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									Perceptions on Brussels
assessing the emotional capital and desirability of Brussels

                                                   Learn@Lunch, 14 May 2008

                                                   Robert Manchin
                                                   Gallup Europe

Note on data sources   The Gallup ‘Soul of the City’
                       programme measures and tracks the
                       political, economic and social well-
                       being of over 250 cities globally,
                       based on how residents view their
                       city’s performance in providing
                       healthy living and working

                       Sources for the current presentation:
                       - Flash EB 194 (Urban Audit Perception
                          Survey 2006); Sample size: about 500
                          and 1000 per city, interviewing was
                          carried out by telephone
                       - Flash EB 217 (Intercultural Dialogue
                          2007); Sample size: 1000 per country
                          (100 Brussels), by telephone
                       - EU ICS (Safety and Security Survey);
                          Sample size: 800 per capital city, by
                          telephone, 2004
                       - Gallup Soul of the City Database;
                          Sample size: about 500 and 1000 per
     EUROPE                                                       2
The object of desire: cities as magnets

   How can European cities, and especially Brussels, build up on the
    necessary emotional capital in order to keep and attract key

   How does Brussels compare with other European cities?

   Attracting whom? Within country, outside?

   What are the residents' satisfaction drivers?

   Is there a city-specific bias in the “eyes of beholders”?

       EUROPE                                                           3
Levels of Emotional Capital

 “FULLY ENGAGED”          “GOOD BUT                  “STRIVING”                 “DISENGAGED

 Cities where it is       Cities with especially     Cities, where -- despite   Cities where
 generally good to live   satisfactory               various problems           according to local
 (residents gave          infrastructure and         regarding services –       evaluation it is
 positive assessments     housing, but citizens      citizens are satisfied,    generally bad to live
 in all or most aspects   are discontent with city   optimistic about the       (residents gave
 investigated)            administration and the     future, they see their     negative assessments
                          integration of             city clean and well        in all or most aspects
                          immigrants is              integrated                 investigated)

       EUROPE                                                                                            4
                                  Distribution of urban emotional capital:
                                  North(west )– South(east) divide

                                     FULLY ENGAGED

                                     GOOD, BUT DISINTEGRATING


Kép: Európa népsűrűségi térképe

                                         EUROPE                              5
Cities in the various categories...

 “FULLY ENGAGED”       “GOOD, BUT          “STRIVING”            “DISENGAGED”

 Aalborg,              Berlin, Bologna,    Barcelona,            Ankara, Antalya,
 Amsterdam,            Brussels,           Bialystok, Braga,     Athens, Bratislava,
 Antwerp, Belfast,     Dortmund, Dublin,   Cluj-Napoca,          Bucharest,
 Bordeaux, Cardiff,    Essen, Graz,        Gdansk, Herakleion,   Budapest, Burgas,
 Glasgow, Groningen,   Hamburg, Leipzig,   Kosice, Krakow,       Diyarbakir, Istanbul,
 Helsinki,             Liege, London,      Ljubljana, Malaga,    Nicosia, Lisbon,
 Copenhagen, Lille,    Malmö, Paris,       Manchester,           Madrid, Marseille,
 Luxembourg,           Prague, Stockholm   Miskolc, Ostrava,     Napoli, Palermo,
 Munich, Newcastle,                        Piatra Neamt, Riga,   Roma, Sofia, Torino,
 Oulu, Oviedo,                             Tallinn, Verona,      Valetta, Warszawa,
 Rennes, Rotterdam,                        Vilnius               Zagreb
 Strasbourg, Vienna

       EUROPE                                                                            6
Pillars of Emotional Capital
(regression model, dependent: satisfied in city, attributes with highest Beta shown for each cluster, in descending order)

  “FULLY ENGAGED”                 “GOOD, BUT                      “STRIVING”                      “DISENGAGED”

                   HIGH on emotional attachment if very positive assessments of...:

  Primary healthcare              5-year optimism                 Attractive for talented         5-year optimism
  Feel safe in [CITY]             Cleanliness                     young people to come            Feel safe in the
  Good place to live for          Donated money                   to live from elsewhere          neighborhood
                                                                  in [COUNTRY]
  immigrants or minority          Cultural facilities                                             Attractive for talented
  people                                                          Volunteerism                    young people to come
                                  Public transport
  Good place to live for                                          Easy to find good               to live from abroad
  people with disabilities        BRUSSELS                        housing                         Public transport
  Noise                           specific:                       Spends resources                Cinemas
  Foreigners well                 5-year optimism                 responsibly                     Volunteerism
  integrated                                                      Green spaces such as
                                  Immigrants (NEG)                                                Good place to live for
                                                                  public parks and                people with disabilities
                                  Good for other EU               gardens
                                  people                                                          The beauty of the city
                                                                  Donated money
            EUROPE                                                                                                           7
United in Diversity?
The EU capital

