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    Inventory of Sussex Parks and Gardens of
Historic Interest together with Allied Sites such as
This list has been compiled by the Sussex Gardens Trust and gives the parish,
district and grid reference for each site. The information will be valuable to all
those who wish to support the heritage of Sussex parks and gardens. Please
look at our page on the criteria used to select these sites.

                        Accessibility to sites
We ask you to respect the privacy of those that are not open to the public and not
to try and gain access without written permission of the owners. We rely on the
goodwill of owners to record sites and so endeavour to respect their wishes in all
such matters.

                          Further Information
Some of the Trust’s research material is available electronically but not all of it
has been digitised yet. To find out more please contact the Sussex Gardens
Trust, using the e-mail address below. There will be a minimum charge of £5.00
for reproducing hard copy information about each site. Rates for students and
members of county gardens trusts are reduced by 50 per cent.

 List of Criteria for the Identification of Parks and
   Gardens for Inclusion in the Sussex Gardens
Trust Database as Being of Special Local Historic
Sites do not have to be in pristine condition but some of the original fabric must
survive intact. Public, private and institutional parks, gardens and open spaces
may be included. There is a presumption that the older the site, the more likely it
is to be included for intrinsic value alone, given the fragility of survival of such

   Medieval deer parks
   17th Century parks or gardens or earlier
   18th Century parks or gardens
   19th and 20th Century parks or gardens that pre-date 1914
   Gardens that post-date 1914 that are more than 30 years old

                      Important Associations
The following qualitative criteria may be used to support the inclusion of sites:

 Where a known national or local designer worked on part or on the whole
  design and where at least part of that design remains intact.
 Where a park or garden has a connection with a locally important figure who
  had some input into the design or who has had a strong association with the
 Where a park or garden can be linked to an historical event of national or
  local importance.
 Where a park or garden has exploited the natural landscape or geology in the
  design, e.g. quarry gardens.
 Plant collections where they form part of the designed landscape but would
  not be considered for inclusion in themselves

            Site Name                County       District         Parish        Map Ref
Adsdean Park                         WS       Chichester       Westbourne        SU 7909
Alciston Court                       ES       Wealden          Selmeston         TQ 5005
Aldingbourne House                   WS       Arun             Aldingbourne      SU 9207
Alexandra Park                       ES       Hastings         Hastings          TQ 6624
Arches (Farm) Manor                  ES       Wealden          Framfield         TQ 4919
Arundel                              WS       Arun             Arundel           TQ 0107
Ashburnham Place                     ES       Rother           Ashburnham        TQ 6814
Ashdown House                        ES       Wealden          Forest Row        TQ 4435
Ashdown Park (A.P.Hotel)             ES       Wealden          Maresfield        TQ 4332
Ashdown Place                        ES       Wealden          Forest Row        TQ 4233
Bailiffscourt/Manor of Atherington   WS       Arun             Climping          TQ 0000
Baldys Garden                        ES       Lewes            St Thomas         TQ 4210
Barham House                         ES       Wealden          East Hoathly      TQ 5317
Barkham Manor                        ES       Wealden          Fletching         TQ 4321
Barnham Court, or Church Farm        WS       Arun             Barnham           SU 9563
Batemans                             ES       Rother           Burwash           TQ 6624
Battle Abbey                         ES       Rother           Battle            TQ 7415
Bayham Abbey                         ES       Wealden          Frant             TQ 6536
Beech Hurst                          WS       Haywards Heath   Haywards Heath    TQ 3223
Beeches Farm                         ES       Wealden          Isfield           TQ 4520
Bentley Wildfowl                     ES       Wealden          Framfield         TQ 4814
Bentley Wood                         ES       Wealden          Framfield         TQ 4816
Berwick Court                        ES       Wealden          Berwick           TQ 5204
Bignor Park                          WS       Chichester       Bignor            SU 9915
Birling Manor                        ES       Wealden          East Dean
