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					                                                                                Submitted Requests - Not Approved

Project County        Project Name                                   Description                                    Last Name   First Name          Email Address
                   Dist 13, PID 85433,
                                                   High Speed Rail Ohio Hub and Regional Planning
      0           High Speed Rail Ohio                                                                              McDonald       Tim
                 Dist 13, PID 85429, US
                                                      US Rail/City of Jackson Line Rehabilitation
      0          Rail/City of Jackson Ln                                                                            McDonald       Tim
                   Dist 1, PID 85413,
                                                   Maumee & Western Railroad Line Rehabilitation
      0           Maumee & Western                                                                                  McDonald       Tim
                      Rail Line Reha
                   Dist 13, PID 85428,
                                           West Central Ohio Port Authority Line Rehab & Bridge Replacment
      0           West Cntrl Ohio Port                                                                              McDonald       Tim
                        Auth Reha
                 Dist 13, PID 85431, NS
                                                             NS Double Stack Clearance
      0               Double Stack                                                                                  McDonald       Tim
                  Dist 13, PID 85621,
      0               Rural Major                         Rural Major Equipment Purchase                            McDonald       Tim
                 Equipment Purchase
                   Dist 13, PID 85623,
      0               Rural Facility                        Rural Facility Rehab/Purchase                           McDonald       Tim
                   Dist 13, PID 85432,
                                                        Future Phase AMTRAK Plan and Design
      0          Future Phase AMTRAK                                                                                McDonald       Tim
                   Dist 13, PID 85433,
                                                   High Speed Rail Ohio Hub and Regional Planning
      0           High Speed Rail Ohio                                                                              McDonald       Tim
                   Dist 12, PID 77331,
      0                                          District 12 Its - Freeway Management System (Mot).                 McDonald       Tim
                      D12 ITS TRAC
                   Dist 13, PID 85697,
      0             CSX Double Stack                         CSX Double Stack Clearance                             McDonald       Tim
                                                                      Submitted Requests - Not Approved

      Dist 13, PID 85569,
                              59 Rural Transit Systems - 210 <30 foot buses (vehicles to replace those
0      Rural Transit 210                                                                                  McDonald    Tim
                                                         beyond useful life)
      Dist 13, PID 85620,
0        Rural Facility                           Rural Facility Engineering Desig                        McDonald    Tim
       Engineering Des
    Dist 13, PID 85425, RJ
                                           RJ Corman Western Ohio Lines Rehabilitation
0   Corman Western Ohio                                                                                   McDonald    Tim
            Ln Reha
      Dist 13, PID 85426,
                                     Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway Akron Subdivision Rehab.
0    Wheeling & Lake Erie                                                                                 McDonald    Tim
            Rail Akro
      Dist 13, PID 85427,
                                     Youngstown & Southeastern Railroad Line Rehabilitation
0   Youngstown/Southeas                                                                                   McDonald    Tim
           tern Rail L
      Dist 13, PID 85428,
                                West Central Ohio Port Authority Line Rehab & Bridge Replacment
0    West Cntrl Ohio Port                                                                                 McDonald    Tim
           Auth Reha
    Dist 13, PID 85429, US
                                            US Rail/City of Jackson Line Rehabilitation
0   Rail/City of Jackson Ln                                                                               McDonald    Tim
                              This project will provide a 1,200 square foot expansion to the existing
        Senior Center
0                               Senior Center for Exercise Equipment and Health Related Support            Wood      Robert
     Dist 13, PID 85620,
                                                 Rural Facility Engineering Design
0       Rural Facility                                                                                    McDonald    Tim
      Engineering Des
     Dist 13, PID 85621,
0        Rural Major                             Rural Major Equipment Purchase                           McDonald    Tim
    Equipment Purchase
      Dist 13, PID 85486,
                                                    Statewide Multimodal Plan
0   Statewide Multimodal                                                                                  McDonald    Tim
                                                                        Submitted Requests - Not Approved

     Dist 12, PID 77331,                District 12 Its - Freeway Management System (Mot).
0                                                                                                             McDonald     Tim
        D12 ITS TRAC
                             Reconstruction of creek road from state route 6 to Ayers Road 2.25 miles -
0    Creek Road Phase 1       this will include clearing of right of way, road ditches, install subdrainage     Gale      Robert
                                              ditches, grade road and install base material
      Dist 13, PID 85430,                           State-owned Panhandle Line
0        State-owned                                                                                          Mcdonald     Tim
        Panhandle Line
      Dist 13, PID 85486,
                                                     Statewide Multimodal Plan
0   Statewide Multimodal                                                                                      McDonald     Tim
     Dist 13, PID 85507,
                                                         Project Plans/Design
0   Project Plans/Design                                                                                      McDonald     Tim

     Dist 13, PID 85507,
                                                         Project Plans/Design
0   Project Plans/Design                                                                                      McDonald     Tim

     Dist 13, PID 85507,
                                                         Project Plans/Design
0   Project Plans/Design                                                                                      McDonald     Tim
      Dist 13, PID 85486,
                                                     Statewide Multimodal Plan
0   Statewide Multimodal                                                                                      McDonald     Tim
    Regional Public Safety
0                                                                                                               Hess     Margaret
       Training Facility
                                                                           Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                 This project is the rehabilitation with the usage of grouting of over 15,000
                                      LF of sanitary sewer including the rehabilitation 60 sanitary sewer
                                    manholes and the installation of 234 chimeny seals in sanitary sewer
                                 manholes. The current age of this infrastructure is several decades old and
                                 has numerous cracks and defects which allow for infiltration and inflow (I
                                 & I) of storm water to enter sanitary sewer pipes and evetually be treated,
            Sanitary Sewer
  0                              unneccesarily, at our Wastewater Treatment Plant. The elimination of I & I     Harless    Tim     tharless@cityofgreenville
         Infiltration & Inflow     during a heavy rainstorm would stop our Wastewater Treatment Plant
                                 from exceeding it's capacity, and causing system backups into homes and
                                     overflows into local ponds and creeks. These occurrences put public
                                 health at risk and violate state and federal enviromental regualtions. Plans
                                  and specifications for this project are prepared and this project could be
                                    ready to go to bid and be completed within 90 days of being funded.

                                   Resurfacing of 8.63 miles of Rural Minor Collector Route. Project will
                                 include placement of 8,900 tons of 448 Asphalt Concrete, Type I, PG64-22
                                            and 1500 tons of 617 Compacted Aggregate berm.
        Fawcett Road, Decatur
Adams    Pike & Conn Hill Road                                                                                   Hook     David
                                     This project will enable Adams County to utilize internal and other
                Resurf             external funds for necessary resurfacing and preservation of it's total
                                   County Highway System. The cost offset would be realized over the
                                                expected 15 year useful life of this project.

                                   Refurbish and reopen neighborhood grocery store/gas station. Would
                                  provide 4-7 jobs in economically challenged appalachian village with very
                                    few similar services provided. Funding would provide opportunity to
Adams       Village Store                                                                                       Johnson   Melody
                                 replace fuel pumps, reroof building, replace flooring, upgrade food service
                                     equipment, reline walk-in cooler, restock shelves, & replace H/VAC
                                       system. All upgrades would be solicited from local businesses.
                                                                           Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                  The North Adams Public Library Capital Project involves the construction
                                 of a new 5,000 sf public library branch to be located adjacent to the North
                                 Adams High School in Seaman, Ohio. This project will provide educational
                                    support, information services, high-speed Internet access, and other
                                  valuable library services to the 6,556 persons (2000 Census) living in that
                                                     underserved area of Adams County.

                                   Adams County has a significant number of the adult population (one-
                                third) without high school diplomas and high unemployment rates (higher
         North Adams Public than state averages). One of every two workers travels more than an hour
Adams                                                                                                           Showalter   Harold
        Library Capital Project     to work and the per capita personal income is well below the state
                                average. Residents are limited in job opportunities by a lack of affordable
                                              broadband service throughout the county.

                                 Expected outcomes of this project include: learners will utilize online
                              educational resources such as Learning Express, parents will participate in
                              programs such as the Ohio Every Child Ready to Read project, workers will
                                utilize egovernment services such as job services, and all residents will
                               benefit from Ohio’s investment in library materials through interlibrary
                                                            loan services.
                                Construction, reconstruction and resurfacing of certain industrial park
Allen   Industrial Park Roads                                                                                    Elstro     Howard
                               Since December 31, 2008, financial cutbacks and lack of funding by the
                                 Allen County Commissioners, six (6) Deputies and five (5) Correction
                                 Officer positions have been eliminated. Projected lack of additional
                              funding in calander year 2009, indicates five (5) additional Deputies and
                               two (2) more Correction Officers will be lost. These initial layoffs have
                                   already caused a shortage of Deputies being able to provide law
        Return employees and enforcement services to the citizens of Allen County and have caused
Allen                                                                                                           EVERETT     JAMES
          maintain positions     serious safety concerns for the remaining Deputies. The shortage of
                             Correction Officers has created a critical lack of personel in the Detention
                                Facility, causing a safety issue for both the inmates and staff. Staffing
                              levels currently are below minimun and are forcing mandated overtime
                               for both Deputies and Correction Officers. This requested funding will
                               allow the retention of seven (7) positions and the return of eleven (11)
                                                       individuals to employemnt.
              Ash Borer              Removal of damaged ash trees and installation of appropriate trees
Allen                                                                                                            Elstro     Howard
             Remediation                            throughout the city urban forest.
                                                                            Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                 Restoration of Main St. bridge deck, Waste Water Treatment Plant bridge,
Allen    Bridge Restoration                                                                                       Elstro   Howard
                                          Bellefontaine structural steel, and culvert replacement.
         General Roadway
Allen                                      General roadway resurfacing with 1.5" of 448 asphalt.                  Elstro   Howard
                                  Allen County Ohio consists of both large urban and rural populations and
                                 has 13 political subdivisions with a total populatin of 106,000. The County
                                   in recent years experienced hugh increases in illegal drug sales and use,
                                  violent crime, and illegal immigration issues. Due to geographic location,
                                   The Joint Systems Manufacturing Center, the multiple bulk oil facilities,
                                 the Husky Refinery, and several chemical producing plants, Allen County is
Allen    COPS Hiring Grant          considered a high rish area by Homeland Security Experts. Funding for        EVERETT   JAMES 
                                 eight (8) additional Deputies would allow for the Sheriff's Office to provide
                                  adequate law enforcement services with one (1) of these Deputies being
                                   assigned as a full time school resource officer and one (1) Deputy being
                                  assigned as a Terrorism Liasion Officer. The other six (6) Deputies will be
                                 assigned in various positions as needed combating the drug, immigration,
                                         and rising criminal activity which the County is encountering.

                               Our program will provide 50,000 families with the opportunity to have a
                                 computer and internet access to assist these low to moderate income
                                 families and their chidren with tools to study. Our program will make
                                  available online tutoring and this study is a requirement with criteria
                                 being met by the students, to receive the computer systems. We will
                                   monitor the childs success weekly and work with their educational
                             institutions to assure that the program is successful and that the youth are
           Closing the Gap
                               actually learning. We will also require that the families have a minimum
Allen      (Computers and                                                                                        Mathews   Josiah
                                number of hours weekly set aside to log into the program together and
          Internet Access to      share in family programming. This part of the program offers family
                               studying, movies, games, parent assisted tutoring, and even library book
                             check-outs. This section of the programming is also manditory for families
                              to qualify and keep in compliance and will be monitored the same as with
                              the children and their schools. We seeks to not only provide families with
                              access, but also to teach them how to utilize this access and how to grow
                              together as a family with it's benefits. We'll teach internet safety as well.
        Lincoln Highway East                        We seek to teach as well as reach.
                             Concrete Joint Repair and Asphalt resurfacing 5 miles from E. Corp. Village
Allen      Joint Repair and                                                                                       Piper    Timothy
                                                  of Cairo to W.Corporation Beaverdam
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

         Elm Street Bridge CR
Allen                                      Concrete bridge deck replacement, 215' length                          Piper    Timothy
        Lincoln Highway Westr
                              Concrete joint repair and asphalt resurfacing 2.4 miles from SR 115 to W.
Allen      Joint Repair and                                                                                       Piper    Timothy
                                                      Corporation limit of Cairo
                                    Replace a one hundred year old water tower. The replacement water
                                   tower will serve an area of Delphos that suffers from low water volume
         Replace water tower                                    and pressure.
Allen                                                                                                            Gregory   Berquist
           erected in 1892

        Erect new water tower Erect a new water tower to serve an area of Delphos that suffers from low
                                                   water volume and pressure.
Allen       to service the                                                                                       Gregory   Berquist
             northeast cor
                                    Replace approximately 1500 linear of sand case water line and replace
         Replace First Street
Allen                                                           with PVC .                                       Gregory   Berquist
             Water Line
                                     The Delphos Water Treatment Plant’s only power supply is the local
            Install a backup        electrical company (AEP). When AEP is down the city cannot produce
Allen      generator for the        water. This project would help protect the city’s ability to provide safe    Gregory   Berquist
                                                               drinking water.
             City’s Water Tr

                                   Install 2700 remote water meters on the city’s residential services. This
         Install remote water     project would cause the installation of remote which will reduce the cost
Allen                                                                                                            Gregory   Berquist
            meter readers                 of collecting the information and billing the city customers.

                               Install approximately 600 linear feet of twelve inch water line. The project
                                   would link two dead end lines into one continuous line. This would
           Water line loop
                                 improve the water quality by increasing the water flow and provide a
Allen   Gressel Drive to Marsh                                                                                   Gregory   Berquist
                                          greater volume of water, needed in the event of a fire.
                                                                           Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                 Install approximately 2800 linear feet of twelve inch water line. The
                              project would link two dead end lines into one continuous line. This would
           Water line loop
                                improve the water quality by increasing the water flow and provide a
Allen   Carolyn Drive to Main                                                                                      Gregory      Berquist
                                         greater volume of water, needed in the event of a fire.

                                 Install approximately 1200 linear feet of twelve inch water line. The
                              project would link two dead end lines into one continuous line. This would
        Water line loop Main    improve the water quality by increasing the water flow and provide a
Allen                                                                                                              Gregory      Berquist
        Street to Hunt Street            greater volume of water, needed in the event of a fire.

                                   This project is the expansion and renovation of an existing fire station
                                     built in 1960 to originally house a volunteer fire department. The
                                      Township's population has grown by nearly 2000 since 1960 to a
                                   community of 10,000 residents. Bath Township is also home to five of
                                  Allen County's ten largest employers, an Ohio State University Regional
                                               Campus, and Allen County's Metro Park District.

                                  Bath Township's fire department has drastically changed since 1960.
                                 Today, the department answers over 1200 calls annually providing fire,
                                EMS, and hazardus material response. The current station is inadiquate to
           FIRE STATION
                                   house personel on duty 24 hours a day. The apparatus room and
Allen     EXPANSION AND                                                                                          Hollenbacher     Roy 
                                  overhead doors are also inadiquate to house modern fire apparatus.
                                   In 2007 the Board of Trustees hired RP Hughes Architects to conduct a
                                 feasibility study for the expansion and renovation of the fire station. The
                                   new facility will include a satilite location for the Allen County Sheriff,
                                   whose Deputies provide police protection to Bath Township. The new
                                facility will also be ADA compliant, follow NFPA standards, greatly improve
                                        energy efficiency and will be a Green LEAD certified building.
                                                                            Submitted Requests - Not Approved

            Radios, Cruiser       Replacement of communication devices, including mobile data terminals,
Allen                                                                                                             Garlock   Greg
             Laptops, etc.               personal radios and base units with interagency capability.
                                       Hire 25 police officers and reestablish neighborhood officers for
Allen            COPs                                                                                             Garlock   Greg
                                                            community policing effort.
                                  Hire ten (10) civilian crime prevention officers to assist in implementation
Allen     Crime Prevention                                                                                        Garlock   Greg
                                                     of proactive crime prevention measure.
                                The Allen County Livestock Pavilion will add needed infrastructure to the
                                Allen County Fairgrounds. The approximately 39,000 square foot building
                                   will allow the fairgrounds to attract livestock oriented events to the
                               fairgounds and area. A feasibility study has shown a need for the structure
                                and the estimated annual income to the fairgrounds is over $100,000.00
        Allen County Livestock
Allen                               with an economic impact to the area in cold dollars of $850,000.00             Begg     Jay
               Pavilion        annually. The construction of this building would add require the addition
                                  of an employee to the fairgrounds staff and help save the jobs of two
                                  present employees. The Livestock Pavilion will also enhance the youth
                                 involvement during the Allen County Fair allowing a weather protected
                                                venue for Jr. Fair Horse and livestock shows.
            Drug/Violence     Multi-dimensional approach in dealing with the community's drug dealers,
Allen                                                                                                             Garlock   Greg
          Reduction Program                     and associated community impacts.
         Lima City of - WWTP Replacement and Upgrade of electrical and critical systems at wastewater
Allen                                                                                                            SEIBERT    DALE
             Headworks                                   treatment plant.
         Lima City of - WWTP
Allen                                  Headworks project at the wastewater treatment plant                       SEIBERT    DALE
         Lima City of - Sewer
Allen        Interceptor                         Replacement of Sewer Interceptor                                SEIBERT    DALE
        Lima City of - Landfill
                                   Capture and transport methane gas to the wastewater treatment plant
Allen    Gas Utilization and                                                                                     SEIBERT    DALE
                                                             from a landfill
          Dist 1, PID 84439,      Repair/Replace Sections Of Deteriorated Median Wall Barrier On Both All
Allen      ALL/HAN 75/68                                      75 And Han 68                                      McDonald   Tim
                                                                        Submitted Requests - Not Approved

         Lima City of - Storm
Allen   Sewer Improvements,               Storm Sewer improvements Black Drive Area of Lima                 SEIBERT    DALE
              Black Dri
                                Shawnee Township is a local Government within Allen County. We
                           operate 24 hour Fire, Rescue, Police and Road Departments and Dispatch.
                            Employing approximately 50 Full-time employees, we serve a community
                              of approximately 12,000. To better serve our residents and industry, a
                             new phone system is necessary. Additional hubs on the existing phone
                               systems are obsolete and parts have become unavailable. Shawnee
                                 Township has phone lines directly connected to our industry for
                           emergency purposes. Industries that we are responsible for include: Husky
Allen                      Refinery, INEOS Chemical Plant (formerly BP) and JSMC (formerly General          VanMeter   Missy
             n Upgrade                                                                                                                         m
                           Dynamics Tank Plant). Response and communications with these facilities
                             are vital to the security of our community, and environment. We are in
                                the process of upgrading our dispatching systems to a CAD system
                              requiring hands-free answering capabilities and compatibility with the
                             phone system. Our project includes the equipment necessary to replace
                              the current system for full and reliable functionality and compatibility.
                            Specifications have been created and a local company will implement the
                            project. The project will improve our service, protection and response to

         Lima City of - Storm
Allen   Sewer Improvements -               Storm Water Improvements - Latham Ave area Lima                  SEIBERT    DALE
              Latham A
         Lima City of - Sewer
Allen   Main Lining and Sewer                 Line Sewer Mainlines and Sewer Lateral Work                   SEIBERT    DALE
                                   An economic development project that seeks to scale up laboratory
         Agile Manufacturing    technologies for solutions to manufacturing challenges. The technologies
Allen                                                                                                        Berger    David
               Initiative         include high velocity metal forming, materials deposition and coatings
                                                   applications, and polymeric tooling.
            Lima City of -
Allen    Upstream Regulator                        Upstream Regulator Improvements                          SEIBERT    DALE
                                                                               Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                   A loan for first phase of building an integrated gasification combined cycle
Allen     IGCC Loan Package            facility with active carbon sequestration for the production of both           Berger    David
                                                   synthetic natural gas and baseload electricity.
            Synthetic Gas               Project financing for installation of a fixed bed gasifier and carbon
Allen                                                                                                                 Berger    David
          Research Center                                  nanofiber production facilities.
             Demolition -
                                       Clean up of urban blight with demolition of 7 commercial and 400
Allen   Commercial/Residenti                                                                                          Odum       Amy
                                                             residential structures.
          Central Business
                                    Restoration of curbs, gutters, sidewalks, streets and traffic signals in the
Allen    District Streetscape                                                                                         Elstro    Howard
                                                            Central Business District.
                                  Environmental Impact Statement for high speed rail line to run from
        EIS for High Speed Rail
Allen                           Chicago to Ft. Wayne, Lima, Columbus and Pittsburgh, as part of the Ohio              Berger    David
                                                                     Hub Plan.
Allen      Rail to IGCC site          Construct rail spur for integrated gasification combined cycle plant.           Berger    David
                                   Provide HVAC & energy conservation related improvements to city-owned
Allen      Energy Upgrades                                                                                            Berger    David
                                    Provide HVAC & energy conservation related improvements to publicly
Allen      Energy Upgrades            owned buildings in the city, e.g., Lima Public Library, Allen County            Berger    David
                                         Museum, Veterans Memorial Civic & Convention Center, etc.
          Municipal Center
Allen   Accessibility & Security             Installation of cameras, magnetic scanner & ADA entry                   Niemeyer    Kirk
                                   Pipe line to transmit steam from gasification facilities to industrial park for
Allen   Steam Line for Energy                                                                                         Berger    David
                                                         secondary uses of excess steam.
           Southside Grade           Underpass construction on Vine St. between Main St. & Central Ave.
Allen                                                                                                                 Elstro    Howard
             Separation                                   (CSXT/NS/Lima Energy).
            Radios, Cruiser        Replacement of communication devices including mobile data terminals,
Allen                                                                                                                Garlock     Greg
          Laptops (REVISED)              personal radios, and base units with interagency capability.
                                        Hire 25 police officers and reestablish neighborhood officers for
Allen            COPs                                                                                                Garlock     Greg
                                                            community policing effort.
                                        Hire 25 police officers and reestablish neighborhood officers for
Allen      COPs (REVISED)                                                                                            Garlock     Greg
                                                            community policing effort.
                                                                            Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                  Replacement of 200,000 square feet of sidewalk and installation of ADA
Allen         Sidewalks                                                                                          Elstro   Howard
         S. Main St. Corridor     Replacement of curbs, sidewalks, brick pavers, drainage structures and
Allen                                                                                                            Elstro   Howard
            Improvements                                         trees.

          Stippich Building       Financing of historic renovation of building to serve as offices in Central
Allen                                                                                                           Odum       Amy
         Historic Renovation                                  Business District.

                             Region of Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Development. An OEPA
                                 review and approval is not required as this is a petitioned drainage
                                   improvement. The Project consists of 12.0 Miles of Open Ditch
            Allen County
                             Reconstruction which shall include Leaving Significant Trees; Flush Cutting
Allen   Commissioners ~ Lost                                                                                    Degen     Douglass
                                Trees on Banks and Flowline; Stump Treatment; Flowline Restoration
          Creek Petitioned      where Necessary; Seeding, Fertilizing, and Mulching Disturbed Areas,
                             Erosion Prevention, and the Establishment of a 25.0’ Permanent Easement
                                                         for Maintenance.
            Lima City of -
Allen      Reservoir, Pump         Construction of an upground reservoir, pump station, and force main          SEIBERT    DALE
         Station, & Force Ma
           Lima City of -         Granular Activated Carbon Filters to help manage taste and odor
Allen   Granulated Activated episodes, to lower total organic carbon which would lower disinfection by-         SEIBERT    DALE
           Carbon Filter                                      products.

                              Region of Commercial, and Residential Re-Development. An OEPA review
                              and approval is not required as this is a petitioned drainage improvement.
            Allen County      Stormwater/ Infiltration & Inflow Elimination. The project includes a new
Allen    Commissioners ~       Culvert Structure, Clearing & Grubbing as Required, 3,700 L.F. Waterway          Degen     Douglass
        Colucci Petitioned Di Reconstruction, 9,300 L.F. Conduit Installation, Pavement Replacement,
                                              Driveway Repair, and Seeding & Mulching.

        Lima City of - Elevated
                                    Elevated Water Storage Tank and Booster Station to enhance water
Allen    Water Storage Tank                                                                                     SEIBERT    DALE
                                                pressure in the south portion of system.
               and Boo
                                                                          Submitted Requests - Not Approved

        Facade Improvements        Grants/loans for improvement of non-design compliant facades and
Allen                                                                                                          Odum       Amy
            on Corridors                           signage; streetscape improvements.

Allen   Bellefontaine Corridor    Installation of decorative lighting, mast arm signals, and landscaping.      Odum       Amy

            Allen County           LMI Neighborhood/ OEPA review and approval not required. (Storm
          Commissioners ~         Sewer/ Infiltration & Inflow Elimination) Project consists of 500 L.F. of
Allen                            Open Ditch re-construction and erosion stablization, 9,000 L.F. of Storm      Degen     Douglass
        Baughman Petitioned
                                               Sewer Conduit ranging in sixe from 15" - 30".

             Allen County         LMI Neighborhood/ OEPA review and approval not required. (Storm
Allen     Commissioners ~         Sewer) Project consist of 700 L.F. of Open Ditch Erosion Stabilization,      Degen     Douglass
        Village of Harrod Pet                   2,500 L.F. of 36" Storm Sewer Conduit.

                                  Construction of bikeways linking the Ottawa River Bikeway to parks &
Allen   Riverwalk Connectors                                                                                   Elstro    Howard
                                OEPA review and approval not required. (Storm Sewer/ Infiltration &
            Allen County
                             Inflow Elimination) The above estimate is based on 3,900 LF of Waterway
Allen   Commissioners ~ W.B.                                                                                   Degen     Douglass
                                   Regrading or Reconstruction, 3400 LF of Storm Sewer Conduit
          Berryman Petitio          Replacement including Catch Basins and Outlet Protection.

                                   OEPA review and approval not required. (Storm Sewer/ Infiltration &
            Allen County         Inflow Elimination) Project shall consist of 750 L.F. of 18” HDPE Conduit'
          Commissioners ~          1,069 L.F. of 30” HDPE Conduit, 606 L.F. 36 “ HDPE Conduit, 1,200 L.F.
Allen                                                                                                          Degen     Douglass
         Welty Improvement          Open Ditch Reconstruction, Catch Basins & Manholes, Road Cut and
                 Pro                        Repairs, and Seeding, Mulching, & Fertilizing.

            Hall of Justice         Renovation of 19,900 sq. ft. of Court and Police Dept. office space
Allen                                                                                                         Niemeyer     Kirk
            Renovations                        including mechanical & electrical systems.
           City Parking Lot      City Parking Lot Improvements w/Storm Water Catchments & Metered
Allen                                                                                                         Niemeyer     Kirk
           Improvements                                Spaces for Electric Hybrids.
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

            Allen County   OEPA review and approval not required. (Storm Sewer) (Primary outlet for
                            Shawnee School) (Storm Sewer/ Infiltration & Inflow Elimination) Project
          Commissioners ~
Allen                      consist of 3,000 L.F. of Storm Sewer Conduit, Open Ditch Stabilization, and             Degen    Douglass
         Shawver & Goddard
                              the replacement two Roadway Structures that are maintained by the
                 Pet                     Village of Ft. Shawnee and Shawnee Townships.

Allen   Riverwalk Landscaping          Landscaping Phase II and Phase IV of the Ottawa River Bikeway.              Elstro   Howard

                                  Restoration of shelter houses, ball diamonds, bike/walk paths, basketball
Allen    Park Improvements                                                                                         Elstro   Howard
                                                       courts and poles, and landscaping.
                                    OEPA review and approval not required. (Storm Sewer& Open Ditch/
            Allen County          Infiltration & Inflow Elimination) Project shall consist of 2,175 L.F. of 10"-
Allen     Commissioners ~                15" Storm Sewer Conduit and 5,000 L.F. of Open Ditch Erosion              Degen    Douglass
        Steinke Petitioned Di

                                     Region of Commercial Development. OEPA review and approval not
            Allen County
                                   required. (Storm Sewer& Open Ditch/ Infiltration & Inflow Elimination)
Allen     Commissioners ~                                                                                          Degen    Douglass
                                  4,600 L.F. of Open Ditch Re-construction and Stabilization. Located in the
        SPEEDCO, Inc. Petitio                Village of Beaverdan and maintained by Allen County

            Eastside Grade       Grade separation with the IORY to link Lima Memorial Health Systems and
Allen                                                                                                              Elstro   Howard
              Separation           St. Rita's Hospital, and provide safe and efficient emergency services.

          Lima Trust Historic       Energy efficient historic renovation of anchor downtown commercial
Allen                                                                                                              Odum      Amy
             Renovation                                            building.

                              Storm Sewer Project. Consists of 3,000 L.F. of Storm Sewer Conduit. The
                                existing storm sewer system is inadequate and/or deteriorated to the
             Allen County     point of not providing an adequate drainage facility for all parcels within
Allen     Commissioners ~          the watershed. The goal shall be to construct a storm sewer to                  Degen    Douglass
        Springhill & Oakwoods accommodate the needs of all parcels in the watershed and place it on a
                                       maintenance program that will eliminate future hazards.
                                                                         Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                  OEPA review and approval not required. (Storm Sewer & Rural Septic
                                 Outlet) Currently there is an existing storm sewer beginning west of the
                                  LaPoint parcel. It flows downstream in an easterly and south easterly
                                                direction to it confluence with Camp Creek.
                                 Reconstruct so that the system can be placed on the County Permanent
            Allen County
                                                           Maintenance Program.
Allen     Commissioners ~                                                                                    Degen    Douglass
                                    Currently Routine Maintenance must be completed by each parcel
        LaPoint Petitioned Di                                       owner.
                                      Benefits: Septic Outlets for Residential Parcels, Main Outlet for
                                  Agricultural Parcels, Storm Sewer Outlet for Commercial. Consists of
                                      1,200 L.F. of Storm Sewer Conduit, and Waterway regrading.

                                Reconstruction of Elm St. from Cable to Woodlawn (4000 l.f.) and Kibby St.
Allen    Arterial Upgrades                                                                                   Elstro   Howard
                                                  from Pine to Leonard Ave. (5000 l.f.).
           Sugar Street
Allen                      Construction of 4000 l.f. of 3-lane roadway with bridge over Ottawa River.        Elstro   Howard
        Comprehensive Bike Construction of bike trails andd paths linking existing trails and paths to
Allen                                                                                                        Elstro   Howard
              Route                          schools, parks and points of interest.

Allen    LED Streetlighting       Retrofit cobra heads and decorative street lights with LED technology.     Elstro   Howard
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                  Replacement of single-span bridge over the Riley Creek that was partially
                                   damaged during August 2007 Flood (FEMA Disaster #1720). Prior to the
                                   flood, the bridge had weight limitations. Following the flood, the bridge
                                  has been ruled unsafe to permit vehicular traffic of any kind. This bridge,
                                  and corresponding roadway, serves as the secondary access to the Village
                                        of Bluffton's Waste Water Treatment Plant, the Village's Service
                                     Department Maintenance Garage, the Village's Public Water System
         Spring Street Bridge         Pumping Station and one elevated storage tank, DTR Industries (the
Allen                                                                                                              Mehaffie   James
            Replacement            Village's largest employer) and residential homes. The primary access to
                                 these facilities lies within the floodplain and was in fact inaccessible during
                                 the August 2007 flood. In addition, the lossof the secondary access to DTR
                                      has resulted in traffic congestion and lost time at shift-change as all
                                 employees are now forced to one point of access. The replacement of this
                                         bridge would provide secondary access to the Village's Critical
                                    Infrastrucure, the Village's largest employer, and Village and Township

                              Replacement of 2,650 linear feet of deteriorating concrete sanitary sewer
                                line. Existing line was installed in 1952 within the floodplain of the Little
                                 Riley Creek. Line is located near the farthest point from the WWTP and
                              greatly reduces the capacity of the sanitary sewer collection system due to
        West Side Interceptor     it's existing condition and the amount of I&I it allows into the system.
Allen      Replacement-       During rain events, and especially when the creek overflows its' banks, this         Mehaffie   James
          Parkview Area        line allows ground water to enter into the collection system and reduces
                               the capacity of the entire system due to its' location at the farthest point
                                 in the system. The project will result in the Village regaining capacity in
                                    the entire collection system and the WWTP and allow the Village to
                                     comply with Ohio EPA and NPDES requirements and regulations.
                                                                            Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                  In 22 Ohio counties, 5+ job seekers will meet once a week for a one hour
                                 session customized to provide the following: proper job search grooming
                                    and attire, resume, reference, and pocket resume completion, how to
                                  obtain and fill out applications, how to cold call employers in person and
                                  by phone, how and when to divulge a disability, accommodations, other
                                  resources to utilize such as the One Stop or VA, practice and mock taped
        Job Search Support
Allen                              interviews, information interviews, and problem solving of common job         Blumhorst   Karen
              Group              search pitfalls. Weekly participant assignments will include: obtaining and
                                    completing applications and employer contacts, effective networking,
                                 reading job search articles, viewing job search audio-visual materials, and
                                    obtaining proper grooming and attire for their job search. Outcomes –
                                   110 people will receive customized job seeking skills help resulting in at
                                                   least half of them obtaining employment.

                               Replacement of approximately 2,000 linear feet of deteriorating concrete
                              sanitary sewer line. The Village has replaced approximately 40% of the line
                               within the past five years. The existing line was installed in the 1950's and
        East Side Interceptor       is largest source of I&I on the Village's East Side Sanitary Sewer
Allen                                                                                                            Mehaffie    James
            Replacement       Interceptor Collection System. The completion of this project would allow
                               the Village to regain capacity in the system that is lost during rain events
                                  which has a negative impact on the Village's WWTP operations and

                                     Complete reconstruction of Harmon Road in the Village of Bluffton.
                                   Project includes the reconstruction of 3,000 linear feet of roadway, the
                                   installation of 6,550 linear feet of concrete curb, 2, 870 square yards of
                                    concrete sidewalk and 6,550 linear feet of storm drain. Harmon Road
                                 serves as the primary access to the Bluffton Hospital, the Bluffton Schools
            Harmon Road           Bus Depot and athletic facilities. The Bluffton Hospital is preparing for a
Allen                                                                                                            Mehaffie    James
           Reconstruction         $10 million expansion project which will result in increased traffic in the
                                  area and especially on Harmon Road. In 2003, the Village reconstructed
                                  the roadway that serves as the secondary access to the hospital and has
                                 upgraded the utilities that serve the area. Additionally, this roadway is the
                                    secondary access to the Bluffton Stone Quarry, which reults in heavy
                                                 trucks traversing the already failing roadway.
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                  Replacement of approximately 5,200 linear feet of water main line on
                                  Jackson Street, Elm Street, Cherry Street and Church Street within the
                               Village of Bluffton. The existing line is a cast-iron pipe that was installed in
                               the 1960's and provides drinking water and fire protection for the Bluffton
                                 Elementary, Bluffton Middle and High Schools as well as three churches
                                and multiple business and residents. The water lines to be replaced have
        Jackson and Elm Street      experienced numerous leaks and main breaks in the past 20-years.
Allen        Water Main         However, within the past four months, these lines have begun to rapidly           Mehaffie   James
             Replacement             deteriorate, resulting in over twenty leaks and main breaks since
                               Novemebr 2008. The condition of these lines jeopardizes the water quality
                               for the recipients and the fire protection for the entire area. The proposed
                               project would replace the deteriorating lines with PVC C-900 DR-18 Water
                                Main line and insure the water quality and fire protection for the schools,
                                    churches, businesses and residents that rely on that portion of the
                                                    Village's water distribution system.

                                  Replacement of 8,700 linear feet of deteriorated sanitary sewer line,
                                  associated appurtenances and WWTP modifications. Village is under
                                 findings and orders from Ohio EPA to complete this project due to I&I
                                  associated with line and negative impact on WWTP equal to a 200%
                              increase in flow into the WWTP during rain events. Existing line is concrete
                                  and was installed in 1952 and is the primary cause of sanitary sewer
        West Side Interceptor
Allen                          overflows due to rain events in the Village. Project is necessary to comply        Mehaffie   James
           Replacement              with Ohio EPA and NPDES requirements. The VIllaeg has recently
                                completed a 30+ year project to separate its' sewers and elminated all
                               Combined Sewer Overflows in 2007. Completion of the project will allow
                               the Village to regain capacity in the sanitary sewer system caused by the
                               condition of the line and bring the Village into compliance with Ohio EPA
                                                         and NPDES regulations.
                                                                           Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                      Utilization of cash to purchase and repair minor issues of existing
                                 foreclosure homes for preapproved fha/rural development buyers. There
                                        are many foreclosures with minor issues preventing fha/rural
                                        development buyers preceeding to purchase due to the banks
                                    unwillingness to work with fha/rural development buyers. Banks dont
                                    want to turn utilities on for inspections, fix broken water lines,fix any
                                  repairs,,,etc. Issues that are required by lending standards to proceed on
Allen     Project Ohio-Gem         the loan. I want to purchase these homes for the buyer, repair minor          York      Diane
                                   repairs and resale to the fha/rural development buyer at the minimum
                                 cost, with very little minimum profit. There are so many buyers that want
                                     to buy these homes, but cant because of minor issues that cant be
                                   overcome and the loan cant proceed. This will in turn get an FHA/Rural
                                 Development buyer into a foreclosure and will in turn get the foreclosured
                                   home generating revenue back into the county and city municipalities.
                                                     The money will be used over and over.

                                  Construction of a park adjacent to Lima Stadium with bike/walk paths and
Allen     Bellefontaine Park                                                                                     Elstro   Howard
           Engineer Building
Allen                         8,800 s.f. expansion for equipment and truck maintenance and storage               Piper    Timothy
          Install geothermal Green Initiative – Install geothermal system to offset the cost of operating
Allen   system for the Water                             Water Treatment Plant.                                 Gregory   Berquist
                                Green Initiative – Install power conditioner on the equipment that has
                                heavy power consumption at the water and waste water plants. Both
            Install Power     plants are equipped with large motor and blowers that rapidly draw large
Allen   Optimizing devices at   amounts of power off the grid. This rapid draw causes spikes in power           Gregory   Berquist
           the Water and                                      consumption.

                              Green Initiative - Convert the current sodium street lights to high efficient
        Convert sodium street                                  LED units.
Allen                                                                                                           Gregory   Berquist
             lights to LED
                                                                            Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                    Currently the Health Department is housed in 4 separate locations in
                                  private buildings, and we are paying out rent amounting to $146,568 per
                                     year. Our desire is to bring our facilities under one roof into a more
                                    convenient and energy efficient county owned building in downtown
                                   Lima. The building is essentially an empty shell and would need floors,
         Health Department
Allen                               walls, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and related upgrading. This project       Rosebrock    David
            Office Space          would allow us to reduce our housing costs significantly to our taxpayers,
                                    and much of funding now used to pay rent could be used to support
                                     public health services. This project would also give a boost to local
                                 construction workers so they have paychecks, and upgrade an old building
                                                               in our downtown.
                                  Green Initiative – Install solar panels to offset the cost of operating the
                                Public Safety Building. The Delphos Public Safety Building was constructed
                                 in 1888. Because of the building’s age it is not very energy efficient. The
        Install Solar Panels at
Allen                             installation of solar panels will supply power during normal operating          Gregory    Berquist
        Public Safety Building hours when the demands on the electrical grid is highest and the cost of
                                                       electricity is also at a premium.

                                 Green Initiative – Install solar panels to offset the cost of operating the
                                 water plant. The Delphos Waste water plant’s annual electrical demand
                                  exceeds $280,000 per year. The installation of solar panels will supply
        Install Solar Panels at
Allen                           power during normal operating hours when the demands on the electrical            Gregory    Berquist
             Water Plant              grid is highest and the cost of electricity is also at a premium.

                                      The Jr. Fair Science and Exposition Building is a 25,000 square foot
                                  building proposed to be constructed on the Allen County Fairgrounds. The
                                   building will allow the Allen County Fairgrounds to continue to serve the
                                  community as a place of assembly, youth education and offer a source of
                                   income for rental to commercial interests bringing needed business and
         Jr. Fair Science and
Allen                              visitors to Allen County. It is estimated that construction of the building     Begg        Jay
         Exposition Building        will add one job to the workforce at the Allen County Fairgrounds and
                                    enable two others to be saved. Feasibility studies show income to the
                                        Fairgrounds with construction of this building of approximately
                                  $100,000.00 and economic impact to the community of over 1,000,000.00
                                                                            Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                     This project includes the realignment of a busy intersection for safety
                                   purposes and improved traffic flow to three of the city’s major employers.
              George Road
Ashland                             We estimated approximately 10 construction jobs will be created by this     Paxton   Larry
                                     project, with the potential of retaining several hundred jobs from the
                                                      employers located at those facilities.

          Dist 3, PID 85701, ASD
Ashland                                    Purchase of one modified minivan for the City of Ashland             Harris   Brett
             Purchase 1 MMV

          Dist 3, PID 85702, ASD
Ashland                                          Purchase 1 computer for the City of Ashland                    Harris   Brett
          Purchase 1 computer
                                This project will construct 250 linear feet of new 10" waterline including
                               90 linear feet by boring and jacking with a 24" steel casing pipe under U.S.
                                Rt 42, to provide additional supply of fresh water to a major corridor in
Ashland   Davis Road Waterline                                    the city.                                     Paxton   Larry
                                 We estimated approximately 5 construction jobs will be created by this
                                 project, with the potential of retaining several hundred jobs from the
                                                   employers located along this corridor.
          Dist 4, PID 85704, ATB
                                       Purchase 1 LTV, 2 bike racks, and a farebox for the City of Athens
Ashland     Purchase copier/5                                                                                   Harris   Brett
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                    The Pathway Pedestrian Bridge will connect our Village with an existing
                                  bike path (2008) and connect 2 Village Parks by spanning the Black Fork of
                                   the Mohican River. THe bike path runs from the Village's Wally Road Park
                                      south to Mohican State Park. The bridge and bike path will provide
                                   alternate, recreational transportating (hiking & biking) to our downtown.
                                    Much of our economy depends upon visitors to the Mohican State Park
                                    and local camping and canoeing facilities. THe heavily used Village parks
             Pathway Bridge           patrons will be able to walk t and fromrest room facilities located in
Ashland                                                                                                           Webster   Judith
                 Project          Riverside Park only and ball and soccer fields, rather than drive thru town
                                         from park to park. Our bike path was build by a public/private
                                    partnership and completed in 2008. The bridge structure is an essential
                                  component of the pathway since it provides the connection over the Black
                                    Fork River to the Village and the Village Park facilities. These parks both
                                     contain baseball and soccer fields, which experience heavy use during
                                    spring, summer and fall seasons, but only the Riverside Park has picnic,
                                                 playground, concession and rest room facilities.

                                The goal of this project to show Ohioans how to live within their means. A
                                  big part of what got us into the mess we are into today, is the fact that
                                  many Americans have been living on borrowed money. The goal of my
                                 company is to educate those with personal finance, supplying materials,
                                  and software at a minimum cost. This would allow people to pay down
          Educating Ohioians in     their debt, know where every penny is spent, make good financial
Ashland                                                                                                            Lacey    Kevin
            Personal Finance     decisions, and make a strong foundation for Ohio. The classes would be
                                  taught by a certified business teacher that could be expanded to all 88
                                   counties, with a test run in my local counties of Ashland, Huron, and
                                 Richland. I am currently enrolled int the Masters of Business program at
                                Ashland University and my wife is currently a personal finance teacher at
                                                         South Central High School.
                                                                            Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                               Project will consist of reconstructing approximately 2.75 miles of township
                               roadway, in order to remove weak points, upgrade existing culverts and to
                                expand the roadway to 18 feet of pavement surface. Roadway is home to
           Township Road 791 and serves the two (2) largest businesses in our township. Project will also
Ashland   Base Reconstruction & support current and future service levels. Project consists of grading of         Beebe     Jeffrey
               Widening P       shoulders, ditching, mailbox relocation, pulvamix of existing road & base,
                                  adding 6" base to increase roadway width, utilizing primer and seal on
                                 roadway, and replacing culvert pipes with type D conduit. Project useful
                                                               life is 20 years.
          Dist 3, PID 18221, ASD
Ashland                                                      Bridge Rehabilitation                               McDonald    Tim
              US 0042 03.57
          Dist 3, PID 19571, ASD
Ashland                                                       Bridge Replacement                                 McDonald    Tim
              SR 0302 00.89
              Bus Garage       Expand existing school bus garage to include 2 additional bays including 1
Ashland                                                                                                           Cluse     Derek
          Renovation/Expansion    repair bay and 1 wash bay. Also add section for road salt storage.

                                   Replace visitor bleachers at Ashland Community Stadium that are unsafe
           Ashland Community
Ashland                            with new aluminum bleachers with seating capacity of 1,000. Renovate           Cluse     Derek
           Stadium Renovation                              existing concession stand.

                                    Improvements to an existing lift station located along U.S. Route 250 will
                                    improve the inadequate wastewater conveyance to the eastern corridor
                                   of the City of Ashland, servicing Wil Research Laboratory, one of the major
                                                              employers of the city.

                                     The proposed wet weather peak flow tributary to the pumping station
          Wil Research Pumping
Ashland                                  will be increased to 897gpm and include the installation of flow         Paxton    Larry
          Station Improvements        monitoring equipment. The new pumping station will eliminate the
                                    difficult and potentially dangerous entry to the 30 feet deep wet well by
                                   reconfiguring it with a suction lift pumping arrangement bring the pumps
                                     above grade in a prefabricated structure and will include the electrical
                                         infrastructure to add an emergency generator at a later date.
                                                                              Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                      Resurfacing of 0.90 mile section of a Rural Major Collector Route and a
                                       4.38 mile section of a Rural Minor Collector (on FASS, January, 1991).
                                     Project includes placement of 5,500 tons of 448 Asphalt Concrete, Type I,
                                            PG64-22 and 1000 tons of 617 Compacted Aggregate berm.
           Lloyd and Blue Creek
Ashland                                                                                                            Hook      David
             Road Resurfacing           The project will enable Adams County to utilize internal and other
                                      external funds for necessary resurfacing and preservation of it's total
                                    County Highway System (380 miles). This cost ofset woul be realized over
                                                 the estimated 15 year useful life of this project.

          Dist 3, PID 19601, ASD
Ashland                                                        Bridge Replacement                                 McDonald   Tim
              SR 0089 02.94
            Dist 3, PID 85417,
                                                  Ashland Railway W. Salem Line Improvements
Ashland   Ashland Rail W Salem                                                                                    McDonald   Tim
                Line Impro
                                       Provide new mateiral handling capabilities in order to improve plant
Ashland     Material Handling                                                                                     Valentin   Marc
                                                          efficiency and throughput.

                                This project is for the installation of 3,600 lineal feet of 12” sanitary sewer
          Jamison Creek Sanitary main trunk line. The new sewer main is designed to replace an older
                                      deteriorating service line currently being used as a trunk line.
Ashland        Sewer Line                                                                                          Paxton    Larry
                                  The new trunk line will improve the capacity of the east corridor of the
             Improvements            city as well as the southern part of the city by reducing backups.

                                       Upgrade of existing trickling filter tank equipment VFD modifications
            Trickling Filter Tank
                                                        located at the Waste Water Plant.
Ashland      VFD Modification                                                                                      Paxton    Larry
                                       This will improve the efficiencies and capacity of the treatment plant.
                                                                            Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                    The Restroom Building will be 32 feet by 56 feet, constructed of cement
                                    block with a metal roof. There will be a covered rest area, storage area,
                                   restroom area for men and women including handicapped availability and
                                      a baby changing station in each. There are no public restrooms in the
            Restroom Building
Ashland                                  Village of Loudonville. The Loudonville Free Street Fair brings in     Reynolds   Virginia
                 Project                  thousands of fairgoers during the annual Fair. This is a tourist
                                     commmunity and many events take place throughout the year. Public
                                     restrooms will encourage bus tours to the area. This will provide more
                                          financial stability to the businesses and the entire community.
                               This project includes the construction of a new one million gallon elevated
                               water tower. This tank will be located adjacent to the city’s industrial park
            One Million Gallon  and will provide increased water pressurize to the community as well as
Ashland                        the industrial park. We estimated approximately 40 job will be created by         Paxton     Larry
          Elevated Water Tower
                                   this project, with the potential of adding additional businesses and
                                  employment to our industrial park by providing a adequate supply of
                                   This project includes constructing additional roadways and utilities
                                      infrastructure into the city’s industrial park. The project adds
              Industrial Park
                                approximately 3/4 miles of road frontage and several developable shovel
Ashland     Roadway & Utility                                                                                    Paxton     Larry
                                      ready industrial and business sites to our park. We estimated
              Infrastructure   approximately 20 job could be created during the construction phase with
                                       another 50 being created with the increased industrial base.

                                        The Loudonville Agricultural Society, Inc. has entered into a Lease
                                   Agreement with option to purchase property located at 165 North Water
                                     Street, Loudonville, Ohio. There are two lots - No. 1 has 8507 finished
                                     square feet and No.2 has920 finished square feet. Proposed purchase
                                    price is $125,000.00 with the following major improvements: replacing
            Purchase of Hans
Ashland                                the roof, new heating, electrical upgrade, new lighting fixtures and     Reynolds   Virginia
                                    insulating the building. Approximate total cost to the Society including
                                   purchase price and improvements will be $175,000.00. The building will
                                    be used to display agriculture, horticulture, art,, photography, culinary
                                    and other displays during the annual Fair. Off season events will be held
                                   to promote the Loudonville Free Street Fair andthe Village of Loudonville

          Dist 3, PID 18221, ASD
Ashland                                                      Bridge Rehabilitation                              McDonald     Tim
              US 0042 03.57
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

          Dist 3, PID 19601, ASD
Ashland                                                   Bridge Replacement                                      McDonald    Tim
              SR 0089 02.94
          Dist 3, PID 19571, ASD
Ashland                                                   Bridge Replacement                                      McDonald    Tim
              SR 0302 00.89
            Hot Mix Paving in    Pave approximately 30 miles of roads maintained by the Ashland County
Ashland                                                                                                            Schaly    Rebecca
             Ashland County                          Engineer with hot mix asphalt.
                                  The village is under final findings and orders from the Ohio EPA to install a
                                   wastewater treatment system to include : [Floyd Brown Eng. estimates]

                                                               52 48" manholes
                                                             17,095 LF of 8" pipe
                                                                  150 8" wyes
                                                              4,209 LF of 6" pipe
                                                          1,161 LF of 2" force mains
                                                                 50 LF of bores
                                                         Duplex Package Lift Station
                                                        Pump Station at package plant
                                                                Maint. of traffic
                                                      Permanent sedding and mulching
              Waste Water                                       Erosion control
Ashland                                                        Site mobilization                                   Goon      James
            Treatment System
                                                                   Site work
                                                     Package wastewater treatment plant
                                                                  Filter media
                                                           Secondary power source
                                                              Basic eng. services
                                                            Additonal eng. services
                                                       Acquisition expenses-easements
                                                          Permits, advertising, legal
                                                      Construction contingencies [10%]

                                   An income survey was conducted RCAP, [ Regional Community Assitance
                                  Programs] that placed the village MHI at $35,000. This qualifies the village
                                  in a low to moderate income group. We are seeking additonal funding to
                                                                                Submitted Requests - Not Approved

              Cold Mix Paving in       Pave approximately 30 miles of road maintained by the Ashland County
Ashland                                                                                                               Schaly     Rebecca
               Ashland County                             Engineer with cold mix asphalt

            Guardrail Installation      Install approximately 13 miles of new guardrail at critical points along
Ashland                                                                                                               Schaly     Rebecca
             in Ashland County           Ashland County roads as recommended by a hazard analysis study.

              Widening Ashland        Widen approximately 15 miles of county roads in Ashland County bringing
Ashland                                                                                                               Schaly     Rebecca
               County Roads                   their lane widths into compliance with ODOT standards.

            Bridge Replacements           Replace three bridges in Ashland County with structures that are
Ashland                                                                                                               Schaly     Rebecca
             in Ashland County           recomended width and will carry loads 150% of the legal load limit.

             West Avenue Bridge           Rehabilitation of a second bridge located under the West Avenue
Ashtabula                                                                                                           Cantagallo   Anthony
               Rehabilitation                          Overpass(intersects with W38th Street)

                                    This project will include the replavement of an existing failing arc culvert
            Chestnut Street Bridge and repaving of this improtant arterial street. It is one of only thow norht-
Ashtabula                          south connections between US Route 20 and State Route 84 west of State            Pearson     James
            Repairs and Repaving
                                     Toute 534 and is therefore a critical connection for routine traffic and
                                                                emergency vehicles.
                                      Much of Cowles Creek in the heart Of the City has been channelized with
                                       concrete walls and paved inverts, These structures are now failing and
                                      contributing to the extensive flooding that the City has experienced over
                                      the last several years. In 2006, the City experinced so much damage due
             Cowles Creek Storm
Ashtabula                                  to the flooding that there was a Presidential Declaration for this        Pearson     James
               Sewer Repairs              occurance, which offered the community much needed assistance
                                       through FEMA. This project will eliminate this channelization wherever
                                          possible to restore as much floodplain as possible. Where it is not
                                       possible to remove the channel walls, they will be repaired or replaced.

                                   The City of Geneva's industrial area including our most recent industrial
              North Eagle Street   park, the Eagle Industrial Park is located directly off North Eagle Street.
Ashtabula        Paving and         The road was constructed in the 1960's of concrete and is in very poor           Pearson     James
               Reconstruction     condition, This street is a feeder off of Ud 20 which is heavily traveled by
                                                                  large trucks.
                                   The project consists of repaving, base repair and necessary storm water
            Sherman Street Paving and drainage installation. Sherman Street is an important arterial street
Ashtabula                                                                                                            Pearson     James
             and Reconstruction which feeds a substantial amount of traffic from our southern corporate
                                                      limits into our downtown district.
                                                                                 Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                           This project includes replacement of an existing undersized (1-inch
                                       diameter) badly corroded water main, repairs to the sanitary sewer, and
                                        resurfacing of the street. The water Main is only marginally capable of
                                        provinding normal domestic flows and is incapable of providing any fire
                                        flow. This project will also provide a loop in the water system between
               Van Epps Street
Ashtabula                                  East Main Street and Eastwood Street. The sanitary sewer is badly          Pearson   James
                                      infiltrated with tree roots. The sewer is only four (4) feet deep, but serves
                                      a large tributary area of higher elevation. If these roots cause a blockage,
                                       a sewage overflow will immediately flood the basements of two adjacent
                                          residential homes and also drain directly into Cowles Creek from the
                                                          shallow manhole adjacent to the creek.

                                   This project is replacement of an existing water main along SR 84 inside
                                   the coporate limits east of SR 534. This is a primary transmission main
                                 through the City, conveying water from the source of supply in Ashtabula
                 Water Main
                                 City to the two (2) million gallon Harpersfield Reservoir on the City's south
Ashtabula   replacement of State                                                                                      Pearson   James
                                 limits. This main has been subject to numerous recent breaks. Breaks on
                  Route 84          this line pose a threat to public health and safety because they could
                                 result in the draining of the Reservoir and corresponding depressurization
                                                           of the distribution system.
                                      This project incolves the replacement and relocation of the extisting
             Water Street Water        waterline. Poetions of this main have become exposed because of
Ashtabula                                                                                                             Pearson   James
                Line Repair         erosion. This waterline serves a significant portion of the City's Industrial
                                   The City of Geneva's Wastewater Treatment collection system experiences
                                    high flows during wet-weather periods. Such high flows have resulted in
                                      sewage overflows from the wastewater treatment plant in to Cowles
Ashtabula     Treatment Plant                                                                                         Pearson   James
                                    Creek eighteen (18) times in the past twelve (12) years. This project will
            Equalization Basin and control such overflows through the construction of an equalization basin
                                                    and associated headwork's improvements.
              City of Conneaut -
Ashtabula                                              Project involves sewer repairs and lining                      Pierce    Craig
             2008 Sewer Repairs
              City of Conneaut -       Existing aerial sewer is in excess of 50-years old and is in poor structural
Ashtabula                                                                                                             Pierce    Craig
             Aerial Sewer Repairs                                       condition
                                                                                   Submitted Requests - Not Approved

              City of Conneaut -
                                 Existing screening and grit removal facilities are in excess of 50-years old
Ashtabula        Wastewater                                                                                                 Pierce      Craig
                                                      and do not perform efficientyl
            Treatment Plant Head
              City of Conneaut -
Ashtabula        2009 Sewer                              Project involves sewer repairs and lining                          Pierce      Craig
              City of Conneaut -
                                         Project involves replacement of failing control building at a sewage lift
Ashtabula    Gateway Lift Station                                                                                           Pierce      Craig
                  Building R
              City of Conneaut -
Ashtabula        Wastewater                            Improvements to eliminate gaseous chlorine                           Pierce      Craig
             Treatment Plant Disi

                                        The purpose of the funds is to resurface and improve middle road. THis
               MIDDLE ROAD
                                         area isheavil traveled due to it being located in a major manufacturing
Ashtabula     RESUFACING AND                                                                                              Whitmire      Ryan
                                       location. Currently, two-thirds of the road is 18' feet wide. The goal is to
                 WIDENING                     widen the road to 22' so it would provide a much safer road.
                                       This is a sanitary sewr project for seven reidents in the City that presently
            Ohio Avenue Sanitary           don't have access to the sanitary sewer system. they are currentyl
Ashtabula                                                                                                                 Cantagallo   Anthony
            Sewer Improvements           dsiscahrging their wastewater to a side ditch. this is avery bad health
                                        The Ashtabula's existing Wasterwater Treatment Plant has a Chemical
                 Wastewater              Feed Building. It is in very bad condition and is a health hazard to its
               Treatment Plant           employees.This is where the Phosphorus Removal Chemical and De-
Ashtabula                                                                                                                 Cantagallo   Anthony
                Chemical Feed          Chlorination Chemicals are added to the Wastewater. This is required by
                   Building             their NPDES Permit. In order to make this a safe environment for thier
                                                  emplotees to workin , this building has to be upgraded.

                                       This is an existing major sanitary interceptor in their collection system .It is
            W 30th Street Relining in major need of repair. There is a section of this interceptor that is 1,600
Ashtabula                                                                                                                 Cantagallo   Anthony
                   Project         lf that no longer has an invert in its pipe. The solution is to install a inliner
                                                and repiar this section of the sanitary seewer interceptor.
                                                                                Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                   this is a major pump station in Ashtabula's Sanitary sewer Collection
                               System. It has a major problem with overflows. When it rains the incoming
            Carpenter Road Pump sewerage is much greater than the capacity of its pumps. Therefore, it
Ashtabula                                                                                                            Cantagallo   Anthony
                  Station         overflows into a receiving stream. The elimination of this overflow is a
                                requirement of their NPDES Permit. The upgarding of this pump station is
                                      a necessary improvment for thier compliance with this permit.

                                      We are a Small roofing company in business for 30 years. Since no one is
                                      building or buying houses our work has just about stopped. If we can get
               Roofing in Rural      some stimulus start up money we will be able to pay for shingles and start
Ashtabula                                                                                                            Manning       Sheila
                  Counties                 bidding on re-roofs in the rurals areas in Ashtabula County and
                                       surrounding areas.We need to be able to order for jobs which entails
                                               shingles, ridge vents, felt, metal, weathershield, vents.

            South Chestnut - East The project includes the construction of a gravity sanitary sewer extending
                                   from East Mulberry Street South along South Chestnut Street to Goodale
Ashtabula    Mulberry Sanitary                                                                                         FInger      Terry
                                    Road and extending from Chestnut Street along East Mulberry Street to
                 Sewer Ext
                                                            Lenox-New Lyme Road
                                   Construction of five (5) stationary generators at five (5) of the existing
                                  booster stations in the Ashtabula County Water System. Currently, back
                                    up power to these stations is provided by pricately owned portable
                Water System           generators. In 2010, these services will no longer be available.
Ashtabula                                                                                                             Meaney       Larry
            Stationary Generators Generators must be available during frequent power outages to continue
                                     to supply water to a population served in excess of 13,500. These
                                    customers include but are not limited to: hospitals, schools, nursing
                                      homes, industry, various commercial businesses and residential.
                                     This project will include permanent improvements to the existing Roaming
                                        Shores WWTP that will allow for dewatering of digested bio-solids. The
                                     dewatering method is the use of geotextile fabric drainage bags which are
                                       installed inside steel roll off container boxes. The liquid digested sludge
                                     will be conditioned with a liquid emulsion polymer prior to being pumped
                Waste Water
                                      into the containment bag for dewatering with the filtrate being returned
Ashtabula      Treatment Plant                                                                                        Moses       Leeann
                                         to WWTP for treatment. When the container is full the sludge will be
             Sludge De-Watering                         transported to a landfill for final disposal.

                                      To upgrade and make the necessary improvements to Roaming Shores
                                      Waste Water Treatment Plant for the treatment of digested sludge bio-
                                                                               Submitted Requests - Not Approved

            WWTP Retaining Wall The project includes the construction of a retaining wall near the Jefferson
Ashtabula                        Village waste water treatment plant to prevent erosion near the aeration           FInger         Terry
                                  The project includes the paving of an asphalt concrete surface course and
            West Mulberry Street the construction of a sidewalk along West Mulberry Street with the Village
Ashtabula                                                                                                           Finger         Terry
                  Phase 2        of Jefferson. Mulberry Street is the main route to the new Jefferson Areas
                                                               School Campus.
            Walnut, Susan, & Satin      The project includes the asphalt concrete resurfacing of East Walnut
Ashtabula                                                                                                           Finger         Terry
                Resurfacing               Street, West Walnut Street, Susan Drive, and West Satin Street
                                    The project includes road construction along an un-improved section of
            Sycamore Street Truck Sycamore Street within the Village of Jefferson. The project includes the
Ashtabula                          construction of a road, an embankment, and a bridge to allow truck traffic       Finger         Terry
                                     to by-pass the commercial center of the Village and remain within the
                                                                  industrial zone.
                                       This project includes the replacement of the failing existing dual 9'
             Poplar Street Culvert
Ashtabula                          corrugated metal pipe culverts beneath Poplar Street within the Village of       Finger         Terry
                                     The improvement of the main corridor through the Village of Jefferson by
                                           the implementation of safety enhancements for non-motorized
                                        transportation, the replacement of crumbling cement sidewalks with
                                      antique-style exposed aggregate walkways, the replacement of deficient
              Chestnut Corridor
Ashtabula                            sidewalk/street lighting with antique-style poles and modern fixtures, the     Finger         Terrry
                Streetscape            replacement of malfunctioning and inefficient suspended traffic signals
                                       with mast arm units, the relocation of overhead power and utility lines
                                     underground conduit, the consolidation of existing street signage, and the
                                      development and installation of historic signs regarding jefferson Village.

                                        Specific purpose of the funds. Please include a detailed breakdown:
Ashtabula    Storm Water Drains                                                                                     Bottoms   Lawrence (Larry)
                                       Replacement of aging , non-functional, storm drains and catch basins.

                                     The project includes the construction of a gravity sanitary sewer extending
            North Chestnut Street
Ashtabula                         from Liden Street north 2350 feet along North Chestnut Street (SR46) to           Finger         Terry
             Sanitary Sewer Ext
                                                       Jefferson Village's northern boundary.
                                                                                Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                     The project consists of building a new Municipal Complex for the Village of
                                      Roaming Shores. It will be approximately a 3,800 square foot single story
                                       structure with a walk-out basement. The administrative offices will be
                                        located on the main floor as well as a large meeting room to conduct
              Roaming Shores
Ashtabula                              public meetings. The lower level will primarily dedicated to the Police        Moses        Leeann S.
             Municipal Complex        Department with additional space for expansion which could serve as an
                                         emergency shelter in times of need. The complex will address basic
                                     aesthetic issues, site concerns and flexibility to adapt to future change for
                                                       the residents of Roaming Shores Village.
                                      Resurfacing of streets that include Leffingwell Drive, Chaffee Drive, Eddy
            Paving of Streets and
Ashtabula                               Court, Jordan Court, Chaffee Court and Parking Lots, to pave rebuild         Bottoms    Lawrence (Larry)
                Parking Lots
                                                               streets and parking lots.
                                     Construction of approx. 1500 lf of new waterline. This project will provide
              Lenox Lyme Road           service to approx. 20 properties. The existing homes in this area are
Ashtabula                                                                                                            Meaney          Larry
             Waterline Extension       currently served by private well supply. The current supply of water is
                                         poor in quality and poses a possible general public health concern.

            Jeffersonsian Estates      The project includes the construction of a sanitary sewer flow monitor
Ashtabula                                                                                                             Finger         Terry
            Sewer Flow Monitor                    station near the Jeffersonian Estates allotment.

                                   The Ohio EPA has mandated the construction of approximately 8500 lf of
                                   sanitary sewer collection ststem and pumping station in Austinburg Twp.
            SR 45/SR 307 Sanitary This project will provide public saniary sewer to approx. 100 properties.
Ashtabula                                                                                                            Meaney          Larry
            Sewer Improvements        The existing homes in this area are currently served by private septic
                                    systems. Many of these systems hace been determined to be in failure,
                                                          hence the Ohio EPA action.
            Dist 4, PID 84417, ATB                                 Resurfacing
Ashtabula                                                                                                            McDonald         Tim
               US 0020 13.72
             Andover Township          The Andover Township Park needs eight (8) new street lights and new
Ashtabula                                                                                                              Rose         Charles
                   Park                                              sidewalks.
                                      The resurfacing of 2.28 miles of Ayers Road with two inches (2") of cold
Ashtabula        Ayers Road                                                                                            Rose         Charles
                                     The resurfacing of 1.54 miles of Fenkell Road with two inches (2") of cold
Ashtabula        Fenkell Road                                                                                          Rose         Charles
                                      The resurfacing of 3.6 miles of Gibbs Road with ttwo inches (2") of cold
Ashtabula        Gibbs Road                                                                                            Rose         Charles
                                     The resurfacing of 1.54 miles of Marvin Road with two inches (2") of cold
Ashtabula        Marvin Road                                                                                           Rose         Charles
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                    The resurfacing of .89 miles of Tuckahoe Drive with two inches (2") of cold
Ashtabula      Tuckahoe Drive                                                                                      Rose      Charles
            Depot, Morley, Ohio
                                      The resufracing of the roadway and replacement of the deteriorated
Ashtabula    and Station water                                                                                     Dibell      Joe
                                    water mains on Depot and Station Streets and Morley and Ohio Avenues.
               main and pav
                                        The project would include builiding at least 220 feet of roadway and
               I-90 and SR 45         create a ROW for truck traffic. It would also widen the roadway within
Ashtabula         Corridor                  existing 66 lf ROW including curbs, gutters, grading and other        Dispenza    Albert
               Improvements         improvements. These improvements will help make a congested corridor
                                                                   safer for everyone.
                                    This 35,000 lf waterline extension improvement project will provide public
                                       water supply to the Ashtabula County Airport and over 200 properties
              Ashtabula County           along the route of service. This service area is currently supplied by
Ashtabula     Airport Waterline       private wells. These wells are low producing, shallow in nature are are     Meaney      Larry
                                        susceptible to surface water bacteria related pollutants. This current
                                         supply of water places severe limits on current and future economic
                                       development opportunities at the County Airport and the surrounding
                                    Replace existing docks with new floating docks. The exisitng docks are are
            Lagoon Marina Dock           over 40 years old, are not handicapped accessible ADA, and require
Ashtabula                                                                                                          Bruce     Chapman
               Replacement            extense amounts of maintenence by the Port Authority to keep them in
                                        The replacement of 10 existing generators and one new generator at
                                    existing pump stations in the Ash. Cty. Sanitary Sewer Collection Systems.
                                      This project will replace old (25+yrs) and undependable generators that
                 Generator                  are critical to County wastewater operations. At times during
Ashtabula       Replacement         interruptions in power, untreated wastewater has backed up into private       Meaney      Larry
               Improvements              properties creating personal property damage and potential health
                                          concerns. Once in place, these new generators will eliminate this
                                     interruption of service to over 3,000 customers and permit the county to
                                                               better serve future growth.

                                  Replacement of approx. 9500 lf of 1950's cast iron waterline which is
                                  susceptible to breaks, causing disruption of service, boil orders and a
            Geneva/Harpersfield  general public health and safety concern.This project also includes the
Ashtabula                                                                                                         Meany       Larry
            Water Improvements total replacement of a water system booster station. The existing station
                                no longer has the ability to provide fire protection to the City of Geneva
                                                    and the surrounding service area.
                                                                                Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                       Replacement of the exisitng deteriorated bridge with 210' of 16'x10' box
               Austinburg Road    culvert. The old bridge once spanned an active rail line. The rail line is
Ashtabula                                                                                                            Martin   Timothy
             Bridge Replacement now part of the County's park system and the box culvert would serve as a
                                                            tunnel for the trail.
                                     Replacement of existing ford with 220' multispan box beam bridge
             Hadlock Road Bridge
Ashtabula                        (abutments with guardrail and walkway) and road realignment to improve              Martin   Timothy
            and Road Realignment                     steep grades and sharp curves.

              Liberty, Station &       The project includes the reconstruction of Liberty Street, Station Street
Ashtabula                                                                                                            Martin   Beverly
            Willow Reconstruction                and Willow Street within the Village of Rock Creek.

