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									                             The IrDA Insider

                                           October 25, 2002

We have a new name for the Member Newsletter. The staff unanimously selected “IrDA Insider” as both
tantalizing and newsworthy for those who really want to be “in the know” about what is happening within IrDA.

The focus of this newsletter is on the recently concluded General Meeting Held in Seoul, Korea on October 14 and
15. Several important votes were taken regarding IrFM, a new UFIR SIG was formed and informative
presentations and updates on various IrDA initiatives were given. All member attendees and guests were
treated to an excellent tour of the giant COEX Center Mall, featuring the Harex InfoTech ZOOP System enabling
“Point and Pay” transactions demonstrated at such diverse retail establishments as TGI Friday, T.B.J. Jeans, the
Body Shop, Holly’s Coffee and Starbucks, plus an ATM machine at Chohung Bank.

Also included is a report on the IrDA Pavilion at the World PC Expo Big-Site in Tokyo from October 16 – 19.

Association Goals:

-- Develop and promote global industry standards for IrDA technology.
-- Build strong global partnerships to further drive technology advancement, and create
    deployment opportunities.
-- Increase end-user awareness, and adoption.
-- Maximize the best strategies and techniques for members to reach customers across multiple channels.

Message from the Executive Director:

The Korean experience was remarkable in many respects. The turnout for the meeting from Japan and Singapore
was a terrific showing of support for the first IrDA meeting in Seoul, Korea. The General Meeting was sponsored
by Harex InfoTech and the National Computer Association (NCA) of Korea, Link Evolution of Japan and Optical
Antenna Solutions of United Kingdom. During the meeting critical directional votes were unanimously
approved by members and the Board of Directors. The approved specifications included:

    1.   The IrFM Qualification Test Specification which must be carried out by IrDA approved test sites in
         order to promote the adoption of interoperable IrFM technologies and affirm the compliance between
         industry players.
    2.   The addition of IrFM Express Payment, proposed by Harex InfoTech, and Voucher support, proposed
         by NTT and Harex, in the upcoming release of the official IrFM Version 1.0 Specification.
    3.   The proposed changes to IrDA’s Object Exchange (OBEX) Specifications required to support the IrFM

After these votes were taken, the IrFMTechnical Work Group, currently led by Nick Epperson of Harex
InfoTech with primary contributors from NTT, Extended Systems, VivoTech and Visa International have decided
to expedite the completion of the IrFM Standard Specifications by incorporating the approved use cases and
                                protocol definitions for Express Payment and Vouchers into the existing 0.91
                                version of IrFM. The updated and completed work will result in an official
                                public release of Version 1.0 in November of this year. The final approved
                                version of the IrFM Test and Interoperability Specifications, to be administered
                                by authorized IrDA test sites for official qualification of IrFM devices or
                                systems, will follow soon thereafter.

                                  A second highlight of the General Meeting was a tour of the COEX Mall, led by
                                  Harex InfoTech, in which numerous forms of transactions using the ZOOP
                                  System of proximity payments were demonstrated for members. Through this
                                  demonstration of real payments in action coupled with announcements of their
                                  other activities outside of Korea, Harex has clearly emerged as the global leader
                                  in advancing the cause of the IrFM Proximity Payment Standard. Harex has
                                  already commercialized its ZOOP service in Korea, and is working on IrFM
                                  implementations in Korea through its partnership with Visa International on a
field trial at the Sook Myung Women’s University in Seoul. Harex International announced major activity in
other global locations as well, such as the University of Southern California, Cambridge University and Japan.
IrDA is a sponsor of the ZOOP USC trial, along with other strategic partners, such as the Financial Technology
Consortium (FSTC), CrossCheck, Handspring and Cingular Wireless.

The good news coming from our organization’s experience in Korea is that the amount of activity and interest in
the IrFM concept by major Telco’s, credit card companies, financial institutions, transaction processors, the
Korean Government and the press is absolutely stunning. The bad news is that there is also controversy about
whether it is actually IrDA or some other group of companies that lead the development of the IrFM global
payment standard. In a press conference held at the conclusion of the General Meeting, I stated unequivocally
that IrDA has been leading the global development of IrFM for the past 3 years…that the IrFM Standard is
based upon IrDA owned and copyrighted technology…and that IrFM is an open standard, for all companies
that are engaging in proximity payments anywhere in the world, to use in order to insure global interoperability.

