved ones • suppression of emotions
• weak ankles • sensitivity to sunlight • intolerance of milk

Roughly 35 million tons of sodium carbonate are produced
industrially each year, particularly for use in making glass,
ceramics, paper, and detergents. Traditionally, its use in medicine
was largely confined to external remedies; as a homeopathic
remedy, it is used for digestive problems, nervous disorders, and
skin complaints. Nat. carb. was proved by Hahnemann, with
Drs. Gross, Hering, Langhammer, and others, and published
in Hahnemann’s Chronic Diseases (1821–34).

REMEDY PROFILE                                     Symptoms worse For heat and sun; for
                                                                                                                                       Cr ystals form when
People for whom Nat. carb. is most suited are      sympathy and fuss; for drinking milk.                                               brine and seawater
very sensitive. They usually have an inability                                                                                         absorb carbon dioxide
to assimilate things on both an emotional and      Colds & catarrh
a physical level. For example, there may be an     SYMPTOMS    Colds that are aggravated by sitting       SODIUM CARBONATE Sodium carbonate is used
emotional inability to tolerate noise, music,      in a draft, with catarrh running down the              worldwide in products such as household cleaners,
thunderstorms, hot weather, and even other         back of the throat. The catarrh may smell foul.        water softeners, and soap.
people. Physically, this inability to assimilate   Symptoms better For perspiring.
things might, for example, manifest as             Symptoms worse For drafts; every second day.
                                                                                                            S O U R C E D E TA I L S
digestive problems. These people tend to
devote their lives to one person, sacrificing      Headaches                                                ORIGIN
everything to this relationship. Prone to          SYMPTOMS    Headaches that alternate with pain           Once extracted from the ashes of burned
suppressing emotions, they tend to act             in the stomach, accompanied by sensitivity to            seaweed, but now chemically prepared
cheerful even when sad, which compounds            noise and music. Headaches may be caused                 using sodium chloride, ammonia, and
the mental strain, fatigue, and irritability       by studying or other demanding mental                    carbon dioxide.
they often feel.                                   activity, or by overexposure to the sun. There
   People who respond to Nat. carb. may find       may be a feeling of dizziness.                           BACKGROUND
that mental stress or physical exercise when       Symptoms better For movement; for eating.                Traditionally used in 19th-century Western
tired aggravates their symptoms.                   Symptoms worse For sun and hot weather; for              medicine as a treatment for burns, eczema,
                                                   drafts; for thunderstorms; for mental exertion.          catarrh, and vaginal discharges.

Digestive disorders                                Skin conditions                                          P R E PA R AT I O N
SYMPTOMS   Indigestion with belching,              SYMPTOMS    A wide variety of skin complaints,           Sodium carbonate is mixed with lactose
sourness, and a feeling of nausea. There is        such as warts, moles, blisters, and corns, with          sugar and triturated to grind it into a powder
a marked intolerance of milk, so that              either very dry skin or a tendency to perspire           fine enough to be soluble in water.
ingestion of even the smallest amount often        very easily. There may be extreme sensitivity
causes diarrhea. The abdomen may feel              to sunlight, with the result that even the slightest     COMMON NAMES
painful when touched and there may be              exposure may cause sunburn or sunstroke.                 Sodium carbonate, soda ash, washing soda.
thirst, especially when the stomach is upset.      Symptoms better For pressing on, rubbing,
An empty, gnawing sensation in the stomach         or scratching the affected skin.
is common, especially around 5 a.m., and           Symptoms worse For heat.                               Exhaustion
may be assuaged by getting up and eating                                                                  SYMPTOMS  Nervous fatigue due to
something sweet. Constant nibbling,                Ankle weakness                                         overexposure to the sun or overwork.
especially of bread and sweets, is a typical       SYMPTOMS   Easily sprained or dislocated               The legs may feel weak and heavy.
accompanying symptom.                              ankles, particularly in children.                      Symptoms better For rubbing or pressing
Symptoms better For pressure on the                Symptoms better For rubbing or pressing on             on the affected area.
abdomen; for movement; for eating little           the ankle.                                             Symptoms worse For heat; for noise;
and often.                                         Symptoms worse For overexertion.                       for any exertion.

See also Infertility, page 203; Allergies, page 206; Phobias, page 211; Depression, page 212

 Natrum chloratum syn. N. muriaticum

 KEY SYMPTOMS ailments that are brought on by suppression of emotions • person                                          COARSE-GROUND ROCK SALT

 feels worse for consolation • craving for salt • discharges that resemble egg white                                                          Halite has a
                                                                                                                                              glassy luster

 Sodium chloride, the main ingredient of this remedy, occurs naturally as the mineral
 halite, or rock salt, and in salt water. An essential part of the human diet, deficiency
 causes fatigue and muscle cramps, while excess intake is thought to exacerbate high
 blood pressure and heart disease. In conventional medicine salt is administered as
 saline solution, often to replace fluid loss. Nat. mur. was proved and published by
 Hahnemann in his Chronic Diseases (1821–34).

 REMEDY PROFILE                                   Skin conditions                                                                           HALITE CRYSTAL
 Nat. mur. is most suitable for sensitive         SYMPTOMS    Greasy skin and hair, with
 people who are easily wounded by criticism.      dandruff around the hairline. Warts, boils,          SALT A common source of salt is the mineral
 They keep a tight rein on emotions, but this     psoriasis, urticaria (hives), hangnails, and cold    halite, also known as rock salt, which forms
 can lead to moodiness and self-absorption.       sores on the nose and lips may be helped by          where ancient saltwater lakes, possibly
 Despite a desire for company, they feel          the remedy.                                          underground, have evaporated.
 awkward in social situations and isolate         Symptoms better For fresh air; for bathing in
 themselves to avoid being hurt, thus             cool water; for perspiring; for fasting.
                                                                                                        S O U R C E D E TA I L S
 seeming self-reliant and stoic. Inhibition       Symptoms worse For heat; for sunshine; for
 and self-awareness may restrict them: for        sea air; after menstruating.                          ORIGIN
 instance, they may be unable to urinate in                                                             Rock salt is obtained from underground
 a public toilet. They are often conscientious,   Mouth & throat conditions                             sources in the form of halite. Salt is also
 diligent, and loyal in their relationships.      SYMPTOMS   Cold sores, mouth ulcers, dental           produced when sea water is evaporated.
   Suppressing strong emotions such as            abscesses, and gingivitis (bleeding gums).
 depression, anxiety, or grief is often a cause   The lips may be cracked and dry, with a               BACKGROUND
 of illness. These people hate sympathy and       split running down the center of the lower            Historically of immense economic value in
 fuss. They are prone to colds, crave salt,       lip. The tongue is bright red with a white            trade as a preservative and a condiment,
 and feel worse for stuffy heat, sunshine,        coating, and has a tendency to develop                but has had limited medicinal uses
 eating, physical exertion, and sweating.         blisters. Extreme thirst, a bitter-tasting            outside homeopathy.
 They may be worse by the seaside.                mouth, and halitosis are also typical
                                                  symptoms. A sore throat may occur,                    P R E PA R AT I O N
                                                  producing white mucus and the sensation               Rock salt is dissolved in boiling water,
 Colds                                            of having a lump in the throat.                       filtered, and evaporated to make pure
 SYMPTOMS  Profuse, runny catarrh that tends      Symptoms better For fresh air; for fasting.           sodium chloride, which is then triturated
 to resemble uncooked egg white and may           Symptoms worse For heat; for sea air; for             with lactose sugar.
 slip down the throat. There may be a dry,        emotional stress.
 hacking cough.                                                                                         COMMON NAMES
 Symptoms better For fresh air; for bathing in    Women’s health                                        Salt, rock salt, sodium chloride.
 cool water.                                      SYMPTOMS    Vaginal discharge that resembles
 Symptoms worse For heat; between 9 a.m.          uncooked egg white, usually due to thrush.
 and 11 a.m.                                      Fatigue may develop before and after menstrual       Digestive disorders
                                                  periods. Premenstrual syndrome is marked by          SYMPTOMS    Constipation with hard, dry stools,
 Headaches                                        water retention and severe headaches (see left).     colicky pains with nausea, and possibly anal
 SYMPTOMS   A hammering, bursting headache        Menstruation may be irregular, and shock or          fissures, rectal bleeding, and backaches. There
 or migraine above the eyes, possibly with        grief may stop it entirely. A dry, sore vagina may   may be sour belches and a bitter taste in the
 vision disturbances such as zigzag lines.        even lead to vaginismus (painful spasms during       mouth. Any diarrhea is only evident during
 Symptoms better For pressure on the eyes;        sexual intercourse).                                 the day.
 for lying in the dark.                           Symptoms better For fresh air; for lying on          Symptoms better For fresh air; for tight
 Symptoms worse For heat; for light; for noise;   the right side.                                      clothing; for lying on the right side; for fasting.
 for movement; for reading; between 10 a.m. and   Symptoms worse For heat; for                         Symptoms worse For heat; for emotional
 3 p.m.; for menstruating; for sun on the head.   emotional stress.                                    stress; for fuss.

 See also Skin, page 192; Migraines, page 218; Respiration, page 224; Gingivitis, page 232; Cold sores, page 242
                                                                                                               MAJOR MINERAL REMEDIES                • 93

Petroleum rectificatum syn. Oleum petrae

KEY SYMPTOMS cracked skin • chilliness • aversion to fatty foods • irritability
• offensive-smelling perspiration • person tends to feel worse in winter

Petroleum (from the Latin petra, or “rock,” and oleum, “oil”) is formed by the
decomposition of plant and animal matter in rock sediment deposits on the sea
bed. Over time, heat and pressure transform this organic material into petroleum,
or crude oil. It is used in the manufacture of many goods, from fertilizers to paints
and plastics to explosives. Proved by Hahnemann and published in his Chronic                           PETROLEUM This major mineral resource

Diseases (1821–34), the remedy is prescribed mainly for skin complaints and nausea.                    is used to fuel machinery and vehicles, and
                                                                                                       in road- and ship-building.

REMEDY PROFILE                                       Symptoms better For warm weather; after eating.
Those who are best suited to Petroleum can           Symptoms worse For the heat of the bed;
                                                                                                         S O U R C E D E TA I L S
be irritable and argumentative, and may              in winter.
lose their tempers easily. Known for their                                                               ORIGIN
inability to make decisions, they tend also          Chilblains                                          Extracted from deposits, mainly
to be forgetful, which may lead to confusion         SYMPTOMS   Intensely itching, burning skin,         concentrated in the North Sea, the Persian
and disorientation, to the point of losing their     especially on the hands, feet, and toes. The        Gulf, and parts of North and South America.
way even in familiar streets. A strange sense        skin may be scratched raw, causing a weepy
of physical duality may be experienced, as if        discharge to develop and possibly infection         BACKGROUND
their bodies are divided, or not entirely            to set in.                                          Used as fuel in the form of gasoline,
their own.                                           Symptoms better For dry weather; for warm air.      kerosene, and diesel. Petroleum jelly is
   Symptoms are usually worse during the day         Symptoms worse For cold, damp weather;              used in conventional medicine as an
and in winter. These individuals generally feel      for touch.                                          emollient and protective dressing.
chilly, and prone to offensive-smelling
perspiration from the feet and armpits even in       Diarrhea & nausea                                   P R E PA R AT I O N
cold weather. An aversion to rich, fatty foods       SYMPTOMS    Diarrhea that is present only           The remedy is made by distilling purified
is also common. Inhaling petrochemical fumes         during the day. Constant, ravenous hunger           crude oil or petroleum. This solution is then
may aggravate symptoms and cause weakness            may even lead to getting out of bed to eat          diluted using sulfuric acid, and succussed.
and irritability.                                    snacks during the night. Hunger increases
   Petroleum is often given for skin problems        after a bowel movement, but there is a              COMMON NAMES
such as eczema, psoriasis, and chilblains. It is     cutting pain in the abdomen that is worse           Petroleum, crude oil, rock oil.
also used for complaints such as diarrhea,           for eating. An aversion to cabbage, peas,
nausea, travel sickness, morning sickness,           beans, meat, and fatty foods is
halitosis, and migraines.                            characteristic. There may be nausea               (see below). Nausea may develop upon the
                                                     accompanied by vomiting, dizziness, and           slightest movement, with increased salivation.
                                                     pressing head pain at the back of the skull       Symptoms better Temporarily after eating.
Eczema & psoriasis                                   (see right). Another associated symptom may       Symptoms worse For cold weather; for fresh
SYMPTOMS     The skin is dry and leathery with       be halitosis with a strong odor of garlic.        air; for movement.
deep cracks, especially on the palms of the          Symptoms may be linked to morning
hands, the tips of the fingers, and in the folds     sickness, travel sickness (see below), or         Migraines
of the skin—for example, behind the ears or          eating disorders such as bulimia nervosa,         SYMPTOMS    Severe headache, with a sensation
the knees. Extreme itchiness may provoke             anorexia nervosa, or other psychological          of great heaviness at the back of the head. The
scratching that causes bleeding and possible         conditions that cause long-term bingeing.         scalp is sensitive to the cold and to touch. The
infection. The itching tends to be worse at night.   Symptoms better Temporarily after eating; for     head may feel sensitive, as if a cold breeze is
There may be psoriasis, with thick patches of        passing stools; for bending double.               blowing on it, or numb and wooden. A degree
scaly, inflamed skin causing great discomfort.       Symptoms worse For cold weather; for              of temporary deafness is a possible associated
In addition, the skin may be prone to cold sores,    movement; in the morning; when eating.            symptom, and there may be an accompanying
boils, and chilblains (see right). Petroleum is                                                        feeling of nausea (see above).
especially appropriate if the symptoms are due       Travel sickness                                   Symptoms better For pressure on the temples.
to hard manual labor or regular exposure             SYMPTOMS    Nausea and vomiting when              Symptoms worse For cold; for touch; for shaking
to chemicals.                                        traveling, often with a severe headache           when coughing.

See also Psoriasis, page 195


 KEY SYMPTOMS affectionate, open nature • tearfulness • cravings for cold
 drinks & salty foods • burning pains • person feels worse for lying on the
 left side of the body

 Phosphorus was discovered in the 17th century by the German alchemist
 Hennig Brand. He kept secret his method of extracting it from urine, but it
 was soon discovered by the Irish chemist Robert Boyle. The name is derived
 from the Greek phosphoros, or “light-bringing,” since the element glows in
 the dark. From 1669 the unstable, highly toxic white (or yellow)
 phosphorus was used to make fireworks and matches, but by 1845 it had                                                                Water prevents element
                                                                                                                                      from coming into contact
 been replaced by the nontoxic red form. The remedy was proved by                                         White phosphorus is         with oxygen, which would
                                                                                                          volatile and ignites        cause spontaneous
 Hahnemann and published in his Chronic Diseases (1821–34).
                                                                                                          on contact with air         combustion

 REMEDY PROFILE                                      Bleeding                                             PHOSPHORUS Overexposure to the white form of
 People who love being the center of attention       SYMPTOMS   Profuse, bright red blood flow,           the element can be deadly, since it is highly toxic.
 respond best to Phosphorus. Like a match that       especially from the nose, gums, and lining of the
 sparks readily but burns out intensely, they        stomach. Menstrual flow may be heavy. The
                                                                                                            S O U R C E D E TA I L S
 are artistic, expressive, and affectionate, but     skin bruises easily and anemia may set in.
 may offer more than they can sustain. Illness       Symptoms better For cold; for massage; for             ORIGIN
 or stress rapidly exhausts their energy, making     lying on the right side; for sleeping; for eating.     A pale yellow element with a distinct odor,
 them lethargic and indifferent toward loved         Symptoms worse For lying on the left side; for         occurring in the mineral calcium phosphate
 ones, but highly responsive to any sympathy         thundery weather; for emotional stress.                in volcanic regions. The main deposits are
 offered. They feel better for short naps.                                                                  found in North Africa.
 Vague anxieties crystallize into concrete           Digestive disorders
 fears when ill, leading to nervous fatigue          SYMPTOMS    Nausea, vomiting, and constipation,        BACKGROUND
 and tension.                                        often due to food poisoning, stress, stomach           Used medicinally for headaches, pneumonia,
    Cravings for salty, spicy, or sweet foods, and   ulcers, or gastroenteritis. Other symptoms             measles, rheumatic pain, malaria, and
 cold, carbonated drinks or cold milk are            include a saliva-filled mouth and burning pain         epilepsy until the 19th century, when its
 typical. Warm foods or drinks may upset the         in the stomach, or heartburn. Stools are long,         toxic nature became widely known.
 stomach, as may cold drinks once they have          ribbonlike, and may be blood-streaked. Ice-cold
 warmed up in the stomach.                           foods and drinks are craved, but then cause            P R E PA R AT I O N
    Phosphorus is prescribed for circulation         vomiting once they warm up in the stomach.             White phosphorus is used for the remedy.
 problems, bleeding, digestive disorders, chest      Symptoms better For lying on the right side;           This waxy substance is insoluble in water,
 complaints, and burning pains.                      for eating; for cold foods or drinks.                  so it is dissolved in alcohol, filtered, then
                                                     Symptoms worse For lying on the left side; for         repeatedly diluted and succussed.
                                                     stuffy rooms; for emotional stress; for warm
 Poor circulation                                    foods or salt.                                         COMMON NAMES
 SYMPTOMS   The extremities feel burning hot,                                                               Phosphorus, white phosphorus,
 yet are cold to the touch. Erratic blood flow       Respiratory illness                                    yellow phosphorus.
 may cause a weak pulse, hot flushes, fainting,      SYMPTOMS  A sore throat and dry, tickly
 dizziness, or palpitations. There may be            cough, possibly causing retching and
 burning neuralgic pain (see right), and             vomiting. Phlegm is streaked with dark-red           Burning pains
 a sense of suffocation, possibly triggered by       blood. Chest tightness may be due to                 SYMPTOMS   Burning neuralgic pains in the
 emotion or menopause.                               asthma, bronchitis, or pneumonia. Colds              limbs, spine, or stomach, possibly with pins
 Symptoms better For cold; for massage;              tend to go straight to the chest.                    and needles and numbness, especially in
 for lying on the right side; for sleeping;          Symptoms better For sitting up; for lying on         the limbs, spine, or shoulder blades.
 for eating.                                         the right side of the body; for sleep; for cold      Symptoms better For cold compresses;
 Symptoms worse For lying on the left                foods or drinks.                                     for massage.
 side; for thundery weather; for                     Symptoms worse For lying on the left side;           Symptoms worse For windy weather;
 emotional stress.                                   for laughing; for warm foods or drinks.              for emotional stress.

 See also Respiration, pages 180, 224; Palpitations, page 186; Digestion, pages 188, 234; Reproduction, page 198
                                                                                                           MAJOR MINERAL REMEDIES                • 95

Platinum metallicum

KEY SYMPTOMS high expectations • hypersexuality • numbness • sense
of constriction, as if bandaged • person feels better in the open air

The Chibcha Indians of Columbia were the first people recorded
as using platinum, in 1735. Its name derives from the Latin
platina, meaning “little silver.” Today it is considered more
valuable than gold or silver, and plays a key role in modern  PLATINUM GRAINS

technology. A costly, malleable metal, platinum is
fashioned into coinage, jewelry, surgical instruments,
and dental alloys. It is used industrially to refine oil
and reduce pollution from exhaust fumes. The
homeopathic remedy was proved by Drs. Staph and
Gross, two pupils of Hahnemann, and published in the
latter’s Chronic Diseases (1821–34).
                                                                                                    PLATINUM DEPOSITS IN ROCK Platinum deposits
REMEDY PROFILE                                    Symptoms better For walking in the open air;      are silvery-gray to white. Unlike
Chiefly a remedy for women, Platina is best       for sunshine; for stretching.                     many metals, platinum does not corrode.
suited to those who tend to be haughty and        Symptoms worse For touch; in the evening;
passionate. High expectations set for             for emotional stress; for nervous fatigue.
                                                                                                      S O U R C E D E TA I L S
themselves and their partners are frequently
not met, causing disappointment. They             Oversensitivity of the                              ORIGIN
often dwell on the past, and may feel that        female genitalia                                    Usually forms as grains in or by nickel
others have deserted them. A sense of             SYMPTOMS    Hypersensitive vulva and vagina         deposits. Found mainly in South America,
isolation may lead them to become                 during and between menstrual periods that           but also in Canada and Russia.
independent and introspective. Narcissistic       may cause rapid stimulation during sexual
tendencies are accompanied by a feeling           intercourse, or else extreme pain and even          BACKGROUND
that they deserve the very best of                fainting. The vaginal muscles may spasm             Given as a remedy for treating syphilis in the
everything. If this is denied them, they          involuntarily (vaginismus). There may be            19th century, but not otherwise widely used
may become rather arrogant and depressed.         genital itching, a high libido, and a tendency      until the 20th century.
Weeping may bring relief. Curiously, objects      to masturbate. The pain is intermittent, not
often appear to these people to be smaller        necessarily occurring every time sexual             P R E PA R AT I O N
than they actually are.                           intercourse takes place, but tends to be worse      Grains of platinum are boiled in acid,
   Platina suits those with alternating           as menstruation begins. It can make vaginal         washed, and dried. They are then triturated
emotional and physical symptoms. Any pain         examination and wearing a sanitary towel or         with lactose sugar.
increases and decreases slowly. Secretions        tampon highly uncomfortable.
such as menstrual blood and tears tend to         Symptoms better For walking in the open air;        C O M M O N N A M E Platinum.
be sticky. The libido is often high. Platina is   for sunshine; for stretching..
used for sexual and menstrual problems in         Symptoms worse For touch; in the evening;
women, and nervous-system disorders in            for emotional stress; for nervous fatigue.        Head & facial pain
both men and women.                                                                                 SYMPTOMS    Pain and a sense of constriction
                                                  Numbness & cramps                                 in the head that builds up and disappears
Menstrual problems                                SYMPTOMS    Cold, numb skin, cramps in the        slowly. There may be neuralgic pains in
SYMPTOMS   Heavy, brief, or absent                calves, and a constricted feeling in the limbs,   the face that alternate with numbness,
menstruation. Heavy menstrual flow may            especially the thighs, as if the limbs are        or painless paralysis of the face due to
contain blood clots. There may be painful         tightly bandaged.                                 Bell’s palsy.
uterine cramps that are worse as menstruation     Symptoms better For walking in the open air;      Symptoms better For walking in the open air;
begins, with a sense of constriction and          for sunshine; for stretching.                     for movement.
numbness in the lower abdomen. Pain               Symptoms worse For touch; in the evening;         Symptoms worse For touch; for
may also be felt around the ovaries.              for emotional stress; for nervous fatigue.        bending backward.

See also Depression, page 212

 Plumbum metallicum

 KEY SYMPTOMS mental dullness • hardening of attitude and state of mind • hardening
 or thickening of tissues and arteries • extreme chilliness • shooting pains

 Although lead has been widely used since Roman times, its toxicity was
 not recognized until the 20th century. It is now banned from paints to
 prevent children from being poisoned by chewing lead-based toy or crib
 paint, and was phased out of gasoline because of fears that it may impair
 mental development in children. Physical symptoms of lead poisoning
 include wrist drop and colicky abdominal pains. Plumbum met. was proved
 by Drs. Hering, Hartlaub, Trinks, and Menning, and published in Allen’s
 Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica (1874–79).
                                                                                                      Galena forms as
                                                                                                      per fect cubic shapes
 REMEDY PROFILE                                     (often due to arteriosclerosis blocking the       with well-defined steps
 While the profile for Plumbum met. is associated   blood supply to the brain—another example
 mainly with physical symptoms, irritability,       of the thickening and hardening traits          LEAD Usually mined as galena, a common lead
 timidity, restlessness, apathy, anxiety, and       linked to the remedy), possibly with pain or    ore, lead is widely used but highly toxic. Inhaling
 depression are all psychological factors that      paralysis in a limb. Plumbum met.               or swallowing particles of lead can harm the
 may be linked to Plumbum met. The emotional        is also used for neuralgic pains that appear    nervous system.
 traits may begin in childhood: children suited     suddenly and radiate in all directions or
 to the remedy are restless, with a weak memory     shoot from the toes to the hips.
                                                                                                     S O U R C E D E TA I L S
 and emotional instability. Adults who respond      Symptoms better For warmth; for massage or
 best to Plumbum met. have a tendency to be         pressure on the affected area.                   ORIGIN
 self-centered, with self-destructive impulses.     Symptoms worse At night; for movement.           Most commonly occurring in galena, a lead
 They may have a strong sense of order.                                                              ore which is found in Australia, the US,
    There may be difficulties in perception,        Muscle weakness                                  Africa, and Europe.
 a reduced ability to express thoughts,             SYMPTOMS  Weakness, spasms, and trembling
 and memory loss. These symptoms show               in the muscles, which feel tired, heavy, and     BACKGROUND
 a lack of emotional pliability that may be         aching. There is a sense of retraction—for       Soft and malleable, and has been used to
 echoed by a loss of physical flexibility.          example, as if the eyes are being pulled back    make everyday objects, from plumbing to
 Thus the remedy is given for sclerotic             into the head or the testicles or penis are      hairpins, since Roman times.
 (tissue-hardening) conditions such as              being pulled up into the body. There may
 arteriosclerosis, which thickens and hardens       be wrist drop due to weakness in the             P R E PA R AT I O N
 arteries, and Dupuytren’s contracture,             wrist muscles.                                   For the mother tincture, pure lead is
 a disorder affecting one or both of the            Symptoms better For warmth; for massage or       extracted from galena and finely ground
 hands, in which one or more fingers                pressure on the affected area.                   until it becomes soluble in alcohol.
 become fixed in a bent position.                   Symptoms worse At night; for movement.
                                                                                                     COMMON NAME
                                                    Constipation                                     Lead.
 Neurological conditions                            SYMPTOMS   Colicky pains in the stomach and
 SYMPTOMS   Spasms, trembling, and muscle           constipation. There is a constant urge to
 weakness (see right). The joints may be rigid      defecate, but often only small, black,          Dupuytren’s contracture
 and, between spasms, movement is slow. If          ball-shaped stools are passed. Painful urine    SYMPTOMS   Thickened and shortened tissues
 the sensory nervous system is affected, there      retention and a sensation as if the navel is    or tendons in the fingers or the palms of the
 may be vision disturbances and a loss of           being pulled into the backbone are further      hands. One or more fingers may become
 feeling, so that external sources of pain,         possible symptoms.                              fixed in a bent position. Either or both
 such as the heat of an oven or pin-pricks,         Symptoms better For warmth; for bending         hands may be affected.
 are not felt. These symptoms may indicate          double; for firm pressure on the abdomen; for   Symptoms better For massage of the
 a progressive neurological disorder such as        massage of the abdomen.                         affected area.
 multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease.         Symptoms worse For fasting; in the evening      Symptoms worse For trying to grasp
 Symptoms may also occur after a stroke             and at night; for movement.                     smooth objects.

 See also Multiple sclerosis, page 179; Diabetes, page 191; Vaginismus, page 260
                                                                                                               MAJOR MINERAL REMEDIES                  • 97

Silicea terra syn. Acidum silicicum

KEY SYMPTOMS lack of assertiveness and stubbornness • lack of stamina • chilliness,
but with offensive-smelling perspiration • susceptibility to recurrent infections

Silica is a form of the nonmetallic element silicon, which is one of the major                                            FLINT
elements of Earth’s crust and a vital constituent in the structure of plants. In the
human body, it strengthens teeth, hair, and nails and is also found in connective                       SILICA A principal constituent

tissue. Silica, proved by Hahnemann in 1828 and given more for slow-developing                          of sandstone and other
                                                                                                        rocks, silica is found in
conditions than for acute ailments, has the unusual feature of reputedly being able                     many forms, from colorless
to help expel foreign bodies such as splinters from the skin.                                           rock crystal to stonelike
                                                                                                        flint and semiprecious
                                                                                                        stones such as opal.                SILICON DIOXIDE
REMEDY PROFILE                                     persistent acne, and copious, smelly sweating.
People who respond best to Silica typically        Backaches are common; brittle, poor-quality
                                                                                                          S O U R C E D E TA I L S
lack mental and physical stamina. Their over-      bones are slow to mend if broken; and there
conscientious attitude to work can often lead      may be curvature of the spine.                         ORIGIN
to exhaustion or insomnia. They may feel           Symptoms better In summer; for lying down;             Hahnemann prepared Silica from mountain
anxious and “in two minds” about things, and       for being well wrapped up.                             crystal; homeopaths later made it from flint.
fear pointed objects, such as needles. Their       Symptoms worse For cold and damp; when                 Chemically prepared silicon dioxide (silica
outlook and aspirations are limited by fear of     menstruating; for pressure on the painful area.        sand) is now used.
failure. Very shy as children, they are self-
conscious and unassertive as adults, but can       Ear, nose & throat conditions                          BACKGROUND
be extremely stubborn and may relieve their        SYMPTOMS   Recurrent colds, swollen glands, ear        Used as silica sand in industry in the
frustrations on subordinates.                      infections, and tonsillitis leading to quinsy          making of cement and concrete, as well as
   Chilliness is a typical physical symptom,       (abscess on the tonsil). Chronic catarrh may           ceramics and glass. It is also used to grind
along with a marked tendency for profuse,          cause sinusitis, and glue ear (fluid in the middle     and polish glass and stone.
smelly sweat. Digestive problems and a             ear) may cause earaches and hearing problems.
weakened bone structure, due to poor               Symptoms better For lying down; for being well         P R E PA R AT I O N
absorption of food and undernourishment,           wrapped up; for warm drinks.                           Made by triturating silicon dioxide, grinding
may occur, along with recurrent infections         Symptoms worse For cold and damp; for drafts;          the sand repeatedly with lactose sugar until
caused by a weak immune system. Skin and           for suppressing perspiration.                          it becomes soluble in water, then diluting
bone problems are slow to heal and any                                                                    and succussing it.
wounds tend to suppurate.                          Coughs
   Many symptoms appear at an early age: the       SYMPTOMS   A persistent, dry, irritating cough         COMMON NAMES
fontanelles (membrane-covered spaces               that takes the form of severe, exhausting              Silica, flint, quartz, rock crystal.
between the bones of a baby’s skull) close         coughing bouts. Inflammatory conditions
slowly, for instance, and the bones and teeth      such as bronchitis may be accompanied by
form more slowly and are weaker than those         foul-smelling sputum.                                which may develop painful cracks (fissures)
of other children.                                 Symptoms better For being well wrapped up;           or abscesses. Painful abdominal cramps and
                                                   for lying down; for warm drinks.                     smelly flatulence are other symptoms.
                                                   Symptoms worse For cold and damp; for drafts;        Symptoms better In summer; for being well
Skin, teeth, nail & bone                           for suppressing perspiration.                        wrapped up.
conditions                                                                                              Symptoms worse For cold and damp; at a new
SYMPTOMS   Slow eruption of teeth, wisdom          Digestive disorders                                  moon; for suppressing perspiration.
teeth problems, and defects in skin, hair, and     SYMPTOMS   A weak digestive system, with
nails, due to poor absorption of minerals in       intolerance of particular foods, especially fat      Headaches
the diet. Brittle, distorted, infected nails and   and milk; in babies this may even include            SYMPTOMS   Severe pain, starting at the back of
ingrown toenails are also common symptoms.         mother’s milk. There may be poor absorption          the head and extending over to the forehead,
Wounds, even scratches, suppurate and heal         of essential minerals into the body, and a           with dizziness and visual disturbance.
slowly; abscesses may form anywhere,               preference for cold foods. Symptoms may              Symptoms better For warmth; for closed eyes;
including in the roots of teeth. There may be      include constipation, with an inability to expel     for dark, quiet rooms; for wrapping the head.
itchy scars or keloids after larger wounds,        stools so that they slip back into the rectum,       Symptoms worse For cold; for light; for noise.

See also Tuberculosis, page 182; Diabetes, page 191; Skin, page 192; Osteoarthritis, page 196; Reproduction, page 198

 Stibium sulphuratum nigrum syn. Antimonium crudum

 KEY SYMPTOMS sentimentality • dislike of being touched or looked at • insatiable
 appetite • thick, white coating on the tongue • digestive problems

 Antimony occurs naturally in crystalline form as the mineral stibnite,
 which was used (as kohl) by women in ancient Rome and the
 Middle East as a cosmetic. Prepared chemically for various industrial
 purposes, it is often used to coat the tips of matches, since it ignites
 when struck against red phosphorus. The homeopathic remedy was                                                                                 STIBNITE
 proved by Hahnemann and his colleague, Caspari, in 1828. It is
 prescribed primarily for skin problems and digestive disorders.                                    ANTIMONY This substance can be derived
                                                                                                    from the prismatic crystals of stibnite,
                                                                                                    which are opaque with a metallic luster.

 REMEDY PROFILE                                    Skin infections with a rash                       S O U R C E D E TA I L S
 Antimonium crud. is associated with               SYMPTOMS    A rash on the trunk, arms,
 sentimental people who yearn for the past.        and legs, inside the mouth or, in the case        ORIGIN
 They can be withdrawn, sulky, irritable           of chicken pox, behind the ears, with             Found naturally in the mineral stibnite, which
 people, prone to experiencing grief, serious      mild fever. There may be eczema, urticaria        forms as crystals in quartz veins throughout
 depression, or despondency after a failed         (hives), or rashes that resemble measles, with    many parts of the US and Europe.
 romance. They often dislike being touched         itching that becomes worse in a warm
 or even spoken to. When ill, children who fit     environment such as a bed. Fluid-filled           BACKGROUND
 this profile cannot bear being looked at and      blisters, often due to impetigo, may              Used to treat horses with damaged
 have a tendency to cry. Both adults and           appear in patches, usually around the             hooves, and to fatten pigs and cattle.
 children of this disposition may have             nose and mouth.                                   Industrially, used to purify gold and to
 insatiable appetites, yet in some cases there     Symptoms better For rest; in the evening.         line brass instruments.
 is a strong aversion to food, which can           Symptoms worse For cold; for strong heat;
 eventually lead to emaciation.                    for touch.                                        P R E PA R AT I O N
    Typical physical symptoms include                                                                Stibnite is roasted and heated with carbon
 recurring digestive problems and the              Toothache                                         to extract the antimony, which is then
 appearance of a thick, white coating on the       SYMPTOMS   Persistent, gnawing toothache,         triturated with lactose sugar, diluted,
 tongue. The feet tend to be sensitive and         usually caused by decaying teeth. The pain        and succussed.
 prone to ailments such as corns and calluses,     can extend to the head.
 which make walking painful.                       Symptoms better For fresh air; for rest.          COMMON NAMES
    Antimonium crud. is typically prescribed       Symptoms worse At night; for eating; for cold     Antimony, black sulfide of antimony.
 for certain skin conditions and infections,       foods and drinks.
 as well as for toothaches, digestive problems,
 and gout.                                         Digestive disorders                              Symptoms better For rest.
                                                   SYMPTOMS   Indigestion, with belching,           Symptoms worse During the night; for touch;
                                                   nausea, and possibly vomiting of bile.           for sour or starchy foods; for cold foods
 Skin & nail conditions                            The abdomen feels either bloated or empty,       and drinks.
 SYMPTOMS   Calluses, warts, and corns that may    and stomach ulcers may have formed.
 form on the hands, under the fingernails          Diarrhea alternates with constipation.           Gout
 (especially if the nails are damaged), on the     The tongue has a thick, white coating, and       SYMPTOMS    Inflammation and redness in
 soles of the feet, and on the tips of the toes.   there may be a headache. The digestion is        affected joints (often in the big toe). Joint pain
 The skin may thicken, chap, or roughen easily,    highly sensitive, yet there may be cravings      impedes walking if the leg or foot are affected.
 and cracked patches may form, particularly        for sour foods that aggravate it, such as        A mild fever may set in, and there may be
 around the nostrils and the corners of the        pickles, vinegar, and wine. Overindulgence       unease and restlessness, with tense and
 mouth. The nails may split repeatedly.            and pregnancy often trigger the symptoms.        jumpy muscles.
 Symptoms better For rest; in the evening.         The remedy is given to babies who vomit          Symptoms better For rest.
 Symptoms worse For cold; for strong heat;         breast milk and will not suckle, or to           Symptoms worse For cold; for strong heat;
 for touch.                                        their mothers.                                   for touch.

 See also Toothaches, page 232; Indigestion, page 234; Skin, page 240
                                                                                                               MAJOR MINERAL REMEDIES                   • 99


KEY SYMPTOMS laziness • tendency to overheat • self-centeredness
                                                                                                                                                 FLOWERS OF
• philosophical state of mind • itching • burning pains                                                                                              SULFUR

In the 9th century BCE the Greek poet Homer used vapors of
burning sulfur to purify his house. Long used in Chinese and
Western medicine for skin problems and as an antiseptic, sulfur
was also given to generations of children in the West as
brimstone and treacle, a popular tonic to “cleanse” the blood and keep                                  SULFUR The mineral is refined into flowers of
the bowels regular. Hahnemann proved the remedy and published it in his Materia                         sulfur which, when burned, produce sulfur dioxide,
Medica Pura (1821–34). It is used chiefly for skin and digestive complaints.                            a powerful disinfectant.

