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                     Post-Show Report 2009


■ Exhibition Outline                         1
■ Show Highlight                             2
■ Concurrent Shows                           4
■ VIP Reception Party                        6
■ Technical Conference                       7
■ Public Relations                           9
■ Next Show in 2010                          10
                                  Exhibition Outline

                                       BASIC INFORMATION

Exhibition               LIGHTING JAPAN (LED/OLED Lighting Technology Expo)

Dates                    April 15[Wed] – 17[Fri], 2009

Open Hours               10:00-18:00 (10:00-17:00 on April 17)

Venue                    Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

Organised by             Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd.

                         FINETECH JAPAN
                         FPD Components & Materials Expo
Concurrent Show
                         TOUCH PANEL JAPAN
                         Display 2009

                         Technical Conference
Concurrent Event
                         VIP Reception Party

                                            FACT SHEET                      (Only for LIGHTING JAPAN)

Number of Exhibitors                218 (Domestic: 172 / Overseas: 46 ⇒ 9 regions)

Number of Visitors                  16,395 (Domestic: 14,752 / Overseas: 1,643 ⇒ 26 regions)

Number of Seminar Participants      2,181

Number of Seminar Speakers          36 (Domestic: 24 / Overseas: 12)

                                            FACT SHEET                 (Including all concurrent shows)

Total Number of Exhibitors          696 (Domestic: 561 / Overseas: 135 ⇒ 14 regions)

Total Number of Visitors            62,529 (Domestic: 57,069 / Overseas: 5,460 ⇒ 38 regions)

Total Number of Press Members       726 (Domestic: 699 / Overseas: 27)

Total Number of
Seminar Participants

Total Number of
                                    134 (Domestic: 109 / Overseas: 25)
Seminar Speakers

Total Exhibition Scale              42,710 m2

                                        Show Highlight

     Next-generation SSL technologies gathered in Tokyo!!
In April of 2009, 1st LED/OLED Lighting Technology Expo (LIGHTING JAPAN) was grandly held at Tokyo
Big Sight, Japan. Welcoming 218 exhibitors and 16,395 visitors, the show has been successfully
concluded. Concurrently held with the world’s largest FPD trade show -FINETECH JAPAN, plenty of
industry professionals and press members visited the show to see the cutting-edge technologies and
learn the latest industry trends.

SSL technologies such as LED and OLED are known for their eco-friendly features. In response to the
growing demand for eco-technology, a great number of industry participants around the world
focused on this event. In fact, 1,634 participants were from overseas, which is equivalent to one tenth
of all visitors. Even after the show period, Show Management received many inquiries regarding
exhibiting and visiting the next show from Japan and other countries. As you can see from this fact,
most of the industry professionals across the globe have become to take this show as an
indispensable event for their business development.
(For reference, including the concurrent shows, 696 exhibitors and 62,529 visitors attended the show in total.)

    LIGHTING JAPAN –1st LED/OLED Lighting Technology Expo-

    International Expo featuring Next-generation Lighting Technologies

   Special Zones
        Lighting Device/Apparatus Technology Zone                   Manufacturing Equipment Zone
        Measurement/Evaluation/Inspection Zone                      Component/Material Zone

  From its very first year, the show attracted great attention from worldwide LED/OLED lighting industry. All
  kinds of latest technologies gathered at one place -organic EL devices of LUMIOTEC, inorganic EL devices
  of ELSTREAM, LED sealants of SUMITOMO CHEMICAL and IDEMITSU KOSAN, low-current diodes of ISHIZUKA
  As one of the eco-friendly technologies, a lot of companies are focusing on LED and OLED. Some of the
  companies from Taiwan and Germany exhibited inside the “Taiwan Pavilion” and “German Pavilion”, which
  indicates that LIGHTING JAPAN is focused not only by Japan but also by many foreign companies. Moreover,
  one-tenth of the total number of visitors were from overseas, especially Taiwan, Korea, China, Hong Kong,
  Germany and the United States.

