Sublease of Office with Option to Renew, and Consent of Lessor

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					             Sublease of Office with Option to Renew, and Consent of Lessor

        Sublease Agreement made on the (date), between (Name of Sublessor of (street
address, city, state, zip code), referred to herein as Sublessor, and (Name of Sublessee), of
(street address, city, state, zip code), referred to herein as Sublessee.

       Whereas, Sublessor has leased the premises (the Premises) from (Name of Lessor)
under a Lease Agreement between Lessor and Sublessor (the Lease Agreement), which is
attached to this Sublease agreement as Exhibit A and made a part hereof; and

       Whereas, Sublessor desires to lease a part of those Premises from Sublessor; and

      Whereas, the parties desire to have a sublease agreement defining the terms of the

1.      Description of Premises
        Sublessor leases from Sublessee that part of the Premises (the Leased Premises)
Leased to Sublessor by Lessor and described in Exhibit B attached hereto and made a part

2.        Option to Renew
          Sublessor shall give Sublessee an option to renew this Sublease Agreement if and when
Sublessor renews the Lease Agreement with Lessor and for whatever length of time the Lease
Agreement shall be extended, provided that, if Sublessor fails to renew the Lease Agreement
with Lessor, or is unable to do so, this provision shall be null and void and shall create no
liability on Sublessor. This option must be exercised by written notice to Sublessor within
(number) days after Sublessee is notified that Sublessor has renewed the Lease Agreement
with Lessor.

3.     Rental
       The rental of the Leased Premises is to be fixed in event of any renewal and shall be
based on the sublease rental provided in this Sublease Agreement, as adjusted by ____% of
any increase or decrease in rent that Sublessor must pay Lessor if Sublessor renews the Lease
Agreement with Lessor. The present rental paid by Sublessor on the Lease Agreement is $
________per month, payable on the first day of each month to Lessor.

4.      Utilities
        Sublessor shall pay all expenses for utilities on the Leased Premises with the exception
of the cost for the telephone that is maintained for the benefit of Sublessee.

5.      Rest Rooms
        Sublessee and the employees of Sublessee shall have use of the restroom facilities
situated on the Leased Premises, but the restroom shall not be available or used for general
use of the customers of Sublessee.

6.     Common Storage
       Sublessee may use _____% of the back room on the Leased Premises for the storage
of merchandise and other materials.

7.     Liability Insurance
       Sublessor shall keep the entire Leased Premises insured against public liability, and that
policy shall be so written as to insure both Sublessor and Sublessee. Sublessee shall pay
____% of the cost of the insurance.

8.       Repairs and Alterations
         Sublessee shall have the right to move the present fixtures, install new shelves and
fixtures, or remove existing shelves and fixtures from the Leased Premises without replacing the
present fixtures. However, in rearranging fixtures and shelves, Sublessee shall always
provide for safe and feasible ingress and egress to and from that part of the Premises in
possession of Sublessor and shall install no fixtures or in any other way block passage or hinder
or interfere with the convenient access and egress of the customers of Sublessee to
Sublessor’s Premises. Removed fixtures shall be delivered to Sublessor.

9.     Assignment of Rights
       The rights of each party under this Agreement are personal to that party and m
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Description: An assignment of a lease is a transfer by the tenant of his entire interest in the premises to a third person. A sublease is a transfer to a third person (the sublessee) of less than the tenant's entire interest. The lease may contain provisions denying the right to assign or sublease, or may contain provisions restricting the privilege of assigning or subleasing. These restrictions allow the landlord to obtain protection from new tenants who would damage the property or who were financially irresponsible. An express promise by the sublessee is necessary to make the sublessee liable for the obligations of the lease to the original lessor. However, when a lease is assigned, the assignee becomes bound by the terms of the lease as soon as he takes possession of the property. It is customary for the tenant to require the sublessee to promise to perform all obligations under the original lease and to indemnify the tenant for any loss caused by the default of the sublessee. If the sublessee promises to assume the obligations of the original lease, the landlord, as a third-party beneficiary, may sue the sublessee for breach of the terms of the original lease.
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