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                                  July 2010
                                   Tokyo Big Sight
                                    Tokyo, Japan

                                 Organized by:

      Accelerate your business

                                 RIC TELECOM

                                 Official Sponsor:

           Participate in Japan's leading wireless B2B event!

               Specifically designed for one-on-one contact with qualified buyers.

If you are seeking to:
• Discover new and additional quality prospects                                     Visitors
• Increase your sales through face-to-face
  meetings with customers
• Broaden your market penetration
• Find new business opportunities
• Expand your partner and distributor base                                      35,000
• Emphasize your brand positioning

                                                                    15 consecutive years
                                                                 of being the benchmark for
           Engage CTOs, CIOs, ICT
         purchasing and implementation                               technology events
                decision makers
     • Large corporations
     • Small and medium-size
       businesses and Micro-companies
                                                                    2008 Attendee Profile
     • Government, federal, state
       and decentralized sector agencies                            Telecommunications . Broadcasting . ISP     20%
     • Technology and service channels                              Sales Planning . Promotion . Distribution   10%
       and distributors                                             Research & Development                      9%
     • Integrators
                                                                    Product & Services Planning                 10%
                                                                    Systems Integrators . Programmers           5%
                                                                    Management                                  7%
                                                                    Manufacturing (IT/Telecom Industry)         16%
 Endorsed and supported by:
 Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications / The ITU          Software & Information System Management    9%
 Association of Japan Inc / Association of Radio Industries &       Banking . Insurance . Financial             1%
 Business / Telecommunications Carriers Association / Internet
                                                                    Press . Media . Professionals
 Association Japan / YRP R&D Promotion Committee / ASP
                                                                        (legal, medical, govt)                  5%
 SaaS Industry Consortium / NPO Japan Network Security
 Association / Next Generation Electronics Commerce                 Other                                       8%
 Promotion Council of Japan (ECOM) / Digital Content
 Association of Japan / Japan Internet Providers Association /
 Japan Automatic Identification Systems Association / Japan
 IC Card System Application Council / Japan Cable and               Connect with Executives, Strategists
 Telecommunications Association / The Institute of
                                                                             and Technologists
 Administrative Information Systems / The association for
 Promotion of Digital Broadcasting / Telecom Engineering          • Mobile, Wire and Wireless communications
 Center (TELEC) / Support Center for Advanced                       professionals
 Telecommunications Technology Research, Foundation
                                                                  • Technology providers and manufacturers
 (SCAT) /Communications and Information Network
 Association of Japan (CIAJ) / IT Coordinators Association        • Content developers and providers
 (ITCA) / Association of Media in Digital
                                                                  • Application developers and providers
                    Participation Options
                       Accelerate your business

                                          Focus Areas and Pavilions
                                                ZigBee Pavilion:
                                                Pavilion and one-day seminar to introduce update
                                                technology and market trends of ZigBee
                                                Technology. (ZigBee Alliance or ZigBee SIG-Japan
                                                member’s only)

                                                  WiMAX Forum Pavilion:
                                                  WiMAX forum member companies have the
                                                  opportunity to introduce their technologies or
                                                  solutions into Japanese Market.

Packaged space:
Available in units of 9 sqm                     Bluetooth Pavilion:
                                                Pavilion and one-day seminar program to
    For an investment cost of                   introduce up-to-date technology and market
                                                trends of Bluetooth technology. (Bluetooth SIG
        US$557 per sqm                          member company only)

This includes:
• Exhibition space
• Walls on three sides, except on
  corners (white)
• Fascia panel with your company name
  in English and Japanese (no logotype)
                                            A variety of sponsorships
• Carpet
• 1 Reception counter
                                            designed with you in mind
• 2 Chairs                                  Sponsorship options:
• Trash can
• Electrical outlet (800w)                  • Welcome Sponsor
• 2 Fluorescent lights                      • Gate Banner Sponsor
• Daily booth cleaning                      • Registration Counter Sponsor
• Exhibitor services                        • In-Hall Banner Sponsor
Raw space:                                  • Visitor Badge Sponsor
Available from 18 sqm and above             • Plastic Bag Sponsor
                                            • Floor Map Sponsor
     For an investment cost of
         US$441 per sqm                     • Column Sponsor
                                            • Canned Coffee Sponsor
This includes:                              • Rice Ball Sponsors
• Exhibition space
                                            …plus more options
• Exhibitor services

                 6430 Rockledge Drive, #200
                 Bethesda, MD 20817-1847



                               For more information contact:
                                        David Petrillo • Group Show Diriector
                                            E.J. Krause & Associates, Inc.

                               6430 Rockledge Drive, Suite 200, Bethesda, MD 20817 US
                                      +1-301-493-5500 • petrillo@ejkrause.com

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