IrDA members ActiSYS, Agilent, CrossCheck, C-Sam, Extended Systems, Harex InfoTech, Hewlett Packard,
In2M, Ingenico, Link Evolution, Motorola, Novalog, NTT, NTT Communications, NTT DoCoMo, Palm, Personal
Solutions, Sharp, Systek Labs, Verifone, Visa International, Vishay, VivoTech, Zilog and individual member Dave
Suvak, have contributed untold hours and financial support over the past 3 years to make IrFM “Point and Pay”
a reality. However, following the official release of the Specification, our work in maintaining the integrity of the
Specification will just be starting. In order for the concept of global interoperability to succeed, we must work
with and through our member companies to guard against proprietary payment systems corrupting the open
IrFM Standard. We must also offer member companies the opportunity to promote IrFM in major financial,
retail and consumer forums globally in 2003. We will start by sponsoring an IrDA Pavilion at the Consumer
Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada in January.

SIG Updates:

    •   IrFM: (Ron Brown, Chair) As the finishing touches are being applied to the official version 1.0 IrFM
        Standard Specification soon to be released, the members were provided with an overview of the
        marketing work undertaken for the past 3 years in order to make “Point and Pay” an international
        standard. Damon Gonzalez reported on the field trial that Harex InfoTech is leading at the University of
        Southern California (USC) in the U.S. (See Current Member Announcements). He also outlined
        upcoming IrFM trials at the Cambridge University in the U.K., in Europe and soon to be announced in
    •   Technical Committee: (Lichen Wang, ActiSYS, Chair; Wee-Sin Tan, Agilent Physical Layer CoChiar and
        Gontarou Kitazumi, Link Evolution, Protocol CoChair)

         Nick Epperson, Chair of the IrFM Technical Work Group, presented an update. Of particular note is
        the slide from the presentation, which clearly shows the various physical components comprising the
        IrFM Standard, while differentiating the application protocol, such as the Visa International Profile

    •   IrBurst: (Hiromasa Kawamura, NTT and Mitsuji Matsumoto, Waseda University CoChairs)

        An update report was given in a simple and fast transmission scheme between information infrastructure
        and mobile equipment. Target services are contents streaming, contents downloading /uploading used
        “Content streaming” framework. Target equipment is a mobile device like PDA, MP3 player, etc. in
        conjunction with a content delivery service terminal.

    •   A new SIG was proposed by Mr. Kawamura of NTT and Mr. Kawanishi of Sharp, in order to move to an
        ultra fast version of IrDA transmission (up to 500 Mbps). Formation of the new SIG received unanimous
        approval from the members.

Board of Director Meeting:

The Board of Directors, chaired by IrDA President Mike Watson, unanimously approved the three action items
described in the Executive Director’s Message. IrDA marketing plans were discussed at length. Ron Brown
reported on the financial condition of the association. He also stated that the IrDA Staff intends to devote major
effort toward better supporting members in Asia and Europe in the year 2003. The board was also informed of
the existing conflicts regarding IrFM in Korea. The consensus was for all parties to work as hard as possible to
obtain a positive solution.

Alliances and Partnerships:

IrFM SIG leaders have reached out to other standards organization to enlist their participation
and support for applications where standards and universal interoperability are requirements.
   •   Association for Retail Transaction Standards (ARTS) and IrDA has exchanged memberships. ARTS is
       developing an international standard for Digital Receipts which will be incorporated in the IrFM
   •   Financial Services Technology Consortium (FSTC), whose membership includes the largest U.S.
       commercial banks, large international banks and the largest U.S. credit card associations, and IrDA have
       created a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) regarding global payment standards.
   •   PayCircle, a not for profit consortium founded by CSG Systems, HP, Logica, Lucent, Oracle, SIEMENS
       and Sun Microsystems recently executed a liaison agreement with IrDA. PayCircle is working on back
       end processing payment standards.
   •   CALM ISO Group and IrDA member EFKON (Raimund Pammer, IrDA Travel Mobility SIG Chair) are
       working with Daimler Chrysler on implementing IrDA based tollbooth collections and car-to-car
       communications in Europe. ISO Calm and IrDA have a liaison agreement.