             Horton Road Bridge        Replacement of the existing Steel Truss bridge over the Ashtabula River
Ashtabula     Replacement and          with new 135' span of Galvanixed Steel Truss with Timber Decking, and         Martin   Timothy
              Road Realignmen               road realignment io improve steep grades and sharp curves.

                                  Installation of utilities (water, sewer, gas, electric) along Naylor Boulevard
                                 to facilitate commercial development in the area. Construction of seasonal
            Naylor Boulevard Area rental cabins on the North side of Naylor Boulevard near its west end.
Ashtabula                                                                                                            Bruce    Chapman
               Improvements        Construction of a boardwalk along the north side of Naylor Boulevard to
                                    connect with the existing Township Park boardwalk to the west and to
                                                              Public Dock to the East.
                                      The project includes rehabilitation of the Iron Thru Truss Bridge located at
Ashtabula      Cemetery Bridge                                                                                       Martin   Beverly
                                                  one of the entrances of the Rock Creek Cemetery.
            Pymatuning Lake Road The project would widen the 12.5 mile section of existing substandard
Ashtabula     Realignment and    roadway to current highway standards as well as improve horizontal and              Martin   Timothy
                 widening                            vertical sight distance hazards.
                                      The project will consist of grinding and resurfacing latimer Avenue, Blair
            Latimer, Blair, E 30th    Avenue, East 30th Street and East 32nd Street. It is one alotment where
Ashtabula   and E32nd Allotment         the street are all tied together. After grinding the streets we want to      Bond       Jeff
                  Grindin             provide three inches (3") of 404 asphalt; which includes the base and top
                                           coat. The total length of the project will be about one (1) mile.
                                                                               Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                     Construct the northern most leg of the Freat Ohio Lake to River Greenway
                                      bike path from West 52nd Street tot he shores of lake Erie. The 4.5 mile
                                     long non-motorized transprotation route eill feature a rapid fire succesion
Ashtabula      Northshore Trail                                                                                     Cantagallo   Anthony
                                     of destimation that will represent the cer best of Ohio. There will be three
                                     (3) detailed trail heads, authentic 110" timber covered bridge, seven span
                                        steel girder covered bridge, observation decks, and a public restroom.
              Forman Rd/Mills,
                                          Roadway widening, base addition and drainage to Forman Road.
Ashtabula   Betts, Chestnut, Maple                                                                                   Schaab      Barbara
                                         Restoration and grading to Mill, Betts, Chestnut, and Maple Roads.
                  Rd. Improv
             Sandbar Access and       Provide access to the unique habitat of the sandbar in Conneaut Harbor.
                                     The proposed roadway will provide vehicular access and parking to allow
Ashtabula    Canoe/Kayak Launch                                                                                       Bruce      Chapman
                                       the public to experience the sandbar either on foot via hiking trails, or
                                                           from the water in canoes/kayaks.
                                        Widening of roadway to O.D.O.T. standards of 20 feet. Relocations of
              Padanarum Road         drainage ditches. Installation of under drains, line of sight improvements,
Ashtabula                                                                                                            Russell     Robert
               Improvement              repaving roadway, removal of numerous trees from road right a way
                                                                  culvert replacements.
                                     The Walnut Beach Lakefront Trail will provide public access alongside the
                                     existing Lake Erie breakwall out to the Ashtabula Harbor Light House. The
                Walnut Beach         proposed trail will be approximately 7,000 feet in length and nine (9) feet
Ashtabula                                                                                                           Cantagallo   Anthony
                Lakefront Trail           wide, linking the existing Walnut Beach Park and light house. The
                                      proposed precast concrete Lakefront Trail will be constructed a few feet
                                                         outside the existing stone breakwall.
             Windsor Township        This project requires paving Fortney and Huntley Road. Fortney is 2 miles
Ashtabula                                                                                                             Plizga       Jim
             Road Improvement                          long and Huntley is also about 2 miles
                Old Lake Road        The complete rehabilitation of Old Lake Road by resurfacing (1050' x 40')
Ashtabula         Pavement           with asphalt concrete surface course. This section of road surface ahs far       Grippi      Kevin
                Rehabilitation                  exceeded its life span and is in dire need of repair.
                                     Acquire one sludge filter press for the GOTL Waste water treatment plant.
              Sludge Filter Press      Currently, the plant dry's its sludge with an antiquated and inefficient
Ashtabula                                                                                                             Grippi      Kevin
                   System            open air drying beds. The rudimentary system is the source of most of the
                                                                problems at the plant.
             Villagewide Sanitary    Televising, heaving cleaning, cure in place pipe lining, cured in place pipe
Ashtabula     Sewer Slip Lining /       lining, 526 connection reinstatements and the purchase of two flow            Grippi      Kevin
                   Rehabilit                                            monitors.
                                                                                Submitted Requests - Not Approved

             Bicycle/Lomas Lane
                                       Includes replacement of the 2" waterline with an 8" waterline, curbs,
Ashtabula      Complete Road                                                                                          Grippi   Kevin
                                                       base, pavement and storm sewers.
                                      Purchase new high speed cnc machining euipment and upgrade existing
Ashtabula     Competitive needs       equipment to compete with the off shore mold mold construction shops            Kaydo    Robert
                                                                          of China
                                       Phase I will be completed in early 2009 and include the replacement of
              Presidential Drive      650' of sanitary sewer and 35 laterals. The numerous trench cuts for the
Ashtabula      Sanitary Sewer            sewer repair will be minimally patched ruing Phase I. Phase II of the        Grippi   Kevin
                                       project consists of resurfacing all of Presidential Drive (3,000' long x 30'
                                     wide) with 215 CUYD of an asphalt concrete surface course, Type I, PG70-
                                     The complete rehabilitation of University Drive by resurfacing with asphalt
               University Drive
                                          concrete surface course. This road is one of two main east to west
Ashtabula        Pavement                                                                                             Grippi   Kevin
                                     thoroughfares in GOTL, the other being SR 531. The integrity of the street
                Rehabilitation                        is critical for school buses and public safety.
             South Geneva Drive
Ashtabula         Drainage                   Includes pavement repairs, catch basins and storm sewers.                Grippi   Kevin
             Palmer Drive Street      Excavate 17' of failed pavement, install new base, pavement, and storm
Ashtabula                                                                                                             Grippi   Kevin
                   Repair                                            sewers.
                                 To do the needed repairs and improvements to sustan the integrity of the
                                  current building that house the fire deptartment and Emergency Medical
                                   Services. This will be the interior and exterior water drainage, improved
Ashtabula   Windsor Township hall bay lighting, additional bay door, brick front, hard surface front drive,           Plizga    Jim
                                     parking and entrance bays to improve snow plowing and short term
                                    equipment parking for repairs etc - Long term goal of the project is to
                                     creat adequate living quarters for round the clock emergency staff.
            Center Street and Lake
Ashtabula      Road Drainage                             Replacing failing roadway drainage.                          Peters    Tom
             Lake Road Storm   Replacement of the existing deficient storm drainage system on the south
Ashtabula   Water Improvements side of Lake Road and the Austin Road Drainage Easement as well as the                 Grippi   Kevin
              (Broxton to and   elimination of connections between sanitary sand storm drain systems.
                                                                              Submitted Requests - Not Approved

               Palmetto Drive        Temp. sediment control; linear grading over storm drain, base material in
Ashtabula      Complete Road           driveways, asphalting. Storm sewers , ten catch basins, reconditions         Grippi     Kevin
                Rehabilitation          shoulders, seeding and mulching, contingencies, and engineering.
Ashtabula       Septic System                   Update the septic system, in need of replacement.                   Dean        Herb
                                         Install on UV unit and all appurtenances and electrical. Ultra Violet
               Ultra Violet (UV)
Ashtabula                            disinfection is the operation system preferred by the EPA for waste water      Grippi     Kevin
               Disinfection Unit                treatment plants. Currently, GOTL has no such system.
                                 This project includes paving of an existing dirt roadway, adding roadway
               Cleveland Drive    drainage to reduce flooding and achieve maximum pavement life, and
Ashtabula                                                                                                           Peters      Tom
                Rehabilitation  replacing a severely deteriorated roadway culvert. This street is home to
                                                         more than 20 households.
                                Culvert replacement and ditch cleaning; also road height elevation to stay
Ashtabula   Reeves Road Upgrade                                                                                     Riley      Charles
                                                             above flood level.
                                 This project includes paving of an existing dirt roadway, adding roadway
               Derbshire Road      drainage to reduce flooding and achieve maxim pavement life, and
Ashtabula                                                                                                           Peters      Tom
               Rehabilitation   replacing as severely deteriorate roadway culvert. This street is home to
                                                         more than 20 households.
                                This project included paving of an existing dirt roadway, adding roadway
               Berkshire Road      drainage to reduce flooding and achieve maxim pavement life, and
Ashtabula                       replacing as severely deteriorate roadway culvert. This street is home to           Peters      Tom
                                                         more than 15 households.

                                         Completion of Northshore Trail - walkway to the Lighthouse
              Retaining wall on       Visitors center on Bridge Street which includes public restrooms and
Ashtabula                                                                                                          Carlisle     Ren
            South Side of Bridge St Contructions of Retaining Wall behind the buildings on the South Side of
                                            bridge to halt erosion and sliding of the behind buildings

                                           Completion of Northshore Trail - walkway to the Lighthouse
               Visitors Center in       Visitors center on Bridge Street which includes public restrooms and
Ashtabula                                                                                                           Carlise     Ren
                Historal Harbor       Contructions of Retaining Wall behind the buildings on the South Side of
                                              bridge to halt erosion and sliding of the behind buildings

                                  A 12 inch water main extending south form Cork elementary school to SR
                                  534 (26,700 ft). Water line would supply in-line fire hydrants, a proposed
Ashtabula   Improvements to Belle                                                                                 Tamburrino    Ron
                                   5000 gallon public water tank, agricultural uses, residence, and existing
               Road and Whit                    and new commercial enterprises in Trumbull.
                                                                                Submitted Requests - Not Approved

Ashtabula   Wade Avenue Bridge       Wade Avenue bridge, total rebuild of bridge located 1.2 east of Renko Rd           Pope        Marc
            North Depot One Land      Total replacement of one lane bridge to a two lane bridge just north of
Ashtabula                                                                                                               Pope        Marc
                   Bridge                                       Conrail RR Tracks
                                     Clear and grub approximately 2 acres of park property. Replace drain tile,
             Public Water Supply
Ashtabula                            remove Century Building Town Hall and more it to a new site. Refurb. this        Tamburrino     Ron
                     Line              building to health code standards, install picnic pavilion with grills etc.
                 Dibble Rd      Upgrading six miles of existing gravel roads to coal mix paved and chip and
Ashtabula                                                                                                              Wayman      Nicholas
               Improvement                                          seal.
Ashtabula        Shaffer Rd                                     Rebuild road.                                           Martin      Virgil
            Maintenance Bulding
Ashtabula                                         Add on three bays to existing building.                               Gage       Thomas
                                     Wade Avenue Rebuild road for 1.9 miles between ohio avenue and renko
            Wade Avenue - Road    road, which includes moving back ditches, drive pipes, under drains,
Ashtabula                                                                                                               Pope        Marc
                 Rebuild       asphalt, this is due to (5) new Elementary Schools being built on this road.

                                      Construction of half mile of road from LaRevre Rd, to SR 534. Sewer lines
                                     are installed and right of way is cleared. work would entail the building of
Ashtabula        Bishop Road                                                                                           Demshar     Edward
                                     the subsurface, 8 inch concrete surface and installation of Water, Gas and
                Knapp Road
                                Knapp Road is about 1.3 mile section of township road connecting a state
Ashtabula   Improvement - Phase                                                                                          Gale      Robert
                                route and country road, this will pay for material and labor for this project
               Giddings Road         Widen surface to 20 feet; set back ditches; install side drains; install cross
Ashtabula                                                                                                               Kusar      Charlene
               Reconstruction           culverts; add 8" limestone base; surface with 4" asphaltic concrete

             Holcomb-Theil Road      Widen surface to 20 feet; set back ditches; install side drains; install cross
Ashtabula                                                                                                               Kusar      Charlene
               Reconstruction           culverts; add 8" limestone base; surface with 4" asphaltic concrete

                 Mill Road      Pave Mill Road with 4" asphalt, Mill Road is 3.3 miles of gravel road has a
Ashtabula                                                                                                                Gale      Robert
            Improvement Phase 1        good base with ditches and subsurface drainage installed

                                     Continuation of a project started in 05'. Phase II will be completion of the
             Hall Road Widening         widening project envisioned in 1997. The project includes widening,
Ashtabula                                                                                                             Hitchcock    Thomas
                   Phase II          relocation of ditches and installing drains. Two bridges, numerous culvert
                                                               pipes and cross piping.
                                                                                Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                Township Road
Ashtabula    improvements (Hall                     Re-pave asphault on these sections of roads.                     Hitchcock     Thomas
               Road/Kyle Road)
Ashtabula     Township Garage            build 72' x 40' building to house and maintain township equipment             Gale        Robert
                  Fink Road         Widening roadway to meet current roadway standards and improving
Ashtabula                                                                                                            Wayman        Nicholas
                Improvement                                       drainage.
            Natural Gas Supply to Eastern portion of city infastructure to supply natural gas is inadequate
Ashtabula                         East Ohio Gas has cautioned city that there is no gas for industrial useage -     Schaumleffel   Robert
                                                         Construction of new gas line
            Paving of Gravel roads
Ashtabula                                    44 Lane miles of gravel roads need resurfaced and paved.               Schaumleffel   Robert
              within City Limits

                                     Remove industrial trash/debris from former metals salvage yard. Load and
            Clean up Waste Site at
Ashtabula                          transport debris to an approved landfill. Demolish one wooden structure          Gruskiewicz     Mike
                618 State Rt. 6
                                      and one block structure. Estimated 50,000 cubic yards of debris on site.
                                        This project will construct a new, modern fire station on a new site to
             Fire and Emergency        house fire and ambulance services - Conneaut's fire state is part of the
Ashtabula                                original City Hall building that was constructed 1876 - one of the fire    Schaumleffel   Robert
               Medical Station
                                      stations have already been closed and the Cities ladder and truck have to
                                                               be housed at other facilities
             Cold Mix Paving and
Ashtabula   Parking for Greenway Cold pave approx. 1 mile of Ketum Rd, and make small parking lot for trail.           Gage        Thomas
                                       The current size of the facility is also inadequate do to the years of the
                                          facility due the square footage of the older building - 6,000 sq ft
Ashtabula    Public Works Center                                                                                    Schaumleffel   Robert
                                          The funds will be utilized to build a new 15,000 sq ft public works
                                               building, along with a service garage with office facilities

                                  Improvement to the Waste Water Treatment Plant, repair of a 50 year old
                                    aerial sewer improvements to the collection system, limit clean water
            Sanitary Sewer System
Ashtabula                                   from entering sanitary - this project would be in phases                Schaumleffel   Robert
                                      installation of public sanitary sewers in densely populated areas to
                                                      eliminate any threat to public health.
                                                                                Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                    Creek Road tank replacement, it has sprung numerous leaks and lake rd
            Drinking Water System water main replacement of a 70 year old cast iron water main - the city
Ashtabula                         has been seeking funding for this project for over 10years - improvements          Schaumleffel       Robert
                                   to the water treatment plant and replace the influent screens and low lift
                                                          pump to rebuild the filters
                                     The seaway park on the city's west side is home to many of the City's
                                  largest employers. General aluminum, Wayne Dalton and CW of ohio, the
            Seaway Industrial Park pavement is concrete and is thoroughly broken up This entire section
Ashtabula                                                                                                            Schaumleffel       Robert
                 Road Repairs                     must be replaced for the length of the road.

                                        This project would allow Conneaut to repair the roadway storm sewer
             Roadway and Storm        system and the aging transportation infrastructure. Repairs would be for
Ashtabula                                                                                                            Schaumleffel       Robert
               Sewer Repairs           roadway, curb repair, storm sewer repairs. replacement of failing 36 in
                                         storm sewer on chestnut, and prioritize roadways to receive paving.
              Orwell Skate Board
Ashtabula                            Purchasing of new equipment and building of a skateboard park.                    Bottoms      Lawrence (Larry)
              Andover Township     The Andover Township building is in ned of a new roof, windows and
Ashtabula                                                                                                               Rose            Charles
                   Building                                      insulation.
               Jefferson Street
                                 The project includes the removal and replacement of a failed storm sewer
Ashtabula   Improvements - Phase                                                                                       Martin           Beverly
                                  and the resurfacing of Jefferson Street within the Village of Rock Creek.
               Jefferson Street
                                 The project includes the removal and replacement of a failed storm sewer
Ashtabula   Improvements - Phase                                                                                       Martin           Beverly
                                  and the resurfacing of Jefferson Street within the Village of Rock Creek.
              Windsor Township Replace the existing heating system which is an old fuel oil fired boiler, by
Ashtabula    Community Center - replacing the present system with a new more energy efficient system this               Plizga            Jim
                                 will provide a comfortable place for the community to use for recreation,
               Heat Upgrade
                                                             voting, meetings, clinics etc
            Playground Equipment Replace playground equipment for the Community Center because of the
Ashtabula                                                                                                               Dean             Herb
                 Installations                             Safety Reasons.

                                     Clear and grub approximately 2 acres of park property. Replace drain tile,
                  Public Park
Ashtabula                            remove Century Building Town Hall and more it to a new site. Refurb. this       Tamburrino           Ron
                Improvements           building to health code standards, install picnic pavilion with grills etc.
                                                                              Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                    Construction of two ten bed extended-care facilities for men and women
                                      recovering from alcoholism and addiction. The project will create and
                                    retain Ohio jobs, as well as create the only Northeast Ohio extended care
            Extended Residential
Ashtabula                           recovery facility of its kind. The patients when recovered, will once again   Dailey    Thomas
                Care Project          be productive citizens of Ohio; paying taxes and contributing to their
                                       communities in many ways. Extended care is proven to increase the
                                                  likelihood of recovery by twenty-five percent.
             Dist 10, PID 85707,       Purchase heavy impact wrench, replacement HVAC for garage, and
 Athens     ATH Purchase wrench,                       portable lift for the City of Athens                       Harris     Brett
                   HVAC, lif
             Dist 10, PID 85705,
                                               Construct sheltered bus stops for the City of Athens
 Athens       ATH Sheltered bus                                                                                   Harris     Brett
                                    Construction of a Bike Path Spur (.75 mi) to allow access to existing Hock-
                                    Hocking Bike Way from High School and Elementary School. Currently the
             Athens High School-      County Road is too narrow to allow pedestrian and safe bike travel for
 Athens      The Plains Bike Path                    students and residence of The Plains Ohio.                   Branner    John
                     Spur               Will also open The Plains commercial establishments up to Tourist
                                     dollars as the HockHocking Bike way has become a tourist destination is
                                                                South-eastern Ohio.

                                    Replacing 5 narrow 1930's era bridges in poor condition with modern 2-
            Athens County Road          lane concrete bridges on a heavily used Athens County Road.25
 Athens         25 Bridges             Many accidents some fatal have occured on this road due to narrow          Branner    John
               replacement                                          bridges.
                                                                         Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                 I am your constituent and I am writing on the eve of the passage of the
                               vast “stimulus package” to remind you of a vital infrastructure project that
                                   could be executed relatively quickly and is of great importance to the
                                     citizens of SE Ohio, an underdeveloped district in urgent need of
                                 “stimulus”. I am speaking specifically of the Nelsonville Bypass project
                                along route 33 between Athens, OH and Columbus, OH. This project has
                                  long been a dream of SE Ohio residents and commuters, but has been
Athens   Nelsonville bypass    constantly beset by bureaucratic and funding delays. It is a project that is   Choppin     Adam
                                  already in the planning stages and relative to many projects, could be
                                  executed relatively quickly. I even understand the land and route has
                               been identified, secured, and mapped. Furthermore, as you know SE Ohio
                               remains one of the poorest regions in the nation and is certainly in urgent
                                  need of such stimulus. I strongly urge you to make every effort to use
                                 some of the forthcoming money for infrastructure projects around the
                                                state to invigorate this long delayed project.

                                Two-Lane Resurfacing Project. Ath 356 0.00-4.77. Includes Ath 682 5.96-
         Dist 10, PID 24848,
Athens                                               7.75 And Vin 356 0.00-5.97.                              McDonald     Tim
         ATH SR 356 0.000

                               Repave the Port of Conneaut. The project will include pavement planning,
         Port of Conneaut
Athens                           base repairs, and overlaying of all paved areas including access to the       Bruce     Chapman
         Pavement Repairs         Public Dock, marinas, limestone dock, Liberty Park, boat ramps, etc.
                                                                         Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                                The Water Treatment Plant, consists of:
                                  -five water production wells (wellfield) capable of producing 4 MGD;
                                  -a new 4 MGD water treatment plant including a 12,000 square feet
                              process building, filtration equipment, ion exchange softening equipment,
                              intermediate and high service pumps, two clearwells, chemical application
                                                  equipment and red water filter beds;
                                -more than 5.5 miles of 18" raw waterline from the wellfield to the new
         Burr Oak Regional                              water treatment plant; and
Athens    Water Dist. New          -more than 2.5 miles of 20" finished waterline from the new water          Brown    Alan
         Water Treatment                   treatment plant to the existing distribution system,
                                  will be placed in operation in order to bring the BORWD system into
                               compliance with federal and state safe drinking water laws. The BORWD
                               sells water to satellite water systems, and correcting the THM MCL issue
                              will positively impact more than 9,000 residential and commercial users in
                              a four-county area served by the BORWD and its seventeen satellite water

                              Purchase and implement EHR in small, rural, not-for-profit hospital facility.
                               In current financial state, hospital will not be able to implement this type
                                  of system on its own. Not implementing an EHR threatens the very
                                existence of this facility, the provision of healthcare in this community,
                                     and jobs of over 400 employees. Outcomes include improving
         Rural Hospital EHR
Athens                            communication, electronic access to data and documentation, and             Barr    Kristine
          Implementation      managing P4P requirements, leading to better clinical and service quality.
                               The ROI sustained through an EHR implementation allows the hospital to
                                 sustain itself as a community hospital, continue providing healthcare
                              services to an underserved population, and protect and create jobs in this
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                   The proposed project will provide adequate sanitary service to the Village
                                      of Coolville in Athens County. Coolville has no community wastewater
                                   infrastructure. Sewage from homes and businesses is treated by privately
                                      owned systems such as septic tanks and aerators. These systems have
                                     been experiencing widespread failures for many years and there is raw
           Village of Coolville        and partially treated sewage on the ground and in drains and ditches
Athens         Wastewater              throughout the community. Contact with sewage is a serious human           Voris    Adam
             Improvements           health risk and the water quality of the Hocking River and small adjacent
                                   streams is negatively impacted by these illicit sewage discharges. Repairs
                                        of these privately owned systems are impractical and prohibitively
                                   expensive, so a community system is necessary. The proposed project will
                                    install small diameter sewers and clustered sites of treatment equipment
                                         that will serve neighborhoods and vacant lots within the Village.

                                       Development of a drug to treat multiple autoimmune-inflammatory
                                      diseases and cancer by inhibiting the environmental induction process
                                          activating Toll-like receptors (TLR) on nonimmune cells, a novel
                                   therapeutic paradigm. Partner with STTR Phase II and Corporate funding
                                   to complete preclinical toxicity package and bring drug to PhaseI/II trials
                                    in partnership with Ohio University, Ricerca Corp. Complement the STTR
                                            Phase II award which has 4 aims:1. Complete formulation,
           A Toll-like receptor pharmakokinetics, and dosing. 2. Finalize molecular mechanism studies. 3.
Athens   signal inhibitor to treat Coimplete testing of mouse models of pancreatic cancer by comparing            Kohn    Leonard
                    aut            efficacy against or with gemcytabine, the current drug of choice clinically,
                                     that provides no increase in life span. 4. Develop anologs with potential
                                  selective efficacy in Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, thyroid autoimmune
                                      disease.The funding from stimulus package would bring drug through
                                      animal safety testing, IND, and complete Phase I/II trials in pancreatic
                                       cancer and also demonstrate human safety for autoimmune disease
                                      testing. Jobs include Ricerca testing/drug synthesis personel, research
                                         personnel, clinicians, CEO, legal. Time frame 2 yrs. Start at once.
                                                                           Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                The project is to upgrade the Central Dispatch area at the Auglaize County
                                 Sheriff Central Dispatch and upgrade security for the entire facility. We
                                    will install dispatch furniture to accommodate new radio consoles
                                 We are going to install 2 variable speed ductless air-conditioning systems
                                one for the dispatch room and the other one for the equipment room that
                                     houses all the computer, radio, telephone, and other systems that
                                                              operate the facility.
                                       We will install new electromechanical operator control panels in
Auglaize        Dispatch         Dispatch and the Jail. The system shows doors open that are locked and          Solomon   Allen
                                   doors locked that are open which creates a safety issue. These panels
                                  operate the electric control locks on doors in and out of the facility, Jail
                                  cell doors, visitation doors, and prisoner transport entrance doors. The
                                    five Intake cell doors will be retrofitted with food chutes to increase
                                   security when feeding inmates. The estimated cost for this project is
                                 $225,000. The project is ready to proceed and can be completed in three
                                                       months once funding is available.

                                This Wireless Broadband Internet Service offering would target potential
                                customers who are in unserved and under served rural areas who do not
                                                have access to Broadband Internet services.
                                   The funds would be used to purchase and install Wireless Broadband
                                  Radio equipment in the New Knoxville, Ohio (Auglaize County) area on
                                 either an existing or a new tower depending on the best coverage area
                                 obtainable. The funds would also be used to provide customer premise
                                radio equipment in order to provide the radio link between the customer
           Wireless Broadband     and the base station radios. The service would be provided in the 700
Auglaize                                                                                                         Conover   Clint
            Internet Service    Mhz licensed wireless radio band. NKTelco Inc. already owns the 700 Mhz
                                              license for Auglaize and surrounding counties.
                                 Unlike other radio services, the 700 Mhz frequency is "not line of sight".
                                 Thus, NKTelco Inc will be able to provide service to customers who were
                                            previously not able to obtain Broadband service.
                                 Approximately 50 to 75 new customers could initially be provided service
                                with the $85,000 stimulus funds. A total buildout, serving in excess of 350
                                  customers would be possible utilizing the estimated $225,000 in total
                                                           project cost estimates.
                                                                           Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                To significantly reduce costs and medical errors the current paper records
                                will be changed to digital form and will mesh with the new desired format
            JTDMH Electronic       Medicare/Medicade reporting and billing system. It will also provide
Auglaize     Medical Records      much more information to the patient and their family, as well as the         Mustard   James
                Project          various medical and support personnel and programs. Will significantly
                                  impact on the main hospital facility as well as all out-patient sites and
                                 The JTDMH laboratory services physical space has not been updated or
                                 expanded for more than 20 years. Current AIA standards are more than
                                  twice that of the existing space. This department is a major revenue-
                                producing department and currently performs at the top 25th percentile
                                     with productivity benchmarks. To support the employees and the
                                        function of this department, a major renovation is needed.

                                      The current space does not adequately support the information
                                    technology requirements now and certainly will not in the rapidly
Auglaize   Labaratory Upgrade              changing future. The current space does not allow for                Mustard   James
                                conference/employee break area. And as mentioned, the space does not
                                allow for productivity improvements needed to sustain a quality, efficient,
                                                         revenue-producing unit.

                                  Of primary importance is the need to complete this unit of expansion
                                 and update to allow for the future Ambulatory Surgery Unit expansion
                                which is vital to the hospital and area's ability to reduce costs. JTDMH is a
                                Medicare Dependent Hospital with more than 60% of our patients utilizing
                                                            medicare for services.
                                                                          Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                  The current surgery space requires addressing a grossly inadequate
                               heating and ventilation system. This is not merely a physical comfort issue
                                for surgeons and employees, but a compliance issue with the life-safety

                                 Decreasing our surgery rooms by one and using the space to efficiently
                                address supplies and equipment storage is a function of the new design.
                                A new surgery room is designed that will provide three (3) equal, "right-
                               sized" rooms, again supporting the flexibility of efficient scheduling in any
           JTDMH Surgery and
Auglaize                                                        room.                                          Mustard   James
             Support Update
                                    The final major need that will be addressed is expanding the sterile
                               instrument and supply processing area. All of this, as well as focusing on a
                                 family waiting area, are incorporated into our upgraded surgery design
                                space. The ability to provide significantly more out-patient services with
                                 this upgrade will further reduce significantly the costs of services to the
                                patient and will be reflected in the reduced medicare costs desired by the
                                                 federal government and private insurers.

                                    Over 75% of our total surgery is ambulatory, and this percentage
                               continues to grow each year. With our average daily census greater than
                               10, the ten-bed Ambulatory Surgery Unit does not support the quick turn-
                                around time needed for beds to keep customers satisfied, both patients
                               and surgeons, and maintain an efficient flow of a very expense-driven yet
                                    revenue-producing unit. On several days, the volume and type of
                                specialty dictates patients being moved frequently to accommodate the
                                  processes of submission, procedure, post procedure and discharge.
           JTDMH Ambulatory
Auglaize                          Our primary ambulatory specialty is endoscopy. Expanding from one            Mustard   James
              Surgery Unit
                                 endoscopy room, to a two-room endoscopy suite will differentiate out
                                service for surgeons, employees and patients further supporting growth,
                                                    quality and long term efficiency.

                                  Not only will we be adding rooms, from 10 to 25, but if successful with
                                  this request for support, our physical space will provide the ability to
                                dramatically change our current model of specific space for each stage of
                               recovery to one generalized space. This will allow us to reduce cost to our
                                 patients, insurance services and Medicare (which currently accounts for
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                       For the ease of patient use and accessibility we have combined our
                                      current and future space needs of our growing number of outpatients
                                       needing physical, occupational and speech therapy services. It also
                                     includes a fitness center as well as incorporating wellness coaching and
                                   integrated services. This new center will be a comprehensive center for all

            JTDMH Outpatient         This integrated medical fitness center will be able to improve patients'
Auglaize                                                                                                          Karen   Ryals
           Rehabilitation Center      health before the onset of an illness and provide rehabilitative and
                                       therapy services after recovery. Our center will include exercise
                                      equipment, heated therapy pool, gym, running and walking track.

                                       Physicians (for our Cardiac Rehabilitation patients), nurses, personal
                                    trainers, instructors, dieticians and therapists will work together to meet
                                   individual's needs as well as improve the overall health of the community.
                                         This center will reduce cost to patients, insurers and Medicare.
                                    The Inpatient Rooms and Support Center would upgrade and replace the
                                     existing materials management, biomed, environmental services, food
                                   services, plant operations, and pharmacy all of which have outgrown their
                                   space on the basement level. They are undersized and due to the building
                                                           structure very constrained.

                                        Renovation on the first floor will tie the existing lobby to the new
                                   community center. This will accommodate areas such as: surgery waiting,
            JTDMH Inpatient        volunteers, improved segregation of patient and staff circulation, cashiers
                                        office, PAT/Surgery consult suite and related reconfiguration of
Auglaize   Rooms and Support                                                                                      Karen   Ryals
                                       Information services and administrative offices to accommodate
                                                            additional space needs.

                                       The new addition is designed to see the expansion of patient beds to
                                          private beds by expanding the 2nd and 3rd floors where more
                                   operationally efficient nursing units can be developed. This would include
                                         a new 6-bed Critical Care Nursing unit on the 2nd floor with two
                                   additional acuity-adjustable to accommodate peaks in Critical Care census.
                                    The remaining 2nd floor would house a 22 bed Acute Care Nursing Unit.
                                    All upgrades and expansions will assist JTDMH in improving it quality and
                                                                              Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                    Starting an electric car conversion company. This entails taking existing
                                   automobiles and removing the internal combustion engine and replacing
                                       with an electric motor to power the drive train. This is a low cost
           Electric Car Conversion
Auglaize                               alternative to buying the high priced all electric vehicles currently        Bihn     Mitchell
                     Shop           available and implementing existing vehicles for new purposes. This is a
                                    start-up company and hopefully will keep growing sustainably by itself
                                                       and keep adding jobs in the future.
                                         Construction of a 6000 square foot office building to house district
                                                                  administrative staff.
                                       Attached to this building will be a 4800 square foot storage building for
                                                   district equipment, materials, and motor vehicles.
                                         This pre-engineered steel structure will be located at the site of our
                                       district's new combination high school/middle school that is currently
           St. Marys City Schools
                                                                   under construction.
Auglaize   District Administrative                                                                                 Kuffner    Kurt
                                      Cost includes 3 overhead insulated garage doors with openers, windows,
                     Off              double entry door, stone accent on the office side, storage/shop area is
                                       fully insulated, 6" reinforced concrete floor in storage/shop area, floor
                                            covering for office area, all HVAC, electric, plumbing, painting,
                                      landscaping, restrooms, parking area, and all soft costs associated with
                                                                       this project.
                                        Thank you for your serious consideration of our shovel ready project.
                                      Construction of 3 football practice field and 2 practice soccer fields.
                                                         Construction of 6 tennis courts.
                                     Construction of new 4340 seat football/soccer stadium to replace the
                                  existing WPA project stadium; to cinlude synthetic sports turf combination
                                                              football/soccer field.
           St. Marys City Schools                  Construction of a 10 lane all weather track.
Auglaize                                                                                                           Kuffner    Kurt
              Athletic Complex        Construction of a field house on site for locker rooms, team meeting
                                           room, training room, concessions, storage, public toilets.
                                      Estimated total project cost noted above includes all soft costs, hard
                                   costs, and all sound systems, lighting, scoreboards, and other amenities
                                                           needed for these facilities.
                                         Thank you for your serious review of our shovel ready project.
                                                                            Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                      Reconstruction of 7.9 miles of County Road #33A in Auglaize County.
                                    Roadway is formerly SR#33 and is the main connector between the cities
                                   of Wapakoneta and St. Marys and is one of the highest traveled roadways
                                    under county maintenance within Auglaize County. The pavement meets
                                   all federal design standards with no additional right-of-way. There will be
                                     no excavation planned for the project and therefore, no environmental
                                                                 review is necessary.
                                     Plans from the last reconstruction project 15 years ago are being revised
            CR# 33A Roadway
Auglaize                                 and will be complete within the next 30 days. If the project were       Reinhart   Douglas
             Improvements            approved, the bidding and award date could be completed prior to the
                                                opening of the asphalt plants in the area in April.
                                     The jobs creation/retainage not only focuses on the actual crews needed
                                       to construct the project but also impacts the local stone quarry and
                                   asphalt emulsion suppliers due to the fact the project requires 20,000 tons
                                      of hotmix to be applied. This project has been submitted for the past
                                   several years for federal aid secondary highways funds, but due to the lack
                                                          of dollars, has not been funded.

            Dist 7, PID 77490,
Auglaize    AUG/SHE SR 362                                        Resurfacing                                    McDonald    Tim
                                    The Auglaize River is the main tributary draining 155,000 acres of
                                  residential, commercial and agricultural ground in Auglaize and Allen
                                 Counties. A petition, under Section 1515 of the Ohio Revised Code has
                                 been filed with the Joint Board of Soil and Water Conservation Districts
                               and Joint Boards of County Commissioners in Auglaize and Allen Counties,
                               for the removal of logjams and debris throughout a 60 mile stretch of the
                                 Auglaize River, and tributaries. The petition begins near the Village of
              Auglaize River     Westminster in Allen County and then travels downstream through the
Auglaize                                                                                                         Reinhart   Douglas
           Enhancement Project     City of Wapakoneta, then north to the northern boundary of Allen
                               County. A logjam inventory has been completed which clearly shows the
                               recent continual flooding experienced along the river is directly related to
                                the debris buildup within the stream. Plans have been completed and a
                                permit from the Army Corp of Engineers has been obtained. The project
                               may only create an estimated 6 jobs, but the project will last well over one
                                  year. At least 90% of project estimate will be labor related. The ORC
                                   requires maintenance of the improvement to address future debris
                                             buildup, thus creating future job opportunities.
                                                                                 Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                      Renovation of the lower level of the current Memorial High School
                                     building (the 1923 section) to accomodate home, visitors, and officials
                                                                  locker rooms.
              Skip Baughman
Auglaize                                 Construct home and visitors grandstands with seating for 4340.               Kuffner   Kurt
            Stadium Renovation
                                          Install synthetic sports turf combination football/soccer field.

                                    Included would be electrical, lighting, communications, and all soft costs.
                                      The existing terminal building and snow removal equipment storage
                                     building are inadequate and a new facility needs to be contructed. This
                                    project will provide for site grading, drainage, utility construction, airside
                                           access construction, and construction of the new buildings.
              Auglaize County
Auglaize   Airport Terminal and                              New building Construction:                                Sean     Stroh 
               SRE Storage B
                                                     Terminal Building: 8,450 square feet
                                              Snow Removal Equipment Building: 3,500 square feet

           Dist 7, PID 83717, AUG
Auglaize          Guide Sign                                                                                         McDonald   Tim
           Dist 7, PID 83717, AUG
Auglaize          Guide Sign                                                                                         McDonald   Tim
           Dist 7, PID 83717, AUG
Auglaize          Guide Sign                                                                                         McDonald   Tim
                                                                              Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                    Project Drivers: NPDES Permit Compliance Section requires the Village to
                                          make improvements to its WWTP in response to frequent permit
                                   violations. Permit violations are being driven by increase flows which are a
                                     result of steady growth, acceptance of sewerage from newly developed
                                      subdivisions (one of which is in the next county-Allen), and I/I from an
                                                                aging collection system.
                                       Project will upgrade treatment train No. 2 with to meet current design
                                      standards. Project consists of replacing obsolete blowers and installing
           Village of Cridersville     fine bubble diffusers. Current blowers are no longer made and some
Auglaize   WWTP Rehabilitation repair parts are no longer supplied. Clarifier internals will be replaced to         Hall      Charles
                    Incl.            improve process. Solids handling will be upgraded to take on additional
                                     loads. Improvements consist of new aerated digestion and storage, belt
                                      filter press, and building to house press and additional sludge storage.
                                   New blowers will increase energy efficiency. Solids Press will reduce water
                                                 content thus reducing handling cost and fuel usage.
                                         Project goals: Eliminate permit violations. Improve plant efficiency.
                                      Reduce electrical costs. Reduce maintence costs. Reduce fuel usage in
                                                               hauling solids from plant.

                                 Being newly unemployment and looking for a job is a daunting challenge
                                   for Ohio’s parents. By providing a stipend to pay half the cost of their
                                driver’s education for their child, two benefits emerge. Teens are still able
                                 to learn to drive so they can find work and become employed. To obtain
                               the stipend money, parents will attend a weekly Job Club focusing on: Self-
                                  Presentation, Resume, Cover letters, Identify job leads, Filling out paper
                                     and computer applications, Interviewing, Taped Interview Critique,
           Keeping Ohio’s Youth Interview day, Reasonable Accommodations, Thank you notes, Letters,
Auglaize     Driving and their     Contacting employers by phone, Transportation, Networking, Internet            Blumhorst   William
               Parents Wor      Social Networking, Using the One Stop, Using the internet and newspaper.
                                Each week will conclude with sharing of job search tips, how to overcome
                                  job search frustration, and job leads. Outcome – 120 students can take
                                      drivers education at half cost, $150. ¼ (30) of these can then find
                                 employment. 120 parents will learn new job search techniques so that ¼
                                 (30) of them will find a new job. One new driver's education teacher will
                                    be hired, one current employee can retain their job, and one career
                                                     consultant can increase their hours.
                                                                                 Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                      Upgrade of the City of St. Marys electrical transmission system. Includes
              City of St. Marys        additional 69KV electrical service lines and elimination of 2400V lines.
Auglaize      Electrical System        System update will assure major electrical power capacity to serve our          Fleagle   Todd
                  upgrade                industrial customers and the general public. Project provides for
                                              additional growth and retention in the industrial sector.

                                     Development of a business park for the community. Development would
           Minster West Business consist of installation of utilities and approximately 700 linear feet of road
Auglaize                                                                                                               Harrod    Donald
            Park Development       way. Development of the 11 acre buisness park is designed to attraact
                                              new business into the community and thus creating jobs.
                                      Renovation and expansion of the village's waste wtaer treatment plant.
            Minster Wastewater       Current plant is sized at 1.05 mgd and is currently undersized for exisiting
Auglaize     Treatment Plant             flow. New plant design will be 2.5 mgd per day and will allow the             Harrod    Donald
                                      treatment plant to process waste stream from the Dannon Company as
                                     well as allow them to expand their production by 30% over the next three
                                                                    to four years
             Minster Wellfield
Auglaize                                          Addition of three new drinking water wells as well                   Harrod    Donald
                                          Reconstruction of 2,700 linear feet of roadway, which will include
                                         installation of utilities, curb/gutter, sidewalks, street lighting, traffic
                Fourth Street            signalization and new asphalt. Street is the main street through the
Auglaize                              communities business district and the project is designed to enhance the         Harrod    Donald
                                      central business district and encourage redevelopment of the area. The
                                       goal of this project is to create approxiamtely 50 new jobs as a result of
                                                                         the project.
             Miami-Erie Canal          Installation of 1800 linear feet of 12" sanitary force main. Current force
                                     main is over 50 years old and is at capacity. New force main will allow for
Auglaize    Sanitary Force Main                                                                                        Donald    Harrod
                                     growth in the communities' business district, with the goal of creating new
                                                                    investment and jobs.
                                                                      Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                             Student Services provides mental health and substance abuse intervention
                                 services to a consortium of four school districts and our local career
                                center. Expected outcome will be: 1) Decrease in student involvement
                                 with Juvenile Court. 2) Decrease in student violence in the schools. 3)
                              Maintain and increase the number of students receiving services in each
                               school. 4) More comprehensive service delivery and availability in each
                                  District. 5) Ability to enhance services to meet the growing need of
                                 elementary students needing mental health intervention services. 6)
Belmont   Student Services      Maintained support services for Parents/Guardians of at risk students.     Groome     Janet
                                 Student Services will be able to provide prevention and intervention
                               service to student in a comprehensive manner during their total school
                               involvement from Kindergarten to Graduation. Student Services works
                                   closely with community services and has a long-standing referral
                               relationship with all child serving agencies in Belmont County. Belmont
                               County is a rural Appalachian area that has needed stimulus money for
                             many years and this economic depression has made the situation dire and
                                     it is essential to maintain services to our youth and families..

                                At this time there are approximately 38 homes being supplied with 2"
                                  waterlines and 97 homes being supplied with 4" waterlines in the
                             Kirkwood Heights area in the Village of Bridgeport. The existing waterlines
          Kirkwood Heights      are anywhere from 25 to 40 years old. Most of the older lines are steel
Belmont       Water Line      lines and the newer lines are transite pipe which are creating continuous     Street   William
            Replacement       maintenance problems for the Village of Bridgeport. Also all the property
                              owners do not have adequate fire protection. Most importantly replacing
                             the 2" and 4" waterlines with new 6" waterlines will provide the 135 home
                                                   owners adequate fire protection.

                                     Revitalization of Main Street in the Village of Shadyside.
          Shadyside Median
Belmont                              Power lines have to be moved out of the downtown area,                Newhart   Robert
            Strip Project
                                             new sidewalks, curbs, and lighting fixtures.
                                                                              Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                   Improvements have been mandated by ODNR for the safety of the dams
                                  as sponsored by the Governor's office. Hydraulogical and flood inundation
                                     studies were previously performed at a cost of $22,000 to the village.
                                    Plans have been completed and approved by ODNR to raise the dam 2
          Barnesville Reservoir #
Belmont                             feet by construction of a concrete retaining wall, install a secondary 60       Deal   Roger
             2 Improvements       foot wide emergency spillway, install a 20 foot wide secondary emergency
                                                                spillway channel.
                                         This project is designed, approved, and ready for construction.
                                              It is mandated and must be completed by the Village.
                                  Improvements have been mandated by ODNR for the safety of the dam as
                                   sponsored by the Governor's Office. Haydraulogical and flood inundation
                                     studies have been performed by the Village at a cost of $17,000. Plans
                                      have been completed and approved by ODNR to add an emergency
          Barnesville Reservoir #             spillway and a secondary emergency spillway channel.
Belmont                                                                                                             Deal   Roger
             1 Improvements         Engineering is complete and plans have been approved by ODNR and the
                                    project is ready for construction. It is mandated and must be completed
                                                                  by the Village.

                                        Improvements have been mandated by ODNR as sponsored by the
                                    Governor's Office. Hydraulogical and flood inundation studies have been
                                    completed at a cost of $23,500 to the Village. Plans have been completed
                                    and approved by ODNR to raise the dam approximatley 3 to 4 feet, install
          Barnesville Park Lake     a 70 ft. wide emergency spillway, relocate an existing boat ramp, install a
Belmont                                                                                                             Deal   Roger
          Dam Improvements            lake siphon drain, and replace a deterioted spillway culvert pipe with a
                                                                concrete box culvert.
                                     Engineering is complete and plans have been approved by ODNR and the
                                     project is ready for construction. It is mandated and must be completed
                                                                   by the Village.
                                   Resurface 14 streets within the Village for a total of 11,428 center line feet
                                      at an average width of 23 feet for approximately 1,171 cubic feet of
                                                    asphalt material applied at 1 1/2" thick.
            Barnesville Paving      Grind and remove 3,071 center line feet for an approximate 8,236 square
Belmont                                                                                                             Deal   Roger
                 Project                                       yards of materials.
                                                          Adjust 31 manholes to grade.
                                                         Adjust 16 valve boxes to grade.
                                               Provide 2,268 center line feet of double yellow line.
                                                                              Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                    Improvements have been mandated by ODNR for the safety of the dams
                                          as sponsored by the Governor's Office. Haydraulogical and flood
                                   inundation studies were previously performed at a cost of $17,000 to the
                                     Plans have been completed and approved to add an emergency spillway
          Barnesville Reservoir # to prevent dam failure in the event of a massive rain event. Also to add a
Belmont                                                                                                             Deal     Roger
             1 Improvements                            secondary emergency spillway channel.
                                        The Barnesville Water Treatment Plant sets directly below this dam.
                                  12,500 people in a portion of four counties rely on this water source and it
                                                         must be protected from dam failure.
                                         This project is designed, approved, and ready for construction. It is
                                                 mandated and must be completed by the Village.
                                  Installation of approximately 20,000 feet of 8" water line and conctruction
                                   of a million gallon water tank. This system will enhance the 200 acre with
                                   an optional 600 acre industrial park site creating a few dozen temporary
           Easten Ohio Regional              construction jobs and and a few hundred permanent jobs.
Belmont    Industrial Park Water       The Belmont County Commissioners, Belmont County Port Authority,             Deal     Roger
                  System              Warren Township Trustees, and Village Council are all working on the
                                     completion of this project tobring much needed economic benefit and
                                                                   jobs to the area.
                                      This project will also provide water service to needed residential areas.

                                  O.D.N.R. has mandated the addition of an emergency spillway to this
                                reservoir owned by the Village of Barnesville. Original estimated cost was
          Slope Creek Reservoir
Belmont                                          to be between 2 and 4 million dollars.                             Deal     Roger
           Dam Improvements       Flood inundation and Hydraulogical studies have been completed at a
                                      cost of $40,000 to the village in anticipation of construction.
                                     2 General System - Poor Performing Pavements1 General System - Minor
            Dist 11, PID 81695,
Belmont                                                              Rehab                                        McDonald   Tim
            BEL SR 149 31.390
          Dist 1, PID 80412, HAN                           General System Resurfacing
Belmont                                                                                                           McDonald   Tim
                SR 568 3.15
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                  The project begins at the Westerly Corporation Line for the Village of
                                Bridgeport on Kirkwood Heights Road (CR30) and proceeds in an Easterly
                                then Northerly direction for a distance of approximately 10,300 feet to a
                                   point of terminination at the intersection with Bennett Street. The
          Bel-Kirkwood Heights
Belmont                         resurfacing will consist of planing portions of the existing roadway, then       Street   William
               Resurfacing     resurfacing the complete roadway with 1-3/4" to 3" of asphalt. ODOT Item
                                617 reconditioning of shoulders for a width of 2 feet will be used on the
                                    existing shoulders. Temporary and permanent striping will also be
                                  The Village of Bridgeport's water system utilizes 320 valves ranging in size
                                   from 4" to 12". At this time 49 valves do not operate, which can create
          Village of Bridgeport's major safety issues for the Village. To isolate a section of water line for
                                    repair or maintenance often requires a large area of the Village to be
Belmont         Water Valve                                                                                      Street   William
                                   without water, which causes a large number of residents to be without
               Replacement          fire protection, sanitary services, and needed water. This project will
                                 insure that only a minimum number of residents will be without the above
                                                 described services when repairs are needed.
                                  Work is for the Village of Shadyside in Belmont County. This project
                                 includes the rehabilitation of an existing wastewater treatment plant
          Shadyside Wastewater     serving a community of 3,675 from the 2000 Census. Work in the
Belmont       Collection and    collection system includes rehabilitation of 2,280 lineal feet of sanitary       Davis    Michael
             Treatment Impr    sewer and replacement and/or rehabilitation of 20 manholes. Work will
                               be created by the different trades of contractors that will be necessary to
                                                       complete the improvements.
          BEL-CR2 & Various -
                                      Place polyester centerline pavement markings on 98 miles of various
Belmont   Centerline Pavement                                                                                    Wahl     Michael
                                                                  county roads.
          BEL-CR34 & Various -
                                      Place polyester centerline pavement markings on 98 miles of various
Belmont   Centerline Pavement                                                                                    Wahl     Michael
                                                                  county roads.
          BEL-CR2 & Various -
                                      Place polyester edge line pavement markings on 130 miles of various
Belmont   Edge Line Pavement                                                                                     Wahl     Michael
                                                                  county roads.
                                                                               Submitted Requests - Not Approved

          BEL-CR5 & Various -
                                     Place polyester edge line pavement markings on 130 miles of various
Belmont   Edge Line Pavement                                                                                         Wahl      Michael
                                                                 county roads.
          BEL-CR28A & CR28B -       Place polyester pavement markings on Mall Road & Banfield Road: 1.56
                                    miles of lane lines, 3012 feet of channelizing lines, 634 feet of stop lines,
Belmont     Misc. Pavement                                                                                           Wahl      Michael
                                     596 feet of transverse lines, 114 sq. ft. of island marking, 45 each lane
                                                      arrows, & 11 each word on pavement.
           BEL-CR2 & Various -
                                 Load rating & gusset plate analysis of all Belmont County Bridges 20 foot
Belmont   Load Rating & Gusset                                                                                       Wahl      Michael
                                                             span and greater.
                Plate Ana
          BEL-CR28A & CR28B -
                                   Mill, resurface & place long life pavement markings on Mall Road &
Belmont   Milling, Resurfacing &                                                                                     Wahl      Michael
                                 Banfield Road. Engineer's estimate of quantities & probable cost on file.
                  Long Li
           Dist 11, PID 84912,       General System Preventive Maintenance - B11 Single Chip Seal
Belmont                                                                                                             McDonald    Tim
            BEL SR 379 0.000
           BEL-CR2 & Various -     Remove, replace & install new guardrail - 10000 lineal feet with end
Belmont                                                                                                              Wahl      Michael
                 Guardrail                  treatments, linear grading and shoulder fill material.
           BEL-CR4 & Various -     Remove, replace & install new guardrail - 10000 lineal feet with end
Belmont                                                                                                              Wahl      Michael
                 Guardrail                  treatments, linear grading and shoulder fill material.
           BEL-CR5 & Various -     Remove, replace & install new guardrail - 10000 lineal feet with end
Belmont                                                                                                              Wahl      Michael
                 Guardrail                  treatments, linear grading and shoulder fill material.
                               Design of rehabilitation of 2 stone arch bridges - currently identified for
                                   transportation enhancement funding by the Ohio Department of
           BEL-CR40B-00.74 &     Transportation. These are 2 of the oldest bridges in Ohio on the Old
Belmont   BEL-UNI-TR814-00.21 National Road and they still carry vehicular traffic. The bridges (or portions         Wahl      Michael
              Stone Arch B      thereof) are near collapse and local funds are not available to proceed
                                 with this historically significant project. If need be the project may be
                                                          changed to design/build.
                                   General System- Resurfacing - B8- Low Vol. Ol (1 3/4") W/ Chip Seal And
           Dist 11, PID 80103,     2% Full Depth Repairs: Includes Work At Odnr Brush Creek Wildlife Area
Belmont                                                                                                             McDonald    Tim
           BEL SR 148 12.000                                    (Tr 289) Which

           Dist 11, PID 80131,                               Bridge Deck replacement
Belmont                                                                                                             McDonald    Tim
            BEL 00148 25.12
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                   2 General System - Poor Performing Pavements1 General System - Minor
          General System - Poor
Belmont                                                            Rehab                                         McDonald    Tim
          Performing Pavements

                                     Rehabilitation of 2 stone arch bridges - currently identified for
                                   transportation enhancement funding by the Ohio Department of
                                 Transportation. These are 2 of the oldest bridges in Ohio on the Old
           BEL-CR40B-00.74 &
                              National Road and they still carry vehicular traffic. The bridges (or portions
Belmont   BEL-UNI-TR814-00.21                                                                                      Wahl     Michael
                                thereof) are near collapse and local funds are not available to proceed
              Stone Arch B       with this historicall significant project. If need be the project may be
                              changed to design/build. Funding requested is to change the project from
                                                     80/20 to 100% Federal funding.
                                         Phase 1: Elevated Water Storage Tank rehab vs. replacement.
                                       Recent tank evaluation and estimates suggest that new water tank
                                   construction should be addressed. Environmental Study for the project is
                                                                 being initiated.
                                     Phase 2: Water Distribution upgrade featuring replacement of 4" lines -
           Bethesda Elevated
                                    upgrade includes 15,000 linear feet of 6" water lines and Fire Hydrants -
Belmont    Tank & Distribution                                                                                    Zdanski    Tim
                                   Half of existing hydrants tested showed pressure less than 20 psi residual
             System Upgra           pressure - During hydrant flushing or fire fighting, residential pressures
                                    drop below 20 psi. There are also chlorine level concerns due to interior
                                                           conditions of the old lines.
                                      Phase 3: Meter upgrade and replacement for all metered customers -
                                                   electronic read capabilities - Long overdue.
                                   2 General System - Poor Performing Pavements1 General System - Minor
           Dist 11, PID 81695,
Belmont                                                               Rehab                                      McDonald    Tim
           BEL SR 149 31.390
           Dist 11, PID 80419,                            General System Resurfacing
Belmont                                                                                                          McDonald    Tim
           BEL SR 147 14.380
           Dist 11, PID 80419,                            General System Resurfacing
Belmont                                                                                                          McDonald    Tim
           BEL SR 147 14.380
                                                                         Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                Installation of approximately 4,661 feet of 8" SDR35 Sanitary sewer pipe,
                                1,200 feet of 4" CL 160 Force Main Pipe, 24 precast concrete manholes, a
                                   sewage lift station complete with generator, & 25 service taps. This
                                project has come as a result of complaints received by the Ohio ePA. The
          Highland Avenue
Belmont                        area within Village Corporation Limits is currently not provided with sewer   Deal   Roger
          Sewer Extension      service. The residents currently have septic systems which are failing. The
                                 health and safety concerns within a corporation will dictate a mandate
                                                  from the OEPA to cpmplete this project.

                                   Installation of two glass lined storage tanks for the containment and
                                treatment of sewage sludge Aeration for pathogen reduction and vector
                                    attraction treatment by a rotomix system powered by blowers in a
                                   building housing. Also a dry sludge storage building complete with a
              Barnesville      sewage press for dewatering of human waste product allowing the Village
             Wastewater           to land or landfill apply the dry product. We have included a new lab
Belmont                                                                                                      Deal   Roger
           Treatment Plant     building as well. US. EPA Sludge Regulations and a violation of our NPDES
            Improvement          permit. We have been working on this project since the year 2000 and
                                     have received a $400,000 grant and a $49,000 loan from OPWC.
                               Engineering is 100% complete and submitted to OEPA for review by DEFA
                                   for the lab, tanks, and blower building. Design has began for the dry
                                                           storage area and press.
                                 Demonstration of technology to capture 800,000 tons of CO2 per year,
                               produce 40,000,000 gallons of biodiesel and 350,000 tons of animal feed,
                                                                  in 5 years.

                                Project will be to expand our one acre pilot plant of algae growth ponds
                                and processing to 10 acres, ultimately moving to 1,000 acres and then             
Belmont   Biofuel from Algae                                                                                 Erd    Ron
                                                         10,000 acres (5 years).                                                           m

                                  The business will provide jobs (80 direct jobs estimated in 5 years) and
                                   revenues to rural areas of the state, save jobs in high CO2 emitting
                                 industries, increase competitiveness of Ohio animal agriculture, create
                                                          clean, domestic fuels.
                                                                           Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                    Replacement of 13,700 LF of small diameter ( 2-inch and 4-inch) water
                                   main to improve water service and fire flow capability. Replacement of
                                       nine (9) gate valves and 55 obsolete hydrants to improve system
             Water System         reliability. Installation of an emergency generator at the water treatment
Belmont                                                                                                         Helms    Germaine
             Improvements         plant to allow operation of water system during a power outage or other
                                      emergency. Improvements to interior valving at South Reservoir to
                                    facilitate cleaning and maintenance of the reservoir. All aspects of this
                                      project have been recommended by Ohio EPA District personnel.
                               The Mt.Victory Waterline Project Phase 1 consists of: constructing 52,000
                                  feet of 8" waterline, 25 fire hyrants and approximately 160 services
                               connections. The engineering Design has been completed and ready to be
                               submitted to the Ohio EPA for a Permit-to-install. We are currently in the
          Mt.Victory Waterline    process of completing the environmental study and the preliminary
Belmont                                                                                                         Porter     Kelly
            Project Phase 1     engineering report. The Ohio EPA strongly supports this project because
                                  the Village of Powhatan's current water source is at risk of bacterial
                                contaimination during flood events. The residents along Mt.Victory Road
                                  also have contaiminated wells and are depleted during dry weather
                                   The Neffs Sanitary Sewer Project Phase 1 consists of : constructing 8,900
                                      feet of gravity sewer, 520 feet of force main sewer, 52 manholes, (1)
                                   Sewage lift Station and 160 sewer taps. The Engineering Design has been
                                    completed and ready to be submitted to the Ohio EPA for a Permit-To -
          Neffs Sanitary Sewer
Belmont                             Install. The Ohio EPA and the Belmont County Health Department both         Porter     Kelly
            Project Phase 1          have health and safety concerns for the residents of Neffs, due to the
                                         exposure of untreated sewage in ditches and streams in their
                                   neighorhoods. The existing septic systems cannot be replaced due to the
                                                    condensed areas of the residential homes.
          BEL-CR18 & Various -
                                    Place polyester edge line pavement markings on 130 miles of various
Belmont   Edge Line Pavement                                                                                    Wahl     Michael
                                                                county roads.
                                                                            Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                     We are requesting funing to build a new health department in Belmont
                                   County. Currently we are in two seperate locations. Our WIC office is in a
                                   very old building owned by the County Commissioners and is in extremely
                                   poor condition. All our other services are performed in the current Health
                                          Department building which is very much undersized and not
Belmont       BCHD Building                                                                                       Brinker   Nathan
                                       environmentally friendly. We would like to combine with our WIC
                                   program in one new, environmentally friendly building to be able to serve
                                     our clients in a more efficient manner. This project would give a much
                                    needed boost to the contractors and their supplies in this area and other
                                                                   parts of Ohio.
                                     Improvements to the aging Countywide fire and EMS communication
                                    infrastructure to increase the safety of public safety first responders by
                                   adding/enhancing equipment to be located at five various sites within the
           Critical Fire and EMS                                      County.
Brown        Communications             This system is the primary means of communication from the 911            Wilson    Robert
                  Upgrade             dispatch center to the various Fire and EMS departments within the
                                        Age and deterioriation to the existing system has created a critical
                                                               infrastructure need.
                                      Overlay the existing asphalt surface w/asphalt concrete in order to
          Dist 9, PID 78174, BRO
Brown                                            preserve and maintain the existing roadway.                     McDonald    Tim
                SR 221 0.00

                                     1982 building has a bad leaky flat roof. Remove existing single ply roof
                                    system to the insulation; repair/replace deck as needed; install blocking;
                                      install 2" ISO board; install 1/2" woodfiber board in BUR+ 102; install
             Brown CBMRDD
Brown                               Genisys system HS21; install flashing/metals. Tile, carpet, drafty windows   Bradford    Lena
             Building Project
                                   need replaced. Sidewalks and wheelchair ramps needs replaced (concrete
                                    crumbling). A super generator for the facility to house our 78 Individuals
                                     with disabilities in Brown County during outages/disasters (no electric).
                                                                       Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                             We currently do not have a budget for the operation of the Aviation unit.
                                We take monies from our asset seizure funds to pay for the operation.
                              We could expand the use of our current helicopter for various programs
                             such as Project Lifesaver, to patrol our river and water ways, & to service
                                the numerous requests for our helicopter. We need to expand Pilot &
                                Flight Crew training to include the use of the FLIR & Project Life Saver
                               tracking equipment. This program would pay for the cost of personnel
         BUTLER COUNTY      training and the operational costs of the helicopter for missions. We could
Butler   SHERIFFS OFFICE      utilize a UH-1 helicopter to become involved in Air Search and Rescue, &      BRESSLER   ERIKA   EBRESSLER@BUTLERSHERIFF.ORG
           HELICOPTER         to assist SWAT with personnel insertions for critical incidents. We could
                              purchase a hoist for rescue & obtain Pilot & Crew training in the proper
                                  use of a hoist. Pilot and Crew training could be obtained for SWAT
                                 insertions. We respond to calls from all of the surrounding counties,
                                 various local, state, & federal police agencies for assistance in search
                                  operations several times each month. We try not to charge for our
                             services whenever possible. We could better service the requests for our
                                           helicopter with monies for operational expenses.
                               The BCSO has provided the D.A.R.E. program in county school districts
                                   over 10 years. In order to maintain the D.A.R.E. program, we are
                              requesting your assistance. We will provide the following services: core
                                  curriculum to schools in the county; in service training to faculty of
         BUTLER COUNTY           participating schools; parent education at participating schools, local
Butler   SHERIFF'S OFFICE   businesses and social service agencies; promotional opportunities through       BRESSLER   ERIKA   EBRESSLER@BUTLERSHERIFF.ORG
         D.A.R.E OFFICER     local media will be used to increase public awareness and support for the
                               program; active membership in participating schools' Drug Free School
                                   Advisory Boards; and involvement in extra curricular activities at
                               participating schools. Without this funding, the BCSO D.A.R.E. program
                                                            can not function.
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                     We are working with Earth Renew Organics, developing plants that
                                   convert manure to organic fertilizer. This uses the exhaust heat from a
                                  gas turbine to cook the manure, which is then pelletized. The product is
                                     sold to organic farmers, golf courses etc. The gas turbine generator
                                  produces electricity which is sold back to the grid, and pays the operating
                                                              costs for the plant.

                                    The patented process solves the environmental problem of what to do
          Manure to Organic
Butler                            with manure from feed lots, pig farms, chicken farms etc. ERO have a test       Taylor   Steve
                                           site operational at a 20,000 head feedlot in Calgary AB.

                                      We would use this project to develop a project in Ohio, either pig or
                                     chicken farm to have a demonstrator/marketing site. The site would
                                  develop new jobs in construction of the equipment, operation of the plant
                                     and distribution of the product. At USTurbine we will be the overall
                                    project managers, we will construct the gas turbine generator set, and
                                                               operate the plant
                                  General streetscape repair/improvements to include asphalt, curb, gutter,
                                  sidewalks, crosswalks, striping, street trees, and lighting. Project involves
Butler        RiversEdge                                                                                          Creech    John
                                     improvements to three streets in downtown Hamilton surrounding a
                                           planned riverfront mixed-use residential development.

            Gallanher Road        City of Monroe - Gallaher Road Reconstruction - Roadway reconstruction
Butler                                                                                                            Brock    William
            Reconstruction           and utility replacement - Lebanon Street to South Corporation Line

         City of Monroe - SR 63    City of Monroe - SR 63 Closed Loop System - Traffic Signal Interconnect
Butler                                                                                                            Brock    William
              Loop System               and Management System for SR 63 throughout the City Limits.

                                     Renovation of existing City of Hamilton Municipal Garage to include:
                                                   1) Garage Wall Replacement: $1,000,000,
           City of Hamilton,                         2) Relocation of Gas Pumps: $250,000,
Butler     Municipal Garage                                  3) Salt Barn: $500,000,                              Creech    John
              Renovation              4) Acquisition of south property for expansion of facility: $250,000,
                                                   5) Imlay Avenue Improvements: $300,000,
                                          6) Ingress/egress Improvements at Tubular Sales: $200,000.
                                                                            Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                   The B.T.W. Community Center, located in the City's Second Ward, serves
                                   as the recreational and community center of the City's African-American
         Booker T. Washington
                                    community. The building requires renovation and/or replacement of
Butler    (BTW) Community                                                                                         Creech    John
                                    mechanical systems HVAC to make the building more energy efficient.

                                  Repair and/or replacement of building mechanical systems to make facility
           Frederick Mueller
                                     more energy efficient. Installation of photovaltaic cells for building
Butler     Municipal Building                                                                                     Creech    John
                                   energy generation. Facility is currently used as a local business incubator
              Renovation                  housing over 100 employees in different small businesses.

                             The Butler County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigations Division is asking
                                for funding for the purchase of 25 Dell Laptop docking stations with
           BUTLER COUNTY
                             aircards. Being able to purchase these laptops with aircards would mean
Butler     SHERIFF'S OFFICE                                                                                      BRESSLER   ERIKA   EBRESSLER@BUTLERSHERIFF.ORG
                             the ability to work in the field. With that capability, investigations would
         CRIMINAL INVESTIGAT be more efficient as they would be able to process their reports on the
                              scene. Without this funding, we can not buy these laptops with aircards

                                The Butler County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigations Division is in
                              need of this funding for the purchase of detective vehicles. These vehicles
             BCSO CRIMINAL     would be American made. Currently, the cars are older and have many
Butler      INVESTIGATIONS      miles on them. With Investigations using the same cars for years, the            BRESSLER   ERIKA   EBRESSLER@BUTLERSHERIFF.ORG
         DIVISION FLEET VEHICL dependability is not there. Also, the idea of undercover car is lost as
                              people start to recognize the older style detective cars. With this funding
                                ten new Ford Taurus Fleet Vehicles could be purchased and outfitted.
                                                                         Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                  A solar farm, at Miami Heritage Technology Park (MHTP), with initial
                                   capacity of 2MW DC, expandable, intitially to sell power to Miami
                                    University (MU) in Oxford Ohio. This initital solar field would be
                                 positioned on 10 acres next to the newly opened Miami Heritage Algae
                                         Research Center, a collaboration under MOU with MU.

                                   A mix of stimulus funding, low interest loan, loan guarantee, and tax
                                                      equity funding is being sought.

                                   Supply of all solar panels will be through an Ohio manufacturer, First
         Miami Heritage Solar            Solar, supporting an estimated 30 new jobs (15/MW).
Butler                                                                                                        Dockum     Todd
                                 This project is intended to save MU on energy costs, potentially save MU
                                future capital expenditure for incremental energy generation, and create
                                   incremental Ohio jobs to maxmise the ROI for any stimulus money
                                                     awarded through the State of Ohio.

