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									                                                                                          Hosted by

                                                   Fact sheet
   Date	                                          	     	    Monday	19th	to	Wednesday		21st	January	2009	
   Opening	hours	                                 	     		   Daily	10.00	to	17.00	
   Location	                                      	     	    Abu	Dhabi	National	Exhibition	Centre	
   Gross	Exhibitions	Area:	39,409	sqm			Halls	    	     		   1-9		
   Exhibitors	                                    	     	    615	
   	Exhibiting	countries	represented	             	     	    37	
   	Total	Visitors	                               	     		   18,420	
   	Visiting	countries	represented	               	     	    84	
   	Press	                                        	     	    734	

                                           World Future Energy Summit
WFES	was	held	in	partnership	with	Masdar,	the	Abu	Dhabi	Future	Energy	Company,	and	held	under	the	Patronage	of	
H.H.	General	Sheikh	Mohammad	Bin	Zayed	Al	Nahyan	Crown	Prince	of	Abu	Dhabi.	
Edition:	Second					Show	Frequency:	Annual			

   Edition	                                      	 	         Fifth						
   Show	Frequency	                               		 	        Annual			
   Gross	Exhibition	Area	                        	 	         29,293	sqm.	
   Net	indoor	space	                             	 		        12,524	sqm		
   National	                                     	 	         5,586	sqm		
   International	                                	 	         6,938sqm		
   Outdoor	Space	                                	 	         128sqm	
   Total	Exhibitors	                             	 	         359	
   National		                                    	 	         99	
   International	                                	 	         260	

                                          Environment Exhibition 2009
Environment	2009	was	held	under	the	patronage	of	HH	Sheikh	Khalifa	Bin	Zayed	Al	Nahyan,	President	of	the	UAE.		
   Edition	                                      	 	         Fifth						
   Show	Frequency	                               		 	        Annual			
   Gross	Exhibition	Area	                        	 	         10,116	sqm		
   Net	indoor	space	                             	 	         5484sqm		
   National	                                     		 	        2,386	sqm		
   International	                                	 	         3,098	sqm		
   Outdoor	Space	                                	 	         152	sqm		
   Exhibitors	                                   		 	        256	
   National		                                    	 	         83	
   International	                                	 	         173	

                                                                                               Hosted by

                                                  World Future Energy Summit
    Speakers	                                                        83	
    Total	Delegetes	                                                 2634	

                                                     Environment Conference

    Number	of	Speakers	                                              29	
    Total	Delegates	                                                 484

                                                 Events featured and highlights

    •	The	Credit	Suisse	Innovation	Zone	
    •	The	Standard	Chartered	Future	Theatre	
    •	The	Green	Energy	Showcase	
    •	The	Aldar	Media	Centre	and	Press	Briefing	Room	
    •	The	Occidental	VIP	lounge	
    •	Dedicated	Green	Buildings,	Clean	Transport,	Solar,	Wind	and	Carbon	Management	interactive	features	
    •	A	range	of	networking	meeting	and	relaxation	areas	
    •	Delegate	dining	areas	
    •	Networking	social	functions	including	the	Zayed	Future	Energy	Prize	ceremony	
    •	Tony	Blair,	the	former	British	prime	minister,	called	on	world	leaders	not	to	lose	sight	of	the	urgency	of	
    			the	climate	crisis	because	of	the	global	financial	crisis.	

                                                 Events featured and highlights
    •	Range	of	seminars	with	exhibitors	offering	further	insights	into	their	activities	
    •	The	Networking	Lounge	for	one-to-one	business	discussions	
    •	Conference	delegates	dining	area
                                                            Media Center
    The	World	Future	Energy	Summit	and	Environment	2009	media	centre	has	attracted	over	784	international	and	
    regional	media	representatives	from	some	of	the	world’s	foremost	publications	and	broadcasters	with	a	wide
    range	of	group	media	briefings	from	some	of	the	world’s	most	influential	government	and	industry	leaders.	
    The	media	centre	for	both	events	were	combined	to	create	a	larger	media	centre	as	the	hub	of	activity	and	news	
    updates	between	both	events,	including	a	purpose-built	press	conference	room,	a	TV	and	radio	studio,
    numerous	media	workstations,	catering	and	a	lounge	area.

