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					Thesis Statement: A wisely chosen career depends on one’s qualifications and occupational

                                        CHAPTER I- Introduction
 A. Context
           The global financial crisis had already started to show its effects on our economy. It is a
major ongoing financial crisis which is the worst of its kind. It became prominently visible with
the failure of several large financial institutions and the fall of the US economy. Beginning from
those factors, it rapidly evolved into a major global crisis resulting in a number of bank failures
and declines in various stock indexes and significant reduction in the market-value of commodities
           Stock markets around the world have fallen, large financial institutions have collapsed or
have been bought out, and governments in the whole world, including those of the first world
countries’ have had to come up with rescue strategies in order to help improve their sinking
financial systems. This financial meltdown that we are currently suffering from right now will
greatly affect the livelihoods of almost everyone in the whole world, maybe not that great but at
least it affects us little by little until we can’t resolve it anymore, leading to bankruptcy of many
businesses, either small businesses or even big time players. The problem could have been avoided
if only economists and politicians weren’t so inconsiderate of others’ viewpoints and concerns.
What’s ironic is that these viewpoints are the good advises that the politicians and economists
didn’t consider.
           The problem was so large, that even banks with large capital reserves ran out, so they had
to ask help from the government for bail out; therefore, providing them new capitals which, in
turn, will only lead to loss of more money, thus, resulting to a spiral of problems.
           The export and remittance sectors will be the first to feel the large effects of the crisis,
thus, consequently creating unemployment in society. A large number of people are employed as
unskilled workers.
           Unemployment affects the whole economy, not just those who were unemployed.
Unemployed people also have skills and experiences that are not being utilized in production.
National income and production could grow, if these people were gainfully working.
           According to Andre Gorz (1989), unemployment represents a private cost to those
directly affected by it; a loss of income, and if unemployment is long term, a potential loss of skills
as well. Unemployment is also a social cost to our community. Unemployment is associated with
higher levels of family breakdowns, alcohol and drug abuse, and suicide.
           In a survey conducted by Chas Critcher, et al. (1990), the crisis can result to a devastating
long-term unemployment all throughout the world. Poverty and illiteracy in most developing
countries increase. There were social and economic problems for the community as a whole.
Crimes increase. Unemployment costs taxpayers and there is also a big loss of tax revenue since
unemployed people don’t pay taxes.
           According to Edinburgh (1982), unemployment is caused by many factors in a modern
market economy. It can be caused by rapid technological change, business cycle or recessions,
seasonal factors in some industries particularly such as changes in tastes and climatic conditions
which affects demand for certain products and services, individual perceptions and willingness to
work and search for jobs, their values and attitudes towards some jobs and about employers,
accessibility for retraining and acquisition of work skills, willingness and perception of
unemployed of the benefits of training and the possibility for them to get a job after the training
even though they have a chance to get a job, discrimination in the workplace based on race, color,
religion, ethnicity, age and class. It can be seen from the above causes that unemployment in a
particular period can be a combination of problems on social factors and how the economy as a
whole works and also due to the subjective individual factors.
          However according to Max Weber (1971)and symbolic interaction theories, individuals
construct their own social constructs and perception and they can be subjective in their behavior
and therefore can become unemployed even though the actual condition they can get a job in the
job market.

B. Purpose
         What's really important to you? What turns you on? What do you like to do so much that
you would almost feel guilty getting paid to do it? These questions are designed to help you get at
one the key elements in choosing a career suitable to you. Skill is something you've earned. A
talent is something you've been born with, or at least that you seem naturally qualified to. It's
important to recognize the difference between the two. There's no substitute for experience, the
more the better. It's probably safe to say that nearly every career looks vastly different from the
outside than from within. If you're new to the job market or if you are considering a career
change, get out and talk to people who are actually doing it. Take a job in the field or industry and
see for yourself if it's really all you thought it would be. And don't rely on a single authority or
work experience. Within the bounds of the area you've picked, try to get as much and as varied
experience as you can. If you're committed to finding out about a certain career, you may want to
consider volunteering in order to gain work experience. That way, you'll be able to test out
whether it fits your values and preferences. If you aren't getting paid to do it, chances are you
won't stay with it unless you like it. Modest dedication and average performance are unacceptable
today. The problem is, with downsizing becoming fully acceptable you aren't likely to discover
the truth of that statement until you're out of a job! So, how will you protect yourself? If you
aren't able to commit 110% to what you are currently doing, start NOW to find something in
which you can.
         As a whole, the purpose of this thesis is mainly to help an individual to choose a career
suited for him based on various factors like NCAE Results, job offering interviews, periodicals,
and internet sources. It compiles those factors into one, thus giving one a better understanding of
what career to choose. Despite of the many careers offered by different schools, of the high-paid
jobs, one must also consider the people around him, and his qualifications and skills.