                                   The project would also support development at MHTP and its vision of
                                  having an energy research and education center, along with the Miami
                                  Heritage Algae Research Center, to demonstrate on alternative energy
                                 sources and support advanced energy research and student engagement
                                at MU. MHTP participated in ODOD's JRS Program 2nd Round, and will be
                                 The Butler County Sheriff's Office houses United States Marshals inmates,
                                  Armed Forces inmates, Illegal Customs Enforcement (ICE) Alien inmates,
                                 and inmates from numerous jurisdictions within the State of Ohio. Some
                                    of these jurisdictions are Montgomery County, Brown County, City of
          BUTLER COUNTY             Hamilton, City of Fairfield, City of Trenton, City of Loveland, Monroe,
          SHERIFF'S OFFICE       Warren County and the Federal Bureau of Prisoners. 33,000 inmates are
Butler                                                                                                        BRESSLER   ERIKA   EBRESSLER@BUTLERSHERIFF.ORG
            CORRECTION             booked and released at our facility on a yealy basis. Part of the intake
             RAPISCAN              process is searching of the prisoners. The Rapiscan 1000 would greatly
                                  reduce the opportunity for contraband to enter the correctional facility,
                                which could lead to the injury or death of a Corrections Officer or another
                                inmate. The United States Department of Homeland Security has certified
                                     the Rapiscan 1000 as an approved product for homeland security.
                                                                          Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                 The Butler County Sheriff's Office Traffic & Crash Investigation Unit
                            requests the following equipment. The ability to purchase the equipment
                            would be due to these funds. The result being that the equipment would
                                  enhance & improve the work performed in crash investigations,
                            reconstructions and traffic safety enforcement efforts. We would be able
                            to purchase a 3 D Mapping Unit , two 3 D Crash Software, Portable Pocket
                            PC for traffic reconstruction, and with this comes the annual True Partner
           BUTLER COUNTY      Maintenance Stand Alone Maintenance which is 24/7 priority technical
Butler     SHERIFF'S OFFICE  support, with upgrades & updates up to 5 years. The total of the above           BRESSLER   ERIKA   EBRESSLER@BUTLERSHERIFF.ORG
         TRAFFIC/CRASH UNIT items would net $14,515.00 Also needed for being able to better update
                                   our unit, would be a four LSI 20-20 Ultralyte 200LRs for speed
                               enforcement to be used for daily speed/traffic enforcement & citizen
                                complaints of speeding. Two Canon 430 EX Speedlite flash units for
                              current unit cameras. The additional flash units are needed due to the
                               internal flashes not meeting the necessary lighting during night crash
                            scenes. Four SNAP On brand digital tire gauges & 24 inch digital LaserTrac
                                Levels, used during on scene & reconstruction follow up. $10,000.00
                             The Butler County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigations Unit would like
                                   to use funds to update the unit with training needed to obtain
           BUTLER COUNTY       certification. We would like to train an investigator to be a Polygraph
Butler     SHERIFF'S OFFICE    Examiner and our Investigators to have Multimedia Processing LEVA              BRESSLER   ERIKA   EBRESSLER@BUTLERSHERIFF.ORG
         CRIMINAL INVESTIGAT  Certifications. The total cost of this project would be $17,500.00. With
                             the funds for this training, the Criminal Investigations Unit will be able to
                                        replace positions that have been recently eliminated.
                                The Criminal Investigations Division would like to update the outdated
                             furniture that currently resides. We would need 15 - 20 office chairs, filing
                               cabinets, new computers and printers and fax machines. The update of
           BUTLER COUNTY          these items would greatly help to keep our department running as
Butler     SHERIFF'S OFFICE    efficient as possible. Currently the office chairs are worn, most broken,      BRESSLER   ERIKA   EBRESSLER@BUTLERSHERIFF.ORG
         CRIMINAL INVESTIGAT the computers are older which means slower processing, file cabinets are
                                 full, and the fax machine is old and non efficient. Also needed, is the
                              updated covert operation equipment needed for special operations. The
                                          award of these funds will help these needs to be met.
                                                                              Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                   The Butler County Sheriff's Office must conduct annual firearms training
                                     and qualifications of its officers by Ohio Law. The Butler County firing
                                    range is in dire need of upgrades to it's facilities. Our goal is to provide
            BUTLER COUNTY            upgrades to the current shooting facilities. This includes upgrades to
                                       buildings, ammunition storage, drinking water system, and sewage
            SHERIFF'S OFFICE
Butler                             systems. Also upgrades to shooting ranges including target systems and          BRESSLER   ERIKA   EBRESSLER@BUTLERSHERIFF.ORG
           SHOOTING RANGE             equipment to maintain the premises. The current alarm system also
                 IMPR              needs to be updated. The range is also in dire need of a drainage system
                                   of poured concrete. The drainage system will prevent standing stagnant
                                     water from accumulating and this in turn will help with the mosquito
                                                               population that exists.

                                  This Grant would provide funds to purchase X-26 Tasers, training
                                  cartridges and duty cartridges for all personnel within our agency
                             currently assigned to the Patrol Division. We currently have 15 X26 Tasers
                             that have been obtained and worn due to age and use. Our agency has 15
                              X26 Tasers that have been obtained through various means over the past
                               several years. These tasers are disbursed across several divisions within
           BUTLER COUNTY     the agency and are not immediately available on all volatile situations our
Butler     SHERIFF'S OFFICE      patrol personnel routinely have to deal with. Providing each patrol               BRESSLER   ERIKA   EBRESSLER@BUTLERSHERIFF.ORG
         ROAD PATROL RIOT HE   deputy with the less than lethal capability of the X26 taser would follow
                             for a more effective non-lethal means of efficiently resolving these volatile
                             situations thereby avoiding the potential for injury associated with striking
                             type weapons or the use of deadly force. New riot helmets are needed as
                               the ones the Sheriff's Officer currently have are deteriorated and worn.
                               Providing the deputies with new riot helmets assures their safety in any
                                       event that the use of them would be deemed necessary.
                                                                            Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                             The Butler County Sheriff's Office Correction Facility houses United States
                               Marshal Inmates, Armed Forces inmates, Illegal Customs Enforcement
                                (ICE) Aliens, and inmates from numerous jurisdictions such as City of
                             Hamilton, City of Fairfield, City of Trenton, City of Loveland, Montgomery
                                  County, Brown County, Warren County and the Federal Bureau of
                                 Prisoners. Contracting with these agencies has created the need to
                                remodel our current intake/release area to receive and process large
           BUTLER COUNTY
                                groups of inmates. Additional holding areas, processing centers and
Butler     SHERIFF'S OFFICE                                                                                      BRESSLER   ERIKA   EBRESSLER@BUTLERSHERIFF.ORG
                                secured vehicle loading/off loading areas are needed. An addition of
         INMATE INTAKE AND B 19,000 square feet of blacktop pavement, 200 feet of security fencing and
                                    electronic gates, 12 gun lockers, 8 metal benches, 4 hand held
                               scanners,and a remote call box are part of the needs of the renovation
                              project. Remodel for additional inmate processing space will include 10
                               new processing work stations, 5 inmate holding areas, 4 inmate phone
                             lines, 10 computer work stations and 12 x 20 feet of security fencing with
                                    a door. Without this funding, this project will not be possible.
                                    The Butler County Sheriff's Office Carry Concealed Weapons Division
                                      needs an opportunity to improve the service and thoroughness of
                                     background investivgations by expanding the unit from 3 part time
                                  positions to 3 full time positions. This will help us to be more accurate in
                                    giving out the concealed to carry a handgun permit. Our technology
                                  equipment shuts off during critical inputting times, which makes the job
           BUTLER COUNTY           more difficult. The BCSO CCW Division is getting about 60 people every
                                 Tuesday and Thursday, which is equivalent to approximately 7,000 people
Butler                            a year. With only three part time positions and only two days a week of        BRESSLER   ERIKA   EBRESSLER@BUTLERSHERIFF.ORG
                                 applicants, the job is outweighing the staff. Budget cuts and lack of funds
                WEA               prohibits the CCW division from making the part time positions full time.
                                  Another thing, bringing in this many people, we are overloading our filing
                                 cabinets. There are no more cabinets or spare rooms to file. There is not
                                 enough desk space nor sufficient workstations to keep up with the volume
                                   of applicants. We would like to purchase larger filing cabinets to house
                                 the paperwork. We would appreciate a chance to make the CCW Division
                                                                 more efficient.
                                                                           Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                              SWAT & bomb squad respond to urban & remote areas in Butler, Preble
                              &Hamilton counties to provide LE services. Special operations units have
                                deployed in support of communities throughout SW Oh, N Ky &SE In.
                                 Teams respond to barricaded violent and armed subjects, reported
                             explosives/IED’s, narcotics lab raids, arrest warrants for violent fugitives &
                                 provide site security for potentially violent confrontations at labor
                                disputes & public demonstrations. Request is to buy a tactical rescue
           BUTLER COUNTY        vehicle capable of supporting emergency operations while providing
Butler     SHERIFF'S OFFICE         ballistic protection from gunfire& bomb blast debris during LE             BRESSLER   ERIKA   EBRESSLER@BUTLERSHERIFF.ORG
         TACTICAL RESCUE VEH deployments or evacs of citizens from hazardous areas. It’d be operational
                                  in WMD/CBRNE environments; monitoring/testing equipment to
                              determine CBRNE danger present & prov. telecommunications equip.; be
                                NIMS compliant for deployment anywhere in OH or the US; deploy to
                               support SWAT ops, bomb squad, civil unrest, & site security at high risk
                                   operations; be utilized w/the regional HAZ-MAT team and EMA
                              operations; be deployed in direct support of any humanitarian efforts in
                               the event of a natural or terrorist disaster & be available to agency we
                                                                        Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                             The purpose of Project Lifesaver, a national program, is to use electronic
                              monitoring equipment to track and locate missing persons who may be
                             suffering from disorders such as Dementia, Autism, Down syndrome, and
                                                        Alzheimer’s disease.

                               Trained personnel use electronic equipment and search techniques to
                             locate people who are identified as “high risk” of wandering due to their

                                Butler County’s Project Lifesaver has grown. With an expected total
          BUTLER COUNTY        number of five thousand citizens eligible for the program, the Butler
Butler    SHERIFF'S OFFICE   County Sheriff’s Office must supply a deputy and provide transportation         BRESSLER   ERIKA   EBRESSLER@BUTLERSHERIFF.ORG
         PROJECT LIFESAVER   to visit each client monthly to replace batteries in the client’s monitoring
                                         bracelet, and to check the bracelet’s serviceability.

                                  The Butler County Sheriff’s Office currently has twenty adults and
                             children enrolled in the Project Lifesaver Program in six surrounding cities,
                                                   outlying townships, and villages.

                                    Due to projected costs associated with equipment demands,
                               replacement, and upgrades, and the training of more personnel, the
                              Butler Count Sheriff’s office would like to appoint a full time deputy and
                               supply a cruiser to the appointed deputy to service a projected forty
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                     The Citizens On Patrol (COP) program was established by the Butler
                                                       County Sheriff’s office in 2006.

                                    Trained volunteers in a marked cruiser perform non-enforcement duties
                                   such as traffic control, high visibility patrol, and premise checks acting as
                                                      “eyes and ears” for law enforcement.

           BUTLER COUNTY              With budget cuts facing most departments, including ours, the COP
Butler     SHERIFF'S OFFICE          program helps keep more deputies available for crucial duties while           BRESSLER   ERIKA   EBRESSLER@BUTLERSHERIFF.ORG
         CITIZENS ON PATROL          providing more manpower for traffic control and emergency scene

                                The Butler County Sheriff’s office would like to increase our COP program
                                  patrols from one to two units and replace one older COP cruiser while
                                  adding a second fully equipped cruiser to our COP program. We would
                                also need funds to provide uniforms, training, and equipment to ten new
                                                                COP recruits
                                      The Butler County Sheriff's Office participates in the Joint Alien
           BUTLER COUNTY             Transportation System (JPATS). An average of 40 illegal aliens are
           SHERIFFS OFFICE     transported by our department each week to be deported. Sometime this
Butler                           number is higher and twice a week. This bus project would allow us to             BRESSLER   ERIKA   EBRESSLER@BUTLERSHERIFF.ORG
                                   continue to assist the Federal Government in the removal of criminal
                                 aliens. The company that gave us the estimate for this bus is capable of
                                                            handling state bids.
                                 The Butler County Sheriff's Office house United States Marshal inmates,
                                Armed Forces inmates, Illegal Customs Enforcement Alien inmates (ICE),
                               and inmates from numerous surrounding jurisdictions, villages, townships
           BUTLER COUNTY
                                    and counties. We are reponsible for the transportation to and from
Butler   SHERIFF'S OFFICE MINI                                                                                     BRESSLER   ERIKA   EBRESSLER@BUTLERSHERIFF.ORG
                                  different courts throughout the state. This transportation vehicle (33
            BUS PURCHASE         passenger) will save taxpayers money by being able to transport double
                                   the amount of inmates compared to the 15 passenger vans which we
                                                              currently have.
                                                                            Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                The unit would allow for a Therapeutic Community within the jail setting.
                                     The unit would consist of approximately 16 beds to house mentally ill
                                   inmates while attempting to address their mental health issues. Such a
                                     unit would allow for close medication monitoring, close monitoring of
                                  individuals on suicide watch, separation of the mentally ill inmates from
                                 the general population, and social worker management in connection to
            BUTLER COUNTY        community resources prior to release from jail. This unit would allow for
                                 mentally ill inmates to efficiently be monitored, on a consistent basis, by
Butler                          social workers and a jail psychiatrist. This level of monitoring would assist   BRESSLER   ERIKA   EBRESSLER@BUTLERSHERIFF.ORG
                                 with stabilization of inmate through more effective treatment. If able to
                MENTAL                  stabilize efficiently prior to release to the comminity, along with
                                 connecting the inmate with community resources, the rate of recidivism
                               would be lowered along with cost. The unit would staff correction officers
                                    that would be provided additional mental health training to effectively
                                work with this population, nursing/medic staff to pass meds and monitor
                                  health needs and concerns; social workers 24/7 and jail psychiatrist and
                                   The Butler County Regional Drug Task Force is a regional unit comprised
                                    of officers and deputy sheriffs from multiple agencies. These agencies
                                    service Butler County, Ohio; which is situated between two major High
                               Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas; Cincinnati and Dayton, OH. Butler County
                                is also within 120 miles of two other High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas
                                  (Columbus, OH and Indianapolis, IN). During investigations for the year
                                2008, narcotics were confiscated coming from Cincinnati OH, Dayton OH,
                                      Columbus OH, Indianapolis IN, Chicago IL, Texas and Arizona. Butler
         Butler County Regional County, OH also has Interstate 75 running through it. I-75 is a known
Butler      Drug Task Force          major drug route for narcotics to flow to the north and currency from      Bressler   Erika
                 Building         drug trafficking to the south. Currently the task force rents office space
                                       that is far too small. The Butler County Regional Drug Task Force is
                                      requesting $475,000.00 for construction of a stand alone building or
                               purchase and renovation of existing office space. The current level of drug
                                 funds do not allow for this extremely needed expansion. Only U.S. made
                                 steel will be used in any construction or renovation projects funded with
                                                                     this money.
                                                                           Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                The Butler County Regional Drug Task Force is a regional unit comprised of
                                police officers and deputy sheriffs from multiple agencies. These agencies
                                  are housed in Butler County, Ohio; which is part of a High Intensity Drug
                                      Trafficking Areas that includes Cincinnati and Dayton, OH. During
                                 investigations for the year 2008, narcotics were confiscated coming from
                                    Cincinnati OH, Dayton OH, Columbus OH, Indianapolis IN, Chicago IL,
                                   Texas, Arizona, and Mexico. Butler County, Ohio also has Interstate 75
         Butler County Regional       running through it. Interstate 75 is a known major drug route for
Butler      Drug Task Force      narcotics to flow to the north and currency, from drug trafficking, to flow   Bressler   Erika
               Equipment            to the south. In the year 2008, The Butler County Regional Drug Task
                                       Force expended over $168,000.00 for rent, training, surveillance
                                   equipment, lab and tow fees, vehicle maintenance, and helicopter fuel
                                  and maintenance. Even with seizures, the task forces drug funds are at
                                  the lowest point in years. The Butler County Drug Task Force expects to
                                       spend approximately $200,000.00 this year for rent, surveillance
                                equipment, lab fees, and helicopter fuel and maintenance. The Task Force
                                                can not operate efficiently without these funds.
                                The Butler County Regional Drug Task Force is a regional unit comprised of
                                police officers and deputy sheriffs from multiple agencies. These agencies
                                  are housed in Butler County, Ohio; which is part of a High Intensity Drug
                                      Trafficking Areas that includes Cincinnati and Dayton, OH. During
                                 investigations for the year 2008, narcotics were confiscated coming from
                                    Cincinnati OH, Dayton OH, Columbus OH, Indianapolis IN, Chicago IL,
                                   Texas, Arizona, and Mexico. Butler County, Ohio also has Interstate 75
         Butler County Regional
                                      running through it. Interstate 75 is a known major drug route for
Butler    Drug Task Force Law                                                                                  Bressler   Erika
                                 narcotics to flow to the north and currency, from drug trafficking, to flow
                 Enforce            to the south. In the year 2008, The Butler County Regional Drug Task
                                 Force expended over $410,000.00 in salaries. The task force has been so
                                    successful that there is a need to add officers/deputy sheriffs and/or
                                     increase overtime availability. The Butler County Drug Task Force is
                                  requesting $400,000.00 for salaries and overtime to be expended in the
                                  years 2009 and 2010. With the current budget cuts, the Task Force will
                                           not be able to operate as efficiently without these funds.
                                                                            Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                  The Butler County Regional Drug Task Force is a regional unit comprised of
                                       officers and deputy sheriffs from multiple agencies. These agencies
                                     service Butler County, Ohio; which is situated between two major High
                                  Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas; Cincinnati and Dayton, OH. Butler County
                                   is also within 120 miles of two other High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas
                                    (Columbus, OH and Indianapolis, IN). During investigations for the year
                                   2008, narcotics were confiscated coming from Cincinnati OH, Dayton OH,
          The Butler County           Columbus OH, Indianapolis IN, Chicago IL, Texas and Arizona. Butler
Butler    Regional Drug Task          County, OH also has Interstate 75 running through it. I-75 is a known      Bressler    Erika
            Force Survell             major drug route for narcotics to flow to the north and currency from
                                      drug trafficking to the south. The drug task force has been extremely
                                   successful. Currently the task force is without a surveillance platform and
                                    the undercover fleet is depleted. The Butler County Regional Drug Task
                                    Force is requesting $120,000.00 for a surveillance van manufactured by
                                  Specialty Vehicle Solutions LLC or other bidder and $200,000.00 to replace
                                    5-6 undercover vehicles. All undercover vehicles will be purchased from
                                                        Ford, General Motors, or Chrysler.

                                 This grant would be in collaboration with the Butler County Sheriff's Office
                                                        and the Village of New Miami.
                                     The BCSO would be able to provide patrol coverage for the Village of
                                 New Miami who disbanded their part-time Police Department over a year
                                 ago due to lack of funding. New Miami is one of the poorest villages in the
         Butler County Sheriff's state of Ohio. They have received basic patrol coverage from the Butler
Butler     Office New Miami        County Sheriff’s Office; however, this would provide specific personnel       Bressler    Erika
                 Patrol            assigned to work the area 40 hours a week each for a total of 80 hours.
                                 This grant would provide for two deputies, vehicles, uniforms, fuel, and all
                                  necessary equipment to provide the Village of New Miami with coverage
                                              more similar to their previous level of protection.
                                     With this funding, the Village of New Miami and their children would
                                                  keep their crime rate down and feel safe.

                               Replace existing 45-year old sanitary sewage pump station to preserve
                             service to over 1200 apartments and homes, and several dozen businesses
            Gilmore Road      which employ 3,025 workers. Construct 9,000 linear feet of 16” sanitary
Butler   Pumping Station and   force main and build 2700 gallons per minute pump station. With new                Engle     Richard
             Force Main      station, Hamilton will not only preserve existing service but will be able to
                                extend service to additional commercial and residential development
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                   To create a designated Highway Interdiction Unit consisting of three
                                deputies, one of which will be a canine handler trained in the detection of
         Butler County Sheriff's illegal narcotics. This grant would provide for three deputies, training,
                                vehicles, uniforms, fuel, and all necessary equipment to efficiently conduct
Butler      Office Highway                                                                                        Bressler   Erika
                                     highway interdiction enforcement focusing on high intensity drug
               Interdictio      trafficking areas within Butler County. This specialized unit will be capable
                                of drastically reducing the amount of illegal narcotics being transported to
                                                and/or through the Southwestern Ohio area.

                                       This grant will provide funds to purchase Level III Ballistic Vests with
                                    carriers for members of the Butler County Regional Special Weapons and
                                         Tactics Team. This team is a multi-agency joint tactical team that
                                        responds to multiple jurisdictions to include assisting other county
                                     Sheriff’s Offices (Preble County Sheriff’s Office, Ohio and Union County
                                        Sheriff’s Office, Indiana) who are without SWAT capabilities due to
         Butler County Sheriff's funding. Butler County Sheriff’s Office personnel currently utilize a load
Butler                                                                                                            Bressler   Erika
         Office Level III Tactical bearing vest worn over basic level II body armor that is standard issue to
                                       certified officers for patrol duties. These vests would provide more
                                     protection as they include groin, shoulder, and neck protection that the
                                   basic issue body armor does not provide. In addition, they would provide
                                   a higher level of protection stopping more types of rounds from additional
                                      types of weapons including rifle rounds that would be stopped by the
                                                    trauma plate inserts included with the vests.

         LeSourdsville Regional
                                    Solids Reduction, Septage Receiving, Vactor Receiving, Clarifier Upgrade
Butler       WRF - Phase I                                                                                        Leventry   Robert
                                                 and Effluent Aeration facilility improvements.
                                     Upgrade and expansion of regional WRF to increase capacity from 0.5
          Wade Mill Regional
Butler                                   MGD to 1.0 MGD and meet increasingly stringent regulatory                Leventry   Robert
            WRF Upgrade
                                     Influent pumping, headworks, flow equalization, secondary treatment
         LeSourdsville Regional        expansion to improve wet weather handling and reduce overflows.
Butler                                                                                                            Leventry   Robert
            WRF - Phase II           Project has green components such as the elimination of sanitary sewer
                                     overflows and it plans for and addresses more stringent nutrient limits.
                                       Replace 2400 feet of 16” ductile iron force main. Green component
          Sharon Creek Force
Butler                               consists of the protection of Sharon Woods Lake by preventing sanitary       Leventry   Robert
          Main Replacement
                                                            sewer spills and overflows.
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

         Williamsdale/Overpec Installation of 39,000 feet of sanitary sewers to eliminate 420 failing septic
                                  systems and 3 failing small package plants in the Williamsdale and
Butler     k Sanitary Sewer                                                                                       Leventry   Robert
                               Overpeck communities. Green component includes protection of Butler
                                                          County's sole source aquifer.
         Village of Seven Mile, Installation of 58,300 feet of sanitary sewers to eliminate 500 failing septic
Butler    St. Clair and Wayne     systems. Green component includes protection of Butler County's sole            Leventry   Robert
                 Townshi                                        source aquifer.
         Dist 8, PID 77928, BUT           Minor Rehabilitation On But Us 27, Us 127, And Sr 122.
Butler                                                                                                            McDonald    Tim
               US 27 18.61
                                Installation of sanitary sewers to eliminate approximately 100 septic
                                 systems within metropolitan areas of Ross. This project has a green
Butler   Ross Township Sewers                                                                                     Leventry   Robert
                              component in that it will help to stimulate long term sustainable economic
                                  development and will protect Butler County's sole source aquifer.
                                    Installation of sanitary sewers to eliminate over 50 failing septic systems
            Linn Road Sewer
Butler                             which drain to storm sewers or roadside ditches. This project will improve     Leventry   Robert
                                                               groundwater quality.
             Butler County
                               Siting of new wellfield, land acquisition, design and construction of water
Butler    Wellfield and Water                                                                                     Leventry   Robert
                                               treatment facility for Butler County, Ohio.
          Blu Max Service Line
                                This is a green project which saves energy and reduces lost water from
Butler   Replacement - Phases                                                                                     Leventry   Robert
                                   over 7000 service connections installed with faulty Blu Max pipe.
                 II & III
                                    Comlpete replacement of all remaining Blu Max service lines in service
           Blu Max Complete
Butler                              area (approximately 7,000). Blu Max is a faulty material that is prone to     Leventry   Robert
              Replacement                   failure. This project reduces energy use and lost water.
                                    Project includes construction of ground storage to maximize efficiency of
            Liberty Fairfield        pump station; it will allow for the delivery of water at a more constant
Butler                                                                                                            Leventry   Robert
            Ground Storage               rate and provides system storage and emergency supply during
                                                              interruptions of supply.
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                  To provide the funds to purchase a rescue throw phone for the Butler
                                  County Regional Special Weapons and Tactics team. SWAT is a multi-
                                 agency, multi-jurisdictional tactical team that serves 469 square miles &
                                 about 355,000 citizens in Butler County. SWAT responds to jurisdictions
                                outside of Butler County to assist other agencies that do not have tactical
                                 capabilities due to lack of funds. SWAT has served multiple warrants for
                               narcotics, hostage-barricade situations, & fugitive apprehensions in Preble
         Butler County Regional Cnty, Ohio & has also assisted Union Cnty, Indiana Sheriff’s Office in a
Butler    Special Weapons and tactical capacity. Several barricade & hostage-barricade situations in both        BRESSLER   ERIKA     EBRESSLER@BUTLERSHERIFF.ORG
                 Tactics         Butler and Preble Cnty have req. negotiations to resolve the situation. A
                                   result of having no rescue phone, negotiators have been required to
                               utilize cell phone service to communicate with the barricaded subject. This
                                  equip. would provide a more reliable means of communication; & the
                                capability to listen to any communications inside the residence while the
                               receiver/transmitter is not in use & to view the conditions of the situation,
                                while identifying victims & suspects through the use of a pinhole camera
                                                       installed within the unit itself.
                                       To provide a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
                                      (green) building for vehicle maintenance and provide protective and
            BUTLER COUNTY             secured storage of highly specialized vehicles. These vehicles include
            SHERIFFS OFFICE        Crime Scene Vehicles, SWAT Vehicles, Bomb Truck, Marine Patrol Vehicles
Butler                                                                                                           BRESSLER   ERIKA     EBRESSLER@BUTLERSHERIFF.ORG
               VEHICLE                and Boats, Helicoptor, Prisoner Transport Buses and seized Drug and
            MAINTENANCE,            Confiscated vehicles. Also a portion of this building would be to provide
                                    additional offices, a squad room and an exercise and locker room for the
                                                                   Road Patrol.

            Upper Mill Creek       Restore approximately 100 feet of severely eroded stream bank adjacent
Butler    Riparian Restoration     to existing detention basin-wetland retrofit project that was featured in     Dirksing   Douglas
             and Stormwat                                   Stormwater Magazine.

            Brittony Woods          Retrofit a 2 acre residential detention basin located on hydric soils to a
Butler   Subdivision Detention      wetland/water quality basin to treat pollutants as it functions for water    Dirksing   Douglas
            Basin Wetland                                           quantity.

            Dudley Woods             Stabilize and restore approximately 100 linear feet of bank of Gregory
Butler     Metropark Stream         Creek to improve water quality in Gregory Creek and Great Miami River        Plummer     Rick
             Restoration                                          watersheds.
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                     The SWAT & bomb squad teams respond to urban and remote areas in
                                    Butler, Preble and Hamilton counties to provide emergency LE services.
                                      The special operations units have deployed in direct support of other
                                      communities throughout SW OH, N KY & SE IN. Currently we have no
                                    functional communication interoperability with agencies we respond to
                                    assist. Due to the nature of some emergencies, reliable communications
           BUTLER COUNTY                are non-existent. Reliable communications & data availability is a
                                     necessity for emergency services operations. Goal is to purchase a self
Butler                                 sufficient communications/command vehicle capable of supporting            BRESSLER   ERIKA   EBRESSLER@BUTLERSHERIFF.ORG
                                     emergency operations. It would contain workstations for radio, data &
               COMM                   related telecommunications equipment with generators, full climate
                                       control & a hygiene facility; NIMS class II compliant for deployment
                                      anywhere in OH or US; deploy to support SWAT, bomb squad, water
                                   rescue, search/rescue operations & incidents of civil unrest; be utilized in
                                      cooperation with the regional HAZ-MAT team & EMA operations; be
                                    deployed in direct support of any humanitarian efforts in the event of a
                                   natural or terrorist disaster; & be available to any agency we have an aid

            Cherokee Park-          Stabilize and restore approximately 300 linear feet of bank of Gregory
Butler   Gregory Creek Stream      Creek, thereby stabilizing an exposed sanitary manhole structure that is       Plummer    Rick
            Restoration Pro                                 susceptible to rupture.

           Seven Mile Creek-   Restore and stabilize approximately 1000 feet of Seven Mile Creek stream
                                  bank which continuously threatens the stability of West Elkton Road.
Butler     West Elkton Road                                                                                        Lanich    Jerry
                                Stabilization will also have water quality benefits for the Seven Mile Creek
             Stabilization P
                                                     and Great Miami River watersheds.
                                Edgewood City Schools will soon be building a new high school which will
                               contain approximately 3 acres of impervious roof area and several acres of
         Edgewood Jigh School parking lot. The new school is also located over and within the time of
Butler    Green Infrastructure travelk zone of a buried valley aquifer that supplies drinking water to tens        Lanich    Jerry
                Project            of thousands of people. The school will require funds to install Best
                                Management Practices to properly treat stormwater before it enters the
                                                            groundwater system.
           Browns Run Bank         Restore and stabilize approximately 1000 feet of Browns Run to enhance
Butler                                                                                                              Fall     Kevin
          Restoration Project                        water quality and stabilize roadways.
                                                                          Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                Deliver broadband service to rural counties (Butler, Warren, Montgomery,
         Broadband rollout to    Clinton) using fiber optics and microwave technology. Requires build out
Butler                                                                                                          Olding    Robert
             Rural Ohio             of fiber optic cable to remote tower sites over our current 250 mile
                                               network. Request is for Labor and Equipment.
                                The Butler County Regional Drug Task Force is a regional unit comprised of
                                     officers and deputy sheriffs from multiple agencies. These agencies
                                   service Butler County, Ohio; which is situated between two major High
                                Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas; Cincinnati and Dayton, OH. Butler County
                                 is also within 120 miles of two other High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas
                                  (Columbus, OH and Indianapolis, IN). During investigations for the year
                                 2008, narcotics were confiscated coming from Cincinnati OH, Dayton OH,
          The Butler County         Columbus OH, Indianapolis IN, Chicago IL, Texas and Arizona. Butler
Butler     Sheriff's Office         County, OH also has Interstate 75 running through it. I-75 is a known      BRESSLER   ERIKA    EBRESSLER@BUTLERSHERIFF.ORG
           Regional Drug T          major drug route for narcotics to flow to the north and currency from
                                    drug trafficking to the south. The drug task force has been extremely
                                 successful. Currently the task force is without a surveillance platform and
                                  the undercover fleet is depleted. The Butler County Regional Drug Task
                                  Force is requesting $120,000.00 for a surveillance van manufactured by
                                Specialty Vehicle Solutions LLC or other bidder and $200,000.00 to replace
                                  5-6 undercover vehicles. All undercover vehicles will be purchased from
                                                      Ford, General Motors, or Chrysler.
                                  Installation of approximately 3,330 feel of 16" ductile iron pipe to serve
         Morris Road Water
Butler                            growing area and allow for more utilization of energy efficient pumping      Leventry   Robert
         Cherrywood Drive
Butler                                   Replacement of 3,200 feet of aged cast iron water main.               Leventry   Robert
            Water Main
         West Chester Road
Butler                                       Replace approximately 2,500 feet of aged pipe.                    Leventry   Robert
            Water Main
         Dues Drive Water         Replacement of approximately 1700 feet of aged pipe that is prone to
Butler                                                                                                         Leventry   Robert
               Main                                           leakage.
         Cincinnati-Dayton        Replacement of approximately 950 feet of aged pipe prone to breaks.
Butler                                                                                                         Leventry   Robert
         Road Water Main                 This will be coordinated with highway improvements.
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                              RedMan Training Gear is the law enforcement industries toughest blunt
                              trauma protective gear. Designed for defensive tactics training, RedMan
                                 provides maximum body coverage, durability, manueverability and
                             versatility, and it can be sanitized between users. The suit can be worn for
                                both baton and weapons training. You can shoot at the WDS suit with
                              approved Training Projectiles; incorporates blunt trauma protection and
           BUTLER COUNTY
                               features of the RedMan XP suit and adds special designs and materials;
Butler    SHERIFF'S OFFICE                                                                                         BRESSLER   ERIKA   EBRESSLER@BUTLERSHERIFF.ORG
                                Enhanced for use with Simunition FX Marking Cartridges; form fitting;
         DEFENSIVE TACTICS T manuevable for subject control training (OC, Baton and hand cuffing); full
                                body coverage, minimal gaps, coverage to head, face, throat, back of
                              head; impact mesh adds durability for training projectiles; easily cleaned,
                                disinfected and dried after each use; lightweight and shock disbersing
                               construction, added advantage of "Impact Mesh" for durability and use
                                   with RedMan approved training projectiles; includes D2 Helmet.

                                  Camera monitoring system for inmate holding cell areas of Butler County
                                 Juvenile Court. Currently two cells (in a remote building location) are used
                                 for holding adult inmates awaiting court proceedings. A camera system to
                                   monitor their activities while in those cells would permit Butler County
                                 Sheriff Deputies to continue with other activities, yet still be able to detect
                                     safety/security issues within those cells. Approx. cost - $10,000.

           BUTLER COUNTY     1 additional X-ray scanning machine for screening packages at the Butler
Butler     SHERIFF'S OFFICE   County Court entrance security checkpoint would speed flow of visitor                BRESSLER   ERIKA   EBRESSLER@BUTLERSHERIFF.ORG
         COURT SERVICES SECU traffic into the court area while helping to maintain/increase security by
                                       detecting potential metal contraband. Approx. cost - $32,000.

                                    3 walk-through metal detectors for Butler County Court area security
                                    checkpoint (to replace existing outdated and potentially unreliable
                                  detectors currently in use) would help to properly scan court visitors for
                                        metal weapons/contraband. Approx. cost for 3 - $15,000.
                                                                            Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                The PepperBall System can effectively distribute hot pepper powder in a
                               riot setting and disperse uncontrolled crowds. In addition, the PepperBall
                                 System can be used in cell extractions and hig-risk transport of inmates.
                                   Suspects can be individually targeted or pepper powder agent can be
                                    distributed over an entire group by launching a volley of projectiles
                                against a wall, floor, or hard object above, near, or upwind of a group of
                                  suspects from distances up to 150 feet away. Dye Marking rounds are
           BUTLER COUNTY
                                     also available to allow officers to mark individual suspects for later
Butler   SHERIFF'S OFFICE LESS                                                                                   BRESSLER   ERIKA   EBRESSLER@BUTLERSHERIFF.ORG
                               identification. The are an alternative to lethal force; affordable additon to
           LETHAL CONTROL        less lethal arsenals; safe at point blank range; provide increased officer
                                    safety; allow suspect targeting ranges up to 30 feet; utilize a unique
                                combination of kinetic impact, psychological shock, and PAVA powder to
                                irritate and gain compliance;; can be used to saturate areas as distances
                                   up to 150 feet. PepperBall brand non lethal compliance products are
                                  designed to give corrections officer's safe, effective, and simple to use
                                                 alternatives to existing compliance systems.

                                      The Butler County Sheriff's Office houses US Marshal inmates, Armed
                                      Forces inmates, Illegal Custom Enforcement (ICE) Alien inmates, and
                                   inmates from numerous jurisdictions such as Montgomery County, City of
           BUTLER COUNTY               Hamilton, City of Fairfield, City of Loveland, City of Trenton, City of
                                   Monroe, Warren County, Brown County and Federal Bureau of Prisoners.
Butler                                Installation of a DVR security system to our maximum security facility     BRESSLER   ERIKA   EBRESSLER@BUTLERSHERIFF.ORG
          CORRECTIONS DVR          housing 848 inmates would increase security and record critical incidents.
                 SEC                 The DVR system contains the following: 2 Dell Minitower workstations
                                    costing $2,311.00; 1 Dell Minitower Logging Server costing $1,781.00; 2
                                       Touch Screen Monitors costing $1,742.00 and 1 18 channel 500 GB
                                                   MPEG4 Compression Card costing $5,837.00.
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                  This grant would provide funds to cover Flex Fuel costs for the Butler
                                County Sheriff's Office Patrol Division for the period of one year. Butler
                               County Sheriff's Office serves approximately 355,000 citizens over an area
                                 of 469 square miles within the county. The area consists of 6 cities, 13
           BUTLER COUNTY       townships, and 7 villages. patrol operations consist of a patrol division of
Butler   SHERIFF'S OFFICE FLEX approximately 80 personnel, Civil Processes consisting of 6 full time and 2        BRESSLER   ERIKA     EBRESSLER@BUTLERSHERIFF.ORG
           FUEL REIMBURSE       part time personnel, motorcycle unit, traffic investigations unit, aviation
                               unit, marine patrol, and SWAT. The financial relief to the agency that this
                                grant would provide will dramatically increase our capability to retain all
                                    personnel involved in these operations and avoid and personnel
                                             reductions that are currently being considered.

                             - This grant would provide funds to purchase VISIONAIR’S Drivers’ License
           BUTLER COUNTY
                             Reader (DLR) Software; along with the hardware, Vision Air’s MagTek USB
Butler    SHERIFF'S OFFICE                                                                                        BRESSLER   ERIKA     EBRESSLER@BUTLERSHERIFF.ORG
                                  DL Reader for the Road Patrol Division’s cruisers. This software is
         DRIVERS VISIONAIR P                 compatible to our VisionAir RMS system t

                                    Repave 12 miles of city streets to restore surface integrity and preserve
                                   investment in pavement structure. Hamilton has 216 centerline miles of
                                    streets, of which approximately 40% are in good to excellent condition.
            Hamilton Street           60% are in fair, poor or critical condition. Efforts will be focused on
Butler                                                                                                             Engle     Richard
            Improvements            resurfacing of streets classified as Minor Arterials and Collector streets.
                                   Work will include replacing catch basins in storm water collection system
                                      which require replacement due to age and deteriorating condition.
                                      Replace sidewalk ramps which do not meet current ADA standards.
                                                                            Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                               The existing bridge where SR Bypass4 crosses over SR129 will be widened
                                from 2 lanes to 5 lanes. The existing Ramps will be modified to adjust to
                              the newly widened bridge and signals updated accordingly. The remaining
                                 2 lane section from Princeton Road to SR 4 North (about 6600') will be
                                widened to 4 lanes. The existing intersection at Bypass4 and SR 4 North
         SR 4 Bypass Phase 5: will be modified to accomodate the new 5 lane project and adding turn
Butler                                                                                                          Ronald   Porter
         SR 129 to SR 4 North lanes as required on both legs. The project include widening the bridge
                                    over SR 129, additional lanes, traffic signal remodeling, and various
                                    drainage items. The area is a mix of commercial business and some
                              residential. The project is already a 4 lane right of way and we expect very
                                  little if any additional right of way. The environmental documents are
                                                               already approved.
                              Due to economic condition company is looking to consolidate 3 operation
                               into one ( operation currently located in the state of Ohio, Michigan and
Butler      Consolidation           Misssissippi), preferbaly in Ohio. New josbs that will be consolidate        Chiu    Dennis
                                 include R&D facility from Michigan and productuion from Misssissippi.
                                Company will need to reloacte from current facility to accomodate R&D
                                   Phase 3 of SR Bypass 4 widening starts just north of Symmes Road
                               intersection (Phase 2) and runs north for about 8700' to just south of the
                               Hamilton Mason Road intersection (Phase1). Approximately 4000' will be
                                 6 lanes wide. The rest wil be 5 lanes. The existing roadway is presently
                              only 2 lanes. The project will cross the intersection of Tylersville Road. This
         SR 4 Bypass Phase 3:
                                intersection will be remodeled to be a new "Super Street" (First ones in
Butler      Symmes Rd to                                                                                        Porter   Ronald
                               Ohio). This project is located in an area of light commercial business. The
          Hamilton Mason R project includes a new access point to the Butler County Regional Airport.
                                 This future intersection will provide the Airport with direct access to a
                                major limited access highway facility. The project includes widening the
                               existing 2 lane bridge over CSX Railroad. Various drainge items and traffic
                                               management for Super Street intersection.
                                                                              Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                SR 4 Bypass is an existing 2 lane facility on a 4 lane R/W built in the mid
                                60's. Todays traffic volumes are so high that this intersection no longer
                                 meets a satisfactory level of service. The proposed solution is a "Super
                                Street" type intersection (First in Ohio). The lengths of the 5-6 lanes on
         SR 4 Bypass Phase 1 at Bypass 4 are approximately 2400'(about 1200' each way). The lanes on
Butler                                                                                                             Porter   Ronald
             Symmes Road       Symmes Road are about 1200' in length (600' each way). Various drainage
                                    and traffic management components are part of this project. The
                                   intersection is located in a commercial/light industrial area. These
                                business' rely on moderate to heavy highway shipping to and from their
                                1,560 feet of 15" corrigated plastic tile that will be installed to elimate
                              standing water in crop fields that are affecting crop yields. This problem
         Wayne Twp. Drainage
Butler                       affects approx. 9 landowners in Wayne Twp., Butler County. If funded and              Smith     Ryan
                             problem fixed, this will eliminate standing water and better yields in fileds.
                                    It will also eliminate the excessive erosion that is taking place.

                                   Stabilize approximately 450 linear feet of the Hick’s Creek stream bank,
           New London Road
                                   which is undergoing severe erosion and threatening the stability of New
Butler       Stream Bank                                                                                           Engle    Richard
                                     London Road, a principal arterial and major truck route in Hamilton.
             Stabilization               Project will reduce soil erosion and improve water quality.
                                   Project will stabilize stream banks and stream bottom to stop erosion on
                                     either side of two check dams on Two Mile Creek near Cleveland Ave
            Two Mile Creek         bridge. Project will also include the installation of energy dissipaters. The
Butler       Stream Bank           upstream check dam protects a 33” diameter sanitary sewer trunk main.           Engle    Richard
             Stabilization           The downstream check dam protects the footers of the Cleveland Ave
                                   bridge. Project will reduce soil erosion and improve stream water quality.

         Trenton Industrial Park
Butler      fibre optic cable             Fibre optic cable extensions to the Trenton Industrial Park.             Foster   James
                                                                              Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                   The abstract is based on the addition of 2 new full time deputies assigned
                                   to the Butler County Sheriff's Office accompanied by a full compliment of
                                   equipment and logistical support, and in addition to the part time clerical
                                     specialist already in place. The number of registrants (689) would be
                                     equally divided between each deputy and that number would be the
                                                               continuing case load.
         Butler County Sheriff's
Butler                                                                                                              Bressler    Erika
          Office SORN Funding       In summary, in order to achief full compliance with the Adam Walsh Act,
                                      the level of proficiency for the SORN division to attain will be to hire
                                    additional personnel with the full compliment of needed equipment and
                                        logistical support. This will enable the SORN division to have the
                                     appropriate personnel to not only "keep up" with the ever increasing
                                      demands of the sex offenders, but to be pro-active in the continued
                                        agressive investigations of all registrants that are not compliant.
                                   The abstract is based on the addition of 2 new full time deputies assigned
                                   to the Butler County Sheriff's Office accompanied by a full compliment of
                                   equipment and logistical support, and in addition to the part time clerical
                                     specialist already in place. The number of registrants (689) would be
                                     equally divided between each deputy and that number would be the
                                                               continuing case load.
         Butler County Sheriff's
Butler                                                                                                              Bressler    Erika
          Office SORN Funding          In summary, in order to achieve full compliance with the Adam Walsh
                                    Act, the level of proficiency for the SORN division to attain will be to hire
                                    additional personnel with the full compliment of needed equipment and
                                         logistical support. This will enable the SORN division to have the
                                      appropriate personnel to not only "keep up" with the ever increasing
                                        demands of the sex offenders, but to be pro-active in the continued
                                          agressive investigations of all registrants that are not compliant.
                                     Renovation and acquisition of four homes to be rented for individuals
            Partnerships for        currently being served by the Butler County Board of Mental Retardation
Butler                                                     and Developmental Disabilities.                          Maynard    Patrick
            Housing REHAB
                                      One house has been acquired. Three homes must be acquired and be
                                                             renovated for accessibility.
                                   Removal of a collapsed stone structure and the installation of a check dam
           Hick’s Creek Bank       to control the flow over the 18” diameter sanitary crossing in Hick's Creek
Butler                                                                                                               Engle     Richard
              Stabilization           south of Columbia Road. Project will reduce soil erosion and improve
                                                                   water quality.
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                               Bank stabilization is needed to halt erosion along 40 feet of the right bank
                                 of Shaffer’s Creek that is contributing to the deterioration and loss of a
                                 residential backyard on North Eastview Parkway. Project also includes
          Shaffer's Creek Bank removal of existing pedestrian bridge which is only usable during periods
Butler                                                                                                            Engle    Richard
              Stabilization    of low stream flow. Existing bridge to be replaced with a pedestrian bridge
                                designed to allow for high stream flows while ensuring safe passage for
                                children to access the nearby elementary school. Project will reduce soil
                                                  erosion and improve water quality.

         Trenton water supply       Fibre optic cable extensions associated with monitoring Trenton's water
Butler     system fibre optic            supply system. This is important to the entire existing Trenton          Foster   James
               cable exte             community, as well as any future industrial and office development.

                                    Internal road improvements for the Trenton Industrial Park, ultimately
         Trenton Industrial Park expected to employ 500. These road improvements will serve users within
Butler        internal road        the 175-Acre park adjacent to and across the street from MillerCoors           Foster   James
             improvements          Brewing Co. The funds could also be used to construct railroad spurs
                                                    should that be the desire of a Park user.
                                 This bypass road around the southeast side of Trenton, Ohio will facilitate
                                     the development of Trenton Industrial Park (expected to ultimately
                                  employ over 500), as well as improve shipping access for the MillerCoors
           Trenton southeast       Brewing Co. (which currently employs 700). The bypass will avoid two
Butler                                 busy railroad grade crossings in Trenton and several congested             Foster   James
                                  intersections. It is not proposed to built to limited access standards but
                                    rather may be three lanes with curbs and sidewalks. This road will be
                                     compatible with an extension of SR 63, should such an extension be
                                                               funded and built.
         Trenton Industrial Park Pavement, curb and sidewalk improvements for existing Wayne Madison
Butler        frontage road      and Kennel Roads, to facilitate marketing and development of the Trenton         Foster   James
             improvements                                       Industrial Park.
                                    Move a historically-significant house, intact, to another property for an
         Trenton Industrial Park
Butler                           adaptive re-use. Removal of the house will facilitate development of the         Foster   James
             house moving                              Trenton Industrial Park.
                                   Replacement of HVAC systems in affordable homes rented by individuals
             Butler County              served by the Butler County Board of Mental Retardation and
Butler                                                                                                           Maynard   Patrick
           Partnerships HVAC       Developmental Disabilities Outcome: 13 new HVAC systems Outcome:6
                                                        new air conditioning systems
                                                                          Submitted Requests - Not Approved

             Butler County        Replacement of Roofs in affordable homes rented by individuals served by
Butler     Partnerships Roof         the Butler County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental          Maynard   Patrick
             Replacement                           Disabilities. Outcome: 5 roofs replaced

                               Replacement of driveways and widening of driveways for accessibility for
             Butler County
                               individuals served by the Butler County Board of Mental Retardation and
Butler   Partnerships Driveway                                                                                Maynard   Patrick
                                 Developmental Disabilities. Outcome: 3 replacement driveways and 2
              replacement           driveways made accessible for individuals using accessible vans.
                               Professional Computer Consultants Inc. (PCC) is a women owned business
                                 in Ohio for the past 20 years. PCC develops software for Senior Center
                                Agencys, Corporations, Websites, Internet Security Cameras, PC Repairs,
                                     Build Custom Personal Computers. We would like to be part of
                                 automating the old government systems. One very importatant area is
                              where the public applies for funding, ie. Foodstamps. The current process
                              is not effective, I know of many people applying for assistance and getting
         Software Automation,
Butler                        it from the state and federal government and they have millions of dollars      Gamble    Dennis
                              in their bank accounts. A lot of these people in Dayton Ohio are Moslems,
                              they hate the United States and feels this is how they are winning the war
                                against us. Same software to be used for all illegal Aliens, used in other
                                  States. PCC can create any software needed by the government. This
                                   software will save the government millions of dollars. PCC has many
                                references and a great reputation of honesty, integrity and doing things

                                  2,170 linear feet of 15” sanitary relief sewer from Overflow 014 at
                               intersection of Hyde Park Dr and Harrison Ave to Ross Ave to eliminate
                              Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) to Great Miami River. 1,505 linear feet of
                              15” sanitary relief sewer from Overflow 022 at intersection of Kenworth
         Overflow 014 & 022:   Ave and Western Ave to Thomas Blvd to eliminate SSO to Great Miami
Butler     Sanitary Sewer       River. Repair concrete curbs and sidewalks and repave streets. City of         Engle    Richard
           Improvements        Hamilton is under Modified Consent Decree with OEPA to mitigate five
                             sanitary sewer overflows. This project will provide additional pipe carrying
                              capacity during rain events at two locations which presently experience
                                 sewer overflows when flows exceed capacity of existing 8” sanitary
                                       conduit. Will reduce OEPA fines to Hamilton rate payers.
                                                                           Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                               Replacement of flooring in affordable homes rented by individuals served
                                 by the Bulter County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental
             Butler County      Disabilities. Some homes need replacement flooring due to accessibility
Butler                                                                                                          Maynard      Patrick
         Partnerships Flooring                                  issues.

                                             Outcome: replacement flooring in 38 properties
                                   4,400 linear feet of 18” sanitary sewer replacement from See Ave to
                                 Hensley Ave to eliminate Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) to Great Miami
                                  River. Repair concrete curbs and sidewalks and repave streets. City of
         Overflow 002: Sanitary Hamilton is under Modified Consent Decree with Ohio EPA to mitigate five
Butler                                                                                                            Engle      Richard
         Sewer Improvements sanitary sewer overflows. This project will provide additional pipe carrying
                                 capacity during rain events at one location which presently experiences
                                   sewer overflows when flows exceed capacity of existing 8” sanitary
                                         conduit. Will reduce OEPA fines to Hamilton rate payers
                                   New program offerings to get worker job ready to include equipment
          Training - Equipment
Butler                            needs, assessments and administrative support. Tuition reimbursement          Waldbillig    Amy
               and Tuition                             opportunites for students.

                                  MMI manufactures equipment in Ohio that controls combustion thereby
                                      reducing fuel use and lowers emissions for steel, process chemical,
                                  incineration, etc. applications making them more competitive with lower
                                 costs and better quality. MMI was the 2007 Ohio Exporter of the Year and
                                  continues to keep production in Ohio. The project would design and take
                                 to market new sensors for energy and emissions reductions and create up
            MMI Energy and
                                 to 10 new jobs in West Chester and maintain the current 20 jobs. The new
Butler      Environmental                                                                                         Boltz      Yvonne
                                    sensors would also increase export sales by as much as $2million in the
              Solutions           first year. Making US companies making more competitive and increasing
                                    exports is a priority of this project. An expected 5 year outcome of this
                                   project is a larger production facility in Ohio, up to 20 new employees in
                                   Ohio and 20 more nationally, additional green energy enabling products
                                 manufactured in Ohio and better efficiencies for many industries in the US
                                                                    and abroad.
                                                                          Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                       Acquire properties and houses in run down or impoverished
                                 neighborhoods. Renovating with energy efficient means those that are
                                     salvagable and tearing down those that are not. Replacing with
                                affordable, efficient housing. Middletown is currently in the top ten dying
                                    city list and this would be a way to create jobs and help the city of
                                    Middletown. Sensible Housing would use its availble resources to
                                develop a network of local manufacturers, suppliers, contractors and sub-
                                  contractors to produce high quality and highly energy efficient housing
                                with a great effort towards green building. Ultimately these houses would
                                         have to be affordable for the average citizen of the area.
Butler     Sensible Housing                                                                                    Globke     Ronald
                                At an average cost of 135,000 per house this project would bring 75 new
                                affordable houses to the city of Middletown and would bring in or retain
                                                      upwards of 150 to 200 jobs.

                                  There is a definite need for this in the impoverished neighborhoods of
                                   Middletown. We would be able to provide more details in future
                                                        applications for these funds.

                                                               Thank You
                                There are several Technology Parks under development in Butler County.
                                  Miami University and Butler Tech provide research and development
Butler     Technology Park       resources. Infrastructure construction and construction of lab facilities     Robert    Campbell
                                    would be possible with funding partnerships. Land owner(s) and
                                              developers can provide detailed cost budgets.
                                 Lighting retrofits for commercial and industrial facitlites. A/C efficiency
Butler    Energy Conservation         upgrades. Power quality improvements. Infastructure energy               Mullins    Phillip
                                                      improvements. Electric metering.
                                 Installation of 6, 2MW wind turbines, transition of manufacturing from
          2MW wind turbine          Czech Republic, and development of infrastructure to build future
Butler                           turbines. The funding is needed to develop manpower and equipment             Taylor    Stephen
                                resources needed, train the resources, to accomplish the project by year
Carroll     Stimulus Paving                           19.41 miles of highway paving                             Hull      Randy
                                                                               Submitted Requests - Not Approved

            Dist 11, PID 85711,
                                       Purchase 2 modified minivans for the Carroll County Commissioners
Carroll       CAR 2 modified                                                                                        Harris    Brett
                                     Elevate Avalon Road approximately 3' from its intersection with Bedrock
           Elevate County Road
                                     Road south 4000 feet to the last residence. In doing so it would eliminate
Carroll     #20 (Avalon Road)                                                                                        Hull     Randy
                                        the 10 plus homes from becoming stranded without access to their
               Above the fl                property, fire protection and emergency medical treatment.
              2009 Guardrail
Carroll                                Install 20,000 lineal feet of guardrail along existing county highways.       Hull     Randy
            Dist 11, PID 85710,
                                           Purchase 2 computers for the Carroll County Commissioners
Carroll      CAR Purchase 2                                                                                         Harris    Brett
            Dist 11, PID 85948,               1 copier for the Board of Carroll County Commissioners
Carroll                                                                                                             Harris    Brett
               CAR 1 copier
            Dist 11, PID 85709,
                                       Facility engineering and design for the Carroll County Commissioners
Carroll    CAR Facility engineer                                                                                    Harris    Brett
                  & design
            Dist 11, PID 85949,
                                       Facility construction for the Board of Carroll County Commissioners
Carroll         CAR Facility                                                                                        Harris    Brett
            Dist 11, PID 84165,                             General System Resurfacing
Carroll                                                                                                            McDonald   Tim
             CAR SR 183 0.000
          Dist 11, PID 85422, Ohi-
                                              Ohi-Rail Piney Fork Line & Minerva Yard Rehabilitation
Carroll        Rail Piney Fork                                                                                     McDonald   Tim
            Dist 11, PID 84914,              General System Preventive Maintenace - B7 Pm Chip Seal
Carroll                                                                                                            McDonald   Tim
             CAR SR 9 15.820
                                                                              Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                                              PROJECT DESCRIPTION

                                                     Construct a 55' x 88' salt storage bin.
                                      Approved plans have been completed and approved and the project is
                                                               ready to be bid.
                                                 Construction could begin within 30 to 90 days.

Carroll      Salt Storage Bin                                                                                       Hull     Randy
                                      When rain and snow freeze, a highway can quickly become unsafe for
                                      motorists. Having immediate access to a dry salt supply can save lives.
                                        By keeping our salt covered we are ready for quick deployment.

                                     Also, covering our salt would help protect it from disolving from the rain
                                     water and consequently running into our streams and lakes, an ongoing
                                                      envinormental issue on all our minds.
           Dist 11, PID 84163,                             General System Resurfacing
Carroll                                                                                                           McDonald   Tim
           CAR SR 39 23.410
                                                              PROJECT DESCRIPTION
              Carroll County
Carroll                                                   307 miles of centerline striping.                         Hull     Randy
            centerline striping

                                This project involves a 26 mile stretch of railroad that is in need of repair.
                                Several business along this route are affected and would like to be able to
Carroll     Carroll County Rail    begin using it again. One business will be lost if the rail isn't repaired,     Hartle    Dale
                                Heritage Plastics. The Ohio Rail Commission has committed $250,000 and
                                    the owner of the rail line, Wheeling & Lake Erie has also committed
                                   The County would like to expand the current wastewater system and
              Carroll County      construct a new water system to accommodate an area with a nursing
Carroll                           home, a school, and would like to turn this area into a commerce park.           Hartle    Dale
             Commerce Park
                                     There would be approximately 425 users of this site, and 250 jobs
                                   The Atwood Regional Water and Sewer District needs to make several
                                  repairs to its collection system that would improve the water quality of
Carroll   Atwood Sewer District the Atwood Lake and surrounding areas. These improvements would also               Hartle    Dale
                                 reduce operation and maintenance costs of the system and allow future
                                                        rate increases to be minimized.
                                                                               Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                     The water line services the Carroll County Industrial Park, which currently
             South Lisbon            houses several corporations with 150 employees. 1560 Linear Foot of 10"
Carroll                                                                                                              Fowler   Robert
            Waterline Project        Water line 615 Linear foot of 6" water line All appliances and equipment
                                                     associated with the installation of the line.
                Fire Engine
Carroll                                          Purchase of a new Class A fire engine for the Car                   Fowler   Robert
                                     The following streets to be reconstructed: Lincoln Ave, Moody Ave., and
                                     Crest Street, to include new water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer lines and
Carroll   Street Improvements          new curbs with sidewalks. 16200 l.f. of storm sewer lines 2740 L.F. of        Fowler   Robert
                                        Water lines 3100 L.F. of Sanitary Sewer Lines 11000 L.F. of Curb and
                                             Gutter 44100 Sq Ft of Side Walk 14000 Cub Yds of Asphalt

                                      Replace two existing water reservoirs in the village of Carrollton water
                                      system. Currently, the one tank was deemed in violation of the OEPA
                                       regulations. The second facility has had major repairs in the last few
               Water Tank
Carroll                                years. We are the sole water sources for the community and need to            Fowler   Robert
           Replacement Project        replace the tanks. Tank #1 400K G tank $400000 Tank #2 300K G Tank
                                     $310,000 1500 L.F. of Water line $67500 Other gate valves and necessary
                                                   equipment including a float system $745000.

Carroll     Sewer Line Project               Replace and install 750 feet of sewer line on High Street.              Fowler   Robert

              Carroll County    Replace the existing water line currently servicing the Carroll County
Carroll   Commerce Park Water Commercial Park. The construction includes: 6400 L.F. of 12 in water line              Fowler   Robert
            Line Repalcemen         150 G.Pm. Booster station 200K Gallon water storage Tank

                                    Install 2700 L.F. of force sewer main Install 1800 L.F. of Lateral Sewer Lines
              Carroll County  Install 7800 l.f. of gravity sewer l;line Install 2 sewer lift stations This will
Carroll   Commerce Park Water   ensure the future development of the commerce park area and will                     Fowler   Robert
            Line Repalcemen       address all future infrastructure needs. This will also encourage
                                               development by making the properties shovel ready.
                                                                              Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                      Installation of new energy efficient LED traffic signals with integrated
                                    traffic demand devices to reduce traffic idling and fuel waste. With the
                                    installation of 4 new traffic signals, the village can place the signals on a
                                   traffic demand change rather than the current time. This will reduce the
              Traffic SIgnal
Carroll                                traffic idling and reduce fuel costs for consumers. The new energy           Fowler   Robert
              Replacement                 efficient lights will reduce energy demands and reduce overall
                                   maintenance costs to the municipality. The new signals will also provide a
                                    public safety benefit with new cross walk signals and emergency vehicle
                                      changing devices to allow emergency traffic to have the right of way.

                                The project includes the construction of a sanitary sewer system to serve
                                    the Village of Leesville. The village currently has 85% failing septic
          Leesville Wastewater     systems. Construction will include a 20,000 gallon per day packaged
Carroll                                                                                                             Portz     Ronny
                  System         wastewater treatment plant, 13,500 linear feet of 8" gravity sewer line,
                                1,500 linear feet of 6" sewer laterals, 40 manholes, and 1,350 linear feet
                                                             of storm sewer pipe.
                                Update and upgrade manufacturing facilty to improve competitiveness to
                                 retain and create jobs manufacturing leaf and litter collection, recycling
           Competitive Facility   equipment and sewer cleaners primarily sold to municipalities. Funds
Carroll                                                                                                             Ballas   Nicholas
                Upgrade         would be used for new or used equipment purchases, factory renovations
                                  and training of existing workforce and hiring and training of additional
                                   Purchase of a new Class A fire engine for the Carrollton Fire Department.
               Fire Engine            The existing engine is non-complaint with NFPA rules and is unsafe to
Carroll                            operate in the event of a conflagration. The purchase of the new engine          Fowler   Robert
                                   will ensure that lives and property are preserved in and around the village
                                                                  of Carrollton.
                                                                               Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                    Statements Ltd. is a distributor of home accessories based in Urbana, OH
                                      whose product has been seen on HGTVs "Home Buyers" and at HBO's
                                        Golden Globe Awards party among other venues. Current economic
                                    conditions have significantly reduced traditional retail sales. Statements
                                    must develop the capability to work with internet e-tailers to survive the
                                            current downturn. Several e-tailers including,
                          and have approached the company to sell our
                                      products but we are not currently capable of drop shipping product to
            Fulfillment Capability
Champaign                           consumers. Funds are needed to purchase material handling equipment            Damewood    Brad
                                    and supplies to drop ship high volumes of items along with photography
                                     and inventory to support e-tailers requirements. Jobs would be created
                                        through the facility upgrade and on-going fulfillment positions and
                                       retained by avoiding closing the business. The community has lost in
                                    excess of 500 jobs in the recent past and cannot afford additional losses.
                                     The city/county is soon to lose another major employer so it is expected
                                   that the city/county would give their full cooperation to the start of a new
                                                      business through a project such as this.
                                    Restoration of exiting structure, which will allow local growers to have a
                                                             location to sell there product.
                                       Our county has lost must of our major companies, being a rurual area
                                   this project would allow education of local food sources and how youth as
                                             well as adult to have a perment place to sell their product.
                                      It also would help to support local busness to utilize space to sell there
                                       products. Also, by working with local schools and colleges to provide
                                                         atternative sources of employment.
                                       At the same time it would help promote agri busness in our county to
Champaign    Market Community        have place to sell their products without the high cost of transportation      Lonny     LeFever
                                                            associated with the food chain.
                                    By working with locals schools, it give more opportunity to give hands on
                                    knowledge of the field. It also, help in explaining just how the food chain
                                                                  works in this county.
                                          Also, it would lead traffic back into the downtown area and allow
                                           busnesses to have added traffic flow through their busnesses.
                                    The major out come is to reduce dependence on oil and lead to healthier
                                   eating and quality products. It will also allow more dollars to remain in our
                                                                    local community.
                                                                                Submitted Requests - Not Approved

            Dist 7, PID 85712, CHP    Purchase 1 modified minivan for the Champaign County Commissioners
Champaign                                                                                                             Harris    Brett
               Purchase 1 MMV
            Dist 7, PID 85713, CHP
                                        Purchase 1 power washer for the Champaign County Commissioners
Champaign     Purchase 1 power                                                                                        Harris    Brett
                                      A paper mill employing over 250 workers closed in 2006, leaving a huge
                                     hole in our local economy. Damewood purchased the mill and is proposing
                                         to install a plastics grinding operation to recycle plastics for reuse in
                                      commercial applications. Project cost is estimated to be approximately
                                      $500,000. Costs would include all equipment, with the largest expenses
                                        to purchase and install the grinder, reinstall the rail tracks and install
                                        material handling systems to move product to and from the grinder.

              Plastic Recycling                 Damewood would be a principle partner along with the
Champaign                                                                                                            Damewood   Brad
                 Operation            Urbana/Champaign County community. Jobs would be created through
                                      the upgrade of the facility as well as through the new company started.
                                      The city will soon lose another major employer so it is expected that the
                                       city/county would give full cooperation to the start of new businesses
                                     through this project. This project also targets local requirements - a 2007
                                     County economic summit identified the facilitation of jobs and investment
                                       growth and entrepeneur development as key focus areas. This project
                                         also fits a DDC targeted growth industry - Advanced Materials and
                                                                       Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                Dingledine Trucking Co., Inc. is a certfied Minority Business Enterprise
                              (MBE) based in Urbana, OH providing transportation services. Dingledine
                              plans to start providing transportation services in support of the pending
                                infrastructure improvement projects including moving any materials
                             related to the projects. Providing the new offering will require purchasing
                                  additional equipment including dump trucks and trailers, adding
                                     administrative and management personnel and also drivers.
Champaign   Transportation                                                                                  Damewood   Brad
                                     Dingledine would be a principle partner/sponsor as well as the
               Services        Urbana/Champaign County community. The city/county is soon to lose
                              another major employer so it is expected that the city/county would give
                             their full cooperation to the start of a new business through a project such
                              as this. In 2007, the Community Improvement Corporation conducted an
                                economic summit. Of the several areas identified then and still of key
                              interest today is the facilitation of jobs and investment growth as well as
                                                      entrepreneur development.

                             Countywide communications system for all law enforcement personnel to
                                include car laptops to interface with the countywide dispatch center.
                             Computers would allow units to conduct a majority of their work from the
              Countywide         vehicles. these will also enhance the communication to the dispatch
Champaign                                                                                                   Emmons     Brent
            communications    center and made information readily available to officers. In car cameras
                              to provide additional enforcement capability and safety for officers, gps
                              on cars so that first responders could be tracked on the Countywide 911
                                                            mapping system.
                                                                               Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                       A paper mill employing over 250 workers closed in 2006, leaving a huge
                                     hole in our local economy. Damewood purchased the mill and is proposing
                                      to renovate the structure, cordoning off sections to promote the growth
                                      and development of new general purpose manufacturing or distribution
                                     businesses. Project cost is estimated to be approximately $300,000. Costs
                                        would include all materials, with the largest expenses to upgrade the
                                         electrical service, section off the space and add shipping doors and
             Manufacturing and              material handling equipment for a common warehouse area.
Champaign   Distribution Company                                                                                   Damewood     Brad
                                                Damewood would be a principle partner along with the
                   Incubator          Urbana/Champaign County community. Jobs would be created through
                                     the upgrade of the facility as well as through the new company(s) started.
                                      The city will soon lose another major employer so it is expected that the
                                       city/county would give full cooperation to the start of new businesses
                                     through this project. This project also targets local requirements - a 2007
                                     County economic summit identified the facilitation of jobs and investment
                                       growth and entrepeneur development as key focus areas. This project
                                         also fits a DDC targeted growth industry - Advanced Materials and

Champaign   Window Replacement Window Replacement of old windows @ preschool and adult workshop.                    Wagner    Elizabeth
            Dist 7, PID 82780, CHP
Champaign                                                       Bridge Replacement                                 McDonald     Tim
                  SR 559 6.91
            Dist 7, PID 19708, CHP
Champaign                                                       Bridge Replacement                                 McDonald     Tim
                  SR 559 1.65
            Dist 7, PID 77492, CHP
Champaign                                                 Resurface the existing roadway                           McDonald     Tim
                  SR 55 11.70
            Dist 7, PID 77492, CHP
Champaign                                                 Resurface the existing roadway                           McDonald     Tim
                  SR 55 11.70
                 Wastewater             A screenings removal system will clean the debris from our influent
                                      wastewater resulting in a cleaner treated effluent from our wastewater
Champaign    Screenings Removal                                                                                    Sampson      Joe
                                      plant. This will help for a cleaner creek and a more efficient wastewater
                                                                     treatment plant.
                                                                                 Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                     Build a water treatment plant for iron/manganese removal. We have been
                                     passed by for new business because of our water quality. This will allow us
              Water Treatment        to be proactive in economic development. If we could be competitive with
Champaign                                                                                                              sampson       joe
                   Plant              development then this will create even more building jobs as well as long
                                     term jobs for St. Paris. This will also give the opportunity for the Village to
                                                  become financially independent. This is our goal.
            Dist 7, PID 77492, CHP                         Resurface the existing roadway
Champaign                                                                                                              McDonald     Tim
                  SR 55 11.70
                                                                Mechanical Bar Screen
                Sewer Systems                                        Sewer Rehab
Champaign                                                           relocate outfall                                    Kimball     Greg
                                       This project is being required by OEPA and help the Village continue to
                                                               meet OEPA requirements
                                 The Scope of this application includes a four lane divided, limited access
                                highway which will connect US Route 68 at Dallas Road and will end at SR
                                  55 in Champaign County. Phase I of this project was completed on fall
                                  2000 which terminated at Dallas Road. Current phase has been moved
                                into Tier II projects in 2001. This project started in 1958 with the concept
                                of connecting I-70 with US33. The project was halted in the late 1960 due
                                    to the concerns about potential impact on Cedar Bog in Champaign
Champaign   US ROUTE 68 PROJECT                                                                                        Shokouhi   Fereidoun
                                   County. Relocation of the corridor around Cedar Bog set the stage for
                                   follow on Phases. $ US Route 68 was designated as Macro-corridor in
                                   2004 Access Ohio. 1.8 million Federal earmarked and $1 million local
                                  funds committed to this project. This project will provide $6.48 million
                                 annual savings on its estimated Travel Time Saving. More than 25 major
                                employers in Urbana will be directly impacted with this project. Over 5800
                                            jobs will be protected and ultimately will be retained.

             Driveway & Parking      Asphalt Cap of 2" driveway and parking lots at early childhood (preschool
Champaign                                                                                                              Wagner     Elizabeth
                 Lot Paving                         & early intervention) and adult workshop.
                                                                                Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                  Develop an off-road, 18-mile paved, shared use trail between the City of
                                    Urbana and City of Bellefontaine, passing through the Village of West
                                   Liberty on leased property from the West Central Ohio Port Authority.
                                     This project would be an extension of the Simon Kenton Trail which
                                 connects to over 200 miles of shared -use trails in southwest Ohio. These
                                    trails as well as this project would offer non-motorized transportation
                                 routes to schools, businesses, places of employment, parks, churches and
            Urbana-Bellefontaine residential neighborhoods. The trails also provide recreation, health and
Champaign                                                                                                            Schneider       Jim
                Connector        social interaction opportunities for all ages, races, cultures and economic
                                 groups. This project is designed to meet ADA accessibility standards. This
                                 project is supported by the cities of Urbana and Bellefontaine, The Village
                                  of West Liberty, The Champaign and Logan County Commissioners, state
                                      and federal represntatives, the Logan Union Champaign Regional
                                      Planning Commission, local chambers of commerce and numerous
                                   businesses and community organizations. The project will retain jobs in
                                                         the highway construction trades.