The strength of attraction is related to urban quality
-- but straining manageability

      EUROPE                                             9
Attracting from near and far

     EUROPE                    10
Interculturalism as daily experience

  Thinking back to the LAST 7 DAYS, did you have any
  interaction – either personally or virtually – with the
  following group of people I will read to you?


        EUROPE                                                        11
Brussels: more cosmopolitan

    EUROPE                    12
Integration problems: divided judgement


                Q2b. Please tell me whether you strongly agree, somewhat agree, somewhat disagree or strongly
                                                                         disagree with each of these statements
                                                     b. Foreigners who live in [CITY NAME] are well integrated
     EUROPE                                                                                              % by city   13
The Eyes of the Beholder

Brussels’ rank among cities
general population

       EUROPE                 15
Brussels’ rank, in the eyes of the young professionals

     EUROPE                                              16
Double vision
(% very satisfied)

                Young professionals   General population

       EUROPE                                              17
 Assessment of local area in European capitals
 (citizens’ perceptions)

             Adverse neighbourhood                                    Property crimes                                           Violent crimes
                 characteristics                                        in the area                                               in the area
   Athens                                  86           Athens                             52                Brussels                 26

 Budapest                                  86          Brussels                        46                     Athens                  24

  Brussels                                 84           London                        41                      London                 23

     Paris                                 84            Rome                         38                      Belfast                20

   London                                 80         Amsterdam                    35                            Paris                19

Amsterdam                                 78              Paris                   35                          Madrid            13

  Helsinki                            77                Belfast                   35                       Amsterdam            13

    Rome                              76              Budapest                    35                       Edinburgh            11

   Madrid                            72                 Vienna                   29                           Vienna            10

    Berlin                           72                 Madrid                   29                           Dublin            9

   Belfast                       69                     Dublin              24                                Lisboa            9

Edinburgh                        67                  Edinburgh              24                              Budapest            9

   Vienna                        65                      Berlin             22                                 Berlin       8

   Dublin                       62                      Lisboa              21                                 Rome         7

Stockholm                       62                   Stockholm          18                                 Stockholm        4

    Lisboa                  56                         Helsinki         16                                   Helsinki       3

             0   20   40   60        80        100                0    20        40        60   80   100                0       20        40   60   80   100

             EUROPE                                                                                                            Slide 18
                                                                       source: EU ICS 2004, N=800 in each capital, telephone survey
Demands of the Creative Class
(attributes that make the European Creative Class satisfied with living in their city)

         EUROPE                                                                          19
Liege                                                                                                            Munich
Essen                                                                                    Helsinki        Copenhagen        Amsterdam
                                        Oslo                                      Stockholm
                                                                                                                                        Munich   BRUSSELSMalaga
Istanbul                                                                                                                                         Brussels
W arsaw
Milan                    Manchester
Palermo                                                                                                                                                                                    Oviedo
Edinburgh                                                          Helsinki
Tallinn                                                                                                     Amsterdam
                                                                                                                                                            Barcelona                               Barcelona
Lyon                                                                                                     Copenhagen
Bologna                                             Verona                           Malmö                            Groningen
Zürich                                                      Manchester                                  Stockholm
Ljubljana    Cardiff                          Braga                PiatraNeamt                                Tallinn
Strasbourg                              Bialystok
Graz                                                       Zagreb                                                     Lisbon                                                             Berlin
Geneve                                                                           Sofia
                                       Madrid                                                                                                        Berlin
                                                          Burgas          Cluj-Napoca                            Leipzig
 Krakow                         Krakow          Cardiff
                                Luxembourg                         LONDON                                        Aalborg                Rome                                                 Riga

                                                                                     London                          Athens                                                 Madrid                              Riga
                                                          Irakleio                                                             W arsaw
                               Glasgow                            Rennes
                                                                                                Paris                 Lille
                                      Valetta Belfast                                                                                                               Rome
  Glasgow                                                                         London                                   New castle
                                         Kosice            Prague                                Dublin            Bucharest
                                                                                                          Naples                                                           Hamburg
                                           Gdansk             Ostrava                    Strasbourg
                                                                                                                                                                        Antw erp
                                                                        Bratislava            Lefkosia
                                                              Miskolc                                                                                            Hamburg
               Belfast                                                           Vilnius
                                                                                                                                                            Antw erp
                           Gdansk                                                                                                          New castleUponTyne


