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Industries for the

   Georgia Department of Labor
         Rehabilitation Services
            Michael L. Thurmond
Since March 1949, Georgia Industries for the Blind (GIB) has been providing
employment opportunities to individuals who are blind. Under the auspices of the
Georgia Department of Labor, Rehabilitation Services, Georgia Industries for the
Blind works in conjunction with the Vocational Rehabilitation Program to provide
employment to blind individuals from across the state.

In 1937, the Georgia Legislature passed House Bill No. 114, which established the
Georgia Factory for the Blind. In 1982 our name was changed by the legislature
to Georgia Industries for the Blind. GIB's first plant opened in 1949, in Bainbridge,
Georgia. Four years later, in 1953, a second plant was opened in Griffin, Ga.
Over 50 years later, both plants are still a vital contributor to their communities and
provide job opportunities for persons who are blind throughout the state.

Many things have changed since the humble beginnings of 1949. GIB went from
employing 7 blind persons with annual sales of $193,000, to employing 95 blind
persons with over $9 million in annual sales in 2007. More than 94% of Georgia
Industries for the Blind's total operating budget is generated through the sales of
its products, with only 6% state funded to cover the cost of administrative positions
within the organization.

When you purchase products from GIB, you support the efforts of blind men and
women who choose to work with us. All employees earn competitive wages and
are eligible for a full benefit package. We are always looking for blind individuals
who are seeking meaningful and fulfilling employment opportunities. If you know
of someone interested in a program such as ours, please have them contact our
Human Resources Manager.

Our products and services are of the highest quality and guaranteed to provide
100% satisfaction. We encourage our customers to provide us their input, and we
assure you of prompt, courteous, personal attention. Thank you for shopping with

       This Information will be made available upon request in alternate formats.


                  235 Emlet Drive
                    P.O. Box 98
                 Griffin, GA 30224
        (770) 229-3309 (770) 229-3311 FAX

               700 Faceville Highway
                    P.O. Box 218
               Bainbridge, GA 39818
        (229) 248-2666 (229) 248-2669 FAX
Georgia Industries for the Blind strives to provide its customers with quality products and efficient service.
The following is intended to provide relevant ordering information to our valued customers.

All orders and invoices are processed at our Central Office in Bainbridge, Georgia. For information regard-
ing orders, invoicing, etc., please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-605-7260.

Orders are taken via phone, mail, email, or fax. You may use the order form found at the end of this cat-
alog. For the most effective service, the following information is needed:
1. Complete billing address and shipping address (if different from billing).
2. Purchase order number if required on invoice for billing purposes.
3. Item numbers and descriptions.
4. Any special instructions.
5. A contact name & number, during business hours, for use if questions about the order should arise.

SHIPPING - All orders will be filled within 30 days after receipt of order unless other arrangements have
been made.

PRICING – Prices are subject to change without notice. Payments can be accepted by Visa or
MasterCard, including state purchasing cards. Contact Customer Service for special order pricing and
additional ordering information. Payment terms are net 30 days from date of invoice.

FREIGHT - Freight and shipping/handling costs are included in the price of all GIB products listed in this
catalog except for the Pillow, Cutlery and Screen Printing Product sections. Please ask about shipping
cost of these items when placing your order.

RETURN MERCHANDISE - All merchandise is guaranteed to be free of defects and provide satisfactory
service under normal usage. All defective merchandise will be credited or replaced upon return. Since
merchandise can not be accepted for return later than 60 days after date of delivery, please check all ship-
ments upon delivery and notify customer service of any concern, as soon as possible.

You must receive a "Return Authorization" number from customer service on all products being returned
to GIB. This number must be clearly marked on all returned packages. There will be a 20% re-stocking
fee on items found to have no defects in product quality. In addition the customer will be responsible for
all freight charges back to GIB.

Special Order Items such as Screen Printed Products, Printed Folders, Safety Vests, etc. cannot be
returned for credit. These items are not resalable. You will be asked to approve the correctness of these
special order items before production is started.

Goods damaged in transit MUST be noted on the bill of lading or delivery receipt before signing for the
shipment. Failure may result in denial of claim for goods damaged.