                                                                                                          S O U R C E D E TA I L S
REMEDY PROFILE                                      for being in a hot bed; for scratching; for
Those best suited to Sulfur are imaginative and     wearing wool; for washing.                            ORIGIN
inventive, but inept practically. A key problem                                                           Produced by volcanic activity, and found near
is being unable to channel their disorganized,      Digestive disorders                                   hot springs and volcanic craters in Sicily and
philosophical thoughts, which tend to spin off      SYMPTOMS   A bloated stomach with burning             the US, and on the Italian peninsula.
in different directions. With a strong desire for   pains, belching, flatulence, indigestion, and
recognition, they may expend a great deal of        a tendency to regurgitate food. Any                   BACKGROUND
energy on ideas and speculations, but fail to       vomiting or diarrhea is worse at 5 a.m., and          Used traditionally as a disinfectant, laxative,
harness it, losing resolve and appearing            typically alternates with constipation. The           and purgative, to treat skin complaints,
egocentric and lazy. Friends are exasperated        anus is sore and itchy after passing stools,          clear up bronchial catarrh, and ease
by their impatience, irritability, and self-        and may develop hemorrhoids. Hunger                   rheumatic pains.
absorption, yet charmed by their generosity,        pains and a sinking feeling in the stomach
naivety, and good humor.                            may strike at around 11 a.m. Discharges               P R E PA R AT I O N
   Sensitive to warmth, these people have a         such as stools and flatulence have an                 Sulfur is chemically purified. The mineral is
tendency to become overheated and strip off         offensive smell.                                      then triturated by grinding it into a fine
layers of clothing. Sweat, stools, and other        Symptoms better For cold foods and drinks;            powder that is soluble in water and alcohol.
discharges are often strong-smelling. Heat,         for flatulence.
eating, standing, and washing usually               Symptoms worse For overexertion; for milk.            COMMON NAMES
aggravate symptoms.                                                                                       Sulfur, flowers of sulfur, brimstone,
   Sulfur is prescribed to treat a broader range    Women’s health                                        sublimated sulfur.
of ailments than any other remedy in the            SYMPTOMS     Painful or irregular menstruation,
homeopathic repertory. It is also given to any      with a burning feeling in the vulva and vagina.
type of person to boost vitality and clear up       The vagina may itch, and there may be a white       itching in the tip of the penis. Penis or prostate
lingering illnesses.                                or yellow discharge that is typically due to        inflammation may be helped by the remedy.
                                                    thrush. There may be headaches, irritability, and   Symptoms better For fresh, warm, dry air;
                                                    insomnia that are linked with premenstrual          for movement.
Skin conditions                                     syndrome. Sulfur may ease the burning pain          Symptoms worse For heat; at night; for rest.
SYMPTOMS    Patches of itchy, red, weepy skin,      of cystitis, and help treat menopausal dizziness,
but generally dry, dirty-looking skin. Sulfur       hot flushes, and strong-smelling sweats,            Respiratory illness
is used for many skin problems, including           particularly if these symptoms are accompanied      SYMPTOMS   A dry, sore throat with a choking
diaper rash, cradle cap, acne, psoriasis,           by vaginal itching.                                 feeling, swollen tonsils, and hoarseness. Colds
eczema, ringworm, and scabies.                      Symptoms better For fresh, warm, dry air;           and coughs are marked by thick, smelly, yellow
It is given for bacterial infections such as        for lying on the right side.                        or green catarrh. Coughing disrupts sleep.
erysipelas, cellulitis, impetigo, and boils;        Symptoms worse For a stuffy environment;            Colds may develop into bronchitis, pleurisy,
for viral infections such as oral and genital       at night.                                           or pneumonia with chest pains.
herpes; and for measles and chicken pox.                                                                Symptoms better For open air; for dry heat;
Symptoms better For fresh, warm, dry air;           Men’s health                                        for lying on the right side.
for lying on the right side.                        SYMPTOMS Impotence or erectile failure              Symptoms worse At night; in the morning;
Symptoms worse For a stuffy environment;            accompanied by sharp pains in the penis and         for reclining.

See also Skin & bones, pages 192, 240, 268; Reproduction, page 198; Children’s health, page 246; Women’s health, page 256

  Tartarus stibiatus syn. Antimonium tartaricum

  KEY SYMPTOMS loud rattling of mucus in the chest and a suffocating sensation
  • increasing weakness • dislike of physical examination • lack of thirst

  Alchemists called this compound “tartar emetic,” and it was traditionally
  prescribed as a powerful emetic. Known as the “prince of evacuants,” it caused
  severe vomiting and was taken to expel intestinal worms. The remedy Antimonium
  tart. was proved in various separate trials by Drs. Hahnemann, Stapf, and Hencke,
  and published in Allen’s Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica (1874–79). It is                          Cr ystals of antimony
                                                                                                         potassium tartrate are poisonous
  commonly prescribed for strength-sapping illness in the young or elderly.

  REMEDY PROFILE                                      and vomiting (see below). Mucus causes             ANTIMONY POTASSIUM TARTRATE This compound
  Antimonium tart. is appropriate for rather          congestion and a rattling sound in the chest.      is commonly used as an insecticide and fix to bind
  attention-seeking people who respond well to        Symptoms better For sitting up; for coughing       dyes to textiles and leather.
  rest, comfort, and reassurance. The remedy          up mucus; for vomiting.
  also suits children who tend to complain            Symptoms worse For warmth; for being too hot
                                                                                                          S O U R C E D E TA I L S
  unless they are carried around.                     or cold; for lying down; for movement; for
     Illness often exhausts these individuals,        tantrums; for milk.                                 ORIGIN
  making them feel restless, generally apathetic,                                                         Prepared by combining potassium tartrate
  and drowsy. Their energy levels may be so low       Nausea                                              with oxide of antimony, which is formed by
  that they are unable to cough up mucus and          SYMPTOMS   Persistent nausea with trembling,        the reaction of moist air and antimony (see
  seem in danger of suffocating in their own          weakness, and fainting. The nausea seems to         page 98).
  secretions. They become irritable and averse        center in the chest or may be felt as a weight
  to being bothered or disturbed by others, and       on the chest; it may be accompanied by              BACKGROUND
  dislike being touched or examined.                  coughing. There may be vomiting, ineffectual        Traditionally used for medicinal purposes
     Typical symptoms include a lack of thirst, and   retching, and a thick, white coating or red         in the West for treating intestinal
  profuse, cold sweat. Antimonium tart. is used for   streaks on the tongue.                              worms and fungal infections, and as
  chest complaints, such as whooping cough, that      Symptoms better For cold air; for sitting up;       an expectorant.
  are marked by the sound of mucus rattling in        for belching; for vomiting.
  the chest. It is also given for headaches, nausea   Symptoms worse For warmth; for damp and             P R E PA R AT I O N
  and vomiting, and skin problems such as acne,       cold; for lying down; for movement.                 The remedy is prepared by triturating
  impetigo, and chicken pox.                                                                              antimony potassium tartrate with lactose
                                                      Skin conditions                                     sugar and then repeatedly diluting and
                                                      SYMPTOMS    Pustular skin eruptions that leave      succussing the mixture.
  Respiratory illness                                 a purplish mark when healed. There may be
  SYMPTOMS     Severe respiratory infection or        warts, or acne with pea-sized pustules. Small,      COMMON NAMES
  chronic bronchitis with wheezing and rattling       fluid-filled blisters and reddened skin may be      Antimony potassium tartrate, tartar emetic.
  in the throat and chest due to a build-up of        caused by impetigo.
  mucus. Coughing up mucus becomes difficult          Symptoms better For cold air; for sitting up.
  due to severe fatigue. Fits of coughing may         Symptoms worse For bathing in cold water;          Symptoms worse For warmth; for bathing
  alternate with gasping or rapid, shallow            in the evening; for lying down.                    in cold water; for becoming heated in bed;
  breathing accompanied by a sensation of                                                                in the evening; for lying down.
  suffocation. Symptoms may be aggravated by          Chicken pox
  irritability or anger.                              SYMPTOMS    Large, blistering, bluish skin         Headaches
  Symptoms better For cold air; for sitting up;       eruptions that leave a purple scar. The remedy     SYMPTOMS   Pain as if a tight band is
  for coughing up mucus.                              is particularly apt when the skin symptoms         constricting the head, heightened by
  Symptoms worse For warmth; for damp and             have not developed strongly, but associated        coughing. There may be weariness, and
  cold; for lying down; for movement.                 chest or digestive symptoms have appeared,         a longing to close the eyes.
                                                      such as a chesty cough with rattling mucus,        Symptoms better For open air; for bathing in
  Whooping cough                                      or diarrhea. The tongue is coated white,           cold water; for movement.
  SYMPTOMS   Breathlessness and coughing spasms       and there may be extreme irritability.             Symptoms worse For warmth; at night;
  primarily in infants, followed by sleep or nausea   Symptoms better For cold; for coughing up mucus.   in the morning; for overeating.

  See also Asthma, page 181
                                                                                                                 MAJOR MINERAL REMEDIES                    • 101

Zincum metallicum

KEY SYMPTOMS nervous fatigue or exhaustion • restless feet
• twitching and trembling • person feels better for expelling
discharges and developing skin eruptions
A soft, blue-white metal that does not corrode, zinc is
used to make galvanized roofing and alloys such as
brass, a melding of copper and zinc that is used for
many purposes, including musical instruments. Zinc
stimulates the production of many proteins in the                                                                               SPHALERITE
body and is a vital trace element. In conventional
medicine, zinc oxide cream is applied to ulcers, and given                            Sphalerite takes    ZINC This trace element, found in sphalerite,
                                                                                     the form of black    is vital for a healthy body, although excess
as a supplement for tetanus, neuralgia, and convulsions. The                                  cr ystals
                                                                                                          consumption can cause anemia, weaken the
remedy was proved by Hahnemann in 1828.                                                                   immune system, and impair the healing process.

REMEDY PROFILE                                        Nervous exhaustion may lead to depression
                                                                                                            S O U R C E D E TA I L S
Hard-working individuals who find it hard             marked by moodiness, introversion, and
to relax are most suited to Zinc. met. They           irritability. Noise and chatter may be                ORIGIN
take on too much responsibility, then become          intolerable, and anger tends to provoke tears.        Refined from the ore sphalerite, formed
stressed. A state of nervous excitement               Symptoms better For rubbing the body;                 in hydrothermal mineral veins in South
follows, which makes them sensitive,                  for movement.                                         America, the US, and Australasia.
especially to noise, irritable, and carping.          Symptoms worse For touch; for jarring; for wine.
This overstimulation saps their vitality and                                                                BACKGROUND
can lead to mental and physical exhaustion.           Twitching limbs                                       Used traditionally as an antiseptic and
   These people tend to be forgetful, feel the cold   SYMPTOMS    Involuntary jerking, twitching, or        astringent in calamine and other lotions,
keenly, are prone to anemia, and are notorious        even convulsions, and a pale face. The legs may       and now in sunscreens to block UV rays.
for complaining when ill. Symptoms tend to            be restless and fidgety, despite great weariness,
worsen at night, and twitching persists during        and there may be numb, cold feet and a desire         P R E PA R AT I O N
sleep. Drinking alcohol, especially wine, and         to keep the legs moving. Severe spasms may be         Zinc is heated and then ground into a fine
eating also aggravate symptoms, which tend to         due to chorea or Parkinson’s disease.                 powder. This is followed by trituration with
improve after expelling natural discharges via        Symptoms better For rubbing the body;                 lactose sugar.
urination, defecation, and menstruation.              for movement.
   Typical physical symptoms are extreme              Symptoms worse For touch; for jarring; for wine.      COMMON NAME
fatigue, weakness, and restless, twitchy,                                                                   Zinc sulfide.
trembling limbs, particularly the legs. The           Urogenital problems
remedy is used for these conditions, for              SYMPTOMS   Involuntary urine leakage while
nervous and urogenital disorders, and for             coughing, laughing, or straining in any way,        infections such as chicken pox, measles, and
itchy skin eruptions with fatigue and                 due to stress incontinence. There may be            German measles may also be helped by
twitching limbs.                                      complete loss of bladder control during severe      Zinc. met. if the rash is slow to appear, if the
                                                      convulsions (see above). Urine retention due        child is mentally and physically weak, and if
Nervous exhaustion                                    to nervousness or prostate enlargement may          there is involuntary twitching.
SYMPTOMS    A state of collapse due to overwork,      also be helped by the remedy, as may                Symptoms better For allowing the rash to weep
stress, or overstimulation, marked by mental          premature ejaculation.                              and discharge its fluids; for movement.
and physical weakness. The mind is either             Symptoms better For movement.                       Symptoms worse For noise; for touch; at night.
excitable or confused and slow—if asked a             Symptoms worse For noise; in the evening; at
question, the person may repeat it once or            night; for wine.                                    Headaches
twice before its meaning sinks in. Bursting                                                               SYMPTOMS  Pounding, bursting, possibly one-
headaches may be a feature (see right). There         Eczema & viral skin infections                      sided pain in the forehead or the temples, due
may be incessant trembling in the limbs due           SYMPTOMS   Red, itchy, weepy, or crusty             to overwork or nervous exhaustion (see left).
to weakness, and restless feet in constant            patches of eczema, particularly on the              Symptoms better For fresh air; for movement.
motion. The soles of the feet may feel painful.       insides of the limb joints. Childhood viral         Symptoms worse For noise; for touch; for wine.

See also Restless legs, page 230
major animal
 this small but important component of

 the homeopathic materia medica includes

   remedies made from animals, insects,

   animal products or secretions, and

  sterilized bacteria taken from diseased

  tissue. the major animal-based remedies

       are featured in this section.

  Apis mellifera

  KEY SYMPTOMS burning, stinging pains
  • swelling of affected areas • allergic reactions
  • anxious restlessness • jealousy

  A 9,000-year-old cave painting depicting a figure taking
  honey from a hive is the oldest record of our relationship with
  the honey bee. Bees provide us with more than just honey,                                                                            Bee’s hair y coat picks
                                                                                                                                       up and transports
  however: beeswax is refined and used in ointments and polishes;                                                                      pollen from flowers
  propolis (a resin collected by bees from tree buds) is used
  medicinally; and royal jelly is taken as a nutritional supplement.
  The homeopathic remedy, proved in 1852 by Dr. Frederick Humphries,
  is often used to treat insect bites and stings.
                                                                                                        HONEY BEE Carried only by the female bee, the
                                                                                                        stinger can cause constriction of the airways or even
  REMEDY PROFILE                                       Cystitis                                         collapse in people who are allergic to its poison.
  Homeopaths easily recognize people likely to         SYMPTOMS   Burning, stinging pain in the
  benefit from Apis because, in some ways, their       urethra and bladder on passing urine.
                                                                                                         S O U R C E D E TA I L S
  behavior echoes that of bees. They tend to be        The need to urinate is frequent, but only
  fussy, restless, irritable types who are hard to     meager amounts of urine are passed.               ORIGIN
  please. Frantic hours spent cleaning and             Kidney inflammation with puffy eyes               Made from the native European honey bee,
  sorting, sometimes clumsily, often accomplish        and a lack of thirst may also respond             which can today be found throughout Europe
  little. A vulnerable side reveals oversensitivity,   to Apis.                                          and in Canada, the US, and many other
  sadness, weepiness, and an aversion to being         Symptoms better For cool surroundings.            countries.
  alone. This need for company gives this type         Symptoms worse For heat; for pressure on
  of person a reputation as a “queen bee” who          the bladder.                                      BACKGROUND
  organizes everyone. They reserve a sting in                                                            Bee-derived substances such as beeswax
  their tails for those who upset them. Fiercely       Edema                                             and honey have long been used in many
  territorial, they can be highly jealous or           SYMPTOMS    Swelling of body tissues due to       medicinal traditions, including ancient Greek,
  suspicious of newcomers.                             fluid retention. The swelling may be              Western, Chinese, and Unani.
     Apis is prescribed generally for symptoms         associated with arthritis (accompanied by the
  that start on the right side and move to the         typical burning or stinging pain), meningitis,    P R E PA R AT I O N
  left side. Ailments treated with Apis include        pleurisy, or peritonitis.                         The remedy is made from the whole female
  urticaria (hives), insect bites or stings, and       Symptoms better For cold compresses on the        bee, including the stinger, or from the stinger
  burns. It is used for urinary infections such        affected area.                                    alone. The insect is crushed, dissolved in
  as cystitis, and for edema or urine retention,       Symptoms worse For heat; for touch or             alcohol, diluted, and succussed.
  especially in newborn babies. Inflammation           pressure on the affected area.
  of the eyes, mouth, or throat, and fever may                                                           COMMON NAME
  also be helped.                                      Inflammation of the eyes, lips,                   Honey bee.
                                                       mouth, or throat
                                                       SYMPTOMS   Inflammation of the eyes,
  Urticaria, bites & stings                            mouth, or throat. The eyes are red, sore,        Fever
  SYMPTOMS   The skin is itchy, swollen, and           and sensitive to light. They may water           SYMPTOMS    Fever with a total lack of thirst and
  highly sensitive to touch, with stinging pain.       profusely with hot tears. The mouth and          possible sore throat. There may be a severe
  It may be puffy and blotchy, with raised             throat are swollen, and are subject to           headache with stabbing pains, in which the
  bumps that seem full of water. Urticaria may         burning pains. Any swelling in the throat        head feels hot. There may also be chills, and
  develop after a chill or fever (see right).          may obstruct breathing. There is a marked        the skin is dry and sensitive.
  Symptoms better For cool surroundings; for           lack of thirst.                                  Symptoms better For cool surroundings;
  washing; for cold compresses on the skin.            Symptoms better For cold compresses on the       for uncovering; for cold compresses.
  Symptoms worse For heat; for hot, stuffy             affected area; for inhaling cool air.            Symptoms worse For heat; for hot, stuffy
  rooms; at night; for touch or pressure on the        Symptoms worse For heat; for hot, stuffy         rooms; for sleep; for touch or pressure on the
  affected area.                                       rooms; for touch.                                affected area.

  See also Circulation, page 184; Osteoarthritis, page 196; Prostate problems, page 202; Allergies, page 206; Urticaria, page 242
                                                                                                                  MAJOR ANIMAL REMEDIES                  • 105

Cantharis vesicatoria syn. Lytta vesicatoria

KEY SYMPTOMS burning, cutting pains • urine that passes in drops • very high libido
with urinary problems • violent behavior • person feels worse for coffee

The iridescent body of this beetle contains an irritant called cantharidine, which
has a long, if dubious, reputation in traditional medicine, due in part to its alleged
aphrodisiac properties. If taken in large doses, cantharidine is a powerful poison
that attacks the urinary system. It causes vomiting, diarrhea, burning pain in the
stomach and throat, and kidney damage, and can lead ultimately to death. The
remedy Cantharis, proved by Hahnemann in 1805, is given for complaints
accompanied by burning pain.

REMEDY PROFILE                                       may be long-term urine retention, which
Those who benefit most from Cantharis                results in a loss of muscle tone in the bladder.
usually have high sex drives, which may              Inflammation of the genital area may overly
become uncontrollable during certain                 stimulate the libido (see below).                   SPANISH FLY As a form of defense, this beetle
illnesses. They can be restless, querulous, and      Symptoms better For warmth; at night.               secretes cantharidine if touched. This active
difficult to get along with when ill. Irritability   Symptoms worse Before, during, and after            chemical causes the skin to blister.
or insolence can even explode into paroxysms         urination; for coffee; for cold drinks.
of violence or rage. In extreme cases, this may
                                                                                                           S O U R C E D E TA I L S
escalate into psychological problems such as         Burns & scalds
intense mental confusion or mania.                   SYMPTOMS    Burns, sunburn, and scalding, if the      ORIGIN
   Cantharis is prescribed for conditions that       skin blisters. Cantharis is also prescribed for       Found in southern Europe, notably in Spain
deteriorate very rapidly. Typical symptoms are       blisters that resemble burns.                         and southern France, as well as in western
loss of appetite, burning pain in the throat or      Symptoms better For cold compresses on the            Asia. Feeds on the leaves of white poplar,
stomach, and raging thirst with an aversion to       affected area.                                        ash, privet, elder, and lilac trees.
drinking, since even a small amount of water         Symptoms worse For warmth; for touch.
makes the bladder pain worse.                                                                              BACKGROUND
   Burning cystitis and urinary tract                Insect bites & stings                                 Traditionally used for warts, baldness,
inflammation are the main disorders for              SYMPTOMS   Unusually sharp pain at the site of        arousing the libido, and inducing
which Cantharis is used. Tenderness in the           a sting or bite, which has a black center.            miscarriage. The Greek “father of medicine,”
area of the kidneys, renal colic, kidney             Anger, restlessness, excitability, or aggravation     Hippocrates, advocated Spanish fly for
inflammation such as nephritis and                   may also be evident after the bite or sting.          dropsy in the 5th century BCE.
pyelonephritis, and some other urinary               Symptoms better For cold compresses on the
disorders may also be eased by the remedy.           affected area.                                        P R E PA R AT I O N
It is given for sunburn, scalds, and burns if        Symptoms worse For warmth; for coffee.                Whole, live beetles are killed by heating.
the skin has blistered, and is also used for                                                               They are then macerated in alcohol and left
insect bites and stings. Some digestive-tract        Gastritis, diarrhea &                                 to stand for five days, before being filtered,
disorders, such as gastritis, severe diarrhea,       dysentery                                             diluted, and succussed.
or dysentery, may respond to the remedy, as          SYMPTOMS   Violent, burning pain, distended
may an excessive libido.                             abdomen, and possibly diarrhea accompanied            COMMON NAMES
                                                     by a scalding sensation. There may be an urge         Spanish fly, blister beetle.
                                                     to empty the bowels when urinating, a loss of
Severe cystitis                                      appetite, and irritability.
SYMPTOMS   Constant, urgent desire to urinate,       Symptoms better For warmth; for doubling over;      to urinary tract infection, may stimulate sexual
with violent, spasmodic pains in the lower           at night.                                           activity (see left). Sexual fantasies may be
abdomen. Urine is scanty, hot, and bloody,           Symptoms worse During urination; for drinking.      strong enough to disturb sleep.
and is passed drop by drop, with violent                                                                 Symptoms better For warmth; for rest; for
burning or cutting pains in the bladder and          Excessive libido                                    rubbing the genitalia.
urethra. After urinating there is a sensation        SYMPTOMS  Uncontrollable, inappropriate             Symptoms worse During urination; during
that the bladder is not actually empty. There        sexual arousal. An inflamed genital area, due       sexual intercourse.

See also Irritable bowel syndrome, page 189; Ulcerative colitis, page 190; Cystitis, page 260


  KEY SYMPTOMS workaholic, passionate nature • conditions that are affected
  by being at the seaside • desire for travel • desire for butter and chocolate
  • sleeping difficulties

  This homeopathic remedy is made from cancerous tissue, usually obtained from
  the breast. Cancer is the second most common cause of death in the Western
  world (after heart disease). The development of a homeopathic remedy derived
  from cancerous tissue is attributed to two British homeopaths, Dr. Compton Burnett
  and Dr. Clarke, who first proved the remedy in the late 19th century. Its uses have                       Malignant cancer               Cancer cell divides
                                                                                                            cell exists as                 more rapidly than
  widened considerably following work by Dr. D. M. Foubister of the Royal London                            parasite in body               normal body cells
  Homeopathic Hospital and research published by the US homeopath Dr. J. Shore in
                                                                                                         CANCER The potential of cancer tissue, which is
  1989. Carcinosin is thought to be particularly beneficial for noncancerous conditions in
                                                                                                         used curatively only in the field of homeopathy, is
  people who have a strong family history of cancer.                                                     only now being fully explored.

  REMEDY PROFILE                                    numbness, and nausea. Frequent colds and
                                                                                                          S O U R C E D E TA I L S
  Carcinosin is best suited to people who were      recurrent acute illnesses are common
  shy, oversympathetic, and hypersensitive          characteristic traits. There may be depression        ORIGIN
  during childhood. Such children typically         and a loss of concentration. This condition           Carcinosin is a nosode, a remedy made from
  suppress their emotions, dislike being            may arise following a bout of mononucleosis.          diseased tissue (see page 20). It is
  criticized or scolded, and are easily offended.   Symptoms better For short naps; in the                prepared from cancerous tissue, which is
  During puberty they may find it difficult to      evening; at the seaside; for lying with the knees     commonly taken from the breast.
  contain their sexual feelings. As adults, they    drawn up to the elbows.
  tend to be passionate, and often become           Symptoms worse For physical exertion; for             BACKGROUND
  workaholics, continually pushing themselves       damp, clammy surroundings; for undressing.            Breast cancer is one of the most common
  to the limit. They may have a great desire for                                                          forms of cancer in women. Most malignant
  travel and excitement. Their yearning for deep    Insomnia                                              breast tumors are found in the upper, outer
  fulfilment may lead to exhaustion and illness.    SYMPTOMS   Chronic inability to sleep soundly,        part of the breast.
     People who benefit most from the remedy        especially if the pattern has been apparent
  may have a strong craving for fatty foods,        since childhood. This insomnia is particularly        P R E PA R AT I O N
  especially butter and chocolate. Physical         associated with prolonged periods of                  The prepared specimen of cancerous tissue
  symptoms may be positively or negatively          emotional stress, with some form of rejection         is sterilized and then dissolved in purified
  affected by being at the seaside. These people    often the root cause of the problem. Stimuli          water. This mixture is then repeatedly diluted
  generally feel better for dancing or when         such as thunderstorms may cause excitement            and succussed.
  listening to music. Their symptoms may be         and prevent sleep.
  relieved by lying with the knees drawn up to      Symptoms better In the evening; for short naps.       COMMON NAME
  the elbows.                                       Symptoms worse For physical exertion;                 Cancerous breast tissue.
     Carcinosin may be prescribed for those who     during thunderstorms.
  have a personal or family history of cancer,
  diabetes, or tuberculosis. In some cases the      Respiratory illness                                  is typically associated with a desire for fatty
  remedy may even be used in the treatment of       SYMPTOMS   Bronchitis with a cough that develops     foods such as chocolate.
  the actual diseases. The remedy also has an       from a tickle in the throat. There may also be       Symptoms better For pressure on the
  affinity with those who have a history of         asthma and a feeling of constriction in the chest.   abdomen; for bending forward; for hot drinks.
  emotional stress, or who are recovering from      Symptoms better In the evening; for short naps.      Symptoms worse Between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.
  chronic fatigue syndrome or mononucleosis.        Symptoms worse For cold air; for talking; for
                                                    laughing; for running; for undressing.               Skin growths & blemishes
                                                                                                         SYMPTOMS  Multiple moles and blemishes, acne
  Chronic fatigue syndrome                          Abdominal pain                                       on the back and chest, or boils. There may be
  SYMPTOMS    Weakness and exhaustion,              SYMPTOMS   Abdominal pain with dry, hard             itching and a tendency to bruise or bleed easily.
  associated with tenderness in the muscles.        stools and burning pain on the right side of         Symptoms better In the evening.
  This is often accompanied by dizziness,           the colon. There may be constipation, which          Symptoms worse For undressing.

  See also Allergies, page 206
                                                                                                               MAJOR ANIMAL REMEDIES                    • 107

Crotalus horridus horridus

KEY SYMPTOMS bleeding, possibly from every orifice • septicemia or
even septic shock • aversion to tight collars

The Latin name for the rattlesnake derives from the
Greek krotalon, meaning “rattle” or “castanet.” This is
due to the distinctive rattling sound made by the
snake’s tail, which vibrates at 50 beats per second as
the creature prepares to strike its prey. The remedy,
proved by the US homeopath Dr. Constantine Hering in
1837, is prescribed primarily for a range of serious disorders,
including hemorrhaging, angina, strokes, and infection.
                                                                                                                                        Snake may shed its
                                                                                                                                        skin two or three
REMEDY PROFILE                                    function in the limbs, which is generally right-                                      times a year
Those who respond best to Crotalus tend to be     sided and accompanied by pain that extends
sluggish and melancholic. They are prone to       down to the left hand. Other symptoms may           RATTLESNAKE This venomous snake is also called
forgetfulness, and may lose their way in their    include retinal hemorrhaging and nosebleeds.        the pit viper, due to the heat-sensitive pit between
own neighborhood, or even forget the names        There may be signs of delirium (see below).         its eyes and nostrils that it uses to locate its prey.
of close friends. An aversion to family           Symptoms better For fresh air; for light.
members is typical of these people, and a         Symptoms worse For lying on the left side.
                                                                                                        S O U R C E D E TA I L S
desire for meat, especially pork, is common.
   Crotalus is considered to help stop bleeding   Heart disorders                                       ORIGIN
from any orifice, making it highly useful for     SYMPTOMS    Partial or total collapse following       Native range, like that of many other species
hemorrhaging. It is given following the onset     angina or a heart attack. There may be                of rattlesnakes, is Canada, the US, and
of a state of total collapse, which may be        weakness, fainting, and pain that is worse on         South America. Found in arid terrain and
due to a severe septic state, a stroke, or        the left side of the body and that possibly           desert areas.
a heart attack. In addition, it may help          extends down the arm to the left hand. There
cases of delirium, throat infection, or           may be great reluctance to move due to a              BACKGROUND
retinal hemorrhage.                               feeling that something is going to burst              Venom “milked” from live snakes is used to
                                                  underneath the breastbone.                            make antivenins, which trigger production of
                                                  Symptoms better For light.                            antibodies that neutralize the poison from a
Bleeding                                          Symptoms worse For lying on the left side; for        snakebite.
SYMPTOMS    Copious bleeding from any orifice.    climbing up steps, or walking up a hill or slope.
The remedy is especially effective for slow                                                             P R E PA R AT I O N
bleeding, or for thin, dark blood that does not   Delirium                                               Venom obtained from a live snake by
clot well. It may seem as though blood is         SYMPTOMS    Confused and disordered thoughts          “milking” it is dropped onto lactose sugar.
present in the perspiration or tears. The         as a result of a serious infection, stroke, or        The resulting mixture is then triturated.
bleeding may be associated with a state of        heart attack. There may be irritability, anxiety,
collapse or severe infection. Crotalus is used    and an inability to answer questions. Insomnia        COMMON NAMES
for septicemia with hemorrhaging where the        is another possible symptom: those affected           Rattlesnake, pit viper.
breakdown of red blood cells is so great that     may suddenly jump out of bed and try to run
the liver becomes overwhelmed, leading to the     away, muttering and babbling. These
onset of serious conditions such as jaundice.     symptoms may also be associated with the            The pain is particularly sharp on the left
Symptoms better For fresh air; for light;         delirium tremens caused by alcoholism.              side of the throat, and is often accompanied
for movement.                                     Symptoms better For light; for movement.            by a dry, irritating cough. Another
Symptoms worse For lying on the left side; for    Symptoms worse For falling asleep; on waking;       characteristic symptom linked with Crotalus
wearing tight clothes.                            for alcohol.                                        is soreness in the throat with associated
                                                                                                      difficulty in swallowing.
Stroke                                            Throat infections                                   Symptoms better For being in fresh air.
SYMPTOMS  Weakness or total collapse after a      SYMPTOMS   Inflammation or infection of the         Symptoms worse For lying on the left side; for
stroke. There may be paralysis or impaired        throat, often due to laryngitis or tonsillitis.     clothing that is tight around the neck.

See also Cancer, page 208

  Lac caninum

  KEY SYMPTOMS pain that alternates from side to side • fear of snakes
  • great sensitivity • lack of confidence • swollen breasts before
  menstruation • sensitivity to touch

  Since the era of ancient Rome, the milk of nursing female dogs has been
  put to medicinal use. In the 1st century CE the Roman naturalist Pliny the
  Elder advocated it for allaying certain disorders of the female reproductive
  system. The Greek physician Sextus used it in the 3rd century CE for
  treating light-intolerance and inflammation of the inner ear. The homeopathic
  remedy Lac. can. was proved in 1888 by Drs. Swan and Berridge.

                                                                                                      BITCH’S MILK Before the discovery of a vaccine
  REMEDY PROFILE                                       is particularly strong, and may be             for diphtheria, bitch’s milk was commonly
  Those who benefit most from Lac can. tend            associated with a sensation as though snakes   used to treat the disease.
  to lack self-confidence or feel self-contempt.       are crawling all over and around the body.
  Often restless and nervous, they may be              There may be hypochondria and a constant
                                                                                                       S O U R C E D E TA I L S
  highly sensitive to sensory stimulation. An          desire to wash the hands. Anxiety and
  active imagination and excitable nature              fear may trigger hysteria, with possible        ORIGIN
  combine to engender irrational fears that may        aggressive behavior.                            The milk from any nursing bitch may be
  develop into phobias. They may be prone to           Symptoms better For being in fresh air.         used, although in practice mongrels are
  bouts of depression.                                 Symptoms worse For touch.                       used most often.
     A typical symptom in those who respond to
  Lac can. is a feeling of “otherworldliness,” as if   Breast problems                                 BACKGROUND
  the self is floating just above or behind the        SYMPTOMS   Swollen, sore breasts prior to       Ancient Romans used remedies derived
  body, or a sensation that is often described as      menstruation. Pain switches from side to        from bitch’s milk for ovarian pains, and for
  “floating on air.”                                   side. In breast-feeding mothers, breast milk    uterine and cervical problems.
     Lac can. is used for irrational phobias and       may be lacking or suppressed, or milk
  for acute sensory hypersensitivity. The remedy is    production may be excessive. The breasts        P R E PA R AT I O N
  also considered particularly effective for the       are painful and feel as though they are full    Fresh milk from a nursing mongrel bitch is
  throat, the nervous system, and the female           of hard lumps. There may be a desire to         expressed and diluted in a mix of alcohol
  reproductive system. In all conditions,              hold the breasts firmly.                        and water for the tincture.
  symptoms tend to move from site to site              Symptoms better For warmth; for being in
  around the afflicted area of the body.               fresh air; for rest.                            COMMON NAME
                                                       Symptoms worse For touch; for the slightest     Bitch’s milk.
                                                       movement; for going up and down stairs.
  Throat infections
  SYMPTOMS   Excessive dryness in the throat.          Vaginal bleeding & discharge                   Hypersensitivity
  Burning pain makes swallowing difficult.             SYMPTOMS   Bleeding between menstrual          SYMPTOMS   Mental hypersensitivity due to an
  The pain alternates from side to side, and           periods or following sexual intercourse.       overactive imagination. A hysterical state
  may extend to the ears. The saliva is of a           A vaginal discharge may accompany              may develop; this may involve seeing faces
  viscous consistency, and the back of the             bleeding, particularly before menstruation.    and hearing noises that do not exist. Parts
  throat may be lined with a silvery film.             The genitalia are very sensitive to touch or   of the body, such as the genitalia, are also
  Symptoms may coincide with menstruation              pressure, including that of bathing or the     physically hypersensitive. Touch is felt
  if they are caused by tonsillitis.                   friction of clothes. Sexual intercourse may    acutely, and there may be an urge to keep
  Symptoms better For being in fresh air;              be painful, and during orgasm hysteria may     the legs or fingers apart to avoid skin-to-
  for cold drinks.                                     develop. The libido may be sharply             skin contact. Absent-mindedness and
  Symptoms worse For touch.                            increased or reduced.                          hypochondria may accompany this state.
                                                       Symptoms better For warmth; for being in       Symptoms better For warmth; for being in fresh
  Phobias                                              fresh air; for rest.                           air; for rest.
  SYMPTOMS  Irrational fears, usually of snakes,       Symptoms worse For touch; for                  Symptoms worse For touch; for movement;
  storms, dogs, or disease. The fear of snakes         movement.                                      for cold air.

  See also Phobias, page 211; Sore throat, page 226; Breast pain, page 258
                                                                                                                     MAJOR ANIMAL REMEDIES                 • 109

Lachesis muta syn. Trigonocephalus lachesis

KEY SYMPTOMS zealous temperament • loquacity
• conditions that generally appear on the left side
• person feels better for expelling discharges

Known as “surucucu” by indigenous South American peoples, the
                                                                                                            BUSHMASTER SNAKE Unusually, this member of
bushmaster is a highly poisonous snake whose venom inhibits nerve impulses                                  the rattlesnake family is an aggressive hunter, with
in the heart, destroys red blood cells, and interferes with clotting. One bite directly                     an extremely loud rattle and highly lethal venom.

into a vein can cause almost instant death. The remedy, proved by Dr. Constantine
Hering in 1828, is given mainly for vascular and circulatory conditions.                                      S O U R C E D E TA I L S
                                                                                                              A deadly member of the rattlesnake family.
REMEDY PROFILE                                      The symptoms may disrupt sleep and improve                Native territory is South America, and
Those most responsive to this remedy tend to        with the onset of menstruation.                           preferred habitat tends to be the wooded
be ambitious, creative, perceptive, talkative       Symptoms better For fresh air; for                        areas of tropical regions.
people who live life to the fullest. If they        menstruating; for expelling natural discharges;
believe in an ideology, they have a tendency to     for eating.                                               BACKGROUND
follow it dogmatically. Their intensity may         Symptoms worse For heat; for sleep; upon                  “Milked” from the live snake, the
cause them to become fanatical about religion       waking; for touch; for the pressure of tight clothes.     bushmaster’s venom is used to make
or sex. Being confined in any way is                                                                          an antivenin for people bitten by it. The
anathema to them, whether physically by             Spasms & tremors                                          antivenin helps counteract the effects
tight, restrictive clothing, or emotionally         SYMPTOMS   Muscle spasms, tremors, and                    of the bite.
by commitment in a relationship.                    weakness in the limbs. Spasms may be
A tendency to become overstimulated by              triggered by the slightest touch, and may be              P R E PA R AT I O N
their intense lifestyle may lead to physical        accompanied by fainting or convulsions.                   Venom is “milked” from the bushmaster
and mental “congestion” that makes it hard to       These symptoms may be linked to alcoholism,               snake before being dissolved in alcohol.
control their emotions. Egocentric, cruel,          fever, multiple sclerosis, petit mal epilepsy, or         The mixture is then repeatedly diluted
and wildly jealous behavior may result.             even brain damage following a stroke.                     and succussed.
They also slip easily into depression and           Symptoms better For fresh air; for expelling
extreme loquacity.                                  natural discharges; for movement; for cold drinks.        COMMON NAMES
   Conditions treated by this remedy usually        Symptoms worse For heat; for sleep; for touch;            Bushmaster snake, surucucu.
appear on the left side. The symptoms tend to       on the left side; for the menopause; for alcohol
develop or worsen during sleep. Energy levels       or hot drinks.
fluctuate. Physical symptoms are eased by                                                                   Symptoms better For fresh air; for expelling
expelling natural discharges such as menstrual      Poor circulation & varicose                             natural discharges; for loosening clothes.
blood or gas (while suppressing them can            veins                                                   Symptoms worse For heat; for sleep; upon
cause discomfort or pain). Similarly, releasing     SYMPTOMS   Poor circulation that turns the face,        waking; for constriction around the neck; for
“emotional discharges” brings relief.               ears, and extremities blue or purple. Any               swallowing fluids.
   Lachesis is often used for hot flashes that      wounds bleed very easily, with even a pin-
occur during menopause, premenstrual                prick oozing great drops of blood. Lachesis             Heart disorders
syndrome, and certain nervous disorders. The        may also be used for varicose veins that are            SYMPTOMS    Cramping pains in the chest, with a
remedy is also prescribed for a sore throat,        engorged and bluish-purple in color.                    rapid, irregular, weak pulse and possible
poor circulation, varicose veins, and certain       Symptoms better For fresh air; for expelling            palpitations. There may be a strange sensation
vascular conditions such as angina.                 natural discharges; for eating.                         as though the heart has swollen and become
                                                    Symptoms worse For lying on the left side; for          too large for the body. Further accompanying
                                                    touch; for the pressure of tight clothes.               symptoms typically include anxiety and
Women’s health                                                                                              cyanosis (bluish lips, tongue, and extremities).
SYMPTOMS    Menopausal hot flashes, perhaps with    Sore throat                                             Symptoms better For fresh air; for expelling
fainting spells, palpitations, and hot sweats.      SYMPTOMS  Swollen, dark purple throat,                  natural discharges; for eating.
Lachesis is also used for painful menstruation or   predominantly on the left side, with splinterlike       Symptoms worse For heat; for lying on the left
premenstrual syndrome with hot flashes, a left-     pain that may spread to the ears. Air or liquids        side; for sleep; for any constriction around the
sided headache, and violent mood swings.            seem more painful to swallow than solids.               throat or chest; for touch.

