How To Choose Healthy Treats For Your Lab by namakuavenda


									Choosing Healthy Treats For Your Lab

Put table scraps where they belong, in the garbage, not in your dog's food bowl. Many people
think that giving your Lab that nice chunk of fat from their sirloin will add luster to his coat.
While it may put joy in his heart, it may also give him loose bowels. An occasional veal bone,
if very sturdy (a knuckle, for example), can give him a tooth cleaning and some jaw exercise,
but be careful, since most bones are constipating as well as dangerous (an ingested splinter
of bone can be fatal).

Nylon or rawhide "bones" are safest. They are available in most pet stores, groceries,
supermarkets, and online. If you want to give your dog more than his everyday food (even
though dogs generally do not get bored with their meals, unlike humans), try small amounts of
fruits, cereal, and vegetables. They do not upset the intestinal tract by their oiliness or
indigestibility, and actually promote effective digestion. You may also try well-trimmed (no
visible fat) bits of meat. However, a dog raised on snacks of sirloin tips will not take kindly to a
change to vegetables, so pursue this course with considerable caution.

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