Leadership Speaking Engagements:

   •   October 4, 2002: IrDA Marketing Chairman Mr. Ernie Abeytia CEO of Novalog, Ron Brown, Executive
       Director of IrDA and the Senior Vice President of Palm Corporation were interviewed for an upcoming
       segment of Alexander Haig’s World Business Review.
   •   October 14, 2002: IrDA Members, Leaders and Staff Interviewed by iNews (Equivalent to NBC News) at
       Coex mall, Seoul Korea
   •   October 15, 2002: IrDA Leadership, Ron Brown Executive Director and IrDA President Mike Watson of
       Harex participated in a press conference at the Mobile Payments World Conference in Seoul Korea.
   •   October 15, 2002: Mobile Payment World Conference and Exhibition 2002. Mike Watson Presented
       IrFM current status and future plans.
   •   October 22, 2002: International Telemetering Conference, San Diego, CA US. Nick Epperson of Harex is
       representing IrDA on a Blue ribbon panel before and audience of over one thousand people from
       industry and academia.
   •   October 24, 2002: Financial Services Technology Consortium
       General Meting, Alexandria, VA, USA. FSTC Initiatives/Developments in Electronic Payments.
       Damon Gonzalez, Harex InfoTech, Inc. delivered IrFM overview, progress report on the USC Trial, and
       a project update on the FSTC Wireless Proximity Payment Project.

Calendar of Events:

   •   October 21-24, 2002: International Telemetering Conference, San Diego, USA
   •   November 18 – 22nd Optical Antenna Solutions will be exhibiting at Comdex and IrDA staff will be in the
       booth with them IrDA members are invited to co-exhibit in the booth or certainly stop by.
   •   January 9-12, 2003: CES - Las Vegas, NV, USA
   •   February 2002, IrDA General Meetings Bay Area USA
   •   June 2003 Planned Conference at Cambridge University in the U.K.
   •   September 2003 IrDA Meetings to be held in the United Kingdom.

Market Report 2003 Announcement:

   •   The 2003 issue of the IrDA Market Report will be available January 2003. An announcement will be made
       on the members’ reflector. The report will be more comprehensive and will include projected market
       statistics on the IrFM sector.
IrDA Marketing Committee Meeting: October 14, 2002 Seoul, Korea

An IrDA Marketing Committee meeting was held during the IrDA General meetings. Presentations given by
IrDA Marketing Chair, Ernest Abeytia are posted on the FTP site for your review. If you need the passcode to the
site contact:

Pavilion at World PC Expo, Tokyo, Japan

                                                World PC was an explosion of exciting demonstrations,
                                                mesmerized crowds and excited exhibitors! The IrDA Pavilion,
                                                sponsored by Agilent, Open Interface, and Link Evolution was
                                                highly visible and in close proximity to KDDI, NTT DoCoMo,
                                                NTT Communications, NEC and Casio. The custom designed
                                                pavilion featured a stage for presentations for exhibitors and
                                                included a large flat screen monitor with continuous videos
                                                featuring IrDA products. Highlights in our both included
                                                Agilent demonstrating an IPAQ which functioned as a remote
                                                controller for home appliances such as the TV, lighting, etc., Link
                                                Evolution and its IrStick and Open Interface demonstrated their
testing applications.

NTT DoCoMo’s booth which was directly across the aisle from IrDA, displayed
exciting IrDA applications demos including a speedy payment transactions via the
504i and a Coca-Cola vending machine called Cmode, downloading melodies to sing
Karaoke called Melo-DAM and i-navi Link to connect your car navigation system to i-
mode. Within a few quick seconds customers were able to select, pay for and receive a
cold can of Coke, sing a song or find a restaurant. The local TV station tape a spot of
the Coke machine demo which attracted sizeable crowds and presented a bit of
competition for some very flashy performers in other booths nearby.

Marketing Opportunities for Members:

Post your products on The site has a database of products accessible by the public, and about
50,000 visits are made every month to the site. To list your products, contact for instructions
and a password.

Consumer Electronics Show

Confirm your participation in the IrDA Pavilion at CES! January 9-12, 2003 - Las Vegas, NV, USA. All
companies interested in exhibiting need to contact Rebecca Murray Deadline to sign-up is
November 25th, 2002. For $5,300 members will participate in a complete turnkey exhibit package and customized
IrDA Pavilion. Benefits include all set up and take down services, electricity, Company and Association signage,
open exhibit modules, and media support.