Champaign      Facility Upgrade          Sidewalk & Curb Replacement & Parking Lot Lighting Replacement               Wagner       Elizabeth
                                      We are in the process of developing a micro loan fund to assist people in
                                        our local community who are not able to obtain needed credit. This
Champaign      Micro Loan Fund                                                                                         Wonn         Brian
                                      program will involve financial management and budgeting training that
                                                                  we will provide.
            Springfield Resurfacing Resurface roadways and install ADA curb ramps in Springfield, Ohio. All of
  Clark                                                                                                                Walsh         Thea
               and ADA Ramps          the federal development status regulations will be met by 4/10/2009.

                                       1/4 mile asphalt drive repair, including regrading about 1/2 of this to
                                       improve drainage. Area includes an emergency exit to building which
  Clark         Blacktop repair                                                                                     Brandstetter    Mary
                                      serves 200 adults with disabilities. This exit is prone to heavy ice during
                                      winter months posing a safety hazard if the building must be evacuated.
                                                                            Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                 By 2009, I-70 in Montgomery and Madison Counties (directly west and
                                  east) will be widened to three lanes, while a majority of I-70 in Clark
                               County will remain at two lanes. This will pose a significant threat to safety
                                of motorists on one of the nation’s most important trade routes and will
                                  make it even more challenging to promote economic development in
        West Central Ohio I-70                                Clark County.
Clark                                                                                                            Walsh   Thea
           Widening Project
                                    The project was initiated under former Governor Taft’s Jobs in Progress
                                      Program and is a TRAC tier II project. Due to inflation increases the
                                    funding for a large portion of the project to be completed in the short-
                                    range (under TRAC tier I) was pulled in order to fund inflation on other
                                      projects. The project is now slated for 2016 because it is waiting on
                                      Project is needed to meet thefunding.
                                                                     force protection requirements of the
                                       Springfield Ohio Air National Guard (OANG) Base and future base
                                    development requirements recommended by the 2005 Department of
                                  Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission (BRAC). This project is
         SR794 Realignment        part of a package of projects needed to be complete before the next BRAC
Clark                               in order to protect the base from closure and the elimination of more        Walsh   Thea
                                                          than 500 Clark County jobs.

                                       The project was initiated in 2005 after the BRAC report. As it stands
                                       because of the lack of funding the project will not be able to move
                                                             forward until at least 2012.
                                  Rail line passing through 4 small urban centers and 3 major grain elevators
                                  currently under slow orders because of track deterioration. Potential and
                                    current rail customers are deterred not to use the line because of slow
                                    response and safety issues. Maintenance fees are generated from line
                                    usage. Line usage will never be able to match maintenance needs if the
             WESTCO Port
                                     line falls into further disrepair. This railroad line has between 5,000 -
Clark       Authority Track                                                                                      Walsh   Thea
                                  8,000 annual carloads. The Port Authority earns approximately $500,000 a
             Rehabilitation          year in maintenance fees. Several potential customers on the line are
                                    motivated by the economy of using train transportation for their goods
                                   over trucks. However, due to slow orders and safety concerns many still
                                      continue to use truck as their primary means of transportation. The
                                            project will span 3 counties: Clark, Madison, and Fayette.
                                                                        Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                               Plane 35,000 linear ft., full depth pavement repair of 800 S.Y., adjust 22
                               water valves to grade, adjust 43 manholes to grade, 3/4" leveling using
                                  1450 ton of asphaltic concrete, surfacing using 2,400 ton asphalitic
                               concrete. Additionally, remove and replace 4,700 linear ft. of curb and
                               gutter, reconstruct 30 catch basins, remove 935 S.F. of curb ramps and
                              relace with ADA compliant, replace two traffic loops, and other affiliated
        Styer and Stratmore
Clark                            costs. Under a multijurisdicitonal agreement with the Clark County           King       Tim
               Project          Utilities Department this project would also replace ten outdated fire
                                         hydrants along these two streets with 5' NST hydrants.
                                Styer Dr. and Stratmore St. are in Park Layne, a 50 year old subdivision
                                that is rated low to moderate income on the census. This project was
                              engineered in 2007 but funding has not been available. At that time the
                                             cost for this work was estimated at $489,620.

                              The Clark County Park District was once a stand alone agency. The city of
                               Springfield wanted to try and merge all parks together. We being a park
                              district could not merge, but had to contract with them. The past 8 years
                              we were contracted with the city for our maintenance. In December the
                               city decided to void the contract and we are once again to stand on our
Clark      Maintenance                                                                                       Jividen    Cynthia
                              own. We currently have 2 employees to try to maintain over 900 acres of
                                    green space, wetlands, old growth forest and county bike trails.

                                We need to hire additional maintenance in order to keep up a healthy
                                                           park system.

                                 This project would preserve & improve existing infrastructure to an
                              acceptable level of service as well as improve the safety for the users with
        Old Columbus Road
Clark                            new raised pavement markings as well as new pavent markings. Old             Burr     Johnathan
                               Columbus Road is classified as a major collector on the rural functional
                                     classification through ODOT's Technical Services Commitee.
                                 The load ratings would identify bridges that should be posted for a
        Old Columbus Road     reduced legal load carrying capacity and will pinpoint deficienct elements
Clark                            on each bridge. This will enable the county to better plan for bridge        Burr     Johnathan
                                 rehabilitation projects and possibly delay full scale replacements of
                                                                           Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                   The load ratings would identify bridges that should be posted for a
          Clark County Load     reduced legal load carrying capacity and will pinpoint deficienct elements
Clark                              on each bridge. This will enable the county to better plan for bridge       Burr    Johnathan
                                   rehabilitation projects and possibly delay full scale replacements of
                                                             ODOT PID: 85973
Clark    Dayton Road Bridge       Repair and paint bridge on Dayton Road at CLA-CR333-0.13. All federal        Walsh     Thea
                                                  regulations will be met by 4/30/2009.
         Tremont City Road       This would replace the deterioratong concrete deck and deficient
Clark   Bridge #270 over Mad guardrail on the structure. Tremont City Road is the primary connection           Burr    Johnathan
                River        from the village of Temont City to Urbana Road in northern Clark County.
                                                         ODOT Project ID: 85974
         Old Columbus Road       Repair and resurface Old Columbus Road in Springfield, OH in addition to
Clark                                                                                                          Walsh     Thea
               Repair            installing RPM's from CR382-1.99. All federal regulations will have been
                                                           met by July 1, 2009.
            Clark County          This would replace the deterioratong pavement markings (centerline,
Clark                                                                                                          Burr    Johnathan
         pavement markings        edgeline, lane line and channel line)on county roads in Clark County.

            Clark County          This would replace the deterioratong pavement markings (centerline,
Clark                                                                                                          Burr    Johnathan
         pavement markings        edgeline, lane line and channel line)on county roads in Clark County.
                                                         ODOT Project ID: 85172
        Bechtle Avenue Bridge The funds requested are only for the Preliminary Engineering and Right
Clark                                                                                                          Walsh     Thea
            Replacement       of Way costs, $140,000 and $30,000 respectively for the Bechtle Avenue
                                                                            Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                This project would dredge and restore water flow to approximately 1500
                                  feet of channels varying from 15 to 20 feet in width that connect and
                                    drain four small glacial lakes. The community of Crystal Lakes was
                                developed in the early 1900's around these lakes with summer cottages
                                 and has become a full-time community over the years; it is classified on
                                 the census as a low to moderate income area. The lakes, channels, and
        Crystal Lakes Drainage
Clark                           waterfront property are all owned by the Crystal Lakes Property Owners           King      Tim
         Restoration Project Association, a federally chartered non-pprofit organization. The channels
                               have silted in over the years and the organization has no money to dredge
                                 them. The concern is that during rainy periods water fills the channels,
                                 properties, road right-of-ways, and many road surfaces. The roads are
                               owned and maintained by the township and can become a safety concern
                                          with the flooding and eroding of material near them.

                                  This request is to have funds for two more full time officer's hired at our
            Police Officer
Clark                              department. This is to assist in the call volume and trying to keep the      Callahan   Troy
             Position's             proactive police presence to assist in keeping the crime level down.

                                     This request is to have two new cruisers. This is to replace two older
                                 cruisers that are in need of replacement. The New cruisers would allow for
Clark       Cruiser update          the older ones to be replaced and the money saved to be placed into         Callahan   Troy
                                     other funds where needed to assist in funding of training and other
                                                equipment needed to oeprate the department.
                                    This request is for mneies to start and maintain a k-9 program for the
                                       Enon Police Department. This unit would be able to assist in the
Clark        K-9 program           combating of drugs in and around our neighborhoods. This unit would          Callahan   Troy
                                  also be utilized as a public resource in a public relations atmoshphere at
                                                        the school and community level.
                                    This requet is for in car cameras for four vehicles. This request would
         Evidence Collection         allow for better evidence collection while on Traffic stops and crime
Clark                                                                                                           Callahan   Troy
              cameras            scenes. This would also be able to be used to prevent frivilous complaints
                                                           or lawsuits against officer's.
                                   Construction of new European Union approved bull housing barn. This
Clark     EU Approved Barn        barn is designed to house twenty-four bulls who have been approved for         Clark     Roger
                                                    semen export to the European Union.
                                                                            Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                   Community Health Center for the Village and the surrounding Township.
                                         Land will be donated and project would facilitate the hiring of
                                    approximately 6-8 employees on a part & full time basis after project is
           Enon Community          complete, At the present we do not have any facilities in are community
Clark                                                                                                           Vernon   Cliff
               Center                 to get are Kids off the streets and into a community center and get
                                  involved in sports and swimming, basket ball, exercise, This facility would
                                    also be open for adults and our older citizens. The population that the
                                            center would cover would be around 15,000 residents.
                                  This project affects fourteen streets in the upper portion a housing
                                development with 5,000 mostly LMI residents. This part of the plat was
                                installed without storm drains, and all storm water run-off flows to the
                                lower area of the housing development. The storm water flows to two
                              collection streets and then down a steep hill to the creek below. This flow
                               creates flooding and safety hazards on the roadways during moderate to
                               heavy rains. Debris, mud, and gravel are washed onto the road surfaces.
        Park Layne Upper Plat Road and curb deterioration as well as possible bridge structural damage
Clark                                                                                                            King    Tim
          Collection System                        are all concerns of the township.

                                     This project would require engineering and developing a storm water
                                   collection system for this upper portion to collect and move water to a
                                  detention pond/area in the lower plat area before entering the existing
                                    system for the lower plat of the housing development. The township
                                 owns the land where the detention pond would be build, and it is part of a
                                                                    large park.
                                  We are requesting funding for replacement of 150 catch basins out of a
                                 total 308, in a 50 year old subdivision with approximately 5,000 residents.
                                   We have been replacing about 10 per year for about five years, but the
                                      rate of collapse is accelerating beyond our ability to fund adequate
        Park Layne Catch Basin
Clark                          The failing catch basins are affecting the ability of the stormwater system       King    Tim
         Replacement Project       to effectively carry water from the streets, and this will become
                                                        increasingly critical over time.

                                   Large portions of this subdivision are qualified as LMI on the census, and
                                    other parts have been qualified by door-to-door surveys. I believe the
                                              entire subdivision would qualify now if surveyed.
                                                                          Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                The focus of this project will be the redevelopment of Ferncliff Boulevard
                                  neighborhood, a significantly blighted area located between the new
                                downtown hospital and Wittenberg University. In this neighborhood, the
                                 housing stock and property are in a state of long-term underutilization.
                                     Moreover, the negative physical appearance of the area and the
                               introduction of undesirable elements create an environment that is unsafe
                                          and unappealing to residents, students, and visitors.
         Ferncliff Boulevard
Clark      Neighborhood                                                                                         Erickson   Linda
                                 The project includes the upgrading of existing roads and sidewalks; the
              Renewal          addition of pocket parks, pedestrian paths, streetlights, and signage; and
                                  the installation of fencing and landscaping along Ferncliff Boulevard
                                  overlooking downtown and the new hospital complex. The proposed
                                investment will ensure the long-term stability of the Ferncliff Boulevard
                                    Neighborhood; increase resident, student, and visiotr access to
                               downtown; and bring future economic development to the community.

                                 The proposed project will convert the former site of an empty school
                                   building into a park-like setting to be used for recreation by the
                                Wittenberg community and the local neighborhood. The site is located
                               between the struggling College Hill neighborhood to the south and upper
         Development of 4       middle class neighborhoods to the north. Development of this site will
Clark   Acre Green Space for   help stabilize the declining urban neighborhoods to the south and east.          Erickson   Linda
                                 The development of the green space on newly purchased land includes
                               the relocation of utilities currently on the site and the re-grading, seeding,
                                and landscaping of the area to enhance the neighborhood and create an
                                           attractive venue for recreational and general use.
                                                                          Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                 The construction of a new, 35,000 square foot facilities management
                              building will replace an existing building in downtown Springfield currently
                                  located on property designated for redevelopment. The site of the
                                existing building is strategically located at the intersection of the new
                                hospital, the Wittenberg campus, and the concentration of downtown
                               commercial and retail establishments. The redevelopment of this site is
                               key to the city's plans for urban renewal. A developer for this site has
          Construction of a     been identified, and the university is a key collaborator on plans for a
                                  mixed use and retail project. Plans cannot move forward until this
Clark   Facilities Management                                                                                 Erickson   Linda
                                 property is available. Ultimately, a revitalized downtown will attract
                Bldg. to P      1000's of new jobs to the Greater Springfield area and spur economic

                                      The new facilities management building will house centralized
                                  warehouse space; craft shops for university maintenance departments;
                                    and office space for Physical Plant Management, Business Services,
                                  Grounds Services and Custodial Services. The site for the new building is
                                   owned by the university and ready for construction. The project will
        Dist 7, PID 77495, CLA                                  Resurfacing
Clark                                                                                                         McDonald   Tim
              US 42 0.00
        Dist 7, PID 83189, CLA                              Bridge Deck Overlay
Clark                                                                                                         McDonald   Tim
              SR 54 5.61
                                 Removal And Replacement Of Guide Signs And Supports (As Required) On
        Dist 7, PID 84494, CLA      Mainline, Ramps, And Overpass Intersections, As Per Odot Design
Clark                                                                                                         McDonald   Tim
              IR 675 0.00                                    Standards.
                                                                            Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                   Renovation of Blair Hall, a 21,400 sq. ft. academic building housing the
                                  Education Department, includes the transformation of a structure built in
                                    1926 into a flexible, highly efficient, modern facility for preparing 21st
                                     century teachers. The project is green sensitive, incorporating highly
                                   efficient systems, as well as 'green' construction materials. Renovation
          Renovation of Blair      priorities include electrical upgrades, conversion of a black box theater
Clark      Hall for Teacher         into a multi-use facility, air conditioning, smart technology, painting, a   Erickson   Linda
              Education          new roof, ADA compliance, group work areas, and social gathering places.
                                     Blair Hall is the home to numerous regional initiatives advancing K-12
                                   education. Wittenberg annually graduates more than 60 teachers in 14
                                    licensure programs. Over 65 % of Wittenberg graduates teach in Ohio
                                 following graduation. Its graduate program trains practicing teachers from
                                                         districts throughout the region.

                                      Wittenberg is blessed with a beautiful campus. The undulating
                               topography, historic architecture, stately trees, and beautiful flowers are
                              breathtaking. However, our historic buildings require exterior and interior
                                   renovations to provide a quality academic environment that fosters
                              learning and creativity. New roofs are often the highest priority to protect
                                interior spaces prior to their renovation. The proposed project calls for
                                  the repair or replacement of roof systems on 13 university buildings.
        Repair or Replacement       Improvements include slate roof replacements, metal roof systems,
Clark   of Roof Systems on 13                shingled roofs, and flat roofs of varying kinds.                    Erickson   Linda
                                          It is well established that universities are engines of economic
                                  development in urban communities. Wittenberg University is a key asset
                                   to the City of Springfield. The city’s success and the university’s success
                                   are inextricably tied to one another. Investment in the renovation and
                                  maintenance of university buildings and property will attract 21st century
                                         students, contribute to urban revitalization, and demonstrate
                                        commitment by the broader community to the region’s future.
                                                                           Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                       The renovation of six university residence halls will include the
                                    replacement of all furnishings, renovation of bathroom facilities, and
                                   exterior masonry repairs. The project is green sensitive, incorporating
                                        highly efficient systems. Renovation can begin immediately.
         Renovation of Six
                                         It is well established that universities are engines of economic
Clark   University Residence                                                                                    Erickson    Linda
                                 development in urban communities. Wittenberg University is a key asset
                Halls             to the City of Springfield. The city’s success and the university’s success
                                  are inextricably tied to one another. Investment in the renovation and
                                 maintenance of university buildings and property will attract 21st century
                                        students, contribute to urban revitalization, and demonstrate
                                       commitment by the broader community to the region’s future.

                              Match people across class and race lines to form intentional relationships
                               that are supported by both formal and informal resources. To educate
                               and change the community mindset about poverty issues and prepare a
                               sustainable community for the next generation who have a future story
                              and choose education and work instead of poverty cultures. To advocate
                                 for poverty issues and engage those in positions of power to change
                                systems, infrastructures and policies that will allow a large number of
Clark   Ohio Circles Campaign     families to escape poverty across the state. To join with a national          VanZant     Karin
                                campaign that in 3 years will impact 25,000 families from generational
                              poverty and 75,000 middle class/wealth families in ending poverty in the
                              US as we know it. To have greater access to informal resources as a result
                              of these intentional relationships and to create a sense of urgency about
                                how to solve poverty without the burden being on government - that
                                 people need to support people and only through stable relationships
                                                   across class lines can this happen.

        Dist 7, PID 77495, CLA                                   Resurfacing
Clark                                                                                                           McDonald     Tim
              US 42 0.00
        Dist 7, PID 77495, CLA                                   Resurfacing
Clark                                                                                                           McDonald     Tim
              US 42 0.00
        Southern Interceptor
Clark                                  Water line extension from SR 72 to Burnett to E. Leffel Lane.            RIchards   Patricia
            Water Line
                                                                        Submitted Requests - Not Approved

          WTP Emergency
Clark                                  Back-up power supply for treatment plant and wellfield.              Richards   Patricia

        Lawrenceville Water       12-inch water main and elevated tank for residential fire demands,
Clark                                                                                                       Richards   Patricia
               Line                             residential and business water needs.

Clark   North Urbana Road          Extend sanitary sewer from Tremont City Road north 16,000 feet.          RIchards   Patricia

        Tremont City Sewer        Extend sanitary Sewer from Moores Run to Tremont City - includes
Clark                                                                                                       RIchards   Patricia
              Line                                       sanitary lift station.

         WWTP Emergency
Clark                                         Back-up power supply for treatment plant.                     RIchards   Patricia

         Mill Creek Sewer
Clark                           Replace existing trunk sewer to prevent infiltration and improve flows.     RIchards   Patricia

            WWTP CSO            Construct permit required wet weather HRC; expand plant capacity to
Clark                                                                                                       RIchards   Patricia
           Improvements             facilitate development and additional HRC pollutant capture.

        Erie Express Sanitary    Construct extension of Erie Sanitary Interceptor directly to treatment
Clark                                                                                                       RIchards   Patricia
               Sewer                    plant. This is a permit required wet weather project.

                                Streetscape the South Limestone corridor with trees and hedges along
         Southern Gateway
Clark                            property frontages. Project may include creating a tree lined median       RIchards   Patricia
             (Phase 2)                                       boulevard.

        NTPRD - Snyder Park          Renovation of the old stone bridge that has been in the park
Clark                                                                                                       RIchards   Patricia
             Bridge                                 approximately 60 plus years.

        Blee Road (Repaving     Reconstruction of 3,750 lineal feet of roadway known as W. Blee Road -
Clark                                                                                                       RIchards   Patricia
           and Widening)               east of SR 72 to Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport.
                                                                            Submitted Requests - Not Approved

         East 40 Transmission
                                        New water booster station at Garden Acres and 26,000 feet of
Clark      Line and Booster                                                                                     Richards   Patricia
                                            transmission line to loop with high pressure district.
                                     The current system is in constant disrepair and does not provide an
          Sugar Grove Water       adequate water supply to the residents. The replacement water line will
Clark                                                                                                           Richards   Patricia
         System Replacement         resolve the persistent maintenance problem and provide a sustained
                                                        water service line to the area.
         Upper Valley Pike
Clark                                       Install 5,300 feet of 16-inch water line to loop system.            Richards   Patricia
        Water Line Extension

        WWTP Wet Weather           Install emergency back-up pumps to keep plant in operation during high
Clark                                                                                                           RIchards   Patricia
        Effluent Pump Station                                  river staging.

                                   Realignment of SR 794 to provide appropriate distance between OANG
           State Route 794          Base and State highway - meeting DOD antiterrorism standards and
Clark                                                                                                           RIchards   Patricia
             Realignment            providing better access for Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport and
                                                        AirparkOhio industrial park.
         Prime Ohio 2 (Roads Development of "shovel ready" sites east of I-70 and south of SR 41 (Prime
Clark                                                                                                           RIchards   Patricia
             and Utilities)                   Ohio II). Expansion of industrial park.

        Lagonda International      Redevelopment of existing industrial site - formerly occupied by
Clark                                                                                                           RIchards   Patricia
           Redevelopment      International Harvester - installation of roads and utilities; spec. building.

                                  Replacement of existing bridge - entrance to urban core - bridge is over 60
Clark      Veteran's Bridge                                                                                     RIchards   Patricia
                                                                 years old.

                                  This is for the removal of low-head dams from Buck Creek waterway along
            Buck Creek
Clark                              with the introduction of natural backfill material in an effort to improve    Heck      Bryan
         Whitewater Project
                                      both the natural habitat and the recreational safety of the stream.
          Major Resurfacing
                               The wearing surface on these streets are deteriorated and are in need of
Clark     Project for Arterial                                                                                  Richards   Patricia
                                resurfacing. Approximately 54,700 lineal feet of roadway resurfacing.
          Former South High This is for the adaptive reuse of the historic South High School building in
Clark   School Renovation and     an effort to provide space for the YMCA, Elderly United, and other             Heck      Bryan
                Reuse                              community or recreational users.
                                                                                Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                    Intersection meets warrant for signal. The signal would provide for a safer
        Traffic Signal at Villa &
Clark                                  intersection. Allow for a safer flow of traffic due to increased volume        Richards   Patricia
               Red Coach
                                                          from Bechtle Avenue extension.

         Bridge Repair and          To extend the life of the bridges and in many cases would raise the rating
Clark                                                                                                                 Richards   Patricia
        Maintenance Project                                  of the individual bridges.

         Former Communtiy            This is for the adaptive reuse of the former Community Hospital site to
                                      provide space for office for research and technology industry users.
Clark    Hospital Reuse and                                                                                            Heck      Bryan
                                     Community Hospital will relocate their operations to a new downtown
                                                                 hospital in 2012.
            NTPRD - Road
Clark                                     Road resurfacing in Snyder, Old Reid and Davey Moore Parks.                 Richards      P
                                     This is to install solar panels on the City Hall, Police Station, Central Fire
Clark   Infrastructure project                                                                                         Heck      Bryan
                                                      Station, and Service Department buildings.
              for all City
          NTPRD - Bike Trail         Spot resurfacing and seal coating for 17 miles of multi-use recreational
Clark                                                                                                                 Richards   Patricia
            Resurfacing                                               trails.

                                    This is for the construction of a full service family recreation center that
          Family Recreation
Clark                               would include: gymnasium space, fitness space, multi-purpose rooms, an             Heck      Bryan
         Center Construction
                                         aquatic center, an elevated walking track, and meeting rooms.
        Partial demolition and This is for the partial demolition and partial renovation and reuse of a
Clark       Partial reuse of       1,000,000 sq. ft. manufacturing building located in the center of                   Heck      Bryan
              Former Cro                                       downtown.
           East Home Road      Volume of traffic has caused the outside lanes to fail. Project would also
Clark       Reconstruction     widen the roadway, which will aid in increasing the LOS. Approximately                 RIchards   Patricia
         (Balsam to Splish Sp                 6,482 lineal feet of roadway improvements.
                                         This is for the purchase of new survey equipment for the City of
         Purchase of Survey           Springfield, Ohio so that we can continue to provide the survey work
Clark                               necessary to support certain road and utility projects throughout the City.        Heck      Bryan
                                    The current equipment is outdated because of software changes and new
                                                                              Submitted Requests - Not Approved

        Villa Road and Middle
                              These two projects would increase the capacity of the roadways and also
Clark         Urbana Road                                                                                            RIchards   Patricia
                                                             the LOS.
                                     The renovation of Olive Branch School is based on its inclusion in the
                                   National Register of Historic Places. Originally built in 1908 it served as a
                                  school for students of western Clark County into the 1970's and currently
                                  is a warehouse for the Tecumseh Local Schools District. The vision for the
                                   building is that it will be a Central Office for the district including a Board
                                  of Education Meeting Room, a Community Center for residents to conduct
                                       meetings, and a museum for the preservation and display of local
                                                     artifacts. The scope of work will include:
         Olive Branch School
Clark                                exterior cleaning, spot tuckpointing, stucco repair, window repair, step         Curtis     Matt
             Renovation                 replacement, new doors, handrailing, landing replacement, pillar
                                       restoration, roof replacement, demolition/ abatement, woodwork
                                   restoration/ replacement, plastering, electrical work, plumbing, lighting,
                                   landscaping, water, security, sprinkler system, heating/ cooling, wall and
                                               floor finishing, technology,architecture, inspection.

                                  Repair failed street base and resurface from North Yellow Springs Street to
             Harding Road
Clark                                     Fountain Avenue. Approximately 2,600 lineal feet of street                 Richards   Patricia
            Reconstruction                                       reconstruction.

         National Trails Parks     This is for the renovation of the existing Reid Golf Course Clubhouse in an
Clark    and Recreation Reid       effort to enhance the kitchen and dining space in order to accommodate             Heck      Bryan
              Golf Cou                                        large banquet crowds.

                                This is for the construction of a downtown intermodal facility to allow a
        Downtown Intermodal    traveler to change from one transportation mode to another in order to
Clark                           reach any destination throughout the city. It will allow additional space             Heck      Bryan
         Facility Construction
                               and facilities for travelers, including parking, non-transit retail, and other
           City Hall Parking
                                  This is to replace the existing plaza surface, repair the concrete columns in
Clark      Garage and Plaza                                                                                           Heck      Bryan
                                            the parking garage, and to seal the exterior of the garage.
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                         Streetscape project is one component of overall infrastructure
                                  improvements connecting Wittenberg University with Springfield's urban
          Streetscape (Main         core. Project will include streetscape elements - sidewalk, curb, gutter,
Clark                              benches, trees, planters, and trash receptacles. Project continues urban        Richards   Patricia
         Street to McCreight)
                                        redevelopment efforts downtown by connecting infrastructure
                                   improvement from downtown to university - approximately 5,200 lineal
                                     This is for the construction of a new fire station/ community center to
        East Side Fire Station
Clark                              provide fire, rescue, and EMS protection to two industrial parks and one         Heck      Bryan
                                                      technology park within NFPA guidelines.

                                    This is for the construction of a fire station in an area that will directly
          Relocation of Fire      support the new downtown hospital that is currently under construction
Clark                                                                                                               Heck      Bryan
             Station One          as well as Wittenberg University. This station will provide fire, rescue, and
                                                     EMS protection within NFPA guidelines.

                                   This is for the land acquisition, construction of a terminal building, and a
         Three "C" Terminal
Clark                         rail platform for an Amtrak train to connect Cleveland-Cincinnati corridor.           Heck      Bryan
        Building Construction This site will provide a rail stop in downtown Springfield along this line.

                                   The current roadway is in need of repair to support the current levels of
Clark                             truck and car traffic in the industrial park. Estimated 7,693.7 lineal feet of   Richards   Patricia
         restructuring, street             resurfacing, restructuring and associated street lighting.
        Downs Army Reserve
                                This is for the renovation to the interior to allow for the addition of a
Clark   Center renovation and                                                                                       Heck      Bryan
                              County wide Communication Center (PSAP), and for Fire Division Training.

                                This is to prepare a site for a public safety training facility. This includes
                                 installing water lines, controlling for water runoff, installing roadways
        Public Safety Training
Clark                                through the facility's training grounds, installing training pads,             Heck      Bryan
        Facility Construction
                               constructing a security fence around the perimeter of the facility, building
                                        a metal structure, and constructing a masonry burn room.

         National Trails Parks
                                   This is for the land acquisition and construction of an ice arena through
Clark     and Recreation Ice                                                                                        Heck      Bryan
                                                 the National Trails Park and Recreation District.
              Arena Con
                                                                            Submitted Requests - Not Approved

        Garden Acres Water
Clark                                        Water line extension to Garden Acres Subdivision                   Richards   Patricia

                                 Water line extension - approximately 18,750 lineal feet - from SR 72 along
Clark   Limecrest Water Line                                                                                    Richards   Patricia
                                                   Highview to Selma to East Leffel Lane

         East 40 Sewer and       Construct lift station and sewer from Tuttle to east of I-70 to serve US 40
Clark                                                                                                           RIchards   Patricia
           Pump Station                                           corridor.

Clark       CSO Phase II                     Construct balance of CSO improvement projects.                     RIchards   Patricia

Clark     12" Water Main         Installation of 12-inch line to loop system for fire fows and back-up feed.    RIchards   Patricia

                              This is for the redevelopment of the Former International Lagonda Body
                              Plant Property located at 2069 Lagonda Avenue, Springfield, Ohio 45504.
         Redevelopment of The City of Springfield has already secured $ million from the State of Ohio
                             to remediate the site. This request is for additional money to continue the
Clark   Former International                                                                                     Heck      Bryan
                             redevelopment by adding necessary infrastructure (roads and utilities) for
           Lagonda Body           the completion of a light industrial park. This will also support the
                             construction of a spec building located on five acres of the 60 acre tract of

        Replacement of High
Clark                             Replace two 700 HP pumps due to obsolescence and energy efficiency.           Richards   Patricia
           Service Pump
                                   This is for the reconstruction of 3,525 lineal feet of Taxiway "A" at the
Clark     Municipal Airport                                                                                      Heck      Bryan
                                                     Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport.
            Taxiway "A"
          AirparkOhio East        This is for the acquisition and development of infrastructure for shovel-
Clark                                                                                                            Heck      Bryan
         Roads and Utilities            ready sites east of the Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport.

        AirparkOhio Phase 2      This project is for roadway and utility construction for AirparkOhio Phase
Clark                                                                                                            Heck      Bryan
         Roads and Utilities       2. This would also provide for the removal of trees and a lift station.
                                                                          Submitted Requests - Not Approved

        Springfield-Beckley     This project is for the reconstruction of portions of runway 6/24 at the
Clark    Municipal Airport     Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport. This would alleviate safety barriers     Heck    Bryan
          Runway Repai                                        at the airport.
                                  This would provide wildlife fencing for Springfield-Beckley Municipal
Clark    Municipal Airport                                                                                     Heck    Bryan
        Springfield-Beckley    This project would be for the construction of an airport apron for business
Clark    Municipal Airport         operations at the Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport. This would         Heck    Bryan
           Apron for C-                      provide necessary accommodations for C-17s.
        Springfield-Beckley     This project is for the construction of an airport apron to accommodate
Clark    Municipal Airport      for a private business development expansion at the Springfield-Beckley        Heck    Bryan
           Apron for Pr                                     Municipal Airport.
        Springfield-Beckley     This project is the construction of T-Hangars at the Springfield-Beckley
Clark   Municipal Airport T-    Municipal Airport, which will provide support for corporate and general        Heck    Bryan
            Hangar Con                                       aviation needs.
        Springfield-Beckley     This is for the construction of a sewer utility line in order to connect the
Clark    Municipal Airport        Souther Interceptor Sewer Line to the Springfield-Beckley Municipal          Heck    Bryan
              Utilities              Airport. This would also be for the removal of a package plant.
                                     Central State University and Qbase proposes to advance its new
                                    generation of actionable intelligence platforms for the purposes of
                                 situational awareness and enhanced security within power-generation,
                                  water resource, and manufacturing facilities. This $9 million proposal
                               would create 300 jobs for the Greater Dayton Area over the next 10 years.
                                   The primary focus will be to address needs as they pertain to CBRNE
        Layered Sensing for     materials and domestic water resource management. This platform will
                               interactively manage, integrate and display layered inputs from numerous
Clark                            data sources deployed in the operations of such facilities. Data sources      Shoup   John
        Manufacturing and
                                   would include: real time video, audio, maps, sensors, building plans,
               Ene               textual data and GIS data. The facilities will realize dramatic benefits in
                                three specific areas: 1) Significantly enhanced situational awareness and
                                security 2) In the event of an emergency, improved information delivery
                                       for first responders. 3) Dramatically increased efficiencies in
                                     manufacturing through waste reduction and power conservation
                                 .Additional collaborators on this project include Wilberforce University
                                                  and the Ohio Manufacturers’ Association.
                                                                         Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                Addition of thirty to forty parking spaces, energy efficient windows, and
        Airport Maintenance hangar doors to Maintenance Hangar 2 to accommodate for Select Tech a
Clark                                                                                                           Heck        Bryan
        Hangar 2 Renovations               new employer with 50 high-paying jobs.

                                   Develop facilties and processes associated with bringing to market
                                planting stock for miscanthus x giganteus. We are specializing in rhizome
                                     production in the field as well as climated controlled facilities.
                                    Using corn or switchgrass to produce enough ethanol to offset 20
                                  percent of gasoline use – a current White House goal – would take 25
                                percent of current U.S. cropland out of food production, the researchers
        miscanthus planting       report. Getting the same amount of ethanol from Miscanthus would
Clark                                                                                                          dooley       jerry
              stock            require only 9.3 percent of current agricultural acreage. (To view an audio
                                           slideshow about Miscanthus research, please go to:
                                    Research indicates Ohio's climate and soils are ideal for large scale
                                 maiscanthus production. Our goal is to position company to be primary
                                             supplier of planting stock for large scale planters.

           Repair to single    Repair of single membrane roof over 53,000 square foot building housing
Clark                                                                                                        Brandstetter   Mary
           membrane roof                         services for 200 adults with disabilities.
                                                                          Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                    The Giving Stimulus Plan--Community Poverty Mentoring Initiative will
                                  help expand Move the Mountain/Circles campaign from five sites in Ohio
                                  to 15 around the state.The Circles Campaign is a transformational, high-
                                   impact approach that partners volunteers and community leaders with
                                 families in need. Circles is designed to help many demographics, including
                                  displaced or unemployed Ohio workers. It involves business/government
                                     leaders, community organizations and individuals in an ongoing local
          Giving Stimulus--
                                   discussion that results in the development of a long-term action plan to
Clark    Community Poverty                                                                                     Kershner    Lori
                                       end poverty. It makes systemic changes in community needed to
           Mentoring Initi       eliminate barriers and impact poverty. The recent economic downturn has
                                  only accelerated the problems facing Ohioans--Circles is actively working
                                  to provide resources, support, counseling and mentorship opportunities
                                       to those facing unemployment and are living in poverty. With an
                                     increased demand for services, Circles works to empower those with
                                      mentorship, support and career counseling. Circles is in need of the
                                  resources required to address this growing demand for services in Ohio.

                                 Project would clean and repaint 2 story brick 1854 Hertzler House, replace
            Hertzler House           20' spouting, fix fireplace chimney and replace wood cook stove in
Clark                                                                                                           Arnold    Barbara
             Restoration         kitchen. Outside spotlights would be replaced with energy efficient lights;
                                    12' stone retaining wall would be repaired as well as stone walkway.
                            We need 10,000 sq ft of office and clinic areas as well as sitework, parking,
                            lighting and underground utilities. Our community has one of the fastest
                              growing Hispanic populations in Ohio and we are in desperate need of
                                  local healthcare for these people (migrants) as well as the local
                             residents. This facility would be built next to our local YMCA that already
        Community & Migrant has an information and referral program (Casa Amiga) who would also
Clark                                                                                                          Ashbaugh    Alec
         Urgent Care Center    assist in interpretation and referral to the facility. The Center would
                               provide 35 to 50 new jobs to the local economy and stimulate other
                            planned healthcare services for the elderly and specialty services such as
                             cardiac and dialysis programs. Your consideration for this project would
                                greatly be appreciated by all of our community and people of Clark
                                                                              Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                     The renovation of the Central Steam Plant and campus Field House
                                 replaces a 40+ year old, inefficient steam plant with a highly efficient, duel
             Renovation of a     fueled steam generation plant that will provide steam heating for ~ 70% of
 Clark     Central Steam Plant & campus. Also included are the upgrade of very inefficient lighting systems       Erickson    Linda
               Campus Field      and some renovation and remedial work required in departmental offices.
                                   Engineering and design has been completed, and the project can begin
                                        Storm sewer improvements consisting of 450 linear feet of new storm
                                        sewer pipes, 13,500 cubic feet of underground detention and a storm
                                          water quality feature; 300 space public parking lots & streetscape
                                       improvements consisting of 3,700 linear feet of sidewalk, street lights,
                                          furnishings, and handicap rams at intersections to support a new
           Downtown Loveland
                                       commercial development. The public infrastructure will leverage over
Clermont    Job Creation and                                                                                       Wright     Jeff
                                     60,000 square feet of new commercial office and retail space that will add
              Revitalization           $10,500,000 of new valuation. A minimum of 35 construction jobs will
                                     becreated for the public improvements and new commercial construction
                                     that the private sector will invest in. Over 180 new permanent jobswill be
                                                            created by the private sector.

                                  The Clermont County Drug Unit is a multi-jurisdictional narcotics task
                                force. It is comprised of full-time officers from several departments and
                                    agencies. A collaborative control group identifies and guides the
                                  objectives of the unit. Collaboration and coordination are keys to the
           Clermont County Drug success of the unit. The focus is upon the identification, investigation,
Clermont                           arrest and prosecution of mid and upper level trafficking offenders.           Williams   William
                                    Specific assessment guides are used to continuously evaluate the
                                                          effectiveness of the unit.
                                 Additional funding is requested in order to retain three positions due to
                                 the current economic conditions within the State of Ohio and Clermont
                                Rural Fire Department needing to consolidate two stations in to one, due
              Operation Safe      to increases in forclosers causing a decrease in tax base. By consolidating
Clermont                                                                                                           Marck     Thomas
               Community           stations we will be able to continue to provide Fire and EMS services to
                                                       the residents in a timely manner.
           Dist 8, PID 22375, CLE REPLACE BRIDGE NO. CLE-276-0104, SFN: 1304658. Bridge carries SR 276
Clermont                                                                                                          McDonald    Tim
                 SR 276 1.00                                     over Kain Run.
           Dist 8, PID 22375, CLE REPLACE BRIDGE NO. CLE-276-0104, SFN: 1304658. Bridge carries SR 276
Clermont                                                                                                          McDonald    Tim
                 SR 276 1.00                                     over Kain Run.
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

           Dist 8, PID 81603, CLE                                   Resurface
Clermont                                                                                                          McDonald    Tim
                 SR 232 0.00
                                      Scarifacing of existing asphalt roadways and parking lots. Patching of
           Roadway and Parking
Clermont                              deteriorated areas where necessary. Pave all roadway and parking lot         Meyer     Gregory
            Lot Improvements                 areas. Total surface area is approximately 2 lane miles.
                Walkway             This project encompasses replacement of approximately 2400 square feet
Clermont    Replacements and        of walkways. This project will include ADA (Americans with Disabilites Act)    Meyer     Gregory
             Improvements                                         improvements.

                                     This project would include the construction of one new energey efficient
                                    Fire Station for Wayne Township Fire and Rescue, Clermont County, Ohio.
                                       This new facility would replace two existing buildings built in the mid
                                                        1900's which are not energy efficient.

                                     Wayne Township s a rural community located in northeastern Clermont
                                         county at the intersection of Clinton and Warren Counties.

                                      The new facility would have energy efficient windows, heating system
                                    and power system which would greatly decrease the current energy usage
                Fire Station                        associated with the two current buidings.
Clermont                                                                                                          Moulden     David
                                         The project has had preliminary Engineering work and drawings
                                      completed. Specifications for the building have been completed and
                                    would need review and updated. The site has had some work done to it to
                                                           ready it for constrcution.

                                       This project could be underway very quickly after a short Engineering
                                      review and update process. It is estimated that construction could be
                                               started in less than 90 days after funding is received.

                                                 Thank you for your consideration of our project.
                                                                              Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                      Union Township is requesting law enforcement funding to preserve the
                                     jobs of nearly 25 police officers through 2010. If granted stimulus, Union
                                       Township would utilize stimulus funding to offset current operational
                                       needs within the UTPD, allowing for existing and planned revenues to
                                                           stretch into 2010 and beyond.

                                   At this time, projected total cost is $12 million for two years of funding,
                                  with roughly 9 million (4.5 million/year) in local revenues available at this
                                 time to support the PD over the next two years. Revenues are established
           Union Township Police
Clermont                           through property taxation, which has not kept pace with inflation and          Wright   Cory
                                    community protection needs, leading to a recent Safety Service Levy
                                   proposal. Unfortunately, tight economic conditions in the surrounding
                                    community contributed heavily to the defeat of this levy at a recent
                                   special election, and now Union Township Police faces the prospect of
                                  possibly laying off 24 of 48 road patrol officers, thereby greatly impacting
                                     public and police officer safety and reducing quality of service and
                                                                response times.

                                         Without additional revenues and with the prospects of economic
                                  In cooperation with Crown Battery, Inc. (Fremont, OH) and other regional
                                   stakeholders, AHL-TECH ( is developing and will test
                                    & demonstrate the world's first ethanol-electric hybrid locomotive, the
                                      cleanest & greenest available. The AHL-TECH locomotive will be cost-
                                 competitive with conventional diesel locomotives, and reduce to near zero
                                      emissions of carcinogenic fine particulate matter and ozone forming
                                   oxides of nitrogen, in addition to significant reductions in net greenhouse
                21st Century           gas (CO2) emissions through the exclusive use of ethanol to fuel the
Clermont      Renewable Fuel-     locomotive. The design incorporates reliable and proven flooded lead acid       Mack     Tom
           Electric Hybrid Locomo battery technology provided by Crown ( with a
                                    sophisticated computer-enabled power management system and other
                                        highly-effiefficient means of recapturing energy (e.g., regenerative
                                 braking, etc.). With sufficient funding, testing can begin immediately to be
                                    followed by the assembly of the first demonstration prototype(s) which
                                    could be put in service in Toledo/NW Ohio in 2009. This demonstration
                                     project, which crosses over a number of programmatic categories, will
                                                     help create new "greentech" jobs in Ohio.
                                                                               Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                 Ebon C. Hill
                                        Replacement of approximately 60,000 sq.ft. of roof that is currently
Clermont    Intermediate School                                                                                    McKee    Christopher
                                                  leaking and progressively becoming worse.
             Bethel-Tate Middle        Replace and/or modify existing unit ventilator HVAC system in order to
                                      remove humidity properly. We are extremely concerned about the high
Clermont        School HVAC                                                                                        McKee    Christopher
                                       humidity levels (at and above 70%) in our building which leads to mold
             Bethel-Tate Middle       Replace and/or repair approximately 110,000 sq.ft of parking lot needed
Clermont        School HVAC             to make it safe for the staff, students and community which use the        McKee    Christopher
                 Renovation                                     building and grounds.
             Bethel-Tate Middle       Replace failing 100 ton rooftop condensing unit with more econmical and
Clermont        School HVAC            enery efficient packaged chilled water unit. Thousands of dollars have      McKee    Christopher
                 Renovation                                been spent in repairs each year.
                                     Union Township is requesting stimulus funding to fill a gap between
                                   anticipated tax revenues and expenditures for the end of 2009 and early
                                    2010 relative to Police and Fire services. Union Township projects all
                                       carryover funds to be exhausted, and further projects a shortfall
                                     approaching $5.5 million for the 2010 Fiscal Year. Further, economic
                                  prospects have led to an overwhelming levy defeat - this levy, meant to be
                                    effective in 2010, would have filled the projected shortfall for 3 years.
                                   However, the failed levy could potentially result in the layoffs of 25 police
           Union Township Safety       officers and 25 firefighters, if other cuts cannot be realized. It is
Clermont    Services Preservation anticipated that funding can be immediately utilized to fund salaries and        Wright      Cory
                   Fundin               benefits for existing township police and firefighter personnel.

                                           Stimulus funding is expected to be applied immediately towards
                                       supplementing funding for the day-to-day operations of the Police and
                                      Fire Departments at Union Township. Supplemental funding will assist in
                                       preserving existing revenue for operation in 2010 and will help prevent
                                      deep personnel cuts in Union Township until such time that the case can
                                                be made to pass an additional lSafety Services Levy.
                                                                         Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                I plan to build a 120 foot solid gold Statue of Obama in the middle of our

                                This way everyone can bow down to the great savior and realize that that
                                     without him and government our lives would have no meaning.

                                    I want to make it in Gold because I want to show that government
                                  spending has no bounds and all of our prayers for free jobs safe from
                                 layoff, 0 percent home loans, free gas, and free medical care for every
                                                             person on Earth.
Clermont     Obama d'or                                                                                       Budzynski    Mike
                                   I figure this will employ 2000 artist including a number of redundant
                                people standing around looking busy. It will likely result in 10,000 people
                                 keeping their jobs. This number may be revised to 100,000,000 people
                                         since there is no real way to determine if a job was saved.

                                             Look forward to getting my piece of the pork pie.

                                 Replacement of Aluminum Siding on 3 Residential Buildings for Adults
           Residential Siding   with Developmental Disabilities. The project will include modifications to
Clermont                                                                                                       Meyer      Gregory
             Replacement           the sidewall substrate and installation with Commercial Grade Vinyl
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                     The economy is down, businesses are not spending and unemployment is
                                       rising. Since DHL pulled out of the Wilmington airpark, many talented
                                     people have been forced to find employment elsewhere during a time of
                                     limited opportunities. We would like to create a Managed Services team
                                       in Wilmington who would provide affordable technology assistance to
                                     businesses throughout the state of Ohio. This would not only create jobs
                                       in Wilmington, but provide valuable and affordable assistance to small
              Utilization of            and medium businesses when budgets are limited. Since our focus is
                                          helping businesses reduce costs, inefficiencies and risk, we see an                         lowell.bowdle@assurancegroupservice
Clinton     Wilmington Area                                                                                        Bowdle    Lowell
                                                 opportunity to create value during this difficult time.                                  
           Residents to Provid         Our goal would be to employ 50 or more people within 12-18 months of
                                         launching this initiative and creating new payroll of more than $3M
                                    annually. Staff would be working from office space within Wilmington and
                                        our goal would be to continue expansion of the workforce within that
                                       area since it is midway between the Columbus and Cincinnati markets.
                                     These would be full time positions with benefits such as health insurance,
                                        retirement and training would equal $500k+ annually with promotion

          Dist 8, PID 85843, CLI                   Master generator for the City of Wilmington
Clinton                                                                                                            Harris    Brett
            Master generator
          Dist 8, PID 85844, CLI
                                                2 computers and laptop for the City of Wilmington
Clinton     2 computers and                                                                                        Harris    Brett
          Dist 8, PID 75696, CLI
Clinton                                             Minor Rehabilitation - Pavement Gnrl Sys                      McDonald    Tim
               SR 380 0.00
           Dist 8, PID 25372, CLI        Minor Rehabilitation of IR 75. Grind and pave, some joint repair.
Clinton                                                                                                           McDonald    Tim
          SR 124/350 0.03/14.21
          Dist 8, PID 75696, CLI                    Minor Rehabilitation - Pavement Gnrl Sys
Clinton                                                                                                           McDonald    Tim
               SR 380 0.00
          Dist 8, PID 78125, CLI       Minor rehab. on SR 72 from the Highland Co. line to Greene Co. line.
Clinton                                                                                                           McDonald    Tim
                SR 72 0.00
          Dist 8, PID 75696, CLI                    Minor Rehabilitation - Pavement Gnrl Sys
Clinton                                                                                                           McDonald    Tim
               SR 380 0.00
                                                                           Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                   Reconstruction, widening and resurfacing of roadway to improve safety
              Antioch Road        on 8.58 miles of Major collector which provides access to the Wilmington
Clinton                                                                                                        Linkous     Jeff
             Reconstruction         Airpark for employees from our County as well as HIghland and Adams
                                  Reconstruction and resurfacing of 3.41 miles of a Major Collector roadway
             Airborne Road
Clinton                              which is the primary access to the Wilmington Airpark (DHL/Airborne       Linkous     Jeff
                                          $150,000 - Supplant support funding. This is needed due to
                                    businesses/individuals being unable to continue their support of Main
                                   Street Wilmington, a local economic revitalization program. We provide
                                  assistance to current businesses, encourage entrepreneurship and recruit
                                                          new/expanding businesses.
Clinton         Heartbeat                                                                                      Brown      Steve
                                    $100,000 - Provide a 1:1 match for start-up costs of new businesses and
                                                       for current business expansions.

                                       The expected outcome is to fill the 35 vacant spaces in Downtown
                                           Wilmington with businesses creating over 100 new jobs.
                               Wilmington College plans to expand and renovate its 50 year old Kettering
                                Science Hall. The plan calls for adding 14 new, modern laboratories for
                                     our STEM programs (agriculture, biology, chemistry, etc.), four
                                 greenhouses for our agriculture program, and additional classrooms,
                                 offices and conference rooms. The expansion doubles the size of the
                                existing facility. The College has designed and will build the renovation
                                   and addition with a focus on energy efficiency and environmental
                               stewardship, seeking a Silver LEED Certification level. The new laboratory
            Kettering Science  addition will be 32,200 square feet, the renovation will be 34,100 square
Clinton   Center Expansion and feet. Total project cost is $18.50 million, with $3 million already raised.     DiBiasio   Daniel
               Renovation      We anticipate that approximately 23 trades, totaling 175 workers, will be
                                            needed to complete the project in 1.5 - 2 years.

                                     Given the challenging economic climate in Wilmington and the region
                                   related to DHL's departure, this project would represent a huge positive
                                     boost to the local economy and provide benefits to the College, the
                                  community, and the state as well. Several STEM partnerships with county
                                        schools will be housed in this expanded and renovated facility.
                                                                           Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                 We intend to manufacture our "Green Machines" This equiptment is used
                                   in Green Building projects to polish concrete. Polished concrete qualifies
           Building "Green       for LEED credits.Our intentions are to build the machines, train customers,
Clinton   Machines", training,    and sell franchises to clients wanting to start their own small business.We   Lowery    James
            support, and              project that we can employ 75 people in assembly, 10 in sales, 10 in
                                        personel and human resources and 5 in training. We have been in
                                                               business since 1998.
                                      Weatherize 10,000 home in Clinton County by scaling up Ohio Home
                                      Weatherization Assistance Program--under the administration of the
                                      Clinton County Regional Planning Commission--to provide immediate
                                    economic stimulus to Clinton County. The total economic impact of the
          Weatherize Clinton      program is projected at $71,907,659. The program will serve as a pilot for
Clinton                                                                                                         Rembert   Mark
               County              the use of a large scale weatherization program for targeting stimulus to
                                     economic distressed areas. To meet this goal, the program will expand
                                        upon current HWAP requirements for eligibility to target services
                                   specifically towards displaced works and maximize the scope and impact
                                                                 of the program.

                                   This project is underway and will be completed at the end of February,
                                 2009. Blanchester Food, Inc., purchased this empty building in downtown
                                 Blanchester, Ohio. Bldg. had previously housed an IGA grocery which was
                                  an anchor store in the downtown and closed in November due to general
                                 downturn of economic conditions. This project has been embraced by the
          Blanchester Save-A-
Clinton                          Blanchester City Government as crucial in maintaining employment for 20         Neal     Beth
                 Lot             to 25 people and maintaining the downtown business area. This area has
                                    been devastated by the DHL closing and any employment provided is
                                      critical to the health of the town. Stimulus money will be used to
                                   continue improvement of structure and interior upgrades, purchase of
                                                additional equipment and inventory and payroll.
                                                                              Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                   Develop 6.59 additional Acrews for a crowded community cemetery.
                                  Land has been purchased, cleared, leveled and seeded with local funds
                                  and labor. A Master Plan has been drawn by a licensed Engineerwhich
                                  specifies installing 30 lin.ft. of 15" storm severs, 90 lin.ft. of 12" double
                                   wall storm sewers. Construction of 1230 lin. ft. of 16' asphalt paved
                                 access roads designed with a stone base. Three entrance culverts, each
            Development of      30' x 12". Also install 5700 lin.ft. of 4" tile for lateral drainage. Construct 2
Clinton   Addition to Jefferson   brick posts at each of the two entrances on Valley St. to match original          Kratzer   Dorothea H.
            Township Ceme       postsof the adjacent old cemetery. On Jonesboro Rd, 2 posts will require I-
                                 beam reinforcement & footers to support 2-15' iron gates. Seeded land
                                 will be divided into 5 Sections and plotted to provide 2400 burial spaces,
                                each marked by iron pins. Will create work for approximately 25 persons
                                during the summer and up to 10 on a more permanent basis. This project
                                 will provide income to an area with few employment opportunities and
                                           will also be a source of pride to the whole community.

                                     Clinton-Massie is proposing the creation of a Community Center in space
                                      soon to be available in our vacated elementary school. Renovations are
                                    needed to the 70,000 sq. ft 1980 era building to accommodate the groups
                                       who have expressed interest in securing space in the building. Groups
                                      such Head Start, the YMCA , Clinton County Sheriff's Office, and Clinton
                                    Memorial Hospital (Health Center) . Clinton-Massie is a rural district with
             Clinton-Massie         no large towns or urban centers nearby. The school has traditionally been
Clinton                                                                                                             Rudduck      Ron
           Community Center           the community hub for all residents. We are hoping to bring resources,
                                        through this collaborative project, to our residents in a consolidated
                                      location. We feel this project touches all of the areas in the project box
                                          above. Security (Sheriff), Healthcare (Health Center), Education
                                    (Headstart), Poverty (Headstart), Energy (Solar Power) and Infrastructure
                                       (renovations) and could be a model across Ohio for utilization of the
                                                                  stimulus dollars.
                                                                                Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                         To train and display talent of professional wrestlers who have been
                                      trained by Ultimate Impact Wrestling trainers. These trainees would be
                                    from economically challenged backgrounds and those who have had some
                                      criminal backgrounds. By training them we would be rechanneling their
                                     lives into an area where they could ultilize physical and mental skills in a
                                    positive manner and be recognized for their efforts by working in front of
                                     a live crowd. We would each them the necessary skills of partcular holds,
             Professional wrestling wrestling persona, microphone communication. We would need to obtain
 Clinton                                                                                                            Hendee     Robert
                     Shows             a building for training and shows as we have currently been using my
                                    garage for training and this unheated. We have been successful in training
                                        some with troubled backgrounds previously. We also will assist with
                                    bookings after training has been completed. This would definitely offer an
                                       alternative for younger people, male and female, as an alternative to
                                         criminal or mschevious activities. We would be available to anyone
                                      outside of Clinton County, Ohio. All persons seeking training must be 18
                                       years of age or older or a parent or legal guardian must sign for them.

                                    Phase VI water line project will extend a high pressure 12'' water main
                                  from Wilson Street to Beeson Mill Road at the East corporation limit. This
                                     water line will provide additional flow and pressure to the industrial
                                    facilities located at the Columbiana County port authority Complex on
                                     Cherry Street. This improvement will also provide the village with the
                                      opportunity to rebuild the existing water distribution system in the
              Phase VI Water Line Southeast quadrant of the Village. Thsi project will also provide better fire
Columbiana                                                                                                          Phillips   Gary E.
             Improvement Project protection by increasing the water volume to the Southside of town.It will
                                      also provide adequate resources for future commercial / industrial
                                    expansion which will create more jobs to stimulate the economy. This
                                   project will provide a better fire protection / water volume and will also
                                  provide the means of creating more jobs to stimulate the economy which
                                    Leetonia and Columbiana County can use. Please consider this project
                                                  request to stimulate the economy in this area.
                                                                                  Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                        The Village has recently completed a secondary source of potable water to
                                             the community with a water line project to the City of Salem. The
                                            completion of the water line has allowed the Village to temporarily
                                          discontinue the use of the existing water treatment facilities to address
               Water Treatment
Columbiana                               the upgrades neccessary to account for elevated levels of iron from their    Phillips   Gary E.
                Plant Upgrades            source wells and increases in daily demand. This water treatment plant
                                        upgrade is neccessary to assure that the Village has adequate primary and
                                        secondary sources of potable water for Leetonia's water customers.Water
                                                      is the main ingredient to survive in the future.

             East Clark St water line       To replace 3,700 ft of 8 inch water line and associated valves and
Columbiana                                                                                                             Clark      Gary
                  replacement             hydrants. Line was installed in the early 1900's and has lead services.

                                          To replace 3,600 ft of 8 inch watermain, and associated hydrants and
               West Clark Street
Columbiana                         valves. Water line is an early 1900's installation and has lead services to         Clark      Gary
             waterline replacement                                   homes
                                    Planing, subsurface repair and resurfacing of 9,100 of street on the federal
                Martin Street          Aid System. The street services numerous commercial and industruial
Columbiana                              concerns and this repair project will help retain 349 jobs.ODOT has            Clark      Gary
             rehabilitation Project
                                       committed $750,000 to the prject; East Palestine is seeking matching
                                    To extend a 10 inch water main for 1000 ft. This will relieve a constriction
             Water treatment plant in the distribution of water pumped out of the water treatment plant. This
Columbiana                                                                                                             Clark      Gary
                 10 inch main          work has been necessary since 1993 but the City has lacked funds to
                                                                accomplish the work.
                                    Replacement of an insufficient bridge over Leslie Run Creek. The bridge is
                                      circa 1930 with severely cracked and eroded abutments and deck. The
                Park Dr bridge
Columbiana                          bridge is the only access to the City's wastewater treatment plant and City       Clarkg      Gary
                 replacement             Park. The bridge project has qualified for ODOT's Municipal bridge
                                              program but ODOT funding hasn't yet been determined.

                                        To replace the existing 40 ft bridge over Sulfur Creek with a pre-cast box
               North Sumner St             culvert. Some minor utility re-routing will be necessary. The existing
Columbiana                                                                                                             Clark      Gary
              bridge replacement        bridge is 100 years old and the deck has severe concrere loss underneath
                                            the surface. Weight limits have been reduced for about 30 years.
                                                                                 Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                       To replace 40 ft, two lane bridge over Sulfur Creek on Benton Alley. The
              Benton Alley Bridge     bridge is insufficient, has had a reduced load limit for 30 years due to deck
Columbiana                             deterioration. The replacement will be a pre-cast box culvert. Failure of      Clark   Gary
                                        this bridge could cause catastrphic flooding in the downtown business
                                       Replace a one lane bridge with a two lane bridge. The one lane bridge is
              West Martin St one
                                        over 50 years old and is inadequate for the volume of traffic using the
Columbiana       lane bridge                                                                                          Clark   Gary
                                       street. A waterline will need to be relocated but otgherwise this is not a
                replacement           complex project and can be accomplished by use of a precast box culvert.

                                      Extend an 8 inch water main for 600 ft to connect the West Main St water
                West Main St
Columbiana                            line to the Hamilton Rd booster pump. This will ensure adequate flows for       Clark   Gary
              waterline extension       firefighting in a new housing development located west of Hamilton Rd.

                                      To replace a 60 year old water main constructed of asbestos-concrete pipe
             Replace transite water
Columbiana                              (transite). The water main has been failing for 10 years. Approximately       Clark   Gary
              main on Moore Lane                           1000 ft of puipe will be replaced.

                                      To replace the circa 1967 generator with a modern generator adequate to
              Police Department
Columbiana                              power the 911 Center and the Police Fire and EMS station that shares          Clark   Gary
             Emergency Generator          space with the 911 Center. Generator will be natural gas powered.
                                         To hire two full time police officers. The City has been unable to hire
Columbiana    Police Officer hiring   officers since 2003 and the police department is chronically understaffed.      Clark   Gary
                                                      The lack of officers jeopardizes public safety.
                                       To construct an elevated water storage tank at the north City limits. This
                                      tank would provide drinking water to portions of Unity Township that do
               Brookdale venue
Columbiana                            not have good drinking water. it will also allow for economic expansion of      Clark   Gary
                 water tower
                                       the brookdale Avenue to State Route 14 corridor. This project has been
                                                      dormant since 1987 due to lack of funds.

                                       9,240 ft extension of municipal water lines north along Market Street to
Columbiana    Route 14 water line     SR 14, west on SR 14 to Hunston Rd. This makes a loop of municipal water        Clark   Gary
                                           lines and opens SR 14 to commercial or industrial development.
                                        To extend municipal sanitary sewer lines 9,240 ft along Market St onto
                                         SR14, then west on SR14 to a junction at Hunston Rd. This project will
Columbiana   SR 14 sanitary sewer          entail construction of a lift station. The project will open SR 14 to      Clark   Gary
                                      industrial and commercial development and will eliminate deficient septic
                                        tanks at existing homes and businesses. Project has been planned since
                                                                1967 but never funded.
                                                                               Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                  To re-route strom sewer discharge from the artificial turf football field at
                                 East Palestine High School. This will entail construction of 1000 ft of storm
             Stadium storm sewer sewer pipeline which will discharge directly into Valley run Creek. It will
Columbiana                                                                                                          Clark      Gary
                  and culvert     also involve enlargement of a culvert on West Clark Street at Valley Run
                                    to handle the increased flows. This project will relieve overflows of a
                                         storm sewer line presently routed through residential area.
                                     rehabilitation of sanitary sewer lines and manholes in 8 areas of the
                sanitary sewer     municiplaity. The rehabiltation is to correct undersized lines, sagging lines
Columbiana                        and deteriorated manholes. The rehabilitation will reduce sewage backups          Clark      Gary
                                   and reduce inflow and infiltration of rain water and groundwater into the
              Dist 11, PID 85716,   Purchase 1 motorola repeater, 25 motorola mobile radios, 4 motorola
Columbiana   COL Repeater, radios, display portables, and 2 motorola control stations with antenna for the         Harris     Brett
                                                          CAA of Columbiana County
              Dist 11, PID 85717,
                                          Purchase GPS software application for CAA of Columbiana County
Columbiana    COL GPS software                                                                                     Harris     Brett
              Dist 11, PID 85718,
                                         Garage rehabilitation/renovation for the CAA of Columbiana County
Columbiana        COL Garage                                                                                       Harris     Brett
                                          Purchase 6 light transit vehicles with a narrow body for the CAA of
              Dist 11, PID 85719,
Columbiana                                                         Columbiana County                               Harris     Brett
             COL Purchase 6 LTNs

                                    This project will inclued repairs and re-coating of the Village elevated
                                 water tower. Repairs will include new venting, ladder, improvements, new
                                  safety equipment, rebuilding of deterioration and re-coating of the tank.
                                    Preservation of this tank is vital to the operation of the Village water
             Elevated Water Tank distribution system. The water tower enables the public water ditribution
Columbiana                                                                                                         Phillips   Gary E.
                 Restoration       system to maintain the proper water pressure to insure the proper fire
                                 protection to the tax payers of Leetonia and the surroundinding area. This
                                  project will put some of the peoples money back into a project that they
                                  will directly benefit from.Tax minet coming back to the tax payer, what a
                                                                GREAT thought.
                                                                                 Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                Crestveiw Road           Add sewer line for residents of the village that are currently on septic
Columbiana      Sanitary Sewer         systems that are failing. Eliminate current septic systems that are next to      William     Mullarkey
                   Extension                     the ball park which area youth groups use for sports.
                                       Replace two inch water line which has numerous breaks, also one section
             Crestview Road Water has had a one inch line put into old two inch line to repair it. Also add fire
Columbiana                                                                                                              William     Mullarkey
                 Line Extension   hydrants in this area for the safety of the residents that have none at this
                 State Route 46          Extend sanitary sewer line to end of village. Eliminate malfunctioning
Columbiana       Sanitary Sewer        septic systems that are failing and also allow for the development of a five    Mullarkey     William
                   Extension                                   acre site within the village.
                                      hanover volunteer fire department is badly in need of a new grass and fire
                                        rescue truck. our current vehicle is a 1975 chevy and is badly in need of
                                        repairs. the cost to repair is far above what the truck is worth. this unit
                                            will carry fire beaters, 6 indian tanks, axes, shovels, chain saws and
                                       cribbing used to stabalize a vehicle or farm equipment . this new unit will
                                        be heavier with a utility bed that has tool boxes to keep our equipment
                                           and room for skid unit and indian tanks. we will use the raidos, siren
                fire department
Columbiana                             ,lightbars, and scene lights that we have on the old truck. this will make     zehentbauer      pat
                     project          the new unit nfpa compliant. hanover township volunteer fire department
                                          is a rural agricultural area with four major highways and heavy truck
                                                               traffic , one railroad in our area.
                                             in our township st rt 30 has the highest accident and fatality in col
                                      county. this new unit will be suitable for off road travel as we have a large
                                        farm base. this unit will carry 250 gal of water , plus 1 foam tank. thank
                                                                 you for considering our need
                                                                              Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                       American Spirit Academy (ASA) is an Ohio chartered 501(c)3, private
                                      school located in economically distressed East LIverpool, Ohio. ASA is
                                      designed as a superior alternative to our underperforming local public
                                      schools. In an effort to improve the educational environment for our
                                     students and revitalize the downtown area, In Jan. 2009 ASA began the
                                    process of moving from the suburbs to a new location in formerly vacant
                                   downtown properties. The new location also falls within a designated hub
                                    zone, and the increasaed traffic generated by the school will help to spur
             Resident Student
Columbiana                          future economic development downtown. Funding through the stimulus              Ullom    Steve
                                      plan would be used to construct dormatory facilities for students who
                                       would benefit from attending the school, but who live outside of the
                                     radius of a daily commute. This facility will afford young people from a
                                     broader geographic region the opportunity to attend the academy. The
                                     project will also bring another functioning building online in downtown
                                        East Liverpool creating short-term construction jobs and long-term
                                   employment opportunities related to staffing the dorm and caring for the
                                     The existing wasterwater treatment plant has to comly with an NPDES
             Primary Clarifier &       Permit. Part of this compliance is the perfromance of the primary
Columbiana    Oxidation Tower      claorifier and oxidation tower. Both of thiese unit process equiment are in      Surace   Joseph
               Improvements         bad shape and need upgradiing. these improvments are a must for thier
                                                      compliance with thier NPDES Permit.

                                   the existing sanitary sewer collection was built at the beginnig of 1900. It
                                   is in need of much repair. this project will raise and fix the majority of the
             Collection Sytame
Columbiana                          manholes in this existing system. In order to maintain their pump station       Surace   Joseph
              Improvements            ,they need to purchase a protable stand-byu generator for serviceing
                                              htiese pump stations when they are without power.