 Voices of Visitors

        EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.                                                         TAIWAN

  I visited the show to find new products in the market. At the exhibition hall, exhibitors and visitors
  actively exchanged the information upon the latest lighting technologies and had concrete business
  discussions. I think LIGHTING JAPAN which offers such a unique opportunity is a very fruitful exhibition for
  the LED industry. I would also like to visit LIGHTING JAPAN next year.

        NICHIA CORP.                                                                             JAPAN

  My purpose of visit was to find solutions in terms of thermolytic and optical technology. Therefore, I set
  meetings with the exhibitors in advance and had useful business discussions. Consequently, I could find
  new potential partners, which I appreciate very much.

        SEOUL SEMICONDUCTOR INC.                                                                 KOREA

  I visited the show to look for new materials and components. Among lots of interesting products,
  I could find high-quality resin and heat-resistant resin, which we are currently considering
  procuring. I was impressed to see lots of new products and technologies there, though it was a
  brand-new exhibition. Next year, I surely visit the show in order to meet new partners and supplier
  of materials and components.

Voices of Exhibitors

        SOLIDLITE CORP.                                                                         TAIWAN
  We exhibited LED components, G13 LED Fluorescent lamp, etc. Over 250 professionals visited our booth.
  Also, potential customers we made appointments in advance with came to have a meeting with us,
  resulting in approx. USD 1.5 million if getting into agreement.

        LUMIOTEC INC.                                                                            JAPAN
  Over 1,500 professionals visited our booth. Therefore, we could broadly promote our OLED lighting
  devices to lighting apparatus manufacturers, housing and facility related companies, etc. We received
  concrete requirements for quotations and samples, which leads to significant result.

        NOVALED AG                                                                             GERMANY
  We exhibited OLED materials and had approx. 300 visitors at our booth. Visitors were from Japan, other
  Asian countries, Europe and U.S.A., which was very international. Exhibiting at LIGHTING JAPAN was very
  fruitful and we are positive in exhibiting next year as well.

        FUJITEC INTERNATIONAL INC.                                                               JAPAN
  We exhibited OLED production equipment. Approx. 1,200 professionals visited our booth and we are
  expecting some big orders now. We keep focusing on this promising market.

                                          Concurrent Shows

    FINETECH JAPAN -19             th
                                        FPD R&D AND MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY EXPO & CONFERENCE-

   World’s Largest Exhibition for FPD R&D and Manufacturing

   Special Corners/Zones
            Production Equipment Zone                                 Clean/ESD Protection Corner
            Inspection/Repair/Measurement Zone                        Film Forming/Processing Corner
            Assessment/Test/Analysis Zone

Production Equipment
  In the “Production Equipment Zone”, LINKSTAR JAPAN and MITSUBOSHI DIAMOND INDUSTRIAL exhibited
  their latest scribers, and both of them were awarded as ADY* winners. Also, TOKYO ELECTRON displayed
  various equipment for array process, and another famous exhibitor MUSASHI ENGINEERING received a
  Grand Prize of ADY for their automatic sealant dispensing system. All of them were drawing great attention
  from many visitors.                                                          (*About ADY, please refer to 13 page.)

Inspection Apparatus
  As for the “Inspection/Repair/Measurement Zone” and “Assessment/Test/Analysis Zone”, a lot of new
  products for R&D were seen. NIKON INSTECH, COGNEX, and KEYENCE were especially in the picture for
  their latest image processing apparatus. Not to mention, the ADY award winners, OTSUKA ELECTRONICS
  and OLYMPUS were the one of the limelight companies in 2009.

Film Forming/Processing Equipment
  Since the optical films are of current interest in the FPD industry as the one of key elements for quality
  improvement, “Film Forming/Processing Corner” gained much attention on-site. Especially, the film
  substrates for flexible display were the most-watched products in this area. The leading companies,
  participated in as exhibitors.