Blackdown House                      WS       Chichester       Lodsworth         SU 9128
Blackham Court                       ES       Wealden          Withyham          TQ 5037
Blakers Recreation Ground (BP)       ES       Brighton                           TQ 2908
Bolebroke                            ES       Wealden          Hartfield         TQ 4737
Borde Hill                           WS       Mid Sussex       Cuckfield Rural   TQ 3236
Bowhill                              WS       West Stoke       Funtington        SU 8109
Bramblehurst                         ES       Wealden          Forest Row        TQ 4135
Brambletye House                     ES       Wealden          Forest Row        TQ 4135
Brickwall                            ES       Rother           Northiam          TQ 8324
Brightling Park                      ES       Rother           Brightling        TQ 6821
Brockhurst                           WS       Mid Sussex       East Grinstead    TQ 4037
Brookhill House                      WS       Cowfold          Cowfold           TQ 2232
Brownings Manor (Grove)              ES       Wealden          Framfield         TQ 5320
Bryckden Place                       ES       Wealden          Waldron           TQ 5420
Buckham Hill House                   ES       Wealden          Isfield           TQ 4520
Buckhurst Park                       ES       Wealden          Withyham          TQ 5035
Buckwood Grange (The Rocks)          ES       Wealden          Uckfield          TQ 4621
Burton Park                          WS       Chichester       Barlavington      SU 9617
Buxshalls                            WS       Lindfield        Lindfield Rural   TQ 3227
Buxted Park                          ES       Wealden          Buxted            TQ 4923
Camberlot Hall                       ES       Wealden          Hellingly         TQ 5511
Carter's Corner Place                ES       Wealden          Hellingly         TQ 6012
Castle Goring                        WS       Durrington       Ferring           TQ 0511
Castle Hill (House)            ES   Wealden             Rotherfield       TQ 5428
Charleston Manor               ES   Wealden             Westdean          TV 5200
Chelwood Beacon                ES   Wealden             Danehill          TQ 4229
Chestham Park                  WS   Horsham             Henfield          TQ 2117
Chesworth House                WS   Horsham             Southwater        TQ 1729
Chidmere House                 WS   Chichester          Chidham           SU 7903
Church Farm                    WS   Aldingbourne        Aldingbourne      SU 9205
Church Place                   WS   Pulborough          Pulborough        TQ 1805
Clapham House                  ES   Wealden             Friston           TQ 5309
Claverham Manor                ES   Wealden             Ripe              TQ 5370
Clinton Lodge                  ES   Wealden             Fletching         TQ 4223
Cobblers                       ES   Wealden             Crowborough       TQ 5329
Compton Place                  ES   Eastbourne          Eastbourne        TV 6098
Cooke's House                  WS   Chichester          Bury              TQ 0013
Coolhurst, near Horsham        WS   Horsham             Colgate           TQ 1929
Cotchford Farm                 ES   Wealden             Hartfield         TQ 4734
Cotmaton                       WS   Lindfield           Lindfield Urban   TQ 3425
Courtlands                     WS   Worthing            Goring            SU 1303
Cowbeech House/ Hall Farm      ES   Wealden             Cowbeech          TQ 6314
Cowdray House                  WS   Chichester          Easebourne        SU 8921
Cranesden                      ES   Wealden             Mayfield          TQ 5826
Criplands                      WS   Lindfield           Lindfield Rural   TQ 3424
Crossways House (St Bede's     ES   Wealden             Upper Dicker      TQ 5609
School) Park
Cuckfield                      WS   Mid Sussex          Cuckfield Rural   TQ 2924
Dale Park                      WS   Arun                Madehurst         SU 9709
Danehurst                      ES   Wealden             Danehill          TQ 4026
Dangstein, Rotherbridge        WS   Chichester          Rogate            SU 8224
Danny, Hurstpierpoint          WS   Mid Sussex          Hurstpierpoint    TQ 2814
Delves House                   ES   Lewes               Ringmer           TQ 4412
Denman's, Fontwell             WS   Arun                Aldingbourne      SU 9407
Denne Park                     WS   Horsham             Southwater        TQ 1629
Dewhurst Lodge                 ES   Wealden             Wadhurst          TQ 6133
Dutton Homestall               ES   Wealden             Ashurst Wood      TQ 4237
Eartham Park ( Great Ballard   WS   Chichester          Eartham           SU 9409
School) Manor
Eckington                      ES   Wealden             Ripe              TQ 5210
Ely Grange                     ES   Wealden             Frant             TQ 5936