                                                                                                                              Not on the Map for the

                                                                                                                                  Creative Class
                       EUROPE                                                                                                                  Most preferred cities              Slide 20
                                                                                       Vienna                                   to work and live in, creative professions, below 40
Satisfied to live in [CITY]
(strongly agree, %)
                                                                                                                                           ALL RESIDENTS
                                                                                                                                           YOUNG PROFESSIONALS
                                                                                                                              (IN FRONT OF CITY NAME, THE OVERALL
                      79                                                                                                      RANK AMONG CITIES IS SHOWN)
80     77

                                                   70                                                            71
70                                                                          67
60                                                               57                    57                                     57
                                     55                                                                                                                      54
                                                                                                                                                                             50 52                                50           52
50                                                                                                                                                                                                   47






                                                                                                                                                                                                                               62. Madrid
                                                                                                                                                                             65. Paris

                                                                                                                                                                                         56. Paris

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            73. Madrid
                                                                                                    26. Berlin

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  59. London
                                                                                       51. Berlin

                                                                                                                                                                                                     68. London
                                                                                                                                                             47. Amsterdam
                                                                            23. Roma
                                                   15. Brussel
                                     54. Brussel

                                                                 50. Roma
                      3. Stockholm

                                                                                                                 21. Dublin

                                                                                                                                             42. Amsterdam
                                                                                                                              41. Dublin
       5. Stockholm

                EUROPE                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Slide 21
  "cities are not made from their roofs,
  stone walls, bridges and canals but
  from men able to grasp opportunities
  and make the most of them"
                           Alcaeus, BC 7th century

EUROPE                                       Slide 22
Gallup Soul of the City Programme

   The Gallup Soul of the City program allows cities to measure and track the political, economic and
    social well-being of a city based upon residents‟ opinions on its performance in providing positive living
    and working environments. Examples are personal safety and security, housing, employment,
    educational and healthcare quality, leadership, engagement in city offerings, etc.

   The goal is to help each city and relevant stakeholders foster economic development and
    multiculturalism and learn how to better satisfy urban dwellers.

   Cities work similarly to brands for their citizens, and Global Cities are global brands, too. Gallup
    provides measurement that quantifies the engagement of the citizens in each city. Gallup looks further
    than the economic conditions and asks questions that relate to all three ‟B‟s of the famous quality of
    life components: Being, Belonging, and Becoming.

   The results reveal the levels of "soul" (defined as a construct of happiness, commitment and passion)
    by a city's primary customer base.

   This could prove especially valuable by enabling clients to track progress resulting from urban policy
    decisions or specific city improvement efforts in which they were (or are to be) involved.

         EUROPE                                                                                              23
Gallup Soul of the City Programme

   A menu card for possible topics of the survey is the following:
     –   Engagement to the city: Satisfaction, Would stay, Would recommend
     –   Momentum metric: Comparison with the past, Expectation for the future
     –   Emotional attachment: Pride in various locally relevant institutions or aspects of the strengths of the city, including
         the local sports teams, the architecture, the esthetic environment, “coolness”, or innovativeness, possibilities to
         go out, or access to the desired cultural attractions.
     –   Evaluation of city services: Satisfaction with a series of city services or aspects of city life, such as transportation,
         schooling, health, sanitation, etc.
     –   Political / economic assessment: Including assessment of leadership, City economy and Family finances
     –   Workplaces: Assessment of the workplaces in the city, Fear of unemployment
     –   Personal safety: Crime experience and Fear of Crime
     –   Inclusiveness: Discrimination experience, City as a place to live for the elderly, children
     –   Altruism: Involvement in charity, voluntary activities

   Cities:   100 cities in Europe and 250 worldwide

   Method: Telephone-based interviews, Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI) (use of
    „citywide‟ probability samples to produce representative city-level statistical estimates)

   Sample:     500 or 1,000 interviews per city

   Frequency: 1 survey every second year

         EUROPE                                                                                                                  24

               For more information, please contact:

                  The Gallup Organisation Europe
             70 Avenue Michel-Ange, BE-1000 Brussels
                       Tel: +32 2 734 54 18
                       Fax: +32 2 734 54 19

    EUROPE                                              25

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