Overseas Exhibitors
 As proof of “international” show, plenty of overseas companies were exhibited. Some of them chose to
 exhibit individually, and the others preferred to exhibit inside the regional pavilions of Germany and Korea.
 At the “German Pavilion”, OLED materials produced by some famous firms such as NOVALED and AIXTRON
 were mainly displayed and grabbed visitors’ interest. As a matter of course, the “Korean Pavilion” area
 were also packed with visitors all the time. The exhibitors’ questionnaire found that most of them were
 satisfied with their show results.

     4th FPD Components & Materials Expo

   World’s Only Show for Cutting-edge FPD Components and Materials

   Special Corner
          Optical Film Corner

Component and Material
 exhibited their latest products. Engineers especially from R&D and design divisions were fascinated with
 those cutting-edge technologies.

Optical Film
 Now that optical film is acknowledged as a key component for improving panel qualities, this area keeps
 expanding year by year. This time, the leading companies such as ZEON and OSAKA GAS CHEMICALS had
 their own booths, and moreover, LINTEC exhibited the optical films especially for LCDs and touch panels.

    TOUCH PANEL JAPAN              –5th International Touch Panel Technology Expo-

   World’s Only Exhibition specialized in Touch Panel Technologies

Touch Panel Module
 TOUCH PANEL LABORATORIES exhibited their large-size (46-inch) and high transparency projected
 capacitive touch panels, while MINATO ELECTRONIC displayed various products such as IR touch panel,
 capacitive touch panel, resistive touch panel and IR+acoustic pulse touch panel. Many industry
 professionals visited those areas to see and touch the actual products.

Taiwan Pavilion
 As you know, many Taiwanese companies are currently focusing on touch panel technologies. At TOUCH
 PANEL JAPAN, without exception, there were many Taiwanese companies exhibited inside “Taiwan

     Display 2009          –5th International FPD Expo-

   International Expo featuring all kinds of FPDs
                   –LCD, PDP, OLED, FED, LCOS, 3D Paper, Electronic Paper, Touch Panel, etc.

  At Display 2009, the most-watched products were next-generation displays such as 3D displays, electronic
  papers, etc. WORLD WIDE DISPLAY, MITANI and NEWSIGHT displayed their latest 3D displays, and world’s
  leading companies such as DELTA and BRIDGESTONE exhibited the cutting-edge electronic papers. On the
  same floor, TOSHIBA MATSUSHITA DISPLAY TECHNOLOGY displayed small and medium sized LCDs and 3D
  displays, and SONY exhibited the latest LCDs, prototype 3D displays and ultra-thin OLED displays.
  Plenty of press members stopped by the booths to cover the stories for the latest FPDs, and the aisles were
  always impassibly crowded with many visitors.

                                    VIP Reception Party

One of the concurrent events “VIP Reception Party” took place in the evening of the first day. More
than 400 industry professionals from LED and OLED lighting industry attended this event, including
around 100 overseas attendees. All of them enjoyed fostering new relationship and collecting the
latest information on the industry trends. The participants made effective use of the party, and were
actively exchange information each other. The party venue was filled with excitement.
(*This party was held exclusively for VIPs.)

                                      Technical Conference

Welcoming high-profile speakers of industry-leading companies (in and outside of Japan/all over the
world), “Technical Conference” gained popularity as a concurrent event of the exhibition. A great
number of industry professionals participated in those sessions to know the latest industry trends,
cutting-edge technologies and companies’ strategies.

      KEYNOTE SESSION                                                ※Simultaneous Interpretation: English/Chinese/Japanese

       World Leaders Discuss their Global Strategies of Next-generation Lighting

                     Panasonic Electric Works Presents
                     "Next-generation Lighting" Business Strategy

                     Kuniaki Matsukage
                     Managing Director, Member of the Board, Lighting Manufacturing Business Unit, Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.