                                                                                   Hosted by

                                Post Show Report Summary

The	World	Future	Energy	Summit	and	Environment	2009	Exhibition	and	Conference	provided	an	unmatched	
opportunity	for	the	600+	companies	in	the	alternative	energy	and	environmental	sectors	to	showcase	their	
expertise	before	a	global	audience	and	offered	18,420	visitors	from	84	countries	the	opportunity	to	find	
solutions,	network	and	make	business	at	the	same	time	and	same	place.
Both	 shows	 were	 held	 successfully	 at	 the	 Abu	 Dhabi	 National	 Exhibition	 Centre	 (ADNEC)	 19-21	
January	 2009.	The	 show	 has	 received	 impressive	 feedback	 from	 participants	 who	 attended	 the	
three-day	event.
Environment	2009	was	held	under	the	patronage	of	H.H.	Sheikh	Khalifa	Bin	Zayed	Al	Nahyan,	President	
of	the	UAE	and	WFES	was	held	in	partnership	with	Masdar,	the	Abu	Dhabi	Future
Energy	Company,	held	under	the	Patronage	of	H.H.	General	Mohammad	Bin	Zayed	Al	Nahyan	Crown	
Prince	of	Abu	Dhabi.
Exhibitors	 showcased	 a	 range	 of	 energy,	 water,	 waste	 and	 air	 quality	 management	 solutions	 over	 a	
gross	exhibit	space	of	over	40,000	sqm.	Germany,	France,	Japan,	UK,	Italy,	Switzerland,	USA,	Denmark,	
Netherlands,	Austria,	Italy	and	China	hosted	National	Pavilions	at	the	event.
Several	exhibitors	at	the	show	voiced	their	optimism	at	the	manner	in	which	the	MENA	region	was	
making	steady	progress	in	investing	in	environmentally	friendly	technologies	and	solutions.
The	opening	ceremony,	presided	over	by	HH	General	Sheikh	Mohammed	bin	Zayed	Al	Nahyan,	Crown	
Prince	of	Abu	Dhabi,	Deputy	Supreme	Commander	of	the	UAE	Armed	Forces	and	Chairman	of	Mubadala,	
heard	that	WFES	is	set	to	become	the	future	energy	equivalent	of	the	Davos	summit	on	global	issues.
The	 World	 Future	 Energy	 Summit	 welcomed	 83	 speakers	 and	 2,500+	 delegates	 over	 the	 3	 day	
H.E.	 Rashid	 Ahmad	 Bin	 Fahad,	 UAE	 Minister	 of	 Environment	 &	 Water	 inaugurated	 the	 specialized	
conference	 on	 ”Sustainable	 Management	 for	 Coastal	 Zones”	 which	 took	 place	 in	 parallel	 with	 the	
The	Environment	2009	conference	featured	thirty	prominent	speakers	from	the	government	and	private	
sectors	in	the	UAE	presenting	their	insights	and	strategies	to	combat	coastal	degradation	across	the	MENA	
(Middle	East	and	North	Africa)	region.	The	conference	was	organized	by	Reed	in	partnership	with	the	UAE	
Ministry	of	Environment	and	Water	(MoEW).
The	event	has	grown	to	be	a	recognized	International	leading	event	and	attracted	more	than	734	members	
of	the	press	both	local	and	internationally.
Participants	reiterated	that	Abu	Dhabi	was	the	ideal	destination	in	the	region	to	stage	this	exhibition	
and	conference	given	the	numerous	initiatives,	led	by	Masdar,	that	the	Abu	Dhabi	Government	is	

                                                                                Hosted by

                                       Sponsors and Main Partners

    Word Future Energy Summit

       Principal Sponsor: 	                     Credit	Suisse

       Platinum Sponsor:	                       BP	Middle	East	&	South	Asia
       	                                        CH2M	HILL
       	                                        Deutsche	Asset	Management
       	                                        First	Energy	Bank
       	                                        ALDAR	Proprties
       	                                        Standard	Chartered	Bank
       	                                        Abu	Dhabi	Water	and	Electricity	Authority	(ADWEA)