See also Multiple sclerosis, page 179; Palpitations, page 186; Rosacea, page 193; Reproduction, page 198, 258; Emotions, page 210


  KEY SYMPTOMS behavioral extremes • hurried feeling • extremely passionate nature
  • person feels better for lying on the abdomen and in the evening

  Galen, the famous Greek physician active in the 2nd century CE, gave gonorrhea
  its name, from gonos, or “seed,” and rhoia, or “flow.” It is thought that the disease                   Bacterium
                                                                                                          called Neisseria
  predates ancient Greece, however, and was known in ancient Egypt and China.                             gonorrhoeae
  Widespread by the 18th century, gonorrhea was considered a major underlying                             transmits infection

  cause of illness, described by Hahnemann as a “miasm” (see page 20). The remedy,                        GONORRHEA Transmitted via sexual contact,
  derived from a “nosode” (see page 20) of the infection itself, was proved by                            this infection invades the reproductive system
  Dr. Swan and published in Allen’s Materia Medica of Nosodes (1880–90).                                  and can cause sterility if left untreated.

                                                                                                           S O U R C E D E TA I L S
  REMEDY PROFILE                                      Symptoms better For kneeling on all fours;
  Medorrhinum is best suited to people who feel       for lying on the abdomen; in the evening.            ORIGIN
  hurried and anxious, yet simultaneously             Symptoms worse For hot weather; for passing          Discharge from the gonorrhea bacterium,
  isolated and empty, in a dreamlike, detached        urine; for movement.                                 Neisseria gonorrhoeae, which commonly
  state. They are passionate and experience life                                                           infects the mucous membranes of the
  to the limit. Behavioral extremes are not           Women’s health                                       vagina or urethra.
  uncommon, ranging from a withdrawn,                 SYMPTOMS    Profuse, foul-smelling menstrual
  aesthetically sensitive state to an egotistical,    flow, and an acrid, thick vaginal discharge          BACKGROUND
  selfish one.                                        with a fishy odor. There may be marked               Worldwide, one of the most common
     Physical symptoms typically center on            sensitivity near the cervix, tenderness in the       sexually transmitted diseases, now treated
  mucous membranes, which are prone to                breasts and nipples, and even sterility.             with antibiotics; earlier forms of treatment
  infection. Symptoms are generally better            Symptoms better For kneeling on all fours; for       included silver nitrate injections.
  for a discharge of mucus, for sea air, and in       lying on the abdomen; in the evening.
  the evening. In damp weather, and between           Symptoms worse For hot weather; for passing          P R E PA R AT I O N
  3 a.m. and 4 a.m., they tend to worsen.             urine; for movement.                                 Urethral discharge from a male patient
  A thirst for cold drinks and cravings for meat,                                                          infected with gonorrhea is diluted in purified
  fish, salt, sweets, and unripe foods are            Testicular pain                                      water and succussed to make the
  common, as is an aversion to “slimy” foods          SYMPTOMS   Prostatitis with an enlarged, painful,    homeopathic remedy.
  such as eggplant or oysters.                        heavy prostate gland. The urethra may be
     Medorrhinum is prescribed for infections         inflamed and tender with a foul-smelling             COMMON NAME
  of the urinary tract, reproductive system,          discharge, and there may be impotency.               Gonorrhea.
  genitals, and respiratory tract. It is also         Symptoms better For kneeling on all fours;
  a remedy for asthma, and may be especially          for lying on the abdomen; in the evening.
  effective for those who have a personal             Symptoms worse For hot weather; for passing         membranes in the nose. There may be
  or family history of gonorrhea or early             urine; for movement.                                rhinitis, with postnasal drip (mucus that
  heart disease.                                                                                          drips down the back of the throat) and
                                                      Genital warts & herpes                              frequent sneezing. Pressure and aching
                                                      SYMPTOMS   Cauliflower-like, pink warts on the      in the sinuses may develop into sinusitis.
  Urinary-tract infections                            genitals. A sore, itchy rash of small genital       Asthma may occur, and is typically better
  SYMPTOMS     Sharp, burning pain on urinating,      blisters bursting to leave painful ulcers is        for lying on the abdomen and sticking out
  perhaps with a yellow, pus-filled discharge or      indicative of herpes.                               the tongue. There may be a cough that is
  blood in the urine (indicative of nonspecific       Symptoms better For kneeling on all fours; for      also better for lying on the abdomen, and
  urethritis), or with a frequent urge to urinate,    lying on the abdomen; in the evening.               aggravated by sweet foods and drinks.
  if cystitis is the cause. In severe cases, kidney   Symptoms worse For hot weather; for passing         A further symptom is sore, watering eyes
  infections such as renal colic may follow. In       urine; for movement.                                that may develop conjunctivitis.
  men, if accompanied by pain in the abdomen,                                                             Symptoms better For sea air; for lying on the
  lower back, rectum, or testicles, fever, and        Rhinitis, sinusitis & asthma                        abdomen and sticking out the tongue.
  a urinal discharge, symptoms may be due             SYMPTOMS  Burning, profuse catarrh, which is        Symptoms worse For cold; for damp; during
  to prostatitis (see right).                         associated with inflammation of the mucous          the day.

  See also Asthma, page 181; Rheumatoid arthritis, page 197; Candidiasis, page 200
                                                                                                                   MAJOR ANIMAL REMEDIES                    • 111


KEY SYMPTOMS despair and pessimism • sense of being forsaken • chilliness
• offensive-smelling discharges • constant hunger

In Latin, scabere means “to scratch.” From this is derived the name of the
scabies mite, which tunnels into the skin and causes an itchy, blistering
infection. Hahnemann believed that scabies infection reflected a more deep-
seated, underlying disease, or “miasm,” in his patients (see page 20), which could
be revealed and healed by treatment. He proved the homeopathic remedy, Psorinum,
from a “nosode” (see page 20) of the infection, although it was not published until it                    SCABIES MITE Once the female mite has eaten her
was re-proved by Hering in 1831. Psorinum is given mainly for skin, bowel, and                            way into the skin, she lays eggs that hatch and
                                                                                                          cause infestation.
respiratory tract complaints.

                                                                                                            S O U R C E D E TA I L S
REMEDY PROFILE                                        Diarrhea
There is characteristically an anxious, rather        SYMPTOMS   Diarrhea with spasmodic abdominal          ORIGIN
unambitious air to those for whom Psorinum is         cramps, and a strong appetite but no weight           Scabies mite, or Sarcoptes scabiei, eats
best suited. They are prone to feeling somewhat       gain. If accompanied by a distended abdomen,          into the skin to lay eggs. Its saliva is highly
abandoned, forsaken, and pessimistic.                 excessive flatulence, and a feeling of incomplete     irritating, causing fluid-filled blisters on the
   Lack of stamina is a typical trait. These people   evacuation during bowel movements,                    skin. This fluid is used for the remedy.
generally possess weak constitutions, proving         symptoms may indicate irritable bowel
easy prey to infections and viruses. Recovery         syndrome (IBS), and may also include bouts            BACKGROUND
from any illness is slow. Often worse in wintry       of constipation. Stools are foul-smelling, fluid,     Transmitted via skin contact, scabies is
weather, they tend to feel the cold sharply, even     gushing, dark, and bloody. Accompanying               highly contagious and found worldwide. It is
in summer, wrapping up to avoid a chill since it      symptoms may include a headache,                      treated by applying insecticide lotion to the
aggravates their symptoms, but they can also feel     and mucus and a burning sensation in                  entire surface area of the skin.
worse for strong heat. Despite a huge appetite,       the rectum.
they are usually thin. They have an increased         Symptoms better For moderate temperatures.            P R E PA R AT I O N
sense of well-being just before the onset of          Symptoms worse For cold; for heat; in the early       Fluid is drawn by syringe from a scabies
illness, but when ill are prey to morbid fears that   morning; for coffee.                                  blister on the skin of an infected person. It
they will not recover.                                                                                      is sterilized, dissolved in purified water, then
   Skin, bowel, or respiratory tract disorders        Respiratory illness                                   diluted and succussed.
are the primary conditions for which Psorinum         SYMPTOMS    Recurrent acute respiratory
is prescribed, generally when the underlying          infections with offensive-smelling catarrh and        COMMON NAME
vitality is poor.                                     breathlessness. Sinus infection is common, as         Scabies.
                                                      is bronchitis or a cough accompanied by great
                                                      fatigue. Symptoms typical of the hay fever
Skin conditions                                       and asthma that may respond to Psorinum             discharge. Ear infections such as otitis media
SYMPTOMS    Pus-filled pimples, crusting, scaly       are coughing, breathlessness, and wheezing,         or otitis externa may also be helped by the
eruptions, or itchy, blistered patches of skin.       often exacerbated by exercise or cold weather.      remedy if there is a foul-smelling discharge.
The skin always looks dirty, even after cleansing.    There may be an associated eye or ear               Symptoms better For moderate temperatures.
Pimples are often pus-filled acne, appearing          infection (see below).                              Symptoms worse For cold; for open air.
on the face, neck, scalp, and hairline.               Symptoms better For moderate temperatures;
Prevalence is especially common in teenagers          for lying on the back with the arms outstretched    Depression
(acne vulgaris) and middle-aged women (acne           and head low.                                       SYMPTOMS    Profound fear of personal failure,
rosacea). Scaly eruptions are typically due to        Symptoms worse For cold; for open air;              poverty, and death, with a pessimistic belief
eczema, producing large areas of weeping skin         for cold drinks.                                    that life holds no promise. Feelings of intense
or itchy, scaly patches of skin that may blister                                                          loneliness and abandonment may lead to
and are prone to infection and suppuration,           Eye & ear infections                                despair and suicidal thoughts.
producing a foul-smelling yellow discharge.           SYMPTOMS   Painful styes with yellow pus, or an     Symptoms better For warm surroundings;
Symptoms better For washing; for warm clothing.       eye infection such as conjunctivitis, which         for eating.
Symptoms worse For overheating from exertion.         causes inflamed eyelids and a yellowy               Symptoms worse For cold; for coffee.

See also Rosacea, page 193; Severe eczema, page 194; Phobias, page 211; Skin problems, page 268

  Sepia officinalis

  KEY SYMPTOMS chilliness • weepiness • irritability • indifference • aversion to sexual
  intercourse • craving for sour foods

  Cuttlefish ink, also known as sepia, is used to make a dark brown pigment
  traditionally used by painters and printers. In 1834 Hahnemann proved the
  homeopathic remedy, after observing the apathy and depression experienced
  by an artist friend who frequently licked his sepia-soaked paintbrush while                                         INK

  painting. Sepia is predominantly prescribed to treat women’s health problems,                           CUTTLEFISH Related
  especially during or before menstrual periods, or throughout menopause.                                 to the octopus and
                                                                                                          squid, this mollusk
  REMEDY PROFILE                                      Fatigue                                             camouflages itself by
  Sepia is best suited to people who are irritable    SYMPTOMS  Emotional and physical exhaustion.        changing color and
  with loved ones but extroverted in company.         The back and sides may ache, and the muscles        protects itself by squirting
  They often appear opinionated, detached, and        may feel weak.                                      its brownish black ink
  hard, detesting sympathy and disguising their       Symptoms better For warmth; for fresh air; for      when threatened.                  CUTTLEFISH
  vulnerability. There is typically a sense of        sleep; for being occupied; for vigorous exercise.
  sagging or drooping. Despite weepiness,             Symptoms worse In the early morning;
                                                                                                           S O U R C E D E TA I L S
  crying does not bring relief.                       in the early evening; for thundery weather;
     These individuals typically prefer sour foods    before menstruation.                                 ORIGIN
  and drinks, sweet foods, and alcohol, but                                                                Found mainly in the Mediterranean Sea, the
  dislike milk and pork.                              Digestive disorders                                  preferred habitat of the cuttlefish is near the
     Sepia is chiefly linked with the vagina,         SYMPTOMS   Indigestion and flatulence, with an       bottom of waters close to the shore.
  uterus, and ovaries. It is used for menopause,      abdomen that feels tender and empty, even after
  premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and some               eating. There may be constipation, with a feeling    BACKGROUND
  pregnancy-related ailments. Indigestion             as if a lump is in the rectum. Vomiting and          In ancient Greece, cuttlefish ink was used
  may also be helped, as may headaches,               nausea may also occur, notably in pregnancy.         medicinally as a treatment for gonorrhea
  catarrh, discolored, itchy skin, and                Symptoms better For warmth; for vigorous             and kidney stones.
  circulatory problems.                               exercise; for sleep.
                                                      Symptoms worse For fatigue; for lying on the         P R E PA R AT I O N
                                                      left side.                                           Cuttlefish ink is dried to a crystalline form
  Women’s health                                                                                           and then triturated with lactose sugar.
  SYMPTOMS  Sepia may be used for hormone             Headaches
  imbalances linked to PMS, and for thrush, heavy,    SYMPTOMS   Headaches that are particularly           COMMON NAME
  painful menstruation, and menopause. Typical        prevalent on the left side, possibly with            Cuttlefish.
  symptoms may include a dislike of being             nausea, dizziness, and hair loss.
  touched, particularly before menstruation,          Symptoms better For warmth; for being in fresh
  during menopause, or if there are associated        air; for sleep; for eating.                         across the nose and cheeks, especially
  emotional problems. Before, during, and after       Symptoms worse In the early morning; in the         during pregnancy.
  pregnancy, emotional and physical ailments such     early evening; for lying on the left side;          Symptoms better For fresh air.
  as nausea and fatigue may be helped by the          before menstruation.                                Symptoms worse Before menstruation;
  remedy. Sexual intercourse may seem painful,                                                            in pregnancy.
  prompting an aversion to it. There may be           Catarrh
  intense abdominal pressure and stress               SYMPTOMS    Salty-tasting catarrh caused by an      Poor circulation
  incontinence on laughing or coughing, which         allergy or cold accompanied by a cough.             SYMPTOMS   Varicose veins, or hot and
  may be an indicator of a prolapsed uterus.          Symptoms better For warmth; for fresh air; for      cold flashes, especially during
  Symptoms better For fresh air; for exercise; for    sitting up.                                         menopause.
  crossing the legs; for being occupied; for sleep;   Symptoms worse At night; during sleep.              Symptoms better For fresh air; for exercise;
  for eating.                                                                                             for eating.
  Symptoms worse In the early morning; in the         Skin conditions                                     Symptoms worse In the early morning; in the
  early evening; for thundery weather; for lying on   SYMPTOMS   Discolored, itchy patches,               early evening; before menstruation; during
  the left side; for fatigue.                         and a yellowy brown “saddle,” or chloasma,          menopause.

  See also Palpitations, page 186; Skin, pages 192, 242; Reproduction, page 198; Emotional problems, page 210; Women’s health, page 256
                                                                                                               MAJOR ANIMAL REMEDIES                  • 113


KEY SYMPTOMS compulsive behavior • ulcers and destruction of body tissues                             SYPHILIS This infection begins as a painless

• conditions that are worse at night • craving for alcohol                                            ulcer, but over the years develops into a
                                                                                                      highly destructive disease.

Legend relates that syphilis takes its name from a 16th-century poem by the
Italian poet Fracastoro, which portrayed a shepherd named Syphilus as the first
victim of the disease. Also known as the “French disease.” The incidence of
syphilis reached epidemic proportions at the end of the 15th century, then fell
dramatically after the development of penicillin. After initial infection, symptoms
may disappear for years, but left untreated will eventually ravage the body. The
remedy Syphilinum was proved by the homeopath Dr. Samuel Swan and published
in Henry C. Allen’s Materia Medica of Nosodes (1880–90).

REMEDY PROFILE                                      Constipation
Syphilinum is most effective for people with poor   SYMPTOMS   Obstinate, sluggish bowels,
memory and concentration. Often highly              recurring over many years. There may
anxious, possibly with obsessive or compulsive      be spasms in the rectum, possibly with
tendencies, they may also have a dependency on      a feeling that the rectum is too tight to            Bacterium called
alcohol, drugs, or tobacco. Great destructiveness   pass stools.                                      Treponema pallidum                    Bacterium is
is a key factor, as is a strong fear of disease,    Symptoms better For walking slowly.                  spreads disease                    spiral-shaped
possibly culminating in suicidal feelings.          Symptoms worse At night.
Symptoms of physical destruction may be
                                                                                                        S O U R C E D E TA I L S
evident, often with ulcers and bone pains and       Obsessive-compulsive
distortions. Generally, symptoms appear and         behavior                                            ORIGIN
disappear gradually, and are worse at night.        SYMPTOMS   Obsessive or compulsive behavior,        Caused by the Treponema pallidum
Alcohol is often craved.                            such as obsessively washing the hands, and          bacterium, the disease is often spread by
   Physical ailments most often treated with        generally great anxiety. Substance abuse may        sexual intercourse, via mucous membranes
Syphilinum include ulcers, asthma,                  be an associated feature. There may be              or broken skin.
constipation, menstrual problems, eye               destructive tendencies that extend to the self,
inflammation, and headaches.                        possibly leading to suicidal thoughts.              BACKGROUND
                                                    Symptoms better During the day.                     Originally treated using mercury and
                                                    Symptoms worse At night.                            arsenic, which were ineffective and almost
Ulcers                                                                                                  as dangerous as syphilis itself. Now treated
SYMPTOMS  Recurrent boils, abscesses, and           Menstrual problems                                  with penicillin.
suppurations linked to chronic ulceration,          & miscarriage
often appearing on the groin. They discharge        SYMPTOMS    Painful, scanty menstrual periods.      P R E PA R AT I O N
pus but are relatively painless. Mouth ulcers       Menstrual blood has an offensive odor.              A swab of the serum that coats a syphilis
with excessive salivation may be helped by          A vaginal discharge may also be evident, and        chancre (ulcer) is first sterilized and
the remedy.                                         it is generally unpleasant-smelling, watery,        dissolved in purified water, then diluted
Symptoms better During the day.                     acrid, and profuse. Frequent miscarriage is         and succussed.
Symptoms worse At night; for extreme heat           another ailment for which Syphilinum may
or cold.                                            be prescribed.                                      COMMON NAME
                                                    Symptoms better During the day.                     Syphilis.
Asthma                                              Symptoms worse At night.
SYMPTOMS  Wheezing and breathlessness,
which may be accompanied by a dry cough             Eye inflammation                                  Headaches
and tightness in the chest.                         SYMPTOMS  Inflamed iris or conjunctiva,           SYMPTOMS   An ache that feels as if it is deep in the
Symptoms better For warm, wet, damp                 perhaps due to an ulcer on the cornea.            brain, accompanied by pain over the right eye.
weather; during thunderstorms; for breathing        Discharges with pus or mucus may occur.           The pain is worse for sticking out the tongue.
mountain air; for lying down.                       Symptoms better During the day.                   Symptoms better During the day.
Symptoms worse At night.                            Symptoms worse At night.                          Symptoms worse At night.

See also Asthma, page 181; Mouth ulcers, page 233; Constipation, page 238; Painful periods, page 256

  Tarentula hispanica syn. Lycosa tarentula

  KEY SYMPTOMS sensitivity to music • mood swings • extreme restlessness • rolling
  from side to side • promiscuity and heightened libido • craving for spicy foods
                                                                                                        Jaws suck
                                                                                                        food into body
  Often confused with the formidable American arachnid, which belongs to                                as liquid

  a different family, this European spider is not deadly. However, its bite was once
  thought to cause tarantism, a disease marked by either mania or melancholy.
  The name “tarentula” is derived from Tarento, a port on the coast of southeast Italy
  that was particularly associated with the spider. The common names “wolf spider”
  and “hunting spider” arose from this species’ habit of chasing its prey rather than
  trapping it in a web. Tarentula was proved in 1864 by the Spanish homeopath
  Dr. Nunez, and is used for overstimulation of the nervous system.

  REMEDY PROFILE                                     Restless limbs & chorea
  Those who respond best to Tarentula                SYMPTOMS   Constant jerking and trembling          TARENTULA Despite its fearsome reputation,
  often exhibit signs of hyperactivity,              of the hands and legs. There may be                probably based on the link with tarantism and
  overstimulation, and extreme sensitivity to        constant movement, a compulsion to hurry,          on confusion with the deadly North American
  music. They are full of energy, with a             and frenetic, excess energy, although              tarantula, the bite of this spider is about as
  constant sense of hurry, impatience, and           walking and kneeling may be difficult.             toxic as a bee sting.
  physical and mental restlessness. A classic        The twitching and jerking movements are
  symptom is mood swings, where laughter             random and unpredictable, possibly with
                                                                                                         S O U R C E D E TA I L S
  and happiness are rapidly replaced by              pins and needles or numbness. Sleep is
  violent, destructive rage and a marked             restless, and there may be a headache that          ORIGIN
  tendency to be manipulative.                       feels as though needles are pricking the            Found in many parts of southern Europe.
     When ill, these people tend to roll from        brain. There may be great irritability
  side to side in an attempt to ease their           and impatience.                                     BACKGROUND
  symptoms. Their constant restlessness makes        Symptoms better For fresh air; for seeing           Not used medicinally outside homeopathy,
  them unable to remain still for any length of      bright colors; for music; for smoking               although a related species, the trapdoor
  time. They often crave salty or spicy foods,       a cigarette.                                        spider (Cteniza fodiens), is used for
  and may have a strong aversion to meat.            Symptoms worse For touch; for movement;             swellings and skin ulcers in traditional
     Tarentula is most commonly prescribed to        for noise; at the same time each year; for          Chinese medicine.
  treat extreme anger and mood swings, restless      witnessing the suffering and pain of others.
  limbs and chorea (also called St. Vitus’ dance),                                                       P R E PA R AT I O N
  and certain heart problems. It is also given for   Angina & heart disorders                            The whole, live spider is macerated in
  some ailments affecting women’s health and         SYMPTOMS   Trembling, starts, and thumping          alcohol and left to dissolve. The resulting
  hyperactivity, particularly in children.           in the heart, which feels twisted and out of        solution is then succussed and diluted.
                                                     position. The pulse is irregular and infrequent,
                                                     and there may be chorea (see above).                COMMON NAMES
  Mood swings                                        Symptoms better For fresh air; for rest;            Tarentula, wolf spider, Spanish spider,
  SYMPTOMS   Sudden mood changes switching           for music.                                          hunting spider.
  from gaiety to starkly negative moods              Symptoms worse For touch; for noise; for
  that are marked by quarrelsome, angry,             exertion; for putting hands in cold water.
  ungrateful behavior. There is a tendency                                                              Cystitis
  to exhibit extreme sensitivity to music,           Women’s health                                     SYMPTOMS   Intense burning and stinging on
  erratic behavior, or sudden, violent,              SYMPTOMS   Sensitive genitalia with severe         urinating, a frequent urge to urinate, and
  destructive actions such as smashing               vulval itching. The vagina may feel hot, dry,      incontinence when laughing and coughing.
  something, laughing, and then apologizing.         and raw. Symptoms may be associated with           Urine smells foul and has a sandy sediment.
  Symptoms better For music; for relaxation; for     excessive sexual activity and fibroids.            Symptoms better For rolling from side to side;
  massage; for smoking a cigarette.                  Symptoms better For rolling from side to side.     for rest.
  Symptoms worse For touch; for noise;               Symptoms worse For touch; for scratching;          Symptoms worse For cold; in the evening; for
  after menstruation.                                after heavy menstruation; on the left side.        touch; after menstruation.

  See also Multiple sclerosis, page 179; Diabetes, page 191
                                                                                                             MAJOR ANIMAL REMEDIES                 • 115

Tuberculinum Koch & T. bovum

KEY SYMPTOMS constant desire for change • irritable, malicious temperament
• romantic nature • susceptibility to recurrent respiratory illness • desire for open air

One quarter of all deaths in Europe in the mid-19th century were due to
tuberculosis (TB). It was a major killer worldwide, particularly in areas
subject to poverty, malnutrition, or disease, until the German bacteriologist
Robert Koch identified the bacillus in 1882, and discovered that a preparation
of tuberculinum (dead tuberculosis bacilli) could be used to treat and prevent
it. The British homeopath Dr. James Compton Burnett began a series of tests
on lung tissue from infected patients in 1885, and by 1890 was able to prove
the homeopathic remedy, which is given mainly for respiratory tract complaints.
                                                                                                    tuberculosis is bacillus             Bacillus is
REMEDY PROFILE                                   there is shortness of breath, wheezing, and        that causes tuberculosis             rod-shaped
Intensity and yearning are two traits that       a persistent cough with yellow phlegm.
characterize people most suited to               Eventually, illness may lead to emaciation.        TUBERCULOSIS Bacilli are usually inhaled into the
Tuberculinum. There is typically a longing       Symptoms better For fresh air; for cool winds;     lungs or ingested into the stomach, from where
for constant stimulation and change that may     for dry surroundings.                              they infect the lymph system.
manifest itself, for example, in a desire to     Symptoms worse For heat; for damp and
change partners, to change jobs, to travel,      humidity; for stuffy surroundings; for
                                                                                                      S O U R C E D E TA I L S
or to frequently redecorate the home.            physical exertion.
   These tendencies can have negative                                                                 ORIGIN
consequences. For example, a deep,               Colds                                                Prepared from human sputum (Koch) or
romantic longing unfulfilled by a string         SYMPTOMS   A recurrent, persistent chest cold,       bovine lymph gland tissue (bovum) infected
of partners may ultimately lead to               with solid, yellow catarrh, a slight fever, and      with Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
disillusionment. This and a lack of              aching muscles. The eyes have a tendency to
fulfillment may result in maliciousness,         water, and the throat is sore.                       BACKGROUND
cruelty, and destructive anger, and may even     Symptoms better For fresh air; in cool,              Once a major killer, TB became less common
lead to alcohol or drug addiction. Many          dry surroundings.                                    thanks to vaccination, but is now rising
19th-century Romantic composers and              Symptoms worse For dry cold; for damp and            again, partly due to the prevalence of HIV.
artists were of this disposition: their works    humidity; for stuffy surroundings.
display the bittersweetness and underlying                                                            P R E PA R AT I O N
dissatisfaction typical of this temperament.     Arthritic pains                                      Bacilli from infected tissue or sputum are
   Although the remedy is not used for TB        SYMPTOMS   Aching joint and limb pains that          sterilized, dissolved in purified water, diluted,
itself, many people suited to Tuberculinum       move from one part of the body to another.           and succussed.
have a family history of TB infection.           There may also be initial stiffness that loosens
Common symptoms include a susceptibility         with movement. The limbs are weary                   COMMON NAME
to colds and persistent tiredness. Symptoms      and restless.                                        Tuberculosis.
improve with fresh, dry air, such as             Symptoms better For fresh air; for cool,
mountain air. There is a desire for sweets,      dry surroundings.
cold milk, and smoked meats, and                 Symptoms worse For cold; for damp and              Neurotic behavior
a tendency to perspire heavily during            humidity; for physical exertion.                   SYMPTOMS    Irritable, malicious behavior, with a
the night.                                                                                          strong sense of discontent. This can cause a
                                                 Hay fever                                          compulsive urge to change jobs, move house,
                                                 SYMPTOMS   A runny nose with constant              or travel. A sense of lack of fulfillment is often
Coughs & acute bronchitis                        sneezing, nasal congestion, and watery             combined with an incurably romantic nature.
SYMPTOMS  A dry, hard, possibly recurrent        catarrh. The eyes tend to water.                   There is a tendency to suffer insomnia.
cough, with fever and night sweats. Sharp        Symptoms better For fresh air; for cool,           Symptoms better For fresh air; for cool,
pains may be felt in the upper left lung. The    dry surroundings.                                  dry surroundings.
lymph glands in the neck may be enlarged.        Symptoms worse For cold; for damp and              Symptoms worse For cold; for damp and
If symptoms are associated with bronchitis,      humidity; for physical exertion.                   humidity; for physical exertion.

See also Asthma, page 181; Tuberculosis, page 182; Osteoarthritis, page 196; Allergies, page 206
the full homeopathic materia medica contains

over 2,000 remedies made from a wide variety of

 material from the plant, mineral, and animal

kingdoms, some of which are more commonly

   used than others. this section provides

   profiles of approximately 250 of the most

          important minor remedies.

  Abies canadensis syn. Tsuga canadensis                may develop prior to fever, during which they        but going to bed late, they wake feeling
  ABIES CAN.                                            may be violent, wanting to tear everything to
                                                        pieces or clenching their hands in rage.
                                                                                                             unrefreshed, confused, dizzy, and stupefied,
                                                                                                             as if drunk. When irritable, they may become
  COMMON NAMES    Hemlock spruce, Canada                   Cimex is typically prescribed for certain types   overly excitable and violent. Children who fit
  pitch, Canada spruce.                                 of joint or muscle aches accompanied by a            this profile tend to moan and sigh.
  ORIGIN Native to North America and                    strong compulsion to stretch and, sometimes,            Millefolium is used chiefly for bleeding
  eastern Asia.                                         chills and fever. Muscles and tendons such as        from injuries, and for internal bleeding
  BACKGROUND As early as 1535, native                   hamstrings may feel too short for the limbs.         and menstrual irregularities, such as
  Americans used this plant internally for              Symptoms better For sitting huddled up; for          delayed or absent menstruation that may
  indigestion, and externally (mixed with castor        passing gas; for avoiding alcohol.                   lead to convulsions, or heavy menstrual
  oil) for gonorrhea.                                   Symptoms worse For movement; for stretching.         periods that impair fertility. Millefolium may
  PREPARATION The fresh bark and young buds                                                                  also be given in pregnancy for severe
  are macerated in alcohol.                             Achillea millefolium                                 colicky pain, diarrhea, and painful varicose

  Remedy profile                                        MILLEFOLIUM                                          veins, or for recovery from miscarriage. It is
                                                                                                             used for profuse, painless uterine bleeding
  Abies can. is best suited to people who tend to       COMMON NAMES    Yarrow, milfoil, woundwort,          following childbirth or an abortion, and for
  be either fretful or quiet and careful. Often         staunchweed, nosebleed.                              sore nipples and suppressed breast milk
  weak, nervous, and lightheaded, they may lie          ORIGIN Native to Europe and western Asia,            after childbirth.
  down frequently, especially with their legs           yarrow grows wild in meadows and waste                  The other key symptom for Millefolium is
  drawn up, to avoid fainting.                          ground in temperate regions.                         congestion, associated with piercing pains in
     Classic physical characteristics include           BACKGROUND The Latin name of this plant derives      the ears, teeth, and temples. There may be
  chilliness and clammy skin, a sensation that          from the warrior Achilles, the Greek hero of the     congestion in the ears, eyes, nose, and chest.
  the blood has turned to cold water, or a              Trojan war, who used yarrow to staunch the           Symptoms better For bleeding; if missed
  feeling that there is a wet cloth between the         wounds of his soldiers. The plant has also been      menstruation is reestablished; for wine.
  shoulder blades.                                      used for centuries in Europe as a bitter tonic.      Symptoms worse For sleeping or lying down;
     Abies can. is given primarily to treat digestive   PREPARATION The fresh, flowering aerial parts        for doubling over; for lifting; for violent exertion;
  disorders associated with inflamed mucous             are chopped and steeped in alcohol.                  for injury; for coffee.
  membranes in the stomach and poor absorption
  of food. Overeating is common in such cases;          Remedy profile                                       Acidum aceticum
  even after eating there are hunger pains and
  rumbling in the bowels. Nausea, bloating, and
                                                        Millefolium best suits those who tend to be
                                                        most irritable in the evening. Longing for rest
                                                                                                             ACETIC AC.
  severe burning pain in the abdomen may cause                                                               COMMON NAMES    Acetic acid, glacial acetic
  palpitations to develop in the heart.                                                                      acid, ethanoic acid.
  Symptoms better For pressure on the affected                                                               ORIGIN Chemically prepared.
  area; for passing gas.                                                                                     BACKGROUND Dilute acetic acid is a principal
  Symptoms worse After standing for long                                                                     component of vinegar, and is used in the
  periods; for sitting; for drinking tea.                                                                      herbal and culinary traditions of many
                                                                                                                 diverse cultures.
  Acanthia lectularia syn.                                                                                           PREPARATION Acetic acid is dissolved in
  Cimex lectularius                                                                                                    alcohol, diluted, and succussed.
  CIMEX                                                                                                                    Remedy profile
  COMMON NAME    Bed bug.                                                                                                    People who benefit most from
  ORIGIN Found in unsanitary                                                                                                 Acetic ac. often sigh due to feelings
  environments in temperate regions.                                                                                         of depression, anxiety, or
  BACKGROUND The ancient Greeks and                                                                          irritability, and are also prone to forgetfulness.
  Romans crushed bed bugs with salt and                                                                      They are often anemic, with pale, waxy,
  human milk to make an eye ointment. When                                                                   clammy skin and intense thirst. Despite
  powdered they were used for fevers and as a                                                                profound sleepiness, they may find it
  preventative remedy for plague.                                                                            difficult to sleep.
  PREPARATION Live bed bugs are steeped in                                                                      Debilitation and emaciation are the key
  alcohol, diluted, and succussed.                                                                           factors linked to this remedy. It is often
                                                                                                             prescribed to treat fainting, breathlessness,
  Remedy profile                                                                                             water retention, diabetes, or great
  Cimex is most appropriate for those who are                                                                exhaustion following an injury, an
  prey to anxiety, especially after a chill or                                                               operation, or hemorrhaging.
  drinking alcohol. They may adopt a                                                                            Severe burning pains and tenderness in the
  crouching position, desiring to creep into                                                                 stomach can also be treated using Acetic ac.,
  their own body because they are unable to                                             MILLEFOLIUM          if they are accompanied by symptoms such
  curl themselves up sufficiently. A chilly stage                                         (Yarrow)           as sour-tasting belches, vomiting, and
                                                                                                                        MINOR REMEDIES           • 119

profuse salivation, or by the classic                conventional medicine, boric acid is more         by putrid, strong-smelling discharges,
debilitation symptoms.                               commonly utilized in the nuclear industry.        notably from the anus.
Symptoms better For lying on the stomach; for        PREPARATION Powdered or crystallized boric           The remedy may additionally be used to
belching; for potatoes.                              acid is triturated with lactose sugar.            treat vomiting due to sea sickness,
Symptoms worse In the morning; for                                                                     pregnancy, or cancer. The vomiting is
movement; for overexertion; for lying on the         Remedy profile                                    accompanied by a constant thirst for water,
back; for bread and butter; for vegetables; for      Low spirits, sighing and weeping, and a state     a tendency to belch, and abdominal pain.
cold drinks; for wine.                               of mental and physical collapse are all           Offensive-smelling diarrhea, dysentery, or
                                                     indications of the suitability of Boric ac. All   cholera may also be treated, as may
Acidum benzoicum                                     parts of the body feel cold, although             constipation with foul breath.
BENZOIC AC.                                          paradoxically the remedy may be used for
                                                     menopausal hot flashes.
                                                                                                       Symptoms better For rubbing and binding up
                                                                                                       painful areas; for smoking; for strong tea.
COMMON NAME      Benzoic acid.                          Typical symptoms treated by Boric ac.          Symptoms worse For pregnancy; for jarring; for
ORIGIN  Chemically prepared.                         include a heavy, nauseous feeling in the          walking; for mental exertion.
BACKGROUND Found naturally in Siam benzoic           stomach, with profuse, cold saliva and a
resin, this acid was first produced synthetically    dry, furred tongue and throat. It is also         Acidum hydrochloricum syn.
in the 1860s from coal tar. It is widely used as a   prescribed for headaches accompanied by           A. muriaticum
food preservative.
PREPARATION Benzoic acid is dissolved in
                                                     nausea, for dizziness, and for eyes that are
                                                     prone to swelling and conjunctivitis, and
                                                                                                       MURIATIC AC.
alcohol, diluted, and succussed.                     aggravated by light.                              COMMON NAME    Hydrochloric acid.
                                                        Boric ac. is also taken for its antiseptic     ORIGIN Chemically prepared.
Remedy profile                                       properties. It is used to halt putrefaction in    BACKGROUND Discovered by alchemists in the
Benzoic ac. is best suited to those who tend to      wounds, and for skin eruptions that are           13th century, hydrochloric acid is present
alternate between excitable behavior and a state     accompanied by flaking, itching, and hard,        in the stomach’s gastric juices. In excess it
of deep, stuporous sleep, general dullness, and      red, swollen patches.                             can cause gastric ulcers to develop, while a
weariness. A preoccupation with unpleasant           Symptoms better For walking in open air.          deficiency leads to poor food absorption
topics may cause them to dwell on their own          Symptoms worse None known.                        and anemia.
and other people’s misfortunes. They are often                                                         PREPARATION The acid is dissolved in alcohol,
extremely sensitive to noise, especially if they     Acidum carbolicum                                 diluted, and succussed.
have Ménière’s disease (a disorder of the inner
ear). Babies who respond well to Benzoic ac.
                                                     CARBOLIC AC.                                      Remedy profile
like to be picked up and held, but dislike being     COMMON NAMES     Carbolic acid, phenol.           People for whom Muriatic ac. is most
laid down.                                           ORIGIN Chemically prepared.                       appropriate tend to feel too weak to move.
   Wandering pains are the key symptoms              BACKGROUND In 19th-century Europe and the         Drowsy by day, but restless in bed, they
associated with this remedy, such as pains           US this acid was used to sterilize surgical       have anxious dreams and are prone to
that move from the leg joints to the internal        equipment. It is an antiseptic and                talking in their sleep. They may be either
organs, especially the heart, and then radiate       disinfectant, although prolonged contact can      sad and reserved or loquacious. Often
to the joints of the extremities. Other              lead to health problems.                          irritable and fretful, their minds may be
symptoms may include joints that crack, with         PREPARATION Carbolic acid is dissolved in         crowded with thoughts.
redness and swelling that may be linked to           purified water, diluted, and succussed.              This remedy is typically prescribed for
acute gout, and sharp, tearing pains in the                                                            weakness or physical collapse, such as that
joints of the big toe.                               Remedy profile                                    associated with chronic fatigue syndrome,
   The remedy is used particularly if symptoms       This remedy is most suited to those who           or developing after a feverish illness such as
include profuse, dark brown, strong-smelling         tend to be restless, irritable, forgetful, and    mononucleosis or typhoid. The muscles,
urine and incontinence at night, or if there are     bewildered. Often exhausted, they yawn and        especially those of the heart, tongue,
frothy, white stools that smell offensive.           stretch constantly, and have a very acute sense   bladder, and anus, may be weak, exhausted,
Symptoms better For warmth; for rest; for            of smell. Perplexing dreams leave them            or partially paralyzed.
passing large quantities of urine.                   unrefreshed after sleep.                             Muriatic ac. is given when the collapsed
Symptoms worse For cold; for damp weather;              Carbolic ac. is used for sudden burning,       state is associated with dryness, bleeding,
for drafts; for movement; for scanty flow of         pricking, stinging pains, typically with          and ulceration of the mucous membranes of
urine; for chocolate; for sweets; for alcohol; for   marked collapse, such as the anaphylactic         the mouth and digestive tract. A heavy
coffee; for wine.                                    shock that may follow a bee sting. It is also     tongue and dry mouth may make talking
                                                     prescribed for malignant or septic wounds,        difficult, and deep-seated ulcers or small
Acidum boricum                                       particularly if these are linked to compound      tumors may develop on the tongue.
BORIC AC.                                            fractures. Another use of the remedy is for
                                                     treating increased urine production with or
                                                                                                       Symptoms better For warmth; for movement;
                                                                                                       for lying on the left side.
COMMON NAMES   Boric acid, boracic acid,             without burning pain, possibly associated         Symptoms worse For wet weather;
orthoboric acid.                                     with diabetes or other diseases that may          for touch; for bathing in the sea; during
ORIGIN Chemically prepared.                          affect urine production. Urine is typically       menstruation; for cold drinks; for sliding
BACKGROUND Used as a mild antiseptic in              black or green in color, and is accompanied       down in bed.