   Next-generation lighting, such as LED lighting and OLED, is drawing attentions as a key energy-saving
   technology to address global environmental issues. Panasonic Electric Works' technology and business strategy
   will be overviewed with a focus on lighting component and illumination development.

                     OSRAM - Shaping the Future of Light:
                     Solid State Lighting Trends and Outlook

                     Alfred Felder
                     President & CEO, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Asia Ltd.

   The increasing scarcity of natural resources and growing need for environmental protection results in an
   urgent demand of more energy saving solutions for General Lighting Applications.
   Next to existing energy efficient lighting solutions the Solid State Lighting (SSL) has emerged as the most
   important technology being able to reshape the future of illumination. The rapid and significant efficiency
   increase of LEDs over the last years opens the door to a new lighting dimension in illumination.
   OSRAM as a global leader in lighting is driving this technology transition towards SSL in addition to its ongoing
   innovations of energy efficient lamps.
   This presentation will give an overview on OSRAMs' lighting strategies towards the transition into SSL starting
   with the description of the driver and enablers of SSL technology, an outlook of the expected SSL performance
   and followed by a scenario of our view on future market trends and requirements.

                     The 3rd Revolution of Lighting Industry

                     Zoltán Vámos
                     General Manager, Lighting Technology, General Electric Company

   In this challenging environment, when one of the most urgent problems in environmental protection is CO2
   reduction, the GE's responsible strategy lies in producing more environmental friendly, affordable, new
   generation light sources.

                   Solid State Lighting -New Technologies for a New World-

                   Dale Work
                   General Manager, Philips Lighting Global Technology Development Campus China

  This presentation will focus on the fit between the new SSL technologies and the changing lighting demands
  made possible by these new technologies. Philips' view of this new world will be described, and the "fit" will
  be illustrated by applications of LED (luminaire and retrofit) and OLED possibilities. The conversion of these
  possibilities into reality will be shown.

  Other Technical Conference                                      ※Simultaneous Interpretation: English/Japanese

 In addition to the KEYNOTE SESSION, 10 sessions took place during the show.
 For more information, please visit:

            Architects & Lighting Designers Present: Future Perspectives on LED Lighting
            Speakers are from: The University of Tokyo, Lighting Planners Associates, LIGHT& VIEW DESIGN

            Market Overview of Next-generation Lighting with Increasing Possibilities
            Speakers are from: Nomura Research Institute, Fuji Keizai

            The Bleeding Edge of Chip Technology -Innovations for LED's Further Development-
            Speakers are from: Toyoda Gosei, Meijo University, Philips Lumileds Lighting, Cree

            Key Technologies to High-luminance and Long-lifetime of LED
Light-4     Speakers are from: Thermal Design Laboratory, Shin-Etsu Chemical,
                                Mitsubishi Chemical Group Science and Technology Research
            Next-generation Lighting in Fierce Global Competition
            Speakers are from: New Energy and Industrial Technology Development, Epistar, Cintelliq

            Accelerating Development of OLED Lighting Technology for Commercial Use
            Speakers are from: Panasonic Electric Works, Philips Lighting, Novaled AG Japan

            Technical Challenges and Strategies for OLED Commercial Applications
            Speakers are from: Universal Display, Saint-Gobain Glass, Kanazawa Institute of Technology

            Most-current Situation of Industrial Standardization & Intellectual Property
            Speakers are from: Neo Technology, UL Japan, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

            Corporate Strategies for LED Lighting Commercial Applications
            Speakers are from: Zumtobel, Toshiba Lighting & Technology, IWASAKI ELECTRIC

            Growing Application Fields of Next-generation Lighting
            Speakers are from: Panasonic Electric Works, LAWSON, Stanley Electric, CCS

 Technical Conference Program for FINETECH JAPAN:

                                       Public Relations

In 2009, 726 press members from all over the world visited the show to cover the story. Plenty of
media such as TV, magazine, radio and web-based company seem to focus on the latest technologies
which are currently drawing great attention from across the world.