C. Plan of Development
   Formulating a          Gathering of           Analysis and summarization
       thesis              resource              of the NCAE Results and job
     statement             materials                      offerings

                     Formulation of Conclusions           Compilation
                       and Recommendations                 of Results
         In formulating the thesis statement, the researchers should know the problems they had
encountered, followed by the gathering of resources by conducting surveys, holding interviews,
surfing the net. Then the researchers tallied the results of their NCAE Results and the Jobs offered
by the establishments in IBA. After the gathering of data the results were compiled and made a
table for further understanding on the problems encountered. Lastly after gathering all the Data
needed and interpreting the results, the researchers had come up to the conclusion and so as the
recommendation for the improvement of the study.

 D. Scope
         This study focused on choosing a career and on the in demand jobs offered nowadays. It
does not seek to include the in-demand jobs offered outside the country. The study did not seek to
include other factors in choosing a career other than interviews, the NCAE Results and job
offerings on the internet and periodicals. This study only gives advises which could help them
choose a better career which will lead them to a brighter future. They should not completely rely
on it.
         The study was conducted at Iba, Zambales. The study started last February 2, 2009 and
ended on February 12, 2009.

 E. Significance of the Study
          This research study was conducted to help students on choosing their careers wisely. It
aimed to guide the seniors in selecting the fields where they are interested and where they are
          This study only gives advises which could help them choose a better career which will
lead them to a brighter future. They should not completely rely on it.
                                  CHAPTER II-Main Body
 A. Evidences/Data to Support the Thesis/Argument
       Career Choices and NCAE Results

                                 Table 1. Career Choices of Students

                                                     CAREER CHOICE
                           SUBJECT                  1st         2nd
                         Abdon, Jon Dave         Biology      Medical
                        Velasquez, Joemar        Political     History
                          Abdon, Nikki         Accountancy      Civil
                          Dial, Marjorie       Accountancy    Dentistry
                         Pimentel, Pauline     International  Medical
                                Joy              Relation    Technology
                           Serrano, Ed             HRM        Tourism
          Table 1 shows the career choices of the selected students. Each student vary in the careers
 that they have chosen. All have their first priority and second priority courses.

                                             Table 2. NCAE Results
                                                       NCAE RESULTS
                                                                            Occupational Fields of
     SUBJECT                    Scholastic Aptitude             Rank                 Interest
                                                                              1                 2nd
  Abdon, Jon Dave                  Scientific                    99        Outdoor        Investigative
 Velasquez, Joemar                 Scientific                    97        Outdoor         Mechanical
    Abdon, Nikki             Reading Comprehension              99+      Investigative        Artistic
   Dial, Marjorie                  Scientific                    96      Investigative        Artistic
Pimentel, Pauline Joy              Scientific                    83      Investigative       Clerical
Serrano, Ed Maureen          Reading Comprehension               88         Artistic         Clerical

          Table 2 shows the NCAE Results of the same selected students in table 1. The
 occupational field of interest column is relevant to the scholastic aptitude and rank column. The
 fields of interests depend on the rank or grade of the students in various subject areas.