  Acidum oxalicum                                     heavy sensations in the limbs and back, and       PREPARATION  Sulfuric acid is dissolved in
  OXALIC AC.                                          burning along the spine, particularly upon
                                                      any exertion. The hands and feet may
                                                                                                        alcohol, diluted, and succussed.

  COMMON NAME    Oxalic acid.                         feel cold.                                        Remedy profile
  ORIGIN Chemically prepared.                         Symptoms better For bandaging affected            People for whom Sulphuric ac. is best suited
  BACKGROUND Identified as a constituent of           areas; for rest; for sun and open air; for cold   are hurried, mentally restless, and excitable,
  wood sorrel in the 17th century, this acid was      air; for bathing in cold water.                   despite great exhaustion, weakness, and
  first made synthetically in 1776.                   Symptoms worse For movement; for mental           trembling. Usually mentally sharp, they are
  PREPARATION Oxalic acid crystals are dissolved      exertion; for any secretion, such as catarrh,     prone to nervous exhaustion, becoming
  in alcohol, diluted, and succussed.                 semen, blood, or vaginal discharge.               absentminded and dull when ill.
                                                                                                           The classic symptom picture for this
  Remedy profile                                      Acidum salicylicum                                remedy is of extreme fatigue following an
  Oxalic ac. is used for those whose pains occur
  violently and briefly in localized areas of the
                                                      SALICYLIC AC.                                     injury, concussion, or operation, especially if
                                                                                                        healing is slow, with bruising, bleeding,
  body, and who generally feel worse for              COMMON NAME    Salicylic acid.                    ulceration, gangrene, or other symptoms of
  dwelling on them. They are nervous,                 ORIGIN  Obtained originally from the bark of      decay. There is often a marked sensitivity to
  confused, dizzy people, who often have              the willow tree, but now commercially             pollutants such as smoke. The remedy may
  trouble sleeping.                                   prepared from phenol.                             also be prescribed for diabetes.
     Usually the remedy is given for angina with      BACKGROUND Salicylic acid is the main             Symptoms better For moderate
  palpitations that are worse for lying down.         ingredient of aspirin. It was first used to       temperatures; for lying on the affected side;
  When those affected think about their heart,        prepare aspirin by the Italian chemist            for hot drinks.
  it seems to make it flutter or beat                 R. Piria in 1838.                                 Symptoms worse For open air; for menopause;
  intermittently. In men, other symptoms that         PREPARATION Salicylic acid crystals are           for injuries; for the smell of coffee; for air
  can be treated by Oxalic ac. include                triturated with lactose sugar.                    pollution and tobacco smoke.
  throbbing, crushing pain in the testes, and                                                           See also Diabetes, page 191
  pain in the spermatic cord.                         Remedy profile
  Symptoms better After passing stools; for           This remedy is most appropriate for those         Actaea spicata
  changing position.
  Symptoms worse For cold; for mental exertion;
                                                      who are prone to extreme prostration,
                                                      weakness, and fainting, often due to post-viral
                                                                                                        ACTAEA SPIC.
  for dwelling on symptoms; for light; in the early   fatigue. They may be mild-natured, restless,      COMMON NAMES    Baneberry, herb Christopher.
  morning; in the evening or at night; for            or anxious, and tend to be either overexcited     ORIGIN Native to Eurasia, although now found
  movement; for being touched on the left side;       or stupefied and dull. They are sleepy and        in many temperate regions of the Northern
  for shaving; for grapes, strawberries, or sour      yawn often, but wake frequently from sleep        Hemisphere.
  fruit; for sugar; for coffee; for wine.             thinking that they can hear music.                BACKGROUND Herbalists use this plant to treat
                                                         Key symptoms associated with Salicylic ac.     rheumatic symptoms, especially those
  Acidum picrinicum                                   are weakness, ulceration, and ear problems        occurring in minor joints. Its purplish-black
  PICRIC AC.                                          such as tinnitus, vertigo, and progressive
                                                      deafness, possibly due to Ménière’s disease
                                                                                                        berries are used in dyes.
                                                                                                        PREPARATION The fresh root, collected after the
  COMMON NAMES    Picric acid, trinitrophenol.        (a disorder of the inner ear). The remedy         shoots emerge and before bloom, is chopped
  ORIGIN Chemically prepared.                         may also be used for severe headaches with        and macerated in alcohol.
  BACKGROUND This acid derives its name from          piercing pains that start at the top or back
  the Greek pikros, meaning “bitter.” It is used      of the head. Any ulceration tends to focus        Remedy profile
  as a yellow dye and in explosives.                  on the mucous membranes: mouth ulcers,            Actaea spic. is most suited to sad,
  PREPARATION The crystals are dissolved in           for instance, may be treated with                 absentminded people who are easily startled
  alcohol, diluted, and succussed.                    Salicylic ac.                                     and often prey to fear or anxiety. They are
                                                      Symptoms better For hot compresses,               prone to a fear of death, particularly when in
  Remedy profile                                      especially dry compresses.                        bed at night. Their judgment is generally
  Picric ac. is best suited to people who are         Symptoms worse For cold air; at night; for the    poor, and they may feel hopeless, confused,
  prone to intellectual collapse and nervous          slightest cold touch; for movement.               impatient, and restless, especially if they
  exhaustion—perhaps students who have                See also Tinnitus, page 222                       experience a shock. They may even think that
  studied too hard for exams. They have a                                                               they are going insane. They may be egotistical
  tendency to be indifferent, listless, and lack      Acidum sulphuricum                                and unreliable in relationships.
  motivation, and the slightest exertion makes
  them want to lie down. Exhaustion and poor
                                                      SULPHURIC AC.                                       Actaea spic. is usually given for this state
                                                                                                        of mind in conjunction with rheumatoid
  concentration are other common symptoms.            COMMON NAMES     Sulfuric acid, oil of vitriol.   arthritis that is accompanied by tearing
     The classic symptom picture for Picric ac. is    ORIGIN  Chemically prepared.                      pains, especially if minor joints such as the
  of indifference with great mental and physical      BACKGROUND This oily, corrosive liquid was        wrists are affected. The pain may be so
  fatigue, which may develop into actual              discovered by alchemists in the 13th century.     severe that the limbs actually feel paralyzed,
  paralysis. Muscular pains in the limbs may          It is used to make dyes, drugs,                   causing crying out, weariness, and possibly
  accompany fatigue, and there may be weak,           and fertilizers.                                  eventual lameness.
                                                                                                                           MINOR REMEDIES         • 121

Symptoms better None known.                          Remedy                                             scattered thoughts; those affected may talk
Symptoms worse For changes in the weather            profile                                            to themselves and behave foolishly. Other
or temperature; for cold air; at night; for touch;   This remedy is best                                typical symptoms can include marked
for the slightest fatigue; for the slightest         suited to people who                               dullness and a sluggish mental state, possibly
exertion; for mental exertion.                       are very low,                                      linked with an inability to study. These
                                                     depressed, and                                     symptoms may be accompanied by
Adonis vernalis                                      irritable, with poor                               prostration with a sense of staleness, or
ADONIS                                               concentration. They
                                                     may lose their temper
                                                                                     (Horse chestnut)   anxiety with associated nervous diarrhea.
                                                                                                           Aethusa is also appropriate for children
COMMON NAMES     False hellebore, yellow             easily, tending to brood afterward.                with milk intolerance, notably babies who
pheasant’s eye.                                         The remedy is given primarily for treating      are prone to sudden vomiting after feeding,
ORIGIN Native to Russia and the Black Sea            hemorrhoids, especially when the rectum            and who may have diarrhea. Lack of
region, and now found in much of Europe,             feels dry and uncomfortable, as though it is       nutrition may set up a cycle of hunger,
growing on mountain pastures.                        full of small sticks, or when the hemorrhoids      frequent feeding, and subsequent violent
BACKGROUND The plant takes its name from             are internal and associated with constipation      vomiting. This may result in a state of
Adonis, a Greek mythological figure linked           and pain in the lower back. Often the anus         extreme exhaustion and collapse, causing
to the seasonal renewal of plant life. In Russia     feels hot, dry, and itchy. Lumpy stools may        the baby’s face to appear drawn, agonized,
it is used as a heart remedy.                        occur, with stabbing, tearing, or splinterlike     and aged. It may also seem as though the
PREPARATION The chopped aerial parts of the          pains in the anus. Distension in the bowels        baby’s whole body has enlarged, particularly
plant are steeped in alcohol.                        may develop, with colicky pain and foul-           in the heart area.
                                                     smelling gas. There may be varicose veins,         Symptoms better For open air; for walking; for
Remedy profile                                       and a feeling of congestion and tenderness in      company and conversation; for rest.
People for whom Adonis is suitable tend to           the liver. The hemorrhoids may be associated       Symptoms worse For warmth and hot weather;
be apprehensive and prone to horrible dreams         with pains and chills in the spine, and a dull,    between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m.; for overexertion;
and restless sleep. They generally feel              constant backache that makes bending down          for eating frequently; for milk.
“waterlogged” and uncomfortable.                     or rising after sitting difficult, and walking
   The classic symptom picture for Adonis            almost impossible.
is of heart degeneration, perhaps following             In addition, the remedy is given for a dry,
a bout of severe influenza or rheumatic              rough, burning throat accompanied by
fever. There may be pain and palpitations            sneezing and profuse catarrh.
in the area around the heart. The heart              Symptoms better For cool air (unless it is
rhythms may be abnormally rapid or slow              directly inhaled); for vigorous exercise.
and faltering, possibly because of diseased          Symptoms worse For bending or getting up
valves or fatty degeneration. Edema                  from a seat; for walking; for standing; for
(an irregular accumulation of fluid in the           breathing deeply; for swallowing; for passing
body tissues or cavities), which develops            stools; after eating; for sleep.
as a result of poor circulation and is               See also Hemorrhoids, page 238
accompanied by scanty urine, may be
treated by Adonis.                                   Aethusa cynapium
   The remedy is also used to treat asthma
with breathlessness, discomfort, or heart
disease. Further symptoms may include                COMMON NAME     Fool’s parsley.
headaches that move from the back of the             ORIGIN  Found throughout Europe.
head, around the temples, to the eyes.               BACKGROUND The poison from this plant
Symptoms better For exertion.                        is thought to produce marked dullness
Symptoms worse For cold; for lying down.             and stupor, hence its common name
                                                     of fool’s parsley.
Aesculus hippocastanum                               PREPARATION The whole flowering

AESCULUS                                             plant, with the root and unripe fruits,
                                                     is chopped and macerated
COMMON NAMES     Horse chestnut, conker.             in alcohol.
ORIGIN Native to southeastern Europe, and
grown in temperate areas worldwide.                  Remedy profile
BACKGROUND The common name is thought                People who respond best to Aethusa are
to originate from the traditional Turkish            often characterized by poor concentration
custom of feeding the nuts to horses as an           and a tendency to be easily distracted. They
antidote to flatulence.                              are generally reserved, alienated, reclusive,
PREPARATION The fresh, ripe, peeled, and             and irritable.
finely chopped horse chestnuts are macerated            Key symptoms associated with Aethusa              CYNAPIUM
in alcohol.                                          include a confused state of mind with              (Fool’s parsley)

                                                                                                           ORIGIN Native to China and India, but can
                                                                                                           now also be found growing in North America,
                                                                                                           Europe, and Australia.
                                                                                                           BACKGROUND In Australia and Asia, the tree’s
                                                                                                           bark was used for profuse vaginal discharge,
                                                                                                           gonorrhea, worms, malaria, and asthma.
                                                                                                             Chinese herbalists use it to treat diarrhea
                                                                                                              and dysentery.
  Agkistrodon contortrix                                                                                        PREPARATION The fresh, budding flowers
  syn. Cenchris contortrix                                                                                       are macerated in alcohol.
  CENCHRIS                                                  CONTORTRIX
                                                        (Copperhead snake)                                          Remedy profile
  COMMON NAME     Copperhead snake.                                                                                Ailanthus is best suited to those who feel
  ORIGIN Found in the central and eastern                                                                         extremely weak when ill, and frequently
  US in forests, rocky terrain, and arid areas.                                                                   behave in a stupid, dull, and confused
  BACKGROUND This snake belongs to the                                                                          way. They may feel anxious, odd, or even
  venomous pit viper family, which is                                                                         crazy. Key symptoms indicating that this
  responsible for the majority of                                                                           remedy is suitable are fevers with great
  snakebite incidents in the                                                                               weakness and congestion of the blood, which
  central and eastern US.                                                                                  typically gives the skin a purple, mottled,
                                                                                                           swollen appearance. Ailanthus is often given for
                                                                                                           acute bouts of mononucleosis with swollen
                                                                                                           tonsils and neck glands. Pain extends from the
                                                      Agraphis nutans                                      neck glands to the ears on swallowing. The
                                                      AGRAPHIS                                             tonsils on the left side are mainly affected, and
                                                                                                           may develop oozing mucus or ulcers.
                                                      COMMON NAMES   Bluebell, wild hyacinth.              Symptoms better For lying on the right side;
                                                      ORIGINFound in established woodland areas            for hot drinks.
                                                      throughout Europe.                                   Symptoms worse For skin eruptions that fail to
                                                      BACKGROUND According to legend, this flower          develop; for the slightest movement; for sitting
                                                      was created by the Greek god Apollo in               up; for the sight of food.
                                                      beloved memory of the youth Hyacinthus,              See also Mononucleosis, page 254
                                                                       whom he accidentally killed.
                                                                               PREPARATION The             Allium sativum
  The fresh venom is
                                                                                  fresh plant, young
                                                                                  shoots, and roots
                                                                                                           ALLIUM SAT.
  triturated with lactose sugar.                                                are macerated              COMMON NAME     Garlic.
                                                                            in alcohol.                    ORIGIN  Native to central Asia, and now
  Remedy profile                                                                                           grown worldwide.
  Cenchris is particularly suitable for people who    Remedy profile                                       BACKGROUND Garlic is one of the most ancient
  experience great mental restlessness, jealousy,     People for whom Agraphis is best suited are low      of herbs, used by the Babylonians as early as
  suspicion, and abandonment. They have a             in vitality and prone to catching colds. The         c. 3000 BCE. It is now a popular culinary herb
  general tendency to be rather absentminded,         classic symptom picture is of ear, nose, and         and an important medicinal plant, valued for
  moody, and dreamy, often experiencing vivid,        throat infections linked to catarrh and deafness,    its antibiotic properties.
  horrible dreams that continue in their thoughts     particularly during childhood. There may be          PREPARATION The fresh garlic bulbs are minced
  once they are awake. Their anxieties may            catarrh in the bridge of the nose, obstructing the   and macerated in alcohol.
  include a fear of rape, pins and pointed objects,   nostrils, and discharges from all the mucous
  going to sleep, and sudden death.                   membranes. Chills develop easily after exposure      Remedy profile
     The classic symptom picture for Cenchris is of   to cold winds, accompanied by diarrhea with          Allium sat. is most appropriate for people
  breathlessness, mental and physical restlessness,   mucus. During infection the tonsils and              who are oversensitive and need company.
  and a desire to drink small quantities of water.    adenoids may be swollen.                             Although subject to many fears, they have
  Another classic symptom is a need to loosen the     Symptoms better For shelter; for lying               a particular fear of being poisoned. They
  clothing, triggered by congestion in the blood      on the stomach.                                      generally enjoy a rich, gourmet diet,
  vessels. Complaints are usually right-sided.        Symptoms worse For heat and humidity.                especially one that includes meat, but are
  There may be a susceptibility to allergies,                                                              prone to indigestion and catarrh problems.
  especially in the spring.                           Ailanthus altissima                                    The remedy is primarily associated with
  Symptoms better In the morning.
  Symptoms worse In the afternoon, in the
                                                      AILANTHUS                                            indigestion caused by a rich diet or by dietary
                                                                                                           change. The digestive process is accompanied
  evening, and all night; for lying down; for         COMMON NAMES  Tree of heaven, shade tree,            by pressure in the upper abdomen, foul-
  waking; for pressure on the affected area.          Chinese sumac, copal tree.                           smelling gas, and colicky pains around the
                                                                                                                             MINOR REMEDIES            • 123

navel. Dull pains in the bowels and either            The nose and head feel congested, and there         Ammonium chloratum
constipation or diarrhea may be present.
Allium sat. is also used to treat tearing pains
                                                      is sneezing, watery catarrh, and possible
                                                      nosebleeds. The eyes water, smart, burn, and
                                                                                                          AMMONIUM MUR.
in the hip area and abdomen.                          itch. There may be a wheezy cough, asthmatic        COMMON NAMES     Sal ammoniac,
Symptoms better For sitting bent over.                irritation, or whooping cough. These symptoms       ammonium chloride.
Symptoms worse In the evening; at night; for          may also be associated with diarrhea, notably in    ORIGIN Until the 19th century, the only source
walking; for pressure on the affected area.           the summer months.                                  of this mineral was in central Asia, but now it
                                                      Symptoms better For being indoors.                  is also chemically prepared.
Aluminum potassium sulphuricum                        Symptoms worse For being outside.                   BACKGROUND Sal ammoniac is used industrially

ALUMEN                                                Ammonium bromatum
                                                                                                          as an electrolyte in dry cells. Medicinally, it is
                                                                                                          found in many over-the-counter cold and
COMMON NAMES    Potash alum, double sulfate of
aluminum and potassium.
                                                      AMMONIUM BROM.                                      cough medicines.
                                                                                                          PREPARATION The compound is dissolved in
ORIGIN Chemically produced from sulfates              COMMON NAME     Ammonium bromide.                   alcohol, diluted, and succussed.
of aluminum and potassium.                            ORIGIN  Chemically prepared.
BACKGROUND Potash alum is used in the                 BACKGROUND This compound exists as                  Remedy profile
making of chamois leather, and as a dye in            colorless prismatic crystals with a salty taste.    This remedy is typically given to people who
the paint industry. It is used medicinally for        It is not used commercially.                        are grieving, sad, depressed, and tearful, yet
minor bleeding cuts and mouth ulcers.                 PREPARATION The crystals are dissolved in           are unable to weep. Usually reserved and
PREPARATION Pure crystals of potash alum are          alcohol, diluted, and succussed.                    self-pitying, they may resent feeling alone
triturated with lactose sugar.                                                                            in the world.
                                                      Remedy profile                                         Ammonium mur. is generally used for
Remedy profile                                        People who respond best to Ammonium brom.           these symptoms in conjunction with liver
People for whom Alumen is best suited are             tend to be timid and lack self-confidence.          complaints, particularly if they are
extremely anxious and sad. They are usually           They fear failure and criticism, and are often      accompanied by pinching, shooting pains
very nervous, experiencing tremors on hearing         resentful of other people. They have a              in the stomach, catarrh, and a violent cough
bad news, or palpitations on thinking about any       tendency to bite their nails.                       that is dry and scraping or loose, and profuse.
illness that may affect them. They have a fear of        Key symptoms linked with this remedy             Inflammatory eye conditions, menstrual
falling, and may mistrust others. Sleep is light or   include neuralgic headaches, sore eyes, ovarian     disorders, enlarged glands, joint pains, and
elusive, and they tend to stay in bed more than       problems, and epilepsy. Symptoms may appear         sciatica are other possible symptoms that may
necessary. Illness tends to develop during sleep.     concurrently or individually. The constrictive      appear, and for which the remedy may be
Alumen is often given to the elderly.                 head pains are like a band above the ears.          prescribed. Further respiratory symptoms
   The typical symptom picture for Alumen is          During the aura (the warning sensation)             typically associated with Ammonium mur.
of bowel problems and paralytic, sluggish             preceding an epileptic fit, there may be feelings   include a congested nose, sneezing, a reduced
weakness of the muscles. Disturbances of the          of suffocation and faintness, along with sighing    sense of smell, a sore throat, hoarseness, and
bowel include dysentery and bloody diarrhea,          and a need to walk around the room.                 thick, slimy mucus in the nose and throat.
painful ulceration in the rectum, bleeding               Eye symptoms typically include sore, irritated   Symptoms better For open air; for rapid
hemorrhoids, and a deep anal ache. There              eyes that feel as if they contain sand. There may   movement; for walking bent over.
may be severe constipation, possibly due to           be mucus bathing the eyes, swollen eyelids, and     Symptoms worse For walking erect; for chronic
uterine or rectal cancer.                             possibly a pterygium (a wing-shaped thickening      sprains; in the morning (in the case of head
Symptoms better For open air.                         of the conjunctiva). In the evening the eyes feel   and chest symptoms); in the afternoon (in the
Symptoms worse For cold; during sleep; for            large, with constantly blurred vision.              case of abdominal pains); in the evening (in
lying on the right side; for bad news.                   In women, symptoms may be associated with        the case of joint pains).
                                                      the ovaries. They may include nagging,              See also Sciatica, page 218
Ambrosia artemisiaefolia                              neuralgic pains, bleeding of the uterus,
AMBROSIA                                              and hard swelling, especially of the
                                                      left ovary, possibly in conjunction
                                                                                                                      AMMONIUM CHLORATUM
                                                                                                                           (Sal ammoniac)
COMMON NAMES    Ragweed, Roman                        with eye irritation. Ammonium
wormwood, hogweed.                                    brom. may also be prescribed
ORIGIN Found in Europe, Mexico, Brazil, and           for a tormenting, tickly,
North America.                                        spasmodic cough, such as
BACKGROUND This plant’s green, tassel-like            whooping cough, or it may
flowers produce large amounts of pollen that          be given for a strangling
can trigger severe hay fever.                         cough with mucus that tends
PREPARATION A tincture is made from the fresh         to occur in the morning.
flower heads and young shoots.                        Coughing may be incessant
                                                      at night.
Remedy profile                                        Symptoms better For warmth;
Ambrosia is generally given for hay fever. The        for warm drinks.
whole of the respiratory system may be affected.      Symptoms worse For open air or cold air.

  Amylium nitrosum                                 Anacardium occ. may also be prescribed for       from ordinary life. They may be introverted,
  AMYL NIT.                                        warts or leprosy.
                                                   Symptoms better None known.
                                                                                                    lethargic, depressed, and resentful and
                                                                                                    distrustful of others, and can experience
  COMMON NAME     Amyl nitrite.                    Symptoms worse On beginning to move.             irrational changes in mood. A general loss of
  ORIGIN Chemically prepared.                      See also Phobias, page 211; Exam nerves,         identity and willpower may affect them, along
  BACKGROUND A powerful drug that dilates the      page 254                                         with an impression that life is meaningless.
  blood vessels, amyl nitrate is often used in                                                      They may have the strange feeling that their
  illegal recreational drugs such as “poppers.”    Anamirta cocculus syn. Cocculus indicus          whole being has become transparent, enabling
  PREPARATION Amyl nitrite is dissolved in
  purified water, diluted, and succussed.
                                                   COCCULUS                                         them to see their internal organs.
                                                                                                       The symptom picture for Anhalonium is of
                                                   COMMON NAME     Indian cockle.                   mental exhaustion, hallucinations with brilliant-
  Remedy profile                                   ORIGIN Found in India and southeast Asia.        colored vision, migraines, and lack of
  Amyl nit. is most appropriate for people who     BACKGROUND Fishermen in southern India use       coordination. Headaches or migraines may
  are hot and red, feel constricted by their       this plant as a poison to stun fish and catch    occur in the front of the head, or there may be a
  clothes, and have a desire for fresh air. They   them easily. It was once added to beer to        persistent aching, tired sensation at the back of
  may be weak, anxious, restless, and weary,       make it more intoxicating.                       the head. There may be blurred vision, dilated
  often due to disturbed sleep.                    PREPARATION The powdered seeds are               pupils, or grotesque, multicolored, distracting
     The classic symptom picture is of flushing    macerated in alcohol.                            vision disturbances. Listening to music may
  that spreads rapidly over the skin, followed                                                      trigger the feeling that each note is surrounded
  by drenching sweats and great exhaustion.        Remedy profile                                   by a halo of color that pulses to the music.
  The remedy may be used for these symptoms        Cocculus is most effective for those whose          Severe lack of coordination is also associated
  in conjunction with menopause, sunstroke,        concern for others makes them feel at the end    with Anhalonium; it may be accompanied by
  or heart problems.                               of their tether. They may become severely        muscle tremors, nausea, and faintness, and
     Typical heart symptoms treated with Amyl      exhausted, possibly leading to fainting,         neuralgic pains and paralysis in the face. The
  nit. include sharp pains in the heart area and   insomnia, and stupor. This state is common       brain is often overactive and prevents sleep.
  a feeling of oppression, with pain radiating     in those who have spent long periods of time     Symptoms better For lying down.
  down the right arm.                              nursing a sick relative.                         Symptoms worse For closing the eyes;
  Symptoms better For open air; for exercising        This remedy has a strong affinity with        for movement.
  outside; for rest; for drinking cold water.      central nervous system disorders, especially
  Symptoms worse For the slightest emotion;        vertigo, dizziness, nausea, sea- and travel-     Apocynum cannabinum
  for physical or mental exertion; during
  the menopause.
                                                   sickness, vomiting, and hypersensitivity to
                                                   touch. Nervous oversensitivity may lead
                                                   initially to agitation and dizziness, and        COMMON NAMES    Indian hemp, American hemp,
  Anacardium occidentale                           possibly develop into more serious conditions    hemp dogbane.
  ANACARDIUM OCC.                                  such as muscle weakness, spasms in the legs,
                                                   and gradual paralysis.
                                                                                                    ORIGIN Found in North America.
                                                                                                    BACKGROUND This plant has long been known
  COMMON NAME     Cashew nut.                      Symptoms better For sitting in a warm room;      by native Americans as a treatment for
  ORIGIN Native to the West Indies.                for lying quietly.                               chronic heart disease. Its fibers are also made
  BACKGROUND The juice inside the shell is a       Symptoms worse For cold; for lack of sleep;      into rope, twine, mats, and baskets.
  skin irritant that causes blistering. In 19th-   for movement; for movement in vehicles; for      PREPARATION The fresh underground parts are
  century Europe it was used                       anxiety; for emotional stress.                   chopped and steeped in alcohol.
  to burn off warts and corns.
  PREPARATION The black                            Anhalonium lewinii                               Remedy profile
  juice between the outer                          syn. Lophophora williamsii                       Apocynum is most suitable for people who feel
  and inner shell is
  dissolved in alcohol, then
                                                   ANHALONIUM                                       confused, low-spirited, and distressed. The
                                                                                                    remedy is prescribed primarily as a treatment
  diluted and succussed.                           COMMON NAMES    Mescal buttons, peyote,          for edema (a collection of watery fluid in the
                                  OCCIDENTALE      sacred mushroom.                                 body cavities or under the skin). The edema
  Remedy profile                  (Cashew nuts)    ORIGIN Native to the southwestern US             is characteristically associated with diseased
  Anacardium occ. is most                          and Mexico.                                      organs, and may be linked with Hodgkin’s
  appropriate for people who are prone to poor     BACKGROUND For over 3,000 years this cactus      lymphoma or Bright’s disease. There is
  memory and willpower, and who feel               has been used throughout America as a            often great weakness, irritation in the
  mentally and physically apathetic and numb.      hallucinogenic means of deepening spiritual      digestive system, a slow or irregular pulse,
  They are prone to exam nerves and phobias.       experiences in religious rites.                  and considerable thirst. Secretions such as
    The remedy is given for the above state of     PREPARATION Boiling water is poured at two       perspiration and urine may be reduced, and
  mind in conjunction with skin and muscle         intervals on the fresh, chopped root.            breathing patterns may become uneasy.
  complaints. Skin eruptions initially itch and                                                     Symptoms better For warmth; for sitting up;
  burn, then become swollen and sore, before       Remedy profile                                   after passing stools.
  producing blisters that may become infected.     This remedy is best suited to people who have    Symptoms worse For cold of any kind; for
  The ears and face may itch and burn.             lost all conception of time and feel separated   uncovering the body; after sleep.
                                                                                                                   MINOR REMEDIES            • 125

Aqua sanicula                                             ARCTOSTAPHYLOS UVA-URSI                                    Remedy profile
SANICULA                                                                                                               Uva ursi is generally used
                                                                                                                       for inflammation and
COMMON NAME    Sanicula water.                                                                                         stones in the kidneys.
ORIGIN Found near Ottawa, Illinois.                                                                                    There may be chronic
BACKGROUND The Sanicula Springs that                                                                                   bladder irritation with
provide this particular mineral water are                                                                               blood in the urine, or
located near Ottawa, Illinois.                                                                                          pain with straining to
PREPARATION The spring water is mixed                                                                                   pass urine, possibly
with alcohol, diluted, and succussed.                                                                                   accompanied by a
                                                                                                                         weak, irregular pulse,
Remedy profile                                                                                                                 breathlessness,
Irritation is common in those for whom                                                                                           vomiting, nausea,
Sanicula is most suited. In children, behavior                                                                                   and cyanosis
alternates between                                                                                                              (bluish mucous
playfulness and bad                                                                                                           membranes and skin
temper, during which                                                                                                  caused by too much
they will throw themselves                                                                                            deoxygenated hemoglobin
backward. Intolerance of the                                                                                          in the blood). Sharp pains
slightest jarring movement,                                                                                          may pass from hip to hip.
particularly downward motion,                                                                                      In men, the prostate gland
such as that of an escalator,                                                                    may become enlarged. Further symptoms that
is another typical feature of                                                                    may accompany urinary conditions include
this remedy.                                                        Remedy profile               flushing of the face, catarrh, a tight sensation
   The classic symptom                                       People who respond best to          in the chest, slight dizziness, and a headache.
picture is of low vitality                              this remedy tend to be irritable,        Uva ursi may also be given for certain
due to undernourishment                               uneasy, nervous, and restless. Feelings    digestive, respiratory, or childbirth symptoms,
and slow digestion. The physique                    of claustrophobia or confusion may also      but the primary focus of the remedy is on
is usually slim and the skin                     be present.                                     urinary problems.
condition is poor, possibly with                   Aranea diadema is most appropriate for        Symptoms better After urination; for lying back.
eczema. Symptoms tend to change frequently.      problems that affect the nervous system and     Symptoms worse During urination;
There is often perspiration where body parts     are accompanied by coldness and a               in the evening.
touch. In women there may be menstrual           susceptibility to damp. A sensation of great
disorders and an uncomfortable feeling that      chilliness may occur, as if the bones           Argentum metallicum
the pelvic contents are going to drop out.
Vaginal discharges smell “fishy.”
                                                 themselves are frozen, and there may be a
                                                 fever. All parts of the body may feel heavy,
                                                                                                 ARGENTUM MET.
   Digestive symptoms associated with            numb, and enlarged (especially on waking);      COMMON NAME    Silver.
Sanicula include large, heavy, painful           for example, the hands may feel as if they      ORIGIN Deposits are widely distributed
stools. The body tends to remain thin            are twice their normal size, and there may      throughout the world, but are often small.
despite great appetite, and eating causes        be pains that feel like electric shocks.        BACKGROUND This precious metal has been
bloating, sour belches, and an urge to           Symptoms tend to occur or recur                 found in ornaments and decorations dating
pass stools. There may be halitosis and          periodically, or at the same time each day,     from 4000 BCE, and has long been used to
a bad taste in the mouth.                        and are usually on the right side.              make coins and jewelry.
Symptoms better For vomiting; for open air;      Symptoms better For smoking; for open air;      PREPARATION Ground silver is triturated with
for rest; for lying down.                        for pressure on the affected area.              lactose sugar.
Symptoms worse For movement; for jarring;        Symptoms worse For cold; for damp; for rain;
for strain; for eating and drinking.             for getting wet; at exactly the same time       Remedy profile
                                                 each day.                                       Anxious, restless, hurried, impulsive people
Araneus diadematus                                                                               who often act on a whim respond best to
ARANEA DIADEMA                                   Arctostaphylos uva-ursi                         Argentum met. When ill, having to

COMMON NAMES     Papal cross spider, European
                                                 UVA URSI                                        concentrate usually makes these people feel
                                                                                                 worse, and their thoughts are chaotic, so
garden spider, diadem spider.                    COMMON NAMES   Uva-ursi, bearberry.             that they constantly flit from subject to
ORIGIN Found in Europe and the US.               ORIGIN Found in Europe, the US, Mexico, and     subject when talking. Often changeable and
BACKGROUND The name of this spider derives       northern Asia.                                  deceitful, although normally cheerful and
from the yellow-and-white crosses on its         BACKGROUND Bears like to eat the fruits of      lively, they may be excessively depressed by
back. After mating the female usually binds,     this plant, hence the name uva-ursi, which      small upsets.
kills, and eats the male.                        is derived from the Latin for “bear’s grape.”      Argentum met. is generally used for joint
PREPARATION The whole, live spider is crushed    PREPARATION The fresh leaves and young          and bone disorders associated with the
and macerated in alcohol.                        shoots are chopped and steeped in alcohol.      connective tissues, especially the cartilage.

                                                    including headaches, chest problems, and              remedy may also be given for asthma and
                                                    rheumatoid arthritis.                                 shortness of breath with rapid breathing that
                                                    PREPARATION The fresh tuber is chopped and            gradually becomes a wheeze. It may also be
                                                    macerated in alcohol.                                 used for hyperactivity in children.
                                                                                                          Symptoms better For open air; after eating.
                                                     Remedy profile                                       Symptoms worse For dry, windy, cold, or foggy
                                                        People who respond best to Arum triph. tend       weather; for the heat of the bed; for exertion;
                                                          to be excitable and nervous. They are often     for tobacco smoke.
                                                           restless and cross. Characteristically, they   See also Hay fever & allergic rhinitis, page 224
                                                           may bore their heads into their pillows.
                                                                  Key conditions associated with          Artemisia abrotanum
                                                                    Arum triph. involve irritation and
                                                                    inflammation of the mucous
                                                                    membranes and skin, such as           COMMON NAMES    Southernwood, lady’s love,
                                                                   allergic skin reactions, eczema,       old man.
                                                                 scarlet fever, or hay fever. Typical     ORIGIN Native to southern Europe.
                                                                 symptoms include raw, red, itchy         BACKGROUND Containing a strong, volatile oil
                                                                skin, particularly on the face, and       that repels insects, this plant’s leaves have
                                                               a raw, burning mouth and throat,           long been used as a moth repellent when
                                                               with acute or chronic hoarseness.          placed among clothes.
                                                            The lips may be chapped or cracked at         PREPARATION The fresh, finely chopped leaves
                                                    the corners. Picking the lips and the nose are        and shoots are steeped in alcohol.
   ARGENTUM METALLICUM                              further common symptoms, especially if
            (Silver)                                accompanied by delirium.                              Remedy profile
                                                    Symptoms better For warmth; for eating                People for whom Abrotanum is best suited
  There may be bruising pains that bore into        breakfast and dinner.                                 tend to be anxious and depressed. They may
  the joints, or pulling, cramping pains in the     Symptoms worse For cold and wet; for heat;            feel dull of mind and become easily fatigued
  limbs and bones. Arthritis with paralytic pain    for cold, northeasterly winds; for overusing the      when speaking or studying. Alternatively, they
  and weakness may be present. The remedy           voice; for lying down.                                can be irritable, excited, and violent, and have
  may also be prescribed to treat nervous           See also Allergies, page 206                          an urge to shout.
  complaints involving spasmodic movements                                                                   Key symptoms include emaciation and
  and convulsive shocks in the body.                Arsenicum iodatum                                     debilitation of the lower limbs, possibly in
     Disorders of the reproductive organs may
  also be treated by Argentum met., especially if
                                                    ARSEN. IOD.                                           children who fail to thrive, or due to polio.
                                                                                                          A classic feature of Abrotanum is that certain
  they are accompanied by thick, profuse            COMMON NAMES    Arsenic iodide, iodide                symptoms die away rapidly and are
  secretions of the related mucous membranes.       of arsenic.                                           immediately replaced by other symptoms. For
  In men, frequent seminal emissions without        ORIGIN Chemically prepared.                           example, chest symptoms may develop after
  sexual excitement at night may be treated. In     BACKGROUND These orange-red crystals are              skin eruptions have failed to come out, heart
  women the remedy is given for ovarian pain,       highly toxic and must be protected from light         disease develops following the suppression of
  possibly due to cysts or tumors, and for          to prevent the loss of iodine.                        rheumatic symptoms, or mumps is transferred
  bleeding between menstrual periods or heavy       PREPARATION Pure arsenic iodide crystals are          from the parotid glands to the testes.
  hemorrhaging during menopause. Argentum           dissolved in alcohol.                                 Symptoms better For passing loose stools;
  met. may also be helpful in treating throat                                                             for movement.
  inflammation and voice loss.                      Remedy profile                                        Symptoms worse For cold and damp air; if
  Symptoms better For wrapping up; for movement.    This remedy is most appropriate for people            secretions are suppressed (for instance, by
  Symptoms worse For warmth; for sun; for           who are irritable and restless. Excitable and         taking drugs to suppress diarrhea).
  mental strain; for using the voice; for touch;    impatient, they may have sudden, violent
  in the morning.                                   impulses. Their bodies are warm.                      Artemisia absinthium

  Arisaema triphyllum syn. A. atrorubens,
                                                       The classic symptom picture for Arsen. iod.
                                                    is of either great restlessness or total
  Arum triphyllum                                   exhaustion, possibly associated with chronic          COMMON NAMES     Common wormwood,
  ARUM TRIPH.                                       chest infection and burning discharges from
                                                    the mucous membranes. There may be a
                                                                                                          green ginger.
                                                                                                          ORIGIN Native to Europe, but now grows wild
  COMMON NAMES     Jack-in-the-pulpit, Indian       history of allergic and respiratory conditions.       in central Asia and the eastern US, and is
  turnip, wild turnip.                                 Arsen. iod. is most often used for hay fever or    widely cultivated in temperate areas.
  ORIGIN Found in North America.                    influenza that is accompanied by the classic          BACKGROUND Common wormwood was
  BACKGROUND Jack-in-the-pulpit was used            burning discharge, soreness of the mucous             originally a primary flavoring in vermouth,
  medicinally by native Americans. The fresh        membranes, and frequent sneezing. There may           and the basis of absinthe, an addictive drink
  root is a severe skin irritant, but when dried    be a loose, short, hacking cough or a burning,        popular in 19th-century France but now
  it was used for a variety of ailments,            sore throat associated with inflammation. The         illegal in many countries.
                                                                                                                              MINOR REMEDIES             • 127

PREPARATION The fresh flowers, young leaves,         have been born to mothers who felt great grief        There may be a reduced sense of smell, and
and shoots are steeped in alcohol.                   during their pregnancy.                               itching and burning in the back palate of the
                                                     Symptoms better At night; for rubbing the eyes;       mouth. Pain at the back of the head may extend
Remedy profile                                       for deep breathing.                                   to the right eye, with deep-seated pain on either
Those who respond best to Absinthium are prone       Symptoms worse For fright; for grief; for             side of the head. The hay fever symptoms may
to nervous overexcitement, experiencing              head injury; for menstrual problems; for              extend to the eyes, causing prickling, itching,
terrifying, horrible dreams and dreadful             prolonged dancing.                                    and burning of the conjunctiva. The remedy
hallucinations. A kind of brutal stupor or                                                                 may be used to treat blepharitis (inflammation
stupidity may even be apparent in them.              Arum maculatum                                        of the eyelids).
   Absinthium is primarily associated with the
nerves, and key symptoms include trembling,
                                                     ARUM MAC.                                                Arundo may also be prescribed for a wet
                                                                                                           cough with breathlessness. Bluish-tinged
grimacing, and unsteadiness, possibly linked         COMMON NAMES Cuckoo-pint,      lords and ladies.      mucus may be coughed up, with a sensation
to alcoholism. In children the remedy may            ORIGIN Native  to central and western Europe,         of bruising in the throat and burning pain
be given for terrible dreams, nervousness,           growing in woods and hedgerows.                       in the stomach.
insomnia, vertigo, fits or seizures, and epilepsy.   BACKGROUND The arrow-shaped leaves and                Symptoms better For open air.
Symptoms better For movement.                        bright red flowers of this plant are poisonous.       Symptoms worse For movement.
Symptoms worse For rising from bed or from           Insects are trapped by the flowers and                See also Allergies, page 206
a seat; for staying still.                           digested by the plant.
                                                     PREPARATION The fresh, finely chopped tuber is        Asarum europaeum
                                                     macerated in alcohol.
                                                     Remedy profile                                        COMMON NAMES Hazelwort,     European snakeroot,
                                                     Arum mac. is associated with severe, violent          wild nard, public house plant.
                                                     inflammation or irritation of the mucous              ORIGIN Native to woods and shady sites in
                                                     membranes, and is frequently used for                 northern and eastern Europe.
                                                     respiratory tract problems. Typical respiratory       BACKGROUND Introduced medicinally by the
                                                     symptoms treated by the remedy include                ancient Greek physician Dioscorides, this
                                       ARTEMISIA     asthma, catarrh, nasal polyps, and constant           plant was used chiefly as an emetic. Also
                                      ABSINTHIUM     swallowing. The gums may bleed, and the               a stimulant, it was once an ingredient of
                                        (Common      tongue and throat may be swollen and sore,            tobacconists’ “head-clearin’ snuff.”
Artemisia vulgaris                                   so that swallowing becomes difficult. There           PREPARATION The fresh, finely chopped

ARTEMISIA                                            may be tickling in the throat, hoarseness, and
                                                     a desire to cough. The chest may feel tight,
                                                                                                           underground parts are steeped in alcohol.