       Gold Sponsors:	                          Siemens
       	                                        Ente	Vasco	de	la	Energía	(EVE)
       	                                        Applied	Materials,	Inc.
       	                                        Enel	S.p.A
       	                                        Occidental	Development	Company	(OXY)
       Partners and Media Partners:	            Arabian	Publications	Inc
       	                                        Alternative	Energy	Africa
       	                                        China	International	Business	Magazine
       	                                        Cleantech	Group,	LLC
       	                                        CNBC	Arabiya
       	                                        CPI	Industry
       	                                        Environmental	Finance	Publications
       	                                        Environment	Magazine
       	                                        Future	Energy	Magazine
       	                                        Energy	Update
       	                                        Financial	Times
       	                                        European	Future	Energy	Forum	2009
       	                                        FC	EXPO	2009	/	PV	EXPO	2009
       	                                        ICIS	Heren
       	                                        Green	Solutions	Magazine
       	                                        Media	Watch
       	                                        Luxury	Magazine
       	                                        Mediaquest	Corp.
       	                                        Middle	East	Waste	Summit	2009
       	                                        Saudi	Business	Focus
       	                                        Society	of	Energy	Engineers	and	Managers,	India
       	                                        Upstream	&The	Gulf

                                                                           Hosted by

 Environment 2009

Platinum Sponsor: 	             Abu	Dhabi	National	Oil	Company	(ADNOC)

Gold Sponsors:	                 Department	of	Municipal	Affairs

Sponsors:	                      ADCB	(Abu	Dhabi	Commercial	Bank)
	                               NBAD	(National	Bank	of	Abu	Dhabi)
	                               EMAL	(Emirates	Aluminium)

Main Partner: 	                 Ministry	of	Environment	&	Water

Supporters:	                    Ministry	of	Interior
	                               United	Nations	Environment	Programme	(UNEP)
	                               Ministry	of	Energy
	                               Environment	Agency	of	Abu	dhabi
	                               Supreme	Petroleum	Council

Partners and Media Partners:	   BNC	Network
	                               Enviro	Publishers	Pvt.	Ltd.	,Chennai
	                               (Enviro	Science	&	Engineering	Pvt.Ltd.	)
	                               Gulf	Agriculture	Magazine
	                               Local	Global	Exhibition&	Trade	Ltd_FME
	                               UAE	Society	of	Engineers
	                               Media	Fussion	(Clean	Middle	East)
	                               CONSTRUCTION	WORLDX
	                               World	Pump
	                               Shawati>	Magazine
	                               Security	Review
	                               Emirate	Falcon
	                               Reflex	Publishing	ME	FZ	LLC

                                                                                                  Hosted by

    WFES Exhibitors
    Gross	Exhibition	Area	                    :			     29,293	sqm
    Net	indoor	space	                         :			     12,652	sqm
    National	                                 :			     5,586	sqm
    International	                            :			     6,938sqm
    Outdoor	Space	                            :			     128sqm
    Total	Exhibitors	                         :			     359
    National	                                 :			     99
    International		                           :			     260
    National	Pavilions	                       :		      8
    USA,	Swiss,	German,	Danish,	Netherlands,	Japan,	China	and	UK	Pavilion

    Number	of	Countries	                      :		      37

    Austria,	Bahrain,	Belgium,	Brazil,	Canada,	China,	United	Kingdom,	Switzerland,	Denmark,	Egypt,	Germany,	Estonia,	
    Finland,	France,	Italy,	Japan,	Hong	Kong,	Hungary,	Iceland,	India,	Iran,	Pakistan,	The	Netherlands,	Palestine,	Qatar,	
    Singapore,	Slovenia,	Spain,	Norway,	Jordan,	Sultanate	of	Oman,	Taiwan,	Kuwait,	Turkey,	Lebanon,	USA	and	UAE

    WFES Exhibitors Profile
    Technologies,	services	and	commercial	departments	with	a	specialism	in	energy	for	the	following	sectors:

                     •		Biofuels                                        •		Geothermal
                     •		Carbon	management                               •		Ocean	power
                     •		Fuel	cells                                      •		Biomass
                     •		Wind                                            •		Waste	to	energy
                     •		Solar                                           •		Energy	efficiency
                     •		Power                                           •		Clean	Transport
                     •		Engineering                                     •		Green	Buildings
                     •		Petrochemicals                                  •		Finance

