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					23 – 26 Feb 2007

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No. 19 / 26 February 2007

Final Report
inhorgenta europe 2007 with 6% Increase in Visitors
       Organizers register more than 30,000 trade visitors
       All-time record: about 10,000 visitors came from other countries for the first time
       Foreign share of trade visitors increased more strongly by 10%
       Positive course of the trade fair with increased orders underlines the optimistic
        mood in the industry
       Trade fair participants praise the event ambience, range of offers and categories
        as well as its internationalism
       Special exhibitions, trend forums and innovation prize award ceremony attract
        visitor interest
       In trend: men‟s jewelry, valuable pearl necklaces, color stones and especially
        designer jewelry

inhorgenta europe 2007, which took place on the grounds of the New Munich Trade Fair
Centre from February 23 to 26, 2007, was able to record another increase in visitor
figures following the one at the event in 2006. More visitors were already registered on
the first trade fair day than in the previous year, a development, which continued during
the complete course of the trade fair. More than 30,000 trade visitors (2006: 29,660*)
obtained information from the 1,183 exhibitors (2006: 1,138) from 44 countries (2006: 43
countries) on the four trade fair days. It became clear during the course of the trade fair
that manufacturers have a guarded optimism with respect to future business
developments, while retailers expect a substantially better market development.

Manfred Wutzlhofer, Chief Executive Officer of Messe München GmbH, stated: “Visitor
figures at inhorgenta europe have increased continually since 2004. The substantial
increase in foreign trade visitors is especially pleasant news; they have strengthened the
international goals of inhorgenta europe considerably. Trade fairs are always considered
as a reflection of the industry, and inhorgenta europe has demonstrated one thing above
all: business is again improving in the industry. That was clearly felt in the trade fair halls,
in the aisles and at the booths of our exhibitors.
Exhibitors presented the current trends, collections, new brands and technologies as well
as pioneering marketing concepts deal with all aspects of timepieces and jewelry on the

Messe München GmbH, Marketing & Communications inhorgenta europe, Messegelände, 81823 München
Tel: (+49 89) 949-20610 /1, Fax (+49 89) 949-97-20611,

64,500 square meters. The positive overall course of the trade fair, the good ambience at
inhorgenta europe 2007 and the related optimistic evaluation of the market were also
expressed in the TNS Infratest survey. In the survey, 59% (39%) of the exhibitors
assessed the current economic situation of the industry as excellent to good, and 83%
stated the same about the future development of the market. Among the visitors, the
figures were 62% (50%) and 86% (80%) of those surveyed.

73% (72%) of the surveyed exhibitors evaluated the trade fair overall with excellent to
good, and the percentages were 94% (92%) on the visitor side. The trade visitors gave
best grades to the completeness and range of exhibits of the offers (94%), the
atmosphere at the fair (92%) and the service provided by the trade fair company in
advance of the fair (89%). The top three items of the exhibitors were the atmosphere of
the trade fair (85%), the clearness of the industry categories and the quality of the
exhibitor service (each 81%).

Manfred Stoffers, Managing Director of Festina Uhren GmbH “inhorgenta europe
demonstrated impressively how much the mood among retailers has changed to a
positive one. We have never had a trade fair with so many appointments made in
advance. Business was outstanding. It is also clear now that the value-add tax increase
has not hindered the willingness to buy.”

Joachim Dünkelmann, Managing Director of the German Association of Jewelry and
Timepiece Shops: “The response of retailers is excellent, especially with respect to
creative products. New trends, new materials and new shapes can be seen here in
Munich. With the good feeling of a positive development of business, we are betting
strongly on the positive stimuli of inhorgenta europe for day-to-day business.”

Jörg Lindemann, Managing Director of the German Association of the Gem and Diamond
Industries: “The course of the trade fair has confirmed the existing optimism of our
exhibitors. The German market has especially experienced a noticeable boost. The
following applies to area of precious stones: strong color hues are in demand. Especially
exhibitors from the color precious stone area raved about a fantastic trade fair.”