                                      Customer Service: 1-800-605-7260
                                See our web page at:

Georgia Industries for the Blind offers high quality selections of pillows to meet most applications.
All items are made from quality materials and built to stringent specifications.
Hospital / Institutional Grade
Georgia Industries for the Blind's hospital/institutional pillows are made from top grade virgin polyester
and micro-vent vinyl ticking. Micro-vent ticking is breathable and can be cleaned with warm water and
mild detergent. Sold by standard pack quantity listed below.
 GIB NO.               DESCRIPTION - SIZE                      WEIGHT       STD PK       PRICE
 PIVENT              Micro-Vent Tick - 20x26                    22.6oz       10           Each

Commercial Grade
All GIB Commercial Grade Pillows are made from top grade polyester and supplied in a variety of tick-
ing options to meet you needs. Pillows marked with an * asterisk in the ‘Std Pk’ column are shipped
compressed to save you shipping costs and on storage space.
  Designed for disposable use with non-woven ticking and polyester filling.
   PIWW-S           Weeping Willow-Standard - 20x26       14.6oz.        36 *         Each
   PIWW-Q           Weeping Willow-Queen - 20x30          17.6oz.        30 *         Each
   PIWW-K           Weeping Willow-King - 20x36           21.1oz.        20 *         Each
    PI0091          White Non-woven(Disposable)-20x26 15.0oz             18           Each

 Quality white polyester/cotton blended fabric ticking with polyester filling.
  PIGP-S           Georgia Pine-Standard - 20x26         18.6oz.      24 *                 Each
  PIGP-Q           Georgia Pine-Queen - 20x30            21.6oz.      20 *                 Each
  PIGP-K           Georgia Pine-King - 20x36             25.1oz.      16 *                 Each

 Top of the Line Pillow - Polyester/cotton blended fabric ticking with polyester filling.
  PIPO-S           Plantation Oak-Standard -20x26        22.6oz.       24 *          Each
  PIPO-Q           Plantation Oak-Queen -20x30           27.2oz.       20 *          Each
  PIPO-K           Plantation Oak-King -20x36            35.4oz.       14 *          Each

 Headrest Pillow   designed for use while traveling or as      additional neck or head support.
  PI6601            Headrest - 11x15                           6.1oz        10          Each
  PI0093            Headrest (Disposable) - 11x15              4.5oz        16          Each
  PI0091            White non-woven(Disposable)-20x26          15.0oz       18          Each

                       SAFETY PRODUCTS
 Safety vests help ensure the safety of road crews, law enforcement and fire/rescue personnel. The
 brightly colored material and reflective tape produces a highly visible warning in many types of con-
 ditions. We have recently developed a number of new vest styles and designs. In the following
 pages you will see the details of some of the unique features. Call us for your requirements.

 PRICING EXCEPTIONS - Due to the numerous safety vest configurations, pricing on various
 options can not be provided. Please call Customer Service for pricing on special configurations.
 All vests are red-orange poly-mesh fabric standard jacket type with elastic side straps and velcro
 front closures. Reflective tape is 3M 2” yellow / silver / yellow using horizontal design.

                     DESCRIPTION                              PRICE
STYLE         Reflective Tape  Printing         Size*
Standard         None           None            Regular        Each
Standard          None             None          Large         Each
Standard          None              Yes         Regular        Each
Standard          None              Yes           Large        Each
Standard          2 - 2” Horiz     None         Regular        Each
Standard          2 - 2” Horiz     None           Large        Each

* NOTE: Available sizes are Regular and Large. The Regular size
    fits Small to X-Large and the Large size fits 2X to 4X-Large.

All vests are micro-mesh fabric with 3M Reflective tape available in Neon Lime Yellow or Orange.
These vests meet the American National Standard for High-Visibility Safety Apparel, and the U.S.
Department of Transportation Specification for ANSI/ISEA 107-2004, High Visibility Warning Vest.
Available in sizes from Small to 5-Extra Large. Please call our Customer Service for your needs and

           Full Body - Front               Full Body - Back

                 STANDARD STYLE VEST
Features -                                Some of the Incident
  Front Velcro Closure                    Command Titles available....
  Side Expansion                          Call for a Complete List.
  Screen Printed Titles
                                          Incident Commander
  Heat Applied Custom Logos
                                          Safety & Security Officer
  Poly-mesh Fabric in 10 Colors
                                          Logistics Chief
  3MTM ScotchliteTM Reflective Tape
                                          Planning Chief
                                          Liaison Officer
                                          Operations Chief
                                          Finance Chief
                                          Public Information Officer
                                          Triage Unit Leader
                                          Critical Care Unit Leader