                                   the exisintg wastewater treatment plant has to get ride of the sludge that
                                     is generated form its treatment. This can either be by liquid or by solids.
             sludge Dewatering          the cost to get ride of liquid sludge is very expensive. therefore , the
Columbiana     Equipment and       treatment plant needs to have a means to dewater its sludge so that it cna       Surace   Joseph
                  Building             get ride of it as a solid. this would save the villgae a min. of $100,000
                                      annually. These improvements need to be installed in a building so that
                                                   this process can be accomplished year around.
                                                                               Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                         Newbold Technologies (NewTec) is an IT company located in the
                                     economically distressed East Liverpool Ohio Federal Hub Zone. Newtec
                                    was created to utilize Information Technology (IT) employment needs as
                                    the catalyst to spur economic development and lift individuals out of the
                                     cycle of generational poverty, using a holistic approach to employment,
                                     education, mentoring and support. New concepts will be blended with
                                   proven models such as the nationally recognized “Bridges out of Poverty”
                  Economic             program. NewTec offers graduates of training programs like NewLife
Columbiana       Development        Technical Institute and local colleges apprenticeship opportunities where      Ullom     Steve
             Opportunity Expansion     they are teamed with seasoned professionals to provide outsourced
                                      services to other organizations in the U.S. as an alternative to offshore
                                      outsourcing. The apprenticeship program has been recognized by the
                                      Ohio Apprenticeship Council as a model for other IT organizations. In
                                        order to expand the apprenticeship program as well as increase the
                                       overall capacity of NewTec, stimulus funds will be used to renovate a
                                    vacant building in downtown East Liverpool to house the entire program.
                                         The Increased traffic generated will also benefit other downtown
                                        Resource Center which will connect 1,000 families and community
                                          members to non-dulpicate services, while providing community
                                   educational outreach programming. Partnered with Ohio PIRC to bring the
                                   PLI program to area, which will enable 30 parents presence in the schools.
                                     Collaborating with local service provider on fund raising. Disseminating
                                     state department's program on "suriving job loss" at a Save Our Homes
                                                             forclosure out reach event.
                                      30 or more Veterans and their families in need of support group run by
                The Family and                                 compentent facilitator.
                                    Home base therapy for 100 persons- elderly, those not able to leave their              
Columbiana   Community Resource                                                                                    Slavens   Cindy
                                          home or have small children, who do not qualified for services.                                             m
                                       Community garden project at Center to include 30 alternative school
                                   students, and any community member may participate in the project (up
                                   to 20). Produce can be sold due to Center location and monies reinvested
                                                                  into the program.
                                         Employ 3 full time staff, subcontact with 4 clinical professionals to
                                      conduct programs; 1 part time education curriculum specialist; 3 peer
                                          mentors to assist the clinical professionals with programs and 3
                                                           supplemental service providers.
                                                                              Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                      American Spirit Academy (ASA) is an Ohio chartered 501(c)3, private
                                     school located in economically distressed East Liverpool, Ohio. ASA is
                                     designed as a superior alternative to our underperforming local public
                                     schools. In an effort to improve the educational environment for our
                                    students and revitalize the downtown area, In Jan. 2009 ASA began the
                                   process of moving from the suburbs to a new location in formerly vacant
                                  downtown properties. The new location also falls within a designated hub
                                    zone, and the increased traffic generated by the school will help to spur
             Curriculum and Staff
Columbiana                         future economic development downtown. Funding through the stimulus             Hiscox   Doug
                                       plan would be indirectly used to help the workforce become better
                                       prepared and adaptable to the employers needs. As in any service
                                   industry it is critical for schools to maintain a constant education process
                                   for the entire organization. In education it involves collecting and looking
                                     at student data, reviewing what has or has not worked, collaboration
                                    between colleagues, and reviewing the curriculum to keep the teachers
                                     and curriculum current and meaningful. The stimulus resources would
                                        allow professional involvement to assure quality retooling efforts.
                                      American Spirit Academy (ASA) is an Ohio chartered 501(c) 3, private
                                     school located in economically distressed East Liverpool, Ohio. ASA is
                                     designed as a superior alternative to our underperforming local public
                                     schools. In an effort to improve the educational environment for our
                                    students and revitalize the downtown area, In Jan. 2009 ASA began the
                                   process of moving from the suburbs to a new location in formerly vacant
                                  downtown properties. The new location also falls within a designated hub
                   Student          zone, and the increased traffic generated by the school will help to spur
Columbiana     Entrepreneurial     future economic development downtown. Funding through the stimulus             Hiscox   Doug
                   Program         plan would be used to help create an incubator entrepreneurial program
                                            for students that would provide them a mentor supported
                                  entrepreneurial environment. The downtown area of East Liverpool would
                                         become the incubator site. This program will develop the future
                                        employers and community leadership that will play major role in
                                    revitalizing Ohio. Presently the downtown area has endless empty store
                                      fronts that will be renovated into entrepreneurial classrooms where
                                               students are mentored by Ohio's leaders in business.
                                                                           Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                     American Spirit Academy (ASA) is an Ohio chartered 501(c) 3, private
                                    school located in economically distressed East Liverpool, Ohio. ASA is
                                    designed as a superior alternative to our underperforming local public
                                    schools. In an effort to improve the educational environment for our
                                  students and revitalize the downtown area, In Jan. 2009 ASA began the
                                 process of moving from the suburbs to a new location in formerly vacant
                                downtown properties. The new location also falls within a designated hub
                                  zone, and the increased traffic generated by the school will help to spur
Columbiana   Teacher Academy     future economic development downtown. Funding through the stimulus              Hiscox    Doug
                                     plan would be used to help to create a teacher academy designed to
                                  mentor new teachers in their first and second years of apprenticeship in
                                  the field. Designed with support from the local teacher training colleges
                                    and universities, the academy would be an extension of their training
                                     support during their first two years in the field. The academy would
                                       provide a laboratory setting that would provide a safe setting for
                                   instructional methodology to be mastered supervised by experts in the
                                    Provide funding to repair a walkway bridge, and sidewalks with-in the
                                community of Homeworth, Ohio, Knox Township. This project would assist
                                      four local business in Knox Township, and would benifit many local
                                 families including the safety of school aged children who commute to the
                                     local playground, mobile library, and store. This program would also
                                     benifit many adults who currently use the streets for exercising, this
                                would be a much safer way for these individuals to keep thier programs in
                                 tact preventing obesity, and showing others in the area that being fit is a
             Walk way bridge,
Columbiana                      psycological, gain to every day stress. At present many locals who want to       Carver   Gregory
                                     enjoy a fit lifestyle have to travlel 12 miles to local High School to be
                                     proactive in their daily needs. If sidewalks are replaced, and the foot
                                 bridge is repaired this would be a win-win situation for all Knox Township
                                   residents,gaining a healthy lifestyle that eludes many residents in Knox
                                  Township,and Columbiana County. If this type of project is initiated, and
                                   works, this would be an awesome role model for other small villages in
                                 Columbiana County, and Ohio to emulate, and build greater programs to
                                                   keep Ohio from becoming a state of obesity.
                                                                                 Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                    This project will enable NewLife Technical Institute (NewLife), a 501(c)(3)
                                    post-secondary technical school, to expand to a larger facility, which will
                                       provide more courses, classrooms, and classroom space to NewLife
                                           students. NewLife offers Information Technology and Medical
                                     Transcription training programs in the Northeastern Ohio area, focusing
                                    on disadvantaged, at-risk youth, as well non-traditional students looking
                                     for a stable career. NewLife takes a holistic approach in educating their
                                          students, offering programs in a value-based context providing
                                    motivation, care, and encouragement to each of their students. Character
             NewLife East Liverpool
Columbiana                               & Values training is an integral part of the curriculum at NewLife.          Newbold     Craig
                                      Companies repeatedly express the main obstacle in employment is not
                                       finding employees with skills, but finding skilled employees with the
                                                   character & values that make a good worker.

                                       This project will be for the purchase, and renovation, of a building in East
                                      Liverpool, Ohio; this building will double the number of potential students
                                         NewLife can serve. NewLife currently leases space in downtown East
                                           Liverpool, and expansion is not possible at the current location.

              New Roof for Village  Install complete new metal roof and metal exterior walls on village hall
Columbiana                                                                                                            William   Mullarkey
                    Hall                                   which houses all village offices.
                                  Soaring Eagle LLC is a property management company founded to support
                                        the programming related to the American Spirit Initiative (ASI) in
                                       economically distressed East Liverpool, Ohio. The American Spirit
                                     Initiative is a collection of private, public and non-profit organizations
                                    joining forces to empower individuals and restore economic and social
                                     stability in the Upper Ohio Valley. These partners include employers,
                                     social service organizations, faith-based organizations, and education
                                       providers. As part of ASI's larger mission to revitalize the faltering
              Affordable Hub Zone
Columbiana                              downtown area, stimulus funds would be used to turn vacant, or                Newbold     Craig
                                        underutilized commercial properties into efficient, attractive and
                                       affordable residential units. As economic development continues
                                  downtown, the availablity of housing for downtown workers will fall short
                                     of projected demand. Although there is ample retail and commercial
                                   space available downtown, there is a scarcity of decent residential space.
                                    Since East Liverpool is designated as a Federal Hub Zone, the availablilty
                                  of housing for employees of downtown businesses and organizations also
                                    becomes important for access to other funding streams and programs.
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                    We would like to reduce sedimentation and erosion in the Little Beaver
                                      Creek Watershed to protect and restore habitat and water quality.
                                       Initially, we would complete stream surveys on the most impared
                                    portions of the waterway to determine the extent of the problem and
                Steam Bank
Columbiana                          which areas are most in need, creating a part-time job. We would then         Butch     Lisa
                Stabilization         hire contractors to conduct streambank restoration projects on the
                                     portions of the creek deemed to be most in need. This is expected to
                                   creat the equivilant of approximately four (4) full-time positions over the
                                                       period of several months to a year.
                                   This project will enable NewLife Technical Institute (NewLife), a 501(c)(3)
                                   post-secondary technical school, to facilitate a business incubator in East
                                        Liverpool, Ohio. The business incubator will serve to encourage
                                     entrepreneurial business people in the East Liverpool area to stay in
                                         Columbiana County, hire local, and expand the commerce and
                                                    employment opportunities of the region.

                                       East Liverpool – and surrounding areas in Columbiana, Mahoning and
                                   Jefferson counties – have been struck much harder economically than the
               East Liverpool
Columbiana                           rest of the country. East Liverpool served as a blue collar hub for labor   Newbold    Craig
             Business Incubator
                                    employment in the steel, pottery, and railroad industries until the end of
                                    the last century. In 1970, manufacturing comprised 53.4% of Columbiana
                                   County jobs; in 2006, that number dwindled to 15.1%. Now that domestic
                                      labor careers are dwindling because of exported jobs to countries like
                                          China and Russia, areas similar to East Liverpool are suffering.

                                       According to the Ohio Department of Job and Family services, in
                                    December of 2008, Columbiana County had an unemployment rate of
                                    8.9%, which was 21% higher than the Ohio average of 7.3% during the
             Dist 11, PID 84267,         Replace Box Beam Bridge With Steel Beam Superstructure.
Columbiana                                                                                                       McDonald   Tim
             COL SR 154 10.92
                                   The City drinking water reservoir currently has a flexible membrane roof
                                       which the EPA has identified as posing "severe health and safety
             Wheathill Reservoir
Columbiana                            concerns". This project would replace the membrane roof with a               Clark    Gary
                                   permanent solid roof system. The EPA has repeatedly ordered the City to
                                          perform this work but the City has lacked funds to comply.
                                                                                Submitted Requests - Not Approved

              Dist 11, PID 85366,
                                                       Extension of the overhead bridge crane
Columbiana   COL Wellsville Docks,                                                                                  McDonald      Tim
                    Phase 3
                                        Columbiana County is plagued with a sharp increase in drug related and
                                      violent crimes. Columbiana County though it has seen these increases has
                                        not seen an increase in the number of commissioned law enforcement
                                         officers. Columbiana County sits in close proximity, within a half hour
                                      drive, to Pittsburgh, PA and even closer to Youngstown, OH. According to
                                         staffing levels received from OCJS we have found that counties in Ohio
                                      with similar population levels to protect have twice as many deputies and
                                           some have as much as two-thirds more sworn staff. The goal of this
Columbiana     Operation safety         project is to hire three new deputies to assist us with maintaining order   McLaughlin    Brian
                                        throughout Columbiana County. Columbiana County is only requesting
                                       three new hires as we believe we will be able to maintain those positions
                                          after the assistance subsides. The new employees would allow us to
                                       assign another Detective to assist with the numerous felony cases, which
                                          are unsolved. Most of these cases are no solve because of the lack of
                                        manpower at the Sheriff's Office. The addition of these deputies would
                                            greatly enhance the safety of not only the community but also the
                                                             deputies of Columbiana County.
                                      Project to move water system booster pump from present location under
             Howell Road Booster
Columbiana                             the road to an above-ground location on the right of way. This project is      Clark       Gary
                    Pump                     EPA mandated but the City has lacked the funds to comply.
                                         Repair and resurface 34 streets with total center line miles of 13.47.
                                                          Street widths vary from 16' to 40'.

             City of East Liverpool   Of the 34 streets, two are repairs to state haighways passing through the
Columbiana      Proposed Street       Ctiy of East Liverpool. The remaining 32 streets are located in residential     Cowan      William
                 Improvement                                    areas of East Liverpool.

                                          Proposed work will include but not be limited to milling existing
                                      pavement, replacing with a 1 1/4" asphalt leveling course followed with a
                                                          1 3/4" asphalt surface course.
                                                                               Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                         Provision of in-county supervised visitation for parent(s) or famioly
                                      members and children that provides an opportunity for reunification of
                                                                 children with families:
                                               * Reducing out-of home placement costs to the county;
                                       * Building stronger relationships between children & family member(s)
                                      * Reduce expense of families accessing supervised visitation (accessibility
                                      of in county service; reduce transportation expenses; sliding fee scale =
                                          * Reunification of children with family member = 40% (Estimate )
Columbiana   Supervised Visitation       * Build positive relationship with family members = 75% (Estimate )          Hays     Susan
                                         * Establish collaborative delivery of service among at least 8 county
                                         * Establish sliding fee scale that allows families to utilize supervised
                                           * Reduce permanent custody rate of applicable children/families

                                      NOTE: There is currently NO supervised visitation services in the county
                                     for those children not in DJFS custody. Travel is necessary to an adjoining
                                      county for service at $60/hour plus securring transportation. This is not
                                                affordable &/or accessible option for many families.
              Dist 11, PID 84162,                           General System Resurfacing
Columbiana                                                                                                          McDonald   Tim
              COL SR 45 22.040
              Dist 11, PID 85366,
                                                      Extension of the overhead bridge crane
Columbiana   COL Wellsville Docks,                                                                                  McDonald   Tim
                    Phase 3
              Dist 11, PID 84267,           Replace Box Beam Bridge With Steel Beam Superstructure.
Columbiana                                                                                                          McDonald   Tim
              COL SR 154 10.92
                                        Completion of Overhead Bridge Crane (OBC) to extend over rail spur.
                                      Already built onto Ohio River and over truck access road. Construction of
                                     conveyor from captive barge inland from previously constructed river cells
                OBC Wellsville
Columbiana                           that support OBC. Expands capabilities at Ohio's largest riverport located      Drake     Tracy
              Intermodal Facility           at northernmost point of Ohio River in U.S. Provides all water
                                           international cargo access to Ports of New Orleans and Mobile.
                                                                                 Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                        Construction of last mile broadband fiber connectivity to two hospitals
                                         and local government offices and completion of network operations
                Rural Broadband
Columbiana                            center. Project will service Columbiana, Mahoning and Jefferson Counties.        Drake      Tracy
                                       A 260 mile fiber optic network and operations center have already been
                                                     constructed locally at a cost of $13.5 million.
              Dist 11, PID 85679,
Columbiana   COL Wellsville Docks, Phase 4 involves the conveyor and captive bardge. Phase 1 &2 complete.             McDonald    Tim
                    Phase 4
                                      Tapping into stepdown and extension of First Energy transmission line
                                    5,145 ft. to Leetonia Trade Park. Due to deregulation in Ohio, First Energy
             Electric Grid Upgrade - will not provide electric power upgrade unless transmission division is
Columbiana                                                                                                             Drake      Tracy
              Leetonia Trade Park paid. Upgrade will provide adequate power to permit Trade Park to build
                                        out as secure data storage and disaster recovery center, creating
                                                              hundreds of new jobs.
                                       Columbiana County is plagued with a sharp increase in drug related and
                                       violent crimes. The Columbiana County Common Pleas court has seen a
                                        steady increase in these types of cases over the past several years. This
                                        problem is also affecting our schools with in the county. Our goal is to
                                      place a school resource officer into each of the schools, which fall into our
                 Operation Safe
Columbiana                             jurisdiction at least on a part time bases. This will increase the safety of   Haueter     Allen
                                          our students. When school is not in session during the summer and
                                       breaks the deputies will be working the road to assist in the safety of the
                                      general public and of our other deputies. The three deputies would allow
                                        us to cover the five schools that are in our jurisdiction at least 2 days a
                                                week rotating the deputies schedules between schools.

                                      51,765 linear feet of a new waterline to the village of Salineville is needed
                                      to fulfill the findings and orders set forth by Ohio Enviromental Protection
                                      Agency. The waterline will begin at the Buckeye Water District Treatment
                                          Plant and extend to the Village of Salineville. This project has been
              Salineville Waterline
Columbiana                               engineered and has a permit to install from OEPA. This project has a         DeAngelis    Al
                     Project           shortfall of $3,000,000.00. The Village of Salineville is 61.7% LMI (Low to
                                        Moderate Income) and cannot entertain any loans for this project. This
                                         project could be put out for bid and awarded within 30-60 days after
                                                                funding has been obtained.
                                                                                 Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                    Columbiana County is plagued with a sharp increase in drug related and
                                    violent crimes. The Columbiana County Prosecutors Office reports that
                                     there has been a steady increase in felony crimes in the recent years.
                                    Columbiana County is geographically located close to Pittsburgh, PA and
                                   Youngstown, OH. Columbiana County Sheriff's Office has a large backlog
Columbiana   Operation Solve Crime of homicide cases, sexual offenders and child offenders. The increase in            Stone     Raymond
                                     the number of detectives would greatly assist the Columbiana County
                                   Sheriff's Office in solving those crimes and therefore better protecting the
                                     public. Columbiana County Sheriff's Office is under staffed by 50-60%
                                   according to statistics provided by the Buckeye State Sheriff's Association
                                                      and the Ohio Criminal Justice Services. T

                                           The Columbiana County Park District has received grant approval for
                                      Federal Transportation Enhancement funds in the amount of $460,000 for
                                          an additional 1.46 miles of transportation corridor. The 20% required
                                           match is $92,000 and additional funding is needed in the amount of
                                         $68,473 for the final engineering of this project. The engineering could
                                         begain as early as 30 days once the bids are received with construction
                                       bids going out once engineering is completed. The Park District currently
              Little Beaver Creek
                                      has 10 miles completed with this project adding 1.46 miles of the 100 mile
Columbiana    Greenway Trail High                                                                                       Betz     Dorothea 
                                      Great Ohio Lake-to-River Greenway project with 65% completion. This is a
                   St. Connec             transportation corridor construction project connecting the Village of
                                          Leetonia to the Village of Washingtoville that will eliminate dangerous
                                       intersections and driveway entrances that cause safety issues for walkers
                                      and cyclists. Once completed, will provide access to restaurants, schools,
                                         libraries and various small businesses in both villages and will offer low
                                        income families a no cost option for outdoor activities close to home, as
                                                    well as provide beneficial health and social benefits.

                                        Phase 3 involves a Bridge Crane extension that would make the crane
              Dist 11, PID 85366,
                                        system fully multi-modal (barge, truck and rail) Phase 1 &2 complete.
Columbiana   COL Wellsville Docks,                                                                                    McDonald     Tim
                    Phase 3
                                                                                Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                    American Spirit Academy (ASA) is an Ohio chartered private school located
                                           in the economically distressed river town of East LIverpool. ASA is
                                        designed as a superior alternative to our underperforming local public
                                       schools. The ASA middle school and elementary programs are currently
                                           located in a deteriorating old public school building in the outlying
                                            community of Glenmoor. In an effort to improve the educational
                                     environment for our students and revitalize the downtown area, ASA has
                                            begun the process of moving to a new location in formerly vacant
               School Renovation
Columbiana                               downtown properties. The location also falls within a designated hub       Ullom   Steve
                                      zone, and the increasaed traffic generated by the school will help to spur
                                    future development. The High School program was moved into completely
                                     renovated space downtown in January 09, and plans are to move the rest
                                      of the school to a second vacant building across the street. Not only will
                                     the new location provide more space, it will also be more efficient to heat
                                     and cool. The High School phase of the move was completed using 100%
                                         donated funds. Funding through the stimulus plan would be used to
                                         complete the building renovations for the remainder of our students.
                                          American Spirit Academy (ASA) is an Ohio chartered 501(c)3, private
                                    school located in the economically distressed river town of East LIverpool.
                                         ASA is designed as a superior alternative to our underperforming local
                                       public schools. In an effort to improve the educational environment for
                                       our students and revitalize the downtown area, In Jan. 2009 ASA began
                                         the process of moving from the suburbs to a new location in formerly
                                            vacant downtown properties. The new location also falls within a
              Physical Education,     designated hub zone, and the increasaed traffic generated by the school
Columbiana   Athletics & Performing       will help to spur future development. Currently all ASA High School       Ullom   Steve
                     Arts Fa          classes are located downtown. By the end of the 2009-2010 school year,
                                          the remaining ASA students will be transitioned into the downtown
                                       campus. Funding through the stimulus plan would be used to complete
                                      the construction of a state-of-the-art, multi-purpose facility to house our
                                       physical education, athletics and performing arts programs. This highly
                                        flexible building could be made available to other civic and community
                                    groups outside of regular school hours and functions. As such, it would be
                                               an asset not only for the school, but also to the community.
                                                                                 Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                    This project will enable NewLife Technical Institute (NewLife), a 501(c)(3)
                                        post-secondary technical school located in East Liverpool, to build a
                                           dormitory for student housing. East Liverpool is located in an
                                    economically distressed area of Ohio. This area has a high poverty rate, as
                                     well as a high percentage of at-risk youth. NewLife offers contemporary
                                    training in high-demand fields, while targeting individuals that would not
                                      typically pursue post-secondary education. We have found that at-risk
                                        students with an aptitude for IT are successful in our programs both
                                      academically as well as in the working world. However, addressing and
             Affordable Housing for
Columbiana                           remedying personal issues require students to remove themselves from             Newbold   Craig
                At-Risk Students
                                         their environments; a dormitory would enable them to do this. A
                                     dormitory would also allow students from other Ohio counties to attend

                                         NewLife takes a holistic approach in educating their students. NewLife
                                       programs are offered in a value-based context that embraces the person
                                      as a whole , providing motivation, care, and encouragement. Character &
                                             Values training is an integral part of the curriculum at NewLife.
                                            Companies repeatedly expressed the main problem is not finding
                                       We designed a model to address 21st century skills development to high
                                        school seniors through the Ohio Seniors to Sophomores Early Adopters
                                      Grant. The collaborative efforts of the CCESC, Kent State University Salem
                                      and East Liverpool campuses have provided 73 seniors the opportunity to
                                       earn a full year credit of college while earning dual credit for high school
                                          graduation. In fall semester we have provided over $200,000 of TAG
                                         courses, texts, and student services, including a Learning Community
                                      Seminar to support the transition from High School to college successfully.
Columbiana         S2S project        Our enrollment for Spring semester has grown by 20%, as has the number          Straub    Carol
                                        of transferable courses offered. The S2S program includes 3 districts in
                                       neighboring Mahoning county, and 11 districts in Columbiana County in
                                       partnership with the CCESC and Kent State University campuses,pooling
                                         resources in a collaborative effort to make college a reality in an area
                                       where only 8.6% of residents hold a Bachelors degree or higher. It allows
                                           students one full year of college for free, provides a more rigorous
                                      curriculum for students, and gives students the opportunity for success at
                                                                      the college level.
                                                                                 Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                       American Spirit Academy (ASA) is an Ohio chartered 501(c)3, private
                                      school located in economically distressed East LIverpool, Ohio. ASA is
                                      designed as a superior alternative to our underperforming local public
                                       schools. In an effort to improve the educational environment for our
                                     students and revitalize the downtown area, In Jan. 2009 ASA began the
                                    process of moving from the suburbs to a new location in formerly vacant
                                   downtown properties. The new location also falls within a designated hub
                                    zone, and the increasaed traffic generated by the school will help to spur
Columbiana                          future economic development downtown. Funding through the stimulus                Ullom      Steve
                                    plan would be used to provide state-of-the-art SmartBoard technology in
                                       every classroom in the new facility and provide a laptop computer to
                                      every ASA student. Using technology to mediate instruction has been
                                         shown to improve student achievement, attention, attitude, and
                                        motivation . Other benefits include; increased enjoyment, greater
                                      opportunities for collaboration improved personal and social skills, the
                                   ability to cope with more complex concepts, accommodation for different
                                        learning styles (tactile, visual, etc.), and increased self-confidence .
                                   Blacktop one street .16 mile x 16' wide. Blacktop eight streets 1.71 miles x
Columbiana      Street Paving                  18' wide. Blacktop seven streets 2.91 miles x 20' wide.               Mullarkey   William
                                                        Safety for the residents of the Village.
                                      Sewer line has areas of fractured tiles. This line overflows during heavy
             Replace sewer line in
Columbiana                          rains and it runs along the creek in the Village. Stop overflow and elimate      Mullareky   William
                 Village Park
                                                                  waste into the creek.
              Replace sewer line       Replace line which has several broken tiles in it. Stop sewer line plugs in
Columbiana                                                                                                           Mullarkey   William
                Pinewood Dr.                               homes and apartment complex.

              Replace sewer line       Replace line which has several broken tiles in it. Stop sewer line plugs in
Columbiana                                                                                                           Mullarkey   William
                Pinewood Dr.                               homes and apartment complex.

                                       Sand blasting, interior and exterior painting. Install vent and a manway
              Front street water
Columbiana                              access point. New roof access hatch. Installation of overflow pipe and       Mullarkey   William
             tower rehabilitation        flapper/ screen. Installation of anti climb ladder gate. Site cleanup.
               Replace Existing        Replace 23660 sq. ft. of 4" sidewalk and 8690 sq. ft. of 5" sidewalk. Also
Columbiana                                                                                                           Mullarkey   William
                 Sidewalks                                  remove 12 treees and stumps.
                                                                          Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                   The East Lincoln Way project includes the first mandated storm and
                                  sanitary sewer separation project needed to be completed in 2008 to
                                  maintain the compliance schedule included in our NPDES permit. This
                                  project was not started in 2008 due to lack of funding. This project is
                                                               shovel ready.
                                                            This project includes:
                                    *Full depth pavement removal with flexible pavement replacement
                                            *Curb removal with new curb and gutter installation
                                  *New drainage system installed including catch basins, manholes, and
                                    *Installation of a new waterline and appurtenances including new
             East Lincoln Way
Columbiana                                                        services                                     McClelland   William
                  Project          *Installation of a new sanitary sewer system including service laterals
                                             *Sidewalk removal with new sidewalk replacement
                                                           *Curb ramp installation
                                    *Decorative street lighting including all electrical work and conduit
                                                  *Landscaping including new tree planting
                                    With the new waterline and sanitary sewer system in place, this will
                                   create new service laterals where new services could be attached.

                                  This project beautification and enhancement will attract new residence
                                                         as well as new businesses.

                                The Village of Lisbon in 2004, lost their street garage, during the 100 year
                                   flood. This devastating flood went through both Columbiana and
                                Mahoning Counties. Since the flood, the Village has been renting a garage
                                                            from the county.
Columbiana    Street Garage                                                                                    McClelland   William
                                  With the help of the stimulus package, a new street garage could be a
                                     reality. This will ultimately save the Village $12,000 per year.
                                                                              Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                                    East Washington / South Vine to Route 45
              Paving Project: E
Columbiana   Washington/S Vine to                               Milling existing asphalt                          McClelland   William
                                                    Apply a liquid tack to ensure proper adhesion
                    Rt 45
                                               Place and compact a 1" leveling course of 448-1asphalt
                                                   Place and compact 1 1/2" of #448-1 top asphalt
                                                       West High Street / Market to Thomas
             Paving Project: West
Columbiana                                                        Grind butt joints                               McClelland   William
                  High Street
                                                  Apply a liquid track to ensure proper adhesion
                                                  Place and compact 1 3/4" of #448-1 top asphalt
                                                      East High Street / Pritchard to Market
             Paving Project: East
Columbiana                                                        Grind butt joints                               McClelland   William
                 High Street
                                                   Apply a liquid tack to ensure proper adhesion
                                                  Place and compact 1 3/4" of #448-1 top asphalt
                                                      North Jefferson / East Chestnut to Elm
             Paving Project: North
Columbiana                                                          Grind butt joints                             McClelland   William
                                                     Apply a liquid tack to ensure proper adhesion
                                                    Place and compact 1 3/4" of #448-1 top asphalt
                                      2,100 feet of roadway with water and sewer. Said roadway serves as an
                                       access roadway connecting McGuffey Drive (designated light industrial)
                                         and State Route 170 (five lanes) the highest traffic count road in our
                                      county. The construction of Columbia Drive will open up access to 100+
Columbiana      Columbia Drive        acres for ecomonic development creating 200 jobs. This project is shovel     Dawson      Deborah
                                     ready; ready to go as all engineering plans are complete.The township is a
                                      subgrantee of a 629 Roadwork Grant for Phase I (approximately half the
                                       roadway), which is going to bid Spring 2009. Phase II will be completed
                                                          upon receipt of additional funding.
                                                                              Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                        Reduce and educate students in grades 5-8 on risks of tobacco use.
                                     Provide schools with evidenced based tobacco cessation programs for at
                                      risk students. Create sustainabilty of program through staff training at
                                    each school and development of proven anti tobacco campaigns targeting
                Youth Tobacco
Columbiana                               grades 5 through 8. Director of program is certified as Towards No        Robert     Zehentbauer
                  Cessation           Tobacco(TNT) instructor. Work with schools to assist in Tobacco Free
                                        Schools initiative. Columbiana County Health Department formerly
                                       provided this service to schools in county. This project would include
                                                               multiple county schools.

                                      To provide a safe place for our children to go to school the indoor air is
                                       part of there health and with all the merica and staff infection going
Columbiana        safe places        around we need to act now ther is a product that the goverenment used         sabatino    kimberly
                                    after 911 that i could get put in the school and keep our children safe also
                                                         kills the avin bird flu vir.thank you
                                    Project consists of sub-base repairs, guardrail replacement and resurfacing
                                                           on 26 miles of county roadway.
              Columbiana County
Columbiana   Repair Replacement &      The project mileage and cost can be increased or decreased to match         Dawson        Bert
                                                             availible funding limits.
                                      Specifications are 95% complete and the project could go to bid within
                                                              two weeks of approval.
                                     Project consists of completely removing and replacing four bridges with
              Columbiana County
Columbiana                            new structures and doing major rehabilitation work on one bridge by          Dawson        Bert
             Bridge Program 2009                         replacing the deck superstructure.
                                     The Glenmoor/Lacroft/Substation area has been placed under findings
                                     and orders from the Ohio EPA. The project involves installing sanitary
               Glenmoor Sewer           sewer services and 3 lift stations to 440 residential and business
Columbiana                                                                                                         Dawson        Bert
              Project Phase 1 & 2    properties within the project area. Without this project many of those
                                     business may be required to close down due to lack of area for on site
                                                                  septic systems.
                                                                                Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                        Provide training for schools to sustain tobacco cessation in grades 5-8.
                                       Individuals at schools will be trained by certified evidence based training
                                         specialist to work with students in multiple county public schools to
              Multi County School     develop cessation and programs designed to decrease tobacco use among
Columbiana     evidence based             youth. One such program is Project TNT that is evidenced based for         Zehentbauer   Robert
               tobacco cessati           students in grades 5-8. Out comes will be provided in a detailed final
                                       project that examines the number of students who respond positively to
                                      the outreach programs and each schools ability to maintain the programs
                                                            after funding has been utilized.
                                      Project will provide sanitary sewer service and a package treatment plant
                                          that will serve the Columbiana County Jail, Multi-County Juvenile
                                          Detention Center, the MRDD Robert Bycroft School and Sheltered
              County Home Road                                        Workshop.
Columbiana                                                                                                             Dawson       Bert
                Sewer Project
                                     These entities have been ordered by the Ohio EPA to cease operations of
                                                         their individual treatment systems.
                                       The is more economical to privide one new larger system rather than 3
                                                                 new individual system.
                                      Productivity and Efficiency improvements in Manufacturing help lower
                                     prices and help more people with lower incomes to buy these products.
                                       Currently workers are unaware in any Incentive Systems to Date what
                                        there real time cycle to cycle incentive Pay is.This system allows the
                                   manufacturing worker to see the Target rate and as they go over it in real
                                     time each cycle it Displays not only there payrate but their week to date
                                     paycheck,. 100% of Rate = $10.00 and hour 4 times rate is $40.00 hour.
                                          We have had people making this much an hour. Herein Lies the
             Advanced Productivity
Columbiana                            IMMEDIATE HELP to the RECOVERY of Manufacturing 400% Efficiency                 Lamoncha     Mark
             REal Time Pay System
                                   improvements dramatically reduce cost and this allows for a lower selling
                                     price and more affordable products that more people can afford to buy.
                                   This ADVANCED PRODUCTIVITY REAL TIME PAY SYSTEM , is currenly being
                                      developed on a limited income has proved itself in that Our Company a
                                    Customer of JP MORGAN BANK that was in finacial disperity last year was
                                    told that we were only one of 2 companies in 17 years that turned a near
                                   Bankruptcy Company around. This ADVANCED PRODUCTIVITY REAL TIME
                                       PAY SYSTEM could help save 100,000's of Jobs . It saved over 200 Jobs
                                                                                  Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                     Project consists of slip lining the existing sewer lines located along Guilford
             Guilford Lake Sewer
Columbiana                             Lake. This would eliminate an existing I & I problem located along the             Dawson    Bert  
                  Slip Lining                  shore line. This would also help protect this ODNR lake.

             Hanover/Kensington                Project would finalize the sanitary sewer design for the
                                       hanover/Kensington area. This area has been placed under Ohio EPA
Columbiana    Sewer Engineering                                                                                           Dawson    Bert  
                                        findings and orders to install a sanitary sewer system which will also
                                                 require the construction of a new treatment plant.
                                          Columbiana County Board of Commissioners have completed the
                                        purchase of the land for the purpose of constructing a new facility in
                New County           which to house the DJFS, Veterans, BOE. Currently these departments are
Columbiana    Building/housing       enduring housing related health issues as well as significant overcrowding.          Traina   Penny
             DJFS/Veterans/BOE       Funding issues have prevented the board from being able to take action to
                                       correct these housing issues. The board plans to build a 50,000 square
                                        foot building on two floors intended to house the county programs.

                                        A 40x60x14 salt storage building at the Knox Township garage. Unlike
                                      other construction projects, this facility will be the first of it's kind for the
                                        Township, and is desperately needed. The construction will involve a
                                      reinforced concrete slab, vinyl siding, and 30 year shingles. If funded this
                                      project will address and eliminate a potential environmental hazard, and
                                        allow the Township to serve its citizen's and residents in a more cost
                                        effective, efficient manner. This will also make the purchasing power
Columbiana   Salt storage building   greater at a time when salt prices throughout the state have skyrocketed.            Carver   Gregory
                                         All building materials will be purchased from local business in Knox
                                     Township, and both sub contractors reside in Knox Township. Overall this
                                      funding would stimulate five local business, in Knox Township. Become a
                                     cost effective project for the local government ( Knox Township Trustees),
                                         and be a proactive initiative for the winter season with an effective
                                       product to use in ice, and snow control, therfore keeping the travaling
                                                     motorist that use Knox Township roads safe.
                                                                              Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                   In Knox Township, Columbiana County, replace four one lane bridges, with
                                     new box culverts, that permit safe two way traffic. Repave eight miles of
                                        roads that are with- in complex rual communities, to provide a safe
                                       transportationt to those residents. These four bridges are all close to
                                     becoming 100 years old, and I give our forefathers great respect in thier
                                       initial construction. But by todays standards, these four bridges need
                                        replaced to continue a safe passage way for travling motorist, local
                                   business, West Branch Students, and many agriculture families that travel
             Bridge replacement,
Columbiana                           the roads of Knox Township, in order to be competative. Knox Township         Carver    Gregory
                road repaving
                                         has 25 % to 30% of thier residents still clinging to the roots of thier
                                      forefathers in an agriculture setting, and transportation has become a
                                    major player in their daily needs. With out two lane bridges these farmers
                                      must rerout thier suppliers, and themselves, which causes costly down
                                    time, that computes to loss of wages. The roads that need repaved are in
                                      dire need, and this would enhance the local economy as local business
                                       would be able to have greater accesability from customers, and local
                                                 residents would also benifit. Consruction = growth!!!
                                   Soaring Eagle LLC is a property management company founded to support
                                         the programming related to the American Spirit Initiative (ASI) in
                                         economically distressed East Liverpool, Ohio. The American Spirit
                                      Initiative is a collection of private, public and non-profit organizations
                                     joining forces to empower individuals and restore economic and social
                                      stability in the Upper Ohio Valley. These partners include employers,
                                      social service organizations, faith-based organizations, and education
                Wind Energy            providers. Stimulus funds would be used to institute a green energy
Columbiana                                                                                                         Newbold    Craig
                 Utilization        model for 6 downtown properties. Specifically, rooftop wind generators
                                   would be installed to suppliment much of the energy requirements for the
                                       properties. Short-term economic impact would be seen through the
                                       creation of jobs to convert the properties to wind power. Long-term
                                    economic impact would be realized through savings on utility costs. The
                                   overall reduction in consumption of fosil fuel genrated power could be as
                                   high as $150,000 annually. East Liverpool is seen as a viable area for wind
                                     power due to the wind patterns associated with the Ohio River Valley.
                                      Replace existing aluminum windows with Superior Single Hung Vinyl
               Fleming House
Columbiana                           Energy Starr Commpliant windows with low E Argon Gas Glazing. This             Theiss   Maryann
                                               inlcudes 13 double hung units and 27 single units
                                                                                 Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                         American Spirit Academy (ASA) is an Ohio chartered 501(c)3, private
                                        school located in economically distressed East LIverpool, Ohio. ASA is
                                        designed as a superior alternative to our underperforming local public
                                        schools. In an effort to improve the educational environment for our
                                      students and revitalize the downtown area, In Jan. 2009 ASA began the
                                      process of moving from the suburbs to a new location in formerly vacant
                                        downtown properties. The new location also falls within a designated
                                      federal hub zone, and the increasaed traffic generated by the school will
                Affordable Staff
Columbiana                           help to spur future economic development. Funding through the stimulus              Ullom      Steve
                                      plan would be used to create affordable housing in the hub zone for ASA
                                           faculty & staff. As ASA expands, it is extimated that the need for
                                       affordable staff housing will increase. The new downtown location has
                                          plenty of available vacant commercial properties, but very limited
                                         available residential property. What residential space is available is
                                         generally of sub-standard quality. This project would be to convert
                                     currently unutilized or underutilized commercial space into affordable and
                                       attractive housing for ASA employees and other downtown employees.
                                         Laus Deo Foundation, a 501(c) (3) non profit private foundation was
                                         formed in 1997 for charitable purposes. Foundation priorities have
                                            focused on programs and initiatives for youth and for economic
                                        develpment; especially reviving hope and dignity for the people in Mr.
                                       Newbold’s home town in the Appalachian community of East Liverpool
                                     Ohio. Stimulus money is requested to renovate an vacant or underutilized
                                         commercial property in downtown East Liverpool for the purpose of
                                     creating space for a "social service and support mall". The intent would be
Columbiana    Social Services Mall      to provide efficient, attractive and affordable space to various public,        Newbold     Craig
                                          private and non-profit social service programs in a location that is
                                           conveniently located in the heart of the economically distressed
                                        downtown area. Potential service providers include; drug and alcohol
                                       recovery, support groups, civic groups, and other similar services. Not
                                      only will the facility improve access for individuals seeking services, it will
                                        also bring another building back into full and productive use. It is also
                                          expected that nearby businesses will be positively impacted by the
                                                               increased traffic downtown.
                                     Renovate mechanical systems, lighting, and interior finishes. Currently this
             Interior renovation of
Columbiana                          building houses all of the village offices and community hall. We need to           William   Mullarkey
              community building update to make this ADA compliant so our seniors can use it for meetings.
                                                                                  Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                 Soaring Eagle LLC is a property management company founded to support
                                       the programming related to the American Spirit Initiative (ASI) in
                                      economically distressed East Liverpool, Ohio. The American Spirit
                                    Initiative is a collection of private, public and non-profit organizations
                                   joining forces to empower individuals and restore economic and social
                                    stability in the Upper Ohio Valley. These partners include employers,
                                    social service organizations, faith-based organizations, and education
                                      providers. As part of ASI's larger mission to revitalize the faltering
Columbiana   Downtown Retail Job                                                                                       Newbold   Craig
                                 downtown area, stimulus funds would be used to create jobs by attracting
                Development          retailers downtown by making attractive and affordable retail space
                                 available. Funds would be used to renovate vacant commercial properties
                                  in the downtown Federal Hub Zone to bring them up to current building
                                    standards and make them available to retailers wishing to relocate or
                                    establish new businesses downtown. Safety, energy effeciency, cost-
                                      effectiveness and esthetic appeal will all be addressed through the
                                                                planned renovations.

                                        Port Authority will retrofit about 1,000,000 square feet of industrial space
             Port Facilities - Energy
Columbiana                                               for energy conservation and efficiency.                        Drake    Tracy
              Efficiency Upgrade
                                     This project will enable NewLife Technical Institute (NewLife), a 501(c)(3)
                                    post-secondary technical school, to incorporate the Bridges out of Poverty
                                       program into our existing training programs. This will help to prepare
                                     those living in generational poverty with demonstrated IT aptitude with
                                    the skills and training necessary to successfully enter the world of work in
                                     the growing IT field. Evidenced based curriculum and training developed
                                        by Aha!Process, Inc. will be used to assist community members and
                                      employers work with those in poverty understand their needs. Bridges
             Affordable Housing for
Columbiana                              Out of Poverty will be provided to all community partners under the            Newbold   Craig
              Students in Poverty
                                      auspices of the grant. Further, all students enrolled in the NewLife will
                                       participate in Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin’ By World – a curriculum
                                     designed to assist those living in poverty successfully break free from the
                                    habits and issues common to those in poverty. The Circles mentoring and
                                     support program will provide assistance to those completing the Getting
                                    Ahead programming throughout their IT training and into employment in
                                        the world of work. This project will also include funding for a Circles
                                                         Coordinator for the Circles Program.
                                                                              Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                      Expanding this 10-mile section of highway to four lanes completes the
                                          only remaining two lane gap between Columbus and I-77 at

                                     It services up to 1780 acres of available industrial property in Coshocton
                                         and Muskingum Counties with major employers including Avon,
             Ohio 16 Dresden -       Longaburger Basket Co., Kraft Foods, AK Steel, Smurfit Stone Container,
Coshocton                                             American Electric Power among others.
                                                                                                                  Justice   T.J.
            Coshocton four lane

                                         The link is also part of the larger Columbus - Pittsburgh corridor.

                                         This project is absolutely the #1 priority for local government in
                                     Coshocton and Muskingum Counties as evidenced by local resolutions of
                                                This project carries three significant components.

                                         First, it will relieve the Coshocton County Commissioners of OEPA
                                     director's findings and orders to provide sanitary sewer to the hamlet of
                                                              Fresno serving 47 households.

                Pearl Valley      Second, it provides for a treatment system and municipal sewer service
Coshocton                                                                                                         Justice   T.J.
            Cheese/Fresno Sewer to Pearl Valley Cheese which OEPA is close to ordering an alternative form
                                             of waste treatment threating 30 existing, full-time jobs.

                                        Finally, the project allows the village of West Lafayette to increase
                                      capacity of its wastewater treatment plant to accomodate Fresno and
                                     Pearl Valley Cheese waste while also planning for growth at its 200+ acre
                                                                  industrial park.
                                                                                    Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                      The proposed 120 bed male/female criminal justice center will replace a
                                      37-year old facility. The present criminal justice facility was designed for
                                               17 inmates but averages 68 inmates on any given day.

                                       It is anticipated that the facility will be forced to close in the near future
              Coshocton County
Coshocton                           idling several sheriff's department employees and causing the county to              Justice   T.J.
            Criminal Justice Center transport prisoners to other counties thus reducing efficiencies and road

                                       A new facility preserves 12-15 jail related positions and would create six
                                                                      new jobs.
                                      The project involves construction of 2,000 linear feet of sanitary sewer to
                                       an unserved area which includes a 200-acre potential industrial park on
            Three Rivers Sanitary            the U.S. 36 Columbus - Pittsburgh corridor near Coshocton.
Coshocton                                                                                                                Justice   T.J.
            Sewer Improvement
                                         It also would provide service to the recently opened Three River Fire
                                                              District's main fire station.

Coshocton        Chip and Seal                            chip and seal - 5 miles,14 feet wide                           McCoy     Janet
              Dist 5, PID 25049,        Resurfacing with related work Mill 2" and fill 1-3/4" Inter and 1-1/2"
Coshocton      MUS/COS SR 16                              surface; joint repair as necessary                            McDonald   Tim
                                                                           Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                This project is to fund the construction of a 50 ft. by 100 ft. addtional onto
                                    the current fire station and construct holding/interview rooms in the
                                    police station. This project would address three critical needs for the
                                    3500+ residents of Village of West Lafayette and surrounding areas.
                                 Currently, the Village has fire equipment in three different buildings, this
                                   project would allow all the equipment to be stored in a singel building
                                      which would improve the fire department's response time to fire.
                    Fire              Improved response time will reduce property damage and reduce
Coshocton   Station/Emergency   injuries. The second critical need is for an emergency shelter for the 2300      Kadri   David
                  Shelter       residents of the Village. There have been two major power outages in the
                                  last 6 months one of which lasted for several days. The Village does not
                                have a single emergency shelter with electrical pwer. The new fire station
                                   would have emergency power and could be used as a shelter. A small
                                 kitchen and bathroom facilites would be provided as part of the project.
                                 The third and last need is the police department does not have holding or
                                  interview rooms for criminal suspects. These rooms would improve the
                                                       police departments investigations.
                                This project is to fund the construction of a 50 ft. by 100 ft. addtional onto
                                    the current fire station and construct holding/interview rooms in the
                                    police station. This project would address three critical needs for the
                                 3500+ residents of the Village of West Lafayette and surrounding areas.
                                 Currently, the Village has fire equipment in three different buildings, this
                                   project would allow all the equipment to be stored in a singel building
                                      which would improve the fire department's response time to fire.
                    Fire              Improved response time will reduce property damage and reduce
Coshocton   Station/Emergency   injuries. The second critical need is for an emergency shelter for the 2300      Kadri   David
                  Shelter       residents of the Village. There have been two major power outages in the
                                  last 6 months one of which lasted for several days. The Village does not
                                have a single emergency shelter with electrical pwer. The new fire station
                                   would have emergency power and could be used as a shelter. A small
                                 kitchen and bathroom facilites would be provided as part of the project.
                                 The third and last need is the police department does not have holding or
                                  interview rooms for criminal suspects. These rooms would improve the
                                                       police departments investigations.
                                                                                 Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                  Replace of nuclear camera machine, upgrade MRI machine, upgrade to
                                digital mammography machine, upgrade of CT machine, and replacement
                                  of ultrasound equipment. These equipment upgrades will improve the
            Radiology Equipment     image quality available and will assist our new radiologist group to
Coshocton                                                                                                              Davis    Rick
            Upgrade/Replacement perform more invasive procedures here locally that in the past the patient
                                 would've had to have done at a facility out of our area. The availablity of
                                such equipment will assist us in our abilty to recruit and retain radiologists
                                     and other primary care and specialist physicians to our rural area.

                                      Replace current mobile home physician clinic in the Warsaw community.
                                         This project is to construct a new permanent physician clinic in this
                                       community. The new clinic will help us better serve the citizens of this
              Warsaw Physician        community and assist us in recruiting and retaining primary physicians in
Coshocton                                                                                                              Davis    Rick
                   Clinic                                        this rural community.

                                       This project also provide must need construction jobs for the Coshocton
                                                                  area community.
                                         Our current clinical and administrative is being sunset and the entire
                                            system must be replacede. Included in this project will be total
                                         infrastructure upgrade for our hospital campus and physician owned
             Health Information
Coshocton                             clinics that include multiple locations. As part of this project our hospital    Davis    Rick
              Systems Project             will include implementation of a total electronic medical record and
                                        computerized physician ordering entry systems. This implementation
                                           would assist us with improvement in our quality and cost of care.
                                                            Just Build Bridge Replacement
                                                                      SFN 1631381
              BR COS-CR501-B2                                 Construct 54' span, 24' wide
Coshocton                                                 Pre-stressed concrete beam bridge                           Wachtel   Fred
                                                               Existing Bridge Condition
                                                                              Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                         Coshocton County is seeking broadband infrastructure funding to
                                     accomplish several of its crucial broadband development goals. Through
                                      One Community, a fiber connection is proposed to run near the city of
                                         Coshocton. We have an opportunity to accomplish several critical
                                    community and county broadband accessibility goals by connecting to the
                                      fiber service. The need for broadband services is a crucial element for
                                          successful business operations in our county and we have been
                                    unsuccessful in attracting small to medium businesses to outlying areas of
            Broadband Fiber and       the county. Additionally, our hospital, school system buildings, and a
Coshocton                                                                                                         Fischer   Gary
            Wireless Infrastructure potential key Economic Development business park does not have access
                                                          to high-quality fiber resources.

                                    Besides the 10-15 engineers, techs, and construction workers used to
                                   build the network, broadband access throughout Coshocton County is
                                 estimated to attract at least 10-15 new employers per year averaging 3-10
                                  employees each for a total of 30 – 150 new jobs per year. Additionally,
                                     high-quality broadband access will allow home-based businesses to
                                    operate that would allow 50-75 new workers in the county. The new
                                                        Just Build Bridge Replacement
                                                                  SFN 1632795
Coshocton   BR-COS-CR17-B7 (BED)       Construct 45' span, 24' wide, pre-stressed concrete beam bridge.           Wachtel   Fred
                                                           Existing Bridge Condition
                                                        Just Build Bridge Replacement
              BR-COS-CR436-B3          Construct 26' span, 24' wide pre-stressed concrete beam bridge
Coshocton                                                  Existing Bridge Condidion                              Wachtel   Fred
                                                        Just Build Bridge Replacement
                                     Construct 29' span, 24' wide pre-stressed concrete box beam bridge
Coshocton                                                  Existing Bridge Conditions                             Wachtel   Fred
                                                                          Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                                     Just Build Bridge Replacement
                                   Construct 33' span, 24' wide pre-stressed concrete box beam bridge
Coshocton   BR-COS-TR88-B2 (CRA)                        Existing Bridge Condition                             Wachtel    Fred

                                             Just Build Bridge Replacement - SFN 1632426
                                   Construct 49' span, 24' wide pre-stressed concrete box beam bridge
Coshocton   BR-COS-TR4-B10 (PIK)                        Existing Bridge Condition                             Wachtel    Fred

                                              Just Build Bridge Replacement - SFN1632329
                                   Construct 36' span, 24' wide pre-stressed concrete box beam bridge
Coshocton                                                Existing Bridge Condition                            Wachtel    Fred
                   (MLK)                                           GA-5P

                                             Just Build Bridge Replacement - SFN 1631047
                                   Construct 36' span, 24' wide pre-stressed concrete box beam bridge
Coshocton                                               Existing Bridge Condition                             Wachtel    Fred
              Dist 5, PID 25049,
                                   Resurfacing with related work Mill 2" and fill 1-3/4" Inter and 1-1/2"
Coshocton      MUS/COS SR 16                                                                                  McDonald   Tim
                                                     surface; joint repair as necessary
                                             Just Build Bridge Replacement - SFN 1632981
                                   Construct 32' span, 24' wide pre-stressed concrete box beam bridge
Coshocton                                               Existing Bridge Condition                             Wachtel    Fred

                                             Just Build Bridge Replacement - SFN 1630741
                                   Construct 33' span, 24' wide pre-stressed concrete box beam bridge
Coshocton   BR-COS-TR89-B2 (CRA)                        Existing Bridge Condition                             Wachtel    Fred
                                                                               Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                     The project will fund the installation of a wllfield, water treatment plant
            Pleasant Valley Water       and elevated water storage tank for approx. 120 residences and an
Coshocton                                                                                                           Carder   Michael
               Treatment Plant        industrial area. Potable water will encourage growth and job retention
                                                               and creation in the area.
                                            The project will fund the installation of sanitary sewers in the
                                     unincorporated area of Fresno and provide sanitary sewer service to the
                                     Pearl Cheese Company. Fresno is under OEPA Findings and Orders while
               Fresno and Pearl           the Cheese Factory is under OEPA Mandates to limit effluent land
Coshocton     Snitary Sewer and         application. The project will aloow job retention and growth at the         Carder   Michael
                  Force Main             cheese factory and create approximately 10 - 15 construction jobs.
                                     Without grants the residential rates for the 47 residents of Fresno will be
                                       $150 + per month. Phase I of the project is approved by the OEPA and
                                                  could be offered for public bidding immediately.

             Village of Warsaw Install 2 1/2 miles of waterline and a 250,000 gallon concrete storage tank
                                   to relieve the River View Local Exempted Jr. High and High School of its
Coshocton   Waterline Extension to                                                                                  Hartle    Dale
                                   deteriorating system providing safe, sanitary water as well as adequate
                  River Vie                           water pressure for fire protection.

                                  The project will fund the installation of a wllfield, water treatment plant
            North Corridor Water and elevated water storage tank for approx. 40 residences, school facility,
Coshocton                                                                                                           Carder   Michael
                   System         airport, commercial, industrial and recreational area. Potable water will
                                    encourage further growth and job retention and creation in the area.

                                        The Village of West Lafayette needs to perform an expansion of their
                                        treatment plant in order to accomodate the waste from Fresno, Pearl
                                     Valley Cheese Factory as well as providing capacity for the proposed West
                                        Lafayette Industrial Park. Improvements are also needed to meet the
Coshocton      Treatment Plant                                                                                      Carder   Michael
                                       proposed OEPA phosphorous regulations. Components of the projects
                Improvements             are: conversion of the equalization basin to a nitrification basin, UV
                                     disinfection chamber, sludge storage building improvements, new effluent
                                                                     meter, etc..
                                      Upgrading our boilers which supply heat and hot water throughout the
                                      building by adding economizers and heat recovery controls to improve
               Energy Efficiency    efficiencies. Installation of state of the art temperature control systems to
Coshocton                                                                                                           Davis     Rick
                   Project             reduce energy consumption and improve comfort. Complete lighting
                                           upgrades to reduce energy consumption and improve working
                                                                               Submitted Requests - Not Approved

            dawsett sub change         convert 4kv to 12 kv at sub and do all existing work on the distribution
Crawford                                                                                                             oles     dave
                   over                                      lines to make more efficient
                                       This is the estimated amount of monies our consulting engineers have
                                    used to bring the City of Bucyrus in compliance with the USEPA mandates
            Long Term Control        for our Long Term Control Plan. Of course this cannot be done in two or
Crawford                                                                                                            Seevers    Sid
                   Plan                three years but if there would be some type of funding established to
                                    allow us to draw as needed for the construction process, is what we would
                                                                    be interested in.
                                      Our WWTP was upgraded to treat 3.4 million gallons per day but at the
              Waste Water
                                        time the money was not available for the additional digester that is
Crawford     Treatment Plant                                                                                        Seevers    Sid
                                    necessary to support the 3.4 mgd. This is the estimated amout needed for
                 Digester                          design, construction services, and construction.

           Dist 3, PID 85720, CRA     Purchase 2 converted vans for the Crawford County Council on Aging
Crawford                                                                                                            Harris    Brett
               Purchase 2 CVs

           Dist 3, PID 85721, CRA    Purchase 1 modified minivan for the Crawford County Council on Aging
Crawford                                                                                                            Harris    Brett
              Purchase 1 MMV

                                    Our water treatment plant is owned and operated by the City of Bucyrus,
                                    OH and has been deemed by it's consulting engineers to have reached the
                                      end of it's effective life. The original facility was built in 1949 and has
                                    begun to exhibit marked structural deterioration in serveral key areas. In
                                      addition, much of the plant's equipment has fallen into obsolescence.
                                     While some discussion has revolved around a mere rehabilitation of the
               Water Plant          existing plant, obviating against this approach is the fact that the WTP lies
Crawford                                                                                                            Seevers    Sid
               Replacement              in a residential neighborhood within the 100 year floodplain of the
                                       Sandusky River. Major flooding in 1959 and 1987 compromised the
                                     building with several inches of flood water that damaged the alum tanks
                                     and pump equipment. During the flood of 2007 we had to sandbag the
                                      plant to prevent damage to the equipment. We feel it would be more
                                      beneficial and cost effective in the long term to build on City property
                                                 closer to our reservoirs just outside our City limits.

                                     Our current manpower billet allows for 23 firefighters. We are currently
            SAFER waiver - hire
Crawford                             at 14. We are only asking for what we feel we can afford after the grant       Seevers    Sid
                                                                program expires.
                                                                                 Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                      pork production, and Organic fertilizer produced for crop application. By
              Pork Production          creating high tech and unskilled jobs will supply 17 million pounds of
Crawford                                                                                                               Miller   Steven
                  Facility            quality pork per year. Organic fertilitizer will replace 30,000 dollars of oil
                                                             based commerical fertilizers.

                                       Semen separation sexing for large animal production of , including but
                                      not limited to: dairy cattle, beef cattle, rodeo bulls, and white tail deer.
                                     Production will reach the entire United States, export to European Union,
                                      China, South America and Japan. Many other markets yet to be secured,
                                       Creation of very specialized technical jobs to operate and maintain the
                                        new emerging technology. Creation of new markets world wide. Jobs
                                               would be created for Disadvantage individuals as well.
                                        Expected outcome of the new technology will produce better growth
                                       efficiency of cattle, higher quality meat, increase genetic standards by
Crawford    Xy Cattle Selection                                                                                        Miller   Deborah
                                     using only the best quality genetics for cattle and milk production. Rodeo
                                      bulls would increase quality of bulls for family centered entertainment .
                                         White tail deer would create and expand the sport and recreational
                                       tourism industry in several areas of Ohio. Environmental impact would
                                                             improve conservation efforts.

                                         This is not genetic modification. Simply put separation of male and
                                                                    female sperm.

                                 Phase 1 has been done getting the main trunk line line the next phase is
                                  the smaller storm lines. This project will relieve flooding in the Maple
Crawford   Maple Heights Phase 2 Heights area, the area continually has flooded basements and property                 Parks     Tim
                                damage. This project will also help get infiltration out of the city's sanitary.
                                 We are under EPA mandate to remove I&I out of our wastewater system.

                                   Sewer line replacement Portland Way North - This project is need to
                                improve the infrastructure under an new road widening project stated for
                Sewer Line
                                  2010 by ODOT. We are currently having problems with collapsing lines
Crawford   replacement Portland                                                                                        Parks     Tim
                                under the present roadway and we are afraid if we don't look at replacing
                Way North              the present sewer line the new roadway could be affected.
                                                                                  Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                   City of Galion Influent Upgrade - application has been submitted to OWDA
                                   (DEFA) and approved we are now in the process of qualifying engineer for
                                     the project. This project will replace outdated and worn out equipment
           City of Galion Influent
Crawford                            that was installed in 1988. It will create jobs as far as equipment building      Parks   Tim
                  Upgrade            and installing. We will rebuild Screw pumps, put in new screening in the
                                    front of the plant, New flow metering, and Gas scubber for green energy
                                                        using digester gas to heat digester.

                                       Route 61 Job Ready Site Improvements - This project will create Jobs in
                                      the future by expanding our infrastructure to a area now vacant without
            Rt. 61 Job Job Ready
Crawford                               utilities. The design has been completed by a local engineer and we are        Parks   Tim
             Site Improvements           just waiting for funding on this project. The area is off a newly built
                                                 highway (ST. Rt. 30) and has great potential for growth.

                                     Inflow and Infiltration reduction - We are under a EPA mandate to reduce
                                         our inflow into the Waste water Plant. We estimate approximately
                                      $30,000.00 a year for engineering and another $50,000 yearly for repairs
            Inflow & Infiltration    on the Storm sewer system. We also are requesting homeowner aid some
Crawford                                                                                                              Parks   Tim
                 reduction             of our residents are elderly or low income and we would like assistance
                                        money to help them pay for removing sump pumps from the system.
                                         Approximately $20,000.00 yearly. We estimate this to be a five year
                                                            project one mini system a year.
                                     East Charles Street Sewer Improvements - This project will improve sewer
            East Charles Street infrastructure to an area of town that has failing private septic system that
Crawford                                                                                                              Parks   Tim
           Sewer Improvements are discharging to the Olentangy River. It will install new sewers and a lift
                                 City of Galion. This project has already been engineered by Burgess &
                               Niple Engineering and is ready to go. This project will install an emergency
                                 overflow on Powers Reservior. Ohio Dept. of Resources has noted this
            Emergency Overflow
Crawford                                 need in their last several inspections and wants it done.                    Parks   Tim
             Powers Reservior       As of now the reservior has no emergency overflow which limits the
                                storage of water in the reservior, we have to keep the water level in the
                                       reservior below the recommended capicity of the reservior.

                                       This project would upgrade aging motor control centers at the pump
             Electrical upgrades
Crawford                         houses for the reserviors. The current motor controls are outdated and               Parks   Tim
           reservior pump houses                                  failing.
                                                                              Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                      Replace approximately 8000 feet of old waterlines in certain parts of the
                 Water Line           city that have had somewhere between 80 and 100 breaks in them over
Crawford                                                                                                          Seevers    Sid
                Replacement            the past 8 years. These are major lines that not only provide service to
                                            our citizens but also to businesses and industry within our city.
                                       This project will include a press building, Plate press and related
                                  equipment to press the water treatment sludge at the water treatment
             Dewatering Press         plant. This project has not been designed yet and will require EPA
Crawford    Ferric Sludge Water                                       approval.                                    Parks     Tim
                 treatment        The sludge now is sent to the wastewater plant via a sewer and it causes
                                a lot of problems at wastewater. (Takes up needed space in our digesters.)
                                                  and also causes solids problems in the plant.
                                  This project would install storm sewer system from the north end of our
             North End Storm    City that continually floods and would separate the storm water from our
Crawford                           sanitary sewer. This is an on-going effort to comply with the USEPA on         Seevers    Sid
                                  fullfilling our obligation to their mandates to work towards a long term
                                                                   control plan.
                                  We are in the process of final approval of a Small Cities Grant to rebuild
                                  our main street with ODOT and Federal Monies. This includes widening
                                the street, rebuilding the base of the street, installing storm sewer, water
           Downtown renovation
Crawford                            lines, traffic signals, nostalgic street lights and resurfacing. This is to   Seevers    Sid
                   project      support our downtown businesses and hope to bring in new business and
                                 industiries to our community by displaying that we are an agressive small
                                                     town willing to invest in our community.
           Dist 3, PID 25667, CRA                                2-lane resurfacing
Crawford                                                                                                          McDonald   Tim
               SR 0004 10.88
                                                                               Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                        The City of Galion was recently awarded FY2012 Small Cities money
                                     through the Ohio Department of Transportation for a much-needed road
                                      widening project (ID 83138) of approximately 2,900 feet of State Routes
                                    598/61/309. Within this 2,900 feet of roadway is the subject two-lane, 55
                                    year old bridge. Besides having some structural issues, this bridge is not of
                                         sufficient size to convey water during storm events and upstream
                                     properties routinely experience extensive flooding, and the sidewalks will
                                           likely have to be placed on the outside of the current railings.

            Portland Way North       The current structural improvements contemplated as part of the overall
Crawford                             road widening project, is to begin in approximately three years, but we          Toy       Eugene 
            Bridge Replacement
                                      have already done extensive planning and design work for the bridge
                                     portion of the project and anticipate the ability to begin construction of
                                    the bridge (assuming funding is found) within approximately 30-90 days.

                                       The estimated cost for replacing the bridge is $750,000 which would
                                     greatly enhance the overall road widening project as well as the safety
                                     and convenience of those many citizens who travel this stretch of State

           Dist 3, PID 25667, CRA
Crawford                                                         2-lane resurfacing                                 McDonald      Tim
               SR 0004 10.88
           Dist 3, PID 25667, CRA
Crawford                                                         2-lane resurfacing                                 McDonald      Tim
               SR 0004 10.88
Crawford    Help Is On the Way!                  The Galion Public Library has a service area with                  Eckenrod   J. Victoria

                                          Complete rehabilitation and upgrade to the exisiting wate water
           North Olmsted Wast
                                       treatment plant facility that serves more than 32,000 residents in the
Cuyahoga    Water Treatment                                                                                          Collins    Daniel    
                                        cities of North Olmsted, Olmsted Township, and Fairview Park. The
              Plant Facility          improvements will bring the plant up to the current OEPA's standards.

            Dover Center Road            Complete rehabilitation of exisiting Dover Center Road including
                                      pavement, curbs, sidewalks, and storm sewers. Project limits are from
Cuyahoga     Rehabilitation &                                                                                        Collins    Daniel    
                                          Butternut Ridge Road to the City of Westlake corporation line,
             Resurfacing Pro
                                                         approximately 1.52 miles in length.
            Walter Road Relief         Installation of an underground equalization sanitary sewer that help
Cuyahoga                                                                                                             Collins    Daniel    
                 Sewer                          prevent sanitary sewer back-ups in residents' homes.
                                                                              Submitted Requests - Not Approved

Cuyahoga                                       HYDRANTS AND WATER CONNECTIONS.                                        FILARSKI      JEFFREY
                               Complete rehabilitation by means of asphalt recycling/reclamation and
                Fitch Road        asphalt overlay of exisitng Fitch Road from the Olmsted Township
Cuyahoga                                                                                                              Collins       Daniel
              Reconstruction    corporation line to Butternut Ridge road, approximately 0.77 miles in
               2009 SEWER
                                                            SEWER MAINS.                                           Smith, Gregory
Cuyahoga   REHABILITATION AND                                                                                                       JEFFREY
                                   THE PROJECT WILL REDUCE I/I IN THE SANITARY SEWER SYSTEM,                         H.FILARSKI

           Springvale Golf Course
                                      Complete rehabilitation of the existing parking lot at the City owned
Cuyahoga    and Ballroom Parking                                                                                      Collins       Daniel
                                                        facilty at 5871 Caterbury Road
                   Lot Im
            North Olmsted Ctiy      Complete rehabilitation of the existing parking lot including concrete curb
Cuyahoga    Hall and City Service     at North Olmsted City Hall and Service Center located at 5200 Dover             Collins       Daniel
                  Center Pa                                        Center Road

                                    Installation of a City-standard cul-de-sac at the end of the existing street
           Root Road Cul-De-Sac       that will bring the street up to current City standards and provide the
Cuyahoga                                                                                                              Collins       Daniel
                 Addition            proper surface for school buses, gargage trucks, fire trucks and general
                                            traffic to completely and safely make the directional turn.

           Sidewalk Replacement         Replacement of various sections of concrete sidewalk throughout
Cuyahoga                                                                                                              Collins       Daniel
                 Program                                     locations in the City

            ADA Updates to All
                                    Based upon a study already performed, all City Buildings and Facilities will
Cuyahoga    City Buildings and                                                                                        Collins       Daniel
                                       be updated to the current Americans with Disbilities Act standards.
             North Porter Road           Replacement of an existing 8" ductile iron water main that has
                                    experienced many failures throughout the past 8 years. The project limits
Cuyahoga       Water Main                                                                                             Collins       Daniel
                                          are from Lorain Road to the City of Westlake corporation line,
                                                            approximately 6,510 L.F.
                                                                               Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                      Monticello Boulevard is designated as a major urban arterial street. The
                                     scope of this project involves the resurfacing of Monticello Blvd. and the
                                      update to current ADA standards of 100 curb ramps from Belvoir Rd to
                                       Mayfield Rd. in the city of Cleveland Heights. The project pavement is
           Monticello Boulevard        approximately 15,500 feet (2.9 miles) in length and 50 feet wide. The
Cuyahoga                                                                                                           Czaga      Carl
             Rehabilitation           estimated average daily traffic is 16,750 vehicles per day. A primary is
                                       located along Montecello Blvd. as well as being a part of the NOACA
                                      Bicycle Route. The deteriorated condition of the pavement and gutters
                                     contribute to unsafe conditions to school children, pedestrians, bicyclists
                                                              and the motoring public.
                                  Reconstruction of the northwest turning radius of the intersection that
              Coulumbia Road /
                                     will provide a safer and more efficient flow of traffic. The current
Cuyahoga         Lorain Road                                                                                       Collins   Daniel
                                 intersection experiences truck traffic that cannot properly manuever the
           Intersection Improvem                   turn while remaining on the pavement.
               Drinking Water        Convert municipal water supply from the City of Cleveland Water
Cuyahoga   Distribution System to Department to Avon Lake Water. A study has already been performed in             Collins   Daniel
               Avon Lake Wa                         conjunction with the City of Westlake.
           Proposed Recreation
Cuyahoga                                              Newly updated Recreation Center                              Collins   Daniel
                Police Station     Rehabilitation and addition to the existing City of North Olmsted Police
Cuyahoga                                                                                                           Collins   Daniel
               Improvements                                        Station
            Detention/Retention      Installation of a new underground detention system (equalization basin)
Cuyahoga    Basins at Lebern and       and the addition of capacity to an existing equilation basin in order to    Collins   Daniel
                 Dover Bas                   assist two pump station operations for sanitary sewerage.

                                         For more efficiency and relaistic approach to reducing inflow and
           Inflow and Infiltration infiltration into the exisitng sanitary sewer system, the City will put full
Cuyahoga   Detection, Reduction, effort into this Project getting more work done in a shorter period of time,      Collins   Daniel
                    and            hence, coming up with the solution to the ongoing problem of too much
                                        rain water being introduced into the existing sanitary sewer system.

             Sanitary Sewer /
Cuyahoga   Manhole Rehabilitaion       Sanitary Infrastructure restoration and upgrades throughout the City.       Collins   Daniel
                                                                              Submitted Requests - Not Approved

              Storm Sewer /
                                  Storm infrastructure restoration and upgrades to the existing storm sewer
Cuyahoga         Manhole                                                                                            Collins   Daniel
                                      system thoughout the City that will assist in eliminating flooding.
           Rehabilitation Project
                                  This will enable us to continue emergency radio service for the three
                               communities it currently serves, Brooklyn Hts., Cuyahoga Hts., and Valley
            Emergency Services    View, consisting of police and fire depts. Currently, we operate most
Cuyahoga                       channels in the 155 Mhz range. We will need to comply with the change                Pallini   Douglas
                               by year end 2012. This does not include the more than $50,000.00 each
                                 community must spend to update mobile and portable radios for each
                                                          3,700 lf of 8" water line
                                                              10 - 8" gate valves
             Glenview Rd and                               2 - 12" cutting in valves
Cuyahoga   Bonnieview Rd Water                              2 - 8" cutting in valves                               Cappello   Thomas
                                                         14 - 6" hydrant assemblies
             Main Improveme
                                                          72 - 1" water connections
                                                    500 sq yds of pavement replacement
                                            Drive apron repair and various other incidental work
                                LENSC occupies approximately 2.35 acres of space, which is leased from
                                 the Cleveland Metroparks. The actual facility a one story building that
                                 consists of exhibit space, classroom space, office space and veterinary
                                     exam space. The building is approximately 22,500 square feet.