Many of the exhibitors emphasized that the focus of discussions was again more on the
preparation and making of orders in addition to the obtaining of information. A total of 91%
of the surveyed exhibitors cited the initiation of new business relations, 85% the

preparation of follow-up business, and 84% the concluding of deals directly at the trade
fair as the focus of their trade fair participation according to TNS Infratest.

Bettina Hofmann, Marketing Manager at Fossil Group Europe GmbH: “The response was
excellent, both from retailers and from our key accounts. We were able to generate an
enormous volume of orders. All in all, inhorgenta europe again provided an ideal platform
for presenting our various brands.”

Marek Birkenstock, Sales and Product Manager Beco Technic, Birkenstock & Co. GmbH:
“The technology hall A2 at inhorgenta europe had a lot of visitors, and that already on the
first trade fair day. We not only provided advice to customers, but we were also able to
make a lot of sales. You really notice that investment in workshops is increasing again,
and as a result timepiece test equipment such as timing machines are currently selling
very well.”

In addition to the visitor figures, the number of foreign exhibitors and visitors also
increased. While 36% of the exhibitors came from other countries in 2006, the figure was
38% in 2007. 28% of the visitors came from other countries in 2006, and the figure was
31% in 2007. The visitor contingents from France, Spain, Great Britain, the USA, the
Netherlands, Switzerland and Greece increased especially a lot; increases of up to 50%
could be recorded. But Eastern European countries such as Poland, Slovakia and
Romania as well as Scandinavia had two-figure visitor increases and even doubled their
visitor contingents.”

Bernd Dahlinger, Managing Partner of Ch. Dahlinger GmbH & Co. KG, Lahr: “The big
demand from Spain and Eastern Europe was especially surprising for us this year. You
notice that the program of inhorgenta europe in other countries is having an effect.
International interest in the trade fair is increasing noticeably. We are very satisfied with
the great amount of visitors, which we found to be the greatest in A2 among all halls.”

Axel Fritsch, Managing Partner of Bastian GmbH & Co. KG: “The mood is excellent and
substantially better than last year. The interest in our genuine gemstones is very strong,
and we had a substantial increase in demand from other countries, especially from
Scandinavia, Great Britain and the Benelux countries. The strategy of the trade fair
management to increase its marketing activities in other countries has certainly paid off.
We are very pleased that people in this country and throughout the world are
demonstrating increased sensitivity for things genuine.”

Dr. Alfred Schneider, Managing Director of the German Jewelry and Timepiece
Association: “The first trade fair day already had a lot of visitors. There was substantial
willingness to place orders. A very good piece of news is that more trade visitors from
England, Scandinavia and Russia come to Munich. The efforts of the trade fair
management to attract even more international visitors to Munich appears to be bearing

The comprehensive and compete supporting program of inhorgenta europe again
provided information to many interested trade visitors about industry-related topics and
current trends. Topics such as “Jewelry and Fashion Trends”, “Current Developments in
Shop Design” and “Events as Success Factor” were discussed in seminars and
workshops. Forums and platforms such as TimeSigns, the exhibition of young precious
stone and jewelry designers, the Antique Jewelry Pavilion, BrandNew – NewBrand, the
Platinum Forum and the Silversmith Forum again attracted numerous trade fair
participants. The Design Podium Contest registered a new participation record among the
exhibitors of the Design Jewelry Hall A2 with 181 submissions from young jewelry

Leslie Maja Pötz, Innovation Prizewinner for Creative Jewelry Design: “This was my first
international trade fair. I was able to establish numerous, valuable contacts to Hamburg
and Berlin but also to Vienna, Zurich and Brussels, which could be very important for my

The topic of men‟s jewelry was especially a focal point at inhorgenta europe 2007. The
exhibitors presented an increasingly large range of necklaces, armlets, ear studs and
pins. Another trend is silver combined with natural materials as well as precious pearl
necklaces. In addition, historical, ethnological and romantic styles as well as motifs were
observed at the trade fair. Increasing application of old handicraft techniques by designers
was also seen.

