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Date: April 30, 2003                                Number: CLECAM03-157
Effective Date: June 16, 2003                       Category: Resale
Subject: (ORDERING AND PROVISIONING) Introduction of Ethernet over SONET (twd-050)
Related Letters: NA                                 Attachment: NA
States Impacted: SBC Midwest
Issuing SBC ILECS:     SBC Illinois, SBC Indiana, SBC Michigan, SBC Ohio and SBC Wisconsin
                       (collectively referred to for purposes of this Accessible Letter as “SBC
                       Midwest Region 5-State”)

Response Deadline: NA                               Contact: Account Manager
Conference Call/Meeting: NA

SBC Midwest is sending notice of its intent to file tariff revisions to offer Ethernet over SONET in
Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio & Wisconsin. This is a retail service offering that will be available
to resale at the applicable resale discount. These tariff changes are anticipated to be effective on
or after June 16, 2003.

Ethernet over SONET is delivered as a simple point-to-point private line solution with Ethernet
integrated into the SONET platform. Ethernet is added on to SONET by directly mapping the
Ethernet frames into the SONET payload. The Ethernet signal is transported inside a SONET frame
from one network element to another network element. Because the Ethernet is mapped into a
SONET frame the Ethernet can be transported across any SONET network element, however a
Next Generation SONET network element must be used at each Ethernet hand-off location.
Provisioning of the Ethernet over SONET (EoS) is handled just like a DS-1 or DS-3. Multiple
Ethernet signals can be transported across the same network using different STSs. Scalable rates
for Ethernet ports are recommended to be 100 Base T – 100 Mb/s (STS-1, STS-3c), or 1 Gigabit
Ethernet – 1Gb/s (STS-1, STS-3c, STS-12c, STS-24c), in terms of port speed (transport capacity).

                                  Bandwidth           Customer wants
      USOC           Service    Mapped to Port      (Bandwidth Output)
      S9TAX           OC-3        STS 50 Mb                50 Mb
      S9TBX           OC-12       STS 50 Mb                50 Mb
      S9TCX           OC-12      OC-3 150 Mb              100 Mb
      S9TDX           OC-12       STS 50 Mb                50 Mb
      S9TEX           OC-12      OC-3 150 Mb              150 Mb
      S9TGX           OC-48       STS 50 Mb                50 Mb
      S9THX           OC-48      OC-3 150 Mb              100 Mb
      S9TJX           OC-48       STS 50 Mb                50 Mb
      S9TKX           OC-48      OC-3 150 Mb              150 Mb
      S9TLX           OC-48      OC-12 600 Mb             600 Mb
      S9TMX           OC-48      OC-24 1.2 Mb             1000 Mb
      S9TNX          OC-192       STS 50 Mb                50 Mb
      S9TOX          OC-192      OC-3 150 Mb              100 Mb
      S9TPX          OC-192       STS 50 Mb                50 Mb
      S9TQX          OC-192      OC-3 150 Mb              150 Mb
      S9TRX          OC-192      OC-12 600 Mb             600 Mb
     S9TSX      OC-192        OC-24 1.2 Mb                1000 Mb

After the effective date of this offering, please consult the CLEC Online web site
(https://clec.sbc.com) for ordering details.

SBC reserves the right to make any modifications to or to cancel the above information prior to
the proposed filing or effective dates. Should any modifications be made to the information,
these modifications will be reflected in a subsequent letter sent at the time of the filing. Should
the information be canceled, SBC will send additional notification at the time of cancellation. SBC
will incur no liability to the CLECs if such information, mentioned above, is canceled by SBC or is
not ultimately put into effect.

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