                                 The project consists of renovating existing space, as well as adding new
                                     space to the existing building. One project outcome will be the
            LENSC 2009 Capital certification of the facility of a LEED building. State funds are expected to
Cuyahoga                                                                                                           Burslem    Renee 
           Improvement Project   be applied toward qualified expenses of both the renovation and new

                                     This project will enable a greater number of individuals to participate in
                                    our daily programs, classes and experiences. Additionally, this project will
                                     enable to Center to maximize its space without expanding the physical
                                      footprint of the buidling, a goal consistent with the Center's desire to
                                            restrict its impact on the environment and natural events.
                                                                              Submitted Requests - Not Approved

             Improvements to         Bellefaire JCB would request $600,000 for energy efficient windows in the
Cuyahoga    housing for children     buildings it currently uses to provide housing and shelter to children who    Jacobs        Adam
               who are publi                                       are public wards.

               Parkside Drive         The project includes removal of asphalt wearing courses, base pavement
                                     repair and resurfacing of the pavements on Parkside Drive, Orchard Grove
Cuyahoga                             Avenue, Meadowbrook Avenue, and Dellbank Drive. Also included will be        Migliorino      Fran
                                      the repair of conrete curbs, installation of ADA accessible curb ramps ad
               Repair/Resurf                          the replacement of concrete drive aprons.
                                   In 2008 a storm sewer outfall on Outlook Avenue was sampled by the
                                  Cuyahoga County Board of Health and high levels of Fecal Coliform were
           Outlook Avenue Storm detected. While source tracking has begun through the County Sanitary
Cuyahoga                                                                                                          Migliorino      Fran
            Sewer Outfall Study   Engineering Division, additional engineering studies will be necessary to
                                    determine the source of the discharge and develop solutions for the
                                                          elimination of the discharge.
                                  Bellefaire JCB provides wellness, advocacy, and behavioral healthcare for
                                 14,000 children, youth, and their families annually. Much of the mission of
             Reconstruction of
                                     Bellefaire JCB is carried out on its 32 acre campus located in Shaker
Cuyahoga   Bellefaire JCB Campus                                                                                   Jacobs        Adam
                                   Heights, Ohio. Bellefaire JCB would utilize funding in the Infrastructure
                 roads and           category to institute vial repairs to its aging campus roadways and
                                            sidewalks to ensure the safety of the people it serves.
                                       In accordance with Ohio NPDES General Permit # OHQ000002, MS4
            NPDES Phase II MS4       mapping requirements have been expanded requiring the City's Storm
Cuyahoga       Storm System           System Map to include additional information including catch basins,        Migliorino      Fran
                                     pipes, manholes, ditches, and public and private storm water facilities.
                                       This project will begin research and mapping in 2009 with a goal for
                                                             completion in early 2013.
                                   Expand current business in the cleveland area, which will create new jobs
                                   at Fusion Liquid Concepts LLC. We estimate that with our current growth
                                      rate, we expect to create 50-100 new jobs within 24-36 months, and
                                    growth potential is endless. FLC creates products for the billion dollar a
Cuyahoga   Fusion Liquid Concepts                                                                                  Guiher      Christopher
                                  year food & bevcerage industries and currently sources out production for
                                  its product lines to out-of-state manufacturers. We are looking to expand
                                     the company, produce our products in-house and bring production to
                                                           ohio, specifically to Cleveland.
                                                                               Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                      Propogating, planting and harvesting miscanthus gigantus for the
                                  purposes of producing renewable energy source. Project will establish
            Miscanthus Gigantus                                                                                                
Cuyahoga                         methods for growing and the infrastructure necessary to harvest, ship and           Chrobak   Mary Jo
           Propogation & Harvest                                                                                                                        m
                                 utilize the product for energy. Initially the infrastructure will support NE
                                                  Ohio and we will expand going forward.
                                     The West Side Catholic Center (WSCC) has focused on being the gateway
                                     to the most basic needs of our community’s poor and homeless persons,
                                      regardless of their religious affiliation. The hospitality extended by staff
                                         and volunteers includes a warm welcome, food, clothing, shelter,
                                    companionship, compassion, and help with problems small and large. All
             Basic Needs: Food,
                                    services are provided free of charge with the help of over 400 volunteers.
Cuyahoga     Clothing, Shelter &                                                                                      Skoch    Gerald
                                        Over the years the needs of our clients and the gaps in the Cleveland
                  Advocacy          market necessitated the creation of additional services. Telephone access,
                                        showers, a mailing address, stress management, counseling, resume
                                    writing services, legal services, literacy training and more grew out of our
                                    mission of hospitality. WSCC serves approximately 150 to 175 individuals
                                                                        each day.

                                   Funds are needed for three officers to be added to the Maple Heights
                                  Police Department. The number provided includes one year's salary and
                                     equipment. This additional manpower would be used to meet the
           Maple Heights Police increasing demands for service in our community. Anything we receive
Cuyahoga                                                                                                             Maracz    Richard
              Department        would be welcomed and our first priority would be to bring our personnel
                                back to strength, after having been depleted the last several years. We are
                                 looking at some pretty tough financial times ahead, so any help from the
                                   stimulus package would benefit our department and the community.
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                      FMI is an Ohio manufacturer developing electrical connection system
                                    components for lithium-ion fuel cell battery packs used in the Chevy Volt
                                   plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. Other applications are the nickel and metal
                                   hydride battery systems selected by Toyota for use in their hybrid electric
                                      vehicles and the ultracapacitor power storage cell. FMI has developed
                                     proprietary manufacturing technology for producing electrical pin-type
                                     connectors for high heat, high vibration vehicle applications resulting in
                                     superior conductivity, reduced weight, and increased energy efficiency.
           Lithium Ion Fuel Cell
Cuyahoga                              FMI products can also be utilized in solar and wind power generation        Medas       John
             Technology- FMI
                                   systems, and energy delivery applications. The continued development of
                                    these technologies including design, tooling, testing, and production will
                                   require capital expenditures for machine tools and inspection equipment,
                                     and will result in the creation of new jobs in the areas of engineering &
                                   design, tool & die, quality assurance, and production. FMI is an innovative,
                                       solution oriented company committed to contribute to the changing
                                    energy demands as our society transitions from reliance on fossil fuels to
                                                         the green technology of the future.
                                       3,800 LF OF NEW SANITARY FORCE MAIN THAT IS BEING PLACED TO
                                                                TREATMENT FACILITY.
                                                                  CHAGRIN RIVER.
               WOODLAND                 19,000 LF OF FORCE MAIN THAT WILL BE USED TO ELIMINATE TWO
            PUMP STA. FORCE
                                       TO THE CHAGRIN RIVER AND IMPROVE THE CHAGRIN RIVER WATER
Cuyahoga                                                                                                          FILARSKI   JEFFREY
                                                                       RIVER .
Cuyahoga        CULVERT                                                                                           FILARSKI   JEFFREY
                                                                   OLD CULVERT.
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                         Simplicity Health Plans is a unique company. We are known as a
                                    "transaction integrator" because we specialize in the integration of Health
                                     Savings Account (HSA) financial transactions between your HSA account,
                                     your employer, and your healthcare providers. Our internet based, real-
                                    time data transactional software surpasses the capabilities of any current
                                                      paper or electronic payment method.

                                                             Very simply, our job is to:
                                        1. Help the employee and the employer lower healthcare costs.
                                    Employees and their family members become more responsible when it
Cuyahoga   Simplicity Health Plans                          comes to their healthcare.                            Guiher   John
                                      2. Keep you as healthy as possible through the use of our Simplicity
                                   member nurses and health coaches. In addition, utilizing the "real-time"
                                   information, Simplicity is able to quickly access the scope of your health
                                     needs and is better prepared to assist in your rapid return to health.
                                     3. Eliminate fraud and excessive expenses in the healthcare system by
                                                           using electronic transactions.
                                    4. Help the employee and the employee's family get the best pricing for
                                    their medical bills through the use of our Simplicity provider network.
                                            5. Help the employee save money in their HSA account.
                                                                          Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                   This program is a unique approach to a mounting problem that affects
                                  both urban and suburban communities in Northeast Ohio. Foreclosures
                                   have an impact on the family losing their home and on the community.
                                  The most recent data available places Ohio among the top states among
                                         rates of foreclosures. In 2008, Cuyahoga County experienced
                                  approximately 15,000 foreclosed properties. What had originally been a
                                 problem in the City of Cleveland now threatens first ring suburbs, such as
            Cuyahoga County     Lakewood, Cleveland Heights, and Euclid. The City of Cleveland has issued
                                       $15 million of revenue bonds in order to assist in the razing of its
Cuyahoga       Foreclosure                                                                                     Bromley   Charles
                                     properties. National estimates place the costs of each foreclosure at
           Prevention Program   $34,000 per property, which entails the maintenance of the property, tax
                                 loss, and additional public services for vacant and abandoned properties.
                                    The object of this program is to have consumers contact the 211, First
                                   Call for Help, phone line, where contacts are given referrals to the five
                                      housing counseling agencies that work with homeowners. Housing
                                    counseling assists over 1,500 homeowners from losing their homes to
                                foreclosure. The program goes well beyond traditional housing counseling
                                     and seeks out loan servicers to restructure loans so that the housing
                                                                           Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                    Install energy saving items in existing homes. Items limited to rapid
                                  payback, typically one year or less. This makes each project affordable,
                                      efficient regarding resources used and enables us to serve many
                                 homeowners - hence maximizing energy savings with respect to funds and
                                      efforts expended. Installation time goal is 1-2 man-days / home.

                                    Homeowners provided audit report with list of additional items to
                                 consider in future with payback period expected - (at various electric and
                                   natl gas prices). This yields a "roadmap" for future upgrades. All tax
                                               related paperwork provided where applicable.

                                             Typical items targeted for "rapid deployment" are:

                                                             - Smart thermostats
            Rapid deployment
Cuyahoga                                     - Faucet & showerhead aerators / low flow fixtures                 Andrews   Alan
           Home energy savings

                                   - Energy efficient lighting (fluorescent, LED, etc to replace incandescent

                                     - Motion Sensor & Programmable timer lighting including "vampire
                                                  power controls & system use monitors

                                    - Furnace / AC filter replacements/retrofits and /or electrostatic air

                                  - Vent refrigerator/freezer coil heat in "cooling season" to reduce cooling
                                                           load & seal major leaks

                                         - Major appliance schedule timers: dishwash, washer, dryer

                                                - Others as appropriate on case-by-case basis
                                                                            Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                  Joe Hill Clothing will be a private label clothing manufacturing operation
                                                          and associated retail outlets.

                                    Joe Hill Clothing will create the first and only independent retail store
                                             offering exclusively union made in America clothing.

                                   The business structure and retail operation will be innovative, fresh, and
Cuyahoga     Joe Hill Clothing                                                                                   Wiltrack   William
                                    This business structure will lend itself for duplication that would allow
                                            business revenue to flow into Ohio from other states.

                                     I have developed a 5 year business plan and I am serious about my
                                    commitment to this project and its benefits to Ohio and to American

                                   The Newcomer Family Assistance provides family stabilization and job
            Newcomer Family
Cuyahoga                           development for 300 individuals and their families. The project assists       Michael     Byun
             Support Center          those who are hardest to reach and have the lowest level of skills.
                                       Asian American Youth Against Tobacco is a leadership and advocacy
           Asian American Youth       project. The program will provide work to 20 people and will help to
Cuyahoga                                                                                                          Byun      Michael
              Against Tobacco           reduce health care costs to Ohioan through health promotion and
                                  Insulation and new windows for 600 units contained in 327 buildings. We
                                    live in units that were built in the 1940's and they were never insulated.
                                  The peolpe who live here are middle and low income will a great many on
                                   fixed income. This insulation would do much to help the people that live
Cuyahoga     Weatherization            here a better life style and would help them use the fixed income to      Flanagan   Charles
                                      acquire a more secure lifestyle in the years to come. Anyone needing
                                   additional information may call me at 216-212-5981, this cell pnone is on
                                    24/7. Thank you for your help in this most important matter. Charles F.
                                                                           Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                   To provide all sandwiches eaten by county commish to automatically
                                    come with extra mayo. This project will also provide for emergency
                                 supplies of mayo to be stored for any mayo emergencies that could occur
Cuyahoga      Extra Mayo                                                                                         dimora    jimmy
                                     A mayo research incubator program would also be created. This
                                 organization would develop potential opportunities centered around the
                                                       mayo technology industry.
           Dist 12, PID 85531,
                                              CUY IR 090 15.24 Phase 1,2&3 Innerbelt Bridge
Cuyahoga    CUY IR 090 15.24                                                                                    McDonald    Tim
              Phase 1,2&3
           Dist 12, PID 25482,     Construct A Grade Separation At Columbia Road (Sr-252) And The Csx
Cuyahoga                                                                                                        McDonald    Tim
           CUY SR 252 00.05               Railroadcompany Tracks In The City Of Olmsted Falls.
           Strongsville Police         Funds needed to hire two new police officers within the City of
Cuyahoga                                                                                                          Goss     Charlie
              Department                                        Strongsville.
                                  This project is the improvement of the deficient intersection of Granger
                                 Road and Transportation Blvd within the City of Garfield Heights. Included
                                                             in this project is:

                                                         3,186 Feet of Storm Sewer
                                                 12,724 Square Yards of Concrete Pavement
                                                        1739 Cubic Yards of Asphalt
                                                               3 New Signals
                Granger                                      Updated Lighting
Cuyahoga                                                                                                        Neumeyer   David
            Blvd Intersection     The widening of this critical intersection will provide opportunity for the
                 Improv           redevelopment of 76 acres of commercially zoned property. There has
                                  been significant interest to develop this property, however the needed
                                   improvements to this intersection have proved cost prohibitive. The
                                  improvement of this intersection will make the area more appealing to
                                     developers, as that is one improvement that will not be needed.

                                    The improvement plans for the intersection have been substantially
                                  completed, and can be ready to start the bidding process in less than 30
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                 Imalux and its collaborators are developing an enhanced imaging system
                                  based on their first generation, FDA-cleared and clinically tested Niris™
                                 Imaging System. The Niris system utilizes optical coherence tomography
                                 (OCT) to provide real-time, two-dimensional, cross-sectional visualization
                                     of tissue microstructure. Imalux has shown the viability of OCT as a
                                  clinically relevant point-of-care imaging tool in a wide variety of medical
                                applications[1-32]. Through clinical studies, users identified five necessary
                                design improvements: 1) Survey large areas of tissue more quickly; 2) View
           Improved Early Cancer tissue through small orifices, 3) Expand field of view, 4) Improve image
Cuyahoga                                                                                                         Amazeen   Paul
                Detection         analysis software and 5) Offer a low cost OCT for cost sensitive markets.
                                                      The specific applications will include:
                                   • Assessment and rapid diagnosis of microstructural changes associated
                                  with cancerous and pre-cancerous lesions (i.e., cervical cancer, bladder
                                                            cancer and oral cancer);
                                   • Assessment of the completeness of surgical resections for the above;
                                         • Identification and monitoring of inflammatory diseases (i.e.,
                                                  inflammatory bowel diseases and gingivitis);
                                      • Identification of injury secondary to burn and smoke inhalation.
                                                                               Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                  • Construct a new 13,575 Sq. Ft. 24 hour/24 bed jail facility along with all
                                                           associated appurtenances.
                                      • Construct a 16,926 Sq. Ft. addition that will more than double the
                                       existing area dedicated to the operational functions of the Police
                                    • Construct a new 3,333 Sq. Ft. (five) lane tactical firing range for police
                                                        officer training and certification.
                                      • Construct a new 8,510 Sq. Ft. parking/storage facility for storage of
           Police Department/Jail Tactical Equipment, Police Swat Vehicles, Homeland Security Mobile Base
                                             Station and Anti- terrorism/Hazmat response vehicles.
Cuyahoga     Facility Addition &                                                                                   Biondillo   Anthony
                                     • Construction project also includes a complete technological upgrade
                                   for all equipment associated with the Police Dispatch, Fire Dispatch, 911
                                       Call Center, Video Surveillance, Video Arraignment and Computer
                                       • Includes the installation of a electrical generation plant for 100%
                                           emergency back-up power generation for the police facility.

                                        This project was vital for maintaining and expanding safety services of
                                      the Police Department for the residents of the City of Strongsville. Many
                                          of the discretionary services currently available would have been
             Dist 12, PID 84483,
                                                 Replace Concrete Ramps At Ir-480 And W. 130Th.
Cuyahoga      CUY IR 480 10.36                                                                                     McDonald     Tim
             Dist 12, PID 85424,
                                                    Cleveland Commercial RR Line Rehabilitation
Cuyahoga   Cleveland Commercial                                                                                    McDonald     Tim
                  RR Rehab

                                 PPG is heavily invested in the Automotive industry. We are facing dire
                                     consequences pending the future of our automotive customers.
           Fusion Bonded Epoxy Significant capacity will be idled at our Strongsville Powder location. We
Cuyahoga                                                                                                            Jackson     Carol
                conversion      would like to immediately convert this capacity to that which we can use
                                       to manufacture powder coatings (fusion bonded epoxies) for
                               infrastructure (bridges, pipes, rebar, etc.). This will save jobs and add jobs.
                                                                            Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                  Shoreway is a 30-acre parcel in Cleveland; 4 miles from downtown and its
                                  Port, ½ mile from the new Port location. The site was once White Motors
                                   employing hundreds. Without these jobs, the area is now blighted with
                                   one of the highest unemployment rates and lowest per capita income in
                                      the State. Award of stimulus funds could transform Shoreway to a
                                       regional and international logistics hub. The following is needed:
                                  Construction of a publicly dedicated heavy-duty truck road for I-90 access;
                                    Revitalization of a rail spur and siding; Remediation and demolition of
           Shoreway Industrial
Cuyahoga                               400,000 sf of dilapidated buildings; (All necessary environmental        Goodrich    Chris
                                   assessments have been done); Rehabilitation of 450,000 sf of industrial
                                     buildings. Total cost of the project is $19.3 million with $10 million
                                        requested from the Federal Stimulus Package. Matching funds:
                                  $1,450,000 from the City of Cleveland, $1,000,000 from Cuyahoga County,
                                   $318,000 from a previous COAF grant, and $6,539,686 from the owner.
                                   Nearly all costs are based on actual bids. The matching funds have been
                                   approved by Resolution or Letter of Commitment. A grant would create
                                   150 construction jobs and 54,000+ work hrs. Future full time jobs 300+.

            Ruple/Cedar Point      Replace existing water main and service connections on Ruple Parkway
Cuyahoga                                                                                                         Boczek    Michelle
              Water Mains         and Cedar Point Roads. 12"0 = 4400 ft (replaced) 12"0 = 1000 ft (re-lined)

                                    Restoration of 1,600 linear feet of Bear Creek. This project could also
               Bear Creek
Cuyahoga                              potentially fall under the Federal Stimulus Program for Energy &            Stark     Harry 
                                                       Environment/Habitat Restoration.
              Heatherwood         Remove and replace existing pavement, replace existing water main, up-
Cuyahoga                                                                                                         Boczek    Michelle
             Reconstruction         grade existing storm and sanitary sewers 2400 ft long by 26 ft wide.

            Dist 12, PID 75482,
Cuyahoga     CUY/LAK IR 271                                 Minor rehab of IR-271                               McDonald     Tim
            Dist 12, PID 85049,   Widen Existing Bridge To Standard Shoulder Widths. Ramp To Be Used As
Cuyahoga        CUY IR 490                           A Detour For The Innerbelt Bridge.                         McDonald     Tim
           01.87WN/VAR TRAC
                                  Project consists of removing existing narrow asphalt street and replacing
                                    with new 52’ wide concrete street from Shurmer Road approximately
Cuyahoga   Pearl Road Widening                                                                                   Mikula      Ken
                                   8,400 feet to Ellsworth Drive. Project includes grading, drainage, curbs,
                                           sidewalks, waterline replacement, and major culverts.
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                    Restoration of 1,785 linear feet of Laurel Creek. This project could also
               Laurel Creek
Cuyahoga                               potentially fall under the Federal Stimulus Program for Energy &            Stark     Harry 
                                                        Environment/Habitat Restoration.
            Dist 12, PID 84483,
                                              Replace Concrete Ramps At Ir-480 And W. 130Th.
Cuyahoga     CUY IR 480 10.36                                                                                    McDonald     Tim
                                     Construct A Grade Separation At Columbia Road (Sr-252) And The Csx
            Dist 12, PID 25482,
Cuyahoga                                    Railroadcompany Tracks In The City Of Olmsted Falls.                 McDonald     Tim
            CUY SR 252 00.05
                               Restoration of 2,630 linear feet of Wood Creek. This project could also
               Wood Creek
Cuyahoga                           potentially fall under the Federal Stimulus Program for Energy &                Stark     Harry 
                                                    Environment/Habitat Restoration.
                               Install a 54" = 3800 ft sanitary sewer on Smith Road and a 36" = 2600 ft
Cuyahoga   Smith/Hummel Sewer sanitary sewr on Hummel Road, includes modifications to Fry Road pump               Boczek    Michelle
                                            station and the storage chamber on Smith Road
                                  Restoration of 14,000 linear feet of the Little Cuyahoga. This project could
              Little Cuyahoga
Cuyahoga                            also potentially fall under the Federal Stimulus Program for Energy &          Stark     Harry 
                                                        Environment/Habitat Restoration.
                                   Extension of new 40’ wide concrete industrial roadway from its current
               Foltz Parkway       terminus just south of Drake Road, approximately 3,000 feet to Boston
Cuyahoga                                                                                                          Mikula      Ken
             Extension Phase II   Road. Project includes grading, storm sewers, sanitary sewers, watermain,
                                                                and appurtenances.
                                   Restoration of 1,300 linear feet of Deer Lick Run. This project could also
               Deer Lick Run
Cuyahoga                               potentially fall under the Federal Stimulus Program for Energy &            Stark     Harry 
                                                        Environment/Habitat Restoration.
                                     Remove, replace, and repair broken concrete slabs and joints on the
                                                                 following streets:
                                                 Howe Road- Royalton to Shurmer $1,000,000
            Concrete Roadway                                 Jonathan Drive- $500,000
Cuyahoga      Rehabilitation                                   Penny Pines- $200,000                              Mikula      Ken
                Program                                       North Redrock-$300,000
                                                              South Redrock-$300,000
                                                              Foltz Parkway- $400,000

            Dist 12, PID 85531,
                                                CUY IR 090 15.24 Phase 1,2&3 Innerbelt Bridge
Cuyahoga     CUY IR 090 15.24                                                                                    McDonald     Tim
               Phase 1,2&3
                                                                              Submitted Requests - Not Approved

             Restoration of an       Restoration of 1,000 linear feet of an unnamed tributary in Streetsboro,
Cuyahoga   Unnamed Tributary in      Ohio. This project could also potentially fall under the Federal Stimulus      Stark    Harry
               Streetsboro                  Program for Energy & Environment/Habitat Restoration.

           West 130'th-Royalton       Removal of existing narrow asphalt pavement and installation of new
Cuyahoga                                                                                                           Mikula    Ken
            Road Intersection                                 concrete pavement.

             Restoration of an  Restoration of 1,000 linear feet of an unnamed tributary in Aurora, Ohio.
Cuyahoga   Unnamed Tributary in This project could also potentially fall under the Federal Stimulus Program         Stark    Harry
               Aurora, Ohi                    for Energy & Environment/Habitat Restoration.

              Webster/Blazey          Installation of new sanitary sewers in the Webster Road, Blazey Trail,
Cuyahoga                                                                                                           Mikula    Ken
           Sanitary Sewer Project                         Janette Drive, Ruth Drive area.

            Drake Road Sanitary      Installation of new sanitary sewers in Drake Road between Greenbriar
Cuyahoga                                                                                                           Mikula    Ken
               Sewer Project                                 Drive and West 130’th.

           Prospect Road Storm          Removal of existing, under capacity storm sewer in Prospect Road
Cuyahoga                                                                                                           Mikula    Ken
           Sewer Replacement                      between Westwood Drive and Albion Road.

           Westwood Drive Box        Removal and replacement of an existing, deteriorated, and unsafe box
Cuyahoga                                                                                                           Mikula    Ken
           Culvert Replacement                          culvert on Westwood Drive.

             Dist 12, PID 85424,
                                                  Cleveland Commercial RR Line Rehabilitation
Cuyahoga   Cleveland Commercial                                                                                   McDonald   Tim
                  RR Rehab
                                               Removal and replacement of the following culverts:
                                                             Westwood#2- $50,000
           Culvert Rehabilitation                           Howe Road #2- $80,000
Cuyahoga                                                   Howe Road #1- $400,000                                  Mikula    Ken
                                                       Shurmer Road Culvert #6- $50,000
                                                 Prospect Road Culvert #9- $200,000 (city share)

             SSO Elimination,
                                 Sanitary sewer overflow elimination, storm sewer replacement, pavement
Cuyahoga   Rehabilitation, Water                                                                                   Gulich    Henry
               Line and Pa
                                                                                Submitted Requests - Not Approved

             Citywide Pavement       This project consists of the full depth rehabilitation of twenty local streets
Cuyahoga                                                                                                               Walker     Joe
                Rehabilitation              (total of 23.4 lane miles) including drainage and berm work.

                                       The rehabilitation and restoration of an existing covered bridge on
           Eastland Road Covered
                                  Eastland Road that crosses the west branch of the Rocky River. The bridge
Cuyahoga    Bridge Rehabilitation                                                                                      Walker     Joe
                                   is to be restored and improved to full legal height to facilitate safe travel
                   & Rest                                   for legally sized vehicles.

                                      The acquisition of the following pavement rehabilitation equipment (two
            Pvement Equipment          tandem axle dump body trucks, one self propelled paver, and one self
Cuyahoga                                                                                                               Walker     Joe
                Acquisition           propelled pavement milling machine) to enable the City of Strongsville's
                                                  Service Department to maintain street pavement.
             Dist 12, PID 77331,
Cuyahoga                                        District 12 Its - Freeway Management System (Mot).                    McDonald   Tim
                D12 ITS TRAC
                                        This is to fund the semi-annual residential road resurfacing program
                                       within the city. This program can be ready for bid in less than 30 days.
                                                              included in this program is:
Cuyahoga       Road Program                                                                                           Neumeyer   David
                                                             5000 Cubic Yards of Asphalt
                                                             2000 Feet of Concrete Curb
                                                          500 Square Yards of Concrete Walk
            E. 214th St. - Sewer,
                                       Replacement of 2350' of sanitary sewer, 2400' of storm sewer, 2400' of
Cuyahoga   Water Line, Pavement                                                                                        Gulich    Henry
                                                       water line, 6800 sq. ft. of pavement
              Dille Road and E.
                                        Replace 2600' of sanitary sewer, 3200' of storm sewer, 6900 sq. ft. of
Cuyahoga    204th Street Sewer,                                                                                        Gulich    Henry
                                                 pavement, eliminate cross connections of sewers.
                 Water Line,
           East 248th Street and
                                 Replace 1900' of sanitary sewer, 2900' of storm sewer, 1900' of water line,
Cuyahoga    Shoreview Avenue                                                                                           Gulich    Henry
                                     install new storm outfall to Lake Erie and 5100 sq. ft. of pavement
               Sewer, Wate
           East 190th, East 191st,
                                    2900' of water line replacement, 2700' of sanitary sewer replacement,
Cuyahoga   East 193rd, East 194th,                                                                                     Gulich    Henry
                                   2850' of storm sewer replacement, 7400 sq. ft. of pavement replacement.
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

             SSO Elimination on
Cuyahoga      Crystal Ave., East       Sanitary sewer overflow elimination and combined sewer elimination.        Gulich    Henry
                 220th St., C
Cuyahoga       SSO Elimination                      Elimination of 14 sanitary sewer overflows.                   Gulich    Henry
             Dist 12, PID 85424,
                                                   Cleveland Commercial RR Line Rehabilitation
Cuyahoga   Cleveland Commercial                                                                                  McDonald    Tim
                  RR Rehab
             Dist 12, PID 84483,
                                              Replace Concrete Ramps At Ir-480 And W. 130Th.
Cuyahoga      CUY IR 480 10.36                                                                                   McDonald    Tim
             Dist 12, PID 25482,    Construct A Grade Separation At Columbia Road (Sr-252) And The Csx
Cuyahoga                                                                                                         McDonald    Tim
             CUY SR 252 00.05                Railroadcompany Tracks In The City Of Olmsted Falls.
             Dist 12, PID 77331,             District 12 Its - Freeway Management System (Mot).
Cuyahoga                                                                                                         McDonald    Tim
                D12 ITS TRAC
              Insulation in the
                                  External insulation for 327 buildings for 600 residential units. These units
Cuyahoga   external walls and new                                                                                Flanagan   Charles
                                             are used by people in middle and low income status
                  windows f
                                                                              Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                      The project consists of 4 components: reconfiguration of unsafe 6-way
                                     intersection to standard 4-way intersection; 0.4 ml. extension of GCRTA
                                    Blue Line rapid transit tracks; new, end-of-the-line intermodal station; and
                                       redevelopment/revitalization of Shaker Heights’ primary commercial

                                   Private development in conjunction with the mass transit and roadway
                                    work is projected to yield the following economic benefits: $300-500
                                     million(M) of new investment within the 50-acre district; $10-12 M
           Warrensville/Van Aken  increase in annual city property and income tax; $5-10 M in new annual
Cuyahoga     Transit-Oriented    State of Ohio income tax; preserve approx. 3,000 existing office and retail       Campbell   Patrick
                                  jobs; create 1,000-1,500 new permanent office and retail jobs; add 500-
                                                            600 new housing units.

                                         Positive environmental impacts will include: added capacity and
                                       efficiency of existing rapid transit; improved air quality by reducing
                                    automobile trips and increasing transit ridership; reduced air pollution by
                                    decreasing traffic congestion and cutting idling time at the intersection by
                                     over 50%; and improved access to jobs in downtown Cleveland and the
                                                                  eastern suburbs.

                                      Project has support of many Northeast Ohio public and private partners.
                                     The roadways in the NW section of I-71 and Snow Rd are in a "spaghetti-
                                                like" and unsafe configuration. Design Parameters:
                                                          1. Single 4-lane roadway for Engle
                                            2. Non signalized, yield control roundabout type intersection
            Snow Rd./Engle Rd.                     3. 35 mph design speed, except for roundabout
Cuyahoga                               4. Merges Snow Rd east ramp and Snow Rd west ramp into a single, 4-          Boczek    Michelle
                                    lane road. New 4-lane roadway intersects existing Snow rd. traffic west of
                                       bridge at re-designed signalized intersection near Ford/Fast Park and
                                                                 Snow Rd east ramp.
                                                         5. Snow Rd. turnaround eliminated
                                                           6. Portions of Columbia Road (Sr-252) And The Csx
                                       Construct A Grade Separation At Ford Dr eliminated
             Dist 12, PID 25482,
Cuyahoga                                      Railroadcompany Tracks In The City Of Olmsted Falls.                 McDonald     Tim
             CUY SR 252 00.05
                                                                               Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                      Existing storm water retention basin is located at intersection of two
                                  stream corridors within a ravine valley. Basin is tributary to 220-acre area
                                     of mostly residential development and these homes have experienced
           Timber Trail Detention repeated flooding during recent rains. New basin would remove sediment
Cuyahoga           Basin           and increase capacity. Will include permanent sediment control feature,         Shirer   Donna
           Expansion/Renovation micro-pool and fore-bay to be monitored by City. Basin is upstream of
                                    Cuyahoga Valley National Park land. New basin will provide location for
                                   sediment removal to reduce amount of sediment and pollutants entering
                                                             National Park wetlands.
                                Two roadside retaining walls are failing. One is 150' long, the other 650'.
                                     Sections have rotational or sliding failure, shear failure, soil piping
                                 through joints, large distress fractures. Walls are too close to a winding,
                                  steep roadway which is several hundred feet away from Riverview Rd.,
                                   which borders Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Should the wall fail, it
           Wiese Road Retaining
Cuyahoga                        would fall across the road, causing total blockage. Vehicles, pedestrians,         Shirer   Donna
            Wall Improvement       bicyclists are endangered, as well as homes in the area that would be
                                  affected by a landslide. Improvement includes rehabilitation of shorter
                                wall and removal and replacement of longer wall. New wall will be further
                                   away from roadway, allowing sight distance consistent with industry
                                      Replace 330 lf of existing culvert, which has current capacity of handling
                                      only a 5-year rain event, with a larger culvert capable of handling 100-yr
            Glen Forest Culvert
Cuyahoga                                  rain event. Culvert transfers flow from a 300 acre drainage area.        Shirer   Donna
               Replacement               Insufficient size of existing culvert has been the cause of repeated
                                              flooding to residential homes and streets for many years.

                                     Removal/replacement of existing asphalt surface, widening of roadway to
                                        allow ample width for pedestrians and bicyclists, installation of storm
                                       sewer system and water quality treatment features. Road connects to
                                         Riverview Road, which borders the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.
               Fitzwater Road
Cuyahoga                              Improved roadway will provide safer access for vehicles, pedestrians and     Shirer   Donna
               Improvements            bicyclists. Improved drainage will transport water more effectively off
                                      roadway. Water quality features will reduce sediment and pollutants in
                                       storm water being carried in streams that discharge into the Cuyahoga
                                                           River within the National Park.
                                                                                Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                     Existing storm sewer is failing. This is a tributary to 43.5 acres including a
                                        mix of residential development and Brecksville/Broadview Hts. High
            Old Royalton Storm
Cuyahoga                               School complex. Replacement will help alleviate localized flooding of          Shirer   Donna
            Sewer Replacement
                                      residential homes and roadway which has occurred during heavy rains.
                                               Length of sewer is 1080 lf and includes 3x3 box culvert.

           Highland Drive/Oakes Clean and line 11,200 feet of water line, replace 4" fire hydrants with 6",
Cuyahoga     Road Water Line    and valves. Project is needed to provide smoother flow of water to homes              Shirer   Donna
               Cleaning/Reli                 and larger volume to meet needs of fire fighters.

                                    Installation of 10" sanitary sewer force main, pump station, 12" gravity
                                     sanitary sewer 975', 8" gravity sanitary sewer 1150' and all necessary
                                   appurtenances. Existing treatment plant, which discharges directly into
                                      Cuyahoga Valley National Park, has failed and EPA has ordered it be
           Snowville Rd Sanitary
Cuyahoga                         replaced. It would be more cost effective to eliminate the treatment plant           Shirer   Donna
           Sewer & Pump Station and pump sewage to an existing sanitary sewer main. Cuyahoga County,
                                   through Ohio EPA, funded replacement of one of the two pump stations
                                  necessary, plus a portion of the force main. The project cost listed here is
                                                      in addition to the work already done.
                                      Storm sewer crossing a parking lot is failing and needs to be replaced.
                                     Sewer is tributary to 275 acre drainage corridor consisting of residential
                                    homes, condominiums and natural wooded areas. A significant portion of
                                    the sewer has failed in multiple locations and significantly more areas are
             Pickeworks Storm
Cuyahoga                               prone to failure since large portions of sewer bottom have decayed.            Shirer   Donna
            Sewer Replacement        Continued failures could cause significant upstream flooding and affect
                                    access to commercial business with 20 employees. Requires replacement
                                       of 190' of 78" diameter reinforced concrete pipe and accompanying
                                                                                Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                               Purpose of project is to protect Vaughn Rd. from erosion that is occurring
                                   along the bank of the adjacent Cuyahoga River. This poses a serious
                                threat to the future stability of the roadway and the public that traverses
                                 it. Project will also reduce amount of sediment loading in the the river
                                 due to the erosion. Includes 219 ft of bioengineering bank stabilization
                                      along north bank, including log-toe protection, log anchor point
           Cuyahoga River Bank structures, ledge stone bank protection, toe stones, live branch layering,
Cuyahoga                                                                                                               Shirer    Donna
               Stabilization   seeding and mulching. Road provides access to Cuyahoga Valley National
                                       Park Towpath Trail, Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railway, Cleveland
                                 Metroparks, Boston Mills and Brandywine Ski & Waterpark areas, which
                                have over 700 employees. Vaughn Rd. is now frequently closed because
                               of severe flooding. When closed, access to the recreation areas is severely
                                    limited and requires lengthy detours. Project has been reviewed &
                                                   approved by Army Corps of Engineers.

                                    We need to complete CE/UL/FDA compliance testing for our milk analyzer
                                    in order to allow it to be sold into neonatal hospital units. This will provide
                                      a market opportunity for our business that would allow us to expand or
                                       retain our manufacturing and service business with approximately 10

                                    Additional funds will be used to develop a next generation instrument to
                                      test milk (dairy and human). This is a new application for currently
                                  available technology. Our partner R&D firm is in the Cleveland area tied to
                                   the NASA-Glen research facility. This new design will be transformational
Cuyahoga   Instrumentation - Milk                                                                                     Anderson   David
                                   for the milk analysis market. Expected benefit would be an additional 30
                Components                to 40 jobs over the course of worldwide market pentration.

                                         Metron Instruments engineers, manufactures and sells mid-infrared
                                      instrumentation to measure components in milk including fat, protein,
                                       lactose and solids. All of our employees are in the Cleveland area. Our
                                           design and research contractors are also in the Cleveland area.

                                        The compliance work including testing is with a contractor based in
                                          Mentor, Ohio. The test facility is located in Middlefield, Ohio.
                                                                              Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                    sanitary sewer construction for EPA mandated septic tank abandonment
              Bradenton Blvd.
Cuyahoga                              order. Project fully designed, OEPA approved, and ready to advertise        Deichmann   Paul
           Sanitary Sewer Project
                                                            upon notication of funding.

               Grantwood/W.            Sanitary sewer construction to meet EPA mandate for septic tank
Cuyahoga      Ridgewood Area         abandonment. Project is fully designed, OEPA approved, and ready to          Deichmann   Paul
           Sanitary Sewer Project                   advertise upon notification of funding.

                                    EPA mandated sanitary sewer construction for septic tank abandonment.
           Dentzler Area Sanitary
Cuyahoga                             Fullly designed, OEPA approved, ready to advertise upon notification of      Deichmann   Paul
              Sewer Project
                                         Sanitary and storm sewer construction to meet EPA septic tank
Cuyahoga                               abandonment mandate. Fully designed, OEPA approved, readty to              Deichmann   Paul
           Improvement Project
                                                     advertise upon notification of funding.

             Manhattan Ave.            Sanitary, storm, and water main construction, including sidewalks,
Cuyahoga                                                                                                          Deichmann   Paul
           Improvement Project                   creating residential development opportunities.

                                     The EcoBottle is a uniquely engineered bottle that is filled with a liquid
                                    concentrate or powder that automatically expands to twice it size when
                                            water is added by the customer or health care provider.

                                    It takes up half the shelf space and reduces transportation costs in excess
                                     of 50%. It doubles the amount of product able to be shipped in a truck,
                                    saving fuel. You maximize shipping weight by eliminating water from the
                                      product. It reduces factory water consumption by over 80%. It lowers
Cuyahoga        Eco-Bottle           factory energy consumption and allows for faster fill-times on the lines.      Spirk     John

                                     We have developed a first generation prototype that we need to take to
                                     a production level. For example, the first generation EcoBottle is a one
                                       gallon size container that will allow for orange juice concentrate, in
                                     nursing homes and schools, to be easily mixed and served, while saving
                                                      space, fuel and energy along the way.

                                                                    Thank you
                                                                         Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                     We would like to construct a new, state of the art ice cream
                                   manufacturing facility adjacent to our company headquarters and
                                       distribution center at 6200 Euclid Ave. in Cleveland, Ohio.
                                There are several aspects of our project that deal with the environment.
           New Production
Cuyahoga                                               1. Process waste reduction                              Roth     Shelley
              Facility          2. The land that we will build on has unsuitable fill for the foundation of
                                                   the building. We will correct that.
                                        3. General utility effeciency: gas, water, sewer, electric.

                                  1) Various roadway reconstruction, resurfacing and improvement

                                  Outcome: safer, improved and well-maintained roadways, improved
                                                     storm water management

                                2) Extension of water mains to areas of community not located near any
             Orange Village                            water lines or hydrants...
Cuyahoga   Infrastructure and                                                                                 Mulcahy   Kathy
           Service Departme        Outcome: Increased fire safety for residents, clean drinking water

                                3) Complete replacement of an outdated, inefficient and non-functional
                                                    service department facility...

                                Outcome: Operational efficiencies and safe working conditions for the
                                 service department employees in order to maintain services for the
                                                    residents of Orange Village
                                                                               Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                    This technology is an environmental cleaning process that produces no
                                     mixed waste. Example: One can clean a 10,000hp motor and the only
                                    waste will be the waste that was on the motor. No chemicals or other
                                 cleaning materials are used. The technology uses particles of dry ice in the
                                  form of rice. The rice is accelerated out from a nozzle using compressed
                                     air, upon impacting the surface it cleans and the dry ice converts to a
                                      gases and goes into the atmosphere leaving only the contaminated
           Enviromental cleaning
Cuyahoga                              material to deal with. The process is used to clean, electric motors,           Becker      James
                  system             nuclear decontamination, printing presses, tire molds, fire and mold
                                   restoration. This technology can help companies of all size to meet EPA
                                   requirements. Carbon Dioxide is not a manufactured product, it is a by-
                                  product of industry as in the manufacturing of natural gas, and fertilizer.
                                            The grant would be to use to produce and make available
                                      this technology to the many small industrial companies through the

                                     Existing Police and Fire Safety Services are located in various facilities on
                                    the Broadview Heights City campus. The buildings are remnants of an old
                                    State Hospital site and are aged. The proposed new facility will integrate
                                     all safety services into one facility which will incorporate new technology
                                     and be energy efficient. The new facility will provide increased capacity
            Broadview Heights
Cuyahoga                               and better response time for safety, homeland security, and regional          Schroedel     David
              Safety Center                                       emergency issues.

                                     The population of Broadview Hieghts and the surrounding communities
                                    has expanded greatly over the last fifteen years and this Safety Center will
                                     aid in our regional partnerships for increased regional safety services.

                                    replacement of water main on Tuxedo Ave. between W.54th and State Rd.
            Tuxedo Water Main         to resolve ongoing breakages, brown water, and low pressure issues in
Cuyahoga                                                                                                             Deichmann     Paul
                 Phase I               area. Phase II is additional footage along Tuxedo that has a projected
                                                              project cost of $1,250,000.
                                    Remove/Replace approx. 975 linear feet of 12" & 24" Storm Sewer on Coit
            Sanitary and Storm         Avenue, Remove/Replace approx. 1000 linear feet of 12" & 15" Storm
Cuyahoga    Sewer Replacement         Sewer on Savannah Avenue, and Remove/ Replace approx. 1300 linear              Clinkscale   Collette
              Improvements           feet of 12" Sanitary and Storm Sewer on Bryn Mawr Avenue all located in
                                                               the City of East Cleveland
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                   Reconstructing Lower Stanwood Road from asphalt street into a full depth
              Stanwood Road          concrete street and resurfacing several other streets including E 133rd
Cuyahoga     Reconstruction &          (Woodworth to Shaw), E. 134th (Woodworth to Mann), E. 135th               LOCKHART    SAMUEL
                Resurfacing        (Woodworth to Mann) and Upper Stanwood Road (Terrace Road to Hazel
                                   This project will improve and widen SR 176 and alleviate safety and
                               congestion problems with the installation of two left turn movements and
             Broadview Road    improved signalization. This will also provide a bicycle lane in conjunction
Cuyahoga                                                                                                         Schroedel    David
           Improvments - North with the City Master Health and Wellness Initiative, enhancing health and
                                wellness in our communities. State Route 176 carries an excess of 14,000
                               cars per day and has not had any major improvements in over thirty years.

                                    We are performing research and development work to commercialize a
                                     patent we have licensed for the production of liquid MICR (magnetic
                                   image character recognition) toner. Stabilization of the suspension of the
                                   metallic particles in the liquid base is required for commercialization. We
Cuyahoga    Liquid MICR Toner                                                                                     Stanek     Michael
                                   currently produce dry (powder) MICR toner and are attempting to solidify
                                     and grow our workforce through introduction of this next-generation
                                     technology. The project entails R&D work as well as the purchase of
                                     capital equipment for production and packaging of the final product.
                                                                              Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                   This proposed infrastructure project provides the required traffic flow
                                upgrades (current ADT 19,146 to projected ADT 30,960) in the anticipation
                                  of construction of the $400 million Sora Hill Development which is a 75-
                                  acre complex featuring 400,000 SF office space, 250 residential units, 1-
                                million SF high-end retail space, 125 room hotel & other commercial uses.
                                    In aggregate, the project consists of 4,375 LF of roadway (widening &
                                   adding lanes to accommodate the projected ADT), 26,960 SF sidewalk,
                 Rockside        1,700 Ft waterline replacement, 1,700 FT stormwater upgrades, 4,200 FT
Cuyahoga   Road/Crossview Road       curb, & ADA improvements. The project includes reducing the high              Papke   Mark
           Improvements Project      number of traffic accidents, congestion & unsafe conditions such as
                                   reconfiguration of an existing 62-deg skew (dangerous intersection) at
                                   Rockside and Crossview to a safer 80-deg & abandoning existing open-
                                   ditch drainage with collapsing structure. The Developer and City have
                                 reached an agreement; a majority of the development property has been
                                  purchased; & all necessary development government permits have been
                                 obtained. This project will stimulate Cuyahoga Co. by providing jobs and
                                    is the "foundation" needed to jump start the Sora Hill Development.
                                  In order for people to get a job or subsidized housing, they must have a
                                driver's license or state photo ID. This has been a barrier for thousands of
                                     low income and homeless people in Cuyahoga County. The IDCC is
                                requesting that the State BMV pay for state photo IDs for indigent people.
                                  This will eliminate the barriers to jobs, housing, and many other services
                                                            for low income people.

                                       The IDCC is a Collaborative of 10 homeless shelters, drop in centers,
                                     churches and social service agencies who must assist people in getting
            Identification Crisis    their required state photo IDs before they can refer their clients to job
Cuyahoga                                                                                                           Stamm   Linda
               Collaborative            training, housing, employment (even day jobs), and other needed
                                    services. The West Side Catholic Center, a drop in center for homeless, is
                                         the fiscal agent and one of the ten agencies in the Collaborative.

                                       The IDCC was able to pay for state IDs and birth certificates (which are
                                    required in order to get a state photo ID) for over 4,000 indigent people in
                                     the past two years. Foundation grants, county grant and donations were
                                      used. These are 4,000 people who can now apply for employment and
                                                                            Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                      Capital additions to keep competetive in global markets and keep
Cuyahoga      Stride Capital                                                                                       Peg       Adams 
                                             manufacturing jobs in Ohio versus off shore sourcing.
                                   The Master Retention Project will provide stormwater management for
                                  commercial and office development in one of the most desireable areas of
                                  our City. The retention basin will also relieve current flooding problems to
                                                          adjacent residential areas.

                                   The Master Retention Facility will provide stormwater management to
                                  properies zoned for development of office and commercial businesses.
           SR 82 and Broadview       The Master Retention Basin will promote better management of
Cuyahoga       Road Master      stormwater and improve water quality while at the same time provide our          Schroedel    David
             Retention Facility                   residents with recreational parkland.

                                    The City has experienced significant flooding on adjacent properties in
                                    this area. Management of stormwater will curtail flooding issues and
                                                        damages to area residences.

                                     This project has the potential to solve multiple stormwater problems
                                                   while boosting economic development.
                                  bacterial treatment of the shaker lakes in shaker heights, ohio in order to
           bacterial tereatment
Cuyahoga                          prevent algae growth and remove bottom sludge so as to make the lakes           gilbert    barton
             of shaker lakes                      more usable for the citizens in the area.

                                   Funds are being requested to stabilize the current and subsequent fiscal
                                     year's operating budget to continue to provide excellent educational
                                      programming to the students of the Rocky River City School District.
                                   These funds are needed to replace revenue currently not being collected
                                    on account of delinquent property taxes due to the District as well as a
                                  severe cut in investment income due to the lowering of interest rates by
             Rocky River City
                                  the Federal Reserve over the last several months. These two issues alone                             michael_shoaf@admin.rockyriver.k12.o
Cuyahoga     Schools Budget                                                                                       Shoaf      Michael
                                     account for approximately $750,000. An additional $181,000 is being                                    
              Stabilization          requested to compensate for additional insurance premiums paid on
                                     behalf of District employees in excess of what was budgeted for such
                                   purposes. The total of $931,000 would equate to approximately 15 jobs
                                    within the District (includes salaries and benefits). These funds should
                                    alleviate the needs for additional cuts in programming over those that
                                                            have already been made.
                                                                          Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                  The Valley Parkway Multipurpose Trail Connection will complete the
                                  multipurpose trail from Ridge Road in North Royalton to Route 21 in

                                 The Cities of Broadview Heights, North Royalton and Brecksville, along
                                  with the Cleveland Metroparks are joining together to support and
                               complete this project. The remaining section of the trail which needs to
                                 be completed lies 1.8 miles in North Royalton, 1.8 miles in Broadview
                                 Heights, and 2 miles in Brecksville. The existing Metropark “Emerald
            Valley Parkway      Necklace” stretches from Rocky River on the Northwest south through
Cuyahoga                                                                                                        Schroedel   David
           Multipurpose Path   Strongsville, North Royalton, Broadview Heights and Brecksville, and east
                               to the South Chagrin Reservation. The multipurpose trail connects from
                                  Rocky River south to North Royalton. The trail, which follows Valley
                                  Parkway, then ends for approximately six miles and begins again in

                                    Once completed, the multipurpose trail will enhance the economic
                                viability of existing communities within the region, enhance the region’s
                                quality of life, Enhance a community’s identity, and promote a healthier
                                    community through planning and environmental linkages from an
                                The first phase of this $500 million development will include the 500,000
                                   sq ft office tower and surrounding public plaza, hotel, related retail,
                                supportive structured parking, and Riverfront Park. However, due to the
                               crisis in the nation’s credit markets the necessary private financing for this
                                  phase has not yet been obtained along with the ability to sell the Port
            Flats East Bank    Bonds for public improvements. A substantial infusion of public resources
Cuyahoga                                                                                                        Strnisha    Steve
             Development          can provide the key to unlocking both parts of this deadlock, not only
                               funding a “shovel ready” public improvement but unleashing other private
                                   and public sources to create both near term and permanent jobs in
                                                            downtown Cleveland.
                                       The stimulus investment would be used for construction of the
                                                  structured public parking and public plaza.
                                                                              Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                    This project will eliminate safety and congestion issues on the exit ramps
                                       of I-77 and State Route 82. This will enhance current and potential
                                     development that is proposed on adjacent land. I-77 is currently being
                                    improved to handle increased traffic flow on the mainline which will add
           I-77 & State Route 82             to the current safety and congestion at this interchange.
Cuyahoga        Interchange                                                                                        Schroedel   David
                Modification          Proposed development at the intersection will also overburden the
                                        interchange. Immediate improvments will promote economic
                                      development. These improvements will also realize significant cost
                                          effectiveness if completed at the same time as the mainline

                                    RSP Tooling is a process that makes dies and molds with 50% less energy
                                    usage. The process now has a size capability of 8" by 8" and that need to
                                    be increased to ten feet. This machine will use 80% less energy , improve
                                   delivery by 75%, and make American tool making competitive again. Initial
                                    job creation will be 20 people to design and build machine. One machine
            Expand RSP Tooling
Cuyahoga                            will take 50 people to run on a three shift basis. Additional machines will     Knirsch    James
               Capabilities          increase the number employed significantly. The process was developed
                                      by the DOE to reduce energy consumption. RSP is commercializing the
                                      process. The large machine would make tooling for aerospace, military,
                                      and transportation industries reducing there cost and allowing them to
                                                         bring products to market quickly.

                                      Using our 24 month self sufficiency model, Ex-Offenders and Family
                                    member will be prepared to enter the workforce, after the initial intake
                                   process and the organization will consult with the clients for a period of 24
                                                months until the client becomes self-sufficient.
Cuyahoga                                                                                                            Crosby     Jana
           Development Program
                                        In 2008 Just Like Us was able to find employment for over 150 ex-
                                       offenders, year to date we have found employment for over 20 ex-
                                   offenders. We are seeking funding to provide services and support for ex-
                                            offenders and family members to become self-sufficienct.
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                    Just Like Us Enrichment Center has a collaboration of 20 Early Childhood
                                      Education Centers located in 8 Counties within the State of Ohio. We
                                   believe that children grow up to become Just Like Us, What you put into a
                                      child is what you will get; but you can not affect the child if you don't
                                       affect the parents. The dollars granted will be used to create family
               Child/Family         development programs within each of the Childcare Centers, hire staff to
Cuyahoga                                                                                                            Crosby      Jana
               Development         track the progress of the parents and allow for the tracking of the children
                                        up and until they enter the fouth grade. This is needed to create
                                     outcomes for the children that are currently in our programs. We want
                                   100% parent participation and we believe if we begin with the child in the
                                    childcare setting, we can eventually encourage the parents to participate
                                      in the child's educational process thoughout their educational years.

                                  Reconstructing the pavement would significantly reduce the number of
                                 vehicles that are damaged driving through the area. Potholes are causing
Cuyahoga   Northfield Road Soutn    damage to tires, vehicles swerve to avoid bad pavement areas and                Berger     Fletcher
                                   standing water. The health, safety and welfare of the traveling public
                                                       would be greatly improved.
                                         The OpenSpan Modular Structure is a portable / semi-permanent
                                      structure that can be quickly moved to a site with a small vehicle. Two
                                      people can set up and take down in less than 30 minutes. The structure
                                    would be constructed of a lightweight aluminum base or floor that opens
                                   to a large platform. The side walls and roof are constructed from a double-
                                    wall, inflatable material. The size can be determined by the use but in the
                                     closed, transportable mode, it would always be small enough for normal
            OpenSpan Modular        highway use. This air-supported structure can be outfitted for many uses,
Cuyahoga                                                                                                          Nottingham    John
                Structure              such as, transportable schools, temporary housing, mobile clinics, etc.
                                      We have preliminary designs available for review as to construction and
                                        typical uses. If funding were received we would construct a working
                                    prototype to demonstrate the ease of transportation and set-up. Because
                                    of the construction methods we planned, it would provide additional jobs
                                                to companies like trailer makers and the RV industry.
                                                                      Thank you.
                                                                            Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                        1.) 3,100 linear feet of roadway widening on Richmond Road

             Richmond Road &                 2.) 240 linear feet of widening on South Woodland
Cuyahoga   South Woodland Road                                                                                     Kreczko     Thomas
              Widening and R           3.) Richmond Road / South Woodland intersection replacement

                                             4.) Resurfacing of 2,340 linear feet of South Woodland
                                  Remove approx. 1400 lineal feet of existing 10" and 15" combined sewer
              Bender Avenue      and replace with approx. 1400 lineal feet of 12" and 15" combined sewer.
Cuyahoga     Combined Sewer         Reconstruct a new concrete street to replace the existing asphalt-brick       Clinkscale   Collette
                                  pavement. Replace all sanitary and storm sewer lateral connections and
                                 provide new test tees to all residences, reconstruct catch basins, construct
                                                                 new manholes.
                                    The importance of understanding health and wellness is critical to the
                                 improved lifestyle of this nation and the City of Broadview Heights. While
                                  the delivery of healthcare and wellness is a national concern, it remains a
                                     local problem. The City of Broadview Heights requests funding for a
                                      health and wellness facility that produces a positive and extremely
                                   advantageous end product, reduced health care costs and better health
                                                                 for everyone.

                                     The Broadview Heights Health and Wellness Center will be a hybrid
            Broadview Heights      facility prescribing health and wellness through a partnership with a
Cuyahoga                         health care provider. The Center will have multiple uses that optimize the       Schroedel     David
             Wellness Center
                                     cost of operation. These uses will combine health, rehabilitation,
                                  education, recreation, and general purpose functions such as meetings.

                                  A combination of appropriations, partnership financing, and revenue will
                                                 pay for the construction of the facility.

                                   This facility will have regional impact by providing services to citizens of
                                 many communities. It will showcase how public and private organizations
                                  can partner for the betterment of the community and will be an anchor
                                                   for health and wellness in the service area.
                                                                              Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                 This will eliminate serious road problems in the light industrial section of
                                   Broadview Heights and aid in business retention and attraction. This
                                  project has been requested by Ohio Caterpillar, the largest employer in
                                Broadview Heights and one of Ohio's most valuable companies employing
             Ken Mar Industrial
Cuyahoga                         well over 1000 people across the state. One of two Ohio Cat Corporate             Schroedel    David
           Parkway Whitetopping                Headquarter facilites is located on this parkway.

                                     This project design will be completed, advertised and ready for bid within
                                                                    thirty days.
                                        This industrial Parkway will be environmentally and energy friendly
                                      encompassing solar, geothermal, and possibly wind energy technology.
                                        The infrastructure will be built to increase the energy efficiency and
                                       envirnmental friendliness of the businesses located within the Park.
            DelCorpo Industrial
Cuyahoga                                                                                                           Schroedel    David
                 Parkway              This Park will be located adjacent and have access to the Ohio Turnpike,
                                    a major east-west corridor. The property owner will donate publc right-of-
                                    way for installation of infrastructure. The Park will stimulate job creation
                                       and increase the revenue of Broadview Heights and the surrounding

                VOC Content         Reduction of VOC content in paint primers/bonders from 400 g/l to below
Cuyahoga                                                                                                           Sabanos     Stephen
                 Reduction                                          100 g/l

            InterCity Community      After school activities and traning computor, boxing, and personal social
Cuyahoga                                                                                                           edwards      dale  
                 Investment                                             skills.

                                     ViewRay is seeking funding in the amount of $2,600,000 to help support
                                     the manufacturing and assembly of the initial four (4) Renaissance units.
                                       Two (2) engineering models with be built to prove functionality and
             MR Image Guided        identification of any required changes to the design or manufacturing. The
Cuyahoga                                                                                                            Wells      William
             Radiation Therapy       next two (2) prototypes will be used to prove the manufacturing process
                                      and to provide data for submission to the FDA for certification. Each of
                                           these units is expected to cost about 2X the settled down unit
                                                 manufacturing cost for a total cost of about $9.5M.
                                                                                 Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                            I am initiating a non-profit organization to bring awareness to my
                                          generation about our way of life and its impact on our environment.
                                       Today's students are tomorrows adults. They will form living habits that
                                     will be difficult to break, if not addressed early. The students of today will
                                      raise the next generation. Therefore, awarenss and education of today's
                                           students can make a lasting and sustainable impact on tomorrow's
                                       climate. My goal is to educate my fellow students on how they can take
            Educating the next
Cuyahoga                             charge to minimize their carbon footprints.I will invite speakers to talk to       Ameri      Anahita
               generation               students at Laurel School, and expanded to other schools. I will use the
                                      funds to install sensors that turn off lights when rooms are unoccupied. I
                                     will install light efficient light bulbs in my school, and then expand to other
                                      schools. The funds requested will be used to get my organization off the
                                      ground. I will then raise additional funds through fundraising activities to
                                       install solar panels and/or wind turbine on my school ground to provide
                                                                      some of the power.

                                   I would like to see the state start a campaign to ask citizens to voluntarily
                                  return their Taft tax cut. When I saw how much I would be getting back on
                                        my approximately $30,000 income, I could not believe that we are
Cuyahoga   Give Back the Taft Tax                                                                                      Anastasia   Pantsios
                                    bankrupting the state and killing jobs for that piddly amount. I am going
                                    to try to calculate my tax "cut" and write Gov. Strickland a check for that
                                  amount. I think we should start a movement to get others to do the same.

                                Purchase of approximately 1000 foreclosed homes in eastern suburbs of
                                 Cuyahoga County. Homes to be renovated and rented to responsible
            Eastern Cuyahoga
                               tenants with good history. Homes may be sold at some future date when
Cuyahoga      County Suburb                                                                                            Glicksman   Morris
                               housing market stabilizes and markets recover. Meanwhile , strong rental
           Forclosed Homes Sav demand to keep operation profitable while maintaining the homes. These
                               homes may also be rented to section 8 tenants with good rental histories.
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                    We are in the process of preparing to move into an existing warehouse
                                   building in Olmsted Falls that has 20,000 square ft, or twice the space of
                                      our current facility. All of the work done to date has been financed
                                   through cash flow. We are now waiting for loan approval from our bank
                                    to begin office construction as well as purchase and install cranes and
                                    other equipment. This loan approval may not be granted. Our current
Cuyahoga   new building project    lease expires at the end of March. We had intended on being out of our          Land    James
                                     current location by now, but city approvals and loan approvals have
                                   hindered our efforts We are a manufacturer of steel for support of solar
                                    powered panels and structures, as well as a general steel fabricator for
                                  general construction and infrastucture projects We require more space to
                                   improve productivity, preserve 15 jobs and possibly create an additional
                                                      10-20 jobs in the next 12- 18 months

                                    We are in the process of preparing to move into an existing warehouse
                                   building in Olmsted Falls that has 20,000 square ft, or twice the space of
                                       our current facility. All of the work done to date has been financed
                                   through cash flow. We are now waiting for loan approval from our bank
                                     to begin office construction as well as purchase and install cranes and
                                     other equipment. This loan approval may not be granted. Our current
                                   lease expires at the end of March. We had intended on being out of our
Cuyahoga   new building project       current location by now, but city approvals and loan approvals have          james   land
                                   hindered our efforts We are a manufacturer of steel for support of solar
                                  powered panels and structures, for fabric covered canopies, and a general
                                    steel fabricator for general construction and infrastucture projects. We
                                   anticipate the use of fabric structures in educational facilities to increase
                                    in the near future, and we require more space to improve productivity,
                                   preserve 15 jobs and possibly create an additional 10-20 jobs in the next
                                                                     12- 18 months
                                                                          Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                 The 2009 Road Improvement Project consists of repair and replacement of
                                   asphalt, curbs, drains and catch basins, ADA improvements and related
                                  items at Shaker Heights' most deteriorated roads. This list includes Van
                                    Aken Boulevard and five additional streets all of which are rated Very
                                                           Poor/Critical condition.

                                 Van Aken Boulevard is an urban arterial collector, 4-lane boulevard, with
                                    an average daily traffic volume of 21,000 vehicles per day. This road
                                   provides access to the City’s two business districts which are home to
                                 4,000 daily employees. It also serves as a gateway to the City at both its
           Shaker Heights road     east and west end and is a major commuting route between eastern
Cuyahoga                                                                                                      Campbell   Patrick
                 repairs                             suburbs and the City of Cleveland.

                                  The five other streets are also considered connector roadways, although
                                               on a smaller scale than Van Aken Boulevard.

                                      Improving these roadways as described above will benefit existing
                                  businesses, attract new jobs, preserve historic neighborhoods, keep our
                                     link to public transportation viable and create jobs in the process.

                                  The estimated total cost of this work is $9,000,000. If funded, this work
                                             could be completed within a 12-month period.
                                                                      Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                             Lomond sanitary sewer replacement: Originally recommended by NEORSD
                             in 1982 and reconfirmed by studies in 1992 and 2005. Project will remove
                              and replace 2400' of undersized 12" and 15" sewer with new 18" sewers.
                                        62 house laterals and test tees will also be replaced.

                               Onaway sewer replacement: Install 900' of new 10" sanitary sewer and
                             transform existing combined sewer into storm-only. Connect new sanitary
                             sewer to new deep tunnel relief sewer. 20 house laterals and test tees will
                                                        also be replaced.

           Shaker Heights     Van Aken sewer replacement: To address capacity problems identified in
Cuyahoga                      2002 NEORSD study. Remove and replace 1600' of structurally deficient        Campbell   Patrick
           sanitary sewers
                                 30" sanitary sewers and connect to new deep tunnel relief sewer.

                              Hioldana/Ludgate sewer replacement: Remove and replace 2100' of 8"
                             sewer on Hildana and 1200' of 8" sewer on Ludgate with 10" sanitary at
                              both. Current sewers are undersized and structurally deficient and the
                             cause of chronic basement flooding. 131 house laterals and test tees will
                                                        also be replaced.

                                Construction contracts for all of the above can be awarded within 90
                                                 days of a funding commitment.
                                                                        Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                The City of Shaker Heights is under orders from the Ohio Department of
                                Natural Resources (ODNR) to repair and upgrade two (2) dams within the
                                   City. The Green Lake Dam (Shaker Heights C.C. No 2 Dam) and the
                                 Horseshoe Lake Dam (Upper Shaker Lake Dam) are both located along
                                     tributaries to Doan Brook, which drains directly into Lake Erie.

                                 Horseshoe Lake Dam was constructed in 1852 and is classified by ODNR
                                as a Class I dam. There is no known record of when Green Lake Dam was
                                          constructed; it is classified by ODNR as a Class II dam.

           Shaker Heights dam   The proposed dam repairs are required by ODNR per 2001 inspections in
Cuyahoga                                                                                                    Campbell   Patrick
              rehabilitation      order to prevent dam failures which may endanger life and property
                                   downstream. Major downstream properties include: Case Western
                                Reserve University, Cleveland Museum of Art and other University Circle
                                 institutions. Failure of these dams would not only result in significant
                                     property damage but also could adversely affect thousands of
                                                             downstream jobs.

                                    The Opinion of Probable Construction Costs for the ODNR-ordered
                                repairs to the Horseshoe Lake Dam is $2,600,000.The Opinion of Probable
                                 Construction Costs for the ODNR-ordered repairs to the Green Lake Dam
                                                             is $1,800,000.
                                                                           Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                     The proposed improvements are required to satisfy a settlement
                                  agreement in the Kramer, et al v. City of Shaker Heights lawsuit and to
                                bring our historic public facilities into compliance with the Americans with
                                 Disabilities Act. These improvements will remove structural barriers for
                                    persons with disabilities at city-owned buildings and facilities. The
                                buildings include the landmark City Hall, Thornton Park recreation facility,
                                 the Police Department, Public Works building, Shaker Family Center and
                                   two Firehouses. Outdoor facilities including parks and other exterior
                                                        spaces will also be upgraded.
           Shaker Heights ADA
Cuyahoga                                                                                                         Campbell   Patrick
             Improvements         This work will address the specific settlement agreement in the lawsuit,
                                as well as other ADA improvements. The settlement agreement in the case
                                   of Kramer, et al v. City of Shaker Heights requires the city to perform
                                   certain work to increase the accessibility and usability of its facilities,
                                             programs and services for persons with disabilities.

                                  Construction contracts for this work could be let within 60-90 days of a
                                funding commitment and the work could be completed within six months.

                                 LuxAir, LLC has filed provisional patents on numerous upper room UV-C
                                    devices that utilize ultraviolet light to eradicate numerous bacteria,
                                viruses and spores. These design concepts are in need of funding to bring
                                  them to commercially viable products that are sold into both hospitals
           Upper Room UV-C
Cuyahoga                        and long-term care facilities. The benefits derived from the products are         Stuart    William
           Germ Eradication      both increases in the quality of care in these institutions, a reduction in
                                     the transmission of airborn aerosolized disease and a decrease in
                                      employee lost time and workers compensation costs within the
                                                 institutions where the devices are utilized.
                                                                         Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                 Reclaiming the Lost Valley: Henninger Homestead Greenway Connector
                                                             Status: Ready to Go!
                                      The Lost Valley-Henninger Homestead Greenway Connector will
           Reclaiming the Lost   complete a vital connection of a historic homestead, located on the Ohio
Cuyahoga    Valley: Henninger     & Erie Canal Scenic Byway and National Heritage Corridor, to Brooklyn      Schafer   Derek
             Greenway Con        Heights Park, providing intermodal access for thousands of residents and
                                  workers, which will also allow connection to the 110 mile Towpath Trail
                                  and Ohio & Erie Canal, bringing this 21 mile proposed greenway loop in
                                 southern Cleveland one major step closer to fruition. Land necessary for
                                    connection and preliminary planning has already been completed.