    Exhibitors (Environment 2009)
    Gross	Area	                               :		    10,116 sqm
    Net	Area	                                 :		    5,636 sqm
    Total	Exhibitors	&	Co-exhibitors	         :		    256
    National	Exhibitors	                      :	     	83
    International	Exhibitors	                 :		    173
    	National	Pavilions	                      :		    6
    National	Pavilions	                       :			   China, France, Germany, Italy, UK and Switzerland
    Number	of	countries	                      :	     28
    Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, Denmark , Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong,
    India ,Italy , Korea, Kuwait, Lebanon, The Netherlands, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Singapore, SPAIN,
    Sweden, Switzerland,
    Taiwan, UAE, UK and USA
    Environment Exhibitors Profile
    •		Air	Management		                                     •		Protection	&	Preservation	of	Nature		
    •		Waste	Management				                                 •		Risk	Prevention	&	Management		
    •		Energy		                                             •		Sustainable	Development			
    •		Pollution	Treatment	&	Recycling					

                                                                              Hosted by

WFES Exhibitor List
 Australia                                           France
 EcoVision	Solutions	Pty	Ltd                         Ademe	
 Gold	Coast	City	Council                             Afitex	International	Sas	
 ICT	International	Pty	Ltd                           ALTEREO	G2C	
 Permapave	Queensland                                Aria	Technologies	
 Austria                                             Ati	Incinérateurs	
                                                     Cci	De	Lorraine		
 Komptech	GMBH                                       Charlatte	Reservoirs	
 Bahrain                                             Creocean
 AES	International	Consultants                       Ea-Image	
 United	Nations	Environment	Programme	(UNEP)         Eclosions	
 Belgium                                             Ecoplage
                                                     Emo	Equipement	Et	Machines	De	L’ouest	
 IPEC	N.V                                            Enviro’	Solutions
 NESA                                                Environnement	Sa
 Waterleau	Group                                     Envirozone	Llc
 China                                               Eole	Water
 Changzhou	EGing		Photovoltaic	Technology	Co.,Ltd.   Er	Ingenierie
 China	Singyes	Solar	Technology	Holding	Limited      Euro	Contrôle	Projet
                                                     Europe	Environnement	
                                                     Far	Ingenierie
 JiangSu	Sunrain	Solar	Energy	Co.	Ltd
                                                     Feljas	&	Masson
 Shanghai	Alex	Solar	Energy	Science	&
 Technology	Co.,	Ltd.                                Iseo
 Xi’an	Longi	Silicon	Materials	Corp.                 Laboratoire	Microhumus	
 Yingkou	Chuangshiji	Filter	Materials	Co.	LTD        Laboratoires	Ceetal
 Zhejiang	Tzantaz	Lionheart	Industry	Equipment	      Le	Floch	Depollution
 Co.LTD                                              Maguin	–	Apic
 Czech Republic                                      Mortelecque	S.A.S
                                                     Nantaise	Des	Eaux
 MEVA	A.S                                            Narges
 Denmark                                             Nheolis
                                                     Novad	SAS
 ELDAN	Recycling	AS
 FINLAND                                             Pena	Environnement	
 Ecosir                                              Plastic	Omnium	Systemes	Urbains
 India                                               Ramus	Industrie
                                                     Saint-Gobain	Pam
 Enviro	Publishers	Pvt.	Ltd.	,Chennai                Servithen
 (Enviro	Science	&	Engineering	Pvt.Ltd.	)            Sodimate
 Maharashtra	Pollution	Control	Board			
                                                     Sylvaine	Duval	Sarl
 RAMKY	Engineering	&	Consulting	Services	(FZC)
                                                     Tap	France		
 Italy                                               Tecofi	
 Big	Belly                                           Tethys	Instruments
 Bottaro	Mario	Srl		                                 Ubifrance	
 Dulevo	International	Spa		                          Vauche
 Faggiolati	Pumps	SPA		                              Vergnet	
 Greco	Achille		                                     Vichem	
 Guidetti	Srl                                        SUEZ	ENVIRONNEMENT	
 Macpresse                                           Environment	2009/	Pollutec	International
 Mapro	International	S.p.A.