COMMON NAMES Mugwort,     wormwood,                  and there may be a violent cough and profuse,         Remedy profile
sailor’s tobacco.                                    possibly blood-streaked catarrh.                      People who respond best to Asarum are
ORIGIN Found in temperate regions of the             Symptoms better None known.                           nervous, excitable, and oversensitive. They
Northern Hemisphere.                                 Symptoms worse For pressure on the affected           are usually weak, often feel chilly, and are
BACKGROUND Mugwort was traditionally kept in         area; for stretching; on the left side of the body.   unable to live robust, ordinary lives. Often
medieval homes to ward off the devil. Chinese                                                              they are overly ambitious and exhausted due
doctors use the herb in moxibustion, a               Arundo mauritanica                                    to a stressful occupation. Asarum is also given
traditional treatment.
PREPARATION The fresh root is dug up at
                                                     ARUNDO                                                to recovering alcoholics.
                                                                                                              The classic symptom picture for this
the beginning of winter, chopped, and                COMMON NAMES Reed,      cannizzola.                   remedy is of nervous hypersensitivity and
macerated in alcohol.                                ORIGIN Found    in southern Europe, Africa,           edgy, hysterical behavior; even the sound
                                                     and Asia.                                             of scratching on cloth becomes unbearable.
Remedy profile                                       BACKGROUND This  genus is used in reeds for           Other symptoms commonly include nervous
The classic symptom picture for Artemisia is         wind instruments, in wickerwork, and to make          exhaustion, restlessness, hand-wringing,
of nervous disorders, possibly triggered by          windbreaks to control erosion.                        severe insomnia, and a sensation of floating
bad news, grief, or a blow to the head.              PREPARATION The root sprouts are macerated            and dizziness. Noise may trigger pain in the
   The nervous conditions for which this             in alcohol.                                           ears and teeth.
remedy is used include sleepwalking, fits                                                                     Digestive problems with an aversion to
or seizures, chorea (involuntary rapid,              Remedy profile                                        eating, possibly associated with anorexia, may
jerky body movements), and epilepsy.                 The mental state for which Arundo is most             accompany this disturbed state. There is often
There may be absentmindedness and                    appropriate is one in which laughter comes            alcoholism or a desire for alcohol, and an
stupor. Seizures may be brought on by                easily, as do lascivious thoughts. Allergic           aversion to sexual intercourse.
cooling after exertion, or by flickering lights.     problems are the key symptoms treated by              Symptoms better For damp weather;
Children who benefit from Artemisia may              this remedy. Typical problems include hay             for bathing in cold water.
tend to experience petit mal fits or                 fever with sneezing, catarrhal inflammation,          Symptoms worse For cold, dry weather;
absences rather than full seizures,                  and extreme itching inside the nose,                  for any noise or even the thought of noise;
possibly during teething. They may                   accompanied by excessive salivation.                  for penetrating sounds.

  Asclepias tuberosa                                  if the rash is accompanied by cramps and pain,       problems in both sexes. It also has the odd
  ASCLEPIAS TUB.                                      or inflammation in the liver area that feels worse
                                                      for pressure on it. There may be stinging pains
                                                                                                           feature of apparently making old scars,
                                                                                                           particularly those in the breast area, become
  COMMON NAMES     Pleurisy root, butterfly weed.     in the temples, ears, and kidneys, and the           painful again.
  ORIGIN  Native to the southern US.                  glands may be enlarged and inflamed, especially         Asterias may benefit women who
  BACKGROUND Traditionally considered a cure-         in children and the elderly.                         experience an increased sex drive so intense
  all in native American herbalism, pleurisy          Symptoms better For walking; for sitting;            that it causes restless sleep, erotic dreams,
  root was often used to treat fevers.                after crying.                                        a bad temper, and weepiness. Further
  PREPARATION The fresh root is chopped and           Symptoms worse For uncovering the affected           symptoms that may respond to Asterias
  macerated in alcohol.                               area or exposing it to the air; for eating fish      include obstinate constipation, particularly
                                                      or meat.                                             during menopause, hard, swollen glands in
  Remedy profile                                                                                           the armpits, or sharp pains in the breasts at
  Those for whom Asclepias tub. is most               Asterias rubens                                      night with a drawing sensation in the nipples,
  appropriate tend to be depressed, languid,
  and unable to concentrate.
                                                      ASTERIAS                                             especially in the left breast. These symptoms
                                                                                                           may be accompanied by a high libido.
     Asclepias tub. is associated particularly with   COMMON NAME     Red starfish.                           The remedy is also used for circulatory
  rheumatic pain and catarrh, both tending            ORIGIN Found around the coastline of                 disorders such as strokes, especially if they
  to arise in damp weather. The rheumatic             western Europe.                                      are preceded by great impatience, dizziness,
  pain is characterized by stitchlike pains in        BACKGROUND Dating back to the earliest               and muscle spasms in the limbs.
  the muscles and joints. The remedy may be           geological age, the Precambrian era, this            Symptoms better After a headache; after
  prescribed for many forms of respiratory            species has amazing regenerative powers: if          crying; for cold drinks.
  inflammation, such as bronchitis, influenza,        one of its five arms is lost, for instance, a new    Symptoms worse For heat; for cold, damp
  pleurisy, or other feverish conditions with a       one is grown in its place.                           weather; at night; on the left side of the body; for
  painful, dry, hacking cough. The chest may          PREPARATION The whole, live animal is                menstruating; for being contradicted; for coffee.
  feel warm with sharp pains, especially when         chopped up and macerated in alcohol.
  breathing deeply. The above symptoms are                                                                 Aurum chloratum
  often accompanied by copious perspiration,          Remedy profile                                       AURUM MUR.
  catarrh, and restless, uneasy sleep.                Tearfulness is typical of those who respond best
  Symptoms better For bending forward, which          to Asterias, and they feel better after crying.      COMMON NAME    Gold chloride.
  eases pain in the lungs.                            They like to have people around them, yet            ORIGIN Chemically prepared.
  Symptoms worse For movement; for deep                   prefer to retain a degree of independence.       BACKGROUND The glass traditionally made from
  breathing; for lying down; in the morning;                If contradicted they may become angry          this reddish yellow crystal was called “ruby
  in winter.                                                 and irritable, especially in hot weather.     glass” by alchemists. It was also noted as a
                                                             Asterias is generally used in the treatment   treatment for syphilis by the 16th-century
  Astacus fluviatilis                                        of left-sided symptoms that occur             scientist Paracelsus.
  ASTACUS                                                                particularly in women,
                                                                         as well as for
                                                                                                           PREPARATION The crystals are dissolved in
                                                                                                           alcohol, diluted, and succussed.
  COMMON NAMES     Freshwater                                            circulatory
  crayfish, river crab.                                                                                    Remedy profile
  ORIGIN Found in the Gulf of                                                                              Aurum mur. is best suited to those who are
  Mexico and on the coast of the                                                                           restless, easily depressed, sensitive to
  Atlantic Ocean.                                                                                                               humiliation, and anxious
  BACKGROUND The common name                                                                                                    about developing diseases.
  of this crustacean derives from the old French                                                                                These feelings may be eased
  word crevice, perhaps because it lives in the                                                                 by company, but can spiral into suicidal
  crevices between stones.                                                                                 thoughts if left unchecked. The remedy may
  PREPARATION The live crayfish is pounded and                                                             be prescribed for heart conditions such as
  then steeped in alcohol.                                                                                 palpitations and a sense of constriction in the
                                                                                                           chest, possibly associated with high blood
  Remedy profile                                                                                           pressure. Aurum mur. is also used for edema
  Astacus is best suited to people who feel                                          ASTERIAS RUBENS       (an irregular accumulation of fluid in the
  unprotected and vulnerable during                                                     (Red starfish)     tissues or cavities of the body), with a feeling
  transitional phases in their lives. They                                                                       of congestion in the liver, kidneys, and
  are often taciturn loners who desire                                                                             genitals. Fibroids or cancer may also
  calmness and clarity, but tend to be                                                                             be helped.
  vague and absent-minded, their heads                                                                       Symptoms better For cold weather; for
  feeling full of cotton balls.                                                                            bathing in cold water; for gentle movement.
     Astacus has a strong affinity with the liver,                                                         Symptoms worse For warmth; at night;
  digestion, glands, and skin. It is well known                                                            for music.
  as a remedy for urticaria (hives), particularly                                                          See also Fibroids, page 199; Cancer, page 208
                                                                                                                           MINOR REMEDIES              • 129

Avena sativa                                          tend to be taciturn, irritable, and snappy,       disorders of the nervous system such as
AVENA                                                 and often whine and complain. Generally,
                                                      they feel weak and do not want to be
                                                                                                        seizures, perhaps occurring periodically, with
                                                                                                        stiffness, restlessness, and a loss of sensibility.
COMMON NAME    Oats.                                  disturbed. They often start one task before       The hands and feet may swell, and the limbs
ORIGINNative to northern                              completing another, and may have a fear           may feel paralyzed and heavy, with trembling
Europe, but now grown                                 of dogs.                                          and twitching.
worldwide in                                             The remedy has an affinity with the               Baryta mur. is additionally used for acutely
temperate areas.                                      respiratory organs, and may be given              swollen glands, possibly the cervical or
BACKGROUND Oats have                                  constitutionally to those with a personal or      parotid glands, accompanied by a sore throat
a long history of                                     family history of respiratory problems. It is     and possibly tonsillitis. Stroke symptoms
medicinal use in                                      typically prescribed for weak lungs, possibly     or severe eczema may also respond to
Europe for a wide                                     involving shortness of breath, hacking coughs     the remedy.
                                                      that disrupt sleep, purulent mucus, asthma,       Symptoms better None known.
                                                      and sharp pain in the heart area that may be      Symptoms worse For wet weather; in spring;
                                                      triggered by deep breathing.                      in fall.
                                                         Bacillinum is also used for certain skin       See also Stroke, page 187; Severe eczema,
                                                      conditions, such as eczema on the eyelids,        page 194
                                                      pimples that develop on the left cheek,
range of ailments. They                               ringworm on the scalp, alopecia areata            Bellis perennis
are most often used in
herbalism for general
                                                      (patchy loss of hair), and a susceptibility
                                                      to fungal skin infections. Symptoms may
debility, eczema, and                                 occur independently or in conjunction with        COMMON NAMES     English daisy, garden daisy,
nervous conditions.                                   respiratory problems.                             European daisy.
PREPARATION The fresh,                                Symptoms better In summer; for heat; for dry      ORIGIN Found throughout Europe.
green aerial parts in                                 climates; for rest; for tight bandaging.          BACKGROUND In the 16th century the English
flower are expressed                                  Symptoms worse For cold air; in the early         herbalist John Gerard noted this plant as
for their juice, which is                             morning; at night.                                a treatment for gout. It has a long tradition
mixed with alcohol.                AVENA SATIVA       See also Asthma, page 181; Tuberculosis,          of use as a medicinal herb, and is
                                       (Oats)         page 182; Pneumonia, page 183                     currently being tested as a treatment
Remedy profile                                                                                          for HIV infection.
People for whom Avena is                              Barium chloratum                                  PREPARATION The whole, fresh plant, including
most appropriate are prone to mental and
physical exhaustion accompanied by poor
                                                      BARYTA MUR.                                       the root, is gathered when in flower and
                                                                                                        steeped in alcohol.
concentration. These people typically tend to be      COMMON NAME     Barium chloride.
nervous or elderly. Alternatively, they may be        ORIGIN  Chemically prepared from barium           Remedy profile
feeling the effects of a drug or alcohol addiction.   carbonate and hydrochloric acid.                  Bellis best suits people who are prone to
   Nervous exhaustion, great weakness, and            BACKGROUND Barium chloride is mixed               restlessness, insomnia, and angry dreams.
a tendency to suffer chronic insomnia are key         with sodium sulfate to form a white               They are often sensitive to the cold.
symptoms associated with the remedy. There            filler and pigment (blanc fixe) used in the         Key conditions treated by Bellis include
may be a very low libido or male impotence,           manufacture of leather, rubber, cloth, and        muscle strain, sprains, and bruises,
possibly linked with excessive sexual activity.       photographic paper.                               including deep bruising to the muscles such
The tincture is often prescribed as herbal            PREPARATION The compound is dissolved in          as that produced by soccer injuries to the
drops rather than homeopathic pills.                  alcohol or triturated with lactose sugar.         thighs. It is also given to ease pain after
Symptoms better For open air.                                                                           surgery, or prolonged pain after injury. The
Symptoms worse For convalescence.                     Remedy profile                                    remedy is appropriate where a tumor forms
                                                      Baryta mur. has strong links with the nervous     on the site of an old injury or scar.
Bacillinum pulmo                                      system. It is most appropriate for people with      Bellis is also used to treat varicose veins
BACILLINUM                                            a predisposition to develop an aneurysm
                                                      (ballooning of an artery).
                                                                                                        and congestion of the veins, possibly when
                                                                                                        they are associated with physical labor.
COMMON NAME    Tubercular lung tissue.                   The remedy is generally used for nervous       During pregnancy or following an abortion
ORIGIN Tissue from a lung infected                    symptoms, which may develop into manic            or miscarriage, the remedy may help ease
with tuberculosis.                                    nervous states. It is best suited to adults who   pain and bruising in the uterus.
BACKGROUND See information under                      behave “childishly” and to children who           Symptoms better For heat; for cold
Tuberculinum (see page 115).                          cannot play or interact with others because       compresses; for continuous movement;
PREPARATION Sterilized lung tissue is dissolved       of their dullness or delayed mental               for pressure on the painful area; for eating.
in purified water, diluted, and succussed.            development. Baryta mur. may be prescribed        Symptoms worse For becoming chilled when
                                                      for mental disability in children whose           hot; for the warmth of the bed; before
Remedy profile                                        development is delayed, and for elderly           storms; for touch; for exer tion; for childbir th;
Melancholy and depression are typical in              people with retardation. Principal physical       for injuries; for surger y; on the left side; for
those who respond best to Bacillinum. They            symptoms treated with this remedy include         cold drinks.

  Bismuthum metallicum                              Remedy profile                                   Bromum
  BISMUTH MET.                                      People who crave attention, have a strong
                                                    desire to appear attractive, and possibly the
  COMMON NAMES    Bismuth, precipitated             feeling that they have been forsaken by others   COMMON NAME   Bromine.
  subnitrate of bismuth.                            are most suited to Bothrops. They may be         ORIGINChemically prepared.
  ORIGIN Found widely in nature, in                 either loquacious or, conversely, find it        BACKGROUND The name bromine comes from
  hydrothermal veins and igneous rock.              difficult to talk, forgetting words when they    the Greek bromos, or “bad smell.” An acrid,
  BACKGROUND First discovered by a German           are speaking.                                    browny red, smoking fluid, bromine is used
  monk called Basil Valentine in 1450,                 The characteristic symptom picture for        as a water purifier, disinfectant, and bleach,
  bismuth is widely used industrially in            Bothrops is of problems of the blood or          and in the production of tear gas.
  alloys, and its compounds are also used           blood vessels. Symptoms include bruising,        PREPARATION Bromine is dissolved in alcohol,
  for medicinal purposes.                           hemorrhaging of thin blood that will not clot,   then diluted and succussed.
  PREPARATION Bismuth is mixed with lactose         or severe premenstrual syndrome. The face
  sugar and triturated.                             may be bluish or dark red and bloated, and       Remedy profile
                                                    the right hand may turn blue. Sharp pain may     Bromum is best suited to people with an
  Remedy profile                                    radiate from the right nipple to the back, and   underlying restlessness who tend to stay on the
  Bismuth met. is most suited to those who          become worse when raising the left arm or        move or run away from situations. They are
  are experiencing great anguish, fear, and         breathing deeply.                                prone to anxiety and subject to the delusion that
  restlessness, with poor concentration.            Symptoms better None known.                      someone is behind them.
  They have a desperate need for company            Symptoms worse On the right side; after             Respiratory problems treated by Bromum
  and cannot bear to be alone. They often           midnight; at sunrise; for walking; for taking    include colds that start in the larynx and travel
  crave cold drinks.                                a deep breath.                                   upward or down to the chest. The nose and
     This remedy is generally used for violent                                                       larynx may be irritated, with sneezing, catarrh,
  abdominal pains, possibly with burning and        Brassica nigra syn. Sinapis nigra                and hoarseness. An overheated room may cause
  ulceration in the stomach, bowels, and throat.
  The pains may be accompanied by frequent
                                                    SINAPIS                                          hoarseness and an inability to speak.
                                                                                                        A stony hardness is the most typical gland
  belching and rumbling flatulence. Sleep is        COMMON NAME    Black mustard.                    symptom treated by Bromum. It is most likely
  restless, with frequent waking and feelings       ORIGIN Native to the Middle East.                to affect the thyroid, ovary, or testicle on the
  of fright or a sensation of falling.              BACKGROUND This pungent, warming herb            left side of the body.
  Symptoms better For cold compresses; for          stimulates the digestive system and              Symptoms better After nosebleeds; for
  company; for movement; for bending backward;      circulation. A mustard foot-bath is an old       shaving; for being at the seashore; for
  for cold drinks.                                  folklore cure for colds and headaches.           movement; for riding a horse.
  Symptoms worse For being alone; for eating.       PREPARATION Mustard seeds are ground to          Symptoms worse For warmth; for damp;
                                                    a powder and macerated in alcohol.               for overheating; for getting chilled while
  BISMUTHUM                                                                                          hot; for bathing in the sea; for dust; for
                                                    Remedy profile                                   drafts; in the evening until midnight;
                                                    Sinapis is given mainly to people who are        for tobacco smoke; after eating.
                                                    irritable and become irritated for no reason.
                                                    They have poor concentration, although           Bufo bufo syn. Rana bufo
                                                    studying and mental exercise make them
                                                    feel better and focus their minds.
                                                       Classic conditions linked with Sinapis        COMMON NAMES    Common toad, Brazilian toad.
                                                    are hay fever, colds, and pharyngitis, with      ORIGIN Found in North America, Japan,
                                                    hot, dry mucous membranes. Further               southern Asia, and Europe.
                                                    characteristic symptoms include sweat that       BACKGROUND During the 19th century, native
                                                    forms on the upper lip and forehead,             Brazilian women were known to give the
                                                    catarrh or mucus that feels cold, intense        toad’s venom to their husbands in food or
  Bothrops lanceolatus syn. Lachesis                sneezing that is worse at night, and a           drink to lower sexual vitality.
  lanceolatus                                       feeling as if the blood vessels are filled       PREPARATION Venom secreted by the dorsal

  BOTHROPS                                          with hot water. Colds tend to affect the
                                                    left nostril in particular.
                                                                                                     glands on the toad’s back is mixed with
                                                                                                     lactose sugar and triturated.
  COMMON NAMES    Yellow pit viper, fer-de-lance.   Symptoms better For concentrating or studying;
  ORIGIN Found from Mexico to Brazil and on         for sitting erect; for lying down                Remedy profile
  many West Indian islands.                         at night; for shutting the eyes; for eating      Those prone to immature, childish behavior
  BACKGROUND The name fer-de-lance derives          a good meal.                                     respond best to this remedy. They have a
  from this snake’s flat, lance-shaped mouth.       Symptoms worse For a warm room; for damp         tendency to be emotionally underdeveloped
  A bite from the snake causes immediate            weather; for summer; for touch or pressure       or potentially even educationally subnormal
  swelling and intense pain.                        on the affected area; for sitting forward and    but may be brilliant in one subject (idiot
  PREPARATION Fresh venom is triturated with        stooping; between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. and          savant). Their faces may be characterized by a
  lactose sugar.                                    7 p.m. and 9 p.m.                                stupid and besotted expression. Particularly
                                                                                                                           MINOR REMEDIES             • 131

                                    BUFO BUFO        Remedy profile                                      lips will trigger abdominal pain and the
                                  (Common toad)      People for whom Cadmium met. is best suited         retching of black or yellowy green vomit.
                                                     tend to be irritable, hypersensitive, and           Symptoms better For rest; for eating.
                                                     indifferent, and may avoid company.                 Symptoms worse For open air; for getting up;
                                                        The classic symptom profile associated with      for the slightest movement; after sleep.
                                                     this remedy is of great fatigue, with dull aches    See also Depression, page 212
                                                     all over the body, influenza-like symptoms, a
                                                     poor memory, and difficulty in concentrating.       Caladium seguinum
                                                     Since these are symptoms associated by
                                                     homeopaths with the effects of aluminum on
                                                     the body (see page 72), this remedy is often        COMMON NAMES    American arum, dumb cane,
                                                       used as an antidote to aluminum exposure.         poison arum.
                                                         There may be accompanying nausea or             ORIGIN Found in the Caribbean islands,
                                                          diarrhea with soft stools and a sensation      Guyana, and northern Brazil.
                                                          as if there is a foreign body in the rectum.   BACKGROUND This plant’s poison causes
                                                           More serious gastrointestinal symptoms        muteness and impotence: in the 17th and
                                                      may be helped by this remedy, such as              18th centuries, the men of the West Indian
                                                     painful abdominal bloating, colitis, or hernias     Maroons applied it to their wives’ sexual
                                                     in the diaphragm. It may also be used for           organs to suppress their libido and cause
                                                     constipation and hemorrhoids that tend              impotence in any man who seduced them.
                                                     to be aggravated by passing stools.                 PREPARATION The whole, fresh plant, including
                              thick lips, which         A feature of the remedy is that as the           the root, is macerated in alcohol.
                              they may               fatigue lessens, skin eruptions may appear on
                               lick constantly,      the skin, causing it to redden, burn, and itch,     Remedy profile
                               are another           and perhaps develop pimples, blisters, or           Caladium is most appropriate for people
                               classic feature.      non-weeping eruptions.                              who feel debilitated, nervous, restless, and
                                  The classic Bufo   Symptoms better For pressure on the affected        forgetful, perhaps following a feverish illness.
                               symptom picture is    area; for cold compresses; for the development      Illness depletes their energy levels and libido,
                              of seizures and skin   of skin eruptions; for eating.                      despite a prior history of high sexual energy
                             problems, occurring     Symptoms worse In the morning; for                  and a susceptibility to lascivious thoughts.
                           either concurrently       movement; for mental exertion; on the left          Other symptoms include rough, dry, itchy
                       or independently,             side of the body.                                   skin and a marked craving for tobacco.
                and possibly with excessive                                                              Symptoms better After sweating; for sleeping
sexual activity. Typical skin symptoms include       Cadmium sulphuricum                                 in the daytime.
blisters and itching, burning pustules.
   The sexual element of this remedy involves
                                                     CADMIUM SULPH.                                      Symptoms worse For movement.

symptoms such as an extremely high sex drive,        COMMON NAME      Cadmium sulfate.                   Calcium fluoratum syn. Calcarea fluorica
frequent masturbation, poorly developed sexual
relationships, and even sexual depravity.
                                                     ORIGIN Chemically prepared.
                                                     BACKGROUND This mineral derives its name
                                                                                                         CALC. FLUOR.
Symptoms better For cool air; for bathing and        from the Greek word kadmia, meaning                 COMMON NAME     Calcium fluoride.
putting the feet in hot water; for bleeding,         “earth.” It is used as a pigment in oil paints      ORIGIN  Made originally from fluorspar
especially in saliva or as a bloody discharge        and printing ink.                                   (fluorite) found in Mexico, the UK, and
from the nipples.                                    PREPARATION Cadmium sulfate is triturated           the US, but now chemically prepared.
Symptoms worse During sleep; for warm                with lactose sugar.                                 BACKGROUND This gray-white powder is
surroundings; for the slightest movement;                                                                odorless, tasteless, and luminous when
after an injury.                                     Remedy profile                                      heated. Dr. Schüssler originally developed
                                                     Cadmium belongs to the same family on the           the remedy as one of his “biochemic” tissue
Cadmium metallicum                                   periodic table as zinc and mercury, and the         salts (see page 90).
CADMIUM MET.                                         Cadmium remedy shares some of the traits
                                                     associated with the remedies based on those
                                                                                                         PREPARATION Calcium fluoride is mixed
                                                                                                         with lactose sugar and triturated.
COMMON NAME    Cadmium.                              elements. When ill, these people are often
ORIGIN Found naturally in small quantities in        chilly, exhausted, anxious, irritable,              Remedy profile
minerals and ores, such as zinc, but prepared        depressed, and have a fear of death. The more       Anxiety is typical in those for whom this
chemically for commercial use.                       their illness progresses, the more they want to     remedy is most appropriate, especially
BACKGROUND This bluish white element was             stay still, perhaps becoming faint on rising.       anxiety about health. They fear poverty
discovered by Frederick Stromeyer, a German             The remedy is typically used to treat stomach    and may be miserly or envious of others.
chemist, in 1817. It is used in alloys,              problems accompanied by sharp, cutting pains          Calc. fluor. is primarily used to treat
batteries, metal-plating, and magnets.               in the abdomen, a feeling of constriction,          disorders of the bones, teeth, joints, and
PREPARATION Cadmium is mixed with lactose            intense burning, and vomiting. There may be         musculoskeletal system. Key conditions
sugar and triturated.                                nausea so severe that the slightest touch to the    associated with the remedy include bone

  malnutrition and deformity, tumors and            Calcium silicatum syn. Calcarea silicata          slowly or not at all. Typical mucous-
  growths, possibly on the bones or the
  tendons, and swollen, inflamed joints that
                                                    CALC. SIL.                                        membrane discharges include thick, yellow-
                                                                                                      colored catarrh accompanying a cold, or
  crack or dislocate easily on moving. Further      COMMON NAME      Calcium silicate.                thick, yellow, lumpy mucus with a cough.
  symptoms associated with Calc. fluor. include     ORIGIN  Occurs naturally as wollastonite,         Symptoms better For open air; for heat;
  teeth that are prone to crumbling or breaking     but usually prepared chemically.                  for uncovering; for bathing.
  easily, and hard lumps that develop on the        BACKGROUND Calcium silicate is a vital            Symptoms worse For cold and damp; for
  skull and jaw.                                    constituent of glass and cement. In the food      drafts; for walking rapidly.
     In addition, the remedy may be prescribed      industry it is used as an anti-sticking agent     See also Severe eczema, page 194
  for the treatment of enlarged veins or            in salt, rice, and candy.
  varicose veins.                                   PREPARATION The compound is mixed with            Calendula officinalis
  Symptoms better For heat; for rubbing the
  affected area; for continued movement.
                                                    lactose sugar and triturated.
  Symptoms worse For cold; for damp; on             Remedy profile                                    COMMON NAMES     Pot marigold, marigold.
  beginning to move; for sprains.                   Those for whom Calc. sil. is most suited          ORIGIN Native to southern Europe, but now
                                                    tend to feel weak and cold, although              found throughout the world.
                            CALCIUM FLUORATUM       overheating makes them feel worse. They           BACKGROUND The antiseptic and anti-
                                 (Fluorspar)        may seem obsessed with dead friends and           inflammatory properties of calendula have made
                                                    relatives, and may talk to the dead in their      it one of the longest established popular herbal
                                                    imaginations. Thrift and a lack of confidence     remedies. Large amounts are grown in Russia,
                                                    are also typical in these people.                 and it has been nicknamed “Russian penicillin.”
                                                                The remedy is used primarily for      PREPARATION The finely chopped, fresh flowers
                                                                this state of mind in conjunction     and leaves are steeped in alcohol.
                                                                with skin conditions, especially
                                                                severe acne or acne rosacea, boils,   Remedy profile
                                                                 warts, or abscesses.                 Calendula is usually given to heal and soothe
                                                                 Symptoms better For lying down,      cuts and broken skin. It may prevent the
                                                                  especially on the back.             development of disfiguring scars from torn
                                                               Symptoms worse For cold; for touch;    and jagged wounds. In addition, non-
                                                             for jarring; in the evening; at night.   alcohol-based preparations of the remedy
                                                                                                      may soothe eczema.
  Calcium iodatum syn. Calcarea iodata              Calcium sulphuricum syn. Calcarea                    Calendula is prescribed internally and
  CALC. IOD.                                        sulphurica                                        externally for leg and varicose ulcers, post-

  COMMON NAME    Calcium iodide.
                                                    CALC. SULPH.                                      operative wounds, and ruptured muscles or
                                                                                                      tendons. It may be used to treat torn perineal
  ORIGIN Chemically prepared.                       COMMON NAMES     Gypsum, calcium sulfate.         tissues following childbirth, joint wounds
  BACKGROUND In large doses, this white, soluble    ORIGIN Found widely in nature, forming in hot     where there is loss of synovial fluid, and
  powder may irritate the bowels, but it is also    springs and clay beds.                            bleeding in the gums after a tooth extraction.
  thought to prevent “rotting in the bowels” and    BACKGROUND Gypsum is used to make                 Symptoms better For lying completely still;
  to deodorize the stools.                          plaster of Paris, which can be formed into                          for walking.
  PREPARATION Calcium iodide is dissolved in        a protective sheath to immobilize injuries.                            Symptoms worse For
  alcohol, diluted, and succussed.                  Dr. Schüssler developed the remedy as                                     damp, cloudy weather;
                                                    one of his “biochemic” tissue salts                                         for drafts;
  Remedy profile                                    (see page 90).                                                               for eating.
  This remedy is most suitable for people           PREPARATION Gypsum is mixed with
  who feel lightheaded, as if their head            lactose sugar and triturated.                                                   CALENDULA
  “isn’t there.” They may be indifferent to                                                                                         OFFICINALIS
  life and disinclined to work.                     Remedy profile                                                                 (Pot marigold)
     Key conditions linked with the Calc. iod.      Calc. sulph. is best suited to people who
  remedy are enlarged tonsils honeycombed           tend to be timid and fearful, especially
  with pits, glandular swellings, and fibroids.     of birds. They may compensate for their
  Adenoid complaints accompanied by frequent        timidity by being argumentative and bossy,
  colds in children may respond to the remedy,      and can be terribly jealous.
  as may thyroid enlargement during puberty.           Suppurating, yellow discharges of pus are
  In certain cases, the glandular swellings, such   typically associated with this remedy. Calc.
  as those in the breast, may become cancerous.     sulph. is generally prescribed once the pus
  Symptoms better For open air.                     has “found a vent.” The pus may affect
  Symptoms worse For warmth; for the heat of        wounds and other skin conditions, such as
  the bed; at night; in cold weather.               eczema, as well as the mucous membranes,
  See also Fibroids, page 199                       glands, and bones. Healing generally occurs
                                                                                                                              MINOR REMEDIES           • 133

Camellia sinensis syn. Thea sinensis                   tract, and cystitis with severe, burning pains and   pessimistic. Homesickness or nostalgia
THEA                                                   spasms that interrupt the flow of urine. Typical
                                                       reproductive system disorders associated with
                                                                                                            often prevents them from fully
                                                                                                            engaging in their daily lives.
COMMON NAME    Tea.                                    the remedy include discharges from or                   The classic symptom picture
ORIGIN Native to China, although now                   narrowing of the urethra, inflammation of the        for this remedy is of low
cultivated commercially, particularly in India,        penis, and acute gonorrhea.                          vitality, perhaps in the elderly or
Sri Lanka, and China.                                  Symptoms better For warmth; for rest.                those debilitated by alcoholism
BACKGROUND Long established in many                    Symptoms worse For urinating; for being              or prostate conditions. Weakness
cultures as a beverage, tea is also used in            approached by anyone; for looking at bright          is usually accompanied by slow
Indian Ayurvedic medicine as a tonic for the           objects; for touch.                                  healing processes, infections that
digestive system and nerves.                                                                                tend to suppurate, and great
PREPARATION The leaves are dried, then                 Capsella bursa-pastoris syn. Thlaspi                 sensitivity to drafts. Further typical
steeped in alcohol, diluted, and succussed.            bursa-pastoris                                       symptoms include a raw, red,

Remedy profile                                         THLASPI                                              burning throat that smarts,
                                                                                                            as if from eating the pepper itself.
Thea is associated chiefly with an overactive          COMMON NAME     Shepherd’s purse.                    Symptoms better For heat; for
nervous system. Those who respond best to it           ORIGIN Native to Europe and Asia.                    continued movement; for eating.
tend to be in a rather overwrought frame of            BACKGROUND This plant’s common name                  Symptoms worse For cold air;
mind, and are inclined to quarrel over the             derives from its seed pods, which resemble           for the least draft; for
slightest things. Thea is given for extreme forms      heart-shaped purses. It was used in World            uncovering the affected
of behavior in children and adults, including          War I to treat hemorrhaging.                         area; for drinking or
irritability, mental restlessness, violent impulses,   PREPARATION The aerial parts, dried when             bathing in cold water.
and even psychiatric problems. Adults may have         in flower, are finely chopped and macerated          See also Prostate problems,       ANNUUM
murderous desires, perhaps toward their own            in alcohol.                                          page 202                        (Chili pepper)
children, or they may feel suicidal, especially at
night when they are unable to sleep due to an          Remedy profile                                       Carbo animalis
overactive mind.
   This overactivity of the nervous system
                                                       Predominantly a remedy given for problems
                                                       of the female reproductive system, Thlaspi is
                                                                                                            CARBO AN.
causes physical symptoms such as insomnia,             especially associated with fibroids and with         COMMON NAME    Animal charcoal.
indigestion, and palpitations or other heart           hemorrhaging, particularly during pregnancy.         ORIGIN Charcoal made from oxhide.
problems, which may be helped by Thea.                 The hemorrhaging is characteristically               BACKGROUND To make animal charcoal,
Symptoms better For warmth; for bathing in             accompanied by great pain and violent                oxhide is heated until luminescent, then
warm water.                                            cramping in the uterus. It may occur between         transferred to an airtight environment.
Symptoms worse For walking in the open air;            menstrual periods, during pregnancy,                 PREPARATION Charcoal ash is triturated
at night; after meals.                                 following labor, or after a miscarriage or           with lactose sugar.
                                                       abortion. Menstrual flow tends to be
Cannabis sativa                                        excessively profuse and frequent, causing            Remedy profile
CANNABIS SAT.                                          great exhaustion. Frequent nosebleeds are
                                                       also a possible symptom during pregnancy.
                                                                                                            Carbo an. is typically prescribed for elderly
                                                                                                            people with strong nostalgia for the past and
COMMON NAMES     Marijuana, European hemp,             Symptoms better For bending over.                    an aversion to modern life. They tend to feel
American hemp, pot, weed.                              Symptoms worse None known.                           chilly, feeble, abandoned, and that “everything
ORIGIN Native to northern India, China, and                                                                 was better in the old days.”
Iran, but now cultivated worldwide.                    Capsicum annuum var. annuum                             The remedy is mainly used for painful,
BACKGROUND This plant is cultivated
for its fiber and seeds and illegally as a
                                                       CAPSICUM                                             slow-developing symptoms associated with
                                                                                                            old age, poor nutrition, and decay, such as
recreational drug. It is closely related to            COMMON NAMES     Chili pepper, sweet pepper,         swollen, painful veins, poor circulation with
Cannabis sativa ‘Indica’ (see page 43).                bell pepper.                                         blue extremities, cancer, and great fatigue.
PREPARATION The tops of the male and female            ORIGIN Native to tropical America, and               Pains typically feel as if they are burning,
flowers are macerated in alcohol.                      cultivated throughout Africa and India.              cutting, or stabbing.
                                                       BACKGROUND The dried pods have long been                Carbo an. is used particularly in the
Remedy profile                                         used both as a hot spice in cooking, and as          treatment of cancer, especially cancers of the
People for whom Cannabis sat. is considered            a stimulant and irritant in herbalism. The           glands or the uterus, and for distension of the
most suitable have a tendency to be rather             indigenous tribes of tropical America also           abdomen after abdominal surgery.
dreamy, absentminded, and detached. They               used it as a local painkiller.                       Symptoms better For warm rooms; for rubbing
often have the feeling that everything is              PREPARATION The dried pods are steeped in            the eyes; for pressing the hand on the
slightly unreal, and are easily debilitated.           alcohol, then diluted and succussed.                 uncomfortable area.
   The remedy is prescribed primarily for                                                                   Symptoms worse For dry, cold air; after
problems of the urinary and reproductive               Remedy profile                                       midnight; for shaving; for eating; for fatty
systems. It may be used for urogenital                 Capsicum is best suited to those who are             foods and milk.
symptoms such as infections in the urinary             “peppery,” discontented, and rather                  See also Cancer, page 208

  Carbonium sulphuratum                               is especially evident during menstrual              Symptoms better For warmth.