Member Press Announcements:

Articles/Press Releases are forwarded to members and posted on
IrFM specific news is posted at Got an article or press release to
post? Email
Harex InfoTech, Inc. to Provide Wireless Mobile Payments at the University of Southern California.
(Project Team to include, Cingular Wireless, Handspring, Inc., USC Bookstore, and USC CU). October 24,
2002, San Jose, CA, Harex InfoTech, Inc., the leading provider of proximity payment solutions, will be
leading a project to enable Infrared Financial Messaging (IrFM) wireless payments on the University of
Southern California campus in conjunction with other participants including Cingular Wireless and
Handspring, Inc.

The project, known as the ZOOP Universal Mobile Payments Service (UMPS), is jointly sponsored by
Harex InfoTech, Inc. and the University of Southern Californiaʹs (USC) Marshall School of Business and is
planned to commence in early November. Under this revolutionary program, students and faculty at
USC will use standard Handspring Treo communicators equipped with a ZOOP payment application,
Cingular Wireless service and a virtual credit card issued by the USC Credit Union to make payments at
infrared-enabled point of sale sites….

Nokia Introduces the World’s First Handset for WCDMA and GSM Networks. September 2002, Nokia
today announced the world’s first 3GPP Third Generation Partnership Project compliant mobile phone
operating both in the GSM 900/1800 frequencies and on the WCDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple
Access) protocol. One of the benefits of the WCDMA radio interface in the Nokia 6650 phone is it allows
running more than one data session simultaneously. This makes it possible, for example, to capture and
share what the user sees whilst talking on the phone. The dual-mode functionality makes the Nokia 6650
phone the world’s first GSM/WCDMA handset to work in Europe and Asia including Japan. …The Nokia
6650 phone also includes a WAP 1.2.1 browser supported by GPRS, MIDP Java 1.0 technology for
downloading additional applications to the phone, support for polyphonic ring tones, wallet application
for mobile transactions and excellent data connectivity possibilities via USB, Bluetooth and infrared. The
WCDMA bandwith support in the new phone provides mobile professionals with data connectivity from
the laptop at significantly greater speeds than with ordinary landline

Agilent Technologies Introduces Industry’s First Infrared Transceiver to Combine IrDA with Remote
Control Capability. New transceiver enables consumers to use PDAs and mobile phones to control home
entertainment systems, ʺpoint and payʺ financial transactions. PALO ALTO, Calif., Sept. 16, 2002 Agilent
Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced the industryʹs first infrared (IR) transceiver to combine
IrDA (Infrared Data Association) compatibility with infrared remote control operation. The release of the
Agilent HSDL-3002 allows manufacturers to enable consumers to use handheld PDAs and mobile phones
to activate and control, at a distance of up to 6 meters, consumer appliances such as home entertainment
systems, DVD players and almost anything else using an infrared remote control.

The new IR transceiver also offers an extended IrDA short-range link distance of up to 50 cm as opposed
to the standard IrDA low power specification of 20 cm to 30 cm. This allows the PDA or phone to transfer
data, such as ʺpoint and payʺ infrared financial management (IrFM) transactions, business cards,
messages or files, over an increased, more convenient,

Harex InfoTech, Inc. Adapting Handspring Treo for Its Wireless Mobile Payments Trial at the
University of Southern California. September 2002, San Jose, California. Harex InfoTech, Inc., the leading
provider of proximity payment solutions, announced an initiative to use Handspring Treo 180 and 270
communicators in its project to enable Infrared Financial Messaging (IrFM) ireless payments on the
University of Southern California campus.

The project, known as the ZOOP Universal Mobile Payments Service (UMPS), is jointly sponsored by
Harex InfoTech, Inc. and the University of Southern Californiaʹs (USC) Marshall School of Business.
Under this revolutionary program, students and faculty at USC will use standard Handspring Treo
communicators equipped with a ZOOP payment application, Cingular Wireless service and a virtual
credit card issued by the USC Federal Credit Union to make payments at infrared-enabled Point of Sale

Harex InfoTech and CrossCheck, Inc. Work together to Enable Wireless Payments at the University of
Southern California. September 2002, San Jose, California. Harex InfoTech, Inc., the leading provider of
infrared-based proximity payment solutions, announced the participation of CrossCheck, Inc., a financial
services company, in its project to enable Infrared Financial Messaging (IrFM) wireless payments on the
University of Southern California campus.