                                                                                 Hosted by

     Italy                                             LIC	Langmatz	(co-exhibitior	EFR)
     MG	Recycling	SRL                                  Lutterberg	GmbH
     Mondini                                           MERCODOR	GmbH	Sondermaschinenbau	KG
     Promeco	SPA                                       NAUE	GmbH	&	Co.	KG
     Puztech                                           NIVUS	GmbH
     Sereco	Srl			                                     Novoflow	GmbH
     Softel	Engineering	SRL	(co	exhibitor	of	stema)	   Passavant-Geiger	GmbH	
     Stema	Srl	                                        Passavant-Roediger	GmbH				
                                                       Resource	Recycling	Industries	GmbH
     Korea                                             SCHWING	GmbH
     GAIA	Corporation		                                Tecmundo	(co-exhibitor	Hatec)
                                                       Umwelt-Geräte-Technik	GmbH
     Hong Kong
                                                       Wehrle	Umwelt	GmbH			
     Nozomi	Tec	Limited		                              Wirtschaftsförderung	und	Technologietransfer	
     Poland                                            Schleswig-	Holstein	GmbH		
                                                       Yazaki	Europe	Limited
                                                       German	Water	Partnership	e.V.
     Germany                                           Passavant-Geiger	GmbH	
     Abel	Gmbh	&	Co.	Kg                                Passavant-Roediger	GmbH	
     Alensys	AG                                        Resource	Recycling	Industries	GmbH		
     Alocit	Chemie	Gmbh                                SCHWING	GmbH		Landscape		
     Amandus	Kahl	Gmbh	&	Co.	Kg                        Tecmundo	(co-exhibitor	Hatec)	
     Aricon	Kunststoffwerk	Gmbh                        Umwelt-Geräte-Technik	GmbH	
     Artech	Recyclingtechnik	GmbH                      Wehrle	Umwelt	GmbH			
     Assmann	Beraten	+	Planen	Gmbh	/	Hpc	Ag            Wirtschaftsförderung	und	Technologietransfer	
     Biorock                                           Schleswig-Holstein	GmbH	
     BMW	Info                                          Yazaki	Europe	Limited		
     CEMAG	Anlagenbau	GmbH                             German	Water	Partnership	e.V.
     DBG	Dr.	Bluhm	GmbH
     Doppstadt	Calbe	Gmbh                              Kuwait
     Dürr	Systems	GmbH
                                                       FPS	International	Group
     EFR	GmbH
                                                       National	Cleaning
     Eisenmann	Anlagenbau	GmbH	&	Co.	KG
     enviMV	(co-exhibitor	WTSH)                        The Netherlands
     Envitech	Middle	East	LLC                          Landustrie	Sneek	BV
     Erdwich	Gmbh
     ESR	International	Gmbh	&	Co.	KG
     German	Environment	Ministry-Environment	Agency    Abu	dhabi	Enviro.	Protection		Techn.	factory		
     Grimm	Aerosol	Technik	Gmbh	&	Co.	KG               Abu	Dhabi	Urban	Planning	Council		
     Hatec	GmbH                                        ADCB	(Abu	Dhabi	Commercial	Bank)		
     HELIOTECH	TÜRK	GmbH                              ADNOC	(Abu	Dhabi	National	Oil	Campany)		
     Hiller	Gmbh                                       ADZ	Nagano
     Horiba	Europe	GmbH	(Co-exhibitor	DBG)             ALDAR
     H-tec	GmbH		(co-exhibitor	WTSH)                   Arid	Land	Development	Co.	LLC		
     Huerner-	Funken	GmbH                              Averda	Group		
     Husmann                                           Azur	Systems		
                                                       Bauer	Emirates	Environment	Technologies	&	Services	LLC
     Hydrotechnik	Lübeck
                                                       BDH	Middle	East
     Ingenieurbüro	Birkhahn	+	Nolte	GmbH
                                                       Beeah-The	Sharjah	Environmental	Company