                                    To restore over 1200 linear feet of West Creek, create eight acres of
                                                   wetlands, and regain access to floodplain.
                                     The site will be restored to a natural confluence area with abundant
                                   floodplain wetlands, vernal pools, a re-meandered West Creek, and a
                                    healthy riparian zone. The project will serve to improve West Creek
                                 aquatic and riparian-zone habitat, it will better West Creek and Cuyahoga
             Reclaiming the        River water quality through a significant reduction in nonpoint source
Cuyahoga    Confluence: West      pollution, it will serve to reduce downstream flooding potential through   Schafer   Derek
           Creek & the Cuyaho    better floodplain connection and stormwater storage, and it will create a
                                   new and dynamic natural attraction near where the West Creek Trail
                                   system (in development) will join with the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath
                                 Trail. The Confluence Project will build upon improvements in West Creek
                                 water quality and ecology commenced through 10 years of stewardship by
                                     WCPC and a previous (2006) WRRSP award for West Creek stream
                                                                               Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                      Purchasing old new stock of FPE equipment, to test same for safety.
                                    Federal Pacific Equipment. You may be aware of the huge controversy
                                    surrounding FPE stablock breakers and load centers. We are trying to
                                  determine the legitimacy of the alarm. Many municipalities and inspectors
                                     are banning the products from use. We are trying to determine if this
                                    banning is legitimate, based on a formal study, or just hearsay slander
                                  against the product of a company that cannot mount a defense because it
           Federal Pacific Panels       was bought out and disbanded? It seems to me that much of the
Cuyahoga     & Breakers Safety    "badmouthing" against the product is coming from electricians and sellers         Glicksman   Morris
                 Study & T         of loadcenters and circuitbreakers that are interested in increasing their
                                      business by "changing out" old panels for new. The slander has now
                                   become popular to the extent that inspectors , homeowners and others
                                  are insisting that the Federal Pacific equipment be replaced. Knowing that
                                   FPE always had a UL listing, we are trying to determine if this concern is
                                     legitimate? Hundreds of millions of these components were installed
                                  nationwide during the decades 1950-1990. It was the most used brand of
                                       residential loadcenters and circuitbreakers. Estimates of 80% of all
                                     We are a startup alternative fuel vehicle manufacturer. Our first proof of
                                     concept prototype, the XR3 Personal Transit Vehicle (PTV) is finished and
                                    on the road. It is a two passenger 200mpge Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle.
                                      We are now developing 6-10 pre-production prototypes for testing and
                                        refinement with several university and industry partnerships. These
Cuyahoga        XR3 Motors                                                                                           Phillip    Lane
                                     programs will lead to mass production in Cleveland, Ohio by mid 2010. A
                                       conservative estimate gives 150 jobs, $15,000,000 annual payroll and
                                        gross annual sales of $277,000,000 in the fifth year. Models include
                                    extended range battery electric, duel-fuel ( CNG/ E85) and a Plug-in Hybrid
                                                              fuel cell-electric version.
             Cuyahoga County          Identify 250 potential drill sites for gas wells, obtain leases on relevant
Cuyahoga      Urban Gas Well        properties in 20 acre parcels. Drill and develop each well. Put each well on    Glicksman   Morris
               Development                                line with major utility company.
                                                                            Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                     TMI has been collaborating at the OARDC campus of The Ohio State
                                  University on an innovative demonstration showing how biogas from an
                                  anerobic digester using farm or food processing waste as a feedstock can
                                 be converted into electricity and heat for increased energy efficiency. The
           Distributed BioEnergy
Cuyahoga                           practical size of this project makes it unique in the world and offers an      LEE      Benson P.  
                 Generation       opportunity for Ohio to provide global leadership. The project has been
                                  funded by numerous sources amounting to several million dollars and is
                                   seeking additional funds for completion. Stimulus dollars would match
                                        about $5MM already invested in the project demonstration.

                                 Immediate funding is required to continue pre-construction Engineering
                                 and EIS efforts in 2009 for a major regional mass- transit improvement in
                                Shaker Heights. Thise $49,000,000 project will entail a 1/4-mile extension
                                  of the GCRTA Blue Line light rail from its current terminus through the
                                  Warrensville-Chagrin Blvd intersection to a new intermodal facility with
                                eight bus bays which will serve the entire SE portion of Cuyahoga County.
                                When completed in 2014, the planned facility will greatly improve both in-
                                commuting and out-commuting options for residents of Cleveland, Shaker
Cuyahoga                            Hts, Warrensville Hts, Highland Hills, Beachwood and other nearby           Campbell    Patrick
                                  communities. The project has been adopted and incorporated into the
                                 master plans of both the City or Shaker Heights and GCRTA. It has broad
                                 regional support and a diverse group of collaborative partners including
                                   the Cuyahoga County Engineer and multiple private entities. Federal
                                   construction funding is being sought via 2010 appropriations and the
                                upcoming omnibus transportation bill. $1,500,000 of Stimulus Bill funding
                                  is required to permit engineering and environmental analyses for the
                                                    project to move forward during 2009.
                               Installation of three wind turbines throughout the City that will provide an
                                 alternate form of energy to City and school facilites. One will be located
Cuyahoga   Three Wind Turbines                                                                                   Collins    Daniel   
                                at North Olmsted High School and two will be installed at two City owned
                                                  properties in the City of North Olmsted
                                                                               Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                The North East Ohio Nurse Assistant Training program (NEO-NAT) provides
                                nurse assistant and life skills training to individuals seeking comprehensive
                                   employment training. Based on experience delivering this program, we
                                   anticipate an 85% completion rate for enrollees, and an 80% placement
                                                          rate of program graduates.
                                     As the lead agency of a partnership with Berea Children’s Home and
                                      Family Services, the Red Cross requests to continue to provide the
           North East Ohio Nurse opportunity for 500 participants to obtain nurse assistant/home health
Cuyahoga     Assistant Training   aide employment training, case management and other lifeskills training.          Johnson   Laura
                (NEO-NAT)           NEO-NAT will be available to individuals residing in a six county region
                                  consisting of Ashtabula, Cuyahoga, Lorain, Mahoning, Stark and Summit
                                     counties. The program warrants continued state funding due to the
                                   programs demonstrated success and potential for future success. NEO-
                                  NAT was initially funded in May 2006, with a TANF Demonstration Grant
                                 from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. The original award
                                  was $1,498,349 for 12 months. The project received a two-year funding
                                    allocation of $2,063,000 in the Ohio’s FY2008/2009 Biennial Budget.
                                    The Gordon Square Arts District (GSAD) is a national model demonstrating
                                       how the arts are a catalyst for economic development. It is a unique
                                    collaboration of three nonprofits — Cleveland Public Theatre, the Detroit
                                    Shoreway Community Development Organization and Near West Theatre
                                      — in a $30 million capital campaign to revitalize Cleveland’s West Side.
                                    This project involves the installation of energy-efficient roofs on the three
                                      buildings to be constructed/renovated and installation of a geothermal
                                        heating system. All three buildings will be LEED certified. Economic
            Gordon Square Arts
Cuyahoga                              Impact: (1) 25 new businesses have located in the GSAD since 2006; (2)         Roller    Joy
                                       GSAD construction activity will create 2,054 jobs and a total economic
                                    output of $258 million in Cuyahoga County from 2008 through 2010. That
                                     investment will create a minimum of 369 permanent jobs and stimulate
                                    increased job opportunity for years to come; (3) GSAD will leverage more
                                    than $500 million of real estate and economic development activity in the
                                     Detroit Shoreway neighborhood. Renovation of the Capitol Theatre (the
                                         initiative’s economic engine) and the streetscape has begun with
                                                         anticipated completion by fall 2009.
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                  Northeast Care Center operates a 48 bed ICF/MR facility in North Royalton
                                   Ohio. The clients physical needs have become more complex throughout
Cuyahoga    Facility generator    the years. A generator is needed for the facility (complex) in case of a loss    Malave      Jesse
                                    of electricity so that the residents' health and safety is protected. The
                                  complex may also serve as evacuation site for other nearby group homes.

                                      The Scholars Program is a collaborative between the school districts,
                                   students, parents, non-profits, for profits and community organizations.
                                        The program assists students in grades 10-12 with developing and
                                    improving skills in the following areas: passing the OGT/ACT, personal
                                       development, human interaction, communication, health lifestyles,
                                    financial literacy, college readiness, goal setting, planning, self-esteem,
Cuyahoga    Scholars Program                                                                                      Robertson   Donovan
                                      personal safety, career development, and conflict resolution. The 10
                                    month program is in it's second successful year in Cleveland. Students
                                    receive paid summer internships with area corporations that allow the
                                       students to receive hands on experience in careers they express an
                                     interest in, as well as a pay check. The program seeks to expand to all
                                           major Ohio metropolitan areas over the next couple years.

                                    TRADES EDUCATION PROGRAM TO TEACH WARD 7 RESIDENTS AND
                                     REBUILD AND REHAB THE 700 EMPTY HOUSES WITH SKILLED AND
                                                           IN THE TRADES.

           Bedford Training and
                                     Establish a job training and placement program in the local business
Cuyahoga      Employment                                                                                          Mestnik     Joseph V
                                  A Comprehensive Collaboration of non-profit and for profit organizations
                                      focused on workforce development, business development, wealth
                                    accumulation/Individual Development Acount, and housing. Initiative
               Economic           targets individuals in underserved communities and who are unemployed
Cuyahoga    Development and       or underemployed. Participants will receive referrals for substance abuse       Robertson   Donovan
           Empowerment Plan       and psychological assistance. Participants will have ability to secure jobs,
                                    start small businesses, save money to: finance college, purchase a new
                                    home, refinance an existing home, and they will also be able to secure
                                                             housing in the process.
                                                                         Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                              Funds would be used as grants or loans for businesses in need of updating
                                             outdated and inefficient commercial light fixtures.
                                Lighting retrofits can lower a companies electrical energy use by as much
                                      as 70%, with a typical payback schedule of less than 3 years. The
                              requested amount of funds is merely a number to reflect the large scale of
                                     need, but any amount towards these projects would be beneficial.
                               In many cases, the energy saved is enough to repay any type of financing-
                                     Perhaps these programs could provide funds for smaller and larger
                              companies, or extremely favorable loan terms that would encourage more
           Funding Lighting
Cuyahoga                       people to update their lighting and therefore reduce energy demand and         Monchein     Russell
                                                           environmental impact.
                                  If the government alone were to retrofit just their own properties, the
                                           energy and environmental impact would be very large.
                                   I would also love to see the involvement of energy providers, perhaps
                                       managing the project loans and billing for any loan payments.
                                 My company evaluates customers current lighting designs, performs an
                                 Energy Savings Analysis, and then ultimately provides the new fixtures.
                                 Offering customers the availability of these funds is all I would require.

                                        CNC Horizontal Boring Mill to machine components for
                                                OEM's for the Wind Turbine Industry.
           Wind Turbine
Cuyahoga    component                   Vertical Machining Center to machine components for                   Stachowicz   Robert
           manufacturing                         OEM's for the Wind Turbine Industry

                                                 Tooling reguired for above equipment
                                                                                Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                        The Institute is carrying out a multi-faceted campaign to build a new
                                         campus that will solidify its position as one of the nation’s premier
                                     colleges of art and design. The new campus will strengthen the Institute's
                                         competitive standing, enabling the college to attract more talented
                                       students, the majority of whom remain in Ohio following graduation.
                                      Through its strategic location in the heart of Cleveland’s University Circle,
                                     the Institute will serve as a catalyst for the development of an even more
                                                   vibrant urban educational and cultural district.

           The Cleveland Institute       Funds raised during the campaign will enable the Institute to make
Cuyahoga    of Art’s new campus                           significant new investments to:                             Konisiewicz   Richard
                                        • Create a new state-of-the art learning environment by significantly
                                     renovating the historic Joseph McCullough Center for the Visual Arts and
                                                      constructing a new building adjacent to it;
                                         • Earn LEEDS certification for energy-efficiency, use of sustainable
                                             building materials and preservation of a historic structure;
                                       • Equip classrooms and studios with cutting-edge technology that will
                                        provide Institute students with a competitive advantage when they
                                     graduate and pursue technical art and design career opportunities; and,
                                            • Unify the Institute’s facilities on a single campus to increase
                                     opportunities for interdisciplinary learning and thereby provide students
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                        Since 1992, my company has been assisting college students and
                                    graduates in locating job resources and directly assisting the placement of
                                     individuals in technical, sales, and managerial positions throughout the
                                                            United States of America.

                                 So many individuals are despondent and think there is little hope in the
                                US economy, let alone in the state of Ohio. I say that is not the case if we
                                   form an alliance to succeed! We have the building blocks right here
           Recruiting Placement  within our borders and we need encouragement, vision and fortitude to
                                go out and create and take those opportunities and continue to build the
Cuyahoga     for Students and                                                                                     Keenan    William
                                                   foundational fabric of our country.
                                        I want to continue to provide that energy and confidence to all job
                                       seekers that tenacity, will and positive mental energy will aid in the
                                     success of finding a good job. Working directly with businesses to help
                                    develop new positions that will enhance their growth, we, together, will
                                   spawn new opportunities for many individuals. This is our country and we
                                                                will make it thrive!

                                                                  Bill Keenan
                                      Development of a commercial greenhouse using advanced energy to
            Sustainable Urban
Cuyahoga                               produce local produce for profit and employ local residents in an          Reitman   Alayne
                                                      employee owned business model.
                                                                            Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                   Small scale wind turbines can generate as much renewable electrical
                                  energy as large scale utility wind turbines. There are many small scale
                                  wind turbines on the market in the European Union. Small scale wind
                                      turbine manufacturers provide data of their product’s electrical
                                    generation, but it isn’t in a format that allows comparison between
                                    various manufacturers products. There is no “real world” electrical
                                  generation analysis of these small scale domestic wind turbine designs
             A Proposal For     that could be used to determine the best product to use in an American
Cuyahoga   Manufacturing Small      grid tied setting. By purchasing some of these small wind turbines,          MacDermott   William
            Wind Turbines I      installing them in the same setting and connecting them individually to
                               the electrical grid, we could monitor their individual electrical generation.
                               We would then identify the design that work the best and then have a fair
                                   metric against which to judge the individual manufacturers data. We
                               would then approach the manufacturer of the best design, of enter into a
                                 test distribution relationship, and if the market for small wind turbines
                                        would justify the licensing of the design so we could set up a
                                        manufacturing facility here in Northeast Ohio, creating jobs.

                                     We are in the process of preparing to move into an existing warehouse
                                    building in Olmsted Falls that has 20,000 square ft, or twice the space of
                                       our current facility. All of the work done to date has been financed
                                    through cash flow. We are now waiting for loan approval from our bank
                                     to begin office construction as well as purchase and install cranes and
                                     other equipment. This loan approval may not be granted. Our current
Cuyahoga   New building Project     lease expires at the end of March. We had intended on being out of our          Land      James
                                      current location by now, but city approvals and loan approvals have
                                    hindered our efforts We are a manufacturer of steel for support of solar
                                     powered panels and structures, as well as a general steel fabricator for
                                   general construction and infrastucture projects We require more space to
                                    improve productivity, preserve 15 jobs and possibly create an additional
                                                       10-20 jobs in the next 12- 18 months
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                      With approximately 25,000 Deaf, Deaf-Blind and Hard of Hearing
                                   individuals in Cuyahoga county, we at ASL Advocates see the need for
                               employment opportunities for those who cannot find work due to society
                                     not accepting their disibility. With this project we can provide jobs,
                               training and technological assistant for those mentioned above needing to
           Employment/Technolo           come into the 21st century. This project will allow for equal
Cuyahoga                                                                                                          Kendel     Heather
                gy Program       communication under the ADA. We would like to provide and equalize
                                     the communication methods used by these individuals and provide
                                 devices such as TTY's, pagers, video phones, computers etc. Also, these
                                    monies would help provide interpreting services and support service
                                providers. The technological skills from training workshops and hands on
                                       would create an indepence for these newly working employees.
                                Creation of an expanded state-of-the-art shipyard and fabrication facility
                                  for the construction of low emission and energy efficient tugboats and
                                barges for short sea shipping, off-shore wind energy logistics and support
                                 vessels for assembly of wind turbines and the manufacture of high-tech
                                  carbon fiber based marine vessels for the defense industry all utilizing
                                    unemployed, underemployed and graduates of inner-city Cleveland
                               vocational high schools in career skilled jobs offering high-paying jobs with
             Phase II Shipyard
                                 comprehensive benefits and training. We estimate that this project will
Cuyahoga    Expansion and Wind                                                                                   Zadkovich   Robert
                                 create and retain 125 new career and sustainable manufacturing jobs .
               Energy Logist        The economic multiplier effect of this project to the local economy is
                                 estimated as generating an incremental $.49 per dollar spent excluding
                                 any consideration of the additional economic ripple effect of employee
                                    payroll and benefits. Additionally, the facility construction costs will
                                     immediately employ 125 building trades employees which further
                                 benefits the Northeast Ohio economy. These facilities will be built on a
                                 former Superfund site, now being remediated to industrial use and not
                                                        being included in this project.
                                The Hispanic UMADAOP Youth Center operates an after-school program
            Hispanic UMADAOP      during the hours of 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. Currently we serve 190 members
Cuyahoga                                                                                                          Ramos      Carlos
               Youth Center     between the ages of 12 to 18 years actively participating in the programs
                                 offered at the center. Our programs abide by the following principles:
                                    10,560 linear feet of raw water main. Existing water main in cast iron and
              Raw Water Main         has significant iron build-up within the line causing damage to our water
 Darke                                                                                                           Garrison     Curt
                Installation         filters and water softeners. New water main will provide better drinking
                                                               water to our customers.
                                                                    Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                         Replace 4 existing water filters. Water filters are to small and do not filter
         Water Filter    our raw water as necessary. New water filters will allow for automation of
Darke                                                                                                     Garrison   Curt
         Installation    the water treatment process thus creating a more efficient process for the
                              Under findings and orders from the EPA, the Village is required to
                           seperate storm water from sanitary sewer. This is the last of a 3 phase
        Phase 3 Sewer
Darke                       project. Project has been engineered and plans approve by EPA. The            Garrison   Curt
         Seperation      current job has been bid and awarded. Additional funding would save the
                                       Village interest expense over the next 30 years.

                           Several property owners and businesses spanning a 3 mile perimeter
                          around our Village have been found to not have compliant or adiquate
                            septic systems. Thus the Village has been approached by the Darke
                          County Health Dept. and the Ohio EPA to create and construct a Sewer
                           district which would service approximately 400 properties. The sewer
                            district would allow our Village to treat the sewage of a neighboring
Darke   Sewer District                                                                                    Garrison   Curt
                         municipality as well as other rual property owners. Currently the sewage
                            of the rual property owners and municipality are poluting a near by
                            stream which ties into the Great Miami River to the Ohio Rivier. The
                         neighboring municipality is under findings and orders from the OEPA. The
                              sewer district would allow for proper treatment of sewage. Thus
                                   eliminating the polution of the GMRiver and Ohio River.

                         Construct an additional storage pond (lagoon) for our WWTP. The current
                             system was constructed in the 60's and is to small for the current
                         population of our Village. The Village has the opportunity to contract with
Darke      WWTP             the county and another local municipality in the creation of a sewer          Garrison   Curt
                          district which would create more flow. This new retention pond would
                           allow an existing plant to increase it's service capacity by 100%, thus
                                allowing for more efficient opperation for more customers.
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                   The Village of Arcanum has the opportunity to purchase land adjacent to
                                  its Village which would be used for economic development. The Village is
                                   situated only 20 miinutes from a major airport and interstate as well as 7
                                   miles from the count seat (Greenville). An industrial park created during
                                    this economic downturn would allow for prosperity when the economy
Darke       Industrial Park                                                                                      Garrison   Curt
                                  begins to grow again. The Village feels now is the time to develop and be
                                  ready. This industrial park would allow for the creation 500-750 jobs and
                                     over 20 new businesses to expand to our Village. Assistance would be
                                    used for the purchase of land as well as installing infrastructure making
                                              the site appealing for business to invest in our Village.

        Dist 7, PID 85903, DAR
                                           Maintenance software update for the City of Greenville
Darke   Maintenance software                                                                                      Harris    Brett
        Dist 7, PID 85905, DAR                     Utilities tractor for the City of Greenville
Darke                                                                                                             Harris    Brett
            Utilities tractor
        Dist 7, PID 85906, DAR
                                         Vise, rolling ladder, and drill press for the City of Greenville
Darke     Vise, ladder, & drill                                                                                   Harris    Brett
                                       This wireless Broadband Internet offering would target potential
                                    customers who are in unserved or underserved rural areas who do not
                                  presently have access to Broadband Internet services. The funds would be
                                   used to purchase and install a base station in the Greenville Ohio (Darke
                                     Co.) area on either an existing or a new tower depending on the best
                                                                 coverage area.
                                    The funds would also be used to purchase customer premise equipment
         Wireless Broadband          to provide the link between the base radio tower and the customer's
Darke                                                                                                            Conover    Clint
               Service                                                home.
                                    The service is provided in the 700 Mhz wireless licensed band. NKTelco
                                      already holds the 700 Mhz radio license for Darke and surrounding
                                   Approximately 50 to 60 customers could be initially provided service with
                                    the initial $85,000 stimulus funding. A total buildout, serving over 350
                                   customers would be possible utilizing the $225,000 in total project cost
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                    Perform A Hill Cut On Us 36 To Improve Intersection Sight Distance To
        Dist 7, PID 84353, DAR       Meet Sight Distance Requirements For A 55 Mph Roadway, Per L&D
Darke                                                                                                            McDonald     Tim
              US 36 16.58                                         Manual.

                                 This project involves the reconstruction and widening of Jaysville St. Johns
                                 Road for a distance of approximately 1.2 miles. This road is located within
                                  the Ciy of Greenville's Industrial Park and serves as a major arterial road
                                     for the vehicular traffic to and from the industrial park. Our current
                                        infrastructure reflects a rural, two lane road with open ditches.
        Jaysville St. Johns Road
                                   Per Ohio's Access Management Manual, LJB was contracted to complete
Darke     Reconstruction and                                                                                     Rodenburgh    Joy
                                    a traffic impact study of the area. As recommended by the study, the
                 Wideni               roadway will be widened from a two lane rural road to a four lane
                                    roadway including turn lanes, traffic signals, curbs & gutters as well as
                                 storm sewer work. Another component included in the project will be the
                                  extension of the existing water and sanitary sewer lines as to provide for
                                                            future growth of the area.

        Dist 7, PID 77496, DAR                                    Resurfacing
Darke                                                                                                            McDonald     Tim
             SR 571 20.67
        Dist 7, PID 80879, DAR                                    Resurfacing
Darke                                                                                                            McDonald     Tim
              SR 503 0.00
                                 The project will consist of the expansion and upgrade of the exisiting
                                  Wastewater Treatment Plant from a design flow of 350,000 GPD to
                                750,000 GPD. The physical improvements include modifications to the
                              influent pump station, construction of an oxidation ditch, construction of
                               secondary clarifiers, clarifier flow distribution expansion and upgrades,
                                 effluent disinfection expansion and upgrades, effluent pump station
                               expansion and upgrades, sludge handling improvements to include the
Darke     Treatment Plant                                                                                          Gump       Randy
                                construction of a new aerobic digester, upgrades and expanded storm
        Improvements Phase I flow equalization structures, and associated electrical work. The project,
                             when completed, will bring the Village into compliance with NPDES permit
                             limitations, maintain and improve water quality, provide for the retention
                                and expansion of exisitng and new businesses and industry, and retain
                             and create approximately 1,145 jobs for the Village of Versailles and State
                                                                  of Ohio.

Darke           Urgent                    Maintain existing business, trying to survive after 23 years.            Kaiser     Bruce
                                                                        Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                  Construction of 36,000 sq.ft. public safety and courts building in
                               Greenville. Goal is to consolidate Sheriff's services and courts into one
                               building. Site plans have been approved; local government approvals
                                obtained; preliminary plans are completed; construction plans are in
                                process. Construction is on hold due to decreased tax revenues and
                                                        uncertainty of revenue.

                               Estimate 125+ direct construction jobs, many from larger skilled labor
                                  contractors from Dayton area. Local laborers for sub-contracts.
         Public Safety and     Employment exists for approx 12 months to complete project. Indirect
Darke   Court Consolidation                  employment from suppliers of materials.                         Hein   Jonathan
                              Project will update civil process and sex offender registration sections for
                               local sheriff. All court facilities will be consolidated to one building to
                                            increase safety for participants and employees.

                                  Construction will implement "green" technology for operational
                                efficiencies, such as building materials, florescent / natural lighting,
                                geothermal heating / cooling. New improvements will also increase
                              energy efficiencies for existing (adjacent) courthouse through retrofitting
                                               and sharing of heating / cooling systems.
                                                                          Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                      This project will purchase an abondonded 47,000 sq ft building in
                                downtown Greenville. Completely renovate into 6 early childhood centers,
                                   from prenatal to schoolage; 3 classrooms for middle and high school
                                    students on a track to dropout; be a volunteer center for training an
                                      placement of 500+ people. The total of low-income served is 1200
                                   annually with perserving 29 jobs and creating 54 in the first year. This
                                  project will enable at least 120 parents to continue working while their
                                children are in a high quality, education-based setting. 70 struggling youth
           Community Social
 Darke                           will work in a social enterprise model where they will run a business from    Hathaway   Shirley
           Enterprise Center
                                     the marketing to the sales-learning job readiness skills (technology,
                                customer service, committment). This center will train over 500 volunteers
                                        to support other non-profits (strategic plans, marketing, data
                                 management) to save resources. This facility will rent out 10,000 sq ft to
                                other entreprenuers who will make their services such as health, nutrition
                                     and wellness available, affordably, to working families. This creates
                                    sustainable income. Renovation is $3M of new floors, walls, lighting,
                                              playground, asphalt, technology. It is ready to go.
              Historical Jail
Defiance                                           County office building improvement                           Miller    Dennis   
Defiance     Road Widening                          Road widening in commercial area                            Miller    Dennis   
Defiance                                      Intersection improvement in commercial area                       Miller    Dennis   
Defiance                                      Intersection improvement in commercial area                       Miller    Dennis   
             Airport runway
Defiance                                         Runway extension to permit jet landings                        Miller    Dennis   
            Water line/sewer
Defiance                                       Waterline extended to mixed use subdivision                      Miller    Dennis   
Defiance   Street resurfacing                       Street widening in residential area                         Miller    Dennis   

Defiance   Wastewater system                         Wastewater system in LMI area                              Miller    Dennis   

Defiance   Wastewater system                         Wastewater system in LMI area                              Miller    Dennis   
                                                                               Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                     Replacement of existing antiquated 300,000 gallon water tower with new
                                     1,500,000 gallon water tower. This will increase the City's stored drinking
                                      water supply from 5 hours to 12 hours. The project will include a water
             1.5 Million Gallon
Defiance                             cadd study of the existing system to ascertain the best location ofr a new    Rausch    Lee
               Water Tower                tower, purchase of land, geotechnical investigation, design and
                                     construction of the new tower. This is a necessary project that has been
                                                          on hold due to lack of funding.

Defiance    Bridge replacement                         Bridge reconstruction on county road                        Miller   Dennis

Defiance    Bridge replacement                         Bridge reconstruction on county road                        Miller   Dennis

Defiance    Bridge replacement                         Bridge reconstruction on county road                        Miller   Dennis

Defiance    Waterline extension                        Waterline extension to industrial site                      Miller   Dennis

Defiance      NW electric loop                     Electrical loop construction for ind. retention                 Miller   Dennis
                                   Extending the Industrial Drive thru to 3 state road ways making the park
                                    more easily accessible and desireable for companies looking to expand.
Defiance   Project Hicksville Road Extending Columbus Ave thru to the Industrial Drive making the Hospital          Lee     Isaac
                                           more accessible by the village and other entities. Possible
                                   retention/detention pond. Next step of the villages strategic plan for job
                                                                              Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                 The Multi-Area Narcotics Unit (MAN Unit) addresses the problem of the
                                       sale and use of illegal drugs through a multi-jurisdictional law
                                  enforcement task force covering the counties of Defiance, Putnam and
                                     Williams. The officers currently assigned to the MAN Unit are paid
                                   through their local agencies being their sheriff or police department.
                                 Current financial decreases in revenue for the local governmental entities
                                 are forcing reduction in law enforcement officers. Notification has been
                                given by some of the participating agencies of the MAN Unit that removal
           Multi-Area Narcotics of their officers assigned to the MAN Unit may be necessary. Currently,
Defiance                          the general population of the MAN unit is impacted through the arrest              Engel     Doug
                                    and conviction of drug offenders. Without narcotics agents to work
                                    undercover drug operations, our communities will begin to see the
                                 immediate and long term effects of the reduced drug enforcement. The
                                communities in general would also see an increase in crime. The outcome
                                expected by retaining these officers would be to maintain the regionalized
                                   protection for the communities covered by the MAN unit and current
                                      levels of road officers for these sheriff and police departments.

                                    Currently we have bids on a taxi way relocation project. Only the ground
                                    work can be completed now. Paving will have to be done at a later date
Defiance   Taxi Way Relocation                                                                                      Carnahan   Sherry
                                    due to lack of funding. If we could receive an additional $350,000 in FAA
                                                       money, we could finish this project.
                                    This project is needed locally for our major businesses that use the aiport
                                   periodically and would like to use it on a daily and monthly basis if we had
                                      a 5000 foot runway for safety reasons. This will provide 15 high paying
                                   jobs for approximately 9 months to a year. The job can be bid out within 2-
                                   4 months. All engineering plans are complete on this project. The Defiance
Defiance    Runway Extension        County Airport brings in over $6 million of goods and services to Defiance      Carnahan   Sherry
                                    County annually and this number will substantially grow once this project
                                    is finished and larger planes can land safely. This project will increase the
                                       volume of aircraft activity at the airport, increase the amount of local
                                   business activity and support future economic development and growth in
                                                                the surrounding area.
                                                                              Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                    The Auglaize River Sewer Project is a sanitary sewer project covering
                                 approximately 6 miles, 3 miles on each side of the Auglaize River. Defiance
                                    County is under Findings and Orders since 1982 from the Ohio EPA to
                                 eliminate pollution in the Auglaize River, one of the main tributaries in the
                                area for drinking water, recreation and fishing. The Auglaize River joins the
Defiance   Auglaize Sewer System Maumee River near downtown Defiance, which flows into Lake Erie. The             Carnahan   Sherry
                                     project will include over 29,000 lineal feet of gravity sewer, 5 pump
                                 stations, and a non-aerated lagoon to serve 440 residential customers. We
                                     have been notified by OEPA that if we don't move forward with this
                                   project, it will be turned over to the Ohio Attorney General's Office for
                                                                  legal action.
                                     The Defiance County Sheriff's Office provides law enforcement for 40,000
                                                             residents of Defiance County.
                                       We have had 12 deputies assigned to Road patrol and investigations for
                                     years but because of revenue shortfalls, we will be required to take a 20%
                Road Deputy              budget cut from the county commissioners. With the infusion of
Defiance                                                                                                          Westrick   David
                Retainment            $120,000., we will be able to continue to serve the residents of Defiance
                                                           County without sacrificing services.
                                        Because of the remoteness of our county, the necessity of keeping 12
                                      road officers is of the upmost importance to insure the wellbeing of our

Defiance     Water tower rehab                               Paint and repair of tower                             Miller    Dennis
             Phase "B" of New
                                    Sanitary sewer system in unsewered area as mandated by OEPA findings &
Defiance       Sanitary Sewer                                                                                      Miller    John         Does not have email
                                        orders to remove unsanitary sewerage from the receiving stream.
             Separation System
                                       Construction of approximately 13,000 linear feet of new gravity sewer
              Village of Ney      line, 4100 linear feet of low pressure sewer line, non-aerated controlled
Defiance   Wastewater Collection discharge lagoons and all necessary appurtenances to provide a collection        Bergman    Jerry
              and Treatment         and treatment facility for the residents of the Village of Ney to satisfy
                                                            OEPA Findings and Orders.
                                                                           Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                  The City of Defiane is currently designing a new Municipal Court facility.
                                      Our existing structure is in our former municipal building that is
                                 approximately 40 years old. It is outdated and antiquated and in need of
            Municipal Court        replacement. The building itself does not allow for renovations as the
Defiance                                                                                                        Rausch    Lee
              Building             uses have also outgrown the space available. The new building will be
                                  approximately 16,000 SF and will house the Municipal Court, the Clerk's
                                 Office, the Probation Office, the City Law Director and assistant as well as
                                                             a Magistrate's Court.
                                   Construction of sewer separation improvements in the Group 6 area in
                                  accordance with the City's CSO Long Term Control Plan and draft Consent
                                   Order. The project includes replacement of approximately 19,000 linear
Defiance      CSO Group 6           feet of sanitary sewers and manholes. The project will also eliminate       Rausch    Lee
                                 three regulators and one overflow manhole. The project will keep the City
                                 in compliance with our draft Consent Order and eliminate sanitary sewage
                                                        overflow to the Maumee River.

                                    Planning phase (Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey) for the Group 31A
                                 (river intrusion) area in accordance with the City's CSO Long Term Control
                                   Plan and draft Consent Order. This project will provide evaluation and
Defiance    CSO Group 31A                                                                                       Rausch    Lee
                                  analysis of existing combined sewers and clean water connections. This
                                       information will then be used to design sanitary separation and
                                        elimination of sanitary sewer overflows to the Maumee River.
                                   Engineering design phase for the Group 5 area in accordance with the
                                  City's CSO Long Term Control Plan and draft Consent Order. This project
                                      will provide construction documents for the separation of existing
                                    combined sewers and elimination of sanitary sewer overflows to the
                                 Maumee River. The design will then be followed by construction of sewer
                                    separation improvements in the Group 5 area in accordance with the
Defiance      CSO Group 5                                                                                       Rausch    Lee
                                  City's CSO Long Term Control Plan and draft Consent Order. The project
                                    includes replacement of approximately 13,400 linear feet of sanitary
                                 sewers and manholes. The project will also eliminate three sanitary sewer
                                 overflow manholes. The project will keep the City in compliance with our
                                     draft Consent Order and eliminate sanitary sewage overflow to the
                                                               Maumee River.
           Ind. Park Detention
Defiance                                              Stormwater Control at Ind. Park                           Miller   Dennis
                                                                              Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                    This project includes the widening and addition of concrete islands in the
                                       existing SR 66 corridor. Also included is the replacement of a 2-lane
                                   bridge with a 5-lane bridge. The area currently experiences a high rate of
                                        accidents due to unsafe truning movements. The existing bridge is
                                       deficient due to the current and projected traffic volumes as well as
           SR 66 Widening and        clearance restrictions to the new US 24 bypass. The improvements will
Defiance                                                                                                           Rausch    Lee
           Bridge Replacement      provide safer and more efficient transportation for the City's residents and
                                     provide improved access to commercial developements along the City's
                                      busiest business corridor. The improvements will also spur additional
                                        developement as roadway capacities are increased. This project is
                                      currently under design in conjunction with ODOT and has an expected
                                                          construction beginning in 2010.

               Waste Water
Defiance                                                 Wastewater System in LMI Area                             Miller   Dennis
                                    In 2010 ODOT will resurface state routes within the City limits. The City is
                                    responsable for 20% of the total costs. Many of the state routes through
             80/20 Resrfacing           the City have been damaged due to stone truck traffic used for the
Defiance                                                                                                           Rausch    Lee
                 Program           construction of the US 24 by pass project from Fort Wayne to Toledo. This
                                      project will restore the streets to a maintainable condition and reduce
                                              damages to City vehicles as well as the travelling public.

                                  The City routinely resurfaces various streets throughout the City on a
                                 yearly basis. With the current economic situation this program may be
Defiance   Resurfacing Program cancelled for the current year. As these projects are throughout the City           Rausch    Lee
                               residents city wide benefit from better driveability in their neighborhoods.
                                       These improvements also tend to enhance property values.
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                     Recovery Services of Northwest Ohio, Inc. currently serves residents of
                                      four rural Northwest Ohiocounties, in a total of 8 offices. Interoffice
                                     communication is very inefficient, regular mail or courier, which is time
                                  consuming and costly. We have a doctor and several therapists who travel
                                      between offices, and sometimes see the same client in more than one
               RSNWO               office. It is a challenge to get complete medical records to the doctor and
Defiance    Communications              therapists when clients present for treatment at different sites. A        Peck    Ruth
               Project               common paperless medical record system, with access throughout our
                                    agency would alleviate this problem, and greatly improve client care. A
                                   software upgrade is necessary to attain this goal, in addition to improved
                                      connectivity between sites, along with staffl. Costs include additional
                                  licenses, software, hardware, internet connections, and full time IT staff to
                                                              administer this program.

                                   Recovery Services of Northwest Ohio is requesting funds to increase our
                                     doctor's services for clients of four rural Northwestern Ohio counties.
                                    There is a shortage of physchiatrists in each of these four counties, and
                                   this would expand services to those most in need. Costs would include
            Physchiatrist for
Defiance                            hiring a full time doctor, upgrading current communications system to          Peck    Ruth
                RSNWO              accomodate client records, and hiring support staff to assist the doctor.
                                   The recent state budget cuts forced us to reduce our services by almost
                                   7%. This money would help us to restore those services, and expand on
                                   Remove and replace existing pump station, 2,260 feet of force main and
           North Clinton Pump 562 feet of gravity sewer. This project will relocate the pump station for
Defiance                                                                                                          Rausch    Lee
                 Station      future State Route 66 widening and eliminate a sanitary sewer overflow as
                                                           required by the Ohio EPA.
Defiance   Senior center rehab                  Rehab of abandoned school into senior center                      Miller   Dennis
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                         Defiance County has been trying to update the Courthouse and
                                       Administration Buildings for over eight years. In 2006, a tax levy for
                                    Courthouse renovation failed. We are preparing to renovate a Sheriff’s
                                     Residence and Jail that has regional historical significance. We will be
                                   adding an addition to this building to house some offices currently in our
                                  courthouse. This will be the first phase allowing us to restore/renovate the
                                  courthouse for judicial functions. The Courthouse was originally built from
                                   1871-1873. In 1959 the mansard roof, the stone clock tower and much of
Defiance     County Facilities     the original stone trim was removed, to make room for a third story. The      Carnahan   Sherry
                                     Department of Justice has notified us that the ramp at the Courthouse
                                     does not meet ADA standards. There is no handicap accessibility in the
                                  Administration Building. Both buildings are heated by boilers that are over
                                       40 years old. The piping is so corroded, that proper flow cannot be
                                     maintained. This causes uneven heating in the buildings. Old plumbing
                                   continues to be a problem, as we have had many leaks that have caused
                                     flooding of various offices. Courthouse security issues also need to be
                                              addressed as new law requirements have been passed.
                                    We have recently purchased a 1940’s era elementary school building to
                                    renovate for a Community Senior Center. This building is approximately
                                   three times the size of the current Senior Center, and is all on one story.
                                        The current center is an older two story home, with no handicap
                                      accessibility to the second floor. This renovation will include energy
                                    efficient windows, roofing, and heating and air conditioning systems. A
                                    goal for the Senior Center is to add an adult day care wing. This service
Defiance   Senior Center Building      will provide a safe environment for relatives of seniors so they may      Carnahan   Sherry
                                      continue to work. The community and local government have raised
                                      $1,400,000 in local funds, but this is not enough to finish the project.
                                      Additional money will allow us to move in while continuing to ask for
                                      donations. In 2008, the Defiance County Senior Center served 10,944
                                        congregate meals in its current facility. They had a total of 1,109
                                       scheduled activities and transported senior 12,142 times to various
                                                             appointments and trips.

               Waste Water                               Wastewater System in LMI Area
Defiance                                                                                                          Miller    Dennis
           System/Highland Twp.
                                                                               Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                Wastewater                               Wastewater System in LMI Area
Defiance                                                                                                            Miller   Dennis
           System/Defiance Twp.

                                    According to the Department of Energy, hospitals are among the nation's
                                      most complex, diverse, and energy-intensive facilities. It is the goal of
                                     Defiance Regional Medical Center (DRMC) to become an Energy Smart
                                       Hospital. To reduce our carbon footprint and follow the ProMedica
             DRMC Diversified       mission of setting the example for all hospitals to become environmental
Defiance                                                                                                            Lyon     Janet
              Utility Program         friendly, DRMC would like to implement a Diversified Utility Program
                                    which would include the installation of a Wind Turbine to provide onsite,
                                    electrical generation and help offset the high cost of utilities. The project
                                       includes a feasiblity study, wind monitoring project, and finally the
                                                           purchase of the wind turbine.

                                     Provides needed infrastructure maintenance to a Class I (high hazard)
           Westerville Reservoir      water supply dam as recommended by the State regulatory agency
Delaware                                                                                                            Colley    Julie
             Improvements           (ODNR) to address dam safety issues. The Westerville Resevoir is one of
                                           the sources of drinking water for the City of Westerville.

           Dist 6, PID 85920, DEL          Building demolition for the Delaware County Transit Board
Delaware                                                                                                            Harris   Brett
            Building demolition

                                         Land purchase for facility construction for the Delaware County
           Dist 6, PID 85913, DEL
Delaware                                                      Transportation Board                                  Harris   Brett
               Land purchase
           Dist 6, PID 85723, DEL Purchase 17 on-board computers for the Delaware County Transportation
Delaware        17 on-board                                      Board                                              Harris   Brett
                                     Purchase 1 modified minivan for the Delaware County Transportation
           Dist 6, PID 85726, DEL
Delaware                                                           Board                                            Harris   Brett
             Purchase 1 MMV

           Dist 6, PID 85722, DEL   Purchase 8 computer workstations, 1 small business server, 1 document
                                        scanner, and 1 map layering software for the Delaware County
Delaware         8 computer                                                                                         Harris   Brett
                                                            Transportation Board
                                                                              Submitted Requests - Not Approved

           Dist 6, PID 85727, DEL          Purchase maintenance equipment for the Delaware County
Delaware   Purchase maintenance                             Transportation Board                                    Harris    Brett
           Dist 6, PID 85901, DEL
                                         On-board video cameras for the Delaware County Transit Board
Delaware      On-board video                                                                                        Harris    Brett
           Dist 6, PID 85724, DEL     Purchase 1 bus shelter for the Delaware County Transportation Board
Delaware                                                                                                            Harris    Brett
           Purchase 1 bus shelter

           Dist 6, PID 85725, DEL         Facility design for the Delaware County Transportation Board
Delaware                                                                                                            Harris    Brett
               Facility design

           Dist 6, PID 85921, DEL          Facility construction for the Delaware County Transit Board
Delaware                                                                                                            Harris    Brett
            Facility construction

                                     Through ten years of solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) work, NexTech Materials
                                    Ltd. has developed innovative technology with a unique value proposition
                                      over its competitors. Leveraging the advantages that the FlexCell and
                                        FlexStack offer to its customers, NexTech’s cells and stacks are well
                                    positioned to become the industry standard for SOFCs across a wide range
                                       of markets. SOFCs offer double the efficiency of internal combustion
            Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
                                     engines and are well suited for applications ranging from auxiliary power
Delaware    Pilot Manufacturing                                                                                      Dritz    Tad
                                       units for trucks to station back-up power to utility scale installations.
                                     The requested funding is to support a pilot-scale manufacturing facility
                                     with the capacity of 10 MW. This will allow NexTech to employ 20 or
                                    more Ohioans with high paying, high-tech manufacturing jobs and reduce
                                      the cost, and therefore the price, of ultra-efficient SOFCs; thereby,
                                         opening up new markets for this game changing technology.

           Dist 6, PID 75917, DEL Construction of a grade separation with the CSX railroad. Right of way and
                                      construction to be funded by the Ohio Railroad Grade Separation
Delaware    CR 124 4.38 (Home                                                                                      McDonald   Tim
                                  Program. Delaware County to provide Preliminary Engineering. Feasibility
                    Road)                       Study completed under PID 23133.DEL Count
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

           Dist 6, PID 75917, DEL Construction of a grade separation with the CSX railroad. Right of way and
                                      construction to be funded by the Ohio Railroad Grade Separation
Delaware    CR 124 4.38 (Home                                                                                     McDonald    Tim
                                  Program. Delaware County to provide Preliminary Engineering. Feasibility
                    Road)                       Study completed under PID 23133.DEL Count

           Ostander Wastewater
Delaware     Treatment Plant             Expansion of Village Wastewater plant which is EPA mandated               Mount      Dan
            Ostander Roadway
Delaware        repair and                       Repair and replacement of Villages failing roads                  Mount      Dan
                                    This is a proposed 1000 acres New Retaiy l, Recreation, and Distribution
                                    Development on the North side of Colubus located in Sunbury Ohio. This
                                        site would bring approximately 7,500 new jobs both in Retail and
                                     Disbributiion/warehouse, as well as hundrends of millions of Sales taxs
                                                                revenue to the State.
                                            The Fed Stimulus Infastructure monies would be used for the
                                     Interchange Modification of I-71 and 36/37. Currently we are working
Delaware     NorthGate Centre            with ODOT and Federal Highway to obtain final approval of new             Shivley   Patrick
                                       Interchanges which are a MUST for the development to proceede.
                                       Megan Gordon-Lakey from DOD is very aware of this project and has
                                       been in a number of the meetings to help get this project moving.
                                    Lastly, the Highway Infastructure improvement at this location, Rt 36/37,
                                      will also help the current exit which is rated as one of the most failing
                                                             interesections in the state.

                ERI-CR PVMT
              MARKING-VAR            Placement of pavement markings on approximately 141 miles of County
  Erie                                                                                                             Rogers    Matt
               (County Wide                            Roads throughout Erie County.
              Pavement Mark
            ERI-CR 7-1.09 (Strub     Resurfacing of approximately 0.49 miles of County Road 7 (Strub Road)
  Erie                                                                                                             Rogers    Matt
             Road Resurfacing)                 from terminus of project ERI-CR 7-0.90 to US 250.
            ERI-CR 7-1.09 (Strub     Resurfacing of approximately 0.49 miles of County Road 7 (Strub Road)
  Erie                                                                                                             Rogers    Matt
             Road Resurfacing)                 from terminus of project ERI-CR 7-0.90 to US 250.
                                                                         Submitted Requests - Not Approved

             ERI-CR 13-        Resurfacing of approximately 17.67 miles of County Road 13 (Mason
Erie    (0.00)(11.04)(19.29) Road), from SR 269 to Thomas Road, US 250 to SR 13, and Humm Road to              Rogers     Matt
       (Mason Road Resurfa                             Erie County Line.

           ERI-CR 14-0.00
                              Resurfacing of approximately 1.24 miles of County road 14 (Darrow Road)
Erie       (Darrow Road                                                                                        Rogers     Matt
                                                     from Berlin Road to SR 61.
           ERI-CR 32-0.70
                                Resurfacing of approximately 2.27 miles of County Road 32 (Portland
Erie      (Portland Road                                                                                       Rogers     Matt
                                       Road) from SR 269 to Norfolk Southern grade crossing.
          ERI-CR 120-0.71
                               Resurfacing of approximately 2.59 miles of County Road 120 (Columbus
Erie    (Columbus Avenue                                                                                       Rogers     Matt
                                            Avenue) from Bogart Road to Perkins Avenue.
                                The purpose of this project (known as Tesla 1) is the development of an
                              advanced generation energy business that produces electricity from 150+
                                wind turbines over the project life of 25 years. St. George’s Renewable
                                Energies L.L.C. is an Ohio based corporation that will sell electricity into
                                 the power grid from the power produced at its “Tesla 1” wind facility
                              which will generate an estimated 375 MW. The project will span over the
                              6,000+ acres we have already secured under long term (40 year) lease in a
                              prime wind resource are covering four of Ohio's counties (Sandusky, Erie,
        "Tesla 1" 375 MW
Erie                              Seneca and Huron) centering near Bellevue, Ohio. Our overarching             Sekulic    John
           Wind facility
                                mission is economic development and job creation in the State of Ohio
                              using the development of wind facilities as the economic driver to achieve
                                   these goals. It is the intent of SGRE LLC to lead the Ohio business
                                  community in environmental stewardship, and by example lead in
                                    sustainable business behaviors. We calculate this development,
                               construction and ongoing operation of this wind facility will create 5,400
                                 temporary Ohio jobs as well as 216 permanent Ohio jobs by Dept. of
                                                        Energy per/MW formulas.

         Thompson Road         Install 100 feet of 36" Reinforced Concrete Pipe Type C and 2030 feet of
Erie       Stormsewer           48" Reinforced Concrete Pipe Type C in dititch replacing 30" driveway          Simon     Richard
       Replacement Phase II       culvert. Township would have local match of 50% of project cost.
                                                                          Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                 This project consists of installing a 2.4 million gallon basin next to the
                                existing Plum Brook Pump Station to store extraneous wastewater flows
                                   during wet periods to reduce the over flow of wastewater into the
                                                       Sandusky Bay and Lake Erie.

                                Erie County Sewer District is under orders persuant to the Sawmill Creek
                                  NPDES Permit to eliminate Sanitary Sewer Overflows at the Sawmill
                                 Wastewater Tratment Plant. Wastewater from the Plum Brook Pump
                               Station is pumped to the Sawmill Plant during high flow situations causing
        Plum Brook Flow           overflow of the the plants contact tank. This new storage basin will
Erie                                                                                                          Meyers      Jack
        Equalization Basin                         reduce or eliminate this problem.

                                Erie County has high debt and high existing sewer rates in place thus the
                                  need for financial assistance. Further Erie COunty has a high rate of
                                   unemployment exceeding the State of Ohio unemployment rate.

                                                    Thank you for your consideration.

                                                            Jack R. Meyers, P.E.
                                                      Erie County Sanitary Engineer

                                 In the past 8 years three (3) Deputy Sheriff positions have been lost to
       Erie County Sheriff's
                                 the counties austerity program. This stimulus funding would provide
Erie      Office Deputy                                                                                       Westcott   Steven
                               funds to replace the three (3) positions lost and bring the manpower level
          Recovery Proje                                     to proper limits.

                               Excavate ditch and existing tile and replace with 48" x 76" concrete Type C
            Coen Road           conduit. Install headwall and asphalt section of road. Proposed service
Erie       Stormsewer           level design will allow maximum uninterrupted flow from the watershed          Simon     Richard
       Replacement Phase II     of State Route 2 and the surrounding 270 acres. Township would have a
                                                   local match of 50% of the project cost.

       Elberta Beach Storm        Rehabilitation of Sanitary Sewer to meet EPA mandate to eliminate
Erie                                                                                                          Squires     Dan
       Sewer Improvements                                overflows to Lake Erie.
                                                                       Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                              Erie County is planning to replace two existing inadequate water booster
                                   pump stations with one new pump station at State Route 101 &
                              Homegardner Road in Margaretta Township (44870) and add a new pump
                                 station at Cleveland Road at the east side of the City of Huron, Ohio
                               (44839). These booster pump stations are needed to provide adequate
                              fire protection and a more reliable water supply to existing residents and
                                                    businesses in the service areas.
        Water Booster Pump
Erie                                                                                                       Meyers    Jack
       Station Improvements       Erie County has economic need as a result of high debt in the water
                               disctrict and existing high water rates. Unemployment in Erie County is
                                              higher then the state unemployment rate.

                                                              Thank you!

                                                          Jack R. Meyers, P.E.
                                                    Erie County Sanitary Engineer
Erie     Treatment Plant              Installation of sludge press to comply with EPA mandate.             Squires   Dan
           Sludge Press
                                                                          Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                Erie COunty is planning to install a new 0.5 million gallon elevated water
                                  tower in Berlin Township along State Route 6 near State Route 61and
                                install another 0.5 million gallon elevated water tower at State Route 60
                                near State Route 2 in Vermillion Township and demo an existing elevated
                                 water tower at State Route 60 near Trinter Road in Vermilion Township
                                 which is inadequate for future use because of size and location. These
                                new water towers are needed to provide adequate fire protection and a
                                   more reliable water supply to areas that have inadequate pressures.
                                Existing residential and commercial businesses already in these areas are
                                                       in need of this improvement.

        Erie County Water         Property acquisition at SR 60 for the new water tower is in place and
Erie                                                                                                           Meyers      Jack
              Towers            under negotiation at teh SR 6 site. Erie County feels we can be ready to
                                    start construction within 6 months or less of receipt of a grant.

                                 Erie County is in need of financial assistance because of high existing
                                    debt in our water funds and high water rates that are in place.
                                 Unemployment in Erie County is higher then teh state unemployment

                                                                Thank you!

                                                            Jack R. Meyers, P.E.
                                                      Erie County Sanitary Engineer
        Vermilion River Ice     Ice retention for the Vermilion River for flood prevention, project will be
Erie                                                                                                           Squires     Dan
        Retention Project                 done in conjunction with the Army Corp of Engineers.
                                 To combine the dispatching centers of the Erie County Sheriff's Office,
       Erie County Regional
Erie                             the Sandusky Police & Fire Departments and the Perkins Police & Fire          Steven    Westcott
         Dispatch Project               Departments into one regional communications center.
       Dist 3, PID 19657, ERI
Erie                                                     Replace twin 10 ft arch                              McDonald     Tim
           SR 0061 01.89
                                                                        Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                             Construct a 2.4 million gallon basin next to the existing Plum Brook Pump
                              Station to store extraneous flows during rainy wet weather periods to
                             reduce or eliminate teh over flow of wastewater into Sandsuky Bay area
                                                             of Lake Erie.

                                 This project will reduce basement flooding and the environmental
                                pollution that occurs when wastewater is by-pass pumped from teh
                                          existing Plum Brook Pump Station into Lake Erie.
        Plum Brook Flow
Erie                           Erie County has economic need for assistance for this project since the       Meyers    Jack
        Equalization Basin
                               Sewer District has a large debt service and high sewer rates already in
                               place. We can't afford to proceed with this important project without
                                                         financial assistance.

                                                              Thank you!

                                                          Jack R. Meyers, P.E.
                                                    Erie County Sanitary Engineer

                               This project involves the improvement of chemical feed systems for the
                               regional water treatment plant that serves residents within Erie County
         Big Island Water       and beyond. The chemicals included in the project are Permanganate,
Erie     Works Chemical          Alum, Sodium Hypochlorite, Caustic Soda, Fluoride. The project also          Kline   Matthew
                             involves the rehabilitation of the pre-sedementation basins, plant security
       Improvement Projec
                               items, and a new building that will include energy efficient/sustainable
                               initiatives. These improvements will prove for more efficient and safer
                              Resurfacing approximately 4000 linear feet of existing asphalt pavement
                                      including new concrete sidewalk/pedestrian/bike pathway.
        Cedar Point Drive        This is the resurfacing of the primary route for visitors into one of the
Erie                                                                                                          Kline   Matthew
          Resurfacing            prime vacation destination attractions on Lake Erie, the Cedar Point
                                  Amusement Park. It also will promote economic growth along the
                                                             waterfront area.
                                                                            Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                              This project includes approximately 5200 lineal feet of asphalt resurfacing
                                and pavemement widening, new concrete curb & gutter, new concrete
                               sidewalks, replacement of signalized intersections (2), and new drainage
       Hayes Avenue (SR 4) structures. The rehabilitation of the Hayes Avenue Corridor will promote
Erie                                                                                                             Kline   Matthew
       Rehabilitation Project    a revitalization of neighborhoods as the gateway to the City's largest
                                employer, Firelands Regional Medical Center. The pavement is in poor
                               condition and the resurfacing of it will provide a safer driving surface for
                                               our residents and visitors to our community.

                                This project involves the replacement of concrete sidewalks and handrails
                                 and the repair and painting (or surface treatment) of the abutment and
                                 upper retaining walls on both sides of the road from North Depot Street
                                    to Filmore Street. The concrete stairs located on three sides will be
          Hayes Avenue
Erie                               repaired and new handrail installed. A jersey style lower wall will be        Kline   Matthew
         Underpass Project        constructed on both sides of the street under the bridge. The project
                                 involves relocating a sewer force main to a position under the sidewalk
                                and the repair of the sewer pump station for the underpass. New lighting
                                 will be installed under the bridge. The bridge fascia will also be painted.

                                 This project will provide for the replacement of existing LED traffic signals
                                  with new video detection traffic mast arms. There are currently seven
          Perkins Avenue          intersections on Perkins Avenue that are in need of replacements. The
Erie       Signalization               traffic signals are 20 plus years old and are in constant need of         Kline   Matthew
           Replacement           maintenance. Perkins Avenue is a major traffic route between the City of
                                    Sandusky and Perkins Township. State Route 4 and Perkins Avenue
                                                   intersection is included in the project also.

                                 This project includes the resurfacing of 6,600 lineal feet of pavement, two
                                   lanes wide. The project will also include the repair of several curb &
            First Street         gutter sections and drainage structures. A waterline will also be replaced.
Erie                                                                                                             Kline   Matthew
        Resurfacing Project      This street is one of three routes to Cedar Point Amusement Park, and has
                                   the potential for future development along Sandusky Bay that would
                                                 promote economic growth in our community.

                                  This project involves 27 residential streets within the City of Sandusky.
       City of Sandusky Street
Erie                             These streets will be resurfaced with new asphalt pavement, new ADA             Kline   Matthew
             Resurfacing       curb ramps where necessary, and adjustments of any castings as needed.
                                                                           Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                              This Project involves the lining of approximately 4,200 lineal feet of sewer
                                 pipe. Work includes the cleaning and videotaping of sanitary sewers
                              ranging in size from 8” to 21”, relining these sewers with a cured-in-place
                               piping (CIPP) and rehabilitating manholes. Cuts in the CIPP will be made
         Sandusky Sewer
Erie                          for all taps in use. The CIPP will seal the pipe, preventing infiltration from     Kline    Matthew
       Rehabilitation Project ground water from entering the sewer mains. Sealing the manholes will
                                  also decrease infiltration of unnecessary flow into the Wastewater
                                Collection System and help decrease Combined Sewer Overflows into
                                                              Sandusky Bay.
                                   The project will provide for complete reconstruction of approximately
                                  3000 linear feet of deteriorated asphalt pavement. The street currently
                                 does not have existing drainage structures, storm sewers or concrete curb
                                 & gutter, these will be installed with this project. New concrete sidewalks
                                    will also be installed, currently the street only has sidewalks in a few
          Warren Street
Erie                                  areas. Warren Street is adjacent to a city park that is going to be       Matthew    Kline
          Reconstruction         developed with new playground equipement, a relocated skate park, and
                                  also a community splash pad. This entire area would be considered part
                                 of a revitalizational project in an blighted urban area. Warren Street also
                                      intersects with State Route 6 and would be a thoroughfare to the
                                                             Sandusky Bayfront Area.
          Sailorway Drive    Road rehabilitation, Road is heavily used by busses and vehicles, and
Erie                                                                                                            Squires    Dan
           Replacement               connects to Vermilion High and Junior High Schools.
       Cleveland Road West Resurfacing of Cleveland Road west in City of Huron, project also includes
Erie                                                                                                             White    Andrew
               Project                               bridge replacement.
                               Project was designed in 2003 and postponed due to lack of local funds.
                              The road infrastructure supports several hundred homes in a residential
       Riverside Drive Phase
Erie                         area, many of who commute to their employment in areas outside of the               White    Andrew
             II Project
                             City of huron. In addition, this road would feed traffic to a new residential
                                           development of one hundred and twenty units.
       Sherod Park Erosion        Erosion control and public access to include ADA accessibility at Sherod
Erie                                                                                                            Squires    Dan
         Control Project                               Park in the City of Vermilion
                                    Project includes property acquistion and new street construction to
        North Main Street         reconnect North Main Street at two points in which is currently bisected
Erie                                                                                                             White    Andrew
             Update              by public and private parking lots. The project will help create better flow
                                    of traffic and access to the riverfront and help induce development.
                                                                        Submitted Requests - Not Approved

         West River Road      Street Rehabilitation, Build up intermediate and surface course, aggregate
Erie                                                                                                        Squires    Dan
       Rehabilitation Project                 base and cement stabilzation of subgrade.

                                Construction of a new fire station and administration building that would
       New Fire Station and       replace the current Number #3 Fire Station in Perkins Township. The
Erie     Administration         Number #3 Station is over 50 years old and not energy efficient. The new    Ferrell    Jeff
            Building            building would employ the latest green technology to ensure and energy
                                                            efficient structure.
       Showse Park Erosion Erosion control and public access at Showse Park to access to include ADA
Erie                                                                                                        Squires    Dan
         Control Project                                  accessibility

           Campbell St.
Erie                                     Reconstruct Campbell St. from Taylor to Township Line              Parker     Mike
                                In 2007, the City of Huron and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources
                                acquired the 20-acre Conagra, a vacant industrial waterfront property, to
                                  construct a public boat ramp on the southern half of the property. The
                                       southern half of the property is owned by the state and it will
                                  accommodate a four-lane public boat launch. The northern half of the
Erie   Conagra Demolition                                                                                   White     Andrew
                                   property was given to the city for development and contains several
                                   buildings and silos that once supported the industrial operation. The
                                      demolition of Conagra would create a desirable site for private
                                 development to create a center of activity that would translate into job
                                     creation and an increase in the tax base for the City of Huron.

                          New street from the intersection of Perkins Avenue and Caldwell Street to
                            the entrance of Thorworks, which is one of Perkins Township's larges
            Perkins       employers. This project would eliminate semi and other large truck traffic
                             off of Campbell Street. The new road would also help develop other
Erie                                      commercial properties on Perkins Avenue.                          Ferrell    Jeff
           New Street
                            Thorworks is also considering increasing their manufacturing capacities
          Construction    which is going to generate new truck traffic on Campbell Street and could
                           possibly cause a back up of large trucks on Campbell Street causing very
                                     unsafe hazzards for individuals using Campbell Street.
                                                                         Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                Complete reconstruction of street from Bogart Road to Perkins Avenue.
                               Project to include replacement of street, wider new street, waterlines and
                                sewer lines, improve drainage and supply back up lanes for Triple Crown
                               truck traffic when they cannot gain entrance to their facility. This project
        Old Railroad Street    would help eliminate the hazard of large vehicles to Erie Coutny residents
Erie                                                                                                           Ferrell      Jeff 
         Reconstruction           using this street on a daily basis. Triple Crown is a current economic
                               benefit to Erie County and this project would help reatin this facility. The
                                Township currently has vacant property with Industrial Zoning and this
                                  project would help develop this property creating new jobs for Erie
        Perkins Township       Perkins Township Street Resurfacing Program. 13 streets in program to be
Erie                                                                                                           Ferrell      Jeff 
        Street Resurfacing                                   resurfaced.
                                To construct a new bridge on Columbus Avenue over Pipe Creek to help
         Columbus Avenue
Erie                                eliminate flooding in the neighboring areas. Drainage and ditch            Ferrell      Jeff 
       Bridge Reconstruction
                                       improvements to be completed with this project as well.

        Staffing For Erie
                          Funding for staffing to staff and run the Outdoor Education Skills Center at
Erie   Metroparks Outdoor                                                                                       Dice      Stephen
                                                         Erie Metroparks.
         Education Cen

                                 The Township would like to see State Route 4 from the Ohio Turnpike
                                  north to Perkins Avenue in Sandusky widened to accomodate traffic
          State Route 4
Erie                            volume increases, including high truck traffic, and future development.        Ferrell      Jeff 
         Widening Project
                                  The Township feels this will benefit the whole county as Route 4 is a
                                 major corridor that runs from the county line to the City of Sandusky.
           Taylor Road
Erie                                    Reconstruct Taylor Rd. from Mason Rd. to Campbell St.                  Parker      Mike
            Taylor Rd.
Erie                                   Reconstruction of Taylor Rd from Campbell to NASA Gate                  Parker      Mike
         Campbell Street
Erie                                    Reconstruct Campbell St. from Mason Rd. to Taylor Rd.                  Parker      Mike
                                  Drainage-Engineering is complete, construction to begin in 2009. **
Erie    Green Road Project                Green Rd. project is receiving 57,530 from issue 2.                 Krumwiede    John

        Burr Rd. & Nash Rd.      Improve safety at intersection through improving visibilty by removing
Erie                                                                                                          Krumwiede    John
           Intersection                                      "hump" in road.
                                                                          Submitted Requests - Not Approved

        Administration and
Erie   Maintenance Building            Replace Administrative and Maintenance Building Facility                  Dice      Stephen

       Seal Coating Various This project involves seal coating or chip sealing approximately 10 miles of
Erie                                                                                                            Smith       Tadd
              Roads           Berlin Township Roads. The estimated cost of this project is $140,000
         Replacement of
Erie    Existing Education                 Replacement of Existing Education Center Facility                     Dice      Stephen
        Wedge Coating and This project involves wedge coating and paving 2.5 miles on various Berlin
Erie                                                                                                            Smith       Tadd
       Paving Various Roads    Township roads. The estimated cost of this project is $110,000.

                                This project consists of a 36” Culvert with a 30” overflow culvert located
                               on Hill Road (T-85) between State Route 61 and Berlin Road. Said culvert
                                  is deteriorating and beginning to collapse. The overflow culvert was
         Hill Road Culvert      installed following the floods of 1969. The primary 36” culvert’s date of
Erie                                                                                                            Smith       Tadd
          Replacement           install is unknown. Proposed replacement is with one 54” culvert pipe.
                                  This project will a joint project with the Village of Berlin Heights. This
                               project has a project estimate of $392,800 by the Erie County Engineer for
                               This project consists of resurfacing 5016 feet of Deehr Road. Deehr Road
           Deehr Road
Erie                               is a substandard Road that is currently in a deteriorated state. The         Smith       Tadd
                                                 estimated cost of this project is $71,000.
                               New Sidewalks along S.R. 60. S.R. 60 has high traffic volumes and speeds.
Erie     S.R. 60 Sidewalks       School in the vicinity along with residential and a large senior living        Simon      Richard
                                      communtiy. Sidewalk approximately 3300 feet in length.
        Homegardner Road
                                 Widen pavement from 18 feet to 22 feet. 1250 feet in length, includes
Erie      Widening and                                                                                         Riesterer    Tim  
                                                some storm sewer and ditch work.
          Construction of
Erie   Highway Department                 Construction of new Highway Department Building                       Smith       Tadd
            Bragg Road
Erie                              Resurfacing road from Strecker Road South to the Erie County Line.            Brown       Rob
                                                                          Submitted Requests - Not Approved

           Billings Road
Erie                              Road resurfacing from Portland Road south to the Erie County Line.           Brown     Ron
                                Rebuild Swan and Liberty Streets in the Village of Milan. Streets include
         Swan/Liberty St.
Erie                           storm sewer. Drawings and desgin is complete and the project is ready to        Bowie    Bruce
                                                               go out to bid.
                               Continuation of the Swan Street and Liberty Street Rehabilitation project
          Liberty Street
Erie                              in the Village of MIlan. Design and drawings are complete. Project is        Bowie    Bruce
                                                            ready to go to bid.
         East Merry Street     Rebuild East Merry Street in the Village of Milan. Includes storm sewers,
Erie                                                                                                           Bowie    Bruce
           Rehabilitation         design and drawings complete, project is ready to go out to bid.

                                 Main Street and Front Street, Village of Milan. Design and construct a
         Main Street/Front
Erie                            handicap ramp from the northeast corner of the intersection to existing        Bowie    Bruce
       Street Handicap Ramp                                    sidewalk.
            Scheid Rd.
Erie                                    Scheid Rd. Reconstruction fromTaylor Td. to Ransom Rd.                 Parker    Mike
Erie    Harris Road Project        Tar and chip Harris Road from the Township Line to Mason Road               Parker    Mike
Erie     Bryan Rd. Project           Tar and Chip Bryan Rd. from Tonwship line to Thomas Road                  Parker    Mike
Erie   Delamatre Rd. Project        Tar and chip Delametre Rd. from Ransom Rd. to Patten Tract Rd.             Parker    Mike

Erie   Thomas Road Project                Tar and Chip Thomas Rd. from S.R. 113 to Mason Rd.                   Parker    Mike
Erie    Harris Road Project                   Tile roadside from Portland Rd. to Mason Rd.                     Parker    Mike
                                Resurface Runway 09-27, Emergency Nature of Project as the airport is
                                                        the lifeline of the Island.
                                Runway 9-27 is the only open legal runway on the Island and it is in such
        Kelleys Island Air     disrepair that we have been notified by Griffing Flying Service that it could
Erie                                                                                                           Quinn    Robert
       Runway Resurfacing                                      soon become
                                              unusable by their service if it is not addressed.

                                            NASA Runway Project - New 9000' long runway
Erie   NASA Runway Project       -location-NASA Plumb Brook Research Station-U.S. 250 in Erie County.          Bixler   Michael
                                                    Project will be design build.
                                                                                Submitted Requests - Not Approved

               Wilcoxson Street          Reconstruct stormwater discharge of 2 pipes in ravine adjacent to
  Erie          Storm Water             Wilcoxson St. Project design paid and 80% complete. Project Shovel          Bowie     Bruce
            Discharge Reconstruct                             Ready by Summer 2009.

                                      The replacement of this water line has been designed and feeds local
                                   residential and commercial customers o the City's water. In addition, the
                                     line will close a loop around the entire City's distribution network and
                                    connect to an Erie County water line that provides service to additional
  Erie      Berlin Road Water Line                                                                                  White    Andrew
                                        residential and commercial customers. The city and county have
                                   collaborated together to provide this service for many years. The project
                                     has been designed and could be initiated immediately upon receipt of
                                                                  federal funds.
                 Ransom Rd.
  Erie                                       Reconstruction of Ransom Road from Mason to Scheid Rd.                 Parker    Mike
               Erie Metroparks
  Erie         Swimming Pool                         Repair existing pool at Metroparks facility.                    Dice    Stephen
                                          City of Huron endeavors to erect a 250kw wind turbine at its water
                                            filtration plant that would greatly reduce its annual utility costs
                                       approximately $50k to $60k per year. A wind analysis was completed in
                                           2008 and projected and estimated cost of $1million. The City has
                                          collaborated with other local governments interested in the same
                 Wind Turbine              construction and has participated in discussions with a European
  Erie                                                                                                              White    Andrew
                  Acquisition            manufacturer that is interested in locating an assembly plant in Ohio
                                        commiserate with a commitment by local communities to purchase its
                                          product. The City requests $7 million for the construction of seven
                                      turbines in Erie County. This project would provide a number of new jobs
                                         assocaited with the manufacture and fabrication of the wind turbine
                                                                    blades and towers.
                 Wind Turbine          Township is seeking funds for the purchase and construction of a 20kw
  Erie                                                                                                              Brown     Ron
                  Acquisiton                                       wind turbine.