The project, known as the ZOOP Universal Mobile Payments Service (UMPS), is jointly sponsored by
Harex InfoTech, Inc. and the University of Southern California’s (USC) Marshall School of

Harex InfoTech and Financial Services Technology Consortium (FSTC) Announce Call for Participation
in Wireless Mobile Payments Trial. September 2002, San Jose, California Harex InfoTech, Inc., the
leading provider of proximity payment solutions, and Financial Services Technology Consortium (FSTC)
jointly announced a call for participation for the Wireless Mobile Payments Trial (WMPT).

FSTC has authorized a project initiative by its member financial institutions and technology companies to
participate in University of Southern California (USC) and Harex InfoTech’s Mobile Wireless Payments
Trial. The campus trial will develop a live commercial environment in which infrared-based handheld
payment devices and infrared-adapted Point of Sale terminals will be deployed for purchase

Agilent Technologies Introduces Industryʹs First STC Infrared Transceiver for Next-Generation Ultra-
Slim Cellular Handsets and PDAs Serial Transceiver Control Simplifies Design Efforts, Reduces Time to
Market Palo Alto, CA. Aug. 5, 2002 Agilent Technologies announced the Agilent HSDL-3210, the
industryʹs first infrared (IR) transceiver that supports the IrDA Serial Transceiver Control (STC) bus used
in ultra-slim cellular phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs). The STC provides a common pin
layout interface that enables portable-product designers to add new features using fewer pins and
accommodate frequent design changes. The new transceiver is expected to simplify design efforts and
reduce time to market…

ObexCode Develops IrDA Solution for Linux PDAs. August 16, 2002 ObexCode AS, A company that
provides software solutions based on the IrDA standards, announced today that they have developed a
commercial software solution targeted for Linux PDAs…. The Proxima Beamer includes all device
drivers within the application itself, and no kernel modules are necessary in order to use either serial or
USB based dongles. The Proxima Beamer also supports FIR (4Mbps) speed for all USB dongles. The
Proxima Beamer is the only Linux application that supports Sigmatel based IrDA-USB dongles.

Extended Systems Enables Wireless Payment with release of Infrared Financial Messaging SDK. BOISE,
Idaho—(August 6, 2002)—Extended Systems (Nasdaq: XTND), a leading provider of mobile data
management and wireless connectivity solutions, announced today the availability of XTNDAccess
IrFM SDK. XTNDAccess IrFM SDK is a complete software development kit that provides mobile
device manufacturers and point-of-sale vendors with the necessary source code, application programmer
interfaces (APIs), sample applications and documentation to implement the IrFM Point and Pay Profile
quickly and easily. The IrFM Point and Pay Profile—a recently released specification from the Infrared
Data Association (IrDA)—enables users to perform wireless...

Zilog announced on August 5, 2002 SAN JOSE, Calif.--the introduction of its second product in its high-
performance eZ80(TM) microprocessor family. The eZ80(TM) Web server-i (eZ80L92) enables easy, cost-
effective, direct connections to networks and the Internet with embedded TCP/IP and IrDA software…

Sharp Microelectronics Introduces Newest IrDA Modules for Handheld and Mobile Markets. SHARP’s
new IrDA devices capitalize on evolutionary advancements in size, power and data rate transfer for next-
generation wireless devices. CAMAS, WASH. – July 25, 2002 - Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas
(SMA) announces the availability of six new wireless IrDA modules that address the unique needs of
design engineers for smaller footprints, efficient data transfers and low power consumption in next
generation mobile and handheld devices. Recognizing the tremendous growth potential in the IrDA
market, SHARP has broadened its line of IrDA solutions to allow design engineers at original equipment
manufacturers (OEMs) to incorporate the latest advancements in IrDA into a growing number of
consumer and business products…

WideRay beams data to handhelds Network World, May 27, 2002. SAN FRANCISCO - Wireless server
vendor WideRay last week introduced a device that lets users with Pocket PC and Palm OS handhelds
access information via the widely installed, but rarely used, infrared interface found on most