                                                                                Hosted by

UAE                                                     Teledyne	ISCO	
Blue	Stream/	Sulo	Environmental	Technology		            	YSI	INC.	
BNC	Network		                                           Switzerland
Bodycote	Testing	Group	Middle	East		
                                                        3S	Swiss	Solar	Systems	
                                                        ALMADION	Consultants							
Cosmoplast	Industrial	Co.	LLC	
                                                        Belimo	Automation	AG	
Crystal	General	Services		
                                                        Ciba	Inc.	
Department	of	Municipal	Affairs		
                                                        Ecointesys	-	Life	Cycle	Systems
Dibba	Municipality		
                                                        EMPA	Materials	Science	&	Technology
Dome	Oilfield	Engineering	&	Services		
                                                        Hofstetter	Umwelttechnik	AG
Dubai	Municipality		
                                                        Kompogas	AG	UK
Earth	Link	&	Advance	Resources	Development	(ELARD)			
                                                        Agua	Vision
EMAL	(Emirates	Aluminium)	
Emirates	Environmental	Group                            Saudi Arabia
Emirates	Foundation                                     Al	Mira	Steamatic
Enviromental	Center	for	Arab	Towns	(ECAT)		             Building	Material	Screening	
Environment	Agency	of	Abu	dhabi                         Saudi	Gulf	Environment	Protection	Company	(SEPCO)
Enviropure-	Flex	Clean	for	Environmental	Solutions		    Spain
Fujairah	Municipality	
                                                        Ros	Roca
GCC	Environment	
Global	City                                             Lebanon
Global	Engineering	Systems		                            Averda
Green	Engineering	System	LLC	                           Intercare		
Gulf	Agriculture	Magazine                               International	Center	for	Biosaline	Agriculture		
X	Vision                                                Karcher	FZE		
Ministry	of	Environment	&	Water                         Landscape		
METROHM	Middle	East		                                   Lonestar	Group	Companies	
Mouchel	Middle	East                                     Media	Fussion	(Clean	Middle	East)			
CONSTRUCTION	WORLD-	                                    Ministry	of	Energy		
Reflex	Publishing	ME	FZ	LLC	                            Ministry	of	Interior		
Universal	Technical	LLC		                               Mott	Macdonald	
Valencia	Building	Materials	Trading		                   NBAD	(National	Bank	of	Abu	Dhabi)	
Singapore                                                                                                -
                                                        Norwegian	Institute	for	Air	Research	(Dome	Intern-
Asys	Group	Asia	PTE	LTD	
                                                        Phenex	Marine		
Local	Global	Exhibition	&	Trade	Ltd_FME		
                                                        Rajay	International	/	Enware		(	RGSG)	
Otto	Waste	Systems	(S)	PTE	LTD	
                                                        Ramboll	Whitby	&	Bird		
STSE	Engineering	Services	PTE	LTD
                                                        Rheinzink	GmbH	&	Co.	KG	
Portugal	                                               SEACOR	Environmental	Service	Middle	East	Ltd.		
Fersil-Freitas	&	Silva                                  Security	Review	
Taiwan	                                                 Septech	Emirates	LLC	
                                                        Sharjah	Municipality		
Mu	Chuan	Enterprises	Co.	Ltd		
                                                        Shaw	International		
Yes-Sun	Environmental	Biotech	Co	LTD
USA                                                     TST	Electronics		
Rochester	Midland	Corporation		                         UAE	Society	of	Engineers		
Skyfuel		                                               Union	Paper	Mills		

                                          Hosted by

     Casella	Measurement	LTD		
     Enviro	Technology	Services		
     Morgan	Professional	Services	Ltd		
     SmartStreets	LTD	
     Turnkey	Instrument	LTD		
     World	Pump	
     MRT	Systems	International	AB		

                                                                                           Hosted by

Type                                                              2008 Visitors                        2009 Visitors

Visitor		                                                             9,235	                                15,360
Delegates		                                                           2,037	                                	2,880*

Grand Total                                                         12,724                                  18,240

            *	This	figure	includes	804	VIPs,	734	members	of	international	press,	200	speakers	and	79	students.	






 Visitors Profile
 •	Governments/NGOs/	Environmental	Agencies		
 •	Venture	Capitalist		/	Investors	/	Financial	institutions	/	entrepreneurs		
 •	Energy	companies	and	professionals		
 •	Architects	/	Contractors	/	Civil	engineers	/		Developers	/	Town	planners		
 •	Transport	providers	/	Manufacturers	/	Mechanical	engineers/	Designers		
 •	Environment	&	Eco	Activity	-	Industrial	and	Service	Providers/	Decision	makers	/	Architects	/	Civil	
 engineers	/	Developers	/	Town	planners		
 •	Public	contract	owners	/	Local	&	regional	public	institutions			
 •	General	Specifiers	/	Consultants/	Traders/	Heads	of	CSR	departments		
 •	Research	institutes/education	/		local	and	regional	regulatory	bodies	/	NGOs		

                                                                                    Hosted by

         	         Region                                                                  %
         	       Middle	East	                                                      	74.82%	
         	       Europe	                                                           	14.00%	
         	       North	America	                                                      	5.06%	
         	       Asia		                                                               4.35%	
         	       Africa		                                                             0.94%	
         	       Oceania		                                                            0.51%	
         	       South	America		                                                      0.32%







                         Middle	   	Europe	    North	    Asia   Africa   Oceania            South	
                          East	               America	                                    America	


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