Eridge Park                    ES   Wealden             Frant             TQ 5635
Fiddlers Copse                 WS   Plaistow            Plaistow          TQ 3001
Field Place                    WS   Broadbridge Heath   Warnham           TQ 3215
Findon Place                   WS   Arun                Findon            TQ 1109
Firle Place                    ES   Lewes               West Firle        TQ 4707
Fishbourne Roman Palace        WS   Chichester          Chichester        SU 8304
Fishers Gate                   ES   Wealden             Withyham          TQ 4933
Folkington Manor               ES   Wealden             Folkington        TQ 5603
Folkington Place               ES   Wealden             Folkington        TQ 5604
Foxhunt Manor                  ES   Wealden             Waldron           TQ 5417
Framfield Grange               ES   Wealden             Framfield         TQ 5020
Framfield Place                ES   Wealden             Framfield         TQ 4920
Frankham Park                  ES   Wealden             Wadhurst          TQ 5931
Frant Court                    ES   Wealden             Frant             TQ 5825
Frant Lodge                    ES   Wealden             Frant             TQ 5935
Frant Manor Cottage               ES   Wealden         Frant             TQ 5935
Friston Place                     ES   Wealden         Friston           TV 5598
Gamelands                         ES   Wealden         Hellingly         TQ 5715
Glen Andred                       ES   Wealden         Withyham          TQ 4418
Glynde Place                      ES   Lewes           Glynde            TQ 4509
Glyndebourne                      ES   Lewes           Glynde            TQ 4510
Glyndley Manor                    ES   Wealden         Westham           TQ 6006
Goodwood House                    WS   Chichester      Westhampnett      SU 8808
Gravetye Manor                    WS   Mid Sussex      West Hoathly      TQ 3634
Graylingwell Hospital             WS   Chichester      Chicester         SU 8606
Great Dixter                      ES   Rother          Northiam          TQ 8125
Halnaker Park                     WS   Chichester      Boxgrove          SU 9109
Ham Manor                         WS   Arun            Angmering         TQ 0503
Hammerwood Park                   ES   Wealden         Forest Row        TQ 4339
Hammond's Green                   ES   Wealden         Framfield         TQ4920
Hamsell Manor                     ES   Wealden         Rotherfield       TQ 5533
Hamsey Place                      ES   Lewes           Hamsey            TQ 4112
Hankham, Handcombe Hall           ES   Wealden         Handcombe
Harvest Hill                      WS   Ansty           Cuckfield         TQ 2925
Heaselands                        WS   Mid Sussex      Cuckfield Rural   TQ 3122
Heasmonds (Prospect House)        ES   Wealden         East Hoathly      TQ 5216
Heatherden                        ES   Wealden         Waldron           TQ 5621
Heathfield                        ES   Wealden         Heathfield        TQ 5820
Heron's Ghyll Gardens             ES   Wealden         Buxted            TQ 4827
Herstmonceux Castle               ES   Wealden         Herstmonceux      TQ 6410
Herstmonceux Place                ES   Wealden         Herstmonceux      TQ 6311
High Beeches (The)                WS   Mid Sussex      Cuckfield Rural   TQ 2731
High Cross                        ES   Wealden         Framfield         TQ 4918
Highdown                          WS   Worthing        Worthing          TQ 0904
Highfield Park                    ES   Wealden         Hartfield         TQ 4938
Highlands, Holtye                 ES   Wealden         Hartfield         TQ 4539?
Hilders Court                     ES   Wealden         Chiddingly        TQ 5415
Hollingbury Park (BP)             ES   Brighton                          TQ 3207
Holly Hill                        ES   Wealden         Hartfield         TQ 4533
Holly Mount                       ES   Wealden         Buxted            TQ 4926
Hollycombe House                  WS   Chichester      Linchmere         SU 8529
Hoo (The)                         ES   Wealden         Willingdon        TQ 5802
Horeham Manor                     ES   Wealden         Horam             TQ 5717
Horselunges Manor                 ES   Wealden         Hellingly         TQ 5812
Horsted Place                     ES   Wealden         Little Horsted    TQ 4618
Hotham Park (was Bersted Lodge)   WS   Arun            Bognor Regis      SU 9399
Idsworth                          WS   Chichester      Compton           SU 7413
Isenhurst                         ES   Wealden         Mayfield          TQ 5623
Isfield Place                     ES   Wealden         Isfield           TQ 4418
Itchenor Park House               WS   West Itchenor   West Itchenor     SU 7900
Kemp Town Enclosures              ES   Brighton        Brighton          TQ 3303