Visa and SKT Launch First Wireless Payment System Using EMV and Infrared. Pilot program to be
extended to 30,000 merchants and 2 million handsets by year end Singapore. May 22, 2002 Visa
International and SK Telecom (SKT) have signed an agreement to implement wireless payments that
incorporate smart cards and infrared technology, in a move to provide consumers with greater
convenience to conduct transactions anytime, anywhere using Visa debit or credit payments over mobile

Both companies will collaborate to implement an innovative payment solution that integrates two major
global specifications from the payments and wireless industries: the EMV (Europay-MasterCard-Visa)
global smart card standard and IrFM (Infrared Financial Messaging), the global interoperable standard
for infrared transmission. The solution allows Visa cardholders and SKT subscribers to pay for goods and
services by beaming an infrared signal securely from the mobile phone to a small infrared receiver
located at retail point-of-sale terminals, vending machines, subway stalls, tollgates, buses and other
payment locations. The cardholder’s payment details are stored securely on an EMV chip within the

Agilent Technologies Introduces Miniature Infrared Transceiver for Cell Phones, PDAs and Pagers;
Miniature Size Proves Ideal for Space-Constrained Handheld Devices . PALO ALTO, Calif., May 15, 2002
Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today introduced a miniature serial infrared transceiver. The
transceiverʹs miniature size is ideal for space-constrained portable information appliances such as GSM
and CDMA wireless handsets, smartphones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), digital cameras and

The Agilent HSDL-3203 offers both short and extended distance capabilities. The transceiver can
effectively operate ʺnose to nose,ʺ with two transceivers practically touching, making it ideal for secure
data transfer applications by preventing the interception of the infrared signal. The transceiver can also
operate at extended distances of up to 50 cm, exceeding the Infrared Data Associationʹs (IrDAʹs) low-
        power link specification of 20 cm to 30 cm.

        Clarinet Systems Infrared technology Beams course information and applications to Harvard Medical
        School students using Handheld Devices. Fremont, CA. — April 30, 2002 — Harvard Medical School
        students can now receive course information and other medical applications on their PDAs through
        Clarinet Systems’ wireless infrared connectivity solution, the EthIR LAN™. EthIR LAN products were
        recently implemented at Harvard Medical School’s Center for Educational Technology and student
        computing facilities so that students can download applications and synchronize course information in
        real time…

        Visa and Harex InfoTech to Develop Next Generation Mobile Payment Services for Consumers Using
        Infrared Technology. Singapore, 17 April 2002 - Visa International Asia Pacific has teamed up with
        Harex InfoTech to bring credit and debit payment services to wireless devices using infrared technology.
        The two companies have signed an agreement to develop wireless services that will allow consumers to
        simply beam their financial information from mobile handsets to make payments, based on the Visa
        Proximity Payment Specifications and the Harex ZOOP Universal Mobile Payment Service (UMPS)

        Using the method provided for by the Visa Proximity Payment Specifications, Visa card holders will be
        able to make financial transactions by shooting an infrared beam from devices such as mobile phones and
        personal digital assistants to a small infrared receiver located at point-of-sale terminals, vending
        machines, subway stalls, tollgates, buses, and other payment locations. The consumer’s payment
        information is securely encrypted in the mobile device and can only be activated by a PIN number.

        For Visa transactions, the technology currently being used by Harex InfoTech will become compliant
        with Visas Proximity Payment Specification. Both are based on the globally interoperable standard called
        IrFM Point and Pay Profile Standard recently released by the Infrared Data Association (IrDA). .

New Product Announcements:

IrDA Product announcements are sent out to the members via the reflectors. Help Us Promote Your Products!
Send us your press release for posting on the web site and distribution on the members’ reflectors.

Agilent Technologies’ HSDL –3208 is a new generation of Low Power Serial Infrared transceivers (115kbs),
packaged in an ultra-small package at 1.6 mm height. This product has an extended link distance up to 50 cm
and is fully compliant to IrDA 1.4 Low Power specification (LP IrDA standard only specifies link distance at 20 –
30 cm). This versatile device can also be completely shutdown to achieve very low power consumption. In the
shutdown mode the PIN diode will be inactive and thus produce minimal photo current, even under very bright
ambient light

The HDSL – 3208 transceiver module is ideal for IrFM (Infrared Financial Management) Point and Pay
applications and can be easily designed into slim portable devices such as E-wallet, cellular phones, smart
phones, and personal data assistants (PDAs). Enabling Smaller, lighter, Secure Handheld Products:

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. is presenting their newest developments in IrDA compatible transceivers in a life
demonstration on their booth in Hall A5 booth number A5.143. at Electronica in Munich from November 12th to
November 15th.
Vishay’ s demonstration shows the performance of their latest transceiver that meets the VFIR (16 Mbit/s)
specifications, the components are: Transceiver TFDU8108 and VFIR Controller IRM1802.