  CARBON SULPH.                                       periods. Nervous and discontented, they tend
                                                      to have anxious dreams, and to shout out
                                                                                                          Symptoms worse For movement; for coffee;
                                                                                                          in the evening.
  COMMON NAMES    Carbon bisulfide,                   angrily when they are asleep.
  carbon disulfide.                                      Castoreum is generally used for this nervous     Ceanothus americanus
  ORIGIN Chemically prepared.
  BACKGROUND Carbon bisulfide is used as an
                                                      state in conjunction with profuse sweats and a
                                                      weird sensation that the tongue is being pulled
  industrial solvent in rubber works, and in the      back by a thread from its base to the hyoid bone    COMMON NAME    New Jersey tea.
  manufacture of synthetic fibers such as             in the neck. There is a tendency not to recover     ORIGIN Native to eastern North America.
  viscose, rayon, and cellophane.                     fully from any bout of illness, and the remedy      BACKGROUND Native Americans used the root
  PREPARATION The compound is dissolved in            may be given for chronic fatigue syndrome in        to make a tea for fevers, catarrh, and sore
  purified water, diluted, and succussed.             women. Further symptoms may include sudden          throats. During the Revolutionary War, the
                                                      spasms of pain in the abdomen.                      leaves were used as a substitute for tea.
  Remedy profile                                      Symptoms better For pressure on                     PREPARATION The dried leaves are steeped in
  People for whom Carbon sulph. is best               affected areas.                                     alcohol, diluted, and succussed.
  suited seem unable to think clearly. They may       Symptoms worse For cold; during
  be either loquacious or respond slowly to           menstruation; after debilitating diseases;          Remedy profile
  others, forgetting words. In severe cases, they     for emotional stress.                               Ceanothus is most suitable for people who
  can be affected by dementia alternating with                                                            feel apathetic and lack energy. They may be
  excitement, associated with fear, biting, sudden    Caulophyllum thalictroides                          depressed by a fear of being unable to work
  rage, or delusions of grandeur. At the ultimate
  extreme, they progress to complete breakdown,
                                                      CAULOPHYLLUM                                        due to illness.
                                                                                                             The classic symptom picture is one of
  especially in their relationships, with a loss of   COMMON NAMES    Blue cohosh, squaw root,            lethargy, with swelling, tenderness, and pain
  dignity and confused sense of self. They may        papoose root.                                       in the spleen. There may be such deep
  even attempt suicide and require restraining.       ORIGIN Native to eastern North America.             pain on the left side of the body that it is
     This pattern of breakdown is reflected in the    BACKGROUND Native Americans valued this             impossible to lie on this side. Further
  physical conditions for which Carbon sulph. is      plant highly for women, using it as a               symptoms include palpitations, chilliness,
  chiefly used. The body systems become               contraceptive, to regulate menstrual cycles,        a right-sided headache, and shortness of
  “disorganized,” leading to muscle-wasting,          to induce labor, and for children’s colic.          breath. The symptoms may be associated
  jerking pains, visual disturbances with             PREPARATION The fresh root is macerated in          with serious blood or lymph disorders
  progressive vision loss and color blindness,        alcohol, diluted, and succussed.                    such as leukemia or Hodgkin’s disease.
  widespread nerve inflammation, and digestive                                                            The remedy is also used for those who
  upsets. These symptoms may occur                    CAULOPHYLLUM THALICTROIDES                          experience great nervous excitement, with
  concurrently or in isolation.                                (Blue cohosh)                              chilliness and a loss of appetite. Their nerves
     Other important symptoms that may respond                                                            may be so badly shaken that they can barely
  to the remedy include tinnitus, chronic sciatic                                                         hold a knife and fork.They may find it
  pain and twitching, recurrent breathing                                                                      difficult to sleep, and may experience
  difficulties, skin irritation, loss of sensation,                                                             dreams of snakes and robbers.
  and diarrhea or constipation.                                                                                 Symptoms better For warm weather.
  Symptoms better For open air; for warm drinks.                                                                Symptoms worse For cold, damp weather;
  Symptoms worse For bathing; during and                                                                        for movement; for lying on the left side.
  after eating.
  See also Tinnitus, page 222                                                                                  Centella asiatica syn. Hydrocotyle
                                                      Remedy profile                                      asiatica
  Castoreum                                           This remedy is exclusively prescribed for
  CASTOREUM                                           symptoms in women who tend to be prone to
                                                      restlessness, nervousness, and insomnia, if they    COMMON NAMES     Gotu kola, Indian pennywort,
  COMMON NAME     Castoreum.                          have drunk too much coffee. In severe cases         tiger grass.
  ORIGIN Secretion from glands in the genitals        they may be unable to speak.                        ORIGIN Native to India, and found in Sri
  of the beaver.                                         Caulophyllum is used primarily for problems      Lanka, south China, and southwest Asia.
  BACKGROUND This browny red, resinous                of the uterus, such as excessive bleeding and       BACKGROUND Gotu kola has long been used in
  substance was formerly used in its dried form       lack of tone in the uterine muscles. There may      India as a meditation aid. It is also an important
  as a fixative in the perfume industry.              be erratic or absent uterine muscle action          herbal remedy in Indian Ayurvedic medicine,
  PREPARATION Castoreum is macerated in               during menstruation or during or following          notably for leprosy and as a “tonic” herb.
  alcohol, filtered, diluted, and succussed.          labor. Inner trembling may also occur.              PREPARATION The dried aerial parts of the plant
                                                         The remedy is also used for rheumatic joint      are macerated in alcohol.
  Remedy profile                                      pains affecting the small joints, particularly if
  Castoreum is primarily associated with              they occur in conjunction with menstruation or      Remedy profile
  women, particularly those with an angry,            uterine problems. The fingers, toes, and ankles     Hydrocotyle is best suited to people who
  irritable, and quarrelsome state of mind that       may be stiff, and the wrists may ache.              alternate between lively, talkative behavior and
                                                                                                                       MINOR REMEDIES           • 135

dull sadness, with a desire to be                                                                     ORIGIN Found in North America, Asia,
alone. They may sleep heavily,                             awareness of the uterus. Problems of the   and Europe.
sometimes with persistent                             female reproductive system that may be          BACKGROUND By the 19th century this
dreaming all night long.                            treated with Helonias include suppressed          native American remedy for sweating
   Classic features                                 menstruation, uterine prolapse with a sensation   and fevers was adopted by European
associated with this                                                of weakness and dragging in the   settlers for rheumatic pain and
remedy are                                                              sacrum and pelvis, and a      urinary problems.
                                                                           congested feeling in the   PREPARATION The whole, fresh plant, or aerial
                                                                             kidneys, as if the       parts in flower, are steeped in alcohol.
                                                                   menstrual flow has moved to that
                                                              area. The remedy may also be used to    Remedy profile
                                                    treat edema (retention of fluid in the tissues)   Those who respond best to this remedy tend
                                                    after uterine hemorrhage.                         to feel restless and hot but seem unable to
                                                    Symptoms better For being busy; for holding       sweat. They tremble inwardly, yet are
                         overgrowth and             the abdomen.                                      outwardly calm and stable.
                    hardening, which often          Symptoms worse For fatigue; for touch; for           Chimaphila is used chiefly for urinary
                 manifests itself as thickening     movement; for stooping; for the pressure of       tract problems such as painful urination
               or hardening of the connective       clothes; for pregnancy.                           and obstructed urine flow. It is given for
                tissue, or scaly, thickening skin                                                     cystitis with blood in the urine and great
 ASIATICA          conditions. Typical skin         Chenopodium ambrosioides var.                     urging to urinate despite an empty bladder.
(Gotu kola)           conditions treated include    anthelminticum                                    In men it is also prescribed for an enlarged
                          psoriasis, with
 hardening and scaling of the affected area,
                                                    CHENOPODIUM                                       prostate, urine retention, and a feeling that
                                                                                                      there is a ball in the pelvis.
 lupus (scaly patches that leave dull white         COMMON NAMES    American wormseed, Jesuit’s       Symptoms better For walking.
 scars), and leprosy with no ulceration. The        tea, Mexican tea, Jerusalem oak.                  Symptoms worse For cold and damp; for sitting
 remedy may even be used for excessive skin         ORIGIN Native to the Caribbean and to Central     on cold stone; on starting to urinate.
 thickening, swelling, and distortion, like that    and South America, and cultivated in China        See also Prostate problems, page 202
 occurring in elephantiasis (a chronic disease      and the US.
 of the lymphatic system).                          BACKGROUND This plant was widely used from        Chininum arsenicosum
Symptoms better For rubbing the affected area.
Symptoms worse In summer; at night; for
                                                    the middle of the 18th century by native
                                                    Americans to expel worms.
                                                                                                      CHINA ARS.
movement; for pressure on the affected area;        PREPARATION The seeds or whole, fresh plant       COMMON NAME     Quinine arsenite.
on the left side.                                   are macerated in alcohol, or the oil from the     ORIGIN Chemically prepared.
                                                    seeds is diluted with alcohol.                    BACKGROUND This compound of quinine
Chamaelirium luteum syn. Helonias dioica                                                              (see page 49), arsenious acid, and potassium
HELONIAS                                            Remedy profile                                    carbonate is little used outside homeopathy.
                                                    The classic use of Chenopodium is in treating     PREPARATION Quinine arsenite is mixed with
COMMON NAMES     False unicorn root, devil’s bit,   the effects of a stroke, particularly if they     lactose sugar and triturated.
fairy wand, blazing star.                           involve right-sided paralysis.
ORIGIN Native to eastern North America.                Typical symptoms include repeating             Remedy profile
BACKGROUND The plant was long used by               words or using inappropriate words, or            People for whom China ars. is appropriate
native Americans to prevent miscarriage,            repeating the same actions over and over          tend to be exhausted and drained, and to feel
and is still considered invaluable for many         again. The limbs may spasm and contract,          that they cannot endure their state for much
gynecological disorders by herbalists.              and the hands may flex. These symptoms            longer. They are either restless and on edge
PREPARATION The fresh, finely chopped root          may be accompanied by very heavy                  or completely relaxed.
and rhizome are steeped in alcohol.                 breathing with a rattling sound, as if there         The key symptom treated by China ars.
                                                    is a ball rolling loose in the trachea. The       is great fatigue, perhaps following chronic
Remedy profile                                      remedy is also used to treat right-sided          fatigue syndrome, or serious illness such
Characteristically, those who respond to            migraines with giddiness, loss of sight,          as malaria or a debilitating epileptic attack.
Helonias are melancholy and depressed, and          roaring in the ears, and dull pain in the         The fatigue tends to recur at specific times,
have a tendency to feel better when mentally        liver area that may extend to the right           possibly with burning pains, stiff joints,
or physically occupied.                             shoulder blade.                                   and fluttering “electric” pulses in the body.
   Helonias is used primarily for women’s           Symptoms better None known.                       The remedy may also be given to treat
problems accompanied by severe fatigue. This        Symptoms worse For movement.                      asthma with a sensation of suffocation,
exhaustion or enervation is often caused by                                                           oppressed breathing, and anxiety.
excessive physical or mental exertion or is,        Chimaphila umbellata                              Symptoms better For open air; for pressure
conversely, the result of a hedonistic lifestyle.
   It may also be associated with the extreme
                                                    CHIMAPHILA                                        on the affected area; for bending forward;
                                                                                                      for sitting up; for yawning.
physical demands of frequent pregnancies or         COMMON NAMES  Prince’s pine, ground holly,        Symptoms worse In the morning; for
terminations. There is extreme sensitivity to and   pipsissewa, umbellate wintergreen.                movement; for hunger.

  Chininum sulphuricum                                Another key use of Chionanthus is for               BACKGROUND The     name “cowbane” derives from
  CHINA SULPH.                                        headaches, especially those associated with
                                                      nervous tension or menstruation, or
                                                                                                          the fact that grazing on the plant can transmit
                                                                                                          a potentially fatal disease to cattle.
  COMMON NAME Quinine      sulfate.                   accompanied by digestive upsets.                    PREPARATION The fresh root, gathered when the
  ORIGIN Chemically   prepared.                       Symptoms better For lying on the abdomen.           plant is in bloom, is chopped and macerated
  BACKGROUND This compound is one of the              Symptoms worse For movement; for jarring.           in alcohol.
  quinine salts used in conventional medicine
  to treat malaria (see page 49).                     Chocolatum                                          Remedy profile
  PREPARATION The compound is dissolved in
  alcohol, diluted, and succussed.
                                                      CHOCOLATE                                           Cicuta has an affinity with the nervous
                                                                                                          system and is used both for nervous
                                                      COMMON NAME Chocolate.                              temperamental conditions and for physical
  Remedy profile                                      ORIGIN Made   from the fruits                       disorders of the nervous system. It is
  A great fear of impending misfortune or             of the Theobroma cacao                              generally given to people who behave
  extreme anxiety about the future is typical         tree, native to Central                             childishly and do absurd things. They may
  in those most responsive to China sulph.            America and grown in                                be wild, delirious, and overexcited, or
  They often seem bad-tempered, nervous,              other tropical areas.                               exhibit great sensitivity to sad stories and to
  indifferent, weepy, and depressed. They             BACKGROUND Used for                                 the happiness of other people. Alternatively,
  may have difficulty naming objects.                 centuries by the Maya                               they may be distrustful, despise other
     Classic physical symptoms linked to China        and Aztecs in a bitter                              people, and have an aversion to society.
  sulph. include heavy, aching limbs, joint pains,    drink called xocolatl,                              Their memories can go blank for long
  and a tender, sensitive spine that feels worse      cocoa was brought to               THEOBROMA        periods. Classic physical symptoms
  for pressure. There may be a sinking sensation      Europe by Christopher              CACAO (Coco      associated with Cicuta focus on spasmodic
                                                                                        pod and seeds)
  when lying down, as if falling through the bed.     Columbus in 1502.                                   effects on the nervous system, ranging from
  The remedy may also be used for tinnitus,           The Europeans then gradually developed              stammering and hiccups to sudden, strong
  severe head pain, and recurrent fever, possibly     this import into the chocolate that has             jerks and spasms. Petit mal fits with long
  due to malaria. Symptoms often recur at the         become so popular in modern times.                  absences may be treated with the remedy,
  same time each day, particularly at around 3 p.m.   PREPARATION Dark, high-cocoa-mass chocolate         as may epilepsy or violent convulsions
  Symptoms better For cold compresses; for            is triturated with lactose sugar.                   accompanied by facial contortions and
  yawning; for bending forward; for pressure on the                                                       severe backward twisting and arching
  affected area.                                      Remedy profile                                      of the head and neck.
  Symptoms worse For cold; for touch; at particular   This remedy is primarily used for a classic state      The remedy may also be used for some
  times of day; at around 3 p.m.                      of mind rather than a set of physical symptoms.     skin disorders, often involving pustules that
  See also Tinnitus, page 222                         People for whom Chocolate is best suited tend       leave yellowish scabs, such as eczema or
                                                      to lack concentration and to feel anxious,          impetigo. The head and face may be most
  Chionanthus virginicum                              vulnerable, and self-conscious, as if they are      affected, or the whole body may develop
  CHIONANTHUS                                         being watched. They are prone to fears of cars,
                                                      accidents, illness, dogs, or being attacked. They
                                                                                                          chronic eruptions that itch, burn, and crust.
                                                                                                          A craving for chalk may occur, as may an
  COMMON NAME Fringe      tree.                       may feel estranged from loved ones, and believe     inability to distinguish what is edible.
  ORIGIN Native   to the US but now also found in     that they do not belong anywhere. This state        Symptoms better For warmth; for arching the
  eastern Asia.                                       of mind can develop into withdrawal and             head, neck, and spine backward; for dwelling
  BACKGROUND Traditionally used to treat mouth        antisocial behavior, associated particularly        on pain; directly after eating.
  ulcers, spongy gums, and eye inflammation by        with a reluctance to talk and a desire to be        Symptoms worse For cold; for being touched or
  native Americans and early European settlers in     alone in the evening.                               jarred; during sleep; for noise; if skin symptoms
  the 18th century.                                      Although used chiefly for emotional              are suppressed or diminished but not cured;
  PREPARATION The chopped bark of the fresh root      states, the symptom picture for Chocolate           for intestinal worms; after concussion.
  is macerated in alcohol.                            may include physical symptoms such as               See also Severe eczema, page 194
                                                      constriction in the chest or head, and
  Remedy profile                                      nervous disorders associated with great             Cinnamomum camphora syn.
  Chionanthus is most appropriate for those who       clumsiness and heaviness in the limbs.              Laurus camphora
  are insular, melancholic, and gloomy, with
  hypochondriac tendencies. They feel “played
                                                      Symptoms better For warmth; for being
                                                      covered up.
  out,” apathetic, and listless, and may develop      Symptoms worse In the evening; on waking; for       COMMON NAME Camphor.
  nervous exhaustion.                                 eating chocolate or sweets; for drinking tea.       ORIGIN Nativeto Indochina and Japan, but now
     The remedy is generally used for liver                                                               found in tropical and subtropical regions
  problems such as jaundice, gallstones, and          Cicuta virosa                                       throughout the world.
  biliary colic, with the characteristic fatigue.
  Liver pain is usually accompanied by colic,
                                                      CICUTA                                              BACKGROUND Commonly used as a moth
                                                                                                          repellent, camphor is also a strong
  cramps, vomiting, and the feeling that the          COMMON NAMES Water   hemlock, cowbane.              narcotic, and was praised by the famous
  intestines are being spasmodically squeezed.        ORIGIN Foundin swamps and wet places in             16th-century scientist Paracelsus for its
  The stools may be pale due to lack of bile.         Kashmir and the Arctic.                             “cooling” effect on brain disorders. It is
                                                                                                                             MINOR REMEDIES                • 137

considered by some to be a universal                 Clematis recta                                       correctly. There is a marked absence of any
antidote for homeopathic remedies.
PREPARATION The gum of the tree is dissolved
                                                     CLEMATIS                                             apprehension and no discernible fear of death.
                                                                                                             The key symptoms linked with Colchicum
in alcohol, diluted, and succussed.                  COMMON NAMES Clematis,    upright virgin’s bower.    focus on the muscle tissues and joint
                                                     ORIGIN Native to central and southern Europe.        membranes, especially the membranes in the
Remedy profile                                       BACKGROUND This plant irritates the skin on          small joints. The joints may be painful, hot, and
Contradictory symptoms, contrariness, and            contact, but is used by herbalists to treat sores,   swollen, and the muscles extremely relaxed and
emotional and physical coldness are typical in       skin ulcers, and itchy rashes.                       even limp. Arthritic joint pain or gout may be
those who respond best to Camphora. They             PREPARATION The fresh leaves and stems of the        so severe that it causes screaming if the joints
crave sympathy, but may be quarrelsome,              plant are macerated in alcohol.                      are touched or jolted. There may be a twitching,
aggressive, and depressed.                                                                                tingling sensation all over the body.
   Camphora made its reputation as a treatment       Remedy profile                                          Colchicum is also considered a useful remedy
for cholera (see pages 16 and 65), but is now        People for whom Clematis is best suited tend         for ulcerative colitis and for nausea with colicky
used primarily for the initial stages of a cold      to be peevish, dissatisfied, and prone to            pains and painful distension of the abdomen.
with chills and sneezing. There may be great         melancholy or homesickness. Despite apathy           Illness is typically accompanied by a feeling
heat and perspiration with a desire to remain        toward friends, they generally fear being            of icy coldness in the stomach.
covered up, or chilliness with a desire to be        alone. They often feel confused in stuffy               In addition to any other symptoms, the
uncovered. Other possible accompanying               rooms, and improve in open air.                      body may feel cold inside, with extreme
symptoms include insomnia and restless sleep            Clematis is strongly indicated for skin           oversensitivity to external stimuli such as bright
or, conversely, deep, comatose sleep.                complaints and swollen glands, especially if they    lights, strong odors, physical contact, and even
Symptoms better For thinking about symptoms,         arise simultaneously or if there is a history of     other people’s behavior.
especially pain; for sweating.                       both conditions. The remedy is given for moist,      Symptoms better For warmth; for rest; after
Symptoms worse For cold; for drafts; for             itchy, sensitive pustules that erupt on the back     passing stools.
suppressing discharges.                              of the head or skull.                                Symptoms worse For cold and damp; for
                                                        Gland symptoms that indicate Clematis             changeable weather; for vibrations or jarring.
Cistus canadensis                                    include hardness, swelling, and pain. The            See also Ulcerative colitis, page 190;

CISTUS                                               prostate, testes, ovaries, or breasts are most
                                                     often affected. Further related symptoms may
                                                                                                          Rheumatoid arthritis, page 197

COMMON NAMES Frostweed,       Canadian rock rose.    include urethral inflammation, which causes          Collinsonia canadensis
ORIGIN Found   in North America.
BACKGROUND Frostweed’s name derives from its
                                                     an aversion to sexual intercourse, and
                                                     abnormal urine flow. The right side of the
love of frost on its roots in early winter. It has   body is usually particularly affected. Clematis      COMMON NAMES Stoneroot,     horsebalm, richweed.
been used herbally for ulcers.                       may also be given for a toothache that is            ORIGIN Native to moist woodlands in eastern
PREPARATION The whole, fresh plant and root are      worse for hot drinks, better for the cold.           North America.
macerated in alcohol.                                Symptoms better For sweating; for open air;          BACKGROUND Stoneroot is so called due to its
                                                     during a waning moon.                                hard, knotted root. It is used herbally in a
Remedy profile                                       Symptoms worse At night; for cold air; for           poultice for bruises and sores.
Cistus is most appropriate for those who are         bathing in cold water; for the heat of the bed;      PREPARATION The fresh root is chopped and
frightened and stressed. Mental stress often         for touch; for movement; during a new moon.          macerated in alcohol.
aggravates their physical symptoms. Extremely
sensitive to cold air, they tend to feel cold        Colchicum autumnale                                  Remedy profile
sensations all over the body. Their illnesses
are generally affected by the seasons, becoming
                                                     COLCHICUM                                            Collinsonia is best suited to people who
                                                                                                          have a gloomy temperament. They tend
worse in winter.                                     COMMON NAMES Meadow     saffron, fall crocus,        to experience strange bodily sensations,
   Cistus is used mainly for frequent colds,         naked ladies.                                        including the feeling that the body is being
tonsillitis, upper respiratory tract infections,     ORIGIN Found wild in Europe and Africa, and          pricked by needles, that it is enlarged, and
chronic or recurrent sinusitis, and allergic         cultivated in North America.                         that the lower limbs are disembodied.
rhinitis. Typical symptoms include thick,            BACKGROUND During classical times, the plant            The classic symptom for this remedy is of
yellowy catarrh, a runny nose, and violent           was considered too toxic for use. Arabian            sore, bleeding hemorrhoids, with a sensation
sneezing. The throat is dry and feels sore if        physicians used it in the Middle Ages for joint      of constriction, pricking pain, and sharp sticks
even small amounts of cold air are inhaled.          pain and gout.                                       in the rectum, which is prone to fissures.
   Another key symptom associated with               PREPARATION The fresh bulb, dug up in spring,           Collinsonia is also used for menstrual
Cistus is glandular swelling and hardening,          is chopped and steeped in alcohol.                   pain, pelvic aches, and labor or pregnancy
particularly in the neck, and possibly with                                                               problems such as an itchy vulva during
concurrent respiratory symptoms. It may be           Remedy profile                                       pregnancy, or diarrhea after labor. It is
due to infection or even cancer.                     Those who respond well to Colchicum are              especially appropriate if symptoms occur
Symptoms better For coughing up mucus; for           typically weak and restless. They may be             with rectal or bowel disorders.
swallowing; for eating.                              depressed or irritable, and have poor                Symptoms better For heat; in the morning.
Symptoms worse For cold; for drafts; for touch;      concentration and memory, so that they appear        Symptoms worse At night; for cold; during
for winter.                                          dazed even though they may answer questions          pregnancy; for emotional stress.

  Comocladia dentata                               palpitations triggered by the slightest exertion.     Copaifera officinalis
  COMOCLADIA                                       The heartbeat may seem to reverberate
                                                   throughout the whole chest and rib cage, or it
  COMMON NAMES Guao,     bastard Brazil wood.      may become fluttery and irregular after exercise,     COMMON NAME Balsam       of copaiva.
  ORIGIN Native to Cuba.                           possibly causing nausea and breathlessness.           ORIGIN Native   to tropical South America, but also
  BACKGROUND This tree exudes a milky sap that     Water retention may accompany heart                   found in southern Africa.
  turns black on contact with air and stains       problems, as may poor circulation. The remedy         BACKGROUND This traditional native Brazilian
  clothes and skin. It causes a violent skin       is often given for heart palpitations that occur in   remedy for healing wounds and removing scars
  reaction in people who have sensitive skins.     conjunction with soreness of the uterus.              was first recorded in 1625 by a Portuguese
  PREPARATION The fresh leaves and bark are        Symptoms better For open air.                         monk, Manoel Tristaon.
  chopped and macerated in alcohol.                Symptoms worse For warm rooms; for lying on           PREPARATION A tincture of balsam is made from
                                                      the back.                                          oleoresin (a semi-solid mixture of resin and
  Remedy profile                                                                                         essential oil) from the plant.
  Comocladia is most appropriate for irritable
  people who are prone to maliciousness, gloomy                                                          Remedy profile
  behavior, and restlessness while awake. Sleep                                                          Copaiva is given to restless, overwrought people
  refreshes them, however, and they enjoy vivid,                  CONVALLARIA MAJALIS                    who are prone to burning pains, and a feeling
  pleasant, and perhaps even clairvoyant dreams.                     (Lily-of-the-valley)                of heaviness or pressure on any part of the body.
  The key physical symptoms associated with                                                              Their nervous system is oversensitive, and they
  this remedy include nerve sensitivity and skin                                                         tend to feel startled when they hear noises, and
  problems such as extreme itching, burning,                                                                             to weep on hearing piano music.
  inflammation, and blistering. The skin may                                                                             A key symptom associated with
  flake or shed itself, or it may redden,                                                                              the remedy is excessive discharge
  possibly forming stripes. There may be                                                                            from the mucous membranes. This
  ulceration or other swelling, which may                                                                         includes urinary tract discharges, catarrh
  be fever-related.                                                                                             during a cold, and profuse, greenish gray,
  Symptoms better For open air; for                                                                           offensive-smelling mucus during a bout of
  scratching; for movement.                                                                                 chronic bronchitis. The remedy is also used
  Symptoms worse For heat; for touch;                                                                                as a treatment for mucus discharges
  for rest; in the evening.                                                                                          associated with leucorrhea (abnormal
                                                                                                                    discharge from the vagina), urethritis
  Convallaria majalis                                                                                               (inflammation of the urethra),
  CONVALLARIA                                                                                                      and gonorrhea.
                                                                                                                 Symptoms better For pressure on the
  COMMON NAME Lily-of-the-valley.                                                                                affected area; for walking; for doubling
  ORIGIN Native  to Europe, but also found                                                                      over; for perspiring.
  across North America and in northern Asia.                                                                    Symptoms worse In the morning; for
  BACKGROUND The 16th-                                                                                         catching cold; for starchy foods.
  century herbalist John
  Gerard praised this plant                                                                                 Corallium rubrum
  for its success in treating
  gout and heart problems.
  It is used in modern                                                                                   COMMON NAME Red     coral.
  herbalism, particularly                                                                                ORIGIN The  Gorgonia nobilis species of coral,
  for heart disorders.                                                                                   which is found mainly in the waters of the
  PREPARATION The fresh, flowering                                                                       Mediterranean and Japan.
  aerial parts are macerated                                                                             BACKGROUND Coral is the skeleton of a tiny
  in alcohol.                                                                                            animal called the coral polyp. Red coral’s
                                                                                                         delicate, pink skeleton is largely comprised
  Remedy profile                                                                                         of calcium, and is commonly used to make
  People who respond best to Convallaria                                                                 jewelry and prayer beads.
  have difficulty in thinking, because                                                                   PREPARATION Pieces of skeleton are mixed with
  their brains feel dull. They often find                                                                lactose sugar and triturated.
  themselves unable to concentrate when
  reading, and tend to become irritable                                                                  Remedy profile
  when questioned. There is a tendency                                                                   Corallium is most appropriate for critical,
  to experience feelings of depression.                                                                  peevish, angry people who tend to swear and
  Convallaria is prescribed primarily for                                                                curse when they are in pain. They may have a
  heart problems. Typical heart symptoms                                                                 craving for sour foods, and like wine but easily
  treated by the remedy include                                                                          become stupefied and drunk. Prone to extreme
                                                                                                                               MINOR REMEDIES             • 139

tiredness, they may even fall asleep when             around the heart can feel as though it is bursting    the cold. Characteristically they tend to be
standing up. The remedy is used chiefly for           due to congestion or overexertion.                    preoccupied by death and dying, and their
whooping and spasmodic coughs, which tend             Symptoms better For fresh air; for quiet; for rest;   dreams may feature corpses. They may feel that
to occur in rapid, frequent fits, accompanied by      during menstruation; for washing.                     they are being haunted by ghosts. Right-sided
violent paroxysms, exhaustion, a smothering           Symptoms worse For heat; for sweating; in the         symptoms are generally predominant.
sensation, and the bringing up of blood. The          morning; in the evening.                                 Crotalus casc. is typically used for this
face may become purple and congested. The air                                                               state of mind in conjunction with a sense
passages may feel cold on breathing in deeply,        Crocus sativus                                        of constriction, which is sometimes felt as
and there may be profuse catarrh. The throat
is very sensitive, especially to air.
                                                      CROCUS                                                a band around the throat or abdomen, so
                                                                                                            that wearing clothes causes discomfort.
Symptoms better For heat; for open air;               COMMON NAME Saffron     crocus.                       It is used for burning urticaria in crops over
for covering up; for sitting; in the afternoon        ORIGIN Native  to India and the Balkans, and now      a single body region.
and evening.                                          cultivated in Spain, France, Italy, and the           Symptoms better For open air.
Symptoms worse For inhaling in the open air;          Middle East.                                          Symptoms worse For cold; at night; on the
for moving from a warm to a cold room;                BACKGROUND It takes roughly 150,000 flowers           right side; for washing; for menopause;
for eating.                                           and 400 hours’ work to make 2 lb (1 kg)               for drinking.
                                                      of dried saffron, making it the most costly
Crataegus laevigata syn. C. oxyacantha,               spice in the world.                                   Croton tiglium
or C. monogyna                                        PREPARATION The dried stigmas of the plant are
CRATAEGUS                                             macerated in alcohol.
                                                                                                            COMMON NAME Croton.
COMMON NAMES Hawthorn,      May                       Remedy profile                                        ORIGIN Found   in subtropical and tropical forests
tree, whitethorn.                                     The range of key symptoms for which Crocus            from India to Malaysia.
ORIGIN Found in all temperate regions of the          is generally prescribed includes nervous              BACKGROUND Croton oil, made from the pressed
Northern Hemisphere.                                  excitement, alternating moods, sensation as           seeds, has been used as a drastic purgative. An
BACKGROUND Hawthorn is an extremely valuable          if something is moving inside the abdomen,            overdose of this carcinogenic oil may cause
medicinal herb, used since the Middle Ages            and hemorrhages with dark, clotted, stringy           shock, while contact with the skin may lead
as a heart remedy. Modern trials have shown           blood, usually in the form of nosebleeds              to blistering.
that it improves the heart rate and lowers            or uterine bleeding.                                  PREPARATION The oil from the seeds is percolated
blood pressure.                                           Crocus is taken for rapidly alternating mental    in alcohol.
PREPARATION The fresh, ripe berries are chopped       and physical states. The nervous system is
and macerated in alcohol.                             overexcited, causing mood swings and                  Remedy profile
                                                      hysterical, excited behavior. The feeling that        People for whom Croton is most suitable tend
Remedy profile                                        something is moving inside the abdomen may            to be “pent-up” emotionally. Often they feel
Crataegus is most appropriate for irritable, cross,   be linked to general nervous hyperactivity.           anxious, as if some personal misfortune is
melancholic people who are prone to heart             Hopping or jumping sensations may be felt             about to befall them. They tend to be
complaints. They tend to feel weak, fragile, and      inside the abdomen; these may be linked to            exhausted, dissatisfied, and morose, with
despairing. Their brains feel dull and confused,      a false pregnancy.                                    an inability to work or think of anything
with possible periods of quiet and calm.              Symptoms better For open air; for yawning;            except themselves.
   The characteristic symptom picture for             after breakfast.                                         Mirroring the uses of the oil itself, which
the remedy is of a weak heart, palpitations,          Symptoms worse For movement; during                   is strongly purgative and irritant, Croton’s main
and a rapid heartbeat with a sense of hurry           pregnancy; for puberty; for changes of the moon;      affinities are with the skin and digestion.
and urgency. The pulse is fast, feeble, and           for fasting; for a warm room.                         The remedy is typically used for allergic skin
intermittent. Fainting and collapse may                                                                     conditions with extreme itching, such as
accompany palpitations, while the area                Crotalus durissus terrificus syn. C. cascavella       eczema on the scrotum, or blistering rashes

                        CRATAEGUS LAEVIGATA           CROTALUS CASC.                                        on the scrotum and penis. Croton is also given
                                                                                                            for digestive problems such as nausea and
                                                      COMMON NAME South     American rattlesnake.           urgent diarrhea immediately after eating
                                                      ORIGIN Found   in South America.                      or drinking.
                                                      BACKGROUND This snake can grow up 5 ft (1.5 m)           A key symptom is the strange sensation that
                                                      long. It has a deadly venom that primarily            a string has been attached to the eyes or the
                                                      affects the nervous system.                           nipples and is pulling them inward. The eyes
                                                      PREPARATION Fresh venom is mixed with lactose         feel as if they are being drawn backward into
                                                      sugar and then triturated.                            the head, and there is tense pain over the right
                                                                                                            eye, causing headaches.
                                                      Remedy profile                                        Symptoms better After sleep; for gently rubbing
                                                      This remedy is most appropriate for people            the affected area; for warm milk.
                                                      who feel jealous and forsaken. They fear being        Symptoms worse For touch; in summer; as
                                                      alone and love crowds and activity. They are          skin eruptions are disappearing; for drinking;
                                                      frequently hypochondriacs who are sensitive to        for eating.

  Cuprum arsenicosum                                   blood may clot too rapidly, and there may           but today mezereon is considered too
  CUPRUM ARS.                                          be severe pains resembling those felt during
                                                       labor. Migraines, a squint, or visual
                                                                                                           toxic for common use.
                                                                                                           PREPARATION The fresh bark, gathered just
  COMMON NAMES Copper     arsenite, Scheele’s green.   disturbances may accompany these symptoms.          before the plant blooms, is chopped and
  ORIGIN Chemically  prepared.                            Extreme indigestion that is aggravated by        steeped in alcohol.
  BACKGROUND This toxic, yellow-green pigment          eating fats is another condition suitable for
  was used in wallpapers until a link was              treatment with Cyclamen.                            Remedy profile
  established between it and a multitude of            Symptoms better For movement; for rubbing the       Mezereum is most appropriate for people who
  health problems, especially digestive disorders      affected area; for weeping; during menstruation.    are prone to despondency, apathy, and
  and cramps.                                          Symptoms worse For cold; for open air; before       detachment. They have a tendency
  PREPARATION The compound is mixed with               menstruation; for suppression of menstrual flow     toward hypochondria.
  lactose sugar and triturated.                        due to shock or extreme cold; for sitting;             Key conditions associated with this remedy
                                                       for standing.                                       are suppurating skin complaints that form
  Remedy profile                                                                                           a thick crust or cause cracking. Skin symptoms
  Those who respond best to Cuprum ars.                Dactylopius coccus syn. Coccus cacti                typically affect the scalp, usually manifesting as
  are often confused, restless, and in anguish.
  Their body functions are also confused and
                                                       COCCUS CACTI                                        eczema or psoriasis with oozing discharge that
                                                                                                           smells offensive and causes the hair to mat.
  disturbed, with chilliness and periods of            COMMON NAME Cochineal      beetle.                  Eruptions on the face are usually around the
  irregular or weak heart function. Their bodies       ORIGIN Found    in Spain, Mexico, and the           hairline or eyebrows. The skin is intensely itchy,
  tremble, especially when walking, or they            West Indies.                                        and may feel cold and clammy. The remedy is
  may be prostrated.                                   BACKGROUND The    dried bodies of the female        also used for shingles affecting the chest.
     A key condition associated with Cuprum ars.       insects are used as a scarlet dye and food             Neuralgic pains around the teeth or face, and
  is poor kidney function. Typical symptoms            coloring, and in cosmetics, inks, artists’          bone pains in the long bones, are also usually
  include burning pain on urinating, dark red,         pigments, and medicines.                            linked with Mezereum. Symptoms include
  discolored urine with a strong odor, perhaps         PREPARATION The fertilized females are killed       erratic, jerking, sharp pains, and a sensation
  of garlic, and diarrhea. The remedy may also         by heat, then dried and macerated in alcohol.       of lightness or enlargement in the body.
  be given to those who have experienced                                                                      In addition Mezereum is prescribed for
  prolonged fluid loss, perhaps after injury           Remedy profile                                      digestive system disorders that are anxiety-
  or an operation.                                     Coccus cacti is generally prescribed for            related and involve symptoms such as diarrhea
  Symptoms better For hard pressure on the             spasmodic coughing associated with catarrh,         and a discharge from the anus.
  affected area.                                       and for urinary problems with pain in the           Symptoms better For open air; for eating.
  Symptoms worse For damp; for touch; for              kidneys, particularly in those who are anxious      Symptoms worse At night; for lying down;
  movement; during diarrhea attacks.                   and confused.                                       for the warmth of the bed; if skin eruptions
                                                          The remedy is used for spasmodic coughing,       are suppressed by ointments; for drafts;
  Cyclamen europaeum                                   especially whooping cough, and for asthma.          for movement; for touch.