              FULL BODY STYLE VEST
Features -
  Front Velcro Closure
  Full Coat Wrap-around
  Screen Printed Titles
  Heat Applied Custom Logos
  Micro-mesh or Poly Solid Weave
  Orange or Neon Yellow Colors
  3MTM ScotchliteTM Reflective Tape



Safety flags are highly recommended for traffic control and high visibility of highway and road
repair crews. The flags are made of either red-orange or stop sign red vinyl material attached to
a 36" wood mast/staff.

GIB NO.                    DESCRIPTION                                 PRICE
FL5000              Flag   24" x 24"    (Red-Orange)                   EACH
FL5001              Flag   24" x 24"    (Stop Sign Red)                EACH
FL5002              Flag   18" x 18"    (Red-Orange)                   EACH
FL5003              Flag   18" x 18"    (Stop Sign Red)                EACH

                       PLASTIC CUTLERY
Georgia Industries for the Blind packs a wide variety of cutlery offered in unwrapped bulk, individual
wrapped pieces, and/or combination kits. Additional options include a combination of the following
items: salt, sugar, sugar substitute, pepper, napkin, wipes, straws and other types of condiments.
Please call for pricing on any combination that is needed but is not listed.


  GIB NO.                            DESCRIPTION                       STD PACK PRICE
                                     Medium Weight
  CMKNIFE-MW                         Knife                                 Case/1000
  CMFORK-MW                          Fork                                  Case/1000
  CMSPOON-MW                         Spoon                                 Case/1000
  CMSOUP-MW                          Soup Spoon                            Case/1000
  CMSPORK-MW                         Spork                                 Case/1000

                                     Heavy Weight
  CMKNIFE-HW                         Knife                                 Case/1000
  CMFORK-HW                          Fork                                  Case/1000
  CMSPOON-HW                         Spoon                                 Case/1000

GIB NO.           DESCRIPTION                                       STD PACK PRICE

                 Medium Weight
CM6600    Fork, Spoon                                                 Case/500
CM6601    Fork, Spoon, Salt, Pepper, Napkin(sm)                       Case/500
CM6611    Knife, Fork, Spoon                                          Case/500
CM6613    Knife, Fork, Spoon, Napkin(sm)                              Case/500
CM6615    Knife, Fork, Spoon, Napkin(sm), Salt & Pepper               Case/500
CM6616    Knife, Fork, Spoon, Napkin(sm), Salt & Pepper, Sugar        Case/500
CM6621    Knife, Fork, Napkin (sm), Salt & Pepper                     Case/500
CM6650    Spork, Napkin (sm)                                          Case/500
CM6652    Spork, Napkin (sm), Salt & Pepper                           Case/500
CM6517    Spork, Straw, Napkin(sm)                                    Case/500
CM6711    Salt, Pepper, Sugar(2), Napkin(lg)                          Case/500
CM6712    Salt, Pepper, Sugar Substutite(2), Napkin(lg)               Case/500

                 Heavy Weight
CM6500    Fork, Spoon, Napkin (lg)                                    Case/500
CM6510    Knife, Fork                                                 Case/500
CM6511    Knife, Fork, Napkin (lg)                                    Case/500
CM6512    Knife, Fork, Spoon                                          Case/500
CM6513    Knife, Fork, Spoon, Napkin (lg)                             Case/500
CM6514    Knife, Fork, Spoon, Salt, Pepper, Napkin(lg)                Case/500
CM6515    Knife, Fork, Spoon, Salt Substitute, Pepper, Napkin(lg)     Case/500

                  Medium Weight
CMFORK-BULK-MW         Fork                 Case/1000
CMKNIFE-BULK-MW        Knife                Case/1000
CMSPOON-BULK-MW        T-Spoon              Case/1000
CMSOUP-BULK-MW         Soup Spoon           Case/1000
CMSPORK-BULK-MW        Spork                Case/1000

                  Heavy Weight
CMFORK-BULK-HW         Fork                 Case/1000
CMKNIFE-BULK-HW        Knife                Case/1000
CMSPOON-BULK-HW        T-Spoon              Case/1000
CMSOUP-BULK-HW         Soup Spoon           Case/1000

For quality clean-up jobs, these Whisk Brooms are constructed of securely
stitched 100% broom corn fibers and a wire-wrapped handle that is capped
with a ring for hanging. Standard packaging is 1 dozen (12 each) brooms
per carton.