Kidbrooke Park                    ES   Wealden         Forest Row        TQ 4134
King Edward VII Hospital          WS   Chichester      Easebourne        SU 8724
Knepp Castle                      WS   Horsham         Shipley           TQ 1521
Knole                             ES   Wealden         Frant             TQ 6034
Ladyholt                          WS   Chichester      Compton           SU 7516
Laughton (Lodge) Manor          ES   Wealden           Laughton          TQ 4913
Laughton Place                  ES                     Laughton          TQ 4811
Lavington Park                  WS   Chichester        East Lavington    SU 9416
Lealands                        ES   Wealden           Hellingly         TQ 5713
Legh Manor                      WS   Mid Sussex        Cuckfield Rural   TQ 2822
Leonardslee                     WS   Horsham           Lower Beeding     TQ 2225
Level, The (BP)                 ES   Brighton          Hanover Ward      TQ 3105
Lewes House                     ES   Lewes             All Saints
Lewes Priory and Lord's Place   ES   Lewes             Southover         TQ 4109
Leyswood                        ES   Wealden           Groombridge       TQ 5235
Lime House                      ES   Wealden           Herstmonceux      TQ 6312
Little Green, Compton Park      WS   Chichester        Compton           SU 7715
Little Thakeham                 WS   Horsham           Thakeham          TQ 1015
Littlecote (demolished)         WS   Lindfield         Lindfield Urban   TQ 3425
Lock House                      WS   Partridge Green   West Grinstead    TQ 1818
Lordington, Racton              WS   Chichester        Funtington        SU 7809
Lower Sandhill                  ES   Wealden           Framfield         TQ 4917
Ludlay                          ES   Wealden           Selmeston         TQ 5207
Maresfield Park                 ES   Wealden           Maresfield        TQ 4624
Markly                          ES   Wealden           Warbleton         TQ 6218
Michelgrove                     WS   Patching          Patching          SU 0808
Milton Court and Milton         ES   Wealden           Arlington         TQ 5507
Molesley Gore                   ES   Wealden           Uckfield          TQ 4721
Monk's House                    ES   Lewes             Rodmell           TQ 4306
Monks Park                      ES   Wealden           Wadhurst          TQ 6434
Mount, The                      ES   Wealden           Wadhurst          TQ 6132
Muntham Court                   WS   Arun              Findon            TQ1109
New Hall                        WS   Small Dole        West Grinstead    TQ 1321
Newick Park                     ES   Lewes             Newick            TQ 4219
Newplace Farm                   ES   Wealden           Framfield         TQ 5019
Newtimber Place                 WS   Newtimber         Newtimber         TQ 1327
Novington Manor                 ES   Lewes             Plumpton          TQ 3714
Nymans                          WS   Mid Sussex        Cuckfield Rural   TQ 2629
Nyton House                     WS   Aldingbourne      Aldingbourne      SU 9305
Oaklee                          WS   Lindfield         Lindfield Urban   TQ 3425
Oakwood Park, East Ashling      WS   Chichester        Funtington        SU 8206
Old Buckhurst                   ES   Wealden           Withyham          TQ 4935
Old Place, Lindfield            WS   Horsham           Lindfield         TQ 3525
Old Vicarage, Firle             ES   Lewes             West Firle        TQ 4607
Old Whyligh                     ES   Wealden           East Hoathly      TQ 5116
Orchards                        WS   Rowfant           Worth             TQ 3634
Otham                           ES   Wealden           Polegate
Owlesbury Park                  ES   Wealden           Rotherfield?      TQ 6120
Parham                          WS   Horsham           Parham            TQ 0514
Park Crescent (BP)              ES   Brighton          Lewes Road        TQ 3105
Paxhill Park                    WS   Lindfield         Lindfield Rural   TQ 3626
Pelham House                    ES   Lewes             St Michaels
Penns in the Rocks              ES   Wealden           Withyham          TQ 5234
Petworth House                  WS   Chichester        Petworth          SU 9722
Pilgrim Cottage                 WS   Itchenor          West Itchenor     SU 7901
Pitshill                        WS   Chichester        Tillington        SU 9422
Pixton Hill                      ES   Wealden             Forest Row       TQ 4335
Plawhatch Hall                   ES   Wealden             East Grinstead   TQ 3932
Plumpton Place                   ES   Lewes               Plumpton         TQ 3613
Possingworth Manor House         ES   Wealden             Waldron          TQ 5320
Preston Manor                    ES   Brighton            Brighton PavilionTQ 3006
Priesthawes Manor                ES   Wealden             Westham          TQ 6006
