Ando Tadaos Asia University Art Museum will be Built in September by maclaren1


									Ando Tadao's Asia University Art Museum will be Built in September

                                               The well-known Japanese architect, Ando Tadao, is about to
                                           design and build the first university art museum in the world for Asia
                                           University. On September 22, the construction will begin while Ando
                                           Tadao will also participate. The museum is expected to be
                                           completed in one year—at that time, this building will become the
                                           new landmark in central Taiwan.

      As time goes by, Taichung’s architecture has three different totems, each representing three stages
  of Taichung city. Dean of General Affairs Office, J. Y. Ju, explained: Taichung people in seeing the
  picture of two upright triangular pavilions would say the symbol represents the Taichung city when
  under Japan’s control and also the Sun-Moon Pavilion at Taichung Park. In seeing the picture of one
  upright flat triangle, people would immediate think of the Taichung City after recoveray, as well as the
  church designed by Ieoh Ming Pei at Tunghai University.

       Dean Ju emphasized that as Asia University Art Museum completes next
   year, Taichung people in seeing the picture of three triangles together would
   then comment that this building represents democratic Taiwan in 21st century,
   the Taichung City after upgrade, and one of Ando Tadao's remarkable work,
   Asia University Art Museum.

       According to Dean Ju, Asia University Art Museum pushes forward Taichung City’s revolution into the
   third stage: From the time controlled by Japan, to recovery, to democracy and internationalization.

       Vice President of Asia University, Ph. D. of architecture design at Harvard University, and founding
   professor of graduate school at architecture at National Chiao Tung University, Y. T. Liu, explains that
   Mr. Tadao focuses on the idea that buildings themselves have to harmonize with local natural
   environments. The three-floor Asia University Art Museum consists of three regular triangles,
   suggesting that a person cannot live by themselves alone. A triangle symbolizes nature, humans, and
   the things created by both humans and nature, each indispensible just like sunshine, air, and water. It
   is about the concept between architecture and environment. Liu believes such concept about
   internationalized art and beauty education Mr. Ando expresses is especially precious. Imagining that
   one year later, both faculties and students would be sitting in the museum to have a cup of coffee!

Dean Ju mentions the picture-like campus at Asia University, Baroque dome at Administration Building, along
with nearly 20 huge sculptures by Rodin and Arman from France, Professor Y. F. Yang from Taiwan, and
other famous artists. Their works, such as “The Thinker,” “Eternal Spring,” “The Kiss,” “Poem of Victoria,” are
now positioned around the campus and will be part of the treasures to be kept in Asia University Art Museum.

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