            Dist 5, PID 85749, FAI            Purchase 2 light transit vehicles for the City of Lancaster
Fairfield                                                                                                           Harris    Brett
               Purchase 2 LTVs
                                                                                Submitted Requests - Not Approved

            Dist 5, PID 85748, FAI
                                           Purchase communication equipment for the City of Lancaster
Fairfield      Communication                                                                                         Harris     Brett
            Dist 5, PID 85750, FAI
                                       Purchase 1 computer, server, and hardware for the City of Lancaster
Fairfield    Computer, server,                                                                                       Harris     Brett
                                     Parking lot ashphalt replacement for the City of Lancaster Create PID for
            Dist 5, PID 85980, FAI
Fairfield                                   recovery project Create funding event for recovery project               Harris     Brett
             Replace parking lot
            Dist 5, PID 85981, FAI       Rehab/renovate office and vehicle storage facilities for the City of
Fairfield      Rehab/renovate                                       Lancaster                                        Harris     Brett
                                     This project is located in the Village of Canal Winchester, Fairfield County,
                                     Ohio and consists of two components: Rutherford/Robinett Construction,
                                      and Eichorn Improvements. The Rutherford/Robinett component of the
                                      project consists of the construction of two new roadways extended from
                                      the existing Dove Pkwy within Canal Winchester's Canal Point Industrial
                                           Park and will open additional land for development of the Park.
                                      Rutherford Dr. is a 950 foot new roadway construction that will connect
            Rutherford/Robinett          Dove Pkwy to existing Howe Industrial Pkwy within the park and will
Fairfield      Construction &          include water and storm sewer facilities. Robinett Way is a 1,400 foot        Peoples   Matthew
              Eichorn Improve           new roadway construction that will connect Dove Parkway to existing
                                       Foreign Trade Zone property located within the industrial park and will
                                      include water, storm sewer and sanitary sewer facilities. The Eichorn St
                                     Improvements component consists of widening approximately 600 feet of
                                       the existing Eichorn St from a two lane section to a three lane section.
                                          Project will include the extension of an existing box culvert and the
                                     installation of waterline. Project is a major portion of the development of
                                       a regional medical campus that will include a free standing emergency
                                                                                  Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                      Violet Township, on behalf of Pickerington Schools District (PLSD), City of
                                         Pickerington, Fairfield County, and the Ohio University Pickerington
                                        Campus, is seeking funding for the construction of a fiber network to
                                     address several, critical deficiencies in our townships ability to access high-
                                       quality broadband services. The 17 mile fiber network will connect all
                                        township offices, Fairfield county offices (within Violet Township), All
                                           Pickerington Schools, City of Pickerington municipal offices, Ohio
                                      University-Pickerington Center buildings, a new Hospital currently under
            Township / County-            construction, and a critical, 500 AC Job-Site Ready, industrial park.
Fairfield                                                                                                                  Davis      Joy
            wide Broadband Plan
                                       We are completing engineering plans for this shovel-ready project so we
                                     can begin construction when funding is arranged. Current private carriers
                                      have been approached that service areas around the township but have
                                                 been unwilling to connect to these crucial assets.
                                           The construction of the network will create 20-25 construction,
                                       engineering, and technical trade jobs. Job creation associated with the
                                     management of the network itself could number as many as 20 jobs. Over
                                      500-1,000 jobs will be created through 20-25 new technology businesses

            Dist 5, PID 85119, FAI                               Approach Slab Overlays
Fairfield                                                                                                                 McDonald    Tim
                 US 33 01.10
                                      New 1.2 MGD water treatment plant, well field, and approximately 2,000
                                     LF of 12 inch line to tie into existing 8 inch line. Project is critical since the
                                     existing water treatment plant was constructed in 1935, and is at capacity.
             Water Treatment
                                       Well field does not meet EPA required 300 foot isolation distance, and
Fairfield   Plant and Well Field                                                                                            Hall     Marsha
                                      must be done simultaneous to the plant construction. The village is just
              Improvement P                completing a new wastewater treatment plant and is removing
                                     wastewater inflow and infiltration to resolve EPA findings. paying for both
                                                             at the same time is unrealistic.
                               Refinancing of current CWSRLF loan to provide a negative interest loan for
Fairfield   Upper Hocking WPCF a portion of the project mandated by the Ohio EPA for the construction of                   Crews     Denise
                                   a 2 MG treatment plant, pump station, and force main to alleviate
                                                       combined sewer overflows
Fairfield    Trace Drive Culvert                            Replacement of a failing culvert                               Crews     Denise
                                                                                  Submitted Requests - Not Approved

               Lawrence Street          Refinancing of existing CWSRLF loan to include a negative loan for this
Fairfield     Septage Receiving        portion of the project to provide a location for septage haulers to deliver       Crews    Denise
                   Facility                                      septage for treatment.
               Ewing Run Trunk
Fairfield                             Installation of 3000 LF of sanitary sewer to serve a proposed development          Crews    Denise
               Sewer Extension
             Miller Park Wellfield Cast In Place Lining of deteriorating sewer lines in the Miller Park well field
Fairfield                                                                                                                Crews    Denise
                 Sewer Lining         as required by the Ohio EPA mandated wellfield management plan.

                 Tennis Court
Fairfield                              Improvements to tennis courts used for youth and adult tennis programs            Crews    Denise
                 Glassco Park
Fairfield                                                 Park Improvements for assessibility                            Crews    Denise
              Lancaster Shelter
Fairfield                             Shelter House building upgrades for enegy efficiency and ADA compliance            Crews    Denise
                                     The Walnut Creek Sewer District is located in Fairfield County in Walnut
                                        and Pleasant Townships and serves the villages of Pleasantville and
                                     Thurston. The project consists of I/I removal from the existing collection
            Inflow and Infiltration system through a variety of rehabilitation methods. The phase I project is
Fairfield                                                                                                                Carder   Michael
             Remediation Phase I focused in the Village of Pleasantville, but affects the overall operation of
                                     the system. The rehabilitation will include rehabilitation of sewer pipes
                                    and manholes. The District is under Findings and Orders through the EPA
                                                and this project is working to improve the system.

            Rising Park Restroom Renovations to existing facilities at Park for enegry conservation and ADA
Fairfield                                                                                                                Crews    Denise
                 Renovations                                      compliance

            Commerce Street Area         Fiber Optic installation for East Side Industrial Park to connect to City
Fairfield                                                                                                                Crews    Denise
                   Network                                                system
              Lynn Drive Storm         Replacement of a deteriorated storm sewer on Lynn drive with 500 LF of
Fairfield                                                                                                                Crews    Denise
             Sewer Replacement                                   new storm sewer
             Sells Road Drainage      Ditch improvements and storm sewer improvements to eliminate flooding
Fairfield                                                                                                                Crews    Denise
                Improvements                                    of local businesses
            Fiber Loop for System
Fairfield                             Upgrade of system reliablity connecting local governements and industries          Crews    Denise
             Rock Mill Corporate      Installation of fiber optic lines to connect industrial park to City fiber optic
Fairfield                                                                                                                Crews    Denise
                 Park Network                              network for economic development.
                                                                                Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                        Reconstruction of Nolder Drive, a low to moderate income area, to
             Nolder Drive Street    include curbs, drainage, sidewalks and street reconstruction. This project
Fairfield                                                                                                           Crews   Denise
               Improvements         has been on the CDBG program list for the last 10 years and HUD and the
                                                 City have set aside some funds for the project.

                                      Rail load facility to allow local industries access to rail service for the
Fairfield    Transload Facility                                                                                     Crews   Denise
                                       transportation of goods located at a remediated brownfield site.

Fairfield    Rising Park Paving                              Paving of Park Roadways                                Crews   Denise
            Baldwin Run Storm       Replacement of an undersized storm sewer with 600 feet of new sewer to
Fairfield                                                                                                           Crews   Denise
            Sewer Replacement                 alleviate flooding at hospital and local businesses
             Huffer Durdin Park
Fairfield                                          Replacement of an unsafe pedestrian bridge                       Crews   Denise
             Pedestrian Bridge
             Law Enforcement
Fairfield                                            Building renovations for enegy efficiency                      Crews   Denise
            Building Renovations
              Anchor Avenue          Construction of roadways in Rock Mill Corporate Park to provide access
Fairfield                                                                                                           Crews   Denise
               Construction                               for economic development
            Dave John's Avenue       Construction of roadways in Rock Mill Corporate Park to provide access
Fairfield                                                                                                           Crews   Denise
               Construction                               for economic development
              Mill Park Drive        Construction of roadways in Rock Mill Corporate Park to provide access
Fairfield                                                                                                           Crews   Denise
                 Extension                                for economic development
            West Sixth Avenue       Cast In Place lining of 300 LF of deteriorated storm sewer that cannot be
Fairfield                                                                                                           Crews   Denise
               Storm Sewer                            excavated due to location to businesses.
             Carl Drive Storm       Installation of 100 feet of storm sewer to eliminate a drainage issue and
Fairfield                                                                                                           Crews   Denise
                   Sewer                                            road hazard

            Ety Road Intersection    Signalization and turn lanes for intersection due to additional traffic for
Fairfield                                                                                                           Crews   Denise
               Improvements                              commercial and industrial areas

             Trace Drive Culvert
Fairfield                                        Replacement of failing culvert to protect street.                  Crews   Denise
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                   The Village of Amanda is in need of a new elevated water storage tank.
                                   Currently the Village utilizes an under-sized standpipe that is more than
            Village of Amanda -
                                  50 years old. The new water storage tank will provide additional capacity
Fairfield       Water Tower                                                                                       Brown     Alan
                                   as well as increase service pressure within town. This project has been
                Replacement        recommended to the Village by EPA Central District Office. Plans were
                                           previously approved but the project has lacked funding.

Fairfield   2009 Paving Program                 Pavement improvements on major city streets                       Crews    Denise
            Countywide Transit     Expansion of City transit program to surrounding county areas including
Fairfield                                                                                                         Crews    Denise
                  Program                        commuters to Columbus Metropolitan Area
              SR 37 Waterline      Construction of 5000 feet of waterline in industrial area to provide loop
Fairfield                                                                                                         Crews    Denise
                 Connector                            for pressure and fire protection.
            Distribution System
Fairfield         Building             Building renovations for energy efficiency and ADA compliance.             Crews    Denise
                                    Water line loop connection to provide pressure and fire protection to
Fairfield    Road Water Loop                                                                                      Crews    Denise
                                                               industrial area
                   Phase 2
            East Side Standpipe   Inspection and coating of east side standpipe to provide pressure and fire
Fairfield                                                                                                         Crews    Denise
                Renovations                                       protection
                                  The project will be constructed at the existing wastewater plant located at
                                   12400 Lancaster Street, NE in Millersport. The key focus of the project is
                                   to help manage peak hydraulic flows delivered to the WWTP particularly
                                      during wet weather periods of time. Failure to provide a means of
Fairfield     Treatment Plant                                                                                     Carder   Michael
                                  managing peak flows will limit possible growth in the village as well as lead
               Improvements           to eventual noncompliance with the village’s wastewater discharge
                                    permit. Drawings are to be submitted to the OEPA for permit March 1,
              Frick Gallagher
Fairfield                                  Remediation of existing industrial site for redevelopment              Crews    Denise
            Renovations to City        upgrades to existing historic building for energy efficiencies and
Fairfield                                                                                                         Crews    Denise
                    Hall                                         preservation
            Downtown Parking         construction of parking garage to allow for expansion of downtown
Fairfield                                                                                                         Crews    Denise
                  Garage                                         businesses
                                                                                Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                  Miller Pool
Fairfield                               renovations to Miller Park pool for energy efficiency, safety and access    Crews    Denise
                                         The project will replace an existing waterline that extends from
                                     Millersport to the corporation of Buckeye Lake that is of small capacity
                                      and in poor condition. Phase I of the project was completed in 2008.
                                     Phase II & III will complete the project and all work will be performed in
            Buckeye Lake Phase II Fairfield County’s right-of-way. The capacity of the existing 6" line is only
Fairfield                                                                                                           Carder   Michael
            & III Water Supply Line 375 gallons per minute and the new 12” waterline will be able to convey
                                      over one million gallons per day. The project will allow the Village of
                                     Buckeye Lake to have a centralized, potable water supply and also help
                                    the region, not just the Village of Millersport, with clean drinking water
                                                     and stimulate and encourage job growth.
                 Skate Park
Fairfield                                 renovations to Skate Park for energy efficiency, safety and access        Crews    Denise
             Campground Road           Roadway reconstruction and expansion of existing roadway to allow for
Fairfield                                                                                                           Crews    Denise
                  Upgrade                              safe traffic flow to commercial areas
             Renovations to Fire
Fairfield                                Renovations to existing fire for safety, access and energy efficiency      Crews    Denise
                  Station 3
Fairfield   Tiki Pool Renovations          renovations to Tiki Pool for energy efficiency, safety and access        Crews    Denise
             Baldwin Run Stream      Stream restoration in Baldwin Run from Main Street to Feder Run
Fairfield                                                                                                           Crews    Denise
                 Restoration                             confluence to restore habitat
            Hocking River Stream
Fairfield                            Restoration of floodplain and stream corridor on the Hocking River             Crews    Denise
              Campground Road      Roadway reconstruction and expansion of existing roadway to allow for
Fairfield                                                                                                           Crews    Denise
                   Upgrade                  safe truck traffic to City facilities and industrial areas
            Ety Road Columbus to      Roadway realighnment and improvement for safe traffic flow to
Fairfield                                                                                                           Crews    Denise
               Memorial Drive                                   commercial areas
             Ety Road Railroad to Roadway reconstruction and bridge improvements for safe traffic flow to
Fairfield                                                                                                           Crews    Denise
                Campgrounds                                     commercial areas

Fairfield   Rising Park Connector             Connection of existing bikepath to Fairgrounds and Parks              Crews    Denise
             Replacement of Fire
Fairfield                                                  Construction of new fire station                         Crews    Denise
                  Station 1
                                                                               Submitted Requests - Not Approved

             Replacement of Fire
Fairfield                                                 Construction of new fire station                         Crews    Denise
                  Station 2
               Waterworks Hill    Renovations to existing 4.3 MG reservior including inspection and coating
Fairfield                                                                                                          Crews    Denise
            Reservoir Renovations              for water quality, pressure and fire protection

                                    The Wastewater plant currently needs to replace their steel aeration tanks
                                     with concrete structures as the steel structures are rapidly deteriorating.
                 Waste Water         Also the plant does not have a source of emergency power as mandated
Fairfield      Treatment Plant       by the Ohio EPA. An emergency generator would be installed that could         Carder   Michael
                                     operate the plant during power outtages and prevent discharges to the
                                                                 receiving stream.

               Lancaster Glass
Fairfield                                      Cleanup of industrial site for commercial development               Crews    Denise
               Municipal Court         Construction of new municipal court building to centralize activities,
Fairfield                                                                                                          Crews    Denise
                   Building                        improve security, improve energy efficiency
               Union Mulberry
                                      Stormwater Management improvements in the Union Mulberry area to
Fairfield          Drainage                                                                                        Crews    Denise
                                                            eliminate flooding
            Ety Road Extension to     Extension of Ety Road to SR 188 to allow access from south end of town
Fairfield                                                                                                          Crews    Denise
                    SR 188                               and highway to commercial areas
                 Ewing Street       Extension of Ewing Street to US 33 to allow truck access to industrial areas
Fairfield                                                                                                          Crews    Denise
                  Connector                    and faster response time for medics to the hospital

                                      Bike Trail Extension from City of Lancaster to Carroll and Pickerington to
Fairfield      Interurban Trail                                                                                    Crews    Denise
                                                      provide alternative transportation routes
                                          Bike Trail Extension from City of Lancaster Alley Park to provide
Fairfield   Alley Park Connector                                                                                   Crews    Denise
                                                          alternative transportation routes
                                                                               Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                       The Walnut Creek Sewer District is located in Fairfield County in Walnut
                                         and Pleasant Townships and serves the villages of Pleasantville and
                                       Thurston. The project is necessary to prevent the treatment plant from
                                      being in violation with the OEPA limits for discharge water quality which
                                          currently occur during wet-weather conditions and consist of the
Fairfield      Treatment Plant                                                                                     Carder    Michael
                                      construction of two circular clarifiers and other miscellaneous piping and
                Improvements          electrical improvements. Please note the work is to be performed as the
                                        District is currently under OEPA Findings and Orders. The engineering
                                       plans have been approved by the OEPA and could be offered for public
                                                      bidding immediately after receipt of the funds.

Fairfield     Trace Drive Culvert                          Replacement of a failing culvert                        Crews     Denise

                                   Approximately 2700 feet full width/full depth reconstruction of Columbus
                                    Street, the main street through Lithopolis. Continued development in the
                                   area and the transition of US33 to a limited-access highway has resulted in
                                      the transition of Columbus Street from a village street to a major east-
                                         west corridor between Columbus/Groveport (Rickenbacker) and
                                      Lancaster.Project will include full depth reconstruction, storm sewers,
                                   replacment of a 60 year old water trunk line, sidewalks, street lighting and
               Columbus Street
Fairfield                                This project is extremely important to the health and safety of the       Sandine    Eric
            Reconstruction Project citizens of Lithopolis. The roadway is in an advanced state of decay and is
                                    seeing more traffic, both vehicular and pedestrian, than ever before. The
                                   increased traffic and the failing infrastructure represent a very real danger
                                      to the community. The roadway is the primary conduit for emergency
                                   vehicles out of town and provides access to the local elementary school. In
                                      addition, a revived downtown with new sidewalks and convenient on-
                                    street parking will undoubtedly revitalize the Village’s struggling business
                                                                               Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                    The PTO of Chief Tarhe Elementary School wishes to construct a 1/4 mile
                                     health & fitness trail around the perimeter of the school property. This
                                   fitness trail will be used by the students, faculty and parents during before
                                      and after school walking programs as well as its becoming a part of the
                                     school's health education curriculum. We intend to use volunteer work
                                       for as much as we can, however we also will need to hire several local
                                   contractors for the heavy work. When complete, thsi health & fitness trail
             Tarhe Elementary
Fairfield                           will be used to teach the kids to embrace a life of healthy living, aiding in   Zaker    Christopher
            Health & Fitness Trail the prevention of childhood obesity. As it stands, childhood obesity has
                                        been identified as the single largest danger to the youth of America.
                                     Teaching the children at a young age to live healthier lifestyles, including
                                     a consistent physical fitness program will serve to help them as they get
                                    older. The contractors being considered for this work are in dire need of
                                    construction jobs as the current economic situation has hurt them badly.
                                               We want to help our kids as well as the local economy.

                                     Purchase 2 light transit vehicles with a narrow body for Community Action
            Dist 6, PID 85732, FAY
Fayette                                                            of Fayette County                                Harris      Brett
               Purchase 2 LTNs

            Dist 6, PID 85731, FAY Purchase dispatch/scheduling software for Community Action of Fayette
Fayette      Dispatch/scheduling                                  County                                            Harris      Brett
            Dist 6, PID 85733, FAY
                                    Purchase 2 modified minivans for Community Action of Fayette County
Fayette      Purchase 2 modified                                                                                    Harris      Brett
            Dist 6, PID 85729, FAY Purchase 2 computers and 1 fax machine for Community Action of Fayette
Fayette      Purchase computers                                     County                                          Harris      Brett
                    and fax
            Dist 6, PID 85730, FAY Purchase 2 radio bases and communication equipment for Community
Fayette     Purchase radio bases                           Action of Fayette County                                 Harris      Brett
                    & comm
            Dist 6, PID 85728, FAY    Rehabilitation/renovation of office and garage space for Community
Fayette      Rehab/renov office,                           Action of Fayette County                                 Harris      Brett
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                                  A 95,000 sq ft Mega Plex Entertainment Venue.
                                    Housing (2) 100'x120' Nite Clubs w/Original Recording Artists performing
                                     every Fri & Sat Nites. A Sports Lounge, Pizza Shop, Arcade, meeting and
                                    banquette rooms, gift shop and a 50's and 60's Diner to hold 160 people.
                                             Will be one of the biggest entertainment venues in Ohio.
             MEMORY LANE
Fayette                                                                                                          Krouskop   Gary
          Entertainment Venue                     Gross figures of over 10,000,000.00 per year.
                                                 Helping Washington CH and surrounding areas.
                                                    Looking to draw from 50 miles radius +.

                                                    Helping many People to get back to work.
                                    The Central Ohio Logistics Center(COLC) is a multi-modal facility for all
                                 transportation and logistics activity in Ohio and the greater midwest. With
                                       immediate access to I-71, US 35 and SR 41, COLC provides an ideal
                                   transportation solution to companies shipping commodities throughout
                                  the US and the world. COLC is part of a 2700 acre Ohio Jobs Ready Site in
                                 Jeffersonville at the heart of Ohio's agricultural industry. The construction
                                 of COLC at the site only serves to enhance the appeal of the JRS Mega site
                                         allowing a quicker return on the already sizeable local and state
          Central Ohio Logistics
Fayette                             investment and improvements. Having already completed the Phase 1            Peterson   Bob
                                  environmentals, sewer and water, land acquisitions and options, COLC is
                                 the perfect fit for the Stimulus Recovery program and a rapid start needed
                                 to stimulate our economy. The funds would be used for rail infrastructure,
                                        equipment and site developments necessary for a large variety of
                                 containerized shipments and the trans-loading of Ohio grains for domestic
                                         and world-wide shipment. The COLC would provide up to 1600
                                     construction jobs and as many as 3000 transportation related jobs to
                                      supplement a projected 12000 jobs possible through the Mega Site.
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                   OVLC represents a tremendous opportunity for sustainable development
                                    in Ohio. The multi-modal project is located in Fayette County and is jobs
                                       ready with utilities. Bordering the state's largest Jobs Ready site, an
                                      intermodal terminal is a logistics center for the Foreign Trade Zone in
                                   Jeffersonville. SR 729 must be reconfigured to accommodate Phase I and
                                   II of the build-out. Phase I Environmental is already completed and PE on
                                       the first phase of the project can begin within 30-90 days of funding.

                                 Ultimately, OVLC will form a link to a 30 acre barge-to-rail facility on the
          Ohio Valley Logistics
                                 Ohio River. This transportation corridor will provide OVLC access to the
Fayette     Center - SR 729                                                                                       Peterson   Bob
                                Gulf Coast, Halifax and Prince Rupert ports, and the Far East, esatblishing
              Relocation        Ohio as a logistics capital. Approximately 1,000 jobs can be created during
                                    construction with 75 permanent jobs projected at the facility, leveraging
                                   3,000 transportation-related new jobs. Ultimately, the JRS should employ
                                                               12,000 Ohioans.

                                      The funding requested will aid in the necessary re-routing of SR 729.

                                    OVLC has received local participation including 20 acres of land for right-
                                    of-way access. The land represents a private contribution of $783,000.
                                                                          Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                    Project provides for the expansion of the City of Washington Court
                                 House's WWTP to eliminate by-passing during wet weather events. This
                                 project is required to comply with a Consent Order and to improve the
                               condition of the WWTP. Specifically, the project provides for expansion of
                                   the influent pump station and secondary treatment and disinfection
                               facilities to provide storage and treatment for wet weather-derived flows.
                               Processes and/or buildings included in this project are as follows: Influent
           2009 Washington       Pump Station Expansion; Preliminary Treatment Building; Equalization
Fayette   Court House WWTP     Tank Repairs; Aeration Tank modifications; Secondary Clarifier Expansion;        Drazba     Randall
            Improvements         UV Disinfection Faciities; Wet Weather Aeration Tanks (converted from
                                aerobic digesters); Blower Building (maintenance on blowers and replace
                               electrical power supply including emergency generator); Digester Building
                                  (replace aged and corroding structures and equipment and thickening
                                   equipment for secondary sludge); and Sludge Dewatering & Storage
                                Building(belt press for dewatering digested sludge). Work includes minor
                                   repairs to building superstructures, roofs and ventilations systems as
                                                      necessary to comply with codes.
Fayette                              Upgrade and resurface major collector road in Fayette County               Luebbe     Steve
          Road Improvement
            Culpepper Area
                                 Replace and expand waterlines in the existing Culpepper Area Water
Fayette        Waterline                                                                                        Luebbe     Steve
            Old US35 Road
Fayette                              Upgrade and resurface major collector road in Fayette County               Luebbe     Steve
                                   The Ohio Valley Logistics Center (OVLC) is a multi-modal hub for all
                                 transportation and logistics activity in Ohio and the greater mid-west.
                                OVLC is a job ready 2,700 acre site in Jeffersonville, at the heart of Ohio’s
                                 agricultural industry. With immediate access to I-71, US Route 35 and
           The Ohio Valley
Fayette                             State Route 41, OVLC provides an ideal transportation solution to           Peterson    Bob
           Logistics Center    organizations shipping commodities throughout the US. It is a designated
                                foreign trade zone for manufacturing and distribution and can draw on
                               area workforce for as many as 12,000 new jobs when the site is fully-built.
                                      3,000 transportation-related jobs will be created at the OVLC.
                                                                                 Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                      Project will recycle for reuse 40,000 gallons / day of dirty leachate water
                                     allowing two landfills to become "Zero Discharge" to local sewer systems.
                                      Local sewer POTW regains capacity without infrastructure improvement,
                                     current water demands from wells and/or city is eliminated, water will be
              Landfill Leachate                                                                                                           bmalatesta@greensolutiontechnologie
Franklin                             reused at landfill for methanol production, fume control, dust control and       Malatesta   Brad
                  Project            environmental required decontamination. Project will run on energy from
                                        gas produced at the landfill. Project equipment operates with no ait
                                      emissions. Provides alternative environmental solutions to recirculating
                                                     or discharging leachate to the sewer. YPyXX

                                     Project will recycle for re-use all of the de-icing waters generated at Port
                                     Columbus International Airport. Airport will go to "Zero Discharge" to the
                                        local Sewer system freeing up capacity without new infrastructure.
                                          Pollution insurance will be lowered, Airport buys less city water.
            Recycling Airport De-
                                       Recycled de-icing water can be used to flush airport toilets, irrigation,                          bmalatesta@greensolutionstechnologi
Franklin   icing for Waters for Re-                                                                                   Malatesta   Brad
                                    tarmack cleaning, plane washing etc. Project equipment operates with no                                  
                     use               air emissions. Will significantly lower costs to aitlines and lower Gate
                                    costs for attracting new ai9rlines and jobs. Airport will be able to eliminate
                                     sewer discharge costs that are approaching $1,000,000 annually. Project
                                                     has approval and endorsement of OhioEPA.

                                       The project extends McCorkle Boulevard to help revitalize an older and
                                      underutilized industrial area within the City of Westerville. The extension
                                        serves three critical needs. First it provides access to the last remaining
                                          under/undeveloped land zoned for industrial use - allowing it to be
            McCorkle Boulevard             subdivided for development. Second it provides truck access to a
Franklin                                                                                                               Colley     Julie
                Extension             signalized intersection, providing a safe truck route for the industrial area
                                       and redirecting traffic from nearby residential neighborhoods. Third, it
                                       provides access to upgraded utilities, including broadband connections,
                                          which will expand the redevelopment opportunities for the entire
                                                 industrial area to include research and development.
                                                                           Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                This project provides for development of new parks in the City of Hilliard.
                                 These will be public private partnerships. It will be necessary to secure
                                        private funds for this project to advance to construction.

                                 Two parks that have been indentified for planning and development are
                                   the First Responders Park and Hilliard's Station Park in Old Hilliard.

                                 Funds for program design and construction are being provided for below.
                                   Design of First Responders Park, Hilliard's Station Park, Heritage Trails
                                Bike path trailhead and associated Center Street Improvements alignment
                                                        Design in 2008 - $575,200.
             Center Street
                                 These projects are part of a revitalization of the City's Historical Business
Franklin   Improvements with                                                                                     Seidle    Clyde
                                 District. These improvements will provide stimulus for 25 new service
               new Parks          industry jobs, 25 retail and at least 50 professional jobs the City and
                                         retention of 200 jobs in the Old Hilliard Business District.

                                   First Responders Park Construction (includes construction admin and
                                                      inspection cost) - $1,250,000
                                                     Park land acquisition $200,000.

                                             Hilliard's Station Park improvements - $3,500,000

                                          Center Street & Trail Head Improvements - $1,100,000

                                 Styles & Profyles Autobody plans on acquiring a 6000 square foot facility
                                and equiping it with the state of art equipment. With the larger space and
Franklin    Clean Air Project   modern equipment, Styles & Profyles will be able the provide a safer work        Gripper   Audrey
                                environment and the capacity the employee more workers. Therefore, the
                                 company plans on adding at least 1-3 workers to the company per year.
                                                                               Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                   This project inlcudes the replacement of the deteriorated pavement by
                                 milling the existing pavement and installing a 3-inch overlay and a 1-foot
                                berm on each side of Lehner Road on 2,650 feet of pavement. This project
                                 is sustainable in that it will have a useful life of 32 years, postively affects
                                area residents who have suffered damage by flooding along this road, and
           Lehner Road Phase II will help to alleviate congestion and cut through traffic in the area. The
                                      28,768 users/month at the Linden Branch Library will be postively
Franklin     Resurfacing and                                                                                        Wilson     Jack
                                     impacted by these improvements. Further, this project serves low-
              Drainage Impr       moderate income residents and has been designated a Franklin County
                                CDBG Target Area. This project is Phase II of a two-phase project that was
                                     started over 3 years ago. Limited local match availablility from the
                                  township has caused this project to remain on hold for over 3 years and
                                continues to compromise the health, safety and welfare of area residents.

                                     Columbus, Ohio is priviledged to have the Santa Maria as a unique
                                educaiton venue. She is a full-size, museum-quality historical ship berthed
                                in the Scioto River. The Ship has had limited funding over the last 10 years
           Repairs & Maintance
Franklin                            which has left the Columbus Icon in need of serious maintance and               Lillard   Samuel
            for the Santa Maria repairs. Currently the ship needs caulking, woodwork, mooring and other
                                 repairs with an estimated cost of $150,000. If funding is provided, these
                                       repairs can started immediately employing several craftsman.
                                This project consists of improvements to two roadways within the same
                                area of the township: Chambers Circle and Steelwood Road. Chambers
                                Circle serves residents who have low moderate incomes and Steelwood
                                Road serves as access for manufacturing companies and low moderate
                                income residents in a large apartment complex. Improvements include
                                   milling and overlay of the deteriorated pavement, replacement of
             University View
                               deteriorated storm structures and drive culverts and installation of a new
Franklin     Resurfacing and                                                                                        Wilson     Jack
                                    storm system connection to the existing system in the area. This
           Drainage Improveme sustainable project would help to reduce hazardous flooding in the area. It
                                  is also located in the I-315 Research and Technology Corridor which
                               through these improvements may entice new development in the Kenny
                                Station office/research/flex logistics building which has the potential to
                                                           generate 200-300 jobs.
                                                                            Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                 This project will help revitalize Columbus's western gateway through the
           Westland Town Center redevelopment of the former Delphi and Westland Mall sites. The project
Franklin                          includes demolition of existing structures, storm water management,           Brown   Don
                                 various infrastructure and streetscape improvements, and A/E planning
                                                                   and design.
                                 Franklin County is proposing 12 water and sewer utility projects to bring
                                 homes and businesses into compliance with state and local regulations:

                                      Cleveland Heights Phase 3 Sanitary Sewer Improvements ($970,000) –
                                                         150 homes into compliance.

                                        Brown Road East Sanitary Sewer Improvements ($4,170,000) - 244
                                                           homes into compliance.

                                     Mon-E-Bak Sanitary Sewer Improvements ($4,160,000) - 240 homes into

                                      Ferris Road Sanitary Sewer Improvements ($940,000) - 74 homes into
               Water & Sewer
Franklin                              Eureka Park Sanitary Sewer Improvements ($875,000) - 68 homes into        Brown   Don

                                        Kanawha-Rosslyn Sanitary Sewer Improvements ($1,440,000) - 369
                                                          homes into compliance.

                                      Stimmel Road Sanitary Sewer Improvements ($1,450,000) - 18 homes
                                                              into compliance.

                                      Hague Avenue Sanitary Sewer Improvements ($1,780,000) - 24 homes
                                                              into compliance.

                                      Timberlake Water Treatment Plant Rehabilitation Project ($2,005,043).

                                       Agler Road/Fern Street Sewer Improvement Project ($140,000) - 25
                                                           homes into compliance.
                                                                               Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                      This project will construct a new facility to meet the mission of the
                                         County’s Department of Animal Care and Control to provide
                                       compassionate care for impounded animals, as well as adoption,
           Buildings--New Animal     education, veterinary and enforcement services to the residents of
Franklin                             Franklin County. The current facility is out-dated and overcrowded,            Brown    Don
                                 creating the potential for an unsafe working environment. The site for the
                                  new facility was purchased in August 2008, and the project is currently in
                                       the design phase. The total cost of the project is estimated to be
                                      This project consists of constructing a new 5-lane divided roadway
                                  through the Jerman property, which will provide an extension of Cosgray
                                   Road south of its existing terminus at Scioto Darby Road to realign with
                                 Alton Darby Road, north of Heritage Club Drive. The project will include a
                                  4-lane roadway with center median, bike lanes or wide outside lanes for
                                 bicycles, multi-use paths along both sides of the street, street lighting, and
                                   appropriate traffic controls. Modern roundabouts will be evaluated to
                                                              determine feasibility.
           Alton Darby/Cosgray
Franklin                                This roadway extension is vitally important to the City's north/south       Seidle   Clyde
                                                             arterial infrastructure.

                                       The following are private development data associated with this project:
                                        over 2,000 new jobs; $5,200,000 in general site work including drives,
                                        utilities and storm sewers; $30,000,000 in approximately 300,00 sf of
                                     retial @ $100/sf site amd buidling; $22,400,000 in approximately 195,000
                                     sf of office @ $115/sf site and building; $1,000,000 in a stream restoration
                                                           project for the Clover Groff ditch
                                                                         Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                  This project will be designed and constructed as a new 3 lane curb &
                                 gutter road. The project will include sidewalks, multi-use paths, street
                               lighting, new water and sanitary sewer lines. It is to be built in 2 phases.

                               Preliminary design for this project began in 2008. Construction for Phase
                                I is scheduled for 2009 and Phase II in 2010. Cost for construction for
                               Phase I is $700,000 and Phase II is $1,610,000 plus 10% for construction
                                     inspection services. Design and Right-of-way cost of $450,800.

                                 This project will be an economic stimulus to redevelop portions of the
           Northwest Parkway
Franklin                          Franklin County Fairgrounds. The project will be a partnership with         Seidle   Clyde
               Extension         Norwich Township, The Franklin County Agricultural Society, Franklin
                                County. Potenial redevelopment could include an exhibit hall similar in
                               nature to that at the Ohio State Fair, Office and a convention style hotel.
                                This project witht he associated redevelopement and convention draw
                               could mean millions in convention dollars to the Hilliard Community and
                                                           up to 300 new jobs.

                                If funded both phases could be advanced to construtions total project
                                                     length of 2300 linear feet.
                                                                       Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                               Franklin County is requesting support for the following nine shovel-ready
                                                             road projects:

                               Alton & Darby Creek at Renner & Walker ($2.5 million): Improve existing
                                        “T” intersections with turn lanes and traffic signals.

                                  Alton & Darby Creek at Roberts ($2.5 million): Improve existing “T”
                                intersections using a modern roundabout at A&DC at Roberts (north);
                                        Roberts (south) will be realigned with Roberts (north).

                               Alum Creek at Rohr ($800,000): Add turn lanes to west and north legs of

                                   Chatterton at Fleet & Dunloe ($400,000): Add center turn lane on
           Shovel-Ready Road                   Chatterton between Fleet and Dunloe.
Franklin                                                                                                   Brown   Don
                               Clime between Georgesville & Demorest ($10.5 million): Widen existing 2-
                                                    lane roadway to 3-lane.

                               Georgesville between Sullivant and Broad ($8.0 million): Minor widening
                                                   and realignment of roadway.

                                 Olentangy River at Linworth ($1.8 million): Improve skewed, 3-legged
                                              intersection with a modern roundabout.

                                  Reynoldsburg-New Albany at Morse ($2.5 million): Improve existing
                                         signalized intersection with a modern roundabout.

                               White at McDowell ($1.0 million): Add left-turn lane to White and install
                                                           traffic signal.
                                                                            Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                   Franklin County is requesting support for the following 11 shovel-ready
                                                               bridge projects:

                                    Alkire under railroad ($8.0 million): Replace existing railroad structure
                                   over Alkire Road just west of Harrisburg Pike due to inadequate vertical
                                   and horizontal clearance; widen Alkire to 3-lane section from Harrisburg
                                                            Pike to Creekside Drive.

                                   Dodridge over Olentangy ($6.5 million): Replace deteriorated structure.

                                     Dublin-Granville over Sugar Run ($1.0 million): Replace deteriorated

                                       Georgesville-Wrightsville over Smith Ditch ($1.5 million): Replace
           Shovel-Ready Bridge                          deteriorated superstructure.
Franklin                                                                                                         Brown      Don
                                    Harlem over Sugar Run ($1.0 million): Replace deteriorated structure.

                                    Kunz over Hellbranch Run ($500,000): Replace deteriorated structure.

                                     Livingston over Big Walnut Creek ($2.5 million): Replace deteriorated

                                      Pontius over Muddy Run ($500,000): Replace deteriorated culvert.

                                    Rodebaugh over French Run ($500,000): Replace deteriorated culvert.

                                     Scioto Darby Creek over railroad ($1.0 million): Replace deteriorated

                                   West Main Street over Alum Creek ($7.0 million): Replace deteriorated
           Mulberry Run Sanitary
                                   This project includes preliminary engineering and planning services, as
Franklin    Sewer Evaluation                                                                                    Reichard   Sharon
                                                        required by the OEPA DFFO.
                                                                            Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                     This is one of the most important projects if not the most important
                                  project that the United States could possibly sponsor. It spans all aspects
                                 of Government and Commerce including Wall Street, Main Street, and the
                                     whole of America. I introduced this project to several Congressmen,
                                 Governor Taft, the City of Columbus and all felt it was absolutely essential
                                   that we as a Nation implement this Plan ASAP. Being from Ohio I would
                                  like to first introduce my plan to Governor Strickland. After he hears the
                                  plan I am completely confident that he will want to take me and my plan
                                  to Washington and introduce it to President Obama. This is an Economic
Franklin        ANT, LTD.                                                                                          Wilson       Michael
                                 Plan that will create millions of jobs across America. It will have economic
                                  benefits that will reach every nation of the free world. It will balance our
                                     Foreign Trade and recover our dollars held by so many of our Trade
                                 Partners. It will stimulate the World Economy in such a positive way, that
                                   the United States will be looked at as the Country that saved the World
                                 from an Economic Catastrophe while reestablishing the US as the number
                                   one economic power in the World. This plan may very will be the Silver
                                                          Bullet we are all looking for.

                                  Move a plant from Ormond Beach Florida to Ohio that will immediately
                                   reemploy 200 laid off workers at plants located in Circleville and New
                                 Madison, Ohio and create exterior body color paint capabilities to supply
                                 Honda. This new capability is estimated to create 100 new jobs within 5
                                  years. The location choices for this move are Kentucky or Indiana. The
Franklin     Ormond Move                                                                                         Hollenbacher   Darrel
                                      proceeds will be used to acquire an empty building suitable for a
                                 manufacturing facility and acquire new or used equipment to be installed
                                       in this building. The components of the project are for building
                                     acquisition, move costs, start up costs at the new location and the
                                                           purchase of equipment.
           Systemwide Sanitary
                                  This project includes preliminary engineering and planning services, as
Franklin     Sewer Evaluation                                                                                      J. Steven    Morris
                                                        required by the OEPA DFFO.
            Systemwide Flow
                                  This project includes preliminary engineering and planning services, as
Franklin     Monitoring and                                                                                        Bowman       Patrik
                                                        required by the OEPA DFFO.
           Associated Base Map
                                                                            Submitted Requests - Not Approved

             Republican Run
                                    This project includes preliminary engineering and planning services, as
Franklin     Sanitary Sewer                                                                                      Reichard    Sharon
                                                          required by the OEPA DFFO.
           Evaluation Study, Ph
           Grant Run Sanitary
                                    This project includes preliminary engineering and planning services, as
Franklin    Sewer Evaluation                                                                                     Reichard    Sharon
                                                          required by the OEPA DFFO.
                                      Zyvex Performance Materials proposes to create or maintain 10 jobs
                                        within research, development, or engineering by developing and
                                     deploying nano-enhanced composites for the wind energy sector. This
                                      project will directly address two of the categories outlined within the
                                  qualifications: Producing Clean and Efficient Energy in Ohio and Investing
                                   in Science and Technology to Advance Ohio's Economy. Nano-enhnaced
                                       composites provide the ability to reduce weight, add strength, and
             Nano-enhanced          increase efficiency within wind energy and will drive the Ohio economy
Franklin   composites for wind       and leverage the existing infrastructure to create wind energy systems      Criscuolo   Lance
                 enerfy              that can be manufactured within Ohio and promote renewable energy
                                  within the state. Our proposal will leverage existing Third Frontier funding
                                   and other companies within Ohio such as Renegade Materials Corp, APV
                                  Engineered Coatings, Polymer Ohio, and Owens Corning. Our program will
                                  engage Ohio companies and expand the Ohio supply chain to maintain or
                                       create new jobs. The immediate and long term value to Ohio is the
                                  creation of, or maintaining of 10 or more high-paying jobs at ZPM and the
                                   establishment of a new technology centered in Ohio for the wind energy
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                               This project is located in the Village of Canal Winchester, Franklin County,
                                  Ohio. The project will commence at and include improvements to the
                                intersection of Gender Rd (SR 674) and Winchester Blvd. and will extend
                                      to a point approximately 600 feet south of the aforementioned
                               intersection. The specific components of the project will include both the
                               full-depth reconstruction and partial-depth reconstruction of the existing
                                roadway to accommodate an additional southbound lane to enable dual
               Gender Road
                                  left turn lanes from southbound Gender Rd. to eastbound Winchester
Franklin   Improvements, Phase                                                                                    Peoples   Matthew
                                 Blvd, the upgrade of the traffic signals at the affected intersection, and
                   1                  improvements to the access drives at three driveway entrances
                                immediately to the east and west of the Gender Rd (SR 674)/Winchester
                                           Blvd intersection. In total, approximately 1,400 feet of
                                   roadway/intersection improvements are proposed. This project will
                               alleviate severe traffic congestion in Canal Winchester's main commercial
                                 development area that will spur the development of more open land in
                                                                   the area.

                                   This project is located in Village of Canal Winchester and City of Columbus,
                                    Franklin County, Ohio and consists of the realignment of the west leg of
                                         Winchester Pike to the north to intersect Gender Road opposite
                                       Winchester Lakes Blvd. This improvement will correct the deficient
                                     alignment of the existing Gender Rd/ Winchester Pike intersection and
                                      provide signalization for Winchester Lakes Blvd. In addition, project
             Gender Rd. North         would widening Gender Rd. from US Rt. 33 to north of Lehman Rd. to
Franklin        Corridor            provide a center left-turn land for the entire length of the corridor. This   Peoples   Matthew
              Improvements          improvement would widen the section of Gender Rd. between US Rt. 33
                                      and relocated Winchester Pike from four-lanes to five-lanes and the
                                    section between relocated Winchester Pike and Lehman Road from two-
                                    lanes to three-lanes. Additionally, this improvement would increase the
                                   taper length for the northbound lane merge on Gender Road north of the
                                         relocated Winchester Pike intersection and provide a signalized
                                                     intersection at Gender Road and Lehman.
                                                                               Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                 This project is located in the Village of Canal Winchester and Madison
                                Township, Franklin County, Ohio and consists of constructing a extending
                                    existing Winchester Boulevard west to meet with a proposed new
                                Ebright/US Rt. 33 interchange. The construction will provide three lanes
           Winchester Boulevard
Franklin                        of approximately 7,000 feet and include a 10 foot multi-purpose path. A            Peoples   Matthew
                Extension          bridge would be constructed to cross George Creek and associated
                                    floodplain. Project includes street lighting, a traffic signal for the
                                 Winchester Blvd/Sims Rd/ Interchange Connector Rd intersection and
                                          would also require the relocation of existing Rager Rd.
                                    This project is located in the Village of Canal Winchester, Franklin County,
                                      Ohio and consists of the construction of an overpass for High St/Bowen
                                    Rd. over US Rt. 33. The overpass is a result of a corridor study intended to
             High St./Bowen Rd        convert US Rt. 33 from an expressway with at-grade intersections and
Franklin                                                                                                           Peoples   Matthew
                 Overpass                 signalized access to an interstate quality facility with access via
                                     interchanges and connectivity provided via overpasses. This project will
                                       ease congestion, increase safety and enhance mobility within/to the
                                                            southeast region of the state.
                                      Project consists of the lining of approximately 9,700 feet of 1940's era
             Canal Winchester,      leaking and deteriorating clay sewer mains and 28 manholes in an area
Franklin   Village of - I/I Removal with extremely high groundwater as well as a deteriorating 30" concrete        Peoples   Matthew
                   Phase I                                         trunk main

                                      This project will replace two existing 8" clay sewer lines located on each
             Canal Winchester,       side of the street with a new 8" PVC pipe. The Village will investigate the
Franklin       Village of - E.          option of lining the existing sewers or portions of the sewers where       Peoples   Matthew
             Columbus St. Sew                                           feasible.
                                                                              Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                   The City Center Redevelopment will lead to the creation of Columbus
                                Commons, a pedestrian-friendly gathering space on the site of the former
                                City Center mall in downtown Columbus. Capitol South is leveling the mall
                                 in order to provide a clean and green slate that will serve as recreational
                                 space and eventually attract private development to create a mixed-use
                                neighborhood. Phase 1 will prepare the site for redevelopment and create
                                  a nine-acre park. The project will begin in spring 2009 and the park will
           Columbus City Center open by fall 2010. The initial phase is expected to cost $15-20 million and
Franklin                                                                                                           Taylor     Amy
              Redevelopment        will immediately create 150-200 construction jobs. In the following 10
                                 years, market-driven, mixed-use redevelopment is anticipated, including
                                    residential units or offices above street-level retail, all anchored by a
                                permanent park. The plan includes space for almost 400 residential units,
                                435,000 sf of office, and 70,000 sf of retail/restaurant space. In the future,
                                 we anticipate private investment to exceed $100 million. This will create
                                1,500 construction jobs and an estimated 2,000 permanent jobs. The City
                                  Center Redevelopment is green, jobs producing, shovel ready and a top
            Canal Winchester,                              priority automated fine bar
                                   This project consists of a new of the community. screen on the waste
                                    water influent at the water reclamation facility and will eliminate an
Franklin     Village of - Water                                                                                    Peoples   Matthew
                                                      existing manual coarse bar screen.
               Reclamation F
              Canal Winchester,     This project will replace two existing 6" clay sewer lines located on each
Franklin   Village of - E. Waterloo                 side of the street with a new 8" PVC pipe.                     Peoples   Matthew
                    St. Sew
              Canal Winchester,     This project will replace an aging and inefficient existing force main and
Franklin   Village of - Winchester                  provide improvements to the valve vault.                       Peoples   Matthew
                                      Construction of a 250 space public parking garage to boost traffic, sales
                                       tax, revenues, create jobs in the Short North, Columbus Ohio. Franklin
                                     County and City of Columbus have identified this as a top priority project.
Franklin             Ibiza                                                                                         Council   Michael
                                     In addition to sustaining/creating 500 jobs, the garage will boost revenues
                                          by allowing more people access to to the popular area and boost
                                                 businesses by providing much sought after parking.
                                                                              Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                   Performing research to outline and implement a universal identifier for
                                  state and federal-wide Medicare and Medicaid IT systems. This research
                                   will analyze business processes, system processes, and data models to
                                   recommend a unique identifier for each participant in the system. This
            Universal Identifier
                                  identifier will be secure, HIPPA compliant and allow the tracking of each
Franklin   Research for Medicaid                                                                                   Grill     Billy
                                 participant and their transactions through their life in the system. This will
                 and Med             allow system data to be mined, analyzed, and manipulated without
                                 security concerns posed by using personal information as a unique ID key.
                                   The value and goal of this project is to increase efficiency in Healthcare
                                      technology in order drive costs down while increasing capability.

                                       Restoration of Grandview Heights School District auditorium originally
                                         constructed in 1957. Requested funding is to improve the space for
                                      educational use by improving audio-visual capabilities. The existing space
                                       needs to be upgraded to utilize current technology which will improve
                                     learning. The space also needs increased and improved lighting and needs
                                        include handicapped accessibility seating areas. This project will also
                                                  improve the acoustical nature of the auditorium.
             Grandview Height
                                      This project's design is supported by contemporary research, embodies
Franklin        Auditorium                                                                                         levitt   mitchel
                                       emerging technology, promotes multicultural sensitivities, involves
            Restoration Project           academic achievement, arts and humanities, life-long learning
                                     opportunities, and promotes student, educational staff, family, business,
                                                           and community partnerships.

                                         A detailed project summary is available upon request. This project is
                                         supported by the Grandview Heights Marble Cliff School Board and
                                     various community organizations who have contributed the initial funding
                                                               to support this effort.
                                                                     Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                           WHAT WE ARE: Animal/human feces converted into combustible methane
                             gas that can be used for fuel energy, reducing energy costs up to 60%.
                            Flammable methane gas generated out of this technology is odorless and
                           smokeless. Once the methane is produced, the remaining waste is used as
                                   odor-free fertilizer. We have the potential to be the most
                             environmentally-sound energy sources and do not compete with food
                               crops, unlike many of today’s alternative energy technologies do.

                              EXPECTED OUTCOMES: A working model will be achieved in first three
           Biogas Energy
Franklin                       years after initiation. The next phase is implementation into a test        Sangha     Amandeep
                           community. The goal: to save community all costs related to heating their
                            homes. Next phase is to create +500 cubic feet of methane gas per day
                            from our technology, thus eliminating the community’s dependency on
                             external energy and creating self-sufficiency. Within 5yrs, we create a
                                new industry with a manufacturing plant employing 50+ workers.

                             WHAT WE NEED: Capital for R&D and operating costs, a plant to facilitate
                             development, payroll to recruit young talent to engineer this to fruition,
                             and head count needed to manufacture our technology for the market.
                               rescue average of 2,200 troubled homeowners per month, create an
                              aveage of $1.65 million in revenue streams for 60 or more Non Profit
                           organizations each month. Help assist funding high school arts & athletics
Franklin       FMS         programs with over $23 million per month. Redistribute over $122 million       stevenson     kyle
                                 of wealth each month back into participating members checking
                              accounts. pay out estimated $40 to $60 million a year to the state for
                              Making Ohio more bussiness friendly, keeping job's from leaving Ohio.
                                Selling Ohio to other sectors, lowering taxes of Ohio, you are taxing
                           people out of state. Ohio Was once a proud state people worked hard, but
                            the state took from that work force in taxes, the people need our gov't of
                           Ohio To Sell our work force an make us proud people again! We also need
Franklin   SELLING Ohio                                                                                     Carey      George
                             people coming form over the sea's to pay their fair share. not take from
                              the system, without putting back into system this has to stop, the get
                           food, housing, medical,money to buy cars, god only knows what else, you
                            have raised the bar to high for us that are paying their way, they need to
                                                         pay their own way.
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                      Mills James has partnered with Caterpillar, Inc. for almost 10 years to
                                     create personalized e-learning coursework. Due to the decline of this
                                      company, Mills James has lost about $200,000 in annual revenue. To
                                   offset this loss, we are looking at moving away from client-specific course
                                         work. We have researched vertical markets and found national
                                       corporations that are seeking generic coursework to re-sell to other
                                     organizations on management topics. These organizations would sell
                                    these courses online, and would only be able to pay our group through
            E-learning course
Franklin                          residuals from the sale of these courses. This investment of cash is a large    Weizer   Bridget
                                   burden for a small business to handle at this time. Mills James would use
                                   any stimulus award to assist with the costs of developing and designing a
                                      sales prototype to demo in these vertical markets, marketing efforts,
                                     developing or purchasing educational software applications, hiring an
                                        instructional designer, and training on performance and learning
                                       management. The inital return for Mills James on this investment is
                                  estimated between $375,000 and $500,000 per course per year, and could
                                                     generate 10 new positions for Mills James.
                                  Ohio law has been enacted that will require that any Radiologist who uses
                                     an assistant, to increase productivity, must be licensed by the state of
                                    Ohio. The Ohio Medical Board will be defining the scope of practice for
                                     the Radiologist Assistant (RA) in Ohio and that will require passing the
                                  national board examination. Ohio State's Radiologic Sciences Division has
                                      an approved educational program to educate RAs and maintain their
                                     continuing education. This is a new educational program that has the
                                    potential to create jobs and reduce health care costs for the citizens in
           The Ohio Radilogist
Franklin                              Ohio. The RA will provide greater access to radiology procedures for        Evans    Kevin
           Assistant Initiative
                                      patients in rural health care settings. They also allow Radiologists to
                                  concentrate on increased efficiency, with reading CT scans and MRI. With
                                    the mandate of Ohio licensure of RAs, funding is needed to initiate this
                                   new program and meet the anticipated educational demand. The funds
                                         requested responds directly to the DHHS interest in health care
                                  professional shortages. Hiring a college instructor, with computer support,
                                   facilitates on-line education for training RAs, as well providing continuing
                                     education. On-line education will create and maintain RAs working in
                                                                            Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                   In order for an homeowner to affectively winterize or insulate a home for
                                     optimization of the heating and cooling systems the homeowner must
                                    know where the structure is leaking energy. Our company specializes in
                                    heating, cooling, ventilating and energy consumption of residential and
                                  commercial buildings. Our proposal covers the cost to complete a thermal
           Residential/Industrial      imaging audit for approxamitely 5000 structures in and around the
Franklin                                                                                                        Stevens    Jonathan
             Thermal Imaging       metropolitan area of Columbus, Ohio. The technology we use is Flir state
                                     of the art thermal imaging photography that will precisely provide the
                                   customer with a map of where and what to insulate or weatherize. Using
                                  this technology the homeowner or building owner will be able to minimize
                                    the cost of insulating materials by understanding the specific areas that
                                                         leak heating and cooling energy.

           Dist 6, PID 79942, FRA                                 Bridge repair
Franklin                                                                                                        McDonald     Tim
                 IR 71 17.56
           Dist 6, PID 85891, FRA
Franklin    Alum Creek Dr/Rohr        Franklin County Alum Creek Dr & Rohr Rd intersection improvement.         McDonald     Tim
                   Rd inter
           Farleigh / Ridgeview     Replacement of approximately 2100 Lin Ft. of aging waterline with known
Franklin                                                                                                        Komlanc    Thomas
                 waterline               break history. Upsizing from 6" to 8" line to increase fire flows.
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                    In addition to working full-time jobs, my sister and I own one Liberty Tax
                                     Service Franchise. In our first season with Liberty, we doubled the prior
                                    year business and this year we’re up another 30%. Our success is based
                                       on our grassroots approach to building relationships with our clients;
                                       participating in local festivals and events; offering over 100 FREE tax
                                         returns to the needy, young and elderly; and respecting both our
                                    employees and our clients. There are many undeveloped territories and
                                    underperforming stores in the Central Ohio and surrounding area. With
            Liberty Tax Service
Franklin                              our proven track record, we would like to expand our partnership and       Dailey    Dawna
           Franchise Expansion
                                     take advantage of these opportunities. By doing so, we would not only
                                      create jobs for store managers, tax preparers, and data processors, we
                                     would also create jobs in our “waver” program for school-aged kids and
                                    under-educated individuals who find it difficult to find employment. We
                                     would also expand our opportunity for offering tax preparation training
                                     for individuals for less than $50. We are committed to helping turn this
                                      economy around and building work-related skills for our employees. If
                                                given this opportunity, we will not fail. Thank you!
                                     Relocates runway 10R/28L further to the south. Wider spaced parallel
Franklin    Runway Relocation        runways at Port Columbus position the airport for long term aviation        Tanner    Robert
                                         growth resulting in improved connectivity for the community

                                Due to the banking crises my bank shut down my line of credit which has
                                   created a situation where I cannot pay health claims for my 1,400
                               employees. The Dept. of Labor is threatening to shut down my health plan
Franklin   ViaQuest Rescue Jobs and as a result I will have to shut my doors leaving 1,400 people out of         Johnson   Richard
                                work. This is a one time need to save my business. If this does not happen
                                  not only will 1,400 people be out of work but they will be stuck with
                                          substantial healtcare claims on top of losing their jobs

             Cassady Avenue         Street reconstruction and miscellaneous waterline work, new curbs and
Franklin                                                                                                         Langner   Bruce
             Reconstruction            gutters on Cassady Avenue between Broad Street and Main Street

                                    This project invovles the construction of a large storm water detention
                                   basin on the south side of Port Columbus. The project is required to meet
            Turkey Run Storm
Franklin                             OEPA and City of Columbus standards for storm water runoff at Port          Tanner    Robert
            Water Detention         Columbus. A storm water sewer will also be constructed to carry storm
                                       water from areas west of Stelzer Rd. to the new detention basin.
                                                                              Submitted Requests - Not Approved

             Energy Efficient
                                    This project involves the purchase of 3 Low Emission and 2 Hybrid Electric
Franklin    Airport Shuttle Bus                                                                                    Tanner    Robert
                                          14 passengershuttle buses, ADA and radio dispatch equipped.
                                    Fund healthy home grants through the Ohio Department of Health to local
                                       health departments, nonprofits, hosipitals and universities to provide
                                    interventions in homes for housing related diseases including asthma, lead
                                      poisoning, and unintenional injuries. Services will include outreach and
                                       education to prevent and control these costly diseases, home repair,
             Healthy Homes            mitigation supplies for occupants, and pest control. Annual health care
Franklin                                                                                                           Bouton    Philllip
             Healthy Ohioans        savings of $2,500 per asthmatic child, $225,000 medical and eduation cost
                                       saving per lead poisoned child, targeting 80% of median income that
                                     overlaps with lower middle income families. This will save and create jobs
                                       in grantee organizations, create jobs in the community, support local
                                       businesses through purchases and subcontracts, provide permanent
                                            health care savings and, and rebuild housing infrastructure.

                                      Provide noise barrier walls along I-71 at various locations as waranted.
           Dist 6, PID 85537, FRA
Franklin                                                      Design/build contract.                              McDonald    Tim
           IR 71 19.09 (Phase 2)
             Dist 6, PID 85419,
                                                     Camp Chase Railroad Line Rehabilitation
Franklin   Camp Chase Railroad                                                                                    McDonald    Tim
                 Line Rehab
           Dist 6, PID 79942, FRA                                  Bridge repair
Franklin                                                                                                          McDonald    Tim
                 IR 71 17.56
           Dist 6, PID 85891, FRA
Franklin    Alum Creek Dr/Rohr        Franklin County Alum Creek Dr & Rohr Rd intersection improvement.           McDonald    Tim
                   Rd inter
                                Construct New Road On New Alignment From Sr317/Alum Creek Drive To
                                Southwest Of Rickenbacker Airport Approx 0.5 Miles East Of Ashville Pike.
             Dist 6, PID 81885,   Proposed Roadway Will Be Classified As An Urban Minor Arterial And
Franklin   PIC/FRA-ALUM CR DR Constructed As A Four Lane Divided Road With Turn Lanes As Needed.                  McDonald    Tim
               EXT-PHASE 2         Project Includes Upgrade Of Sr 317/Alum Creek Drive Intersection
                                                        Including Signalization.
                                                                            Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                     An integrated vulnerability assessment (VA) of Ohio’s drinking water
                                   supply network at the local, regional, and state levels. Initial VAs were
                                   conducted at the local level in 2003 due to the enactment of the Public
                                 Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002.
                                    Since that time, domestic and international terrorist groups have likely
                                       changed their techniques based on enhancements to US utilities.
                                  Therefore, it is prudent to at least validate existing VAs. SAIC proposes to
           Integrated Drinking        establish two VA teams to integrate local VAs at the regional level:
Franklin   Water Vulnerability    northeast, northwest, southwest, southeast, and central. Using standard        Warner    Christopher
               Assessment                 Risk Assessment Model (RAM) protocols, SAIC proposes to
                                   update/integrate existing local VAs, and if necessary, conduct new local
                                     VAs. Following integration at the local/regional level, SAIC proposes
                                  integration at the state level resulting in a “layered” Ohio drinking water
                                   VA. This “layered” VA would be a first in the US. Ohio may leverage its
                                 resources based on objective priorities, allowing for follow-on job creation
                                      in the engineering and construction sectors. This approach is also
                                           transferable to other utilities including power and sewer.

            Cassady Avenue       Reconstruction and miscellaneous waterline work, new curbs and gutters
Franklin    Reconstruction        on Cassady AVenue from Broad Street to Main Street, improving 4,700            Langner     Bruce
               (Revised)                         llineal feet of roadway and waterlines.
                                                                               Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                    This is a shovel-ready project and the engineering plans for building a fiber
                                    network throughout these communities are completed. High-quality fiber
                                        and Ethernet services will not only improve the Port Columbus Area
                                     Development Partnership’s ability to compete with communities in other
                                     states offering broadband services as economic development incentives
                                      but this new, expanded network throughout Central Ohio, will enhance
                                    the economic development goals and fiber network viability of all Central
                                    Ohio communities connected to the CFN and will guarantee long term job
            Port Columbus Area       creation for our communities. Additionally, there will be 70 engineering,
Franklin    Development Fiber         technical, and construction-related jobs required to build the network.        loreck    Danial
                    Plan              The cost of this investment will be $8,100,000. Elements of cost include
                                        the labor, engineering, right-of-way, equipment and materials, and
                                                              required sub-contractors
                                     Our estimates for job creation throughout the Franklin County area, with
                                    the new fiber and Ethernet infrastructure in place, will be over 2,500 jobs
                                         per year. Annual salaries would range from $21,500 to $100,000
                                                                    • Education –
                                                • Law Enforcement / First Responders Interoperability
                                                                 • Connect Hospitals

           Dist 6, PID 85891, FRA
Franklin    Alum Creek Dr/Rohr        Franklin County Alum Creek Dr & Rohr Rd intersection improvement.             McDonald    Tim
                   Rd inter
           Dist 6, PID 79942, FRA                                  Bridge repair
Franklin                                                                                                            McDonald    Tim
                 IR 71 17.56

                                    Reconstruction and miscellaneous waterline work, new curbs and gutters
              Cassady Avenue
Franklin                             on Cassady Avenue from Broad Street to Main Street, improving 3,400            Langner    Bruce
              Reconstruction                         lineal feet of roadway and waterlines.

                                      Reconstruction of College Avenue from Livingston to Main Street, with
              College Avenue
Franklin                            new pavement, new curbs and gutters, and upsizing of waterline for 3,400        Langner    Bruce
              Reconstruction                                       lineal feet.
                                                                          Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                 Sidewalk improvements, curb ramps, and traffic signal improvements for
            Urban Core ADA         better ADA accessibility on core thoroughfares in the city involving 12
Franklin                                                                                                      Langner    Bruce
              Accessibility        signalized intersections and an undetermined number of lineal feet of
                                  The proposed project will enhance the development capabilities of SCI to
                                      accelerate the development of new transparent conductive oxide
                                  materails used in the manufacturing of Thin Film Photovoltaic Solar Cells
                                     and provide initial seed capital for the accerlation of manufacturing
                                 capacity expansion to turn rapidly turn these developments into products.
                                   The proposed project will enhance the development and manufacturing
                                  capabilities of SCI to produce transparent conductive oxide materials for
           Increased Materials    manufacture of Thin Film Photovoltaic Solar Cell Panels. SCI has recently
Franklin      Manufacturing       received a grant from the State of Ohio's Third Frontier Advanced Energy    Campbell   Scott
             Capacity for Thi       Program to begin the expansion of SCI's capacity for a specific product
                                     design. The requested funds will be used to further accelerate these
                                  expansion plans by providing funding for capital equipment, thus moving
                                      the project ahead by 3 years and enabling the hiring of additional
                                      engineers and manufacturing personnel well ahead of the current
                                  proposed expansion plans. In addition, the funds will be used to expand
                                     SCI’s research facilities to develop new transparent conductive oxide
                                 products for both the thin film solar applications and emerging LED based
                                                                                Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                   This request seeks support to replace and rehabilitate the railroad bridges
                                     and widen the streets at Goodale Blvd and Third Ave in Columbus. This
                                         will catalyze the redevelopment of the Grandview Yard site and
                                         surrounding properties, leveraging over $500 million in private
                                          investment. Grandview Yard will be a high-density, mixed-use
                                       development, with 1.5 – 2 million sf of commercial space, with the
                                     potential to create 5000 new jobs. In addition to these long-term jobs,
               Grandview Yard       nearly 500 construction-related jobs will be created each year for the first
                                   three years of the development, which is anticipated continue for 10 years
Franklin   Infrastructure-Railroad                                                                                  Bowman   Pat
                                                                     or more.
                Bridge Wide
                                       The overall infrastructure project includes $73 million in public roadway
                                      and utility improvements throughout the site and on streets surrounding
                                      and leading to the development, including the $21,590,000 requested in
                                      this proposal to replace the railroad bridge at Third Ave, widening it from
                                         2 lanes to 5 lanes, and to rehabilitate the existing railroad bridge at
                                            Goodale Blvd and add a second bridge with 2 additional lanes.
                                                                               Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                    This request seeks support for a new public roadway running north/south,
                                     connecting Goodale Blvd and Third Ave, through Grandview Yard. When
                                      fully-developed, this street, and connecting east/west arteries, will be
                                        lined with 1.5-2 million sf. of Class A offices, restaurants, and retail,
                                     leveraging $500 million dollars in private investment and creating 5000-
                                     6000 new jobs. In addition, nearly 500 construction-related jobs will be
                                     created each year for the first three years of the development, which is
                                                   anticipated to continue for 10 years or more.

                New Public          Approx. $73 million is needed for roadway, utility and railroad bridge
Franklin   North/South Street at infrastructure in and around this site. Of that, $10.8 million is required for     Bowman   Pat
                                        the new public north/south street through Grandview Yard.
             Grandview Yard
                                     Roadway improvements include: 1) building a new public street to allow
                                    access throughout the development, 2) installing streetscapes and lighting
                                                   3) creating pedestrian and bicycle access.

                                      Utility improvements include: 1) installing a new storm sewer system 2)
                                      installing a new waterline and fire hydrants 3) installing a new sanitary
                                        sewer 4) installing new electrical, phone, cable and gas distribution
                                                                             Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                 Project would consist of five to ten instructor-led 15 hour training classes
                                 for 100 selected key employees of the State Highway Patrol. The classes
                                 would be the "Professional 15 Advanced Reading Concepts Speedreading
                                 Plus" class that has been taught nationwide to improve the personal and
                                 professional productivity of key employees in corporations, associations,
                                                   government agencies and the military.

                                     Based on documented results the training will increase the reading
           Ohio State Highway      efficiency of the participants 300 to 500 percent. The participants will
Franklin   Patrol Productivity      increase not only their reading speed but also their comprehension,             James     Bob
             Improvement         concentration, recall and retention on their required on-the-job reading as
                                    well as reading for continuing professional education and training.

                                    This increase in productivity will result in an on-the-job time saving of at
                                   least one hour per day on the average. This increase in productivity will
                                 further allow the Ohio State Patrol to continue to provide the desired level
                                   of public service in the face of severe economic pressure to reduce cost
                                                     and head count increases in the future.

                                  This project involves regrading, resurfacing and installing curb and gutter
                                 on the entire 4940 linear foot length of South Grener Avenue (2710 linear
                                 feet of which are in Phases II and III). The project also involves relocating
                                    water and sewer lines and realigning South Grener at its northern end
              South Grener         where it intersects West Broad Street (within the 960 linear foot area of
Franklin   Reconstruction and    Phase III). This realignment will facilitate economic development projects        Hatmaker   Tracy
            Realignment, Ph II   and eliminate the existing unsafe intersection, which is located at the foot
                                  of an interstate highway entrance ramp. The realignment incorporates a
                                 traffic circle, which will facilitate traffic movement and serve as a gateway
                                  to an area that is planned for redevelopment as office and retail space in
                                                                   the near future.
                                                                          Submitted Requests - Not Approved

                                 With the help of community and organizational partners like United Way
                                and Action for Children, Columbus Metropolitan Library intends to launch
                                  an innovative, community-based program that will send a corps of staff
                                  out into targeted Columbus neighborhoods to help address one of our
                                  most troubling trends: 42% of the 4,200 children entering kindergarten
                                were assessed as not ready for the kindergarten curriculum. Our Corps will
                                proactively penetrate six neighborhoods with a mission to provide training
                                   to parents and caregivers on the six pre-reading skills children need to
                                know to be prepared for school and to extend access to library books and
           CML Ready to Read
Franklin                          materials. The Corps will consist of a total of 16 community-based staff    Zuiderweg   Donna
                                 members, three new bookmobiles, and a train-the-trainer component to
                                 ensure community involvement. Special effort will be made to hir