  CYCLAMEN                                             Symptoms are usually worse in the mornings,
                                                       and include frequent, violent, ticklish coughing
                                                                                                           See also Severe eczema, page 194

  COMMON NAMES Cyclamen,      sowbread.                fits accompanied by vomiting and retching up        Digitalis purpurea
  ORIGIN Found  throughout Europe.
  BACKGROUND In the 1st century CE Pliny the
                                                       of clear, thick mucus that may hang from the
                                                       mouth. There is a sensation as if a thread is
  Elder noted the use of this plant as an              hanging down the back of the throat. The            COMMON NAMES Common        foxglove,
  arrowhead poison in ancient Rome. The name           mucous membranes in the throat may feel so          purple foxglove.
  “sowbread” refers to the medieval practice of        sensitive that even brushing the teeth causes       ORIGIN Native to western Europe, and cultivated
  feeding the roots to swine.                          retching and vomiting.                              in India, southern and central Europe, Norway,
  PREPARATION The fresh root, gathered in spring,      Symptoms better For bathing in cold water; for      Madeira, and the Azores.
  is chopped and steeped in alcohol.                   walking; for cold drinks.                           BACKGROUND The 18th-century English doctor
                                                       Symptoms worse On the left side of the body;        William Withering first established this flower’s
  Remedy profile                                       for lying down; after sleep; for touch; for the     importance as a heart remedy, and its active
  Cyclamen is best suited to rather dutiful,           pressure of clothing; for the slightest exertion;   constituents are still used in herbal and
  conscience-stricken people who tend to find          for brushing the teeth; for rinsing the mouth.      conventional heart medicines.
  fault with themselves and others. Prone to           See also Asthma, page 181                           PREPARATION The fresh leaves are picked before
  drowsiness, gloominess, and depression, they                                                             the plant blooms in its second year. The juice
  may wish to be alone and cry or weep silently,       Daphne mezereum                                     is expressed from the leaves, then mixed with
  or they may have a sense of joy that alternates
  with irritability.
                                                       MEZEREUM                                            alcohol and diluted.

     The symptom picture for Cyclamen typically        COMMON NAMES Mezereon,      spurge olive.           Remedy profile
  focuses on menstrual problems and indigestion.       ORIGIN Nativeto Eurasia and found in North          Digitalis is associated primarily with the heart.
  The remedy is used when the menstrual flow           America, Europe, and north Africa.                  It is prescribed for people who are prone to
  is irregular, possibly too frequent, or absent.      BACKGROUND Herbalists in northern Europe once       heart and circulatory disorders. The remedy is
  Blood flow may be profuse and black, or the          used the plant to treat skin ulcers and cancers,    considered particularly appropriate if symptoms
                                                                                                                          MINOR REMEDIES             • 141

                                                    central point that may shift location. They         Remedy profile
                                                    may affect the area of the liver, radiating         Drosera is usually prescribed to treat a
                                                    upward to the right nipple. In women, the           deep, violent, spasmodic cough, especially
                                                    pains may occur during menstruation. In men,        whooping cough. Associated symptoms
                                                    Dioscorea is typically prescribed to treat renal    may include restlessness, anxiety, retching,
                                                    colic associated with kidney stones, sharp          vomiting, cold sweats, and nosebleeds.
                                                    pains radiating down the testicles and legs,        There may also be a feeling that there is
                                                    and cold, clammy perspiration.                      a feather or crumb in the larynx, which
                                                    Symptoms better For stretching out; for bending     triggers coughing. The voice is often
                                                    backward; for standing erect; for movement; for     toneless, hoarse, and deep.
                                                    firm pressure on the affected area; for belching.      There is some indication that Drosera
                                                    Symptoms worse For doubling over; for lying         may be helpful in treating behavioral
                                                    down; from 2 a.m. onward; for eating; for           problems, particularly in children. It is best
                                                    drinking tea.                                       suited to children who are restless, anxious,
                                                                                                        peevish, and distrustful. Their emotions
are accompanied                     DIGITALIS       Drosera rotundifolia                                seem unbalanced, and they often have
by a fear of death,
or a fear that
                               (Common foxglove)    DROSERA                                             difficulty concentrating. Their anxiety may
                                                                                                        increase when they are alone, and can be
moving—especially                                   COMMON NAMES     Sundew, common sundew,             associated with a fear of ghosts.
walking—may cause                                   round-leaved sundew, red rot,                          Drosera may also be given for childhood
the heart to stop beating. There is a desire for    youthwort, moorgrass.                               growing pains, especially if they are
bitter things and often visual disturbance. Heart   ORIGIN Grows in Europe, Asia, and                   accompanied by emotional imbalance.
disorders that respond well to treatment with       North America.                                      Symptoms may include stiff ankles and
Digitalis are typically accompanied by pains in     BACKGROUND Sundew was taken in the 16th             pains in the joints and bones, particularly
the region of the heart, a slow pulse, faintness,   and 17th centuries for melancholia. In 1735         affecting the hips and thighs.
and nausea. The remedy is also used for liver       the Irish Herbal advised that it could be used      Symptoms better For open air; for movement; for
problems, particularly if they occur in             to “eat away rotten sores.”                         walking; for sitting up; for pressure on the
conjunction with heart symptoms.                    PREPARATION The whole,                              affected area.
Symptoms better For cool air; for rest; for         fresh, flowering plant is                           Symptoms worse For warmth; after midnight;
lying on the back; for an empty stomach; for        macerated in alcohol.                               for lying down; for cold foods.
frequent urination.                                                                                     See also Whooping cough, page 250
Symptoms worse For heat; for standing up;
for exertion; for movement; for lying on the                                                            Echinacea angustifolia
left side; for sexual excess.
See also Palpitations, page 186
                                                                                                        COMMON NAMES Echinacea,    coneflower.
Dioscorea villosa                                                                                       ORIGIN Native to North America, and now
DIOSCOREA                                                                                               cultivated in Europe and the US.
                                                                                                        BACKGROUND Native Americans used echinacea
COMMON NAMES Wild    yam, colic root.                                                                   for toothache and sore throats. Long considered
ORIGIN Native to North and Central America.                                                             a herbal “cure-all” and thought to stimulate the
BACKGROUND A traditional Aztec remedy for                                                               immune system.
pain, wild yam was commonly used in Central                                                             PREPARATION The fresh plant, including the root,
America for colic and menstrual pain. It was                                                            is pulped and steeped in alcohol.
also used in the production of the first
contraceptive pill.                                                                                     Remedy profile
PREPARATION The fresh root is dug up after the                                                          Echinacea is typically prescribed for its
plant has flowered. It is then chopped and                                                              antiseptic properties, to treat abscesses, boils,
macerated in alcohol.                                                                                   carbuncles, swollen glands, animal and insect
                                                                                                        bites and stings, septicemia, and diphtheria.
Remedy profile                                                                   DROSERA
                                                                                                        The remedy is also given to treat cancer,
People for whom this remedy is most                                              (Sundew)               especially as an analgesic in the late stages of
appropriate are prone to irritability, stress,                                                          the illness. Typical physical symptoms include
and nervousness, and want to be left alone.                                                             chilliness, tiredness, and weakness, with
   Key symptoms associated with Dioscorea are                                                           aching muscles, considerable weight loss,
neuralgic and colicky pains, primarily                                                                   debility, and foul-smelling discharges.
affecting the gastrointestinal system.                                                                          Symptoms better For rest; for
The pains are typically severe,                                                                                 lying down; after physical or
cutting, cramping, and grinding, and                                                                            mental exertion.
radiate out in all directions from a                                                                            Symptoms worse For cold; for cold air.

  Equisetum hyemale & E. arvense                        contains cocaine, a narcotic drug that has            Euphorbia resinifera ‘Berger’
  EQUISETUM                                             spawned a huge illegal industry.
                                                        PREPARATION The leaves are dried, powdered,
  COMMON NAMES Rough      horsetail, field horsetail.   and macerated in alcohol.                             COMMON NAMES Spurge,     gum euphorbia.
  ORIGIN Found    mainly in Asia, particularly                                                                ORIGIN Native to Morocco.
  China, and in Europe and North America.               Remedy profile                                        BACKGROUND In classical times spurge was used
  BACKGROUND This primitive genus has been              Coca is most appropriate for people who               as a purgative, until recognition of the danger
  used to heal wounds since at least the                alternate between complete exhaustion and             of poisoning from an overdose led to disuse. In
  1st century BCE. Strongly abrasive, it was            great mental excitement. They may be timid and        Europe its milky, irritant sap was used to burn
  used between the Middle Ages and the                  antisocial, and have a sense of impending death       off warts until the 19th century.
  18th century as a pot-scourer.                        and auditory hallucinations, or they may be           PREPARATION The hardened, resinous sap is
  PREPARATION The fresh plant of either                 extremely talkative and experience blissful           macerated in alcohol.
  species, including the root, is                       visions. Their brains may feel muddled, and
  first pulped, then steeped                            they can lose their sense of right or wrong and       Remedy profile
  in alcohol.                                           neglect their appearance. It is often used for        A key symptom linked with Euphorbium is
                                                        symptoms associated with altitude sickness.           burning pain in the bones, as if there are live
                                                        Athletes and elderly people with symptoms of          coals in or on the bones. The limbs may feel
                                                        breathlessness or asthma may also be treated          weak and dislocated, with sharp, cramping
                                                        with Coca, since the classic physical symptom         pains and weakness in the joints.
                                                        picture includes breathlessness.                         Another classic problem treated by this
                                                        Symptoms better For rapid movement; for open          remedy is itching, burning skin, possibly with
                                                        air; after sunset; for wine.                          warts, slow-healing ulcers, or yellow blistering.
                                                        Symptoms worse For cold; for ascending to high        These symptoms may be due to erysipelas
                                                        altitudes; for physical and mental exertion.          (a bacterial infection) on the face.
                                                                                                              Symptoms better For movement; for applying oil
                                                        Eupatorium perfoliatum                                to the affected area.

                            EQUISETUM ARVENSE
                                                        EUPATORIUM PER.                                       Symptoms worse For sitting; for touch; on
                                                                                                              beginning to move.
                                (Field horsetail)       COMMON NAMES Boneset,     agueweed,
                                                        thoroughwort, sweating plant.                         Euphrasia officinalis
  Remedy profile                                        ORIGIN Native to North America.
  Those who respond best to this remedy                 BACKGROUND Native Americans used a boneset
  are irritable and easily tired. Equisetum is          infusion for colds, fever, arthritis, and rheumatic   COMMON NAME Eyebright.
  used chiefly for painful irritation of the            pain. It became popular with European settlers        ORIGIN Native to Europe, but now also found in
  bladder, which is aching, full, and tender.           due to its ability to stimulate the immune            Asia and North America.
  There is typically a sensation of painful             system against fever.                                 BACKGROUND This herb has been used to treat eye
  pressure on either side of the lower                  PREPARATION The fresh aerial parts in flower are      strain and inflammations since the Middle Ages.
  abdomen and bladder. The pain becomes                 macerated in alcohol.                                 Modern herbalists use it for infections and
  worse at the end of urination. There may                                                                    allergic conditions of the eyes, middle ear,
  be a constant desire to urinate, possibly             Remedy profile                                        sinuses, and nasal passages.
  with dribbling of urine, or mucus in the              When unwell, people for whom this remedy is           PREPARATION The whole, fresh, flowering plant,
  urine. The remedy is also given to children           best suited may moan with pain and feel that          including the root, is chopped and macerated
  who wet their bed during nightmares or                they are going out of their minds. They tend          in alcohol.
  other dreams.                                         to feel anxious and restless, wishing that they
  Symptoms better For lying on the back;                could keep still. They may have a sensation as        Remedy profile
  for walking.                                          though their bones are broken.                        People who respond well to Euphrasia are
  Symptoms worse For being touched; for                    Eupatorium per. is usually given for               typically taciturn, indolent, melancholic,
  movement; for pressure on the painful area.           influenza or malarial fever accompanied by            and prone to daydreaming.
  See also Bedwetting, page 248                         pain in the limbs. Fever typically starts as a           Euphrasia has a classic affinity
                                                        chill, then generates heat, sweating, and a           with the eyes. Common
  Erythroxylum coca                                     strong thirst, accompanied by pains in the            physical symptoms include
  COCA                                                  bones and great restlessness. Further
                                                        symptoms that may be treated include
                                                                                                              irritation in the eyes, with cutting, burning,
                                                                                                              pressing pains and sticky mucus. There is
  COMMON NAME Coca.                                     vomiting of bile, and headaches that feel             typically heightened sensitivity to light,
  ORIGIN Native  to Peru and Bolivia, but now also      worse during the sweating phase.                      with burning, swollen eyelids and frequent
  cultivated elsewhere in South America and in          Symptoms better For conversation; after               blinking. The eyes tend to water profusely,
  Asia, usually illegally.                              vomiting bile.                                        a symptom that is exacerbated by open air,
  BACKGROUND Early European travelers to the            Symptoms worse For cold air; after a recurring        lying down, or coughing. The remedy is
  Andes noted that the indigenous Indians               interval of time; for movement; for the smell or      used mainly for allergies or infections
  chewed coca leaves as a stimulant. Coca               sight of food.                                        affecting the eyes and nose, such as colds,
                                                                                                                             MINOR REMEDIES              • 143

                                                    dryness in the mucous membranes, and                  Ferula assa-foetida syn. Narthex assa-foetida
                                                    inflammation, enlargement, and hardening of
                                                    the glands, especially the thyroid gland. There
                                                    may be a sensation as if there is a plug in the       COMMON NAMES Asafetida,    devil’s dung.
                                  EUPHRASIA         larynx, which may feel very sensitive to touch.       ORIGIN Native to Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.
                                  OFFICINALIS       Pain in the larynx typically becomes worse for        BACKGROUND In the 7th century BCE the Charaka
                                                    swallowing, singing, or talking.                      Samhita, an Ayurvedic medicine book,
                                                    Symptoms better For lying with the head low;          advocated this foul-smelling plant for bloating
             hay fever, or conjunctivitis. It       for bending forward; for eating small amounts; for    and flatulence, for which it is still used in India
              may also be prescribed if eye         warm foods and drinks.                                and the Middle East.
             symptoms occur after an injury.        Symptoms worse For dry, cold winds; for               PREPARATION Gum resin from the living roots is
          Symptoms better For open air; for         waking up; at midnight.                               macerated in alcohol.
        blinking; for wiping the eyes.
        Symptoms worse For warmth; for wind;                                                              Remedy profile
        for sunlight; for being indoors.                                                                  People who respond best to this remedy
        See also Conjunctivitis, page 220;                                                                tend to be in a rather nervous, hysterical,
        Hay fever & allergic rhinitis, page 224                                                           hypersensitive, and hypochondriac state.
                                                                                                          This nervous state extends to the physical
      Euspongia officinalis                                                                               symptoms, which generally focus on
      SPONGIA                                                    EUSPONGIA OFFICINALIS
                                                                                                          digestive disorders and on nervous
                                                                                                          twitching. The stomach may feel as if it is
               COMMON NAME Common       sponge.                     (Common sponge)                       pushing upward so that everything will
              ORIGIN Traditionally gathered from                                                          burst into the mouth, or there may be a
              waters of the Mediterranean, near     Fagopyrum esculentum                                  sensation as if a lump in the stomach is
          Syria and Greece.
        BACKGROUND It is thought that roasted
                                                    FAGOPYRUM                                             rising upward into the throat.
                                                                                                          Symptoms better For open air; for movement;
        sponge was first used as a remedy in        COMMON NAME Buckwheat.                                for pressure on the affected area; for scratching.
            the 13th century, by the alchemist      ORIGIN Native  to central and northern Asia, and      Symptoms worse At night; for rest; for sitting;
             Arnold von Villanova as a              cultivated in temperate regions, especially in the    for touch.
             treatment for goiter.                  US and eastern Europe.
                       PREPARATION Sponge is        BACKGROUND This major grain crop may have             Fraxinus americana
                           carefully cleaned of
                           sand, then toasted
                                                    been brought to Europe during the Crusades of
                                                    the 11th and 12th centuries. Medicinally, the
                          in a metal drum           leaves were used for high blood pressure,             COMMON NAME White     ash.
                         before being powdered      chilblains, and frostbite.                            ORIGIN Native to eastern North America.
                       and triturated.              PREPARATION The aerial parts are picked after         BACKGROUND In Norse mythology the ash tree
                                                    flowering and before the fruits ripen, then           was considered sacred. In Europe its nutritious
                Remedy profile                      chopped and macerated in alcohol.                     sap has traditionally been used as a
              Spongia is most appropriate for                                                             gentle laxative.
              those who have a marked fear          Remedy profile                                        PREPARATION The bark of the tree is chopped and
               of heart disease and of death,       Confusion and alternating states of mind are          macerated in alcohol.
                   particularly by suffocation.     typical in those for whom Fagopyrum is best
                     They may feel                  suited. These people also tend to be depressed        Remedy profile
                      uncomfortable in clothes.     and irritable.                                        A need to talk is common in those who
                         There is a strong focus       Fagopyrum is generally associated with             respond best to this remedy, and they tend
                  on the heart with this remedy.    eczema and itching skin, possibly on the              to be depressed, nervous, and anxious. Illness
         Typical physical symptoms treated          genitals, scalp, eyelids, and ears, or in the folds   may be accompanied by uneasy sleep and
    include palpitations and an uneasy feeling      of the skin of infants and the elderly. The inside    frightening dreams.
    in the area of the heart. There may be          of the nose may become sore and crusted. Foul-           Fraxinus is chiefly used for uterine problems.
  congestion, with a sensation as though blood      smelling secretions may accompany itching.            Typical symptoms include a uterus that is
is rushing into the chest and face. A fear of          Heart complaints associated with visibly           relaxed in tone, or possibly prolapsed, with a
suffocation and a sense of the heart being forced   pulsing arteries, either with or without              watery, non-irritating vaginal discharge and a
upward out of the chest can disrupt sleep after     concurrent skin conditions, may also be treated       heavy, painful, bearing-down sensation. The
midnight. There is great exhaustion and the         with Fagopyrum. Other symptoms linked to this         remedy is also given for heavy, painful
body feels heavy, so that even the slightest        remedy include a rapid, irregular pulse and a         menstruation, and for fibroids and
exertion causes complete prostration.               strong sensation of oppression in the heart area.     other tumors.
   Spongia is also prescribed for upper             Symptoms better For cold compresses; for              Symptoms better None known.
respiratory tract infections that tend to settle    pressure on the affected area; for coffee.            Symptoms worse For injury; for sprains;
in the larynx, such as a dry, hollow, barking,      Symptoms worse For sunlight; for scratching;          for lifting.
croupy cough. There is typically a feeling of       for movement.                                         See also Fibroids, page 199

  Galipea officinalis syn. G. cusparia                especially while feverish, when they feel dull,   Gnaphalium polycephalum
  ANGUSTURA                                           drowsy, and dizzy, but want to be held. Their
                                                      faces are flushed dark red, with a dull,
  COMMON NAME Angostura.                              besotted expression.                              COMMON NAMES Sweet-scented     everlasting
  ORIGIN Native to the Caribbean and tropical            A general state of mental and physical         flower, cudweed.
  South America.                                      paralysis, with weakness and an inability to      ORIGIN Native to North America.
  BACKGROUND The bitter bark of this tree was         perform, are key symptoms linked to this          BACKGROUND This plant has been used in herbal
  long used by native Americans as a tonic, and       remedy. At times the remedy has been given        medicine to treat colds, fevers, and respiratory
  to stun fish and hence increase the catch.          to strengthen courage on the battlefield, and     and intestinal catarrh, and has been applied as
  Brought to Europe in 1759, it was originally        it is often used for phobias, exam nerves,        a poultice to bruises.
  used for aromatic bitters.                          stage fright, and other anticipatory terrors,     PREPARATION The whole, fresh plant is macerated
  PREPARATION Dried bark from the tree’s branches     which cause trembling, weakness, diarrhea,        in alcohol.
  is macerated in alcohol.                            and frequent urination. In the long term,
                                                      these symptoms may lead to more                   Remedy profile
  Remedy profile                                      complicated, serious neurological disorders       This remedy is used mainly for intense sciatic
  Angustura is best suited to people who are          and possibly even paralysis, which the            pains alternating with or followed by
  either timid and weak, or oversensitive, touchy,    remedy may help.                                  numbness. Lumbago with numbness and
  and “filled with bitterness.” They are often very      Gelsemium is also used to treat acute          heaviness in the affected area may also be
  restless at night, waking for no reason, and        influenza or sore throats, with weakness, limp    treated, as may joint pains and rheumatic
  unable to get back to sleep. Their dreams are       limbs, chills, fever, headaches with double       complaints. In addition, foul-smelling diarrhea
  vivid, anxious, and unsettling, and they may        vision, and heavy, drooping eyelids. There        with colic that is worse in the morning may
  crave coffee.                                       may be a lack of thirst, even during fever. In    respond to the remedy, as may scanty periods
     The remedy is typically prescribed for           addition, the remedy can be given for hay         that are at their most painful on the first day.
  rheumatic conditions and nervous system             fever if accompanied by these symptoms.           Symptoms better For sitting in a chair; for flexing
  disorders, especially those affecting the nerves    Symptoms better For profuse urination; for        the limbs.
  in the spine or causing paralysis. Symptoms         sweating; for shaking; for alcoholic drinks.      Symptoms worse For cold; for damp; for
  include tension and stiffness in the muscles and    Symptoms worse In humid weather, especially       movement; for walking; for stepping up or down;
  joints, making them feel sore and bruised. There    during spring; for extreme emotions; for dread    for lying down on the left side.
  may be tearing pains in the bones that lead to      or ordeals; for surprises or shocks.
  difficulty in walking. The tissues may even         See also Phobias, page 211; Influenza, page       Gratiola officinalis
  decay due to painful ulcers that penetrate the
  bone marrow and cause the bones to crumble,
                                                      224; Sore throat, page 226; Exam nerves,
                                                      page 254
  particularly the long bones of the body.                                                              COMMON NAMES Hedge       hyssop, herb
  Symptoms better For applying cold fingers or a                                                        of grace.
  cold compress to the affected area; for sitting                                                       ORIGIN Found in central Europe, North America,
  up; for rest.                                                                                         and Australia.
  Symptoms worse For exertion; for stooping;                                                             BACKGROUND Originally esteemed medicinally
  for sitting bent over; for touching the affected                                                        for jaundice and other liver or spleen
  area; for noise.                                                                                           complaints, this herb is now little used due
                                                                                                               to its toxicity.
  Gelsemium sempervirens                                                                                            PREPARATION The fresh bulb is dug

  GELSEMIUM                                                                                                         up prior to flowering and steeped
                                                                                                                    in alcohol.
  COMMON NAMES Carolina    jasmine, yellow
  jasmine, false jasmine.                                                                                         Remedy profile
  ORIGIN Native to the southern US                                                                                 Gratiola is most suited to those who
  and Central America, and now                                                                                         appear irritable, haughty, and
  grown worldwide.                                                                                                      possibly excessively proud. They
  BACKGROUND Carolina jasmine came                                                                                      may develop mental symptoms if
  into regular use from the middle                                                                                 they drink coffee regularly over a long
  of the 19th century, chiefly as a                                                                               period of time, as well as physical
  treatment for nervous disorders                                                                                 symptoms such as migraine, sciatica,
  such as sciatica and neuralgia.                                                                                  and a high libido. A high sex drive,
  PREPARATION The fresh bark of                                                                                       frequent masturbation, and
  the root is finely chopped and                                                                                     nymphomania are primary
  macerated in alcohol.                                                                                      conditions that may be helped by
                                                                                                           Gratiola, particularly in women.
  Remedy profile                                                                                        In addition, the remedy is prescribed for
  People for whom Gelsemium is most suited fear               GELSEMIUM SEMPERVIRENS                    gastrointestinal problems such as cramps in the
  losing control. They dislike being disturbed,                    (Carolina jasmine)                   pit of the stomach, and pressing pain after
                                                                                                                            MINOR REMEDIES              • 145

eating, as if a stone is rolling from side to side                                                      bone). It is considered particularly suitable for
in the stomach. Eating may be followed by a                                                             treating sarcoma (cancer of the connective
strange sense of emptiness in the stomach.                                                              tissue) and osteosarcoma (a malignant bone
There may be green, frothy, watery diarrhea                                                             tumor), especially if they occur in the jaw,
that is expelled with great force.                                                                                head, or legs. Glandular swellings,
Symptoms better For open air.                                                                                          particularly those in the neck,
Symptoms worse For summer; for                                                                                           can also be treated with Hekla,
eating; for drinking excessive                                                                                           as can toothaches.
amounts of water; for coffee.                                                                                             Symptoms better For continued
                                                                                                                          movement; toward 3 p.m.
Guaiacum officinale                                                                                                       Symptoms worse For pressure

GUAIACUM                                                                                                                  on the affected area; for sitting;
                                                                                                                          on beginning to move.
COMMON NAME Lignum     vitae.                                                                                             See also Cancer, page 208
ORIGIN Native to South
America and the                                                                                                        Hippomane mancinella
Caribbean Islands.
BACKGROUND In the 16th century,
native Americans were found to be                                                                       COMMON NAMES Manchineel,     manzanilla,
using lignum vitae for venereal disease and                       HAMAMELIS VIRGINIANA                  Beach apple.
syphilis, and it became popular in Europe until                        (Virginia witch hazel)           ORIGIN Found in the West Indies.
discredited in the 18th century.                                                                        BACKGROUND The sap of this tree, or even just
PREPARATION The resin obtained from the tree         others prior to illness, which tends to make       the smoke from its wood when burning, is so
is macerated in alcohol.                             them become depressed and solitary. When           acrid that it can cause blindness on contact
                                                     ill, they are prone to feelings of restlessness    with the eyes.
Remedy profile                                       and irritability.                                  PREPARATION The fresh fruits, leaves, and bark
Guaiacum is most appropriate for narrow-                 The remedy’s primary use is in treating        of the tree are chopped and steeped in alcohol.
minded people who tend to be obstinate,              hemorrhoids and varicose veins. The veins
overcritical, and inflexible. This mental rigidity   are typically inflamed and weak. There is          Remedy profile
is mirrored by a fixation of                         susceptibility to hemorrhaging, such as heavy      Mancinella is used primarily for mental rather
the joints. The remedy is most commonly              periods in women or nosebleeds. Bleeding           than physical symptoms. It is most appropriate
used for great arthritic or rheumatic joint pain,    is generally slow to stop, and is usually          for people who fear that they may become
especially in the wrists. Arthritic pain may         accompanied by calm. Hamamelis may                 insane and lose control of their minds, due to
feel worse for heat, and there may also be           also be used for injuries to the eye.              the intrusion of evil thoughts or possession by
a sensation of swelling, tension, and tautness in    Symptoms better For fresh air; for reading; for    evil spirits. Their feelings are intensified by
the muscles, as if they are too short. There is      thinking; for talking.                             watching horror movies, and their anxieties
a strong desire to yawn and stretch. In children,    Symptoms worse For warm, damp air; for             may become obsessive or even lead to a
the remedy profile may include growing pains.        pressure on the affected area; for movement.       psychological breakdown. An advanced
Symptoms better For cold, wet weather; for cold      See also Varicose veins, page 230;                 breakdown may cause the memory to
compresses; for apples.                              Hemorrhoids, page 238                              deteriorate, with forgetfulness from one minute
Symptoms worse For heat; for wet weather; for                                                           to the next. Mancinella is also prescribed for
touch; for movement; for exertion; for               Hekla lava                                         confused feelings about sexuality that are
rapid growth.
                                                     HEKLA                                              bound up with the fear of being possessed by
                                                                                                        evil spirits, especially if these feelings occur
Hamamelis virginiana                                 COMMON NAME Hekla     lava.                        during puberty or the menopause.
HAMAMELIS                                            ORIGIN Volcanic ash from the immediate vicinity
                                                     of Mt. Hekla in Iceland.
                                                                                                           Physical symptoms typically associated
                                                                                                        with Mancinella include skin problems such
COMMON NAME Virginia    witch hazel.                 BACKGROUND Mt. Hekla last erupted in 2000. Its     as dermatitis. They are generally accompanied
ORIGIN Native to Canada and eastern and central      lava contains aluminum silicate, magnesium,        by an oozing, sticky serum, which may form
US, and grown in Europe.                             calcium, and iron oxide.                           crusts or blisters, or stinging blisters on the soles
BACKGROUND Native Americans used witch hazel         PREPARATION Ash is triturated with lactose sugar   of the feet, with acrid, sticky foot perspiration.
in poultices for tumors and inflammations. It is     to make the tincture.                                 The sense of smell may be affected by
used as an herbal first-aid remedy for its                                                              strange illusions, such as phantom smells of
astringent properties.                               Remedy profile                                     gunpowder or dung. There may be a peppery,
PREPARATION Fresh, chopped bark from the             Hekla is best suited to people who are rather      burning sensation in the mouth, along with a
twigs and root is steeped in alcohol.                volcanic in temperament. They usually suppress     taste of blood and copious yellow saliva.
                                                     any anger, but after a certain point they erupt.   Symptoms better For rubbing the affected area;
Remedy profile                                          The remedy is typically used for bone           for walking.
People who respond best to Hamamelis often           disorders, such as exostosis (benign bony          Symptoms worse For cold; for damp; for touch;
feel a lack of appreciation and respect from         outgrowths) or osteitis (inflammation of the       for puberty; for menopause.

  Humulus lupulus syn. Lupulus humulus             without comprehending what
  LUPULUS                                          they are saying.
                                                      Symptoms linked to Merc. corr.
  COMMON NAME     Hops.                            tend to be excessive, rapid, and
  ORIGIN Native to Europe and Asia.                violent, often centering on the
  BACKGROUND Hops have been cultivated in          digestion. The remedy is used for
  Europe since at least the 11th century to        colitis or dysentery with hot, foul-
  make beer. Medicinally, hops are used mainly     smelling stools, cutting pains, and
  as a sedative, often sewn into a bed pillow      constant straining, even after passing a
  to aid sleep at night.                           stool. Great straining may be needed to
  PREPARATION The fresh hops are finely            empty the bladder. Burning in the throat,
  chopped and macerated in alcohol.                stomach, rectum, and bladder, with great
                                                   susceptibility to the cold, may be linked to
  Remedy profile                                   throat complaints treated by Merc. corr., such                             HYDRARGYRUM CHLORATUM
  Appropriately enough for a remedy based on       as swollen glands, a constant need to swallow                                  (Mercurous chloride)
  a plant used to make beer, Lupulus is often      despite pain, and ulcerated tonsils.
  used to treat hangovers or the aftereffects of   Symptoms better For rest.                             Remedy profile
  drinking alcohol, such as nausea, dizziness,     Symptoms worse For open air; for urinating;           Apprehension, restlessness, and agitation are
  and headaches. It may also be given for          for passing a stool; at night.                        common in those for whom Merc. dulc. is
  nervous twitches or delirium associated          See also Ulcerative colitis, page 190                 most suitable.
  with drunkenness.                                                                                        Key symptoms associated with the remedy
     Muscles affected by twitching, nervous        Hydrargyrum biiodatum syn. Mercurius                  include catarrhal inflammation in the ears and
  tremors may also be treated by Lupulus, as       biiodatus                                             eustachian tubes, leading to deafness and glue
  may rheumatic pains that shift from place
  to place, mainly in the shoulders, arms, and
                                                   MERC. IOD. RUBER.                                     ear. The condition is predominant in children,
                                                                                                         and Merc. dulc. is particularly appropriate for
  hands. There may be a sensation of churning      COMMON NAME     Mercuric iodide.                      those who appear pale and ill-nourished.
  in the stomach, accompanied by nausea and        ORIGIN  Chemically prepared.                          Symptoms better For cold drinks.
  vomiting. Burning in the urethra when            BACKGROUND This red, odorless powder has a            Symptoms worse For acidic foods and drinks.
  urinating and overexcitability are further       faintly metallic taste. It is used as an antiseptic
  possible symptoms, as is greasy, clammy,         and disinfectant for the skin.                        Hydrargyrum cyanatum syn. Mercurius
                profuse perspiration.              PREPARATION Mercuric iodide is mixed with             cyanatus
                  Symptoms better For open air.
                  Symptoms worse For coffee;
                                                   lactose sugar and triturated.
                                                                                                         MERC. CYAN.
                  for alcohol.                     Remedy profile                                        COMMON NAME    Mercurous cyanide.
                                                   Those who respond best to Merc. iod. ruber.           ORIGIN Chemically prepared.
                                                   tend to be weepy, low in spirits, and irritable,      BACKGROUND This highly poisonous substance
                                                   particularly in the morning. Toward evening           has no history of use in medicine, except
                                                   they often feel better and become more cheerful.      in homeopathy.
                                        LUPULUS       The classic symptom picture for this               PREPARATION Mercurous cyanide is mixed with
                                          (Hop)    remedy is of an ulcerated sore throat with            lactose sugar and triturated.
                                                   swollen glands, especially on the left side.
  Hydrargyrum bichloratum syn. Mercurius           The throat may be painful and dark red,               Remedy profile
  sublimatus corrosivus                            with stiff muscles in the neck and throat.            Merc. cyan. is given most often to people
  MERC. CORR.                                      Symptoms better For open air; in the evening.
                                                   Symptoms worse For sleep; in the morning.
                                                                                                         who are talkative, highly emotional, and
                                                                                                         overexcited. They may have frequent spells
  COMMON NAME    Mercuric chloride.                                                                      of unconsciousness or fainting, depending
  ORIGIN Chemically prepared.                      Hydrargyrum chloratum syn. Mercurius                  on the severity of their illness.
  BACKGROUND Mercuric chloride is a powerful       dulcis                                                   The remedy is typically used for acute
  disinfectant with rapid, violent effects if
  ingested, especially on the rectum.
                                                   MERC. DULC.                                           infectious diseases with rapidly sinking strength
                                                                                                         and a tendency to hemorrhage. It is strongly
  PREPARATION The compound is mixed with           COMMON NAMES     Mercurous chloride, calomel.         associated with throat and mouth conditions
  lactose sugar and triturated.                    ORIGIN Chemically prepared, although it               such as tonsillitis and diphtheria. The throat is
                                                   occurs naturally in Germany, the former               typically red with a white coating, and there
  Remedy profile                                   Yugoslavia, Mexico, and Texas.                        may be pain on swallowing, with inflammation
  People who respond best to Merc. corr. are       BACKGROUND This compound was used                     of the uvula. The tongue, lips, and cheeks tend
  prone to anxiety and restlessness, which         medicinally from the 16th century as a                to ulcerate, and there is metallic-tasting saliva
  may develop into delirium and stupor             cathartic, but has since fallen out of favor          and offensive-smelling breath.
  during illness. They often feel detached or      due to its toxicity.                                     These symptoms are usually accompanied
  disconnected from others, and may stare          PREPARATION Mercurous chloride is mixed               by weakness, great sensitivity to the cold,
  blankly at people when they are talking,         with lactose sugar and triturated.                    nausea, and cold, damp, sweaty skin.
                                                                                                                           MINOR REMEDIES            • 147

Symptoms better For drinking milk.                   An irritated stomach, with vomiting, burning        This remedy has a classic affinity with genital
Symptoms worse For swallowing; for speaking;         in the anus, hot, copious urine, and watery,        and rectal ulceration and warts, and its profile
for eating.                                          soft, or violently expelled stools are              is similar to that of Merc. sol. (see page 85).
                                                     characteristic of the digestive symptoms            Key symptoms include fiery red ulcers on the
Hydrargyrum iodatum flavatum syn.                    treated by Merc. sulph. In some cases,              skin and the mucous membranes, warts that
Mercurius iodatus flavatus                           symptoms may be combined: for instance,             bleed easily, pimples, pustules, and red skin
MERC. IOD. FLAV.                                     fluid in the lungs may be accompanied by
                                                     watery or violent diarrhea and other
                                                                                                         eruptions that tend to itch violently.
                                                                                                            The head is a focus for other symptoms
COMMON NAME    Mercurous iodide.                     digestive symptoms.                                 that may be helped by the remedy. These
ORIGIN Chemically prepared.                          Symptoms better For sitting up; for profuse         include headaches with congestion; red,
BACKGROUND In Western conventional                   diarrhea (in the case of breathing difficulties).   inflamed eyes; catarrh in the nose and throat;
medicine, this compound has traditionally            Symptoms worse For lying down; in the               and a dry, sore throat. Sleep patterns may be
been used to make an ointment that is                morning; at night.                                  disrupted, with noticeable restlessness and
applied externally for eye diseases.                                                                     sleeplessness, although there is often a
PREPARATION Mercurous iodide is mixed with           Hydrargyrum sulphuratum rubrum                      marked lack of tiredness.
lactose sugar and triturated.                        syn. Cinnabar                                          Cinnabaris may also be used to treat women

Remedy profile                                       CINNABARIS                                          who experience very painful menstruation
                                                                                                         and pregnancy, or great pains during labor.
Merc. iod. flav. is most appropriate for people      COMMON NAMES     Mercuric sulfide, sulfide          Symptoms better For open air; for sunshine;
who tend to alternate rapidly between                of mercury, quicksilver.                            after dinner.
depression and high spirits.                         ORIGIN Found mainly in Spain, and also in           Symptoms worse For damp; for touch;
   The classic symptom picture for Merc. iod.        Peru, Italy, and California.                        for evening; at night; for light;
flav. is of right-sided complaints, particularly     BACKGROUND In traditional Chinese medicine          before menstruation.
throat infections with swollen glands and a          this mineral is used to treat sore throats,
coated tongue. If pharyngitis, tonsillitis, or ear   mouth ulcers, and palpitations. Its bright-         Hydrastis canadensis
infections affect the right side, Merc. iod. flav.
is strongly indicated. Common symptoms
                                                     scarlet pigment is called vermilion.
                                                     PREPARATION Mercuric sulfide is triturated with
include a sensation as if there is a lump in the     lactose sugar.                                      COMMON NAMES      Goldenseal, orangeroot,
throat, throat inflammation, and ulcerated                                                               yellow puccoon.
patches in the throat that exude a cheeselike        Remedy profile                                      ORIGIN Native to North America.
mucus. Sharp, throbbing pains may affect the         Cinnabaris is best suited to people who are         BACKGROUND Native Americans used golden-
right ear, becoming worse on swallowing.             nervous, uneasy, sad, weak, and weary. They         seal’s root for its intense yellow dye, and
Symptoms better For open air; for physical           do not want to use their brains, and may            medicinally for cancer, fevers, indigestion,
exertion; during the day.                            become forgetful, often feeling that their          and heart or liver disorders. It was introduced
Symptoms worse For cold, damp weather;               heads are “full” from mental use. At night          to Europe in 1760.
at night; for gentle movement.                       a stream of constantly changing thoughts            PREPARATION The dried underground parts of
                                                     runs through their heads. They are usually          the plant are steeped in alcohol.
Hydrargyrum sulphas syn. Mercurius                   sensitive to touch and to the slightest noise,
sulphuricus                                          preferring to be left alone.                        Remedy profile
MERC. SULPH.                                                                      HYDRARGYRUM
                                                                              SULPHURATUM RUBRUM
                                                                                                         People who benefit from Hydrastis tend to
                                                                                                         be weary, exhausted, thin, and elderly, often
COMMON NAMES    Mercuric sulfate,                                                 (Mercuric sulfide)     with degenerative conditions.
turpeth mineral.                                                                                           The classic symptom picture for this
ORIGIN Chemically prepared.                                                                              remedy is of problems of the mucous
BACKGROUND This heavy, odorless,                                                                         membranes. It is associated with catarrh,
tasteless, lemon yellow powder has no                                                                    sinusitis, a sore throat, and an abnormal
medicinal uses, except in homeopathy.                                                                    taste in the mouth. There may be copious,
PREPARATION Mercuric sulfate is mixed                                                                    thick, yellowish, stringy mucus affecting the
with lactose sugar and triturated.                                                                            mucous membranes of the respiratory
                                                                                                                 system. The remedy is also used for
Remedy profile                                                                                                      stomach problems, possibly
Eating tends to make people for whom                                                                                  occurring in conjunction with
Merc. sulph. is best suited feel irritable.                                                                            the classic problems of the
They may be chilly, pale, and anxious.                                                                                  mucous membranes.
   Key conditions associated with this remedy                                                                           Characteristic symptoms
include digestive complaints and respiratory                                                                           include poor digestion, a
difficulties. Merc. sulph. is given for breathing                                                                  sensation of emptiness in the
that tends to be rapid and short, with burning                                                                 stomach that remains even after
in the chest, pain in the region of the heart, and                                                            eating, and constipation with no urge
weakness that may feel better for sitting up.                                                                 to pass stools.