      GIB NO.                  DESCRIPTION                     PRICE
      BR6350                  10" Whisk-2 Sew                  Dozen

Georgia Industries for the Blind produces several types of mesh laundry bags. These durable
bags stand up to almost any environment and are suited to a variety of different functions and
uses. Most bags include a nylon cord with a lock closure. A 5” x 7" cloth label is available for
identification purposes at an additional cost. Available colors are white, green and red.

GIB NO.                       DESCRIPTION                                   PRICE
BG18-30-FLAG        18   x   30 With Cord and ID Label - White               Each
BG24-36-FLAG        24   x   36 With Cord and ID Label - White               Each
BG18-24-GRN         18   x   24 Without Cord and Without ID Label - Green    Each
BG18-30-GRN         18   x   30 With Cord and ID Label - Green               Each
BG24-36-GRN         24   x   36 With Cord and ID Label - Green               Each
BG18-30-RED         18   x   30 With Cord and ID label - Red                 Each
BG24-36-RED         24   x   36 With Cord and ID label - Red                 Each
BG48-52             48   x   52 With Cord and ID label - White               Each

                     OFFICE SUPPLIES

Constructed of durable 20 point genuine pressboard with scored hinge. Efficient two-piece steel
fastener adjusts to the size of contents. Pressboard is made of 50% recycle material, 30% post-
consumer waste. Most items are available in five colors. See below for color ordering instruc-
tions. Bound side listed first. All binders are packed and sold by box of 25 each.

GIB NO.                 DESCRIPTION                                    PRICE
BI4201             11 x 8 ½"  3" Capacity                             Box of 25
BI4313             11 x 8 ½"  6" Capacity                             Box of 25

BI4309             8 ½ x 11"     3" Capacity                          Box of 25

BI4314             8 ½ x 14"     3" Capacity                          Box of 25

BI4310             11 x 17"      3" Capacity                          Box of 25

When ordering please add the color code letter shown below to end of GIB item number.
Example: BI4313B for Midnight BLue
R=Earth Red G=Cape Mist Gray B=Midnight Blue C=Cornflower Blue M=Maroon Red


Tab file guides are used to create subdivision in drawer filing systems. Drawer top tabs are avail-
able in legal or letter size blank 1/3 or 1/5 cut tab positions. Heavyweight light green pressboard
is 25 pt. with 50% recycle material and 30% post-consumer waste. All file guides are packed 100
cards per box with assorted tabs in each position except alphabetical guides are packed 25 cards
per set.

GIB NO.                 DESCRIPTION                                      PRICE
Drawer File Guides:
CG0683       LETTER         1/3 CUT       BLANK TAB                     Box of 100
CG2535       LEGAL          1/3 CUT       BLANK TAB                     Box of 100
CG0684       LETTER         1/5 CUT       BLANK TAB                     Box of 100

Alphabetical File Guides:
CG0698       LETTER         1/5 CUT       A to Z TABS                    Set of 25
CG0697       LEGAL          1/5 CUT       A to Z TABS                    Set of 25

       Self Tab - 1/3 Cut - Letter Size                  Self Tab - 1/5 Cut - Letter Size

 Alphabet Set - A-Z Tabs - 1/5 Cut - Letter Size


These light green pressboard folders are built for larger, bulkier files. Tyvek® reinforced accordion
pleat allows up to 1" expansion. The heavy duty 25 pt. pressboard contains 50% recycled materials
and 30% post-consumer waste. Metal prong fasteners are in position shown. All items are packaged
and sold in boxes of 100 folders each except as noted.

