BB T s Community Banking Concept For more than years by pimpdaddymust


									BB&T’s Community Banking Concept
    For more than 15 years, BB&T has grown tremendously while keeping its
hometown appeal. This is due in large part to its highly successful community
banking approach, under which 95% of key banking decisions are made locally
either at the city or the regional level.

    By dividing the Carolinas, Virginia, Georgia, West Virginia, Kentucky,
Maryland, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, Indiana and Washington, D.C., into
33 regions, each with its own president, BB&T operates on a more personal
level with individual and business clients.

    In essence, each region operates like a smaller community bank and its
regional community president acts much like the chairman of that bank. This
provides BB&T clients all the advantages of a major financial institution as
well as the kind of specialized attention they expect from a hometown bank.

   BB&T offers a complete range of banking services, but its community
banking philosophy sets it apart from banks of comparable size.

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