*) in parentheses: comparative figures of inhorgenta europe 2006

Additional Statements about inhorgenta europe 2007:

Fabian Meister, Meister Jewellery (Switzerland): “It was really a good trade fair for us with
a fast start and numerous deals concluded. The upswing in the economy in Germany is
clearly noticeable. We always enjoy coming to Munich, because inhorgenta europe has
very pronounced “jewelry competence”. We were again able to present our products in a
perfect ambience this year.”

Sandro Erl, Marketing Director at Furrer-Jacot (Switzerland): “The trade fair was a great
success for Furrer-Jacot. The internationalism of the visitors had a very positive effect on
our sales figures. The demand for luxury products is increasing markedly.”

Annette Laustrup, Managing Director of PANDORA Jewelry (Denmark): “We are very
satisfied with the course of the trade fair. We received very many orders from our German
customers. In addition, we were able to establish many new international business
contacts, for example, with traders and retailers from Hungary, the Czech Republic and

Jan Edöcs, CEO of Milus International SA: “Customer demand at Milus was even better
than last year. We experienced substantial interest from customers from Russia, the USA
and Great Britain.”

Ralf Mock, Marketing Director at Thomas Sabo “inhorgenta europe is going sensationally
well for us. Especially our international customers from France, Russia and South Africa
are very enthusiastic about the trade fair. The event is a trade fair on the highest level.”

Jutta Effenberger, Marketing Manager at Schoeffel GmbH: “We had an increase in sales
in comparison to last year. We had a lot of customers at our booth from the start. Many
German jewelers are again confident enough to invest in luxury products. There is a clear
trend to pearl necklaces.”

Dieter Hahn, Managing Director of Ph. Hahn Söhne: “We have not had such a successful
trade fair for many years. We are extremely satisfied. We are especially pleased with the
great demand from countries such as Ireland, Iceland, Great Britain, Canada and Japan.”
Walter Hell-Höflinger, Jaques Lemans GmbH, St. Veit/Glan, Austria: “We are very
satisfied with the number of visitors and the great deal of media interest in our collections.
Exports are running very well this year; we have recorded increased interest from
countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Greece and Turkey.”

Georg Spreng, Heubach: “The feared „dent in demand‟ at the beginning of 2007 has not
taken place to our great relief. Consciousness for precious items made of platinum has
increased; we currently have a 20-30 percent increase in the high-price segment.”

Eveline Müller, Member of Management at Gellner GmbH & Co. KG, Wiernsheim: “We
are enthusiastic. Our booth is as busy as a beehive! Customers love our jewelry, and
demand has increased by about one-third compared to 2006. We are very satisfied with
the pleasant ambience at inhorgenta europe.”

Jochen Exner, President and CEO of Gebr. Niessing GmbH & Co., Vreden: “inhorgenta
europe remains the site in Europe for designer jewelry. In addition to our European
customers, those from Japan and the USA know that too, who visited us in large numbers
here. There were more direct orders than previously, which is especially pleasant news
for us.”

Alain Killer, Killer & Co., Solothurn, Switzerland: “There are four of us here, all from our
family-run company where we only work platinum, gold and genuine precious stones.
inhorgenta europe has become increasingly attractive during the time we have been here,
i.e., over the past 25 years, especially since it has been at the new trade fair site. It
provides a good mixture of different suppliers, which makes it a must for us.”

Fred Gazzari, Innovation Consultant, L‟azurde Company, Rihad, Saudi Arabia: “With my
colleague, I am at inhorgenta europe for the first time. We are one of the world‟s largest
users of gold and jewelry as well as traders. We were especially interested in the
Technology Hall A2. We have been very impressed by the trade fair overall and are going
home with many good, new contacts and ideas.”

inhorgenta europe 2008 will take place on the grounds of the New Munich Trade
Fair Centre from February 15 to 18, 2008.