      FF8984                   FF8981                                            FF1194

                                 FF1194                     FF8981

   GIB NO.                        DESCRIPTION                                  PRICE
   FF8981    LETTER     STRAIGHT CUT, 1 Fastener - 1st                        Box   of   100
   FF1194    LETTER     STRAIGHT CUT, 2 Fasteners - 1st & 3rd                 Box   of   100
   FF1194-25 LETTER     STRAIGHT CUT, 2 Fasteners - 1st & 3rd                 Box   of   25
   FF8982    LEGAL      STRAIGHT CUT, 1 Fastener - 1st                        Box   of   100
   FF8570    LETTER     1/3 CUT, ALL POSITIONS                                Box   of   100
   FF8571    LEGAL      1/3 CUT, ALL POSITIONS                                Box   of   100
   FF7286    LETTER     1/5 CUT, ALL POSITIONS                                Box   of   100
   FF7287    LEGAL      1/5 CUT, ALL POSITIONS                                Box   of   100

   FF6923       LETTER        1/3 CUT, ALL POSITIONS                          Box of 100
   FF6924       LEGAL         1/3 CUT, ALL POSITIONS                          Box of 100
   FF6925       LETTER        1/5 CUT, ALL POSITIONS                          Box of 100
   FF6926       LEGAL         1/5 CUT, ALL POSITIONS                          Box of 100

   FF8983       LETTER        STRAIGHT CUT, 1 Fastener - 1st                  Box of 100
   FF8984       LEGAL         STRAIGHT CUT, 1 Fastener - 1st                  Box of 100


These four, six and eight section classification folders feature 1" capacity prong fasteners on each
section in the 1st and 3rd positions. Expandable reinforced Tyvek® gusset with capacity as shown.
Front and back covers are 25pt. pressboard and available in the following colors: Earth Red, Dark
Red, Light Green, Dark Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue and Yellow (sample colors shown below).
Each divider partition is 17 pt. kraft with 1/3 cut tabs. Pressboard contains 25% post-consumer
waste and kraft contains 15% post-consumer waste. Both Letter and Legal size folders are only
available in boxes or packs of 10 folders each. One case contains 100 letter folders (10-letter size
10 packs) or 50 legal folders (5-legal size 10 packs).

  FF8884                                                          FF8195              FF8884

The boxes below show an example of the seven available colors:

    Earth         Dark         Dark         Yellow           Dark           Light         Light
     Red          Blue          Red                         Green          Green          Blue
    (RR)         ( DB )       ( DR )         (Y)            ( DG )         ( LG )        ( LB )

   GIB NO.                   COLOR                 PRICE
Full Top Tab Folders -
1 Divider / 4 Part - Letter Size - 2” Capacity - Packed 10 Folders per Pack - 10 Packs per Case
FF8195-10RR                 Earth Red              Pack of 10
FF8195-10LTGN               Light Green            Pack of 10
FF8195-10MSGN               Dark Green             Pack of 10
FF8195-10BLUE               Light BLue             Pack of 10
FF8195-10RYBL               Dark Blue              Pack of 10
FF8195-10YEL                Yellow                 Pack of 10
FF8195-10DPRD               Dark Red               Pack of 10
1 Divider / 4 Part - Legal Size - 2” Capacity - Packed 10 Folders per Pack - 5 Packs per Case
FF8197-10RR                 Earth Red              Pack of 10
FF8197-10LTGN               Light Green            Pack of 10
FF8197-10MSGN               Dark Green             Pack of 10
FF8197-10BLUE               Light BLue             Pack of 10
FF8197-10RYBL               Dark Blue              Pack of 10
FF8197-10YEL                Yellow                 Pack of 10
F8197-10DPRD                Dark Red               Pack of 10

   GIB NO.                   COLOR                PRICE
Full Top Tab Folders -

2 Divider / 6 Part - Letter Size - 2” Capacity - Packed 10 Folders per Box - 10 Boxes per Case
FF8884                      Earth Red              Each
FF8884-10RR                 Earth Red             Box of 10
FF8884-10LTGN               Light Green           Box of 10
FF8884-10MSGN               Dark Green            Box of 10
FF8884-10BLUE               Light BLue            Box of 10
FF8884-10RYBL               Dark Blue             Box of 10
FF8884-10YEL                Yellow                Box of 10
FF8884-10DPRD               Dark Red              Box of 10
2 Divider / 6 Part - Legal Size - 2” Capacity - Packed 10 Folders per Pack - 5 Packs per Case
FF9454                      Earth Red              Each
FF9454-10RR                 Earth Red             Pack of 10
FF9454-10LTGN               Light Green           Pack of 10
FF9454-10MSGN               Dark Green            Pack of 10
FF9454-10BLUE               Light BLue            Pack of 10
FF9454-10RYBL               Dark Blue             Pack of 10
FF9454-10YEL                Yellow                Pack of 10
FF9454-10DPRD               Dark Red              Pack of 10