 PRESS LIST of 2009       (excerpt/in random order)

  ■JAPAN                                                                   ■KOREA
   ・JAPAN BROADCASTING (NHK)            ・THE DENKI SHIMBUN                 ・KBS
   ・FUJI TELEVISION NETWORK             ・KEIZAIKAI                         ・DISPLAYBANK
   ・TV ASAHI                            ・MONO MAGAZINE                     ・DISPLAY+
   ・TV TOKYO                            ・ONGEN PUBLISHING                  ・SEMI DISPLAY
   ・TELEVISION OSAKA                    ・AV REVIEW                         ・MOTION CONTROL
   ・SHIN-ETSU BROADCASTING              ・IT MEDIA                          ・UBI SANUP RESEARCH
   ・REUTERS JAPAN                       ・CNET JAPAN                        ・JOIN MEDIA
   ・KYODO NEWS                          ・ASCII
   ・AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE (AFP)          ・IMPRESS WATCH                     ■TAIWAN
   ・NIHON KEIZAI SHIMBUN                ・ELECTRONIC JOURNAL                ・ITRI
   ・THE ASAHI SHIMBUN                   ・EIZO SHIMBUN                      ・PIDA
   ・THE MAINICHI NEWSPAPERS             ・M&E                               ■CHINA
   ・THE SANKEI SHIMBUN                  ・EDN JAPAN                         ・SHENZHEN YAWEI INFORMATION
   ・THE TOKYO SHIMBUN                   ・EE TIMES JAPAN
   ・YAMAGATA SHIMBUN                    ・IMAGE LAB                         ・BBC
   ・THE HOKKAIDO SHIMBUN                                                   ・MONDIALE PUBLISHING
   ・THE NIKKAN KOGYO SHIMBUN                                               ■UNITED STATES
   ・DEMPA SHIMBUN                                                          ・ISUPPLI
   ・THE SEMICONDUCTOR INDUSTRY NEWS                                        ・ORT GLOBAL LLC

                                   Next Show in 2010

For 2010, LIGHTING JAPAN will double its exhibition size and expand in the numbers of exhibitors
and visitors. Combined with the concurrent shows, the exhibition scale will also become even larger.

As a center of the latest next-generation lighting technologies, the show has obviously come under
the spotlight among industry professionals. Most of participants were satisfied with their business
results, and in fact, Show Management has received many positive comments from them. Also,
judging from the lighting market status, LIGHTING JAPAN is expected to be more international in the
near future.

If you are interested in exhibiting at this event, please
contact us immediately. The exhibit space is limited
and it is expected to be sold out at an early stage. Also,
if you would like to visit the show, please pre-register
via website. Click the “Visitor Pre-registration” banner
on the official website, fill out the form, and press
“submit” button. After that, you will receive the newest
information by e-mail or airmail.

For any other inquiries, please feel free to contact us.
We are looking forward to seeing you at the show in 2010.

   Contact Us:           LIGHTING JAPAN Show Management

      ● Public Relations
            TEL: +81-3-3349-8568 FAX: +81-3-3349-0598 E-mail:
            Attn: 안영지 (KOREA), 金太国 (CHINA), 大道雪 (TAIWAN), Sayaka YAMASHITA (OTHERS)

      ● Exhibiting Inquiry
            TEL: +81-3-3349-8568 FAX: +81-3-3349-0598   E-mail:
            Attn: 金太国 (KOREA/CHINA), Machiko AIKAWA (TAIWAN/OTHERS)

      ● Visiting Inquiry
            TEL: +81-3-3349-8568 FAX: +81-3-3349-0598 E-mail:
            Attn: 안영지 (KOREA), 金太国 (CHINA), 大道雪 (TAIWAN), Sayaka YAMASHITA (OTHERS)

   Official Website:

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