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                                                                                                            Fundraising Program
                                                                                                      Sponsored by

                            Sponsored by
                                                                        Save a Life…
                                                           The cost of a mammogram is $150.                                Go the Extra Mile…
                                                           If every race participant collected $150,          There are 3 easy ways to help raise funds:
                                                           We could pay for 46,000 mammograms!                1. Online pledges with your own personal
                                                                                                                 webpage. Raise funds through your team or
                                                                                                                 as an individual. Go to
                                                                                                              2. Mail by enclosing this donation envelope and
                                                                    Hot Pink Heroes…                             mailing it to the Komen office (904 Autumn
                                                           The Arkansas Affiliate of Susan G.                    Road, Ste 500, Little Rock, AR 72211)
                                                           Komen for the Cure recognizes the top              3. In Person Bring your donations to the race and
                                                           25 fundraisers for their outstanding                  turn them in at the Because I Care™ tent in the
                                                           efforts. Be a part of the special                     parking lot at 4th & Broadway.
                                                           recognition and events. Become a Hot
                                                           Pink Hero.

                          Earn great prizes while helping to raise funds to fight breast cancer…
Levels of recognition and rewards are based on the participant’s total of all pledge money (online as well as checks and cash) turned in by October 31, 2009.

          Raise…          And You will get…                                              Top Individual Prizes
          $150-300        Because I Care™ T-shirt                                        1st Place    Travel package. Includes one American
                          Provided by Image One                                                       Airlines ticket to anywhere in the contiguous
                                                                                                      U.S., a pink Delsey luggage set, neck pillow and
          Raise…          And You will get…                                                           travel makeup kit
          $301-600        T-shirt and Because I Care™ cooler                             2nd Place    Jewelry provided by Stanley Jewelers
                          Provided by Verizon Wireless                                                Gemologist
                                                                                         3 Place      $1,000 Kroger gift card
          Raise…          And You will get…                                              4th Place    “Spa Diva” spa package provided by
          $601-1000       T-shirt, cooler, and a Family Pack dinner
                                                                                                      Turtle Cove Spa at Mountain Harbor
                          from Chick-Fil-A at West Markham
                                                                                                      Resort and Spa and original one-of-a-kind
          Raise…          And You will get…
                                                                                                      necklace by Mary Allison/Local Color Gallery
          $1001-1500      T-shirt, cooler, Family Pack and Elizabeth
                                                                                         Top 3 Teams in each category will receive a team prize:
                          Windsor Henry’s “You Go Girls!” famous
                                                                                            1. Corporate/Hospital
                          bridge print, signed by artist
                                                                                            2. Small Business/Financial/Investment/PR/Media
          Raise…          And You will get…                                                 3. Non-profit/Church/Government Agency
          $1501+          T-shirt, cooler, Family Pack, artwork and a                       4. Schools/Community/Social Group
                          $50 VISA gift card
  Deadline for Fundraising
  for Because I Care™ is                                                                         ™™
  October 31, 2009                                   Susan G. Komen Arkansas Race for the Cure®
                                                                                                                 (Please Print)
                                                                                        Name________________________________T-shirt size_______
 As part of a Race Team...                                                              Address______________________________________________
       When you register as a member of a race team online, you will
       automatically have a personal webpage created. Help your team                    City, State Zip_________________________________________
       win the team prize by using the preprinted information on your
       webpage or create your own story and photos. Email your                          Day Phone_______________Evening Phone________________
       friends, family and others. All of your pledges will go toward your
       goal and your team’s total.
                                                                                        Email Address_________________________________________
As an individual…
      When you register for the race, a webpage will automatically be
                                                                                        **Each fundraiser must have their own envelope for
      created for you, OR you can simply sign up as an individual to                    cash and checks. Complete the contact information
      raise funds for Because I Care™. Once you register, you can
      use the preprinted information on your webpage or create your
                                                                                        above to be eligible for individual prizes.**
      own story and photos.
                                                                                        Donor’s Name                              Pledge Amount
                                                                                         1. ___________________________           _____________
Offline                                                                                  2. ___________________________           _____________
 Mail In…                                                                                3. ___________________________           _____________
        Use this envelope to collect and record contributions, then mail                 4. ___________________________           _____________
        everything to the Komen office.                                                  5. ___________________________           _____________
                                                                                         6. ___________________________           _____________
 Bring to the Race…                                                                      7. ___________________________           _____________
      Use this envelope to collect and record contributions. Bring all of                8. ___________________________           _____________
      your donations with you Race Day, October 17, and drop it off at                   9. ___________________________           _____________
      the Because I Care™ tent located in the parking lot at 4th and                    10.___________________________            _____________
                                                                                        11.___________________________            _____________
                                                                                        12.___________________________            _____________
                                                                                        13.___________________________            _____________
Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. The taxpayer ID of the   14.___________________________            _____________
Susan G. Komen for the Cure Arkansas Affiliate is 71-0724439. Receipts will be issued   15.___________________________            _____________
for individual contributions of $250 or more. Otherwise, a canceled check serves as a
                                                                                        16.___________________________            _____________
                                                                                        17.___________________________            _____________
Make checks payable to: Komen Arkansas Race for the Cure. Please do not mail cash.      18.___________________________            _____________
Mail this envelope to:                                                                  19.___________________________            _____________
Komen Arkansas Race for the Cure                                                        20.___________________________            _____________
904 Autumn Road, Ste 500
Little Rock, AR 72211
Questions? Please call the Komen office at: 501-202-4399

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