Priory Park                      WS   Chichester          Chichester       SU 0587
Queen's Park (BP)                ES   Brighton and Hove   Brighton         TQ 3303
Ragged Lands                     ES   Lewes               Glynde           TQ 4608
Rocks, The                       ES   Wealden             Buxted           TQ 4925
Rotherfield Hall                 ES   Wealden             Rotherfield      TQ 5429
Royal Pavilion (The), Brighton   ES   Brighton            Brighton         TQ 3105
Rymans                           WS   Chichester          Appledram        SU 8403
Saddlescombe Farm                WS   Mid Sussex          Newtimber        TQ 2711
Saint Hill Manor                 WS   Saint Hill          East Grinstead   TQ 3539
Searles                          ES   Wealden             Fletching        TQ 4325
Sennicots                        WS   Funtington          Funtington       SU 0784
Sharnden                         ES   Wealden             Mayfield         TQ 6028
Sheffield Park                   ES   Wealden             Fletching        TQ 4124
Shepherd's Gate                  ES   Wealden             Hartfield?       TQ 4433
Shernfold Place (Park)           ES   Wealden             Frant            TQ 5934
Sherrington Manor                ES   Wealden             Selmeston        TQ 5007
Shillinglee Park, Kirdford       WS   Chichester          Kirdford         SU 9631
Slaugham Place                   WS   Mid Sussex          Slaugham         TQ 2627
Slindon Park                     WS   Arun                Slindon          SU 9570
Snape                            ES   Wealden             Wadhurst         TQ 6230
Sompting Abbots                  WS   Adur                Sompting         TQ 1605
Southover Grange                 ES   Lewes               Southover        TQ 5410
St George's Retreat              WS   Burgess Hill        Ditchling        TQ 3418
St John's Lodge (BP)             ES   Brighton                             TQ 3104
St Leonards Gardens              ES   Hastings            St Leonards      TQ 7908
St Leonards Park/New Lodge       WS   Horsham             Colgate          TQ 2031
Stanmer Park                     ES   Brighton and Hove   Stanmer          TQ 3134
Stansted Park                    WS   Chichester          Stoughton        SU 7610
Steep Park                       ES   Wealden             Rotherfield      TQ 5327
Steyne, The (BP)                 ES   Brighton                             TQ 3104
Stilliands Tower/Stillyans       ES   Wealden             Heathfield/Waldr TQ 5818
Stonehurst                       WS   Mid Sussex          on
                                                          Ardingly         TQ 3431
Streat Place                     ES   Ditchling           Streat/Westmest TQ 3414
Tanners Manor                    ES   Wealden             on
                                                          Waldron          TQ 5618
Ticehurst House Hospital         ES   Wealden             Rother           TQ 3491
Tilton Farmhouse                 ES   Wealden             Firle            TQ 4906
Tivoli Gardens (BP)              ES   Brighton                             TQ 2906
Tortington Manor                 WS   Arun                Arundel          TQ 0005
Tottingworth Park                ES   Wealden             Waldron          TQ 6122
Trulls Hatch                     ES   Wealden             Rotherfield      TQ 5729
Uppark                           WS   Chichester          Harting          SU 7717
Valewood Farm                    WS   Haslemere           Lurgashall       SU 9031
Victoria Gardens (BP)            ES   Brighton                             TQ 3104
Wadhurst Castle                  ES   Wealden             Wadhurst         TQ 2292
Wakehurst Place                  WS   Mid Sussex          Ardingly         TQ 3331
Walberton House            WS   Walberton           Walberton    SU 0597
West Dean                  WS   Chichester          West Dean    SU 8612
West Stoke                 WS   Chichester          Funtington   SU8208
White Lodge, The           ES   Brighton            Kemptown     TQ 3403
Whyly (now Pilgrim Hall)   ES   Wealden             Framfield    TQ 5017
Wild Park (BP)             ES   Brighton                         TQ 3207
Windmill-hill Place        ES   Wealden             Wartling     TQ 6511
Wiston Park, Steyning      WS   Horsham             Wiston       TQ 1512
Woodside                   ES   Wealden             Frant        TQ 5934
Woodvale Cemetery          ES   Brighton and Hove   Brighton     TQ 3205
Woolbeding House           WS   Chichester          Woolbeding   SU 8722
Wootton Manor              ES   Wealden             Folkington   TQ5605
Worth Park                 WS   Crawley             Worth        TQ 3730
Wych Cross Place           ES   Wealden                          TQ 4131
Yew Tree Hall              ES   Wealden             Forest Row   TQ 4333

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