The demo consists of transmitting in real-time a DVD quality film across two Notebooks. The Notebooks used are
DELL Latitude.

In addition to the real-time video transmission we will also show IrDA compatibility by demonstrating operation
with the NOKIA 7650 as well as other gadgets such as Digital cameras and Web Cams.

Meet Our Newest Members:

        National Technical Systems, Inc. (NTS) is a nationally recognized testing laboratory with facilities
        around the United States. The Computer Testing Division (formerly, XXCAL Testing Laboratories) was
        formed in 1982 to serve the testing needs of the microcomputer manufacturers and software developers
        in the areas of quality assurance, programming, compatibility testing and certification, functionality
        testing, usability testing, test plan development, and documentation. They are one of the oldest and
        largest independent microcomputer testing company in the industry, and currently provide services to
        hardware, software and networking companies worldwide.

        Optical Antenna Solutions is composed of a team vastly experienced in developing technology designed
        to carry any media via light. The team has over 25 years experience in the transportation of high data
        rates over long distances. Their mission is to provide quality optical data solutions that cover a
        comprehensive range of markets and benefit the world community as a whole.
        In partnership with The University of Warwick, they are utilising a new lens technology, which now
        provides the conditions for an omni-directional and full duplex IRDA world.
        The company was founded to provide an excellent vehicle to take our new researched technologies to the
        world market. OAS also has an R&D wing of its own, producing wireless IR technology covering the
        whole customer wish list:
            • Longer distances.
            • Omni-directional ability.
            • Faster data rates.
            • To carry voice, video and data simultaneously.
            • Removing the wiring clutter.
        Contact: Derick Wilson (

        Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB offers mobile communications products for people who
        appreciate the possibilities of powerful technology. They provide JavaTM enabled phones and excellent
        development tools.

        WideRay is an equipment and integrated platform provider focused on the
        high-speed free-spectrum on-location wireless data services market. WideRay has developed a new
        single-box architecture for deploying centrally managed, high-speed, low-cost wireless data services in
        scale, using both infrared and short-range RF for connecting with mobile devices. Wide Ray’s back-end
        architecture is based on GSM/GPRS for global, always-on support. WideRayʹs novel architecture is
        embodied in WideRayʹs first hardware product, the Jack Mobile Caching Server. The Jack can
        communicate and deliver content and applications over infrared to any IrDA-compliant mobile device.

Industry Awards:
Congratulations, WideRay! The Industrial Designers Society of America honored WideRay with a 2002 Bronze
IDEA award for the Jack Mobile Caching Server in the category of Business and Industrial products. The IDEA
awards recognize excellence in design worldwide. With 1,265 entries this year, only 174 winners were selected
including just 9 in the Business category.

IrDA Web Site:

Metrics: In the last year over 700,00 visitors have come to our web site, and 65.33% were from outside the USA.
The number of visitors has steadily risen during the year, and last month we had the largest number of visitors,
close to 60,000!

IrFM Specification Downloads: This spring we posted the IrFM Point and Pay specification on the front page of
the web site and we have nearly 1,000 downloads for the specifications from around the globe! The industries
interested include: the retail sectors, financial institutions, telecom companies, research labs, Universities, hard-
ware, software, semi-conductor companies, consultants, and others.

IrDA Branding:

In an effort to increase visibility and usage of our trademark, the Marketing Committee has updated our
trademark program. A Trademark Usage Guidelines document is now available to describe how we use our
trademarks. It distinguishes between the “IrReady” trademark and the Basic Beaming trademark and provides
instructions on usage. For more information, click here!

                                                Contact the Staff:
                                   Executive Director: Ron Brown,

                         Director of Business Alliances, Daphne Terrell,

                             Marketing, Member Services, Special Events Coordinator
                                        Rebecca Murray,

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