3 Divider / 8 Part - Letter Size - 3” Capacity - Packed 10 Folders per Pack - 5 Packs per Case
FF8214-10RR                Earth Red             Pack of 10
FF8214-10LTGN              Light Green           Pack of 10
FF8214-10MSGN              Dark Green            Pack of 10
FF8214-10BLUE              Light BLue            Pack of 10
FF8214-10RYBL              Dark Blue             Pack of 10
FF8214-10YEL               Yellow                Pack of 10
FF8214-10DPRD              Dark Red              Pack of 10
3 Divider / 8 Part - Legal Size - 3” Capacity - Packed 10 Folders per Pack - 5 Packs per Case
FF8216-10RR                Earth Red             Pack of 10
FF8216-10LTGN              Light Green           Pack of 10
FF8216-10MSGN              Dark Green            Pack of 10
FF8216-10BLUE              Light BLue            Pack of 10
FF8216-10RYBL              Dark Blue             Pack of 10
FF8216-10YEL               Yellow                Pack of 10
FF8216-10DPRD              Dark Red              Pack of 10

GIB NO.                   DESCRIPTION                        PRICE
Shelf Classification File Folders - Side End Tab - Packed 10 Folders per Pack
Available in all seven colors shown below....
FF8199-10       Letter Size - 1 Div / 4 Part - 2" Cap        Pack of 10
FF8201-10       Legal Size - 1 Div / 4 Part - 2" Cap         Pack of 10
FF8196-10       Letter Size - 2 Div / 6 Part - 2" Cap        Pack of 10
FF8198-10       Legal Size - 2 Div / 6 Part - 2" Cap         Pack of 10
FF8217-10       Letter Size - 3 Div / 8 Part - 3" Cap        Pack of 10
FF8219-10       Legal Size - 3 Div / 8 Part - 3" Cap         Pack of 10

 Letter - 1 Divider / 4 Part - Top Tab                                    Letter - 2 Divider / 6 Part - Top Tab

                     SCREEN PRINTING
Screen Printing is an attractive and highly visible way to create customized items with your logo or
design. GIB prints T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts and pants, jackets, tote bags and many other
items. Our quality products and services are available to schools, businesses, clubs, fund raising
organizations, individuals, churches, federal, state and local government agencies and anyone else
needing effective marketing or advertising.

Direct printing onto your garment or bag is one of the most permanent, flexible and inexpensive
ways to get your message across. GIB's full color screen printing offers an effective marketing tool
that keeps on advertising long after the initial promotion.

Prices are based on quantity, the number of colors you are printing and the garment or bag price.
Please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-605-7260 with your needs for a quote.

GIB has recently expanded its mission to include employment of persons
who are blind in the Services Industry. Our Director of Services would like
to contact you regarding your specific needs.

Below is only a partial list of some of the Quality Services GIB can pro-
vide at reasonable prices:

              Call Center Services
              Switchboard Operators
              Warehouse Distribution & Fulfillment
              Administrative Services
              Data Entry
              Mailroom Services
              Database Management
              Document Management
                  including Imaging and Conversion
              Customized Services

         Please Call GIB Customer Service at 1-800-605-7260
              for your Service needs and requirements

                  Georgia Industries for the Blind
                                    Customer Order Form

Bill To: ___________________________________         Ship To:____________________________________

__________________________________________            __________________________________________

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__________________________________________            __________________________________________

Order Date: _____________________________          Buyer:_______________________________________

Purchase Order # _________________________         Phone No: ___________________________________

Requested Delivery Date: __________________        Ship Via: _____________________________________

 Quantity    GIB Stock No.                  Description                Unit Price        Total Price


Mail To:     Georgia Industries f/t Blind          OR                Fax to:
             Attn: Customer Service                                  229 - 248 - 2669
             P. O. Box 218
             Bainbridge, Georgia 39818             OR                Call Customer Service at :
802                                                                  1 - 800 - 605 - 7260

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