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					18-25 May 2010
NEC, Birmingham, UK

Exhibitor Registration Package
Print Automation Pavilion

Introducing the Print
Automation Pavilion at Ipex 2010

Ipex 2010

Ipex will be the world’s largest exhibit of printing systems.
Software and print automation is one of the featured
topics at Ipex 2010. By exhibiting at the Print Automation
Pavilion your company can be at the focal point. The
Print Automation Pavilion offers walk-up ready to use
exhibitor pods. There will be room for up to 14 pods
(depending on the sizes reserved by the participants) and
the entire Print Automation Pavilion will be networked,
allowing participants to demonstrate interoperability and
workflow with their partners in the pavilion.
                                                                 Futhermore, CIP4 will provide networking for the Print
The CIP4 organization will provide staff at a welcome            Automation Pavilion to each pod, and the network will
station, and the Print Automation Pavilion will be featured in   include access to the Internet. A badge scanner will be
Ipex 2010 show promotions, the show website, the show            available at the Print Automation Pavilion reception desk
catalog, and in 15,000 copies of a special Print Automation      and the CIP4 staff will provide a copy of all gathered
Roadmap that will be distributed to attendees of Ipex 2010       contacts to each pod participant immediately after Ipex 2010.
at locations through out the show.
                                                                    Company logo
Pods are available in two, four and six seat sizes and come         applied here
include the same number of complimentary exhibitor
registrations (2, 4, or 5) as well as:

                                                                    Perspex                                  LOGO

  • Power to each Pod sufficient for the number of                  Lockable                                                        1m
                                                                    sliding doors
    computers /size of Pod (e.g., 2, 4 or 6 standard outlets)
  • Pod accommodations including tables/stations (each
    with a locking cabinet for storage), chairs, wastebasket,

    and Cat 6 Ethernet cables running from each Pod to

    a central closet where the CIP4 network will be)                Also included: 1) A twin socket with a total of 1kw supply
                                                                                     2) 2 stools
  • Each station will include a private locking cabinet and
    the counter will have a overhang for the comfort of
    your company’s presenters
                                                                 Located in Hall 7, booth 7-E460, space in the Print
  • A central closet (which will be where the network hub        Automation Pavilion will be reserved on a first-come-first-
    will be located and which will provide for storage           serve basis. It is highly recommended that you make your
    of brochures and materials)                                  reservation for a pod as soon as possible, but not later
  • Your company’s logo on the pod backdrop                      than March 26th 2010.
  • Pavilion and Pod design, construction, and installation
  • Drayage for all IIR provided facilities                        Please complete the attached form and fax it the
  • Ipex Web marketing support for company                         attention of Ipex Sales Manager Shona Hayes at
                                                                   + [44] (0)207 017 7818, or if you have questions, feel
  • Show guide/directory listings for each company that
                                                                   free to contact Shona at + [44] (0)207 017 7287 or via
    reserves a POD
                                                                   email at

 See you at Ipex 2010!
Print Automation Pavilion
Pod Reservation Form

Please fax your completed form to Shona Hayes at + [44] (0)207 017 7818, or send a scan of the
completed form via email to IIR Exhibitions will send you your exhibitor manual as well
as an invoice for the space.

Please select one of the following:

    Small (two seat) Pod - £4,865 +VAT (@17.5%)
    Medium (four seat) Pod - £6,865 +VAT (@17.5%)
    Large (six seat) Pod - £8,865 +VAT (@17.5%)

Company name:

Name of Authorizing Representative:


Signature:                                       Date:

Telephone:                                       Email:

Billing Address:

City:                                            State/Provence:

Country:                                         Postal Code:

Please select one of the following:

    Please send me an invoice for the balance with payment instructions
    Please hold a pod whilst we make a decision (pods only held for 1 week)

Contact for Pod Logistics and Administrative Matters

Name                                             Title:

Phone:                                           Email:

Thank you!