 B. Discussion of Data

         According to tables 1 and 2, the careers chosen by Jon Dave partially agree with his
 NCAE result. He wants to be either a biologist or medical technologist and his NCAE Result
 shows that both of his chosen careers are under the investigative type. However, it is more
 advisable for him to choose an occupational field that is under the outdoor category since it suits
 him better than the occupations offered in the investigative category. On the other hand, the
careers chosen by Joemar do not agree with his NCAE Result neither of the two chosen careers is
under the outdoor nor the mechanical category. It is therefore advisable for him to choose a career
under the two fields. The same through with Nikki who have also chosen careers that do not agree
with her NCAE Result. Her abilities are under the Investigative and Artistic categories but the
careers that she chose are under the other categories. On the other side, Marjorie’s 2 nd choice of
career agrees with her NCAE Result. It falls under the investigative type. However, her 1st
priority does not suit her according to her NCAE Result. On the brighter side, both the careers
chosen by Pauline agree with her NCAE Result. Her first choice falls under the Investigative
while the other under the Clerical type. On the contrary, only the second choice of Ed Maureen
agrees with her NCAE Result. It also falls under the clerical type.

        Job Offerings on the Internet or Websites

        According to our researches on the internet, the top ten jobs that are in-demand in the
Philippines include (1) Technical Support Staff, (2) Call Center Agent, (3) Customer Service
Assistants (4) Information Technology Specialists (5) Production and factory workers, (6)
Salesladies, (7) Sales Clerks, (8) Construction Laborers abroad, (9) Receptionists and (10)
Accounts executives and food attendants.
        Those mentioned above are the jobs that are currently in-need in the Philippines. Others
include: personal finance adviser, medical scientist, computer software engineer, chiropractor,
environmental engineer, biochemist and biophysicist, sales manager, epidemiologist, computer
system analyst, athlete, agent and business manager for artists, performers, and athletes,
marketing manager, producer and director, actor, lawyer, advertising and promotions manager,
management analyst, postsecondary education administrator, financial manager, actuary, airline
pilot, copilot, and flight engineer, geoscientist, market research analyst, securities sales agent and
medical and health services manager.
           Job Offerings according to Survey and Periodicals

           Graph 1. Tallied Results of Job Offerings on Periodicals and Interviewed Establishments



























                                                                                                     Job Offerings

           Table 3. Tallied Results of Job Offerings on Periodicals and Interviewed Establishments

                                       Jobs                                                                                                        Tally
Physicians                                                                                                                                          3
Surgeons                                                                                                                                            1
Reflexologists                                                                                                                                      3
Cashiers                                                                                                                                            1
Drivers                                                                                                                                             4
Usherettes                                                                                                                                          2
Pharmacists                                                                                                                                         2
Dentists                                                                                                                                            1
Med tech                                                                                                                                            2
Caregiver                                                                                                                                           2
Accountant                                                                                                                                          6
Sales coordinator                                                                                                                                   1
Food tech                                                                                                                                           1
Clerk                                                                                                                                               5
Bookkeepers                                                                                                                                         3
Graphic artist                                                                                                                                      3
HRM                                                                        2
Tech eng                                                                   3
Secretary                                                                  3
Banking and finance                                                        6
Salesladies                                                                4
Teacher                                                                    1
Cook                                                                       1
Supervisor                                                                 1
Doctors                                                                    1
Pilots                                                                     1
Lawyer                                                                     1

        According to the tallied results of job offerings on different periodicals and interviewed
establishments, banking and finance and accounting are the most in-demand jobs today.
                     CHAPTER III-Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation
     A. Summary

     B. Conclusion

       C. Recommendation
           The researchers recommend other institutions or experts specializing in these fields to
improve this research study. Though this could be a great help to seniors, they should not
completely rely everything on it. Thus, the researchers are recommending this study to subject to
further improvement and further proofing.
           Also, the researchers need additional information and source materials for better
justification of the project.

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                  A Thesis Prepared by:

                  Abdon, Jon Dave, A.
                Abdon, Nikki Vinezza, C.
                   Dial, Marjorie, A.
                Pimentel, Pauline Joy, M.
                Serrano, Ed Maureen, B.
                  Velasquez, Joemar D.

                     Submitted to:
                  Mrs. Evelyn Talucad
                 TEACHER (English IV)

                     February 12, 2009
                                  OUTLINE OF THE STUDY

Thesis Statement

   I.     Introduction

          A. Context

          B. Purpose

          C. Plan of Development

          D. Scope

          E. Significance of the Study

   II.    Main Body

          A. Evidences/Data to Support the Thesis/Argument

          B. Discussion of Data

   III.   Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation
          A. Summary

          B. Conclusion

          C. Recommendations


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