Public Engagement Forum Meeting

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					                               Public Engagement Forum Meeting
                                      Friday, July 25, 2008
                                           2 – 4 p.m.
                                   Bishop Center, Room 146

Members Present: Nancy Bull, Susan Nesbitt, Maria Martinez, Matt Farley, Leanne Harty, Brian
Chapman, David Williams, Ernie Zirakzadeh, Pam Roelfs and Peter Tyczkowski.

Members Absent: Susana Ulloa, Preston Britner, Joy Erickson, Barbara McGrath, Sherry Bassi,
Ted Yungclas, Pete Peterson, Yuhang Rong, Denis Coble, Cathy Havens, Reesa Olins, Mehdi
Anwar, Linda Heraldo Gacad.

       Nancy introduced Maria Martinez who is sitting in for Suzana. She also reported on
absent members. It is unclear if Linda Heraldo Gacad is receiving our e-mails. Brian Chapman
said he would check with her.

Academic Plan & Vice-Provost Position
        The new academic plan will be presented to the Board of Trustees at their September
23, 2008 meeting. It is not known if there will be further revisions to the April 8, 2008 draft that
is on the UConn web.
        It was decided to invite the Provost to the first meeting of the Public Engagement Forum
after the Board of Trustees approves the new Academic Plan.

       Sue and David reported on the search for the Vice-Provost for Continuing Studies,
Regional Campus Administration and Outreach. Sue spoke with Carol Polifroni who is the
chairperson for the search committee. The position description is going through the approval
process. It is presently in the budget office where it is being held until the budget recessions are
       We discussed the Outreach Initiative document that presents our four areas of focus and
responsibilities. We need to be very clear that the proposed budget we submitted only covers
proposed expenditures for Public Engagement. After discussion we decided not to revise the
amount of money requested. Sue and Ernie will review and revise the language on the draft.
From now on the agenda will be built around these four initiatives.

Innovation in Program Development
         The Provost Award committees are drafting the program and working on the awards
criteria, process and selection. This will be ready by our meeting on August 25, 2008 meeting.
The Provost sponsors the reception for the award recipients so we need to work with him on
both the format and program. Nancy will confirm the amount of money available for the awards
program this year.

Coordination & Communications
        1. Programs for K-12 population & how to market them:
The development of an informational clearinghouse that would help us match UConn programs
with the appropriate K – 12 audiences was discussed. An example is the Connecticut
Environmental Action Day (CAED) on October 3 and 6, 2008. Maria Martinez has students in
the CAP program and the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources faculty will provide the
environmentally related programs. In the CEAD the students create potential programs they
can take back to implement at their schools. More information on the Public Engagement
Forum web site could help market this.
          2. Public Engagement Website Update
The Public Engagement Forum website needs to be more inclusive. For example, there is very
little information about K – 12 programs. One suggestion is to create a template that Schools,
Colleges and Departments could use to provide information about their outreach activities.
When they return the template to Leanne she could link it information about the activity to the
appropriate School, College or Department’s website.
          A second suggestion is to make our website interactive so people can ask questions
like, “I’m looking for…..” These questions could be answered by a support person in the vice
provost for outreach office.
          A third suggestion is to put the outreach portion of Annual Report from the Office of
Institutional Research on the Public Engagement website. Links could be inserted from the
information about a specific Department to the UConn website of that Department. Reviewing
this report we might see some “hidden treasures” that Departments already have which are
unknown outside their Department. We should also all ask ourselves the question, “What
programs do we have that no one at UConn really knows about” and send this information to
Leanne. A faculty member frequently is involved in engaged scholarship that could be both
useful and beneficial to others. Again, we need a complete list of all the Outreach/Public
Engagement activities being done by the various UConn Schools, Colleges and Departments.
          Pam Roelfs needs a copy of the full CLAS Annual Report. Ernie will get it to her.
          Matt Farley is meeting with people from the ADVANCE and will ask them to contact us
when they issue their call for articles.

        3. Waterbury meeting with Community Leaders on Access to Health Care
Brian Chapman began working on this colloquium and realized that we need more information
about the Public Engagement Forum proposed budget before we can proceed. Nancy will put
this on her agenda for her meeting with the Provost.
        We would like to hold a topic specific colloquium at each of the regional campuses.
        Matt Farley said that approximately 8 to 10 years ago the American Council on
Education (ACE) did a national study on “Listening to Communities”. Nancy Thomas who lives
in Glastonbury was involved and may be able to assist us now. The Waterbury campus is very
positive about the work she did. It was suggested that we ask her to work with us as we begin
to develop these colloquiums at the regional campuses. Matt will contact her to find out what
she would charge. We know that we need to better define our goals and also to add more
structure for this type of colloquium. We also want the people from the Storrs campuses to
attend these events at the regional campuses.
        Another possible topic for a colloquium is the Arts.

Collaboration Building
       It was suggested that we could possibly do some of our visits with aspirate institutes via
telecommunications. It was also pointed out that a face to face visit may be more productive.
       We should consider the top 25 Research 1, Public Institutions as our aspirate group.

         The School of Fine Arts is up to point 81 on definitions for Digital Measures. This
program does not have any measures for Public Engagement. Other suggested areas that may
be interested in implementing this include Humanities, Social Sciences, Physical Sciences,
Chemistry and Pharmacy. It is important that the faculty agree to this so they are willing to use
it for their reports.

Other Opportunities
        Sue and Nancy will review our membership list to look for other people who may be
interested in being involved in the Public Engagement Forum.
        Next year, we should submit a proposal about the Public Engagement activities at
UConn’s to the Engaged Scholarship conference held at Penn State on “Innovations and
Leadership for Engagement”.
        Sue will send the AACU call for proposals to everyone on the Outreach Forum.

Meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m. Next meeting will be Friday September 5 at 2:00 p.m. in room
146 Bishop.