                                                      an injury or accident. They may be nervous,        for pressure on the affected area; for continued
                              HYDRASTIS               overexcited, constantly drowsy, talk while         movement.
                             CANADENSIS               asleep, and forgetful when speaking. These         Symptoms worse For talking; on the left
                                                      people may also experience a constant              side of the body.
                                                      sensation of elevation or falling.
                                                         Key physical symptoms associated with this      Iris versicolor
                                                      remedy are injuries or wounds that feel more
                                                      painful than they appear, with extremely sharp
                                                      pains, perhaps in nerve-rich areas such as the     COMMON NAMES     Blue flag, snake lily.
                                                      fingertips or the base of the spine. The remedy    ORIGIN Native to North America, and now
                                                      may be used to relieve pain following              also grown widely in Europe.
                                                      operations, accidents, puncture wounds,            BACKGROUND Native Americans used blue flag
                                                      and animal bites, and is also given to help        to treat stomach complaints, wounds and
                                                      prevent tetanus. Nervous pains in phantom          sores, colds, and earaches, and as a diuretic.
                                                      limbs after amputation, and toothaches or          Modern herbalists use the plant in
                         The remedy is                discomfort after dental treatment, may also be     detoxification treatments.
                         often used for               helped by the remedy.                              PREPARATION The fresh root, dug up and
                          people susceptible          Symptoms better For lying quietly; for lying       chopped in summer, is steeped in alcohol.
                          to cancerous and            face down; for bending the head backward;
                          precancerous states,        for rubbing the affected area.                     Remedy profile
                           notably those affecting    Symptoms worse For cold, damp weather;             The mood of people who respond best to
                           the liver, colon, or       for injury; for jarring; for shock.                Iris is generally low. They often feel restless
                           breast. Hydrastis has                                                         and discouraged.
                            an especially strong      Iridium metallicum                                    Key symptoms related to the remedy are
                            affinity with liver
                             cancer, and may be
                                                      IRIDIUM MET.                                       headaches and migraines accompanied by
                                                                                                         digestive disorders such as nausea, severe
                              taken to reduce the     COMMON NAME      Iridium.                          diarrhea, or cholera. Warning signals that
                               need for narcotics     ORIGIN Obtained from osmiridium, an alloy of       precede a migraine include great exhaustion
                                and analgesics.       iridium, osmium, and platinum.                     and blurring or loss of vision. Migraines are
                                 Symptoms better      BACKGROUND This metal is named after the           typically right-sided but may alternate from
                                 For warmth; for      Greek goddess of the rainbow, Iris, due to its     side to side. They usually center in the temple
                                 covering up          colorful salts. It is used in fountain-pen nibs    or around the eyes, and involve throbbing
                                 warmly; for dry      and hypodermic needles.                            pain, severe nausea, vomiting, and profuse
                                 weather; for rest;   PREPARATION Iridium is triturated with             salivation. The head pain is typically
                                 for pressure on      lactose sugar.                                     aggravated by vomiting and is typically weekly.
                                 the affected area.                                                      Symptoms better For gentle movement.
                                Symptoms worse        Remedy profile                                     Symptoms worse For hot weather; at night;
                               At night; for open     Those who respond most effectively to              for mental exhaustion.
                              air; for bathing;       Iridium met. are generally well presented
                             during pregnancy;        and confident. If not successful in their          Juniperus communis
                           for the touch of
  clothing; for alcohol and drug abuse.
                                                      plans or projects, or if they become ill and
                                                      exhausted, they may experience confusion,
  See also Catarrh, page 226                          with poor concentration and the feeling            COMMON NAME     Juniper.
                                                      that their minds are empty.                        ORIGIN  Found in Europe and North America,
  Hypericum perforatum                                   Classic physical symptoms linked to             and from southwest Asia to the Himalayas.
  HYPERICUM                                           Iridium met. include exhaustion and
                                                      anemia following a bout of illness, and
                                                                                                         BACKGROUND Juniper has been used since
                                                                                                         classical times, both medicinally and in
  COMMON NAME     St. John’s-wort.                    muscle pain and stiffness with tender,             cooking. Traditionally, sprigs were flung into
  ORIGIN Native to Europe and Asia, but               swollen joints. There may be nervous,              fires to ward off evil spirits, and burned to
  now found in temperate areas worldwide.             pinching pains in the wrists, fingers, and         protect against the plague. The berries are
  BACKGROUND Renowned medicinally since               limbs. In the hip joints there may be              used to flavor gin.
  classical times, St. John’s-wort was long           scraping, smarting pains and a crawling            PREPARATION Alcohol is added to the finely
  thought to have magical importance too.             sensation; sciatic nerve pain may radiate          chopped, fresh, ripe berries.
  An extract of it is given for depression.           down the legs. Neuralgic pains, perhaps in
  PREPARATION The whole, fresh plant is finely        the back of the head, may be treated with          Remedy profile
  chopped and macerated in alcohol.                   Iridium met., as may lameness or partial           Classically this remedy has a reputation for
                                                      paralysis, especially in the elderly. The remedy   increasing urine production, and is used to
  Remedy profile                                      is also used to help prevent suppurating           treat water retention, possibly with advanced
  Hypericum is prescribed for people who are          abscesses in the armpits.                          kidney disease. The urine may contain blood
  depressed, frightened, or shocked following         Symptoms better For cold; for being indoors;       and have a strange scent of violets, and there
                                                                                                                            MINOR REMEDIES            • 149

                                                  those felt during labor. Sabina is a classic          Kalium bromatum
                                                  remedy in pregnancy for those who are prone to
                                                  miscarriages, especially during the third month
                                                                                                        KALI. BROM.
                                                  of pregnancy. It is also prescribed following         COMMON NAME Potassium     bromide.
                                                  labor, if the placenta has been retained and          ORIGIN Chemically   prepared.
                                                  there is intense pain.                                BACKGROUND Potassium bromide is used in
                                                     A craving for acidic foods and drinks,             photography to make gelatin papers and plates,
                                                  especially lemonade, may be apparent, and             and was used medicinally in the past as a
                                                  everything, but especially coffee and milk, may       sedative and anti-epileptic.
                                  JUNIPERUS       taste bitter. There may be violent hot flashes,       PREPARATION Solid potassium bromide is
                                  COMMUNIS        pulsations in the body, and an urge                   triturated with lactose sugar.
                                                  to throw open a window.
                                                  Symptoms better For cold; for open air; for           Remedy profile
may be a feeling of heaviness in the region of    breathing out.                                        Poor memory, sadness, and loss of mental
the kidneys. Juniper is also used separately as   Symptoms worse For heat; for warm air; for the        capabilities are often noted in those for whom
a stimulant for the uterine muscles and to        heat of the bed; for the slightest movement; for      Kali. brom. is most appropriate. The remedy has
ease menstrual pain. It is usually given as a     foggy weather; at night; during pregnancy and         an affinity with the nervous system, and may be
tincture rather than in tablet form.              the menopause; for music; for touch.                  prescribed following a stroke, epilepsy, or other
Symptoms better None known.                       See also Infertility, page 203                        seizures. Great physical restlessness, with
Symptoms worse None known.                                                                              characteristic traits such as frequent wringing of
                                                  Kalium arsenicosum                                    the hands or fidgeting of the feet, is a typical
Juniperus sabina
                                                  KALI. ARS.                                            accompanying symptom, as is numbness in the
SABINA                                            COMMON NAMES Potassium     arsenate,
                                                                                                        skin and the mucous membranes, especially
                                                                                                        those of the throat.
COMMON NAME Savin.                                Fowler’s solution.                                       At its most extreme, the state of mind
ORIGIN Grows   in temperate regions of the        ORIGIN Chemically prepared.                           associated with this remedy can develop into
Northern Hemisphere.                              BACKGROUND The form of potassium arsenate             depressive delusions with a sense of being
BACKGROUND Savin was used internally in 19th-     used is Fowler’s solution, which consists of          pursued for imagined wrongdoings. Fear of
century Europe to induce abortions, although      tincture of lavender, potassium carbonate,            insanity and feelings of suspicion and rage may
generally it has been little used in herbal       arsenous acid, and pure water.                        occur, developing in extreme cases to psychosis,
medicine due to its high toxicity.                PREPARATION The compound is triturated                mania, paranoia, autism, and retardation, which
PREPARATION The fresh, young branch tops          with lactose sugar.                                   Kali. brom. may treat. It may also ease intense
and leaves are chopped before being macerated                                                           sexual feelings that progress to sexual addiction.
in alcohol.                                       Remedy profile                                           In addition to its association with nervous
                                                  Kali. ars. is most suitable for people who are        symptoms, Kali. brom. is used for skin
Remedy profile                                    very anxious, especially about their health, and      symptoms such as acne (especially on the
This remedy is best suited to people who are      is similar in profile to Arsen. alb. (see page 68).   forehead), psoriasis, rosacea, pustules, cysts,
dejected and hypochondriac. They may be           Those affected may experience great mental            eczema on the legs, cold, numb skin, and crops
irritable and find that even music makes them     and physical restlessness, with nervousness,          of small boils. The skin tends to be blue and
nervous. They often dislike being talked to,      depression, anemia, and hypersensitivity to           mottled in appearance, and may scar following
especially when walking in the open air. They     touch and noise. They have a tendency to be           skin eruptions.
may sob or weep and have weak memories.           either quarrelsome and excitable, or withdrawn,          The remedy may also be used to treat female
   Sabina is strongly associated with the         timid, and indifferent.                               reproductive organs that develop ovarian cysts,
reproductive organs, and is commonly used            Key physical symptoms associated with              tumors, or fibroids, and for symptoms triggered
for problems such as genital warts or itching,    this remedy are chronic or malignant skin                                     during menstrual periods,
burning external genitalia. In men it is also     problems. The skin typically burns and itches,                                  such as epilepsy. In
prescribed for phimosis (constriction of the      becoming worse on undressing and                                                 men, Kali. brom. may
foreskin), swelling of the upper penis,           for the cold; cracks may develop in the                                          be given for excessive
and gonorrhea.                                    bends of the knees and arms. This is usually                                     sexual appetite
   The remedy may be given to women for           symptomatic of eczema, psoriasis, acne, or                                       or impotence.
uterine problems featuring pale-red, clotting     ulcers. The remedy may be used to ease skin                                    Symptoms better For
hemorrhages that become worse for the             cancer, and for varicose veins on the legs that                                being occupied, both
slightest movement and better for walking.        have become ulcerous.                                                          mentally and physically.
The uterus may seem to quiver, as if there is        In addition, the remedy may be given for                                    Symptoms worse For
a fetus moving inside it. Further symptoms        asthma with rapid, anxious breathing, which                                    sexual excess; for
include itchy nipples with a voluptuous,          may become worse after midnight.                                               mental overexertion;
crawling sensation, sharp pains shooting          Symptoms better For rainy days.                                                during puberty
up the vagina, and violent hot flashes and        Symptoms worse For cold feet; for noise; for                                   or pregnancy.
pulsations in the body. Menstrual flow is often   touch; between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m.                      KALIUM BROMATUM          See also Rosacea,
profuse and premature, with pains similar to      See also Mild acne, page 240                          (Potassium bromide)      page 193

  Kalium chloratum                                    Kalium iodatum                                     ill, and may feel physically and mentally
  KALI. MUR.                                          KALI. IOD.                                         numb, as if they are made of wood.
                                                                                                             Sharp pains and numbness are typically
  COMMON NAME     Potassium chloride.                 COMMON NAME    Potassium iodide.                   associated with Kali. nit., in conjunction with
  ORIGIN  Obtained from the mineral sylvine,          ORIGIN Chemically prepared.                        respiratory problems. The remedy is used for
  which is found mainly in North America              BACKGROUND Potassium iodide is added               conditions such as asthma, croup, and
  and Germany.                                        regularly to table salt and animal feeds to        bronchitis. Further symptoms may include
  BACKGROUND Dr. Schüssler introduced this            protect against iodine deficiency.                 faintness, nausea, an inability to drink due
  compound to homeopathy, using it for one            PREPARATION Potassium iodide is triturated         to breathing difficulties, and a sensation of
  of his tissue salts (see page 90).                  with lactose sugar.                                coldness around the area of the heart. There
  PREPARATION Potassium chloride is triturated                                                           may be labored breathing caused by tightness
  with lactose sugar.                                 Remedy profile                                     in the larynx, the throat may be hoarse and
                                                      Those for whom Kali. iod. is best suited have      rough, and the nose may develop polyps,
  Remedy profile                                      strong tempers, and know that they can be          chronic irritation, catarrh, and sinusitis.
  People who respond best to Kali. mur. tend          cruel and difficult for others to cope with,       Symptoms better For gentle movement; for
  to be optimistic and hard-working. They             especially their families.                         drinking sips of water.
  alternate between cheerfulness and sadness,            Classic symptoms indicating the Kali. iod.      Symptoms worse For cold and damp; for
  being sensitive to sadness in others and in         remedy include chronic catarrh, recurring          getting cold; for walking; for veal; for wine
  themselves, which may make them seem                sinusitis, swellings, abscesses, or atrophy of     or beer.
  self-pitying.                                       the glands. Symptoms are characteristically
     Key symptoms treated by this remedy              long-standing, and tend to be accompanied          Kalium sulphuricum
  include chronic catarrh and congestion in
  the nose. It is particularly appropriate if
                                                      by great weakness, sensitivity, and soreness
                                                      that is difficult to pinpoint on the body. There
                                                                                                         KALI. SULPH.
  symptoms affect the middle ear, causing             is frequently water retention and swelling,        COMMON NAMES    Potassium sulfate, sulfate
  earaches, pain behind the ears, snapping            and a desire to move around in the open air.       of potash, Vesuvian salt, glaserite.
  noises in the ears, blockage of the eustachian         Kali. iod. is often prescribed for the          ORIGIN Chemically prepared.
  tube, and possibly deafness. The nasal              treatment of discharges that are copious           BACKGROUND This compound is used as an
  congestion is due to profuse, whitish catarrh,      and watery, possibly with chronic allergic         ingredient in fertilizers and in the manufacture
  and is characteristically accompanied               rhinitis and pain in the sinuses. It is also       of glass, and was chosen by Dr. Schüssler to
  by nosebleeds.                                      prescribed for thick, chronic catarrh,             be one of his “biochemic” tissue salts
     Kali. mur. is also an important remedy for       accompanied by an unpleasant smell                 (see page 90).
  tonsillitis or swollen throat glands, for chronic   and susceptibility to nosebleeds.                  PREPARATION Potassium sulfate is triturated with
  sore throats with catarrhal crusts in the           Symptoms better For cold air; for open air;        lactose sugar.
  throat, and for cancer. Inflammation in the         for movement.
  membranes and joints may also respond to            Symptoms worse For heat; for warmth from           Remedy profile
  the remedy.                                         clothes or a hot room; at night; for rest; for     Kali. sulph. is most appropriate for people who
  Symptoms better For rubbing the affected            pressure or touch.                                 tend to be conservative and anxious to do
  area; for letting the hair down.                                                                       things right, down to the last detail. They are
  Symptoms worse For open air; for fats and rich      Kalium nitricum                                    often hurried, anxious, restless, easily startled,
  foods; for cold drinks.
  See also Cancer, page 208; Blockage of the
                                                      KALI. NIT.                                         and irritable. Dutiful in loving relationships,
                                                                                                         they may be self-sacrificial because of the
  eustachian tube, page 222; Catarrh, page 226        COMMON NAMES      Potassium nitrate, niter,        connection this gives them with others.
                                                      saltpeter.                                            The remedy’s classic affinities are with
                                                      ORIGIN Chemically prepared.                        the skin and the respiratory system. It is
                                   CHLORATUM          BACKGROUND Potassium nitrate is used               commonly prescribed for peeling skin
                                     (Sylvine)        industrially in the preparation of glass,          conditions such as eczema and psoriasis,
                                                      fertilizers, and gunpowder, and as a meat          and may also be appropriate for ringworm,
                                                      preservative or curing salt.                       polyps, oily skin problems, and skin cancer.
                                                           PREPARATION The compound is dissolved         The skin is characteristically chapped, scaly,
                                                               or triturated in alcohol.                 or peeling, and there may be sore areas with
                                                                                                         thin, yellow, watery discharges.
                                                               Remedy profile                               Chronic respiratory problems are a further
                                                                Those for whom Kali nit. is most         key affinity of Kali. sulph. It is used for
                                                                 effective prefer to keep themselves     chronic catarrh, or mucus in the nose, larynx,
                                                                   busy, becoming weary and sad if       bronchi, or ears, and for asthma. The nose
                                                                   they are alone or unoccupied.         is typically highly congested, with rattling
                                                                They like to go out and frequently       mucus in the lungs and loss of the sense
                                                           have dreams about going on trips.             of smell. There may be smelly, long-standing
                                                       Usually sensitive and dutiful, they become        discharges in the ears, with frequent
                                                      increasingly anxious and melancholic when          inflammation and glue ear.
                                                                                                                            MINOR REMEDIES             • 151

Symptoms better For open air; for cold air;          become inflamed, suppurate, and then break          Lachnanthes tinctoria
for walking; for fasting.
Symptoms worse For warm air; for warm,
                                                     down and bleed, particularly in the vagina, the
                                                     cervix, and the uterus. The remedy is given for
stuffy rooms; in the evening; for noise; for         offensive-smelling discharges from the mucous       COMMON NAMES Red      root, spirit weed.
sympathy; for eggs.                                  membranes that burn the skin and cause              ORIGIN Native  to eastern North America.
                                                     itching and swelling, and it may help when          BACKGROUND A red dye is derived from the
Kalmia latifolia                                     urine burns the skin on contact. It may be          plant’s root, hence one of its common names.
KALMIA                                               prescribed for particular problems before and
                                                     after menstruation, such as bleeding between
                                                                                                         When eaten, the root causes cerebral
                                                                                                         stimulation or narcosis.
COMMON NAMES Mountain     laurel, calico bush,       cycles and heavy,                                   PREPARATION The whole, fresh, flowering plant,
ivy bush, lambkill.                                  offensive-smelling                                  with the root, is steeped in alcohol.
ORIGIN Native to eastern North America.              menstrual flow that
BACKGROUND This plant is notoriously                 burns the skin on                                   Remedy profile
poisonous: grazing on the leaves can kill cattle     contact. Candidiasis                                Lachnanthes is most appropriate for those who
and sheep and cause the meat from the animals        may also respond to                                 are prone to hilarious, overexcited, talkative
to become too toxic to eat.                          the remedy, as may                                  behavior followed by stupid, irritable moods.
PREPARATION The fresh leaves of the plant in         enuresis (bed-wetting).                             They are restless both night and day, and sleepy,
flower are chopped and macerated in alcohol.         Symptoms better For                                 although they often have difficulty falling asleep
                                                     warmth; after sleep; for                            and may experience distressing dreams.
Remedy profile                                       movement; for pressure                                 The main focus of the remedy rests on the
People for whom Kalmia is most suitable feel         on the affected area;                               circulation, especially in relation to the head
fine when lying down, but become dizzy and           for hot foods.                                      and chest. There is typically a sensation of heat
disoriented on trying to move.                       Symptoms worse For                                  bubbling and boiling up from the heart and
   The remedy is usually given for severe, sharp     cold; for bathing in cold KREOSOTUM (Creosote)      chest to the head. Right-sided headaches
neuralgic pains in the muscles and joints, and       water; for rest;                                    accompanied by great chilliness may also be
for general muscle pain. The pains are sharp         during pregnancy.                                   treated with this remedy, as may tuberculosis.
and darting, and generally radiate downward.         See also Candidiasis, page 200                      Symptoms better For being in bed; for
They are frequently accompanied by great                                                                 being warmed.
weakness, stiffness, numbness, trembling, and        Lac vaccinum defloratum                             Symptoms worse On the right side; for noise;
a tingling sensation. Heart disease, especially if
it develops after a history of neuralgic pain and
                                                     LAC DEFL.                                           on waking during the night.

stiffness, may also be treated with Kalmia.          COMMON NAME Skimmed       cow’s milk.               Lathyrus sativus
Symptoms better For eating; for remaining still.
Symptoms worse For becoming cold; for
                                                     ORIGIN Skimmed    cow’s milk.
                                                     BACKGROUND Milk has had a checkered history
movement; from sunrise to sunset.                    of favor. It has been lauded as being full of       COMMON NAME Chickpea.
                                                     healthy vitamins and minerals, yet is also linked   ORIGIN Found    in the Mediterranean area, Africa,
Kreosotum                                            to catarrhal conditions, tuberculosis, and          and central Asia.
KREOSOTUM                                            Crohn’s disease.
                                                     PREPARATION The milk is dissolved in purified
                                                                                                         BACKGROUND These edible, pealike seeds have
                                                                                                         long been used in cooking, although there is
COMMON NAME Creosote.                                water, diluted, and succussed.                      little tradition of medicinal use.
ORIGIN Distilledfrom beechwood tar.                                                                      PREPARATION The dried, green seed pods are
BACKGROUND Creosote    has long been used as         Remedy profile                                      macerated in alcohol.
a wood preservative, and its name derives            Lac defl. is most effective for people who are
from the Greek kreas, or “flesh,” and soter,         claustrophobic, chilly, listless, and forgetful.    Remedy profile
or “preserver.” A Moravian chemist,                  They often have either an aversion to milk,         This remedy focuses predominantly on the
Reichenbach, introduced it to medicine in the        or a tendency to drink large amounts, but           spine and lower limbs. Characteristic symptoms
19th century, but it fell out of favor with all      show signs of lactose intolerance, which            treated include pain in the lower back, urinary
except homeopaths.                                   affects their nutrition and tends to make           incontinence, tremors, and total loss of sexual
PREPARATION Creosote is dissolved in alcohol,        them thin or obese.                                 function. Sharpened reflexes are further
diluted, and succussed.                                 Key symptoms associated with Lac defl.           possible symptoms, as are burning heat in the
                                                     are weakness and anemia after chronic               legs and icy cold feet. Lathyrus has also been
Remedy profile                                       disease. Diabetes, water retention related to       used for weakness and heaviness in the
A temperamental state is typical of people who       heart disease, and chronic liver disease may        aftermath of influenza and other viral illnesses,
respond best to Kreosotum. They may also be          respond to the remedy, and it may also help         and for multiple sclerosis. Symptoms may
forgetful, peevish, sensitive to music, and          headaches, particularly those associated            worsen rapidly following exposure to cold,
restless at night. A tendency to dwell on the        with menstruation.                                  damp night air.
past is characteristic, as are dreams of sexual      Symptoms better For rest; for profuse urine flow.   Symptoms better For undressing.
intercourse and a fear of being raped.               Symptoms worse For cold; for the slightest          Symptoms worse For damp, cold weather at
   The classic symptom picture associated            draft; during menstruation and pregnancy;           night; for touch.
with Kreosotum is of mucous membranes that           for milk.                                           See also Multiple sclerosis, page 179

  Latrodectus mactans                                 bruising, puffy, purplish skin, and stinging        feel as if they are floating on air. They may
  LATRODECTUS MAC.                                    pains. It may help treat a slow-healing black
                                                      eye. Ledum is also used for bleeding into the
                                                                                                          experience sleeplessness or confusion. Sticta
                                                                                                          is most appropriate for respiratory problems
  COMMON NAME    Black widow spider.                  eye chamber after an iridectomy (removal of         associated with hay fever or other allergic
  ORIGIN Found throughout North                       part of the iris). Other symptoms treated with      reactions, influenza, or bronchitis. There may
  America, mainly in the southern US.                 Ledum include rheumatic pains that arise in         be repeated sneezing, which tends to become
  BACKGROUND The name of this highly                  the feet and move upward, and stiff, painful        worse at night, then dries suddenly. Sticta
  poisonous spider                                    joints that feel hot inside despite being cold      may also be used for pneumonia, and for
  comes from the                                           to the touch. The pain may be relieved         chronic catarrh that is difficult to expel and
  female’s habit of                                         by cold compresses.                           causes stuffiness, a dull, heavy feeling in the
  eating the male                                     Symptoms better For cold compresses.                head, and a dry, tickly throat.
  after mating.                                       Symptoms worse For warmth; at night;                Symptoms better For open air; for expelling
  PREPARATION The live                                for touch.                                          catarrh or mucus.
  spider is steeped in                                See also Osteoarthritis, page 196                   Symptoms worse At night; for changes in
  alcohol, diluted,              MACTANS                                                                  temperature; for lying down; for movement.
  and succussed.            (Black widow spider)      Lithium carbonicum                                  See also Pneumonia, page 183

  Remedy profile                                      LITHIUM CARB.                                       Lobelia inflata
  Latrodectus mac. is best suited to people
  who are tense and easily fatigued. They are
                                                      COMMON NAME    Lithium carbonate.
                                                      ORIGIN Occurs naturally in some mineral
  often chilly but prone to hot flashes, and          waters in Europe and the US, but is prepared        COMMON NAMES    Indian tobacco, puke weed.
  may dream of flying.                                chemically for homeopathic use.                     ORIGIN Found in North America, especially
     The remedy is typically prescribed for heart     BACKGROUND This compound is used                    the eastern and central US.
  problems, particularly angina, with cramping,       conventional medicine as a treatment for            BACKGROUND This plant was used by native
  unbearable pain in the heart area. The pain is      manic depression and hypomania.                     Americans as a tobacco substitute, and to
  violent, sharp, numbing, and radiates to the        PREPARATION Lithium carbonate is triturated         induce vomiting or expectoration.
  arms or shoulders on both sides of the body,        with lactose sugar.                                 PREPARATION The whole, fresh plant in flower,
  although it is worse on the left side. There may                                                        including the seeds and roots, is finely
  also be extreme restlessness that is particularly   Remedy profile                                      chopped and macerated in alcohol.
  associated with an acute attack of angina.          People for whom this remedy is best suited
  Symptoms better For sitting quietly.                are prone to anxious, excitable, and                Remedy profile
  Symptoms worse For damp weather; before             confused behavior.                                  This remedy is most appropriate for people
  thunderstorms; for changes in the weather;             The classic symptom picture for Lithium          who have an overexaggerated anxiety about
  for the slightest movement; for light.              carb. is of hip pain, gout, distorted joints, and   their health, particularly those who fear
  See also Angina, page 185                           arthritic conditions, possibly with associated                   death from a disease of the heart
                                                      heart problems. The limbs may feel stiff, as if                   or lungs. It is commonly
  Ledum palustre                                      they have been beaten, and the bones, joints,                     prescribed for breathlessness
  LEDUM                                               and muscles are sore. The joints, particularly
                                                      the small joints, tend to be swollen,
                                                                                                                        and asthma accompanied by
                                                                                                                   great anxiety. Characteristic
  COMMON NAMES     Marsh tea, wild rosemary.          tender, and red.                                           symptoms include a rattling sound in
  ORIGIN Found in the Northern Hemisphere,            Symptoms better For movement; for                           the chest, despite the presence of
  especially Canada, the US, Scandinavia,             urinating; for eating.                                       little or no mucus, and a feeling of
  and Ireland.                                        Symptoms worse At night; during and after                        oppression and constriction in
  BACKGROUND Marsh tea has traditionally been         menstruation; if menstruation ceases.                                the chest. Further symptoms
  used in Scandinavia to eliminate lice. After                                                                             may include excessive
  the infamous tea tax of 1773, it was used           Lobaria pulmonaria                                                  salivation, retching, hiccuping,
  briefly in the US as a tea substitute.
  PREPARATION As the plant comes into flower,
                                                      STICTA                                                         a sensation as if there is a lump in
                                                                                                                    the throat, nausea, and a sinking
  the tips of the leafy shoots are collected,         COMMON NAME   Tree lungwort.                                  feeling in the stomach. Nausea
  dried, and steeped in alcohol.                      ORIGIN Found throughout Europe.                              with giddiness, and vomiting with
                                                      BACKGROUND This lichen has been used in                        profuse perspiration, may also be
  Remedy profile                                      Europe for thousands of years to treat                         helped by this remedy.
  Those who respond best to Ledum have a              conditions such as chronic respiratory                         Symptoms better For warmth; for rapid
  tendency to be angry, dissatisfied, anxious,        catarrh, bronchitis, and coughs.                             movement; for small amounts of food.
  antisocial, or even demented when ill.              PREPARATION The whole, dried lichen is                      Symptoms worse After sleep; for the
     Ledum is best known as a first-aid remedy        macerated in alcohol.                                     least movement; for bathing in cold water;
  for cuts, grazes, puncture wounds, insect                                                                     for smoking tobacco; for beer.
  stings, and black eyes and other eye injuries.      Remedy profile
  It is used to prevent infection in open             Sticta is most effective for lively people               LOBELIA INFLATA
  wounds, especially in severe wounds with            who tend to be loquacious, and who may                    (Indian tobacco)
                                                                                                                            MINOR REMEDIES               • 153

Lycopus virginicus                                They may be affected by phobias                       being highly sensitive to noise or touch. They
LYCOPUS                                           and compulsive disorders associated with
                                                  ritualistic behavior patterns and violence.
                                                                                                        are peacemakers who cannot bear disharmony,
                                                                                                        although when pushed their temper may erupt,
COMMON NAMES    Bugleweed,                        There may be a personal or parental history           especially in the case of children.
Virginian horehound.                              of rabies vaccination in those who suit Lyssin.          A key symptom associated with Mag. carb.
ORIGIN Found in eastern North America.               Physical symptoms generally affect the             is acidity in the digestive system with sour-
BACKGROUND Bugleweed has been used in             nervous system, throat, and sexual organs.            smelling stools and perspiration, and poor
herbal medicine for various ailments, such as     Typically, the sight or sound of running water        digestion of milk. The remedy may be used
hyperthyroidism, tuberculosis, coughs, and        may cause fear, irritability, and a desire to         for diarrhea or constipation with abnormal,
heavy menstruation.                               pass stools or urinate, possibly involuntarily.       undigested, discolored, fatty stools. It may
PREPARATION The whole, fresh, finely chopped      On trying to swallow, there is a choking              also be prescribed for exhaustion or chronic
plant in flower, including the root, is           sensation, with profuse saliva that is spat out.      fatigue syndrome with swollen glands, lax
macerated in alcohol.                             In addition, the sight of glistening objects          muscles, and susceptibility to hernias.
                                                  may cause distress.                                   Symptoms better For open air; for warm air;
Remedy profile                                       Further conditions that may be associated          for movement; after passing stools.
People who respond best to Lycopus tend to        with Lyssin include excessive sexual energy and       Symptoms worse For cold; for changes in the
be irritable when ill unless spoken to very       pain during sexual intercourse due to a sensitive     weather; at night; for rest; during pregnancy;
softly. Their minds often wander from one         vagina. There may also be uterine prolapse.           for warm foods.
thing to another, and they may experience         Symptoms better For gentle rubbing; for
increased mental and physical activity in         steam baths.                                          Magnesium chloratum
the evening.
  Lycopus is associated chiefly with the heart,
                                                  Symptoms worse For the heat of the sun; for
                                                  the sound or sight of running water; for
                                                                                                        MAG. MUR.
and is used to treat a weak heart and erratic     emotional stress; for bad news.                       COMMON NAME Magnesium       chloride.
pulse or heart disease. Additional symptoms                                                             ORIGIN Chemically   prepared.
may include a tendency to hemorrhage, and         Magnesium carbonicum                                  BACKGROUND The bitter taste of this compound
overactivity of the thyroid gland, particularly
during menopause. Respiratory complaints
                                                  MAG. CARB.                                            can be detected in many mineral waters and in
                                                                                                        sea water. It is used in wall plaster and as a fire-
may develop in conjunction with the heart         COMMON NAME Magnesium       carbonate.                proofing agent for wood.
problems. These include violent coughing in       ORIGIN Chemically   prepared.                         PREPARATION Magnesium chloride is triturated
the evening or at night during sleep, with        BACKGROUND This compound is widely used in            with lactose sugar.
sweet-tasting mucus that recurs in cold           industry, especially in the making of bricks,
weather, especially following exposure to         paper, plastics, and paints. It is used medicinally   Remedy profile
cold winds. In addition, there may be an          as an antacid.                                        Mag. mur. is most suitable for people who feel
increase in appetite.                             PREPARATION Magnesium carbonate is triturated         deep distress on witnessing arguments and
Symptoms better For warm surroundings; for        with lactose sugar.                                   crave peace and harmony. Reserved, sad, and
lying in bed.                                                                                           self pitying, they often show a long-suffering
Symptoms worse For cold winds; toward             Remedy profile                                        face to the world. Nervous oversensitivity is
sunset; in the morning; in the evening; for       Mag. carb. is best suited to long-suffering people    typical, with restlessness in bed: they find it
movement; for exercise; for walking; for          who feel worn down and who crave quiet calm,          hard to sleep well, waking unrefreshed and
climbing stairs.                                                                                        needing a long time to recover each morning.
                                                              MAGNESIUM CARBONICUM                      The liver, nerves, uterus, and rectum are often
Lyssin hydrophobinum                                            (Magnesium carbonate)                   greatly affected. Conditions treated are usually
LYSSIN                                                                                                  chronic, involving great weakness, swollen
                                                                                                        glands, and a susceptibility to colds. Chronic
COMMON NAME      Rabies.                                                                                fatigue syndrome, for example, may be helped
ORIGIN  Saliva from a rabid dog.                                                                        by the remedy. Digestive complaints such
BACKGROUND Rabies is an acute viral                                                                     nausea, indigestion, and constipation are all
infection that affects both wild and                                                                    strongly associated with the remedy if they
domestic animals and, more rarely,                                                                      are accompanied by the characteristic
humans. Transmitted by saliva, it is                                                                    nervous state of mind. Children who are
almost always fatal in humans.                                                                          prone to digestive problems and whose
PREPARATION The saliva is rendered                                                                      parents regularly argue, for instance, may
sterile, then dissolved in purified                                                                     benefit from Mag. mur.
water, diluted, and succussed.                                                                          Symptoms better For cool, open air; for firm
                                                                                                        pressure on the affected area; for gentle
Remedy profile                                                                                          movement.
Lyssin is most appropriate for people                                                                   Symptoms worse At night; for noise; for touch;
who tend to be mentally excited and                                                                     for lying on the right side of the body;
hyperactive, and have extreme sensitivity                                                               for swimming in the sea; for eating, especially
to stimuli such as light, noise, and odors.                                                             salt; for milk.

  Magnesium sulphuricum                                   Mandragora officinarum                               in children who have been experiencing rapid
  MAG. SULPH.                                             MANDRAGORA                                           growth. Symptoms are usually better for lying
                                                                                                               down. Manganum met. is also prescribed for ear
  COMMON NAMES     Magnesium sulfate,                     COMMON NAMES Common        mandrake,                 conditions such as earaches, temporarily
  epsom salts.                                            devil’s apple.                                       reduced hearing, tinnitus, and great sensitivity
  ORIGIN Occurs naturally in some mineral                 ORIGIN Native to the Mediterranean region            to noise and wind. Earaches seem to begin
  waters, but is chemically prepared for use              of Europe.                                           elsewhere in the body and travel to the ear.
  in homeopathy.                                          BACKGROUND Legend attributed magical                 Symptoms better For a change of air; for lying
  BACKGROUND Magnesium sulfate is found in                aphrodisiac properties to the mandrake root.         down; for sad music.
  many spa waters, such as those in Epsom,                It is highly toxic and narcotic, and is no longer    Symptoms worse For cold and damp; at night;
  England, which were often drunk for their mild          used herbally.                                       for touch; for speaking.
  laxative effect.                                        PREPARATION The root is dried and macerated
  PREPARATION Magnesium sulfate is triturated             in alcohol.                                          Medicago sativa
  with lactose sugar.
                                                          Remedy profile                                       ALFALFA
  Remedy profile                                          People for whom Mandragora is best suited are        COMMON NAMES Alfalfa,    lucerne.
  Mag. sulph. is best suited to those who fly into        prone to changeable moods, such as crying            ORIGIN Native to Asia, north Africa, and Europe.
  rages and overreact, yet also have the typical          spells alternating with feelings of euphoria.        BACKGROUND Cultivated for thousands of years as
  Magnesium desire for peace. They tend to be             They may be in a state of “aroused exhaustion,”      a fodder plant, alfalfa is highly nutritious and
  restless and uneasy, fearing evil or a terrible         simultaneously sleepy and hyperactive. They are      detoxifying, and has long been used herbally
  event. Often concerned about relationships,             hypersensitive, particularly to noise, but also to   and in cooking.
  they are prone to jealousy.                             smell; symptoms are violent in nature.               PREPARATION The fresh aerial parts are finely
     The remedy is usually prescribed for urinary            The classic symptom profile associated with       chopped and macerated in alcohol.
  disorders, possibly with digestive, skin, or            Mandragora focuses on abdominal pain that is
  menstrual problems and awkward limb                     worse on the upper right side and better for         Remedy profile